Free agency open thread and introducing… ‘The Rebuild’

Feel free to use this as an open thread for when free agency begins with the legal tampering period. I will react to any big news later today on the blog and via live streams. Firstly though, an announcement of sorts…

I started Seahawks Draft Blog in 2008. I’d returned to the UK from Canada and was starting a journalism career. I needed to practise writing every day so a blog felt like a good idea. I wanted to be motivated to write so picked a subject I knew would keep my interest.

The Seahawks were a passion and blogs were all the rage in the pre-Twitter world. There was a gap in the market for a dedicated team-specific website on the draft, especially with the Seahawks struggling and eventually earning the #4 pick.

Much to my surprise it took off and gained a reasonable following. I never intended to still be writing 14 years later.

We tracked the team from Pete Carroll’s arrival to the Super Bowl years and now to today, with Russell Wilson traded in one of the biggest deals in NFL history.

As with the team, it feels like it’s time for a change.

Firstly, the site has been outdated for a long time. The web-designer I used is no longer in the business and various alternatives have quoted incredible fees to revamp Seahawks Draft Blog because there’s 12 years of data attached to this version of it.

The banner is from 2014. The flash banner on articles doesn’t work any more.

It’s 2022. It’s time to start looking like a website from this decade.

Secondly, blogs aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day, it’s where we got our news. I’m sure many of you used to follow Mike Sando’s blog when he worked at the TNT. In 2008 I remember refreshing his blog during free agency, hoping for updates on Kris Dielman. That’s how things used to be.

Now — you get your news from a tweet by one of the handful of reporters who mingle with the agents and teams in the news-sharing industry. Then you often head on to YouTube or a podcast for reaction.

I want this place to get with the times. The articles and writing will remain. This is about adding not subtracting. But it’s time to take this beyond a mere blog. The streaming and podcast element is just as vital. This is going to be more of a multi-media site moving forward.

The name ‘Seahawks Draft Blog’ was useful because it explained what this place was. Yet the term ‘blogger’ has almost become a derogatory phrase these days. I’m relaunching the site under a new name.

I also want this website to appeal to more than just Seahawks fans. I’m a Seahawks fan and writer — but a lot of the draft work is universal and not team-specific.

So here we go. Here is the new identity.

I picked this because the timing, for me, is ideal. The Seahawks are beginning a new era. And so are we…

Today I am launching ‘The Rebuild’ — on the day free agency begins with legal tampering. Shortly the site will be redirecting to a fresh design and modern look. The objective is to provide the best coverage of Seattle’s rebuild — whatever shape or form it takes.

I am also launching ‘The Rebuild Podcast’ — which is where all my live streams, interviews and new audio offerings will be found.

You can subscribe by clicking here. Please do — and leave a review (it helps). My conversation with Jeff Simmons is already available:

You will (finally) be able to receive this via Apple podcasts — and I’ll be looking into other options such as Spotify too.

What can you expect? This week I’ve got an exclusive interview with one of the most exciting players in the 2022 NFL Draft to help kick things off.

There will be two new URL’s you can use:

However, ‘’ will also direct to the new site.

The changes will be introduced soon and if you experience any issues let me know.

It feels like the perfect time to try something new. I hope you’ll enjoy the fresh look and the new content.


  1. Tyler

    This sounds awesome, Rob!

  2. Tomas

    Congratulations, Rob, and thanks for the thousands of keen insights, and always top-notch writing.

  3. Brett in AZ

    Can’t wait!

  4. Chris A

    Congrats, Rob. Your content is the best of the best, and I hope this change brings the attention you deserve.

  5. Chris

    Love the change, but to me this will always be the Seahawks Draft Blog. #LFG

  6. Danzell

    Always exciting to witness evolution!

    Wish you all the best in the transition and launch of the new brand and platform(s). Will be following with a keen interest.

  7. dan

    Wow, big BIG news, incredible (especially the podcast news).

    Thank you!

  8. Dregur

    All the success in the world on the rebrand Rob, you helped me learn about and appreciate the draft more than any other website.

    I remember the 2012 draft, it was the second year I started reading this site. When the draft picks started being called out, I knew most of the players being drafted because of SDB. People kept asking me “Who is Russell Wilson? Who is Bobby Wagner?” And I could actually tell people, in detail, why I was excited for these draft picks.

    So thank you Rob, even during some of the tough times in the past several years where people questioned your analysis, I believed you were consistent in your analysis and your opinions, and I thank you for all the time you spend on the Seahawks and American football.

  9. Adam B

    How exciting, congrats Rob, can’t wait to enjoy the new site and the pod!

  10. Jabroni-DC

    I hope your passion pays off the way you want it to Rob. Personally I love the written blog format as opposed to the anger-verse of twitter & friends but times be a’changin.

    Noteboom staying with the Rams blows up my rebuild plan before it got started. 😞 Would have been a nice cornerstone piece to start with. @&$K!!!!

    • Scot04

      Unfortunately I couldn’t see the Rams letting him go as long as they could keep him at 12M per or less. He’s 14yrs younger than Whitworth & showed he could play.
      I think if we want younger starters they better be ready to pay up; & willing to go more than 3 years.
      I’m worried it could be an offseason that disappoints again.
      Hope I’m wrong.

      • Jabroni-DC

        The Rams were smart not to let him hit the FA market. Shoots!

        Next target for me is Center. Go get Bradley Bozeman.

        • clbradley17

          Or poach C Brian Allen from the Rams, along with Corbett at RT. See that the Bills cut RT Williams to save 6 mil. in cap room, but he’s going to be 30 by the end of August. Would rather have a much younger Corbett. GB also released edge Za’Darious Smith, so he may be another pass rushing option.

  11. Leo

    I was a bit worried that your announcement yesterday might mean you were giving this up, so I was quite relieved to see that you are going to continue to write about the Seahawks. Quite honestly, this is the only place I go for news about the Seahawks because your insights are better than anyone else who covers the Seahawks. I’m really happy to hear you are sticking with this!

    Right now, there are only two things that would lead me to stop following the Seahawks: if you stopped providing your insights on the team; if they trade for Deshaun Watson.

    A bit about the latter…there is a lot of speculation that the Texans want three first round picks for Watson, so trading for him would be like exchanging him for Russell Wilson, plus at least one additional draft pick. After that trade, the Seahawks would be essentially the same team they were before trading Wilson: a team with many holes on the roster, and not enough draft picks and salary cap room to fill those holes. At best, the Seahawks would be a team capable of making the playoffs and winning maybe one game-AT BEST. Not to mention they would be exchanging a high quality person (Wilson) with someone of very dubious character. The Adams trade was bad, but I do feel the Wilson trade gives the Seahawks their best chance of becoming a competitive team again, and while I have no lofty expectations for next year, I think it will be really fun to see how the team develops over the next couple of years. Trading for Deshaun Watson, together with the Adams trade would be the final nail in the coffin for this franchise, and I just could no longer watch this train wreck.

  12. cha

    I’m going to Embrace The Rebuild!


  13. RIP Sonics

    Congrats! This website has been a constant bastion of joy for more than a decade. I still remember checking it out on a friends suggestion in 2010 and being blown away by how much what you were writing hit all the marks of what I craved from Seahawks media.
    Excited to see how it evolves next.

  14. Ben

    Amped! Really exciting to see this shift with all the work you’ve put into it. Finally joined the patreon, incredibly long overdue considering the amount of amazing draft and hawks talk over the years.

    Thank you!

  15. Denver Hawker

    Congrats Rob- I know this was a long time in the making.

  16. LB

    I’m glad the blog is still around, although I can’t say I like the new name in the slightest. SDB is the only team specific blog I’m willing to read, all the others read like their written by spineless corporate shills.

    As for Twitter, I have three words. No thank you.

  17. swedenhawk

    Stort grattis!

  18. Jon Smith

    Damn no more Johnny Football on the page haha, as a designer I’m stoked to see what the redux looks like but it did get funnier over time looking at the header graphic and realizing almost none of those players are in the league anymore like Marty’s picture of his family in BTTF..

    The Rebuild is an interesting title, hopefully it’s not an apropos descriptor for long as we could easily be sliding into a Dave Grosby-esque DARK DECADE going back to the pre-Holmgren 90’s ..but it’s a good name to get folks who aren’t Seahawks fans in the door for draft analysis. Anyway godspeed fella!

  19. Derek

    Rob, I’ve been coming to this site for at least 10 years and am excited for the next level of adventures! I hope the new format also makes it easier to help you out financially with the support you deserve. Very exciting times!

  20. Sean

    Good luck with The Rebuild, Rob. I do hope that there will still be a vital comments section. To me, the comments are one thing that makes this place wonderful.

  21. Scott

    Great to hear Rob! I was a wee bit nervous thinking it was retirement rather than rebuilding. Looking forward to the new look and content.

  22. Hawk Finn

    Fantastic news, and thank you once again for all of your contributions. Exciting times

  23. ShowMeYourHawk

    Congrats, Rob! Hopefully the Seahawks won’t be stuck in a “Rebuild” for the better part of the next decade…

  24. Hawk Finn

    Cards keeping Conner on a 3-yr deal per Schefty. Worth up to $25.5M with $13.5M guaranteed.

    • Denver Hawker

      There’s a ceiling for Penny, and I’d consider the Chase Edmonds deal of 2/12/6 a nice comp.

      • Hawk Finn

        Yeah, I think a deal in that range is reasonable.

  25. James Cr.

    Awesome! Pumped and jacked to see the new look! Thanks for all your hard work Rob providing the best place for Seahawks content.

  26. Scot04

    Extremely exciting news on upgrade & “The Rebuild”. This is the 1st Sports Blog I ever followed and, feel very fortunate I stumbled across it.
    Best content anywhere and has only got better.
    Hopefully the Seahawks embrace the rebuild as well.

  27. TomLPDX

    Way to embrace the now! Good luck with the new site and congratulations on the past (fourteen!) years.

    Onward and upward, looking forward to it!

  28. Burner

    Hopefully the podcast will be available on Google podcasts soon, my phone won’t let me download apple podcasts.

    Best of luck with the rebrand Rob!

  29. Palatypus

    The Rebuild.

    Cue ominous theme music.

  30. stregatto

    Congrats on knuckling down and making it happen, Rob! It’s so easy to put things off and I commend you investing your creativity and vision here. Hats off.

  31. CJ Beast

    Congrats Rob. Any thoughts on Kaepernick? Any chance he plays in the NFL again and would Seattle bring him in to give him a shot?

    • Space Chief

      I’m not Rob, but HARD pass on Kaep.

  32. dand393

    Congrats to you Rob thanks for all you do and can’t wait for the rebuild

  33. SeaTown

    Congrats Rob! So excited for this new beginning! Best Seahawk community any where!!

  34. cha

    Mike Garafolo
    · 1m
    The #Steelers have reached agreement on a two-year deal with QB Mitchell Trubisky, sources say. The former No. 2 overall pick heads to Pittsburgh as the expected starter in place of the retired Ben Roethlisberger.

    • Denver Hawker

      Definitely drafting a QB

      • Hawk Finn

        My thoughts as well. In no way does this signing lead me to believe otherwise.

  35. Peter

    Stoked for this!!

    Been here since Aaron Curry days. Really enjoy how you’ve given me a greater understanding of viewing players and truly increased my love of the college game.

    Think “the rebuild,” is pretty frickin’ solid, sir. In the end that’s what separates all the teams if they want to keep winning. How well can you continue to rebuild in this game.

    I know you are super busy but hope you get up and running on Spotify or Acast when you can.

  36. Sneekes

    Exciting times all round.
    This is my ‘go to’ place for anything draft and/or Hawks related. I really appreciate all your hard work Rob.

  37. SeahawkNYC

    Quandre get’s $40 mil for 3 years. Don’t hate the move (he’s a leader and the team did right by him), just wish they went younger

  38. Hand of God

    Per Ian Rappaport, “The #Seahawks have agreed to terms with one of their: Safety Quandre Diggs gets a 3-year deal worth $40M, source said. Seattle retains a key defender”. What do you guys think? Great player, contract is a bit expensive for my taste but in line with the “long term rebuild” mantra we are pushing

    • pran

      Pete and JS continues to baffle…Safety is a position to get young at yet…

    • cha

      Really depends on guaranteed money and structure.

      $13.3m per year puts him at #9 overall for safeties, soon to drop when a couple other deals are reached.

    • Turp

      Too much $ invested in safeties unless we are dealing Jamal

      • cha

        Grasping at the thought that signing Diggs means they are trading him.

        • Rob Staton

          Is it plausible at all to trade Adams?


          • cha

            I’d give him a ride to the airport.

            I’d might slow down enough so that he could tuck and roll and not hurt his shoulder.

            • Rob Staton

              But can they seriously do it?

              • cha

                The Seahawks would have to convince the team taking him on to acquire $25m of guaranteed money and pay it in the next two seasons.

                Even if Jamal is willing to rework his deal, he’s not going to be OK with less money. It’d just be spreading it out.

                Would you do that for a box safety with bad shoulders?

                I think they’d give a 2023 pick and add provisions for playing time to bump or reduce the round.

                But with Landon Collins out there for less $ and no draft pick compensation needed and decent shoulders, I’d say the chances are slim.

                The pathway is there. It’s just narrow.

            • WallaSean

              I would give him free fashion consultation for the rest of free agency.

      • Paul

        My take is that Carroll doesn’t view the position in traditional terms. Given a certain kind of player, he sees the position as providing a unique opportunity to disrupt. So, he’s looking for players who are disruptors first and traditional safeties second. In that light, the salary structure for safeties doesn’t mean much to him. The problem is that no one else sees it that way, and they can wind up bidding against themselves.

        • SoZ

          Ahh good old Peteball special. I sincerely hope he doesn’t still have his hand in every aspect of personnel or coaching for that matter. In my mind, the Seahawks mantra under Pete has become: “Seahawks: establishing the run, even when the rest of the league is passing. Stopping the run, even when the other team is passing.” I mean just look at De’Vondre Campbell, who just got paid by the Packers. 230 some pounds, good in coverage, a mix of sacks, ints, forced fumbles…a player who seems very different from Wagner and Brooks as their MLB.

    • HawkFan907

      I’m happy with this signing. It most likely means that they won’t draft Kyle Hamilton at #9 if he is there.

    • Scot04

      I’ll take it after thinking about it.
      When season starts he’s likely under top 10 paid & we don’t waste pick 9 on Safety. Seahawks happy as they keep their typical standards with a 3yrs deal.
      Hope to see Reed next.

      • Ralphy

        Is it too much money at safety? Of course it is, but as Rob says, we have to forget about the JA move and move past it. Diggs fills one more hole with a very good player who was obviously very well liked and that is huge. We have more money than any other team to spend next year and Im sure this contract is structured to that. Now we are more likely to draft studs to fill the front seven which is what I am hoping for!

    • HetchHetchy

      If they sign Quandre as a veteran leader and go young from there and focus on DL in the draft, great. But I don’t want to see a bunch of 28+ year old signings this year.

    • Brett in AZ

      No problem w/ Diggs, and that’s a bit less than I feared they would cough up for him.

      For those of us wanting a major refocus on the trenches this draft, seeing FA signings fill skill slots on offense and the back-end on defense isn’t a bad thing.

  39. Scot04

    Diggs 3yrs 40M… Ouch. Money definitely talks

    • Scot04

      Although with 0 true QB it makes sense. Seahawks stick to their typical 3yrs deals. Keeps your starting duo together. I prefer Q over others & atleast we don’t have to worry about a safety at pick #9

    • Denver Hawker

      I don’t like it- but don’t mind the veteran locker room continuity. Seems like a guy players love and does the right things. Need those guys in a rebuild.

      • lil’stink

        Not a fan, but I’ll wait to see the cap hits by year before passing judgement.

        • Hoggs41

          It did say 3 years up to $40m which says it could be more like 3/36. Structure of deal very important. I dont think they want to rebuild as much as we think they do.

  40. Strategicdust

    Congrats Rob, thanks for continuing to write and the new direction looks extremely promising. I’ll join in with the rest to thank you for your years of dedication, there simply isn’t a better place to read about the Seahawks.

  41. Graeme Hanson

    Rob, I’m sure I’m not the only one who is struggling for the words to thank you for all you’ve done and, thank God, the work you’re continuing. For me, it is no exaggeration to say that every time I see a post, a live stream, or an article, I feel insanely blessed that we have you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me so much to get excited about and most importantly, so much to read and watch during super long poops.

  42. Comfect

    Congrats, Rob! Looking forward to what you keep doing, and glad you’re still with us! This site is not just my primary Seahawks site but my primary NFL one, and I’m so glad you’re keeping at it!

  43. JamalAdamsApologist

    Thank you Rob for the work you put into this passion product. You have become one of my favorite Seahawks and NFL content creators. If you move to a premium model (and the rate isn’t outrageous), I’d be glad to support you with a monthly subscription, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Your content is that good.

  44. HOUSE


    I am so grateful for everything you have contributed here and the community you have bolstered. I remembered stumbling across Seahawks Draft Blog when I was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2010. When I wasn’t working 15 hours days, reaching out to my pregnant wife at the time or just living the grind of a deployment, I found solace in being able to read your posts when I could.

    I am excited for THE REBUILD and look forward to seeing you take this thing even further!


  45. Denver Hawker

    Al Woods coming back.

    • Hawk Finn

      Underrated signing

  46. Blitzy the Clown

    Bob Condotta

    Agent for Al Woods says Woods is back with Seahawks. Another player considered something of a priority after strong season in 2021.

    • Dregur

      Al Woods was super underrated last year, incredibly solid DT, glad he’s back in the fold.

    • Jordan


    • HawkFan907

      The one “old guy” I’m happy to re-sign. He was very very good last year, and a key cog in holding opponents to 3.8 ypc last year (second in the league). We need to draft a LB who is willing to play violently downhill to play behind him now.

    • Hand of God

      2 years, $9M with $4.75M fully guaranteed

      • HetchHetchy

        It sounds like a lot for an old DT. Why not go young here?

  47. Blitzy the Clown

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Seahawks have agreed to terms with one of their: Safety Quandre Diggs gets a 3-year deal worth $40M, source said. Seattle retains a key defender.

    Like the player. Don’t like tying up MORE THAN A THIRD of the defensive cap in just one position (safety).

    • Hawk Mock

      Don’t worry: Peacock+Diggs>Kam+ET
      It’s all good.

    • Russ

      It is a lot for our safety group. But I think there’s two things outside of play that contributed to this.

      1. Team Chemistry/Culture – Quandre is clearly loved by that locker room. The players are going to be happy to have him back which can only bode well for a team rebuilding it’s culture.

      2. Perception to outside players – The Seahawks wouldn’t look great to incoming FAs if they cut a guy who was balling out and really playing for the team at a time when they were out of playoff contention, before he got injured in a contract year. Yes players would understand it’s a business, but now you get to turn this into a pure positive where players think, “They took care of their guy.”

      • HetchHetchy

        I think you also need a plus free safety (and good corners) to cover up some of Jamal’s coverage issues and set him free up front.

      • pdway

        i agree…he’s a very good player that we got at a fair price. And seems like a good guy to have around the rest of a young defense too. I tend to agree that the target year to compete could legitimately be ’23, he’ll still be good then.

  48. Scot04

    Hey Cha did I reed it right. Looks like Diggs contract is front loaded

    • cha

      Link ?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        IG: JosinaAnderson

        So to be clearer: Quandre Diggs’ total deal with Seattle is 3year, $40M. He is gettin $28M over the first 2 years of that, per league source, which is excellent.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Can’t yet confirm but it sounds like it’s a similar type contract to Carson’s last year (with a voidable 3rd year to bury some of the cap)

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Hmm maybe not. I think there’s a limit to how much salary can be buried in a voidable year.


            May just be Seattle setting up an easy divorce in year 3 without any dead cap.

            • cha

              We’ll find out, but when reporters say things like “He is getting $28m over the first two years” that is not talking about cap hit. It’s cash out. Bonus (which is spreadable) + salary.

              What I worked out below equates to $28m in 2 years. $15m bonus + $13m two years of salary.

        • Hawk Finn

          Explain to me like I’m 5:

          Instead of it averaging $13.3m/yr for three years, it will average $14m/yr for 2yrs and $12m in year three. How is this significant?

        • cha

          Thanks. I’m guessing a $15m bonus or so.

          If they’re not using void years:

          2022 $10m cap hit (guaranteed)
          2023 $13m cap hit (guaranteed)
          2024 $17m cap hit ($12m salary non-guaranteed, $5m dead cap)

          • Peter


            Not joking. Cap penalty to simply cut JA next year if(when) he gets injured for the third year in a row?

            • cha

              If they do it after the season is over and before Feb 4, it’s a $21m dead cap and costs an extra $3.2m against their cap.

              After Feb 4 it goes up to $23m dead and $5.7m against the cap.

              • Peter


      • Scot04

        She deleted tweet

    • Hand of God

      Looks like first 2 years are set at 28MM, no info yet on guaranteed portion

      • DC

        Man I love Diggs, but UGH…sounds more like PCJS are in a reset minus the QB than a rebuild.

        • Ben

          Diggs was rumored to want a lot more. So the hawks probably had a number set and Diggs went with it.

          I wasn’t for signing Diggs at this point, but I don’t mind it terribly. Particularly if he ends up the highest paid safety on the team sometime in the next few days….

      • clbradley17

        “$28 million over the first two years. The $13.33 million average is more than what Diggs would have made in 2022 had Seattle applied the $12.9 franchise tag” So we overpaid someone again, and he’s coming off 2 injuries, a broken leg and dislocated ankle from the last game in the cursed AZ stadium. Would rather have paid a pass rusher or C and OT for that 13, actually 14 mil. avg. the next 2 years, and drafted Nick Cross or another speedy BAMF FS on day 2 of the draft. With any luck, the peacock will have a decent year and we can trade him and sign in FA or draft his replacement in 2023.

        On the new site, congrats Rob, great news! You’ve taken it to a new level since the combine, then upped it again if that was even possible since the RW trade.

  49. BruceN

    Congratulations Rob. I was used to the retro look (!) but I’m sure whatever you put out will look great. Your material is second to none. Keep up the great work.

    Start of the free agency should be interesting. They made a statement by resigning Diggs after his brutal injury and the timing of it. I like him a lot as a player and a leader, but am not sure this was the best move considering the state of the rebuild.

  50. Gross MaToast

    Congratulations, very exciting.

    Unsolicited, unwanted, unnecessary advice: to help grow readership, you might think about tapping into new topics like:

    1. Celebrity gossip. Sure, Jermaine Johnson is a potential game wrecker, but have you seen J-Lo’s abs?
    2. Diets. How you can lose 40 lbs without feeling hungry – just like Daniel Faalele did!
    3. Conspiracy theories. Is JFK Jr still dead, or is he secretly running the Commandos?

    cha would still have the best takes – even on J-Lo’s abs. “On a dollar for dollar cost basis, these abs are unsustainable for the long run. You’re better off going with, say, Shailene Woodley’s abs – youth and natural ability win out.”

    • Sea Mode

      Gross MT, you’re truly one of a kind! 😂

    • cha

      J-Lo’s prospective fiancés have demanded a no-trade clause and that’s been the sticking point in negotiations. She wants to retain her free agent status. In the end I’m confident the two sides will come together, but the cap hit for that diamond ring is worrisome.

      • Gross MaToast


      • pdway

        believe my wife snuck a no trade clause into the marriage certificate. very savvy.

        • cha

          I do find it hilarious that JLO has been married 5 or 6 times, and is now starring in a movie where she just picks a rando out of the crowd and says ‘yeah I’ll marry you’.

          • Gross MaToast

            Todays Top Three Mentions on SDB:

            Quandre Diggs
            Al Woods

            I think the new celeb/seahawk rebuild crossover has legs.

            And “married five or six times” doesn’t mean that she can’t still find her one true soul mate. Plus, she’s already found true love in movies as a maid, a probation officer, a wedding planner, a dance instructor, a want-to-be mom undergoing artificial insemination, and an attorney, among others – she’s running out of set-ups.

            I’m moderately pleased with day one for the Seahawks. No Trubisky, no DeShaun – excellent.

  51. Sea Mode

    I assume you checked, but it appears a “rebuild podcast” already exists, or at least existed. Haven’t posted in about 4 months now. I think they are small and niche enough (AU NBA) that it wouldn’t matter anyways, but just thought I’d let you know.

  52. Zane

    I still can’t shake the feeling the Jameis Winston is someone Pete would want to bring in. I wonder what his contract will look like, 15m a year perhaps? He played pretty well last season.

    • hawkfaninMT

      I think the only thing beat hates more than passing game-script neutral games is turnovers. And Jameis does the turnover thing better than most QBs. I just don’t see it happening

      • Zane

        Only had 3 int in 7 starts last year

  53. HOUSE

    Notebloom stays with LAR. 3-year/$40M. $25M guaranteed

  54. Sea Mode

    They know exactly what they need to do and went right for it.

    (also impressive how they were able to put such outside FA deals together within about 1 min. of the legal tampering period opening… 🤭🙄)

    Albert Breer

    As we said earlier, Bengals’ plan was to get strong pass protectors at guard and center to solidify their interior OL in front of Joe Burrow. Got Alex Cappa at guard. And after missing on Ryan Jensen, they land Ted Karras to play center.

    Good work from the AFC champs.

    • Brett in AZ

      We clearly need better coverage of the Illegal Tampering Period.

  55. Hawk Finn

    He’s a turnover machine. I don’t see the connection

    • Hawk finn

      Referring to Winston

    • Zane

      He wasn’t last season

      • Hawk Finn

        A career 1.48:1 TD-Int ratio isn’t erased by a seven game stretch in a QB-friendly offense, which he wouldn’t have the luxury of playing in here.

        • Zane

          I think Pete very much intends to construct a QB-friendly offense.

          • Hawk Finn

            We shall find out soon enough, friend. Fingers crossed we don’t blow it

    • J.P.

      2021 Jameis is actually someone I’d think they’d be interested in. Mostly a game manager, 14 Tds: 3 INTs in 7 games before he got hurt. Don’t force him to be a hero.

  56. HawkFan907

    Sidney Jones back per Garafolo

    • Dregur

      One year 3.6million, 4.44 with incentives.

      • HawkFan907

        Solid player on a one year deal and only 25 years old? Yes please.

      • Denver Hawker

        I like it- he showed some promise and gets a year to prove it. Also have Tre Brown in the mix so this is some insurance if Reed doesn’t come back.

        • Jordan

          I hope Tre Brown can bounce back from that knee. Man, he was good/promising.

  57. cha

    Woods deal

    Ian Rapoport
    2 years, $9M with $4.75M fully guaranteed for the 35-year old DT who keeps cashing in.

  58. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Former Seattle OL Jamarco Jones intends to sign a two-year, $5.75 million deal including $3.15 million guaranteed with the Titans, per source.

    • cha

      Wow. Good for him.

      So long and thanks for all the fish.

      • Roy Batty


  59. Gross MaToast

    Pitfall averted: Trubisky to the Steelers:

    I was sweating that one.

    • Alcohawk

      Dissly for 3 yr 24mm. I’ve seen all I need to see for free agency. 8m a year to the back up tight end.

  60. brendon

    Rob, very exciting news! Congratulations! I will follow and read and listen to every word! Thanks for all the great coverage! Cheers to a new beginning on The Rebuild!

  61. pdway

    big congrats Rob…this place is full of amazing content, and I’m very happy to hear your plans to build and expand on what you’ve created. I’ll be here for all of it.

    also, if the mood ever hits you, the news slows down, and if you haven’t already written it before – – it would be fun to read a “how rob staton became an NFL fan and Seahawks supporter”, origin story.

  62. GoHawksDani

    Congrats Rob!
    Hope both rebuilds will be very successful 🙂

  63. kamal

    Congrats Rob love that i can now listen during my commute

    Thanks for everything

  64. Ukhawk

    Wait, we get more?!

    Rob you’re coverage and insight is second to none.

    Thanks again for doing what you do !!!

  65. Troy

    So to the surprise of hopefully no one, it appears the Hawks are doing what they always do…prioritize their own free agents, don’t make a big splash for anyone with actual talent, and then fill out the roster with mid tier free agents.

    I thought with getting rid of Wager/Wilson they might change their philosophy but this is just depressing.

    • Jordan

      I have zero issues with any of the guys that they’ve retained so far, nor at the price points.

      • JJ

        I think this means DL/LB in draft will be prioritized.

        • Jordan

          Makes sense. Those positions in the draft offer a conduit to younger, cheaper, more upside than day one of free agency does.

    • HawkFan907

      The focus on bringing back the secondary was expected. Bringing back Al Woods is fine. We need a run stuffer there. In my mind, this leaves the door open to focus on EDGE (Johnson at #9), OL (Lucas at #40), and LB (Tindall at #41) in the draft. I’d love to see them go after Terron Armstead still. 30 isn’t that old for a LT. If we sign him, sign a center, and re-sign Reed I call FA a success.

    • UkAlex6674

      It’s only just started! Give them a chance at least.

  66. Big Mike

    Rob: I appreciate everything you have done and will do in the future. I am going to beg that the podcasts be available for those of us that do not use Apple products and do not wish to download their products to our phones/laptops. If we can still listen via the (new) website and youtube, that’d be great. Or if they can be posted in a Windows and Android friendly formats I would be forever grateful.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep they will be on YouTube and other formats

      • Big Mike

        Thank you my friend

  67. Cory

    Awesome news and can’t wait for the new site, Rob! I was a bit scared after your last article that the “news” would be you were spending too much time on the blog and would be ramping it down. Glad that’s not the case as you are the best source for hawks and draft analysis.

  68. pdway

    Reddick to Eagles, 3/$45M

  69. drrew76

    Christian Kirk is apparently getting $17m/year from the Jags.

    Add another dollar sign onto any future DK deal.

    • Peter

      Whether seattle pays it or someone else people talking about DK at 20 mil a year need to open their eyes.

      Kirk: (4 years)

      236 receptions. 2902 yards. 17 tds

      DK: (3 years)

      216 receptions. 3170 yards. 29 tds.

      Even with Lock throwing fastballs downfield DK could easily have:

      276 receptions. 4000 yards. 39-40 tds. At the end of next season.

    • lil’stink

      WR’s aren’t worth it.

      Shopping DK is the smart move.

    • jed

      Good for Kirk!!! Also, another day where I’m happy not to be a Jaguars fan. I hope we don’t get a bad owner like Khan when the Allen Trust sells.

      DK’s going to be expensive. 4/$100M?

  70. Big Mike

    Keep in mind folks, if they’re not going after an EDGE, that likely means one at #9 and not a QB. The right move in most our opinions.
    Would like to see one younger quality o-lineman signed.

  71. cha

    Brady Henderson
    My understanding is the Seahawks don’t plan to tender OL Kyle Fuller as an RFA. Barring a change of plans, he’ll become a UFA when the league year starts. Fuller, 28, started the first seven games at C last year before giving way to Ethan Pocic. He started two more games at LG.
    10:06 AM · Mar 14, 2022·

    • Big Mike

      Buh bye

    • Denver Hawker

      I was holding my breathe

    • bmseattle

      Too bad. The front office was so high on him last off season, too.
      What a swift fall out of favor, huh?

  72. jed

    Congrats on the change Rob! You’ve been talking about doing it for years, so hopefully this means you have enough subscriptions & Super Chats to cover the new platform. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like.

  73. MatthewG

    I remember the day PC and JS took over this team. A few years before that I started to really get into the draft and team building. I was about a senior in high school when I found your blog. As a seahawks fan, and a draft fanatic, it was the best site with the best information. As time grew you and PC helped teach not only the game but how to build and manage a roster. 10 years later I am a freshman football coach at a HS with goals of running my own team in the future. I still implement rules and guidelines I learned 10 years ago when I was just trying to figure all of this out. It’s beyond crazy to think how far this site has gone. Have I agreed with everything posted and said? No. Have I taken breaks because of it? Absolutely. For the last 10 years this hadn’t just been the best seahawks web site, but also the best draft web site. I think we’ve all grown from this experience.

  74. Quinn

    With our content, should we go for quality or quantity?

    SDB: F*ck it. Both. And a rebrand while we’re at it.

    We’re lucky to have you Rob.

  75. BruceN

    I was hoping we would try to sign Jones.

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Titans are keeping C Ben Jones, source said. He gets a 2-year deal worth $14M.

    • Big Mike

      Schneider has already mentioned that they really like Ethan Pocic. I got a bad feeling he’ll be back again.

      • Peter

        It’s that stuff that sucks the funny out of the room. I don’t want pocic back for any reason.

        • Big Mike

          Aaron Donald wants him back

          • Peter

            Donald kicking in playoff bonus checks to sweeten the deal.

            • Big Mike

              I seriously question whether Carroll will ever get the center position right.

              • Peter

                Hope so…..but it’s been a really long time to be so bad at the position.

              • Tomas

                I’ve no such doubts, Big Mike — I know Carroll won’t.

      • BruceN

        Pocic is serviceable but it would’ve been nice to grab Jones and his 78 PFF grade (81 run blocking, 1 sack allowed and 5 penalties) for only $7M a season. At a minimum we moved on from Fuller (Thank God).

        • Peter

          Not interested in serviceable. Go draft jurgens or strange if they don’t go after Allen.

          • Happy Hawk

            agree 100%

            • Big Mike


          • BruceN

            Serviceable, as in OK backup. But I hear you and will be happy with Jurgens or Lindstrom or West. Any of them would do. Not a great draft for Centers.

            • Peter

              Btw cause i don’t want to seem like a jerk to players part of pocic’s problem is how the team has used him. Had they just settled him in at center and took lumps he might not be what a lot of us think of him now.

  76. Lupe Green

    Quandre Diggs reisigns, 3-year, 40 million deal. We can cross out Cross.

  77. Mick

    I’m happy with Al Woods and Sidney Jones and I’m more cautious about Diggs, though his performance was really good this year. The Jaguars seem to be the winners so far, with Scherff and Kirk.

    Rob, this is excellent news, I’m looking forward for the new site. I hope the Seahawks follow your example and actually rebuild the squad.

    • Spectator

      I wouldn’t exactly call the Jags winners, based on the price they spent on those two.

      • DougM

        The Jags have to overpay to get what they want.
        Somebody please explain to me why they are paying $15 mil per year to Oluokun, 6th round pick out of Yale who has had decreasing pff scores since coming into the league, this last years grade being 46.5.

  78. Forrest

    Three signings and all three were Seahawks last year. It’s almost like we’re trying to get comp picks for Reed, etc. if they sign players who were cut, that will be a tell.

    It’s time to ADD to what we had last year. Hopefully, some O line to come.

    • Ashish

      We need talent irrespective of worrying about comp picks.

  79. Ashish

    Was expecting one new vet DL and OL signing. Are they waiting price and competition to go down?

  80. CaptainJack

    Seahawks again being maddeningly inactive in free agency

  81. NickW

    I was so afraid you had decided to call it quits with the blog. I am glad you aren’t and I am so excited that you will have an actual podcast again! I primarily only listen to podcasts when I drive and the youtube videos tend to have problems with the 100 times I pause and restart because I get distractions during the work day. Sometimes youtube decides to randomly just restart from the beginning. I already subscribed to the new podcast.

  82. Ryan Purcell

    I think retaining Pocic on the cheap would be a good thing. We have never seen him quite healthy. He could be entering his prime! (I’m an optimist!)

  83. cha


    This is sad. An hour into the tampering window and you post this.

    • Big Mike

      Well………………….there were people here and elsewhere that said he’d be a better QB than Russell Wilson for the Seahawks when RW got hurt so maybe that’s why this is here.

      • Roy Batty

        To be fair, DK seemed to hold that opinion at one point during a game, too.

  84. Scot04

    Just needed to vent a little frustration about the draft picks involved Wilson trade.
    How big of deal was the pick swap really?
    It makes the deal look even worse for Seattle; to me atleast.
    When you break it down in draft pick value.
    Value of #152=29 points
    Pick #115=64 points
    Difference would be 35 points.
    It may seem like nitpicking, but it makes you wonder why Seahawks felt they had to accept the pick swap. The value of a bottom 4th.
    It’s unlikey it would have been a deal breaker for Denver.
    To Seattle it really should have mattered, especially in a deep draft.
    In a way Seahawks received two 1sts, two 2nds & 3 players, but gave up what essentially was pick #142 in value along With Wilson.
    As I said earlier, I just imagine Denver pulling out of the deal for such a low cost.
    Yes, I know the overall return was still good under the circumstances.
    I also know I’m over thinking it; but for some reason it has continued to bother me.
    A little breakdown out how trade came about.

    • Peter

      They had to accept because Denver could have said no knowing Denver was his team.


      Seattle has more misses than hits with trades….?

      • Big Mike

        I’ll take option #2.
        Jamal Adams doesn’t like your option #2 tho.

        • Peter

          I thinkbthat trade worked for all sides. Jets, Adam’s got paid, and his stylist has more money to work with.

    • pdway

      It’s for sure annoying – but I think that no trade clause really changes the dynamic. Obvious statement to make, but we should think very hard about agreeing to that ever again.

    • JimN

      Actually, if you go deeper, you have to in any scenario you need to discount future years draft picks. Typically, from what i have read, a First round pick in a following year, is typically worth a second round pick in the current year. Same discount applies to those who wanted the three first rounders (2022,23,24). This scenario using draft value picks is much less compensation than the two firsts and two seconds, just because of this discounting requirement. Obviously, this is rule of thumb. ALso understand that in consideration of later year picks, you value it on the average range (like the 18th or so). Just need to look at apples and oranges. Aside from the fact that Denver was the only player, This years First and Second are worth far more than a First this year and a first in 2024, which discounts to a 3rd round pick this year. It is a fun exercise. Later year picks can be tricky and everything has to be brought forward, value wise, to the present year. THat is even more valid this year as we not only got a high 1, but we got a high 2 as well.

  85. Mike

    Can someone please tell me how the hell will dissolve gets 8mill a year?

    • Mike


    • HawkFan907

      Starting RT let’s gooooooo

    • FloW

      All the optimism is gone after today’s re-signings…

      • Big Mike

        Yeah waning quickly for me too

      • HawkFan907

        It is the first bad signing of the day for me. The rest were fine. I want to see the breakdown too.

      • BobbyK

        Pretty deflating, isn’t it?

    • Big Mike

      Hopefully the last year is voidable and the APY is more like 5 or 6. Still seems high tho.

    • cha

      Tom Pelissero
      The #Seahawks are re-signing TE Will Dissly to a three-year, $24 million deal, per source. 💰

      • TomLPDX

        Folks are mad about this? I like it because I believe Uncle Will has been misused the past year. He showed his meddle before getting hurt in yr 1 and 2 of his career. I think he still has a lot of upside and partnered with Fant and Parkinson we will have a solid TE room. Now we just need to maximize them.

        • BobbyK

          The Seahawks know of no other way besides misusing tight ends.

    • jed

      I wonder if this means they’ll flip Fant or maybe Parkinson is a total bust?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        They generally keep three TEs. I would assume this means that Everett is gone more than it means Parkinson is a bust.

        • Roy Batty

          Everett was gone the minute Denver included Fant in the trade.

  86. HawkFan907

    Dissly back on a 3 year $24 deal… seems like way too much, but the TE room is set now.

    • Scot04

      Way, Way, Way too much

      • SeahawkNYC

        Holy overpay Batman!

    • Alcohawk

      I officially do not trust Pete and Schneider to lead this rebuild

    • Hand of God

      I hate this one – Dissly is serviceable but with Fant and Parkinson…why spend this much on another TE? Granted, he would be our only blocking TE, but i assumed half the cost. I think this does signal a bigger emphasis on the running game for 2022 and on

      • Tomas

        Being unable to lure Greg Olson out of retirement, Pete had little choice but to overpay Dissley.

    • McZ

      Really, those moves are sickening.

      I guess, the first FA moves clearly indicate, that there will be no rebuild. It will be old bro Pete signing his younger bros. Expect a major headscratcher at QB. Fitzmagic for 20m, JimmyG for 35m.

      LT? We’ve got Forrest.

  87. Big Mike

    I’m going to assume one of 2 things with the Geno hype video cha linked above…………..either they’re re-signing him as vet competition (please God no!) or he’s not coming back and this is a “thank you” type of send off.

  88. L80

    Dissly signs an 8 mill a year contract for 3 years…..

  89. Robbie

    Um…wow. 24mil seems a bit over the top. don’t get me wrong, I like Uncle Will but damn.

    • Denver Hawker

      Maybe they plan to use him more?

      Grasping at straws here, but wonder if it’s snap count driven and his grade of 70 run blocking blends to an O-line comp. Perhaps a signal they plan to be more run heavy now and need him paving dirt.

      • Peter

        Why not do that before?

        I was crying out last season to run jumbo sets if you can’t get the running backs going.

    • Sneekes

      That’s a ridiculous price. Dissly’s agent just won free agency.

    • BruceN

      More than a bit over the top. Holly cow…

    • Bmseattle

      What the heck?!
      Was *any* other team offering anything close to this?
      I like Dissley, but that is a ridiculous number.

  90. Peter

    Not content setting the Safety market Seattle is now trying to set the TE market.

    Good thing we got Fant I guess cause Everett should be looking to get paid mid tier WR money now.

  91. Big Mike

    So folks, we were worried that they’d “run it back” yet it feels like that’s where we’re headed outside of now not having a top QB but with *hopefully* some new rookie blood that can play. NOT encouraging.
    2nd tier o-linemen like BJ Finney incoming next week?

    • BobbyK

      You’re giving Finney way too much credit if you’re calling him a “2nd tier OL”. lol

      The Seahawks gave us hope they would rebuild correctly and now they’re doing their best to go from a young and hungry defense, which is what we wanted, to having a senior citizens defense. Great job, Pete.

      • Peter

        Correction: Rob Staton gave us hope.

  92. CL

    Brian Allen back with the Rams per Schefter

    • Big Mike


  93. BobbyK

    Remember when they wasted all that money in 2020 on crappy players like Olsen, Hollister, Mayowa, etc.?

    Pete and John are now trying to outdo themselves. It’s as if they’re saying, “You thought we blew money two years ago – you ain’t seen s(^t yet!”

    • God of Thunder

      Overpaying Dissly by 25-30% but it’s unfair to compare him to that mess of a trio (Olsen, Hollister and Mayowa). Dissly was the solution to that hot mess. But yeah, unless Uncle Will reverts to the pre injury stud that caught 4? TDs in 4 games Seattle has overpaid.

  94. Nick

    So…I guess we know 2 things:

    1) Seattle/PC love to have stud safeties. It’s integral to their system (they believe).
    2) With the Uncle Will signing, we are committing to being a running first team.

  95. SeahawkNYC

    Brian Allen just signed the same deal as Dissly (3yr/$24mil).

    Time to officially start worrying about this ‘rebuild’..

    • Big Mike

      THAT is flat out f*&^ing sad

    • BobbyK

      They’re not rebuilding anything. They are trying to cure cancer patients with cough drops.

    • SeahawkNYC

      …and Mo Allie Cox for 3yr/$18mil was just announced.

      I just can’t understand how Dissly was worth that. It HAS to be heavily incentive laden, It’s difficult to believe that his market was that competitive if at all.

  96. Big Mike

    So are all these re-signings a product of hubris in thinking they were way smart drafting them (Dissly in particular) in the first place?

  97. Doug

    I see it’s that time of the year where we overreact to contracts without knowing the structure/guaranteed $/cap hits/etc.

    • Big Mike

      It’s also the time of year we see them once again not sign any quality o-linemen

    • Peter

      Some of the signings have been fine.

      Don’t care about the nuts and bolts of the deals. This team needs a center since Unger was traded and if brian allen is worth the same as dissly you choose the former.

      • CL

        Totally agree, but maybe Allen just wanted to stay with the reigning Super Bowl champion.

        I also really don’t like Dissly’s contract even if it’s backloaded, but there’s a real possibility that Allen just wanted to run it back, I mean why not.

        • Peter

          I definitely see wanting to run it back for him. But money tends to talk to a young man.

          Maybe they did nake a run. Maybe a center early in the second round is the plan.

          Right now…….really hard to get excited for this direction.

      • Big Mike


        • Big Mike

          Meant as a response to Peter’s post. If Allen wanted to go back, outbid them. Offer him 3 and 30. We’ve seen subpar C play for FAR too long.

          • Doug

            Bozeman is the center I’ve been hoping they sign. Looks like he’s still available, but a lot of suitors.

  98. DC

    This is getting depressing…about to waste all our cap space again like they did a year or 2 ago and not actually get any better.

  99. Sea Mode

    Really? Wow.

    Jeremy Fowler

    Good blocking tight ends are becoming rare, and Dissly can function as a blocker or pass-catcher. That’s why he had multiple suitors, and why Seattle stepped in with a substantial offer.

    • Big Mike

      Is that what they told him to tweet?

      • Sea Mode


    • Big Mike

      You know, a center that can block Aaron Donald at least decently is a rare commodity too.

    • Peter

      I like dissly. Before he was injured he looked exciting. Not sure the team would have missed his 250 yards.

      Another way to be good at run blocking? Get a good oline.

      • Big Mike

        Starting with a Center

        • Peter

          I just feel like theres an adage about building your team to beat your division first.

    • WallaSean

      Contract could be a little rich, but I don’t want to burn one of the picks on a blocking TE.

    • pdway

      wow….I do not get it.

      will wait for details, but who else was paying this much for Dissly? Seems really out of whack to me.

  100. Sea Mode

    Watch, DK won’t be far behind.

  101. Ben

    Diggs & Dissly contracts seem like just another day at the office for John & Pete. Rewarding (overpaying) “their guys” while paying no attention to the allocation of resources (safety) or upgrading the roster.

    • SeattleLifer

      Exactly. Even though he’s a solid player I would add Woods as well – pretty steep for a 35 year old who only stuffs the run. Seeing plenty of other teams smarter signings(dollar wise) and yet we keep paying extra for old guys, slow guys(sorry Dissly) and guys that just aren’t true difference makers. I know Pete values leadership and culture etc but money is money in this game and using it even somewhat poorly bites you.

      I guess re-signing Pocic soon will be the cherry on top of today’s lackluster moves.

  102. Spectator

    I know its early, and this may be a hot take, but I am now worried that we don’t know the whole story on the Russ trade. Still hasnt been much from PC and JS in regards to the outgoing Russ or the incoming players. Now we dont make much noise except signing our own players. I am now afraid that PC really does think they were close to winning and that either Russ was holding them back, or that they are prepared to parlay those picks and players into sending to Texans for Watson…

    • Ben

      They can’t talk about the trade or any of the players acquired until the new “year” officially begins on Wednesday

    • Palatypus

      Apparently, Peter King had an expose on this. Heard them talking about it on KJR. This is what I found on his FMIA blog.

      “As Wilson’s side considered which team it wanted to play for, it considered 14 different teams with scores of factors for each: roster depth, cap condition, trust in GM/coach, development of the quarterback, season-ticket and fan base, everything. Denver finished either at or near the top in that 14-team contest. At the end, Denver was a very good spot—even though Wilson enters the toughest division in football, bar none, with each team having a franchise quarterback. The challenge gets even tougher with the Chargers bulking up with Khalil Mack and other free-agent prizes this spring.

  103. Sea Mode


    Albert Breer

    More on Jaguars WR Christian Kirk’s four-year deal—it has a base value of $72 million, or $18 million per. There’s $3 million of upside in each year of the deal, which could potentially take it up to $84 million.

    • Henry Taylor

      These are the kind of bad FA deals a team regrets, but a solid WR was much needed there. Good for Kirk.

      • Sea Mode

        I guess soon that will be normal WR2 money.

  104. SeattleLifer

    We’ll done through all the years Rob, very thankful of your time and effort throughout and the informed well moderated forum you have given us. May the coming years grow and prosper.

  105. WallaSean

    I’m not seeing deals signed that I covet. Bringing guys back and some draft hedges is what I expect. Maybe one OL and a DE, maybe RB, I expect them to set themselves up for tradebacks and BPA come draft day.

    • Sea Mode

      Some of the OL deals might have been nice. Let’s see what their plan is.

      • WallaSean

        I would feel fine if we had poached one of the Rams OL, maybe Reddick or Ogbah. Not feeling the fear of missing out or hating the moves so far.

  106. Happy Hawk

    The Hubris of the 70 year old coach and JS to think Wilson doesn’t matter and run it back with the same old roster MINUS RW. In a weird way it may work out for us anyway. They run it back and suck it all the way to the top of the draft next year.

    Now that they are revealing their “plan” the doom and gloom of the trade day is creeping back in. Ugh

    I would rather them stop spending immediately – no more FA over spending and save your money for when they fire PC after a 2 win season and an empty stadium.

    No Watson Please let that not be the plan – $50m Sexual predator.

  107. BoiseSeahawk

    What is the realistic trade for Gardner Minshew? a 5th rounder?

  108. Sea Mode

    One more bullet dodged!

    Adam Schefter
    · 25s

    Former Broncos QB Teddy Bridgewater intends to sign a one-year deal to be the backup QB for the Miami Dolphins, per league sources.

  109. D-OZ

    I’m rooting for the Saint’s to get Watson. Carolina reaches for Willis. The rest of the QB’s slide to the 2nd round. Or just wait until next year to pick one. We should be picking in the top 5 the way thing’s are looking.

  110. Bobby54

    So whats the plan here? Some bridge deals rewarding some of their guys? Knowing they won`t have any cap issues in the next two years? Does that confirm they will not spend big money at QB (like Watson) and will more likely rebuild than retool? If we dont have any plans to compete the next years i have no problem paying our guys instead of some solid but not great free agents. As long as we dont commit long term. So not the biggest issues with both the Diggs and Dissly contract (essentially two-year-contracts like Bobbys last one)

  111. Sea Mode

    In case anyone was still dreaming

    Ian Rapoport

    Sources: The #Chargers are expected to sign former #Patriots star CB JC Jackson to a big money deal.

    • Sea Mode

      Adam Schefter

      Chargers are giving former Patriots’ CB JC Jackson a five-year, $82.5 million deal that invoices $40 million guaranteed, per source.

      • BruceN

        They can afford to do this with their QB on a rookie contract. They still have a short window.

      • D-OZ

        That’s a very good contract for the Chargers. The Hawks are in on everything, Right???

  112. Tomas

    Just wanted to say I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN THE RE-BUILD! I’ve no doubt that Rob will get it right. The Seahawks under Pete and John? Eh, don’t ask.

    • Sea Mode


  113. Tim Jordan

    Absolutely fantastic news on the literal “REBUILD” Rob. Hope it goes well for you. The content ocer the last few weeks has been awesome, almost a step up from the brilliant 7/52 you have provided!

    On Dissly and Diggs i hope the final year is say 10-12m unguaranteed, giving PCJS a major out on both contracts if needed…

  114. Sea Mode

    “Improve” the roster… 😉

    Jeremy Fowler

    Russell Wilson isn’t officially a Bronco yet, but he’s doing his best to improve the roster — by recruiting Bobby Wagner to play with him in Denver, per sources.

    Former teammates that played 10 years together in Seattle could reunite, though Wagner has an expansive market.

    • Palatypus

      NFL Network pundits are talking up Wagner ending up in Dallas.

  115. mtpgod

    I wonder what the market is for DJ Reed. If he’s not signed early on, do we get lucky and maybe get him back on a semi-friendly team deal?

  116. KennyBadger

    Congrats on the site evolution Rob, I hope it gets off to a better start than the Seahawks mustered today.

  117. pdway

    If kirk (77/982/5) just got up to $82M over 4 yrs; then what is Davante (123/1553/11) going to be seeking?

    • Sea Mode

      Probably closer to $82m over 3 years…

  118. Scott Pulido

    Always enjoy your insights Rob! Congrats on the new endeavor! Just hoping that this upcoming Seahawks Rebuild won’t keep the sane site name for us for the next 10-12 years down the road… Hoping for big changes on the field and hopefully a return to contention on the field sooner than later!

  119. Sea Mode

    Oh, boy. Now this is really going to ramp up the chatter…

    the Sports ON Tap
    Colin Kaepernick working out on IG Live with Seahawks Tyler Lockett 👀

    Is he going to get a shot at an nfl return?

    • Rob Staton

      Meh. Lockett offered to help yesterday.

    • mtpgod

      God I hope not, the qb circus just left town, we don’t need all eyes on us again. Let’s draft some new blood.

  120. Brett in AZ

    Looks like Watson is set to meet with New Orleans (

    Am OK with the Seahawks re-signing their own FA… so far. Diss’ seems a tad high, & Q’ was a bit lower than feared, but I assume a few things.

    Right now, most of these ‘deals’ are leaked by agents, and so are windaged to make them look as good as possible for headline impact. Makes the agent look good. Would be wise to wait a bit and see the actual details before freaking out too much.

    Also, many people seem to be ignoring how fast the Cap grew this year, and how much it’s anticipated to increase next year. Players and agents get that, even if we sometimes overlook it. That says that in general packages will trend up significantly.

    It doesn’t surprise me that there were suitors for Dissley. Blocking TE’s who can run & catch are rare, and the very best teams that go deep into the postseason can run. So having a weapon who can block is valuable. There is benefit to re-signing your own people… to players it means you can ‘get paid’ in Seattle. That’s not a bad message, especially if you just shipped out two big (if aging) stars.

    We’ll have to wait and see how the TE FA market shakes out to see where Diss’ fits in the big scheme. For this to make good sense however, we’re going to need to find a QB in the next few years who prefers to throw short-mid center of the field. Otherwise a blocking TE who can catch won’t matter.

    Adding beef and ‘bully’ to the lines is still the main thing for me, regardless of if it comes from early FA, late FA, trades or the draft. Ignoring this and running it back would be a big mistake. So far, I doubt that’s what they’re doing, but we’ll know soon enough.

    • pdway

      agree on all of the signing, including Quandre…but hard disagree on Dissly for me. I would have been fine losing him altogether. He’s fine, but not special, esp post-injuries imo….he seems like a $3M/year guy at most to me.

      • Brett in AZ

        Will be easy enough to see if the league agrees with you once we get some details about his other suitors. Assuming we get those details.

        So far Njkoku got North of $10m (tag), Mo Allie-Cox (!) got $6m in Indy. Cowboys and Dolphins both tagged meh-ish TE’s for $10m-plus. Lots of players getting bigger paydays than one would have thought so far. But it is still early days.

      • mtpgod

        Yea I would’ve rather seen 3 years/24 million go toward the O Line, so far we resigned a safety and a tight end, our weakest links are in the trenches on both sides of the ball, would be nice to see JS/PC make that more of a priority. Losing J Jones not too relevant, but we need new blood, esp at C and Edge. If we address both of those in the draft, great, but when we see right, the fo seems to go left, so here’s to a high draft pick going to cb or something not as pressing need-wise.

      • D-OZ

        Do you want to run the ball or not??? Peat speak…

  121. ShowMeYourHawk

    Prioritizing re-signing your own players from a 7-10 team, when there are FA out there that can IMPROVE your future? That’s a paddlin’.

    I swear, what’s the point of having one of the richer ownership groups of you’re just going to clip coupons?

    Really looking forward to the 10 total games we get from Dissly over the life of his new contract…..😒

    • Palatypus

      Relax. It’s early and we still have a draft.

  122. ken long

    Hey Rob,

    All the best, I love reading this site for the most indepth analysis of the NFL Draft

  123. HawkFan907

    My rest of FA wishlist:

    Terron Armstead (biiiiigggg ask)
    James Daniels
    Marcus Mariota
    DJ Reed
    Kevin King (depth)
    Rashaad Penny

    Draft Focus

  124. Rob Staton

    Can I just say thank you for all the nice messages.

    I was a little bit worried about mentioning the change, and the feedback. Appreciate you all — even those who are not overly keen.

    • Palatypus

      I’m relieved that you’re big announcement was not that you are shutting down the site. I know you got some threatening messages from jack holes.

    • cha

      Whatever assistance you need, just say the word.

      • Palatypus

        And I will stand out in the rain at Senior Bowl practice for you.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man, you’re a star

    • HawkFan907

      I am beyond excited for the changes. You put so much effort into your work and it shows. You are one of the best draft analysts in the biz.

  125. HawkFan907

    After looking at the details of the Dissly contract, it isn’t as bad as it initially looked:

    Cap hits of $4.5mil, $9.2 mil, and $10.1mil. No guaranteed money in his last year, so it is essentially a 2yr14mil contract. Still a lot, but more palatable.

    • Hawkdawg

      Bingo. I thought it had to be something.

      • lil’stink

        I still think the main issue with Dissly is how he is used. No, he’s not Gronk or Jimmy Graham. But he has very good hands and he seems very skilled at finding the soft spot in zones. I could see him getting a lot more looks with a different QB.

        Not that upset about his deal now that the details are out.

        • Ben

          Feels a bit better. Still hurts to see some of the young talent off the board. It’s still early, and this isn’t really a fair assessment, but it makes me think we’re gonna end up having cut Bobby so we can sign a bunch of role players…

          Also- continuing to have this sneaking suspicion that Baker Mayfield is gonna end up a hawk.

  126. Erick

    If Watson sign with the Carolina is good for us, so maybe Willis Will fall till our pick

  127. Silly Billy

    Remaining Notable name players as of morning March 15th:

    QBs: Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Tyrod Taylor

    RBs: Leonard Fournette, Cordarrelle Patterson, Rashaad Penny. Melvin Gordon.
    (James Conner got 3/$21, and Chase Edmonds got 2/$12.5, to give you a market idea)

    WRs: Allen Robinson, OBJ, Jarvis Landry, Juju, Will fuller, Russell Gage, Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

    OTs: Terron Armstead(!), Duane Brown, Eric Fisher, Trent Brown, David Quessenberry, Morgan Moses, Riley Reiff, Brandon Shell

    OG/C: James Daniels, Andrew Norwell, Connor Williams

    Edge: Von Miller, Chandler Jones, Jadeveon Clowney, Randy Gregory, Melvin Ingram, Justin Houston.
    (Harold Landry got 5yr/$87, Ogbah got 4yr/$65mil)

    LBs: Dont’a Hightower, Leighton Vander Esch, Josey Jewell, Anthony Barr, Myles Jack
    (side note… Myles Jack is a Bellevue HS alum)

    CBs: Stephon Gilmore, Casey Hayward Jr, D.J. Reed
    (Ward and Davis both got 3yr/$45mil… might be DJ’s market)

    Safeties: lol

    • Ben

      Huh, there’s some names left.

      Kinda curious what Myles Jack can do if he ends up a flier and not a bigger commitment.

      Of interest guessing on reasonable price-

      Juju, Russell Gage
      Eric Fisher seems like a decent bridge LT, one of the RT’s would be nice.
      I think there’s some more OG/C’s left than this. Right??
      DJ Reed

      There’s obviously good players on the list, but not sure the cost/age line up for many of them…

  128. Andy J

    Congrats on the personal/professional development Rob!

    I can’t say how much I appreciate it, as too much of a fan, to engage with your running commentary on all things Seahawks. You’re truly one of my go-to internet visits everyday.

    Also, speaking selfishly, I sincerely hope the podcast doesn’t detract from the writing. I don’t have the time or energy to listen to podcasts, and have tuned out other go-to sites because they now only do podcasts (Hawkbloggers). I’m old fashioned, and an ideological luddite, as I am sure are other fans (of yours).

    That being said… you do you. You write too much damn content as it is. Gotta say it is thrilling on my side of things, but I am sure it must come at great cost and dedication to you.

    Sending you well wishes and just wanted to say thank you.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Andy — and don’t worry, there’ll be no drop-off in articles

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