An early look at positional targets (rounds 1-3)

Could UCLA’s Paul Perkins be a target for the Seahawks?

Here’s what I’d consider a good looking Seahawks projection for the end of November:

R1 – Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)
R2 – Eric Striker (LB, Oklahoma)
R3 – Adam Bisnowaty (T, Pittsburgh)
R3 comp – Paul Perkins (RB, UCLA)

First round
The safe money is on an offensive line pick. With Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy both free agents, they might struggle to keep their two most experienced linemen. Even if they find a way to re-sign both — further investment in a struggling line seems inevitable.

They could look to free agency to add a center (Alex Mack would be the most intriguing option if he voids his contract in Cleveland). Adding a college left tackle here makes sense — with the option you could play them at guard or tackle. If they pick early they’ll have a shot at the bigger names. Even in the late first they’ll have options.

The best fit would be Auburn’s Shon Coleman — a complete tackle with ideal size and technique. We keep expecting to hear his name mentioned by the media among the elite prospects in this class and it never happens. Will he fly under the radar like Joel Bitonio or Ju’Wuan James? It’s possible. James was taken with the #19 pick. Bitonio went in the early second round. For more on Coleman click here.

Alternatively they could look to replace Bruce Irvin if he departs in free agency. There will be nice options in the first round — including UCLA’s Myles Jack (whose stock could take a hit due to a knee injury) and Ohio State’s Darron Lee. Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith should be a top ten pick as one of the elite prospects in this class. It’s also a good year for cornerbacks — with Tre’Davious White (LSU), Cameron Sutton (Tennessee), Eli Apple (Ohio State) and Mackensie Alexander (Clemson) names to monitor. Joe McAtee recommended Iowa’s Desmond King on this weeks podcast (check it out). King has eight interceptions this season for the Hawkeyes.

Second round
If they go O-line in the first, this could be a nice range to target one of the more underrated players in the 2016 class. Oklahoma’s Eric Striker would be a nice replacement for Bruce Irvin if he moves on. For some time Striker has been an impact player for the Sooners. He’s constantly around the ball. He’s capable of dropping in coverage, playing sideline-to-sideline. Yet like Irvin he’s at his best lining up to make key plays as a pass rusher. He has 7.5 sacks in 2015 and this season set a new career Sooners record for sacks by a linebacker. He’s a passionate, sometimes outspoken player with a determined attitude and he could live in Seattle’s defense. For a couple of years I’ve wanted to see Striker at the combine to see how he tests. Don’t rule out a rise into the first round if he has a great work out.

Striker has also campaigned for racial equality in college. For more information check out this ESPN feature by Edward Aschoff and Adam Rittenberg.

Third round
It’s hard not to consider the O-line again here until we know exactly what happens with Okung and Sweezy. It kind of makes sense to make two picks either way. There’s nothing wrong with a highly competitive O-line group going into next years camp. If Justin Britt is competing for a start at guard, if a rookie is competing with Gilliam to start at tackle — so be it. Such is the depth in this draft it could be a good year to stockpile and address this need for the foreseeable future. Of course if Okung and Sweezy walk — you’re having to fill two extra holes right off the bat anyway.

The more I watch Pittsburgh tackle Adam Bisnowaty the more I want the Seahawks to draft him. In fact he could end up being a big riser who finds a way to go in the first two rounds. A former basketball player and wrestler, he was also a highly recruited four-star player in high school. The athletic potential, size and performance all match up to a very interesting prospect overall.

For me he has Evan Mathis potential. Seriously. The two players are almost identical in terms of frame (Bisnowaty is listed at 6-6 and 300lbs, Mathis at 6-5 and 301lbs). Just to look at them they appear similar in terms of body shape. Mathis is a former third round pick who became one of the leagues best guards. I think Bisnowaty fits best kicking inside to guard — but he could still play tackle if required. I’d have no issue drafting him in the first round to be fair. Incredible upside and potential. I wrote about him in more detail here. He’s a combine away from taking off.

Moving on from Marshawn Lynch would be tough if it happens — but it’ll be easier to stomach if the money saved produces an offensive line that reads Okung-Bisnowaty-Mack-Sweezy-Coleman.

Third round (comp pick)
If Lynch does indeed depart, the Seahawks will need to add a partner for Thomas Rawls. It’s hard to judge where the backs will go in this class. Arkansas’ Alex Collins is talented enough to go in round two but would you be surprised if he lasted until round 3? Jordan Howard at Indiana might be a later round prospect but he has a physical, punishing style and a lot of toughness between the tackles.

I think the ideal compliment for Rawls would be another quick-twitch back who could be a nice option in the passing game and doesn’t lack any toughness despite his modest size. Step forward UCLA’s Paul Perkins. Like Collins he could go earlier than this — but stock at this position is unpredictable. Perkins, like Rawls, is adept at maximising running lanes and exploding into the second level. He’s tough to bring down with insane cut-back ability. He’s certainly not a bell-cow but he wouldn’t need to be next to Rawls. Perkins has the potential to develop into a nice third-down back who provides a legit passing game option. There might not be a more fun running back to watch in college football (well, apart from Leonard Fournette).

I’m not going to get too deep into day three targets (it’s way too early). At the moment you would imagine they’d take their usual cornerback pick (probably round five again) while looking to add depth to the D-line. You’d imagine one way or another they’ll need to address cornerback — with Cary Williams likely to be on the chopping block and Jeremy Lane a free agent.


  1. CC

    The question for me is at what point do you stop letting Cable decide who the O line picks are going to be? His track record isn’t good and he seems to shy away from all of the highly rated lineman. I keep wondering why the Seahawks – after taking Frank Clark – didn’t us a 7th round comp pick on La’el Collins.

    I still think Gilliam can become a solid RT, this is his first year playing the position and I think he’s athletic enough and smart enough to figure the position out.

    • nichansen01

      Lael Collins said he wouldn’t sign unless drafted in round 1 or 2 I beleive.

      • sdcoug

        True, but why not call his bluff and see how bad he wants to play in the nfl? What’s the loss…a 7th round pick that likely wouldn’t make the team? The trade-off…a stud OLineman on the cheap. It’d be hard to turn down a super bowl participant with clear opportunity to start

        • Dawgma

          Amen. He can not like it all he wants – at worst the Seahawks would have contractual rights instead if him starting for the freaking Cowboys, and at best you get a 1 Rd pick for a 7th round comp pick.

    • Minnesotan

      Selecting La’el Collins with a late pick was such a lopsided asymmetric bet that even the worst GM’s laziest nephew should have — must have — figured that out. Twitter was certainly banging that drum all day. I obviously have zero evidence for this but I’ve always suspected that the league let it be known behind the scenes that after a certain point, Collins was not for drafting … perhaps concerned about instigating a new legal challenge to the draft?

      Whatever the cause, all 32 teams had the same incentive and they all spent their random 6th and 7th round picks on longshots and camp bodies instead. There had to have been another variable involved besides the threat/bluff.

      • Stevo

        Good point. The league office was clearly involved.

    • Stevo

      My understanding is that Collins held out of the draft purposely to get more money than other late rounders got. I do think it’s a shame we could not sign him as an FA.

      I’m curious, though. Why are people so sure that all our o linemen are entirely picked m
      By cable? Doesn’t Schneider and his crew bear ultimate responibiliy?

      • franks

        Here’s how I read it: Collins said that were he drafted after R3, he would refuse to sign and re-enter the draft the following year, like Bo Jackson. But the plan backfired, because you can’t reenter the draft unless you get picked and don’t sign. So he signed us an UDFA, because UDFAs can’t re-enter the draft.

        In hindsight, if you equate the law’s decision (not to charge him as a suspect in the death) with innocence, or if you’re looking at that for his availability and not his character, he would have been worth a second or third of course, or even a first.

        His plan would’ve worked better if he didn’t announce it.

  2. Ephrata12

    Happy Thanksgiving Rob!

    Do you see the Hawks targeting an all-around TE with better blocking skills, ala former Hawk Zach Miller? Seems a natural to improve their ground game and to compliment Graham.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly — but those types are hard to find in college. May be something they add in free agency.

  3. Steve

    Two Cents,
    I know it is very popular to have the Hawks taking O-line early and often, but I have a feeling that resigning their O-line free agents with the available cap dollars will be a priority using the rational that, for that area specifically, continuity and experience is very important, and… I believe if they improve their center position, the line might be very good for their needs. I think they spend their draft resources on keeping their defense young and improving their offensive skill positions. I just bet they go for DT, CB, RB and eventually a young QB (I wonder how much it would effect Wilson if he had a young QB to teach). I do think center will be addressed in some manner as well as depth at tackle and LB .

    • Volume12

      Teams just don’t a guy you’ll immediately pencil in as a backuo. I’m talking about QB. Go the UDFA route fr a career backup.

      I know, people are going to say ‘New England took a backup, NO did, GB did, Denver did, etc.’ Know what those teams have in common? Older QB’s on their last legs.

      • John_s

        There are teams who have who had QB’s who weren’t on their last legs

        NY Giants – Ryan Nassib 4th
        Pitt – Landry Jones 4th
        Az – Logan Thomas 4th

        • Volume12

          Ryan Nassib looked really bad, Logan Thomas isn’t their backup for the future, why trade for Matt Barkley, and Landry Jones is decent, but come on, ‘Big Ben’ is always nicked or banged up.

  4. Volume12

    Rob, as we discussed 2 threads ago, our targets in position of priority are eerily similar.

    I got the same. And although it’s way too early, this is how my mock would shake out as of now:

    1st – OL
    2nd- OLB
    3rd- OL (a LG/C type of body and skill set)
    3rd *comp- RB
    4th- CB
    5th *comp- DT
    6th *comp- WR
    7th *C-mike trade- FB,TE, Hback
    7th- S

    UDFA- QB

    I always include UDFA’s in my mocks, because Seattle recruits/targets this area of the draft perhaps harder and better than any team. And they always, ALWAYS hit on 1-2 guys.

    • cha

      Schefter reported last week the NFL might make comp picks tradable in 2016 so that will give the Hawks more flexibility to move up or down.

      • Volume12


        One thing even harder to do than mock drafts though, is trying to predict trades with draft picks. Sure, saying a team will move up or down may not be hard, but guessing which pick in which round is nearly impossible.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I just do not see Seattle going OL in 1st round. A guy at #31 (for example) will be how much better than a guy at #93 …… the value would not dictate it. I think OLB, DT and DE are much more important than a OL that is “barely” better than a 3rd round OL target.

      I always think about value of the picks and the relative scarcity of the positions in question. Edge rushers and LBs are relatively scarce, need to grab one early. OL are supposed to be plentiful, when you think of RT/LG types according to the “experts”.

      I think TE is actually a bigger need than most, I’m predicting a 3rd or 4th round pick burned on one in the draft.

      • Volume12

        Personally, I have a hard time seeing this team go DE when they got 4 good ones. A rookie DE will more than likely be 5th on the depth chart.

        • onrsry

          Agree, and i don’t think they draft TE in the first 4 rounds, when they have Jimmy Graham and Luke Willson(very good duo).

  5. Trevor

    Rob if we got those 4 players with our first 4 picks I would be ecstatic! Coleman and Striker are my two favourite players in the draft. Both guys have great character and are not only great players who are productive but have great character and would fit right into the Hawks locker room.

  6. Trevor

    Rob where do you think Carson Wentz goes with his injury this year? I really liked him as a prospect. If he falls into say the 5th round comp range any chance the Hawks look at taking a development QB?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d put him down as the third best QB in this class after Lynch and Goff. So IMO round two.

      • Trevor

        Yeah that’s what I feared. Too high for us to take a development guy. Like his skill set if the right team takes him and gives him some time to develop.

  7. Trevor

    What are peoples thought on Chris Jones out of Miss St ?I really like his game but am not sure how he translates at the next level or in our system. Him and Gotsis out of G-tech (until injury) were 2 DTs I liked in the 3-5th round range.

    • C-Dog

      I think Jones and Gotsis are seen as 3 to 5th round prospects. Both are kind of raw but have athletic upside. If you like the idea of drafting DT after round 3, as Rob suggests, they’re as worthy of candidates as any. I know Rob Rang liked Gotsis’s potential a lot before he got injured.

  8. Trevor

    Rob I truly believe if we end up with the line you suggest Okung-Bisnowaty-Mack-Sweezy-Coleman. That would be the dream scenario. If it happened this team instantly becomes an SB favourite once again. I can only imagine what our run game would like with elite talent on the OL. It would also allow Russ to develop as a more pure passer. The pressure this year has made him a little jumpy and for good reason.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s also, IMO, a good blend of pass pro and good run blocking.

      • Trevor

        It would also likely be a line that they could keep together for a minimum of 3 years to build some cohesion as Mack, Okung and Sweezy would all likely be signed for 3 + years. It would leave us with solid depth with Gilliam, Britt, Lewis, Glowinski as backups.

  9. JC

    Seahawks under Carroll have never addressed the interior defensive line in the first round and I could see that being an option. Depends how they might spend money in free agency on Okung and Sweezy and in place of Lynch and Williams.

    • Rob Staton

      “Seahawks under Carroll have never addressed the interior defensive line in the first round”

      And I think there’s a very good reason for that. Like cornerback, they won’t take an interior DL in round one unless they’re a special difference maker ala Aaron Donald. There is not an Aaron Donald in this class. Not even close. I think there’s as much chance they trade their first round pick for another tight end to be frank.

      • C-Dog

        If that assertion holds true for this draft, and they don’t use that money on Okung, and or Sweezy, drafting 2 offensive lineman early, would love to see them acquire a younger interior D-lineman who offers more to the team than a stop gap solution for a year or two, though. They can use an upgrade inside.

    • cha

      Has anyone checked in on Jesse Williams? He’s still listed on the roster as an NFI.

      • Volume12

        Wouldn’t surprise me to see him on the depth chart next year. I still think they might go after Silver Silinga again. He’s a perfect cheap fit for our scheme.

      • C-Dog

        Jesse is still on the team but is on the Injury Non Football Related list. If he gets his cancer under control, I’m sure they will bring him back. I thought he looked pretty good in the preseason.

  10. cha

    I wonder if Williams’ benching will be a wakeup call. PC said a couple weeks back when he gets frustrated he reverts back to his old technique, then gets burned even worse. That shouldn’t be an issue for a pro who got a good free agent contract. t wonder if it is an issue of coaching or his work ethic. Or maybe the system is so different it really does just need time to get in rhythm.

  11. Cameron

    Good stuff as usual Rob. I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to watch any tape on Indiana’s Senior Tackle Jason Spriggs and USC RS Junior Tackle Zach Banner.

    They are different types of tackles and I am especially intrigued with Banner, who despite being listed at 6’9″ and 360 looked remarkably spry and willing at the 2nd level.

    Spriggs was solid, which is noteworthy considering Joey Bosa lined up opposite him on numerous occasions.

    • Rob Staton

      Spriggs looks stiff in pass protection and I’m not convinced he’s quite the athlete some have made out. A pure right tackle and a mid-rounder. Banner I haven’t watched much of. I would be concerned about a 6-9, 360lbs blocker at the next level though.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Zach Banner is a late round flier type of pick. He moves surprisingly well for a man his size.

  12. nichansen01

    Really I don’t like the idea of drafting two tackles in our first four picks, the way the defense has been playing. Corner in my opinion is a bigger need than tackle, if we draft another fifth round corner we go into training camp looking like:
    Sherman- Used to be elite corner who is still rather good but not what he used to be.
    Williams- Gets benched in favor of a backup safety and has a huge contract. Likely cut.
    Simon – Always injured and inconsistent when he does get to play. Looked great against the likes of Mark Sanchez and Ryan Lindley or whatever his name but hasn’t really proved anything else.
    Smith- Know pretty much nothing about him, looked average in the preseason and Sherman had mixed reviews on him during training camp. Might, MIGHT have potential.
    Lane- Competant slot corner who I don’t really know anything about as far as his outside corner play, injury prone.
    Burley- Below average slot corner backup.
    Seisey- Looked horrible last preseason game and constantly injured.
    Shead- Backup safety playing corner out of desperation.
    Fifth round pick- Know nothing about him and probably won’t play rookie year.

    See what I mean? Corner in the first round seems almost critical. Sherman is best when there is a good- great corner playing across from him (Thurmond, Browner, Maxwell). Brandon Browner and Byron Maxwell could both return, as they are both having awful seasons. Something to think about.

    If we can snag Bisnowaty in the third and resign Okung how can we wait till the fifth to address the cornerback group?

    • Rob Staton

      Because that is what this team does. They don’t go corner early unless they are special.

      I would expect them (at this early stage of projecting) to cut Williams, re-sign Lane and add another corner in FA and one on the third day of the draft.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I agree with Rob. The player has to be exceptional for Seattle to go 1st round CB or S. Example: ET was exceptional with his coverage ability and recovery speed/overall speed.

      • C-Dog

        That’s been my feeling for the last month. If Jeremy Lane comes back strong in these last hand full of games, I think they will do everything they can to re sign him. He knows the system and technique. He’s been a pretty good player. Part ways with Williams, and use that money elsewhere.

      • onrsry

        Maybe one of Janoris Jenkins or Trumaine Johnson. Both are free agents this offseason. Could not be worse than Cary Williams

    • Volume12

      Sherman is not quite what he used to be. How so? He’s having a down year. It happens. Doesn’t mean he’s still not elite.

      Way too early to say if Tye Smith will be good or not. It took Maxi 2-3 years in our system before he became good.

      Shead is more than just a safety. There’s a reason they’ve kept him around and continue to give him bonuses.

      Simon and or Seisay are good depth guys. And perhaps Farmer or Short step up next TC.

      Sherm, a rookie, Lane, Tye Smith, perhaps a vet, Shead and Simon or Seisay looks like a pretty good group to me. And thete’s depth. Heading into next year.

      • nichansen01

        Yes, there would be depth, but no clear quality starter. A free agency CB isn’t an option, free agent corner backs usually don’t succeed when learning a new system late in their career. I would much rather this team have Simon, Lane or Smith start at right corner next year than Revis, Norman etc… Adding talent to this secondary must be done via the draft.

  13. Volume12

    Cowboys are done. I can’t believe some people thought they still had a chance at the playoffs.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Romo out with another collarbone injury (most likely busted bone). They need to draft a QB in 1st round (or 2nd) if they have a chance.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        They also need to draft a RB…… their RBs are horrible.

    • DC

      I thought the Cowboys had a chance at winning their piss poor division being only 2 games back after a 7 game losing streak. Now? No.

    • osoviejo

      “I can’t believe some people thought they still had a chance at the playoffs.”

      Playing in a division where the champion has a reasonable liklihood to be under .500 gives everyone hope.

  14. Volume12

    Rob, IIRC your a fan of Miss St CB Will Redmond. What do you think of his teammate CB Taveze Calhoun? Calhoun seems like the better tackler/run supporter.

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I understand the Striker love, but I just do not see how he fits. He is not exceptionally tall or have a huge wingspan. His speed is good, but not exceptional. I’ve not seen if he can rush the passer, but his size (bulk) would be detrimental in the NFL in pass rush situations. He is good at lots of things, but not exceptional at any one thing. He screams Steelers or Cardinals defensive player to me…. a guy who is a multi-tool and can do lots of things in various defensive looks. Can he be a viable NFL player, Yes. Will he be a Seahawk, No.

    • Volume12

      ‘He id good at lots of things, but not exceptional at any one thing.’ And you haven’t seen if he can rush the passer? That’s what he’s exceptional at. I disagree about his size limiting his pass rush ability. He’s explosive, can bend the edge, and his pursuit angles and ability to get leverage are fantastic.

    • cover-2

      I’m don’t see how he fits as well. Yeah he is a fun player to watch, but he is too small to be playing LB on our defense. He is a 6-0 220 lb pass rushing LB on a 3-4 defense, he is a liability against the run. For me he is a strong safety at the next level.

    • Jimmy Chitwood

      In my view, Travis Feeney would be a better pick. At 6-3, Feeney could probably gain a little weight. Striker is too small to set the edge in the NFL. All of our starting LB’s are in the 245 range. I would take Feeney in the 7th round.

      • nichansen01

        I would rather Yannick Nagonque as a Bruce replacement over Striker, better size, better speed, possibly better overall athleticism and undeniably more production. I’m saying his name wrong aren’t I…

        • Volume12

          Is that how we grade pass rushers now? By sacks only? I’d argue Striker is just as poductive.

          Sacks are nice, but does a guy exhibit NFL level pass rushing moves?

      • Volume12

        Travis Feeney is injury prone. That sholder of his toast. He’s worth a look as an UDFA.

        And while I’m a big fan of Yannick Ngakoue, in no way is he worth a 2nd round pick. Too rich for my blood.

        • Volume12

          I take that back about Travis Feeney. If his shoulder isn’t degenerating come combine time when they check it, he migjt be a top 100 kind of guy.

          Zach Whitman says he’s a 1.5 sigma kind of athlete, and he’s rumored to be a 4.3 guy too. Plus, I love his toughness. Dude straight popped his OWN shoulder back into place.

          Him and Corey Littleton have a real Mike Morgan, Malcom Smith, Eric Pnkins kind of vibe.

  16. Jimmy Chitwood

    I cannot see a line of Okung-Bisnowaty-Mack-Sweezy-Coleman.

    For one thing, it would require committing big contracts to Mack ($10M), Okung($10M) and Sweezy($4M). That alone would blow up our cap. Second, starting two rookies Bisnowaty and Coleman is a recipe for disaster even if one believes they will eventually develop into stars. What are we going to do with Gilliam, Glowinski and Sokoli? Don’t they deserve a chance? Finally, it pretty much spells the end of Tom Cable in Seattle, as it indicts his strategy of using late round picks and developing them, as a failure. I don’t see Cable leaving and I do not see any sign that PC/JS are not all in on his strategy of developing linemen.

    I do think they will shop for lineman in the draft. Unless one of the top guys they covet falls, I doubt they pull the trigger on an OL in round one. I could see us taking a OC in round two or three and an OT later.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      You make it sound like Cable prefers taking OLers in the later rounds instead of early. That’s just false. Cable has said numerous times he doesn’t get to make the final decision about which position group gets priority.

      • nichansen01

        I thought Rob was referring to a situation in which we don’t sign Okung, so more like
        Coleman, Britt, Mack, Glowinski, Bisnowaty, which is possible.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll be stunned if Okung and Mack get anywhere close to £10m a year. Not happening.

      • sdcoug

        cause that would be $15M 😉

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          nice one *highfive*

      • Jimmy Chitwood

        Mack is at $8 million per year. It would not make sense for him to void his contract, go FA and then take less. Okung made $11M last year and $7.2M this year. If they want him back they are going to need to pay him. Okung will get plenty of offers. They may not get $10M but my point is they are going to get paid well along with the first round pick. The Seahawks are not the Cowboys. We have decided on a strategy of keeping the investment in the O Line more reasonable and investing in the defense. I see no sign the Hawks are about to declare this strategy a failure. In fact, we look to be in pretty good shape compared to some other teams (Eagles and Cowboys).

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          There are several teams (looking at Raiders for example) who have boat loads of cash to spend. They can overspend on a probowl center and a probowl LT if they are available. 10M is not crazy money for either position imo. Perhaps Rob is right, but the cap keeps going up and the contracts for top shelf guys are also increasing accordingly.

  17. Wall UP

    The only FA additions to the OL most likely will be Okung and perhaps Sweezy, if the price is right. They also may re-up Lewis. Any additional cost to the OL would be counter to their internal quest of building the OL thru the draft.

    Instead of paying for Mack, it would be better to use the $$ for Mebane, Rubin and low cost DL FA. I still believe after his performance against Ohio St., that Jack Allen would do well as a rookie center for this OL.

    The fear of (2) rookies in the starting lineup should be based upon the skill set of each. This years OL had (2) players that never played at their new position. Needless to say they have struggled. Allen and potentially Coleman have a better skill set that do well as starters.

    Okung, Britt, Allen, Sweezy/Glow, Coleman would be a completion of building the OL thru the draft. We’ll have a good idea this weekend whether or not Coleman may be available after his Iron Bowl performance.

    If the Hawks do make the playoffs, which I think will, then it is unlikely that Coleman would be available at the 29-25 range. Would JS trade up in order to get Coleman? One would hope so. The tendency is trade dn at that range not up. What spot would Coleman be available? Any idea Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      “Any additional cost to the OL would be counter to their internal quest of building the OL thru the draft.”

      That might’ve been through pure cost cutting though. They did sign Breno and Robert Gallery after all. don’t think they’re averse to a FA OL.

      Coleman could go top five or late first. Impossible to judge his stock. My own personal view is he’s one of the elite prospects eligible for this class.

      • Wall UP

        Wasn’t Breno a pickup that JS was familiar with the Packers Org, a low cost acquisition? Gallery was brought in early too help teach the Zblkg scheme. But, that didn’t last long.

        Both cases were not at the cost that Mack would gander as a FA. Also, they have invested heavily in the draft for building an OL. They are just a few picks away from it coming to fruition. Coleman and Allen could complete that quest.

        Okung is a 26yr old tested Vet @ his position, that should and will be a priority for the Hawks, even if they are fortunate to get Coleman. Wouldn’t be more important to the OL than a 30yr old Pro Bowl center? They decided against a 29yr old Pro Bowl center in Unger to build a younger OL.

        Wouldn’t an Okung, Britt, Allen, Sweezy/Glow, Coleman be a formidable OL for the Hawks? Gilliam can backup RT and go back to blkg TE. Bisnowaty could backup OT & LG if they are able to draft him. All of these would be theirs selections via the draft, something Cable would take pride in building, wouldn’t you agree?

        • Wall UP

          Also, I think Mack may stay when they draft Lynch as their new QB. That pick will change that franchise to a winner.

          • Rob Staton

            Well, they wanted to trade him. And he wanted out the first time too. I think all signs point to a divorce.

        • Rob Staton

          Breno cost more than you think. He had quite a handsome deal.

          • Wall UP

            I think the point I was making was that early on in Cables tenure as OL & Assist HC these were moves made to build the OL. He’s not doubt a talented coach. I think he has personally taken upon himself to build an OL. Using terms like ‘These are the best group of guys that’d’ve ever had’ is a signal that he is set on proving that thru the draft, not using outside FAs. That’s why they didn’t pick up any of the available FAs earlier this yr. Cable is on an agenda to build ‘HIS OL’.

            Frankly, he’s close to doing just that. With Jack Allen at center, like Russell, he won’t be like an ordinary rook, and Coleman at RT, the offense will take off. I’m one of the few who believes Marshawn is coming back. Signing unnecessary high priced outside FAs would prevent that from happening and it would send the wrong message to the clubhouse of not taking care of their own.

            The next few weeks will show the progress of his endeavor. Maybe we can revisit this discussion in a few?

            • Rob Staton

              I liked Allen’s performance vs Ohio State — but I’d be concerned about his stature and upside for the next level. Would rather see a veteran center and I think the Seahawks know they can’t afford to ‘hope’ for younger players to come good now. They were aggressive at WR/TE with trades and DE in free agency and I think they’ll now be aggressive on the OL.

              • Wall UP

                That’s what he has been hearing his whole career, just like Russ. All he does is go out there and beat up on people taller than he is. I’ve never seen him being pushed around. He’s nasty and intelligent. To go in the Big House and consistently draw offside from the home team is a sign of a wily Vet. He convinced me that his play can transition to the pro level for the Hawks.

                His background is Cablest. Cable would get excited to have him under center as the Captain of the OL. I sure hope he continues his course via the draft. Also, it would provide more cap room to care for other needs. Their existing center is the same height, if not shorter. The stature that really matters is the size of the heart and the size of the chip on his shoulders. J Allen’s is as big as it gets as he carries heavy timber around on both of his shoulders. He’s a bonified winner.

                Have you checked his background?

                • Wall UP

                  His heart is as big as it gets.

                  • Volume12

                    Rob, I agree on Jack Allen. What ya see is what you’ll get. And that’s a guy pushing around dudes that ate no whete big or strong enough for the NFL.

                  • C-Dog

                    I agree, with Rob Staton, I love Allen as a prospect, but is Seattle can somehow magically pull off re-signing Okung, and bringing in Mack, that fixes the line in a hurry if they draft RT/RG within the first 3 rounds. That’s ideal. However, I think it’s more likely if Seattle invests heavily in veteran O-Linemen, It would be to retain Okung and Sweezy. Can’t see Cable wanting Sweezy to walk. Do not see the logic on letting Okung walk.

                    That’s what makes Allen so appealing. If Patrick Lewis helps settle the Center spot these next 6 games, they go into next Spring knowing they need to draft RT, and probably hoping to land a Center inside the first 3 rounds, and letting him compete with Lewis, if they feel comfortable with him. Jack Allen’s a prime candidate.

                    Either scenario improves the current situation immensely, one would think.

                  • Wall UP

                    Retaining Okung and possibly Sweezy, then adding additional 8-9mil more cap hit is a prospect that would put considerably constraints on resigning Mebane or Rubin. The idea of keeping Marshawn next yr would be hopeless.

                    If the Beast comes back strong at the end of the year, and they go deep into the playoffs, that means 1) Cable was indeed right in not needing to take on FA help for the OL and 2) a two headed monster of Rawls and Lynch can be a force to be reckon with and there would be unfinished business to be had come 2016.

                    We’ll see how things play out these next few weeks. Who knows, they may pull it together and win it all. Then, the Beast may just walk off in the sunset. But, even still Cable would be right about outside FA help. Just don’t need it! We can do well enough without it! Just stay the course in building ‘HIS OL’.

                    They just need to add a few more cap friendly pieces to the OL, via the draft, that could help the offense take off. Jack Allen and Shon Coleman would do just fine, thank you.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I dig that just fine. If they still have the cap room left after Okung and Sweezy, and if Rob Staton’s assertion that there is no DT in this draft who would make an impact on the D to take early, would love to see the team throw some extra cheddar at a younger FA DT who would be more disruption than either Mebane or Rubin.

                  • Wall UP

                    I wonder who that could be that can replace Bane’s value to the front 7? His double team blks keeps that OL off the LBs, keeping them free to fly to ball. If you ask any member of the Def, they would say he is one of the most underrated players in the NFL. Banes don’t grow on trees. If you can find another Bane, please let me know.

                    From a defense oriented team, it would be a shot, or sports hernia in the gut, to lose Bane. There already missing a McDaniel type in the rotation, and are trying to get by with Bennett. Joel Heath can fill that role. I just can’t see anyone on the horizon that can supplant Mebane. In 2yrs I have a good idea who could. That’s Mack out of Texas A&M. Until then who else could it be?

          • Wall UP

            Actually, Breno was plucked off of GB’s practice squad in 2010 and was cut a month later. Then he was resigned in 2011 and stayed until after the SB win. That’s when he got paid. It was by the Jets, not the hawks.

            The cost was Gallery’s 2011 4.3 mil cap hit. That was the bad outside FA pick up that went bad, which was cut short. Since then, they have only picked up practice squad players or UDFAs to build the OL. Cable has to make up for bringing in his guy from Oakland at such a cost.

            Signing another high priced older FA, would be out of sorts. Cable is not done yet, making up for Gallery. Mack a Hawk? It just won’t happen. Cable has an agenda and it’s almost completed.

    • Jimmy Chitwood

      The last time we drafted two O Linemen early was in 2011 with James Carpenter and John Moffitt. Each of them started just 9 games that season and the team finished with a 7-9 record. It is rare for a rookie to start on the O Line. Most linemen need a year or two in the system. Even this year all of our starters have been in the league a while. Even Nowak has been around the NFL for 4 years. The two rookies, Sokoli and Glowinski are wisely being used as backups. There is a big learning curve there. Everyone in the NFL was good in college. Starting two rookies might fast track their development or it might kill their confidence. In any event, it probably wastes one season while they learn their trade.

      • Wall UP

        You just have to find the right rooks to transition to a 1st yr pro. NE, GB and Denver have successfully done so with rookies. Allen is another with a background to make that transition. I hope JS & Cable have him on their radar.

  18. CHawk Talker Eric

    I like your optimism about Coleman, but I just can’t see him lasting long enough for SEA to draft him.

    • nichansen01

      Honestly I could see him falling to the second round. I haven’t heard a SINGLE word about him outside of this website.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He is 24 years old, this might be a knock on him.

        Another knock, “Coleman needs to do a better job controlling the point of attack with his strong hands instead of just jolting his target, but he has a quick punch and recoil and always keeps busy. He has agile feet to comfortably seal the edge or get to the second level and has a lot of NFL-ready tools.”

        So, it sounds like he needs some more polish for the NFL game. He will not be ready day #1, but by week #8 he could be ready to play very solid LT.

        • Rob Staton

          I would argue he’s a good bet to start straight away.

          • Wall UP

            I agree Rob. It would be a disservice to start Coleman at LT. Give him a year or two at RT to adjust to the speed of the NFL before that transition to LT. That is why Okung is so crucial to sign, and I think they will.

    • Rob Staton

      I generally agree but then I would’ve drafted Joel Bitonio and Ju’Wuan James in the top-15 too.

  19. WALL UP

    This is what I hope if Coleman falls to 29 or if not:

    OPT # 1 Hawks 29th Pick
    1 (29) Shon Coleman OT or Emmanuel Ogbah DE or Jack Conklin or Trade Dn
    2 (60) Yannick Ngakoue DE/OLB (Option B Eric Striker WLB)
    3 (92) Jack Allen C
    3c(98) Kenneth Dixon RB or Mike Williams WR
    4 (128) Adam Bisnowaty OT/OG or Lloyd Carrington CB
    5c(178) Brandon Facyson CB or Jayron Kearse SS Convert to CB or Bronson Kaufusi DE/TE
    6 (207) Joel Heath DT/DE
    6c(219) Ugonna Awuruonye DE or Willie Beaver OT/OG
    7 (249) Evan McKelvey SS (Option B Hassan Ridgeway DT/ Josh Augusta DT)
    7c(255) Marquez North WR

    This scenario is if they miss the playoffs, and realistically where Coleman may be available, which would require to trade up to 10:

    OPT # 2 Hawks 18th Pick Trade up to 10th Pick
    1t (10) Shon Coleman OT – Trade 18[900] & 49[410] for 10[1300] or (18) Emmanuel Ogbah DE
    2t (49) Trade 18[900] & 49[410] for 10[1300] or Yannick Ngakoue DE/OLB or Eric Striker LB
    3 (81) Jack Allen C
    3c (98) Kenneth Dixon RB or Mike Williams WR
    4 (116) Adam Bisnowaty OT/OG or Lloyd Carrington CB
    5c (178) Brandon Facyson CB or Jayron Kearse SS Convert to CB or Bronson Kaufusi DE/TE
    6 (196) Joel Heath DT/DE
    6c (219) Ugonna Awuruonye DE or Willie Beaver OT/OG
    7 (238) Evan McKelvey SS (Option B Hassan Ridgeway DT/ Josh Augusta DT)
    7c (255) Marquez North WR

  20. WALL UP

    OPT # 3 Hawks 29th Pick Trade Dn to 40th Pick
    2t (40) Jack Conklin or Le’Raven Clark Trade 29[640] & 92[132] & 128[44] for 40[500] & 72[230] & 108[78]
    2 (60) Yannick Ngakoue DE/ OLB (Option B Eric Striker LB)
    3t (72) Jack Allen C Trade Totals: 816 (29,92,128) for 818 (40,72,108)
    3c (98) Kenneth Dixon RB or Jalen Mills CB or Mike Williams WR
    4t (108) Adam Bisnowaty OT or Lloyd Carrington CB Trade Totals: 816 (29,92,128) for 818 (40,72,108)
    5c(178) Brandon Facyson CB or Jayron Kearse SS Convert to CB or Bronson Kaufusi DE/TE
    6 (207) Joel Heath DT/DE
    6c(219) Ugonna Awuruonye DE or Willie Beaver OT/OG
    7 (249) Evan McKelvey SS (Option B Hassan Ridgeway DT/ Josh Augusta DT)
    7c(255) Marquez North WR

    • Ukhawk

      Really like Awuruonye

      • Wall UP

        I hear ya. He reminds me of a taller 6-5 version of Chris Clemons. Not as fast. But, strong against the pt of attack. Tenacious in chasing the ball or the QB. He’s my late pick steal of the draft.

        It never hurts to have more pass rushers. Bennett and Avril are being used too much that their performances have waned in the 4th qtr. Rather than starting both, it would be advantageous that they come in at 2nd & 3rd passing dns. Both at 29yrs, it would prolong their career and eventually they will be moving on. Clark and Ugonna, Yannick or Marsh could compete for those roles when that occurs.

        A passing dn set with Avril, Bennett, Clark, Ugonna and Yannick roaming the gaps would be tough to stop. If they couldn’t get Yannick as their 2nd pick to fill Irvin’s spot, whom I don’t think they will be able to keep more than 5-6mil/yr, then Striker could play that role at WILL and Wright would slide over to SLB. That’s another reason why I prefer Yannick. It will keep Wright where he is. Marsh and Hill could rotate in as well.

        I would start Heath, Mebane, Rubin, and Ugonna on the DL against run teams like Carolina and St Louis where Heath and Rubin could alternate between the 3 & 5tech. Having 6-6 and 6-5 book ends will also change passing lanes with their reach in the event that they pass instead.

        • Ukhawk

          Thx. I also agree they need to continue to upgrade at DL. D needs to get back to its bullying ways. Will checkout Ogonna. Think Awu goes higher as he’s ranked in top 10 in a few sites.

          • Wall UP

            I saw that as well. I would trade up in the 190-210 range to acquire both Heath and Ugonna. Both would fall right in the rotation.

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I do not watch much college football, I’m just spit balling a bit here
    Assuming no trades and the #29 pick.

    1 (29) Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame (Golden Tate 2.0)
    2 (60) Yannick Ngakoue DE/OLB (Edge rusher, disruptive)
    3 (92) Germain Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M (a solid RT or RG fit in NFL, nasty streak)
    3c(98) Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois (start as 3rd down back, then able to do much more later)
    4 (128) Jake Butt, TE, Michigan (Solid blocker and adequate pass catcher, pro system)
    5c(178) Isaac Seumalo, C, Oregon State (a top C before injury last year, tenacious)
    6 (207) Terrance Smith, OLB/ILB, Florida State (Unclear if he will declare, upside galore)
    6c(219) Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU (Athletic, can play multiple positions)
    7 (249) Kodi Whitfield, S, Stanford (Athletic, following the Sherman route to NFL, WR to S/CB)
    7c(255) Luther Maddy, DT, Virginia Tech (Speedy 3 Tech, nice 4-3 fit according to scouts)

  22. Ben2

    What’s the dead money cap hit on Williams?

    • Jimmy Chitwood

      Cary Williams dead money cap hit is $2.3 Million according to Spotrac.

      • Ben2

        And his cap hit is 5 or 6 mil if we keep him?

  23. nichansen01

    1. Shon Coleman OT (Starting Left Tackle)
    2. Yannick Nqakoue DE/OLB (Bruce replacement)
    3. Adam Bisnowaty OT (Compete with Gilliam for right tackle)
    3c. Jordan Howard RB (3rd Down Turbin/Jackson replacement behind Rawls)
    4. Eddie Jackson (CB/S) (Competes at Corner in training camp, in completion for right corner)
    5c. Joel Heath (DT) (Depth at tackle, plays 3tech)
    6c. Ugonna Awiruonya (DE/DT) (Depth at end, can kick inside)
    7(Dallas). Trevon Pendleton (FB/TE) (Blocking tight end to compliment Graham. Can also play fullback.)
    7c. Lee Hightower (S) (Competition At Safety)

    Let Lynch, Kearse, Sweezy, Irvin, Jackson, Jackson, Kearse, Helfet, Coleman, King and Dobbs go and cut Williams.
    Resign Mebane, Rubin, Shead, Lewis and restructure Bennet and Chancellor
    Sign Alex Mack (C) in Free Agency

    On offense-
    Russel Wilson
    Thomas Rawls
    Jordan Howard
    Bryce Brown
    Will Tukuafu
    Doug Baldwin
    Tyler Lockett
    Pual Richardson
    Kevin Smith
    Kasen Williams
    BJ Daniels
    Jimmy Graham
    Luke Willson
    Trevon Pendleton
    Shon Coleman
    Justin Britt
    Alex Mack
    Mark Glowinski
    Adam Bisnowaty
    Gary Gilliam
    Kristjan Sokoli
    Patrick Lewis
    Terry Poole
    Alvin Bailey

    Michael Bennet
    Cliff Avril
    Frank Clark
    Cassius Marsh
    Brandon Mebane
    Ahtyba Rubin
    Jordan Hill
    Joel Heath
    Oganna Aruwuonye
    KJ Wright
    Bobby Wagner
    Yannick Ngakoue
    Kevin Pierre Louis
    Brock Coyle
    Mike Morgan
    Richard Sherman
    Eddie Jackson
    Tharold Simon
    Tye Smith
    Jeremy Lane
    Mohammed Seisey
    Earl Thomas
    Kam Chancellor
    Deshawn Shead
    Kelvin McCray

    • Wall UP

      You’d have mutiny in the locker room letting Lynch, Sweezy and TJack just for Mack, when just let go a younger center in Unger. They just chose not to go the FA route @ center this yr. I think they will stay the course.

      They’ll draft a center. You know who I hope that is!

  24. adog

    After a dry spell…Carroll and js have finally hit on some draft picks/udfa with Lockett and Rawls. When you consider graham as part of this last class…it looks pretty good. If they continue to draft offense next year… I would expect a big wr in the first. For all the grief about the offensive line…I think that it is our defense that is making it look horrible. This offense is not a two minute come from behind offense. It is a offensive built to out hustle the defense… Not over power it. Against every team we played this year with a winning record…it is our defense that has failed us. Pete Carroll coaching tone is to build his offense around his defense. So we have a zone blocking run first offense with a offensive line that is tailored to be effective but not great. So naturally when the defense struggles…our o line looks terrible as a result of the defense giving up big play after big play. That is really the gist of our defensive struggles this year…giving up the big play. I don’t expect a first round oline pick…I expect a strong safety/ cb hybrid pick ala deone Buchanon. I think they resign sneezy, let okung walk, and resign Irvin. Sweezy is like maxwell …looks good in this system, but will struggle in others…so he will come at a bargain. Irvin will eat up the void after we cut lynch…I think it will be hard for the seahawk brass to let him walk away.

    • cha

      ” I think they resign sneezy”

      Only if Dopey is already drafted by the time the Hawks pick.

      • Adog

        Well dopey is not that far off if you’re talking about his pass pro

  25. Jimmy Chitwood

    Since we seem to be into the rosterbation season, here is what I would do. First, Sweezy would be allowed to go FA because we can replace him with either Glowinski, Sokoli or Gilliam. There is no need to pay him when we have replacements waiting in line. I would re-sign Okung and Irvin. Then I would trade Cary Williams and Jimmy Graham. Neither provided the boost we were expecting. Both have contracts with little or no dead money. Grahams lack of blocking prowess is a major liability. Since we essentially gave up a first and second (Unger) for Graham, I will assume we get at least that much for Graham and Williams.

    In the first round I would go BPA. JS has often traded back and that remains a possibility. My goal would be to come out of the draft with an OC, blocking TE and a starting caliber CB. I also want to find a big bodied WR to replace Graham.

    It might look something like this:

    1A. WR Laquon Treadwell, Michael Thomas or Josh Doctson
    1B. DT Kenny Clark or A’Shawn Robinson
    2A. TE Jake Butt or Hunter Henry
    2B. OC Max Tuerk, Dan Voltz or Jack Allen
    3A. CB Kaivare Russell, William Jackson III or Kevon Seymour
    3B. OT Kyle Murphy or Tyler Johnstone
    4. ILB Antonio Morrison or Joshua Perry

    Plug in a multi-purpose TE on this line and we will be fine. Add a dynamic sideline pass catcher to replace Graham’s more possession style and we become dangerous. Any new OC will challenge Nowak for a spot on the roster. We need an OC with experience at the position.

    • Ben2

      I don’t like the idea of a WR at #1 in our run oriented offense.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m not a fan of draft a guy with injuries in college. If you are going WR, he better be able to get separation and run precise routes. Like Ben mentioned, WR 1st round seems highly unlikely direction for Seattle to go. If they happen to trade down a few picks into the top of the second round, then I could see it. Grabbing an extra 2nd 3rd and / or 4th round pick in the process.

      I like TE Butt as the 3rd TE for Seattle. I think he would be a perfect fit honestly. Perfect blend of what they already have on the roster with 2 move TEs on the roster already.

  26. Mike B.

    I like those four picks, Rob–you’ve convinced me of Shon Coleman’s value and talent, and now that I’ve watched Auburn play twice this year he surely passes the eye test. I certainly hope that Coleman keeps flying under all radars except the Seahawks’.

    I’ve put quite a bit of thought and study into this mock draft, and I welcome thoughts:

    1. Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn. Thanks to Rob for all the quality info on him. ‘Nuff said.

    2. Eric Striker, LB, Oklahoma. I had Joshua Perry (LB/Ohio State) here at one point due to his tremendous production, size, and speed, but Perry is really more of a coverage ILB than a true OLB who can also pass rush.

    3. Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas. I have six very good RBs that the Seahawks could take in the round 3-5 range, but I went with Collins as I’ve watched him play this year more than any other RB in college football. With his slashing ability, balance, and breakaway speed, he’d be a great complement to Rawls in 2016.

    3c. Sebastian Tretola, OG, Arkansas. Tretola is a huge, bruising, terrific run blocking OG who I’ve watched create many a hole for Alex Collins to run through. He’s also lost some weight (from 350 in 2014 to ~325 in 2015) and moves well for a guy his size. Having just one athletic hulk on Seattle’s O-line seems right.

    4. Justin Simmons, S/CB, Boston College. Simmons is a tall, rangy, athletic DB who’s played both safety and cornerback. He has 5 INTs this year, including 2 vs. Notre Dame last week. Simmons has been undervalued this year and has great potential.

    5c. Jordan Williams, WR, Ball State. A big, strong, fast receiver on a pretty crappy team. Williams is listed at 6’3″ 228. He has a big catch radius, good hands, and seems like a great fit in Seattle’s offense.

    6c. Kyle Fackrell, OLB, Utah State. Big, fast, and versatile, Fackrell can pass-rush or provide pass coverage. He had surgery to repair a torn ACL early in the 2014 season; otherwise, his draft stock would be higher.

    7. Michael Caputo, SS, Wisconsin. Hard-hitting safety who’s good against the run and the pass. I really like this guy to be a Kam-in-training.

    7. David Morgan II, TE, UTSA. The big (6’4″ 260) blocking TE that the Seahawks need. He also happens to be a very good receiver.

    UFA. Austin Blythe, C, Iowa. I had to throw in one center here; Blythe seems to be a bit underappreciated, but could still go on day 3. He doesn’t do one thing particularly well, but is well-rounded, quick, and aggressive.

    A partial list of other players I like, but couldn’t find a spot for: Pharoh Cooper (WR/RB/KR/PR, South Carolina), Charles Tapper (DE, Oklahoma), Cyrus Jones (CB, Alabama), Kenneth Dixon (RB, LA Tech), Jordan Howard (RB, Indiana), Jake Brendel (C, UCLA), Desmond King (CB, Iowa), Corey Davis (WR, Western Michigan), Antonio Longino (ILB, Arizona State), Karl Joseph (SS, West Virginia), Tyler Ervin (RB, San Jose State), Taywan Taylor (WR, Western Kentucky)

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m 99% sure Seattle will grab a RB in the 3rd round.
      Interestingly there are 2 RBs that are “expected” to go in this round

      Kenneth Dixon, RB, LA Tech and Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois.
      I would not be upset if either of these guys were picked, but I’m leaning towards Ferguson if he is available at their pick(s). “Ferguson is fast, athletic back who has made a favorable impression on NFL evaluators.” = SPARQ demon.

    • Volume12

      Nice mock man. I’m a big fan of Arkansas OL Sebastain Tretola myself. He might end up being very SPARQy.

  27. Volume12

    Here’s some Shon Coleman. Finally! What’s not to like? Who cares if he’s 24. No different than signing a FA.

  28. Greg haugsven

    I haven’t even seen Shon Coleman’s name on any draft sites. Is he even draft eligible? Also we need a DT. Getting long on the tooth there.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes he is draft eligible. People will wise up to Coleman soon.

      • Volume12

        Tony Pauline had him as a 2nd rounder back in August, durst who writes for Carolina’s SB nation site-cat scratch readeralso has him as a borderline 1st rounder. So he isn’t a complete unknown,

        How many people had Ja’Wuan James as a top 25 pick in November of his last year at Tennessee? Or Kyle Long, Eric Fisher, etc.

        • Rob Staton

          Fisher was out of it (but at a small school so kinda understandable). I think people were fascinated by Long if not grading him in R1. James I think people ignored because he played RT but when you actually sat down and watched him — he was brilliant. I think it’s most surprising for me because Coleman plays LT for a big SEC team and yet find a mock draft outside of SDB that has him in R1.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He has an extra year of eligibility, due to missing significant time for cancer treatments. NCAA gave him a get well card and 1 more year.

      • Wall UP

        He just take it. He hasn’t decided yet. This last game will give an indication of what he may do.

        • WALL UP

          ‘He just might take it’. Cancer can change your perspective of things.

  29. Volume12

    Only a jr., but one RB that looks very ‘Seahawky’ is Auburn’s Jovon Robinson. Kid is built like Robert Turbin. Very intriguing.

  30. the face

    Wouldn’t CB and DT be a more important position to address on D at the draft than LB?

    • Rob Staton

      Two positions they have (deliberately IMO) avoided taking early in the draft. They back themselves to find answers at CB and DT, whether that’s in FA or the later rounds of the draft. It’s produced the likes of Sherman, Browner, Maxwell, McDonald, McDaniel, K. Williams. I doubt they shift from that plan with the needs on the OL.

      • the face

        I was thinking OL,CB,DT would be the top 3 needs and OLB,WR,RB would be the next 3.

        I wonder why they’ve avoided taking CB and DT early?

        • Rob Staton

          Philosophy. They think they can train up and find CB’s (proven). They don’t see the value at DT early (can plug guys into this scheme). It would have to be a special player for them to go against that.

  31. Steele

    Rob, I like these targets a lot. Would be great if they went exactly this way.

  32. Ukhawk

    I think that has held true in the past but maybe not going forward. Replacing Mebane may mean it changes. Mebane was so good it allowed us to replace only one DT per year, if he is going/gone then it changes IMO.

    Unfortunately no one is that special this year so they prob do it later. But imagine they’ll want to groom someone.

    Don’t disagree given the other needs and draft depth they go away fr DT. I however think they may go after a quality FA in 17 including Poe or the Eagles guy. Someone who can penetrate and play the run

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ll keep Mebane.

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