First rounder Shon Coleman dominates vs Texas A&M (tape)

At last.

Shon Coleman has some tape on Draft Breakdown. It’s a good one too — his matchup against Texas A&M and Myles Garrett.

For those not familiar with Garrett, he will likely be a top-five pick in 2017. He and LSU running back Leonard Fournette are the two outstanding 2017 eligible prospects in college football.

Watch the video for yourself (Garrett wears #15). Number of times Garrett beats Coleman? Zero.

I’ve listed some of the highlights below. It’s also worth paying attention to how often Auburn ran to Coleman’s side and gained positive yardage. They recorded 311 (!!!) rushing yards in the game and won 26-10.

This is a masterful performance by a prospect who deserves to be ranked with the elite players eligible for the 2016 draft. There’s only one tackle that comes even close to his level of talent and that’s Ole Miss’ Laremy Tunsil.

If Shon Coleman isn’t a first round prospect then I’m an Australian.

Adding to everything is the tremendous strength of character he’s shown to beat cancer and pursue his dream to play football.

0:54 — Look at the combination of an effective kick slide, gaining early position and a powerful jolt to the D-end. The pass rusher doesn’t know what to do here. Coleman has the leverage and the end just accepts he’s beaten and stops trying to get to the QB.

1:11 — Garrett fakes the inside move by dropping the shoulder before attempting to dart on the outside. Coleman again is in position so quickly. His drop and set is exceptional. Look at that for a kick slide. Text book. He doesn’t bite on Garrett’s double move and just absorbs him, giving the QB enough time to fire for a first down.

1:51 — This is a really fantastic play that shows he can be just as effective in the run game as pass protection. Coleman dips inside to slam the defensive tackle off balance before locking on to a linebacker at the second level to spring the running back for a huge gain. Coleman’s second level block on the LB gets the back an extra 35-yards. If he doesn’t make that block it might not even be a first down conversion. Just brilliant.

3:41 — Coleman engages the defensive tackle, drives him backwards eight yards and then dumps him on his ass. Enough said. I shouted at the TV when I saw this live.

4:55 — Auburn tries an end-around. Coleman engages at the LOS and then pulls to his left to act as an open-field blocker. He decleats a defensive back who tries to make a play by the sideline. Just buries him. Extra yardage gained.

5:39 — Coleman blocks Garrett inside and drives him out of the play to open up a huge running lane.

6:18 — Second level blocking again. Locates the linebacker, drives him well out of the play. Big run for Auburn.

6:30 — Count how many seconds Garrett engages Coleman and cannot get off the block. Ok I’ll tell you anyway — it’s five seconds. After five seconds Coleman lets go because the running back is well clear of the first down marker. Dominating run blocking. Again.

7:55 — Coleman drives #40 six yards beyond the LOS as Auburn convert the first down running to his side. Power, technique, finish.

Shon Coleman looks like a NFL ready, complete left tackle with ideal size, length, athleticism, power in the run game and foot-speed to kick-slide and set. There isn’t a range in round one I’d feel uncomfortable taking him.

Need more convincing?

Here he is giving Georgia’s Leonard Floyd a tour of the car park:


  1. C-Dog

    Fantastic looking tape. Seems like a Tom Cable kind of run blocker, for sure. What’s your estimate on the likelihood, when all said and done, he’s sitting in the late teens where Seattle is likely to draft?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to tell. Good OL’s have been there. Ju’Wuan James was a personal favourite. Ditto Joel Bitonio. But I think Coleman deserves to go very early.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I loved Bitonio, and was annoyed Seattle didn’t jump on him. Kind of have that early excitement followed by dread feeling I had 2 years ago regarding Aaron Donald that once he gets to the combine, he’s shooting right up out of position. Fortunately, they should be in great position to pick up someone else who will help, and dang, this is the guy they need for the zone read. If he’s sitting at their pick and they take someone else, or trade out of it, I think my head will explode.

  2. Trevor

    Great breakdown Rob! The more I see Coleman the more I like him. #1 OL prospect in the draft. Unfortunately playing in the SEC and with the tape he has put down this year I don’t see anyway he will be there when we pick. In a perfect world he is our #1 pick and combines with Okung to be one of the best bookend tackle combos in the league. With his run blocking in our scheme he would be a pro bowler in a year or two.

    The only thing that will hurt more than him going early in round one would be if he fell to us and we passed. Definitely the top Seahawks target / prospect in this draft given this teams needs.

  3. Trevor

    Rob what are your thoughts on Shawn Oakman? Is he someone the hawks would consider in Rd 2 just given his athleticism and size the play the Red Bryant DE role? I know he has not has a great year but seems like the perfect athlete for that position.

    • Rob Staton

      A player I’d happily watch another team draft. Intriguing physical skills but has never put it together for a complete, productive season. Just doesn’t do enough. Ugly tape. Majorly underwhelming. Would avoid.

  4. Ed

    I know the Hawks have passed on OL (Bitonio) in the late 1st, but it’s usually not value to get the 6th best OL in the 1st round. Which once again, can be what happens. Assuming we pick 25+, Coleman/Conklin/Decker/Tunsil/Stanley will all be gone.

    So my question is, do the Hawks:

    1. Draft another position (CB/LB/WR)
    2. Trade back for OT in 2nd (Ifedi/Spriggs/Murphy)
    3. Trade back for value at (CB/LB/S)
    4. Trade up to 15-20 for Decker/Conklin/Stanley

    • Volume12

      Depending on where they pick, I trade back. But, it also depends on whose still on the board.

      • Volume12

        I’ll be shocked if Seattle takes a DB before the 4th-5th round range.

        The only other position I could see them drafting with their 1st overall selection this year would be OLB/SAM.

        There’s more than likely going to be a couple OL that emerge as borderline 1st rounders when all-star games, combine, pro days, player visits to team facilities are being wrapped up.

        • C-Dog

          Seattle reached at 25 in 2011 to draft James Carpenter and then reached 2 years ago at the bottom of the R2 on Justin Britt. If there’s one position group they don’t hesitate to reach, it’s OL. They could go WR or pass rusher. But you know they love trading back.

          • Volume12

            I could see them reaching on an OL. Whether they should or not, your right, they do it every year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Trade back for Bisnowaty.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Or just take him with their R1 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Bisnowaty should be included in #2 IMO.

      • Nem Beselek

        This guy Coleman I love. As important as left tackles are, if actual NFL scouts and GMs don’t rate him as high as you do then there is something wrong with their systems.
        Bisnowaty though is a different deal for me, I really don’t see what everybody else seems to see in that guy. To me it looked like he regularly fell off his block in just a little over a second, and rarely held his block as long as two seconds. It also seemed to me that he dropped his head trying to keep up with his guy.
        What about him is it you guys see?

    • Jarhead

      Are you saying that Bitonio was the 6th best lineman in that draft? Because he is by far and away the best. And it isn’t even close. Greg Robinson and Jake Matthews have had nowhere near the impact that Bitonio has had. MAYBE Zach Martin but I think he is the product of an overall better unit. Taylor Lewan has looked serviceable but by no means is Bitonio the 6th best lineman of that class

      • Ed

        Thanks to Rob, everyone knew that going in, but ratings wise he went exactly where scouts and teams rated him. I guess that could be a blessing if they continue to see Coleman as a late rounder. My point being, the top 6 OT will be off the board and that is the teams biggest weakness.

        Rob, I wouldn’t want a Bitonio situation again, would you be ok with Bisnowaty at 25-30?

  5. Volume12

    Watching that film of Shon Coleman against one of the best pass rushers in CFB, I felt the same way. Just blown away by how good he is.

    This is why I posted it on the last thread. If ya had any doubts about what kind of prospect this guy is, this video should ease those and put ’em to rest.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      If he is soooooo good, he will be gone before the #21 pick

    • David M2

      It would be nice to see him take the Shane Ray slide during the draft.

      Now all we have to do is figure out who is going to plant a little weed in his car a few nights before the draft and then take him out for a few drinks in the new Ferrari they just bought while kindly offering to let him drive it home while thoughtfully not letting him know that first gear doesn’t work.

      Anybody up for the challenge?

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Love his tape. Watch him vs Ole Miss at about the 1:25 mark make a sack-saving block.

  7. DC

    Rob you do this shit every year, God bless you. I fall in love with your gem while they remain mysteriously under the radar to the masses of mockers and then take a stake through the heart watching him get drafted by someone else. Coleman looks Legit to say the least.

    If all of their R1 graded OTs are off the board would they consider trading down and selecting Notre Dame C/G Nick Martin with their first pick (I know you prefer a vet)? I’m going with the theory that if my brother is a good lineman then I will be good too. See Pouncey brothers.

    • DC

      Alright, I’m sold hook, line and sinker on Shon Coleman. He’s got to be a Seahawk. We can only hope that his age of 24 years as of Nov. 25th(happy birthday!) and his health concerns due to cancer allow him to drift within striking range of Seattle’s selection. Idk where that will be but in his case I would not hesitate to move up if our 3rd round comp pick did the job. He looks that good.

      With Okung(got to keep him imo) & Coleman the OT positions are set. We can go one of many directions at OG depending on how the season plays out and how much $$$ we will allocate. Maybe Sweezy, maybe Boone, maybe drafting Tretola or Bisnowaty, maybe Glowinski steps up and maybe Britt keeps his job. As for the C position, here are the currently projected free agents for 2016:
      2015 Team
      C Lyle Sendlein ARI
      C Gino Gradkowski ATL
      C Ryan Jensen BAL RFA
      C Will Montgomery CHI
      C T.J. Johnson CIN
      C Matt Paradis DEN
      C Manny Ramirez DET
      C Taylor Boggs DET RFA
      C Cody White HOU
      C Stefen Wisniewski JAX
      C Ryan Wendell NE
      C Dallas Reynolds NYG
      C Tony Bergstrom OAK
      C David Molk PHI RFA
      C Doug Legursky PIT
      C Patrick Lewis SEA RFA
      C Tim Barnes STL

      I know little about any of those guys. I consider Mack a pipe dream at this point, so either take a look at one of these guys above or work the later draft/UDFA group and hope to unearth someone. Or do something else in a Seahawky kinda way.

      So an early draft look of:
      1, OT Shon Coleman, Auburn
      2, RB Alex Collins, Arkansas
      3, OG Sebastian Tretola, Arkansas/OT Adam Bisnowaty, PITT
      3c, traded in move up for Coleman

      Going to run the ball down peoples throat all game long. The turnstile to pass rush Russell Wilson from the right side is officially closed. Coleman is good enough that Graham can be freed up to run routes. The defense spends at least 5 minutes less per game on the field as the offense controls time of possession keeping them fresh. 4th quarter flame outs are over. Life is grand.

      Coleman speaking to D lineman in tribute to Monty Python, “None shall pass…”

      Full marks Rob! Excellent find!

  8. DC

    And GO DAWGS!!! 45-10…

    • sdcoug

      sure looked good facing a freshman with zero career starts, I’ll give ’em that.

      • DC

        UW needed a 6th win and WSU already did the nation a great service by taking down the Ducks this year. So everybody wins, sort of.

        • Volume12

          Well, if the ol’ pirate…let me clear my throar aka Mike Leach didn’t play Luke Falk at home on the Palouse agaunst the worst team the PAC 12 has had to offer for awhile in Colorado he woulda been playing instead of Bender.

          Udub does have the no. 1 ranked defense in the conference for a reason.

          • sdcoug

            sorry man but you don’t sit your starters. Did Russ sit our against SF? This whole comment is just….

            and that Colorado team also won a few games and took a few others to the wire.

            • Volume12

              Dude, he had a head injury from the prior game. And he’s a kid. Sorry man, you don’t play kids with head injuries.

              • sdcoug

                And so did Budda Baker yet he played the following week. Did you even watch the UCLA game?…Falk came back to play the entire second half and was fine; not even ruled a concussion. SO yeah…no reason for him not to be the starting QB against Colo

  9. Jimmy Chitwood

    Dillon Gordon is another one to keep an eye on. He has been playing TE for LSU, but at a listed 6-5 and 308lbs appears to have outgrown that position. He also does not catch the ball much so a move to OT seems likely. He could be a nice sleeper pick until the combine when his quickness will have him on everyone’s radar. Watch how he gets down field and blocks CB”s and Safeties.

    Here is a tape of #85.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      He’s one I’ve been watching. Seems a better suited candidate for TE-OL conversion than Michael Williams was coming out of Alabama a couple years back.

      Few things I like:

      1. Good pad level. Even on the move and blocking shorter players, is almost always lower at point of engagement
      2. Power. Translates leverage to good pop. Common to see defender’s heads snap as they are stood up.
      3. Good flexibility in the stance and fluid mover. Shows good ability to cut block in space. Good at locating and eliminating 2nd level players who are quicker.

      Some I don’t

      1. Seems sluggish firing off the ball. Very frequently is the last player on the line to react to the snap.
      2. Sometimes gets grabby. Hands outside the frame.
      3. No idea what his footwork as an OT would be like. Lines up and plays inline/downhill almost exclusively. Pass pro footwork very much a skill that needs learning.

      Worth a 3rd day pick IMO. We don’t have a real blocking TE on the roster. If he failed as an OL convert, he would have salvage value there.

  10. Cameron

    You’re doing us a real disservice Rob. Shon Coleman is a pipe dream, I am convinced. No longer can I expend emotional energy believing he is attainable. I already went through this once with Aaron Donald.

    (I’m just teasing btw)

    • DC

      Alabama visits Auburn this Saturday so if Coleman continues to play to form he should jump onto the media’s radars with such a high profile visitor coming to town.

  11. RealRhino2

    Wait, you’re not Australian?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m thankful Rob doesn’t live in America’s hat (Canada)

  12. nichansen01

    I see him going later than we expect. He could even possibly go undrafted, solely because of his history with cancer. I’m serious about this, the cancer history could unfortunately severely affect how teams veiw him, even the Seahawks. And if he goes undrafted, Seattle has no chance at him.

    • Volume12

      If he didn’t have the history of cancer and wasn’t older, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t even be discusing him. That tape against A&M is textbook man. Very impressive.

      I think there’s a chance he goes later than we think too, but he’s no worse than an early 2nd rounder. Some team will roll the dice on him. Ya take chances on potentially elite talent and we’ve seen Seattle do that before.

      There’s someone Seattle likes on this Auburn team. They wouldn’t keep goibg back to their practices. Whether it’s Coleman or not, hard to say, but for all we know, it could be.

      • DC

        Just curious how you know when Seahawk scouts are present at a particular game or practice?

        • Volume12

          I’m glad ya asked actually. For games sometimes it’s listed on and I also follow Davis Hsu on twitter. He’ll list what games Seahawks scouts are at and sometimes practices. But, for the most part I have a buddy that kind of does the same thing as Davis Hsu, but he works for a different web site. He fills me on all types of ish, but it’s never specific. He might say ‘keep an eye on this guy, or I’ll ask about someone and the response is ‘oh, your seahawks were at his team’s practices.’ It’s all very cloak and dagger.

          • DC

            Cool. The mysterious realms of the NFL Underworld.

            Secret scouting reports, classified docs, blackmail, money laundering, hookers & blow… All of the usual suspects.

            • Volume12

              DC, as Rob says, scouts scout. It is their job and what they do after all. I try not to put too much stock into it.

              One of these days, I’ll go week by week and list all the games Seahawks scouts attended. At least the ones that were made public. Let’s see if we can connect some dots, yeah?

              • DC

                Yes. It’s super interesting to me to get a more complete picture of the organization. There’s so much work that goes into this, from initial discovery to making an actual draft pick. How many years of observation or hours of research does a draft board represent?

                The Seahawks patterns are identifiable if they are tracked over time. It’s fun with so many more modern resources, like this site, to guess at who they have eyes on. Who has the right mix of talent, tude, grit?

                This is my favorite Seahawks site.

                • Volume12

                  Agreed. There’s so much work put into setting up draft boards and what not, that most teams give their scouts a week off in March or April, so they don’t give themslves headaches and start overthinking things. It really is fascinating.

                  I mean, this site did nail the Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett, Terry Poole, Glo, Soko, and even Thomas Rawls picks. These were all guys that were discussed and debated last year here at SDB. Of course we didn’t know what round, but IMO that’s a damn good hit rate.

                • Volume12

                  DC, Wazzu vs Udub yesterday and NC vs NC St today so far. NC has 2 very intriguing WRs in Bug Howard and Quinshad Davis. CB Desmond Lawrence is very ‘Sehawky.’

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Likely targets on Auburn which Seattle might be scouting (Rd / Notes courtesy of CBS Sports)
        Carl Lawson, DE – Hip Injury currently, but was a upper 2nd day prospect in draft
        Montravius Adams, DT, – Rd 3-4 / He carries his 296-pound frame very well with the initial quickness and lateral agility to attack gaps and penetrate the backfield.
        Casanova McKinsey, ILB – Rd 4-5 / Physical and tenacious, he has been asked to move back inside to the Mike role this fall.
        Chris Frost, OLB – Rd 6-FA / Has the speed to flash and the strength to hold up on the perimeter, along with athleticism and improved awareness as a junior. Displays agility and explosiveness. Athleticism can stand out in coverage at times.
        D’haquille Williams, WR – Rd 6-FA / Natural tools are encouraging. Lining up mostly inside in Auburn’s offense, Williams is a good-sized target with long-striding speed to accelerate quickly into his routes, displaying hesitation with his footwork at the top of his patterns. He is best on stick and stop routes.

        So, the two later round guys I would keep a keen eye on…. Frost and Williams. They both have upside and at round 6 or so, might be good value picks. The more I find out about Frost, the more he looks like a Seahawk… explosiveness specifically.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          There is one more guy, had a injury in 2014, but working back into form… DaVonte Lambert, DE/DT 6’2 293. Prob in the 4.78 range. Hard to find much info on him right now, might be a UDRFA type. He was mentioned as a disruptive presence while playing for Auburn.

          • Volume12

            Or OLB Carl Lawson? Seeing how that injury is progressing?

            • Volume12

              That RB Jovon Robinson from Auburn in the clip above is intriguing. He was the no. 1 rated RB coming out of JUCO this year. He’s a thumper man. Good looking one cut runner too. Hasn’t played a ton due to injuries, but is still having a productive year. Plus, Auburn likes rotating their backs.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              He has had 2 injuries in 2 years. Different injuries. He has not played that much in the past 2 seasons, so I would be hesitant to take him with anything but a mid round pick at best.

              • Volume12

                You might be right. I forgot he was injured all of 2014 too.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Lawson is one of the hardest players to project in this draft. He has R1 talent, but hasn’t had a chance to showcase it because of repeated injuries.

                  Here he is making Larmey Tunsil look like a tree:

                  Coleman has said that going up against Lawson in practice has made him a better OT – made the entire Auburn OL better.

                  • matt

                    Lawson looked pretty good against Bama yesterday. Made a few splash plays and got fairly consistently got into the backfield. That OL for Bama is the best in the country-especially run blocking. I didn’t see Adams do much of anything…

                    6’1″ 190 lbs Freshman CB Carlton Davis is one to keep your eye on in the future. Looks like dude can touch his knees standing straight up! Has noticeably improved over the season, and has been starting in the SEC recently. He really looks like a future Seahawk CB to me.

  13. Ehurd1021

    He looks good… Top 5 pick good.. which sucks. Noway this kid gets past pick 10 at the minimum, and the GM’s who pass over this kid should be fired ASAP. As others have noted.. pipe dream for us as Seahawks fans.

  14. Mike B.

    I’ve now watched enough tape of Coleman to know he’s the real deal, and could be a day 1 starter next year in the NFL. In an ideal scenario, Seattle would extend Okung, draft Coleman and start him at RT, and keep Lewis at C. Gilliam would no longer start, but could provide rotational depth or maybe play as a big-ass TE on certain plays.

    I’m less sure about the OG positions. Britt has been pretty lousy, especially for a 2nd round pick who’s well into his 2nd full season. Sweezy won’t be worth the cost, so they should let him go. We’re not sure how Mark Glowinski or Kristjan Sokoli are progressing in their developments at the position, but perhaps they’ll compete for starting jobs next year. (And maybe it’s not too late to move Sokoli back to DE if the OL project ain’t working out.)

    I know that Rob is high on Adam Bisnowaty, whom I haven’t seen play much. I have watched Arkansas’s Sebastian Tretola quite a bit, and really like him as a 3rd/4th round pick for OG. He’s massive, powerful, has quick feet, and looks mature out there, and should compete for a starting job in the NFL next year. Even if Tretola’s ceiling is James Carpenter, would that be so bad? We sure could use that in the run game.

    • Volume12

      I got a sneaking suspicion that Tretola is going to end up with a fairly high SPARQ score.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Forgot to include Tretola with the bubbas Alexander and Ifedi. I like Tretola a lot in the mid rounds.

  15. Wall UP

    This is a BIG day folks! Time for Shon to Shine! So he will. With no glimmer of hope left for a Hawk acquisition in the draft. Or will it? Is there still a chance to have one of the better end tackles in the NFL that will protect Russ for the next 5-7yrs? I sure hope so Rob.

    Like almost everyone else, the first time you watched tape on him, you just knew he was a top pick of the draft, hoping somehow, someway he might become a Hawk. Rob you are absolutely spot on about Coleman being a top, if not THE top OT of the draft. Beyond hope, how can the Hawks land Shon as their 1st pick of the draft?

    There are a lot of variables to consider. What will be the Hawks position in the draft? How much of a risk his health history may have a bearing on how far he may fall? Will the Hawks be willing to sell the farm to go get him? More importantly, will he decide to loyally stay his last year to repay the University for their support thru his cancer battle?

    The next few weeks or so we may have clearer perspective. One can only still hope, right? Thanks Rob.

  16. Therick05

    Rob and readers, you think that Coleman can play RT? Because Lynch is probably leaving so Okung will probably stay, but IF he leaves, Beast leaves and SEA picks Shon in the draft, that will leave a LOT of cap room for the rest of the OL.

    Another question, you think he falls to us? I Don’t, he and Tunsil are the only OTs that could replace Okung in year 1, and i don’t neither will fall, you see SEA trading up in the 1st round? They have 2 3rd round pick, they can easily trade One to get to the teens, but that will leave other holes, cause they gotta pick a OLB, CB, G and a DT too.

    • Volume12

      In the clip above he switches over to RT half way through. Auburn rotates him between LT and RT to take advantage of his versatility.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes I believe Shon Coleman play RT at a pinch. He lines up at RT occasionally for Auburn when they want to run right.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Maybe it won’t be as easy at the next level, but to my eye Coleman looks just as comfortable and effective at RT as he does at LT. He’s a devastating run blocker who can take out a defender at the LOS AND the 2nd level on the same play.

  17. BlackJak203

    This guy really is exceptional Rob. Another nice find. He’s really strong in the classroom too. He’s apparently working on his Master’s degree right now. I only have one concern and I know it’s a lousy topic to bring up. Leukemia is a terrible condition. I would think that for a first round grade he would have to pass a lot of really intensive medical evaluations. I was looking up survival rates and 38.3% of people in the US live beyond 5 years. He’s already apparently beat that mark and we’re all glad to see it but I have to wonder if that might affect his draft position?

    • Volume12

      That’s really the elephant in the room, isn’t it? What we’re all wondering too.

  18. nichansen01

    I have decided to write another mock for Seattle.

    First, Okung and Sweezy can depart in free agency. Neither have even played respectably this year, but it’s such a bad year for tackles in free agency Okung will get a deal SOMEWHERE. Sweezy has been pretty awful this season and resigning him is a waste. Patrick Lewis has performed decently and the Seahawks showed last season they don’t want to put too many resources into the center position, so they resign Lewis as the starter.
    Marshawn retires, Okung and Sweezy walk, Cary Williams is cut,
    Jermaine Kearse likely leaves and Fred Jackson very likely retires. The Seahawks probably won’t jump on resigning Dobbs, who has been rather unimpressive. I really don’t know what happens with Derrick Coleman but I doubt he’ll have much of a market. With all these departures and Alex Mack going to a different team, Seattle is able to Resign Irvin, Rubin, Mebane and Shead. Glowinski and Britt should be the starters at guard in 2016. Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams should both be able to fill in Keare’s role. Jimmy Graham should function as a ‘big receiver’ in our offense.

    This leaves us entering the draft with big needs at both tackle positions, corner back, defensive tackle, third down back, blocking tight end and possibly fullback.

    So here is my mock:

    1. Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn
    Does Coleman’s cancer history prevent him from being a major early first consideration? If so it would be a dream scenario for Coleman to end up in Seattle’s lap.
    2. Adam Bisnowaty, OT, Pitt
    The Seahawks make a big investment earl in the draft at tackle, making sure they snag the second guy they like, even if it’s a tad early. With a nice pair of rookie tackles, the line starting line for 2016 is completed. Shon Coleman, Justin Britt, Patrick Lewis, Mark Glowinski, Adam Bisnowaty.
    3. Chris Jones, DT, Missisipi State
    At 6-5 300 pounds, Chris Jones could be the force the defensive line is currently lacking.
    3c. William Jackson, CB, Houston
    Cornerback needs another slightly higher pick. William Jackson seems like a good candidate the Seahawks could really like.
    4. Jordan Howard, RB, Indiana
    At 6-1, Howard is a larger back that seems perfect for the third-down back role in the Seahawks offense. He’s an under the radar prospect that could be had for great value in round 4.
    5c. Joel Heath, DT, Michigan
    I think the Seahawks have missed having a true red Bryant type player, and Joel Heath reminds me of that. The interior d-line right now is kind of small and Heath adds size to the group. He’s a senior at a great program and I think he would really complete a d-line that consists of (in this projection) Michals Bennet, Cliff Avril, Frank Clark, Cassius Marsh, Brandon Mebane , Ahtyba Rubin, Jordan Hill and Cris Jones.
    6c. The late sixth is the round where the Seahawks look to target a solid blocking tight end. How about an intriguing Laquan Mcgowan type prospect?
    7(Dallas). Here is the seventh round targeting a defensive seems appropriate.
    7c. With one of the last picks in the draft it’s hard to tell which direction they will go, but Fullback seems likely.

    This draft to me seems great, you get much better on both lines and you add some talent to the secondary.

    • WALL UP

      William Jackson will be gone by 98. If you swap with Adam Bisnowaty, you may get both. Good to see Heath. He should be there at that time. Chris may be a dup of Heath though. That’s why I took the value of just Heath at a later Rd. This is an interesting hand battle of CJ with Shon at the 1:25 mark when CJ goes for the juggler and Shon complains to the ref about it. Shon is going to see a lot of that at the next level. He may have to work on that a bit.

      • C-Dog

        Hard to see Seattle Allowing both Sweezy and Okung to walk, (although nothing this team does should surprise anymore). I can see one over the other, but I can also see both returning. I think Sweezy always seems to be Cable’s pride and joy. He might have the slight edge over Okung, God forbid. I think Seattle is poised to draft 2 O linemen either way though.

        I’m right there with you thinking R3 is where Seattle would look to draft DT. I can also see them maybe even moving on from Mebane or Rubin in FA, and look to sign a younger DT who has more upside if the right player is out there.

  19. franks

    Haha at the Australia line. It sounded like Bisnowitski had a higher grade than R3 from your last posts. I wonder if he’d last all the way to (the end of) the third.

    I’m still hoping we sign Okung, despite his high cost per game played. Bailey’s been a good guy to swing in there when Okung gets hurt. It looks like he wants to play for someone who passes more though and we could use someone who costs less and plays more. If he stays I don’t think we spend R1 and R2 on the OL. If he goes that’s still a lot, they better be around the top of the board before need if we do it. I was thinking a R1 or R2 but not both and a pair of mid rounders. The OL might be coming around with Lewis.

    I’m still of the mind we’d be better on the outside with Okung at RT and Bailey at LT. Gilliam isn’t ready this year.

    • franks

      Well I guess if he leaves you have to spend a R1. if the season doesn’t end early maybe use the R2 to move up.

  20. WALL UP


  21. Trevor

    I guess Zeke Elliot wanted to show he should have gotten the ball last week.

    That game plan against MSU from Urban Myer really is beyond puzzling. If I did not know better you would think there was something fishy going on. He is a bright guy and the players obviously knew something was up as well.

    OSU would be heading back for a shot at a 2nd straight national title if they run any other plays than the QB keeper and draw last week.

  22. Volume12

    This NC team is very interesting. 2 really good receivers with Sidney Rice like size, 2-3 good O-lineman, 2 very ‘Seahawky’ CBs, and their DL and LBs are all long, fast, big, and fly to around the field.

    • Trevor

      You are right NC has a ton of athletes.

      • Volume12

        Really like WR Quinshad Davis, CB Dez Lawrence, DT Naz Jones, LB Jeff Schoettmer, and SO RB Elijah Hood is another RB in a loaded 2017 class.

        • Volume12

          Speaking of athletes, Udub SAM LB Travis Feeney ran a 4.4 40 this spring. If his shoulder checks out come combine time, he’s going to be a big time riser. Looks like he has 34″ in. arms too. His production is hard to ignore as well.

          He really impressed me yesterday playing with a bum shoulder.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            CBSSPORTS has him as a 4th or 5th round prospect right now. Pretty good value.

            • C-Dog

              I’ve been thinking of him all season long about him as a potential SAM. It was interesting at Carroll’s presser this week when asked about the Apple Cup, he said “We’ve enjoyed watching both play this year.” Have to think he may have a keen eye on Freeney’s skill set. Biggest question has to be that shoulder.

              • Volume12

                Yeah-ecspecially when you consider the eligible names on Udub. Corey Littleon, Kevin King, Jaydon Mickens, and Travis Feeney, who’s is the best of the bunch.

                I agree that PC/JS may have their eye on him.

                • matt

                  Feeny is an impressive athlete who has played all over the field throughout his career, and looked pretty good at each spot. Got to love that type of versatility! Those shoulder issues have been a chronic problem throughout his UDUB career. Thinking he gets pushed to late day 3 because of this. A high risk/reward guy. He needs to add some strength(10-20 lbs) to play in the front 7 at the next level. Bulking up is hard to do with bum shoulders.

                  King and Littleton should go back to school. King and Jones at CB and Baker at S are 3 legit future NFL prospects in the UDUB secordary.

                  • Volume12

                    Isn’t Corey Littleton a SR.?

                    Love CB Kevin King. Very ‘Seahawky.’

                    I’m with ya on Travis Feeney needing to add weight, but at the same time he is the same size as Eric Pinkins and Mike Morgan.

                    Depending on that shoulder, I think he goes in round 4.

                    It’s just not a good class for LEO’s or OTTO LB’s. And due to this, it’s why I think Seattle targets an undersized edge rusher.

  23. Wall UP

    Shon does complain to the ref again, as he and Robinson get in to it. He may just need to stop complaining and take matters into his own hands.

    • Wall UP

      Sometimes you have to make your own rules.

      • Wall UP

        Next possession he just throws a defender to the ground. Guess he’s had enough. Good enough.

  24. Wall UP

    Well, the Hawks just may have a chance.

    • nichansen01

      What has happened?

  25. Wall UP

    That’s just it. Not too much actually stood out. This is a bounce back game after missing last week. He appeared a bit stiff. There may be lingering effects of his injury.

    I noticed a tendency of complaining to the ref as he battled with Robinson. He did that also against Chris Jones as well. That may be an inroad for guys getting into his head. Stunts and blitzes seem to leave him blkg no one at times, when there is someone nearby to dislodge.

    There are things to work on. So, it wasn’t a great day for Shon and the Tigers. But, it just might be a great day for the Hawks.

  26. nichansen01

    Are any of Will Fuller, Fred Ross and Gabe Wright likely to declare for the draft?

  27. WALL UP

    How can you not like Jack Allen? Do you still think he’s not athletic enough to play center?

    • nichansen01

      I really like Jack Allen, I don’t like the value of drafting a center in the first three rounds, no matter how good he is.

      • Wall UP

        Drafting late in the 3rd Rd would ensure that you’d get him. At the late 4th Rd pick he would be gone. The 98comp pick may get him. He’s valued lower than that on some board. Hence the 92nd 3rd Rd pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t say he’s not athletic enough to play center. I suggested he might not have enough athleticism and upside to play center for the Seahawks.

      And I would be stunned, staggered and in disbelief if they try to address the gaping hole at center this off-season with another rookie after the Drew Nowak experiment. They will sign a veteran center IMO. And it could be their #1 priority in free agency.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Rob,. No chance they go with a rookie Center next year. They stick with Lewis or pick up a Vet. Mack would be perfect but even a guy like Wisnewski would be an upgrade.

      • WALL UP

        When was the last time they took a high priced outside FA for the OL? Was it really Breno?

        Actually, Breno was plucked off of GB’s practice squad in 2010 and was cut a month later. Then he was resigned in 2011 and stayed until after the SB win. That’s when he got paid. It was by the Jets, not the hawks.

        The cost was Gallery’s 2011 4.3 mil cap hit. That was the bad outside FA pick up that went bad, which was cut short. Since then, they have only picked up practice squad players, or UDFAs, and the draft to build the OL. Cable has to make up for bringing in his guy from Oakland at such a high cost.

        Signing another high priced older FA, would be out of sorts. Cable is not done building the OL, and making up for Gallery. Mack a Hawk? It just won’t happen. Cable has an agenda and it’s almost completed.

        That agenda is to build the OL via the draft. Not via a high priced FA, again. Jack could be another nice piece to add to that competition @ Center, at minimal cost, that could be around the next 7-10yrs. Mack will be 31yrs old if he were to be a Hawk next yr.

        I would be shocked if they went to the outside FA route for the OL. Let’s remember to revisit this @ FA time?

    • Volume12

      PC also said they’re pretty high on C Patrick Lewis and shoulda played him earlier in the year, but they wanted too see how Nowak was developing and what his learning curve was.

      I kinda believe they’ll take 2 OT’s. Slot one in, and the 2nd guy will be a Ty Sambrailo kind of prospect. Meaning, he’s able to play OG and C.

  28. Ed

    New York
    Green Bay

    Hawks are 1 game behind. Indy beats Atlanta, Hawks win tomorrow, Hawks at Minnesota for Wild Card. Go Hawks

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Seattle has to win the Vikings game. If they lose that one, they are done.
      It would be preferred they win the next 2 games, but it is going to be a big challenge.

  29. Jimmy Chitwood

    I like the looks of Stanford WR Kevin Cajuste. He is a big bodied WR that just makes plays down field. He has to be faster than the 4.6 he is listed at.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He made some nice plays tonight in the game. Lower round guy. He is actually someone I could see Seattle taking in the lower rounds… the big body WR type.

      • Jimmy Chitwood

        He would make a good replacement for Jimmy Graham. He is a bit faster and more of a downfield threat. He has made a couple Odell Beckham, on handed plays. Cajuste, also, isn’t a bad blocker. He should be available in the mid rounds and save us a ton of cap space.

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn

    ok, I’m on the “Seattle should draft Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame in the first round bandwagon” again.
    I do not care that he is 6’0″ or 190 lbs….. he gets separation, makes plays and beats double teams. Stanford tried to cover him and he beat them on vertical routes and short routes inside and outside.

    The guy was elusive, had nice hands and ran precise routes. This is what Seattle has been lacking for several years…. the combo of all these things and ability to get separation would add to the overall offense.

    • nichansen01

      I think he’s staying his senior year.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think he is a top 7 WR prospect already, would not make sense to stay….. unless he wants to complete his degree and have the 4 year college experience.

        • Volume12

          He’s already said he’s coming back. Unless he changes his mind.

  31. Steve

    Hey Rob – In America they call it the parking lot – not the car park ! You are awesome man – never forget SUPER CALEY GO BALLISTIC, CELTIC ARE ATROCIOUS.

  32. nichansen01

    Does anyone think that the Hawks would look into Noah Spence in the later rounds? He left Ohio State because of drug addiction, but appears to have turned his life around? Would the Hawks take a chance?

    • Jimmy Chitwood

      Nope! The drugs is a non starter. There are too many other guys that stay clean. I expect Spence to drop in the draft like a stone.

      • Volume12

        IDK, Rod Smith was kicked off the Ohio St team for the same thing. Granted, he had a few years to get his ish together and was only an UDFA.

    • Trevor

      If he checks out during interviews I think he would be a great mid- late round flyer as a Leo / Bruce Irvin replacement. Great athlete with tremendous motor. Like I said if interviews check out i owuld definitely take a shot. Without those problems he was a day 1 or 2 pick likely.

  33. nichansen01

    Anyone have thoughts on Aaron Burbridge? Seems like a great receiver prospect who’s getting 0 press? Is he not going to declare or something?

    • Volume12

      It’s because he can’t get much seperation. Looks like an UDFA to my eye.

    • Wall UP

      I would take him over kearse as a possession receiver. He’s tough as nails and makes difficult catches. There is a good tape on a matchup between him and Michigan CB Lewis, NCAA’s leader in most passes defended. I would like both of them. Both really compete.

      • matt

        On the eye test Burbridge looks like a 5th round prospect. He’s the go to WR for MSU, who consistently makes plays, and seems to catch everything. I’m not sure he can stay on the outside at the next level.

      • Volume12

        Jordan Lewis for Michigan is tiny. He’s a nice college CB, but I don’t think he’ll be much more than a dime back at the NFL level.

        • Volume12

          Thebest undersized WR in this draft other than Baylor’s Corey ‘CoCo’ Coleman is hands down Oklahoma WR Sterling Sheppard. I’m not saying he’s a Seahawk target, but if they go that way, he’s the best one.

          Sterling Sheppard is an NFL level route runner (might be the best route runner in CFB), catches everything, dynamic/explosive, great YAC guy, deep or homerun speed, good run blocker, work ethic through the roof, good bloodlines, dealt with/overcame adversity at a very young age, grity, high character type of kid, and just seems like he’s destined for good things.

          IMO he’s a mixture of Golden Tate and Tyler Lockett.

          • matt

            Good synopsis of Sheppard Vol12! Really like him too, and would add that he regularly finds the soft spot in zone coverages and knows how to get open for a scrambling QB. Looks like a damn fine day 2 prospect. If we didn’t already have 3 small WR’s in Baldwin, Lockett and Richardson then I’d be pounding the table for Shepard. Thinking we draft a WR 6’2″+ to replace Kearse at some point in the draft-probably day 3. We have spent a ton of draft capitol on pass catchers the last 2 years getting Richardson, Lockett and Graham.

            • Volume12

              ‘ Thinking we draft a WR 6’2″+ to replace Kearse at some point in the draft-probably day 3. We have spent a ton of draft capitol on pass catchers the last 2 years getting Richardson, Lockett and Graham.’

              Absolutely agree. I’m just sayin’ if Seattle does go with another undersized receiver, Sheppard would be the guy to target IMO.

              Ya checked out NC WR Quinshad Davis? 6’3-6’4, 210-220 lbs., has broke a bunch of records at NC, gritty, nd a big time trash talker. Love his interviews.

              • WALL UP

                Just got thru watching his tape. I like him too. [~500yds @ 11/rec]. I also think Mack Hollins is a deep threat type receiver. [670yds @ 25.8/rec]

          • WALL UP

            Burbridge is listed as 6-1 208lbs the same as Kearse. He’s not a small reciever like Sheppard and Coleman. I do agree with you about Both being the best undersized WRs in this draft.

            Burbridge is a late Rd value pick that will give you production. He’s a warrior. He may follow the course of Kearse. If he did that would be the steal of the draft as a FA. I think he will go between Rd 5-7.

            Lewis leads in the nation in most passes defended. He consistently lines up against the best receiver. I see him as Slot DB the same area as Burbridge. I would like both of them. Both really compete. Check them out:


            • Volume12

              I’ve watched plenty of them. Can’t see Seatte ever targeting a 5’9, 170-175 lb CB.

              Burbridge may be listed at that size, but I’d bet money he isn’t. He’s a nice receiver, but I worry about his ability to seperate at the next level. He routinely makes contested catches because of that.

  34. Michael (CLT)

    Caleb Jones – WR from my alma matter, Arizona. He has been hit or miss for UA, but he was a big time prospect when he first committed to Texas.

    • Volume12

      That kid is huge! He was exciting last year, this year not so much. You think he declares?

  35. Trevor

    I will go on record that this game is a terrible matchup for the Hawks style wise. If we win this game I think we definitely take the 2nd wildcard as Atl is in free fall and have to play Car twice.

  36. AlaskaHawk

    Game Day Baby!! Pittsburg is a tougher opponent – the type of opponent we have to beat to make the playoffs. Here is hoping for a productive offense and stifling defense. Can’t wait to see Lane back on the field.

    • Trevor

      Lane in the slot could be a key to a playoff run. When him and Avril went out in the SB the whole game changed.

  37. nichansen01

    I hope the NFC shakes up like this:

    1. Carolina 15-1 (loss to New York)
    2. Arizona 13-3 (loss to Seattle)
    3. Minnesota 11-5 (losses to Seattles and greenbay)
    4. New York 10-6 (1 more random loss)
    5. Seattle 11-5 (undefeated)
    6. Tampa Bay 11-5 (undefeated)
    Green Bay 10-6 (losses to Oakland and Arizona)
    Chicago – 9-7
    Atlanta 8-8
    Washington 8-8
    Detroit – 8-8
    New Orleans – 7-9
    Philly – 6-10
    St Louis – 5-11
    San Fran 5-11
    Dallas 4-12

  38. Volume12

    NC RB Elijah Hood needs to be added to the watchlist of 2017 RB’s.

    Here’s what he did at the Nike SPARQ summit 2 years ago, and he was the same weight:

    4.48 40, 4.42 short shuttle, 38″ inch vertical, 42.5″ PB? IIRC that stands for powerball throw.

    Keep an eye on him guys. 5’11, 220 lbs.

    • Volume12

      And this is ‘Bama RB Derrick Henry:

      4.52 40, 4.12 short shuttlle, 41.9″ inch vertical, 44.5″ PB, 440 lb back squat, benches 350 lbs., 147.97 SPARQ overall.

      Those numbers at his size? Oh my gawd!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        There’s video of Henry squatting 600lbs recently. It’s on twitter somewhere

        • Volume12

          Wow! Even more impressive. Dude is a freak show.

  39. Volume12

    CHawk, is USC CB Kevon Seymour any good? Potential Seahawk corner?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He’s ok. Nice length, decent speed, just not very consistent.

      Also, he’s been upstaged a bit this season by Iman Marshall.

      • Volume12

        Alright. I’ll scratch him off my list.

        Intetested to see what Colorado CB Kenneth Crawley does at the Senior Bowl. Reminds me of a poor man’s version of rookie CB Kevin Johnson.

  40. matt

    The 30 year old wall for running backs, that Lynch may or may not have hit, does not apply to Adrian Peterson. AD looks as explosive as ever! He is truly one of the most gifted RB’s to ever play the game, and a joy to watch! Not breaking news or anything, just felt like it should be said.

  41. C-Dog

    Cary “$6 Million Dollars A Year” Williams is a healthy scratch today against the Steelers. Really hope they hang onto Jeremy Lane if he comes back healthy, and plays well down the stretch. Haven’t been considering CB any earlier than R4, based only upon history, but I’m beginning to wonder if this a year in which they might target one earlier. Tye Smith continues being an inactive player, as well.

  42. CHawk Talker Eric

    Watching OAKvTEN and DGB (remember him?) just made a tip toe catch in traffic at the back of the end zone for a 2pt conversion.

    • WALL UP

      DWI cost him.

  43. Volume12

    Seattle shoulda kept RB Spencer Ware. He ran for 100 yds., on 19 carries. He woulda been a nice 1-2 punch combined with RB ‘Lou’ Rawls. Or ‘Rhino’ Rawls or Thomas the Tank. HaHa.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Soul Train

    • WALL UP

      DWI cost him.

  44. nichansen01

    I’m hating the Hawks offensive play calling right now.

    • DC

      I’m liking the TDs.

      • nichansen01

        Now I’m hating the soft prevent defense that lets the steelers score tds and complete 20 yard passes

  45. nichansen01


    Our secondary is soft. Corner should be a high pick mainly because of need.

  46. C-Dog

    Lack of pass rush inside against a Steeler center that is rated 3rd worst in the league in Pass Pro. Steelers getting good runs inside. This is why it would be fantastic for Seattle to find a 3 down DT in either free agency or the draft. They are way too reliant on edge rushers.

  47. Forrest

    The Defense is not playing well, too many high yardage passes allowed. Offense looks good, but still, penalties are bogging down drives…

  48. Forrest

    Baldwin is amazing!!! 5 tds for Wilson!!! I just hope Graham is fine…The Defense has to reflect here, they gave up too much today…

  49. WALL UP

    Please, no complaints about the OF!

    • Wall UP

      Nor the Defense!

  50. Jimmy Chitwood

    The injury to Jimmy Graham did not look good. It appears to be a knee. Since Paul Richardson had the same injury last year in week 10 we can assume Graham will be out the same length of time. I do not see them carrying his $9M contract next year while he recovers. I was already in the camp that he should be traded. Now I see them releasing him after an injury settlement. That makes TE a high priority for the 2016 draft. I still like Jake Butt and Hunter Henry as the two most likely targets for a complete TE.

    • Wall UP

      Oh man! Not now! He hasn’t even gone under the knife yet! Enjoy the win!

      • Wall UP

        I thought you would be a Jimmy fan, Jimmy!

        • Wall UP


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