Doug Baldwin agrees 2-year contract extension with Seahawks


  1. James

    He’s back…..I can finally shake these withdrawal symptoms!

    How good are these Seahawks when the main topic of the OTA phase is “who will be the punt returner?”

    Light multiple candles for the good health of our lads…. for this team is going to be even better than last year, with a full strength O Line and the addition of Percy Harvin and Paul Richardson to the offense. The only real questions are: who will be the second Leo (Mayowa, Irvin or Jeffcoat); and can Scruggs, Williams and Hill effectively replace Big Red and McDonald?

    • Arias

      It’s a pretty big question mark IMO. Expecting rookies or 2nd year players that have yet to play a snap to play better than established anchors like Red and Clemons might not be realistic, even if the players that do end up replacing them grow into stalwarts on the line that make a similar impact, it doesn’t seem practical to expect similar performance out of the gate in their first year. Those strong overtures by JSPC to sign a veteran FA presence to add depth there speaks volumes. They were unsuccessful after having to try and do it on the cheap in order to re-sign their own, but their all out blitz shows that even they don’t think they’re adequately covered there to bridge the gap as the young guys come along.

      IMO, that means the only way this team can become even better is if the offense far outperforms last year and can make up for the likely weaker line that will result from the lack of experienced depth.

  2. bigDhawk

    Woot! Welcome back, Rob. Hope the computer issues are fixed. Much has happened during the downtime – Scott, start of OTAs, ET3 returning punts(!?), and DougieFresh getting extended. Looking forward to your analysis as always.

    Personally I love the Baldwin deal. Though I loved watching Tate and will miss him, I would rather have Baldwin at this price then Tate at the Lions’ price, being able to choose only one. Though Tate probably saved our 2012 season with the Fail Mary play, Baldwin single-handedly saved our 2013 season multiple times – the sideline 3rd down catches in Carolina and Houston immediately come to mind and the 69 KO return in the NFCCG was a momentum changer in a game that was getting perilously close to a losing trajectory. He is a clutch player that perfectly embodies Always Compete and is worth every penny we are paying him.

  3. JeffC

    Loved Tate…but ADB was the guy I thought we couldn’t afford to lose.

    • Colin

      Agreed. Tate’s value was after the catch and punt returns. Doug always makes that big catch when you need it.

  4. Griffey, Mays, & Largent

    So much value on this Bobby Engram…err I mean Doug Baldwin deal! Underrated for sure, the dude just makes plays when the Hawks need them most.

    As for ET3 returning punts? He is an absolute stud of an athlete and would be exciting for sure, but is also WAY to valuable to our defense to risk being the lone target of head-hunting punt defenses. I’d like to see some of the rookies get a shot and then there is always Harvin. But I read in the newspaper today that Harvin has never returned a punt as a pro? Does he have something against fair catches I wonder? Or is his decision making suspect?

    Go Hawks!

    • CC

      Harvin said that kick returns and punt returns are different and it was just something he didn’t do much of. He said he used to practice a few at Minn. During Dougie’s presser he said he’d throw his hat into the pot for punt returner too – but he prefers to block gunners! Another reason to love ADB!

  5. Stuart

    Welcome back Rob!

    I am excited to read your analysis on all the Seahawk activity. 🙂

    Personally I am really happy to get ADB extended. Money aside, player to player, as much as I loved Golden, ADB was a better choice.

  6. Kyle

    Awesome deal. Baldwin is just plain clutch and in my opinion is one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL.

    On a side note, I think I already found my 2015 draft crush: DT Christian Covington from Rice. Explosive 3-tech guy with unbelievable strength. Local guy (Vancouver BC), dad is in the CFL HoF, listens to classical music before every game. The guy checks every box for being a “Seahawky” player. I can’t wait to see more of this guy.

    • James

      Could be…. About 75% chance the Seahawks go DT in R1 or R2…..look forward to checking him out.

  7. AlaskaHawk

    Nice to have you back Rob.

    Any comments on the article about defensive lines that rates St. Louis and Panthers elite? I would agree that they both have awesome defensive lines. However, they rate San Francisco and Seattle as having questionable defensive lines.

    We get a question mark because of losing personnel and needing to have some new guys step up. Seems like we have plenty waiting for their chance, I want to see Williams and Boatwright out there. Besides our biggest strength has always been in the secondary.

    San Fran because of Aldon Smith situation – though I have to think that if it all hinges on one guy instead of 3 or 4 then the line can’t be elite to begin with.

    • EranUngar

      It’s a good article. Danny is right in his ranking of those defensive lines.(Houston J.J. and Clowney should be higher IMO but…)

      The question marks about our DL are just that – valid question marks. We are replacing a known value with Clem, Red and McDonald with unknown value in Jesse, Hill, Scruggs, Mayowa, Boatright etc.
      We have a solid backbone with Mebane, McDonald, Bennett and Avril and questions regarding the rest. Those questions could have great answers on the field but right now they are questions.

      With Rob being away i took the time to post an article at FG. I compared all the position groups of 2014 with those of 2013. It looks like we should do as good or better on all but the DL which remains a question mark till September.

      • Austin

        I love Danny’s work but I think he was being a little too harsh on Seattle in an attempt to seem unbiased. They led the league in pressure last year and most of the guys who contributed to that are back. I agree we have some question marks but with Bennett, Avril, Irvin etc. we will be a top 5 unit for sure.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes it is hard to believe that Seattle and San Fran wouldn’t be rated even with the question marks. I think it is a case of voting for teams with name recognition instead of who has an effective defensive line. You might question our new guys but the previous years stats and playoff performance say #1.

          • Arias

            But it would be a stretch to say our line is still #1 after losing 3 key starters in the DL rotation. I thought Danny’s article was pretty well spot on. It is a big question mark as to whether Seattle’s DL will remain elite with 43% of that #1 unit from last year now needing to be filled by players with zero field experience.

  8. CC

    Welcome back Rob!

    Nice news to come back too – so happy to get Doug extended for the next 3 years! Happy for him and for us!

  9. Steve Nelsen

    Love the ADB deal. I was OK seeing Tate move on but I would have been crushed to lose Doug.

    I think things are pretty set now. I would like to see an extension for Smith or Wright or Maxwell but I haven’t heard of that at all. Have you heard anything Rob?

    The only other FA that is on the radar is Finley once he is medically cleared.

    • Ben2

      Smith? No. Pierre-Louis will take his role next year after getting coached up in the scheme this year and play for a fraction of what Smith will get. I like our linebackers a lot but think that only Wagner is “special” enough to extend IMO

  10. Alaska Norm

    Another key guy locked up. Really looking forward to the OTAs to see how our rookies sort out.

  11. oz

    Good to have you back Rob. Hey things are rocking at the V-Mac. Competition is going to be intense at so many positions. exciting stuff. GO HAWKS !!!!!!!

  12. James

    10 Things to Watch For at Seahawks OTA/Mini-Camp/Training Camp:

    1) Who will win a good, old-fashioned head-to-head battle between Michael Bowie and Justin Britt for the RT job?
    2) Will Kam Chancellor and Russell Okung return to full health by the pre-season; and how will Alvin Bailey play at LT until then?
    3) Will Greg Scruggs, Jesse Williams, Jordan Hill and Cassius Marsh effectively replace Red Bryant and Clint McDonald?
    4) Who will be the second Leo on passing downs, across from Cliff Avril (Benson Mayowa, Bruce Irvin, Jackson Jeffcoat, Kenneth Boatright)?
    5) Will Christine Michael claim the #2 RB from Robert Turbin (has he learned pass pro)?
    6) Will the Seahawks keep 3 QBs and 6 WRs? If so, what positions take the hit?
    7) Will the Seahawks try to get by with 8 OLs on the 53 man roster? (the following coverage is possible with just 8: 4 OTs-Okung, Bowie, Britt, Bailey; 5 OGs-Sweezy, Carpenter, Bailey, Bowie, Jean-Pierre; 2 Cs-Unger, Jean-Pierre)
    8) Will the Seahawks go with just 1 FB on the 53-man (with a TE as the emergency backup, and depth stashed on the practice squad-Ware, Small)?
    9) Which rookies will play so well in the pre-season that they would not clear waivers to the practice squad (Pinkins, Staten, Jeffcoat, Gilliam, etc), thereby needing to be kept on the 53-man?
    10) Will Tharold Simon win the 4th CB job, or will it go to a veteran (Adams, Jefferson, Fenner, etc)?

    • James

      * the impact of Percy Harvin and Paul Richardson is obviously a key development for the coming season, but I don’t believe we will see much of it during training camp. Darrell Bevell will not reveal anything until the real games begin. The pieces are finally in place to run Pete’s offense: a power run game; a mobile, point-guard QB with a high-octane arm; and a quick-strike, deep-strike, play action passing game that spreads the field horizontally (Harvin) and vertically (Richardson), making it impossible to defend everything. Incredibly, the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in dominant fashion without the offense being fully functional, so how good will they be with the pieces in place? …But we won’t see any of this until the Green Bay game Thursday night on Sept 4.

    • mrpeapants

      its gonna be a great year! don’t count out small! he is a really versatile fb

      • David M

        I see him beating out Coleman. Coleman really wasn’t / isn’t that good of a fullback in my opinion

        • Arias

          He did see the field for a decent chunk of time last season even after Robinson came back so that does clue us in that the coaching staff thought highly of him enough to keep playing a rookie while taking away snaps from Robinson.

  13. Madmark

    All I got to say about extending Doug is we got a steal with the deal we made. I truly believe he gave us the hometown discount that Golden talked about after the superbowl. I think if you look at Tate’s time of starting 2 of his 4 years here and Baldwins time of starting from UDFA we got the guy we really wanted to keep.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I always thought they complimented each other. One of them would always have a good game. The game I will always remember Tate for was his one handed touchdown against Green Bay. The so called Failed Mary, I thought it was a success. Glad the refs gave us the call – I’ve seen it go against us too many times. I wish Tate well in a great passing team that will be lucky to make the play offs.

      • David M

        Haha exactly, Detroit still don’t have a good defense

    • Glor

      You think 5 mil a year with 9 up front and a year left to play was a hometown discount?? If you look at what Pete said, he thinks they overpaid but wanted to reward him.

      • Madmark

        4.5 million a year for a nu 2 receiver is chump change and yes I believe it was a steal especially when you look at Tate’s 31.25 million for 5 years. Baldwin was a much better deal all the way around.

      • Arias

        Yes it’s a hometown discount even though the numbers might appear large *to you*, because it’s predicated on what the market will bear … not what you think wide receivers ought to be paid.

  14. David M

    Baldwin will continue to improve his game with Percy Harvin in the game.. Remember the Minnesota game when Harvin first came back? Blawdin had some nice catches that were Harvin Influenced..

  15. Kyle

    Did Rob die? He said he was gonna be up and running a few days ago. #NeedHimInMyLife #StayAwayFromTheBrightLight

  16. James

    Not to worry….they always tell you that your computer is fixed, and you bring it home, and find out it is not fixed….they never actually try it out. That said, I saw something on tv about Godzilla heading toward London.

  17. Germpod

    I have had a tough time as well. Every couple of days I have a great article to read on this site, there has been a void lately. Hopefully things are back up and running soon!

  18. AlaskaHawk

    I feel like a junkie coming off my sports high! My trouble is that this is the only sports site that I can watch at work. The rest are all blocked by the corporate internet police. Of course I can still get 24/7 coverage of Kim Kardashian, retch!!!

    • James

      Forget Kim Kardashian, imagine this instead…. a 5,300 lb rhinocerous is standing in the Seahawks backfield, about where Real Rob used to stand, and Beast Mode is right behind him….and then Marshawn hits the rhino in the gonads with a canoe paddle…..imagine the hole the rhino will make in the Santa Clara 49’ers D Line are he charges through, Beast Mode right behind him. That will be the impact of a healthy James Carpenter. That is a good way to stay occupied until Rob Staton returns.

      • AlaskaHawk

        LOL nice imagery. Not to mention are new bowling ball shaped fullback that will be hitting opponents so hard that they land in the future.

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