Day two review: Seahawks make two quality additions

Today was a good day for the Seahawks.

Granted — a significant number of holes remain unaddressed.

They haven’t added a defensive tackle or running back and the options are really thin going into day three. It’s increasingly likely they will have to sign a veteran at each position after the draft. Isaiah Crowell or Marshawn Lynch (or both) could be in play, along with ‘Snacks’ Harrison or Brandon Mebane.

This was a really strong receiver class and yet the Seahawks haven’t been able to tap into the supply yet. They also haven’t been able to add an offensive tackle — either to compete with Brandon Shell or be developed as an heir apparent to Duane Brown.

There’s a lot of work to do both in the draft and the veteran market in order for the Seahawks to be in a position where we can say, with confidence, they can seriously challenge for the Super Bowl.

Yet the two picks today should be applauded.

Darrell Taylor has outstanding potential and he fills arguably Seattle’s greatest need — speed off the edge. They didn’t have any last season and it was a major issue. The Seahawks have collected bigger defensive ends in recent years but haven’t been able to add a player to fill the ‘premium’ pass rush role.

Taylor is unrefined and will need work. His repertoire is limited and he’ll need to prove he’s capable of playing early downs. He struggled against Georgia’s two first round tackles and he wasn’t particularly consistent. While his highlights tape showed flashes usually reserved for a top-15 talent — his overall game tape was much less inspiring.

The flashes, however, still offered a glimpse of that rare and coveted ability to explode off the edge with speed then bend-and-straighten to the QB. He has the powerful frame to convert speed-to-power and he’s so fluid when he times things up.

This wasn’t a twitchy pass rush class. The Seahawks made sure they landed one of the few players who had that quickness and burst.

It was good to see them show conviction to go up and get their guy, too. That has worked for them in the past. Trading up for Tyler Lockett, Jarran Reed and D.K. Metcalf has delivered three of their best picks in recent memory. Taking a chance on raw physical upside has also worked in the case of Metcalf and Frank Clark.

Taylor’s win percentage was 18.6% — marginally lower than Yetur Gross-Matos’ (18.9%) but superior to A.J. Epenesa (17.5%), Marlon Davidson (16.2%) and K’Lavon Chaisson (13.1%).

A report from the Seattle Times claimed that had the Seahawks completed a proposed trade with Green Bay to move back from #27 to #30, the Ravens would’ve taken Jordyn Brooks. Had that been the case, Taylor might’ve been their pick at #30 (Schneider has now confirmed this).

To get a player in Brooks at #27 that they really like then move up aggressively to also add Taylor — that feels like a win for the defense. They’re faster, tougher and capable of threatening teams after adding these two players. That’s a big positive — even if they still need to add at least two more significant defensive linemen.

Damien Lewis is a top-50 player in my opinion.

I thought he was a clear second round pick.

Frankly, I don’t care if the Seahawks now have 19 offensive linemen on their roster and enough guards to set up a union. Lewis was too good to pass up.

I suspect that’s what they were thinking too. I think this was a BPA pick. They saw him there at #69 and made their move. If they too also viewed him as a top-50 talent, that’s great value. Superb value.

So what makes him so good?


Lewis is a punishing blocker who takes the fight to the opponent. He loves to get down and dirty in the trenches and Clyde Edwards-Helaire often ran behind him for big productive gains.

If Lloyd Cushenberry is the technician and Saahdiq Charles the athlete — Lewis is the beast on the LSU line.

We’ve often highlighted the importance of the Senior Bowl for Seattle’s picks. Lewis was the best offensive lineman in Mobile. He earned PFF’s highest grade in the 1v1 drills and won 69% of his contests. In the game itself I recall on one scoring drive he reached the second level at full speed and hammered a defender. In one 1v1 session the coaches asked Jabari Zuniga and Lewis to face-off in three back-to-back snaps (the only players to do it). It was clear there was an admiration and respect for Lewis.

This is a quality long term investment in a player who perfectly fits Seattle’s offense. Both Lewis and Taylor tick the 33-inch arm mark. Lewis scored highly in w/TEF (97.1) showing a high level of explosive athleticism at 327lbs.

He’s also shown tremendous character and grit. I interviewed him three weeks ago and his journey to LSU is incredible. Listen for yourself…

There’s still so much that needs to be done, particularly in the veteran market, but the Seahawks made two important and quality additions on day two.

Who’s left?

At defensive end, at what point does the production of Bradlee Anae and Curtis Weaver trump their less-than-ideal physical profile? Trevis Gipson is an Obum Gwachum-style project and remains available.

Leki Fotu, Rashard Lawrence and Benito Jones stand out as remaining options at defensive tackle — but keep an eye on Teair Tart later on.

Bryce Hall remains on the board and while his serious leg injury is clearly a concern, eventually he will provide a worthwhile shot at getting a starting cornerback with size and length.

There are plenty of nickel/hybrid options — from Amik Robertson to L’Jarius Sneed to Kenny Robinson and John Reid.

Nick Harris, Tyler Biadasz and Keith Ismael are still on the board at center while
Saahdiq Charles or Alex Taylor could provide a project at tackle. Prince Tega Wanogho remains available for some reason but shouldn’t last long in round four. Other guards remain available too but I’m not sure they’ll revisit that position to go for the full 20.

Running back options are running out but Anthony McFarland is worth a shot eventually. Hunter Bryant will provide fantastic value at tight end in round four. John Reed could be selected as a specialist kick returner.

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  1. Gab

    Khalid Kareem?

    • Rob Staton

      Yep another option.

  2. jujus

    Does Russell reach out to every offensive linemen?

    I think Seattle is going to throw him into the Center Competition.

    I think he wins the job, and be the center of the future.

    The cap savings from Britt will help us sign SOMEBODY

    • Rob Staton

      Lewis is a pure guard.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        A pure guard that could play center in a pinch which is a luxury to have. However, I agree. His position will be mainly RG. Curious to see what the line will consist of in a year or 2. I LOVE the depth of the OL this year. In fact it makes me giddy.

        I doubt Seattle uses a 4th or 5th to go and get Leonard Fournette, but he’d be a nice 1-2-3 punch with Carson and Penny. It’s possible Jacksonville releases him.

  3. Rob Staton

    I’m off to bed. It’s 6:32am.

    Long days and nights.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Lets get ready to win day 3

    • BruceN

      Superb job man. This has been quite an up and down day and your coverage has been outstanding. JS and PC should have you in the control room next year,

      Let’s hope we complete the puzzle tomorrow.

      Go Hawks…

      • Rob Staton

        I can make a fantastic cup of tea if they need someone to do that.

  4. Michael Burt

    My ideal 4th round picks are Amik Robertson and John Hightower to get some speed at wr.

  5. Ashish

    Great coverage Rob. Thank you appreciate it 🙏

  6. Mark

    For a veteran running back I would prefer Carlos Hyde to spell Carson and Penny should injuries arise.

    • Greg Haugsven

      That could be a good option.

  7. Ryan

    Eno Benjamin?

  8. Darnell

    I actually am really loving this draft. In the past it has felt like things didn’t break their way and they had to settle, and you could feel it in the PC/JS press conference.

    There isn’t much doubt that each guy they have picked was the target.

    Taylor and Lewis are objectively good picks. Not much explanation needed.

    Brooks is making more and more sense the more I think about it. I wouldn’t normally be in favor of an off-ball lber in the first, and it may not make sense to people around the country who aren’t really paying attention. But, in this division with LAR use of the jet sweep, SF perimeter run game and motions, and Kyler Murray scrambling, they really really needed a 250lb downhill missile with 4.5 speed and long ass arms to help counter some of that. Brooks value does not manifest itself within a vacuum but within the division in which there will be 6 games per season.

    All 3 feel like grown men who are gonna take care of their business in an offseason where the mature self-starting rookies can set themselves apart. You need guys who can succeed during a truncated offseason without much structure. Also, 3 positions where the intellectual challenge isn’t as daunting as at other spots.

    • Volume12

      That’s a really good point you made. JS mentioned something like that. Wanted guys that didn’t need their hands held with the shortened off-season.

    • fransgeraedts


    • TatupuTime

      They all gave superb press interviews after the draft. Easy to see why they were selected from a drive/character perspective (as much as you can tell some of that from a 20 min interview).

      I don’t understand the master plan at all, but like all three picks individually.

      Haynes and Lewis have the potential to form a great tandem of road grading guards in front of Russ for the next 3 years.

  9. SoCal12

    Darrell Taylor’s body looks like a carbon copy of Frank Clark, and his highlights are reminiscent of Clark’s play. I can see what they are going after with him.

    If they can add like a Rashard Lawrence and sign Everson/Clowney and like a Snacks or Mebane that would be a pretty solid line:

    Taylor, Lawrence, Reed, Clowney/Everson

    Rotate in Irvin: Mayowa, Poona, Snacks, Green, Collier

    • jujus

      Ive been calling him Frank 2.0 or Lite

      Its all I could see on his tape.

      Praying his leg is never a problem.

  10. KD

    Gotta say I feel a lot better about the draft so far as a whole after today if only for Taylor alone, and Lewis is just a beast. Would have preferred Stenberg, but I can’t complain about the selection of Lewis one little bit. Looking forward to seeing what Saturday morning brings.

  11. Imani

    If we can grab a interior prospect (Like Tyler B. Out of Wisconsin) and then proceed to cut Justin Britt and KJ Wright (with Brooks being taken early), it would allow those players to see the field and clear the cap space to bring Clowney back or bring in Yannick. On that scenario this offseason would feel like a success and it would provide much needed clarity to our choices.

    Otherwise, I don’t see how we can possibly believe that our pass rushing problems were fixed, improved or properly addressed this offseason. Day 2 was much much better though, I’m encouraged by that.

    Hopefully we can pull off some magic tomorrow. Notable prospects remaining that I’d like to us to select:

    Tyler Johnson
    KJ Hill
    Isaiah Hodgins
    Collin Johnson
    John Hightower
    Quentez Cephus (slow, but a gamer and great possession guy that competes)
    Juwan Johnson (super underrated)

    Hunter Bryant
    Harrison Bryant
    Thaddeus Moss
    Jacob Breeland

    Tyler Biadasz
    Prince T.W.
    Logan Stenberg (DJ Fluker 2.0)
    Nick Harris
    Ben Bredeson

    Rashard Lawrence
    Curtis Weaver
    Leki Fotu

    Bryce Hall
    Troy Pride
    Harrison Hand
    Reggie Robinson

  12. Volume12

    In some order I feel like DT, WR, RB, DB are their needs. An OT or another DE would be a wildcard. I still think Clowney or Griffen are gonna be added though.

    Could be wrong, but DB might be a PC/UDFA project type in the 5th or 6th.

    DK/David Moore

    Do they go that route?

    • God of Thunder

      That group of receivers is acceptable.

      I’m worried about RB. Need another body. But I’m very happy with the draft so far (except I don’t see a RB left that I know/have heard of)

      • Volume12

        UCLA’s Josh Kelly & Illinois St’s Brian Robinson, Florida’s LaMichael Perine are a few that fit their profile. There’s others who don’t they might consider adding at some point.

      • Big Mike

        agree that we need a RB

    • Seahawkwalt

      Scottie Phillips pls!!!

      • Cheese22

        I second that.

  13. Volume12

    And 1 more thing. Remember, the active roster went up from 53 to 55 and game day rosters up from 47 to 48. Seattle can carry 2 extra O-lineman.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I wouldnt think they would use both spots for the OLine. I could for sure then using one. They usually keep nine so I’m guessing they keep ten.

  14. AndrewP

    Used three picks to get two guys.

    Good day?

    To each his own.

    • SoCal12

      Rather get 2 guys I want then 3 guys I’m settling for.

      • AndrewP

        You want to spend $20 for things that are worth $10?

        I got a garage full of stuff to sell if you want to swing by. Hit me up!

        • SoCal12

          Not sure what you’re even going on about. If you look at trade value charts we actually came out ahead in value.

          We spent $19.50 on 2 items we wanted rather than $20 on 3 things we didn’t need. If anything you’re the guy that’s wasting cash on throwaway trinkets at the garage sale here.

          • AndrewP

            Taylor and Lewis are players you take in mid-late RD3. One has production and injury concerns, the other is a guard, arguably the 21st most important position on a football field.

            Hence, you paid hefty prices for questionable products.

            • Ishmael

              In a division where you have to play against Aaron Donald, Javon Kinlaw et al at least twice a year guard becomes a lot more important, especially when you have a midget quarterback. There’s a reason why the Saints have always placed a premium on guards.

            • SoCal12

              All draft picks are questionable products minus the top maybe 2-3 guys. Those round 3 grades are according to media pundits which has no bearing on how teams are actually grading. The media grades aren’t some factual objective stock market valuation here. You take your guy before you think someone else is gonna grab them. There’s literally an example in the above article on how Baltimore was gonna grab Brooks if we didn’t. That’s the true value in the draft there. Thd goal of the draft isn’t to collect the highest media grades. You’re building a team according to your plan.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Sorry AndrewP I think you’re way off here, but you’re certainly welcome to express your concerns about these guys. They aren’t perfect. Lewis is a really really safe pick though. Looks like a 3 year starter rn

              • AndrewP

                “If you squint hard enough the Hawks got the 48th, 69th and 101st best picks in the draft at 27th, 48th and 69th overall.

                To do this, it cost them 101st Pick to do it.

                For the above formula, they got the 148th pick.

                Tell yourselves whatever you want to about their ‘success’ thus far, tho.

                • SoCal12

                  Love that you already objectively know how good these players are based on arbitrary numeric values assigned by outsiders.

                  • AndrewP

                    And positional value… and injury history… and production…

                    But, hey… pick and choose to read what you want.

                • Sea Mode

                  You’re entitled to your opinion on those guys, but IMO that is a terrible evaluation of them. Darrell Taylor is a top 15 pick if he’s not gutting it out through an injury all last season that later required surgery. Heck, he’s probably a R1 Pick anyway if more teams had been allowed to bring him in for a visit before the shutdown.

                  I’d much rather they spend the extra pick to get their targeted guys than settle for their fallback options at those positions.

                  And they’ve added three outstanding characters to the locker room as well. Not just talented, but gritty and leaders. Huge win so far.

                  • Luis H.

                    I disagree with spending the extra pick. This year, perhaps in one of the deepest draft classes, keeping as much picks as you are able to is essential to cover the holes everyone see. WR, CB, ILB may be completed through the draft, but not in high-medium rounds where you absolutely need to add talent throughout your defensive line and your offensive line.

                    Lewis could be a stud -it is not- and become a day 1 starter as RG, but we do not own a clear RT or a developmental LT in a very good OT class, something very uncommon, given the troubles the NFL teams face to find polished or capable tackles.

                    Darrell Taylor fits what Seahawks was looking for, but lots of ER and OLB remained availables a few picks later. So, reloading ammunition trading down again and use those extra picks seven or ten positions later, in my opinion, had been better.

                • Brian Sanders

                  Agree completely with Andrew. Although I like the picks, we need DL/Edge help and competition. The draft is a guessing game with some knowledge in your pocket for assistance and volume is the tool at your disposal. UFDA reveals that every year.

                • Mark Taylor

                  Nobody can talk in absolutes when it comes to the draft. Nobody knows what other teams would have done and nobody knows how the players careers will pan out. Look at Robert Hunt going at 39. If the Hawks had done that you’d be bitching about what a reach it was because the “experts” said so. GMs are paid to pick the guys they think will meet the teams needs and do in the best way they can and if you think someone else is going to take your guy you trade up and take him before they do. We can only judge their results in 3-4 years time. So tell yourself whatever you want about their “failure” thus far.

            • Lewis

              Yeah, I think I will take Rob’s opinion (and PC/JS) over yours here.

              > Damien Lewis is a top-50 player in my opinion.

              > I thought he was a clear second round pick.

              • AndrewP

                Fair take. Mine is opinion, after all.

                But… even the ‘best’ are wrong.

                • Lewis

                  No argument there.

              • GoHawksDani

                LOL is that you Damian? 😀😀😀

      • Ben Ft. Worth



  15. Duceyq

    I think Seattle has had a great offseason…especially with the draft additions too…would love Clowney to come back but they’ve upgraded a +12 in sacks with the additions of Bruce and Benson.

    Taylor is a great draft pick and do is Lewis…one WR I hope they tap is Antonio Gandy-Golden. He’s the physical WR PC loves to target in the 4th….but this is the really the best prototype of the possession type WR PC seems to covet. Still hoping Gordon comes back too…

    Considering the draft capital on RB they used on Penny and with Carson as the clear starter (with a new contract looming), I think RB is addressed late or through UDFA…Fotu would be great also!

    I give this draft an A so far.

    • Rob Staton

      Bruce and Benson is not an upgrade.

      • Duceyq

        Numerically in sacks yes…they also won % wise too…both on untalented defensive lines. They’re not splashy names but in terms of sacking the QB Seattle has added more than they’ve lost. Yet, they can still sign Clowney and address the interior line.

        They’ve upgraded CB2 with Dunbar…I think Seattle May have the best secondary in the NFC with his addition.

        The metrics serve both Bruce and Benson as solid under the radar signings. Not to mention seattle kept Reed which was unexpected. He did have a 10 sack season too. They still have room to add but I feel the losses they have are not net negatives to the sacks they’ve added.

        • CaptainJack

          Best secondary in the nfc would be contingent on Dunbar staying healthy, flowers making a leap and Griffen taking another step forward. But I don’t think we have the safeties to earn that accolade. Against greenbay our entire secondary was hot garbage. Adding a dB who has nerve damage in his knee is not going to instantly elevate that group to “best in the nfc”. That is fantasy talk.

          • BruceN

            Our Safties are pretty decent. McD is above average and reliable and Q-Diggs is a pro bowl alternate.

            GB picked on Fliwers all game. That won’t happen this year.

          • Adog

            I think our secondary performs much better with an above average pass rush… but that is obvious, I’m wondering hoping that they have a Chris Carson like rb on the board in these later rounds. Maybe a free agent rb? A trade for fournette? They need to find a way to run the ball in the playoffs… certainly they have focused on ol depth… but from my perspective the horrible first half s in the last two playoff losses is a situation where we get out coached. And we hear the same explanations…we had the right game plan but we did not execute. I want/hope to see five starters from the last two drafts on this year’s team. This is way when your paying franchise qb money.

            • Rashi

              I think our secondary gets to the next level if Trey Flowers takes a step just like Quill did last year. If that happens then we will be rock solid.

              • Adog

                I like Flowers myself…so I’m not objective about perception of his play…and that is that he will become a top ten corner on the league. I’m intrigued by the Dunbar trade… but it makes the team better… whoever wins the starting job. I like Flowers tackling the best…but I hope he improves his hand eye reaction when the ball is in the air.

              • Brian Sanders

                Our secondary gets to the next level if they don’t have to cover for 4 seconds!!

        • Rob Staton

          And the year before they had 7.5 sacks combined.

          It’s not an upgrade.

  16. Coug1990

    Taylor played most of the year with a stress fracture in his shin, which he had surgery after the season to correct. That he played through pain says a lot about him. It could also explain some of his inconsistency.

  17. Coleslaw

    I think Seattle will really like Terence Steele. Russ wants grown men in front of him? Fits the duos theme from the draft clues too

  18. Luca Brasi

    Like the players, but not the price.

    Available Day 1/2 Capital:
    1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd

    Assets Acquired (Rob’s Final Big Board Grades):
    3rd, 3rd, 4th

    They got their guys, and I’m psyched to see them in action. But they sure paid a premium.

    • EranUngar

      With all due respect to Rob’s fantastic work, his big board can not serve as a value table for players.

      From what JS said, the Seahawks believe they got a 1st, 1st and 2/3rd.

      1. Taylor – The Seahawks had him as the guy they wanted late in the 1st so he was clearly a 1st. round talent on thier books. ey tarted trying to trade up and get him from the start of day two and were willing to trade way up to get him – further 1st round endorsement.

      2. Brooks – The Raven were about to pick him if the Seahawks did not (Seattle Times), that alone makes him a 1st. The Seahawks plan was to draft Taylor at that area but could not resist when a higher ranked player fell – that doubles his 1st rnd value.

      • Rob Staton

        Why can’t it be used as a value board?

        • EranUngar

          Because the “draft value” is what NFL teams who actually draft the player think.

          For example – once drafted in the 1st round by an NFL team, you will be paid according to your draft position and will forever be a 1st rounder.

          I.E. – If the Seahawks picked Brooks in the 1st round and the rumors are that the Ravens were about to pick him if they didn’t, how can you can you not consider him a 1st round value?

          • Rob Staton

            So just because the Seahawks and Ravens think it’s value it automatically is?

            What if the other 30 disagreed?

            Come on.

            I don’t know everything and I didn’t properly study Brooks so I don’t have an opinion yet on his ‘value’. But people can make judgements themselves without needing to simply accept the decision making in the NFL.

          • Luca Brasi

            It’s easy to confuse value with price. Draft slot is the price. Career production (adjusted for position, comp and risk) is the value. Since career production is not visible today, different people judge potential value differently. Rob, the Hawks and the rest of the league are making their calls on potential value through the draft’s price mechanism. The teams also adjust value potential for fit in their scheme and within their overall roster and play strategies. What’s awesome about Rob’s blog (among many things) is he assesses all these factors. His board is a legit set of value rankings (so far well validated as in-line with a market of full time hands-on pros). My judgment is the Hawks got their guys but paid a premium they perhaps didn’t need to. I also agree with Rob’s assessment about prioritization from a team building and competitive position; but I also hope it will be ok when all is said and done with draft and offseason. In PCJS we trust…

  19. mister bunny

    Rob, I love what you do here. Your commitment to study these guys and understand the Seahawks, what they want and how they think is incredible. You are like another one of these amazing stories of pressing through adversity yourself. What makes football enjoyable is the story, and about 10 years ago when Pete Carroll was hired, I got interested in his story and the story of the draft. I found this blog, and your insights. You were high on Russell Wilson, and have hit on player after player ever since. By now, when you mark out a guy like Darrell Taylor as someone with special upside, and then John Schneider trades up to get him, I really could not care less what anyone else thinks. You’re the real deal (and John is too! even if sometimes John is freaking aggravating, he gets a lot more right than he gets wrong) and it’s a pleasure every year at this time to see you both at work.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  20. CaptainJack

    It’s clear the strategy this year was to go BPA at every point and after the draft see what you have and make the moves to patch up needs. We’ll see how it works out

    • Hawktalker#1


    • Coug1990

      They always go after the best player available. It is just not in the same way that most fans think the best player available is picked. As we know, it is not a vertical board ranked 1 to 1000. It is a horizontal board and many players may have the same grade.

      For example, they may have five players with the same grade and would be comfortable with any of them. This allows them to trade down and still get a player they like. It also allows them to choose a position of need when it is their turn to draft and they have several equally rated players still on the board.

  21. Coach

    So who are we rooting for in each position group tomorrow?

    WR – Hightower, Gandy-Golden, Johnson, People-Jones
    DT – Fotu,Lynch,Marchison,Jones
    RB – McFarland,Kelley, Gibson (Memphis)

    Who for our late round cb?

    Go Hawks!

    • Greg Haugsven

      Bryce Hall

      • Kenny Sloth

        Him and Tega is 💸

    • Duceyq

      I hope we get AGG at WR, personally.

    • Volume12

      Look for the guys who have overcome adversity or some type of physical limitations i.e. too small, battled through an injury, scheme change and still produced.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think it’s more analytical than that.

        Brooks is an advanced stat monster. Lewis has that wTEF score and did go that JUCO route (got me kicked off the team) w something to overcome.

        • Sea Mode

          All of the above.

    • GoHawksDani

      WR – Joe Reed
      CB- Bryce Hall/Amik Robertson
      DT- Rashard Lawrence (or Fotu, but I’d prefer Lawrence)
      RB – Perine or Eno Benjamin

    • Brian Sanders

      Thakarius Keyes “BoPete”….he competes!

    • STTBM

      Didnt Gibson get picked as a RB?

      • Seahawkwalt

        WR by Redskins

  22. Greg Haugsven

    I could see them just passing on DT and going the trusty veteran route. WR isnt a huge need so it isn’t that big of a deal if they missed out. If Brown can play another two years then maybe OT could be more for next year. We have 3/4 tight ends on the roster so that isnt really a big need either. I still think RB is a big need but im not sure who the options could be. I like the thought of adding Amik if he is there and if not may e Bryce Hall and look to redshirt. I wouldnt mind going back to DE as well if they like someone.

    • Spencer

      OT, RB, and CB are the biggest needs to me.

  23. Ishmael

    Having said yesterday that I didn’t get the plan, it’s been encouraging to at least see a theme in these selections: big, tough, violent men who are ready to go. You have to be able to go toe-to-toe with the Niners on the ground, find a way to get after Murray, and close down the Rams dink and dunk stuff. Control TOP, beat people up, and make explosive plays. It’s still a winning formula, it’s nice to see they’re actually recommitting to it.

    One thing I do find pretty funny is after all the hysterics over the years about the O-Line being neglected, now they’re suddenly overdoing it? Who cares, put a team of animals out there and run all over some fools.

    I still think it’s been an unnecessarily messy and poorly handled offseason that they’ve made harder than they need to, but there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. If they can sign Clowney and Griffin, pick up a decent DT, and then go get some offensive toys you can at least see a scenario in which they’re competitive.

  24. Jim Valvis

    They had a much better day, but they were working behind the eight ball by reaching for Brooks in the first round. I don’t buy the ST nonsense that other teams were nipping at the heels of Seattle for the pick. We hear this every time the Hawks reach for an Irvin, Carpenter, Ifedi, Penny, or whomever. It gets leaked to the Seattle media that someone would have taken them and the media runs with it. Why? Because by doing the front office’s dirty work, they are gaining access and approval by JS/PC. The front office gave themselves away when they said they considered Taylor in the first round. If you thought he was worth the pick there, you have to fill that need and not run with your draft crush like some lovestruck teenage girl and settle for Gay or Wilson and not cost yourself a third rounder. Because of that it probably cost us Fotu or Wanogho or Bartch. And the fall off after those is severe, although Windsor is still a possibility I suppose.

    There’s nothing left in the RB market. I had us taking two, one early and one late (or maybe an UDFA, which is still an option), because we chew threw running backs like bubble gum. No one since the Beast has been able to stay healthy in the job– and even he had to sit out practices to recuperate from the Sunday beatings. Jonathan Taylor proved himself a healthy workhorse stud. A little too much with the funbles, but I’ll take that over leaving us high and dry on the IR come playoff time. He would have been perfect. Now the only guy still out there who can even credibly be a spot starter for our two presently injured backs, one of whom is still unproven and the other of which we will need to let walk next year because we can’t afford him) is Perine. But Rob is right. Too many Seahawks fans– especially on a certain other blog– don’t understand this is a running team and you can’t be a running team without a running back– or several. (Rob, what do you think about signing Devontae Booker? He didn’t do much in Denver, but he has the measurements the Hawks like and, well, he’s available. It’s come to things like this, hasn’t it?)

    Anyway, decent day, but nothing was going to fix the massive position and player reach yesterday. We better hope he really is Bobby Wagner 2 (and how likely is that?) or we’ll remember this draft for passing up generational backs and wide-receivers for an expensive two-down linebacker who also robbed us of a fifth-year option on our defensive end, Taylor. Remember when Jax passed up Russell WIlson for a punter? Yeah, that’ll be us.

    • Lewis

      If Brooks was the BPA on their board, that is by definition not a reach.

      • Kenny Sloth

        And he has a slick profile.

        Why is anyone crying

        • Lewis

          I was as baffled by it as anyone. It might turn out to be a great pick or a terrible one in hindsight. Regardless, it isn’t a “reach”. People don’t always seem to understand that the team’s board is nor the same as their own. Want to criticize their evaluation? Go right ahead, but that’s different.

          • Kenny Sloth

            The worst thing is we couldn’t trade back

            But we still got decent picks on day 2 (GREAT picks depending who you ask (I bet SeaMode is P-uMPED)) and still made our trade up. I wasnt following along so I dont have full context of the Taylor pick, but I didnt have him in that range and that’s my failure.

            All 3 dudes are BAMFS- that much is clear. I don’t think a single one of them even smiled when they were drafted (just joking)

    • Ishmael

      The value difference between a punter and a 10-year top-five QB is absurdly far removed from the difference between linebackers and wide receivers. And I say that agreeing with you about the media circling the wagons to protect the front office, not at all convinced the Ravens would have taken him – although I can totally believe he would have gone some time in the second. But seriously, taking Brooks over Taylor is not going to change the fortunes of this team for the next decade, it just won’t.

      Like it or not, we’ve seen time after time that it’s possible to get value form running backs later in the draft. And does anyone honestly think Jonathan Taylor is a generational back – when over the last few years we’ve seen Zeke Elliot, Todd Gurley, Christian McCaffrey, and Saquan Barkley get picked up? They can still go out and get someone like Josh Kelly or Anthony McFarland. Carson was a 7th rounder, was Rawls even drafted?

    • Jim Valvis

      Year after year I’ve watched this. We go into the draft thinking the front office will meet some need or pick some player that will elevate the team and year after year they make a massive reach that ends up being an Ifedi, Penny, Carpenter, McDowell, or whatever, and then we hear how this was really a top pick all along and all the rest of the world was just too stupid to see it. When that player inevitably fails, we make an in-season trade or bring in some free agent that inevitably leads to us needing to go super-cheap on the o-line, which puts our franchise corner at risk and cripples, literally cripples, our running backs, shortening their careers. Rawls is mentioned, like he had some long successful career and not just some promising few games before being utterly broken. Carson is mentions as if he doesn’t put the ball on the carpet all the time and didn’t finish the year on IR. Why not mention Prosise? Penny was a first rounder? Alex Collins left our dysfunctional offense and tore things up for the Ravens. Spenser Ware couldn;t cut it here and went on to have some brilliant moments with the Chiefs.

      But year after year we hear the same nonsense. In PC/JS we trust! I used to say it too. But I’m over it. Not a single person in this blog would have been thrilled with a 3rd round linebacker in the 1st round 5 minutes before the draft started, and for good reason. It sucks. But then you start looking at the highlight reels and you listen to the young man talk and you say, “Okay. I’m on board!” But guess what. Ever player in college football can put together ten or fifteen plays where they look like the second coming of Lawrence Taylor. And most of them have “stories” that are interesting or had to deal with a hardship. “He was homeless!” This front office says, like being homeless is some kind of qualification. I was homeless several times. I guess that makes me a better football prospect than Joe Burrow. Peyton Manning spent his whole life in the lap of luxury. I guess he wasn’t a very good prospect.

      It was a reach. A reach is when you pick a player that everybody else thinks is at least half a round early. This pick was *at least* a round early. I’m tired of people acting like Pete Carroll and John Schneider is the smartest people in the room. What evidence do we have for that? Name a drat since Scot M left the front office that we can consider a top ten class in the NFL? I count 6 decent picks in the 7 years since the brilliant 2012 draft when the Hawks were ahead of the curve on taller corners and shorter QBs.

      As for the two picks yesterday, they come with some risk. Taylor has been a streaky DE who has looked great sometimes and disappeared others. Lewis, my favorite of the picks, got worked over pretty good by the Niners’ Kinlaw in one on ones at the Senior Bowl. Neither is a slam dunk the gaslit fandom is making them out to be.

      I still like the guard. But we still didn’t get a tackle, and we basically stayed square at right tackle while Brown has gotten a year older at left. We missed out on all the running backs, and I’m really looking forward to more of those Travis Homer spot starts. No chance at another game changing WR or TE. No decent cheap backup for Wilson, whose Superman act can’t last forever. We are going to once again get almost zero sack production at DT.

      But hey, we got a 2-down LB who has trouble in coverage that may not see the field much year one and when he does George Kittle has a little something for him. Like there are not serviceable linebackers in the draft or free agency or available by late-round trades every year. Nope, we needed to spend a 1st rounder on a player to maybe replace a guy we drafted in the fourth, which is where we drafted KJ.

      Meanwhile, we were one very make-able kick by Greg the Leg, which was estimated at 98% chance, from missing the playoffs. Russell Wilson pulled at least 6 games out of the fire alone. We beat the number 1 pick in the draft by a single point. At home. Speaking of home, we went 4-4 there, and would have had a losing record if the Rams’ kicker doesn’t choke. We lost 4 of our last 6 games, the only ones we won were against an imploding Carolina that fired its coach and a Philly team that lost its QB in the first quarter. In fact, we got worked over hard by two division rivals, one of which was the rebuilding Cards in our own house. We had a pass rush that was abysmal. The pass defense against Green Bay was sometimes painful to watch. Subtract that Wilson brilliance, and we were closer to Pete Carroll’s first years of 7-9 than we were the Super Bowl, closer to dropping below Arizona and LA than overtaking SF. Keep whistling past the graveyard. And yet somehow losing Clowney while adding scrap heap lineman is supposed to fix all this?

      I’m not normally this negative. But that pick was a disaster. And anyone who doesn’t see it is fooling himself. It’s the kind of pick that gets people fired. And probably should.

      • JimQ

        So, let’s look at a “stats comparison” between LB-Brooks and the “supposed 1-st rounder” LB-Queen.

        LB-Patrick Queen, LSU, 6-02/229 (Very undersized with similar speed to Brooks))
        2019: 15 games, 85-tkls, 37-solo, 12.0-TFL, 3.0-sacks, 1-INT, 2-PD, 1-FR
        2018: 11-games, 40-tkls, 20-solo, 5.0-TFL, 1.0-sack,
        2017: 3-games, 4-tkls, 2-solo, 0.5-TFL,
        Career: 29-games, 131-tkls, 59-solo, (45.0%), 17.5-TFL, 4.0-sacks, 1-INT, 2-PD, 1-FR
        NOTE: Queen in 2019 was #92-overall in FBS with his 12-TFL’s

        LB-Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech, 6-00/240
        2019: 11-games, 108-tkls, 66-solo, 20-TFL, 3.0-sacks, 2-FR, 1-FF
        2018: 11-games, 78-tkls, 47-solo, 6-5.TFL, 2.5-sacks, 1-INT, 1-PD
        2017: 12-games, 89-tkls, 50-solo, 0.5-TFL, 1-INT, 2-PD, 1-FR
        2016: 12-games, 85-tkls, 61-solo, 5.0-TFL, 1.0-sack, 3-PD, 1-FF
        Career: 46-games, 360-tkls, 224-solo(62.2%), 32.0-TFL, 6.5-sacks, 2-INT, 6-PD, 3-FR, 2-FF
        NOTE: Brooks in 2019 was #6 overall in FBS, (#3 of all draft entrants) with his 20.0-TFL’s


        • Jim Valvis

          Missed the point entirely. I am not comparing two players. I’m talking about building a winning franchise. LB was not a need and certainly not something we needed to address with a first round pick. If they picked Queen with the first pick I’d be saying much the same things. I didn’t think he was a first rounder either. I think he was overhyped, like most of the LSU players.

          So this is a lot of stats for nothing. Football isn’t a bunch of math. You need to put together a team. Regardless of whether Queen or Brooks is better, we still have Ifedi 2.0 at RT. And that’s just one of our myriad of problems, none of which the Brooks pick fixed. I’ve nothing against the player, although he’s overdrafted by a round, but I’ve everything against the pick. It was a terrible one and no amount of sophistry or cut-and-paste gas-lighting will change this.

  25. J-Boy

    Digging all 3 picks. Noticing some trends:
    – Elite production (Taylor second in SEC in sacks, Lewis blowing open running lanes for CEH, Brooks a TFL in almost every game)
    – Elite athleticism (4.4 speed for Brooks, 97.1 TEF for Lewis)
    – Older/ more established (important with a shortened offseason, Taylor has a kid even)
    – Pedigree (Taylor and Lewis in the SEC, Lewis a national championship)
    – BAMFs

    Brooks comps to Bobby, Taylor comps to Frank, Damien comps to…Laken Tomlinson? Idk, but I’m stoked.

    I feel like we still still need a big boy on the DL, someone in the mold of Branch, Bryant, Woods, or McDaniel. Maybe Fotu? Also an OT for the future. Maybe Prince Tega?

    Love our haul overall, but I wish one of Cam Akers or Raekwon Davis had fallen to 64. Ah well. On to Day 3!

  26. millhouse-serbia

    I am thrilled with our draft so far.

    Today with one of 4th round pick I think John will take Robinson or Perine. Both fit their profile, especially Robinson.

    Robinson : 5-9; 219; VJ-40; BJ-10’05”

    Perine: 5106; 216; VJ-35; BJ- 9’10”

  27. schuemansky

    Good morning everybody! Waking up I saw that the previous post surpassed 1000 comments. So I decided to not read the 500 I missed. Said that I hope what I have to say now wasn’t said already.

    Rob, your biggest mistake this draft season was not missing on Brooks. We all did.
    It was introducing us to the Mock Draft Generator!

    A really nice toy … done better then all the others available and really useful in these weeks of quarantine, but….it’s a bit like the “Sourcerers’s Apprentice”…

    These 3 days we are watching the REAL draft, not the fantasy vanilla version of PFN, which means:

    1) no consensus big board, to which every team, accept your’s obviously, adheres.
    Actually in the real world you do not know when your guy probably comes off the board.

    2) no trades whenever you want with whomever you want. In the real world, where every team knows that between 25 and 90 you almost get the same value, you almost certainly do not exchange 27 with 34 and 75.

    3) … and this is the worst … if you miss on your targets … guess what you can’t start all over again til at the 8th shot you get it all together.

    So maybe somebody here that complains about PCJS’ constant reaches should try to reflect on these points.

    • Producehawk

      Heck I was trading 27 for 39,70,141 and 246 all the time. Knowing it would never happen on real life. Fun though. Addictive as all get out. What am I gonna do tomorrow? Lol

  28. charlietheunicorn

    Might as well get 20 OL by the time this draft is done. However a rookie OT would be nice.

    Yasir Durant – OT Missouri
    Trey Adams – OT Washington
    Kevin Dotson – OG/OT Louisiana

    Dotson has met with Seattle or has been linked to them and is projected 6th or 7th round.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That always seemed low for Dotson, but I could be wrong for sure.

  29. Gohawks5151

    I’m really interested in why Prince Tega has dropped. I had him going in the late second or early third. He posses good toughness and athleticism. Can be groomed long term. I had a thought though. Maybe it’s because he can’t from Auburn. They have a famously simple spread offense that doesn’t seem to require a lot from it’s lineman. Many have failed to translate talent, most famously Greg Robinson. But also Marcus McNeil. Maybe people see him as to much of a project

    • Rob Staton

      Must be injury related I think

  30. Kenny Sloth

    Imagine making one vertical board w/ 200 players on it and 20+ first round grades and being surprised u were super wrong 🙃🙃

  31. Coach

    With missing out on the top rb’s, do you think we make a run at Fournette?

    Would you rather have Fournette or a home run hitter to add to Carson like McFarland?

    Go Hawks!!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I don’t like puny backs for Seattle. I just dont. No McFarland. No Ronald Jones. No Antonio Gibson. Nah. I didn’t even have CEH high on Seattle’s board. He was my 3rd RB for their wants.

      Pete likes BIG backs. Lets talk about it!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Pff you can have a personal board, but every team has a whole department with different personal boards that have to come to a consensus team board. Most anyway.

        These teams just drop names like flies. Everybody wants to flaunt their top 2,000 player big board, but they dont want to dive deep for every team.

        32 horizontal boards or bust

      • CaptainJack

        BIG backs you say?

        BALLZ is that you?

        • Al

          Don’t summon him!

      • Von

        Antonio Gibson is 6’ 228 pounds and ran 4.39. He not puny

    • Rob Staton

      I am more interested in Fournette now for sure.

      • Ralphy

        Yes please get Fournette. Please.

        • Ralphy

          You could potentially trade a 5th or 6th for Fournette, have him for two years and then get a third round comp for him.

  32. EranUngar

    I love it when a plan comes together. (note to myself – when something happens that baffles you, wait and gather all the information you need to understand it)

    The story of the 2020 first 2 rounds:

    The Seahawks had a great plan. They identified Taylor as the perfect LEO candidate for their system. They were “lucky” that he had to play through a stress fracture in his fibula all year long effecting his play so he did not jump up as a popular top candidate. Having a surgery once the season was over meant he could not test in the combine and fly up the charts, instead he was a medical red flag that most teams could not clear due to the corona virus. The Seahawks were fortunate enough to bring him for a visit early before travel was banned so their doctors could verify his condition and to have him work out for them and verify his athletic traits.

    They had their guy and knew that the rest of the NFL are way behind on this player and they can get him at the end of the first round after a modest trade back with GB.

    Then the perfect plan hit a small bump on the road. The trade back failed and they were on the clock at 27th.

    If the plan had worked as designed, the Ravens would have picked Brooks and JS/PC would get their ace in the sleeve LEO but without a trade back they were on the clock at 27 staring at a player they had ranked higher then Taylor still available.

    True to their board and knowing that most NFL teams did not get the chance to evaluate Taylor in person and clear some of the red flags, they gambled on getting the best player on their board – Brooks.

    The plan for day 2 was clear. Trade up immediately as high as you can and get Taylor before he is snatched. They were lucky again that he lasted till the Jets and the trade up was done bringing in the player they wanted at the end of the first round.

    No wonder they were smiling so openly at the interviews. They got the guy they absolutely wanted and needed at their biggest position of need (Taylor) and managed to get a player they did not believe they could get in addition (Brooks).

    It wasn’t the master plan but it actually worked even better. They got Taylor and received a 1st rounder gift (Brooks) at the cost of a 3rd+4th.

    • Producehawk

      Nice post. I wanna believe help me in my unbelief. If that were the case then I am hyped. It seems logical that is what happened. My main concern is the injury questions on both. As long as both are healthy then I can believe.

      • EranUngar

        I’m not saying they had the perfect plan or even the right plan. I’m just saying that it looks like they got more than they planned to get in terms of player quality. Will they work out or not is another story.

  33. Simon McInnes

    Not overly worried when pundist are claiming that the team have reached for players in the draft – if they really like them and a couple of other teams also do, then they need to be taken. Remember when Lofa Tatupu was described as a reach? Or when Jarran Reed was described as having no pass rush skills?
    Rob – Do you envisage any player trades post-draft to fill gaps. The surplus of OL and LB could be put to use there.

    • Sea Mode

      Sure, they could look to trade if they miss out on any position of need. Teams might have unexpectedly drafted BPA at a position where they were already pretty much set, and that may make the veteran expendable. We could also see who gets cut at roster cutdowns.

  34. Donger

    (1/27) LB Jordyn Brooks (6’0”” 240lbs). I don’t have a problem with this pick. I really like his range on tape and the way he plays forward through gaps as the hammer not the nail. When Burr-Kirven was in college, he made a lot of tackles, but it was often with guys coming at him. Brooks is consistently working downhill on the attack. Wagner and Wright are expensive and they are fading with teams like SF and LA exposing them on the edge. Rookies rarely take over as starters. This is a good pick for the near future when the veteran linebackers aren’t there.

    Sidebar 1. The player I really wanted them to take in the first was OT Isaiah Wilson. That would have been a similar pick for the future (and now) at tackle. Ironically, one of the Wilson games I liked was against DE/OLB/LEO Darrell Taylor. Taylor got a couple plays but Wilson mainly swallowed him up. Great pick by Tennessee at 29. Probably came from Vrabel’s kid on the toilet.

    Sidebar 2. How about Rob’s eval on (2/39) OT Robert Hunt!? OK, back to the draft…

    (2/48) LEO Darrell Taylor (6’4”” / 267lbs / 33” arm). I didn’t watch Taylor in the lead up to the draft. I mainly was zeroed in on Zuniga, Uche, Okwara. I liked Zuniga the best because he seemed to bring power and speed where Uche and Okwara were really just fast. It is easy to see how the Seahawks judged Taylor to be the best combination of those traits. Taylor is big and strong enough to pair well with Clowney on the opposite edge in this pass first era…

    OG Damien Lewis (6’2” 327lbs 33” arm). Love the power and the fight. More than that, I love his interviews and his background. Score another for Rob. That’s a tough road to the starting guard on #1 LSU. This is somebody who works and believes he will be successful.

    Sidebar 3. What is Seattle’s plan on the offensive line? A seven lineman front or something? Tackles are the new tight ends?

    I am happy enough so far with this draft, although wish they could have perhaps maneuvered to 4 picks R1-3. A lot of really good players in the third.

    Rob, another fantastic season of draft articles. You should be employed by a NFL team or a major news outlet. Your work puts 95% of the other draft analysts to shame. A bloke from Blighty. Superb.

    And we’re not done yet!

  35. JoeHawk

    Whereas free agency has been frustrating (as it is every year), this draft has been solid, especially for improving the defense with Seahawky players, possibly four starters already, one at each level of the D:

    1st – Jordy Brooks
    2nd – Darrell Taylor
    3rd – Damien Lewis
    5th – Quandre Diggs
    5th – Quinton Dunbar

    There’s no way anyone they could pick in the 5th could have the impact in 2020 of Diggs and Dunbar. Good to keep in mind when you’re thinking about what they’ve done regarding RW’s “window of opportunity”.

    I also love how the Frank Clark trade is the gift that keeps on giving. If you squint, you could argue that Taylor, who draws comparisons to Clark, was the final piece of that trade. If you want to get literal, then the Hawks got what appears to be a long-time starter at RG in Damien Man-Among-Men Lewis, plus whoever they get with the #2 pick in the 5th round, for that 2nd rounder from KC.

    I’m wondering if they make a small trade back to grab a 7th. Or, maybe even better, they just make that pick at the end of the 6th and then pound the phones for UDFAs. Due to the present lockdown, this could be a great year to find some gems in UDFA.

  36. millhouse-serbia

    I have read again reports on Perine from Bruglers and Zierlein. He checks all the boxes:

    Size, testing (VJ, BJ), ++ character and love for game,
    average to god blocker, special teamer, great hands (wr history)…

  37. charlietheunicorn

    Ok, something smells wrong…… rating

    Seattle Seahawks

    Day 1 grade: B
    Day 2 picks: Tennessee DE Darrell Taylor (No. 48 overall); LSU OG Damien Lewis (No. 69)
    Day 2 grade and analysis: B+
    The Seahawks continued to improve their defense by picking a long, strong pass rusher in Taylor. That get-off and toughness is what Pete Carroll wants on the edge. We’ll see in time if giving up a third-round pick to move up 11 slots for Taylor, instead of waiting a bit longer or picking Terrell Lewis or another edge player, was a bit too rich. Damien Lewis is powerful and has better foot quickness than he’s given credit for. He addresses a big need for the Seahawks.

  38. Imani

    I would love a wideout today…not in the 4th round tho. Only draft heads know what I’m referring to lol smh. One of the oddest trends of this front office.

    • Coug1990

      Yes, do not draft a WR in the 4th round. Hopefully, the Seahawks do not hate a player enough to do that to him,

  39. Burner

    The more I see of Taylor, the more I like him. The type of player we really need and I love his attitude.


    • GoHawksDani

      <3 like that attitude.
      Hope these players work out for us. They have bully potential

  40. GoHawksDani

    I think as of now these teams did good work in the draft:
    Ravens (like all picks)
    Panthers (Brown, Chinn)
    Bengals (Burrow, Wilson)
    Cowboys (Lamb, Diggs)
    Lions (Okudah, Swift, Okwara)
    Colts (Pittman, Taylor…Blackmon is a huge reach though)
    Chiefs (happy for them. 2nd/3rd favorite team. CEH, WGJr, Niang all huge steals)
    Raiders (Ruggs, Arnette, Edwards)
    Dolphins (all picks seem OK/nice. B+ or A depending on Tua)
    Vikings (like all picks)
    Pats (Dugger, Uche, Asiasi)
    Saints (Ruiz A+, Baun OK role player, Trautman OK move TE…wow, just 3 picks???)
    Jets (Becton, Zuniga. Mims is OK too)
    SF (Kinlaw feels like have bust potential, but upside too. Aiyuk is a good pick for them)
    Bucs (Wirfs, Winfield…but just slightly good, where are the skill players for Brady?)

    Overall winner by a wide margin for me is KC
    Got the best RB (especially for their style)
    A true playmaker LB
    A solid OT with potential. All while picking end of rounds

  41. Brik

    I’m wondering if the nickel is our base package now. Maybe we could trade KJ Wright to offload that money, and get a quality player. He’s a good player, and proven winner. He could be a huge asset for future trades. Brooks makes that possible.

  42. Henry Taylor

    Even if I haven’t loved every pick, I do appreciate the plan. Try and target bpa (from their board not mine/yours) and get some BAMFs, be the bully again.

    Hopefully we can get Amik and Rashard Lawrence today today, the two players on the board that would best exemplify that kind of player.

  43. Donger

    I kinda like RB James Robinson and McFarland later. Both more burst than power, though.

  44. Henry Taylor

    How about this for a finish to the draft! (gave up next years 3rd to come up for Amik)

    113. Amik Robertson, CB Louisiana Tech
    133. Rashard Lawrence, DT LSU
    162. Hunter Bryant, TE Washington
    214. Alex Taylor, OT SC State
    229. Quez Watkins, WR Southern Miss

    • GoHawksDani

      Just gimme Robertson and you can have anybody else 😀
      But I also like Lawrence and Bryant. Maybe change Watkins to Reed (awesome returner with WR3 upside), and Perine (poor man’s Carson. Not overly athletic, but play with power and determination. Loved him at the senior bowl).
      So I’d be happy with your list. I’d be even happier with this list:

      A great slot CB, a solid DT, a TE with good blocking and upside, a return specialist big WR who could compete for WR3 and have immediate impact as a PR/KR, an RB3-4.

    • Trevor

      Would love that Day #3

    • Sea Mode

      Very nice. (*in my best Tim Allen “The Santa Clause” voice:

  45. Sea Mode

    I’m sorry… I can’t… 🤣 Medicals? Top 3 WR?

    Jim Nagy

    Real fast…best pick/worst pick. Go!

    Mark Jarvis

    Best – Ashtyn Davis at 68. Think he’ll be a future star single high safety. Would be curious to know how much medicals dropped him.

    Worst – Lynn Bowden Jr. I don’t see a great athlete on tape and think developmental curve will be tough. Wonder where they line him up.

    Ben Pickering

    Where did top 3 wr KJ hill get drafted today?

    Mark Jarvis

    We’ll see how his career goes. I have faith in him becoming a starter regardless of where he lands.

  46. Big Mike

    I was one of the people that thought we could’ve had Brooks mid-2nd but now I don’t think that’s true. Even if the Ravens taking him was a manufactured by scenario JS, Bucky Brooks stated flat out at the beginning of round 2 yesterday that Cincy was going to take him at #33 but Seattle got him first.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, where did Bucky say that?

      Anyways, it’s another case of Rashaad Penny, where the consensus pegs him in one range and more than a few teams see it quite differently.

      • Big Mike

        Bucky said it in the lead up show to yesterday’s rounds 2 and 3 and Trey Wingnut repeated it leading into a commercial break. Was about 10 mins. before 4:00 Pacific time.

      • Von

        I heard the same thing. It was on NFLN about 10 minutes prior to the 2nd round starting.

    • Coug1990

      Where did you read that JS made it up about Baltimore taking Brooks?

  47. Sea Mode

    I love Darrell Taylor already:

    • Sea Mode

      Oops, just saw Burner posted this above. Anyways, worth seeing more than once!

      • Rob Staton

        It was worth a second viewing!

    • Logan Lynch

      I saw this too. If you haven’t watched it, check out the first 30 seconds of Brooks junior season highlight film. Vol tipped me off to it. Starts with a Brooks pregame speech. Seems like they drafted some dudes with fire…love it!

      • Rob Staton

        • Henry Taylor

          I hadn’t watched any of his junior highlights, seeing him level Kyler like that is a good sign.

        • Sea Mode

          Hell yeah!

          Looks so much more impactful when he’s not at Mike. That was my gross scouting omission when I watched him this year: only looking at 2019 tape.

  48. Henry Taylor

    Pretty interesting quick film analysis of Darrell Taylor:

    I really am pretty excited about this pick, especially when you factor in that he played hurt last year. It’s similar to why I liked Delpit so much, his value had been depressed by his most recent tape not reflecting his ability at 100%.

  49. STTBM

    Rob, I laughed out loud when I read your comment about not giving a damn about Seattle havung 19 linemen! I was just irate Seattle missed out on the cream of the RB class and a bunch of Dline guys I felt I could have helped, but Im calmer today.

    I still think Taylor is likely to provide little for a year or two while he learns some technique and gets aclimated to the NFL. That leaves us with Irvin and Mayowa as soeed rushers, and Reed and Poona and some scrubs at DT, which is just flat not good enough. Carson needs a sidekick, and Homer aint it, but now the backs are down to the bottom of thr barrel, and as you noted, the great WR class is pretty picked over. Well, its not a bad draft but I had hoped for more.

    As you have said, Seattle doesnt appear to have gained ground on the top teams in FA and the draft. And that makes me sad, and frustrated.

    That said, they filled needs and got some ig, fast, tough guys so I cant say I dislike any of the guys they picked. Its just a goid draft and I wish Seattle had gotten 1 or 2 more picks in there….

  50. Mark Souza

    Now this is the part of the draft I like. Why? Because these are the guys who by all rights shouldn’t make the team. Guys I don’t really know or have expectations for. The only way I’d be pissed is if they drafted 4 more guards.

  51. Paul Cook

    So we’ve got the 27th, 38th, and 40th pick this morning by my count. Let’s see whatt happens.

    • Paul Cook

      Actually the 27th, 38th, and 42nd picks this morn…

  52. Mark Souza

    Trent Williams to the Niners for a 5th this year and a 3rd next year. SF is killing this draft and separating themselves from us.

    • J

      We will see how having a two man draft class works out for them, especially with a 17th game this year n

    • CaptainJack

      Let’s see. Javon Kinlaw has medical questions. Aiyuk succeeding would be bucking a recent trend of pac 12 receivers struggling in the pros, and they already have a ton of receivers like him. Trent Williams is getting up there in age. I’m not sold.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Juju Smith-Schuster

        • CaptainJack

          That was one guy with blue chip in his veins

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