ESPN are trying to get everyone’s hopes up

I saw this tweet today. I suspect a lot of Seahawks fans did. I’m sure, like me, it provided quite the dopamine hit.

The Seahawks picking third overall. What a glorious thought.

Imagine if they were able to qualify for the playoffs and still end up with a top-three pick? Their highest pick since taking Shawn Springs third overall in 1997.

What would it mean?

When I asked Pete Carroll in Munich about Geno Smith’s (and Drew Lock’s) contracts he obviously wasn’t going to give away any state secrets. However, I think his tone and admittance that talks were coming gave more than a hint of his desire to retain both and have both players be part of the foreseeable future.

That doesn’t mean the Seahawks should completely rule out the possibility of drafting a quarterback. Picking third is a rare opportunity. It could produce a situation where you’re able to draft a player so talented, you’d otherwise never have a chance to get near them. I’ve often spoken about Anthony Richardson in Florida and his remarkable upside. Imagine being able to draft and stash him as the heir apparent? It would be a wonderful place to be as a franchise, with Geno Smith starting and Richardson learning in the background.

That said, the alternative must also be considered. It was never more evident than in Germany that the Seahawks have a good crop of rotational defensive linemen but they lack a game-wrecking presence. I like Chris Simms’ way of putting it. Players who ‘F the play up’.

Being in a position to draft one of those would be a huge boon to Seattle’s immediate chances in the NFC. If Geno Smith is able to sustain his performance level — a dynamic, game-wrecking defensive lineman could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Picking in the top three would, in my opinion, guarantee one of the two players who can become a ‘F the play up’ specialist. Georgia’s Jalen Carter has shown in the last fortnight that he can be that type of player. The Seahawks haven’t had a defensive tackle like this in the Carroll era. He is exactly what they need on the D-line. The other player is Alabama’s Will Anderson. He has had a disappointing 2022 season. I am not convinced he’s anywhere near a Bosa-brother level — let alone Myles Garrett or Von Miller. Yet his 2021 performance was superb. What’s changed? Is he just receiving more attention and struggling to have the same impact? Is he saving himself for the NFL? I’m not sure.

Either way — drafting Carter or Anderson would be a coup for the D-line and a justifiable decision. Either player would excite the fanbase and get people dreaming about what could be possible in 2023.

So are the Broncos really that bad to gift the Seahawks pick #3?

I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

The ESPN predictor is basically saying Denver will only win one more game. As bad as they’ve been, I think finishing the season 1-7 is a little far-fetched.

Let’s not forget — the Broncos have the #4 defense per DVOA. It means they’re in every game, even if the offense is playing like crap. I would think that will give them the opportunity to win more than one game, especially when they’re set to play flaky opponents like the Raiders (H), Panthers (A), Cardinals (H), Rams (A) and Chargers (H). They’re hardly Murderers’ Row.

The idea that they’d only win one of those games and lose the rest seems fanciful. The defense might win them games against Carolina and Arizona alone.

I think it’s more realistic that they finish the season with at least five or six wins, rather than three. That would put them at 5-12 or 6-11.

Last year the Panthers had the #6 pick after finishing 5-12. The Giants courtesy of Chicago owned the #7 pick after the Bears finished 6-11.

Houston had to go 4-13 to get the #3 pick a year ago. The Jets at #4 also went 4-13.

I just can’t see the Broncos doing that, even if their record has only a pitiful five or six wins instead.

Some Seahawks fans will try and talk this into existence and I’m sure some compelling arguments will be made around injuries, the Bradley Chubb trade and the increasingly ugly dynamic in Denver. I just think their defense will be too strong and too proud to only win one more game.

I hope it does happen, of course. And even if you end up with the #5 or #6 pick instead — a good quarterback class and a big need at the position for certain teams could still push one of the more impressive defensive linemen Seattle’s way. Or, for that matter, a great young quarterback.

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  1. cha

    And remember, the Seahawks justified the Jamal Adams trade by saying they’ve always drafted in the 20’s and Adams was a #6 pick they’d never be able to get.

    Well now it looks like they’ll pick in that range. Better make the most of it.

    • Big Mike

      Well you’ve ruined my afternoon now cha. Thanks.
      I kid of course, but freakin’ Adams, what a joke of a trade and joke of a player.

      • Andrew M

        Getting those early productive years of Jamal on a rookie contract would have been good. Giving him that contract was the mistake.

    • Erik

      This comment is so strange. How do you read this article about the 2023 draft and come out of it with a take of hey remember that trade from years ago when the team tried to go all in to win a super bowl, let’s talk about that. How is that relevant??

      • Peter

        Because the gm literally said some of their draft woes were from not getting to strike at a great player ergo that trade and thus this draft. Which will give them a chance to get a great player they otherwise couldn’t, thus, prove it. Prove that’s what’s been holding you back.

      • ALLhawk

        Well the main talking points for the past 2 years have been Jamal Adams, Dump Pete, Russ is our God… it’s hard for some people to rewire.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t understand why some Seahawks fans want to constantly go to war with other fans

          When I read comments like yours, ALLhawk, I’m reminded how toxic this fanbase can be. Be better.

      • cha

        Maybe try reading my comment again and thinking about what I said.

  2. Ashish

    We can just hope we will get good high pick, (we trust in Russ) and just have to watch the games. In 8 weeks will know one way or another we are in good place. Thank you for writing an article for one tweet. Appreciate it.

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    It all sure makes for the most exciting off season in memory

    Good times to be a SDBer!

    Or to be part of The Rebuild, as it were

  4. Trevor

    Really enjoyed this piece Rob it’s funny because I saw the ESPN article and was going to ask your thoughts if you were picking #3 would you go Levi’s, Anderson, Carter or Richardson.

    Guess it depends if they resign Geno to a long term deal but assuming they do it would be

    1) Carter 2)Richardon 3)Anderson and 4)Levis.

    If they don’t sign Geno to a long term deal it would be

    1) Levis 2) Richardson 3) Carter 4) Anderson.

    Levis just seems like the most Pro ready and less risky than Richardson who looks like he has more upside.

    • Elmer

      If the Hawks use their first draft choice on a QB, we have to trust them to be discerning about whose talents transfer well to the NFL and whose don’t. Remember when some in the media were saying that Josh Rosen was the most NFL ready of the QB’s in that draft class? Not Allen, not Mayfield, not Darnold.

      I am not in any way trying to compare Levis to Rosen. I am, rather, trying to point out that you need to be thorough and careful when drafting a high profile QB. (Or any other position, for that matter)

    • RealRhino2

      Not Rob, but this seems really easy to me. No matter what scenario, I go Carter, Anderson, Levis, Richardson.

      In my mind there is no way either one of those QBs is worth the number 3 pick. They need work. If we don’t resign Smith I would rather roll with Locke for a year and look at a QB in the early second or third like a McKee or Booker type. At number three you are looking for a gold jacket guy. I know the positional value is the least of all of them, but to me Carter is easily the best player whose skills you know will translate. Anderson is very close and potentially much more valuable, but he’s 240 pounds now and I really haven’t seen him drop back into coverage like you would need from an end who is just 245 pounds at the pro level. He’s actually good at defending the run, which is encouraging, but the length and size still give me pause.

      • Rob Staton

        No quarterback is a ‘gold jacket’ type when you draft them

  5. Roy Batty

    Can you imagine if the Broncos lose to the Raiders, again, then whiff on the Panthers the following week?

    Its probably a pipe dream, but we are talking complete and utter chaos in that city. It’s already a morgue around there, but losing to those two bottom feeders would get them closer to China Syndrome territory.

  6. Ely

    I’m still bummed about their late comeback against the Jags but these next two games are big. If they lose both I think it will definitely be time to start getting very excited about a top 5 pick. Unfortunately I think they win at least one of those games and there is always the chance Wilson finds himself and they get hot.

    • GB

      I keep waiting for Wilson to turn it around, give them something. But it keeps being punt after punt after punt… unbelievable!
      It makes it hard not to get excited about a really high pick. But I still have it in the back of my mind that they’re going to put together a mini-streak at some point here. Kinda like we did over the last few games last season. But here’s hoping I’m wrong!

  7. Big Mike

    Another fact to add to Rob cautioning people not to get their hopes up too high: I heard today that if Denver had scored a mere 18 points in every game this year they’d be 8-1. Now that’s some damned defense right there. A defense that good is going to get you some more wins against those opponents listed and despite how bad their offense is, none of the teams on their schedule are exactly the ’13 Seahawks when it comes to defense so Denver SHOULD increase their scoring output at least a bit. I think your estimation of 5 or 6 wins by Denver is pretty likely Rob, unfortunately.

  8. Big Mike

    Just heard the Bills are moving their game against the Browns to Detroit due to the blizzard hitting the Great Lakes region. 3 1/2 feet of snow expected in Buffalo by Saturday night.

  9. Palatypus

    Roger Goodell goes to the podium.

    “There has been a trade. The Seattle Seahawks have traded the #3 overall pick to the Denver Broncos…”

    • Simo

      For??? Their next three first rounders? It would be wild though!

    • Mick

      If we’re going for fantasy we can go all the way: “With the #3 pick, Denver Broncos select Anthony Richardson, Florida Gators, QB”.

  10. Romeo A57

    I am waiting for the Broncos to go on a 3 game winning streak just to spite Seahawks fans. Russ can’t be this bad, can he? I hope that I am wrong. I just don’t think the NFL gods will allow us to celebrate a good playoff team and a top 5 pick at the same time.

    • Marcus

      Wilson has been that bad. However, I think their defense is that good and too prideful to end up with a sub five-win record.

      Separate but related… I think the argument that Wilson by himself can guarantee a team 7-8 wins has expired. In his prime dual-threat days, yes. But not now.

      He was really good-to-great here. And he can still be really good, but he needs to acknowledge his limitations and be willing to work within a system that mitigates them.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Marcus. Pretty much agree with your thoughts 👍. It would be a dream if the Broncos win only one more game the rest of the season. Actually I would be surprised if the Raiders beat the Broncos on Sunday. The Raider defense is NOT very good. If the Raiders win I will be surprised. I won’t be shocked. But I will be surprised. But if the Raiders would pull off the upset it would be fantastic if you are a Seahawk fan.

      • RealRhino2

        I think he can, but the coach has to run a system that doesn’t expect him to be what he isn’t. I feel like Pete let him be what he was and that was pretty successful.

        • Marcus

          Don’t want to go too far down a Broncos rabbit hole here. Though, I will say that I suspect Wilson has a lot of influence on the scheme/system he’s currently in. Getting to have that kind of say was a big reason he left Seattle.

          • Peter

            Feels like you are right in this.

            I still feel like Hackett needs to go. It’s his job to run things and not let his qb run things. They have zero identity on offense and a lot of the parts are missing. An actual boss wouldn’t allow this to continue on with series that start with seven straight shotgun plays running an almost all backup oline. Or playing Melvin Gordon because he’s sulking.

            Or….letting your now apparently crappy qb having any say in how things are.

            • PJ in Seattle

              Which is exactly what Pete did. “OK, Russ. No more cooking. We’re here to win games.” Which got Russell all sideways and looking for the escape hatch.

              Better for the Broncos to learn this the hard way, instead of us.

              • Peter


                This run is great. Seeing Pete play it his way has always been fun.

                But 2017-21 this team was built like hot garbage with putrid defenses. Grab bag olines. Disappearing running backs. A completely whiffed 2017 draft (and nearly every one til last year.)

                Maybe the former qb is cooked (probably?) But he wasn’t the reason the team wasn’t good for about four straight seasons. That was 100% the FO.

                • ALLhawk

                  Russ has always held the ball too long, nobody ever wanted to talk about it here.

                  • Peter

                    Alright then

  11. 206

    It seems all those warning signs from the second half of the last two seasons from Russ were real.

    • Donovan

      I think the two deep safety response is something Russ has been unable to solve.

  12. RealRhino2

    Agree, there’s no way the Broncos are bad enough to get us the #3 pick. The defense alone will get them to somewhere between 7-15. I think we need to stop pipe dreaming about Anderson or Carter. And start focusing on secondary edge players, interior DL or great options in the secondary.

    I think Rob’s on the right track with an edge player like the one from Texas Tech, but I am not satisfied with our situation at safety or cornerback. If we can’t get a real game wrecker at DL, I think that or a real WR that can take over for Lockett would be my next option.

    I honestly think it’d be a waste to draft a QB even as early as Round 2. Maybe a Tanner McKee later.

    • Talyhawk

      Is our CB situation reason for concern? Woolen is well on his way to being special. Bryant while having some rookie struggles has been a playmaker and showing signs of promise. Jackson has had some struggles but imo has been getting better. Brown is back and could/should push Jackson to the bench. If he can do that having Jackson as first option of the bench is a solid group imo. I wouldn’t be against adding to it but don’t see it as a pressing need. Imo DLine needs to be the focus. Followed by safety, LB and WR. Imo those are more pressing than CB.

      • Rob Staton

        We’re fine at corner

        • RealRhino2

          I get what you’re saying, but I still respectfully disagree. Granted, I think a hybrid safety type like Brian Branch of Alabama might be more valuable than getting a true outside corner, but I’m not ready to say we’re all set. I like Bryant; teams still pick on Bryant with some success. I like Michael Jackson; teams can still get some yards against Michael Jackson. I loved Tre Brown; I have no idea if the Tre Brown we get for the rest of the year is going to be the same guy.

          For me, the defensive backfield is a kind of let it play out scenario. If Brown is good and Jackson holds up and Bryant steadily improves, I’m right there with you. But at times I’ve been underwhelmed with Diggs at safety and if the draft falls where we are either looking at a non-generational prospect at defensive line versus a Ringo or Joey Porter Junior, I might go that route even though I know the Seahawks generally don’t.

          • Rob Staton

            Michael Jackson just had a fantastic game against the Cardinals

            They are starting two productive cheap rookies

            There are far bigger needs

            • Mick

              I have the feeling that some of our DB problems come more from safeties rather than corners.

    • Palatypus

      Let me rewrite part of that paragraph for you RealRhino2.

      “Agree, there’s no way the 1992 Seahawks are bad enough to get us the #2 pick. The defense alone will get them to somewhere between 7-15. I think we need to stop pipe-dreaming about Bledsoe or Mirrer.”

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Man, it was really hard to watch that team. The D was so good and the offense was the polar opposite.

        • Palatypus

          My point is that it CAN happen. It HAS happened. The Seahawks are PROOF of that.

          Sure it might be the chance Lloyd Christmas has with Mary Swanson…

          But what I’m saying is…there is a chance.


          • Group Captain Mandrake

            I’m not arguing with you at all. That just brought up memories of half of a really good team and half of a really bad one. The TwoFace of football teams.

          • RealRhino2

            Except that’s not true. I think some memories may be faulty here. The Denver Broncos defense has given up literally the least amount of points in the AFC.

            In 1992, the Seahawks D was the 4th-best *in our own division*. We gave up the 5th-most points in the entire 14 team AFC.

  13. Hawk Finn

    Likelihood aside, getting #3 in exchange for #3 would be some damn fine poetry. Onomatopoeic, even

  14. Trevor

    Assuming they resign Geno I truly believe the Hawks use thier first pick on either Carter or Bresee. They have been searching for an impact interior disruptot since PC/JS came to the Hawks and now will have a top 10 pick to get one.

    If they end up in the top 4 then Carter bit more likely in the 6-10 range I think they will take a flier on Bresee’s incredible upside assuming his medical checks out. He has had a down year but given everything going on in his personal like and one year removed from an ACL I think you have to give him the benefit of the doubt given his athletic profile.

    Carter would be the dream pick but Bresee has the potential to be an elite disruptor as well.

    • Trevor

      Actually saw a mock this week where the Hawks took Carter at 6 and Bresee at 22. Adding both those guys to the DL would he the equivalent of adding a starting LT and RT in the same draft.

      One can dream.

  15. Forrest

    At least the Broncos have shown that they’re adept at finding franchise QBs in the draft. It shouldn’t be hard for them to get a QB of the future to groom with the 49ers late R1 while their “Wolverine blood” QB plays out the rest of his $245 million five-year contract extension.

    • Peter

      Is any team adept at that?

      You got the niners in the 80’s and 90’s.

      Greenbay pulled the trick off.

      The colts almost did it.

      Anyone else who was able to find multiple franchise qbs?

      • Sbcca

        And even then, the niners didn’t draft young and the packers didn’t draft Favre. I’d say the colts pulled it off though.

        • Peter

          Excellent points. So even harder than I think to get a franchise qb.

        • Big Mike

          Suck for Luck……bastards. They deserved his retirement and since then are stuck on the crappy, aging vet carousal. Karma

          • Peter

            Luck seems like such a grounded dude. Had hoped he and Wilson could have duked it out for a decade. If not divisionally just in regards to their class.

            • Palatypus

              My point is that it CAN happen. It HAS happened. The Seahawks are PROOF of that.

              Sure it might be the chance Lloyd Christmas has with Mary Swanson…

              But what I’m saying is…there is a chance.

              • Palatypus

                Oops. Wrong thread.

  16. Forrest

    On a more serious note, if the QBs we want are taken #1 and #2 overall, I’d prefer to get a haul for pick #3, rather than take a DT that projects less than similar picks in previous drafts. We might be able to get 3 firsts so we can find “our guy” in the next draft or two while keeping Geno and still having plenty of picks to address our needs this year.

    • Peter

      Who is giving multiple firsts for any player that is not a QB at #3 if the players sitting there are considered slightly higher rated than we would pick?

      I’d love to have multiple picks but if we are sitting at #3 I would hope some goofy gm rates Stroud or young higher than richardson and take him.

      I mean it’s all hope anyway.

      • Forrest

        A team that wanted a QB who didn’t go at #1 or #2. In the scenario I mentioned, the QB or QBs we wanted went in the first two picks. But, another team may want the QB that’s still there at #3.

        • Peter

          I see what you’re saying. But that’s a lot of moving parts. Check out that draft order again.

          Houston, Carolina. Bam. There go the qbs. The rest of the teams outside the lions don’t need one. So if Seattle isn’t drafting one (Stroud? Young ?) You’re talking about a team around 12 trying to leap frog detroit.

          It feels like the team offering Seattle picks is in the driver’s seat. If Seattle doesn’t bite you can say “alright,” make Seattle pick whomever and make an offer again to the bears, steelers, raiders to get ahead of the lions.

      • Roy Batty

        If you use the draft simulators you’ll be able to get every single pick of the 2023 draft from certain teams. It’s a funny exercise. Nowhere near realistic, but a nice distraction if you are bored.

  17. Peter

    Just a moment of appreciation for Rob’s relentless ability to scout players.

    Green bay is well and truly cooked. But five touchdowns in the last two games for Christian Watson. Excellent pull from Rob. Maybe the one player Seattle couldn’t get from their last great draft I was bummed to not see drafted.

    • Big Mike

      Great shout out my friend.
      For me it was one of his highly rated LBs. I know they don’t seem to value the position but man, a half season of Barton has been rough for the most part.

      • Peter

        Yeah the LB’s last draft were rough to see go on by. Obviously no complaints with the draft. But damn. Barton. Put a fork in him.

      • bmseattle

        @Big Mike

        I agree… one of the LBs…or perhaps one of the Centers.
        Blythe has been better than expected, but I’d still like a younger, stronger Center to build the line going forward.

        • Big Mike

          Right there with you bmseattle

  18. cha

    Jon Schneider actually speaks to the press…

    Schneider also points to back-to-back drafts in 2020 and 2021 setting the organization back, along with giving up two first-round picks and a third-rounder in a trade with the New York Jets for Jamal Adams just before the start of training camp in 2020. That trade paid dividends in the first season, when Adams totaled 9.5 sacks, but it has not been as fruitful with the LSU product missing time the past two seasons due to injuries.

    “You combine that with two of the s–tiest draft classes in recent history in the league,” Schneider said. “And then also us not really doing a great job of bringing some guys in that were competitive enough to say, ‘I’m going to take Earl Thomas’ job.’ Or, ‘I’m going to go take Sherm’s [Richard Sherman’s] job.’ We got into a couple classes there where we learned those guys were Russell Wilson on Madden, or they were playing Kam Chancellor on Madden. And now they’re in a room with him and it’s like, ‘Oh s—, that’s Kam Chancellor.’ Instead of saying, ‘I’m going to go try and take his job.’

    “So, learning from our mistakes and understanding it’s more about the makeup and character of the person or the man, the grit and the self-confidence that they have. Just really trying to focus on that.”

    • cha

      Is JS ready to move on from Jamal Adams? Sounds like it to me.

      • TomLPDX

        At least he is looking at it realistically and not trying to rationalize the move.

      • Trevor

        I thought JS comments were incredibly refreshing particularly about Adam’s.

        • Big Mike

          100% agree with all of you. PLEASE move on from him John. Don’t continue to compound the mistake that is the peacock by bringing him back.
          And I appreciate that he called himself (and Pete) out for crappy drafts too. It’s so great that they self-evaluated and changed. This makes me think even more that Pete had to relinquish control for the draft back to John and the scouting dept. If that was orders form Jody, thank you because this last draft was as we all know, multiple home runs. Now same approach with all the picks you have in April please John.

          • bmseattle

            My read was that he called the actual draft *classes* shitty…thus kind of excusing their own bad drafts.
            “What do you expect? The entire class was bad!”

            I’d also be curious as to his thoughts about the actual contract extension for Adams, considering he was coming off of a pretty serious injury.

      • Tallyhawk

        I won’t say it’s impossible but I would be surprised if he wanted to trade for him at all. Ever since it’s happened that trade has reeked of desperation from Pete imo. I’m not trying to absolve JS from blame since he played a part but with PC having final say I think he forced JS hands. JS was ready to move on from Russ a year earlier and got told no. He wants more picks not less. I imagine the Adams trade gives him nightmares and keeps him up at night.

        • Rob Staton

          I think you’re probably right

    • Henry Taylor

      I think this is actually stunningly honest from JS. In the past he’s been quite defensive when questioned on the quality of their drafts and the Adams trade.

    • Ok

      I read this as him saying that the 2020 and 2021 classes were lacking in talent, and not specifically calling himself (and Pete) out.
      I don’t have faith that they will move on from Adams, hope, I really hope, but I’ll very pleasantly surprised if Adams isn’t on the team for at least another year.
      And while I’m being negative…some of the worst drafts were when JSPC prioritized vibes/attitudes/‘all ball’. Those were the things they said when they drafted low ceiling players (Collier), or when they traded for Adams (whose attitude seems to be that of a loudmouth, fake tough guy).

      I have high hopes, and unhealthy cynicism

      • Peter

        I take it as a start.

        No gm is going say “look WE completely and royally botched the 2017 draft. And then proceeded to find a punter and a great reciever but beyond that. Mostly more botches.”

        I think this is close as JS is going to get to admitting there was a fault in the process. And as a JS doubter, I’ll take it.

      • bmseattle

        oops…commented above before reading Ok’s comment.
        I agree…he was somewhat excusing their own bad drafting, by blaming the quality of the entire draft class, itself.

        • TomLPDX

          From reading the article, which by the way was written by our old friend Eric Williams, I sensed that John was talking more about the process that his scouts and department went through while evaluating potential players and what they “thought” was important. Sounds like they reset there criteria for this draft and hit a home run. Let’s hope that continues. These guys aren’t dummies and I expect them to learn from their mistakes.

          • Big Mike

            To my recollection there were also articles stating, or at least suggesting that Pete went over the heads of John and the scouts and the team drafted his choice over theirs. Seems possible but otoh, would John re-up if that were the case? Yes if Pete promised to step back and let John and his people be in charge of the draft for the most part. In fact, if that were true it would be the only way John would sign an extension. Wasn’t another team after him as well around the same time he re-signed with Seattle?

            • TomLPDX

              Spot on Mike. The Lions wanted John. I think Jody but things back into of their strengths. Pete the motivator and head coach and John the top evaluator (along with his hand-picked team of scouts).
              She may be smarter than we think!

              • Big Mike

                Could well be Tom.

    • Pran

      2020 draft – interesting. top 6 picks from the draft are starters on this team as of today. yes, no bluechip talent but!

      • Pran

        2021 – only 2 picks with Eskridge and Tre Brown if you ignore 6th rd lottery pick. it all comes down to blowing picks which is on JS/Pete not draft class.

    • Sea Mode

      👏 wow, I’m pleasantly surprised. bravo!

    • Hawkdawg

      Hmmmm. He wasn’t calling any two draft classes “two of the s**tiest in the league at the time, as I recall….They weren’t as shitty as his drafts were, at least.

      But now he has his mojo back. You can see the shift he talks about–Coby, Tariq, Lucas, Mafe, even Cross–they aren’t awed by anybody on their own team. Next year should be fun to watch.

  19. Austin

    Rob, you keep moving the goalposts on how high you think the Seahawks can pick. It’s okay to let yourself believe it could be top 3. ESPN should allow you to entertain that thought at least for one speculative article. Carter or Anderson?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve done no such thing. When things quickly turned sour for the Broncos, I expected to pick in the same kind of range Denver (and thus Seattle) picked this year (#9). As a worst case scenario I think it’ll be the #6-7 range.

      • Austin

        I’m not going to take the time to comb through all of your previous articles and cite examples, but I’ve generally had the feeling that you’ve believed that the Broncos would ultimately pick right where they sat in the draft order on any given week. For example, if the Broncos record was the 13th best after week 5 then you felt comfortable projecting a draft pick in that range. And if their record would currently give them the 7th pick, then you feel comfortable projecting a pick in that range. Lets just say that they lose their next game. Then will you entertain top 3 fantasies? I want to know what it will take for you to join me in the top 3 dream Rob!

        • Rob Staton

          No, I’ve consistently said I thought 8-12

          Don’t know why you’re suggesting otherwise

          I guess we can’t go a day in the Seahawks fan base without someone trying to argue something pointless 🤷‍♂️

          • Austin


            You said that things quickly turned sour. They were always sour though,which suggests that you believe that the Broncos are better than they actually are. This is your assumption having a hard time being let go.

            Yeah, touche.

            • Robbie

              Oh come on, everyone thought the Broncos were going to be great this year, even super bowl contenders. Things have soured since the offseason and actual games started being played. I don’t think anyone predicted them to be as bad as they have been.

            • Rob Staton

              Austin is one of those people that I just don’t ‘get’

              What a thoroughly pointless thread this is

              Do more with your time

  20. Daniel

    “Some Seahawks fans will try and talk this into existence and I’m sure some compelling arguments will be made around injuries, the Bradley Chubb trade and the increasingly ugly dynamic in Denver.”

    It’s me. I’m Some Seahawks fans. I’m going to do my damnedest to try and speak this into existence. This whole ride has been a wild one so far. I’m one of those people who just can’t root for a Seahawks loss in any circumstance, even if the season is lost and it means better draft position. It’s irrational, sure, but sports fandom is a funny thing.

    However, I absolutely *can* root for a Broncos loss, many of them. If the Broncos steady their tailspin and win a few/several more games this year, oh well, it still worked out remarkably well. Meanwhile, I’m ready to irrationally argue for why they (we) end up with the number 1 overall! (Kidding… kind of…)

    On a more serious note, Rob and commenters have made the astute point that the Denver D is so great this year, they only need a slight uptick from the offense to start winning a lot more. True, true.

    However, the converse is also true. PFF and others have shown that defense is far more variable than offense in the modern NFL. It *is* possible, that the D could prove less reliable over the home stretch (say, go from a top 3-ish unit to more of a top 10-ish unit), while the offense stays putrid. I wouldn’t bet my house on it, but it’s not some crazy tail probability. It’s quite possible in fact. Here’s hoping!

    Cheers for the best Seahawks blog on the internet, Rob.

    • Big Mike

      Definitely possible the Denver D falls off a bit and the struggles by their offense could exacerbate that too. The whole “we’re sick of playing well while they suck” psychology could be a real thing as losses continue to mount creating a snowball effect. Here’s hoping that happens.

      • TomLPDX

        Injuries could also derail the Denver D as well. Hope not but it is a real possibility.

  21. Erik

    I agree with you Rob that I don’t think the Broncos only win more game. Denver is also a tough place to play for opponents. We really need to hope for a run of QB’s at the top of the draft (assuming we want a non qb for the sake of this conversation).

  22. J

    The thing is – the Seahawks already won the trade.

    Even if you take out the 2023 draft picks. Russell Wilson for Cross, Mafe, Fant, Harris and Lock. Seattle wins that trade by a frakking mile. It’s hard to argue we would be better off with Russ than Geno and those guys. You can’t.

    That’s ignoring keeping Russ meant giving him that contract.

    So the draft picks are a bonus. It’s fun to root for Denver to lose out and give us #1 overall. But even if that pick is in the teens. It’s a giant win. Even if it’s #1 overall and the guy we pick is a bust, disappointing but still a win.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I don’t think anyone is suggesting otherwise

  23. Henry Taylor

    If Russ gifts Seattle the number 3 pick, can we retire his number with the banner under the number reading “overall pick of the 2023 draft”?

  24. Happy Hawk

    Colin Cowherd said today he thinks A Rodgers will end up being the QB in Seattle next year.

    • Rob Staton


      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Cowherd is a blowhard hack. Always has been. He’s Skip Bayless but with somehow even less journalistic integrity.

    • cha

      And what’s more he said it’s the “best take he’s ever had”

      Never mind the Packers would have a $99 million dead cap if they traded him.

      That’s not a typo.

    • Big Mike

      Cowherd’s not had a good football season.

  25. Denver Hawker

    Bronco fans and some radio voices have now turned to calling for the GMs head for taking Pat Surtain over Justin Fields last year. Couple that with the Russ trade and Rome is burning.

    Surtain is graded 87 by PFF and has shutdown half the field enabling the NFLs top defense. Yet Fields, as a running back who throws 200yd and 58% completion, is suddenly envious.

    George Paton has been an excellent judge of talent and his drafts have been very good (2021 was basically Rob’s blog favorites). Russ is making the entire org look bad. I hope he can figure it out and turn things around (next year of course).

    • Peter

      Fans are great. Part of my enjoyment if the NFL is the weird takes people get. Justin Fields….give me a break. Broncos fans would be howling mad if they had taken Fields last year and had watched him play. Then they’d have been calling for Lock.

      Russ sucks. Maybe this is forever? Who knows. Schlereth whom I’ve always enjoyed brings a lot of detail. He’s got tons of time for how bad Russ is and rightfully so. But I also enjoy him breaking down how atrocious the scheming is on offense and the lack of preparing second and third stringers to be successful.

      It’s like revisionist hawks fans talking about Josh Allen. An absolute blast of a player to watch. Do fans really think Pete would let Allen air it out to the tune of nearly one interception for every 2.5 touchdowns? That would never fly in Seattle.

      • Peter

        Edit: my bad. Allen is still awesome. But the touchdown to int ratio is worse. It’s closer to 2:1

    • Denver Hawker

      If the Broncos could score 18/gm this year they’d be 8-1 with this defense. Javonte/Patrick injuries hurt but this Hackett/Russ disaster is pretty incredible.

      If Hawks get a franchise QB with the Broncos pick, there’ll be riots in Denver.

      • Peter

        I have no doubt. My wife has photos of her idiot neighbor burning his couch when the broncos won their first superbowl. As a fan.


        Then the fans will be off the rails.

        However, this assumes Seattle doesn’t draft a guy who like a ton of qb’s isn’t a JAG. This is the hardest player in sports to find and project.

  26. cha

    Brock wants a game-changing DL and a LB with the first two picks if they don’t go QB.

    • Rob Staton

      I read that piece. They seemed to mention virtually every position!

  27. Hoggs41

    Here is a mock from pro football network. They have us getting Carter and Richardson. What a haul that would be.

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    I think Ventrell Milller is the best pure ILB in this draft class. I don’t care how he tests, he’s a tone-setting on field leader who plays an old school brand of defense. There’s a BAMF quality to his intensity and leadership and he’s the heart and soul of the Gators defense.

    Maybe not elite athletically, but the guy knows how to play football. Intelligently too. His read/react time gives him KJ Wright like range.

    Tough break on his targeting call vs Vandy. It was a fair call even though I doubt he was trying to target.

    I hope JS can find a way to get another pick or two in R3 because two of the prospects I most want Seattle to draft are Miller and Kenny MacIntosh.

    • Rob Staton

      Brilliant player — I’ve watched all of Florida’s games and he has been a pleasure to watch, every time

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