First round mock draft: 31st April

Cornerback Byron Jones feels like a first round lock

Last year five cornerbacks were taken in the first round. It wasn’t a particularly great class for corners — but it’s quickly becoming a premium position in the NFL. We’re not just seeing the usual 2-3 brilliant tall, athletic corners going in the top-15. Teams are scrambling to address needs here.

There’s almost a perfect storm brewing in this draft. The thin options in free agency will put a lot of emphasis on a select group of rookie corners. Those with the length, speed and talent are going to go early — then we’ll possibly see a major drop off. If you want a cornerback you might have to consider taking one in round one.

In this latest projection I want to look at how this could shape things. Tomorrow I’ll post a second round mock with a blurb for each pick and then we’ll look into a Seahawks seven-rounder. Here’s the first round with a few notes underneath:

first round mock

— I have Cleveland trading their two picks in round one to Tennessee for Marcus Mariota for the second mock in a row. There seems to be some validity to this — Mary Kay Cabot touched on the subject this week. The Browns have had such a nondescript off-season and that’s unusual for this owner and for a team still mired in mediocrity. It’s looking increasingly likely that Johnny Manziel isn’t the answer. We know that Josh McCown certainly isn’t. The Titans get two picks to rebuild their defense, the Browns get a quarterback.

— I don’t see Leonard Williams dropping to #8 as a big deal. He’s not an elite athlete and didn’t test brilliantly at the combine. It’s still unclear what exactly his best position is at the next level. It’s almost universally received that he’s going to be a top-two pick but let’s not jump to that assumption too quickly.

— Byron Jones reportedly ran in the 4.3/4.4 range at the UConn pro-day today. The height, length, speed and overall athleticism is off the charts. It’s hard to imagine he doesn’t go in the top-20. You’re talking about athleticism beyond even Patrick Peterson’s level — and he’s not a bad football player either.

— I think there’s a chance another receiver or two finds their way into round one. However, there’s so much depth at the position I think teams will be tempted to wait until the second day, especially when the top three prospects (Cooper, White and Parker) leave the board. For example, it’s going to be harder for the Kansas City Chiefs to find a solid O-line addition or cornerback in round two. It’ll be much easier to find an impact receiver.

— I think the following receivers have a shot at going in round two: Perriman, Strong, Dorsett, Lockett, Agholor, D. Smith, Green-Beckham, Coates. If all of these names are still on the board after day one, it could increase the chances of Seattle moving up from #63 using one of their fourth round picks.

— There aren’t many key absentees in this first round projection. You might ask about someone like Jake Fisher — but let’s not forget Joel Bitonio was an early second rounder. Fisher and Bitonio had very similar combines and I personally think Bitonio is/was the better player.


  1. David ess

    It’s march rob. I wish it was April haha. Good read though.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Cut him a break, he is in England.. it is a month ahead 😉

      • David ess

        Forgot In England they have 31 days in April too. Haha

  2. smitty1547

    Love your sight check it out everyday, however I must admit the hawks got away of messing up the fun of first round mocks! GO GRAHAM

  3. David ess

    Also could you see the Browns throwing Manziel into a deal if they’re going with Mariota? Maybe it could help keep one of their 1st rounders and using instead one of their mid round picks.

    • rowdy

      Manziel has very little trade value at this point

      • David ess

        Well he serves no purpose on the Browns but the Titans who are in need of a QB depending on how they feel about mettenberger. I could see Browns doing a manziel + 1st and mid round. Depends on how the Titans value that second pick.

        • Ben

          Zach Mettenberger is a heck of a lot better QB than Manziel is by FAR!

          • David ess

            Now if only he can stay healthy. Two major injuries the last two years.

          • Jake

            We don’t know that after one season. Manziel is still only 21 years old, he may well surprise eventually. He certainly wouldn’t be a first round pick in a re-draft, but that doesn’t mean he has no potential to succeed if/when he gets his issues under control.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Manziel is untouchable at this point. Would be very difficult to find a buyer.

      • Coug1990

        Yes, he is not very good and you would have to take on his guaranteed contract for three more years. I cannot see any team trading for him.

  4. SunPathPaul

    Fun job Rob!

    I’ve been checking which WR’s seem to go in mocks in R2, and there seems to plenty of choices left over at #63…

    When they took Paul Richardson, it caught me off guard…he wasn’t on the radar to me and although he grew up through the year, he didn’t seem to really have instant value as a playmaker…

    Which could we take at #63 to become a playmaker? Funchess? Lockett? Dorsett? McBride? Hardy?

    Which one would fit our team and help explode this offense with new toy JG helping out?

    • jj

      This front office doesn’t look for the player that can help immediately as the prime focus of their draft decisions. They look for the player who is going to reach the highest level in year 3 and 4 of a rookie deal. For our immediate needs, we have a few specific free agent signings, developmental players from the PS and the inactive roster last season, and 19 players returning from IR.

      They will look for a player who will be a difference maker in 2016 or 2017.

      • franks

        What do you mean, nearly all our best players have been players from day 1. Kam took a season and Bruce has been improving every year, but he definitely had an impact his first. The superbowl window is now! Win Forever is now. Baldwin should be in the slot and Kearse would be a fine number 4 in my opinion. No WRs in f.a. this year.

        Paul those guys you mentioned would be great for number 63 and that’s why we need to trade up. DGB or perriman please. Plenty of ammo to get it done if they fall.

        • arias

          I agree that for high draft picks they’ve had a consistent record of using them right away. The only exception is Michael who they took a flyer on in the 2nd. Every other year their top draft pick has started right away.

          The caveat being that picking as late as the end of the 2nd round, I don’t think they were set on Britt starting last year. He just ended up starting by default because Bowie turned into a blimp and Winston just didn’t look sharp enough in camp. So whether their top pick this year will start I think will depend on if he wins the job in camp outright. I’m not sure that any receiver they grab at #63 will do that though.

          • franks

            Exactly, it’s hard to get a starting wr that late. And there’s no way 11 rookies make the 53 and p.s. and there’s no knowing how many seasons our team will be this good. Trading up looks like a no brainer to me if the f.o. doesn’t have a sleeper. Is trading a high pick in next year’s draft worth exploring?

            • arias

              Future first rounders is a tough one to give up, and it’d only be worth it if they could land a guy they had a first round grade on in this draft. Seeing how Schneider’s said they have only 16 first round grades on guys in this draft I don’t see that as a realistic possibility.

              I’d do it in an instant if they had a shot at Kevin White or Amari Cooper or Parker. But I can’t see that happening.

            • Steve Nelsen

              There is no way 11 rookies make the team. But, statistics show that you have a better chance of finding 6 good rookies who make the team with 11 picks than by trading up for fewer, higher picks.

              • Jake

                Exactly! I have been saying that since we traded for Graham. Having Graham is better than having a 1st round pick because a draft pick is just a lottery ticket, no guarantee of success. With 11 picks, they can draft 2, hopefully 3 new WRs and let them compete with the holdovers (Baldwin, Kearse, etc…). Bring in around 10-11 WRs total to camp and pick the best 5-6 after camp. Injuries will derail 2-3 of the receivers in this draft class, so realistically having more than you need is better than going all in on 1 receiver in my opinion. Look at Norwood for example, he couldn’t practice and never really was able to get on the field much as a rookie… good thing we drafted Richardson, until he went down against Carolina… good thing we also signed Matthews.

        • arias

          I forgot about Richardson, but he didn’t start right away either. In fact, he was inactive for some games before they shipped Percy out.

          • franks

            Yeah, Michael didn’t do much his second year either. Sometimes I wonder if the coaching staff is holding him back, especially when a guy like Matthews gets PT and suddenly he’s a difference maker. I’ve never trusted any coaching staff the way I do Pete’s but I have a feeling Michael can break long runs and Pete thinks he should grow up and earn it first. Certain important games, would they have have been different if we had more big plays ? Why did it take so long to get P Rich in there? Maxwell never got much of a chance until we had no other choice. Is that what its going to take for Michael? Turbines getting so much better but if he wasn’t such an iron man I think Michael would be running in TDs.

            • arias

              “especially when a guy like Matthews gets PT and suddenly he’s a difference maker”

              You know I’ve had this thought so many times myself, and Matthews break out game in the SB has just increased my skepticism. I really wish they would have played Norwood more to develop him and gave more snaps to Matthews before being forced to out of necessity in the SB.

              That said, with Michael I think it’s more that Cable is not enamored with him and that strongly affects Pete’s thinking. Just from the radio interviews I’ve heard whenever the question of Michael comes up Cable always seems so dismissive when speaking about him.

              • drewjov11

                Norwood was hurt most of the season. How could he have earned reps if he was on the sidelines? If Michael was ready he would have jumped over Turbin, at least. He doesn’t take care of the ball, can’t switch the ball to his opposite hand, and who knows if he can pass protect? This is his prove it year. Of course they want him to succeed. He’s a cheaper alternative. They are paying Lynch 12 million this season. Would they have had to do so if CM was ready? Nope.

                • Drew

                  Personally I have high hopes for Norwood, but I think he just might end up being Kearse’s replacement as a #4 guy if that. He has a BIG uphill battle this year, has a lot to prove. It certainly doesn’t help that he doesn’t play special teams, which ultimately is why Matthews got his shot.

                  • Jake

                    I think Norwood will play special teams or get cut, it’s part of the job for depth WRs and TEs. It’s really that simple. Last year, he was learning to play professional football and he dealt with a foot injury. Maybe it was healed, maybe it wasn’t – but I wouldn’t read much into the fact that he didn’t play on special teams LAST year. He was a special teamer at Alabama – he was a gunner as a sophomore and junior.

                • arias

                  You’re misremembering things drewjov11, check your sources. Norwood was not hurt for “most” of the season. He was slowed in training camp and he and the team decided he’d have surgery to clean up some bone spurs in his foot that were posing to give him long term problems. So he missed the first 2-3 weeks of the season recovering but that didn’t end up mattering anyway since not even Richardson saw consistent playing time until the St Louis game after Percy was traded.

                  The reason he didn’t see much playing time is that the only wideouts that do are the 3 starters in their three wide sets that they most commonly trot out there. They don’t go more than 3 wide very often so they’d have to design trick plays for other guys like Lockette and Richardson in game 3 to get them on the field to get 5-8 snaps a game.

                  Everyone else is going to have to wait their turn. That meant Norwood and Richardson was inactive a lot before Percy left and Norwood remained inactive even after he left. So what good would it be to draft a receiver if he’s just going to sit inactive?

                  • Steele1324

                    This raises the uncomfortable issue of Bevell, and his playbook. Going forward, they really must be more flexible and creative—proactively—to make better use of talent. I am hoping that this camp will be an intense competition pitting many new WRs against each other, as well as with existing guys. Clean slate.

          • SunPathPaul

            That’s what needs to be different this year. You forgot about Richardson because he didn’t have any affect until later on in the season. If we can get Funchess or Lockett at #63, hopefully both would made day one receptions and impact! I wonder if our hyper-protective ball security program makes RW hesitate sometimes when big plays could be made. If so, Jimmy G and Devin Funchess would for some big safe targets out there!

            • franks

              If one of those guys could do it, that would be great obviously… I think or ball security program speaks well for itself but what would russell do if he could air it out? Needs wr.s first.

            • arias

              It’s really frustrating having to speculate on why they don’t play guys sooner that appear to us to have far higher ceilings than the guys they have out there. I just think the presence of Kearse just blocks those guys from getting game time that they should be getting.

              My problem with Richardson was how he was used after he started finally seeing playing time from the St Louis game on. He was seeing the 4 targets on average a game that each of our wideouts seems to get. But he’s supposed to our Z guy and the only guy with speed. Yet 22 of his 41 targets were passes of under 10 yards. WTF?

              • franks

                I’ve had that thought too, and I instinctively blame it on Bevel every time. Do I know what I’m talking about No, but there are so many things we do offensively that don’t make sense. Someones doing too much thinking. It’s like he’s playing rock paper scissors with scissors every time, just waiting for someone to come out with paper and more often than not getting smashed. You get a guy for his speed and don’t let him go deep? BEVELLLLLLL

                • arias

                  Exactly. He didn’t have a catch for a deep ball all season. Not ONE!

                  Though he should have caught the one that he got injured on and would have if Russ hadn’t under thrown him.

                  • MoondustV

                    In fact there is one when vs. Eagles, but I also seriously doubt the way SEA used P-Rich.

                  • arias

                    He had 2 receptions against the Eagles, the longest one being a 19 yard reception where he runs for 1 YAC to make it officially 20 yards. So I guess you could kind of sort of say that was a deep ball, but do you really? It only barely qualifies because his 1 YAC. That’s not kind of deep ball I’m thinking of though that I thought as the starting Z he should be getting.

                    I’m thinking of a corner, post, or fade route that actually goes the distance where he legs out separation using his superior speed and is off to the races. Those kinds of balls kept getting heaved generously at Kearse who they WOULD have running those sorts of routes. I just never understood why it seemed like every time they threw it PRich’s way it’s like they were using him as a classic dink and dunk receiver to catch short stuff underneath. It really seemed like such a wasteful and inefficient way to utilize him while reserving all the deep stuff for Kearse.

                  • MoondustV

                    I checked my game video, actually RW3 threw that pass nearly 15 yds behind the line of scrimmage, so I’d regard that reception as a deep ball. But I agree with your rest of words. When will Bevell find the 2012 version of himself?

                  • Jake

                    Yes, it was horrifying when you watch the replay… I’m not saying I blame Russ for the injury, but if he just throws it out there Rich is breezing into the endzone, no contact – no injury.

              • vrtkolman

                I recall he couldn’t get any separation at all on his deep routes last year. Kearse is actually the better deep threat right now because he actually produces in that role.

                • arias

                  There had to be a reason and that’s as good a one as any. I remember towards the end of the year after he finally recorded his first touchdown (that the refs didn’t call back on someone elses penalty, he had two TDs annulled that way) in the after game interview he was saying no one had really seen his speed yet which he was looking forward to unleashing since no one was game planning for it.

                  I’m thinking to myself, well yeah, we keep hearing about it too but we’ve never seen it.
                  Has he never developed a way to use it in the NFL?

                  That’s why whoever they do choose at WR this time I would hope they’d be willing and able to make larger contributions more immediately. It was ridiculously how slowly PRich and Norwood came along last year even though we were desperate for WR help. It made no sense and was totally counter-intuitive.

                  Makes me worried that any WR drafted is just going to be colossally wasted all the same.

                  • williambryan

                    All this is fine speculation but why did every beat writer consistently say that Richardson was burning the legion of boom every practice? Even seattle a backup DBs have proven to be vary good, so if Prich is beating them, it is aggravating that he wasn’t fully unleashed on opposing teams.

                    The thing that gets me is Carroll is always talking about he loves to play the young guys, going back to USC, but does he really? Some cases yes, like Sweezy, and in most other cases the answer seems to be no. Now he has lead the the team to two super bowls so he is obviously making very good choices either way, and the reality is Bevell’s offense has been one of the better performers in a lot of ways two. Though it’s always hard to accurately parse out praise, I give most of the credit for the offensive success to Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. Both of them make plays, big plays, that quite simply no one else could make. If Tjack and Turbin started half the games I think Bevell’s offense would look horrible, but then again, wouldn’t most offenses with backups starting look bad? Probably… But what I’m trying to say is play Christine Michael!!!!

                  • arias

                    Good points. And the fact that Chris Matthews monster game he did after being forced into action does seem to reinforce the idea that they’re way too tentative about using guys that we never see play.

              • LikwidIce

                Arias, I completely agree with you on Kearse. Wish I could be GM for a day just to cut him and save that 2nd rd tender cap room. Kearse is only creating a log-jam at WR. I’d rather have a walk on taking his snaps.

                • arias

                  ROFL. Yeah seriously. I completely agree. Now especially with them poised to take one or even two more wideouts in this coming draft I don’t see how Kearse starting ahead of them will do anything but hurt the development of the talent they’ve got behind him with a guy that can’t possibly be in their long term plans.

                  • Jake

                    Kearse has his faults, but he also has his usefulness. I mean, sure he can be infuriating at times and we all want to know what the guys behind him could do – but he makes HUGE plays. His resume is packed with highlights at the moment we need him most. I am not ready to cut and run from a guy who’s that big in big moments.

                  • arias

                    Sure. But if it weren’t for Chris Matthews and a little luck, our season would have stopped at the NFCCG with Kearse as the goat of that game.

                    He came up big the fifth time he was thrown to that day. It’s great he caught it but really, in cover 0 single coverage with no safety help, it was also a bit overdue don’t you think? A 20% catch rate is failure in this league, that’s far below the threshold of what is acceptable or expected of a wideout with a roster spot. A 20% catch rate in the NFCCG? Ok, I’m willing to give him a pass based on his ’13 clutch grab in the NFCCG. But his inconsistency, should it continue, is going to cost us games. You can’t expect us to keep having to overcome his mistakes by getting lucky so that he is even in position to perform great late game catches. Luck runs out at some point, making it completely undependable to use as a strategy for keeping Kearse on the roster.

                  • arias

                    And being directly responsible for two picks that day?

                    He gets a pass from me until next season but I really wish the coaches would have a little less tolerance towards the inconsistency. He’ll be in his 4th year and expectations need to be communicated to him that more is expected of him. Else there should be a quick hook for younger guys with a higher ceiling.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they need another impact player, someone with a difference making quality or two on the outside. At #63 I think you can make a case based on pure talent for Devin Smith, DGB, Dorsett, Agholor or one or two others.

      • franks

        There seems to be some mainstream consensus that DGB will go R1.

    • Drew

      If Funchess is there at 63 I’d take him without hesitation. I’d be surprised if he is though.

  5. CHawk Talker Eric

    OAK goes Cooper over White? Not that I disagree in the least, just curious why you have them going that way.

    Also, speaking of OAK, any chance they go Leonard Williams and address WR in R2 now that they’ve parted ways with Antonio Smith?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, a young / good DT might be in their future. So much for a #1 WR for Carr.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Imagine if the Raiders got Beasley…. then would have Mack, Moore and Beasley across the LB group… that would be one of the best young LB groups in the NFL.. hands down.

        • arias

          Heh. Norton would have a blast coaching up such an elite group.

        • Drew

          That’d be downright scary. I’m hoping Beasley goes to the Jags to be Gus’ LEO.

          • arias

            I bet Quinn would think he struck gold if Beasley fell to him at #8.

    • Rob Staton

      Cooper still an incredible talent. The most natural WR to enter the league since AJ Green.

      • Jake

        I agree Rob, Cooper is considered “limited” for some unknown reason, since he isn’t 6’5. He reminds me a lot of Marvin Harrison. I think he’s the best player in this draft.

    • CD

      I agree, before FA started a lot of people were expecting Oakland (with lots of cap room) to make a push for Suh, but it really didn’t happen. I wonder if they just felt like L Williams was the guy they are going to take at a much cheaper salary.

      • Jake

        I’ll tell you what, I have a job offer for you (you’re 26 years old)…

        Offer #1: I will give you 100 million dollars to come live in Oakland, CA (state taxes will cut out about 9 million of that).

        Offer #2: I will give you 100 million dollars to come live in Miami, FL (no state taxes).

        I’m from Sacramento, CA, I’m 37 years old and even I would choose offer #2. Oakland never had a chance once Miami decided they were just as willing to pay a DT quarterback money.

  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    It is the fun time of year.. MOCK DRAFTS!!!! Can;’ be worse than Kiper right????

    A few of my takes on the draft…
    I’m 98.9% sure the Jaguars are going to take Vic Beasley. He would be a MONSTER in their defense.
    I like the Eric Rowe pick for the Patriots, but I’m leaning towards another recent riser at #32, CB Byron Jones.
    (I notice he was already gone on your mock)

    I love the RAMS pick, nice fit for them. Scary if they get him IRL however.

    I’m gently leaning towards White to the Raiders, even though there is evidence they would take Williams if he were available at their pick. Then I’m sure the Redskins would grab Williams at #5, if he were available. Otherwise I’m leaning towards Shelton. They need some beef in the suddenly rush heavy NFCE.

    The Packers sleeper 1st round pick…. LB Stephone Anthony out of Clemson. Absolutely perfect fit.

    The guy that is hard to predict where he will end up….. Cooper. He is giving me all kinds of mock draft fits.

  7. CC

    Nice mock Rob – and I agree that there will likely be a run on CBs.

    Cleveland is going to have to do something after the Manziel Fiasco. Those poor Browns fans – I keep thinking about the guy who keeps adding the names of the new QBs to his jersey – starting with Tim Couch.

    Grateful that we have Russell Wilson – now let’s get him a little more help on the line and a receiver or 2.

  8. rowdy

    Rob, you don’t think j Collins will fall a little bit with the foot surgery? I don’t see him falling out of the first

    • rowdy

      But 11 caught me by surprise

    • Rob Staton

      If he’s healthy for camp I think his stock will be fine. Very talented.

  9. Steele1324

    It will be painful to see all of the other teams getting players we like.

    As for Perriman, Strong, Dorsett, Lockett, Agholor, D. Smith, Green-Beckham, Coates. If I’m the Hawks, I don’t trade up for any of them.

    • Drew

      Personally I think Coates is a round 3-4 guy. All he is, is a physical speciman. What I see when watching him play, and it was even more evident during the combine without pads…is how stiff he is. He is not smooth at all, real herky jerky and boards for hands.

      Yes his physical, down field speed and size, but I don’t see him learning how to run smooth routes, or being able to out jump AND adjust to the ball in the air consistently. I think Waller is a much better prospect, much better athlete, smooth, and I don’t think learning how to run routes will be anymore difficult for him.

  10. Ukhawk

    Requesting 2 rounds henceforth please… spark without a hawks pick

    • Rob Staton

      It’s coming on Wednesday.

      • Ukhawk


        Btw. I’d like a trade up for the right player namely Harold, Perriman, Cameron but they are likely gone

  11. Christian

    Anyone had a look at Justin Coleman, Tennessee for nickel CB? Measurables seem decent but don’t know much more about the player

    • CC

      A few blog posts ago I asked the same question. I believe V12 had some good info, but I can’t find which blog it was on. But my memory is that he didn’t have the arm length that Seattle drafts > 32inch.

  12. EranUngar

    Just a reminder for us all –

    2 years ago they picked Michael and Hill on day 2 and none of them were on our lists.

    Last year we thought it’s all about winning the contested chatch etc and they picked PRich and Britt on day 2. Again, none of them were on our lists. (At least i was right predicting they will trade back with a QB seeking team…lol)

    The more we feel we know what they are looking for the less likly we are to pick a winner.

    They do see things very differently.

    • arias

      Yup. We should get a live pool going and whoever guesses the most picks right wins the pool. I think nobody would get anyone right though. Or the one that gets one pick right would probably win the pool.

    • Beanhawk

      Playing devil’s advocate here, Kip was touting Michael from the get-go in 2013, and Rob repeatedly discussed Hill that year too. The year before, Kip and Rob discussed Irvin (though not that early) and Wilson. And if the war room facial reactions are to be believed, last year we were hoping Dominique Easley would drop to #32, a player oft-mentioned on the blog. We honestly haven’t been terrible at reading the wants of this front office; not to mention each year we learn more about their preferences.

      But to your point, PRich and Britt were indeed surprises (following Rob’s lead, we had all assumed that a bigger receiver was in order, and Britt was projected by most sites as a 4th-5th round pick). That is definitely the fun part of the drafting process! And based on Seahawks history, we might very well talk about the player on the blog here, but take him at least two rounds before projected.

      • Coug1990

        Hey, what ever happened to Kip?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Totally disagree Eran.

      2 years ago Rob highlighted both CMike and Hill on SDB. I became so enamored with CMike that I was convinced SEA would take them in R2. I also was pretty sure they would trade down before the did, and they did.

      I wasn’t certain about Hill, but Rob sure was.

      Point being, Rob nailed those picks well in advance.

      • williambryan

        Yeah I remember that as well. Also remember Michael broadcasting that he wanted to be a seahawk weeks before the draft

  13. arias

    Cable spotted at FSU pro day. Speculation is he’s getting an up close look at All-ACC Tre Jackson and Josue Matias. The star attraction of course is Cameron Irving but he’ll be long gone.

    • Steele1324

      What would you think about Tre Jackson—instead of Sambrailo?

      • arias

        Those pancake blocks he’s got going on are sweet!

        As a prospect he sounds a lot like Carpenter but I can’t hold that against him until I learn more about him. Carp could have been a decent player if he was more disciplined and took his off season conditioning more seriously instead of constantly feeding his face.

        But the similar flags to Carpenter are there. He’ll have to keep his weight and conditioning under control. His combine measurables were meh, especially his short arms, shorter than Sambrailo. Can he play center? Maybe that’s not as much of an issue if he’s playing center.

        He’s not going to be able to overpower guys in the pros like we see on some of those blocks where he just knocks a guy on his ass. He was suppose to be one of those high football IQ types, but it makes me wonder why he never refined more of his technique if he is so I’d be worried about whether that translates to the pros.

        I love his college tape more than what I’ve seen of Sambrailo. I think Sambrailo’s game translates better at this point though. I think I’d still take Sambrailo.

        What about you?

  14. MoondustV

    The failure in 2013 and 2014 draft does hurt my confidence in SEA’s draft strategy, especially Britt. Are they actually drafted a Guard who cannot stop any edge pass rushers? -17.4 pass block rating by PFF. Lord.

    So forgive me for my lack of trust in Tom Cable.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ll keep asking if you keep bringing this up:

      Which rookie RT in the League you’d prefer to have over Britt?

      • MoondustV

        Actually… evaluating by PFF system, Cornelius Lucas, UDFA from Kansas State, grade -5.3 in pass block. Although he only played 526 snaps.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          That’s a tough comparison to sell – DET is a pass oriented offense with a pocket QB and a power run scheme.

          That’s worlds apart from a run-centric abs offense with a highly mobile QB who is coached to scramble.

          • CHawk Talker Eric


        • arias

          Hey MoondustV,

          The Britt grades might get you down if you look at the entire season grade, but look how well he played in pass protection towards the end of the season from Arizona on. He had his arguably best game of the season in the season finale against St Louis while pitted against their ferocious rushers.

          Also look at how well he played in the Super Bowl. He didn’t give up a single pressure. I discount the Super Bowl a little bit because it’s obvious the Pats game plan was to NOT rush Wilson but instead try to contain him to the pocket and drop defenders back to defend his passes when he went to throw.

          Usually rookies are exhausted and hit the dreaded “rookie wall” towards the final games of the season. Britt actually improved and played outstanding into the postseason. He did sit out the NFCCG from injury, but otherwise I still find it remarkable his play didn’t just fall apart towards the end of the season. His conditioning must have been superb.

      • MoondustV

        BTW, even Michael Bowie played better than Britt in 2013. 599 snaps, +2.9 grade(-3.2 in pass block, +6.7 in run block). And Bowie was drafted in 7th rd…

        • Geoffu

          PFF grades are a very suspect and arbitrary. While I don’t mind them being brought up, please don’t hold to them like they’re some kind of ultimate truth or authority on anything.

          • williambryan

            Not a fan of advanced stats either but anyone with eyes could see that Bowie was pretty great after his first game. There had to be a falling out there or something. I don’t know if Bowie bought in the way Carroll likes.

            • Jake

              They tried to stash him using the injury waiver system (like they did Anthony McCoy, Jesse Williams, etc) – they didn’t cut him outright. I felt at the time that part of the reason they kept discussing his weight was to help dissuade other teams from putting in a waiver claim. The Browns (surprisingly) claimed him on the injury waiver wire despite his injury AND his weight. It was a risk, it didn’t work out – but it made sense because they were trying to send a message, use the roster spot for a healthy player, AND keep him on IR.

          • arias

            I’ve found that their grades on offensive linemen and cornerbacks seem to be the best and most consistent to how well the players in those position groups play when comparing to the tape on a snap by snap basis. I haven’t seen anything to indicate they are arbitrary at all. I believe it’s because they’re the two positions where it’s fairly straightforward watching the tape who each player’s assignment is to grade how well they performed their responsibilities on that play and how well they completed their assignment. It’s not always clear, but a strong majority of the time with those positions. My respect for their evaluations in those two areas have only grown as I’ve double checked their work with tape and All 22.

            Other positions like quarterback, I agree can seem very arbitrary and I don’t find it terribly consistent. I think there’s work to be done in refining their formula there, and there’s still so much that can’t be discerned like adjustments made pre-snap that can’t possibly factor into QB grades. It’s just way too complex a position with a lot going on and it’s hard to pin down why it seems so arbitrary sometimes.

            But IMO, the Britt evaluations are legit.

  15. chris

    why are most people down on britt? the dude was a rookie who seemed to get better as the season went on and i think played very well in the playoffs.

    • Bruce M.

      I think the concern is that he can’t pass block reliably in the NFL, and may not have the athleticism to learn. Because he must get significantly better at it to remain a starting right OT.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’ll keep asking if you keep bringing this up:

        Which rookie RT in the League you’d prefer to have over Britt?

        • Coug1990

          People used to say the same thing about Breno when he first became a starter. People constantly wrote that he was a turnstile and a penalty machine. Breno didn’t become a fulltime starter until his 5th year in the league. Breno continued to get better and went from a bad RT to an asset. I am not sure why people think that Britt should be a finished product already or that he will not get much better. He already is light years ahead of where Breno was at the same stage.

      • OZ

        He’ll be fine!!!!

      • Dawgma

        Pretty much this. I’d be okay with his performance if he was a plus athlete who could grow over his second and third season. But he’s not. He just is what he is – a slightly above average run blocker who lacks the athleticism to be anything but a liability in pass protection.

        Really, has Cable made an early pick that wasn’t at least a little bit questionable? You’ve basically got Britt, Moffat, and Carpenter taken in the last first or early second. Not exactly a track record that inspires a lot of confidence.

        • Coug1990

          Could you say the same thing about John Schneider and QB’s?. His first three were Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn.

        • jj

          Britt is a plus athlete scoring 1.1 and 1.4 zscores above the average nfl tackle in SPARQ. Check out the sparq 2014fieldgulls database.

    • vrtkolman

      Agree, I thought his pass blocking was very solid in his two playoff games. Carolina especially, he handled a star rusher in Charles Johnson very well. The other rookie tackles didn’t exactly do any better. I actually think tackle is a strength for this team next year with him and Okung, they just need some more depth.

  16. drewjov11

    Britt was awful at times and solid at times. In other words, he was a rookie starter in the NFL. If he can improve his kick step and mirror more consistently he will be s olid starter at RT. If not, he will eventually move inside.

  17. AlaskaHawk

    Good article on guards in Sports Ill website. Top five guards are gone by end of second round. I would really like the Seahawks to get some starters out of this draft. I’m thinking that by the time we pick the best receivers will be gone and the rest are basically the same through round four. So why not guard round 2 and center round 3. Get the right players for those two key positions. Then let’s the other 9 picks fight for a spot on the team.

  18. CHawk Talker Eric

    Interesting rumor that OAK may either trade down and take a WR or trade up for Leonard Williams (I’m guessing with TEN).

    I get their interest in Williams, but even if he’s their guy, the only reason I can see for doing this is because they’re convinced JAX will take him at #3.

  19. Dan

    Perriman’s stock has shot through the roof since his pro-day

    • Steele1324

      Not a huge loss if they miss him. He has questionable hands.

    • realrhino2

      I don’t really get this. I also am not sure I believe it. We hear a lot about guys’ stock going way up due to a workout at the combine or their pro day. If they are/were so great, why wasn’t it on the film? Wow, he’s super fast. So why didn’t that show on film? Byron Jones is fast and can jump. Okay, and he’s got decent film, but if he’s the best CB athlete since Peterson, why weren’t people talking about him as elite during the season? I get that you can coach a guy up and all that, but at some point, if you don’t see it on film I’m not sure it will ever translate.

    • Jake

      Stock doesn’t change just because mock drafters make adjustments. The teams ultimately decide what a player’s stock is and it didn’t change, it was just determined at the moment their name was announced. Which is why I find draft grades and the term “reach” and “steal” ridiculous. Mocks provide fans a basis for understanding what players are in the draft and a VERY rough estimate on where their stock MAY be. Its why people underestimate a player’s ability to start as a rookie unless they’re a top pick. Ryan Tannehill was a top-10 pick, but only played QB for two years at Texas A&M and he was 22 years old. Russell Wilson was the 75th pick, but played in pro style offenses at two places with two different playbooks. He was also 24 years old and had prior experience in professional sports. Get rid of the pick position and you immediately realize Wilson was MUCH more “pro ready” than Tannehill and it showed. There will be day 3 picks that have been starting at one position for 4 years, in pro style offenses/defenses. They may lack huge upside – but they’ll be ready to play day one at a solid level. K.J. Wright was as prepared to start as anyone as a rookie, and he was a day 3 pick. Look at Keenan Allen, his “upside” was in question, but he entered the NFL as a good route runner, fast enough, and smart – immediate impact (ditto Jordan Matthews). If Norwood had been healthy in camp, he would likely have had a big impact as a rookie too.

      JS has picked gems over and over in the later rounds by picking which flaws are irrelevant and which strengths are unique. The overvalued are not for this team, if there’s a lot of buzz – the Seahawks are probably not interested.

  20. Brad

    Shane Ray to the Niners and Bud Dupree to the Cards! Dang Rob, I thought I was leader if the doomsayers.

    • Steele1324

      The price paid for success. Every other team has fun loading up at draft time.

  21. CC

    I did some more research on DeAndre Smelter – he’s recovering from an ACL tear so hasn’t been able to run. This guy seems extremely Seahawky. Competitor, played and was drafted by the Twins in baseball. In GT offense he knew that he wouldn’t get the ball often, so needed to catch everything.

    The more I look at this young man, the more I think he could be the second of the 2 receivers drafted – maybe in the 6th. He breaks tackles and reminds me of a taller Golden.

    • Steele1324

      I like Smelter. If not for his injury, I think he would be a top half of the draft pick, if not higher. A protype big WR. 6-2 226, 32 inch arms, 11 inch hands. Tough, adequate speed. I see him compared to Eric Decker. A great low round/UDFA option for a team that can redshirt him.

    • Jake

      My language CC!! I love Smelter, he is a monster and uncoverable in one on one situations. Yeah, the injury sucks – but he’s the next in line of GT WRs to be a better pro than college player.

  22. Steele1324

    I want to reiterate my disinterest in Tyler Lockett. Apologies to Rob, but I just do not see anything that distinguishes him from the pack, nothing you can’t get with many other WRs, certainly not worth a trade up for him.

    This extensive tape study shows him body catching, not doing a good job with physical defenders, mistiming the high point, etc. not doing the very important technical things (that I see in abundance in Kenny Bell’s film). Lockett may make one great play, but blah on far more.

    As a slot, he is adequate, but so are many. I don’t get how he has lately been singled out as special.

    • CC

      Lockett, like a few of these guys may be drafted for their special teams ability, basically replacing Brian Walters. IMO that is why they brought in Ty Montgomery and Chris Harper. Lockett, Dorsett, Agholor, Bell and a few others all have the ability to return and “tilt the field.” So, while I understand that Lockett may not be the typical slot guy – if he can be the returner he’ll have a spot on the team. I think a case could be made for drafting any of these guys – throw in McBride as well.

      I also think you have to look at the offense they were coming from – for a lot of these players, they didn’t have great QBs to work with. But in space, Lockett has some moves.

  23. realrhino2

    I know the 2nd round mock isn’t even up yet, but I’m starting to think another trade back is more likely than a trade up. Somebody earlier mentioned a “sweet spot” in the draft. From all the mocks I’m seeing, it unfortunately looks like that is in the middle of the 2nd round, where all the guys that get me really interested are getting mocked to other teams. But then again I see all kinds of interesting guys in the early to middle 3rd, who don’t look any worse than what may be there at #63.

  24. TJ

    The Seahawks FO sure has taken the fun out of 1st round mock drafts over the last few years… I’m certainly not complaining though.

    • Jake

      With the first pick in the 2015 draft, the Seahawks select… Jimmy Graham, TE Miami (we’ve looked into the future and apparently this guy will be an all-pro at the NFL level).

      • Jake

        I don’t know about you, but I know I enjoyed the heck out of the first round…

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