Well, it’s time to face the quarterback facts

Geno Smith might not be in the league but for the Seahawks

Although I’ve often spoken of a willingness to just ‘roll with what they’ve got’ at quarterback, I also have a small confession to make.

I was rooting for Drew Lock.

Not because I have any great faith in Lock. At Missouri he had tools and plus athleticism but he also flashed a decent amount of erraticism. Despite being touted as a first round pick, he dropped deep into round two. His career in Denver never really got going. Then he left.

The idea that he would come to Seattle and propel his career to a level he’s so far been unable to reach in college or the NFL was always fanciful.

I still liked the idea of giving him a shot. The one thing Lock retains is a tiny amount of unknown. A ‘what if?’ factor that Geno Smith simply does not possess.

We know what Smith is. He is a player who has proven to be thoroughly mediocre. It’s possible the Seahawks are the sole reason he remains an actual NFL player.

He’s been in Seattle since 2019, signing a series of cheap backup contracts. Since his rookie deal with the Jets, these are the contract amounts he has signed for:

2017 — $1.2m (Giants)
2018 — $1m (Chargers)
2019 — $805,000 (Seahawks)
2020 — $1.2m (Seahawks)
2021 — $1.2m (Seahawks)

Now he has agreed a deal technically worth $3.5m in terms of cap hit but with only $500,000 in dead money and a base salary of $1.26m.

Smith has thrown 32 career touchdowns and 37 interceptions. He has a career quarterback rating of 75.7.

He turns 32 this year. The ship has long sailed on any lingering potential. He is what he is. A player who, but for the Seahawks, might struggle for a backup job somewhere else. After all, in recent years he has remained on the market for a long time before eventually returning to Seattle.

There’s been a strong PR attempt to try and make more of his spell as a starter last season. Some fans have even started to drink the Kool Aid.

The truth is he was bad.

He had a brief cameo against the Rams which sparked some interest as he launched a comeback before he turned the ball over to end the game.

He did nothing in a half against Pittsburgh before Pete Carroll opted to run the ball down the throat of the Steelers. They couldn’t stop the run, paving the way for a strong second half by the offense. Yet another Smith turnover ended any hopes of a win in overtime.

Smith was absolutely woeful against the Saints — his only touchdown ‘drive’ being totally reliant on one big 84-yard play by DK Metcalf.

And then there was his only win — against the worst team in the league (Jacksonville).

The idea of watching 17 games of Geno Smith in 2022 is enough to create a migraine. It won’t be much fun. Not unless the Seahawks can recreate or better their virtually unstoppable running attack from the end of last season, making life improbably easy for Smith.

Let’s be clear — that is what they are banking on. There’s almost no chance they’ll be going into games relying on the arm of Smith. They are hoping he can manage games with the run thriving.

Ultimately he is the 2022 answer to Tarvaris Jackson. In 2011, everyone could see that Jackson simply wasn’t good enough. Yet he was respected by the team as they transitioned to the future and when Marshawn Lynch started to run effectively, the team clicked.

Based on everything that is being said, Smith is the de facto #1 without much of a competition because it appears he is the alpha in the QB room. Listening to press conferences by Lock and Smith today, it’s pretty clear Smith is the big voice in that room. He’s a better communicator.

It’s not a huge shock given his experience both in the league and with the team. Yet none of the noise from training camp so far suggests Drew Lock is doing anything to tilt the balance towards the unknown.

I would still rather find out if Lock has anything than submit the fans to a season of Smith. The writing’s on the wall though. Short of a horrible pre-season (which Smith has shown he’s capable of) combined with Lock excelling, this will be Smith’s gig.

I don’t anticipate the Seahawks bringing Jimmy Garoppolo into the equation if he’s released. I’m not even sure Garoppolo would want to bolt for the big rival up the road if he is released. The Giants would seem like a reasonable alternative bet, or the Texans, if he does depart the Niners.

Thus, the Seahawks will go into the season with not just the worst QB situation in the league — but arguably one of the worst in a decade.

Performances like this today might push the Seahawks closer to Jimmy G.

The ability for this offense to function will be totally dependant on the run. All eggs have been placed in one basket. And off that, the QB’s will be expected to deliver big plays.

As I’ve said many times, I am comfortable with embracing the suck. The priority in 2022 should be to develop your young offensive line (please stop wasting time with players not named Abraham Lucas at right tackle) and your defense — while trying to retain consistency in the run.

Improve the pass rush, create more turnovers, set the table for 2023 and beyond.

The 2011 season showed what is possible and that should be the blueprint.

It’s also encouraging to hear positive reviews for players like Coby Bryant. The Seahawks need those young studs to emerge, as they did 11 years ago.

I genuinely hope the front office is taking that view of things. That they appreciate and understand the situation and acknowledge this is just a year to develop and move on from, rather than kidding themselves that they can be anything more than mediocre.

My slight fear is that Pete Carroll is incapable of viewing things that way and might actually be investing faith in Geno Smith. If that’s the case and it goes as poorly as you’d expect, what then? A repeat of the 2010 and 2011 seasons where a horrible game of musical chairs occurs at the position — involving an ageing Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst, then Jackson and Whitehurst?

Because while I and I’m sure many other fans are prepared to swallow a dose of reality for the 2022 season and spend a few months thinking about the quarterback draft class and the future — a lot of fans won’t be prepared to do that.

Back-to-back losing seasons, having traded away the star player, will not sit well with a lot of people. Especially if you’re trying to sell them a year of Geno Smith.

This isn’t a rabid fan base that will turn quickly and aggressively. Yet it is a fan base that isn’t afraid to make themselves heard on a Sunday. They’re also especially vocal on Twitter — which remains a small and noisy platform that wields more influence than it probably should.

Thus, I still think the unknown of Lock creates some intrigue and mystery (and perhaps patience?). I wish he would get more first-team reps and a proper opportunity to compete. At the moment it feels like it’s already Geno’s job.

Isn’t it at least worth seeing if Lock really is as bad as Denver thinks?

Or maybe the Seahawks already have the answer?

Finding out is more fun than watching Geno Smith, that’s why I hope pre-season games might deliver a turn in this battle. I’m fully, 100% prepared though to accept we’re going to be watching a soon-to-be 32-year-old journeyman plodder leading the Seahawks through a very difficult, ugly season of offense.

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  1. cha

    We know what Smith is. He is a player who has proven to be thoroughly mediocre.

    This bothers me. Why hasn’t Lock gotten more reps with the #1s given you know what you’ve got in Geno?

    Is this the classic PC of the last 3-4 years, relying on mediocre vets over unproven young players?

    Or has Lock been so absolutely putrid, unprepared, and not a good fit that it isn’t even a competition at this point?

    • Elmer

      If Lock is really awful and Geno is 1st team by default, I would give Eason some first team reps. What do they have to lose? A young guy might actually have some potential, and at the very least it would put the other 2 guys on notice.

      • Kyle

        Agreed, what have you got to lose with Eason at this point? There have been cases of QBs coming out of nowhere to get a starting nod, and if we don’t exactly know what we have in Lock, we really don’t with Eason.

        • Rob Staton

          Jacob Eason isn’t any good

          We have seen this — in college

          He fell in the draft for a reason

          And then was binned off by Indy

          He simply isn’t going to make it

  2. cha

    Caught a few mins of the stream today

    -Tater addressed the whole team at the end of practice

    -Adams practiced with a cast/club on his left hand. Looked like one of those mitts that MLB baserunners use to protect their fingers.

    -Did anyone see Penny? I saw the RB group a couple times and didn’t see #20. Veteran rest day?

    • Ashish

      I attended first ever training at vmac. I saw Penny, but running back #36 was active and DJ had some good plays. Yes QB play was terrible set your expectations as low as possible. Lock need his receiver on island to complete the pass in traffic its sure incomplete. And this is with zero pass rush.

      I got chance to talk with Tyler was so cool. Other fan jump in asked question who do he prefer Geno or Lock he chuckle and said he don’t care. Got his autograph, great day.

      Got chance see close players like Mafe, Penny Hart , coby, #39 and guess who Adams. Infact i found Adams pretty cool everyone around had a chat about his injury and wished him. He responded well answered questions with smile. My daughter asked him to sign with “best in nation” and he smiled and just signed.

      Overall great day we have great chance to get QB next year.

      • TomLPDX

        Nice. Glad you and your kids had a fun day.

  3. Brendan H

    I 100% agree that I would rather see what we have with Lock. As a side note, his advanced stats to my eye don’t look too much different than Miami Tannehill (worse CPOE being the main difference).

    Having said that, PC needs to walk the walk of competing and giving the job to the most worthy candidate or he will lose his credibility. I think that PC wants Lock to take the job and win it and not give it to him.

    Having said that, if Geno does win the job and we start losing, I bet that Lock will get a shot during the season at some point.

    Most importantly, no matter what happens in 2022, draft a rookie QB in 2023.

  4. cha

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    Seahawks just wrapped up a 7-on-7 period (we can’t record video). Defense got busy. A bunch of PBUs, one INT by Uchenna Nwosu (Geno threw it). Geno’s unit was held outta the end zone whole time. Drew Lock scored twice, both in the red zone to TE Will Dissly.
    2:51 PM · Aug 1, 2022·Twitter for iPhone


  5. Dubb

    Great analysis. Unfortunately, the time to upgrade the position this year has sailed. I think Jimmy G will end up in Tampa. Brady won’t last the year behind that OL; and Jimmy G will be guaranteed to start next year.

    Reclamation projects like Locke hardly work in the NFL. Rarely has a bad QB in one team, excelled on a new team. Maybe Tannehill; but even he had a low ceiling. (Please, no one go back to Jim Plunkett as an example). A bad QB is a bad QB no matter what city (or coaching staff) tries to change that.

    Too bad we won’t be able to take advantage of the weak schedule this year. If my math is correct; Rookie Tackles + Bad QB = 1st pick in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Jimmy G will end up in Tampa

      That would be the last place I imagine he ends up.

      Sitting to start behind a clear starter isn’t the right move at all. He needs somewhere where he can get on the field.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Crazy, but how about Cleveland. Guaranteed the first six starts.

        • Rob Staton

          They’ve already ruled it out

    • Elmer

      New goal: Avoid being the first 0-17 team in league history.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Or make sure you are! Maybe a good team with a bad QB is the best case scenario.

        • Roy Batty

          I’d rather have them drop out of the top 10 in the draft by winning a few than being notorious, forever, for having the worst record in league history.

  6. Big Mike

    Mike Florio is convinced that Pete is going to try to prove that the team can be just as good with Geno, Wilson’s backup, as it was with Wilson for reasons that should seem obvious. Considering what we’ve seen of Carroll’s ego the last several years since Paul died and he began answering to absolutely no one, I can see that as a distinct possibility. Call it a conspiracy theory if you like. I’m not.

    • TomLPDX

      Biggest problem is that Geno isn’t even a good point guard. He gave those games away last year on his ineptitude.

      I wish they would just let Lock cook. Screw Geno.

  7. Joshua Smith

    Agree with everything’s you said. I do believe that Pete/John will make a play for Jimmy G when the 49ers finally release him.
    I think I would still prefer going with Lock just to see if he has something, anything.
    And then get the best QB available to you next year even if Drew shows improvement as the season roles on.

  8. Perry Goll

    I believe the Hawks have ZERO interest in Bryce Young and CJ Stroud…so Will Anderson if they have a top 3 pick if he is available is my first choice and if the Donkey’s suck, there are at least 3 dudes with Will Levis topping the 2 others…or how will that play with the kids from Arkansas and Miami…GOOD TIMES!!!!!

  9. Strategicdust

    If this goes the normal Seahawks way, we’ll see Geno and Drew suck for all three exhibition games, Pete will say how jazzed he is by all the energy the QB’s are bringing to the room and then just before the start of the season, we’ll send a third round draft pick (let’s hope it’s not higher) to the Eagles for Minshew. It will take several games for Minshew to get going and then we’ll spend all season rotating between three QB’s as Pete continues looking for someone who won’t turn the ball over.

  10. Jabroni-DC

    For me, the entire 2022 season is “pre-season” for 2023.

    Just hoping to develop a new core foundation.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Ok, hear me out…

    Maybe, just maybe, the defense is so much better than anyone’s expectations that the offense is just overmatched. Eh? Whaddaya think?

    [record scratch]

    [pin drops]

    Oh come on Blitzy, that’s just bollocks. BOLLOCKS!


    Embrace the suck

    Might add that to my name

    • Sneekes

      Love it. I had the exact same internal monologue after reading the Bell and Condotta tweets

  12. Ben

    Training Camp Recap!

    I may have got some things, names, etc mixed up! Even if it wasn’t 95 today, it was still hot and it’s kinda far away. And the “program” they have is not the least bit helpful. So if you where there, please add in! Take it all with a grain of salt, or alternatively just substitute your own preferred reality.

    Favorite Play of the Day feat. Coby Bryant. He made a great diving play in the corner of the endzone to tip the ball away from Bo Melton. He flew in clean- almost over Bo to smack it away and the whole sideline mobbed him, I hope there are some photos of it up close! Confirmed prior that Coby is a gamer.

    The Good the Bad and the Quarterbacks:
    Geno looked bad. Or just as expected? Strong throws into bad places. He also had an inexplicable throw away into the middle of the field for a pick. Maybe someone else saw it better but it looked like he just got frustrated and threw it right to a defender. Offense felt out of sync while he led it.

    Lock’s day started with a decisive throw off PA to Parkinson over the middle. In full contact play Parkinson might have had some choice words for Lock about laying it out there, but it was nice looking. He spent the rest of the day looking SLOW. 7v7s was painful, he was waiting way too long to throw every play and still couldn’t do much aside from throws to Dissly, who got a nice TD by the pylon and an ovation. Multiple times I noted he wouldn’t pull the trigger and had a few near picks as a result. He kept drawing false starts, maybe not his fault but seemed like it was just happening with him. Better than Geno today maybe, but sure isn’t saying much. He did have a designed run?! And actually took it pretty well up the middle.

    Eason’s only throw of note that I saw was a deep ball to fellow UW alum Aaron Fuller, who he majorly underthrew despite a full wind up and step into the throw. You’d think we could find a LITTLE more talent to get into the QB room. Maybe we’ll be in on cutdowns…

    Sure does seem like we set up Tarvaris Jackson and Clipboard Jesus all over again. Lock maybe has more shine and hope to him, but in the end Geno is probably gonna win us more games (does it matter?). But as Rob says, we know what Geno is. So I hope Lock gets to try, I just don’t expect much. Lock seems like he’s playing thrower not quarterback. I had hoped we’d see more rhythm and designed plays in the passing game this year, but I think it’s gonna look really inconsistent like the Russ days, just minus the fireworks, moonshots, and heroics.

    RB quick hits:
    Kenneth Walker stands out! Y’all are right, he looks like Tate out there physically. Has some extra gears, and had a few nice catches. One in particular from Geno- he caught an underneath route up the left side and immediately made a move to break past the defender. Be nice if he can quickly be a weapon in the passing game.

    Penny had a few nice runs, went to the ground twice on up the middle runs. Looked in shape though! Homer looked slow and had a really bad drop. I’ll be surprised if he makes the team this year, but he keeps sticking around so who knows. Dallas, on the other hand, had some solid runs (as much as one can tell in no contact), and some sure handed catches. Seems a shoe-in to be the 3rd down back to start the year. Excited for some preseason rushing so I can actually tell what’s happening!

    The rest of the offense:
    Starting with the most intimidating guy on the field. DK beat Artie Burns on a short slant that was almost fished out but for DK’s strong hands. DK and him jawed a little as the play went long, and then DK flicked the ball in his face which Artie didn’t appear to appreciate. Two plays later or so, there was a good scuffle with DK right in the center of it. I couldn’t tell if DK started it or if it was Burns again, but came out of it liking Artie’s fire. DK should probably know better at this point, but it’s early in camp so whatever.

    I do hope DK continues to refine his possession game, he had a nice curl against Sidney Jones where he got big and shielded Jones from the ball. DK then made a strong move to shake him and probably woulda scored easy even with full tackling. Just easy yards.

    It’ll help him a lot to keep him involved with slants and curls, otherwise he’s gonna get frustrated with whoever is throwing the ball up for grabs. DK is gonna get a ton of prayers sent his way this year, and he’s gonna answer a lot less than Geno or Lock are asking. Jump balls just ain’t his best game. He had a few throws that he had a shot at today and couldn’t get it done, but was with 2-3 all over him. Some guys can reel it in consistently like that, and he doesn’t seem too. He’ll still get his, but he’s gonna have a career low catch percentage I gotta think.

    Goodwin had a nice short area route against Woolen, good pitch and catch from Lock. Also watched him get half blown up running into a tackle when he tried to run back behind the LOS. In a funny note regarding Goodwin- I don’t know if this is a known habit- but Goodwin was doing pushups on the side clearly frustrated twice. The first time I noted it, he banged his helmet on the ground a few times. Not sure if it’s just after a drop or he just likes push ups. Either way Penny Hart came over, dapped him, and got him up both times.

    Speaking of which, Penny looked pretty explosive. He had a deep TD up the right side on a double-move (or just broke his route deep?) and watched him run some nice short routes he didn’t get the ball on during the red zone session, very sharp out of breaks.

    Didn’t watch the o-line much, but specifically watched Charles Cross for a few plays. Did a good job easily beating Nwosu on a speed rush, and then mirroring Nwosu back inside the next play when he countered. Only other note on the o-line: A lot of plays today seemed like screen setups and I don’t think that’s what they were…

    Fant had a bad terrible no good drop on a route sitting between zones, and the whole place groaned. Early in the session he had a nice 25 yard seam route for one of the best plays for the offense on the day. Looked big and fast but didn’t see him do much else.

    Onto the defense!

    Nwosu was active- pumping up the crowd, running in to rag on the o-line from the sideline after a false start. Seemed a very vocal part of practice, hopefully will be a glue guy on defense this year.

    Jamal Adams was out there looking the part. Glove/cast didn’t look bad. Of course the play I focused on him, he got in good position to take a WR that passed into his zone, but promptly ran into him, likely drawing illegal contact in a game depending where the QB was in the pocket. But he’s out there! So I’ll take it.

    Spent a lot of time watching Tariq Woolen because A. he was on our sideline side a lot (RCB), and B. Crazy athletes are fun and Woolen looks the part!

    Watching him, he was patient with his kick-step and wasn’t bailing too quick. He seemed a little slow to respond to the WR’s committed move, but showed some good recovery speed. He got beat on one play but an errant throw saved him after he fell/tripped at the top of the route. He got two tries against DK and on the second DK went into his full angry sprint and ate up the cushion quickly, intimidating! But Woolen ran right with him, I was hoping the ball would come his way but no luck. On a redzone play, Woolen worked from the far outside around a pick, and recovered to stick with Penny Hart to the far side of the endzone. Bad throw (theme) but Woolen seemed in position, might have even forced it long with his length and position. I have no idea how defenders are supposed to “pretend” to tackle, but Woolen over pursued a lot it seemed. All and all, he seems far along for a project corner compared to what we’ve seen over the years. But it’ll all come down to when the tackle football starts, can he play aggressive and physical enough to stay on the field?

    Iggy Iyiegbuniwe and Vi Jones were on the field together for several snaps, and Iggy helped Vi get in the right spot multiple times. Hope he gets a shot to play this year, seems he never got a fair shake in Chicago.

    Boye Mafe ended up on the ground during a run play to the left side, and after he motioned he got cut or at least lost his footing and a coach yelled at him to try jumping! Cool to see him out there.

    End of the day note: Dareke Young had a nice sideline catch at the end of the day, might have been just out but showed strong hands coming to the ball. The very next play and last on the day he blew by a corner on a post, didn’t see the ball but looked like he belonged physically! If we can get one of these high upside rookies to hit, that’d be pretty cool.

    • Ben

      Well that turned out to be a lot longer than I thought, where’s my editor? TLDR: watched a lot of dudes run around for an hour and a half.

    • EM

      Great write up Ben. Super interesting. I’m hopeful for Woolen and sticking with DK is no joke!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the write-up

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for taking the time to fill us in! Fun read!

      Also, gulp…

      Only other note on the o-line: A lot of plays today seemed like screen setups and I don’t think that’s what they were…

    • TomLPDX

      Great write-up Ben. Thanks for posting it.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks much for the report Ben. Sounds like Coby is the real deal. I only hope they don’t stunt his development by sitting him a good portion of the year like they’ve done with Alton Robinson.

      “Jamal Adams was out there looking the part. Glove/cast didn’t look bad. Of course the play I focused on him, he got in good position to take a WR that passed into his zone, but promptly ran into him, likely drawing illegal contact in a game depending where the QB was in the pocket. But he’s out there! So I’ll take it.”
      Oh boy, Jamal is “out there” on the field. What a win that is. (end sarcasm)

    • cha

      Nice report Ben. Thanks. Hope your dad enjoyed it!

    • JimN

      Enjoyed the unfiltered read! Nice job. Always welcome!

  13. Zach

    I agree that I’m marginally more interested in watching Lock than Geno, because there’s a non-zero chance that Lock is better than he’s been so far in the NFL, whereas with Geno we know exactly what we have – a capable backup and nothing else.

    That said, I do think that it might not just be for the sake of Pete’s ego that Geno seems like the starter right now. First of all, you do need buy-in from the entire roster, and maybe that’s easier with a more experienced guy who has also been in the locker room for a few years. This team does have more high-priced and important players than the 2011 team, guys who presumably don’t want to go into the season assuming that the team is basically trying to lose (even if they are).

    I also think there’s something about managing expectations and fan pressure on Lock. Given that he was the QB they got back from Denver for Russ, even if he obviously wasn’t the centerpiece, I think they want to ease him in as much as possible – i.e. not start him in that heavily-scrutinized Week One rematch with Russ for example. If Geno struggles as much as we all expect him to, they can turn to Lock midway through the year as a potential momentum-shifter or at least a way to change the conversation, and the pressure will be less since in that scenario the team likely has a bad record already.

    I think the fact that the team has done nothing to improve the QB room indicates that they’re comfortable with this situation. One read is that they somehow think that Geno/Drew are much better than anyone else does – this is possible, but I don’t think it’s the most likely reason. More plausible to me is that they fully expect the QB play to be bad/limiting, but they either think they can run/play defense at a high enough level to be competitive (I’m dubious) or they know they’ll be bad this year but just can’t/won’t say so publicly. Until we see evidence (like acquiring a real starting QB) otherwise, I’ll keep assuming that they know they’ll be bad but just don’t want to say so out loud until their record demands otherwise.

  14. Jeff

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot, sadly obsessed Hawks fan that I am. After the Russ trade and the release of BWagz (which was tough but not un-wise, as you said Rob), the national media was calling this a bottoming-out style rebuild. I said at the time, that’s simply not how PC is looking at it. This is a guy whose personal motto, plastered all over the team facilities, is “Always compete.” I think he genuinely believes he can win with Geno. He’s almost definitely wrong, and I’ve said all along it should be Drew Lock at QB for now. If there’s an issue with team dynamics, cut Geno and clear air space for Drew to at least try leading the team. Alas, it’s not going to happen. I’m more and more resigned to the fact that Geno will play because PC thinks that’s what competing means, playing the dude who might be slightly better now but has a ceiling as low as you’ll find in the NFL. It’s not hard to see why Russ and Pete were at loggerheads. Russ believes he’s the best QB of all time and his situation held him back. Pete believes his philosophy will always deliver winners, no matter who is playing QB. I’ll be fascinated to see how both of them handle the next chapter.

  15. Tomas

    There’ll be virtually no running game without a viable passing threat, or dominant OL. In 2022, the Hawks will have neither. The probably improved defense won’t be nearly good enough to offset an anemic offense. But that’s good, right, because we want the highest draft pick possible. So let’s relish 2-15, maybe 4-13 if we’re lucky. PC/JS, and Jody, are so next-level smart, way over our heads for sure. Thank God we dumped that annoying Wilson guy! It’s going to be a really fun season!

    • Rob Staton

      Well, they ran the ball well at the end of last year without a great OL and they did in 2011 too with a crap QB situation

      So I don’t agree with this. But I do think they are totally reliant on the run working to even barely function as an offense in 2022

  16. L80

    I have to admit. I feel the same way about the QB as I did back then in 2011 and even earlier. However, I’m excited about the quality players we have on both sides of the ball.

    The running game was an unknown until they traded for the Beast, this time we have Penny and arguably the best RB in the draft back there. Our 2 WR’s on the outside are one of the best in the league.

    To me the key will be to keep it simple on offense. Use the TE’s in the passing game. Stay with the short game.

    On defense we have a bunch of hungry veterans and a lot of promising youth…..I’m simply going to use this as entertainment and to hopefully get a glimpse of the future.

  17. Julian L

    As we’ve mentioned many times, this season is for developing other areas of the team before slotting in a QB next year to push the club into a new period of success. One of the most crucial areas, not least in setting up the best scenario for a new QB next year, is the Offensive Line. From my armchair, I’m not sure they’re give the line the best opportunity to be great in a year, but in 2023 we may well still be looking for players to develop the interior. How about this approach.

    Work with players who are going to be here in 2023, anyone else should just be a back up. Move over Austin Blythe and Gabe Jackson.

    Put players in their best positions. Certainly this means putting Damien Lewis at RG and Jake Curhan at Guard, where he projects as a better player than at Tackle. I think Curhan could be a long term swing guard prospect for the Seahawks. At this point I’d put Phil Haynes at LG, he’s always performed really well when he’s played.

    This Tackle group needs an on field mentor. Not someone who’ll necessarily take all the snaps, but someone who can back up and push the Rookie incumbent to improve or give them a breather. Someone like Daryl Williams, who’s still a free agent would be ideal. A 1 year $3mill deal would be perfect, they have the Cap. He can also play both Guard spots as an added bonus.

    Then for Center, still. As a shot in the dark, trade for a Center, someone with most of their career infront of them. Cesar Ruiz? He’s not settled into the RG position in New Orleans and won’t get a shot at the Center positon with Erik McCoy there. At RG it’s said a main weakness is his ability to get off the snap quickly, something that isn’t an issue at Center. He still has all the other tangibles to develop well at Center including his young age and he’s on the 3rd year of his Rookie contract. The best year to take a Rookie on a reclamation project? Send Gabe Jackson with a 5th Round pick and some salary compensation to the Saints and perhaps they’ll move on from Cesar as they can’t play him at Center?

    As such I’d project a 2023 OL as : Cross, Haynes, Ruiz, Lewis, Lucas with Curhan and Forsythe as swing Guard and Tackle respectively and look to a high pick for an Interior Lineman in next years draft.

  18. Denver Hawker

    I’m not afraid to lose this season- but I’m afraid of losing the team. The defense and run game need to keep games sort of close and give the team a punchers chance to pull out a few wins, maybe a surprise or two. This keeps hope and momentum to build on.

    I’m concerned that of the QB play is as bad as advertised, teams stack the box and the chains don’t move. Defense wears out, and frustrations boil my midseason. That isn’t the momentum we want.

    • Big Boi

      Cowherd hit on this last week, that if this team looks up at the midway point and is 1-7, who is going to be the leader in the locker room to keep things moving forward? DK is a good soldier, as evidenced by yesterday’s fight, but he isn’t a leader. Geno and Lock’s media presence clearly shows they are not natural leaders and if they try to lead, it comes off as fake and contrived. A rookie LT likely doesn’t have the locker room presence. So that either leaves Lockett or else someone will need to step forward to help keep this team together. Otherwise it just degenerates into finger-pointing and division, a wholly unhealthy situation for a team in the process of rebuilding. Cowherd’s point was well-taken that even when Geno was the QB last year, the forgotten aspect was that there was still leadership on the sideline and in the locker room that helped him and the team. Without that, the outcome could be very, very different.

      I’m not as worried about the defense. Diggs seems like a natural leader and one of these other guys, like Shelby or even Bryant, will step up to help fill the leadership void left by Bobby. I think you’re right, though, that hopefully the offense’s struggles won’t boil over on their side in the form of frustration.

      • Sean-O

        “Geno and Lock’s media presence clearly shows they are not natural leaders and if they try to lead, it comes off as fake and contrived.”

        Fake & contrived? That was our last QB for the past ten years. I’ll admit I don’t really take a lot of how someone seems in press conferences, post-game interviews, etc. Some just don’t do well in those settings. As far as Geno goes, every person I’ve seen when asked about him speaks glowingly about Geno’s leadership. Especially DK.

        I think this team has plenty of leadership. I don’t see that being an issue contrary to what Cowherd thinks.

  19. Eduardo Ballori

    Great recap Rob.

    Only one observation, Smith got paid in £s in 2020?! Based on the exchange at the time, that’s either a sign of a good agent or even better banker!;)

    I can sled through this season with Lock’s potential upside vs Geno’s known output. If they are right on Geno, we win 8 games(best case scenario) and we draft mid round undercutting ourselves in pursuit of a top tier college QB.

    If we go 8 with Lock, we might build on that with a 2nd year under his belt at 26.

    If we are indeed gonna suck this year for future growth, let’s suck the right way!


    EB 🇵🇷

    • Rob Staton

      Only one observation, Smith got paid in £s in 2020?!


  20. Danimal

    Obviously a bit of a stretch and Jameis is better than Lock and Geno combined, but could this team turn into the pre-Brady Bucs? Tons of skill position talent, investing draft picks in the o-line, young, developing defense, just rudderless at QB. I don’t think that we’ll ever sign a big time FA QB, and I don’t know that I’d want to commit the cap space to one. But if we could go say 5-10 or 6-11 (by the end of the year this may have seemed optimistic) and show improvement in the O-Line and defense, particularly the corners and pass rush, I will be very excited for next year. Then we’d have the 5th -7th overall pick based on last year’s records and be able to have a shot at whatever QB we want. Hate the idea of a full on tank because it kills culture and this season needs to be used a development year. Get the young guys as much action as possible and if they lose while still getting better and fighting, I’ll be cool with it. The only way I will view this season as a disappointment is if Abe and Charles are not the guys and the defense shows no improvement.

  21. Happy Hawk

    When you trade away your HOF QB this is what you get. “Embracing the suck” is the only way forward when you are one of the have nots.The Hawks MUST hit on their 2023 Qb draft or it will be a long way back to being relevant.

  22. cha

    Dov Kleiman
    · 2h
    The #Falcons have been actively trying to trade Pro-Bowl LB Deion Jones, according to the @TheAtlantic

    Teams around the NFL aren’t showing enough interest in Jones, who has declined in recent seasons after a very promising start to his career. ATL don’t plan on cutting him yet.

    I can’t believe no one is burning up the phones trying to acquire a declining 28 year old LB with $22m left on his contract.

    The Falcons have $63m in dead money this year. If they cut Jones outright they’ll have $68m and have $14m already incurred for 2023.

    • cha

      Check that, $81m dead money this year if they cut Jones.

      I almost want them to cut him and set a record. 39% of their cap would be dead money.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Atlanta is leading the charge to draft #1 overall.

    • Rob Staton

      I hate twitter accounts like Dov Kleiman

      They steal other peoples reports and just recycle the news. Ari Meirov (?) has done the same and turned it into a bloody job for PFF


  23. 10to80

    Based on everything that is being said, Smith is the de facto #1 without much of a competition because it appears he is the alpha in the QB room. Listening to press conferences by Lock and Smith today, it’s pretty clear Smith is the big voice in that room. He’s a better communicator.

    It’s clear he has confidence and belief in himself, but we know that by how he talked to the police last year after the final game. When he said, ‘I deserve it,’ during THIS presser, it was his biggest comment. Entitled doesn’t get the gig, and I don’t think there’s not much competition.

    Who’s Stafford’s backup? Did he get to the podium yesterday, or Trey Lance’s?

    Lock’s not only in it, he’ll win it.

    He did say he slung it in the past, that was part of the fun of college, but he knows ball possession is key in Seattle, and he’s made his adjustments. BUT, when it breaks down, he said Pete likes innovation there too. He’s up for that, but not to take a big loss and lose field position. I thought Lock sounded good, but he’s also been running with the twos and spoke accordingly, even when goaded by the media.

    When you’re down the depth chart, it’s like being behind in the standings. There’s actually more pressure to perform. I think Lock’s in the driver’s seat–and he’s clear minded about it.

  24. Adog

    Pete Carroll is going to start the qb who gives the best chance to comPETE…which means a young team cutting their teeth in high pressure tight games. That QB is probably Geno based on experience and locker room presence.

    • Rob Staton

      Geno simply gives you the best opportunity to be below average

    • TomLPDX

      I see how the NFL dodged the tanking allegation, which was much more serious and would have caused an uproar. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      • Big Mike

        💯 Tom. Nice diversion tactic. And then there’s Daniel Snyder…………

    • Rowdy

      Now let’s hope the dolphins finish worse the us

  25. Romeo A57

    I do hope that PC focuses on building a team for 2023 success. This season looks to be bleak and not a lot of fun for Seahawk fans if we are stuck with Geno all year.

    I also believe that this season would be much more entertaining if the broadcast plays “Yakety Sax” ( Benny Hill’s Theme Song) while the Seahawks Offense is on the field.

    I am definitely betting under Seattle to win 5.5 games this year.

    • TomLPDX

      Or the soundtrack for the Keystone Cops

  26. Gross MaToast

    Really good, straightforward, fair assessment of the light at the end of the tunnel that turns out to be a high speed train.

    I’m assuming ownership realized when making the decision to select a 70+ year-old recently down-on-his-luck head coach over a generational player at the most important position on the field that this end result was both assured and non-optimal and, wow, here we are debating Geno v. Lock. They’ve created the blackest of black holes in the NFL at QB. The 2022 season will be a full-on celebration of PeteBall.

    I’m coping by pretending Sean Payton and the Seahawks are already on the clock for the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft.

    • Big Mike

      “I’m assuming ownership realized when making the decision to select a 70+ year-old recently down-on-his-luck head coach over a generational player at the most important position on the field that this end result was both assured and non-optimal….”

      Whether she did or not, I assume she doesn’t give a shit. Not exactly going out on a limb there am I? NFL teams print money. Don’t think she cares about anything else.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s wrong and unfair to suggest Allen is motivated by money. She almost certainly isn’t.

        What she is undoubtedly motivated by is an easy life. Whether people like it or not, it is far easier for her to trust the people running the franchise and say ‘continue what you’re doing’ then it is to launch a major coaching and/or GM search.

        Given we know this team is going to be sold in the coming years, it also makes a degree of sense.

        Unfortunately as fans we are stuck waiting for the next era of this franchise.

        • Big Mike

          That’s fair and I suspect the coming sale is the biggest reason as you touched on. No expenditures for a HC and GM that aren’t actually still employed and no 50 million per year commitment for a QB.

          • TomLPDX


        • TomLPDX

          Actually I think she may be motivated by getting the biggest bang for her buck for both the Seahawks and the Blazers. She knows that after May 2024 she can get rid of the WA state 10% clause on Lumen Field and the price tag for NFL team price tags is going up at 10%+ per year.

          • Rob Staton

            But the money goes towards Paul’s philanthropy

            It’s not like she gets a mega price and then gets to ride off with it

            It seems perfectly clear to me she knows she’s going to have to sell this team soon. Thus, she’s keeping the football operations consistent. Unfortunately that meant a Wilson trade as a consequence. But the alternative was basically blowing things up, then making an appointment at key positions, only to then sell up and pass on whatever situation that you’re left with to the new owner. Plus, I suspect Allen and Burt Kolde had little interest in launching a nationwide search for a new GM and coach.

            There’s a reason Carroll was offered a contract the length it is. It’s to see the franchise through to the next era.

            So here we are. Biding time. Hoping the current regime can draft well enough to put together a team worthy of contention before the sale in 2-3 years.

            • TomLPDX

              Rob, I don’t disagree with any of this. Actually think it is spot on. She has to get past the WA state clause, then sell the team. In the meantime, keep the waters as calm as possible and bide her time, hence keeping a structure in place to minimize disruption. We’re on the same page.

              I do think she will benefit though. She is being paid by the trust and for all we know there is a clause that she earns a certain amount of dollars for her diligence.

              • Rob Staton

                But I sense we’re acting like this is some kind of business transaction she’s a major player in

                Paul made it very clear that when both teams are sold — and they have to be — the money goes to his philanthropy

                I’m sure Jody inherited some money and/or assets that will mean she can live extremely comfortably. I don’t see any evidence or indication, whatsoever, that she stands to personally benefit from playing a hard bargain when the time comes to sell — or that she is playing a big game to ‘get the most bang for her buck’.

                I think since Paul death’s this has been a process and Jody is a custodian to see through to a specific date.

  27. Ryan Purcell

    You don’t win the job in the first week of training camp. Lock is still very much in it even if he has been playing with the 2’s. I also understand beginning the competitive process with Geno playing with the starters. He has leadership qualities and a history with what’s left of the starters on offense. But I think we will see a lot more Lock by the second exhibition game. And I’m still hopeful we will be squeezing into the playoffs with a 9/8 record!

    • Rob Staton

      There’s not been any talk whatsoever that this is even a competition at this point. Everything is pointing to it being Geno’s job

  28. Rob Staton

    Bless the Seahawks admin


    It’s going to take more than this to generate interest in Geno as a starter

  29. cha

    Looks like Poona is getting a veteran rest day.

    Dee Eskridge in pads and running warmups.

  30. Rob Staton


    For pity’s sake, just let Abraham Lucas learn on the job

    • Hoggs41

      Good or bad it feels like the Seahawks really love Curhan.

    • Big Mike

      The next Alton Robinson?

    • bmseattle

      Fingers crossed they just want him to “earn it”.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Isn’t it time to move one of those right tackles to center? It worked well in the past.

  31. cha

    Bob Condotta
    No sooner do I tweet that and Geno Smith throws to Lockett in double coverage and Josh Jones picks it off.


    • cha

      Gregg Bell
      Reserve safety Josh Jones, former Jaguars starter, baits Geno Smith into interception on first pass of Seahawks 1st-and-10 scrimmage. Trying to hit Tyler Lockett down right sideline. Jones just laid back in the center, then broke on pass he knew was coming


  32. Sea Mode



    • Rob Staton

      Deary me

      Russell, I will always respect you and appreciate you

      But FFS man

      • TomLPDX

        HaHa! I tell my brother, who lives in Colorado and has been a huge Bronco fan all his life, that it’s his turn to deal with Russ. Have Fun!

      • Hawkdawg

        I wonder whether he gets PR advice to do this kind of image-making, or it’s instead a result of his own complete cluelessness about how he comes off.

        I suppose if you are a groupie, everything the Man does is great by definition. But for non-groupies, so much of it is just wince-able.

        What redeems it is that he is in fact a great competitor on the field. So the non-groupies have to turn away from the cheesy stuff when they see it coming, and focus on the field.

  33. KD

    Out of curiosity, has anyone else watched Will McDonald IV out of Iowa State? Decided to randomly check him out vs. Kansas State, and there is some stuff to like there. my impression is that he is two wildly different players when he plays standing up vs with his hand on the ground. With a hand on the ground, he doesn’t look that great, but watch how he plays standing up. Lightning fast off the edge and extremely disruptive. Watching him play immediately reminded me of Bruce Irvin. He’s got some potential there as a specialist 3rd/passing down OLB. Someone to definitely keep an eye on.

  34. Sea Mode

    Somehow this wouldn’t surprise me…

    Tej Seth

    bill belichick “accidentally” texting brian flores instead of brian daboll partly led his division rival losing a 1st round pick

    chess not checkers

  35. Matthew Johnson

    I am probably in the minority on this one, but….when the seahawks have traditionally decided to move on from guys they haven’t been “wrong”. Think of harvin, didn’t do much after he was dealt. Maybe Golden is the exception, he had a long productive career. Bruce was ok in oakland and carolina. The other guys though, earl fell apart, browner, sherman had one good season. Jimmy Graham didn’t really do anything after, or marshawn. Maybe i’m missing more but the point is, when they’ve decided to move on from guys, they generally have been right. I’ll be real interested to see how russell does with actual real pressure on him. Denver is looking for a savior, i guess we’re gonna see if he’s it. A new offense, a new coach, and circumstances lead me to think he might really struggle there.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’ll say it now – they won’t make the playoffs this year.

  36. Jim Kaimichi

    Broncos fan looking to follow Lock to the Seahawks.
    Not happy with what the Broncos did with Lock, specifically Shummer.
    Lock was making rookie mistakes. Under Sangrello Lock had a better coach. The Broncos dumped him after one season, a mistake, he was growing in to his position also. I see the early type of player Elway was in Lock. That whole covid season and Shummer hurt Lock, they have convinced him to not loose games, instead of go out andus games games. Hopefully ya’lls coaching staff can get the go win games back in his head. He has the tools, Shummer dulled them. My opinion.

  37. glor


  38. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I still say “let drew cook”.

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