If you are a big Seattle sports fan and appreciate quality sports talk, analysis and humour, subscribe to Jason Puckett’s new venture at Puck Sports. It’s available wherever you get your podcasts, plus YouTube.

I’m delighted to be joining the show for my weekly slot that was previously on the radio, talking Seahawks with Jason. If you are a fan of Seahawks Draft Blog, do me a favour and get behind this. Subscribe, promote the show on social media, listen and enjoy the content. In the 16 years of writing this website there are three people in the Seattle media who’ve gone above and beyond to generously promote the blog and the work we do. Two of those people are Jason and Jim Moore. So let’s get this new show off to a flying start. If anyone reading this could subscribe either on Apple, Spotify, YouTube or whatever your preference is, that would be awesome.

You can listen to an introductory opener from Jason here: