DK Metcalf has signed a new contract

It was vital the Seahawks agreed terms for Metcalf.

As we’ve discussed previously, there was no justification for this dragging on deep into training camp. There were plenty of precedent setting deals to use as a framework, including similarly productive players drafted in the same range (A.J. Brown) and other top performers.

One way or another, the two sides had to come together. Financially it made sense for Metcalf, playing on a wildly outdated rookie deal. For the Seahawks, they committed to the player when they didn’t trade him pre-draft.

On paper it looks like a shorter deal so that Metcalf can reach the market again quicker than some of his peers with a bigger up-front commitment of $30m guaranteed. I am in no way shape or form a cap ‘expert’. If anything, I’d describe myself as the opposite of that. However, on first glance it looks like a good compromise for both parties and a contract that makes a lot of sense.

We’ll wait to see the finer details but this looks like a win-win situation.

I can’t wait to watch Will Levis throwing him the ball in 2023.

Meanwhile, here are some training camp observations from Curtis Allen after day one:

What I saw of the players with injury questions

Tyreke Smith opened camp on the PUP list. Pete Carroll said after practice that he ran well today in a separate workout and could be off the list soon.

That follows with what I saw today. His reason for being on the PUP appears to be of the less-concerning variety. He tailed the defensive end/pass rusher group through all their drills without his helmet on but seemed loose and even danced a little to the music playing.

Tre Brown appeared but seemed less-active to me than Smith. Carroll also said he should be off the PUP soon but just based on my viewing, Smith is closer to being ready to practice.

D’Wayne Eskridge took some punts but did not participate in the scrimmage. Carroll said he had some hamstring tightness.

Quandre Diggs looks fantastic. He did not wear any kind of leg or knee brace and was a full participant in warmups and drills and played in the scrimmage. At one point he did a backpedal drill and looked very comfortable really giving it a go. It appears he has recovered very well. Now it is the mental aspect of re-trusting his legs and making his reads.

Rashaad Penny – not injured but always an injury concern – looked great. He has always been a really good-looking athlete, so I am stating the obvious. But I did not see any hesitation or lack of burst in his first day out. He ran hard, ran through the line (a light-tackling type scrimmage to be fair) and when he cleared the crowd he accelerated all the way to the end zone multiple times. At one point Diggs gave chase and could not catch him.

Rookie Report

The Seahawks had a great draft class this year and it shows. All of these guys have a ‘wow’ factor just by the way they look physically and the way they carry themselves in warmups and practices.

Cross and Lucas just stand out, even when warming up in the OL group next to gigantic human beings Greg Eiland and Stone Forsythe. They are built differently, have a different fluidity and confidence about them. They get into their stances with a more athletic posture than the others do. That’s the best way I can put it.

They did not come out and stone pass rushers or flatten anyone in the scrimmages but remember, it is the first day of camp and they did not wear pads. The future looks bright at the tackle position.

Kenneth Walker also has an uncommon build. Standing next to similarly sized players like Josh Johnson and Darwin Thompson, you see the difference immediately. They’re all listed about the same on the roster sheet but Walker has tree trunks for thighs and broad shoulders to carry a load.

He looked great in the scrimmages. He trusted his reads and hit the hole without hesitation at times. In other reps, he showed what we saw in his college tape: take the snap and a step, hesitated to let a block clear up and then accelerated strongly. He also ran to daylight as soon as he got through the DL and had DB’s chasing him down the field. A welcome sign after being lightly chastised by Pete Carroll for not being in the best of shape in minicamp.

Boye Mafe also looked the part of a pass rusher. He did warmups with the LBs but shifted to drills with the DEs — a welcome sight. Even watching him do low-key hand-fighting drills with a coach was enjoyable. At one point they did a drill requiring players to bend around a blocker and Mafe did it seamlessly and fluidly without losing much speed. Players like Aaron Donkor and Vi Jones struggled to do the same drill even half as well.

The rookie star of the day without a doubt in my mind was Cobe Bryant. He just has “it” – a great package of size, speed, skill and confidence. In drills he was lining up off the WR a good three yards. He has that quality where he trusts his instincts and doesn’t panic as a WR is coming at him with 3 full steps and is about to make his break. He is positioned well, trusts his ability and reacts well. In the scrimmage, Drew Lock threw a pretty nice deep ball to a streaking Bo Melton but Bryant was right there step for step to knock it away at the last moment. Textbook.

I am not going to anoint him a starter at LCB based on one practice. But he is not going to just give the job away without a fight. Particularly if he keeps stacking practices like today’s.

Tariq Woolen is a tantalizing prospect. You know about the size, the arm length, the speed. What surprised me was the fluidity with which he moved in drills. He had better hips and footwork than I realized. The rawness might come from his lack of time reading coverages and building instinct so he can react in a timely manner.

I also liked that he didn’t mind getting physical with a WR on a run play in scrimmage. Add a little snarl to that size and speed and the Seahawks may have found a gem.

Best thing I saw today: The pass rush

Again, this was not a padded practice but the pass rush provided all kinds of trouble for the offense in the scrimmage whenever they tried to call a passing play.

Interior lineman Shelby Harris and Quentin Jefferson were a big problem for the centers and guards – Harris at one point ran a swim move so well it was like he was covered in Vaseline and accelerated to the QB. Jefferson likewise had the pocket moving back into the QBs lap.

Uchenna Nwosu came screaming off the edge and was right in Geno Smith’s face and deflected his pass. He got an attaboy fist bump from Pete Carroll for that effort.

If it had been permissible to sack the QB today, the pass rush would have gotten 4 or 5 sacks in about 15-17 pass rushing reps.

Let’s not dwell too much on what that means for the offensive line. Just bask in the glory of the Seahawks fielding a real pass rush.

The quarterback battle

It looks like Geno Smith is still in the lead, as Pete Carroll reaffirmed in his press conference.

He got more scrimmage reps with the #1’s than Drew Lock did.

They ran the ball a lot in the scrimmages so there were not very many opportunities to really see what the QBs can do. They had maybe 15-20 total passes between the three QB’s and the pass rush was right in their face frequently, so it is hard to judge.

But I’m going to do a little bit of that anyway.

Geno Smith looked like Geno Smith. When he has a snap and throw for a small gain, he’s fine. He hit Bo Melton right between the numbers on a quick slant (Melton dropped it but Geno did his job). He found Colby Parkinson leaking out to the weak side and he was able to turn upfield and gain 5 or 6 yards. He hit Noah Fant also inside for a nice gain.

When he is called on to handle a rush and make decisions, that is where things get tricky. His processing speed still does not seem NFL starting QB caliber and he rushed some throws. That said, he did have a dandy of a play where he moved to his right to escape pressure and found Tyler Lockett doing the scramble drill like only he can for a big gainer over Sydney Jones.

Drew Lock. I’m not sure what to say. He had some impressive throws in warmup drills. The ball zips out of his hands and pops to the receiver. He did have the nicely placed deep ball to Melton that Bryant batted away I noted above but that was about it for the scrimmage.

He did not get many reps with the #1’s, and based on today’s scrimmage I did not see a single thing that made me think that was an error in judgement on the leadership’s part.

He looks like he lacks confidence to me. Geno may not be a superstar but he warms up and practices with purpose and gives off a vibe that he is here to win the job. Lock looks unsure of himself and carried himself somewhere between disinterested and unconcerned, assuming he’s going to win the job because of his skillset (I’ll admit it was hard to get a read on him).

Today in the scrimmage he had maybe the worst throw off the worst decision I’d ever seen a professional QB make. He took the snap, moved left to evade some pressure and as approached the left sideline, had a choice to accelerate upfield and gain a few yards with his legs or throw it.

He chose both. After he crossed the line of scrimmage, he launched a wobbly duck across the field to a teammate who was streaking down the far-right sideline – a cardinal QB sin to be sure – and to make matters worse, he was adequately covered. It had the look and feel of a guy just reasoning ‘what the heck, might as well try something crazy to dazzle them at the end of scrimmage.’ The ball fell to the ground and the horn mercifully blew after that awful display, ending the scrimmage.

It was one bad day for Lock. I’m not condemning him forever based on it. But when Pete Carroll keeps going back to the well that Geno knows the offense and therefore has the pole position on the starting job, at this point I totally get it.

Random observations

— I could be totally wrong but it appears the Seahawks have asked the DT’s to slim down a bit. Al Woods and Quentin Jefferson look lighter to me. Mone again displaying effort to turn his back and chase runners down. Maybe this is part of moving to a 3-4, having interior players that are quicker?

— Cody Barton at MIKE and Jordyn Brooks at WILL in scrimmages

— Eskridge, Fuller and Swain fielded punts among others

— The tight ends lined up as halfbacks next to the QB in shotgun and/or were used in motion more than once. That was good to see some creativity there.

— Pete Carroll talked about this maybe being the fastest Seahawks team he’s coached. I get it. Adding Walker, Woolen, Marquise Goodwin, even Abe Lucas and his sub-5.00 40 to Metcalf, Eskridge, Penny and Lockett does seem enticing.

— The crowd there was a fraction of the fans that showed up last year. I understand completely that the star power has taken a hit this offseason but still, I was shocked at the low attendance.

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  1. Chase

    Let’s go!!! Will be WR1 for Will Levis’ career

  2. AL

    Hmmm, wonder how this impacts next years salary cap space.

  3. SebA

    This is 1M per year less than AJ Brown, right? I suppose that’s a good thing, still find it shocking that this is what WRs get paid these days. Wonder if Jacksonville’s signing of Kirk at 18M was the reset or just a sign of the impending times!

    • Jeff

      I think it’s a bad thing. When the 3 years on DK’s contract are up, the going rate for WRs like him will probably be like $32 million per year. So it would have been better to lock him up for a 4th year for $28 million, making it a 4 year, $100 million contract – ie. the same thing that A.J. Brown got.

      I’m sure DK and his agent wanted the shorter contract to bet on himself to get a bigger deal in 3 years.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Or maybe to get out of Seattle if things are not going well. Even if they are going well he might want to hit a big market for the next phase of his career.

      • 509 Chris

        I think DK probably refused a longer deal, and that may have been the hold up. Besides getting more money after 3 years, who knows what the Hawks look like in 2025. If they can get a qb in the next couple drafts I’m sure he’ll stay. I’m pretty encouraged about the young guys on this team though.

      • Joshua Smith

        I’m guessing John wanted the shorter contract. The Hawks can start negotiating with DK BEFORE those other big name WRs circle back around. Instead of waiting for them to reset the market and having to overpay DK again. Obviously, there will be other WRs between now and then who will raise the price but it’s still better to, hopefully, beat the rush on resetting the market as this off season proved. Could you imagine if they would have just signed DK to a long term deal when they were first able to? 20mil per year maybe? DK would be disappointed if it skyrocketed straight after but, how much cap would the Hawks have saved??
        Oh well..

  4. KD

    I’m really happy that DK will remain a Seahawks and that they finally got a deal done. I’m also clenching my teeth and hoping that this massive expenditure of resources doesn’t backfire.

  5. Hawkdawg

    One thing that definitely surprised me from the interviews yesterday was Brooks appearing to say he was playing Mike, not Will, this year in this defense. Talking about how Mike puts him in the middle of the plays, so he needs peripheral vision to both sides, etc.

    • cha

      You’re right. I flipped them.

  6. Sea Mode

    Nice, glad they got it done.

    Kinda seems like in a sense they just left off the final, non-guaranteed year that inflates the overall contract but never gets paid anyways.

  7. Sea Mode

    Don’t worry, guys, he’s “really concerned”. Oh, ok then…🙄

    Brady Henderson

    Carroll said Adams is “really concerned” and “really upset” that he has to miss any time. Carroll said he didn’t know when Adams will be back or whether surgery is an option.

    • Hawkdawg

      Oh Jesus. Here we go again…

    • pdway

      ugh…..what an absolute flop this trade has turned out to be.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        A trade that is a flop is heavy in one direction. A trade that devastates a franchise needs another name. I do not know what to call it. Ideas?

      • Rob Staton

        ‘Flop’ is putting it mildly.

    • cha

      Aaron Levine
      Carroll on Jamal Adams: He’s really pumped, feels great. Had a proper offseason. Really raring to go. Mind’s in a great spot. Ready for the moment. #Seahawks

      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022
      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022
      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022
      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022
      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022
      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022
      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022
      3:26 PM · Jul 27, 2022

      Feels like this happens almost every year.

      • Elmer

        Yes! And regardless of how big a chicken s!!t deal the Adams trade turns out to be, there is a noticeable trend with injuries that goes beyond Adams. In the offseason there is optimistic talk about how well guys are rehabbing from injuries. When training camp arrives we suddenly hear about complications and setbacks. You have to wonder why things are left to preseason when there isn’t much time left to deal with them.

    • Denver Hawker

      The worst part of this trade at this point is getting clowned on by Jets fans. They don’t even care if they win 4 games every year, this is a victory lap for the next decade to them.

      • L80

        This is the first time I even heard of him having surgery on his fingers. He actually had 2 fused together !!!

        I give the finger to the worst trade in Seahawk history (and that’s saying something).

  8. pdway

    Love this post — – so much fun to read your enthusiasm around this rookie class. I’d also had hopes Bryant would be a break-out, played across from a top-5 pick, and still won the Thorpe award. would be a steal if he turns into a quality starter.

    i’m totally good w the DK contract too. Know it lets him hit the market sooner – but I also think that while DK has a superstar ceiling (maybe as high as any WR in football), he hasn’t really put it all together quite yet either – so I don’t mind the commitment level.

    Lastly, it’s early of course, but probably gotta resign ourselves to watching some pretty crappy QB play this year…and it may not be a whole lot of fun to watch. But at least we have a plan now.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Exactly! What pdway said.

  9. Hoggs41

    Taking a shot at what DK’s new cap hit could look like year 1. Its been reported he got a $30m signing bonus which should be spread out over the 4 years ($7.5m each year). He still has $338,827 left on his rookie contract signing bonus. If he gets paid $31m total this year making his base salary $1m in 2022 his cap hit would be around $8.8m.

  10. vanhawksfan

    This is paywalled on The Athletic but an interesting comparison between Will Levis and Emory Jones (ex-Florida and now Arizona St) and a mention for Anthony Richardson (Florida) from Andy Staples. (Apologies in advance if I shouldn’t be posting paywalled material) :

    “Help me understand all the love being thrown at Will Levis. If you look at his stats in SEC games last year, he was less statistically effective than Emory Jones in virtually every way. Emory Jones was run out of town by Gators fans for his performance, and yet Levis is being touted as a potential star for Kentucky this year. Is it because he’s a fun interview? I frankly don’t understand the love. — Robert

    Robert makes a great point. I knew the numbers between Kentucky quarterback Levis and Florida-turned-Arizona State QB Jones weren’t shockingly different, but I didn’t realize how close they were. Yet one is viewed as a potential first-rounder and one is considered a long shot to get drafted. So what gives?

    It comes down to tools, not numbers. Because if we’re talking numbers, there isn’t a huge difference. In 2021, Levis completed 66 percent of his passes, averaged eight yards an attempt and threw 24 touchdown passes with 13 interceptions. Jones, meanwhile, completed 65 percent of his passes, averaged 7.9 yards an attempt and threw 19 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions.

    On throws of 10 or more air yards, the players had similar numbers as well according to numbers supplied by Trumedia.

    Percentage of total attempts
    Completion percentage
    Yards per attempt
    TD-INT ratio
    Ditto for throws of 20 or more air yards …

    Percentage of total attempts
    Completion percentage
    Yards per attempt
    TD-INT ratio
    As Robert points out, Jones probably comes out ahead if we take out non-conference games. (Leaving out the end-of-season rivalry games certainly hurts Levis. He was ridiculously efficient against Louisville, while Jones threw three interceptions and got benched against Florida State.) In SEC play, Levis completed 65 percent of his passes, averaged 6.5 yards an attempt and threw 13 touchdowns against eight interceptions. Jones completed 67 percent of his passes, averaged 8.2 yards an attempt and threw 10 touchdowns against six interceptions.

    Much of the hype for Levis is coming from the NFL Draft Industrial Complex. The draftniks see a 6-foot-4, 225-pound athlete with a rocket arm who plays in the closest thing college football has to a trendy NFL offense. Last year, Levis played in an offense run by former (and now current) Sean McVay assistant Liam Coen. This year, he’s playing in an offense run by former Kyle Shanahan assistant Rich Scangarello.

    Even The Athletic’s Dane Brugler has joined the chorus. Dane had Levis going at No. 5 in his way-too-early 2023 mock draft in May. In July, Dane ranked Levis No. 3 in the class behind Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud and Alabama QB Bryce Young, whose numbers in their first year as QB1 were undeniably great.

    From Dane’s July QB evaluation column:

    In most physical categories, Levis is the prototype. He is well-built with impressive play strength and athleticism for his size. From his pocket steps to designed quarterback runs, Levis has quick feet and loose body movements which allow him to evade pressure or create false steps by defenders with his play fakes. His pocket footwork and awareness were also noticeably better over the second half of last season.

    As a passer, Levis has a lightning-quick release with a whip for an arm and above-average velocity to make every necessary throw. He has the talent to deliver from whatever platform necessary and is just as comfortable outside the pocket as he is driving throws from a 3-yard drop.

    Basically, the NFL team that drafts Levis is hoping it gets the next Josh Allen. Allen was an elite athlete playing in an NFL-style offense at Wyoming that suppressed his numbers compared to what he would have done in a more common college offense. At most other programs, Allen would have run more plays, which would have meant more throws, more completions, more yards and more touchdowns. In a lot of offenses, Allen might also have been a 1,000-yard rusher or close to it.

    Levis might not have Allen’s pure athleticism, but his ability to throw from multiple platforms plus his speed and power in the run game are close enough to get scouts excited. So that’s the reason for the hype.

    But Levis faces a challenge this season. To keep building this draft hype, he needs to match or improve his numbers from last season. And he’ll have to do it without Wan’Dale Robinson.

    Robinson transferred to Kentucky from Nebraska at the same time Levis transferred there from Penn State. The connection was immediate, and Robinson provided a second security blanket — alongside 6.1-yards-a-carry rusher Chris Rodriguez — for Kentucky’s offense. Robinson caught 104 passes for 1,348 yards and seven touchdowns. Robinson also ran for 111 yards on only seven carries. He could turn something ordinary into something extraordinary, as evidenced by this play from Kentucky’s win against Florida.



    — PFF College (@PFF_College) October 2, 2021

    That counts as a 41-yard touchdown completion for Levis. But who did most of the work? This season, it may have to be Levis throwing his receivers into advantageous positions. And if he can, then he probably will hear his name called early.

    I will take issue with one of Robert’s assertions, though. Jones didn’t get run out of Gainesville by Florida fans. He got run out of Gainesville by Anthony Richardson, the younger QB who is getting the benefit of the doubt for the same reasons Levis is getting so much draft hype: tools.

    At 6-4 and 232 pounds, Richardson is a slightly bigger version of Levis. Like Levis, he can run. But if his 115 rushing yards on four attempts last season against USF are any indication, his top-end speed might be better. And Richardson has a cannon strapped to his right shoulder.

    This is why in that same Dane Brugler QB evaluation column I excerpted above, Richardson came in at No. 5 even though he has a small body of work and has yet to show he can stay healthy for a season.

    Quoting Dane:

    There are more accomplished quarterback prospects deserving of this spot, but there is no college quarterback with more raw talent than Richardson. He is a well-built, twitchy athlete with the speed to gash defenses with his legs and the big body to power through tacklers. Richardson has a powerful arm (both velocity and distance) to put the ball anywhere on the field, and though his delivery is a little long, the ball explodes out of his hand.

    So who should be happiest after reading this breakdown? Probably Arizona State fans, who haven’t gotten much good news this offseason. From a traits standpoint, Jones is pretty similar to former starter Jayden Daniels. But Jones was better than Daniels last season despite playing more talented defenses. The Sun Devils probably would love to have one, but they don’t need a top-10 draft choice. They need an effective college quarterback. And they might have gotten one.”

  11. Big Mike

    Peacock: absolutely THE worst trade in the history of the Seattle Seahawks franchise. It isn’t as bad as the Hershel Walker trade but it’ll go down in the annuls of the NFL as top 10 all-time worst imo.

    Great news about DK and great report from cha, especially as it concerns this year’s draft class. VERY encouraging. Also good news about Penny. Bummed about Tre Brown and Eskridge tho. Hopefully it’s just “early”.
    Thank very much cha!!

  12. Andrew M

    I heard rumblings that Penny showed up a little overweight this year, any kernels of truth to that rumor?

    • Dregur

      I’ve only heard good things about his fitness. I think someone said he showed up at 237, but in great conditioning due to sand runs.

  13. Mick

    I’m so happy DK signed. We’ll figure out extending him when the time comes, and he will contribute like crazy amounts and make us want to extend him, no problem. But we needed him as a star of the franchise and we couldn’t have lost Bobby, Russ and DK over one summer.

  14. cha

    Mike Florio has the contract details:

    • cha

      Spotrac has a breakdown but they estimate the Seahawks add two void years to spread the hit out.

      That doesn’t sound like something the Seahawks would do, tagging $10.8m as void/dead money at the end of the deal. But it does give them great flexibility. $17m in the first two seasons and $38m over the next three? For DK Metcalf? I can live with some pain later.

      • cha

        I’m guessing the Seahawks will be far more conservative.

        I think they negotiated the $12m option bonus (which will obviously be paid) in 2023 as a sort of salary cap deferral – a much less aggressive form of the void years other teams use. It allows them to not have to get hammered on a short-term deal right out of the gate but not tie them to the “automatic dead money” of void years.

        If they choose not to utilize void years, their cap hits will be in the neighborhood of:

        2022 – $9.246m (extra cap hit of $4.921m over the current cap – taking them down to about $12m of room)
        2023 – $14.446m
        2024 – $25.246m
        2025 – $30.246m

        2025 has only $12.246m dead cap if traded or cut. The Seahawks would realize an $18m cap savings if they trade or cut DK after 2024. The dead cap is prohibitively expensive to move him before that.

        The 3 year cap hit is $48.93m with a $12.246 dead cap hit if they move on after 2024.

        If they want to extend him they could convert close to $16m of his $18m salary to bonus and take his 2025 cap hit down as much as $10-12m if they want.

        That’s livable.

        • cha

          OTC just posted their breakdown. Same as mine except they didn’t spread out the balance of Metcalf’s original rookie 2022 $3.9m salary. So that is interesting. Florio didn’t detail if they converted his salary to bonus or just considered it overridden. OTC considered it overridden.

          Anyway, long story short OTC has his cap hit this year as $8.8m and that takes them down to $13m of room.

          He’s also included the 3 rookie deals that just signed and Chris Carson’s release so that number should be firm until more moves come.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          If they want to extend him they could convert close to $16m of his $18m salary to bonus and take his 2025 cap hit down as much as $10-12m if they want.

          That’s the nugget I think they were looking to stash.

          This is a much better contract structure in the long term. And it comes with an eminently reasonable short term cost.

    • HOUSE

      I can see pros and cons to the structuring of this deal. This gives him the freedom to become a UFA at 27, so he’s ahead of the pack to get BIGGER $ deal. I also know that DK has had some issues with his feet and who knows what they look like in three years. All in all, we got him locked up (not too long), but enough to keep him happy and in the team’s immediate plans.

      Now if we can only get rid of Adam’s and his contract… One can dream big! 🤣

  15. Henry Taylor

    Really glad that the DK deal is done, that was the last thing that needed sorting before this season, whatever it ends up being, can truly begin for the Seahawks. DK is the best player the Seahawks have drafted since Wilson, getting him paid was a necessity.

    Also really appreciate the camp notes Cha, invaluable to have an honest take from the ground. Extremely positive to hear good things about this rookie class. The performance of that group, as well as other young players from the last few drafts, is the main thing to hope for this season.

  16. Pran

    Hate to say but fans are really not interested in Pete show any more. With Russ out, no excitement for camp or tickets either.

    Pete need to show up again with LOB or QB when the season starts rolling.

    • Denver Hawker

      Broncos camp is pretty low attendance also fwiw.

      • jeff

        Low attendance compared to what? The pre-Covid Manning years? Because attendance is far up relative to the last couple of years. Wilson’s presence, or lack thereof, has affected attendance in both Seattle and Denver, in the expected ways.

    • Rob Staton

      Which is fine and understandable

      But also means we should drop the pretence that the “12s” are anything special as a fan base

      • Big Mike

        100% Rob

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Exceptionalism is one helluva drug

    • Dregur

      I wonder if the heat had anything to do with either attendence numbers. I mean, sitting on an uncovered hill in 90 degree weather doesn’t sound great to me.

      • cha

        It didn’t last year. It was packed and in the high 80s. 2019 was too and it was 98.

        The Seahawks do a great job with the setup. They have mister fans going at different spots, touchless sunscreen dispensers, hospitality tents you can hit for shade, and interns handing out popsicles.

    • TJ

      I’ve been on the season ticket wait list for more than 7 years – maybe I’ll get my opportunity soon.

  17. Gross MaToast

    DK is a great Face of the Franchise guy.

    But the real Face of the Franchise guy, you know who I mean so I’m not going to say his name but it rhymes with Flamal Badams and, here’s another clue, he was drilled in the face with a football thrown from 30 yards away by fat, decrepit Big Ben Roethlisberger just last season – no, it’s not Quandre Diggs – anyway, if I owned the Seahawks, I’d be hoping that the remaining portion of his contract would be paid by insurance and he simply walks away. I mean, I hope he has a wonderfully happy healthy life traveling to France, drinking cappuccinos and americanos while dressed in exquisite combos of cashmere, leather and Air Jordans – but without ever playing another down of football. Seahawk games will be 75% less entertaining this season if I can’t swear a blue streak as Flamal chases a receiver while simultaneously pointing out other DBs as if it’s their blown coverage but I’m willing to make that sacrifice. And this comes from someone hoping desperately that Geno starts all 17 games this year. I’m not exactly seeking competency here, just release. I’m picky about how I want to go 4-13. So, come on, doc, we’ve got some physicals to flunk. You can do it.

    • Sea Mode

      Probably hard to catch a ball when one can’t even make a fist…

    • Big Mike

      Beyond horrible trade followed by a doubling down with an excessive contract. Hey Jody, you didn’t want to pay Russ and/or pay Pete to not coach (because it was obviously going to be one or the other) but you OK’d the contract to this guy? Time will prove your choices wrong.

      • Ashish

        Correct, I remember Rob used to mention in his article on do you want to give big contract to Adams? Just see what he produce after big contract? Just cut him, save whatever you can and move on. We have year or two where you don’t have pressure to win.

        • Big Mike


        • Rob Staton

          I got a shit ton of grief for suggesting they should cut and run after the first season of Adams

          The writing was already on the wall then

          Instead they gave him a record contract

          • Mike

            Can we stop talking about the trade value? Obviously it was a bad trade. but Jamal has had 2 shoulder surgeries, fused fingers and then came back and is going to play with a cast on his hand. There is more grit there than any of us bloggers can even imagine.

            • Rob Staton

              Can we stop talking about the trade value?


              Obviously it was a bad trade. but Jamal has had 2 shoulder surgeries, fused fingers and then came back and is going to play with a cast on his hand. There is more grit there than any of us bloggers can even imagine.

              Showed a whole bunch of ‘grit’ avoiding contact on the GL to dodge tackles playing injured, didn’t he?

              What a hero…

          • cha

            He has yet to play a single snap on that new contract, by the way.

  18. Sea Mode

    Lol, the damage is done either way. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

    Ian Rapoport

    The #AZCardinals have removed the controversial “independent study” clause from QB Kyler Murray’s $230.5M contract, sources say, a move that happened yesterday.


    • Henry Taylor

      The Cardinals are actually a pretty awfully run organisation. Which is nice at least when having to deal with the Rams and 49ers.

      • Rob Staton

        A total and utter shambles from Arizona this week. Horrendous PR

      • Dave1401

        They open the season v Chiefs, @Raiders, v Rams. Good possibilty of an 0-3 start. Things could get spicy over there

        • Big Mike

          Ooh, ghost pepper spicy even.

  19. TomLPDX

    Nice report CHA. Are you going to any more practices?

    Who is expected to replace Adams?

    • TomLPDX

      MSD answered the question in his article on The Athletic. Per Dugar:

      While Adams is away, Seattle will again turn to safety Ryan Neal as the starter beside Diggs. Neal made four starts when Adams was injured in 2020 and another four in Adams’ absence last season.

    • cha


      I’m definitely going to hit some more. Seeing the progression of the young and new players is fascinating to me.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I certainly hope so. I really enjoy your practice summaries and player reports. Gets me excited about a season I have no business being excited about. Powerful stuff man.

      • Huggie Hawk

        Appreciate the updates, I’m pumped for this rookie class

  20. V

    “Jamal Adams broke the middle finger on his left hand during the Seahawks’ first practice of training camp Wednesday, but the star safety is expected to be back on the field in early August and plans to be ready for the start of the regular season, a source close to the team told The Seattle Times.”

    • Big Mike


      • DriveByPoster

        That guy is made of balsa wood.

    • cha

      Jamal’s facial expression in the pic accompanying the article is priceless. kudos to the ST editorial staff.

      • TomLPDX

        The teacup strikes again. I will be so glad when this particular saga will be part of the past.

        • Mick

          I start thinking it’s because of the cup he gets his fingers broken so easily.

    • Gross MaToast

      What are the true expectations this coaching staff may have for a guy with a permanent claw hand and a shoulder that has to be rebuilt after every (partial) season?

      I know “he’s ready to get after it and compete,” but really?

      • Denver Hawker

        The injuries unfortunately provide a convenient diversion from their poor use of his skills and what a bad trade it was to begin with.

        • Big Mike

          And his poor performance even in basics like tackling. But he is good at business decisions.

    • Joshua Smith

      At least he won’t be able to flip off Pete Carroll riding his way into the sunset.. er C-link tunnel🤭

      • AlaskaHawk

        Adams can still depart with a two finger salute. That will be twice as effective! But really, why should he be mad about anything? He’s a multi-millionaire and set for life, no matter what happens to him.

  21. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Have confirmed that this is similar to the KJ Wright signing — a one-day, ceremonial contract so he can retire as a Seahawk. Sweezy a key player on the 2013 Super Bowl champs.
    Quote Tweet
    Field Yates
    · 44m
    The Seahawks have signed veteran OL J.R. Sweezy. A third stint for him in Seattle.
    1:51 PM · Jul 29, 2022·

  22. Rob Staton

    DK listed a bunch of leaders today.

    Diggs, Lockett, Geno, Al Woods etc

    No mention of Jamal Adams (or Drew Lock)

    • Ashish

      That’s great news — next cut / trade him for bag of gum ( with worst favor) and make PC to chew for 2022 season.

    • Trevor

      Worst trade and extension in Hawks history and it is not even close. He needs to be traded or cut next off season so this team can move forward without the whole fake tough guy crap as a distraction.

      • Tomas

        I fear the trade of RW may prove even more stupid, over the course of time. But right now I certainly agree.

        • DC

          Yep, if they managed their cap well the past 3-4 years and didn’t make the JA trade they’d have plenty of money to extend RW and build around him. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of him RW is what kept this team winning and is already a HOFer.

          • Ashish

            Without Adams trade we would have more draft picks and even more money. RW was gonner any way based on his relations with PC. We moved away from Russ and i hope we do same with Adams by end of season. Accept your mistakes cut your losses and move on. If Adams is not ready by start of season it will give everyone the idea how well Neal is playing and compare with Adams.

  23. TomLPDX

    Ok, I saw this on PFT and had all kinds of funny stuff run through my mind. I settled on a Louis Vuitton cast made specifically for our teacup “The Jamal, Best In The Nation!” with gold accents.

    Other thoughts included the fact that now he has an excuse for all the missed interceptions, business decisions to protect his cast, flipping off the refs (it is his middle finger is it not?), etc…

    • Gary

      “Obviously, the apparatus will make it harder for Adams to use the hand, reducing the likelihood of interceptions and fumble recoveries.”

      How could the likelihood of JA actually making interceptions (or even plays on the ball) be reduced any further?

    • Rob Staton

      Alan is already working on some accessories to complement the cast

      • Big Mike

        I don’t know Rob, looks to me like Tom is trying to take Alan’s job. I mean he’s already got him in a Louis Vuitton cast with gold accents. Maybe Tom, you’re a secret fashion consultant for Alan?
        Good stuff my friend

  24. Spencer Duncan

    Thanks for the updates Cha. Been a long time since I had so much optimism regardless a draft class. I was curious of Marquise Blair was practicing and how he looked. Is he still at Nickel or did they move him back to safety?

    • cha

      I saw him on the field practicing yes. I don’t recall where they lined him up, though. Apologies.

      He’s the forgotten man in the backfield.

  25. Sea Mode

    Stuck in a helmet… at a practice in no pads?!

    Ian Rapoport

    #Seahawks S Jamal Adams, who broke a finger during a recent practice when it got stuck in a helmet, is expected to be back practicing with a club and a special cast for games, sources say. If he has surgery, which is likely, the plan is for it to be in the offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      That doesn’t make sense at all

      Sounds very odd…

    • Peter

      Did JA lose his finger in a logging accident?

      I honestly can not fathom how he would need to play in a “special,” cast for longer then about 6-8 weeks.

      In other news… much money is Neal going to get with another team next off season when he yet again outplays Adam’s on a paltry, for the NFL, sub million dollar/ per year contract?

      Still stoked to see the new players but folks with hope that Adams was going to be used correctly surely that ship has to have set sail by now, right?

    • Gross MaToast

      Pete seems…exasperated? They’re just going to wrap it and go.

    • Jake

      Injuring your fingers/Hands with helmets are a lot more common then you think. If you have played FB before you have probably seen it once or twice. Players shoot their hands as the other players are raising their heads at fast speed.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not common though, is it?

        Because otherwise we’d hear about players breaking their fingers all the time

  26. Sea Mode

    What in the world is up with the 49ers injury luck these years? Wow.

    Ian Rapoport

    #49ers DT Maurice Hurst tore his biceps in Friday’s practice, coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters, likely ending his 2022 season.

    • Ashish

      Feel bad for athletes getting injured right before the season.

  27. Rob Staton

    Four days in and half the vets having a ‘rest day’ (despite no training tomorrow)

    ‘Always compete’

    • Sea Mode

      Back in the real “always compete” days, a Seahawks vet would likely refuse to take a rest day for fear a young, hungry player might take his spot…

      • Sea Mode

        Or, for example:

        Gregg Bell

        Why Seahawks love Al Woods:

        Other day the DT ran 35yds to stay with Rashaad Penny at end of a run play. Minutes later Woods was the only defender running 55yds downfield to end Travis Homer’s carry at goal line.

        He’s 330+ lbs. 35 years old. 12th NFL camp. And it’s 95 degrees.

        • TomLPDX

          Al is my new hero!

      • Ashish

        Earlier training intensity was so high that hawks lost 5th round pick as a nfl penalty. Basically we planning for 2023 season

  28. Sea Mode

    DK Metcalf says contract negotiations ‘a stressful process’ after landing three-year, $73 million deal with Seattle Seahawks

    Metcalf drew laughter when he alluded to some gamesmanship he employed in negotiations. It was part of his response when asked if it was any more stressful watching his counterparts cash in.

    “No because … something was going to get done,” he said. “It was going to be here … as much as I bluffed to John. Just to let y’all know, I wanted to be here. I wanted to play here and I’m just glad that we got something done.”

  29. Rob Staton

    To be expected I suppose — but there’s absolutely zero buzz around training camp

    Hardly anyone tweeting about it. Very low level interest.

    Aside from Cha’s day one write up I don’t think I’ve seen any detailed thoughts so far

    Even found Pete’s description of the Metcalf signing (fans are lucky to be able to follow a team with such a young star) an attempt almost to compete with the Mariners and Julio Rodriguez.

    Just feels like the team has officially become slightly irrelevant until they get the next QBOTF

  30. cha

    Yes please.

    Gregg Bell
    After a mostly shutdown day for Seahawks defense against Geno Smith, Drew Lock and the offense, D coordinator Clint Hurtt says “Ehh, 50-50. I don’t want to give the offense anything…I want to kick their ass, everyday.”

  31. steele

    Appreciate the observations on Drew Lock. They are very disturbing. I am among the many who believed that all he needed was a change of scenery, stability and good coaching. I thought the Broncos system was to blame, and he is going to bust out as a legit NFL starter.

    Apparently, the problems go deeper. There is no excuse for the poor showings and bad attitude that you are reporting. Maybe the Broncos were right. Lock doesn’t have upside. Maybe he’s a marginal backup. A Blaine Gabbert, without even the occasional flashes. I hope I’m wrong.

  32. cha

    Gregg Bell
    League source to
    : Jamal Adams has had his second medical opinion in Dallas on his broken middle finger, left hand. It is that he does not need surgery. He’s expected to rejoin Seahawks Monday.

  33. L80

    I was able to catch the live stream of camp yesterday which included a few players and coach Hurtt. Man am I glad he is the DC now. Well spoken and INTENSE, he brings that to the defense.

    Looking forward to watching how this new defense plays this year.

    In what I saw, Burns made a nice play on D that fired up the whole squad as did Walker, taking a pass to the house. Regardless of the QB, it’s going to be the most fun watching the Hawks this year,…. in several years.

    • Rob Staton

      I find those streams so frustrating.

      They don’t show anything of practise, just zoom in on players and coaches. It’s like trying to watch with an enormous fence in the way and you have to peek through a tiny hole to see any of the action.

      Meanwhile a commentary team witter on offering platitudes talking incessantly positively about the team because it’s a club broadcast

      • cha

        Agree 100%. I’d rather just have an all-22 camera for the scrimmages. I don’t really need to watch players standing around waiting for the next drill.

        And the NFL’s “Back Together” day coverage was pathetic. They only had one person from NFLN there and all she was good for was re-creating the Aaron Rodgers Face/Off entrance. They put an NFL Network polo on Jen Mueller and gave her 30 seconds to talk Seahawks before they threw it to another location. Did she talk anything of substance? No. At one point she actually made remarks about DK’s tight shorts and his ‘package.’

        NFLN spent more time on Aaron Rodgers explaining his new astrological tattoo than on the Seahawks.

  34. Hawk Finn

    Pete loves his reclamation projects

  35. Happy Hawk

    Early camp reports have C Bryant standing out – i suggest put out the 2 rookie corners ( Woolen and Bryant) to start and gain experience just like the 2 rookie tackles. Take our lumps while getting valuable seasoning.

    • uptop

      I’d love to see Bryant start the year but I’d take is slow on Tariq. He is just so raw and new to the position I would hate to ruin him by killing his confidence. He has such amazing athletic gifts. It will take time but he will be a star

      • 509 Chris

        Totally agree. Get the rookies on the field a lot, but don’t push it too fast if they haven’t totally earned the place. A 65-35 balance or something to the effect would be ideal for a rookie season. Hopefully seeing them earn more time by the end of the year. The first couple years of a players career are so crucial, you don’t want to risk killing them and their reputation.

  36. Sea Mode

    I thought Stone was exclusively a LT. Guess they are trying that “cross training” thing again and letting him compete for the RT job. Kinda wish they would just let him focus on one side as the 2nd string.

    Brady Henderson

    Stone Forsythe got his turn at RT with the No. 1 offense today. He’s in the competition with Jake Curhan and rookie Abe Lucas to start there. Phil Haynes was at RG as Gabe Jackson got a vet rest day. Still Austin Blythe at C, Damien Lewis at LG and Charles Cross at LT.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Still Damien Lewis at LG


      • Big Mike


    • cha

      FWIW they played Forsythe at RT for a handful of snaps in the second Niners game last year.

  37. swedenhawk

    Congrats on England’s big win, Rob. Brought it home, indeed!

    • cha

      It was a thrilling match!

    • Rob Staton


      Was great to be there

      Now just need the mens team to win something!

      • UkAlex6674

        Were you working Rob?

        • Rob Staton

          Yes, did an audio diary with a local club who were there

  38. Seahawk_Dan

    Fraction of the fans? Not shocking. Bandwagon and doomers left.

    • Rob Staton


  39. cha


    Adam Schefter
    49ers are giving Deebo Samuel a three-year,$71.55 million extension, including $58.1 million guaranteed, per sources.

    • Denver Hawker

      What’s the significance of being 0.1 less than DK?

      • cha

        Probably just the way some of the structural stuff penciled out. The Niners like to do workout and per game roster bonuses.

  40. Ben

    For those that have gone to camp this year- has it been easy to shuttle over or long lines etc? Haven’t been since back in the day, 2010 I think…

    Likewise has it been hard to find a good spot for sitting? Taking my dad who’s dealing with some health/mobility issues but he’s amped to go. Trying to balance getting a good spot for him and not being there super early and tiring him out. Thanks y’all! Will try to take some notes.

    • cha

      Crowds haven’t been nearly as full so it should be pretty simple.

      Checking in at the Pro Shop is a breeze. We got there around noon for the 1:30 practice and when we got to VMAC there was tons of open space.

      • Ben

        Thanks! That’s really appreciated. Sounds like it’ll be pretty smooth. Excited to see the corner competition!

        • UkAlex6674

          So are we – updates if you can please 🙂 😀

      • Ashish

        Cha, are you saying i can go to see practice at vmac and purchase tickets on the spot? If yes i would love to go.

        • cha

          You might be able to, yes. They have sent me “tickets are still available” emails a couple times – they’ve never needed to do that before.

          They’re only $12, and that’s more to cover the transport to VMAC than anything.

          • Ashish

            Thanks cha. i have booked for today yay!!!

            • TomLPDX

              Awesome! Have a blast Ashish and Ben. We’ll expect a full report! 😉

  41. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a question for you I was recently reading a stat that said if you win the turnover battle in a game there is a 77 percent chance of winning a game okay the Seahawks defense force the opponents 18 Last year which is basically 1 a game.some how the defense and special teams need to create more don’t you think

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, they need more turnovers and consistent pressure

  42. steele

    The QB situation remains odd, not just in Seattle. Daniel Jones has been up and down in camp for the NYG, and so far is being outplayed by Tyrod Taylor, and they are also apparently seriously interested in Jimmy G, who hasn’t been practicing for SF. What a mess. Could Jones be the odd man out here?

    • Rob Staton

      I bet Jimmy G ends up in New York

      • Ashish

        Right on already saw article Giants are in talk for Jimmy G. Let’s get it over. Hawks for Lewis 2023.

    • TomLPDX

      It will probably stay at 6 unless the league can get more. Will the league appeal the ruling?

      • Big Mike

        They don’t have to. Goodell is not bound by the former judge’s ruling. He can impose whatever he wants. Will he increase it? We’ll see.

        • Sea Mode

          Correct, but the NFLPA was already pushing before the ruling to uphold whatever she decided, so if Goodell now ups the suspension, the NFLPA will likely appeal/sue.

          Pretty crazy if it stands as is. Hopkins got 6 games for PEDs (a trace amount almost certainly unknowingly), Ridley got a whole season and lost $11m in salary for betting that his team would win a game. Watson… well, you already know.

          • Big Mike

            The Union would definitely appeal but they have no leg to stand on as far as a lawsuit is concerned. Both sides agreed to Roger Goodell being the final arbitrator in these matters.
            My gut tells me hes gonna bump it to 8 games just so it doesn’t look as bad in comparison to Hopkins. If that happens the Union will appeal and will not win.

      • Happy Hawk

        Watson hired women and used his size and celebrity as an NFL QB to intimidate and coerce them into unwanted sexual activity most likely in small spaces – and he gets only 6 games. He is a dirtbag who should be severley punished for his sadistic serial rampage on the women in Houston. What a joke.

        • Big Mike

          Still not as big a joke as Tyreek Hill getting no suspension for threatening to kill his child and his child’s mother, on tape no less.

    • Hawk Finn

      Just a friendly reminder that Roger Goodell suspended Terrelle Pryor for 5 games because he traded Ohio State gear for tattoos and cash WHILE IN COLLEGE.

      • TomLPDX

        I thought Roger couldn’t impose a penalty on a player for things that were done prior to being in the NFL. That doesn’t seem right if that is the case.

        • DC

          In the next bargaining agreement thats one thing that definitely has to change, it should be a board for disciplinary review. Its just a joke, PEDs carry a heavier weight than serious legal matters. Also anyone can come out of the woodwork and accuse somebody of something and get suspended for it. There’s really no rhyme or reason and not applied equally.

          • Big Mike

            Agree. The union has to take ultimate disciplinary power out of Goodell’s hands.

    • Big Mike

      A reminder: Jarran Reed got 6 games from Rog for being accused of domestic violence but never convicted. Tyreek Hill got nothing for literally threatening to kill a child, his child no less (and his child’s mother). Watson got 6 games………so far.
      Rog decides these things based on player status within the league and on TV and public reaction to accusations (or in Reed’s case, lack thereof)…….imo of course.

    • Gaux Hawks

      wow, i didn’t really care about this until i saw the six games suspension. i imagine there is going to be a lot of pushback. six games is embarrassing, even if he’s innocent (unfortunately).

      • JimQ

        I have to wonder how much it cost Wayson to pay off all those women? But, then again, he does have some big bucks to spend to buy his innocence? Roger G should throw the book at him on moral issue alone. IMO.

  43. cha

    Jody Allen not being in a hurry to sell has some not wholly unexpected side benefits…

    And keep in mind folks, two of those years had lower revenue due to COVID.

  44. Big Boi

    I think it’s worth noting Jamal Adams has essentially no financial incentive to play a snap this year. He has already received over 93% of his guaranteed money ($35.44 million with the remaining $2.56 million to be paid in February). He only has two production bonuses this year that are all but unobtainable: $250k for getting 3 interceptions plus 5 sacks (we know he might be able to do one or the other based on scheme but almost certainly not both), and another $250k for him going to the ProBowl plus the team going to the NFCC.

    I’d love to know how a guy like this looks at the season then. Is he the kind of the guy that wants to play just for the love of the game and his teammates, maybe finally earn the money he’s already been paid? Or is he looking at this as a “lay low” season to preserve his body knowing next year is tantamount to another contract year (we’ll either trade, extend, or restructure after 2023 as I don’t see us paying over $16million per year in 2024/2025). And is there any chance he tries to force his way out like he did with the Jets if the retooling isn’t going as expected?

    I also really hate the idea of him playing with this cast on. I worry that tackling with that hand is going to be very difficult and he’s going to engage other muscles in an unusual way, like his left pec or bum left shoulder, to pull people down or possibly overuse his right arm/chest/shoulder to compensate and thus risk a variety of other upper body injuries. I just don’t see anything good coming from this.

    • cha

      I also really hate the idea of him playing with this cast on. I worry that tackling with that hand is going to be very difficult and he’s going to engage other muscles in an unusual way, like his left pec or bum left shoulder, to pull people down or possibly overuse his right arm/chest/shoulder to compensate and thus risk a variety of other upper body injuries.

      How will be able to tell? You just described JA in 2020 and 2021.

      • Big Mike

        The Jamal Adams trade: a gift that just keeps on giving.

        • Big Boi

          Oh man, don’t I know it. But this feels like a situation where we shut him down for the first couple months and just do the surgery. If we’re ever going to get a chance to get some sort of return for him, trotting him out there with a broken finger just seems like we’re throwing good money after bad. Even if there is a situation where we want to trade him in the offseason, our return would be better if he is playing 100%.

  45. 509 Chris

    6 games for watson? Are we missing something here? I’m seriously wondering if there’s a side of the story that the public hasn’t heard. I really thought a full season wouldn’t be out of line. The league either gets serious about conduct or not. The constant pandering about LGBT, blm, women and minorities being hired ect. Then they’re given a chance to show that they take some of these things seriously and we’ll see a 6 game suspension. Crazy. Maybe Goodell hands down something more significant.

    • Rob Staton

      The league wanted a year long suspension

      The judge overseeing the case determined six games

  46. TomLPDX

    Judge Robinson’s report is linked in this article from Florio. Sounds like Watson lied and the Judge picked up on it.

  47. V

    Pete Carroll tested positive for COVID.

  48. Rob Staton

    Never understood the hype:

    Bad tape

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