Final thoughts ahead of the start of free agency

Firstly, if you missed today’s live stream with Jeff Simmons — I would highly recommend checking it out:

The Minnesota Vikings have today extended the contract of Kirk Cousins, removing him as an option for the Seahawks.

Meanwhile, the Deshaun Watson story is trending a certain way. New Orleans appear to be the frontrunners with Carolina eager to make a big move.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano reported earlier today:

“Seattle has checked in on the situation, but most people I talk to don’t expect the Seahawks to be seriously in the Watson mix.”

There seems to be this grand assumption that due to Pete Carroll’s age, the only plausible option is to aggressively build this off-season. Yet it’s unrealistic to believe there’s any shot of this team being a threat when you look at where they are.

Yes they have picks and cap space — but right now, they don’t have a viable quarterback and the following players are out of contract: LT, RT, C, CB1, CB2, FS, RB. They also just cut their starting middle linebacker. There were existing holes on the roster to begin with anyway — plus areas that needed upgrading.

There’s simply no realistic option other than to build over time.

A quick reminder that Bill Belichick also turns 70 this year and he has just embraced a big rebuild. The Patriots took a year in 2020 to take stock then spent rapidly in free agency 12 months ago. They didn’t force the situation at quarterback and eventually drafted Mac Jones in the middle of round one without trading up.

It remains to be seen whether the plan works — but it’s not totally ridiculous to think Carroll, like Belichick, realises there’s a lot to do.

After all — the Seahawks don’t just exist for Carroll’s career. He has a duty to protect the franchise’s interests. That means building a good team, reaping the benefits, then passing it on to the next person to continue the work.

Seattle’s immediate priority should be to create a core. If that includes a quarterback — great. Using all of of your cap space and picks on one player denies you an opportunity to build a core, though.

The Seahawks need building blocks, not a quick fix. As we’ve been saying for weeks — this is a draft class that can produce a foundation for the future.

For that reason, I hope Seattle’s biggest move at quarterback this week is to merely add competition for Drew Lock and Jacob Eason. A Tyrod Taylor type or Marcus Mariota, for example.

You’re not contending for a Super Bowl in 2022. Setting yourself up to do so in future years has to be the key.

So when free agency begins on Monday at 12pm (EST) — these are the rules I would set if I were the Seahawks:

1. Reinforce the trenches
2. Create a physical, intimidating defense
3. Invest in players at the right age
4. Don’t reach for a quarterback
5. Don’t trade for/sign older players

I would prioritise the offensive line in free agency and use the money available to try and craft a group that can be together not just in 2022 but for the next 3-4 years. I would try and steal from the Rams — hurting a division rival and helping yourself by adding players who know the scheme you wish to install.

Joseph Noteboom, Brian Allen and Austin Corbett would be on my radar.

I would stick to trying to sign players in their 20’s. A rebuild doesn’t just have to take place in the draft. In 2011 they signed Sidney Rice and Zach Miller — they should try for more moves like that.

They have money to spend. They should be prepared to pay big salaries to acquire talented young players.

I suspect they will also feel the need to draft a hedge at defensive end. You can’t risk missing out at #9 and being left with another year of bad pass rushing play. Spending a bit on a pass rusher isn’t a problem — you can never have too many. It shouldn’t prevent you from still taking a Jermaine Johnson, Kayvon Thibodeaux or David Ojabo.

I think defense should be the primary target early in the draft with a linebacker added in round two. I’d make a strong case for Nick Cross at safety, too, if Quandre Diggs departs. Otherwise, an offensive lineman such as Abraham Lucas, Cole Strange or Cam Jurgens would also make sense in the second frame.

I also think Carroll should lean into his philosophy. He’s leading this rebuild so he might as well. Add a running back like Zamir White or Dameon Pierce (if available) in round three to complete your circle — whether you bring back Rashaad Penny or not (and I would, you can afford to).

This might all seem underwhelming to some people.

For me, it feels like a necessary start ahead of a new era.

However, I would look to draft a quarterback. Just not early.

The Seahawks should now be in the business of adding a young QB every year until they find ‘the one’. In this draft, I’m not sold on the players projected to go early. So I would be patient, wait for next year when better players (Will Levis, Bryce Young) will be available — and take a flier on a day three prospect this time.

For me, it should be Notre Dame’s Jack Coan.

I’d never argue he’s a future franchise quarterback. He has limitations — but his limitations are no more severe, really, than the players projected to go much earlier.

He has a decent arm. He’s not a totally useless athlete. He does a good job throwing to all ranges and I like the way he attacks the seams (although it helps playing with a future top-10 pick at tight end).

I think he’d be a welcome option in round four to compete with your other quarterbacks in camp.

I mentioned on the stream a particularly interesting note on Coan. Notre Dame were playing Virgina Tech. They were leading. Brian Kelly introduced freshman Tyler Buchner to give him some experience. He threw a pick-six, then another interception. Instead of leading, the Irish were now trailing by eight points late in the game.

Coan re-entered with four minutes left and immediately led a touchdown drive then improvised to nail the two-point conversion. Tie-game.

They got a stop on defense and then Coan led a field goal drive. The winning kick was scored with 17 seconds remaining.

Little moments like that stick in the memory.

You might quibble about the fact he was taken out in the first place, purely to give the new guy a shot. Well — Coan was a bridge himself at Notre Dame, having transferred from Wisconsin.

And as for being replaced — let’s not forget NC State once picked Mike Glennon over Russell Wilson, leading him to transfer.

Coan came back in, with barely any time left, to clean up somebody else’s mess (Kelly’s arrogance and the struggling freshman’s performance) and win a game. That showed some serious character.

I would rather build up the defense and O-line as a priority and add Coan later on, then force anything at quarterback this year. I can’t see my opinion changing before April either.

There’s no quick-fix I’m afraid. It took the Seahawks three years to build a Championship roster from 2010. We need to expect that to be a reasonable time-frame again.

One other final note — Notre Dame receiver Kevin Austin Jr is stunningly underrated. He is an outstanding player with major potential who appears to be coming into his own. As I was watching Coan, I couldn’t believe how impactful Austin Jr truly was.

For me, a good team could justify taking him in the late first round. I think he’s certain to go in round two.

And if he’s there in round three — Seattle should seriously consider adding him based on talent alone.

Tomorrow I will be making an announcement about the future of the blog.

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  1. pob12

    i think a point that’s often missed with the Pete is too old rebuild crowd is that I doubt he believes that. In his eternal optimism, I’m sure Pete thinks he has 10 years left. He does seem to be in good health, so maybe he’s right.

    • Peter

      Agreed. Add that I think pete loves coaching young guys. It’s why I think he seems more reinvigorated lately.

  2. Ashish

    Rebuild of hawks and SDB !! Cool

  3. Henry Taylor

    Watched a Coan game today and liked what I saw. Poised in the pocket, accurate on most short/intermediate passes, goes through his reads well. I think he could be a Minshew type who is never a great NFL QB, but is one of those guys who is operates effectively as a low end starter/high end back up.

    • Rob Staton

      His arm is a long stronger than Minshew’s. More of a traditional, orthodox QB.

      • Henry Taylor

        I meant the comparison in level rather than style.

  4. Rob Staton

    If this is true about Diggs, I hope we move on:

    Big money should be spent elsewhere.

    • Ashish

      Can’t wait for tomorrow keeping my fingers crossed. Need to see hawks plans for next 2-4 years.

    • Roy Batty

      If the money is the nearly the same amongst all bidders, I cannot see Diggs choosing Seattle. 3 years to become a viable winner again? He went through so many bad seasons with Detroit, I doubt he has the stomach for it. This will be his only major contract before retirement. I don’t foresee him spurning the offer of a potential winning team and taking the Seattle offer, if there is even an actual serious offer from Seattle.

      He walks and Seattle doesn’t go nuts in FA, then they get a comp pick.

      Plus, the talent in the draft has got to be calling to Pete, who loves him some hard hitting, young free safeties.

    • BobbyK

      Teams don’t learn from history if they sign old defensive players to big bucks in FA on their third contracts. The only defenders who deserve this treatment are the guys who were so good in their primes that they’re still good years later… these are called guys who get voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day. No way Diggs is close to that caliber. He’s a nice player, but move on if he wants too much (which it seems he will).

    • Hawkdawg

      I can’t tell whether the tweeter there has some knowledge that Diggs is about to sign a big deal with the Hawks specifically, or just a big deal with some team…

    • Rowdy

      As soon as wilson was traded so did all my desire to sign Diggs. To old contribute by the time we could be contending again. I obviously love the player,how could anyone not, but signing him hampers the rebuild.

      • Rob Staton


    • Silly Billy

      Where do you see Marquise Blair in the new safety equation?

      if you don’t draft a FS early, could you see the Hawks going out with Blair/Adams/Neil?
      There are some real sunk costs in that current lineup.

  5. bk matty

    3 basic rules to building a super bowl winning team…

    1. Get Franchise Quarterback
    2. Protect Franchise Quarterback
    3. Kill opponents Franchise Quarterback

    We just gave away #1 because the people we are trusting with rebuilding this thing made a disaster of #2 & #3.

  6. Hawk Finn

    I’m aware of Carson Strong’s medicals, but at what point do you consider him as a “buy low” candidate – 4th round? 5th?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s just not mobile enough. He can’t move.

      And the Senior Bowl performance was scary

  7. Allen M.

    We don’t always agree but we think similarly in this article. We must play the long game. These key points are, well, key:

    “1. Reinforce the trenches
    2. Create a physical, intimidating defense
    3. Invest in players at the right age
    4. Don’t reach for a quarterback
    5. Don’t trade for/sign older players”

    Build trenches, have a plan for a long term QB I even if it means waiting to get your guy in next year’s draft. Core players on the upswing of their careers. Guys who have several good, great years yet to be played. Also, extend Metcalf, re-sign Penny.

  8. Peter

    Rob very excited to hear your announcement.

    Pay wall. Substack. Ask me to do draftbreakdown style videos of players next year. I’m here for all of it.

    If you’re retiring this to turn it into bengals draft blog just as this team gets interesting for the first time in five years and think for one second I’m going to get my hawks content from some other place you are out of your mind😀

  9. Gross MaToast

    The Rules for the Seahawks in free agency should be fundamental concepts for this team, but for some reason they veered off into strings of baffling picks, trades and signings that have left them where they currently sit. I believe that it was primarily Pete calling the shots on whatever he might have felt on any given day, but I’m hoping that this apparent reset has restored some power back into the office of the GM to do something other than act as a rubber stamp.

    It seems impossible to me that they can sit at 9 and not walk away with a premier DE. That’s the play – not a trade down or a roll of the dice on Malik Willis, but coming away with a bad ass human wrecking ball. The beginning of a great rebuild is right there waiting for them and all they have to do is follow the script – don’t get cute and ‘outthink’ everyone else – just take The Guy and let’s go.

    I also want to mention how much the trade has changed the outlook and attitudes around here – instead of facing another death slog of a season with a team we know isn’t near good enough, there’s renewal and a sense of potential in the air. I like it. Thanks, Rob.

    • RealRhino2

      I go back and forth on #9. If you really believe in a QB, take him. But if it’s not sometimes I’m with you and sometimes I’m not. With you: quit screwing around, just take a great player. Not with you: As I count it, there are probably only 5-7 special players in this draft. Ickey, Neal, Hutch, Kayvon, the safety from ND. and maybe Sauce Gardner and Charles Cross the OT. Being one of the first picks after the special run of players is gone does you no good. Like the best house in a bad neighborhood. If trading down from 9 to say, 15, gets you Ojabo or Sam Williams or Travon Walker instead of Jermaine Johnson, is it that bad? Or Trovor Penning instead of Charles Cross, etc.

      • Gross MaToast

        Trading down for “more” hasn’t really been good for the Pete era. I’m not going to look it up because it might prove me wrong. I’d rather have “premium;” you can always get “more” later.

        Jermaine is an angry young man who seems hellbent on causing chaos and I enjoy having angry young men who are hellbent on causing chaos play for my football team. I watched Jermaine steal a bit of Sam Howell’s soul and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy doing it. I’d suggest we start with him and then grab Channing Tindal at 40, if he’s available – if not, Chenal or Christian Harris will do. Now Daxton Hill at 41 and I’m pretty damned happy and isn’t that the whole point of this?

        O-line? you ask. I’m assuming the Seahawks add Noteboom, Fischer, and Collins in free agency. I don’t see any way I could be wrong.

        • Peter

          You lnow hope springs eternal when folks on this site are asking for badass linebackers and safeties after years of picks used on linebackers and safeties.

          I’m with you. Get johnson. Get chenal or tindall. Get hill or cross. Unless something weird happens and Winfrey, mafe, or jones falls.

      • Peter

        You’re not wrong. There are a few others that I like. In the end i assume they are trading down but wish they would just look at that spot with only eight players gone and the whole board open just tale an absolute badass. The draft is such a crap shoot. Maybe they make good with let’s say 15 and an extra 3rd rounder. Awesome.

        But some of the options, just to me, aren’t going to be as impactful.

        If you could get Wyatt and then take that new third and a second and come back into the first round for Winfrey….this is just an example….i’d be pretty happy.

        I just really want Johnson. And I’d rather take him at none. Enjoy the draft and come back early in round two for two more good picks.

        • Peter

          Johnson at nine

  10. Isaac

    Whatever you tell us Rob. Please don’t stop writing. Your blog is a must in my day.

  11. Roy Batty

    In the coming days, if I click on this site and get the countdown, just like the one before your YouTube videos, I may get the vapors and pass out from anticipation.

    Just don’t make it a multiple hour countdown, OK?

    I really hate getting the vapors.

  12. Group captain mandrake

    I totally agree with everything you say. I am so glad Cousins is off the market. My big fear is that they reach for a QB in the first. If you can get someone like Corral or Coan later, then fine. I do not want to see them using #9 on Malik Willis. Defense, defense, defense with a little bit of OL mixed in.

  13. hobro

    Not to be pedantic, but the “legal tampering” period begins Monday at noon EDST (UTC-4), not noon EST.

  14. Will

    Does anyone know when or if Pro Football Network is going to start the weekly show with Tony Pauline and Trey Wingo? Or when the Breaking Down the Board podcast that is released on Fridays starts? I’ve been off Twitter and haven’t seen any programming notes.

    Those podcasts, in addition to Rob’s, are huge for NFL Draft coverage and are head and shoulders above the watered down FirstDraft podcast by McShay and Kiper. Maybe Tony was told to keep quiet because he was dropping so much news?

  15. Denver Hawker

    Heaps agrees:

    Embrace the rebuild.

  16. iWatch

    Besides the fact that we’re going to suck for a while, rob, you must be so pumped for the #9 pick and an extra 2nd right before our’s…and thank you for all the work you do! I feel like we are the most prepared fan base for the draft every year. Now if only Pete n John would listen to you.

  17. HetchHetchy

    Travon Walker doesn’t seem to come up in your list for potential DEs at 9. Why is that? Do you just assume he and Hutchinson have no shot at falling? Is he not a fit?

    • Denver Hawker

      He’s rightly getting a lot of Top 5 talk and like Hutch, very unlikely to be there.

      What’s interesting g about Walker still to me is I still can’t reconcile how he was used/on-field work with his combine. I suppose that speaks to his versatility. You could play him inside or outside, probably best suited in a 3-4.

      • Peter

        Such a freaky athlete. Legitimately passes the eye test. To your point though and why I am a little concerned about him, two stat lines:

        Travon Walker: ( totals for three years at Georgia)

        61 combined tackles. 13 TFL. 9.5 sacks

        Jermaine Johnson III: (total for ONE year at FL. State)

        70 combine tackles. 17.5 TFL. 11.5 sacks

        • HetchHetchy

          Thats why it seems plausible he could be there at 9

          • Peter

            No doubt. I’m just worried about him unlocking his potential. Is he an inside guy? Is he a frightening, huge, fast DE? Is it just Georgia where everyone is getting sacks and pressure that causes guys to have downsized stat lines?

    • Rob Staton

      He will be gone after his combine

  18. Ben

    Hassan Reddick continues to seem like a great bridge if he stays cheap again. Can drop if needed, produced in two systems. He may not be orthodox but on a two year deal it seems pretty low risk and keep the floor from being two low.

    1. Find a QB
    2. Build young talent through draft
    3. Add a top end young FA or two as a building block
    4. Sign enough budget vets at key positions so we don’t end up stunting development of corners cause we can’t pass rush for shit or purely depend on Taylor- or have a complete turnstile at LT that we can’t run an offense.

    Putting the stream on now, amped to listen. In other non-football, Mariners free agency- please don’t cheap out. If Paul Allen had bought the Mariners instead, we’d have had a WS by now, or at least been competitive. Ownership sure matters, hope the hawks get sorted out…

  19. Hawkdawg

    Pleased that Cousins is out of the picture, and if Graziano is right, so is Watson. We might actually use our draft capital now!

    • Rowdy

      100% draft a qb at this point. If we go the veteran qb route we should do that in a year or two. We should concentrate on getting a well-balanced team working together before we get the qb now

  20. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Bucs and Ryan Jensen agree on a 3-year deal worth $39M, source said 💰 💰 💰
    Quote Tweet
    Ian Rapoport
    · 48m
    Tom Brady is back and so is his center. Per @MikeMcCartney7, the #Bucs have a deal with C Ryan Jensen right before free agency. It’s a 3-year deal.

    • Peter

      It’s fine. Jensen doesn’t know (nor do i for that matter) waldron’s system.

      • Hawk Finn

        Well that’s just great. Now I have to cross BOTH of you off my free agency wish list.

        • Peter

          Hawkfinn. Nice. Actual laugh out loud.🤣🤣

  21. LYBLD

    Hey Rob-

    Great stuff, per usual. Excited to hear about the upcoming changes.

    Was wondering what you thought about a couple of veteran players that I suspect could be had via trade:
    1. Taylor Decker
    2. Marcus Davenport
    I really have no idea how much either would cost or if they would actually be available, but they are both young (ish) players and would represent a true investment in the trenches. What do you think?

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’d be too expensive. I’d rather avoid trades unless they are no-brainer deals for top young, cheap players ala Marshawn

  22. Ahatoregon

    Jack Coan gives me major Matt Hasselbeck vibes, he really has the stature and skillset of a 2000s QB. I think he’s the perfect competition piece that could end up a solid back up going forward, even if he’s not the long term starter. The scenario you laid reinforces that in my mind as well. I’d take him.

    • Troy

      As a Wisconsin Badger fan, I am a firm NO on Jack Coan. If the running game faltered (Wisconsin’s bread/butter), he could never be relied upon to put the team on his shoulders. And, Wisconsin has always fielded a strong O-line. As a backup, I am OK with it. As a starter, I am convinced he’s not the guy.

      • Peter

        Unfortunately we are in the realm where every QB is going to have fairly significant issues this year.

        I didn’t follow Coan at WI. You could be totally right about him. After today once free agency kicks open we will probably back at whitehurst, tjax territory so it’s just going to be a battle for least likely to look terrible on sunday.

  23. MarkinSeattle

    I really like Coan. The first thing to keep in mind is that the ND OL was absolute hot garbage this year. The OL were really poorly coached, they ended up starting two true frosh who had better fundamentals than the 5th and 6th year guys. Consequently they didn’t have a running game, the rushing attack yards after contact were almost as much as their total yards. The OL improved somewhat against the pass rush over the course of the year but they were never particularly good.

    When Coan was protected and not getting blasted by DL and LB’s running free at him, he would settle into a rhythm of going through his progressions. He did an excellent job of reading defenses and going through progressions. It is hard to tell his feel for pressure in the pocket because he was often under pressure, he had some serious happy feet in games 3-6, then he settled back down and finished out the year (granted against much worse defenses except Okie St). He always looked to pass first, even when he probably should have just run for a first down. Pretty good at reading defenses and checking into a play in response, although keep in mind NO RUSH OFFENSE. He did try to aim his deep passes too much and under three he receivers at times, but he did much better in the invite game. The general thought among ND insider/former coaches/analysts is that Coan will likely have a long career as a backup. He can come in and win some games. I think in a best case scenario he ends up being Alex Smith or possibly Kirk Cousins, but that is probably unlikely. Very much a team player who was always very supportive even when they were playing musical QB’s earlier in the season.

    Another issue that impacted both Coan and Austin was that ND’s receivers were horribly coached as well. If you watch many games against better teams, you will see the ND receivers, including Austin can’t get off the line in press coverage (Wisc, Purdue, Cinci). They were also not tuaght how to fight off reroutes. Which is a reason why Austin was up and down during the season, although he did somewhat improved toward the end. The poor fundamentals at WR also threw off timing and route running.

    Talent wise if a team drafts Austin knowing they have to coach him up on fundamentals, he has the physical talent similar to Myles Boykin and Chase Claypool. Boykin is very similar with Austin less consistent but Austin can make some moves after the catch (Boykin and Claypool do their damage before the catch). Austin has good NFL talent, my opinion is that he won’t be a #1 but I think has the physical traits given time to develop into a strong #2.

    • Peter

      Alex smith is right on the money.

    • Rob Staton

      For me — drafting Coan even as early as R3 gives you just as much of a shot at finding a guy as taking any of the bigger names in R1-2.

      • TomLPDX

        Let’s hope JS agrees with you.

      • Jp

        Rob, good stuff. I checked out Coan on your comments and he looked nice. His accuracy and decision making seem good which could fit a game manager mode Carroll might want. Write up on him is as a good leader. Had a Brady type upright form in the pocket which is just different from what we’ve seen for so long.

        I’m kind of a Nick Foles fan and Coan doesn’t look as ‘limber’ in the pocket. Wish Foles was available as a stop gap for the Hawks.

        Don’t know if I’ve seen your thoughts on Lock as he’s a nice backup, but not sure his accuracy and ball security let’s him succeed in Seattle.

  24. Peter

    Rob thanks for the jack coan VA tech recommendation. Man i love college football. But seriously i could see him competing with lock. Really nice zip and mechanics into tight areas.

  25. CaptainJack

    According to Jordan Schultz panthers and saints and the two teams making the biggest push for Watson.

    Panthers owner David Tepper is, according to some comments I’ve read from Panthers fans… the type of owner dumb enough to push for this trade

  26. Spencer

    As always, Rob, love the next level work you put in and the great analysis. If you have the time could you do a little compare/contrast of Aaron Donald and Jordan Davis…and maybe make a past or present player comp? It sounds like you love him, but you’re not putting him in the ‘gotta have him’ at pick 9 level. I’m really intrigued by an interior super-disruptor, but I’d value your opinion on this.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, Aaron Donald was 285lbs at his combine and Jordan Davis was 341lbs. So right off the bat we’re talking about hugely different players. Comparing them would pretty much be like comparing Davis to an EDGE because that’s how different they are. One was an undersized freak who ran a 1.63 split at his weight, had insane agility/explosive traits and was a sack-specialist three technique in college. The other is a freakish athlete for 340lbs and is a nose tackle with rare athleticism.

      • Spencer

        So if I’m understanding it, Davis most likely won’t have near the impact on disrupting the passing game as Donald, just a 2 down guy? But probably could do more in disrupting the run game on those earlier downs? If you’re the GM of a team with equal EDGE and defensive interior needs and both Davis and Jermaine Johnson are available, who do you take?

        • Rob Staton

          Davis might be able to play three downs but not all the time and certainly he’s nothing like Donald. You hope he’s Vita Vea.

        • Peter

          Both on the board?

          Johnson. There’s the slightest chance that (very doubtful) that another very good interior dlinemen could be had at #40. Or the team could get aggressive and come back into the bottom of the first round for Travis Jones, per example.

          Once Thibodeaux, walker, and Johnson are gone the cliff is pretty steep for an edge rusher.

  27. SoZ

    I am worried that Jordan Davis, as an Aaron Donald caliber freak of nature, could turn out to be a generational talent that we regret not drafting.

    • Mac

      I want Jordan Davis or Kayvon. I believe both possess game wrecking potential that the defense is in desperate need of.

      • Big Mike

        I hope someone takes Kayvon before our choice. He has underachiever/attitude vibes all over him.

    • Ishmael

      He might be generational, but he’s still a nose tackle. What’s the best case scenario, a souped up Vita Vaea? That’s a very good player, but it’s not one of the single greatest players ever.

      • Peter

        Agreed. If he was in next year’s draft with this team’s draft stock and you already had two good ends and your linebackers nearly set then I’d love Jordan Davis to bring it all together.

  28. Trevor

    Ideal situation for the Hawks IMO.

    -DK to the Jets for #10 this year and a 2nd next year. I just don’t see him being worth $20-$25 mil per. Would prefer to keep Locket to work with young QB.

    -Wagner ($16 mil savings)
    -Carson ($3.1 mil savings)
    -Myers ($4 mil savings)
    -Hyder ($2 mil savings)

    Free Agency

    – JC Jackson from the Pats (CB) should be the Hawks big ticket signing IMO. Young, great in man coverage and turns the ball over. If the Hawks build a quality DL he could excel. Four years, $72 million ($18M per year, $56 million total guaranteed)

    -Marcus Marriotta from the Raiders(QB)Veteran to compete with Lock as stop gap till Hawks find long term solution. He could excel with quality TE’s and good run game. One year, $10 million fully guaranteed

    -Brian Allen from the Rams (C) Veteran who is familiar with Waldron’s scheme. Three years, $21.75 million ($7.25M per year, $10.5M total guaranteed)

    -Joel Noteboom from the Rams (OT) -Should be relatively inexpensive and is familiar with Waldron scheme. Young with upside still. Three years, $18.75 million ($6.25M per year, $10.5M total guaranteed)

    -Chrisian Kirk from Cards (WR) Three years, $39 million ($13M per year, $22M total guaranteed)

    -Cordelle Patterson from the Falcons (WR/HB) ideal for Waldron scheme IMO (two years, $12 million ($6M per year, $8.25M total guaranteed)

    OJ Howard (TE) from Bucs. Young who is a really good run blocker and get deep (two years, $10 million ($5M per year, $6.25M total guaranteed)

    -Resign Penny One year, $4 million ($3.25 million total guaranteed)

    -Resign DJ Reed Three years, $24 million ($8M per year), $13.5 million total guaranteed

    -Resign Sidney Jones One year, $4.25 million fully guaranteed

    NFL Draft (Used PFN Simulator)

    #9 Charles Cross (LT) Miss St
    #10 Jermaine Johnson (Edge) FSU
    #40 Abraham Lucas (RT) Wash St
    #41 Travis Jones (DT) UConn
    #72 Channing Tindall (LB) Georgia
    #107 Nick Cross (S) Maryland
    #151 Zamir White (RB) Georgia
    #152 Jack Coan (QB) ND
    #227 Kade York (K) LSU

    This plan would rebuild the OL, DL and provide youth on defence.

    • Peter

      Pretty well concieved.

      I think Notebloom might be a bit more but still worth pursuing. Tackle feels like a bit of a premium with the lack of talent in the draft.

      Previously if they had kept Wilson I would be against JC Jackson. Sportrac has his estimate a bit higher than you but your prognostication feels right.

      The only slight quibble is if you could sign notebloom you probably don’t need two tackles drafted. If they picked a first and second round tackle you’d have to think they would start fairly soon out of the gate? You’d want to play your new free agent?

      • Trevor

        Agree about Noteboom. If they think he is a legit starter at LT then in the draft I would replace Cross with Davis. Then use #41 on a WR or CB instead of Jones.

        Imagine adding Johnson and Davis to the DL.

        • Peter

          A lot of us would be here for that. Davis, johnson, with taylor, and keep dunlap low percentage snaps for maximum yield. Get some more speed/talent in the back field.

      • Ben

        I’m glad Noteboom’s been called out as a good option. I was pretty bummed when Cam Robinson got signed, as it really seemed like getting a young LT in FA would be a coup, even if not stellar. Noteboom seems like a potential steal (with emphasis on stealing from the Rams and making life after Whitworth harder). Hadn’t really thought of him as an option, but he played well last season.

        I’d really prefer them to go defense heavy the first 3-4 picks (in the scenario of a DK trade), and then load up on offensive players at positions like TE, C, and running back. But I’m on board in general with this thinking!! Nice mock too!

        • Trevor

          Taking Noteboom from the Rams would definitely be a nice bonus.

          • cha

            It will take far more than $6.25m annually to land him.

    • lil’stink

      Reed, Penny, and Jones are definitely the 3 free agents from the 2021 squad I would like to see back.

      I think Jackson’s APY will be over $20 million. I still wouldn’t mind trying to get him at that price. Getting Jackson and Reed is probably a pipe dream but it would be nice to not have CB be a high need going into the draft.

      Ultimately I hope we sign 2-3 impact players to multi-year deals this week.

      I’m completely aboard with trading DK if you can get a first for him in order to draft a player you love as long as it’s OL, DL, or possibly CB.

      I’m curious if PCJS might be comfortable enough with Forsythe/Curhan as our starting tackle combination. It will be interesting to see how much Noteboom signs for and if we are in play.

      And Coan definitely seems worthy of a day three pick. I think Rob is spot on about him.

  29. Eric

    Any thoughts on a return to the NFL for Kaepernick? Seattle seems to get mentioned a bit in connection and Lockett seems to be a fan.

    He goes against the philosophy of getting younger players and not spending money on aging players. But he’s been out of the league so long I can imagine he wouldn’t be paid a lot and might be worth adding to a QB competition? Similar to the Pat’s (failed) experiment with Cam Newton?

    • Hawk Finn

      Yeah, let’s make a run at Steve Young too. Aikman may be looking for work with Buck joining Disney Inc. maybe Montana could be lured out of retirement. What’s Zorn up to these days?

    • UkAlex6674

      Look, he wasn’t even that good when he was playing (2013 being the exception) so why on earth peope are putting his name out there after 5 years of being away from the game is quite ridiculous.

  30. Trevor

    Who is your top 3 free agent targets for the Hawks?

    I would love to see JC Jackson but that just does not seem like a Hawks type move so I will go with some realistic ideas instead.

    1)Brian Allen (C) Just get a quality veteran C who is familiar with the blocking scheme the Hawks want to run under Waldron.

    2) Joel Noteboom (OT) Young, athletic and played well when he started. Could end up being a long term option and might not be too expensive.

    3) Cordell Patterson (WR/HB) Ideal weapon for the scheme it seems the Hawks want to run.

    • Jabroni-DC

      1-Joel Noteboom (get this done today!)


      3-Jamies Winston. Based on gut instinct. At the right price I see an acceptable bridge QB with the potential to be more. 2 year deal.

  31. swedenhawk

    I could live with this…

    Kayvon Thibodeaux
    EDGE Oregon

    Perrion Winfrey
    DT Oklahoma

    Leo Chenal
    LB Wisconsin

    Nick Cross
    S Maryland

    Jalyn Armour-Davis
    CB Alabama

    Zamir White
    RB Georgia

    Jack Coan
    QB Notre Dame

    Percy Butler
    S Louisiana

    Vederian Lowe
    OT Illinois

    • Trevor

      Prefer Jermaine Johnson to Thibodeaux but love the draft. Only other thing I would change is drafting a Kicker at #227 so we can release Myers and have the $4 mil cap #.

  32. Ghost Mutt

    If we were challenging this year I’d be on board for signing Patterson, but I’d much rather give Eskridge those snaps now.

    • Ghost Mutt

      Sorry, supposed to he a reply to Trevor.

    • Trevor

      That is a fair point. I just question Eskridge durability in that type of role.

  33. Jabroni-DC

    My interest in the PC led Seahawks is hanging on by a thread. He needs to show an understanding of where we’re at and lay a real foundation this off season. The potential of our draft picks & cap space is the only thing keeping my attention.

    On a side note, when was the last time Volume12 posted here? I know life has had many added challenges in the last couple of years. If you’re out there bro chime in.

  34. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Packers have released Pro Bowl pass-rusher Za’Darius Smith, source said, adding another top defender to free agency. His cap number of $27.6M in 2022 was never going to work. Now, free — and healthy.

    • Ben

      I expect the hawks to have heavy interest.

      Remains to be seen- but I wouldn’t be surprised to see us emphasis cut players. We could rack up some comp picks this year.

    • CaptainJack

      Id sign him for a multi year deal but I doubt he wants to play here during a rebuild

  35. cha

    Breer goes inside the RW trade

    Schneider knew where Wilson wanted to go—12 teams had called the Seattle GM between this offseason and last offseason to make a run at the QB, the number of teams Wilson seriously studied ahead of this offseason, to look at potential destinations, was in the double-digits, but one stood alone, and that was indeed Denver. So Schneider had to trust Paton would be fair knowing the Broncos were where Wilson wanted to be, which was important given the presence of the no-trade clause.

    • Denver Hawker

      Saw that this morning. Interesting details there. I also thought he was careful not to suggest either side was the ‘villain’ or deeper reasons for the split. Just matter of fact how it went down and how both sides have explored this critically for some time.

  36. UP Hawk

    With the QB situation, I wonder if Sam Darnold could still be a consideration to compete with Lock? Carolina possibly gets Watson and flips Darnold to the Hawks to dump salary. 5th year option 18.86 million for Darnold. High cap hit, wouldn’t think more than a 4th for Darnold. Might be worth dipping into the 2018 QB class and seeing if can salvage with some weapons, and hopefully a stronger defense. Rather do that and invest in the trenches early in the draft.

    • Ashish

      18+ mil for stop gap QB? why? I will take Mariota who is free agent and cost nothing on draft and less on salary. Taylor can’t another QB.

      • Up Hawk

        Because I have zero belief that Mariota can be a starter in this league. Darnold probably won’t, but I’d spend the extra to find out. Mariota likely to still not be cheap- think that Dalton made 10 million last year.

        I don’t think an injury riddled 2021 Carolina season in which he didn’t live up to expections is not reason to give up. Just think of the articles here about him in last years Wilson drama

  37. Denver Hawker

    Here comes Geno- if it means we’re committed to a real rebuild and seeing what’s there with Drew Lock, I’m down.

  38. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Dolphins keep one of their own, reaching an agreement with pass-rusher Emmanuel Oghah on a 4-year deal worth $65M, per
    . He gets $32M fully guaranteed.

  39. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Rams are keeping OT Joe Noteboom on a three-year deal with a base value of $40M that includes $25M guaranteed, sources say. Max value: $47.5 million. Huge deal for Noteboom, who has played LT when Andrew Whitworth is out.

    • Rob Staton


      I hope we address LT because I’m not big on Ekwonu/Cross etc

    • Jabroni-DC

      Bloody Hell…

  40. Ashish

    Let’s positive news flow for Hawks — Good luck everyone.

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