Final 2021 mock draft, Pauline & Wingo, more…

A poor press conference

The Seahawks pre-draft press conferences are usually quite frustrating. They’re an exercise in trying to say nothing.

Today’s took things to a whole new level.

The plan was clear. Blame the media for the Russell Wilson saga and keep repeating that they didn’t say anything until today because it was essentially a non-story.

The problem is, that doesn’t make any sense.

If this was a non-story — say so.

This could’ve been nipped in the bud immediately. There was no need to have any drama, or prolong this as long as they did.

What benefit was there in keeping quiet, watching this grow and fester and dominate the news agenda?

Furthermore, the suggestion that this was a mere media creation is simply false. In fact it’s so false it insulted everyone’s intelligence to keep repeating it.

Wilson’s agent literally went on the record and sent a list of four trade suitors to Adam Schefter, the NFL’s #1 insider.

Thank goodness for Joe Fann — the journalist who finally, some 25 minutes into the press conference, put that point to Seattle’s top-brass.

This is the Pete Carroll show — and the off-field stuff long ago started to resemble the actual games.

Hectic, haywire, kind of taped together as they go along, confusing and exciting in equal measure, it’s not always clear what the plan is and the conclusion at the end could be absolutely anything.

And for all the positive chatter and attempts to deflect today, I think the following is a fair opinion to hold — this roster doesn’t look good enough to win a Championship and the ‘non-story’ will be back next year if the 2021 season ends in more of the same.

Trey Wingo & Tony Pauline

Thank you to PFN for inviting me to be part of today’s pre-draft press conference. Here are my questions about the Seahawks, including discussing the Wilson saga which apparently was a non-story…

Final 2021 mock draft

This is my final projection to be submitted for Huddle Report scoring.

I tend not to include too many trades in a final mock because you increase your chances of being wrong. You’re not only slotting players, you’re creating deals too.

Nevertheless, I think a couple of moves are likely.

#1 Jacksonville — Trevor Lawrence (QB, Clemson)
#2 New York Jets — Zach Wilson (QB, BYU)
#3 San Francisco — Mac Jones (QB, Alabama)
#4 Atlanta — Kyle Pitts (TE, Florida)
#5 Cincinnati — JaMarr Chase (WR, LSU)
#6 Miami — Jaylen Waddle (WR, Alabama)
#7 LA Chargers (v/DET) — Penei Sewell (T, Oregon)
#8 New England (v/CAR) — Justin Fields (QB, Ohio State)
#9 Denver — Rashawn Slater (G, Northwestern)
#10 Dallas — Patrick Surtain (CB, Alabama)
#11 New York Giants — Micah Parsons (LB, Penn State)
#12 Philadelphia — Jaycee Horn (CB, South Carolina)
#13 Detroit (v/LAC) — DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama)
#14 Minnesota — Alijah Vera-Tucker (G, USC)
#15 Carolina (v/NE) — Trey Lance (QB, North Dakota State)
#16 Arizona — Zaven Collins (LB, Tulsa)
#17 Las Vegas — Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (LB, Notre Dame)
#18 Miami — Jaelen Phillips (DE, Miami)
#19 Washington — Christian Darrisaw (T, Virginia Tech)
#20 Chicago — Elijah Moore (WR, Ole Miss)
#21 Indianapolis — Kwity Paye (DE, Michigan)
#22 Tennessee — Jamin Davis (LB, Kentucky)
#23 New York Jets — Teven Jenkins (T, Oklahoma State)
#24 Pittsburgh — Najee Harris (RB, Alabama)
#25 Jacksonville — Travis Etienne (RB, Clemson)
#26 Cleveland — Christian Barmore (DT, Alabama)
#27 Baltimore — Jayson Oweh (DE, Penn State)
#28 New Orleans — Greg Newsome (CB, Northwestern)
#29 Green Bay — Creed Humphrey (C, Oklahoma)
#30 Buffalo — Joe Tryon (DE, Washington)
#31 Baltimore — Landon Dickerson (C, Alabama)
#32 Tampa Bay — Azeez Ojulari (DE, Georgia)

Mock draft competition

A year ago, community member DC set up a mock draft competition. He’s doing the same this year. Here’s his message with advice on how you can enter…

Welcome to the 2nd Annual SDB Mock Draft Competition!!!

It’s time to assemble your official 2021 mock draft entries for submission on this thread prior to 5pm Pacific Daylight Time on Thursday.

NickATL was the winner in 2020 & his life has been a breeze ever since.

Other than a couple of minor tweaks the setup is the same as last year.

The skinny…

Pick 12 players that you think Seattle will draft. They can be in any round, at any pick & you can use the same pick multiple times.

The goal is to get the most ‘hits’.

For tie breaking purposes, please format your picks by overall pick number (56, 129, 250, etc.)

You can go here for a visual of who holds each pick in the draft. If you feel the need to explain your mock please do so below your entry so that I can score it without working too hard.

How to WIN?

1. Whoever gets the highest number of correct players drafted by the Seahawks with their 12 picks shall be crowned the winner!

2. In the event of a tie, whoever has their correct players selected closest to their actual overall draft number is the winner. (Ex; Blogger A guessed 101 & the actual slot was 150 for a difference of 49. Blogger B guessed 194 & the actual slot was 184 for a difference of 10. Blogger B wins.)

3. After your 12 selections write the number of picks that you believe the Seahawks will actually make. 3, 5, 7? Whatever. This will serve as the next tie breaker.

4. If none of the above have sorted things out then it will go to a coin toss.

Let the competition begin!

Here is my sham of an entry for 2021,

80 Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR, USC
111 Drew Dalman, C, Stanford
111 Chazz Surratt, LB, North Carolina
129 Keith Taylor, CB, Washington
129 Shaun Wade, S, Ohio State
133 Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn
188 Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi State
188 Tre McKitty, TE, Georgia
218 Joshua Kaindoh, EDGE, Florida State
218 Israel Mukuamu, S, South Carolina
229 K.J. Britt, LB, Auburn
250 Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

7 Total picks

Enjoy! –DC–

Good luck to everyone taking part.

Tomorrow I will provide an open thread, thoughts on each pick and a live stream discussing the first frame. From Friday we’ll have detailed analysis on all of Seattle’s picks.

If you have enjoyed the draft coverage this year, please consider supporting the website via Patreon (click the tab below)…

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  1. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Former Husky Hunter Bryant was waived by Detroit today with the non-football injury designation.

  2. Sea Mode

    Best of luck again this year with your mock, Rob. You put a lot into it and your effort is appreciated.

    Another takeaway of mine from the presser: they are going to try and trade down a lot from 56, collecting as many early day 3 picks as possible and bank on guys they like falling because of the limited draft process and the huge differences between draft boards after R2.

    • Rob Staton

      Hope so. I lumped on the Seahawks to trade down from #56 when Sky Bet offered ridiculous 5/1 odds.

  3. Strategicdust

    Thanks Rob, for another fantastic year of writing and insight. As frustrating as the Seahawks front office is, you’ve created a space for us to share that’s isn’t matched anywhere else. Cheers!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  4. Lewis


    I know this has been a tough year for Rob and he has questioned whether this is worth doing anymore for him. Please, if you love the site, as you read through the coverage this weekend and think about all the analysis he has given us, consider joining the Patreon, so we can show him how important this place is to us.

  5. Rick Souza

    1 – Eric Stokes – 56
    2 – Hamilcar Rashed – 70
    3 – Brady Christensen – 70
    4 – Tyson Campbell – 70
    5 – Benjamin St Juste – 110
    6 – Shaun Wade – 110
    7 – Robert Hansey – 129
    8 – Royce Newman – 129
    9 – Marquez Stevenson – 160
    10 – Israel Mukuamu – 160
    11 – Jason Pinnock – 160

    • Silly Billy

      I’d be super stoked if Hamilcar Rashed ends up a Seahawk – go Beavs.

      Bruce Irvin – like.

  6. Dave


    Love your stuff. Long time reader but first comment/question.

    What are your thoughts on Schneider and Pete’s response to the draft picks question? JS seems perturbed they don’t have the picks, and Pete jumps in to say “Jamal is our first pick!”.

    For the last year they haven’t seemed to be aligned, and this seemed to be another example of this. I could also be off base, in that Pete is bubbly about everything and Schneider always wants draft picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Dave, I tend to agree. I do think JS would’ve done quite a few things differently.

  7. uptop

    I hope were getting some of the famous draft clues

  8. J

    I’ll give it a shot.

    56. Baron Browning
    56. Joseph Ossai
    56. Pete Werner
    68. Shaun Wade
    68. Benjamin St. Juste
    68. Ambry Thomas
    68. Ihmir Smith Marsette
    129. Israel Mukuamu
    129. DJ Daniel
    129. Chris Rumph
    129. Tommy Doyle
    129. David Moore

  9. Silly Billy

    Did anyone else notice Pete mentioning another move that’s happening/being finalized in the next couple days?

    I could be going crazy, or I may have misheard it (I’m at “work” so can’t find the time stamp), but it seemed subtly significant.

    Any thoughts on potential moves in the queue?

    • Rob Staton

      Presumably Adams or KJ

      • Volume12


    • Ky Swift

      Huge extension for Jamal Adams?! That would be my best guess.

      • 12th chuck

        Ky, sadly you are probably correct

    • Silly Billy

      *Ding Ding*!

      and the winner is…DT Robert Nkemdiche…

  10. Rob Staton

    Tony P pairing Ben Cleveland as a plug-in guard for Pittsburgh.

    Because of course.

    I remember when our aim was to build an AFC North type team

    • Big Mike

      “Oh c’mon Rob, Adams is a BAMF.”

      Love, Pete

      • SEAhemoth82

        Ben Cleveland is an ideal Steeler in the mold of David DeCastro. I love/hate the mock of Najee Harris to the Steelers as well, but he is again an ideal Steeler: tough, no nonsense, war of attrition running back. He will make the defense pay rent on every snap.

  11. Jeff M

    56. Ifeatu Melifonwu
    56. Eric Stokes
    56. Robert Rochell
    56. Dyami Brown
    129. Jonathan Adams
    250. Dez Fitzpatrick
    250. Mike Strachan
    250. Dai’jean Nixon
    56. Stone Forsythe
    129. Spencer Brown
    129. Tommy Doyle
    129. Larnell Coleman

    5 Picks

  12. MoBo

    My geusses:

    76. Deonte Brown
    76. D’Ante Smith
    76. Josh Myers
    90. D’Wayne Eskridge
    90. Bobby Brown
    110. Shaun Wade
    129. Shi Smith
    150. Kylin Hill
    200. Israel Mukuamu
    220. Chris Evans

    • MoBo

      76. Deonte Brown
      76. D’Ante Smith
      76. Josh Myers
      90. D’Wayne Eskridge
      90. Bobby Brown
      110. Shaun Wade
      129. Shi Smith
      129. Anthony Schwartz
      129. Aaron Banks
      150. Kylin Hill
      200. Israel Mukuamu
      220. Chris Evans

  13. Big Mike

    Posting your horizontal board tomorrow Rob?

    • Rob Staton


      • Big Mike

        Thanks. It’ll be a real good resource while watching the next 3 days.

  14. Rob Staton


    “A friend first and a boss second… probably an entertainer third”

    • Troy

      Incoming hot take….Rus is just so corny…he is like what I imagine someone who is pretending to be an NFL player would sound like. Like he is a legit talent, I’m glad he is our QB, but at the same time he doesn’t strike me as genuine or relatable at all. I think thats what gets on peoples nerves, that constant feeling of phoniness or fakeness.

      • Rob Staton


      • cha

        What’s sad is he seems to have backed down. Pete Carroll even said today that he talked with Russ and told him he needs to be careful what he says to the press. And he said what he said and the Seahawks had to clean up a mess. “Maybe not a #1 violation but a #2 violation.”

        Russ and his agent knew what they were doing and knew it would cause a ruckus.

        To back off now and revert to “Go Hawks” is the height of phoniness.

        • Purpleneer

          I think it’s partly related to the less-than-excited response of those teams. Only one showed any interest and they sabotaged what they could offer before making a rather tepid one. Didn’t even really see “why not us?” from teams not on the list or much from their fanbases.

      • Leo

        The way you described him makes me think of Christian Bale in American Psycho, only instead of a cold-hearted yuppie he’s emulating a kind-hearted QB.

        • Troy

          Made me laugh…and I don’t think you are too far off really. He did admit he practiced PR with his dad as a teenager…

        • Cambs

          Oh my word, that is golden.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        He sort of gives the vibe of an NFL Alex Rodriguez. Great player, but…

  15. Rob Staton

    Lost to the same team in the playoffs

    • Big Mike

      I don’t see any “business decisions” in those highlights.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s a remake of Braveheart coming out.

        This time though, he has a bad shoulder and dies in the opening fight scene

        Warrior spirit

        • bmseattle

          you forgot to mention that he smoked a cigar before that fight scene.

          • Rob Staton

            He did

            What a bad ass

        • OlyHawksFan

          He should’ve remembered the rocks.

        • Tomas

          Wonderfully funny, well done. Maybe a cameo part for John Cleese.

    • Denver Hawker

      It doesn’t even make sense though and is insulting to the fans.

      So we drafted a safety in R1, but instead of paying him $13MM guaranteed for 4 years (roughly what a 2021 R1 in 20s will cost), we’re going to give him an ungodly contract, and throw away a 3rd and next years R1 too.

      Will they make this same stupid tweet in R3 and next year as well?!?

    • GoHawksDani

      I’m so damn angry at this team…they mess up and they spit in our faces by rubbing it in and try to turn it some part of a masterplan that’ll make this team unbeatable. Unfortunately nowadays a lot of people only need fake positivity and promises. So it works for a ton of people, but it’s damn sure won’t work on me

  16. Chris A

    Can’t remember if it was Pauline or Wingo who brought up the Russ/Sherman scuffle and how Russ just seems to rub teammates up the wrong way. It’s really not hard to see why from a fan perspective now, either.

    • Leo

      He definitely seems like a guy who dudes would respect but not “like”. On Sundays, I’d love to have Russ as my QB. But for the rest of the week, I’m definitely hanging out with the rest of the locker room instead haha.

      He seems to have a similar vibe to Steph Curry or Tim Duncan, but teammates would run through brick walls for them, maybe because they’re actually fun to be around. Duncan played Warcraft, Steph can be goofy, they’re not always acting like they’re interviewing to be CEO one day.

      • Robert Mailhot

        I would have made the comparison to Alex Rodriguez. At least Russ is chasing something other than dollars.

        • Leo

          Dang that really is the perfect comp, even down to their dating lives and their ambitions of team ownership. Hats off haha

        • God of Thunder

          I like it … with the caveat that RW is Boy Scout earnest, and A-Rod always exuded the sense that everything was about him.

  17. JLemere

    For the mock draft competition

    Pick #83: D’Ante Smith- OT- East Carolina
    Pick #83: Tylan Wallace- WR- Oklahoma St.
    Pick #83: Robert Rochell- CB- Central Arkansas
    Pick #129: Shaun Wade- CB/S- Ohio State
    Pick #129: Osa Odighizuwa- 3T- UCLA
    Pick #129: Cam Sample- 5T- Tulane
    Pick #203: Tamorrion Terry- WR- Florida St.
    Pick #203: Israel Mukuamu- CB/S- South Carolina
    Pick #203: Noah Gray- TE- Duke
    Pick #233: Ian Book- QB- Notre Dame
    Pick #233: Chris Evans- RB- Michigan
    Pick #233: John Bates- TE- Boise St.

    Total # of pick for 2021 draft: 7

  18. JimQ

    A late round option at CB? An experienced slot guy that also is a damn good kick returner. Back in the day
    I remember a Seahawk kick returner named Washington that put on a show with nearly every return. I’d like to see the excitement level that a good returner brings. Currently ranked in the late round 6 & beyond area.

    CB-(slot)-Avery Williams, BYU, 5-83/187; Hand: 9, Arm: 28 3/4, Wingspan: 70 1/8, 40-Yard Dash: 4.43,
    20-Yard Dash: 2.57, 10-Yard Dash: 1.55, 225 Lb. Bench Reps: 19, Vertical: 33 1/2, Broad Jump: 10’01,
    20-Yard Shuttle: 4.00, 3-Cone Drill: 6.88.
    Career: 48-games, 152-tkls, 111-solo, 4.5-TFL, 4-INT, 22-PD, 1-FR, 5-FF (2020 Consensus All-American)
    + 82 PR for 948-yds., 11.6-YPR, 6-TD’s – #9 in NCAA since 1976, (45 years.) 15.7-yds. per PR this year.
    + 38 KR for 1042-yds, 27.4-YPR, 3-TD’s; = ++ Return experience with 9 total TD’s sounds exciting.

    • TomLPDX

      Leon was in a class of his own. Loved that dude!

    • Positrac

      The kick return seems to be in the process of being eliminated from the game. Over the past few years every time there’s been any sort of an exciting or big kick off or punt return, it feels like every time it’s called back for some Tickytak foul that was not even relevant to the play. Does anyone else feel this way? Also I had an idea for pick #56. What prospect(s) would be attractive enough to force SEA to pick a player at 56?

      • Positrac

        Ps – you rock Rob. So much content. So much high quality info and discussion. Thank you much!!!

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you

  19. Paul Cook

    Fantastic job on all things draft, Rob. You’re as good as anyone out there.

    Boy, I can’t believe they trotted out the “fake news” trope again and again during that presser. Just flat out annoying. So insulting to the intelligence. The PC rah-rah gets old fast when it’s blended with such a healthy dose of disingenuousness.

    Anyway…we’ll see how it all shakes out. They’ve done some good things this off season, but they didn’t address the overall situation aggressively and creatively enough for my tastes.

    Again, great reporting and analysis this whole off season. And great contributions by cha as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Paul

    • cha

      Thank you Paul

  20. HotHamWater

    73: Kendrick Green
    85: Shi Smith
    88: Jordan Smith
    95: Chris Rumph II
    97: Robert Hainsey
    120: Trevon Grimes
    135: Chris Evans
    145: Elerson Smith
    160: Janarious Robinson
    170: Israel Mukuamu
    190: Dez Fitzpatrick
    200: Frank Darby

    7 picks

  21. Denver Hawker

    I didn’t pick up on this initially, but pretty low-key jest by JS:

    • Sea Mode

      He actually pulled up the tweet on his phone to one up them. Fair play, but some fanbases actually appreciate hearing from their HC/GM during the off-season, John… Oh, I forgot, there was nothing to talk about… Not like you just signed a huge extension or your franchise QB gave a list of teams he wouldn’t mind being traded to…

      • Rob Staton

        I bet they thought that was hilarious…

        Just like the cardboard cut-out thing at the start.

        Wo ho ho… jolly japes.

        Now let’s pedal any old crap and insult your intelligence.

        • Al U

          I really hope they don’t gaslight the players like they do us fans. I suspect they might though.

  22. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    I cant wait for Jamal Adams to show you how wrong you are in your assessment. Going to be a major factor in our defense will get better in coverage. Just because past facts don’t show that does not mean it will not happen. RW and PC is a non factor this year. Next Year different story.. This a super bowl or bust. Pete and Russ know that. I think there is an agreement that if doesn’t work this year, its a trade RW offseason. I am excited for the Shane Waldron effect on this offseason. I trust in PC and JS. Go Hawks!

    • Denver Hawker

      I remember my first beer and admire your optimism.

      Beyond blind belief, why will Adams be better? I rewatched every play of his last year, and saw nothing that indicated he has room to grow in this system. Coverage and tackling are not skills that just suddenly get better.

      • Danny P

        Adam’s was top 10 coverage league wide the previous 2 years though. Theres room for improvement in this system. Maybe say 3 years into being a Hawk and still not looking great in coverage and I’m with you. Too soon though. Very weird year last year.

        • Rob Staton

          Or maybe they haven’t got a clue how to make this work?

    • Big Mike

      I truly, truly hope you’re right. Believe it when I see it.

    • Roy Batty

      Not to be a total downer, but I foresee Adams on the IR before the end of the year. His size and style of play do not inspire confidence that he can sustain a healthy body over the course of this season, let alone a long career. I hope I am wrong, but I just can’t imagine his body holding up to the abuse.

  23. TheOtherJordan

    It will be painful to watch if the Seahawks could have traded down to the bottom of first, stockpiled picks and still drafted Ojulari. On another note, is the video of Mac Jones real? If it is, awfully Manzielesque….especially since he had a DUI in 2017.

    • Big Mike

      The 2 things I’ve heard most about Jones are “extremely intelligent” and “throws with tremendous anticipation”. Might as well just say “Shanahan QB” cuz that’s what he wants for his offense I’m sure.

  24. no frickin clue

    My selections:

    #96 overall selection – D’Ante Smith
    #96 – Amon-Ra St. Brown
    #104 – Paulson Adebo
    #129 – Dayo Odeyingbo
    #129 – Shaun Wade
    #136 – Kylin Hill
    #158 – David Moore
    #158 – Cam Sample
    #177 – Darius Stills
    #177 – Ta’Quon Graham
    #243 – KJ Britt
    #243 – Gerrid Doaks

    Thanks again Rob for everything you do regarding the Seahawks. I wish some fans didn’t feel the need to shoot the messenger when things aren’t 100% rosy.

  25. Ryan

    56. DE Payton Turner, Houston
    56. QB Kellen Mond, Texas A&M
    71. C Josh Myers, Ohio State
    79. T Walker Little, Stanford
    89. RB Kenneth Gainwell, Memphis
    110. WR Nico Collins, Michigan
    129. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
    167. DT Darius Stills, West Virginia
    184. G Sadarius Hutcherson, South Carolina
    189. DE William Bradley-King, Baylor
    190. RB Chris Evans, Michigan
    250. CB Jason Pinnock, Pittsburgh

    5 picks

  26. RWIII

    I would love to see the first four picks. That means that Kyle Pitts, Ja’ Marr Chase and Penell Sewell would be on the board. What would they do?

    BTW: As far as the press conference no one should be surprised by what Positive Pete Carroll had to say.

  27. Ishmael

    Anyone else loathe this stuff the Seahawks are putting out across socials? Our first pick this year is… Jamaal Adams!!1!

    Something about it is tilting me off the planet. Turning into an absolute joke shop franchise.

    • Denver Hawker

      To be blunt- its outright insulting.

    • Sea Mode

      We knew it was coming, tbh. Already happened with Percy and Graham.

  28. cha

    Just noticed Rob it looks like you topped 2,000 subscribers on youtube. Congrats!

    • Sea Mode


    • Rob Staton


  29. DougM

    91 Kendrick Green
    106 D’Ante Smith
    121 Michael Menet
    132 Dayo Odeyingbo
    133 Shaun Wade
    158 Simi Fehoko
    191 Tamorrion Terry
    197 Tommy Doyle
    204 Chris Evans
    208 Zach Davidson
    217 Ta’Quon Graham
    233 Noah Gray

    8 picks

  30. sonicreducer

    My entry:

    65. Rondale Moore
    65. Josh Myers
    77. Kendrick Green
    77. D’Ante Smith
    77. Shaun Wade
    77. Daviyon Nixon
    129. Israel Mukuamu
    129. Divine Deablo
    129 Bobby Brown
    190. Marquez Stevenson
    190 Tommy Doyle
    250. DJ Daniel

  31. Ryan P

    Well Rob, you have somehow managed to make the lead up to a draft with only 3 picks entertaining. Congrats to you! I’m happy to be a small time Patreon supporter of the site and I’m wishing you the best. Keep building bigger and better. Good stuff.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Ryan

  32. Jedi Mindtrick

    For the 2021 draft competition, the Seattle Sea Hawks will end up with 5 selections after trade-backs and trade-ups with the likes of GB and Carolina:

    #73 OL Quinn Meinerz, UW-Whitewater
    #73 OL Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma
    #73 OL Ben Cleveland, Georgia
    #111 OL Brady Christensen, BYU
    #111 CB Thomas Graham, Oregon
    #135 CB Benjamin St Juste, MN#135 WR Dax Milne, BYU
    #135 WR Cody Jackson, South Dakota St
    #151 WR Dax Milne, BYU
    #151 WR D’Wayne Eskridge, W Michigan
    #151 RB Chuba Hubbard, OK St
    #250 RB Jamar Jefferson, OR St
    #250 QB Shane Buechele, SMU

  33. ElPasoHawk

    My entry
    56 Davis Mills
    56 Landon Dickerson
    56 Rondale Moore
    65 Dwayne Eskridge
    65 D Ante Smith
    65 Michael Carter
    129 Bobby Brown
    129 Dayo Adeyingbo
    129 Jamie Newman
    129 Shawn Wade
    250 Racey McMath
    250 Chris Evans
    Number of picks 5

  34. KD

    This is a completely random thought, but I wanted to share it.

    Why are people chosen as leaders, or team captains in the case of football? Is it because they are excellent in what they do and others want to emulate that person? Is it because others put their faith and trust in a person who they trust?

    Ultimately, I think leadership comes down to one thing, and one thing only: Trust. It is the single most important thing that a leader can have, and the most devastating thing that a leader can lose.

  35. Henry Taylor

    Best of luck all

    62. Jayson Oweh
    70. Kendrick Green
    79. Bobby Brown
    80. Benjamin St Juste
    129. Anthony Schwartz
    129. Jaelon Darden
    129. Cade Johnson
    129. Shaun Wade
    175. Israel Makuamu
    190. Tammarion Terry
    250. Gerrid Doakes
    250. Chris Evans

    5 picks

  36. Sea Mode

    Free hats shipment!

    • cha

      Hideous design.

      Muted colors and obscured team logos.

      No thanks.

  37. Sea Mode

    PFF Draft

    Creed Humphrey (C) across 3 seasons at Oklahoma:
    – 1,297 pass-blocking snaps
    – 28 QB pressures allowed
    – 0 sacks

    • KD

      In other words, he’s not going to be a “reach” at almost any spot outside of the top 10.

    • uptop

      Big 12 offense, I wonder how many of the snaps were under center

  38. Volume12

    How did I not know about USC CB Olaijah Griffin? Holy s**t! That kid can flat out play. High points/plays the ball extremely well, twitchy, good eyes, good open field tackler.

    • McZ

      Had him in my latest mock. Flying under the radar, but rising fast.

    • McZ

      Also, watch Kene Nwangwu, RB, Iowa St.

      • Scot04

        Love his speed. More Prosise type size, than prototype Seahawks RB; but I like him as late round option (possible 6th/7th round) Had him in 2 of my 3 PFN Mocks. If there’s a hole, he’s gone.
        6’1 210lbs. Great speed & special teams guy. Needs some work, pretty good blocker as well.
        likely becomes our RB 4 in year 1 if drafted.

    • Sea Mode

      Pretty small though, no?

  39. McZ

    God, I friggin’ love that #5 and #7 picks. Makes too much sense.

  40. schuemansky

    Sorry for choosing a lot of players you all have on your entries. None will get picked!

    65 Walker Little
    65 D’Ante Smith
    65 Kendrick Green
    65 Bobby Brown
    129 Shaun Wade
    129 Benjamin St-Juste
    129 Chazz Surratt
    129 Shi Smith
    145 Jamie Newman
    145 Olaijah Griffin

  41. GoHawksDani

    This front office just flat out ruins my fandom for the Hawks and for my interest in the NFL.
    Usually I do like hundred of mock drafts, checking rookies, watch highlights, contemplating what can happen in the offseason. This year, I did nothing like that…and tbh I don’t really care who they select. I have zero trust in them that they’re heading in the right direction and counting the minutes until this all blows up and PCJS get driven out of Seattle and a new management blows up the roster and start rebuild

  42. Ryan

    Why do I get the weird feeling that John isn’t terribly excited about the direction Pete has taken this roster?

    Hashtag LetJohnCook

    • Sea Mode


      • Roy Batty

        As long as he doesn’t source them through The Willows Inn.

        • UkAlex6674


          • Rob Staton


            ‘Hey John, here’s millions of dollars’

            ‘Oh… no thanks’

            • Coach

              That was great – made me laugh out loud!


              Go Hawks!

  43. Frank

    The Hawks this week have been a so meh, telling everyone Addams is there first pick and they are thrilled, between Geno and yesterday report making sure we know QB is off the board. You are insanely good at this stuff Rob, and while I feel you are likely right I just don’t get Steelers grabbing a RB round one or Jags for that matter. The QB class is so weird, elite and imperfect to the 7th guy down. I get why Lawrence is number 1, but honestly I don’t see the best things since Andrew Luck. I really like Trey Lance although one of the most projection involved. Mac Jones is so wild trying to project, he’s better than Tua and just an absolutely cerebral assassin but how good is he when not surrounded with overwhelming talent. I’d like to see him end up with Denver in a perfect world. Fields to me seems like at least before the epilepsy, like he was going to be a referendum on what the league things of RW style, and maybe a hint why trade offers for him where underwhelming. Can’t pin if he’s going top 5 or round two, but strongly dislike the fit in New England. Carolina, Denver, and Chicago felt better to me. New England would be a good spot for Monde and potentially could trade down and still get him or Mills. I don’t know, but can’t wait to see how this all shakes out today. Definitely think some good talent at QB slides to round 2.

  44. Sneekes

    67 Josh Myers
    67 Brady Christenson
    75 D’Ante Smith
    109 DJ Daniel
    109 Shaun Wade
    129 Cade Johnson
    129 Adetokunbo Ogundeji 
    144 Kylin Hill
    185 Tommy Doyle
    208 Dan Moore
    250 KJ Britt
    250 John Bates

    6 picks

  45. Siegelhawk

    95 D’Wayne Eskridge
    105 Benjamin St. Juste
    98 Spencer Brown
    129 Isreal Mukuamo
    176 Tommy Doyle
    105 Paulson Adebo
    129 Jaelon Darden
    98 Amari Rodgers
    105 D’Ante Smith
    176 Shi Smith
    105 Brady Christensen
    250 Pooka Williams Jr.

    6 picks

  46. Cysco

    Here’s my draft clue for this year

  47. Mick

    Rob, nice mock, I think you’ll be close at least with the players that get pick in the first 32. The only reason for me to see tomorrow morning who got drafted is to check who’s still on the board. Well, like they said, we got Jamal Adams with our first pick, and they’re also probably counting Taylor as the other second round pick. If at the end of the regular season both of them will gather 10 games on the pitch, I think we can call ourselves happy.

    • Scot04

      Only thing is though; Adams & Taylor cost us two 1sts a 2nd, & two 3rds.
      So you can’t consider Adams our 2021 1st, he’s 3 picks. Taylor can’t be considered a 2nd this year as he was a 2nd & 3rd last year.
      PC comments made 0 sense.

  48. 206

    What do you guys think the chances are that a team trades up with Atlanta to #4?

  49. Spectator

    74 Josh Meyers
    74 Walker Little
    90 Shaun Wade
    90 Dayo Odeyingbo
    129 Shi Smith
    150 Kylin Hill
    150 Joshua Kaindoh
    189 Trevon Grimes
    189 Tamorrion Terry
    228 Buddy Johnson
    250 Dax Milne
    250 Chris Evans

    7 Total picks

  50. BoiseSeahawk

    80 Dwayne Eskridge, WR,
    111 Bobby Brown, DT, Texas A&M
    111 Dayo Odeyingbo, OLB, Vanderbilt
    129 Benjamin St. Juste, CB, Minnesota
    129 Shaun Wade, S, Ohio State
    133 Aaron Banks, OG, Notre Dame
    188 Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia
    188 Alaric Jackson, OT, Iowa
    218 Joshua Kaindoh, EDGE, Florida State
    218 Noah Gray, TE, Duke
    229 Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M
    250 Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

    • BoiseSeahawk

      6 Total Selections

  51. jSo

    56 Walker Little
    56 Quinn Meinerz
    66 Tylan Wallace
    66 D’Ante Smith
    66 Eric Stokes
    75 Kendrick Green
    75 Brady Christensen
    129 Shaun Wade
    129 Israel Mukuamu
    129 Olaijah Griffin
    146 Kylin Hill
    250 Quinton Morris

    5 picks

    • Sea Mode

      Props to him for this and for the question yesterday about the 4 teams leak.

      • cha

        The question about ‘why not just come out and say you’re not trading Russ?’ was good as well.

        PC was so smug. ‘I knew the truth the whole time’. Take your condescension and shove it.

    • Gohawks5151

      Good on Joe. I really don’t know what people were expecting. What person in power has ever willing admitted fault? Why would they walk you through their thought process, the media will just twist it. One thing they both kept talking about was that their process hasn’t changed. The way they handle team disputes (keep it internal, nothing official fight it out in the media?), the way they do contracts (set deadline, set number and stay), hell even the “Jamal is our 1st rd pick” stuff they did with Percy. I played for a very difficult coach before. He was gonna die doing it his way but you always knew what you were getting. They are old reliable for better or worse.

      • Rob Staton

        I didn’t expect a revealing press conference.

        I can live without insulting our intelligence though, silly references to lego, cardboard cutouts, clumsy Aldon Smith answers and other things.

        • cha

          MS Dugar actually asked Pete ‘how did you get so good at press conferences?’ last year.

  52. BobbyK

    Seahawks claiming Jamal Adams is there first round pick this year. I’m actually cool with that.

    But who the $%^$ is their first round pick next year? They better not try the same crap. I’d still like to know who their third round pick is going to be this year, too.

  53. SeattleJoe17

    That press conference was insulting. How stupid do PC & JS think we are? Their main talking point right away was to compare Mark Rodgers leaking the list of four teams to Golden Tate’s maple bar story like it was a big nothing burger. And when Fann called them on it – JS made some snide comment about Fann being like a child playing with Legos. What? No wonder JS has been an absolute failure in the recent drafts his arrogance is appalling.

    • Rob Staton


      It was an appalling press conference

      • Matt

        It confirmed what I think has been the demise over the last 5 years – hubris. They are kind of acting like an untouchable politician – “oh yea…what are you going to do about it?”

        • BobbyK

          Bingo. Sad, but true.

      • GlastoHawk

        Thought Pete and John looked and sounded as flat as pancakes, they know they have made a hash of building the roster, they also know that they are in a strangely safe position due to the holding pattern of the franchise ownership.
        I have always enjoyed listening to Pete, his enthusiasm was always infectious. Thought he would be on my hypothetical list of 4 dinner guests, but would have to be a 1 course meal as couldn’t listen through 3 courses and be none the wiser.

        • Danny P

          Outside of major injuries, I’d be legit surprised if the Hawks dont win the division again this year. Rams lost 7 players that dont have direct backups with parallel or better projected talent. Stafford isnt enough to overcome that.

          Hawks lost Griffin and Reed. That’s not good, but I dont see their roster as being inferior to last years. Irvin and Mayowa were the starting DEs going into week 1.

          • Rob Staton

            The Rams hammered the Seahawks in the playoffs with a one-armed Jared Goff

            • Denver Hawker

              And Donald with a rib injury and a season low snap count of 30

              • BobbyK

                Yes. Rams DL dominated Seahawks with Donald on the bench. Pretty damning when one team dominates the LOS on both sides.

  54. Alex

    Really like reading all the draft stuff, best place I’ve seen for seahawks draft options and appreciate the effort, even in a year with few picks it’s always entertaining. I do think everyone in general is overreacting to the PC, most people here obviously think otherwise but I wasn’t expecting any different from PCJS. I think overall theyre well positioned, but at the very least the next few days will bring entertainment…

    • BigSmooth13

      Yeah, I’m not sure what the pitchfork crowd would expect them to say?

  55. Matt

    Unfortunately – I find myself wanting to see a failure of a season so that we can move on from PC, JS, and RW. I’ve just lost all faith in that trio and maybe more importantly – my interest in this team is waning because it’s kind of turned into a “how dare you question our genius” on everything, with this trio.

    This organization used to be cutting edge, in your face, fun, etc. Now it’s just boring, passive aggressive, and condescending.

    Anybody else feeling burnout with this team? It’s like you enjoy running…but you can only run on a treadmill so much. A lot of moving and not making any actual progress.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Do you not remember the 90’s?! I get that we all want them to be Super Bowl contenders, and we rightly have high expectations… But lets also appreciate what we have a bit, no?

      • cha

        I remember.

        And I don’t ever recall thinking ‘boy I wish we could have a superstar quarterback, two generational talents at wide receiver, a future HOF middle linebacker, and could get unceremoniously dumped out of the playoffs in the first round by a team patching QBs together like Dr Frankenstein, then get smugly told by our coach that everything is fine’

      • Matt

        I’ll be completely honest here – I genuinely despise these types of responses; so I will try to be as diplomatic as possible in response.

        I’m thankful for PC/JS and what they brought to this organization. The Super Bowl, which I was able to go to, was an amazing moment and memory. I can appreciate the past while being concerned/perturbed with the present. A good deed done in the past doesn’t give a free pass to bad deeds in the present, especially when it’s not a one off situation.

        The analogy I’m going to give is that they are tantamount to a Financial Advisor who helped make you rich but for the last several years has taken your fortune and started pissing it away. It’s awesome that they helped make you rich, but it doesn’t justify burning your money now.

        Conviction has turned into stubbornness. Expertise has turned into stagnant hubris. They remind me of coworkers who have pushed the “retire” button and are merely buying their time. Doesn’t mean they were not great employees in the past, but at present – they are just mailing it in and anybody asking them why they are mailing it in is met with a “how dare you question me” type of response.

        Ultimately, I’m not, nor will I ever compare a current team/coach/player to a previous generation. Of course – the current situation is better than the 90s, but it makes more sense to compare this team to other Pete Carroll teams. And everything that made them great at team building has been tossed to the side in favor of managed decline. That’s all I’m seeing – the same thing we predict, over and over comes to fruition.

        I don’t expect them to win the Super Bowl every year. I don’t expect them to get to the Super Bowl every year. What I expect is them to learn/adapt to build a margin of error that gives them the best chance of reaching a Super Bowl. I don’t see it and haven’t seen it for years. The only time PC has been willing to adapt is in defense of a terrible trade for a blitzing strong safety.

        For me – stumbling into the playoffs with no real chance of advancing is fine during transition years, but unfortunately it has become the norm. So yes, I appreciate what Pete did while despising what he’s currently doing.

        • pdway

          I’m somewhere in between. I know RW gets (and deserves) a lot of the credit for us being north of .500 every year, but I’ve seen plenty of good QB-led teams flounder, and I enjoy us, for the most part, being a relevant part of the NFL conversation for the past 10 years. I do 100% agree that their past success should not immunize them from any criticisms.

          I also think your financial advisor strategy is not a bad one, but I’d modify it to:

          Your Financial Advisor brought you a 40% return in 2014, and since then, it’s been 6-8% per year, so it’s still a lot better than losing money, but they really missed out on some big stocks too…

          • Matt

            I only disagree with the latter analogy. And I’ll amend mine to “they broke even.” Even 6-8% is a gain and I feel confident in saying this team has not actually become closer to a SB contender for quite awhile.

            • pdway

              yeah – I hear you – in many ways it does come down to how fast that super bowl D dissipated, via age, free agency, freak injury . .. and we just never came close to replacing that talent level.

        • DC

          Managed decline. Best description of the current state of the Hawks I’ve seen yet.

          • Matt

            I sincerely can’t think of another description. It’s like watching a business with a product that nobody really wants anymore and what they are doing is saying, “what if we paint it red?”

            Cool…maybe you need to alter the product in a substantive way or create a new one?

        • HawkfaninMT

          The part I take issue with is “wanting them to fail so we can move”…

          to continue with your analogy, would you want your financial advisor to continue to fail? It seems as though you are a fan of the Seahawks, but not the leaders of the organization. If you are going to be “wanting to see things’ why don’t you hope for a change in ideology, or a move to something positive? Wouldn’t you hope that your financial advisor sees he has made some mistakes and change course rather than lead you to bankruptcy? Even if he is not going to announce to the press that he has been making mistakes.

          And I want to be clear… “wanting a team to fail” is not the same as being critical of decisions. I think it’s been made very clear on this forum that being critical of PC/JS is accepted, and should be expected, given the high expectations we have as fans of the Seahawks. Im all for PC/JS answering for last years wasetful spending, and the apparent lack of future vision on the Adams trade, amongst other questionable calls.

          Wanting a failure of a season in hopes the head of the team is cut off only to watch them be gutted and attempt to rebuild for potentially the next XX years is not something I am wanting

          • Matt

            I can voluntarily move on from a Financial Advisor – that’s where the analogy ends in this case.

            Of course I’m being hyperbolic about wanting them to fail, but to justify what I said – it’s the only way changes are made in professional sports. We have an agnostic ownership group that has shown that status quo is perfectly fine – meaning, there will be no changes until drastic things happen; like a terrible season (which won’t happen).

            You’re not wrong with “wanting them to fail” being different than simply being critical. Here’s the caveat – we’ve been critical for half of a decade. All we’ve seen is doubling down from a stubborn old coach. At some point – I want to see tangible changes; and that hasn’t happened.

            This team will absolutely limp into the playoffs this coming season and I’m bracing for another “look how close they were – just give it another year” conversation that as enveloped the off-season discourse for the better part of 5 years.

            Bottom line in sports – you’re getting closer to winning or you’re not. There’s no real gray area. And their propensity is to double-down on their beliefs, which as I mentioned, has evolved from “conviction” to “being stubborn.” I went through this as a Mariners fan for 15+ years until a GM had the courage to say, “this isn’t working – we are taking this down to the foundation.” The result – an organization on the uptrend that is exciting and ultimately can be seen to be competitive for a world series in the near future.

            That is diametrically opposed to what the Seahawks have done since losing their last SB.

            Cheers dude – I really hope I didn’t come across as being personal with you (not my intention).

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve just lost all enthusiasm really.

      They’ve become boring and predictable. All of the old hope and excitement with this team has gone IMO

      • no frickin clue

        I wouldn’t say I’ve lost *all* enthusiasm, but it’s certainly been eroded.

        The Hawks under Pete Carroll were a shiny new speedboat in 2011-2014. But we left it in the water a bit too long and didn’t do enough maintenance, and now there are spots of rust under the waterline. And instead of taking it out of the water for a bit to restore the hull to its former brilliance, we went out and bought a fancy GPS and weather radar system. It looks great and we show it off to our friends whenever we can, but the rust spots keep growing. And when friends point out the rust spots, we just smile and say “but look at the computerized course plotting I can do now! Couldn’t do that before!”

      • mister bunny


        I’m pretty excited for a number of reasons:
        Bringing back Dunlop, adding Kerry Hyder, the really encouraging development of Alton Robinson, and the potential of Taylor (if he can get his head around how his leg feels). I’m excited to see the line get some pressure on opposing QBs with those guys. Plus, LJ Collier took real steps forward last year, can he do it again this year while playing more inside? If so, he could be a force.

        I’m excited to see what adjustments to defensive scheme they will make to bring balance to their approach. The unit was playing at a pretty high level for most of the second half of the season, so there is plenty of potential there to play well for the whole season.

        Shane Waldron’s offensive reboot is a huge area of interest for me — it will be intriguing to see what kind of blocking scheme he uses and if he can bring more pace to the offense. I’m really glad that Gabe Jackson shores up the line, and Everett adds a weapon to the TE position, and what can DK Metcalf become this year–he could be a *monster.*

        Even with only three current picks I think how John Schneider runs this draft (and UDFA) will be fascinating with an increased level of difficulty.

        Taken altogether, there’s not much boring and predictable from my perspective.

        And the people on this thread getting all bent out of shape because Pete & John are spinning things positive and the team sends out a tweet about Adams as the 1st round pick? C’mon, that’s their job. The tweet isn’t meant for people who read this blog, it’s meant for casual fans who don’t follow draft picks until the day of and wonder, “Who will Seattle take in the first round? Oh, yeah, they traded for Jamal.” That’s it. No need to feel personally offended by a silly tweet.

        • Matt

          I’m not going to be the guy to rain on your parade. I appreciate and admire your outlook with the team and very much hope you are right.

          I’m just in the same boat as Rob – little to no enthusiasm. Watching this team was not optional for the first 5 years of PC…since then it’s like, “if I have nothing else to do, I’ll tune in.”

  56. Moe

    28 Jamal Adams
    56 Baron Browning
    84 Jamal Adams
    129 Divine Deablo
    140 Gabe Jackson
    168 KJ Britt
    250 Carlos Dunlap II

    7 picks (SMTM)

  57. Jordan

    If things go a little crazy this evening and you’ve got the disposable money to risk it:

    Odds on 3rd overall pick with decent payouts:

    Wilson +5000
    Fields +450

  58. pdway

    you see that Niners/Aaron Rodgers rumor?

    ballsy win-now move if true….

  59. cha

    Seahawks PR
    signed DT Robert Nkemdiche this morning. #GoHawks

    • Magmatizer

      We now have 2 first rounders for this year!

    • Mick

      Not the kind of move that would make me jump from my chair, hasn’t played in a long while.

    • pdway

      are we all pretty much assuming Aldon isn’t happening, I guess?

      • CaptainJack

        Has nothing to do with Smith. More with attempting to replace Reed, and they probably won’t draft defensive tackle at all.

    • Rob Staton

      What a waste of time

    • TomLPDX

      He’s our 1st round bust for 2021! Oh boy…

      • DC

        PC/JS back to collecting busted 1st round pics again. Who else from that same draft can we get? LOL Remember we had 3 from the 2013 draft?

        • TomLPDX

          I think the entire 2013 draft class was a collective bust

  60. Burner

    Robert Nkemdiche just signed, who said we wouldn’t get a 1st rounder today?

    • Matt

      Haha oh God…you just know PC won’t be able to help himself.

      “Oh yea…well we got the #1 HS Recruit and a 1st Rounder today.”

  61. Ashish

    Normally I’m super excited on draft day, assuming most likely will trade down. What a disappointment. Guess what hey we are going to draft Adams .. if you are not happy next year we will do the same..
    Rob, you are really passionate guy to do all this research when your fav team has no picks. Infact during pandemic you have released more article than before. Hats off.

    • Rob Staton


  62. CaptainJack

    I wish we had resigned Jonathan Bullard instead of resigning Nkemdiche.

  63. CaptainJack

    They niners messed up bad trading up. No Rodgers, can’t move Jimmy, now they are stuck with mediocrity.

    • CaptainJack

      Oh yeah, and their defense mastermind is gone.

  64. Rob4q

    Haha! Sometimes it’s good to laugh!

    • Rob4q

      The Niners eating a burger from Five Guys because, you know, they really like 5 guys!!! Too funny!

    • Sea Mode

      Lol, have you seen my scar?

  65. Martinb

    Rob and others… on with your lack of enthusiasm around this team. I’m a draft nerd and actually have taken this week off leading up to the draft for years. Studying mock drafts, running simulators, pouring over Rob’s notes, etc. This year? I have the week off and don’t know what to do with my time! So frustrating to watch and listen to our “elite” head coach/emperor drain this team of it’s resources and excitement. There’s no buzz around this team. No enthusiasm except for the contrived cheering from Pete. He truly has zapped my interest in this team. Hopefully in a few years, he truly will move on.

    • Rob Staton

      I feel the same Martin

  66. Qoolio

    As I was making my list, I wondered if there was any player on the board (within reason for the pick location) that would make PCJS use #56 instead of trading back from it.

    Based on yesterday’s conference, I’m drawing a blank.

    100. Kendrick Green
    100. Divine Deablo
    100. Ihmir Smith-Marsette
    120. Dayo Odeyingbo
    120. Shi Smith
    120. Drew Dalman
    150. Kylin Hill
    150. Israel Mukuamu
    220. Chris Evans
    220. Nahshon Wright

    • Qoolio

      Oh, and I’ll guess 6 picks.

      • Qoolio

        Not sure why I couldn’t count to 12…

        Full list. Prediction-6 picks (3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7)

        100. Kendrick Green
        100. Divine Deablo
        100. Ihmir Smith-Marsette
        100. Brady Christensen
        120. Dayo Odeyingbo
        120. Shi Smith
        120. Drew Dalman
        150. Kylin Hill
        150. Israel Mukuamu
        200. KJ Britt
        220. Chris Evans
        220. Nahshon Wright

        • DC

          Counting to 12 requires fingers AND toes. Not easy.

  67. Robbie

    56 Walker Little
    58 Ronnie Perkins
    71 Amon-Ra St. Brown
    71 Dwami Brown
    110 Kendrick Green
    110 D’ante Smith
    114 Dayo Odeyingbo
    114 Bobby Brown
    129 Shaun Wade
    188 Kylin Hill
    250 Chris Evans
    250 Wyatt Hubert

    8 Picks

  68. The0ther

    Here’s my submission:

    D’Wayne Eskridge WR (94)
    Tylan Wallace WR (95)
    Kendrick Green C (104)
    D’Ante Smith T (109)
    Brady Christensen C (117)
    Marquez Stevenson WR (118)
    Shaun Wade CB/S (139)
    Divine Dealbo S (140)
    Landon Young T (175)
    Dan Moore T (195)
    Israel Mukuamu CB (210)
    Chris Evans RB (250)

    8 picks.

  69. JimQ

    My submission for the SDB draft contest. 4/29/2021.

    75— D’Wayne Eskridge, WR(slot), Western Michigan
    100- D’Ante Smith, OT, East Carolina
    105- Kendrick Green, OG/OC, Illinois
    115- Milton Williams, DL, Louisiana Tech
    140- Shaun Wade, CB/S, Ohio State
    168- Janarius Robinson, LB/EDGE/LEO?, Florida State
    182- Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M
    204- Marquez Stevenson, WR/KR, Houston
    206- Jacob Harris, WR/TE, UCF.
    232- Avery Williams, CB(slot)/PR/KR, BYU
    244- Zack Davidson, TE/WR, Central Missouri
    256- Tyler Coyle, SS/FS, Perdue/U-Conn
    ——- Tie Breaker = *8* Seahawk picks – total. (I predict 5 picks on day 3 & 3 on day 1 & 2.)

  70. CWagner

    Well here goes my shot in the dark…

    68. CB Tay Gowain
    68. CB Ifeatu Melifonwu
    75. C Robery Hainsey
    112. Edge Patrick Johnson
    112. WR Ihmir Smith-Marsette
    129. OT James Hudson
    129. RB Trey Sermon
    151. CB Israel Mukuamu
    155. WR KJ Stephen
    155. RB Demetric Felton
    250. DT Darius Stills
    250. OT William Sherman

    6 picks

  71. Lukas

    66 Quinn Meinerz, C, UW Whitewater
    66 Dyami Brown, WR, North Carolina
    79 Kendrick Green, G, Illinois
    79 Tamorrion Terry, WR, Florida State
    121 Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Minnesota
    121 Israel Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina
    129 D´Ante Smith, T, East Carolina
    129 Jaylen Mayfield, T, Michigan
    146 Jay Tufele, DT, USC
    146 Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M
    200 Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi
    200 Khyiris Tonga, DT, BYU

    6 Picks total

  72. Sea Mode

    80. Michael Carter
    80. Brady Christenson
    80. Quinn Meinerz
    80. Creed Humphrey
    80. Josh Myers
    80. Kendrick Green
    80. Tylan Wallace
    80. D’Wayne Eskridge
    130. D’Ante Smith
    130. Amari Rodgers
    252. Gerrid Doaks
    252. Chris Evans

    5 picks

  73. WallaSean

    I Hope Pete and John like a few of these guys!

    56 Quinn Meinerz
    70 Joseph Assai
    70 Ben Cleveland
    70 Divine Deablo
    70 D’Ante Smith
    110 Anthony Schwartz
    110 Buddy Johnson
    110 Kenderick Green
    129 Kylin Hill
    129 Ihmir Smith-Marsette
    169 Tammorion Terry
    250 Racey Mcmath

    • WallaSean

      6 picks

  74. Coach

    Ok, here we go! Thanks for all your great work leading up to the draft Rob – always one of my favorite times of year!

    Round 3, Pick No. 70: Creed Humphrey C
    Round 3, Pick No. 70: Quinn Meinerz, C, UW Whitewater
    Round 3, Pick No. 70: North Dakota State OT/G Dillon Radunz
    Round 4, Pick No. 129: Stanford CB Paulson Adebo
    Round 4, Pick No. 129: Georgia CB Tyson Campbell
    Round 4, Pick No. 129: Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Minnesota
    Round 4 Pick No 129: OL Brady Christensen, BYU
    Round 4 Pick No 129: OL Walker Little Stanford
    Round 4, Pick No. 129 D’Wayne Eskridge WR
    Round 4, Pick No. 129 Jaleon Darden WR
    Round 7, Pick No. 250:: DT Graham Texas
    Round 7, Pick No. 250:: DT Mustafa Colorado

    I think the Seahawks will have 5 picks!

    Go Hawks!

  75. Rob4q

    48. Quinn Meinerz
    64. Robert Rochell
    64. D’Wayne Eskridge
    77. Kendrick Green
    77. D’Ante Smith
    97. Robert Hainsey
    97. Cade Johnson
    129. Janarius Robinson
    129. Derrick Barnes
    167. Ta’Quon Graham
    205. Brenden Jaimes
    250. Caleb Huntley

    6 total picks

  76. Duceyq

    56-Rashod Bateman, Minn
    56-Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss
    63-Quinn Meinerz, IOL, Wisconsin-Whitewater
    76-Ambry Thomas, CB- Mich
    86-Paulson Adebo, CB- Stan
    97-Patrick Jones, DE- Pitt
    123-Daniel Faalele, LT- Minn
    134-David Moore, C/OG-Grambling
    145-Jaelon Darden, WR-North Texas

  77. AlaskaSouth

    56 Quinn Meinerz
    70 Joseph Assai
    70 Ben Cleveland
    70 D’Ante Smith
    110 Anthony Schwartz
    110 Buddy Johnson
    110 Kendrick Green
    129 Kylin Hill
    169 Tammorion Terry
    169 Israel Mukuamu
    250 Racey Mcmath
    250 Noah Grey

    • AlaskaSouth

      6 total picks

  78. Jace

    64. Quinn Meinerz
    64. Dillon Radunz
    69. Ben Cleveland
    72. Bobby Brown
    72. Dwayne Eskeridge
    104. Cade Johnson
    104. Shaun Wade
    129 Israel Mukuamu
    129. Amari Rodgers
    129. Trey Sermon
    204- Dazz Newsome
    250- KJ Britt

    5 picks

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