Live stream (4:45pm PST): Seahawks draft preview

Rob Staton & Robbie Williams discuss the upcoming NFL draft and debate what the Seahawks might do. Plus we run through a mock draft simulation…


  1. Tomas

    Rob’s “Team wish I still had my hair” remark nearly caused a beer spillage in here in Spokane. Very enjoyable live vid, thanks, gentlemen.

  2. Tomas

    I’ve fired my proof-reader.

  3. Tomas

    I heartily concur with getting a center with the first pick. However, I feel the Hawks will go defense first. Hope I’m wrong.

    • BobbyK

      Seahawks almost HAVE to go offense with pick 56. After all, they used their 1st rounder and 3rd rounder THIS year on defense AND their 1st rounder next year on defense.

      That means they’ll either go Center or WR3, imo.

    • Steve Nelsen

      There will almost certainly be a really good center prospect available at 56. And there will be some really nice guards available too if they are thinking of moving Damien Lewis inside. There are several OTs that would add some immediate depth. I personally love trench picks and Seattle usually adds both OL and DL every year. But, with the trade for Gabe and all the FA defensive linemen and only having 3 picks…some trends will have to be broken.

      The draft is deep at WR and you would think Seattle will almost certainly add one. I would not be surprised if someone with a 2nd round grade is available in Round 4.

      But I think that LB is the position where they are most likely to find a rookie starter. Rob identified several that fit Seattle’s physical profile and should be there in Round 2.

  4. Scot04

    Rob you mentioned in podcast not alot of long armed Tackles.
    Have you watched Larnel Coleman from UMass.
    Raw Tackle project, but alot to work with overall.
    Was thinking he could be a late round developmental tackle for the Seahawks.
    Played both left and right tackle.
    35.5-inch arm length. Longest at Senior Bowl.
    The 6-foot-6, 300+ pounds, 5.1-5.2 40-yard dash, bench 24 reps, 31-inch vertical, & 113 inch broad jump. @ Pro Day.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t, sorry

  5. cha



    I figured out a way to ‘hack’ the simulator to get Miami’s 36 and 50 for Jamal Adams.

    If you want to torture yourself, that is.

    Sign in as Pittsburgh, and when the draft starts offer Miami:

    24, 87, 140, 216, 254 and their first round pick in 2022 for Miami’s 36 and 50. The simulator will obviously accept because it is lopsided

    So Pittsburgh’s native picks left are incredibly close to the Seahawks’

    55 (Seahawks 56)
    128 (Seahawks 129)
    245 (Seahawks 250)

    And they gain 36 and 50 from Adams and are able to trade down.

    The Haul

    46. Javonte Williams RB North Carolina
    50. Quinn Meinerz OC Wisconsin-Whitewater
    55. Daviyon Nixon DT Iowa
    103. D’Ante Smith OT East Carolina
    128. Dayo Odeyingbo EDGE Vanderbilt
    164. Israel Mukuamu S South Carolina
    204. Noah Gray TE Duke
    208. Chris Evans RB Michigan
    245. Racey McMath WR LSU

    If only….

    • Denver Hawker

      Hard to argue Adams plus nobodies makes a better roster than these picks.

      • Dave1401

        And that doesn’t even take account of the 16-18m in cap savings. I like Jamal Adams but I hate that trade so much. We’ve handicapped ourselves for the sake of a safety who can’t cover

        • bmseattle

          Even if we’d traded that haul for prime era Earl Thomas, it would have been too much compensation.
          But at least then, we’d feel good about the player’s fit and likely production going forward.

          The main problem with Adams is that his best asset (blitzing), isn’t something that we’d ideally be using him for very often.
          So let’s imagine our entire defense is actually performing well… we are getting a good rush with the front four, and we are mainly utilizing Adams as we would any SS in Pete’s scheme.
          What do we have?
          An $18 dollar SS, who we traded two firsts and a third for, who is fitting in to Pete’s defense just fine.

    • Sea Mode


    • MorePicks

      This was the insane haul I got using you hack of PFN mock draft:

      48.Quinn Meinerz
      OC Wisconsin-Whitewater

      51.Dyami Brown
      WR North Carolina

      72.Kellen Mond
      QB Texas A&M

      79.Ben Cleveland
      OG Georgia

      132.Divine Deablo
      S Virginia Tech

      137.Benjamin St-Juste
      CB Minnesota

      141.Shaun Wade
      S Ohio State

      176.Darius Stills
      DT West Virginia

      2022 WAS 3rd
      2022 JAX 3rd

      • BoiseSeahawk

        flawless victory.

        • BoiseSeahawk

          except you need a RB, add Chris Evans out of Michigan late.

    • Denver Hawker

      How about a hack mock if we didn’t make the original trade at all? Absolute torture.

      • MorePicks

        Did just that. Used the Steelers and traded 24, 140, 216, 254 and PIT 2022 2th rounder with the Jets for our old 23rd pick.

        • MorePicks

          Without any aditional trades, this could be our native draft if we did not trade with the Jets:

          23.Rashod Bateman
          WR Minnesota

          55.Javonte Williams
          RB North Carolina

          87.Drew Dalman
          OC Stanford

          128.Shaun Wade
          S Ohio State

          254.John Bates
          TE Boise State

    • JamesP

      Nice! But you can actually achieve the real thing by signing in as Miami, and then trading your entire 2021 draft except 36 and 50 to the Seahawks, for their entire draft. Computer accepts it because it strongly favours the Seahawks and you’re left with 36, 50, 56, 129 and 250.

  6. BoiseSeahawk

    Traded pick 56 to LAR for 57 and 141.
    Traded pick 57 to CAR for 73 and 151.
    Traded pick 73 to NYJ for 86 and 154.
    Traded pick 86 to LAC for 97 and 198.
    Traded pick 97 to WFT for 105 and 246.

    105. Ben Cleveland, OG Georgia
    129. Dayo Odeyingbo, EDGE Vandy
    141. Demetric Felton, WR UCLA
    151. Ben St. Juste, CB Minnesota

    Traded pick 154 to TNT for 166 and 232.
    Traded pick 166 and 246 to HOU for 195, 203 and 212.

    195. Joshua Kaindoh, DE FSU
    198. Israel Mukuamu, CB South Carolina
    203. Buddy Johnson, LB Texas A&M
    212. Noah Gray, TE Duke
    232. Chris Evans, RB Michigan

    Near misses on: Dwayne Eskridge, Shaun Wade.

  7. DC

    Hey Rob I sent you an email about the SDB Mock Draft Competition. Not sure if it made it to you or not.

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry DC, I will post it today

  8. Jordan E

    Love that 2nd mock! I think Hawks need to be careful not to just trade back for the sake of it. If there guy is on there or guy is really falling and they want him they have to do it (i.e., DK metcalf). Success rate is much lower for several of these later round picks. If there guy is there early they have to get it. It may be worth sacrificing a 3rd -5th next year

  9. swedenhawk

    Incredible drafting, guys! Particularly the trade down as many times as possible scenario. Also glad to see you’ve come around on Josh Kaindoh as a late round option. Would be terrific if he became a Seahawk.

  10. Volume12

    I don’t know what they’re gonna do. Honest to god. Part of me thinks they help RW out. Selfishly I want them to go corner. And my gut says if 1 of those LBs get in range they won’t b able to help themselves

    • Volume12

      Like that Auburn kid, Sherwood, a LOT late on day 3. Auburn used him a bunch of different ways. Sub package guy, great STs, versatile, physical.

    • Sea Mode

      Another LB, another TE…


      I have no clue either, though signing Witherspoon and Desir tells me they might not be looking to add a corner, especially not early.

      I think right now WR is likely. They can talk up Freddie Swain áll they want, but are they really gonna bank on him to add a big threat to the offense? They had him last year too and we’re still desperately looking for a Dorsett, Gordon, AB to bring in.

      Something on the OL at some point seems likely, and if a talented 3 tech to replace Reed is staring them in the face, I think they will be very tempted.

  11. UkAlex6674

    It’s only been since I found this blog that I started paying more attention to the draft as a whole. Now, some 5 years later, I’m at the stage where – despite the few picks we have – my excitement level is through the roof, not just for the Hawks picks, but for the whole process. The draft content on here is superb. Thanks Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  12. Mick

    Rob, you forgot to get a LB in both simulations, why get a second DT or a second WR instead? I was also wondering what to do if we have a good C or Javonte, I understand the reasoning for trading down but perhaps we shouldn’t and just go for one. That would be a tough choice.

    • uptop

      If there is a good player there and you trust your evaluations, you got for it every time. I’d take an impact starter over day 3 picks any day, so many great or above average players are taken day 2. I would not be dissapointed if they don’t trade from 56. The whole “get back in the draft” idea was getting impact picks (round 1,2,3), not trade down and get an extra 5th at best.

      • Volume12

        The beauty of picking at the back end of round 2? Ya dont have to reach to fill a position.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t forget, it’s never just a box ticking exercise for positions. And I expect KJ back

      • Mick

        OK, if you count with KJ, sure we don’t need a linebacker.

        • Rob Staton

          Even if it’s not him though it could be someone else

          You’re spending a fortune on the position. It doesn’t need to be a big deal

          • Mick

            I don’t know if you can get any cheaper than a draft pick in the 200s, unless you use the players you already have. I’d rather get a LB than a punt returner. Perhaps even go a bit higher, in your first draft mock where we have 10 picks and two in the range 180-200, if Buddy Johnson is there. But OK, it’s a personal opinion.

            • Rob Staton

              But who are you getting???

              You’re not taking a LB just to say, ‘we’ve ticked that box’

              • Mick

                Johnson, Hilliard, KJ Britt are all in that range and would look better at LB than Cody Barton and BBK.

                • Rob Staton

                  They won’t be in that range

                  This is a weird thing to get caught up on TBH

                  And as I’ve said before, the point of the draft is not just to tick off positional needs

  13. L80

    Dealing with all the defensive lines in the NFCW at least twice a year, it makes perfect sense to draft a Center.

    So, they will draft a Safety.

  14. Trevor

    Rob thanks for making this past NFL season and now draft time at least bearable. I have never been less interested in the NFL and Hawks over my almost 40 years as a fan given the state of the NFL, league policies, and direction of the team but the work you do keeps me engaged and I really appreciate that.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Trevor

  15. Sea Mode

    Bucs re-sign AB

    Tom Pelissero

    Antonio Brown’s one-year deal with the #Bucs is worth up to $6.25 million with $3.1M fully guaranteed, including a $2M signing bonus, per his agent @ed_waz of @EMGSportsAgents.

    A nice payday for the seven-time Pro Bowl WR — and a chance to help Tampa Bay go for two.

    • Mick

      So glad he’s not joining Seattle.

      • Poli

        You must’ve hating getting Aldon Smith too.

  16. Sea Mode

    Field Yates

    The @Buccaneers will bring back in 2021:
    ▫️All 22 Super Bowl starters (only team in the salary cap era to ever do that)
    ▫️Their top 16 snap-count leaders on offense
    ▫️Their top 21 snap-count leaders on defense
    ▫️All coordinators

    Unprecedented continuity after a Super Bowl W.

    • Roy Batty

      I fear the injury bug will catch up with them this year.

  17. Hojo

    What do you guys think of the following move if Mond is there at 52?

    Hawks trade Russ Wilson for CHI Rd 2, Rd 3 picks in 2021 and their Rd 1 picks in 22, 23, 24.

    Hawks take Mond to compete with Geno in 21 and take over in 22.

    • Hughz

      No. The first round picks won’t likely be in the top 15 and there’s no telling how good or bad mond will be. I don’t think it’s worth the risk as long as the relationship with Russ is on the mend. I know it’s been rocky but I think we need to stick with him for another year.

    • drrew76

      If the plan was to go with a Geno/Mond combination at quarterback for 2021, you don’t make most of the moves they made this offseason. That’s bottom 5 for league quarterback play next season, maybe lower, and you’re then handing the Jets a top 10 pick in 2022.

    • cha

      I don’t think Kellen Mond slipping to the mid second round is reason enough to wrench the whole franchise onto a new course.

    • Mick

      I wouldn’t trade Russ for a bunch of picks that include #2 this year, and not very sure about #1, so no, Mond wouldn’t convince me to let Russ walk.

  18. cha

    “Really the only thing that was quirky for me was my agent called me … it was probably like a minute before the Niners called me,” Kittle said to FanSided’s Matt Verderame on the “Stacking the Box” podcast. “My agent says, ‘Hey, the Seahawks called me, they said they’re trading up to get you.’

    “And then literally I’m on the phone with him, my agent, he’s on my dad’s phone, and then I get a call from the Bay Area … and the next thing I know I’m talking to John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan saying that they’re drafting me and they’re excited to work with me.”

    • Denver Hawker

      The coulda-shouldas are starting to stack up.

      • Roy Batty

        I don’t do that, since it leads to an empty tub of ice cream and a package of double stuff Oreos.

        I don’t drink, so it comes down to comforting calories for me.

        • Denver Hawker

          Ha! There’s always going to be one here or there, and made up for at times by a steal on our end like a DK Metcalf. But I don’t like that the frequency is increasing to the negative.

    • drrew76

      That was the year Seattle got docked a 5th round pick for some BS practice violations.

    • Rob4q

      Man, that 2017 draft was so hit & miss…I mean there were so many opportunities to get quality players and it just appears they over thought it! Yes we got Ethan Pocic, Shaq Griffen, Chris Carson, & David Moore so there were some hits. But when you look at the misses, wow! Obviously the Malik McDowell pick hurt us, but a lot of teams whiffed on their picks in this draft too.

      I think the toughest ones from 2017 when we look back are:

      Taking Pocic at 2/58 when Taylor Moton was drafted 2/64

      Delano Hill at 3/95, Naz Jones 3/102, Amara Darboh 3/106, & Tedric Thompson at 4/111 when Kenny Golladay goes 3/96, Eddie Jackson 4/112, Carl Lawson 4/116 & George Kittle 5/2…UGH!

      I know it’s easy to look back and wonder why it happened like that, and hindshight is 20/20 and all, but man…Imagine what could have been!

      • Rob4q

        Sorry, Kittle should have been 5/146 above…

    • Matt

      Seahawks FO is elite at leaking stories of them “almost” drafting a superstar – they just had bad luck being so bad at drafting.

  19. Coach

    I’ve done the simulator a few times and every time Green Bay is willing to trade up from 62 and we pick up 62 and 142. I’m hoping we do that and then draft our new starting center at 62 and have Pocic be our starter quality interior line back up. My question for the board is who is the best center to choose if these 3 are available (which many times they have been at 62 on the simulator):

    Dickerson Alabama
    Humphrey OU
    Quinn Meinerz OC Wisconsin-Whitewater

    Thanks for your time – I want to see who to root for when we are on the clock for our first pick!

    God Hawks!!

    • Jordan

      Good thoughts ..hmm I’m not sure Meinerz or Humphrey will still be available; and if Dickerson is then the injury concerns may be significant. Though I do like Kendrick Green, who can play anywhere in the interior.

      Projecting ahead, with no immediate pressing need in the starting 22 for the 2021 season, I’d be leaning OT of the future in that range. Brown, Little, Smith, Christensen, Hudson could be options.

      • Ashish

        I would take Center first as that is a need for us, if new guy is very good Pocic can be cut/trade or can be backup for this year. OT is equally important but not more than Adams (ahhh…)

        • Jordan

          I’m just not sure if anyone taken at 56 or later is cracking this starting lineup as a rookie in 2021. An upgrade over Pocic is a need, but not a pressing need for 2021. I’m not sure Pocic or an upgrade at that spot swings you from 12 wins and the division crown in one way or the other.

          Thinking ahead, it’s why I lean towards OT of the future if the opportunity presents itself, even if they don’t start as a rookie. Because issues on the edges of the oline can swing results.

  20. JimQ

    I have to think that -IF- the Seahawks -don’t- do a lot of trade downs for picks, they will hit the UDFA market with the strategy that basically tells potential UDFA’s – “Hey, we didn’t have any high draft picks this year so your chances of making the team if you sign as an UDFA with us is really enhanced”. If they are able to sign 10-12 UDFA’s, chances are they’ll hit pay dirt on a few during this covid-19 impacted mess.

    If they do trade down multiply, However, I’d hope they would end up with 7-9 picks total which may be enough to actually fill some holes with a few viable options as has been shown in this podcast. PC/JS and their scouting department better be up for this challenge or next year – heads could roll.

  21. Volume12

    Watched that Bobby Brown kid last night and even though he’s probably a 1-tech through & through? Whoa! Raw power & strength. Not even 21 years old yet. The production jumped a bunch this against the SEC. Manhandled Landon Dickerson against Bama.

    He’ll only turned pro because his mom’s health is failing and he wants to help her out.

    Will he go hard 💯 of the time?

    • Sea Mode

      That last line is my question. I liked the push he gets collapsing the pocket, but the effort in pursuit… maybe I’m just asking too much for a big man.

      • Volume12

        The effort in pursuit was there. He’s just not the most explosive guy and doesnt have great COD. Impacts his long speed. Really no dancing bears this year at DT.

        Big fan of Darius Stills. Just doesn’t have the physical profile Seattle typically likes. Think he’s gonna b a good 1.

        • Volume12

          Onwuzurike is interesting too if he falls a bit

  22. RWIII

    I like the idea of taking Ben Cleveland. I know he is a guard. Which is fine. Damien Lewis proved that he could play center in a pinch. So you could move him to center.

    Assuming that the Hawks will not do that. The Hawks need to find an offensive tackle in this draft.

    To me the top four priorities are offensive tackle, center, cornerback and wide receiver. I keep thinking about how Green Bay defeated the Rams. The Packers ran the football UP-THE-GUT against the Ram defense. The Packers also used quick throws to negate the Rams pass rush. After Green Bay had softened up that Ram defense then they hit them with more intermediate pass plays.

    Also now that the league is going to 17 games the Hawks need another running back to carry the load. 17 regular season games plus the post season that is a ton of punishment on the frame of a running back.

  23. Sea Mode

    Well, hello…

    Adam Schefter

    Panthers are trading to QB Teddy Bridgewater to the Broncos for a sixth-round pick, as @TomPelissero reported.

    Panthers paying Bridgewater $7 million, Broncos paying him $3 million, per source.

    Trade does not take Denver out of QB market Thursday night, per source.

  24. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Interesting. Teddy Bridgewater goes to Denver. I would not be surprised if both teams are looking to take a quarterback early in this draft.

  25. Rob Staton

    Coming today…

    — My final mock draft

    — A final check-in with Tony Pauline & Trey Wingo

    — Mock draft competition details


    — My final horizontal board

    • Sea Mode

      👍 Killing it, as always!

    • cha

      A final check-in with Tony Pauline & Trey Wingo

      Live stream?

      • Rob Staton

        No — was invited onto a conference call earlier

        • cha

          Still good. Thanks.

          PC JS Press conf today at noon as well.

          • Rob Staton

            I tried to forget about that…

            I know this press conference is going to be very, very annoying.

            I had a similar feeling walking into Indiana Jones 4

            • Gross MaToast

              Pete’s so untouchable in Seattle that he rides out the proverbial nuke in a refrigerator.

              As always, excellent stuff.

            • Bankhawk

              Indiana Jones IV: Ouch! 🤣

  26. Volume12

    Pauline says Oweh to Seattle. Swear I heard that a couple months ago?

    • Volume12

      Makes me wonder about Boogie Basham.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d take it for the upside. Just wish we could get a refund on Darrell Taylor

      • Volume12

        Same on the upside.


        I’m stumped bro. Really am.

      • Volume12

        Pauline mentioned how good this years draft is on the offense side. IMO, next year looks to b loaded on the defensive side. Something else I’m trying to consider 🤦‍♂️

    • uptop

      We’d need to trade up to r1 for that

      • Volume12

        Said he’s gonna go later than expected. We’ll see. I’m not confident that it’s him. They might just go BPA.

    • Henry Taylor

      I’d be so on the fence about this move, I really want their first pick to be a big swing on upside. But could we really use our only pick in the first 3 rounds on another edge rusher?

  27. Noah

    We’re about 10 mins into the press conference here, and the staunch optimism makes me feel sick. It’s all good being positive, but be realistic too.
    ‘Jamal is like our first pick’
    1- you gave up 2 first picks for him
    2- a drastic overpay for a safety that is good, but doesn’t fit into the scheme at all

  28. cha

    Predraft Press Conf with Pete Carroll and John Schneider

    They have cardboard cutouts of themselves. “These are for the first round of the draft.” [cha ed-good lord]

    [JS opening stmt] “we haven’t spoken in a long time. Usually have the combine, talk about future and recap last year. Personally I want to mention passing of Ted Thompson. Close friend, mentor in GB. Traded for Hasselbeck, drafted Hutchinson, Sean Alexander, drafted Aaron Rodgers. Missed.”

    “Last year tough year, productive season for us. Leadership unbelievable, Jodi, Chuck Arnold, med staff keeping us compliant. Especially players, no positive tests. Guys did great job with it. Won 12 games, unfortunately ended the way it did, at that point we move forward, haven’t stopped since. AMAZING number of draft choices – 3 (sarcasm) – unusual year. Without first round pick hard for guys to dive in and focus but done great job. Exciting draft. Tomorrow interesting without a pick. Excited about future.”

    [PC stmt] “Draft, our #1 pick is Jamal Adams. Heck of a pick! Incredible FB player. Thrilled about future too. When convo came up, john making ref to draft what it would look like, made a major decision to do that with the info in our back pocket. Might see two of us not in seats in first round (laughs).”

    [jen mueller] % of team needs addressed in FA? “Don’t feel like it stops, constantly building. Retained our own guys, adding players, neverending quest. Never complascent in any position.”

    [john boyle] Keep pass rush together? “Made as good a jump as anyone in improving our pass rush in second half. Dunlap big factor. Helped other guys. Getting Carlos big accomplishment, Hyder had 8 sacks in our division. Still going. Return for Taylor to be a factor, emergence of Alton R, still working at it. Nice job by John and his guys.”

    [corbin smith] DJ Reed played – change way evaluate corners in draft? “DJ emerged as a really good player for us. Surprised available. Had to wait for him to get healthy. Started nickel, really finished strong, helped us a lot. Pleasant surprise. Helps us coming back. Couple moves to make it competitive situation.”

    [MS Dugar] Philosophical differences with Schottenheimer in press release? “Not gonna be specific. Sometimes you gotta make a change. Never one issue or one reason. Concerned about expanding and getting better, felt like that’s what we needed to do at the time, leave it at that.”

    [Brady Henderson] REaction to RW frustration? “Wasn’t more frustrated than me. We all are. Don’t win at home in playoffs, health in our favor. Normal reaction to be frustration.”
    (JS) “let me add…Coaches and players close to fire during season. Don’t’ have luxury like I do to sit back and see big picture. They’re locked in every week. Season comes to an end very quickly. PC and RW two most passionate people I know. Passionate people say passionate things. I think it just came out.”

    [Brady] Convo’s with Russ? Where now? “Talked extensively througought offseason. Close for years around here, nothing changed. Worked our way through what was at hand. Obvious how much a frustration comment can change in so much followup. Speculation in media impact. Told him early on, long issue in media, I wasn’t gonna say a word. Unfortunately the people following it, didn’t have benefit of what I knew and what Russ knew. Never tried to play to those situations to smooth them out. Some stuff said that had to be dealt with and it was. RW in great place now, communicated. Same way. Russ been a guy I’ve always talked to. He’s as jacked up as he’s ever been. Totally after new things need to learn w offense. Things said, things were said, sometimes you have to take care fo things. Excited about season. Frustrated about Zoom mode, make most of it.”

    • Rob Staton

      Carroll keeps blaming the media.

      So far nobody has put to them Wilson’s agent sending a four-team trade list to Adam Schefter.

      • Matt

        Kind of a dumpster fire.

        I also like the fact that Pete made it abundantly clear he is the say on roster decisions – not sure you caught that.

      • Big Mike

        “Return for Taylor to be a factor”

        Bwa ha ha……Thanks Pete. I needed a good laugh this afternoon

    • cha

      [Bob condotta] Trade talks w Bears? (JS) “Number of teams that called. No, never actively negotiated w anybody. Did people call? Absolutely. Never ever a convo that happened. Very periphery calls. Unless you’re dealing with trading a 7th for a cut player, those are quick. No active negotiations.”

      [Ed Werder] Feel like RW committed long term to Seahawks and vice versa? (PC) “Been our QB for a while. When convo was happening, I knew the truth, we weren’t trading Russell. Really obvious we had to let media take its course with topic.”
      (JS) “Learn a lot listening to what happens. Really proud of everybody in the org for staying the course, staying quiet.”

      [tim booth] RW have to rebuild rifts in lockeroom or FO? “People believe what you guys write. Always try to give a brother some slack. Say stuff, have to be open minded. Convo’s always having to be made. Our guys are taking care of business, no issues at all.”

      [art thiel] RW violate prime directive to protect team? “Convo out there so long makes it a challenge. There’s a time you go too far. In this case, rule #1 is challenged, convo out there we wish wasn’t. No clarity when you operate through media, only choice to go quiet. I was clear with Russ, convo outside direct convo. Subject matter teetered on that, looked like there was a problem, we’re clear now.”
      “It’s a media problem, Art. We knew the truth. Because it’s in the media, have to talk through stuff. Normal course, nothing to blame on the media. Did the best you could with it. No grudges. Convo’s to get on same page. If that hasn’t been taken care of in a particular instance, it will.”

      [art] No disruption to offseason? “No. Every offseason has issues. As long as we’re communicating well, we’re fine. Proud of org for supporting one another.”
      (JS) “We’ve dealt with drama before…maple bars to Marshawn.”

      [larry stone] Russell like more input, change? “No. Russ and I have been in convo with that, might be defined as that. Lot of convo’s with a lot of guys. I talk to guys all the time. Russell’s been through a lot with us, good perspective. He doesn’t have all the answers. Never made a statement he wanted more say so. Never talked like that.”

      • Mick

        OK so we’ve been all just imagining this offseason cause media made us believe… that’s just incredible, are we all stupid?

        • Matt

          It was nothing, but according to PC – he will work it out with his teammates that were concerned. Just stupid…I’m losing a lot of confidence watching this mess.

          • Big Mike

            You actually had confidence before the presser Matt?

            I’m impressed with your optimism.

      • cha

        [joe fann] Russ agent said 4 teams RW be able to go to, your reaction? (JS) “He was in direct contact w RW whole time, I was in contact w RW’s agent. Convo’s stay in house, protect those convo’s I hope you respect that.”
        (PC) “I had made a clear statement to Russ, let’s stay quiet. When that got out, that caused some convo’s that didn’t need to happened. So meaningless, had nothing to do with what is going on. Wish we would’ve avoided that.”

        [joe fann] Jamal Adams defense & extension? (JS) “Absolutely. Celebrating Jamal tomorrow night. Important part of our future.”
        [joe fann] Play on 5th year option? (JS) “No, not into that.”

        [matt calkins] Aldon Smith reaction to allegations, history w DV, research on him? (JS) “Research he was working out in LA, interested last year. Dallas outbid several teams. Coaching staff knew him. Current situation, can’t talk about. Let legal process take course. DV portion, learned alot about throwing out blanket statements. what I’ve learned, every situation different. Study every situation be comfortable w decisions. Researched w Aldon last time. Take a shot.”

        [gregg bell] Players on social media, tangible fallout with those players? (PC) “Perception of what’s going on. What’s up. Environment where we’re not together, more difficult to connect. Opp for guys to be really clear and on the same page. Russ competitor, applies himself in work. Those things have a way of working themselves out. Not panic, straightforward, back to work, look each other in the eye, be accountable to each other.”

        [gregg] This draft, how much CFB season in trading picks for Adams? (JS) “Unique year, part of the year with Jamal. Reviewing juniors, project fall would look like. Working with Jets, became apparent, this is the year to go for it. Draft no different than others, evaluate for our team, not for the league. Best for org all the time. Pride selves on not having all the answers, being the smartest guys in the room. This draft felt too hazy looking into 2021 draft. Jodi supported, Pete and staff super excited to acquire Jamal.”
        (PC) “took a lot of insight to understand what was at stake. Led to free agency moves. Not going into draft w great needs, spaces to fill. Personnel dept great job. Feel really good about that right now. Draft pick right now played for us last year! Frickin great. Enormous value. Thrilled JAmal part of our team. He’s gonna get way better, he’ll improve a tremendous amount.”
        (JS) “Scouts did a great job, use all their connections and resources. Attended 176 college games and practices, 401 zoom calls, 129 separate pro days. Just a jab at our friends in San FRancisco.”

        • cha

          [maz veda] Waldron effect on team? (PC) “Marvelous job. 2 weeks into first virtual go rounds. First chance w players. Time w coaches, only been accentuated by fluent way of dealing w communication part. Really really impressive. Already deep w QBs. Joy to watch. Great brain about game of FB, how system works together. Crucial part – can you convey it? We’ll see. He’s fluid and agile. Couldn’t be more excited about it. Strengths of past incorporated into new format we’re unveiling. Excited as I’ve ever been. I really feel like he’s got it in command.”
          [maz v] RB’s too? “Yes. His essence of his message being conveyed.”

          [brady henderson] Schottenheimer 2018, didn’t ‘start over’. How much with Waldron? “Have established stuff Russ is really good at, Chris, and DK and Tyler. Demonstrated their strengths we can build from. That’s where the carryover is. Blending of things crucial, that’s where I’m impressed with Shane and Andy Dickerson. Continues to be carryover. Accentuating positives are exciting.”
          [brady] Shane helping with pass pro? “Big focus in getting ball out. Rhythm. Reads, mix of protections, utilization of players, ready for a quick pass. Russ good at all rhythms. At his best when we’re quick with the ball, gives us variety when he extends plays too.”

          [MS Dugar] KJ Wright convo’s with his people? (JS) “Talked before FA, so many coaches on staff in different places we thought he’d be signed by now. A lot of teams will see what they do in the draft and come around to these veterans. Utmost respect for KJ. Have been in contact.”
          (PC) “Really good sit down the other day, to talk about future. Where he’s coming from, where he is. Nose to nose on this deal. Classiest players. Feel really good about where we are with KJ.”

          • cha

            [Bob] JS signed deal this year? “Love it here. Love working with Jodi and Pete. Teambuilding not stopped. Since we got together. Very appreciative. Looking fwd to future.”
            (PC) “Great move by org. Bank on stuff done in past, continue. Continues to show vision and patience. Battling to win the last game of the year. John makes me better. Partner on everything.”

            [tim booth] JS, void years for free agents, why not in past? “Unique times demand unique opps to take advantage of. Cap going down, middle of the pack space. Lot of voidable years added. Felt like year to do it, this appropriate year.”
            [tim] Danger in void? “Yes. Disciplined as possible building your team. Our philosophy, not everyone’s. Want to build team throughout the whole year. Doesn’t stop. Can acquire a Duane Brown or Dunlap or Diggs that pop up. Summer, we don’t know what is happening June 1. Some teams, what their cap situation is.”
            (PC) “Guys retained – Lockett extended, fantastic get. Great player for us, great part of our program, chemistry w Russ unmatched. Gabe Jackson great acquisition for us. Toughness leadership. Ethan back to Center, compete with Kyle for #1 center, thrilled. Carson, such an important factor. Love his style. Might not have been able to get it done, that’s a big deal. Poona Ford emerging star up front. Dunlap back a big deal. Just getting started w us. Big spirit, big part of program. Benson Mayowa too – experience and flexibility. All of those really important. Really excited. Ogbuehi, premier opp to compete to start this year. Geno such a part of program, fantastic talent.”

            • Rob4q

              “Ogbuehi, premier opp to compete to start this year. ”

              So he will compete with Shell to start at RT…he did start games last year when Shell was out and I know he struggled the first game. But IIRC he did much better the second game and showed he might be able to compete at RT…

            • cha

              [corbin] 3 players only from 16 and 17 draft class, why? (JS) “Building based on what our team looks like, landscape of NFL. Real with each other in how we evaluate the team. Know who is competing with who. Pete and I listen to each other. Always compete philosophy doesn’t mean you are always locked in to your spot. Wide open.”
              (PC) “Speaks to confidence guys coming in can take spots. Worked our way through those. I think it’s a strength of ours. Guy comes from somewhere else, better than our guy. We roll with it.”
              (PC) “Last year evaluations unique. Didn’t give guys best opp to make their statement. Starters get better or get beat. Last offs, just catching up and kept things together. Ogbuehi, Barton, BBK all have a chance. Excited to be saying that to our players. Different than last year. Preseason games, competition. Make us better.”

              [john boyle] JS, trade back this year at 56 harder? “Not harder, depends how other teams feel. Many teams see first round similar, after mid 2nd round, things start jumping all over the place. Matter of how aggressive teams are. How they view certain players. See things unfolding. Not specifically planning to trade down. All of the sudden you have several players and go back 10-12 spots could be worth it. Not necessarily a thing you preplan.”
              [john] Video on pandemic? “Communicating during ordeal, visited with players…vaccinations…[bleh]

              • cha

                [curtis crab] Jarran Reed relationship, Taylor progress? (JS) “Yes disappointed, cap casualty situation with Jarran. Tough decision. Wish would have worked with us, wasn’t in the cards, he made a decision. Saw Taylor in hallway today. Working his tail off with trainers. Excited to get going.”
                (PC) “If he continues to progress, full go. In the building every day.”

                [joe fann] Why not sharing truth about Russ? What’s the harm? (PC) “Fact that guy expresses emotions, becomes such a big story. He has to deal with bouncing back from those comments. Process to that had to take place. Right from beginning talking to Russ. Hours. Worked at stuff. Wasn’t a problem. Russ realized how volatile simplest responses are. Lesson for media, and all of us, how careful you have to be. Great lesson to us, effort in discipline. We’re fine. Been talking football and the whole process. Frustrating that we didn’t comment to get you off the hook, that’s part of playing the media situation. It’s hard and not everybody can do that. It’s a learning process. Hopefully Russ will be better for it and other guys can learn from that. Power comes from knowing the truth. The truth is he isn’t’ getting trading. Anything else so far out there, not worth considering. Maybe not a Rule #1 violation, a #2 rule violation, no whining, no complaining, no excuses. Essence of it is nothing was happening.”

                (JS) “Pete did a phenomenal job of talking things through w Russ. Not going to let outside forces dictate how we handle things. Some things written dismantle team right before season starting, ignore it.”

                [gregg bell] How many players vaxed? “I don’t know numbers.”

                • cha

                  [art thiel] Why bring Carl Smith back? (PC) “Family decision to go to Houston. I never let up, and got him to come back. Brings tremendous background. Been through so much together. See eye to eye on football. Great asset to me as an in-game assistant. Like getting the other part of my brain back. Carl will tell me stuff other people might not say. Keep me from being crazed and half mad out there.”

        • Robbie

          Man I love Joe Fann! Savage!

    • CaptainJack

      Um, without a pick, tomorrow is the opposite of interesting.

      • CaptainJack

        Today I’d swap Jamal for a mid to late first and nothing else.

  29. Kevin Mullen

    78. Josh Myers OC Ohio State
    119. D’Ante Smith OT East Carolina
    129. Bobby Brown DT Texas A&M
    148. Divine Deablo S Virginia Tech
    187. Nick Eubanks TE MIchigan
    197. Cornell Powell WR Clemson
    210. Jonathan Cooper DE Ohio State
    250. Ian Book QB Notre Dame

    • Seahawkwalt


  30. JLemere

    Three big takeaways from the press conference

    1. PC/JS downplayed the RW offseason drama (which was a load of B.S.)
    2. PC specifically mentions Ogbuehi, Barton, and BBK as guys who are competing for starting jobs (which helps support a rumor that PC might want to try Barton at SAM, which hurts the idea of having a 4-2-5 base defense)
    3. Doesn’t look like they are interested in trading Adams (probably wants a 1 but aren’t getting those kinds of offers), but haven’t started even discussing a contract extension (is this going to be another Earl Thomas incident?)

    • Mick

      Somewhere in California Aaron Donald is rolling on the floor laughing after he read “Ogbuehi competes for a starter”.

  31. Moe


  32. Poli

    Sounds like Adams is staying put. Huge contract, little draft capital.

    • Volume12

      They seem to b high on Ogbuehi too. And I wonder if AB signing w/ TB impacts their decision making at all.

      • TomLPDX

        I always had the feeling that the Seahawks were not all in on AB from the FO perspective from the beginning, which is fine with me.

  33. JimQ

    Thanks Cha. Your day job must be as a court reporter? That is a whole lot of typing and I appreciate not having to go and actually listen to this press conference. A big time saver for me, so, great job Cha.

    As to press conference content: Sounds to me like PC/JS are in damage control mode and some of what they are saying may be stretching the truth (or at least basic logic) a little in a few different areas. Trying to say everything is hunky dory which on the surface may be somewhat believable, but underlying all this are the actual player’s perceptions – which may differ significantly and could become trouble(s) in the near future.

    • Rob4q

      I second that – thanks Cha!!!

    • Mick

      I’m with you guys, cha’s press conference reports are really great to have. Thank you.

    • cha

      You’re welcome.

  34. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob and Robbie, finally got a chance to listen to your podcast, it was a lot of fun! Really liked the haul you got in the first mock, even more so than what you got in the second. It will be interesting to see how it all really plays out over the weekend.

    Pete and John said everything I expected them to say…nothing more, nothing less. It is what it is.

  35. CaptainJack

    With so few resources I hope they just focus on getting the best player they can. Even if it’s a backup QB. Or another pass rusher.

  36. Qoolio

    Now that I’m giving up hope of trading Adams after the press conference…

    Trading back to target the 100-120 range:

    109. Kendrick Green (OG/C)
    111. D’Ante Smith (OT)
    112. Dayo Odeyingbo (Edge)
    120. Shaun Wade (S)
    135. Darius Stills (DT)
    162. Israel Mukuamu (S)
    199. KJ Britt (LB)
    200. Racey McMath (WR)
    212. Chris Evans (RB)
    214. John Bates (TE)

  37. Sea Mode

    Nothing happened, it was all media, we knew the truth the whole time… Come on… They can’t just talk what they want into existence…

  38. Sea Mode

    Either JS went out of his way to throw out a smokescreen, or Pic really is their guy at Center. Called re-signing him a “huge get” multiple times uninvited.

  39. Sea Mode

    I’m actually more positive on Darrell Taylor hearing that he’s training in the building this off-season. Gives me a reason to hope again.

    • Gohawks5151

      Me too. I kept hearing 1 year was the recovery time so it would seem he is on track Lost in the injury year and price to get him is that he could be a real good player and brings attributes that no one else on the roster has.

    • cha

      Just remember Pete has been saying positive things about Taylor for 9 months now.

  40. Rob4q

    PFN Sim Dream draft! I traded down a few times and ended up with 3 picks in the top 100…and Meinerz is still on the board! Too many options on who to take…


  41. Sea Mode

    Another takeaway: they are going to try and trade down a lot from 56, collecting as many early day 3 picks as possible and bank on their guys falling because of the limited draft process.

  42. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Former Husky Hunter Bryant was waived by Detroit today with the non-football injury designation.

  43. JJ

    I wish someone would have asked about the roster and holes going into 2022. Would have been a good opportunity to talk about roster building and how the lack of draft picks limit ability to fill roster.

    • Sea Mode

      They said they don’t have any big holes, nothing happened with Russell Wilson, they love the Jamal trade. Everything is hunky dory in Seattle.

      • JJ

        cupboard is bare after this year.

      • bmseattle

        Everything is perfectly set up to maintain our “make the playoffs and lose immediately” trend!

        • Rob Staton

          Stop complaining about winning seasons… 30 years ago they sucked…

  44. Steve Nelsen

    Thanks, cha! Great coverage of the press conference.

  45. Bankhawk

    Cha-great presser summary as always!
    Rob, the Livestream with Robbie was the perfect tune-up for the big event.
    Here we go…

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