Day two preview

Is Christine Michael too dynamic to pass up?

This is going to be a pretty frustrating day for Seahawks fans. At least to start with.

While the first round of the draft offered marginal value in the top 15-20, the second round looks fairly deep. Not that my own ‘board’ is any kind of benchmark, but six of the top twenty players are still available. Thirteen of the top-32 are still hanging around.

On face value that looks great. The assumption is Seattle will get a pretty good player at #56. And you know what? They probably will. But the frustrating part will be checking off all the players that don’t make it to #56.

Some of the bigger names will fall early. That’s to be expected. It’s when you start getting into the late 40’s and more modest — albeit attractive — names start to disappear. It’s when the Green Bay Packers draft that guy you really wanted one pick before Seattle that the frustration will kick in. It’ll be a difficult watch right up until the #56 pick. And then they’ll make the choice and you’ll probably feel better about yourself. So at least there’s that.

Will they move up or down? I’m not so sure. Falling back into round three for the sake of an extra pick or two seems relatively unnecessary with ten picks already stashed. They’ve also shown a lack of interest in moving up in the past.

I’ve seen it suggested a few times that ten rookies won’t make the team this year, so why not move up? That’s all well and good, but it kind of misses the point. The object isn’t to narrow your options by making less picks and therefore gambling on fewer players. It’s to continue to breed competition. Seahawks fans need to be ready for more 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th round guys getting cut before they even face a snap. It’ll probably happen. But keeping your picks and spreading your net wide is also more likely to uncover the next Richard Sherman or Kam Chancellor.

So what happens in round two?

A lot of people expect a run on cornerbacks. It could start straight off the bat with Jacksonville at #33 and follow into San Francisco at #34, Philadelphia at #35 and Detroit at #36. They probably don’t all go corner, but supply meets demand here. Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Jamar Taylor, Darius Slay, Johnthan Banks and maybe others could go quickly.

Nobody moved into the late first to take a quarterback, so it’ll be interesting to see where Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib and others fall. Again, Jacksonville at #33 and Philadelphia at #35 are possible landing spots. You can’t rule out the Jets taking a quarterback at #39. Tampa Bay are a wild card at #43 given their lack of enthusiasm over contract talks with Josh Freeman.

No running backs went in the first frame so will we see a little run there? Eddie Lacy, Jonathan Franklin and Christine Michael could leave the board within the top half of round two.

All of this could be good news for Seattle, at least initially, if it forces others down the board. But waiting to #56 is such a chore and that’s why it’ll be a frustrating day until they finally make a selection.

Teams to watch

San Francisco (#34)
Aside from the fact they’re a division rival, they could be looking at potential Seahawks targets. I thought the move up to get Eric Reid was thoroughly underwhelming. Seattle basically got the same player for a 5th round choice in 2010. They have a ton of picks coming up including one at #34. They could add a defensive lineman, pass rusher, corner or even Zach Ertz the tight end.

New York Giants (#49)
Having drafted Justin Pugh in round one, they’re almost certainly going defense here. That could be bad news for the Seahawks who pick seven places after the Giants. Any defensive lineman — including the tackles — is an option here. The linebackers Arthur Brown, Khaseem Greene and Sio Moore are all possibilities. The one saving grace is that New York can basically upgrade any area of their defense, so Seattle could still dodge a bullet.

Green Bay (#55)
I’m disturbed by Green Bay’s presence right in front of the Seahawks. If you’re hoping for a defensive lineman like Jesse Williams at #56, then it’s good news they took Datone Jones in round one yesterday. If you’re one of those people who has a crush on a playmaker like Christine Michael or Quinton Patton, you might spend Seattle’s time on the clock cursing your luck.

Prospects to watch

Keenan Allen (WR, California)
He had a nightmarish off-season that included a couple of injury setbacks, a forty yard dash in the 4.7’s and then reports surfaced claiming he’d failed a drugs test at the combine (Allen’s rep’s have denied it). I’ve never been crazy about Allen. DeAndre Hopkins — who rightly went in round one to Houston — is heavier and faster with a bigger wingspan and hands. The difference in height is an inch. Comparing the tape, Hopkins looks the better player. I appreciate the superior environment he had within Clemson’s offense, but I took that into account. Allen’s bark is greater than his bite. And yet there will come a point in round two where you have to consider pulling the trigger. How long does he last today?

Margus Hunt (DE, SMU)
He came into this draft as the guy with the most unique draft stock. If he’d gone in round one, you’d kind of understand it. You wouldn’t be shocked. And yet if he’s still there on day three, I equally won’t be surprised. He could go anywhere. When he’s come up against over-matched opponents he’s looked devastating, but I guess that’s to be expected. On other occasions, the tape doesn’t look quite so good. His inability to set an edge at the Senior Bowl was beyond ugly and he had no impact as a pass rusher during the game. However, there just aren’t that many guys with his athletic quality and upside. If he was approaching his 22nd birthday instead of his 26th, he probably finds a home in round one.

Ryan Nassib (QB, Syracuse)
His college coach at Syracuse clearly didn’t bang the table for his guy. Doug Marrone’s Bills were the only team to take a quarterback in round one — and they passed on Nassib for E.J. Manuel. Most people will accept that was a reach to fill a need. And Marrone was more willing to roll the dice with Manuel than his former protégé. That to me should set off alarm bells across the NFL. Reports during the week suggested Jacksonville would take him at #33 if he was still available. But in light of Buffalo’s decision, I’d be really second guessing myself today if I was thinking about drafting Nassib. I was never a big fan — I’d given him a mid-round grade. I’m fascinated to see what happens with this guy.

Options for the Seahawks at #56

Not much has changed after round one, all the usual suspects are still available. Linebacker remains a need and three candidates — Khaseem Greene, Arthur Brown and Sio Moore — are still on the board. I think Jesse Williams’ one-dimensional game and top heavy frame will put enough teams off that he could fall into range for the Seahawks. Skill players like Quinton Patton and Christine Michael are intriguing and worthy of consideration even if they don’t fill immediate needs. Will Terron Armstead drop into range and has he got the kind of upside this team looks for to be a possible long term addition to the offensive line? Will they consider a tight end, with several athletic ‘Joker’ types likely to be available at #56? Is Travis Kelce an option? Is there a surprise out there that few people expect?

Tyrann Mathieu ‘no-showed’ Seahawks

According to Jay Glazer, Mathieu didn’t show up for a scheduled meeting with the Seahawks. And thus, it seems we can finally stop talking about this guy.

Huddle Report Update

I was invited to enter my final mock draft into the Huddle Report’s annual rankings. For anyone who cares — and I suspect very few of you do — I finished 8th out of 114 entrants. Which makes me the king of the mocks, if seven others abdicate or contract syphilis.

Second round mock draft

#33 Jacksonville – Johnthan Banks (CB, Mississippi State)
#34 San Francisco – Zach Ertz (TE, Stanford)
#35 Philadelphia – Jamar Taylor (CB, Boise State)
#36 Detroit – Menelik Watson (T, Florida State)
#37 Cincinnati – Jonathan Cyprien (S, Florida International)
#38 Arizona – Tank Carradine (DE, Florida State)
#39 New York Jets – Geno Smith (QB, West Virginia)
#40 Tennessee – Blidi Wreh-Wilson (CB, Connecticut)
#41 Buffalo – Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee)
#42 Oakland – Larry Warford (G, Kentucky)
#43 Tampa Bay – Matt Barkley (QB, USC)
#44 Carolina – Robert Woods (WR, USC)
#45 San Diego – Terron Armstead (T, Arkansas Pine-Bluff)
#46 Buffalo – Arthur Brown (LB, Kansas State)
#47 Dallas – D.J. Swearinger (S, South Carolina)
#48 Pittsburgh – Eddie Lacy (RB, Alabama)
#49 New York Giants – Margus Hunt (DE, SMU)
#50 Chicago – Manti Te’o (LB, Notre Dame)
#51 Washington – Darius Slay (CB, Mississippi State)
#52 New England – Khaseem Greene (LB, Rutgers)
#53 Cincinnati – Jonathan Franklin (RB, UCLA)
#54 Kansas City (from Miami) – Kevin Minter (LB, LSU)
#55 Green Bay – Quinton Patton (WR, Louisiana Tech)
#56 Seattle – Jesse Williams (DT, Alabama)
#57 Houston – Sio Moore (LB, Connecticut)
#58 Denver – Christine Michael (RB, Texas A&M)
#59 New England – Keenan Allen (WR, California)
#60 Atlanta – Travis Kelce (TE, Cincinnati)
#61 San Francisco – Johnathan Hankins (DT, Ohio State)
#62 Baltimore – Jamie Collins (LB, Southern Miss)

Seahawks third round pick: Denard Robinson (RB, Michigan)

The plan for today

I’ll be live blogging throughout rounds 2-3 via Cover it Live. I hope you’ll join us.


  1. Nolan

    I’d rather take micheals then Jesse Williams I’m not a fan of either guy but micheals seems like he has a chance to be special Williams just feels like a guy to me.

  2. Steeeve

    I’m not worried about missing out on certain players. I think this FO has shown an uncanny ability to gauge what every other team is thinking (read: Russell Wilson, Bruce Irvin). Their only minor misstep lost them out on Mychal Kendricks but it seemed like it was really a 1A and 1B with him and Wagner. Trading up might not be their MO but I think if they really want Christine Michael (for example) and they think GB will take him, they will do what’s necessary to get their man. That really seems to be their overarching philosophy. They trust their judgment, and when they want something, goshdarnit they’re going to get it, and get it on their terms.

  3. Nolan

    Pick of the first round was Percy Harvin I don’t think any player impacts his teams playoff chances like him.

    • JULIYP

      Great player, but cost 11 million per year more then Austin. Can it be the difference between resign Sherman or not?

      • Nolan

        I say not, Sherman dose not have to have a contract for two years plus a third year that we can franchise him…. Lots can happen by the like Zach Miller, Sydney Rice, and even marshawn lynch might not be in the team by then just from the offense, on defense I would think red Bryant, mebane, and Chris Clemons will be gone as well. If he insists on beating revis deal then yes he might have to walk but maybe we see that revis contract stick out like a sore thumb and no other CB get paid like that and we get him for a bit cheaper. I also am pretty sure the Schneider and Pete fully considered these things before making the deal.

      • Chris

        It doesn’t necessarily have to be Sherman.

        But it’s $11 million dollars worth of other players, whoever they may be, plus the picks given up (minus what those picks would be paid).

        I know it’s not popular around here, but I personally would’ve rather kept the first rounder and signed a guy like M.Wallace than bring in Percy. But, whatever.

  4. Kenny Sloth

    I could easily see Williams on the Seahawks team. I still am partial to Jordan Reed.
    Congratulations on your ranking! Mocktavius Rex. Yeah, that’s your new nickname.

  5. James

    You’re right, Rob. It is going to be sickening to sit there with our list of ten players we would love for the Seahawks to take, and watch every one of them picked off. We have to stay strong and know that John has a list of guys who will be available that are better than most of the guys on our list. The only thing I feel certain about is that John & Pete will be adding players in R2 and R3 to contribute immediately and help win a Super Bowl this year. Building depth for the future will come in the later rounds. Don’t expect a pick today that will ride the bench this year, as he waits for 2015.

  6. Tomahawk

    Rob, hilarious comment about the seven ranked ahead of you. On a side note, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Khaseem Greene and would be pretty disappointed if they pass on him…

  7. jkanagu

    The last player I can remember that the Seahawks drafted that was characterized as small in the lower body was Cortez Kennedy. The comment I remember was that he was built like a 500 pounder in the upper body and 190 in the lower body. I am not saying that Williams is anything like Tez but it sure is fun to think about.

  8. williambryan

    I haven’t been a fan of Williams. I’m wondering,Rob, who he compares to in the league. Is he someone who could turn into a Justin smith type of player?

    • Rob Staton

      No I wouldn’t go that far. I think his best comparison is Stephen Paea. But Paea was superior.

  9. Dobbs

    After hearing talk of trying Avril and Irvin at SAM as well as the guys we already have slated to play WILL, getting a LB in the draft would be a bit disappointing. I think we need to draft this year for who will likely be gone next year, not just try to upgrade what we have currently.

    Of course, if Greene is a much bigger impact, take him. But we’re pretty good at finding talent later for LB.

  10. ChavaC

    I would do backflips if Arthur Brown somehow fell, or a small trade up for him. Patton/Greene would be a nice pickup too.

  11. Jordan

    Here is a great link read re: Jesse Williams

    anything close to Haloti intrigues me, i would love him for seattle. Wonder if he would last till our 3rd rnd pick?

    Anyways my two cents from a logtime lurker (still havent posted on .net yet smh….) 🙂

  12. Troy

    #45 San Diego – Terron Armstead (T, Arkansas Pine-Bluff) even though the Chargers took D.J. Fluker @ #11 in RD1?

    • Rob Staton

      They lost their best guard and don’t have any tackles. They could fit Fluker at tackle or guard. Likewise, Armstead has been tipped to play either.

      • Troy

        Maybe, but I have a hard time seeing them take back to back OLine picks with their top 2 picks. They have pressing needs DB, LB and could stand to add a target @ WR as well. If they dont Draft Armstead @ #45 how much further could you see him falling before our pick @ #56? BTW Congrats on your top 10 ranking in mock drafts. Also thank you for your countless hours you, Kip and everyone else pours into SDB. I love having so much insight and creative thinking to absord and consider, very thought provoking. I like that everyones able to bounce thoughts and ideas off of you guys, even if we dont see eye to eye on everything we have one common interest and goal. Greatly appreciated! GO HAWKS!!

        • Rob Staton

          Armstead could go #47 to Dallas, #53 to Cincinnati or #55 to Green Bay. Thanks for the kind words, Troy.

          • Troy

            Look at this were @ pick 52 & both Arthur Brown & Terron Armstead are there. Would you take Greene over those two? Is there another pleyer you view the Hawks have graded higher?

  13. Saxon

    Been lurking for a while. You guys do a terrific job. Thanks!

    Waiting for our pick won’t be agonizing for me since I’m not in love with any of the remaining prospects. Any of Kelce, Greene, Swope, Arthur Brown or Jesse Williams would be nice though.

    I do not want Chrisitne Michael in R2. I do not think he’ll get the touches to justify the choice. I’d rather have Denard Robinson later.

  14. Jacob Stevens

    Congrats on the 8th ranking, Rob. I’d love to be able to choose between Jesse Williams and Sio Moore. I’m not sure which one I’d take, I strongly like them both.

  15. Lenny253

    I’d rather TE Escobar from SD St. 3rd rd 0ver Robinson. I wouldnt be totally mad with the Robinson Pick. Just trying to see where he would fit in. KR PR services to save Percy maybe.

    • Rob Staton

      I have Escobar at the bottom of round two. He won’t be there for SEA in round three.

      • woofu

        I could see a commercial venture with Escobar, RW and Harvin where he says,,,” Say hello to my lil’ friends!”

  16. scott

    I can’t wait to stop talking about Mathieu, but for one more moment, I will. For some reason pot smokers seem to jump to his defense. I can’t understand why. His lack of self control or common sense does no good to validate smoking pot as a reasonable life choice. Instead, it seems to amplify assertions that smoking pot increases apathy. I’m not arguing for pot one way or another. I had my years with it and have moved on. Mathieu seems unable to move on himself from these horrendous life choices and seems likely to waste the opportunities that he has. Its a shame. That said, I’m glad he missed our meeting. I don’t want him on our team. Come on 4 reps on the bench press? I’m 40 and out of shape and I can do better than that. Pitiful!

  17. Troy

    RD2 #56- OLB> Arthur Brown, (** OT- Terron Armstead, ** WR- Keenan Allen)

    RD3 #87- RB> Christine Michael, (** DE\OLB- Corey Lemonier, ** QB- Matt Scott, ** OLB- Khaseem Greene)

    RD4 #123- DT> Montori Hughes, (** WR- Da’Rick Rogers, ** TE\FB- Kyle Juszczyk)

    RD5 #138- OT> Luke Marquardt, (** RB- Marcus Lattimore, ** DT- Bennie Logan)

    RD5 #158- DE/OLB> Armonty Bryant, (** CB- Will Davis, ** OLB/DE- John Simon)

    RD6 #194- DT> Stephan Charles, (** OT- Ricky Wagner, ** WR- Marcus Davis)

    RD7 #220- SS\OLB> Cooper Taylor, (** WR\CB- Rodney Smith, ** RB- Latavius Murray)

    RD7 #231- DT> Kwame Geathers, (** OLB Ty Powell, ** WR- Marquess Wilson)

    RD7 #241- RB> Miguel Maysonet, (** RB- Knile Davis, ** CB- Micah Hyde)

    RD7 #242- OLB> Jayson DiManche (** DT- Lawrence Okoye, ** OLB/DE- Caleb Schreibeis)

  18. Maz

    Craziness is to come!

    Pick 56Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU
    Pick 87Christine Michaels RB Texas A&M
    Pick 127Reid Fragel OT Ohio State
    Pick 138Kyle Juszczyk FB/TE Harvard
    Pick 158 Aaron Melette WR Elon
    Pick 194 Kwame Geathers DT Georgia
    Pick 220 Cooper Taylor SS Richmond
    Pick 231Jayson DiManche OLB/DE
    Pick 241Jordan Campbell OLB New Mexico
    Pick242Stephan Charles DT Regina

    • Tomahawk

      C’mon man. Mathieu has got to be off the draft board after blowing off Seattle in an interview. Really like the rest of those picks, though.

    • Colin

      Mathieu will not be taken at 56. Get a grip.

  19. Kip Earlywine

    I don’t think Seattle takes a linebacker early, though I could see an exception being made for Arthur Brown. Pete Carroll was EXTREMELY high on Brown during his USC days, called him the best linebacker prospect in America. He had similar sentiments towards Percy Harvin and we’ve seen how that worked out.

    Brown’s 40 time wasn’t what I hoped, but he has legit field speed and is fast enough to be a WILL in Seattle’s defense. I’d rather not draft him because I think his actual tape is borderline terrible, and because WILL linebackers will barely see the field next year in our defense. But if Brown makes it to #56, I’d almost be surprised if Seattle didn’t take him.

    • Troy

      Brown &/or Armstead could be there @ 56, who do you take? Or is there someone else perhaps you would take ahead of those two?

      • Troy

        Wow, I got the right player @ the exact pick BUT wrong team!!! HAHAHAHAHA Oh well

  20. Aaron

    Anyone know what we got for the trade? 7th?

    • Troy

      The Seahawks received Baltimore’s second-round pick (No. 62 overall), its fifth-round pick (No. 165) and a sixth-round choice (No. 199). Seattle now holds 10 picks on the third and final day of the draft, holding three fifth-round choices, two sixth-rounders and four seventh-round selections.

  21. Troy

    Rob who would you choose Quinton Patton, Christine Michaels or Terron Armstead?

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