Early thoughts on free agency

Quandre Diggs returns

I like Diggs. I think every Seahawks fan does. There’s something to be said in retaining his turnover production and he’s a good player.

I just have a hard time accepting that the two safeties in Seattle now have a combined average salary of over $30m a year.

I hoped this rebuild would include a renewed focus on investing in the trenches. The Seahawks fell into a trap of spending their money in the wrong areas. I’m a little bit concerned that the Diggs signing indicates they haven’t adapted.

It also breaks one of the rules I hoped they’d stick to in terms of investing in ageing players. Diggs is 29 and now signs a third contract. Are you getting his best years for this money or simply his final years?

So much for stealing the Rams’ linemen

It was maybe optimistic to think they’d want to jump across to a division rival. However, the Brian Allen signing (three-years, $24m) is the same contract Will Dissly signed to stay in Seattle. A move to potentially solve a problem position is what many fans were hoping for.

Meanwhile, Joseph Noteboom is also staying in LA.

Al Woods returns

Woods had a tremendous 2021 season and I have no problem with him coming back. Pete Carroll mentioned his name among a group of returners by accident recently — which more or less indicated they would keep him.

The money ($4.75m guaranteed) is quite high but he’ll be worth it if he plays the way he did last year.

This might suggest, combined with the Shelby Harris addition, that the Seahawks are not likely to draft a defensive tackle.

Sidney Jones stays in Seattle

I think this is a good move. Jones did enough to keep around and if they bring back D.J. Reed too, the Seahawks can feel comfortable about the position. It’s not a spectacular group but given some of the contracts dished out so far — you have to imagine JC Jackson and Carlton Davis are going to get ridiculous deals.

Will Dissly gets paid a head-scratching amount

This is where the Seahawks start to lose me. Yes, we’ll see what the final figures are. However, in no way, shape or form does Dissly justify a three-year, $24m deal. Nice guy, sure. Decent depth piece at tight end — yes. Reasonable blocker. Absolutely.

Yet this contract just makes no sense when you consider Brian Allen got the same deal to start at center for the Rams. Why not pay a bit more to get Allen, then just draft a tight end on day three?

Dissly had 231 receiving yards and one solitary score last season. His PFF grade was a 63.8.

It feels like the Seahawks got too involved in a heated market and overpaid to keep someone they like. Yet to think today they’ve invested as much as they have in safety and tight end — with nothing done to the O-line — is concerning.


  1. Ralphy

    The Dissly move is the most confusing of these and we should be concerned with where they are envisioning themselves right now. This leads me to believe that they have a QB move in mind and they are not thinking rebuild like most of us are.

    • Clayton B Russell Jr

      Agreed, after showing promise earlier in his career, he’s had two nasty injuries and has played second fiddle for the Seahawks as a Tight=end. I feel the money could have been used in another way. I don’t agree about the QB, but you never know what Pete and John are thinking. I prefer the rebuild, use the draft stock acquired this year and next to build a game changing defense (Jermaine Johnson, one of the many quality LB’s in the draft.) Fill positions with speed and game wrecking ability with youth instead of slower vets. Personally, I’d wait till next year to fill the void at QB. With the roster we currently have the chances of making the play-offs looks slim. I don’t want to waste everything we just acquired to take a chance on D. Watson. Personally, if you have that many people coming out against you regardless of any acquittal, it tells me you lack common sense and critical thinking skills. You would think someone in the limelight of the NFL would make better decisions. (he is not the only one)

    • Chris

      Seahawks just wouldn’t be the Seahawks without overpaying for what turns out to be an under-utilized tight end. Next will be an over-the-hill and injury prone guard.

    • Paul

      Pretty much everybody overpays for somebody. What’s interesting here is that they were in a bigger hurry to re-sign Dissly than Penny. If you’re going to make a high-risk signing, go for the greatest upside.

  2. Peter

    It’s okay to lose a bidding war on a run blocking TE.

    You’re being generous with using a third rounder. Dissly was a fourth round pick. 4th and lower is the spot to get a cheap TE that blocks and can catch the ball 1.5x a game.

  3. Ukhawk

    Head scratching is an understatement

    Overpay on day one for mediocrity is more like it.

    Very uninspired start to the rebuild !

    • CaptainJack

      Welcome to nfl mediocrity. Big ticket free agents don’t want to come here, but you’ve got to spend that cap space somehow, huh? Enter uncle will

    • glor

      I think this just proves that for all our hope that the Hawks have seen the light and recognized that they got “arrogant” they haven’t really changed at all. My hopes for a good draft have just been downgraded..

  4. Qoolio

    The Dissly contract (at least the top line 3/24) worries me that PC/JS still think they are closer to being in the mix than they really are. I just don’t see how Dissly is so central to the team to merit that contract.

    It comes across as some combination of overvaluing your players, holding on to the known rather than truly rebuilding, and not spending resources in the most prudent way possible.

    • Peter


      Even if they were in contention how is this the right price point?

    • Bobby54

      I think/hope it is the other way around and it shows we have no intention to compete for the next two years

      • Peter

        Why would they do that. Teams can turn their fortunes around pretty quick when they set their minds to it.

        The ’10’s niners and again under Shanahan. The rams. The titans.

        And most importantly to us. This team did. You might not contend but you need to be attempting to.

    • Ben

      Wow. That better come with no guaranteed money after year one or something. How is that even close to market value??? and if it is, why would you buy????

      Whew. I hope I didn’t get my hopes up too much for this rebuild. Seeing Carlton go cheap and JC go as expected and not see the Hawks involved is truly disappointing.

      They’re gonna squander all their cap space again on role players. Gonna try to keep the benefit of the doubt, but when they send a first for Mayfield or something….

  5. Big Mike

    So let’s see, 2 Safeties at 30 per and Will Dissly at 8 per equals 38. What was Wilson’s cap hit this year?

    • Big Mike

      And yeah I get it, he would’ve cost more eventually. Just illustrating the cost vs. return here

    • Big Mike

      And the one that’s making 17 per was ranked in the 60s by PFF 2 years in a row btw.

      • Peter

        And that’s when he plays. Nevermind the serious injuries in a game where you need your shoulders.

        • Big Mike

          What do you figure for next year, 12 games? You want the over or the under?

          • Peter

            If this was a real bet and you were giving me the odds I’d go under.

            • glor


  6. CaptainJack

    Agree with the analysis here. Paying Will Dissly that amount is nothing short of insane. Quandre Diggs resigning seems too much like a “feel good” move and not a “get younger cheaper and hungrier” move that I wanted them to make.

    Sid Jones is whatever. Al woods had a good season (50 tackles, 2 sacks for a big space eater) but he’s ancient and that gives me pause.

    Meanwhile jags are absolutely killing it. Players must believe in Trevor.

    • Ben

      I don’t know about killing it. They massively overpaid a WR, brought in some injury prone offensive players, and signed two linebackers.

      But compared to us….

    • BruceN

      Honestly, I don’t see paying $18M/year to Kirk as killing it.

  7. Seahawcrates

    I’m ok with the Diggs signing as long as they suck it up and are willing to suffer through a cheap quarterback. But when I read your first Dissly sentence I thought you’d made some kind of typo. That amount of money is absurd. I hope it’s one of those funny money contracts. Damn I hope they have a plan at quarterback and it’s not a Luke Joekel reclamation overpay for a veteran they think they can fix. Get a cheap guy with quick feet and high spirits so the offense can be fun again, if not all that good.

  8. cha

    Yet this contract just makes no sense when you consider Brian Allen got the same deal to start at center for the Rams. Why not pay a bit more to get Allen, then just draft a tight end on day three?


    Especially with his replacement (Cade Otton) sitting right in their backyard just waiting to be plucked in the 5th round or so.

    • Big Mike

      Very good point

  9. Hawk Mock

    Dissly for the same as Allen is just bonafide crazy. Feels like more of the same. Looking forward to Penny, Carson, Brown, Pocic, Green and Reed signings soon. Then waste the resources we got in the Wilson trade on Watson. We were really close guys, and now we have a younger QB with no moral or legal issues at all! No upgrade at DE and no resources to acquire one, no viable option at C, injury-prone RBs, no new blood(maybe a LB to replace Wags with our 2nd rounder.) Yay, run it back guys, we were super close to contention last year.

  10. Ashish

    Let’s hope they surprise us by trading Adams .. Just being optimistic – i know it’s not happening one can dream.

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll’s ego won’t allow admitting he was wrong in trading for the peacock in the first place by shipping him out.

      • Ashish

        One of the thing JS and Pete used to do, if they make a mistake they were not shy to fix it. May be they will accept that arrogance after 3 years.

    • JimQ

      IMO- The Seahawks really should go after a trade of the Peacock and recover whatever the market allows in draft capital, dollars & draft Cine as his replacement. That would require them to embrace the “rebuild” that we all want to see. With adequate $ and draft resources for the future, they should be able to get fully back into contention in 1-2 years.

      Seahawk’s management made the decision to trade RW, now it’s time to admit their mistake and do the same with the Peacock, take the loss and move on to get much younger & hungrier.

  11. Seahawk_Dan

    Initially I was getting high hopes but Seattle seems to be diverting into old, bad habits by paying for average players, investing in aging vets, and ignoring major positions of need. It still seems Seattle values quantity over quality and favoritism.

  12. cha

    Very crude guessing on cap

    $46.297m available when the day started
    -10.00m for Diggs (KC gave Tyrann a 3y/$42m but it was structured super aggressive…$6.93 the first year)
    -6.50m for Dissly (WA gave Logan Thomas 3y/$24m and first year was $6.19m)
    -4.50m for Woods
    -3.60m for Sidney

    $21.697m left

    Need: LT, RT, C, pass rush, RB, LB

    • Alfred

      We need QB and CB1 too

    • Mac

      What a **** show lol We’re totally going to use our first pick on a bust/non-position of need aren’t we?

      Our remaining cap is probably Penny and a bunch of bargain bin old players.

      • Chris

        Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll pick a very good safety with the #9 pick.

        • CWagner

          Right?!! lol that way things are going already…ugh.

    • Silly Billy


      LT Duane Brown
      TE Gerald Everett
      RT Brandon Shell
      C Ethan Pocic
      RB Rashaad Penny
      QB Geno Smith
      DT Robert Nkemdiche
      RB Alex Collins
      SS Ryan Neal
      DE Rasheem Green
      CB D.J. Reed
      RB Adrian Peterson
      CB Bless Austin (restricted)
      DT Bryan Mone (restricted)
      OL Kyle Fuller (restricted)
      WR Penny Hart (exclusive rights)
      CB John Reid (exclusive rights)
      OL Dakoda Shepley (exclusive rights)
      TE Tyler Mabry (exclusive rights)
      WR John Ursua (exclusive rights)
      LB Jon Rhattigan (exclusive rights)
      DT Marcus Webb (exclusive rights)
      SS Nigel Warrior (exclusive rights)
      DL Marcus Webb (exclusive rights

      • cha

        DE Rasheem Green

        Oh goodness, I forgot about him.

        • Peter

          That time I might be right but hope it’s not so.

    • CWagner

      Thanks for posting Cha. I was literally gonna comment to ask for your calculations lol. Wow that’s depressing. Can’t believe so much is going toward Dissley! So much for a big splash this offseason.

  13. Big Mike

    Pete Carroll’s vanity project says he’s running it all back because he’s utterly sure he’s been right all along and RW was the problem here. The only remaining question is who’s gonna QB?

    • Space Chief

      I’m becoming more convinced that the Mariners’ future is brighter than the Seahawks.

      • Seattle Person

        Because it is?? The M’s are on the polar opposite of where the Seahawks are.

  14. Bobby54

    Re-posting here…

    So whats the plan here? Some bridge deals rewarding some of their guys? Knowing they won`t have any cap issues in the next two years? Does that confirm they will not spend big money at QB (like Watson) and will more likely rebuild than retool? If we dont have any plans to compete the next years i have no problem paying our guys instead of some solid but not great free agents. As long as we dont commit long term. So not the biggest issues with both the Diggs and Dissly contract (essentially two-year-contracts like Bobbys last one)

  15. SeattleLifer

    Spot on breakdown Rob. Frustrating and scary start to free agency – showing that we are operating the same as ever before. Older players, over paying in house players, not making any bigger difference maker signings and refusing to pursue solid o-line help from outside.

    I can only hope that our drafting does’nt follow suit for ‘the norm’ of the past half dozen or so years.

  16. MyChestisBeastMode

    If people don’t like the Dissly contract, prepare to scream into your pillow when the Penny deal is announced.

    I have a feeling someone is going to covet him and push his deal north of $8 mil per year — really hope my gut is wrong on this one. I maintain anything at $6 or less will be good value.

    • Mac

      It hurts lol I didn’t think Dissly would get more than the veteran minimum after a patellar tendon injury and Achilles injury.

    • Big Mike

      I’m past the point of screaming my friend and have graduated to crying.

      • Brett in AZ

        It’s only a short step to drinking, Big Mike!

    • Chris

      Coming from someone that couldn’t get themself to watch the last few games of this trainwreck of a season, imagine how shocking it is to hear anyone say they want to sign Penny at all.

      Is this still the same guy that’s only managed 280 career carries after 4 years in the league? Is an injury prone, non-power back NOT the complete opposite of what this team should be trying to do? For once I’d like to see Pete and John actually create a sensible plan and then actually stick to it.

    • Palatypus

      I don’t scream into my pillow…

      …I bite it !!!

  17. Hawkdawg

    They may be thinking that Tre Brown can be as good as DJ Reed, and a lot cheaper….

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Yeah, but you need a nickel too and I’d rather put Brown or Reed there than bring back Amadi.

  18. D

    I’m fine with the Dissly deal. They are overpaying 2-3 million each year but Dissly is a hard-nosed player with great hands. It’s Diggs deal that is really going to set us back. If we are gonna run the ball more next year Disslys blocking will be valuable too.

  19. Joe S

    Does Pete have onset dementia? They are over estimating how good they are. Bottom line they needed to rebuild and take care of their resources not blow 8M a year on a blocking TE. We have to pay Fant next year. Same ol BS. Build in the trenches. Build the defense. Get a top tier QB next year. PC and JS have made a mess with this team over the last 5 years. This offseason will cost them both unemployment checks.

    • DriveByPoster

      //Does Pete have onset dementia?//

      Not funny. Not for anyone who has had experience with it. Sorry to be a bit off a dick about this but there are better ways of expressing yourself on the subject than by referencing mental illness.

      • DriveByPoster

        Apologies. Meant to type physical & mental illness.

        • Joe S

          Laughable bro. Sorry youre so easily offended. My main point is the dude has lost it. PC has become so egotistical he blew the chance to have multiple SB with Russ and now another “reset” when in all fairness he doesnt deserve to be the coach this year.

          • DriveByPoster

            Quite correctly, there is no such thing as a right to not be offended. So there is no need for your passive/aggressive faux apology. Please feel free to express yourself in anyway you feel fit. It’s Rob’s blog, not mine. However, I also have the right to explain why I might not like it. I thought I did so in quite reasonable terms so I am not sure why you got all spiky about it. Your amended explanation was much better. The TL;DR being, please just stop & think about what you have written before pressing the ‘submit’ button. Not because you might offend someone but because it will make you a better writer.

  20. TCHawk

    Doggone it! I’m OK with Diggs, but Dissly for that amount?! I thought they had a plan and were operating as a staff to get a well balanced team that has the right personnel to excel for both the newer OC and the new DC. Pete now seems like he is just trying to replicate the late season success they had a running the ball. A lot of that is the RPO threat of Russell that froze the defense for a second. Which of our QBs will do that now?

    Get ready for stacked boxes, no gains with smaller linemen, and plenty of 3rd and longs. I remember a few years ago under Cable wishing we were capable of moving someone so we could pick up 2 yards when we really needed to. And we did get better at that. Now that there is no threat of RW doing something magical to make them pay, they can load up to stop our run and dare us to throw. Dissly won’t make a difference in that scenario.

  21. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Bucs giving Davis a three-year, $45 million deal, per source.
    Quote Tweet
    Adam Schefter
    · 2m
    Tampa Bay is expected to resign its CB Carlton Davis, per sources, accomplishing one of the franchise’s primary off-season goals.

    • Scot04

      3yrs 30-35M for DJ Reed?
      Can only play right side, so would seem reasonable.

      • Ben

        That’d be comfortable to me.

        Really wish we were picking up Davis instead though… maybe our new system is a little better set up for DJ with man coverage increasing, plus familiarity, but still…

  22. Aaron

    The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the Russell Wilson trade. The jury is still out on the rest of FA, the draft, UDFAs, and so on. However, we are still running it back with Pete and John. Like you said Rob if they fail to deliver on what looks like a rebuild, they will get fired. I want them to succeed but won’t be surprised if they don’t.

    • Big Mike

      “…… if they fail to deliver on what looks like a rebuild, they will get fired.”

      That’s the good news.

  23. Ashish

    It feels like Seahawks has no money every time to sign good free agent. Hey this time they had 2nd most cap space but every time KC or Rams who has no money still find a way to sign someone good.
    Just doesn’t make sense.

  24. V


    “Details on Will Dissly re-signing with Seattle: It’s a 3-year, $24M deal that includes $15.98M in total guarantees and a $9.3M signing bonus, per source.

    Up to $510K ($30K per game) annual roster bonus”

  25. WallaSean

    I’m ok with overpaying Dissly, I would rather do that than spend a day 2 pick, I was hoping for a day 3 replacement, h-back type.

    • Peter

      That sounds defeatist.

      If the option is overpay or waste a pick sure.

      How about the option is neither. What are the dissly’s and Luke Wilson’s of the world worth? A fifth rounder?

      • WallaSean

        They must not have been confident of replacing him in the draft, They clearly value that blocking TE more than most. TE market is pretty hot right now with several guys on the tag. Evan Ingram at 9 million, there were other teams in on Dissly. Seems like they may have panicked a bit, but they are not the only ones overpaying at the position.

    • Ralphy

      I’m not sure why you are ok with overpaying Dissly. What has he done to justify this. On top of that, we just used RW to acquire Noah Fant.

  26. Big Mike

    Is it possible that they tried to sign some good FAs and no one wants to play in Seattle for Carroll so they’re just reduced to overpaying for their own guys to just spend the money?

    • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      This 💯

    • Roy Batty

      So the moral of the story is, if your team sucks and the rest of the league knows your team sucks, you will not be enticing any FA’s of any worth to sign with your team.

      This has been a rinse and repeat result for the last 8 years.

    • Martinb

      I agree that this team in it’s current state of a dumpster fire is not appealing. But is Jax really that more appealing to the point that Scherf and Kirk sign monster deals?

    • Cover2

      yep : (

    • Deadwrong206

      I think this is 100 percent accurate. Not only do they not want to play for pete but they look at how bad our roster is. I think Even Jacksonville (even before their signings today) had a better roster than the hawks. If I recall it took the colts a few years of good drafts before DeForest Buckner wanted to come. I think we are gonna have to pray we hit on our draft picks the next few years. Top free agents are not coming. We might get a few decent ones by way overpaying. Like Kirk and Jacksonville.pete and John might of got a reality check today.

      • TomLPDX

        I doubt it. When you’re the smartest person in the room, there are no reality checks, just your reality.

  27. cha

    Aaron Wilson
    Deshaun Watson now set to meet Monday evening in Houston with Saints and Panthers , the two front-runners to land him in a potential blockbuster trade, according to league sources

    • Palatypus

      Deshaun Watson will like the massage parlors in New Orleans.

  28. David Stacey

    I am shocked at that Dissly contract. I would be surprised if any other fan in the NFL has ever heard of Dissly. Assumed he’d be on the street if we didn’t pay him $2-3 mil a year.

    That paired with the Diggs contract.

    This is a baffling and very concerning start to life after RW

  29. cha

    Ari Meirov
    · 5m
    Details on Will Dissly re-signing with Seattle: It’s a 3-year, $24M deal that includes $15.98M in total guarantees and a $9.3M signing bonus, per source.

    Up to $510K ($30K per game) annual roster bonus.

    Yeah, so $6-7m first year cap hit sounds about right.

    • Ben

      16 million in guarantees. Lord almighty.

      • SeattleLifer

        Just wow. 16 mil garunteed on a 24 mil contract for a guy who has had precious little production the past few years along with 2 very major nfl injuries?! It amazes me how easily Schneider seems to get pushed around on contracts by players/agents who are widely seen as average(or worse, Joeckel etc wtc) and have little real leverage to be getting the money and structures they get from us in contracts.

  30. Sea Mode

    Oh, I’m heartbroken…

    Johnny Venerable

    Per @McClain_on_NFL, Deshaun Watson has rejected the Seahawks.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m terrified by that.

      Because it implies Seattle:

      1. Is less attractive than Carolina, who he rejected a year ago
      2. Were actually in on this, allowed themselves to be connected to the creep, only to be rejected
      3. Aren’t embracing the rebuild they need

      • Ashish

        Hawks really got to know their place now. Thanks to Watson for rejecting. Pete and JS may screw up soon i guess.

      • Sea Mode

        Meh, I just found the “report”, which has a lot of “could have/may have” guesses by McLain:

        A lot more teams have contacted the Texans about Watson, including Seattle, Cleveland and Philadelphia, but barring a change of heart by the quarterback, he could end up with the Panthers or Saints. ESPN reported Monday that Watson is scheduled to meet with both teams.

        Other interested teams could have been rejected by Watson, leaving them scrambling for other options.

        Watson may have rejected the Seahawks because he doesn’t want to play in the Pacific Northwest.


        • MychestisBeastmode

          Word magic ✨

          Put that shit in a blender and it’ll spit out a whole lot of nothing’s that could have been something’s if they might have changed other things.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah that’s not what the people tweeting made out

      • Denver Hawker

        My first reaction was Watson camp getting in front of the topic. This sounds much better than Seahawks have decided not to meet with Watson.

      • Chris

        We should send Watson a thank you letter.

        Protecting John and Pete from themselves.

        • Palatypus

          LOL…sounds like they need to be put in a padded cell.

      • Hawkdawg

        Sometimes, life bails you out of mistakes before you can make them. I’m less terrified than relieved.

      • SeattleLifer

        Why I am hoping all of their ‘big’ plans just don’t work and players sign elsewhere and they trade down and otherwise get too smart for them selves in the draft and miss on some of the possible bad draft picks they have earmarked for their special traits and outstanding character qualities etc.

        There’s still now through the draft but it currently looks like the old saying of not being able to teach an old dog new tricks is applying to the John and Petey. They have a template for team construction and their philosophy for team chemistry. They have ‘their guys’ that they look too hard for and pay too much for. These things they hold onto so dearly and all too often place above rational thinking and proper business sense/interactions may very well sink our beloved Seahawks for years to come. I certainly hope they prove me wrong – especially in the draft but today has’nt been a great first impression.

      • Ralphy

        Exactly what I was assuming based on their moves. They are not thinking rebuild.

    • RugbyLock

      Well, at least there’s some good news!

  31. Sea Mode

    This makes less than zero sense. We should have won the games with Russ, so now that we don’t have him…

    Aaron Levine

    I know the #Seahawks are looking at the games they played this season without Russell Wilson – PIT, NO, JAX – and saying they should have won all three. That’s one reason I’m sure they believe a championship core exists, given more draft stock and a few more free agent pieces.

    Otherwise, they wouldn’t be re-signing guys like Diggs and Al Woods. The word “rebuild” is not part of their vernacular. Again, I’m saying this is likely the perspective of the organization, not necessarily a fan.

    • Rob Staton

      The media should spend less time reaching to justify the moves and more time questioning what the actual plan is here

      • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        Jeremy Fowler tweeted some crap about blocking TEs being difficult to find what withy the move toward using the position more as a receiver. Guessing Pete and John told him to tweet that out and he lapdogged himself by doing so.

        • Rob Staton

          The team inspired tweets are always obvious

        • Alfred

          If blocking TEs are hard to find, would it be cheaper to get a 3rd tackle on the field as the 6th lineman?

          We don’t even have a starting LT and RT at this point, wondering if JS is hoping the price for Duane Brown will come down.

          • Palatypus

            Like George Fant. That guy we had that went to the Jets.

            At this point I’m wondering if Dissly can play center. He’s 6’4″ and 265.

      • cha

        Aaron lost me when he posted that article in 2020 about the pass rush has been ‘much maligned’ and is ‘underrated.’

        If you think he cannot say what needs to be said because he’d jeopardize that Seahawks Saturday night program (which is worthless anyway), I’d remind you that Washington’s play by play man has been on John Keim’s podcast several times and has been very candid.

      • Happy Hawk

        100% agree – They wouldn’t have made the trade with RW without a post RW plan already primed and ready to execute. We need to understand the “plan”.

      • dude91

        I get your point Rob, but let’s not be naive in realizing Aaron Levine was making the point that he doesn’t agree with the moves the Seahawks have made, but more to the fact that the reasons he pointed out are the factors that led the Seahawks to making these moves. He wasn’t justifying it as if he agreed with the moves, but more explaining how the Seahawks “likely” viewed the situation to justify these moves to themselves.

        That being said, you’re my go-to for Seahawks news/insight and could give a damn about Levine but let’s be real here. Aaron’s last sentence pretty much says it all in terms of how he views the situation, which is for the most part the same as you and the rest of us on this blog.

        • Rob Staton

          I think there’s too often a very deliberate attempt to ‘see it from there side’ though and not enough pushing and probing as to whether it’s right

    • Ben

      Maybe Pete recognized the were being too prideful about the defensive scheme, but uhh CMON. The hubris is alive and strong with the FO, and the immediate look of this plan says they need to go. This reads 100% to me like they are targeting a QB at #9.

    • RugbyLock

      Wow… just wow…. This “rebuild” is not off to a good start if that’s true…. Well, looks like 90’s Seahawks “Football” here we come… unbelievable…

  32. Shane

    Is anyone surprised the M’s topped the Hawks with positive news today? At least the M’s are on the way up as the Hawks continue to baffle us.

    • Scot04

      The big difference is the other teams view on trades. Cincinnati fans very upset, saying they were fleeced.
      Seahawks last two big trades it’s us feeling fleeced (Adams)
      or disappointed ( Wilson ).
      I hope we keep Reed & Penny as well; but worried what they might pay.

  33. Clayton B Russell Jr

    Rob, based on Today’s signings do we know how much is basically left if we are to resign Penny.? I don’t think we can tag him anymore; am I correct? IF we don’t sign him, you can count on picking up a RB in round 2 or 3, if we are keeping the same offense. (Run, run, pass deep to the sideline)

  34. Mel

    Looks like we’re out on Watson, but not for lack of trying


  35. Dubb

    For all of those that blamed Russell for wanting out; you now see that there are no checks and balances with this front office. Russell was the only one to challenge Pete &John on personnel decisions (ie. Offensive Line); so he had to go to better run organization.

    What organization locks up their 2nd string TE before addressing 1st string needs? The Dissly contract might be back-loaded where he will never see the 3rd year; but this shouldn’t be a Day-1 priority.

    We want to keep giving JS credit for the 2012/2013 drafts; but since then he has only drafted one all-pro player (Michael Dickson). At some point we have to realize that JS is not that good of a personnel guy. But, when he trades back in this year’s draft so he can pick up ten additional 5th-round picks; the local media will consider him a genius.

    There’s still much work to do; but so far I’m not impressed.

    • Jordan

      Lockett was all-pro in 2015

    • Big Mike

      Despite Jordan reminding you that Lock was All-Pro in ’15, a full 7 years ago, your post is excellent.

      • CL

        But he was All-Pro as return specialist if I’m not mistaken

        • Big Mike

          I believe you’re correct and we’re watering down Dubb’s initial post which is a very good one.

          • Big Mike

            And the best thing he said in his initial post is “there are no checks and balances with this front office”.
            The death of Paul Allen is easily the worst thing that has happened to this franchise in over 10 years.

            • RugbyLock

              You nailed it Mike! Losing Paul is arguably the biggest loss the Seahawks have ever had as it has let J&S run unchecked and as a result we have lost the only HOF QB this franchise has ever had.

          • CL

            You’re right, totally agree.

  36. Sea Mode

    Sounds like Rob’s theory was right, but Russ just got whiff of their (non) plans early and decided he didn’t need to even wait around and see what they might do in FA.

    • cha

      I cannot imagine Russ’ reaction if he were still on the roster right now.

      Wait. Yes I can.

  37. Sea Mode

    Dianna Russini

    I was told the Seattle Seahawks do not have any plans to meet with Deshaun Watson as of now.

    • Sea Mode

      (maybe that’s what you tell reporters after the player rejects you…)

      • Denver Hawker

        I actually think this is the real story and what was reported earlier about Hawks not being involved in latest interest or meetings.

        I think the other tweet was Watson people trying to get in front of it to avoid the question of why is Seattle not interested. Like, you can’t fire me, I quit!

        • Big Mike

          I hope you’re right but the run it back FA signings today do not support your theory. They support the Adam Levine tweet:

          Aaron Levine

          I know the #Seahawks are looking at the games they played this season without Russell Wilson – PIT, NO, JAX – and saying they should have won all three. That’s one reason I’m sure they believe a championship core exists, given more draft stock and a few more free agent pieces.

          Otherwise, they wouldn’t be re-signing guys like Diggs and Al Woods. The word “rebuild” is not part of their vernacular. Again, I’m saying this is likely the perspective of the organization, not necessarily a fan.

          • Big Mike

            I mean Aaron Levine
            whatthefuckever, just another Pete lapdog in the Seattle media

            • MychestisBeastmode

              Wha?! Who’s your source on this smoking hot take, Big Mike? 😉

          • Denver Hawker

            I just don’t think they were serious to get him. They were “in” like always. Heard Jets offered 3 first and Wilson and were rejected, same with Browns and Mayfield. Hawks were probably interested at a discount but not for full price.

            • Sea Mode

              And Texans apparently had some say, too

              Adam Schefter
              · 38m

              Houston has declined Indianapolis’ attempt to speak with Deshaun Watson, per source. Houston comfortable trading Watson – just not in the AFC South.

      • Kyle

        Or the Watson team just got in front of all of this and we never actually seriously pursued. Not buying that we did at all.

        • Sea Mode

          I mean, we can be practically certain they inquired (“in on every deal”). That’s enough to get put the Seahawks name on every reported list out there in the media.

          The second phone call to his agent was probably a feeler as to whether he would be interested in playing for Pete at a discount…

    • Palatypus

      I do not have any plans to date Diana Russini as of now.

      No comment on the Mila Kunis situation.

  38. James P

    $24m over 3 years for Dissly is bewildering. Surely he’s a vet minimum guy or someone you let test the market a bit and then circle back with later on in FA? $8m a year suggests PC/JS honestly think another franchise values him at $7m a year which is surely a gigantic misjudgement of the market. All the feelgood vibes of the last few days have evaporated already!

  39. cha

    What a rollercoaster the last few days have been with this front office.

    Trading RW (sad but at least they acknowledge this cannot continue and got value – good on them)

    Cutting Wagner (wow, they may actually be heading in the right direction. back to back intelligent moves. Has a corner been turned?)

    Reported interest in Watson (*goodwill has evaporated*)

    Today’s moves (meet the new boss, same as the old boss)

    • pdway

      I’m fine w kicking the tires on Watson; and I know there are downsides to the Quandre signing – but maybe, just maybe, they think Jamal is in a prove-it year, and if he isn’t great in ’22, he’s out in ’23. Woods, Sidney Jones, nothing wrong w those.

      no idea what they are thinking on Dissly.

    • Tomas

      I miss Jack Patera.

    • Big Mike

      “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

      Perfect description

  40. pdway

    I’m good w all the moves – including Quandre – but am like everyone else here – baffled by the Dissly numbers. He’s a $3M/yr guy at best in my view – and I would be stunned if another team was offering him anything at this level.

    I’m not going to let all of the positives i’ve felt lately completely evaporate yet, as I said, I think the other re-signings are logical and positive – just hoping the rest of the moves they do make sense.

    • Scot04

      I was guessing 3yrs 15-18M for our 25 yr old TE before today.
      Looking at Ali Cox for 3yrs @ 18M & Evan Engram’s deal 9M Guaranteed up to 10M.
      Maybe just my opinion though.
      It’s still not great but I prefer him over Cox & he’s a better blocker than both.
      So Seahawks get the younger guy for a price in between.

    • Sea Mode

      Definitely seems like an even stranger move in a good TE class. (although lack of a really good blocking TE might have pushed them to do it.)

    • Ashish

      Problem is they will forget to include TE in their offense who they pay 8 mil. Oh by the way they have fant too now. What’s the obsession with TE?

  41. Big Mike

    Meet your new starting QB in ’22, Geno Smith. I mean after all, they should’ve won those 3 games without RW so why not?
    Think I’m high? Did you see the highlight video of him that cha posted the link to earlier?

  42. Dan

    Thinking about QB and the “Watson news,” why not bring in Kaepernick? I don’t think many (any?) view Drew Lock as a viable, long-term QB1. If Kaep is lights out, great; if not, we’re rebuilding anyway and can then be in a strong position to draft a QB next year.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t believe we’re talking about Kaepernick

      • All I see is 12s

        Is it just me, or do people forget that when the Seahawks brought him in, either he or his camp immediately released details of their private meeting.
        prior to that, it had seemed that they were going to sign him. When they didn’t I just assumed that Caroll and the rest of his people assumed they could not trust this guy. That is why Pete, who never wants to publicly bash anyone, made the ridiculous statement about already having a starting QB.

        Something similar happened when he met with the ravens. Either day of his meeting or the day after his girlfriend made some sort of a “house slave” comment which Ray Lewis said turned the entire organization off.

        There are many reasons to not sign him. This guy is not worth it.

      • CWagner

        Yeah seriously. I can’t believe we’re talking about Kaepernick either. The dude hasn’t played in 6 years and he was awful when he left. He’s not an answer.

    • Hawk Finn

      Enough with the kaepernick shit

      • Tomas

        Minshew: 41 TD’s, 12 interceptions. Unlike Trevor Lawrence, he played very well … brilliantly at times … as a rookie for an abysmal Jaguars team. But he was a late-round draft choice, so let’s ignore him, because those guys never work out.

        • Hawk Finn

          He’s not a political hero, Tomas

        • Palatypus

          Gardner Minshew doesn’t sell tickets in Jacksonville. If you look at their history, they always over-value ACC and SEC players. Because no matter how bad the team is people will pay money to see them play. It’s a Florida thing. It’s a Florida thing.

          This is a franchise that has swimming pool suites.

      • Dan

        I’d rather have Kap than Lock, though I’d rather have Malik Willis than Kap. But if the Seahawks are determined to use the first pick on other needs, I’d consider a one-year flyer on Kap and see if he can play. He won’t cost much and you can always cut him.

        • Dan

          Minshew is a possibility as well and intriguing. Depends on the cost. I’m not thinking of Kap from a “politics” standpoint and not sure why there’s so much hostility–just musing.

          • All I see is 12s

            For a whole host of reasons, I find CK disingenuous at best. This is a football blog so I don’t want to lay it all out, but I feel like he gets a lot more credit than he deserves for his activism and people overlook a lot of poorly researched, arrogant, and at times-downright dangerous analogies and comparisons.
            Nevertheless, the idea of him being a great quarterback had worn off long before 2016. He was fighting for his job and had even been rumored to go to Denver to compete for starting job there though he would have to take a significant pay cut. I don’t begrudge him for not taking it.
            Bottom line is, it would be more difficult to root for the team I love if that guy was its face.

            • Dan

              That’s a fair position. Without personalizing it, I view CK as neither pariah nor messiah when it comes to politics. His politics and activism are, at best, peculiar (for instance, his refusal to vote in the 2016 election because [reasons]). And I agree–the luster was fading in 2016 re: his quarterbacking abilities. Still, I’d rather see him than Lock, who just seems like any other go-nowhere, passer-rating-of-80 quarterback you can get off the shelf. Five years away from the game is a long time, but Michael Vick had a bit left in the tank after two years away. You never know.

              Minshew is intriguing (and probably preferable to Kap, ceteris paribus) BUT it depends on the cost–I wouldn’t mortgage the farm on him becoming Football Jesus because of some (admittedly) good games and our meme culture.

              Bottom line for me: (i) Willis if Seahawks believe he’s The One > (ii) Minshew at reasonable price > (iii) Kap at bargain price > (iv) Minshew at high price > (v) Tim Tebow (kidding) > (vi) Drew Lock.

              • All I see is 12s

                As Rod pointed out on his podcast, Lock received the same grade as Malik Willis coming out of college. I think it was Daniel Jeremiah. I’m not saying lock should be the starter, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to give a guy with some talent who was in a very poor offensive system another crack at it. Worst case scenario we’re bad and we get a better pic. To that and I like it even more because if he starting that means we probably did not draft one of the top quarterbacks this year. We waited till next year. Best case scenario someone is able to tap into his talent and we can re-sign him at a lesser cost. Maybe we just like him OK and he sticks around and can be a high end back up. I don’t see the downside having him on the team at this point. He’s a free agent after the season.

                • bmseattle

                  I can imagine JS liking Lock’s potential.
                  He is similar to Josh Allen, with a rocket arm and quite mobile.
                  Obviously he hasn’t developed in the same way that Allen has. I’m just saying, his profile is one that JS seems to look for.

    • mtpgod

      Kaep got benched for Blake Bortles, and that was years ago, the dude sucked in the NFL back when he was playing, now he’d be just terrible. I’ll take Lock and Geno way before Kaep, and the qb drama circus just left town last week, last thing we need is Kaep and his baggage, and that’s before even seeing that he sucks on the field.

      • All I see is 12s

        I think it was gabbert

        • mtpgod

          Dang it I always get Gabbert and Bortles confused for some reason, right you are…

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        No Kap.I’d rather go with Eason..who is no good. There is Kap the awful player and Kap the awful human being. Say no to both.

        • mtpgod

          No doubt. If you’re out of the league for a year or more and you were a top qb when you last played (Watson), I get the fans wanting him. But when you’re out of the league for a couple years, and the last time you were in the NFL, you sucked and played at barely a backup level, why would anyone have interest.

  43. Seahawk_Dan

    Too early to say, still got more FA and the draft to go, but if this FO treats this off-season like it has the last few off-seasons but now you’re minus RW, 7-10 is gonna be what you’re hoping for. If nothing significant happens to build up a young core for this team and instead more duck tape and bandaids are added as a stop gap, Pete will not be here next offseason. He would’ve, in my eyes, completely tarnished his legacy by getting rid of Russell and doing nothing to address the major needs of the team and effectively sabotaged a few FO and coaching staff with crap contracts and other wasted opportunities.

    But we’ll see.

    • Jabroni-DC

      7-10 is most definitely not what I’ll be hoping for. I’d be fine with 0-17 if it puts us on a championship trajectory.

    • Big Mike

      I actually believe she’ll let his contract run its course before letting him go. He’ll just keep making excuses and telling her “we’re close” and she’ll keep buying his BS. Besides, she won’t be on the hook for any of PAUL’S MONEY that way.

      • Tomas

        Damn it all to hell, I suspect you’re exactly right.

  44. 12th chuck

    sad to see pc/js starting to squander away all the money. It will be hard to get that kind of value out of Dissly, paying too much foe safeties as well, considering they haven’t signed Neal yet for when the peacock is injured

    • SeaTown

      Yeah the next five years are going to be brutal. Tom Flores brutal. 🙁

      • Big Mike


      • 12th chuck

        I hope it never gets that bad again

  45. Roy Batty

    I’m feeling a lot of dread, at this point.

    Diggs I can understand if, and only if, they felt they needed a strong vet presence for the high draft picks they will actually be using. A team leader who will set the tone in the locker room now that Bobby is gone. I’m fine with that.

    The mismanagement of signing Dissly to an insane amount of money for a back TE just destroyed my trust, though. It tells me that they aren’t a viable option for ANY FA of any notable worth. And that is very, very sad for what was once a truly great franchise.

    I would love to stay hopeful and excited for the draft, but unless Pete has ceded power to John on draft picks, I don’t see this ending anywhere but in disappointment. This is going to be a BRUTAL 6 weeks of low expectations if the power dynamic has not shifted between those two.

  46. Buf

    May as well accept that until a decent QB is in the building, no offensive playmakers will be signing unless they are looking to cash out and have the hawks significantly overpay their market value. If you want to pad your stats for a future lucrative contract, it wont be here. If you want to add a superbowl ring to the the end of your career, it wont be here.

    Welcome to the new reality. All the money really needs to go to the defense and offensive line. Those players might be ok with near market value contracts. We better not dump DK either, because you wont find any WRs willing to sign.

    • Sten

      It’s not like this front office has ever relied much on free agency to bring in wide receiver talent. Save for Sidney Rice (tall Pete Carroll type like BMW) they haven’t signed any premier wideouts.

  47. Sea Mode

    I guess that’s the TE market. He did at least have 500yds and 5TDs.

    (Side note: that’s gotta be quite the culture shock from Bengals to Jets, I imagine!)

    Ian Rapoport
    · 3m

    The #Jets are signing former #Bengals TE CJ Uzomah to a 3-year deal worth $24M, per me and @MikeGarafolo.

    • Sea Mode

      Gerald Everett probably next…

      Mike Garafolo

      The #Jets still could add another tight end. They’ve been working on multiple options in that market today.

    • mtpgod

      Is Will viewed as equal to Uzomah? I’d bet most of the league would rather have Uzomah.

  48. cha

    Will Dissly’s 2022 cap number is only $4.59m per OTC.

    Looks like only $10m is actually guaranteed at signing, another $5m guaranteed for injury.


    • Peter

      5 million guaranteed if he gets injured and can’t play?

    • KennyBadger

      Ugh why aren’t contracts announced as the guaranteed money instead of the ‘potential’. While I’m still surprised at the numbers, this situation is markedly better.

      • Brett in AZ

        Because early media leaks and rumors are frequently driven by people (i.e. agents) who want to make every deal look as big as possible.

        This is why it’s generally a good idea to hold off a bit before leaping off a cliff. When the finer details of these deals become public, they are often much more logical than they seemed at first leak.

  49. Sea Mode

    So it’s really a 2yr/$13.7m deal. $6.85m/apy.

    A bit better, at least.

    Bob Condotta

    According to OvertheCap, Will Dissly has cap hits of $4.5 million, $9.2 million and $10.1 million from 2022-24 with no guaranteed money in the final year. So, he’s going to have to earn that third year.

    • Dregur

      It’s really not that bad of a contract, especially with how much cap we do have later on. Looks like we have 25ish million left in cap space this year.

    • Rob Staton


    • Scot04

      Thanks Cha. Makes quite a bit of difference. Next up DJ Reed & Penny

    • Henry Taylor

      Yeah much better, still time to do something of interest.

    • pdway

      that helps. hope restored….for now?

  50. Ryan Purcell

    I guess I’m not buying into the narrative that no free agents will want to come here w/o Russ at the helm. It’s not like we were killing it when Russ was here. Most players go where the money is right and the fit is right. That said – Dissly, much as I do like him, seems like an overpay. But maybe he’s the next Zach Miller. If you want to run the ball you need a blocking tight end.

    • Rob Staton

      Free agents will come

      But you have to pay

      They paid for Miller & Rice and I was hoping they’d do the same again

      • Big Mike

        Are there any decent o-linemen left to try to sign?

        • Rob Staton

          I think we’re left looking at Duane Brown and Eric Fisher at tackle. Austin Corbett I still like. Morgan Moses seeing as they’re signing older players.

          I think Armstead is going to be a major gamble for whoever signs him, unless it’s cheap.

          • Rob Staton

            Corbett off to the Panthers

            • Jabroni-DC

              Well that about does it for the ‘young’ OL I was hoping for. None of them were outrageous contracts. I would have topped what the Rams gave to keep their guys.

              • Rob Staton


                I wanted to invest in a young core. The Seahawks have opted to keep their guys, it seems.

                • Russ

                  It’s fair to be disappointed and I am too honestly. But I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as money.

                  If you’re Allen and Notebloom, you still get life changing money and you’re only signed to a 3 year deal. You get to play in an offense you’re familiar with, on a team that will be in the conversation for Super Bowl favorites, and hit FA when you’re 29, which is prime for OL.

                  Regardless of if Seattle paid even 20 or 30% more, that might not have been enough to move the needle if you could come out the other end as a 3 year, good starter on a team that wins or contends for a Super Bowl for even 2 of those 3 years.

                  • Rob Staton


                  • Brett in AZ


              • Big Mike

                I would have too Jabroni-DC
                Think you’re right Rob.

                No one young left on o-line which is what I was hoping for.

        • CL

          Bradley Bozeman is still available

          • Jabroni-DC


        • Jabroni-DC

          Bradley Bozeman C/G from the Ravens is still free. Turns 28 in November. Pony up FFS.

          • Rob Staton

            He can’t move

            • L80

              Is there any hope of obtaining Ruiz?

              I would guess probably not, since they are ok with Pocic blocking from his arse.

              • Rob Staton

                If the Saints are willing to give up on him for cheap, I’d do it

        • Sea Mode

          Terron Armstead, James Daniels, La’el Collins (trade), Connor Williams, Austin Corbett?

          • Scot04

            I like Daniels at only 24yrs old. I believe he was a pretty highly rated center coming out of Iowa.

            • Sea Mode


              Daniels earned a career-high 71.0 grade in 2021, with the Chicago Bears finally putting him at one position – right guard – and leaving him there to improve over the year. Daniels was one of the youngest draft picks in 2018 and will be just 24 years old in Week 1 of 2022. The combination of youth and the fact Daniels kept getting moved around the interior of the offensive line suggests he could have even more untapped potential playing full-time at right guard.

              From Week 4 through the end of the season, Daniels’ 75.8 overall grade ranked 12th among guards. His 71.8 pass-blocking grade ranked 27th among players at the position, and his 76.3 run-blocking grade ranked 17th.

              Scheme Fit/Role:
              STARTING GUARD IN A ZONE-BLOCKING SCHEME: Daniels has played predominantly in zone-heavy attacks between college at Iowa and his four years with the Bears, and that’s where he excels when it comes to the run game.

              Recent Injury History:
              Daniels played in every game in 2018 and 2019 before a torn pectoral robbed him of all but five games in 2020. He’s been healthy again in 2021, playing in every game through Week 12.

              Bottom Line:
              Since 2018, Daniels has been productive at both guard positions. He also has experience at center and will turn 25 just after opening day in 2022. Daniels is an excellent fit for a zone-blocking scheme and has been one of the best pass-blocking guards in the league over the last two seasons. His best football may still be ahead of him.

              • Scot04

                I’d like to give him a shot at Center still. I think playing at natural position can make a difference. Put Lewis back at RG, & play Haynes at LG.
                Move on from Gabe.

                • Scot04

                  Thanks Sea Mode

  51. Tomas

    I absolutely agree with your take, Roy, although I’ve lost all confidence in John as well. Fingers crossed, but I feel we’re heading into the Valley of Doom for awhile, until PC/JS are gone. A big question/concern for me is whether management will give the regime more than one season to straighten things out. I can easily imagine Pete’s rapid-fire, gung-ho smooth talk persuading Jody to give him a second year – God forbid. But there’s still a chance I’ll be pleasantly surprised, so hope for that of course.

    • Tomas

      I inadvertently repeated points made by Big Mike, whose post I hadn’t until after my post. We’re both right.

  52. Rob Staton

    I’ve just done an interview with Wisconsin’s Leo Chenal.

    Stay tuned, it’ll be available tomorrow on YouTube and the new Apple podcast

    • Robbie

      You glorious bastard! I’m fired up!!!

      • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode


      With those agility times, you’ve gotta think he’s the one the Seahawks want…

    • Brett in AZ

      That’s great. Tindall keeps getting taken in mocks, so Chenal’s been the LB fix 3x in a row.

    • Peter

      This is so great, Rob. Congrats.

      Please do it right FO. Jermaine Johnson. Leo Chenal. Jurgens. Heck I wont be mad with Cross if you can get Strange or somehow Jurgens falls.

    • Clayton B Russell Jr

      Looking forward to the YouTube version. He definitely offers some spark; something we have lacked for quite some time. Hopefully, he could be our TJ Watt.

  53. Sea Mode

    Will he take the night to sleep on it or does this happen today…? I bet the teams already have their offers sent in and at this point are just waiting for Watson to sign off.

    Aaron Wilson

    Deshaun Watson has completed his meetings with New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers, according to league sources. Teams send their top people, including Saints’ Mickey Loomis, Dennis Allen, Panthers’ David Tepper, Matt Rhule. More teams to follow. @PFN365

    • pdway

      aren’t the Saints still way over the cap, and Watson is something like $35M per year?

      • Sea Mode

        From Saints Wire:

        After starting the offseason over $76 million above the salary cap, New Orleans has whittled that overage down to just over $6 million. They did so by restructuring the contracts of: wide receiver Michael Thomas, offensive linemen Ryan Ramczyk and Andrus Peat, defensive linemen Cameron Jordan and Tanoh Kpassagnon, running back Alvin Kamara, and cornerback Marshon Lattimore.

        They can get below the limit with a simple restructure to the deals of offensive weapon Taysom Hill or linebacker Demario Davis. They also have several other cap-saving moves they could make such as extending the contract of or releasing cornerback Bradley Roby. Roby was acquired last offseason for a conditional third round pick in 2022 (which did convey) and would save around $9.5 million if released. However, the Saints may want to keep him around on an extended deal considering the losses they could potentially suffer in the secondary this offseason.

        In the end, if they want to, they could make it work for Watson by restructuring his bonus and spreading it far into future years.

        • pdway

          got it – – thanks for that

        • RugbyLock

          Think this would get Payton to pull a Brady!

  54. Sten

    I think it comes down to how much PCJS value a tight end vs how much Russ liked throwing to them. It is kinda weird though they have all this money in tight ends when in the Waldron Rams scheme they run 4 wide receiver sets pretty often. Maybe in the draft they’ll rerun the 2011 draft where they took Carpenter and then Moffitt, this time on day 2 of the draft.

    • BA

      For a team that has no clue how to properly use tight ends, they sure do allocate a lot of resources and energy to the position.

  55. Sea Mode

    We have come to love all the oddities of the off-season.


    • Tomas

      Very interesting and enjoyable article, appreciate the link.

      • Sea Mode


  56. Scot04

    Rob what are your thoughts at the 24 yr old Daniels getting a shot at Center here?
    I believe he was a pretty highly rated center coming out of Iowa.
    Seems to have the right body type and ability to fit the Waldron system.

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t hate it

  57. Sea Mode

    I mean, just confirming from an insider that the interpretation Rob has been offering the past 2-3 years was spot on, even down to a lot of the details.


    I read the whole part about Russ, which should be shocking to most Seahawks fans, just like: “Yup, knew that. Nothing new to see here.” Which is incredible.

    • Russ

      Great point SeaMode. Truly impressive stuff from Rob.

      Like Joe and Rob the trade pod, might be time to dig up some receipts and “burn down Twitter”

    • cha

      I spit water all over my keyboard this morning when I read this tweet from Bob Condotta

      Bob Condotta
      King says Russell Wilson’s camp “considered” 14 different teams and placed scores on each for a variety of factors and had Denver at or near the top in that contest. So yes, it indeed appears Wilson was considering options in the offseason, as one report in January suggested.

      Bob has spoken. Russell Wilson actually was thinking about other teams! Stop the presses!

      This is some crackerjack journalism we got right here. I’m relieved we have Bob here to read other journalists’ work and then confirm what SDB knew 2 years ago.

      • bmseattle

        If only Bell and Clayton had the same sources!

        • Clayton B Russell Jr

          I think like Pete’s philosophy on the Seahawks offense, the game and sources have passed Clayton by/e. Great insider in the 90’s and 2000’s. I think the younger sources, just pass him by or he has become so much of a homer, he fails to see/hear what the rest of us already know.

      • Sea Mode

        Right up there with this gem in terms of top notch information…

        Ed Werder

        My understanding is Bobby Wagner is pursuing interest in the No. 1 team on his preferred list. He has the #Cowboys and DC Dan Quinn high on his secondary list of options.

    • Hawkdawg

      Wow, have people have been talking to that reporter or what? He knew the number on the valet ticket Schneider used as the paper to write down the Hawks final demand for Wilson??

      This reveals the depth of the snow job Carrol, Wilson and Schneider did on everybody. Pretty deep.

  58. GoHawks5151

    I liked the idea for some of these Rams OL guys but Seattle goes Jermaine Johnson, Abe Lucas and Cam Jurgens with their first 3 picks it all works out

    • Peter

      Let it be so

  59. Old but Slow

    As a tight end, I much prefer Dissly to Fant. A TE who does not block is basically an H-back. Maybe Fant can be part of some kind of trade deal as a throw in.

    At any rate, I want to change his name to Want or Pant to get my spell checker off my back.

    The later reports on Diss’s money eases my mind some, as I agree that his contract is (still) a bit steep.

  60. TimDB11

    Starting to wonder if this front office in its arrogance has earned a rep that isnt favorable to outsiders. Plus trading away your best asset and cutting a legend and not saying a word. To go back in time and fire Pete and JS. No doubt it will go down as they did it their way. SMH

  61. Roland Jose

    Over-paid for Dissly! could have got him for way cheaper!
    There is no way that Pete and Schnieder are going to invest in the oline now that Russ is gone!, Pete can go back to playing his way on offense until he retires because there is no one to oppose him, I am sure he is thrilled about that! as long as the offensive linemen that he does bring in grade high in run blocking, are willing pass blockers and are athletic then he is happy! the oline and certain positions on the Dline like Dtackle is where the seahawks go cheap! if they want to be cheap about these positions why don’t they draft for them every year! it is way cheaper!
    I really don’t trust this regime as much as I did in the beginning! I don’t trust what they will do with the draft stock that they have! or do the right things in free agency! Its like a poor person who just won the lottery! Pete is going to go on a spending spree on cheap players ( as he always does, just more of them this time because he has more money to throw around!) instead of paying for better talent! and in the draft he is going to select a kicker with the 9th pick! and shneider is going to back him up and say that the player was selected because he was the least injured player in all of NCAA Football! last season!
    I hope that this doesn’t happen! and that they both work together to rebuild this team to be great again!, I hope they surprise me! but I doubt it!. Over paying Dissly when they could have gotten him for way cheaper doesn’t make me think they are going to do something different!, I hope Pete isn’t lying to those new defensive coaches that he brought in! This team doesn’t have the personnel to run a 3-4 defense! and am unsure if they have corners that can play man defense! and they are trying to keep the band together! I wish them luck because as soon as the defense starts to not play well Pete is going to go back to what he knows!
    Round 1, 9th Pick: Jermaine Johnson (I hope!)

    The actual pick will probably get traded away for more picks because they are going to need more of them because they are going to draft weard as they always do!

    • mtpgod

      This post is certified exclaimed!!!!!

      • Sea Mode

        Leave periods for the boring folks!

  62. Rob Staton

    Apparently Jermaine Johnson ran a 1.55 10-yard split

    Something to remember

    1.5’s are the key

    He, Thibodeaux and Barno ran them this year

    • Sea Mode

      That’s awesome. Assures he’s actually on Seattle’s radar.

      • Seattle Person

        Atlanta! Please take a WR. They didn’t sign one in FA. Good sign?

        • Rob Staton

          Fingers crossed

          Because increasingly I think they go DE at 8

  63. Derek

    Per Rapsheet, Justin Britt to Houston

    The #Texans agree to terms with two key O-lineman: Justin Britt and AJ Cann, source said. Solidifying things up front.


    • Derek

      -If anyone cares 🙂

      • TomLPDX

        Glad Britt is doing ok. 2 yrs/$9M seems about right for him.

  64. All I see is 12s

    I know people hate ideas like this, but with the way college is just churning out quality wide receivers, would it not just be better to trade DK Metcalf and not have to pay him? Wouldn’t a team like Atlanta give us their first round pick maybe more to solve their wr problem? I know it wouldn’t leave us with a whole lot, but I would think that we could draft someone in in the second or third

    • Rob Staton

      The problem with this is you then have to replace Metcalf with a high pick and hope that the player makes it in the league.

      Right now, Metcalf is one of the few bright spots on the roster.

      I’m wary of paying any receiver in this market and think they probably should start drafting every four years for wide outs. Kevin Austin Jr would be my target at Notre Dame.

      But if you’re trading DK, you better get a haul. It better match Jamal Adams’ return.

      • Sea Mode

        If Amari Cooper only got a R5 and a swap of R6, there’s no way…

        Austin Jr is quite the athlete at a plus size, too. Incredible 6.71 3C. I’ll have to check him out. Until now, Jahan Dotson has been my guy. Incredible hands and smooth acceleration. But he’s another little guy.

        • Old but Slow

          Watch clips from Notre Dame and you get a twofer: Jack Coan QB and Austin Jr. And that tight end (do we need a TE?) who I think will be in the 2023 draft. Can’t remember his name.

        • Peter

          No disrespect to cooper cause he’s great buyt maybe don’t snnoince your intention to cut a guy before trading him.

          It’s also likely that DK > cooper.

          The only thing that slows his stat line down going forward is drew lock. A lot of fans want to say what DK isn’t but a good deal of recievers don’t come into their own until 26-29.

        • Rob Staton

          That was due to Amari’s contract though

    • mtpgod

      I agree, I’d trade DK for the most value possible as his attitude and sideline antics are worrisome, he appears to be heeaded towards the dreaded WR diva role. And if he showed bad body language and had temper tantrums w/Russ at the helm, I don’t want to see how he is going to implode when Drew Lock is throwing to him.
      I love DK, but I worry about paying him 20 million or more a year when he had issues last year with drops and attitude.

    • Jabroni-DC

      If the FO knows they aren’t going to pay him then exploring a trade makes sense. If it’s for 2 first round picks it’s going to be a team that believes they are a title contender & expects those picks to be late in the round.
      Pete has been looking for his ‘big guy’ forever though. What’s $30M a year when there’s no other talent on the roster to pay?

      • Scot04

        I wouldn’t trade them but there are plenty of options if they want to.
        I’m not sure it has to be a title contender.
        I think a few teams could match up nice for a 1st & 2nd this year also.

        Atlanta. #8 & 43
        Philadelphia. #15 & 51
        Detroit. #32 & 34
        Buffalo 2022 1st & 2023 1st
        Green Bay 2022 1st & 2023 1st
        Raiders 2022 1st & 2023 1st
        Miami 2022 1st & 2023 1st
        Tampa 2022 1st & 2023 1st
        Patriots 2022 1st & 2023 1st ( definitely wouldn’t happen)

        Plenty of options for sure.

      • Peter

        Green bay and cincy are both cheap teams. Green bay would have to pay DK about what adams wants in a year if they trade him.

    • DriveByPoster

      Your argument is not logical. If there are plenty of good receivers coming out of college, why would Atlanta (or any other team) give away a draft pick for someone who is about to become very expensive rather than drafting one of the plentiful, and cheap, college receivers?

    • CaptainJack

      Asking price for DK STARTS at two firsts min + other players and picks. No one would trade that much for him. Hence, he won’t be traded.

      • Rob Staton

        I think two firsts, or a first and an early second this year

  65. Ralphy

    The Hawks have a plan at QB. Lockett was practicing with Kap today. I think that’s going to happen.

    • Rob Staton

      Lockett just volunteered to help

      Doubt the Seahawks really appreciated him doing that because it keeps CK in the minds of unrealistic people expecting him to be an option

  66. BobbyK

    What a depressing time to be a Seahawks fan.

    Building an old core. Run the same crap back except minus your QB.

    When has history proved it’s smart to sign defensive players to 3rd contracts unless it’s a Pro Football Hall of Fame type of guy destined for Canton?

    I love Dissly, but you can get a good blocker for less. And, really, why invest in TEs when Pete Carroll is the coach? It’s pretty worthless.

    • CaptainJack

      Let’s clear one thing up.

      Dissly isn’t a “blocking tight end”. He’s actually only an average blocker.

      He’s a dangerous receiving weapon when healthy. People are reading him so wrong. The question is will his knees hold up.

      • Big Mike

        Well their PR was to say Dissly was a very good blocking TE and those are hard to find these days because most TEs now are mostly pass catchers and that’s why he was offered a new contract. That was a tweet by one of Pete’s lapdogs in the media as to why they re-signed him. Please scroll up THIS thread to where the announcement was made of the re-signing and you’ll see it. I actually tend to agree with your assessment but that’s not the spin the FO is putting on it.

    • Hawkdawg

      Little too soon for “building an old core.” Woods is a short-timer at this stage, cheap, and good. Jones, Dissly are still young. Diggs is the only one signed today to meet the “old core” test–big bucks and 29.

      • Pran

        Digs and Wills signing shows they are treating this season like every other year. Russ trade and now this. No hope with PC and JS.

      • Peter

        Hard for me to get too stoked on a run blocking TE for a team with no oline and no running back.

  67. CaptainJack

    I’m trying not to be overly hyperbolic but I am immensely disappointed by the Seahawks moves on the first day of free agency.

    Overall I give them a D- grade.

    Brought Sid Jones back for cheap instead of overpaying for Jackson or Davis.

    Baffling Dissly contract
    Shelling out massive money to an injured over 30 yo safety
    Failing to sign any outside free agents… at all
    Bringing back a 35 year old lineman instead of getting younger there

    My main take away is the front office is not fit for conducting the rebuild.

    • UkAlex6674

      Some counter points to your comments.

      1. The contract is not as bad as the first reports
      2. Take the gamble – he’s been the best player on D the the last couple of years.
      3. It’s still early! Look at who is left – the next phase will be potentially a cheaper set of deals to be struck. Many names mentioned on the blog are still there.
      4. No problem with this, the FO has traditionally done well in getting seasoned vets on good deals at DT. Woods, Harris and Ford are a good trio so far at DT.

    • mtpgod

      Al Woods is playing at a really high level and is cheap, our rush defense was top 5 last year and he led the way. I get being upset at Dissly and even Diggs, but the Woods signing was right with Jones imo, cheap and a lot of upside.

  68. CaptainJack

    They probably won’t but I secretly hope they bring back Gerald Everett. I think he meshes with Waldron well and I really love tight ends that move like receivers. 478 yds + 4 tds last season… it was actually his best statistical season. I know the tight end room is crowded but hell just run two te sets three tight end sets all day…

  69. Palatypus

    So, they’ve made three moves today?

    • Scot04

      4 moves:
      Diggs, Dissley, Woods, & Jones

  70. Hawk Mock

    I was looking at the remaining available free agents and I think there’s some real talent still out there. If we can figure out a way to get OJ Howard, Robert Tonyan, Tyler Conklin, Marcus Williams, Marcus Maye and Kareem Jackson, I mean, yes please!

    • Jordan

      Still eyeing tight ends?

    • BA

      5 TE sets only to still run it up the middle for 2 yards? Count me in.

      • cha

        You gotta have 5 for victory formation as well.


        • MychestisBeastmode

          I hope someone has this framed and hanging next to a Superbowl signed jersey because it is that important.

        • CWagner

          Omg I can’t believe this photo exists LOL

    • Rob Staton


  71. Lucas Justice Patten

    The more I think about that Dissly contract the worse it seems, how do you trade for Fant then give a backup tight end who has nearly as many major leg injuries as TD’s over his career 8 mil per yr? And if you’re that determined to keep Dissly, why the f**k trade for Fant? It’s one of the worst decisions I’ve seen in 35+ years following the Hawks. Listen, the Peacocks trade/contract is more damaging to the franchise as a whole, and he does have a lot of major injuries as well (I’m not a fan, trade the Peacock, for a 7th if that’s all you can get) – but I can understand the idea of swinging for the fences on a guy who was considered an All-pro at the time of the trade. Giving Dissly 8 mil seems crazy, are you really telling me there was a team offering him 7 mil per? And if so, why wouldn’t we let him go? He is the definition of a replacement level player. Tight Ends who can block reasonably well and catch 20 passes a year are some of the easiest commodities to find in the NFL. Fire John Schneider.

  72. Gross MaToast

    (Hat tip to my good friend, Roland Jose. I love that post so much!)

    Maybe it’s just a little something I call ‘PeteTSD,’ but I’m having flashbacks of the past several years! Of waste and ruin and missed opportunities! The Dissly overpay, having $30M tied up in safeties, and the rumor that they pursued the Watson deal were unpleasant reminders! Of guys you shouldn’t overpay! And trades you shouldn’t make!

    Maybe they were only interested in Watson if they could get him for a 3 and LJ Collier! OK! That’s not terrible! But, it was probably more! Way more! I’ve seen the trades these guys make! I don’t approve!

    This tells us that Pete isn’t into the rebuild! I can’t believe that I ever thought he might be! Maybe it’s the PeteTSD! But I’ve got a bad feeling! About this! And nothing has really happened, yet! I feel like I’ve seen it before!

    1.5 for Jermaine is bad news for the NFL teams that don’t draft him! Please don’t get cute and trade down thinking he will be there at 15 or 20! Take a major dude! And be happy!


    • Big Mike

      You know as well as I do they’re going to trade down and miss out on Johnson . Right?
      I mean right?!!

    • cha


      “It was a damp and chilly afternoon, so I decided to put on my sweatshirt!”

  73. UkAlex6674

    I’m OK with the re-signings so far at those prices. The only thing that concerns me is the lack of O-line incoming but you got to believe that the new OC will have a plan for that to implement whatever scheme he has in mind.

  74. samprassultanofswat

    I like Quandre Digg$ but not enough to sign him at those prices. Let’s get Duane Brown and Rashard Penny names on a contract. Meanwhile the. Hawks need an offensive center. Brian Allen, Ryan Jenson and Jason Kelce all resigned with their previous team. What is left in free agency?

    • Big Mike

      Doesn’t matter. Schneider has already stated that they “really like” Pocic so we’ll be treated to another round of watching Aaron Donald own him this year. The good news is we’ll have a QB who’s ability to read a D quickly will be well below the last one (RIP) so it’ll be easier for Donald to sack him. By the middle of the 2nd quarter against the Rams we shouldn’t have to worry about that messy feeling of hoping for a victory.
      By the way, I’d wager you that Johnny boy came out and said that because he knows fans and even their lapdog media people have been begging for an upgrade at the position for 2 years now and it was a way to deflect the upcoming criticism when that doesn’t happen.

  75. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    Pro Bowl DE Frank Clark has re-worked his contract to stay in KC. New deal is 2 yrs/ $29m base with upside to $36m.

  76. Sea Mode

    Yikes 😬 Your daily reminder that things could always be worse…

    Warren Sharp

    the last two free agency periods, the Jaguars spent $117,500,000 on their starting receiving corps, which consists of:

    WR Christian Kirk, WR Zay Jones,
    WR Marvin Jones and TE Evan Engram

  77. Sea Mode

    And the saga drags on… If I were him, I might actually choose the Browns, except that the NFC looks like the path of least resistance now.

    Aaron Wilson

    Sources: Cleveland Browns to meet with Deshaun Watson on Tuesday in Houston, one day after he met with the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers, both of whom have made trade proposals:

  78. Ishmael

    One thing I will say about Diggs is that you have to keep some veteran/culture guys in the room. They’ve just lost Wilson and Wagner, who for better or worse have been the leaders in that locker room for at least the last half decade, if not longer.

    He’s honestly the sort of player who you need around to teach young guys standards about how to work. If you don’t have them, and you’re left with Pete Carroll’s son telling people how the only way to get anywhere in life is through hard work, you’re on a one-way ticket to Jacksonville.

    It’s definitely an overpay for the player in a vacuum, but for a senior leader to hold the club together during a transition period?

    • bk matty

      the deal is fine if we didn’t have Adams, and Im ok with making it even with Adams,. you don’t compound mistakes by making decisions based on them. Not paying Q because of the Adams deal would have been compounding. Now the job is to move Adams.

    • Cover2

      Yeah, Diggs fills the leadership vacuum now that Russ and Wagnor are gone. I’m fine with the Diggs contract.

  79. bk matty

    Its not alwyas fun to say I told you so!

    But…….. I told you so!

    PC-JS are outdated football minds. They are clueless. Not only did they drive out of town the greatest sports athlete in Seattle history, they turned the roster into a steaming pile of mediocrity and worst of all apparently have turned a great sports town and franchise into a non starter for top free agents.

    That ownership does not see what is happening is truly staggering. How did they not fire PC-JS, Keep RW and find a way to get back on the winning track with new coaching and management?!?!

    Sadly our beloved franchise is doomed until this group of coaching and management are gone. They have not adapted to the modern NFL plain and simple.

    • bk matty

      to add, they drove out the greatest athlete in Seattle sports history IN HIS PRIME!!!!

      • Hawk Finn

        I wonder if Griffey is confused as I am right now

        • bk matty

          Griffey the #2 by a long shot but he never won anything. Wilson head and shoulders above Griffey in this debate.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            Griffey won an MVP and had several votes on multiple years. He was the best in baseball in his prime, period. He was the best offensive player. He was the best defensive player. He’s the best in Seattle history, hands down. Just happened to play for the Mariners and the worst ownership group in baseball (at least for owners who aren’t interested in moving teams out of town).

            Russel is great and and we would’ve never made the 2 Superbowls without him. He did little to influence our victory in the 1st one. And the 2nd, the ending is all anyone cares about. After that, RWs greatness was never able to elevate the Seahawks to serious contention again. He’s never won MVP or got a vote. Again, he’s great, but has never been the best at his own position except for a couple 6 week stretches over the years, let alone a talent able to transcend the NFL that could will his teams to victory with any regularity (my mind pictures Pat Mahomes or Tom Brady). Don’t get me wrong, we would have won a lot less without him, but he’s not the best ever to play in Seattle. By default, he’s a QB, so he is the most important player at the most important position n football that Seahawks have ever had.

            In my mind, if having to choose individual players, Sherman and Lynch were as influential in winning during our competitive years as Wilson was.

          • Peter

            Agreed. You’d have to be of a certain age and be from Seattle to even appreciate Griffey. I loved him as a kid in the prime years to view him. But his stellar play never took the team anywhere.

            People are going to bring up mvp votes til their blue in the face. At least baseball gets real and has AL/NL mvps.

            The nfl mvp is whatever player did the most for your fantasy team. Aaron rodgers and his million td’s is more “valuable,” than Burrows leading a formerly sad sack team to the superbowl. Is more valuable than Aaron Donald? Okay. If the AP writers say so.

          • J.P.

            It’s the other way around. Griffey was not only a phenomenal talent, but the face of an entire sport for a time.

            Wilson was a part of those Legion of Boom teams sure, but Griffey was a part of saving the sport in Seattle. I mean it’s called the house that Griffey built.

          • Matt

            Wilson isn’t even the greatest Seahawk of all time, let alone Seattle sports history.

            • Peter

              Probably largent. His stats in his era when you could attempt to maim the wr with his qb’s….

    • SeaTown

      Google Jody Allen harassment. Then you will know why she’s an absentee owner. Pete is running the show with absolutely no oversight.

      • bk matty

        Worse off she only knows the corporate mindset, go with management over labor.

        • Big Mike


    • Big Mike

      Well outside of arguing who was better in their sport, I 1000% agree with your post bk matty. They’ll be gone when either A) their contracts run out or B) a new owner buys the team and cleans out, whichever happens first.

      • Peter

        Come on denver finish your sale and fingers crossed huard is right and the team can not begin the process until 2024….cause honestly I’m over it.

        Unless this draft completely bangs and the team looks like it has life to it I’m not interested in any more time hearing about how close we are, how we need to make adjustments, etc.

        Outside of politics (which I’ve come to expect from every elected official at every level,) i can’t recall seeing someone so successful in their field be so rudderless and unable to tell it like it is.

        • Big Mike

          His success will wane now that RW isn’t propping the team up any longer.

          But hey, how ’bout those Mariners!!

          • Peter

            I swear to god I can not anymore with the mariners talk.😆

            The most moribund franchise ever.

            They get to the world series? Then that’ll be the games I watch.

  80. Mark Quinn

    Thanks, Rob.

    The last 24hrs is evidence that Carroll and Schneider will absolutely blow the opportunity to rebuild this team. I foresee more draft busts, overpaid free agents and a coach with zero accountability to an ownership asleep at the wheel. We’ve essentially swapped places with the Bengals.

    • Big Mike

      And meanwhile, the Bengals went out and signed 2 Guards to bolster the weakest part of their team, the offensive line. The Cincinnati Bengals folks. Give Mike Brown credit here, he sees they have a window to a championship and he’s going for it.
      “We’ve essentially swapped places with the Bengals”. Yes and no. Petey was never smart enough to bolster the interior o-line with a short QB that needed lanes to see through (Drew Brees always had that) but otherwise I get your point and agree.

  81. Seanmatt

    It’s not a good signing, but the specific details make it better than those general numbers. Basically, Pete and John are betting that he returns to his pre-injury form. He counts about 5 million against the cap this season and we save money if we cut him next season (six million dead cap vs. a nice million cap hit if he’s on the roster). It’s too much and he probably won’t complete the contract, but if this gamble works out it will end up being a great signing.

  82. vanhawksfan

    Rob made an excellent point early on about Seattle not being attractive to outside free agents without a big overpay. You would think that with all of the money tied up in the Seahawks that Jody Allen might hire some outside consulting to understand the pluses and minuses of keeping JS/PC, including how they are perceived around the league by other players and management. Clearly that did not happen and we are seeing the results of that. This really sucks because Pete’s words and actions clearly don’t match and we are all lined up for another weird draft where they keep going off the board, ignoring the trenches, and, no doubt, high-fiving themselves about how “unorthodox” they are until we see another 5-11 or 6-10 season and then watching Pete, at the end of another shitty season, turn around with that confused look of “how did it all go so wrong???” It is so predictable and it just feels like we are watching yet another disastrous season unfold in slow motion. Time to plan for other things to do on Sundays in the fall of 2022….

    • bk matty

      whats worse is they are just competent enough to put together a 6 win team with some close losses so there will always be the ‘what ifs’ what we need is a real 2-15 stinker to clean them out but that likely wont happen.

      • Hawk Finn

        Agreed. It would likely take an injury-riddled season for that to happen, which would then likely give them cover for another run.

        • bk matty

          Ive never understood why a team in a situation like this wouldnt fully embrace a rebuild and truly tank for 1yr to get the top pick when you know there are multiple QB options coming. Fire everyone, get in a new young coaching crew, trade every player over 26 who has any true value and go with a terrible qb and run the ball for a year to lose without it being too obvious. You load up on picks, get a franchise qb locked inot a cheap deal and you make your run.

          If we did this Id b eso much happier than watching the status quo of what will soon be 6-8 win season after season with no end in sight.

      • Big Mike

        Even at 2-15 I doubt she’d dump them. Might have to pay them some of PAUL’S money for not “working” dontcha know.

        • Cover2

          She needs to sell the team.

          I wonder if Elon Musk likes football?

    • drrew76

      Seattle has never been attractive to outside free agents in any sport. Any big signings by the Ms in their history were market setting contracts.

      The Sonics could never attract FAs.

      The geography just isn’t on their side.

      Doesn’t mean you can’t convince guys to come, but if you’re competing for someone, historically, Seattle clubs have needed to blow them away with $$$.

      • Clayton B Russell Jr

        Geography has nothing to do with it. Green Bay for many years could not get anyone to sign there until Reggie White made Green Bay an “in place to go” to concentrate on football. Green Bay is not a mecca of entertainment like Seattle, Dallas, Miami etc. So I don’t buy that one bit. Setting a culture to attract big names is the key.

        The Dallas Mavericks have not signed a big name in Free Agency in ages, yet the Cowboys have.

        Seattle did sign Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett in free agency if i recollect and TJ, Houshmanzada, Sidney Rice and a TE, that helped Seattle reach and win the only Super Bowl in history. So again, that is not a valid statement.

        • bk matty

          Agreed, geography is irrelevant, the NY Knicks cant sign a FA to save their lives. Seattle is a great FA spot. The reason the top guys have no interest is because for the last 10yrs they have been hearing vet payers complain about PC and his rookie mentality and ‘always compete’ nonsense where true vets are interviewing for their own jobs weekly. Get a hot young coach in town and the FA will come.

          • Big Mike


          • drrew76

            “Hot young coach in town and the FA will come.”

            That’s an absolutely delusional take and is in no way based on the 50 years of professional sports in this city.

            • Peter

              Pete got Rice, Wilson, and gallery to come here. Then Avril and Bennett. He was never young but he was a hot coach.

              Am a tiny bit concerned that Bevell and Cable had players to draw upon and now the coaches either have no one they like enough or not enough connections with those players to get to come here and help demonstrate their ideas and principles.

              • mtpgod

                Funny to see Gallery named with Rice and Wilson.

        • drrew76

          Green Bay is a 55 minute flight from Chicago. 2 hours to Atlanta.

          Seattle is 55 minutes to Spokane. 2 hours to Bozeman.

          Geography absolutely plays a role when guys are deciding where they want to play for the first time in their professional careers.

          It’s not the only reason, and it can be overcome, but it often means setting the market on a contract, and when a good percentage of FAs don’t pan out, that’s not a smart way to run a team.

          • Ben

            Agree – travel and distance are most definitely factors for FA’s (a good agent will always remind his client of this). Go pull the travel logs for all teams in the 4 major sports. Seattle teams (all of them) have historically travelled more miles, per season, than all other franchises.

            • Clayton B Russell Jr

              Ridiculous points. If you really care about flight times to other cities (you are probably not thinking football first)

              A major point to sell SEATTLE is no state taxes for 8 games, only so many other teams can say the same.

              Again, geography means nothing, money, a winning culture are more important.

              That pitch may work well for Seattle Mariners, but not an organization like the Seahawks who (at one point) were the talk of the nation (dynasty) opportunity for young rookies not drafted etc.

      • Denver Hawker

        Wonder if Minnesota has the same problem?

        I read a research paper years back that correlated veteran free agent signings in major sports to proximity of where the talent comes from. Florida, Texas, California are more desirable because familiarity.

  83. Trevor

    Rob sometimes reading your blog flat out sucks I just have to come out and say it.

    You spend weeks articulating a perfect off season plan for the Hawks to build. It is both realistic and forward thinking. Then is the first 3-4 hours of free agency it is all blown to crap when PC/JC over pay for mediocrity and I realize they clearly have no clue anymore how to build a quality NFL roster.

    As they say ignorance is bliss. Perhaps I was not reading your blog I would still think the Hawks front office was competent and we had a chance to compete in 2-3 yrs.

    Joking kind of but not really.

    • Hawk Finn

      Haha yeah I hear ya. Can’t wait to bypass JJ at #9, trade back to the early 20’s and take the 11th ranked G on the board.

      • Big Mike

        Don’t you mean the 11th ranked Safety or LB?

        • Hawk Finn


      • CWagner

        For real! I’m trying not to get too excited with the 9th overall because that’s probably exactly what they’ll do–pick up some third round G with the 25th pick. Funny but not.

        • cha

          And then move him to tackle.

    • Peter

      You’re not wrong.

      Imagine not reading this site than you’d blissfully be unaware of the litany of draft misses, tj watt, et al, free agents, coaches around the league. And be stuck in “aw shucks land,” assuming last year was a down year and not the result of a pattern developing over five years.

      I love the keen insight and appreciate the game in a different way because of Rob and commentors, but part of me wishes I was zonked out and could be in that “better luck next time,” mode.

      On the other hand. I did used to feel every loss on sunday like a dagger in my chest. And now i get over losses much better because of Rob.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely I had zero interest in the draft or roster construction till I stumbled across Rob’s work 6-7 years ago and now I obsess about it unfortunately as a Hawks fan.

        • Matt

          The most relatable thread I’ve read in awhile.

  84. Hawk Finn

    Well, Myles Hack is available now that JAX shit their wad on the WR room

  85. Hawk Finn

    Shot! Shot!

  86. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I guess it’s still kinda of early but this off season on paper the Seahawks are still the fourth place team in the division . maybe the philosophy the second wave guys still in place. Hopefully they will do something today.

  87. CaptainJack

    so excited for another day of the Seahawks not signing anyone

  88. DW

    Myles Jack was just released by Jacksonville after their pass-catcher spending spree. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Seahawks bring him in, if nothing else just to keep Barton from being thrust into a starting role.

    • bk matty

      I hvaent seen enough of Jack to know if he is a playmaker or just good at compiling tackles on a bad team.

      • Ben

        You just described the Seahawks.

  89. Sea Mode

    Mmm… OL options kind of drying up, especially at Tackle and for looking to get younger.

    Maybe Connor Williams and James Daniels could be interesting in this second wave.

    T Terron Armstead
    T Trent Brown
    T Eric Fisher
    T Daryl Williams
    T Morgan Moses
    T David Quessenberry

    G/C James Daniels
    G Connor Williams
    C Bradley Bozeman
    C Matt Paradis

    • Russ

      It’s not sexy, but I’m looking at Cornelius Lucas.

      The Rams put out very tall, very long, not remarkably agile tackles. If we’re going in that direction, Lucas fits the bill at 6’8 328. He’s played over 500 snaps each of the last 3 seasons. Here are his PFF grades:

      2019: 72.2
      2020: 78.2
      2021: 75.2

      He’s been a swing tackle so he can play both sides. He’s only 30, so he could be around for a few years if he works out. Worst case, you get a guy who you can throw out there and you get to start the best 2 out of Lucas/Forsythe/Curhan.

      Is that an elite tackle situation? No.

      Is it a good tackle situation? Maybe no.

      Is it a plan that gives us enough depth to not make desperate picks in the draft and to possibly see what we have in Forsythe and Curhan? Yes.

      With the state of the team, maybe that’s good enough.

    • Ghost Mutt

      Schefter reporting Williams is signing in Miami.

      2 years, 14 milly.

    • Sea Mode

      Daniels now off the market as well.

      Tom Pelissero

      The #Steelers are signing OL James Daniels to a three-year, $26.5 million deal, sources tell me and
      @MikeGarafolo. 💰

      • Henry Taylor

        Damn. I was really hoping we were going for him and that is so cheap. Not really sure what they are doing now.

        • clbradley17

          That’s only a little more than we paid for our backup TE with a couple hundred yards and 1 TD last year.

  90. Sea Mode


    Doug Kyed
    · 22h

    Seahawks free-agent offensive tackle Brandon Shell has received interest from several teams around the NFL, including the Broncos, per source. Shell has a close relationship with QB Russell Wilson. Return to Seattle also still possible.

    • Robbie

      Let him walk. Jake Curhan played better in his place plus Abraham Lucas is the guy I want in the draft. Pass on Shell. Good luck in Denver buddy!

      • Denver Hawker

        It’s only been a day of FA, but tea leaves seem to point to early picks going to trenches. Great choice, now don’t get cute.

        • Big Mike

          Chances of not getting cute < 10%

    • Mick

      Well I hope the Broncos sign Shell and Duane Brown and Kyle Fuller and perhaps also trade for Pocic.

  91. AL

    Diggs, Woods and Dissly… These signings make little sense for a team that should be embracing a full blown rebuild and seeking younger more talanted players. So, what should we expect moving forward in free agency? Most likely the resigning of Duane Brown, Ethan Pocic, Rashaad Penny and D.J. Reed. Effectively using up a good portion of the remaining cap space.

    Pete Carrol is leaving no doubt as to his intentions and his plans for the Seahawks. He’s running it back with the same team he had last year. Except this year he doesn’t have Russell Wilson to compensate for the lack of talent on the team.

    And if your unhappy about the direction free agency has taken so far, ask yourself this question. Why didn’t Pete target a QB first thing in free agency such as Tyrod Taylor or Marcus Mariota to compete with Drew Lock? Theres still a chance he may, but wouldn’t you think this would be a priority at the teams most important position?

    Quite possibly it’s not because Pete may be planning to draft a QB using one of his first three picks. This may not seem like a bad idea at first, but it could very well impact their ability to draft one of the top DE’s in the draft. Which should be their top priority in the draft. If they don’t get Thibodeaux or Johnson, considering they most likely won’t target a DT early, wheres that leave the defensive line going into the season?

    If we come out of this draft with our first three picks being a QB, most likely a LB and quite possibly a C or OT, where does that leave us in comparison to lasts years team?

    You know, it’s not to late to reconsider the direction of the SDB. Maybe a renaming to “The Buildup” utilizing the colors of White, Blue and Orange might be a more appropriate and rewarding direction to go!

  92. Matt

    Uninspiring day for the Hawks. We are a Kaepernick signing away from me just hanging it up for the year. And no, nothing to do with politics and everything to do with PC/JS apparently not taking this rebuild seriously.

    Very frustrated.

  93. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    · 53m
    The #Cowboys are expected to sign their own pass-rusher Randy Gregory to a deal around $13M per year, source said. The deal isn’t done yet. But it is headed that way.

    • cha

      Adam Schefter
      · 50m
      Cowboys are re-signing DE Randy Gregory to a five-year, $70 million deal that includes $28 million guaranteed, per source.

      • Peter

        So we can get gregory in two years for a 6th round pick?

        I mean 28 mil guaranteed?

        A lot of you have talked some sense into me about Green. But how’s a 29 year old “pass rusher,” playing 55% of snaps, getting just 6 sacks, having missed a ton of time for different reasons worth that?

        • cha

          Well just speaking for what I see, Gregory posted PFF’s of 78.6 and 80.5 the last two seasons, Green 50.2 and 55.3.

          5 forced fumbles in two years to Green’s zero.

          45 pressures to Green’s 36

          29 QB hits to Green’s 21

          In 5 less games than Green played.

          If you want to pay Green that money based on potential, great. But the Seahawks don’t have money to throw around.

          • Peter


            I don’t want to pay green for anything more than potential. And not even that much.

            However having better stats than Green for a formerly touted round one potential DE that still hasn’t done much all things considered 28 mil is a lot rich too me. If we’re talking potential gregory didn’t get going until the last two years.

            Sure he did it in less games. But you have to actually play games. JA had more sacks and missed games.

            • cha

              Well for the record I think Gregory is overpaid.

  94. Blitzy the Clown

    Ari Meirov

    #Browns released center JC Tretter, clearing $8.2M in cap space, per

    Go get him Seattle

    • Denver Hawker

      Why release him?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Apparently they like Nick Harris moving forward. And his cap hit is less than 1/8th of Tretter’s.

      • Big Mike

        clear cap space for Watson?

    • Big Mike

      Why get him when we have Etan Pocic Blitzy?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Good point. Better to extend Pocic now, and then draft a Safety (or WR) with the first pick.

        • Big Mike

          Or a LB after trading down 3 times

    • Sea Mode

      Tretter still performed at a high level during the 2021 season at the age of 30. From a pass-blocking perspective the veteran center finished with the following advanced statistics and rankings among qualifiers at the position:

      97 percent pass-block win rate (3rd, ESPN)
      83.7 pass-blocking grade (2nd, PFF)
      99.0 pass-blocking efficiency (5th, PFF)
      1.76 points above average (9th)

      Tretter was equally effective from a run-blocking perspective with a 74.8 PFF run-blocking grade that was the 12th-best among qualifying centers. When running toward the middle left or middle right, Browns backs averaged 5.3 yards per attempt and had 21 explosive runs, i.e. those runs that generated 10+ yards.


      • Big Mike

        Man would he be a great replacement for the replacement level guys we’ve had at the C position since Unger left.
        Zero chance tho cuz Johnny boy said they “really like” Pocic

  95. Happy Hawk

    I don’t get it. The Cowboys, Packers, and Rams were way over the cap and they have signed 3-4 players each for big money?

    • Paul

      In addition to cutting players, teams can maneuver around the cap by restructuring or extending contracts under the assumption that much of this can be absorbed by future caps. Although everyone expects the future caps to be higher, there is a certain amount kicking the can down the road—meaning that some teams approach this more conservatively that others. The Seahawks take a conservative approach, so we don’t always see the degree of creative accounting that other teams indulge in.

  96. Blitzy the Clown

    Why would the Rams release Johnny Hekker?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s been talking about retirement.

      Plus there’s a great punter in the draft they might have their eye on. It’s not like they have a ton of other needs.

      • Sea Mode

        McAfee makes it sound like he wants to keep playing, fwiw. But yeah, maybe just saving a few bucks by drafting a cheap replacement.

        🅿️at McAfee

        BREAKING: According to my source(s).

        4X First Team All Pro and the NFL’s 2010’s All Decade Punter, @JHekker, is set to be released from the LA Rams

        He’s only 32 & excited to continue to bomb balls in a new home next year.

        A freak athlete will hit the market #ForTheBrand.

  97. CWagner

    I actually think that resigning Diggs makes a lot of sense. After releasing Wagner, you need at a defensive leader and Diggs is well respected amongst the players and still playing great football. The issue I have is keeping Adams and paying his ridiculous salary.

  98. Sea Mode

    Sorta like the Jets with Mosley all over again, but at least we don’t have anyone we “have” to sign this time around.

    Jonathan Jones

    Trent Baalke and the Jags have thrown the free-agency market out of whack. Agents, rightly, want to negotiate deals for their players based off Jax’s valuations. The other teams are saying “not so fast.”

  99. Sea Mode

    Special teams FTW

    Brady Henderson

    A Seahawks housekeeping note as we await their next unrestricted free agent signing: Per sources, the exclusive rights free agents they’ve tendered include S Ryan Neal, LB Tanner Muse, LB Jon Rhattigan, DB Nigel Warrior and OL Dakoda Shepley. That secures their rights for 2022.

  100. jopa726

    Ian Rapoport on the Rich Eisen show said that in the unlikely situation that Deshaun Watson goes to the Atlanta Falcons, the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks will be bidding for Matt Ryan.

    This seems to me as Ian Rapoport just covering his bases on every situation.

    Jason La Canfora tweets: “Rival GM’s are not buying Atlanta as a legit suitor for Deshaun Watson but perhaps will prove em wrong. Watson been available for a year Atlanta told teams would not trade Matt Ryan then reworked deal again. With NO and CAR in deep, industry reading this as attempt to drive price”

  101. Burner

    The #Jets have signed cornerback DJ Reed, sources tell

  102. mtpgod

    If you ask me if I’d rather have Dissly at 8 mill/year, or have DJ Reed for 2 mill more a year, I’d take Reed in a heartbeat.

  103. Kuya206

    Dissly contract not too bad. He has a base of 4.59 in 2022 and can cut him in 2023 and save 6.1M but have 3.1 in dead money.
    Year 1 – 4.59
    Year 2 – 9.25
    Year 3 – 10.1

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