UK podcast appearance

This week I took part in a podcast for the UK End Zone web site. If you want to hear three English guys talking about American Football (and in the meantime learn a little about different British accents) then click here and check it out.

It’s a piece about the NFC West in general — my bit begins at 21:20 where we get into the Seahawks.


  1. Mylegacy

    Rob – “…learn a little about different British accents…” One of those guys accent was so over the top I thought it wasn’t even English. However, my 5 years in the UK was mostly spent having elevenses and then high tea in Dorset – and you must admit – they do know how to speak the Queen’s English in that county. Rob, one must keep up appearances. Really, one must.

    Cheers, btw – do you EVER get any sleep?

  2. Curt

    Love to hear your own podcast about college players you think will make the Seahawks better.

  3. Hay stacker509

    I’ve been reading about which players haven’t passed their conditioning tests and Bills DT Marcell Dariues hasn’t passed. He’s also not a favorite player of new head coach Doug Marone. What’s every ones thoughts and or opinions on seeing if he’d slip threw the waivers to us or try and trade for him?

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