Flashback to opening day 2009

The first post on the old blog ahead of the 2009 season

The college football season kicks off today, as does the long road ahead to the 2010 draft. I’ll be watching South Carolina at North Carolina State today, with Saturday viewing coming in the form of Navy/Ohio State and Georgia/Oklahoma State. Going back to tonight’s game, I’ll be particularly interested to see N.C. State’s QB Russell Wilson. Ranked by the Sporting News as the best signal caller in the ACC, the sophomore QB threw 17 TD’s and only one interception last year after recovering from injury.

Back in the day.

Tonight North Carolina takes on South Carolina. Enjoy the new football season.


  1. Matt

    I remember watching an NC St game back in the day, and coming away impressed with their QB. Looked up his bio and as I found out he was under 6’0″, I wrote off any pro potential he might have. Oh how delightfully wrong I and many others were.

    Excited for the last game of the preseason tonight. I really hope Chris Matthews comes out and has a great game. His injury was really unfortunate, but hopefully he comes out tonight and locks down that 4th receiver spot. What’s everyone else going to be looking for?

    • Rik

      I want to see Rod Smith get some game time. He’s looked smooth and fast in the limited touches that he’s had, as well as being a capable receiver coming out of the backfield. And I want to see CM actually hold onto the football when he gets tackled. Drives me crazy seeing the ball come out of his hands. I know he’s been down by contact some of those times, but still, why take a chance? Hold onto the damn thing!

    • Rob Staton

      I made the same mistake. Wrote him off for the height. Won’t make that mistake again.

  2. peter

    Rob staton….psychic?

  3. Ed

    Caught about 3 drives for each team in the NC vs SC game, both QB shouldn’t make plans for the next level. Ouch.

  4. Trevor

    Rob what do you think of Brett Hundleys performance in the preseason? I had big doubts about him coming out of college but was kind of hoping the Hawks might take a flier on him. He has looked really good to me. The Packers may have gotten another steal at QB.

    • Rob Staton

      Ugly pick six against the Eagles but played well after. That’s the only game I’ve seen of his.

  5. Screeching Hawk

    I just freaked out and my friend told me to chill. TYLER LOCKETT! I am so excited!!! What a weapon he is, another small guy proving all the experts wrong! I’m a happy boy!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And not just on the TD pass from RW, but also catching a low, late one from Archer across the middle. Lockett is the real deal. Clark is making a big impact early on D too.

      Also, Haushka kicking a 55-yd FG on top of his 60-yder last week. Nice.

      • Trevor

        JS looks like he got 2 high 1st round talents in the late 2nd early 3rd rounds this year. Makes up for 2014 Bust draft IMO. Clark is a beast and Lockett is a game changer for sure.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Clark – do you love this guy or what?!?

          • redzone086

            Im still more concerned with how he matures off the field. Success and his past make for an Aldon Smith scenario building. I do like what he puts on the field but if he makes poor decisions off of it…
            Im not saying its a guarantee Im just putting out my $00.02 on the subject.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Well to put my comment in context, Clark had just stripped McGloin in the end zone leading to Hill’s TD. It was like his third impact play of the game.

              I agree his biggest challenge will be off the field, but I don’t see another Aldon Smith in the making. Firstly, he’s in a SEA locker room where the culture and climate are totally different. Sure, he faces the same dangers and pitfalls as any other burgeoning NFL sensation, but he’s surrounded by a band of brothers in a way that this outsider just didn’t/doesn’t see in SF (I’m no 49er expert, but Aldon just didn’t seem to have that kind of relationship with his teammates).

              Second, and most important, I think Clark is pissed off for greatness. I think he plays with a chip on his shoulder, 100% effort every down, from snap to whistle. Even more promising, once the whistle does blow, he’s right there celebrating with his teammates – not in a cocky, behold-my-greatness kind of way – but with genuine enthusiasm and comaraderie.

  6. Screeching Hawk

    Frank Clark strip tackle in the end zone Jordan Hill falls on it for a touchdown! John Schneider deserves two gin shots tonight! Go Hawks!

  7. Trevor

    John Schneider has drafted 3 significantly under sized players for their position in his tenure who lack the length the Seahawk’s love.

    FS Earl Thomas
    QB Russell Wilson
    WR/KR Tyler Lockett

    Looks like he has struck gold on all 3. Common theme among all 3 (leaders, passion, gym rats and uncanny vision /football IQ)

    • Screeching Hawk

      It’s because some people have such will that when they are told that they are not big or tall or fast enough it makes them stronger for they posses something that all do not, persoveriance and determination! That’s what makes them so special. GOooo Hawks!


      • Volume12

        You can measure height, weight, but you can’t measure or clock heart and work ethic.

  8. Trevor

    If Ricardo Lockette makes the squad over Kasen WIlliams or Kevin Smith I will be pissed. I am like Daniels as a QB3 /WR7 perhaps.

    Also Mcgill has played so well at DT. Hope he gets the last spot and Jesse goes on the Practice Squad.

    Rawls and Smith both look pretty good too. Hope we can get at least one of them through to the PS.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I initially thought there was no way BJ would make the team, but now it looks like he most certainty will.

      • red

        I think BJ makes the team then gets the boot when Prich comes off PUP. If BJ makes the 53 Kevin Smith wont make this team. I think BJ is in direct completion with Smith for both are kind of slot guys that can return as well.

  9. Volume12

    Run game looked much better tonight as did Britt.

    That D-line is ridiculous!

    BJ has to make this team not only for his versatilityu, but the fact he gives this team a similar option to RW.

    We still need that ever elusive big wideout.

    What to do with the U-dub duo at wideout?

    Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett are bona-fide difference makers. What’s scary is both of these guys have come nowhere close to their ceilings. Instant impact man.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think BJ played Archer off the roster. He’s as fast as RW with the zone read, and he throws better than Archer. Archer has a strong arm for sure, but his accuracy/timing isn’t there, and he gets easily flustered under pressure. BJ made some nice throws tonight after a somewhat shaky first drive. Especially that TD toss to Williams who made a big time catch.

      Speaking of WRs, I think it’s time to move on from Ricardo Lockette to Kasen Williams.

      Aside from Clark/Lockett, I was really impressed with the 2nd team OL – in particular the LG-C-RG combo of Sokoli, Lewis and Glowinski. These guys cleared huge holes for Thomas (Sweet Lou) Rawls all 2nd half. In fact, Rawls looks better to me than CMike. Those guys also held their own in pass pro for BJ.

      Sokoli specifically stood out – he had one holding penalty on that goal line series – but otherwise I saw him consistently engage his defenders, drive them off the point of attack and out of the play. He looked a little lost when he got to the 2nd level on a few plays, but not embarrassingly so. Most importantly, and surprisingly, he looked solid in pass pro. I am bullish on Sokoli as an NFL OLer.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        Pinkins showed/flashed a bit tonight. Made some solid plays around the line of scrimmage.

        There were several CBs who played themselves off the team. Blown assignments or poor technique.
        The injury to seisay will end his season, most likely on IR.. he wasn’t making the roster anyhow.

        I thought both ex UW WRs played pretty weel.. only 4 combined catches, but they made some nice grabs. Dare I say Lockette with an E and/or C. Mathews gets the cut??? I tend to think this is at least 50/50 right now.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          They might go IR-des to return with Turbin, then keep both C Mike and Rawls on the 53 man roster. They could also sign F. Jackson….. Something to consider at the very least.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Totally agree about Pinkins showing and certain DBs not. Seisay had a dreadful night, as did both backup FS’s.

          Not entirely sure about his catching chops, but Kevin Smith is already a better KR/PR than anyone on last year’s team.

          • Volume12

            KPL played fantastic too. All over the field tonight. And it looks like he’s learned how to ‘bring his weight’ with him on tackle attempts.

  10. Volume12

    How’d South Carolina WR Pharoah Cooper and NC CB Des Lawrence do tonight?

    • red

      WR Bug Howard JR from UNC looked interesting. 6’4 210 If he has a good year he might come out early.

    • Rob Staton

      Watched the first half. Cooper was the entire South Carolina offense but got hurt. Will watch second half later today.

      • Volume12

        Oh that sucks. I like him. Built like Golden Tate, but a dynamic chess-piece type of guy.

        Seattle seems to like receivers that account for 35-40% of their teams offense. Well, at least P-Rich and ‘No E’ both did.

        Rob, do you like Rashard ‘Hollywood’ Higgins?

  11. Miles

    Here is my 53 man roster prediction. I am hoping it works out somewhat this way. I didn’t find it difficult to cut any of the players I did. I don’t know if I’m missing something or not.






    Doug Baldwin
    Tyler Lockett
    Jermaine Kearse
    Chris Matthews
    Kasen Williams
    BJ Daniels
    Kevin Smith


    Jimmy Graham
    Luke Willson
    Cooper Helfet


    Russell Okung
    Justin Britt
    Drew Nowak
    JR Sweezy
    Garry Gilliam
    Alvin Bailey
    Kristjan Sokoli
    Mark Glowinski
    Patrick Lewis


    Frank Clark
    Cassius Marsh
    Michael Bennett
    Cliff Avril
    Brandon Mebane
    Atyhba Rubin
    TY McGill
    Jesse Williams


    Bruce Irvin
    Bobby Wagner
    KJ Wright
    Mike Morgan
    Eric Pinkins
    Kevin Pierre-Louis
    Brock Coyle


    Richard Sherman
    Cary Williams
    Tharold Simon
    Tye Smith
    Will Blackmon


    Earl Thomas
    Ronald Martin


    Dion Bailey
    Deshawn Shead


    Steven Hauschka
    Jon Ryan
    Clint Gresham

    Practice Squad

    QB RJ Archer
    RB Rod Smith
    OL Keavon Milton
    DE Obum Gwacham
    S Ryan Murphy
    DT David King
    LB Alex Singleton
    T Terry Poole
    LB Tyrell Adams
    CB Douglas McNeill III

    • red

      You left out Jordan Hill on DL

    • tony

      U left Jordan hill off there.

    • redzone086

      Hill over McGill

  12. Trevor

    I know it is only pre-season so I dont want to get too excited but this team is loaded with talent. I think our most talented team to date. Not sure how it will all play out with injuries and the Kam hold out but I am excited.

    Like I say have to temper the excitement but Clark and Lockett look like absolute steals and are making a bigger impact than an picks I can remember except maybe Russ. Even Earl took some time to settle in. These guys have the potential to be stars. Looks I can’t knock JS for his DL picks anymore.

    • cha

      That depth of young players will be most critical this year. This team has had 3 deep playoff runs in a row, which translates to an extra 1/2 season of games. That would wear anyone down.

      Guys like Hill, Sweezy, Britt and Willson (not to mention RW) need to keep developing, along with the young draft picks. Enough so the starters and stars aren’t carrying so much of the load.

      At this point the Seahawks are so good, they’re playing themselves each week as much as they are the opposition. Smart snap management and good health become even more vital.

  13. Phil

    Watching Lockett’s tape of his KSU days, the thing that impressed me the most was his ability to get separation, especially on double-move routes. We haven’t seen this yet …….but just be patient.

  14. Volume12

    I saw that SF cut Darnell Dockett. Has his game diminished that much? And by the way, Kap has looked awful.

    Any chance Seattle brings backs OG John Moffitt (cut by Philly)?

    • Rob Staton

      Doubtful on Moffitt I’d say. A huge let down for this team.

      San Fran’s O-line is a mess.

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