Maintenance update

Just a quick update as I’ve received a few emails recently asking what the latest is.

My laptop is in for repair and fingers crossed will be back with me later this week. Apologies for the prolonged absence but hey — at least it waited until after the draft.


  1. David M2

    Thanks for the update Rob,

    We can’t wait for you to be back up and running!

    However, I like EvanUngar recently had a breakdown and turned to Bleacher Report… The pain, the sadness, the emptiness, that exists without you is unbearable. In fact, it’s been so bad I’ve almost turned to Rant Sports to further saturate my brain with terrible writing and pointless subject matter.

    To all the other 12’s out there I hope you’re stronger than Unger and I. Here’s something to make you all happy in the meantime during these anxious hours of waiting and despair….

    GO HAWKS!!

    The Seahawks 2013 season in 75 minutes [Video]

    • bigDhawk

      I will also confess to reading a Seahawks-related BR article or two during the sabbatical. Can’t say I’m a better fan for it. May Rob return speedily. The collective football intelligence of 12’s everywhere is diminishing in his absence. And that video is truly epic.

      • cha

        While we’re dogging other sites, am I the only one who thinks the quality of Seahawks/NFC West blog on ESPN coverage has drooped dramatically since Sando left and Terry Blount took over? He doesn’t seem to have any feel for analysis or fresh angles – just drops opinions and they don’t seem any more educated than the average fan.

        • Turp

          Sando is/was irreplaceable. That’s why he got promoted 🙂

        • Manthony

          Yeah im with you, he seems to just recycle news from other outlets…did any of you guys watch the Seahawks Town Hall? I thiught it was pretty cool, gave me my Hawk fix for the day.

  2. David

    heres my Mock offense for the coming season to get us by while waiting for rob to get up and running again..

    1. Russell Wilson
    2. Tarvaris Jackson

    1. Marshawn Lynch
    2. Christine Michael
    3. Spencer Ware or Robert Turbin ( i believe one gets cut)
    4. Derrick Coleman
    5. Kiro Small

    1. Percy Harvin
    2. Doug Baldwin
    3. Jermaine Kearse
    4. Paul Richardson
    5. Kevin Norwood
    6. Sidney Rice ( start year on PUP)

    1. Zach Miller
    2. Luke Willson
    3. Anthony McCoy

    1. Russell Okung
    2. James Carpenter
    3. Max Unger
    4. JR Sweezy
    5. Michael Bowie
    6. Justin Britt
    7. Alvin Bailey
    8. Lem Jeanpierre

    So thats 24 on offense (25 with another OL), i could maybe see one more lineman, i know Cable likes 10, but this year, I believe they are more set, and with the condition Carp is in, and how guys like Jeanpierre, Bowie and Bailey can play multiple positions i think 8-9 is more than manageable unless guys start getting hurt like crazy..

    thoughts? i believe this is a very competitive roster, and the RB/FB is one position to really watch

    • cha

      That’s as about as good as it gets David, very nice.

      If you have Rice on the PUP they can put that roster spot to someone else. Matthews maybe?

      I think Turbin would get the job over Ware. I’d like him to take all of PC’s comments about Christine Michael’s potential in the offseason personally and really come into 2014 determined to show he deserves some reps.

      The OL looks good but will heavily depend on Okung’s recovery from the toe issue – maybe they slot one more OL early on as a precaution.

      • Arias

        Yep, the concern with the OL is for a domino like Okung to revert to injured form of the previous three out of four years. Would Bailey really be able play left tackle? Throwing Gilmore in at LT as a rookie doesn’t sound great either.

        But the base case scenario is for them to stay healthy.

    • Madmark

      The starting 53 man roster
      Kicker – Steve Hauschka
      Punter – John Ryan
      Long snapper – Clint Grisham
      QB – Russel Wilson
      Travaris Jackson
      RB – Marshawyn Lynch
      Christian Michaels
      FB – Kiero Small
      Derrick Coleman (ST)
      TE – Zack Miller
      Anthony McCoy
      Luke Willson
      WR – Percy Harvin
      Doug Baldwin
      Jermaine Kearse
      Paul Richardson
      Kevin Norwood
      Ricardo Lockette (ST)
      OL – Russel Okung
      Alvin Bailey
      James Carpenter
      Greg Van Noy
      Max Unger
      Lemuel Jeapierre
      J.R. Sweezy
      Michael Bowie
      Justin Britt
      FS – Earl Thomas
      Eric Pinkins
      SS – Kam Chancellor
      Jeron Johnson
      CB – Richard Shermon
      Bryon Maxwell
      Jeremy Lane
      Tharold Simon
      LB – Bobby Wagner
      K.J. Wright
      Malcolm Smith
      Bruce Irving
      Korey Toomer
      Kevin Pierre-Louis
      DL – Michael Bennett
      Gregg Scruggs
      Brandon Mebane
      Jesse Williams
      Tony McDaniels
      Jordan Hill
      Chris Avril
      Benson Mayowa
      Cassius Marsh
      Jackson Jeffcoat
      There’s 51 for the roster you get to pick 2 more.

      • James

        My additional two would be at LB (probably Farwell, but maybe Morgan) and Turbin at RB (that is a position that can need depth with little notice).

        I agree with the Lockette pick at #6 WR. Most put Rice there, or maybe Matthews, but the Rocket’s impact on ST will win the day. He and Lane give Seattle the best set of gunners in the league.

        The FB is used so sparingly, I only see carrying one and keeping Small and Ware on the practice squad for depth. I believe the additional slots would go to CB, Adams or Fenner maybe, and Shead at Safety.

        I am hearing nothing but negative reports about Terrelle Pryor, his lack of accuracy is a turnover machine, which is intolerable to Pete. His contract is up after this season, and I see no future for him here. I suppose John must have thought Pryor had mechanical issues that could possibly be fixed, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Just keep T-Jack as the backup for the next 3 or 4 years and count your blessings. They may stash Price on the practice squad, but the poor guy cannot stay healthy. He even pulled his groin in a non contact OTA and had to sit out a week! How could he ever get through a string of NFL games….the second coming of Jameson Konz.

        Finally, I notice in the photos of last week’s OTAs that big Jesse Williams has worked hard in the off-season. His upper body is huge but much more sculpted than last year, and he has beefed up those skinny legs so that he looks better-proportioned. If his knee is healthy, the guy is a monster and can take over the LOS between the tackles. I wonder if he has taken the crown of strongest Seahawk away from Carp?

        • David

          Regarding Williams, i noticed that also! he looked to be playing 3 tech and 5 tech in the 1st string defense

    • James

      Ware is a threat to Turbin, Coleman and Small….he can fill both the #3 RB slot and the #1 or 2 FB slot, freeing up room on the 53-man.

      • David

        i believe that RB/ FB situation will all work its self out this pre season. its gonna be interesting thats for sure!

      • Madmark

        I can see Robert Turbin not making the team. He’s just doesn’t have the balance for power or the quickness to bust a long run. I can see cutting Ware and moving him to the practice squad and use Derrick Coleman as the 3 rd running back that plays on special teams.Keith Price for practice squad and Sydney Rice for pup list.

  3. James

    Perhaps the most interesting question to me is not whether John, in his genius, has found replacements for Tate, Brenno, Big Red and Clemons in Harvin, Bowie, Britt, Scruggs, Mayowa, etc…. But whether one or two of these guys, including this year’s rookies, will emerge as the next All-Pro superstar a’la Sherman, Chancellor, Wilson. Impossible to guess who at this point, but I would love to see an All-Pro O lineman step forth.

  4. David

    one more thing i seen, is Paul Richardson is the real deal. Looking through all the OTA pictures, sea hawk daily videos, and king 5 news video ( from open practice days) Richardson can play some ball, also Norwood is very underrated, i cannot wait to see him play in pre season

    • James

      David…. Prof Clayton agrees with you. He says Richardson has been outstanding. Two or more long TDs everyvday this week.

      • Michael M.

        Only gonna be better after he heals up from his Lasik!

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