Draft notes: Put Vanderbilt’s Dayo Odeyingbo on the watchlist

Vanderbilt’s Dayo Odeyingbo is one to watch

It’s encouraging that the players who’ve stood out so far in this modified college football season are mostly defensive linemen.

I’m just not sure how many are going to last deep into the second round.

Patrick Jones (EDGE, Pittsburgh) and Alim McNeill (DT, NC State) have the potential to shoot into the top-50 given time. Later on I’ll discuss Georgia’s rising star Azeez Ojulari. Vanderbilt’s Dayo Odeyingbo is heading the same way. He’s a good combine away from solidly being a first round pick.

He was impressive at the weekend against South Carolina, even in a heavy defeat, with two sacks, 1.5 TFL’s and three quarterback hurries.

His first sack came early in the game when he lined up inside on 3rd and 10. His primary opponent is the right guard but he makes sure to shove the tackle out of the way first, then drove the guard into the pocket and disengaged with a brutal spin move to reach the quarterback.

Technique, physicality, athleticism — it was all on show.

The second sack was a little more fortunate. He attacked the left tackle, who engaged him as he attempted to rush the edge. Then as Odeyingbo countered inside, the tackle was off balance and facing the wrong way. He couldn’t turn back and the quarterback was hammered. Kudos to Odeyingbo for the counter but it was poor technique from the left tackle. He’s got to do a better job squaring up.

A former four-star recruit, his athletic ability leaps off the screen. He’s listed at 6-6, 276lbs and he cuts an imposing figure off the edge or when he moves inside. Yet despite the huge size, he still flashes genuine speed-rush potential.

Against Tennessee last year he had a snap where he attacks the left tackle from a speed rush position and just dips around the attempted block with supreme balance and agility. It looked a lot like Darrell Taylor at his best. The left tackle had no answer.

With his size and length they line him up inside a lot. Even against LSU’s uber-talented O-line from last year, he ploughs his way through blockers and just won’t be denied. He shows off brute force, keeps his legs moving and simply powers his way into the backfield. There’s nothing subtle here. He’s simply bigger, stronger and longer than the players trying to block him and when he gains separation he has the athletic qualities to finish.

Look at his pursuit against Joe Burrow to force one of the few interceptions Burrow had last year:

Look how easily Odeyingbo works in space despite his size. He’s not a stiff power-end. He can handle an option off the edge, read-and-react and pursue.

It’s incredible given his frame:

He’s long limbed but with a big, powerful upper body. He’s so agile and quick that he can engage and control blockers while working to stretch out runs and set the edge.

I’ve seen him throw off blockers with disdain, win from the interior with get-off, explode off the edge with a speed rush and bully tackles in the running game.

For me he’s everything you want in a defensive end. He can play any scheme, any situation. For all the hype you see from national pundits about a lot of other college prospects — for me you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more impressive at defensive end than Odeyingbo. He warrants serious consideration as one of the top college prospects.

Along with Pittsburgh’s Jones (who dominated again against Boston College at the weekend with three sacks) and McNeill at NC State these are three names to monitor closely for the rest of the year.

Other notes

— I listed Liam Eichenberg (T, Notre Dame) in my summer watchlist but keep an eye on left guard Aaron Banks too. The pair were fantastic against Florida State on Saturday. Banks is 6-5 and 330lbs and incredibly powerful. They rotate between guard and tackle — a compliment to Banks’ athletic qualities. Against FSU there were a couple of occasions where he slammed defenders to the ground when lined up at left guard. He’s Seattle’s type of LG — basically, he’s massive. As we’re looking for names who might be available on day two — he is one to keep an eye on. The success of Damien Lewis can be repeated and Banks is one to watch.

— I watched Georgia against Auburn and Tennessee and Azeez Ojulari was the player who stood out the most. He’s really unrefined as a pass rusher and looks light. He’s modestly sized and he needs to develop a repertoire of moves to punctuate his athleticism. However — he does flash some big moments and shows off outstanding potential. He ran a 4.32 short shuttle and SPARQ and jumped a 40 inch vertical so he has an outstanding profile worthy of the early rounds. Against Auburn he rounded the arc nicely and was held on a fourth and 10, yet still created enough pressure to force an interception. He also attacked the B gap from the right side to plough his way into the backfield for a sack using pure power. Against Tennessee he beautifully attacked the right edge showing supreme balance and lean, then straightened to hammer the quarterback and force a sack/fumble which he recovered himself.

— It’s going to be interesting to see where Najee Harris (RB, Alabama) eventually lands in terms of stock. He’s listed at 6-2 and 230lbs which is taller than ideal for the position. He also carries his weight in quite a compact frame. Yet he’s such a playmaker who runs with toughness, physicality and he finishes. Against Ole Miss he flashed breakaway speed, the ability to run through tackles and he beautifully complemented Alabama’s passing game. He scored five touchdowns, ran for 206 yards on 23 carries and had three catches for 42 yards. It’s worth noting that neither defense played well in the game. Harris was charged with a joke of a fumble on the goal line on a play that should’ve been blown dead. He only ran a 4.66 at SPARQ and jumped a 32-inch vertical. His short shuttle was a 4.16. He might not have the profile to go early, even if he has the name recognition, but he will provide value if he lasts into day two.

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  1. Gohawks5151

    Awesome write up. I definitely will have to keep an eye on him and Mcneil. I think one of these guys has a chance to fall in our range, even though I think they trade out of the 2nd (If we dont trade it for a pass rusher that is). Despite playing more than most thought I still wonder if evaluations will be kind of “paint by numbers” for certain positions. Name recognition could maybe mean more. Of course if Odeyingbo or Mcneil blow out the combine then its a moot point.

  2. cha

    I can see Harry Belafonte blaring from C Link speakers every time DAAAAYYOOO gets a sack.

    • Rob Staton


  3. Volume12

    I think the 40 is a little overrated for RBs personally.

    • Rob Staton

      Well yes. I’ve made that point for years.

      In this instance it was a review of his profile. He’s not an amazing athlete in terms of speed or explosive power.

      • Volume12

        I know you were just outlining his overall profile. Agreed about the later points here. Has everything else but those. Not many 230 pound backs that can give you an Alvin Kamara esque skill set minus some certain traits.

        • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

          Yes, traits. And then every so often the Seahawks buck the trend and get a short QB or a tall LB. Maybe a tall RB?

  4. charlietheunicorn

    Pie in the sky

    There was no way Seattle would draft a WR (Claypool) early in the 2020 draft.
    That was probably the 13th position of immediate need on the team. There will be other players to emerge that Seattle could have drafted in the upcoming years, but as of right now, we have at least one guy in the first 3 rounds that looks like a hit (Lewis).

    CEH might be more of an argument they should have drafted late 1st round. As for DL and edge specific players, there weren’t a great number of options. Which of course leads into why the FA choices were made…. Rob needs a 1v1 is JS sometime…. for funs.

    • Trevor

      Why wouldn’t they take Claypool in the 2nd round? They took Brooks in the 1st and Linebacker was the position of least need in the roster after QB and punter.

      My point was if they had addressed the DL properly in free agency they could have drafted the best talent available and given their star player a ton of legit young weapons going forward.

      Instead they had to draft for need and reached for both Taylor. Still don’t get the Brooks pick no matter how you look at it.

      • Rusty

        How do you figure they both drafted for need because of a poor FA, but also drafted a position they didn’t need ..?

        • Rob Staton

          Because they traded up for Taylor to fill a huge honking need due to a poor FA.

          • Big Mike

            That was a fail on top of a fail

  5. ABCinco

    Does it seem like there is more DL depth in the upcoming draft than what has been present the last few years?

  6. dcd2

    Jets shopping Leveon and might be willing to give up a pick to get rid of his contract.


    Wonder if we could send them Hyde? Lev only has about $6M owed for this year ($500k/game) and we’d save maybe $1.5M on Hyde. Pretty decent upgrade, plus we’d have Bell under contract next year at about $9.5M if we wanted. I think NYJ would eat all of the bonus and dead money, so we could potentially cut him as well.

    Doesn’t seem like a particularly smart move to trade him and eat all of that dead cap, but if it only costs a bit of cap and maybe nets us a pick… maybe?

    Not sure we have all that much cap space and who knows if Adams and he are on the best terms. He is a weapon though, and Carson is on the last year of his deal.

    • Ashish

      Hyde is good backup for Carson. We are expecting Penny back sometime in future. If we are talking about DE or DB it’s different ball game.

    • cha

      Too much money, too old, not a good fit, too much bad personality stuff.

      Should I keep going?

      • dcd2

        I’m not saying it’s very likely but to your points:

        Not all that much money, younger than Hyde, would instantly be the best receiving/3rd down RB on the team and his personality stuff was largely about his contract. I know some PIT fans and they hold Bell in a completely different stratosphere than AB for his off-field stuff.

    • Rob Staton

      Big fat NO.

      And there’s no chance either. Penny will back soon. They don’t need another RB. They need an EDGE.

      • dcd2

        Have any of their moves made any sense so far though? Holding out hope that they are going to come to their senses and actually improve the DL seems futile. To be fair, you also said flatly that Jamal Adams won’t be a Seahawk and MacDougald wasn’t going to NY.

        We’ve discussed the lack of options for acquiring defensive talent, coupled with the fact that we have no picks to give anyway. At this point I’m open to talking about anything that can make our team better and doesn’t cost us picks.

        The salary cost might be too much, but Bell would add a dimension that we don’t really have on the roster.

        • Rob Staton

          No, I said the chances of him becoming a Seahawk were remote and then wrote 1000 words saying why I felt that way. If anyone can find anything that wasn’t logical in the piece, feel free to highlight it:


          I stand by every word in that article.

          • charlietheunicorn

            Easiest way to shoot it down, the cap doesn’t work for Seattle.
            Long term, he is owed too much money and has a “bad money” contract RB wise.

          • dcd2

            You also said this when someone in the comments suggested that sending Macdougald back made sense.


            For the record, I’m not saying that your thought process was illogical at all. It was well thought out and written, like all of your stuff. The fact is that the Seahawks have been very unconventional (I would even say illogical) in their approach to building this team.

            If, in February, I correctly predicted that the Hawks will do everything they’ve done this off-season, people would have said – “that’s crazy. It makes no sense.” But here we are.

            Speaking in absolute’s – ‘there’s no chance’ leaves no room to account for what surprise they might pull.

          • Scot04

            I think Adams is a great player; however i didn’t like the trade when they made it & still think we should have saved the picks for more important needs. It was a panic move. Without a true edge and pass rush it seemed like a total waste of resources. If we had fixed our D-line issues beforehand I would have been much more on board with the trade as a final piece type of trade. Unfortunately here we still are Without a passrush and not much draft capital to improve thr team.
            Now with all we invested in Adams and the way our offense is playing, they need to reach out and see if the can make a trade to improve the Pass Rush.
            They screwed up the offseason, hopefully they don’t stand still through the trade deadline. Wilson and the rest of them deserve to see the front office make a move or we’ll make another early exit out of the playoffs.

      • Steve Nelsen

        No thank you. We have a good group of RBs that could get better when Penny is healthy.

        We need to use our limited trade and cap resources to improve the DL if possible.

    • Big Mike

      RB is a position of strength and will be more so when Penny returns. No need for Bell unless you have a second deal lined up to trade him along to someone else for A FREAKING EDGE!!

  7. cha

    For a 5-0 team the Seahawks sure have a lot of homework to do.

    Bye Week homework assignments for the Hawks:

    1. Decide what kind of defense you want to be.
    The first 3 weeks, this defense was blitz crazy and consistently toasted by explosive passing plays. The next 2 weeks, they dialed the blitzes back considerably and chose death by a million paper cuts as teams plodded down the field and were made to execute and avoid penalties. Just about the only 2 things these defenses had in common were 1-giving up an insane amount of yards and 2-having an incredible knack for opportunistic play to keep them in the game. They simply must give the offense and special teams just a couple more inches of breathing room. What will a deep dive into the film reveal? Will the Week 4 blitzing adjustment pave the way to an even slightly better defense? Has the team been scrambling to cover injured players and they just need more time to gel as a unit? Can they honestly say they have the personnel in-house to effectively improve?

    1a. Explore every trade possibility to improve this defense.
    It’s no secret this team needs speed off the edge. Nothing should be off the table. Their 2nd round pick, the 2021 cap, a RW contract reworking, eating some player salary to ship him out in a trade, nothing. PC, you’re always raving about how JS is burning up the phones and working to make this team better. Let’s see it. Can you identify a need area and effectively address it? Now’s the time to work some of that JS trade magic and get a player that can make all of the depth pieces they already have on the defense more useful.

    1b. Figure out how to defend the Rams.
    The Hawks are 5-0. They’re in the pole position in the NFC West. Everything – EVERYTHING – that points in the way of success starts with winning the division, something the Seahawks have not done since 2016. Who stands in the way? We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is Los Angeles. Beat the Rams. The Hawks are 2-4 vs LA the last 3 years (a missed FG away from 1-5), and have conceded 28.6 pts per game. This is going to take an enormous amount of humility and every bit of creativity the Seahawks can muster to be successful. On defense, Goff needs to be pressured and the edges need defending. On offense, a strong point in their favor is the Hawks have run the ball successfully the last 4 games vs the Rams (151yards/gm). Do they have the humility to go against their instincts and consider hitting the pause button on Let Russ Cook and ground and pound and bleed the clock to keep this McVay offense off the field?

    2. Integrate underutilized depth into the offense.
    Several offensive players have not been used near to their capacity yet this year. Greg Olsen only has 19 targets through 5 games. Will Dissly, likely due to some injury caution. Jacob Hollister and his $3.5m contract have been very scarce (3 targets). Carlos Hyde and Cedric Ogbuehi have missed games. Sparky rookie Deejay Dallas has only seen limited action in 1 game. BJ Finney hasn’t seen an offensive snap (admittedly due to the great play of Pocic). There are mounds of untapped depth, with injured players Colby Parkinson, Phil Haynes, Philip Dorsett and the suspended Josh Gordon possibly coming online this season. The offense has probably been forced into a posture by the defense where they have to rely on their stars (Carson, DK, Lockett) more heavily. But all these players must get into the mix and get snaps and targets. The offense might be in danger of narrowing their focus too much and if key players get hurt, they could struggle to adapt rather than just plug the next guy in and go. Get these players involved sooner rather than later so when crunch time comes, everyone is familiar with success.

    3. Work on a Jamal Adams extension.
    The Front Office blew it by trading a fortune for Adams and not working out an extension as part of the deal. The script is already written, they’ve given Adams all the leverage in the negotiation. It’s now just how much and when. In fact, if Adams is looking out for himself, he won’t want to work out an extension this year. His price will only go up. The Hawks had plenty of excuses not to…they wanted to get a look at him in their building first, they wanted 2021 cap clarity first. Baloney. They blew it by having such a terrible offseason you couldn’t negotiate from a strong position in trade. Get with Adams now and sign him. Bonus: You might be able to lower his 2021 cap hit of $9.8m and create more room for a trade this year or offseason work next year.

    4. Make sound decisions about the health of your players.
    Don’t be thinking about Week 6 or 7. Think long term. If that means holding Jamal Adams or Carlos Hyde out for another week, so be it. If Snacks needs another week on the treadmill, so be it. If that means Colby Parkinson has to stay on the NFI list, so be it. If it means trading for a pass rusher rather than relying on Darrell Taylor to come off the NFI and be an immediate impact player, so be it. Don’t be rash or stupid. We’ve had times the last couple seasons where the team cleared players and then they almost immediately got injured or it was determined they weren’t ready to come back (Ed Dickson, Ethan Pocic come to mind) and that caused some roster challenges. And this year we’ve seen major injury swings and misses on Darrell Taylor and Phillip Dorsett. Get them right. The team has a 5-0 record and depth in certain areas and options in the trade market. Make good, sound, defensible decisions about injured players.

    5. You’ve been talking about self scouting your players. Self scout your 2020 offseason 5 games in.
    We’ve seen 5 games of product to evaluate this offseason of work. Do you not see how dominant this team could be with a real pass rush? What happened that led to this absolute mess of a defense? How did you get into a crouch and be absolutely desperate this offseason (trading a 2 and a 3 for Taylor. Trading the farm for Adams. Thinking Irvin and Mayowa were acceptable pass rush options)? Did you know all summer you were playing poker with Clowney? Do you need to start thinking more broadly and decisively rather than myopically focusing on single options? 2021 offseason prep starts now.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Cha, you do pod casts or youtube video? I see a future for you if you wanted to do such a thing.

      As for the 2nd point, I see some of these guys being involved in trades, if it comes down to it.

      As for the 4th point, just do not do whatever the Jets do when it comes to players health and playing them. They pretty much wrote the book on how NOT TO handle players with injuries within a game or within a set of games. Bell is the prime example. Of course, Gase is a blockhead, so I think Seattle will be ok in this regard.

      • cha

        I don’t do either of those. Just posting here. Glad you like them.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Maybe you could do one with Rob sometime….
          call it cha cha slide or something like that every month or so.

          Could be fun talking football with the grand poobah Rob. 😉

    • Big Mike

      5. The $64,000 question indeed

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent write-up as usual.

      The crazy thing is this Seahawks teams are 5-0 and the difference between 5-0 and 3-2 is two failed short yardage runs.

      • cha

        I thought no way could the Seahawks live on a margin thinner than 2019’s.

        I was wrong.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Thin margins… keep the heart pumping…. paraphrased from PC comments as of late.

    • pdway

      really good write-up.


      Might #1 be correlated to Adams’ injury? I don’t actually think it’s just that, but likely part of it.

      Re #2 – have to admit I was just wrong re Hollister – in that I defended his deal all off-season, and it’s not that I think he didn’t earn it, or that he has regressed or something – it just seems we have decided that he’s no better than the TE3, and is going to get the number of chances you’d expect from a 3rd string player – which should probably equate to a league min salary. I guess he’s still good depth in the advent of injury – but right now, looking like money that should have been spent elsewhere.

      • cha

        #1-very possibly but the adjustments have likely illuminated a pathway to a more productive defense (comparatively). A bye week is a good time for a big picture review and the defense sure needs that.

        #2-I can see the logic of Hollister as an insurance policy at TE. Olsen has been banged up and Dissly’s history is well documented. The challenge is the cost of the policy is extremely high. It’s an unnecessary luxury when you consider (as a theoretical example) that contract was the difference between what the Hawks were offering Clowney and what he took. Or half of Everson Griffen’s contract in Dallas, etc. And then even moreso when you consider the Hawks drafted two TEs.

  8. Big Mike

    1a. “Can you identify a need area and address it?”

    Well cha, they did an excellent job identifying the need for pass rush atn the end of last season so to me identification isn’t the issue. Execution has been and is at this point.

    • Big Mike

      That should’ve read STILL is at this pont

  9. charlietheunicorn

    Brown with TD grab. Very impressive.

  10. Steve Nelsen

    Please find more college defensive linemen, Rob. I get a good feeling about next year’s draft every time you write about one. (Offensive tackles too!)

  11. charlietheunicorn

    1/2 time notes: Bills/Titans

    Bills Defense looks beatable.

    Just need to push the ball down the field to the TEs inside the numbers.
    Seahawks, keep this in the quiver for the game later on this season.
    Play action is killing them as well.

    Another note, Clowney has been pretty much non-existent on pass rushes or the rushing defense for the Titans. Very interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      A couple of points.

      Firslty, the Titans are a good, unbeaten team who reached the AFC Championship game last season. So if the Bills defense looks beatable, it might simply be because Tennessee is playing well.

      Secondly, we don’t need a running commentary on Clowney’s season. If he has a quiet half, it makes absolutely nob-all difference to anything.

      • Rob Staton

        What I will say about the Bills — I suspect playing conservatively on defense could be a big plus in that game. Make Josh Allen play with patience and take what is there. I think he might get frustrated and force things. But there’s also a chance if you play that way he’ll run for a ton of yards.

        • Rob Staton

          Case in point — his second interception tonight.

        • charlietheunicorn

          They got 2 take aways so far….. doing something right.
          Not a ton of yards after catch being allowed by the LB and secondary.

  12. cha

    Oh my goodness.


    • Big Mike

      Finally someone that attempts to tackle and is worse at it than Cody Barton.
      Low blow?

      • TJ

        I hear what you are saying, and understand where it comes from. We have been highly critical of Barton, and for good reason. He has been a huge disappointment for where he was drafted, but I’m going to give him due credit for playing a good game this week. It was by far his best.

        • Rob Staton

          He didn’t play a good game though.

          He was regularly run over in the running game. He was easily blocked out on the first TD. His recognition is always suspect.

          His bad PFF grade validates all of this.

          I don’t understand where this ‘good game’ stuff has come from.

          • BobbyK

            Agreed. One good play, albeit an important one, doesn’t mean one had a good game.

          • pdway

            agree. example of where high tackle numbers don’t always tell the story. he’s a weak link out there.

            will be good to see Brooks get a shot post-bye.

    • evan

      Has anyone else noticed that after each epic stiff-arm (except the 99-yard run obv.) Henry always runs out of bounds on his own? Marshawn would never run out of bounds at a time like that. Carson neither.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m kind of inclined to say, so what?

        • evan

          So I’d rather have Carson or Marshawn

  13. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Jets tried to trade Le’Veon Bell for weeks, dating back to last year’s trade deadline. There were no takers. Tonight they released him. Bell now is a free agent.

    • Rob Staton

      Why can’t a dissatisfied pass rusher run himself out of town!

      • jopa726

        Because they take ATV?

        • BobbyK


  14. charlietheunicorn

    Go get Bell!!!

    • Rob Staton


      • charlietheunicorn

        On a cheap deal LOL

        • Rob Staton


        • Steve Nelsen


          I can support adding more offense. If you want to talk about Antonio Brown when he becomes available, I could see that. Future injury replacement? Sure.

          Bring back Marshawn? I would support that just for the fun it would be.

          But Le’Veon in 2020 is not the player you are remembering from your 2017 fantasy team. And he is a potential chemistry disruption you don’t need from an overpriced underperforming past his prime backup.

          • dcd2

            I find it hilarious that you’re willing to consider AB, but not Bell because – chemistry disruption.

            Maybe he and Adams can’t get along. I have no idea. Seems that Adams talked him into coming to the NYJ dumpster fire and then forced his way out. I’d be a little miffed too if I were Bell.

            AB is in need of legit mental health treatment though. He’s off the deep end. His antics got him traded for peanuts and then cut by two other teams while getting suspended for 8 games and blackballed by the league.

            If Bell is willing to sign on the cheap like Fournette, for non-guaranteed money, why not? He steps out of line, cut him. Now that the Jets have taken all of the risk out it by releasing him, and eating his guarantees. Somebody will sign him and he’ll probably be good.

            RB is not even one of our needs. But Hyde is banged up and has missed two straight games. Carson has never played a full season. Neither of them is the receiving threat that Bell is. Homer is great in pass pro, but he’s not a good runner. When will Penny even be back? Is it so out of line to consider we might kick the tires and see what he wants?

            We have 5 RB’s, so it is highly unlikely that we would sign him, but he would bring a skillset that we don’t have. It’s certainly not where I think we should spend what little cap we have, but trying to predict our moves this year is like trying to hit a knuckleball with a blindfold on (we are carrying 6 TE’s after all).

            Who knows what you’re getting in 2020 Bell? Gase is such a mess of a coach, he was playing Kalen Ballage over Kenyan Drake. Drake gets traded and instantly is a top RB who secures a lucrative contract. Robbie Anderson was near worthless in NY. He leaves and he’s one of the top WR in the NFL. Bell was being outsnapped by 60 year old Frank Gore last week. He will probably sign with the Patriots and get 1000 yards in 10 games. Then the Pats will let him walk and take a 4th round comp for their troubles.

            • Steve Nelsen

              My position on AB v. Le’Veon re: chemistry disruption does seem hard to reconcile.

              AB spending time with Russ in the offseason and getting a vote of confidence from Russ made me open to giving him a chance.

        • Steve Nelsen

          I don’t think you can get Bell on a cheap deal. His $6M for 2020 is guaranteed by the Jets and is offset by anything he gets paid from a new team. In other words, unless someone offers him more than $6M (per game equivalent) he’s playing for free. Nobody is going to pay Bell and he isn’t going to play for free. I think he is done for 2020 and tries to catch on with a new team in 2021.

          • Rob Staton


            All this means is he’s guaranteed his $6m.

            He will sign somewhere, probably on a cheap deal, then re-enter the market in the off-season.

            But there’s zero chance of it being Seattle. It simply isn’t a need.

            • Steve Nelsen

              Maybe I didn’t word it clearly but the offset is the key provision in his contract. He is in the same situation as Clay Matthews, someone has to pay him more than the Jets.

              • dcd2

                Clay isn’t playing for another contract though. He can sit at home and collect his guarantees and ride off into the sunset. If Bell wants to prove that he’s worth another deal, sitting out the entire year isn’t ideal.

                You are right, in the sense that $6M is probably the most he can make this year, whether he plays or not though. No one is going to give him more than $6M for an 11 game rental.

              • Rob Staton

                That’s not my understanding. Mike Florio said earlier he gets $6m regardless if he’s cut.

                So he’s free to sign somewhere.

                • Steve Nelsen

                  Le’Veon is free to sign anywhere. He will continue to get paid $6M for the rest of the year by the Jets whether he plays or not If Le’Veon signs with another team, anything they pay him reduces what the Jets have to pay. So, no net gain to Le’Veon. He is essentially playing for free unless someone is willing to pay him more than what the Jets are paying him.

                  • Rob Staton

                    He plays to prove he’s still got it for when he enters the market in the off-season.

                    Can’t believe we’ve spent this long arguing about whether Bell will sign anywhere. If he gets an offer, he definitely will.

            • dcd2

              Yep. The offset is just what NYJ don’t have to pay of the $6M. If he signs a $2M contract they pay the other 4. If it’s a $1M deal, they pay 5.

              If anything, it probably encourages him to sign a vet minimum deal, as it gives his new team max leverage of the cap, while also sticking the Jets with the biggest portion of the tab possible.

            • cha

              The Hawks have never significantly featured passes to RBs in their offense anyway. And they already have assets on the roster they’re not utilizing in the passing game.

              So wedging him into the offense isn’t something they need to do right now. And that’s before you get into the money or personality questions.

  15. charlietheunicorn

    I forgot this detail

    “This was the second time in four months that a high-profile player wanted out. In July, All-Pro safety Jamal Adams and the team were involved in a contract dispute. They eventually traded him to the Seattle Seahawks. Adams was critical of Gase’s leadership on the way out.”

    • charlietheunicorn

      Bell heavily criticized Adams on social media….. leading a little bitterness between the two of them.

  16. charlietheunicorn

    Allen gunned that one in to Yeldon. There is the arm.

  17. Rob Staton

    Titans are legit.

    • Aaron

      Agreed, they have a formula that will give every team fits. Now after Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes struggled this week, Russ has to be no. 1 in the MVP race.


    • Gohawks5151

      I don’t mean to sound snarky but is that surprising? They made the AFC championship game, added Clowney, AJ Brown another year developed.

      • Rob Staton

        So not allowed to give them praise?

    • Scot04

      Titans definitely legit and in my opinion should have been the pick to win their division before the season started. They wanted to improve the Pass rush then added Beasley and Clowney. The results of those 2 might not look great statistically now, but you can’t say they didn’t try to fix a Priority. Clowney still drawing double teams and freeing up others. Their defense is only going to get better.
      Ours we can only hope. The front office needs come through at the trade deadline.

      • Big Mike

        “They wanted to improve the Pass rush then added Beasley and Clowney”
        Wow, what a concept. Maybe they can tutor Pete and John on how to do that.

  18. Lewis

    The Seahawks love guys that have battled through adversity. As a Vandy grad, I think it’s safe to say that anyone that played for the Commodores has seen plenty.

  19. Sea Mode

    Learn to win jump balls and maybe…

    Jamal Adams
    DK @dkm14 is the new era Megatron. I’m not arguing with anybody. Have a great Tuesday!

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t remember Megatron dropping these many passes either.

      DK is great but he has a long way to go.

      • Henry Taylor

        I would argue his trajectory is heading that way.

        Not that player yet, there’s a reason he was the 64th pick, but he’s already so much better than when they drafted him.

        • Rob Staton

          I think people forget how good Megatron was.

          D.K. Metcalf is a really good player. Unreal athlete. Lots of stuff he still needs to work on.

          I think the comps to all-time greats are a bit premature.

          • Henry Taylor

            This doesn’t tell the whole story, but fwiw, Metcalf is on pace for 1587 yards and 16tds.

            Megatron had 2 seasons in his career over that yardage and 1 season with that many tds. If Metcalf continues his pace it would be an all time great season statistically.

            I’m not saying DK is that good yet, and you’re right that it’s always unfair to compare a young player to an all time great, but what he’s doing at this point in his career is up there with only the truly elite WRs to have ever played the game.

            • Rob Staton

              Context matters.

              Russell Wilson is a big reason why Metcalf has those numbers.

              And really, production is neither here nor there for me. It’s what he’s doing on the field. There are still too many areas he needs to improve to be paired with Megatron.

      • CaptainJack

        DK seems to have 4-5 fantastic plays per game and then one absolutely terrible drop or fumble every game. Needs to clean it up, I think he’s yet to really take off this season. He was a non-factor against the Vikings until the second half, and even on that last drive he had an almost disastrous drop.

        Love the potential, don’t love all the hype he’s getting. Don’t want that to go to his head when he’s still very much in the process of developing into a complete receiver.

  20. Ben S

    Kamalei Correa just asked to be traded. Thoughts on adding him as depth at SAM and as a pass rusher?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a scheme fit. Lacks length. Can’t put him up at the line on early downs. Would be more of a SAM in Seattle who reduces down.

      The Seahawks need someone who can rush the edge as a proper defensive lineman, with the profile of a 4-3 end.

      • Chase

        I know the falcons owner said he wasn’t going to start dismantling the roster until they hired a new head coach or GM, but they are a team that looks like its about to start a roster overhaul, especially with how far over the projected cap they are. Is there anyone on their DL that can provide a hint of improvement over what we field? The clock is ticking, PCJS must do something.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Atlanta mentioned as part of their “no sell off” message that they saw managing veteran contracts as a way to deal with their 2021 cap issues.

          I think the only player on Atlanta that is clearly in play is Matt Ryan. They could trade him and be front runners for Trevor Lawrence which could be attractive to a potential new coach.

          If you are Shanahan in San Francisco do you like a reunion with Ryan better than relying on Garrapolo or Beathard? Yes.

          • JJ

            I would live to get a shot at Takk McKinley for a day 3 pick. I don’t think they picked up his 5th year option and he has had a couple down years after starting out promising.

            • Rob Staton

              He’s injured.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, Grady Jarrett and Dante Fowler. Not sure they will want to move either though before a new GM has been able to come in and have a look.

  21. Hoggs41

    You never wish injury on anyone but Chandler Jones being out for the season is great news for us. Now if we could get Donsld gone as well were talking.

  22. JD

    Great piece Rob. I’ve been searching for anyone who could possibly help us rush the passer on the trade market on bad teams. Not a ton of options.

    What are your thoughts on Jordan Jenkins? FA after this season and the Jets could do with more trade capital. Not a star but has decent production the past 2 years with 7 and 8 sacks.

    • Rob Staton

      Liked him at Georgia. Has a short area burst. Doubt he can play early downs at end. They need someone who can play early, not just mix in on third and long.

  23. JD

    I wanted to breakdown bad teams and cash strapped teams to see who could be available for trade at the EDGE position.

    Bad: Giants, Jets, Falcons, Texans, Washington

    Giants: Kyler Fackrell and Markus Golden
    Analysis: Fackrell had his best game against the Seahawks as part of a 10 sack season in 2018. Seemed more of an outlier year than an expectation. Not much to get excited about an not much of an upgrade from our current DE’s
    Analysis: Golden is in a similar boat. Not much of an upgrade.
    Conclusion: Giants don’t have much quality to offer.

    Jets: Jordan Jenkins
    Analysis: Decent production the past two years with 7 and 8 sacks. Great size and as Rob said, good short area burst. Not a huge improvement from what we have but good insurance if Mayowa were to get injured. Could be worth a late round pick IMO.
    Conclusion: Not a season saver but could help.

    Falcons: Grady Jarrett, Takk McKinley, Dante Fowler, Charles Harris
    Analysis: As has been said here, the Falcons ownership is likely to wait and see what the new regime wants to do with the current roster. Hard to predict but these first three could all help. Mckinley just suffered a groin injury. Jarrett is likely there cornerstone on defense and not willing to move. Fowler just signed a long term deal. Could we take a flier on first round burst Charles Harris who was known for his speed off the edge? Something we desperately lack.
    Conclusion: Wait and see but they are $25M over the cap for next year so we might have answers sooner rather than later. (Rob mentioned a bunch of easy cap cuts they can utilize but maybe they are tempted by draft capital as well).

    Texans: JJ Watt (Not really), Whitney Mercillus, Jacob Martin
    Analysis: This would be the ideal team to trade with as they are desperate for draft capital after the Tunsil trade and being $11M over the cap for 2021. Watt’s contract is ideal for them to get off the books but he is the cornerstone of that franchise and city and I agree with Rob it is nearly impossible. I wouldn’t love the move either as his injury history is concerning. Mercillus would hurt their cap situation it appears so probably not likely. Martin is not much of an improvement over our current roster but does have speed off the edge and showed some potential while a Seahawk.
    Conclusion: Not likely trade partner.

    Washington: Ryan Kerrigan
    Analysis: Seems like the best option. With his lack of playing time, hopefully a R4 pick could get it done. Has been a sack artist his whole career.

    Cash strapped: Eagles, Saints

    Eagles: Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat, Derek Barnett, Malik Jackson
    Analysis: Extremely ideal team for the Seahawks to take advantage of their awful cap situation for 2021 but unfortunately the NFC East is wide open and even more so with Dak’s injury. Nonetheless, moves need to be made for this team to get under the cap for next year so they will be motivated.
    Cox is a great option however I was impressed by Bullard’s first outing (and that college highlight tape is just unreal). I wouldn’t complain however because he is still an impactful player and would no doubt help our D Line get pressure on opposing QB’s.
    Graham is a solid player and would definitely be an upgrade.
    Sweat was a blog favorite with the one huge risk being his health but he has seemed to stay healthy so far.
    Barnett and Sweat aren’t cap casualties but the Eagles could get value over players they might not be able to retain. Barnett was a first round pick and has decent production. He might cost too high for my liking.
    Malik Jackson’s contract looks immovable but I’m not a cap expert.
    Conclusion: A lot of intriguing options. They play the Giants and Cowboys the next two weeks. If they lose both to division opponents, they are most likely sellers at the deadline.

    Saints: I have a hard time seeing them as sellers. A loss to the Chargers might have changed things but they are in the thick of the division. They have a lot of ways to shed cap next year but not much EDGE players unfortunately.

    Bonus: Teams that are likely to not trade – Bengals, Jaguars, Vikings. Bengals are notorious for not trading and the Jaguars don’t have much on the edge they would be willing to part with. Vikings are a good team and I doubt they try to trade but rather gear up for a wild card spot.

    I just threw this together so please correct me if I said anything wrong. Please feel free to add players/teams that could be in the mix that I may have missed.

    • Simo

      Nice effort here! Can’t argue with much of your assessment overall, seems like solid rationale. Sure hope JS is talking with Philly as they do have some intriguing options, even though they are likely the front runners in the pathetic NFC East. As you said, would be nice if a R4 pick could land Kerrigan, although he’s costly and I’m not certain he’s a huge upgrade. At this point any upgrade needs to be considered though!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for putting it together. A good review.

      If you can get Kerrigan for a day three, I still think that’s worth considering.

  24. Volume12

    When is Tre’Davious White supposed to be back? If he’s not starting for Buffalo when we play them, Russ is gonna tear their corners apart.

    • Rob Staton

      I remember people saying he was going to tear Minnesota’s young corners apart…

      • Pran

        if not for rain gods. Russ does not play in elements well…he cant let it continue if he wants to be GOAT

      • CaptainJack

        Hard to deny the rain as a major factor impacting russ, as well as abysmal pass protection in the first half.

  25. Sea Mode

    Great video breakdown of the final drive by former NFL QB J.T. O’Sullivan in case anyone missed it last thread. Thanks to Big Mike for the share:

    Russell Wilson: Two-Minutes Cooking in the Rain

    Pretty amazing how the final 3 throws of the game all went to DK… (even though I’m pretty sure the last one was designed to go to Lockett first read, but Russ saw he didn’t have another second to wait for the window to throw to him. You can see him looking Lockett’s way and his feet are facing that way, and he even makes one last quick glance back towards Lockett before firing away from his body to DK.)

    I’m watching the other ones he’s done on the Seahawks from different weeks.

    Rob, would be awesome if he would agree to a little Seahawks (or draft prospect) film session with you sometime! He obviously (who doesn’t) enjoys watching and breaking down Russ, so who knows.

  26. Sea Mode


    Better see you back in Seattle 2021!

    Bruce Irvin

    If it ain’t Seattle. I’m calling it a career buddy

    • Henry Taylor

      Watch us give him a 25% raise.

  27. Sea Mode

    I’m enjoying this thread… 😂

    Albert Breer

    The NFL announces it’s “reimagining” the Pro Bowl. The reality: the 2021 Pro Bowl is canceled. This also clears the way for an 18th week without having to move the Super Bowl.

    Pro Bowl was probably never happening this year anyway, for obvious reasons.

    Albert Breer
    · 33m

    Looks like my wife has decided to “reimagine” my plan to watch 14 hours of college football this Saturday.

    Ben Fischer

    I’m going to reimagine my run this evening.

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