Tony Pauline & Andrew Perloff’s underrated prospects


  1. Vin

    Im a bit confused when they say ‘underated.’ Some of the names on that list are probably 1st rnd draft picks…Decastro…Wright. But I really like Kendricks and McClellin. Wouldnt mind Cousins either.

  2. dave

    Reports Minnesota could trade 3 pick. We trade up then trade our trade for the same position in next years draft! 🙂

  3. Attyla the Hawk


    Perloff really was wading in the shallow pool with his suggestions.

    Pauline had a lot more to say. Specifically as it relates to 2nd day prospects. We hear it’s a deep draft, but then most talking heads spend all their time talking about day one prospects. Pauline goes through why it’s deep and who makes it deep.

    Seriously, Decastro underrated? He’s mocked at or around where the likes of Bruce Matthews and Steve Hutchinson were drafted. How is that underrated?

    Perloff needs to take off the analyst training wheels. Tell us something that everyone doesn’t know.

  4. Rob

    Perloff’s suggestions were all mainstream first and second rounders. I mean, how can David DeCastro be classed as underrated?

  5. Justin

    I agree, do what I do ignore Perloff, but listen to Pauline, he has better insights.

  6. James

    Pauline knows too much to possibly believe, despite what he posted the other day, that the Seahawks would draft Barron and move Kam to Will LB. He must have been doing John and Pete a favor and posting a rumor they wanted to plant to manipulate the draft. …for a while, it looked like McClellin would be the ideal 2nd round choice for Seattle, but there is too much buzz about him now and it doesn’t look like he will be there at the Hawk’s pick. …is anyone else worried about these 5’11” Mike LB’s? Kendricks and Wagner are outstanding players, but with the new trend toward two tall TE’s crossing the middle, making it difficult to get a to stop on 3rd down, I believe you need a tall Mike in today’s game. That is why I believe the pick will be Kuechly, with pass rush coming in round 2.

  7. Rob

    Pass rush will be considered the priority, James. And I think the trend we’re starting to see in the NFL emphasis speed rather than size. It’s difficult for any linebacker to match up to a TE. But Seattle has some pretty big CB’s who can work on a stud TE ala Gates, Graham etc. Luke Kuechly isn’t any more likely to cover those guys than a 5-11 MLB with more speed IMO.

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