Dominique Easley suffers suspected torn ACL

September 25th, 2013 | Written by Rob Staton

Easley has had a fantastic start to the 2013 season and had a chance to be a first or second round pick. As a senior he’ll enter the NFL regardless, but this significantly impacts his stock.

It’s seven months until the draft, so the chances are he won’t be able to do a full workout before hand. Regardless he now carries a significant injury-based red flag. He previously suffered an ACL injury in 2011.

Sad news.

Here’s his tape from last weekend against Tennessee:

28 Responses to “Dominique Easley suffers suspected torn ACL”

  1. Miles says:

    This is definitely a bummer and makes Easley a less desirable player. But as we’ve seen the Seahawks are not afraid to take fliers on guys with injury probs, if they’re talented.

    • Attyla the Hawk says:

      That’s true. But that would mean he’s a day 3 guy. Pete and John take risks but their day 1 and 2 picks have not been injury risk type picks. Durability definitely plays a central role in our value estimation in rounds 1 through 3.

      The real issue is, he’s a small guy already. To be small and delicate is really damning for his pro prospects.

  2. Colin says:

    There is no reason to think this automatically puts him as a day 3 guy. Pete and John thrive on being unconventional.

    • Turp says:

      How many injury risk picks have they made? Thurmond is the only one I can think of. Someone correct me.

      • JW says:

        would you call Christine Michael an injury risk? He had that perception by many

        • Colin says:

          Jesse Williams dropped due to his knees. But in the 5th round it’s not that big of a deal I suppose.

          • Nolan says:

            What if this guy drops he wont be able to work out, and we don’t really know where he stood pre injury, might be a guy we go the jesse williams route with maybe he spends even a year on the IR or starts out on PUP

            • cliff says:

              i think we get him with our 4th. he looks like a perfect penetrating 3 tech for our system to go any later.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Two ACL’s in two years though has to be a concern.

      • Elijah says:

        I’ve read somewhere that a second ACL tear (and so on) has no significant impact. If you tear your ACL, you tear it and you can always rehab it back to the same place it would be if you had only torn it once. I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head where I read this though, so I could have some holes in my argument.

  3. Matt says:

    I think this works in our favor. His stock will drop and we can take a chance on a player. He could slip to the 3rd.

  4. Phil says:

    Off topic — but I’ve got to ask. Who do we root for tonight? I guess we root for the 49ers since they already have a loss in our division (to us), but that sure feels strange to me.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I don’t think it really matters. With a two game lead already, Seattle just has to keep winning. Houston on Sunday is a big one. A potentially defining game where we find out just how good this team is. Win there and the league really takes notice. It’s the type of game Peyton wins for Denver. Get the job done in Texas and nobody cares what happened in the 49ers/Rams game.

      However, if we’re going to pick I’d say St. Louis. The 49ers have won the division the last two years and made the Super Bowl. If it turns into a Rams/Seahawks battle in the West, I’d take that.

  5. Attyla the Hawk says:

    Rewatching the tape, I’m most impressed by Richardson. Guy looks like a dancing bear out there. Impossible to move on. He looked like he was toying with Easley each time they were matched up.

    He looked absolutely Jonesian in this video. It never looked like he was distressed at all.

  6. Kyle says:


    On another note, I know that corner back is probably at the bottom of the Seahawks list of needs, but take a look at Stanley Jean-Baptiste from Nebraska who looks like a carbon copy of Richard Sherman. He’s a 6-3, 220 lb senior and converted from WR to CB in his junior year and so far is tied for the NCAA lead in INTs with 4 and has 5 pass break ups. He may not be on Seattle’s wish list, but this guy could end up flying up draft boards.

  7. Colin says:

    My prediction is we are going to see Michael Bowie start at RT on Sunday in place of Breno.

    I guess we’ll get a chance to see if the Breno-naysayers still want to hold true to the ‘replace Breno ASAP’ mantra after the game.