De’Anthony Thomas vs Fresno State & California


  1. Rory

    I didn’t really see tavon austin level elusiveness and speed. The guy is tough to tackle in the open field, but not enough to make him a top end prospect. I was surprised to see him lower his shoulder and do some damage, didn’t think I’d see him dragging defenders for extra yardage either.

    I see him as a 3rd down RB at the next level, he didn’t seem to to have the instincts for the receiver position, or the route running skills. I would have him returning punts, catching screen passes, occasionally taking some hand offs, and occasionally motioning out wide.

    Saying he’s not up to Tavon Austins level doesn’t mean he isn’t fast and elusive, he does have value, and will have some explosive plays. I could see him going in the 3rd round, maybe the 2nd on a team desperate for playmakers, but I wouldn’t take him until the 4th.

    • mister bunny

      Isn’t that kind of like saying someone doesn’t have Bo Jackson like speed-power combination? I think he’ll go at least in the 2nd, and depending on his production this year could easily be in the first. I was shocked at how Tavon burst up the rankings given his size. But if guys like Tavon show that they can produce on limited touches and stay healthy, De’Anthony will do just fine for himself in the draft.

  2. Justin M

    I’ve watched all of Oregon games the last few years and wanted to give my two cents. He is very fast, but it is not always seen on film because Oregon employs a zone blocking scheme where you wait for your blockers to set up before accelerating through. Watch him on the screen play; that is the speed he is capable of. With that said in the pro game he would have durability issues because of his size. He may not be drafted in the first round but it will not be because he does not possess elite speed.
    I see him more as a slot receiver/specialist (aka piercy harvin).

  3. T-CARP

    He will run one of the fastest forty yard dashes of all time at the combine. That will intrigue every team. Durability is a concern, but you can’t teach that kind of speed. I say he is a late 1st possibility, especially if Tavon Austin produces this year. But I see him falling because of size and lack of production as a conventional WR.

    However, I’d love to see him travel up I-5 and change into blue and lime green. His change of direction while in full sprint i phenomenal. He can hit a jump cut similar to Reggie Bush and Gale Sayers. If you can get him on the field, he is a home run threat every time. He is verse is the read option and will automatically be one of the most dangerous returners in the game.There is definite value taking him with the #32 pick. Which I am hoping we will have. 🙂

    I am pro-Balck Mamba.

  4. Ben

    He’s got a great burst, and there are those plays where he seems untouchable. But more often than not he just wiggles and goes down.

  5. Rory

    On that screen play he reminded me of LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner. Neither went particularly high. I think his value will largely be determined by how he displays his receiving skills next year. If he shows potential as a legit receiver, he becomes a lot more valuable.

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