David Wilson (RB, Virginia Tech) vs Virginia

An option in rounds 2/3 for Seattle?


  1. Doug

    I like him!

  2. peter

    He sure is fast, but Geez the announcer even says it…”Wilson always looks to take it to the edge.” The first 4 runs on this video are him running parallel to the LOS for 5-15 yards before cutting upfield….

    I don’t know, again he’s fast as heck and quick as hell in his cuts his second gear is remarkable, but something about the running to the outside bothers me a bit. In several, though not all, he even goes backwards before cutting and going.

    If we are going to draft someone who does there damage from the edges I’d almost like to get Lamichael James way later in the draft.

  3. Griffin

    Rob et al.:

    HAWKS just signed three players: Barrett Ruud LB; Deuce Lutui OL, G; Roy Lewis


  4. mjkleko

    Does anybody have a take on Armond Armstead, the USC lineman who just opted to put his name in the draft rather than transfer after sitting out a year due to illness. At an athletic 6’5″ ~290lbs, he seems like the prototypical d-line prospect PC/JS love. Anybody have any scouting insights or where he might be had in the draft? Or is he more of a priority UDFA?

    Rounds 3 and 4 are going to be very interesting for the ‘Hawks. It’d be pretty awesome if they could grab another lanky db prospect and of course, a back. At this point I’d like to see them draft either Miller or Turbin.

  5. Matthew Baldwin

    I’ve watched a lot of Wilson and that kid is explosive; a home run hitter. His balance is jaw dropping sometimes. Much harder to tackle and bring down than Lamichael James but same explosiveness/shiftiness.

    He’s got some serious ball security issues though; 7 fumbles (4 lost) in 11 games.

    If PC/JS feel it’s correctable, Wilson in my fav RB in RD2.

  6. Jazz

    He has some Chris Johnson acceleration in him. Not sure if his top end speed is the same. According to his combine it’s not but his unofficial times at VT are there.

  7. Stuart

    Dynamic RB but the fumbles scare the heck out of me! Which is more iratating, a RB who fumbles or a reciever who drops the catch? Is being fumble prone correctable? To a point probably but probably not 100% curable. Intriquing prospect just the same. Thanks for the information. Ever since watching tape on Robert Turbin, he is the RB I want in round 3. We still have rounds 1-2 to load on D. Any chance the Hawks draft 2 RB’s, say round 3 (Turbin) and round 6 (Gannaway)?

  8. Donald

    I Like Wilson, the fumbles are correctable. Take him in RD 2. The Seahawks need some explosiveness on offense, a home run hitter. I like the fact that he is a different type of runner than Lynch, he has speed and elusiveness. When the defense has been beaten down with Lynch and are gased, you bring in Wilson who will out run them.

  9. Justin

    What does everyone think of the new recently signed free agents? The three that signed today Roy Lewis, Deuce Lutui, and Barrett Ruud.

  10. Vin

    There’s no doubting that he has speed and elusiveness, but for the Hawks, I’ll pass. I think the speed of the NFL will nullify the speed that he appears to have on video. There’s no doubting that he’s a homerun threat and will take it to the house at any given moment, but I think those moments will be few and far between. Plus, he’s really small, and doesnt appear to run with alot of power. He reminds me of Reggie Bush. If the hawks target RB in the 2nd or 3rd, I prefer Miller, Polk or Turbin.

  11. Hawkfin

    I would pass on Wilson unless it’s 4th round or later….

    Many reasons as others have already said. But, him going sideways a lot and fumbles are two of the biggest reasons.

    I actually do like getting a speed back though to offset Lynch. Unless we are looking for a future replacement for Lynch.

  12. Jon

    Justin, here are my thoughts on the signings today. Both Ruud and Lutui are potentially starters. I know Lutui has had the weight issues recently but he was very solid prior to 2011. Also Ruud was a 100+ tackle guy for 4 seasons. I believe that his signing is protection against our future MLB not panning out. I think he could be a solid starter as he was in the past, but I think the long term plan and possibly even short term would be to get our guy at MLB in the draft, and it will not be Kuechly because they would not have signed Ruud as insurance for a first rounder. Lewis is obviously a special teams leader for us, and I think that he will be fighting for his job in camp.

  13. Tom T.

    We don’t need Wilson. He’s good, but we’ve already got someone just like him in Leon Washington. We need Polk in the 3rd since he can come in and carry the load when Marshawn is hurt or needs to be spelled……and he’ll actually run it up the middle (unlike Wilson).

  14. Christon

    He would be a great third down back/change of pace back. He has so much straight-line speed. I know he only ran a 4.49 (lol), but he appears faster on tape once he turns the corner and gets going. He would force defenses to adjust when he spelled Marshawn because their contrasting styles. He’s “slippery” but I think that he may be a better suited for a power blocking scheme rather then the Hawks ZB scheme. I’m not sure if he would be very effective running up the middle, which could make him a one dimensional (outside runner) that would limit what the Hawks could do with him.

    My favorite mid-round RB is Isaiah Pead. That dude is just so quick and shifty that I think he would be the perfect fit for the Seahawks zone blocking scheme on third down. Pead doesn’t seem to have the straight line speed that Wilson does (although he ran a better 4.47 40 at the combine). However, in a ZB scheme where the goal is to get a couple positive yards on every play (verses zero, zero, zero, home run), I think Pead is the better fit and is more versatile in making people miss up the middle.

    I would rather take Pead in the 3rd over Wilson but I DO like Wilson and wouldn’t be disappointed by either. If you can take one of those guys in the 3rd, I think it’s a better value then taking Lamar Miller in the last half of the first or very early second.

    Although I also like Chris Polk and Robert Turbin too, I would rather see most down and goal-line carries go to Marshawn anyways. That’s why I think the hawks should target a 3rd-down and change of pace type back in the 3rd like: 1) Isaiah Pead 2) David Wilson or 3) Lamichael James.

  15. Misfit74

    Wilson is a more than solid 2nd-3rd round back with significant athletic upside. He’s not as finished as Polk or Martin are. He is more raw and dynamic. Many think he’s the #2 or #3 RB in this year’s class. I really don’t think he’ll make it to our 3rd-rounder. He’d have to be drafted in round 2 if he’s still on the board then.

  16. Rob

    Griffin – I don’t think it has much impact. Value deals that are expendable.

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