Some thoughts on the Jamal Adams trade situation

Jamal Adams has asked to be traded by the Jets

There’s been a lot of talk over the last 48 hours about Jamal Adams — and understandably so. He’s a quality player at a good age (turns 25 in October). Aside from his obvious qualities on the field he’s also considered an emotional leader.

It does warrant asking why we’re on chapter seven of ‘will he or won’t he leave the Jets’. It’s possible that the constant drama that surrounds his future is self inflicted. After all, there’s little reason for the Jets to part with a player everyone considers one of their best. Nevertheless here we are — with Adams unsatisfied on contract talks and trying to force his way out of New York.

Adam Schefter tweeted a list of the best teams in the NFL, stating Adams would be willing to be traded to any of them. The Seahawks were on the list. This is all part of the ‘come and get me’ plea that the player is initiating through the media. The Seahawks are listed not so much for any specific reason other than they’re a competent franchise who regularly qualifies for the playoffs with a top quarterback.

Even so, it’s got people talking and even creating wild and wonderful trade scenarios — including players and picks.

The chances of the Seahawks actually making the trade however are remote.

The reality is that safety is one of the few positions where they actually have some depth and talent. The Quandre Diggs acquisition during the 2019 season was a masterstroke. Already he looks like Seattle’s second best player on defense. He’s charismatic and respected. As long as he can stay healthy, a contract extension at the end of the season could be on the cards. Diggs is only 27 and has an opportunity to become a longer term core member of the roster.

At strong safety, they’re only a year removed from spending a second round pick on Marquise Blair. While it’s no precursor to success, it’s worth noting that they took Blair 17 spots earlier than D.K. Metcalf in the 2019 draft. The only defensive back they’ve drafted earlier than Blair is Earl Thomas. That’s how much potential they think he has. He’s also not the first safety to require some time to learn the scheme. Kam Chancellor was redshirted. Earl Thomas had growing pains and simply played anyway because he joined what amounted to an expansion-level roster in 2010.

Trading for Adams would all but write off the Blair pick one year into his career.

They also have Bradley McDougald, who people are already happy to write off and propel off the roster — presumably because he’s not a former high pick or a flashy big name. Yet McDougald has long been underrated. His passer rating when thrown to in 2019 was 58.8 — among the top-15 for all defensive backs in the league. That’s comparable to Tyrann Mathieu (57.8) and Eddie Jackson (57.6). That’s despite being targeted 14 more times than Jackson in coverage.

He actually had a relatively poor end to last season which impacted his statistics. For most of the year he was graded in a similar range to Earl Thomas, who ended up leading all defensive backs in passer rating.

McDougald has also contributed with turnovers — including five interceptions in the last two seasons, four forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

Nobody would argue he’s a better player than Adams. He isn’t. Given the choice of the two players to build around, you’d clearly choose the younger former top-10 pick. Yet McDougald is the ideal player to have in place while you bring along Blair. He’s a competent, productive starter with leadership qualities. If the aim is for Blair to take over the starting role in the next 12 months, this is actually a good situation. He has to earn the job but he has a pathway to achieve that.

By trading for Adams you’re completely blocking his route to start. It’d be the end of his Seattle career. You’d have to pay a first round pick for the privilege plus other picks too — on top of the selection already used on Blair.

It really comes down to this — the strong safety position is not a problem for Seattle. They have a reasonable transition plan in place. As good as Adams is — it’s not a situation that warrants the extreme investment (picks and a massive new salary) it would cost to bring him in.

Diggs, McDougald and Blair — supported by Ugo Amadi — isn’t a glaring weakness. If the Seahawks are going to spend a first round pick in a trade, it should be on the defensive line. That’s the real area that’s going to hold them back in a title run.

The dire situation is highlighted by the fact they still haven’t replaced Al Woods at defensive tackle. At the moment they’re prepared to enter the season with only Bryan Mone and Demarcus Christmas backing up Jarran Reed and Poona Ford.

At defensive end, they’re going to be relying on Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin — plus anything they can get from rookie Darrell Taylor — to try and fix the pass rush problem and make up for the loss of Jadeveon Clowney. Nobody would’ve accepted that situation the day after the Green Bay playoff game. Yet here we are.

Had the Seahawks invested in their D-line in free agency and not acquired Quandre Diggs or Marquise Blair in the last 12 months — trading for Adams would’ve been a smart move. As it is they’ve just got other priorities at the moment.

And before anyone points out that Adams had 6.5 sacks for the Jets last year — remember who he was playing for. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams embarrassingly calls himself ‘Doctor Blitz’. Adams blitzed 90 times during the 2019 season, ninth most in the entire NFL at any position. Baltimore’s Chuck Clark, in a similar scheme, was the only safety who blitzed at a similar rate.

In comparison, Bradley McDougald blitzed 21 times. Even Bobby Wagner only blitzed 71 times last season.

In Seattle’s scheme, Earl Thomas recorded the grand total of zero sacks and Kam Chancellor had two. So Adams’ sack total is unlikely to translate.

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  1. Bankhawk

    IMHO, your logic in this piece is impeccable. Another really nice read, Rob.

  2. Hoggs41

    If I had a vote in this I would vote no mostly for the reasons you pointed out. We are in a good position at safety. Like you said the only real position of need right now is along the DLine. Sure Adam’s could upgrade the position but would it be worth it? Probably not.

  3. TomLPDX

    It would be nice to have a player of his caliber on the team but like you said, we have a pretty good group of safeties already. I don’t get why some people don’t like McD. He came in and has done a solid job at the position for several years now and I don’t think he is done yet.

    • BC_Hawk

      Exactly. McD has been forced to play FS with the ineptitude of T2 and such; he is natural at SS. I’ve been very impressed with his versatility, but you really saw him play lights out with Earl or Diggs at FS. Kam he is not, but he’s brilliant in coverage, decent against the run, and shows good instinct. No sure how it would play out, but he’d be a nice depth piece even if Blaire takes over the role in 2021.

      • Gohawks5151

        I’m not sure why either. He has been much more than we expected as the initial backup to Earl and Kam. That said I’m cheering for Blair to take that job. In limited time, and playing out of position at FS he still got his hands on the ball with pass break ups and forced fumbles. Big guys too. Nothing negative about him screamed anything except that he needs experience. Need some young guys to rise up. They need the snaps to prove it. Bradley gonna be 30 next year. Same age they got rid of Earl.

  4. BruceN

    He’s a special player but as you said the position is one of the few strengths on the team and the draft capital and the contract it would take to keep him happy would be better spent elsewhere (like DL!). Clowney would cost less than him and would address a major need. I agree on McDougald. He doesn’t get the respect and appreciation she should. I would like to keep the trio of him, Blair and Diggs together after this year.

    • BC_Hawk

      And both he and Diggs are Well spoken high moral top notch team guys. We are blessed to have them on the team.

      • BruceN

        True, they are both great character guys. Diggs impact on the defense was huge. Same D with a full season of Diggs will be far better than last year. Not quite like Earl but close, at 1/3 of the cost. I thought his presence made Flowers and Griffin better.

  5. Jeff M.

    That’s not even mentioning our massive, massive investment ($ and picks) at LB, basically forcing us to once again lap the field in terms of how much base defense we play.

    Only way adding another star S would make sense is if we were going to go full-time Nickel/Dime.

  6. Cortez Kennedy

    I get it, I got a little excited too when he mentioned Seattle. We are fine at safety. Maybe we get lucky and something will rattles our way with Chris Jones. At least we will still be “a competent franchise who regularly qualifies for the playoffs with a top quarterback” and no excuse to ignore the defensive line next offseason I guess.

  7. James Z

    Of course Seattle was on the list and of course, as Rob spelled out, a non-starter. When I saw that the SH’s were on the list it was a yawner. For a coach who’s philosophy is 1st-stop the run, and 2nd-get to the passer, to have neither of those issues settled is a proverbial head scratcher. As teams, especially the other teams in the NFC West, go spread offense more and more or outside zone run and to not have these issues at least potentially in the corral is perplexing to say the least.

  8. BobbyK

    I’d be all for Adams if he played DE or DT.

  9. Michael P Matherne

    The investment is Blair is the real problem for me. If the Jets wanted him and we could add Adams for Blair + 2nd rounder I would go for it. Failing that I’m good with what we’ve got at safety.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I’m going to dovetail off of this a little bit.

      What about McDougald, Blair and 2nd round pick for Adams?
      Adams would be the presumed starter at SS for the next 5+ years. He is locked in for the next 2 years at a decent rate. Even if he want 16M in 2021/2022 time frame, Seattle can accommodate with an increased CAP.
      No matter how much we love Blair, he has not been a probowler and/or ALLPRO since joining the league. Even if everything breaks right for him, he may never get to that level. For Seattle, this gets the log jam at safety sorted out. The money would work out for both sides. You may have one of the best safety duo in the league and have quality CBs to match.

      The NY Jets then can utilize pro ready players this year and have increased cap flexibility next year.

      Does this address the biggest need for Seattle on defense, likely not, but it would provide absolute clarity on who will be in the back 4 on the defense. Then all resources can be devoted for the DL in regards to the defense. I would be for the move I mentioned, since you would be adding a clear upgrade over what you have on defense at SS. (Rob mentioned the scheme fit as a possible issue / lack of sacks in the Seaahwks defense, so expectations must be adjusted accordingly with this knowledge.)

      • Rob Staton

        There is 0% chance the Jets trade Jamal Adams for anything other than a first round pick and other picks. There’s no way they’re making that deal for Blair, McDougald and a mere late second round pick.

      • McZ

        The Jets employed Adams more like a dime linebacker. This could be the role we drafted Jordyn Brooks for.

        As for the Jets, they have another good safety in Marcus Maye, and Ashtyn Davis is more than a hedge. There is no need and no place for Blair or McDougald. They will prefer picks.

        • Rob Staton

          Brooks is a pure MIKE or WILL.

          • McZ

            You’re right, in a strict sense.
            But the role to add pressure on the line is pretty much the same.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s not though is it — a MIKE/WILL is very different than a dime linebacker or deathbacker.

              • McZ

                Okay, I researched a bit, and you’re 100% right.
                Always happy to learn.

        • Navyguy

          If they traded Adams, Mcdougald would be a nice fit until Davis is ready. If Seattle is doing it then the Jets should do it, Seattle has fielded some good safety’s.

          • Rob Staton

            Adams isn’t coming to Seattle and McDougald isn’t going to New York.

            • Navyguy

              I agree but I wasn’t suggesting Adams was a possibility in Seattle. I meant to suggest that if the Jets traded Adams to another team like the Cowboys then the Jets would be wise to mirror Seattle and acquire a veteran like Mcdougald to start over Davis. If Seattle acquires Clowney they have to cut or trade. Maybe Hill & Blair impress in training camp to the point Mcdougald becomes expendable. Picking up a draft pick for Mcdougald might be looking through rose colored glasses, I’m just trying to vision scenarios where Seattle fields a better team than last year.

    • Navyguy

      Jets drafted SS Ashtyn Davis round 3. If things go well for Seattle both Delano Hill 4th year & Blair 2nd year improve to become quality starters this summer. Mcdougald might be of interest to the Jets if they trade Adams. Adams is going to want top top $$ to resign with the Jets, if the Jets don’t want to pay that much they should trade Adams now while they can get more than a 1st round pick for him. If the Jets have 2 1st round picks in the 2021 draft they could add core pieces to build a winning team.

      • Rob Staton

        The Jets have absolutely no reason to trade away a top-10 pick for a late first rounder three years into a five year agreement.

        They don’t have to do anything this year.

        • Navyguy

          Your right the whole thing is bizarre it makes no sense unless Adams is willing to sit on the sidelines hoping for a trade knowing he’s not accumalting a years tenure. If Adams is willing to take the year off which might be the case because he lived through the NFL contracts his father & his family experienced then I do believe it makes sense for the Jets to trade him now. If Adams refuses to play football in 2020 for the Jets it may not hurt him much because he’s so young. The Jets might not want to dedicate $$$ to the SS spot and they could get a 1st round pick plus for Adams. The Jets suck I wouldn’t want to play for the Jets I’d definitely gamble the 2020 season if I’m Adams. If I’m the Jets I would definitely explore what I could get for SS Adams and there is a price that I would definitely trade for.

          • Jordan

            It will be a really interesting situation with the new CBA. Adams will lose a lot of money if he actually holds out which is nonrefundable by the team. If Adams really wants out, he will have to pull a AB or Diggs and just annoy the heck out of the Jets until they are forced to trade him…

            We saw with Yannick that the team did not fold. I would not be surprised if Adams has to play this year again with the Jets.

            • Navyguy

              If you don’t draft a Highly valued position in the top 10 you better be sure your going to sign him to his second contract. Adam’s market for 2 high draft picks & 15 plus million a year will never be in high demand.

  10. Denver Hawker

    Maybe I’m missing something- is he on a 4th year of his rookie deal? Is he going to hold out for two years to demand a trade or contract? Just doesn’t seem like he has a ton of leverage. His value to another team (trade value) is contingent on playing those two years on rookie and 5th year money.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Jets exercised the 5th year option already on his deal. He can negotiate a new deal after this season, but the new CBA says he has to show up or he has to play 1 more year under the current deal he is under….. from my understanding.

  11. IHF

    WHat odds they try the 2 birdsn one stone thing(they also have a lot more on the edges than the interior now) and try and swing that big Chris Jones trade and sign? The Chiefs are clearly struggling to get a deal done and he’s probably not going to be doing one in time.

    • Rob Staton

      What’s more beneficial for the Chiefs?

      Have Jones for another Super Bowl run and give themselves time to sort out a contract?

      Or throw the baby out with the bath water just because they don’t have a deal in June and get back a late first round pick?

      I don’t see any prospect of Kansas City trading him or the Seahawks trading for him. Because they’d have to be willing to pay him Aaron Donald money.

  12. JimQ

    Today, I’m watching -fan less- live golf on TV, the RBC Heritage played in So. Carolina. I have also recently watched a couple of live -fan less- boxing shows on ESPN. I found it interesting, how boxing rules were adjusted to handle Covid-19 in the US. The link below is for the boxing rules as they are proposed for opening Britain to live -fan less- boxing come July. (Whyte vs: Povetkin).

    The “new” rules are interesting and I have to wonder how the NFL will go about “new” rules when the NFL season starts. In particular, the rules used on ESPN and the proposed British rules for July both include; ALL parties, boxers, ring-men, trainers, announcers & referees (and even the media, I think) get tested 2 full days before the contest & then they must remain in isolation until the fight and get retested the day of the fight. All but just the fighters are required to mask up + some more weird stuff like no spit buckets & one cut man for both.

    I wonder how many of these “new” types of rules MAY apply to the NFL season. The Covid-19 testing followed by 2 days of strict isolation (with re-testing pre-game) may be a viable thing for the NFL to consider. I would hope the NFL allows for more & easier call ups from the practice squad and maybe 6 on that squad isn’t enough IF any team gets hit really hard by Covid-19, all of this is assuming there is an NFL season, even a fan less one.

  13. Navyguy

    Most logical write up on the Seahawks/Adams situation so far. I say situation because a Jamal Adams trade could impact Seattle without Seattle acquiring Adams. Blair has done nothing to indicate there should be any doubt about his future prospects in Seattle. If the Jets acquire draft capital for Adams they might consider calling Seattle to make a trade for a Seattle player, Jets have a ton of needs. Seattle should be able to get a 6th round pick for someone or if their really fortunate put a package together for a 5th.

  14. Kingdome1976

    I assume the Jets would be asking 2 first rounders…Would you trade Penny and Collier for Jamal Adams and then pay him a kings ransom?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not right to put it in those terms though — because you’re not trading Collier and Penny. You’re trading future picks. And if it’s your top two picks — it can have a far reaching effect. A first round pick is a bargaining chip and your best asset every off-season. Even if those picks don’t ultimately work out, they are still highly valuable to the owner. And the Seahawks have a massive D-line problem. Imagine getting to next off-season, a top pass rusher being available for trade or even in the draft and you can’t do it because you added…. yet another safety.

      • TJ

        I agree 100% Rob. I will take it one step further… Imagine the first round pick that you traded away for another safety being a top-10 pick. We have become accustomed to the Seahawks always picking in the late 20s, but as we have discussed many times on this blog, if certain key players were to go down with injury, the Hawks could very well find themselves with a top-10 pick in the next draft. I don’t think adding a safety justifies that risk.

    • Navyguy

      I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of NY but the situation isn’t right for Seattle or SF. Even if the reasons did not exist that are mentioned in the article the trade cost is too high especially for Seattle. Giving up a 1st round pick plus is so costly the acquiring team would have to be sure Adams is going to be happy playing for the new organization. Lets say Seattle was desperate for a SS and gave up a 1st & 2nd for Adams then the unspeakable happens Russel Wilson suffers a career ending injury. Seattle wouldn’t have the picks to get a new QB and Adams might decide to demand a trade.

  15. John McCracken

    Really good article, and a very “balanced sense” of what the team needs. Without a ton of cap space left, and nobody to trade in particular, the Hawks are much better served holding out for the best veteran DT available considering the circumstances of this year’s preseason. Giving away #1 picks for the next two years does not insure winning this year. “They have bigger fish to fry”, whether Blair becomes what everyone hopes he becomes or not.

  16. charlietheunicorn

    Did anyone catch the premier league games today on TV?

    What did you think of the experience? Specifically, they piped in crowd noise only on the TV broadcast, but not in the stadium. I found it distracting. Should the NFL follow the same model, no fans, but crowd noise on broadcasts?

    • Rob Staton

      The Premier League and Bundesliga games have been a bore fest so far. A necessary act but the sooner fans are back in the stadiums the better.

    • Georgia Hawk

      90% of the game is fans in the stands, tailgating, fan experience at the stadium. I really dont see how the NFL survives without fans in the stands this year. CFB is going to have a REALLY rough time if there are no fans. Atmosphere is so huge in CFB. Living in the SEC, I can tell you people here live and breathe it. You can’t artificially create that. Games are going to be awful to watch if there are no fans. Players feed off the fans.

    • CL

      But if I recall correctly, FOX (and the others as well) were preparing to add virtual fans to the stadium.

      So maybe the experience at home will be ok.. at least I hope so

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m in favor of adding crowd noise. The monologues of comedians on TV have been flat without a laugh track. The sporting events like boxing also seem strange without noise. Perhaps they can combine the two, cheering when the home team scores, laughter when the visiting team messes up. Just don’t overdo it.

      • Volume12

        Not that WWE is on fire or anything, but wrestling is almost unwatchable w/o crowds (already close to it w/ crowds there). It’s rough. The 1 profession where your manipulating the crowds response has no crowd. 🤮

  17. Volume12

    I saw LZ tweet out that Trey Sermon might be a better back than Najee Harris. IDK about that. I thought Harris woulda been the most improved player in the country if not for Burrows last year.

    • Gohawks5151

      Maybe better as in statistically? Sermon is going into that Ohio State system that will blow up his numbers. Especially with Fields back there too. Harris might have to run vs stacked boxes if they cant get a QB going. Mac Jones doesn’t scare me. Harris is better physically no doubt.

      • Volume12

        He said more ‘naturally’ talented.

        ‘Bama still has Brian Robinson at RB too. Both him and Harris will be top 75-top 100 picks. There’s a lot of LaVeon Bell in Harris’ game IMO. Sermon lacks something for me. Can’t put my finger on it yet.

  18. Gaux Hawks

    rob and company, who’s your favorite to land the veteran DT role (trade or free agent)? given the current offseason’s trajectory… i’m pulling brandon mebane. thoughts?

    • Gaux Hawks

      same goes for NCKL, any favorites?

      • Rob Staton

        I doubt they sign a nickel.

        The obvious names at DT are Mebane and Snacks Harrison. I don’t know why there’s a delay.

        • Gaux Hawks

          does “snacks” fit our system?

          • Rob Staton

            He’s a defensive tackle.

    • cha

      Anybody that’s not Mone or Christmas at this point.

      Imagine this defense losing Jarran Reed for any length of time. RB’s could carry a tray of full champagne glasses through the line and not spill a drop.

      • Gohawks5151

        Very descriptive. Snacks for sure. Timmy Jernigan if he is healthy.

        • Hoggs41

          I’m pretty sure the nickel will come within. Dunbar, Amadi, Stephens. If one of them does show in preseason they could trade for one at cut downs. I think Snacks would be the target but how much money does he want.

      • Navyguy

        Didn’t realize Mone & Christmas demonstrated that they are terrible players if that’s what you are implying? How many NFL teams have great back ups? I do believe we need to add a pass rushing DT or it couldn’t hurt to add a veteran run stuffing DT but at the same time I see no reason not to expect a ProBowl year one day out of Christmas and Mone at this point, my expectations for them are the same I had for Ford, Baldwin & Carson but for different reasons. I believe Mone is a blue chip prospect that was under utilized at Michigan his size alone & the plays he made last year show probowl potential in my mind. Christmas size & strength while playing nose in college & switching to 3 tech in the NFL has me really excited about him, I really like his personality his facial expressions for a big guy are too much, but his back problems last year are a red flag to pay attention to.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m pretty sure Cha is simply reviewing the terrifying depth at the position, rather than reviewing the players specifically. But it’s a fair concern. Ford hasn’t even fully proven to be a legit starter yet. If Reed got hurt it would be a serious problem.

          • Navyguy

            Just standing up for the young pups and letting them know they got fans who believe in them too. Mone & Christmas love you guys can’t wait to see you impose your will! Go Hawks!

        • cha

          Didn’t realize Mone & Christmas demonstrated that they are terrible players if that’s what you are implying?

          No, I’m not saying they’re terrible. Am I saying they’re unproven? Absolutely. Mone has 4 games of NFL experience. Christmas none. That’s it. No functioning NFL franchise could or should rely on that level of inexperience for significant snaps (unless they’re some kind of Aaron Donald level rookie), let alone two players.

          How many NFL teams have great back ups?

          Poona and Reed aren’t players you play for 90% of the snaps. So on the interior of the DL the line between starter and backup is blurred.

          Reed is usually good for about 75% of the snaps. Poona played in the 50-55% range last year. Al Woods had about 50% of the snaps last year. Who’s taking Woods’ snaps this year? Again, you’re talking about relying on players with very little experience, and one coming off a season ending injury, as you say, for about as many snaps as Poona.

          Thus my comment about Reed. If he went down, they’d actually probably have to replace his volume of snaps with two players. And now you’re using both of your unknowns and trolling the street for someone to come in and either compete with inexperienced players, or just be a body on the DL. And there’s no logic that says that’d be a good thing, or even adequate.

          I do believe we need to add a pass rushing DT or it couldn’t hurt to add a veteran run stuffing DT

          So you agree with me, but don’t agree with me? If they do what you say there, there won’t be any room for Mone or Christmas on the roster.

          my expectations for them are the same I had for Ford, Baldwin & Carson but for different reasons.

          I love your optimism. I really do. I’d also love to be proven wrong. I’m a big underdog fan. But the odds of them contributing significantly in 2020 are not great. Look at how long it’s taken Poona and Green to develop into contributors. And they still have a long way to go to be dead solid locks at their positions. And this is a DL that, as currently constructed, desperately needs 2020 contributors.

          The Hawks have invested $25m in Wagner and Wright, a chunk of Irvin’s salary will be allocated to snaps at LB and a first round pick on Brooks. It’s going to be extremely difficult for them to get a good return on their investment if the LBs are constantly fighting off blocks from free OL’s because the DL can be handled one on one.

          • Navyguy

            What if Mone & Christmas see your comment? That’s all I was addressing! I completely disagree with your assessment of Ford & Reed but I’m not going to defend them because it’s healthy criticism for experienced players besides Ford is in a contract year. I believe the NFL has an abundance of Good run stuffing DT’s right now and they’re spreading out around the league vs formerly being stuffed in certain corners of the league. I believe as Pete Carrol does we need a pass rushing DT OR it couldn’t hurt to add a run stuffing veteran DT meaning moving Mone or Christmas to the practice squad. But I strongly agree with Cliff Avril who is currently working with all the DT’s & DE’s that the DL is good but it needs a veteran high caliber DE (Clowney) Avril did not say the DL needs any new DT’s, Avril’s opinion is recent and Pete’s comments are from the end of the draft.

            • cha

              That’s an extremely rosy interpretation of Avril’s comments.

      • Ashish

        Good analogy 🙂

  19. RWIII

    John Schneider/Pete Carroll KNOW that the Hawks need another run stuffing defensive tackle. I am going to estimate what the hold up is for not signing a defensive tackle(so far). One reason is the Hawks still feel they are in on Clowney. As long as long Clowney is still available the Hawks want to have an opportunity to sign him. The other reason is that the available DTs asking price is higher than Schneider wants to go.

    • Navyguy

      RW111 when & where did they state that? Pete said after the draft he wants a pass rushing DT in what way has that need changed? I guess Ford could become a 3 tech if they add a NT. If they added 2 more DT’s 1 for pass rush & 1 for run stuffing I wouldn’t have a problem with that because they could move both Christmas & Mone to the practice squad. Under the new rules practice squad is ok as long as your not putting positions there in high demand.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t recall Pete ever saying that.

        • Navyguy

          I’m pretty sure they were not at the podium. It was an interview addressing the next phase after the draft & what Schneider would be looking for they evasive but then Pete stated inside pass rush. I listened to it did not watch it. It shouldn’t be that hard to find it

          • Rob Staton

            If you can find it, I’d like to listen to it. But I have not seen these quotes anywhere.

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