Draft notes: Washington’s Elijah Molden is a first round talent

Elijah Molden looks like a star in the making

I spent a bit of time watching Elijah Molden a few days ago and last night I was able to focus on him during a live game for the first time.

In terms of pure talent, instinct and athletic ability — he’s a first rounder with rare skills.

Some players just have an innate ability to be around the ball. They are playmakers. Tyrann Mathieu had that at LSU. He wasn’t the biggest, the fastest or the strongest. Yet time and time again, he’d be making the play.

Molden has that same quality and offers a complete, rounded game with the versatility to fit into numerous roles at the second level.

Operating as a nickel corner he has the short area quickness teams crave. He ran a sensational 3.93 short shuttle at SPARQ and you see it in the tape. He has gliding, twitchy movement. There are no wasted steps and his body position and fluidity is elite. You see him turn and transition with ease.

Look at his interception against Utah. The quarterback holds onto the ball for four seconds before making his throw. That is a long time to cover across the middle. Yet there’s Molden — perfectly positioned to undercut the route and make the play. He made it look easy. I couldn’t help but imagine him running that coverage for the Seahawks against the Rams. Imagine him taking away all the crossers LA use?

He fights and battles in man coverage and he contests so many throws to the intermediate level. He has the valuable ability to take away quick options for the quarterback. He’s also adept at reading the play and has the suddenness to react.

You just don’t see many players with this X-factor quality.

He’s well sized with dynamite explosion in the lower body. You see it when he delivers jarring hits. You see it with the movement he makes to play the ball. He jumped a 37 inch vertical at SPARQ and he isn’t just a smaller, agile defensive back. He comes up to the line and plays well in run support. He hammers ball carriers.

His instinct and football intelligence is exceptional. Look at the interception he had against Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl. He reads the long-developing screen and has the speed and smarts to make the play. I can’t recall seeing this level of processing and physical quality.

He has great hands to play the ball and the ability to fight and compete when the ball’s in the air. He had 13 PBU’s in 2019 alone. He has five interceptions in 2019 and the three games of 2020. He has three forced fumbles and 5.5 TFL’s.

Molden is the definition of the modern day defensive back. He can be an exceptional nickel or he can be the next Mathieu or Budda Baker.

He was listed at 5-11 at SPARQ but at Washington he’s listed at 5-10 and 190lbs. To me it doesn’t matter. He’s not an outside cornerback anyway. He’s the ultimate playmaker at the second and third level — capable of playing either safety spot or nickel.

He can be a permanent snap taker on the defense, you never have to take him off the field. His tackling and run support is a major strong point. He seems to relish taking on blocks, shedding and working to the ball carrier. His physicality, to go with the skill and agility, is what makes Molden such an exciting prospect.

The icing on the cake is his maturity. He’s extremely well spoken and grounded in interviews. He appears determined and focused. Teams are going to love his tape and his personality.

Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being a top-20 pick. Molden is a special talent and it won’t be a surprise if he quickly develops into a NFL star.

Other notes

Regulars to the blog will know how highly I rate Vanderbilt’s Dayo Odeyingbo. Playing on a useless Vanderbilt team isn’t doing him any favours in terms of media coverage but the fact is he’s a great talent.

He had two sacks in Vandy’s latest blowout loss to Missouri. On the second he fought through a double team off the right edge and made it look easy, before throwing down the QB.

For me he warrants top-15 consideration. He’s a terror off the edge with an outstanding combination of length, power and athleticism. He converts speed to power with ease, knows how to win in numerous ways and at 6-6 and 276lbs he looks like a NFL stud.

He has 5.5 sacks for the season on a hopeless team. If he tests well at the combine, his stock will go through the roof.

Florida’s Kyle Pitts is an absolute lock to go very early. He was practically unstoppable against Kentucky — recording 99 yards on five catches with three touchdowns.

Pitts is the ultimate mismatch weapon. He’d be ideal for a young, blossoming quarterback (eg Justin Herbert) as a safety net, red zone target and chunk-play specialist. College football teams have no idea how to contain him. His ability to work openings at the second level is incredible. He’s a very natural athlete for his size. He either gets open or you can throw it to him and he’ll make it happen anyway. He has superb hands and can pluck the ball out of the air on difficult, contested catches — as he showed in this latest game on one of his TD’s.

Hopefully he lands on a team that appreciates what he is. It’d be a waste of time trying to convert Pitts into a traditional, all-round tight end. He’s basically a big slot receiver and mismatch weapon. In the right offense, he could be one of the leading receivers at the next level.

Blog regulars will know we’ve talked about Colorado linebacker Nate Landman for three years. He’s been consistently excellent. Against San Diego State he tallied 11 tackles, 3.5 TFLs and three sacks. Landman isn’t the fastest player but he had a 37.5 inch vertical at SPARQ.

He’s an absolute hammer hitter who brings toughness and physicality to the MIKE position. As you might expect from a three sack performance, he’s a useful blitzer. He might not go early in the draft but I wouldn’t bet against him making an impact in the NFL.

Finally, while Pittsburgh might’ve felt the full force of the return of ‘Big Trev’ for Clemson, Patrick Jones continues to have an exceptional season. He had a sack and two TFL’s. Jones now has nine sacks for the season — second most in the NCAA behind only Patrick Johnson of Tulane (10). Jones is a classic LEO/EDGE.

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  1. Hawks_Gui


    La Canfora says seattle is already looking for staff aditions on D

    • Rob Staton

      Not a surprise. A coordinator change is inevitable. I’m glad they’re being pro-active about it because this is about more than one coordinator. Experience is required on the staff. They need people who can properly organise and sort out this defense. It’s as much of a priority as anything.

  2. Big Mike

    “imagine him (Molden) running that coverage for the Seahawks against the Rams. Imagine him taking away all the crossers LA use”

    Seahawks nirvana right there.

  3. TheOtherJordan


    What do you think of Cade Otton? Personally, I think he’s the best TE UW has had in a very long time. I have watched every single snap they both have played and as much as I liked Dissly, Otton is significantly better to me.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they are different players to be fair.

      Dissly in college was more of a classic blocking TE but he tested very well in the agility drills at the combine. Hopefully Otton will test well there too to prove his upside. He played very well last night.

      • Hoggs41

        Zion was a beast last night as well as he has been all three games so far this season.

        • TheOtherJordan

          He’s been great no doubt. But level of competition is questionable. Would have liked to have seen what he would have done against Sewell.

          • Denver Hawker

            He’s a bit of a revelation for UW having started the season as a backup and racking up stats. I can’t really say how he’s getting pressure. I’ve only seen slight bend and dip moves, but mostly using big powerful lower body to get leverage. A lot of his sacks are coverage related and not speed. Definitely room for him to improve his pash rush game.

            • Paul Cook

              Yeah, he’s still a raw talent as a redshirt sophomore. What Zion’s got that he might lack in edge talent so far is that he’s one of those guys with an insane motor. He’s just relentless. So far that’s compensating for any lack of skill development so far. We’ll see, but he’s surely been a revelation so far this year.

      • TheOtherJordan

        Thanks. It’s hard to tell because the Pac-12 is garbage this year. The media narratives are always interesting to me too because Dissly was/is a much better receiver than most give him credit for. UW just didn’t use him enough. And Otton is a much better blocker than most think he is. He blocks until the second whistle consistently and clearly enjoys blocking.

        To your overall point, Dissly was about 25 pounds heavier in college and clearly a classic blocking TE. I don’t think Otton is a Seahawks TE but I think he fits several other teams scheme.

    • Jace

      Cade went to the same high school I went to. Pretty awesome to see him getting talked about on here and getting the recognition he deserves!

      • GerryG

        Is he part of the legendary Otton family from Tumwater? (I grew up in Oly)

        • Jace

          Yes! His grandpa is Sid!

  4. Mike

    What do we see as the biggest draft need? As much as id say D-line, i kinda think we need to take shots at corners more.

    • Rob Staton

      The biggest off-season priority should be to create a really terrific D-line. That is how this defense functions at its best — when it can rush with four. Until you solve that, nothing else will work to its max ability.

      But sure, corner is shaping up to be a big need too.

    • Mick

      IMO the order is D-line, corner, safety if we don’t keep Adams, RB if we don’t keep Carson, TE if Olsen and Hollister leave and Colby busts, O-line for rotation. Unless we’re gonna do linebacker again.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Don’t you think it is all the misses on the defensive line that has screwed up the rest of the team? Where are the great corners? Will Adams play safety or linebacker, for that matter how much longer will Wagner and KJ last until they need to be replaced?

      It isn’t just the defensive line that is a problem here. But all the whiffs on defensive line have screwed the rest of the defense, and without a pick until end of the second round I think they are better drafting for another position.

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m just here to say the name Demetric Felton. Again.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Jermar Jefferson

  6. clbradley17

    Have you taken a look at 6’3″ 305 lb. Iowa DT Daviyon Nixon? “He continued his strong play against Nebraska on Friday, piling up eight total tackles (including three for loss) and a sack. On the year, Nixon now has 36 total tackles (11.5 for loss) and five sacks. He also returned an interception 71 yards for a touchdown a week ago against Penn State.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGmciQEVQmA&feature=emb_logo&ab_channel=Mikerophone

    6’3″ 255 lb. DE Patrick Johnson of Tulane is leading the country in sacks with 10 and has 2 forced fumbles. He’s a senior who also had 10.5 sacks as a soph., played more in coverage last year and only had 4 sacks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP5SNfHTMJk&ab_channel=PatrickJohnson

    Victor Dimukeje is a 6’3″ 265 lb. senior DE for Duke who has 7.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles, and according to Walter Football is very good against the run as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjGB69h_Bh4&ab_channel=HardcoreHighlights

    Lastly Payton Turner is a Carlop Dunlap sized (6’6′ 270) senior DE for Houston who has 4 sacks and 1 forced fumble in 4 games. He’s missed the last couple games with an injury and the team has postponed several games early and recently with the pandemic. He also had 4 sacks last year, was one of the early TFL leaders this year and also bats down lots of passes like Dunlap.

  7. Denver Hawker

    Hawks will need corners and I love Molden, maybe even more than Wade. Unlikely he falls to end of R2.

    However, if he does, how does he fit with Adams, Diggs, Blair, and Reed? Seems like outside corner is the need.

  8. Paul Cook

    As far as I can tell. Molden is a great kid along with his natural talent and work ethic. He just keeps getting better. Whereas Levi and Tryon opted out of the season due to Covid, it wasn’t even remotely a consideration for Molden. He wanted to play this year and end his college career with a bang. He’s already a great slot guy, but I could also see him playing safety in the NFL in the vein of Budda Baker, as you mentioned.

    The Huskies also have two potential 1st/2nd rounders as underclassmen CB’s in Trent McDuffie and Kyler Gordon. Both of these guys have pretty insane measurables. They also have some real talent at the back end, but they’re not quite there yet in terms of gamesmanship. Loaded in the secondary.
    And Jimmy Lake does a great job of making NFL prospects of his secondary.

    Nice write up.

  9. icb12

    Watching cards v pats.

    That has to be the absolute worst blindsided block call I have ever seen. They are squared up on each other. Defender lowers his shoulder and attacks.
    Good lord

    • Rob Staton

      Said it before and after our game… the Cardinals are bang average.

      They should be 4-6. No way the Seahawks should’ve blown that game in Arizona and they had a hail mary, one-in-a-million play against the Bills.

      • icb12

        I agree with you.
        Further. After all the public vitriol at the beginning of season about Cam not getting a job for so long.. he’s bad. Really bad. He’s not even 10% of what he used to be.
        Will he be out if the league next year??

        • Rob Staton

          Probably. He’s not good enough any more.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Cardinals corners played Metcalf and Lockett well. And without a running game… well you know what happens.

        Come on New England – drive a stake through their heart. All tied up with 2 minutes to go.

        • BobbyK

          Lockett had one of his career best games against the Cardinals earlier this year. They didn’t play him well that first game.

        • AlaskaHawk

          and Russ was avoiding Metcalf for some reason. I still like the Cardinals corners.

  10. Happy Hawk

    Daniel Jones next week’s opposing quarterback out with a hamstring injury.

  11. Sea Mode

    *cough* Trade Adams, draft Molden, save $16-18m for DL help. Prosper…

  12. Matt

    Glad you got a chance to watch Molden – he’s a stud. Dad was an All-American at Oregon – he is incredibly smart, explosive, you name it.

    The guy you will get really excited about is Trent McDuffie – he’s going to be the best ever out of UW. Take Byron Murphy’s instincts/discipline but combine it with a faster Marcus Peters-type physicality…that’s McDuffie. Started as a true Frosh and teams basically avoided him by the end of the year. I believe he’s only had 1 target this year and it resulted in an INT.

    UW/Lake is going to be churning out some serious D talent in the coming years.

  13. uptop

    I would love to see Molden tracking down the Rams crossers like he did against Bentley last night. He’s exactly what the defense needs. If we can trade something to get in range to take him, it would be a serious discussion. Sadly now he seems more like a pipe dream.

  14. Chris Wood

    I feel like our entire defense is a question mark after this season, especially our secondary. We have limited cap space next year and only 3 picks too.

    Tre – He’s cheap … that’s all I got.

    Shaq – Is he good enough to warrant a new contract? I don’t think so, I’m with Rob on this one and let him test Free Agency. I’d rather sign a DL with the contract he might want.

    Dunbar – Can he stay healthy for an entire season? He could be retained for cheap I believe, he posted something on his Twitter/Instagram about how much respect he has for Schneider after his legal affairs. Money talks so lets hear what he wants.

    Ugo – He’s flashed as a NCB, I like his play. He’s earned a starting spot in my book.

    Reed – He’s done decent as a fill in mid season. I kind of want to see him start over flowers, but he’s short for Carroll’s corners. He’s still on his Rookie contract next year too.

    Blair – He started 2 games as a NCB, he makes plays on defense but is he better than Ugo as a NCB? We kept him even though we traded for Diggs and Adams. I hope we find a position for him, I love his quiet swag and he makes shit happen.

    Diggs – What has happened? Do we keep him for one more year and hope he rebounds? He costs 5M next year and he’s nowhere near good enough to warrant that pay. Do we trade the one season wonder and try starting Blair at FS to keep Ugo on the field?

    Adams – I want to believe Carroll has a plan before selling the farm for him. I want to believe that they didn’t trade for him out of desperation. I want to believe our Front Office is better than desperation moves. There are plenty of reasons (or excuses) to why he hasn’t gelled yet and I waiting to see what the rest of the year looks like with him before I cast my judgement. If we do trade him, do we try Blair at SS?

    Loved the write up on Molden and loved his highlights even more (no offense Rob). I’m hoping we get more answers than questions during this offseason. We need play makers on the team and I’m starting to get tired of taking the “ideal measurements” player over someone one with a spark. Maybe just maybe the historically bad defense has humbled Carroll. Let’s see if the old dog can learn new tricks.

  15. CaptainJack

    Tyreek Hill has 203 yards and 2 Touchdowns in the first quarter alone… insane.

  16. Trevor

    One week the Rams offense looks incredible and the next they are god awful. So inconsistent against everyone except Seattle who they smoke.

  17. CaptainJack

    We really should beat the rams next time we play them

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s say thing like that when the Seahawks are not on a 1-5 run against the Rams.

      • CaptainJack

        Rams look rubbish against the San Francisco practice squad.

        • Rob Staton

          Niners defense playing a great game.

          Like a pack of hungry dogs.

          Electric performance.

  18. line

    The NFC west has been cyclic the past 3-4 years.. the Rams kick our butt, we kick 49s butt and the 49s kick the Rams butt.. and so it goes.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I wish us kicking the 49ers butt meant more than a 3-2 record the last two and a half seasons.

      • line_hawk

        Well, more playing tough than kicking butt; we never kick anyone’s butt anymore.. but we are 5-2 in the Shanahan era.. and also played them tough last year when they were the top team.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      lets see if SF can finish the job…i took out the trash at 17-3 and somehow the rams are threatening to take the lead

      • Rob Staton

        Niners blew it. Absolutely chucked this away.

        • downtownjewelrybryan


        • CaptainJack


  19. charlietheunicorn

    If you have Hill on your FF….. you win!

    • Volume12

      I have Hill & Henry! Still have Russ & DK to play too

      • charlietheunicorn

        I’m glad I do not play FF anymore…… it would be too nerve racking during this season.
        Imagine if you had Henry today… he stacked some points as well.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Are you in standard scoring or PPR league?

          • Volume12


            • Michael P Matherne

              That is the correct answer. PPR is the dumbest thing to ever happen in fantasy football. A catch that loses 5 yards is worth more than a run that gains 4? That’s just stupid from jump street. If people really want to play a game where Cole Beasley is more valuable than A.J. Brown, then at the very least it should be points per 1st down instead of per reception.

        • Volume12

          I did have him today. Got me 36 pts. My K got me 21 pts, and Hill got me 45!

  20. ReconUK

    Thank you 49ers!!!

    We need all the help we can get.

    • Sea Mode

      Pats handing the Cards a fat L is always nice side bonus too.

      • ReconUK

        Absolutely. The icing on the cake.

    • uptop

      Bang bang Niner gang!

      • ReconUK

        Even better that win hurts the 49ers draft position. So it’s a good night!

  21. charlietheunicorn

    49ers… wow

  22. lil’stink

    Frank Clark… oof. 2 dumb penalties in a row. Hasn’t come close to playing up to his huge contract.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I bet the Chiefs are gutted. Especially when he played a huge role in the playoffs to help them win the Super Bowl.

      Probably would’ve been just as good with Benson Mayowa.

    • Volume12

      Wish that huge contract woulda kept him here in the PNW

  23. charlietheunicorn

    I’m still in semi shock that the Cardinals took a dump vs the Patriots.

    • Rob Staton

      Why? They’re an average team who should have a losing record.

      • dcd2

        Pats are a below average team who have a losing record. I’m surprised as well. A bit with the outcome, but more with how they lost (looking at the box score).

        If Kyler can’t run, their offense can’t function. I’m not sure than Kingsbury is actually a good coach. He might be more in the average to above average category.

        Cam threw for 84 yards and 2 interceptions. Hard to win when your QB does that.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure why you’re surprised though. As you said, average coach, rely too much on the QB. As I’ve noted, they are very lucky not to have a losing record. And they just to lost to Belichick.

          I wasn’t surprised at all. It was always a game that could’ve gone either way.

          • dcd2

            I’m surprised that NE can play that poorly, with 84 pass yards and 2 TO’s and still win.

            Just didn’t realize the Cards are as mediocre/poor as they are.

            Compare this game to the Raiders VS Atlanta. Falcons were missing Julio and Gurley, and have an interim coach. They were playing an average team with a good coach, whose QB turned it over multiple times and they won 43-6.

            I didn’t see the game, so I can’t speak to it per se. I just saw Cam’s stats and the fact that NE still won and wondered – how did that happen?

            • dcd2

              I know, I know… Gruden isn’t Belichek.

  24. downtownjewelrybryan

    would DC to DC/assistant HC be considered a lateral move? if not, Miami’s DC Josh Boyer looks like a good candidate who has intel on that patriots defense:

    “Boyer came to Miami after spending 13 years with New England as a coaching assistant (2006-08) and coaching defensive backs (2009-11) and cornerbacks (2012-18).”

  25. CaptainJack

    Saints are 9-2, Browns are 8-3. Both of these things surprise me.

  26. RWIII

    https://sports.mynorthwest.com/1227936/oneil-clear-seahawks-right-trade-to-frank-clark/? According to Danny O’Neill Seattle would not have acquired L.J. Collier, Damien Lewis and Alton Robinson. Plus this trade enabled Schneider to trade down and acquire more picks. With that said Schneider would NOT have had the ammunition to trade up and select Metcalf.

    Since Dunlap was acquired he has 3.5 sacks compared to Frank Clark’$ 4 sacks. Plus K.C. is paying Clark 20mil+. Rob is talking about the Seahawks salary cap problem for next year. So Seattle would have an ever bigger problem if they were on the hook for Clark’$ 20mil+ per year. Another point the Seahawks have this year is depth( because they didn’t pay Clowney 17 mil+ or Clark 20 mil+. Without paying Clowney or Clark the Seahawks ranked 11th in the league in sacks. Yes K.C. won the Super Bowl and Clark did come up big in the playoffs including the Super Bowl. But as far as I am concerned Schneider made out like a bandit in this draft. Going into last years draft the Hawks (before the Clark trade) only had 4 picks. After the draft Seattle ended with 11 picks. And as you know draft picks are cheap labor compared to high price veterans.

    • CaptainJack

      Neither Collier nor Robinson? Both are underwhelming physically athletically and on the field. Lewis a different story but I think we could have figured out how to draft him.

    • cha

      That article is pure, unadulterated 100% Grade A bull plop.

      I usually just roll my eyes at his stuff, but Danny is forcing me to quote Billy Madison.

      “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

      • charlietheunicorn

        That is a quality quote right there. Almost like going into the office and listening to the management talk about any number of topics….. we now feel dumber for it.

    • Scot04

      At the time it was a logical trade for the Seahawks, because the obviously had no plans to pay Clark. Great trade for KC, They needed a pass rushing edge and got one. He made big plays and helped them win a Superbowl.
      Unfortunately we’re in a situation now having 3 picks for 2021 after giving up the farm for Adams.
      If we had Clark we wouldn’t have been so desperate going into the 2020 draft and could have gone BPA.
      So this offseason we will again be needing to address the passrush, whether that’s keeping Dunlap and adding; or find 2 others. Then trying to decide what to do with Adams.
      Collier, Blair, Metcalf, Jennings, haynes, amadi, birr-kirvin, homer, Christmas, and ursa. I don’t think they made out like bandits. They could of simply drafted Metcalf with one of their original picks as well as Lewis this year.
      Simple fact is we entered the season again with 0 passrush.
      Us Desperately trying to compensate for yet fixing that rush led to overpaying for Adams.
      We got lucky the Bengals finally decided to trade someone. Dunlap has stepped up.
      Don’t see how we’re in a better spot because a writer wants to try to make the Clark trade out to look like it was a big win.
      It was as I said a logical trade but definitely not a big win as the article makes it out to be.

    • DC

      “ Going into last years draft the Hawks (before the Clark trade) only had 4 picks…”

      Hmmm. And how did we get in that position?

      I miss FC. It was very uncharacteristic of this regime not to keep a homegrown ’core’ player. Baffling really.

    • Rob Staton

      Wrong, wrong, wrong.

      People are obsessed with quoting sack numbers at the moment. Clark helped KC immensely to win the Super Bowl last year and is no doubt helping the 10-1 Chiefs this year in a big way too.

      If Seattle had Clark they simply wouldn’t have wasted money elsewhere and they would’ve have had an actual pass rusher, instead of wasting nearly two seasons without one.

      And this is one of the biggest LOL quotes I’ve seen in a while:

      “Yes K.C. won the Super Bowl…”

      • BobbyK

        No doubt. The purpose IS the Super Bowl… and winning it!!!

      • AlaskaHawk

        He also hit Tom Brady in the head twice, and drew a penalty both times. He’s just flailing his arms.

        • Rob Staton

          Big deal.

          Frank Clark is a good player. If Seahawks fans want to go all comical Ali and act like we’re better off without him, you’re just kidding yourselves.

        • cha

          Counterpoint: You have to get close to the QB to actually hit him.

          Advantage Clark.

    • BobbyK

      “…as you know draft picks are cheap labor compared to high price veterans.”

      So what was the purpose of the Jamal Adams trade or only going into this next draft with only a couple picks overall? Was Adams a “cheap source of labor?” Do those draft picks being cheap not count anymore? Maybe a pass rushing strong safety is better than a pass rushing DE?

      • Scot04

        Pass Rushing DE easily more important than safety. Look at difference since adding Dunlap. Imagine if we had 2 legitimate pass rushers.

        • BobbyK

          I know that:) I was joking. I’ve said that many, many times here (a DE much more important).

  27. CaptainJack

    The chiefs have become very boring to watch honestly. I hope someone takes them out.

    • Volume12

      U hoping someone Nate Robinson’s KC?

    • Michael P Matherne

      I hope Mahomes wins unanimous MVP and makes it back to the Superbowl. Then Russ, who will have still never received a single vote, beats him to claim his second Lombardi Trophy.

      • DC

        It’s always better to play someone you hate in the big game.
        I like & respect K.C.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah would much prefer to beat the stealers.

          • MyChestIsBeastMode

            Oooooh how I’d love to stick it to the terrible towels in the SuperBowl!

  28. Mick

    Should Rams go QB if they have the chance? Goff seems as mediocre as Jimmy G. It’s terrible that teams lead by such QBs have upper hand against us. We have no excuse for not going 4-0 in the following games.

    • Rob Staton

      Goff’s dead cap hit is $65m in 2021 so I think it’s likely he has the gig for at least one more year after this.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        65 million!? Wow.

        Goff’s in the “Too big to fail” territory.

  29. Sea Mode

    Maybe. But the Niners are playing with half their roster out.

    Mike Garafolo

    The #Rams had a short week after MNF, winds affected their practice on Thursday and a COVID-19 scare led them to cancel practice on Friday. That all added up to a sluggish performance today in a loss to the #49ers, who played well.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s missed out the biggest reason.

      Jared Goff is shite.

      • EP

        Perfectly analysis Rob

        • Big Mike

          Yep, spot on.

    • cha

      Sounds like Garafolo hasn’t had a scoop in a while so he’s carrying some water for the Rams, trying to scratch a back in the hopes he will be the first phone call next time something big comes up.

  30. CaptainJack

    What’s going on in Santa Clara county is honestly insane

  31. Rokas

    So per Mark Cuban who RW3 had him in his podcast, Jody Allen is doing a great job with a Blazers.
    So what makes her not to do a great job with the Seahawks? Or Mark Cuban just wanted to be a nice guy and complimented her for some reason.

  32. cha

    Mike Garafolo

    No surprise given Doug Pederson’s comments the other day but #Eagles TE Zach Ertz will not be activated off IR before tonight’s game against the #Seahawks, sources say. Perhaps before this Sunday against the #Packers.

    9:04 AM · Nov 30, 2020

  33. Sea Mode


    Highest passer rating when targeted since Wk1 2019:
    1. A.J. Brown – 128.5
    2. Tyreek Hill – 126.2
    3. Tyler Lockett – 125.6
    4. D.K. Metcalf – 121.7

    • cha

      That’s actually a down year for Lockett LOL

      What year was it, 2018 maybe? RW had a perfect passer rating when targeting Lockett?

      • SteveLargent80

        Yeah, an absolutely absurd year for him

  34. Sea Mode

    “We didn’t have tape on him. We weren’t ready for it. Need to adjust quicker next time…” (the pessimist in me)

    Ian Rapoport

    ICYMI: The #Eagles will feature QB Jalen Hurts more tonight than we’ve seen him, as the rookie is set for increased snaps with Carson Wentz off the field.

    • Rob Staton

      “We didn’t realise how explosive he was”

      “We thought they were going to run more”

      • cha

        “We got our hand on him several times. If we’d brought him down everyone’d be talking about how we had 7 sacks and raving about the great job we did.”

    • GerryG

      This week’s pregame take: “Look, Jalen Hurts has never faced an NFL defense before”

      Next week’s pregame take: “Look, Jalen Hurts has never faced an NFL defense before”

      • AlaskaHawk

        That’s funny!! I liked Hurts in college. Maybe they can have Adams spy on him. You know he’s going to run a lot.

  35. McZ

    While I agree Molden has R1 talent, I think his size will play against him and let him drop to middle R2.

    That said, I happen to like Allie Green IV, CB, Tulsa.

    • Rob Staton

      Adoree Jackson went in R1

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