Will Sutton (DT, Arizona State) vs California


  1. Rory

    Sutton reminds me in some ways of Suh. He’s a bit of a wrecking ball, very athletic and powerful in the upperbody. He has decent hand use, specifically that rip move. When free he is great in pursuit, something pretty rare from DTs.

    As far as the running game goes, if he can’t get a jump and knife past the guard, he’s pretty screwed. I was kind of surprised how bad he was at anchoring. He seems to have good natural leverage with the bull rush. Maybe that’s something he just hasn’t been able to translate, and it will come in time.

    I’d like the guy on the seahawks, but I can’t see him doing anything more than the Jason Jones role. He can’t play the run as well as Jordan Hill, or even Timmy Jernigan.

    Right now, I’d give him a 2nd round/3rd round grade.

  2. Ukhawk

    There will be more pressing needs next year besides DT after this year’s draft but if we can draft a situational outside passrusher (Irvin) with our first pick one year and a situational, 3rd string RB with our first pick the next year, why not a situational inside rusher this year? The hawks love unique, big-play-wait’n-to-happen game changers and this guy is it. Who cares if in year 1 he can’t hold at point of attack. Only guy better for the hawks in next year’s draft will be Brandon Coleman.

    • Rory

      I wouldn’t be shocked if they selected him in the first round, I see value in him, and we have the luxury. I would consider it a bit of a reach though, unless he shows to be a truly dominating situational pass rusher, which I don’t believe he has. Definitely a Carroll kind of pick though.

      On Coleman:

      As talented as our WR core is, we do need to think about the future. Tate will probably want 7-8 mil a year, which we won’t give him. Rice’s contract will be up soon, and the seahawks may want to look at a cheaper option. Harvin, Baldwin, and Harper aren’t exactly terrifying. Harper may turn out to be a great Z, but he’s a 4th round pick that we can’t bank on taking over. A guy like Coleman could be a great replacement for either Tate at the X, or Rice at the Z.

      • Hay stacker

        Like all your points except Harvin not being terrifying. Cb’s have been quoted saying he’s a one of the most pain in the ass wrs to cover. I’d call that a good start to being terrified

        • Rory

          Harvin is great, and DBs probably hate playing against him, but if you only have 1 legitimate threat, the group as a whole can be dealt with fairly easily.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I agree. It really looks like WR or CB will be our first pick next year.

      • Ben

        Tate won’t be getting 7-8 million a year, likely half that much.

        • Rory

          You think so? He’s shown how much of a playmaker he can be, he was arguably the most productive receiver we had the second half of last year, and his stats are a little deflated because of the offense we run. I could easily see someone giving him 4yrs 30 mil, or something like that.

  3. Trudy Beekman

    Will Sutton looks like a blend of Sheldon Richardson and Jordan Hill. Squat frame, comes off the ball pretty quickly, often gets too high, but great hands and an excellent penetrator. Could be a fringe 1st-rounder limited by his size. I could also see him showing up to the combine really light and falling into Day 2 with a tweener label.

    This other guy Bradford looks like Jon Simon and not just because he’s white.

    • Rory

      This is a little bit of a weird comparison, but he reminds me of courtney upshaw.

      I know they play different positions, but their body types are almost identical. Maybe sutton has a future that isn’t situational 3 tech.

      • Kenny Sloth

        that is really weird and not the impression that I got. As fas as Sutton goes I’m not sure he has the lower body potential to be a great run defender. His pass rushing ability is really impressive his hands are placed well consistently. He could battle and shed better. Strong hands and quick feet. Still really high. I can see him shooting up to Sheldon Richardson range, but as is he’s probably going datone jonesish in the draft.

  4. ivotuk

    I love Will Sutton and agree that he is a Pete Carroll type pick. Depending on how Jordan Hill works out though, Sutton might not be in our plans. We might actually go TE 1st round in 2014. I like Jordan’s potential and believe that he will make drafting a DT in the first 2 rounds a non-starter.

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