Estimating legit first round prospects for 2016 draft

Florida State’s Jaylen Ramsey will be seen as a consensus first rounder

There are two types of first round draft prospect. Those that truly warrant the grade — and those who go in the first round anyway. Last year teams probably gave out between 12-16 legit first round grades.

There’s certainly potential for more this year — but not much more.

It’s still very early but this is how I see things at the start of December:

Possible ‘genuine’ first round prospects

Quarterback (1)
Paxton Lynch (Memphis)

Offensive line (4)
Laremy Tunsil (Ole Miss), Shon Coleman (Auburn), Taylor Decker (Ohio State), Jack Conklin (Michigan State)

Wide receiver (3)
Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss), Michael Thomas (Ohio State), Corey Coleman (Baylor)

Defensive line (3)
Joey Bosa (Ohio State), Robert Nkemdiche (Ole Miss), DeForest Buckner (Oregon)

Linebacker (3)
Jaylon Smith (LB, Notre Dame), Myles Jack (LB, UCLA), Darron Lee (Ohio State)

Defensive backs (4)
Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU), Jaylen Ramsey (CB/S, Florida State), Cameron Sutton (CB, Tennessee), Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)

Total: 18

Prospects who possibly miss out on legit first round grades that could go in the first frame anyway

Quarterback (1)
Jared Goff (California)

Running back (2)
Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State), Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)

Wide receiver (3)
De’Runnya Wilson (Mississippi State), Tyler Boyd (Pittsburgh), Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame)

Offensive line (2)
Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame), Germain Ifedi (Texas A&M)

Defensive line (3)
A’Shawn Robinson (Alabama), Adolphus Washington (Ohio State), Andrew Billings (Baylor)

Linebacker (1)
Reggie Ragland (Alabama), Eric Striker (LB, Oklahoma)

Defensive back (2)
Mackensie Alexander (Clemson), Kendall Fuller (Virginia Tech)

Total: 15


  1. Ed

    A few other guys getting hype (deserved or not):

    Hargreaves (DB)
    Clark (DL)
    Cook (QB)
    Lawson (DL)
    Floyd (LB)
    Allen (DL)
    Kearse (DB)

  2. Ukhawk

    Yannick Ngakoue, Maryland announced he’s entering draft early

    • Volume12

      And apparently Udub LB Travis Feeney is going to be ‘red flagged’ come combine time.

      • DC


        • Volume12

          It’s a medical red flag. Has to do with his shoulder. Wanna ma,ke sure it isn’t degenerative.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    Rob Rang and Dane Brugler just released their updated R1 mocks.

    Neither have Shon Coleman on the list.

    Rang has 5 OTs in R1; Brugler has 6
    Rang: Tunsil (6), Stanley (12), Decker (23 – SEA), Conklin (24), Ifedi (28)
    Brug: Tunsil (3), Stanley (10), Decker (12), Conklin (24), Ifedi (31), Spriggs (32)

    Both have Paxton Lynch going #2 to CLE.

    Both have Goff going #5 to SF.

    Both have Cook going #22 to TEX.

    Both have 6 DTs going in the first frame.
    Rang: Nkemdiche (1), Clark (16), Robinson (18), Washington (20), Reed (21), Billings (27)
    Brug: Nkemdiche (7), Robinson (15), Clark (18), Billings (21), Washington (23 – SEA), Reed (26)

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Also, both have Noah Spence going in R1.

      • Volume12

        I like Jarran Reed a lot. But, he looks like a classic 3rd round DT.

        LeCharles Bentley says Shon Coleman comps favorably to Willie Roaf. Said he’s legit, and a top 3 tackle in this class. Bentley is to OL what George Whitfield is to QBs and Deion Sanders is to CBs.

        • matt

          That’s some major hype for Coleman, and coming from Bentley means a lot. There haven’t been many better LT’s than Willie Roaf.

        • C-Dog

          I would LOVE Jarran Reed in the 3rd round. He won’t be there.

        • Rob Staton

          Roaf knows his stuff. People are starting to catch up on Shon Coleman.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Matt Miller @nfldraftscout: I’m really warming up to Auburn LT Shon Coleman. Has a case for #3 tackle spot in this class.

          • Rob Staton

            Ah, they’re starting to see the light.

            • matt

              Rob- It was just a matter of time, if not now then the combine. You called it early. Coleman is a stud!

      • Trevor

        Spence is a great athlete but the off field stuff will scare off most teams. I would love to see him as our 3rd round comp pick. Perfect Leo for us.

    • sdcoug

      The more QBs the better

    • matt

      With the way Gabbert has played it doesn’t seem like Goff would be worth the #5 pick. SF has a number of holes they need to address. Goff just doesn’t look like a top 20 pick to me-let alone top 5. They would be better suited to improve their line play on both sides of the ball. IMO Never know though QB’s typically get over drafted.

      Brugler had Miles Jack going #4 to Dallas. While OLB is a need for Dallas Jack that early is laughable.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I agree. Rebuild the defense and offense first. Then hope the right guy drops in your lap in 2017. Sure, take a project QB in the later rounds, but stand pat with Gabbert.

        Well, if I cared about the 49ers that is….

  4. Volume12

    No Su’a Cravens?

    Really like Oklahoma’s WR Sterling Sheppard, but is he too redundant to what we have in Tyler Lockett?

    I can’t see Seattle going WR early this year. Maybe in the mid rounds, but I kinda doubt that too.

    And for the record, Seattle would be absolutely crazy to let ADB go after his deal is up. He’s RW’s go to guy, and our best playmaker.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would double down on Baldwin and see if we can resign Tate when his contract with Detroit ends.

      • nichansen01

        Speaking of signing ex Seahawks… Brandon Browner is a free agent after this season and Byron Maxwell has a high chance of being cut… Do they return?

        • matt

          No on Browner. He’s lost a step or 2 and was just a good enough athlete before aging. As poor as Maxwell’s play has been for Philly I’d be surprised if he was cut. Their talent level at CB behind him is very thin. I’d want Mad Max back if at all possible though.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Perhaps he can play some SS or play in a hybrid big nickle package as the 3 safety. Intriguing.

        • cha

          Maxwell could be the next Michael Johnson! Team lets him sign a massive free agent deal elsewhere, collects nice comp pick, then re-signs him a season later after a disastrous campaign with new team.

          Looks like the Eagles would have to swallow a $3.6m cap hit to cut him. Not the easiest thing to do on a team with $130m of 2016 cap money already accrued and no franchise QB on the roster for 2016. (Mark Sanchez doesn’t count).

          • matt

            Cha- that would be ideal!

            • C-Dog

              I could see the scenario Maxwell comes back if Philly cuts him, but don’t think that happens after one year. I am genuinely interested to see how this season plays out with Shead starting, and if they offer him a decent contract to stay. I thought that was a great baptism under fire against Bryant last week, and he made some plays in man. If his addition settles things in the back end, I don’t see how they don’t try to hang onto him, and bring Lane back, too.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Davis Hsu thinks SEA will exercise a RFA R2 tender on Shead just like they did with Kearse.

                • Volume12

                  I could see that. I think they’ll keep Kearse too.

                  • matt

                    That’s the right move to keep Shead. It would be great to keep him around a few more years. I’m not sure about keeping Kearse-depends on the price.

    • Rob Staton

      Cravens R2 for me at the moment.

      • Trevor

        What are your thoughts on Cravens? Where do you think he plays at NFL level and do you think his game / play making translates?

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s a very modern strong safety. Maybe Deone Bucannon.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Is a play making WR redundant? I would rather take the big time play maker than JAG at WR.

      Let’s do the Patriot model at WR…. keep bringing in quick/explosive guys that can play slot (mostly) and give more options at WR in the passing attack. If they are all midgets, so be it!

      • Volume12

        I agree. The undersized, but play with a chip on their shoulder type of WRs seems to be what fits best in this offense and for RW.

        What I meant by redundant to Tyler Lockett is, he’ll probably end up going in the same range. He’s that kind of guy.

        I’d take him personallty. Best ‘small’ receiver in this class other than Corey ‘CoCo’ Coleman.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I would love to get Fuller at WR, but let’s shelve that talk and have a quick look at a few other WRs that might fit in Seattle:

          How about these guys in 2nd or 3rd round

          Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor – Small but uses his speed and route-running to consistently get separation. Very nice production, HR hitter.
          Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan – Playing with injury / long, fast and athletic. Productive.
          Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State- Raw, but high ceiling. 2-3 year project type.
          Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma – Fast, but small size. Described as huge or clutch playmaker.

          or this guy 4th or later
          Leonte Carroo, WR, Rutgers – DV problems / off the field problems (more like 4/ 5th round pick)

          BTW: Corey ‘CoCo’ Coleman comparison in NFL, Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos. Not bads.

          • matt

            Corey Coleman is a top 15 lock. He’s going to blow the combine up too. Word is he has a 45″ vertical and I fully expect a sub 4.4 40. Freak athlete who can go get it.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I like Pharoh Cooper too. Though he’s a little thicker, like Golden Tate.

          • Volume12

            Agreed. Cooper is a stud. Dynamic playmaker that consistently flips the field, with bad QB play.

      • franks

        Yeah I think so. Lockett’s a “play maker” who threatens big plays and so far isn’t a consistent threat, P.Rich in that mold too, Kearse fits it to a T. You’re forgetting that New England’s sysem is getting results with their guys, where we seem to be missing something. I think we could use a guy with some size and athleticism who can pull down the jump balls and be more of a consistent threat, on all downs and distances. Something like what we had when Golden was here. Would’ve been nice if the scouts were reading Rob when Martavis dropped into the fourth.

        But I don’t think the Welkers and Edlemens would do much in our offense and until last week, the types of guys here now weren’t doing enough either, whosever fault that’s been.

        Perhaps we can build on last week’s offense, and I’m really hopeful for that but I can’t see anything happening that would make me say, we need another small playmaker at WR.

        • Volume12

          I’m sure the scouts did their homework on Martavis Bryant. Already been suspended twice, routinely runs the wrong routes, suspect hands, and his attitude seems to be ‘ah well, f**k it. My speed will make up for everything.’ Even when he was still at Clemson, there were concerns over his practice habits and love for the game, ala Eddie Lacy.

          I’m not sure about him. A lot to like, but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

  5. Phil

    He is not a first rounder, but here is a senior, small school defensive back to watch out for. William and Mary’s Deandre Houston-Carson. He is a tall, rangy coverted CB who currently plays safety for W & M. Always around the ball, loves to hit, a leader, intelligent, played receiver in high school, excels on special teams. I can’t find any video on him, but W& M are in the FCS playoffs so some of you might get to see him vs. Richmond this weekend.

  6. matt

    It looks like our need of a true #2 CB can be filled early in this upcoming draft. Rob has 6 listed here while excluding Hargreaves, who I think will be a day 1 pick. Desmond King of Iowa is intriguing as well. I know JS/PC haven’t taken a CB before round 4 in their tenure. Things may stay that way, or they may change. We had 2 mostly wasted drafts in 2013 and 2014, so the strategy changed in 2015 with the big trade up for Lockett. Shead(who has really impressed me!) and Lane are entering free agency, while Williams clearly isn’t the answer we had hoped. I’d be surprised if Williams isn’t cut in the off season. We have Simon, Seisay and WR convert Farmer basically red shirting this season, so there is some depth to fall back on. One of those guys might prove worthy, but the way the LOB has regressed this year I’d like to see us bring a CB who isn’t a project to upgrade the talent level. Like pass rushers-you can never have too many quality CB’S. The board could fall where our needs at CB or OT are the BPA.

    • cha

      I think you mean Tye Smith is red shirting?

      I would be comfortable with one of Shead-Simon-Lane at #2 depending on them emerging and staying healthy. The last two are real gambles. And if Shead does emerge as a CB then the rotating safety spot needs to be filled (McCray, Draft Pick or FA pickup).

    • Ed

      Shead will be 2nd CB. He has showed a lot of promise and has the size and speed to do well. Biggest needs:


      • matt

        cha- I forgot about Smith. He looked pretty good in the preseason. The LOB has regressed-I think we can most all admit that-and Rob’s list of top prospects include 6 CB’s and 6 OT’s. It looks like our needs just may match up with the BPA, although it’s early to pinpoint draft needs before free agency.

        • cha

          IMO, the LOB has regressed more due to Kam & Earl not playing well this year. Pittsburgh attacked the middle of the field more than the outsides and found fantastic success, which is what we’ve seeing most of this year.

          That gap behind LBs & in front of the Safeties was once No Man’s Land for offenses trying to move on the Hawk defense. This season teams regularly attacking it and not paying the price.

          Likely some of that is the coaching not aligning the LBs deep enough but both Earl and Kam seem a half step slower than normal.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Here’s an example of Carl Lawson’s R1 talent:

    • Volume12

      Round 1 talent that could be available in the 2nd or 3rd. That’s great value.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Lawson or Striker?

        • Volume12

          Do you mean who I prefer, or is it in reference to ‘1st round talent that could be available in the 2nd or 3rd?’

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            At any given point – R2 or R3 – who would you take if both are available?

            • Volume12


              I love how unique Lawson is though. Not that Striker isn’t unique, but Lawson is so quick twitch and he can line up at DT, just like Bruce Irvin did on occasion at W. Virginia.

  8. Attyla the Hawk

    If we end up missing the playoffs, I’d have to wonder if Seattle won’t try to make a move up into the 10-13 range to take a Coleman or Buckner type should either survive the early picks.

    Even given the hypothetical resign of Okung and signing of Mack. Tackle is such a difficult position to fill. What are the chances that Okung gets hurt, or Gilliam plateaus in similar fashion to Sean Locklear? Probably high on both. Even if they don’t, there’s no expectation that Coleman couldn’t slide to guard similar to La’el Collins and Zach Martin who were both LTs in college.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been thinking of Coleman as a guard. He moves really good on the run blocks. It will be really interesting to see where he is taken. I could see him going in the top 5, I can also see where the leukemia history is a very scary concern, many teams take him off their board like they did Jesse Williams with his chronic knees 3 years ago, and he’s a mid to late round pick, or even a UDFA.

      • Jimmy Chitwood

        I must agree with you regarding Shon Coleman. While it may not be a popular position, there is a reason why Coleman is not showing up on anyone else’s mock draft. Coleman is a very high risk prospect. His chances of surviving acute lymphoblastic leukemia 5 years is only about 67%. In addition to his cancer diagnosis, he will be 25 next November. If he needs some development time (because he is a Junior) you are looking at a kid who has few years left to contribute before he hits 30. NFL teams will conclude there are plenty of other candidates with less risk/reward. Consequently, I would not be surprised to see him slip completely out of the draft.

        If you think that Cable likes Gilliam and those kind of conversion projects then you should check out Dillon Gordon. Gordon has played TE for LSU at 6-6, 285. He is now 308 lbs. As a TE he shows extreme athleticism to get down field or block at the second level and was a devastating inline blocker. He lined up on the left side of the LSU formation most of the time. IMO, he has ‘Cable’s Guy’ written all over him.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, if Gilliam ends up being any kind of a success story after such a rough stormy start to the year, and they like him enough to continue being the starting RT, that could be a player they look at as a UDFA. Who would have thought last year that a SPARQ-y DT from Buffalo many thought of as a potential 3 tech at the next level would be drafted in R5 to play C/G, and beat out the first O-limen they drafted in the same class. Cable loves his projects. I see him listed at 6-4 308lbs, though. Looks like more of a guard size than tackle.

        • Rob Staton

          “there is a reason why Coleman is not showing up on anyone else’s mock draft”

          Is it the same reason Lane Johnson wasn’t in anyone’s mocks this time two years ago?

          I’m not comfortable discussing a person’s survival rate in relation to cancer. He’s been given the all clear. That’s good enough for me.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I agree. The survival of cancer story shows his desire, fortitude and heart. It speaks of his character and his psychological make-up, but if he is able to play and play at a high level…. there is no way it is an issue now that he has a clean bill of health.

  9. AlaskaHawk

    I’m just going to throw this out for discussion. Maybe Gilliam is improving, and maybe Okung will hold up for another 3-4 years after resigning. That leaves the middle. Now I have read numerous arguements for how Seahawks need a defensive linemen that can push up the middle. The reverse of that is three offensive linemen that can hold the middle pocket. If the Seahawks had that then RW would have a pocket to throw out of and perhaps as much time as Rothlesburger did to pick a receiver.

    My point is: what if instead of trying to get a tackle in the first and center in the third or later, they just concentrated on finding three good interior linemen? Certainly there will be someone available in the late first round, and like wise in the third and fourth. I’m assuming they use the second for a defensive player or another receiver. Basically a game changer. Now we can argue about the order of choosing. I’m just advocating that the Seahawks strengthen the middle of the offensive line instead or reaching for the 6th offensive tackle in the first round.

    • cha

      If there is a Bitonio type there I’m all for it.

      But I’d really like to see / know what the Hawks have in Glowinski & Sokoli. It’s intriguing that Sokoli was a super SPARQ-y and the Hawks have hid him on the roster all year rather than practice squadding him.

    • C-Dog

      It’s a good thought. If I was a betting man, which I am not, I would say they will hang onto Okung, and Sweezy. If we hold Coach Cable’s words as sincere when he said’ When all is said and done, this might be the best line I ever coached,” and if they continue to upwards trend of looking like a good line in the last final games, why on earth would they break that up? Jack Allen could be a nice player to draft in the 3rd or 4th round range, let him compete with Patrick Lewis. He’s got the nasty qualities they probably really like and seems more than able to get to the second level on run blocks. They got Sokoli and Glowinski for depth, really they might look to draft OT to be a swing player, or possibly challenge Gilliam, but maybe that doesn’t happen until later rounds. They draft DT early, like Dan Brugler suggests, just to drive Rob Staton and V12 crazy, and make me look like a genius. Hey, then we’re set. There’s your interior linemen on both sides of the ball. And you might just land a WR and LB that can plug and play as well. Running back in later rounds, of course.

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be wrong to just assume the 6th best tackle isn’t any good. Russell Wilson was the 6th quarterback taken in 2012.

      • C-Dog

        If the 6th OT is someone who would clearly be better than Gilliam, then they take him, hands down. If Gilliam miraculously continues an upward tread of being a solid RT, and they hang onto Okung, they go in a different direction, maybe even the annoying direction of trading out of R1 again. If they don’t resign Okung, they draft best OT available no matter what. If they reached on Carpenter and Britt, they should have no problem reaching on the tenth best OT.

        • Volume12

          I’m all for Seattle taking a DT. It is somewhat of a need, or could be. But, not before the 3rd round. If there was a Dominique Easley, Sheldon Richardson, someone like that this year, I’d pound the table for them.

          There’s a lot of really solid DTs this year, just no one special. At least that I see.

          • C-Dog

            We generally agree to agree. But I will say that when they vetted on Clark, it wasn’t likely the stats he was showing in college as a pass rusher. It was how he killed it in his workouts, and he flashed just enough in games, and they knew they weren’t going to land another pass rusher beyond where they were picking that had his athletic potential. You could say they reached there filling a position of need knowing Irving would be hard to re-sign and they really didn’t have anyone beyond him on the roster to fill for Avril and Bennett.

            This is where I see a similar potential, depending on player workouts, how free agency shakes out, how they match there roster with their draft board, where there is somewhat of a legit chance to take one higher than R3. I’m really not suggesting taking a DT high just to irritate the host of this page (although maybe now, in part). I just think if they have already shown the willingness to reach high at other positions, maybe this year they could do that for an interior d-lineman. Chances are they won’t simply because history has shown they don’t draft DT any higher than R3, in most cases R4 through R5. But in the past, Mebane was way more in his prime, and they could land decent DTs with much greater cap space than what they will likely be working with now.

            I would be dance a jig if they keep Bane and pony up on a younger free agent vet who significantly upgrades the 3 tech. I was hoping they would have tried to bring in Stephen Paea who I thought was poised to be the 3 tech we’ve been missing. But maybe they thought they had that in Hill. Hill’s injuries now have got to be a concern. If they don’t go big for Mack, I would hope they make it their big FA priority, especially if GB lets Mike Daniels test the market, or even go big big super big in Wilkerson, but if they see that player potentially in this draft, as raw as he might be, I see a lot of logic in napping him early if they don’t think he will be around later.

        • Rob Staton

          I also think the ‘6th best’ OT might end up playing guard if they draft him for Seattle. Shon Coleman, for example, could be an elite guard and a swing tackle.

          Really the 6th, 10th, 15th prospect doesn’t really matter. In a loaded class at one position, the 5th guy might be the 1st guy in another year.

          • C-Dog

            Shon Coleman at LG, next to Okung, I like a ton. Pun intended.

            • Trevor

              That would be the best left side since the legendary Walt / Hutch. While not at that level it would be a dominant left side to be sure. If Gilliam continues to improve at RT it might be an option for sure.

              • C-Dog

                That’s what I’m saying.

  10. cha

    Bob Condotta

    Seahawks have signed tight end Chase Coffman and released C Drew Nowak to make room on 53-man roster.

    • CC

      The center who was part of the best line Cable had worked with? Wow how did that happen.

      I have lost a lot of faith in Cable’s ability to chose NFL lineman.

      • nichansen01

        Coffman was a highly regarded player coming out of college, he was considered the best Tight End in his draft class.

        A serious ankle injuty derailed his career his rookie year.

        A few years later he did this while a Titan:

        On November 9, 2014, after a Zach Mettenberger interception, Coffman ran to the opposing team’s sidelines and knocked Baltimore Ravens Assisant Coach Tony Coaxum to the ground. ESPN’s Jamison Hensley characterized the hit against the defenseless coach as “shocking, violent, and appalling,” while Fox’s Jay Glazer described it as “possibly the cheap shot of the year.” [9] Although Coffman later claimed the hit was unintentional, he was fined $30,000 by the NFL

        According to Wikipedia

      • Wall UP

        He’s going to the PS. Competition brings the best out of everyone. His value lit a fire under Lewis. He’ll still be in the mix from the PS when it is needed. It just frees up a roster spot for a need elsewhere. The PS has a rotating door. A lot of movement in and out.

        • Wall UP

          “Man of little faith.”

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They also signed WR Deshon Foxx and DT Justin Hamilton to the PS so there’s no room for Nowak there.

      • Volume12

        Deshonn Foxx was a Percy Harvin or Braxton Miller kind of receiver in college. Ran the wildcat, jet sweeps, moved all around their formations. Maybe, and I’m just speculating, their looking for a WR like that come draft time?

        • Jimmy Chitwood

          I am really liking Corey Coleman. The kid is explosive and apparently has 4.38 speed. Put him on the field with Locket and Baldwin. RW has a great deep ball.

  11. Sam Jaffe

    I strongly urge you to reconsider Cravens. My guess is that you see him as a 2nd rounder as a safety. But that’s not what he’ll be doing in the NFL. I think he’s the best WILL linebacker prospect in years, and a perfect replacement for Bruce Irvin. Additionally, his pass rushing technique as a safety blitzer is better than most DE’s. And as a coverage guy, he’s better than most LB’s in the NFL today because of his experience as a safety. He might be a slight disadvantage as a run defender against offensive linemen who reach the second level, but anybody will be better than Irvin in that regard. He’s one of the few players who will be a big upgrade at a defensive position on day one, which I think is an imperative for a first round pick for JS/PC.

    • Rob Staton

      Always happy to review a take.

    • Trevor

      Interesting take on Cravens! I really like his game but always viewed him as SS at the next level. Coleman, Striker and Cravens are 3 guys I would love to see on our roster.

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Could the issues with the secondary be about the play of both Safeties? and how they are meshing with the MLB Wagner in coverage?

    Perhaps Seattle should look at drafting a ILB/MLB type? I’m not trying to say Wagner is terrible or a bum. But, something about the 3 working together this year, in coverage, is frankly a tick off. Perhaps it was due to hold out by Kam or perhaps Wagner has lost a step or ET is playing with a fubar shoulder…..
    I guess it could be Norton Jr leaving for the DC job as well…. so a little coaching might be an issue as well. Perfect storm kind of deal.

  13. Ukhawk

    Speaking of safety, I really like Karl Joseph as one of our R3 picks who was playing as a R1/2’pick before his injury this year…

  14. Trevor

    Rob what are your thought on Duke Williams WR kicked off by Auburn?Is he someone you would take a flier on? He seems like th kind of WR the Hawks would like if his interviews check out.

    Also have you checked out WR Corey Davis W.Mich?

    • Ukhawk

      Like his game, worried about his attitude

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      “Duke” is off the draft board. Period.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d agree unfortunately. Plus I think SEA should focus on suddenness and length at receiver. There are players six weeks ago I wouldn’t have considered but not reviewing again. I think using the Steelers’ way of drafting WR’s (as discussed in the piece earlier this week) is the way to go. Duke more of a possession type.

        • Volume12

          Rob, when you say there where players you wouldn’t of considered 6 weeks ago, but not reveiwing again, do you mean your ‘now’ reviewing again?

          • Rob Staton

            Yes sorry it’s a typo. I’m now reviewing them again.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I think Seattle should put a premium on WRs that can get separation…. run precise routes… and have good to great speed… nice hands. If the WR happens to be 6’2+ then good…. but I would not disqualify a guy if he didn’t have the height.

          This is why I love a few WRs, previously mentioned in a previous article.

          They tried to find the with P Richardson and are finding that with Lockett. They can shake and bake defenses. I’m concerned with PRich long term health, so I would not be shocked one bit if they did a bit more “roster mirroring” and brought in another dynamic/HR type of WR that is under 6’0″.
          These three meet some of the criteria I could find Seattle being attracted to for differing reasons and will all land in the top 3 rounds (most likely round 2)
          Corey Coleman – Emmanuel Sanders Clone
          Pharoah Cooper – Golden Tate Clone
          Sterling Shepard – Plays with a Chip on Shoulder / Quick

  15. Ukhawk

    What about James Connor RB Pitt, would make a nice complement for Rawls. Productive, between the tackles yard churner

    • Volume12

      Heard he’s a 4.6 or 4.7 guy. Not sure about that, but he does look it.

      • Ukhawk

        Also heard he is 250…Still it’s faster than beastmode.

        • Volume12

          No it isn’t. When Beastmode came out he was like a 4.57 or 4.58.

  16. Buckeye2015

    What about a Zeke Elliot? Freak athlete and one the best blocking hb I’ve seen in long time. Different runner than Rawls and could make a great 1-2 punch. Any buckeye for me id be ecstatic about though, list shows one in every category

    • Rob Staton

      I like Elliott’s on the field running style but can’t imagine Seattle going RB early. Not in a class with nice depth at the position.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I just don’t see Seattle taking him, if Rawls continues his RB growth. I could easily see a team like the Cowboys take him however… he could be pretty scary behind that OL and Romo at the QB helm.

  17. nichansen01

    This is how the first and second round roughly look to me right now: Any thoughts? Did i forget anyone?

    1. Laremy Tunsil, Ot
    2. Paxton Lynch, Qb
    3. Joey Bosa, De
    4. Robert Nkemdiche, Dt
    5. Tradavious White, Cb
    6. Jaylon Smith, Lb
    7. Laquon Treadwell, Wr
    8. Deforest Buckner, Dt/De
    9. Vernon Hargreaves, Cb
    10. Jared Goff, Qb
    11. Corey Coleman, Wr
    12. A’Shawn Robinson, Dt
    13. Jack Conklin, Ot
    14. Jalen Ramsey, S/Cb
    15. Cameron Sutton, Cb
    16. Taylor Decker, Ot
    17. Ronnie Stanley, Ot
    18. Myles Jack, Lb
    19. Eli Apple, Cb
    20. Connor Cook, Qb
    21. Darron Lee, Lb
    22. Derrick Henry, Rb
    23. Michael Thomas, Wr
    24. Germaine Ifedi, Ot
    25. Macksensie Alexander, Cb
    26. Joe Dahl, Og/Ot
    27. Ezekial Elliot, Rb
    28. Reggie Ragland, Lb
    29. Nick Martin, C
    30. Noah Spence, Lb/De
    31. Tyler Boyd, Wr


    32. Su’a Cravens, S/Lb
    33. Andrew Billings, Dt
    34. De’Runnya Wilson, Wr
    35. Shaq Lawson, De
    36. Davontae Booker, Rb
    37. LaRaven Clark, Ot/Og
    38. Kendell Fuller, Cb
    39. Jason Spriggs, Ot
    40. Adolphus Washington, Dt
    41. Alex Collins, Rb
    42. Kenny Clark, Dt
    43. Pat Elfein, OG
    44. Desmond King, Qb
    45. Leonard Floyd, Lb
    46. Josh Doctson, Wr
    47. Yannick Ngakoue, Lb/ De
    48. Josh Garnett, Og
    49. Carl Nassib, De
    50. Jonathan Bullard, Dt
    51. Scooby Wright, Lb
    52. Sterling Shepard, Wr
    53. Jayron Kearse, S
    54. Sheldon Day, Dt
    55. Tony Connor, S/Cb
    56. Jamal Adams, S
    57. Kentrell Brothers, Lb
    58. Hunter Henry, TE
    59. William Jackson, Cb
    60. Braxton Miller, Qb/ Wr
    61. Zach Sanchez, Cb
    62. Pual Perkins, Rb
    63. Eric Striker, Lb

    • Rob Staton

      Prediction from me — Connor Cook goes in the A.J. McCarron range. Not liked at all in that locker room.

      • Volume12

        Booker, Scooby, Le’Raven Clark, and Kentrell Brothers I would have to disagree with. Can’t see any of them going in round 2.

        • Trevor

          If Scooby Wright fell to the 3rd with his injury he might be an interesting pick.

          • nichansen01

            I personally think scooby goes in the second despite the injury.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              I think the combo of size and durability could be a slight issue and he might go high 3rd round. This is all conjecture… if he blew up the combine, then he very well might go 2nd round.

        • Volume12

          I’d add Duke S Jeremy Cash, Stanford OL Kyle Murphy, Auburn OL Shon Coleman, and Michigan St DE/OLB Shilique Calhoun.

          • nichansen01

            Cash, Murphy and Calhoun could definitely go in the second round. Coleman is either a top five or fifth-six (Ohio state) Mike Bennet range. in my opinion, perhaps leaning towards top five.

            • nichansen01

              Mike Bennet and Jesse Williams both fell due to Health concerns.

            • Volume12

              OK St’s DE Emmanuel Ogbah will go in round 1-2 as well.

              • oz

                Ogbah, top 15 for me.

        • oz

          Scooby, end of 2nd early 3rd.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I think when teams interview him and the people around the program he is going to take a tumble. Plus I think he is going to be a turnover machine at the next level. He is Kirk Cousins with bad attitude.

    • nichansen01

      I forgot to add Emmanuel Ogbah to this list… I think that he is a late first rounder.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Let’s say the Tians pick at #1….. I would go with Bosa. I think the LT gamble at #1 would be a disaster and they need some solid defensive players.

      If the draft went like you project, there are some tremendous value picks in the second round…
      and if Seattle is looking for DE/LB types in the second, they have to take a good look at Yannick Ngakoue, Lb/ De if he is available. The other guy, who might be a bit over drafted in your mock would be Sterling Shepard, Wr; but I could see someone seeing alot of value in taking him by the end of the second round if he were available (Patriots or Saints).

    • oz

      Kearse is not a safety, maybe a corner convert, which drops his draft stock considerably.

  18. Miles

    The more I think about it, the more I think the Seahawks need to draft a cornerback with their first pick in 2016. We saw what happened when they paid Cary Williams, who seems to be a mediocre cornerback that hasn’t fully bought in. We have Shead who is a try-hard guy that has been here for years, has bought in and is an upgrade over Williams, but he still isn’t a plus-player.

    I am not sure if spending a first round pick on a corner will return the LOB to where it was, but I think it could be the most significant upgrade we could make in the draft. We lost Maxwell this offseason. That coincided with a significant drop-off on the defensive side of the ball. We need another corner with the capability of Maxwell to sew up the inadequacy of the defense.

    It seems to be the most significant need on our team. The Pittsburgh game was a fine illustration of this; we won a game by the least-Seahawky means possible. While that bodes well for our offense and our team’s adaptability, it makes our secondary look like dead weight. We need a guy opposite Richard Sherman who is HARD to throw on. Shead will get his deflections, but there are lots of ways to beat him. He is not fast. He is not experienced. He is a safety first and a special teams mogul.

    Some of the blame can be attributed to Earl Thomas. He is obviously having his worst season this year. I think Kam is having his second-to-worst season. But part of that can be attributed to having to help Shead play after play after play. What if we didn’t have to help the corner on that side? What if we got Jaylen Ramsey?

    Some will still say offensive line is the unquestioned first pick, but I am starting to firmly disagree. The Seahawks proved to me this year that though there may be some struggles, they can make their offensive line work. It may take a few games, but it will work. Re-sign Patrick Lewis, extend Sweezy and Okung, and draft a cornerback in the first round in 2016!

    • Ukhawk

      I agree they could. Many stating they will never pre- 4th round but I beg to differ. If the value is there or someone special is available or more of a sure thing then I think they do it. I’ll say it again that no position affects Seattle defensive production more then outside CB

    • Steele

      Miles, I agree with a lot of how you see it. Earl and Kam are not great this season. I was against them signing Cary Williams, and he has lived up to my cynicism. Yes, a legit shutdown corner opposite Sherman, an immediate starter, would go a long way to repairing the LOB. Do you guys see any possibility that they sign a veteran free agent? If not, who in the bottom half of rd.1 fits that bill?

      Would they forego CB to give Tye Smith, Siesay, and Simon their opportunities to step up? I see them as backup depth, not starters.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I thought Shead played very well considering the number of times he was targeted. Does anyone have statistics? I seriously think he could be a #2 corner. I would still be on board with getting a high round safety or corner. We just can’t have too many guys. I also wonder about the longevity of our two safeties. And then there is a giant question about whether Kam will do another holdout. Which really makes a quality backup safety crucial.

      • nichansen01

        When Deshawn Shead plays corner, he gives his full %110 percent effort and passion… But he doesn’t have the speed and size to really become a high quality player.

        • Volume12

          Jaylen Ramsey would be an interesting selection. He’s a freak athlete, with versatility.

          • nichansen01

            He could also be a top ten pick, out of range.

            • Volume12

              For sure. I was just responding to the question Miles asked.

        • Ed

          I don’t see that at all. He is big and he is fast. He was really only beat once and that was on an out route. All the deep balls he was right there with a hand up and in the game of inches, he has hand just barely missed. He can play, and I think he would be a great 2nd corner.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            He made some nice recoveries down the field…. breaking up a few long balls with his technique and strength. M Bryant is a load….. so I thought he did pretty well overall.

          • Steele

            Shead is playing admirably. The question is, what really is his natural position? What does he want to play, and do his agent and JSPC see it that way?

            The CB opposite Sherman needs to be at least as good as Maxwell was. Imagine if someone like Revis were there, and what that would do. (Yes, in a near fantasy world, the thought of Revis signing as a free agent last offseason did cross my mind. Briefly.)

            It may be time to adjust that classic Seahawks big corner litmus test, in favor of just great corners who can shut down. Including dealing with shiftier, quicker receivers who currently pose problems for our bigger dudes.

            • Volume12

              Shead is the guy going forward. Yes, we need some help and depth at CB, but when has Seattle under PC started a rookie CB?

              • Miles

                I’m not ruling out Shead by any means. But if he is going to be Seattle’s starter, I find it peculiar that it took him this long to crack the starting lineup. He’s been here since 2012, and his starting corner role was only realized when Cary Williams practically went belly-up. He undoubtedly plays with heart and determination and grit, characteristics of any UDFA Seahawk. He has made plays on the ball. But still, he is unproven.

                The rebuttal to this should be: So was Maxwell. So was Jeremy Lane. So was Browner. But when they cracked the lineup they thrived. Wouldn’t it be great if that were the case with Shead. But he played one game and he played pretty well. He still got burned once or twice and probably should have been called for a PI early-on. It remains to be seen whether his bright spots will shine brighter than the glaring holes in his game.

  19. Trevor

    Rob one CB who I don’t see getting a lot of early first round hype is Cammeron Sutton. Most mocks have in the late 1st early second.

    Ihave him rated as the 2nd best CB on the board after White out of LSU. How do you think he would fit in the Seahawks scheme? I really like his game but was wondering if he would be considered Seahawky?

    • Rob Staton

      We won’t know for sure until we see his arm length. However, there’s a lot to like.

      • Steele

        It is really too bad we have to keep using that litmus test. It leaves potentially impact players out of the equation.

        The Patriots, by contrast, look for more general things like shifty hips, ball hawking, instincts. They have not missed Revis or Browner too much this season, except for a handful of plays.

  20. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks sign TE Chase Coffman from Tennessee Titans and waive C Drew Nowak. And so ends another defense to offense conversion. So far the only successful one is Sweezy, and his biggest attributes are that he is cheap and never injured.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nowak cleared waivers and was signed to the PS today.

    • Wall UP

      “Men of little faith”. Just a move roster flexibility.

  21. cha

    Jason Cole Verified account 
    ‏@JasonColeBR #NFL GMs and cap guys have been told by league office to expect the 2016 cap to come in between $147M to $155M.

  22. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of NC OL Landon Turner? He looks much better this year than last.

    And speaking of receivers, have you ever checked out Colorado WR Nelson Spruce? I don’t think he’ll be a SPARQ demon, but great route runner and tough/gritty.

    • Trevor

      Vol 12 do you know if the Hawks have scouted Southern Utah or Nothern Iowa this year? I really like a couple of of small school DBs.

      Deandre Hall at Nothern Iowa just looks like a Sehawks Corner and Miles Kilbrew (SS) out of Southern Utah is big hitter with great size who could be a standout special teams guy and replacement down the road for Kam.

      Has anyone else checked out these two guys? Thoughts?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I read they’ve seen So UT.

        Could be for DE/OLB James Cowser and Killebrew. Both are good athletes with upside at positions of need.

        • Trevor


      • Volume12

        I think CHawk is right about So Utah. N. Iowa IDK. I like Dionde Hall the athlete, his length I unreal, but his tackling is suspect. There’s flim of his it’s vs E. Illinois. Watch how he never attacks. He plays timid.

        One of Seattle’s mantras is ‘pursue the ball at full speed, even if you don’t think you,ll get there or make the play.’

  23. Trevor

    Has anyone heard how Ty Smith is progressing with his red shirt year? I am curious how him, Sokoli and Glowinski are progressing.

    • Volume12

      Just my 2 cents, but I believe Tye Smith has all the intangibles and physical attributes, but right now, it’s about the game slowing down for him, processing things quickly, things like that.

      He’ll have his opportunity next TC. He’s a guy I already got my eye on for then.

  24. Volume12

    Can’t trade comp picks this year. It’ll start next year.

    So, we got a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd (Maxi), 4th, 5th (Carpenter), 6th (Malcom Smith), 7th (C-mike trade), 7th.

    • oz

      We may get a late rounder for Schoefield also.

      • oz

        He’s ballin out in Atlanta.

        • nichansen01

          You can only be awarded four comp picks.

          • purpleneer

            Schofield would be #4. The total around the league limit might be an issue though.

    • cha

      Some interesting discussion here

  25. nichansen01

    How about letting Ahtyba Rubin and Brandon Mebane go in free agency and signing a free agent tackle, and then drafting two defensive tackles and keeping this Francus guy around?

    For example, we could sign Nick Fairley in free agency, and then draft Chris Jones with our third pick and Joel Heath with our fifth.

    A defensive tackle group of:
    Jordan Hill, Nick Fairley
    AJ Francis, Chris Jones
    Joel Heath

    Looks really good going into 2016.

  26. cha


    I know it’s still way early, but any thoughts about where the value strength of this draft lies?

    You’ve talked about how many first round picks there are, but what is your sense on where he “levels” drop off for 2nd-3rd round talent, etc? (ie, picks 20-55 have similar value, 56-70, 71-100)

    • Rob Staton

      It’s still very early. Really like the value from 30-45 based on early projections. I think there will be good value stretching into round three.

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