Derek Carr (QB, Fresno State) vs Boise State

The quarterback picture for 2014 is still playing itself out. It’s unlikely to be resolved any time soon. Right now there’s really only one player you can say is a top-pick with some assurity (Teddy Bridgewater).

I’m not convinced there’s another prospect destined to even go in round one. After all, only one quarterback went in the first round last year. The new CBA doesn’t appear to be encouraging teams to take more risks at the position. At least not so far.

The talent expected to be available on the offensive and defensive line could dominate the early first round (again) in 2014 and that could force teams to consider drafting a quarterback in the second or third round range.

If that’s the case, keep an eye on Fresno State’s Derek Carr (brother of David). I’ve seen him have some ugly games (one in particular versus SMU), but he’s started well this term. In three games so far he has 1121 yards, 12 touchdowns and only one interception. Fresno are unbeaten, with victories against Rutgers and Boise State.

If the performance above is anything to go by, he’s made improvements. Stick with the tape. He starts off a little rusty but improves. This isn’t me saying Carr is going to suddenly fly up the board and be a top pick. But after Teddy Bridgewater, there’s a lot of murky water.

I’m not sold on Marcus Mariota being a top pick. I’m not convinced he or Brett Hundley even declares for the next draft. Who knows where Johnny Manziel is going to go? Carr might be among the next best options after Bridgewater alongside Tajh Boyd.

At least fans in Seattle don’t have to worry about this particular subject…


  1. Kenny Sloth

    I could actually see a scenario like Oregon gets beaten by Bama in the national championship and Mariota and Thomas both come back.

    I’m still being very cautious with Manziel. He doesn’t seem to have improved as a pocket passer much. Lots of red flags with this kid.

    As far as Carr goes. Based on this game, I just hope a team like the Vikings hasn’t forgotten what a pocket passer looks like. He has a cannon. He heaved it 60 yards at least. It’s a laser underneath which is what’s really important. He trusts his arm, too. I’ll check out some more tape.

    • Colin

      I think with Manziel teams will have to accept that he thrives on being unconventional. I don’t think he’ll ever become a pure pocket passer – asking him to try and confine his movements seems to contradict everything he is about right now. He is a bit of a project.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Whoever said anything about pure?

        I just want to see him go through reads, stay protected, deliver a ball quickly with a high release without patting it and tipping off the defenders.

        I just want to see Manziel do at least some of the things that have consistently made a quarterback consistently successful.

  2. Ross

    Is Keith Price a draft prospect at this point? With the way he’s played this year, he must be opening some eyes. Same goes for Bishop Sankey, right?

    Love this site

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Sankey most definitely. He could go R2, and maybe flirt with R1 if he keeps producing. A hard/powerful runner with good elusiveness and explosion. He’s an excellent receiver who has demonstrated a great all around toolset.. As with most RBs, he doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to pass protect. He has the potential to be an every down back if he can develop that ability once drafted. Backs that don’t shy from contact like Sankey usually develop well in that regard. That ability should propel him above players like DeAnthony Thomas of Oregon. Teams like Arizona, NYG and Pittsburgh will be in the market for a guy of his talents. Unless a playoff team nabs him at the tail of R1, I’d say he goes in the top of R2. Chicago could be a possibility, as they have a LOT of salary tied in RBs (Forte/Bush). Sankey could be the succession plan for Forte, and afford Chicago about 3m/year in cap savings over Bush immediately. Forte’s cap figure balloons after 2014 and age/salary would merit an exit strategy. There are too many teams with run/physical philosophies that have a high need for a RB of his type for him to drop to R3. It’s a very good year for him and he really stands alone as a quality all around back in this class.

      Price is a day 3 possibility but likely a UDFA prospect. He needs to build on this year and get some signature wins against quality opponents. Last year really hurt his stock heading into this season. He’s not a prototype prospect size wise. Not especially fleet of foot either. He needs to be highly productive and accurate. As of now I’d predict he will fall out of the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s a marginal prospect. I’m not expecting a NFL future personally.

      • Miles

        I think a lot of sites like WalterFootball were rating Keith Price as a first round or second-round prospect before he decided to stay at Washington last year. Am I delusional or did anyone else see stuff like that?

        From what I’ve heard Keith Price has a very hard time going through reads. The plays have to be really simple for him because he has an inability to improvise. But when he plays well, he produces mightily. The thing about Jake Locker, I felt, is that he almost never produced and was a highly overrated prospect in the draft. Apart from the end of his senior season, he really didn’t look very good to me, ever. I didn’t think Locker had much of an NFL future compared to what his draft stock was, and I was honestly shooooooocked he went #7 or #11 or whatever it was. He’s playing well this year but I was pretty convinced after last year his NFL career was dwindling.

        So we’ll see about Keith Price. Sometimes with these guys you just don’t know.

  3. Alex

    lol, didn’t expect to see Derek Carr here. He was a junior QB at my HS when I was a senior. Thinking about it, it’s kinda amazing that he’s still in college and I’ve graduated from my undergrad for 2 years.

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