Dorial Green-Beckham gets second chance, joins Oklahoma

Usually when a big name talent like Dorial Green-Beckham is kicked off a program like Missouri, they don’t get this lucky. They’re left scrambling around for a small school opportunity or sitting around waiting for the draft.

They’re certainly not paraded on Twitter like the returning hero, all smiles and sunshine.

Perhaps it’s testament to DGB’s supreme talent that he’s been afforded this unlikely — and perhaps undeserved — second chance.

There aren’t many 6-6, 225lbs 5-star recruits. Green-Beckham was a major catch for home-state Mizzou — coveted by all the top teams and destined for the NFL before he ever played a down of college ball.

Was there a sense of entitlement? Is he just a bad apple? Did he get in with the wrong crowd?

A string of issues led to a shameful exit from Missouri. Multiple drug charges and then an incident where he allegedly forced his way into an apartment and pushed an 18-year-old woman down some stairs.

He was dismissed and destined for the scrap heap. Well, Eastern Illinois if reports are to be believed.

Now this.

Oklahoma is pursuing a waiver for immediate eligibility, although as things stand he won’t be able to play for the Sooners until 2015. If he can’t play this year he could just declare for the next NFL draft. If he can compete in 2014 — what a fantastic opportunity to get back on track.

Whether he deserves this fresh start is debatable. But it is what it is.

If he makes the most of this, he could easily be a top pick next April/May. If he fails to stay away from trouble then I’m not sure how you can trust him — however talented he may be.


  1. CC

    Welcome back Rob!!

    I’m wondering if he’s saying he’ll wait to play until 2015, but instead using this as a practice and conditioning program to declare for the draft after next year. I figure, he won’t play a down for OU – and declare next January.

  2. Rock

    The kid is a drug dealer. It remains to be seen whether he throws away his immense talent on pot. He needs to stay in school two more years and complete his eligibility to have any chance at an NFL roster.

  3. SunPathPaul

    If this guy can clean up his life, he has immense potential!

    Imagine him across from Percy and P.Rich and Baldwin! OUCH

    • CC

      Talented yes, but I don’t want him as a Seahawk!

  4. sdcoug

    Rob, have you read under what grounds Oklahoma is pursuing a waiver for immediate eligibility?

  5. bigDhawk

    This reminds me a little of the Shawn Oakman story (though Oakman’s shortcomings is not in the same category as those of Dorial Green Beckham), another player who got kicked off a Division 1A school (Penn state) and got a second chance at another Division 1A school (Baylor). For those who have not seen it, here is a good writeup of Oakman:

    I am in north central Texas so I get to see many Baylor and OU games on regional broadcast if DGB even plays, but Oakman is a player I am going to be watching especially close in 2014. Oakman is a freakish physical specimen and I’m wondering if he might be Jevon Kearse 2.0.

  6. David M

    Hope he don’t end up like josh Gordon… Man what a waste of talent

    • Miles

      If Josh Gordon was released tomorrow, would you pick him up on a two year contract knowing he would miss at least all of 2014?

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