Draft notes: Lamar Jackson makes a week one statement

Lamar Jackson shows tremendous improvement

For all the talk about Josh Rosen’s miracle comeback, the quarterback who arguably had the best performance at the weekend was last years Heisman winner.

In 2016 Lamar Jackson showed incredible physical talent, the ability to be a major threat as a runner or passer and he clearly possessed a rocket arm. However, there were question marks about his ability to throw with touch and be more than just a ‘chucker’ (as Pete Carroll might put it).

In a back-and-forth victory against Purdue on Saturday, Jackson was incredible. There were numerous examples where he threw with touch and accuracy. He didn’t just rely on the fastball. He also did a great job using his elusiveness and athleticism to extend plays, keep his eyes downfield and make big gains in the passing game. Last year he might’ve taken off and tried to run for a first down, here against Purdue he was looking to pass.

He finished with 378 yards passing, 107 rushing with two touchdowns and zero turnovers. On this evidence he’s not only the early favourite to win another Heisman — he could easily climb above the likes of Rosen, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen. Jackson is a unique playmaker.

Bradley Chubb makes a good start

The NC State pass rusher is the cousin of Georgia running back Nick Chubb. For those who aren’t aware, Nick had one of the most impressive performances in recent history at the Nike SPARQ combines in 2013. Great athleticism clearly runs in the family.

Bradley is 6-4 and 275lbs but carries the weight perfectly. Against South Carolina he had a TFL on the first snap of the game and added another later on. He wasn’t credited with a third TFL for some reason in the second half and he would’ve had a sack but for a late trip as he closed in on the quarterback.

Chubb has great lean and bend for his size, shows a nice get off and can win with speed and length/hand use. There were times where he stunted inside with some success. On one snap they had him drop into coverage to blitz a safety that led to a sack.

His effort is very good and he’s disciplined in the run game. He’s also comfortable working in space. On one snap he was isolated trying to defend a sweep — but forced the runner out of bounds for a one-yard loss.

The only obvious negative was a broken tackle on a red zone run play that ended in a touchdown. He made contact with the runner and should’ve got him down. The back escaped to score.

Overall though this was a good start from an EDGE rusher with top-20 potential.

Sheffield vs Cobbs Jr a major highlight

The best matchup in week one was arguably Kendall Sheffield (CB, Ohio State) against Simmie Cobbs Jr (WR, Indiana). Both players had their moments.

Sheffield is a former Alabama receiver who went down the JUCO route with Blinn College before joining the Buckeye’s. He’s 6-1 and 185lbs and looks like your typical Urban Meyer-team cornerback. Positionally he’s very good. Eli Apple’s best aspect was his ability to keep everything in front and not get beat over the top. You see that same patience and technique in Sheffield.

On one play he made a fantastic diving tip to deflect a pass into the hands of a team mate for an interception. Without his touch it would’ve been a touchdown. He also showed ability as an open-field tackler and even on the plays where he gave up receptions — you had to credit the QB/WR. His coverage was tight and sound and he was only beaten by a superb grab or a difficult back-shoulder throw.

Cobbs Jr ended with 11 receptions for 149 yards and a touchdown. He’s 6-4 and 220lbs. Although he didn’t really create separation all that often, he made a series of difficult circus catches, one-handed grabs and flashed great body control.

With a receiver this big, if they’re running away from defenders they’re basically Mike Evans and going in the top-10. There aren’t many of those. What you want to see is a lot of contested catches ending in completions. Cobbs Jr showed he can go up and get the ball against one of the toughest secondaries in college football.

This was a good showing for both receiver and cornerback and they’re two players to monitor going forward.

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  1. Trevor

    Rob I think this year maybe the year JS gets his true developmental QB behind Russ. I think his interest in Mahomes last year was legit had he been there at the end of Rd#1.

    Really like Jacksons upside but think he will end up being a Top 15 pick.

    What are your thoughts on Ok St QB Mason Rudolph? Would love to get your feedback and his fit with the Hawks? He seems to have all the tools and is tough as nails but seems to get Zero hype,

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not really studied Rudolph yet so not in a position to comment.

      I think with Andy Reid believing Mahomes is the next Favre, it’s very likely JS saw the same thing. I still think it’s unlikely Seattle would’ve taken a R1 quarterback though.

      • Trevor

        You are probably right but with JS heritage in GB you have to think he hates not having a young guy to develop behind Russ. I was thinking a Rd #3 guy similar to Russ perhaps.

        I really like Rudolph and really respect your QB assessments so I look forward to your thoughts down the road.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Moat people had never heard of Favre, until he hit is big in GB. Mahomes was one the draftnik radars a little bit, but the general population had never heard of him. As long as he can sit 1-2 years, he has a chance to be very special.

        Sidenote, I’ll never forget the story told by Dave Wyman about the Seahawks passing on drafting Favre #1. Essentially, coach Knox’s wanted to draft him, but the owner thought it would be better to draft a taller guy… “more bang for the buck” was the quote. The QB they drafted…. Dan McQuire.

        • C-Dog

          I remember distinctly a photo of Knox kinda with a dejected expression as Flores and Behring were glowing over Too Tall Dan as he was introduced. You could tell just by his expression that it wasn’t his pick. Man, the dark days.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Behring was such a pc of garbage. Good thing we have Allen now.

            • C-Dog


  2. HawkFan907

    Rob, what do you think of USC’s Porter Gustin? I feel like he would be the perfect Leo and be a great 1st Rd pick if a top OT and DT fails to fall to us. He looks like he could be another Clay Matthews.

    If we are looking for a Leo a little bit later BYU’s Sione Takitaki flashes elite quickness.

    Also FWIW Josey Jewell had a huge game and looks like a player we can target to fill that third backer spot. Although with teams trending towards nickel it seems less likely we grab a LB early while KJ and Bobby are on the roster.

  3. C-Dog

    Bradley Chubb would be a nice looking player to add to the Death Row.

    Rob, love your idea that Seattle could be reloading a bit annually on the offensive and defensive lines. Definitely been a trend over the last could years.

    Well, what the heck. Another one of the pesky way to early mocks, fueled by the online fanspeak mock simulator tool.

    29: R1P29

    Okorafor is a long, massive, athletic LT who is a bit raw, but carries with him some upside. Sounds like a Seahawks OT, right?


    Seattle works out an extension with the new frontman of Death Row.

    93: R3P29

    Paul Richardson’s contract is up, Tyler Lockett’s is around the corner. Dante returners punts and catches passes. If Seattle drafts this kid, Husky Nation can officially shut the F up about them trading Kearse and cutting Kasen.

    131: R4P29

    Eddie Lacy goes, Kalen Ballage comes in to work with Chris Carson, and company.

    162: R5P24

    Pete Carroll loves Michigan defenders. He loves them.

    229: R7P7
    DL B.J. HILL

    Tony Pauline digs BJ Hill. Says that many expect him to be a late round pick, but he sees him as a third rounder who can push the pocket. I think he might be one to watch.

    231: R7P9

    Seattle drafts a QB for the second time in the PC/JS era. They take the Seattle kid who’s done some decent things over in Idaho.

    • RWIII

      C-Dog. Nice work. Keep the scouting reports coming.

  4. nichansen01

    I just hope Vea falls to the hawks.

    • nichansen01

      My favorite player in this draft class.

      • 12thManderson

        Or Da’Ron Payne from Bama

        • nichansen01

          I’d take Vea over Payne

          • Kenny Sloth

            I ‘dated’ a Samoan girl in college named Vita

  5. Ishmael

    I reckon you’d find a pretty strong correlation between people who think Jackson should convert to WR, and people who think Kaepernick isn’t playing because of his performance.

    He was phenomenal.

    • Myfanwy365

      Was just about to say that, i’m sure Andy Benoit is already writing a column on how Jackson can be just like Terrelle Pryor & convert to WR

      • Ishmael

        Gotta get out ahead of it man… Anonymous NFL executives being asked the questions already.

        Obviously won’t be able to run that little option draw play they do, he’ll actually get murdered, but he’s easily good enough to play.

    • RealRhino2

      I don’t know if there is a word for this tactic you’re employing, but I hate it. It’s unfair and, frankly, cowardly. It’s an attempt to chill legitimate debate and dissent by painting any objections as those of a racist.

      We can have legitimate discussions about the merits of Lamar Jackson as an NFL QB without demonizing our opponents in the debate before they have a chance to speak.

      For example, I have serious doubts. You see what you want to see, I guess. I saw pretty poor ball placement on a lot of throws where receivers were adjusting, and a lot of easy throws where the WR was schemed open. I did like his touch on some of the screens he threw and the seam route I saw, but it still didn’t look natural. The way the ball comes out of his hand it looks like he doesn’t have an instinctive feel for making the right throw. Didn’t see much in terms of rhythm and timing.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Its called ‘an opinion’ and the world is full of them

        I’m of the opinion that people who say Kaepernick isn’t good enough to play in this league are ignorant towards not only his game, but the game of football in general and furthermore are blindly pushing these narratives because of a lack of personal valuation of racial and ethnic diversity in America and the unadulterated respect that each of these causes and the people who live them deserve.

        You can disagree and heat up some legitimate debate and dissent.

        You can’t change fact, but it’s almost harder to change opinion. I’ve made mine clear.

        No amount of ‘dysentary’ (read; bullshit) wll muddy that picture.

        Well-respected professionals in the field have debated this ad nauseam and I doubt you’ll make a more convincing argument with your ‘observations’ of his ‘overthrows’.

        I mean can we agree that SOME of Kaepernicks detractors are coming from a place of systemic racism, whether they realize it or not?

        They don’t have to be incorrect to be wrong.

        So thats my only point.

        You can be right about him being a bad quarterback (you’re not)
        But that doesnt mean you aren’t being racist

        (Not you specifically at all. I don’t think you’re racist or a victim of social reprogramming to support systemic racism)

      • Kenny Sloth

        I would like to talk further on the social ramifications of Kaepernick’s protest and his subsequent alleged black balling by the nfl.

        I don’t wish to debate Kaepernicks abilities.

        We did that back in 2011 and I wanted him in the first round

        • Hawk Eye

          I know we all don’t want to get into politics (or race or religion) on this site, but the recent experience of Michael Bennett should help expose the very big problem that still exists in the US. I am not American and I am always amazed at the high level of racist comments I hear whenever I go there, listen to people talk on radio or comment on the internet. And even mentioned in business conversations by people who do not even wonder if maybe my wife and kids are not white. The problem is not getting better. And it needs to be addressed. I guess just not in this forum. And I am not giving my country of Canada a free pass either, plenty of bigots up here, just most of them are unarmed:)
          So let’s not pretend that a business owned by rich old white men, mainly run by rich old white men, does not have some deep seated issues on the topic of race. And it that regard, pretty sure we can put the Hawks at or near the top of the list for being progressive. And a city like Seattle is certainly more open minded than many other places.
          And I also think that sports has probably opened up many eyes to people all over to help show people that we are all one human race and the colour of our skin does not determine our ability or intellect or character.
          rant over, go back to sports people……

          • FresnoBrad

            Lived in Vegas the police do not discriminate they will shoot anyone regardless what nationality you are! Bennett’s comments were irresponsible & innacurrate except the part where he feared for his life, he’s lucky he was not shot. Las Vegas has a long history of shooting 1st before asking questions, not all the cops there are bad but all the citizens understand that you do not put yourself in hostile situations & if by chance you find yourself in one & if the cops show up you cooperate completely.

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              How do you know Bennett’s comments were irresponsible and inaccurate? Were you there? The LVMPD said the cops told everyone to get down, yet they released video showing Bennett on the ground while people were RUNNING by him. It didn’t look like any of those people were getting put on the ground (I wasn’t there either, so it’s possible they were). They were looking for a shooter, but had no description because there was no shooter, so why arrest Bennett?

              And that “he should have known better” because Vegas cops are reckless maniacs is silly. So what, everyone is supposed to know that Vegas cops are nuts? Now we need a section in guidebooks telling us that cops there (or anywhere) are dangerous?

              I also fail to see how Bennett put himself in a hostile situation. People thought someone fired a gun. Hell, I’d run too. In the video I saw it looks like Bennett was cooperating, even going so far to refer to the policeman as “sir.” I guess I’m not really sure what your argument is other than “don’t fuck with the police.

              • Hawk Eye

                Serve and Protect – whom?

                those who give up their freedom to get security will deserve and get neither

                Police need to be under civilian authority, not the other way around.
                People have to stop excusing bad behavior by police and hold them to a higher standard, not a lower one.

        • icb12

          I think his abilites correspond to the alleged black balling.

          Don’t think you can discuss one without the other.

      • Smitty1547


  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Two days until Chirstma….. I mean Week #1 of the NFL season begins!

  7. Kenny Sloth

    Look at Jackson step up in the pocket and throw from different angles.

    He’ll definitely win some games at the next level. Thick lower body too

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Kind of feels like a Bills pick to me…. just a hunch.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Wouldn’t be a surprise or a bad pick

        But I was gonna say ‘Jets’

  8. LeoSharp


    This is disappointing.

    • Ishmael

      Yikes, glad he’s okay.

      The comments are… Interesting.

    • KD

      That’s a very heavy statement. If I’m in his position, I have my lawyer demand the release of the dash cam or body cam footage, and then there is simply no argument.

      • 503Hawk

        These social / human issues that the world of mankind still struggles with are really sad. And let’s face it, this is a whole lot more important than football.
        My “family” includes a wife who immigrated from Central America and immigrants from central Africa who are the parents of our two beautiful adopted grandchildren. Our grandson has been called the hated N word much of the time that he has been in public school. Try dealing with that.
        That being said, as we teach the g-kids; “There are three sides to every story. Let’s not over react and let’s wait for more facts.”
        Certainly, sports in general and especially our beloved Seahawks serve as a distraction to the pain and horrors of the real world.

        Go Hawks! and Come Lord Jesus!

        • Kenny Sloth


      • Hawk Eye

        apparently his lawyer has been asking for a week. They wanted a response before he went public. They did not respond.
        But the chief heard about it through social media yesterday.

  9. KD

    I’m curious if anyone took particular note of the Michigan-Florida game? One name to keep an eye on would be Michigan’s LT Mason Cole. He has experience as a tackle and center, so presumably he can play guard as well. I’d need to dig a little more digging into the full game highlights, but Cole is the kind of OL that seems to love blocking into the 2nd level. He doesn’t seem to have the length to remain at LT into the NFL, but I can easily imagine a switch to guard. His play in general reminds me a lot of Joel Bitonio, though Bitonio definitely had more of a mean streak to his game. Michigan did surrender 5 sacks in that game, and I didn’t have time to watch those since I’m at work but I would like to see who surrendered those sacks and the circumstances.

    Mason Cole so far looks like an athletic, versatile and enthusiastic run blocker who fits the prototype of what the Seahawks have gone for in the past. One to keep an eye on.


    • vrtkolman

      Nice find KD. One thing with a Harbaugh coached team is that their offensive and defensive lines are coached to the be the aggressors and they have that bully mentality. You can’t go wrong drafting any of them IMO. And yes I still have a big man-crush on Harbaugh and think he’s a fantastic coach.

      • KD

        My thoughts exactly. I wanted to make a special point of looking at Michigan players this year because one thing PCJS can be sure of is that Harbaugh’s players are going to be properly coached. It’s no coincidence that they have drafted 3 Michigan players since Harbaugh took over.

      • Kenny Sloth


        We talked about him all year till he didn’t declare in 16!

        I watched so many OL last year. And we NEVER talked bout Pocic. Center wasnt a ‘need’ <- archaic draft style

        • vrtkolman

          True! So many prospects are discussed here that I forget some of them.

    • Rob Staton

      Cole played well for sure. It was a difficult game to watch though. Florida were hopeless.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Mason Cole looks like a Seahawk OL. A little flabby for me, but he’s versatile and smart. =Seahawk

  10. vrtkolman

    Rawls officially questionable for Sunday. I know that questionable covers probable now, but Rawls has to be a bit worried. If Carson gets in, I don’t think he’s coming out.

    • KD

      Another reason why I think it is useful to keep an eye on the RBs in this draft class. When Rawls is healthy and ready to go, he’s as tough a RB as anyone in this league, but he is just injured way too much. Who knows how Lacy will perform? RB is definitely a position of consideration, though we won’t truly know until the end of the year.

  11. LeoSharp

    In an effort to keep Sheldon Richardson I could see this team trading either Richard Sherman, Jeremy Lane or both. Two corners I think could be their replacements Denzel Ward most likely in the 1st/2nd and Adonis Alexander in the 3rd

    Adonis Alexander 6’3″ 193lbs Virgina Tech: Long press corner who can take away the deep ball, Impressive when he jams receivers at the LoS, blitzing experience and a willingness to tackle. Very susceptible to in breaking play and gives up way too much space, not the best tackler and seems to be a tad on the slower side.

    Denzel Ward 5’10” 191lbs Ohio state: Very physical with coverage, Elite athlete with great technique. Has played in the slot some. Undersized and it shows when up against larger receivers, can be over powered when attempting to tackle. Probabaly best in the slot similar to Chris Harris Jr.

    If Shaquill Griffin plays at a pro bowl level by the end of the year. I think it could really incentivise the team to move on from Sherman.

    • Hawk Eye

      they could resign Richardson and keep Sherman one more year. I really doubt they move on from him without knowing they have 2 good corners.
      But keeping Richardson, Sherman, Thomas, Wright, Avril would be nearly impossible. Not to mention Graham, Clark, Lockett, Rawls and Lacy.
      I think the Richardson resigning will depend on how much he wants, how he plays and if Malik can come back and play next year.
      Tough choices ahead

  12. FresnoBrad

    Our first pick in recent drafts has been the strongest position group in the draft & we have been alternating offense & defense each year with the pick. According to this trend 2018 1st pick will be offense & next years draft strength will be QB, RB with OT being strong late 1st early 2nd. Usually our 2nd pick is motivated by need. 2018 will be a good draft at LB. Also there will be big corners in 2018 rounds 2 to 5. I’m guessing we tender Rawls 3rd round & hope someone bites so we can use that pick on Rawls replacement. Hopefully our Oline produces this year so we can focus on QB & LB next year.
    As far as this year it’s superbowl or bust, if Russell stays healthy & we don’t make Super Bowl expect major changes.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think there’s any need to ‘focus’ on QB. We have a franchise quarterback. If there’s one sitting there in round three or beyond, fair enough. But they’re not going to spend their R1 pick on a QB (and they’re only pick in the first two rounds currently).

      • East Side Stevie

        Fresno your point was counter-intuitive you implied that QB is the strongest position group, and that our 1st round picks (or our 1st pick i the draft) has usually been the strongest position group for that draft. If 5 QB’s go in round 1 that gives us all the more reason of getting a potential top 20 pick that slides to us. We have a franchise QB that will compete for the MVP trophy. Why draft a backup that wont see the field in round 1? Wilson is what 27? 28? Thats still young in QB prime years.

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Just when you think it will quiet down prior to game #1, Bennett blows up the news cycle.
    Hopefully, everyone can focus on game #1….. in a funny way, I think it might galvanize the team.

    • Hawk Eye

      just hoping he sees Rodgers wearing a LVPD cap every time he lines up and evens the score…

    • Xavier

      Bennett isn’t ‘blowing up the news cycle,’ he’s speaking to what black people including football players experience here in this country. He might use that trauma as energy to blow up in a game, but don’t hope that he uses a situation where he could have lost his life as something to galvanize the Seahawks. That’s exploitation. See him as a human. Not just a Seahawk. Not just as a means of entertainment. It’s not funny, and it’s so much bigger than football.

      • STTBM

        Well said, Xavier. And thank you. Glad to see the Navel Gazers have their opposites…

      • Ishmael

        Great post

      • C-Dog


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        it was covered in all media = blow up news cycle

  14. Ceasar

    Lamar’s game reminds me of Vicks. If I had a team with a decent defense and a solid running back, I would draft him. He could make a 6-7 win team into a wildcard in that scenario I think. It would probably drive Elway nuts but Broncos could use him.

    • Ishmael

      If he fell anywhere near the Seahawks I hope they take a swing at him. Massive, massive, talent. Exactly the sort of guy who the Jags should be after.

    • RealRhino2

      I find it interesting that you think being reminiscent of Michael Vick is a good thing. I tend to think of him as exactly the kind of overrated player I’d want to avoid.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Who, what, how, and why.

        Your comment raises so many more questions than it even attempts to answer.

        Just to end with the conclusion; Jackson and Vick are overrated.

        • RealRhino2

          Vick is certainly overrated. I think Jackson is rated about right by most of the analysts and so called draft gurus I’ve heard: promising talent, needs to continue to develop in the passing game, concerns about his slight frame, concerns about consistent touch and accuracy, etc.

          • Rob Staton

            He’s one game into his second season. Those concerns might’ve been legit a year ago — but it’s time to watch and judge him on year two. He showed tremendous progress in week one.

            • RealRhino2

              I’m just saying I didn’t really see that. I thought I saw the same guy I did last year. To be fair, though, I didn’t watch a ton of him last year. Maybe they didn’t give him any of those short throws. I still didn’t see a guy in that Purdue tape that looked comfortable changing the pace/arc of his throws. Looked like Shaq shooting free throws.

              • Rob Staton

                Looked like Shaq shooting free throws?

                What are you even watching?

                • RealRhino2

                  The tape. He’s a 56% career passer for a reason. I don’t trust his throwing motion or mechanics.

  15. Brseahawks

    He should protect his body better. Too aggressive with his running, reminds me of RGIII in that regard, but lighter.

    • Kenny Sloth

      You think he looks lighter than RGIII?

      I mean thats your opinion, but

      First of all, so what? Who cares about the 10 pound 1 inch difference at the combine.

      Every rookie needs to add good weight.

      Second of all, weight and little numbers on a screen will never substitute for the eye test. Jackson has a thick lower body where Griffin had chicken legs. Look at the guys frame, not what his college website says he weighs.

      I’m excited to see what Jackson into. If the league wasnt so racist he would be shoulders ahead of Josh Rosen and all them white boy west coasters in predraft projections

      “He’s injury prone, not a leader, missing the cerebral aspect of the game, depends too much on his coaches to coach him. He’s not a coaches son.”

      Look at what he can do. Not how much heavier he is than RGIII/ what he can’t

      • RealRhino2

        Actually, one’s weight isn’t an opinion, it’s fact. And Lamar Jackson IS lighter than RGIII. Also lighter than Teddy Bridgewater, who some scouts were concerned was too slight to avoid injury.

        And who are you quoting? I’ve never heard even one of those supposed quotes come out of anybody’s mouth, pen or keyboard regarding Lamar Jackson.

        My big problem with Lamar Jackson is that the things he can do haven’t shown themselves to be very useful/successful over the long term in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton

          Jackson is listed as 6-3 and 211lbs. That’s not a problem and he has room to grow.

          Wilson was 204lbs at his combine.

          • RealRhino2

            He has room to grow, that’s true. But 6-3, 211 (assuming that’s true; don’t think the school isn’t aware that the buzz is that he’s too slight) is a problem. At least, some teams will think it’s a problem. It may be, it may not. People thought Bridgewater was too slight. People thought RGIII was too slight. Both players were seriously injured in their first two years.

            Wilson was just 204, but that weight on a 5-10.5″ frame is a bit thicker than on a 6-3 frame. And it took just one year of hits for Russ to say, “Oh, crud, I’ve got to put on some more weight!”

            I don’t know if the weight is real issue or not. If he were as developed as Wilson as a passer, no problem. But Wilson wasn’t really a “running QB.” He’s a QB that can run out of trouble. He can scamper for a first down. If Jackson were limited to that, maybe the weight doesn’t matter.

            • Jason

              Didn’t you say above that we have take his weight as fact? As of now college number is only indicator.

              • RealRhino2

                No, I said one’s weight is a fact. Doesn’t mean their listed weight is true.

            • Rob Staton

              Come on Rhino, since when has 6-3 and 211lbs been a problem? It’s perfectly adequate. He’s a one-year starter in college football with plenty of time to grow and add weight.

              You’re looking for an issue that doesn’t exist.

              • RealRhino2

                I’m not looking for an issue, and I’d guess it exists for some teams. I’m not just pulling this out of thin air. I’ve heard three different analysts independently raise the issue of his slight frame, including Daniel Jeremiah. I think this kind of thing matters for *some* teams. I think Scot McCloughan recently said he was down on Goff in part because he was so skinny.

                As I indicated above, it may not be an issue *IF* you don’t want him to run.

                • Rob Staton

                  I have a hard time believing anyone is going to significantly mark down Lamar Jackson because he’s currently 211lbs. It feels like a red herring debate Rhino. He’s not 190lbs.

                  Michael Vick — 210lbs
                  Jared Goff — 215lbs

                  Both #1 picks

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    Never heard the expression Red Herring?

                    Here is one definition.

                    Description: Attempting to redirect the argument to another issue to which the person doing the redirecting can better respond. While it is similar to the avoiding the issue fallacy, the red herring is a deliberate diversion of attention with the intention of trying to abandon the original argument.

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    I respect Rhino’s opinion for that’s what his is and he’s keeping it REAL!

                    “When keeping it real goes wrong with Rob”

                    Chappelle Show!

                    Go Hawks;

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    I also respect Rob’s opinion of course and his sentiment about how Lamar Jackson isn’t too skinny. For there is a big difference between skinny and wirey! Richard Sherman is the perfect example he is an excellent tackler, and can land some hard hits for such a thin guy! More importantly he seems to be quite durable for his thinner frame.

                    Both of you are right in your own thinking!

                    Go Seahawks Draft Blog Discussions !

  16. Forty20

    From Greg Bell per Darrell Bevell. Tanner McEvoy is WR4. I guess he will slip into Kearse’s role in the interim doing the physical dirty work in blocking and setting picks.

    • C-Dog

      This is cool news. I think McEvoy has big time upside.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Son of Evoy, Son of Evoy, Son of Evoy!

        Go Tanner

        Go Hawks!

    • Rik

      McEvoy seems to be really good at finding soft spots in the defense, and so far he’s been reliable at catching the ball. Really interested to watch him develop.

      Darboh looked silky smooth catching passes in preseason game 4. I think he is going to emerge as a great draft pick.

      • vrtkolman

        Agree, Darboh looks like a 3rd down conversion machine.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Yeah Rik! It’s because he’s a quarterback and a saftey wrapped up in an awesome Burrito of Wide Reciever! Muy Bueno!

        Go Mexican Food!

  17. New Guy

    Love how Darboh uses his body and protects the ball. Makes him an easy target for RW.


  18. Logan Lynch

    I feel like speculating today. I have total “tin foil hat” proof that Marcel Reece will be signed after this week, but Rubin will not. After roster cuts last weekend, a number of players changed their existing numbers. Pocic switched to 77 (his college number). The same 77 that was previously worn by Tuba Rubin.

    Delano Hill curiously stayed with 42 even though he was 44 in college and started with that number until Reece was signed. Why wouldn’t he switch back? It can only mean Reece is coming back to claim that number. Solved it.

    • RealRhino2

      Nice detective work! Makes sense to me….

  19. Coleslaw

    One thing I haven’t seen anyone talk about is how Sheldon Richardson will make us a bully again. That was a big talking point here over the last 2 years and IMO Richardson is probably the most impactful 1 player we could’ve hoped for in that regard.

  20. Volume12

    KC RB Kareem Hunt looking as good as he did in college. That boy is the real deal.

    • Volume12

      And of course, he fumbles on his 1st carry after he went 4 years only fumbling once in college.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Hey Vol I wish you still liked me like you used to! I still think of you the same my friend! Robbie definitely called it on Kareem Hunt I remember last year looking into him specifically because of Rob. We got C+C Running Back Factory! He’s going to make us move he’s going to make us Groove!

      Chris Carson! Stud Muffin

      I’ve always Loved you Vol.and would very much appreciate the reason why you stopped being excited to speak with me?

      Go Vo12!

      Go Hawks!

      • Volume12

        Why would u say that? I’ve never stopped liking u or looking forward to talking to.

        Ur some of my favorite types of fans to talk ball and the draft with because of enthusiasm and passion.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Wonderful to hear my friend! I’m just really sensetive and I feel when I made my stupid thought about the Joe Mixon incident that Rob posted awhile back that Ishmael made a deal out of because I used a horrible expression “She asked for it” even though I didn’t know anything about the incident and became judgmental android foolish. I immediately realized I had made a wrong assumption and apologized. Since then I have never heard from you?

          I see your Mum looking down upon us whenever I gaze upon the Stars;

          I Love you both Vol!

          • Volume12

            Don’t feel that way. Nothing to sorry for. We all make comments that piss some one off, but we should all feel confident that we come back and post again. At least I think that’s what Rob has allowed us to do. Water under the bridge bro.

        • Volume12

          There’s not anybody that’s a part of this community that I don’t like. Well, maybe a couple, but that’s what I appreciate about this place. Rob has somehow someway cultivated the only civilized message board on the goddamn internet. It’s pretty amazing honestly.

          Anyways, Craigie, I’ve never disliked ya my man. I’m sorry if there was some miscommunication somewhere along the way or it came off that way, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I hope u feel free to ask me s anything or talk to me about anything u want. Remember last summer when my mom died? U were one of the 1st ones there for me and told me something that came true beleive it or not.

          ‘There’s a new star in the sky. And when u look up at night, you’ll notice one yoiuve never seen before.’ I’m paraphrasing of course. And by god, it happened.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            The acceptance of Love in your Heart will always overcome the fear we all feel as People on this Earth.

  21. Volume12

    Pats always taking some of my favorite D-lineman coming out of college.

    DEs Trey Flowers, Deatrich Wise, Jr, acquiring Cassius Marsh

    DTs Malcom Brown, had Dom Easley, Vince Wilfiork

    Probably forgetting a few more too. Richard Seymour for example.

    • David Campau

      Also 3 OL starting between the 2 teams that were tagged here. Mason, Cannon & Morse. Really pulling for KC here. Arrowhead is a tough place to play if they were able to get home field in the playoffs.

  22. Volume12

    If ur a fan of TE Travis Kelce, check out S. Dakota St. TE Dallas Goedert. Very similar styles.

  23. Hawk Eye

    Pats don’t look like a team about to go 16-0
    defense is ok, but not great.
    KC is killing themselves with penalties and up by 1 point in the 4th
    Brady under 50% completion in the 4th
    Maybe all the “experts” will be wrong???

    • Volume12

      They got a ton of injuries and its inevitable. Brady is 40. He’s gonna fall off and fast. Migjhy not be this year, but maybe it is

      • Volume12

        If NE loses Hightower to go with Edelman and KC loses Berry and Peters for an extended amount of time? Theyre both done.

        HB Kareem Hunt is having a star making performance here fellas.

        • Volume12

          Now I know why they traded for Marsh. This NE D-line is not equipped to stop the run this year if they dont make a big move.

    • Hawk Eye

      42-27, 4:00 to go
      over 500 yards against NE defense
      They might not beat the Jets:)

      • Volume12

        KC is teaching the Falcons how u keep a lead.

        ‘Oh u mean u throw to score and run to win?’ Kyle Shannan says to no one.

        • Hawk Eye

          now hopefully everyone can stop worshipping Brady and Bellichek
          They are good. But they should have lost the last 2 Super Bowls, and have 2 SB’s in the last 13 years and all the “experts” have already said they will win this year.
          Not with that D.

          • Volume12

            Nope. They might be in bug trouble on D. I know it’s one game, but I’ve never seen a Bill Bellicheck coached D look so bad.

            If I’m the scout who brought Kareem Hunt to the table, I’m walking in tommorrow like Vince McMahon walks out to the ring .

              • Volume12

                Did u guys know that HB Kareem Hunt is the great grandson of former KC owner Lamar Hunt? 😉

                • RealRhino2

                  Hunt showing a lot of what I liked and noticed about him in college, great contact balance. He’s really good at taking a hit and keeping going. Not trucking guys, but letting blows move him sideways while he keeps running forward.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    He had very nice hands in the passing game. He looked a bit like J Charles 2.0…. with a bit more beef.

            • Logan Lynch

              “No chance, cuz that’s what ya got…”

        • pran

          to be fair, chiefs tried to pass instead of run when they had the lead and pats came back to one point lead. chiefs were able to realize and destroy the pathetic D

  24. taxspecialist

    New England will be back. Anyone who thought they would be 16-0 was delusional. Agree Hunt had a fantastic game but I want to see him play well against a stout defense before I designate him a star. He sure looked good though and in KC’s system I expect he will have a great year.

    • Volume12

      That’s the thing. Atlanta ruined everything. It really doesn’t even matter anymore.

      That win would’ve knocked them off their perch and I’m not convinced they’d ever recover.

      However, NE most certainly will win their division, but the cracks in the foundation, Brady & their D, are starting to show.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Another interesting comment from last night is that New England only has 4 healthy receivers, and I think two of them were new to the team. So Brady was missing a few weapons. They looked pretty good in the first quarter. I’m not ready to count them out yet. I have too much respect for coach Belichick.

  25. Braden

    Really wish we took hunt. Looked really good today and would be nice to have with how injury prone our running backs are. I am happy I took him and started him this week in fantasy football today.

  26. nichansen01

    Drew Brees is going to tear this New England defense to shrewd. Hopefully this will be a lost season for New England.

    • nichansen01


  27. CharlieTheUnicorn

    the Patriots = LOL

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. Sadly, several potentially very costly injuries to both teams.

    On a side note, Hunt looked like the real deal. I know multiple people on here wanted Seattle to grab him… I can see why now. Very impressive.

  28. Volume12

    HAHAHA 😂😂😂

    This is so deada** funny! A grown man in real life! Week 1!


    Not a good look barstool sports.

  29. Trevor

    Wow looks like the Chiefs found their RB of the future.

    I know alot of us here on SDB were big fans of Hunt and were really hoping the Hawks might take him Rd#3 but I have to admit he looked more explosive than expected. Looks like the real deal for sure. Only one game but he showed a lot.

    Glad Carson looked so good in pre-season because I would be bummed about missing on Hunt if not.

  30. Trevor

    Have to be happy for Alex Smith. He was amazing last night.

    What a quality, mentally tough leader. KC trades up in Rd#1 and he does not complain he just goes out Week#1 and his play says this is still my team Rookie.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I was impressed by KC toughness. They didn’t give up in the first quarter and came back, giving a good performance throughout the game. Hunt looks like the rookie of the year, wow! Speed and good hands. Kudos to them.

      Agree that Smith had a great game, he was running around avoiding tackles that first half, but made them pay in the second.

    • cha

      I don’t watch enough KC to state unequivocally, but sure felt like they opened up the playbook and had Smith throwing downfield more. Collinsworth called it right too – Smith did not hesitate. He checked down when he needed to but when he had the opportunity he went for it without any doubts.

      Those 16 play, 9 minute drives that end in a FG in past seasons just made my eyes roll into the back of my head. Great to see some explosiveness in that offense.

      • RWIII

        Kansas City has got to be excited about their team. They have a good defense. Now they have plenty of weapons on offense. Kareem Hunt could be the Steal of the draft. TyreeK Hill had a 133 yards.Travis Kelce is one of the best T.E.s in the NFL. Chris Conley is a Freak of an athlete. Yes Chief fans have plenty of reasons to smile.

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