Seahawks 53-man roster projection

Is there room for B.J. Daniels on the roster?

Key positions battles

Running back
If Robert Turbin’s injury is serious it seems fairly obvious to IR him. Is it worth losing your one allotted ‘IR with a designation to return’ card on a backup running back? It’s a tough break for Turbin in a contract year — but the Seahawks might need that IR spot later in the season for a starter.

Fred Jackson would be the ideal replacement after week one when his contract won’t be guaranteed. For now I think you run with both Christine Michael and Thomas Rawls as your running backs. If/when Jackson signs — I’d favour Michael over Rawls. There’s no doubt Rawls played well against Oakland’s second and third stringers yesterday — but running backs like him are available most years in the later rounds or UDFA pool. Michael showed flashes last season in limited action and is the only back on the roster who can find the edge with pure speed. I just don’t think Rawls has done enough to give up on Michael’s upside — even if he is on a shorter leash these days.

Wide receiver
Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Tyler Lockett are the locks. Paul Richardson is on the PUP list. Then it gets complicated. Ricardo Lockette is a key special teamer and that might be enough to secure a spot. However, he’s never progressed as a receiver and offers barely anything to the offense. He’s 29 and offers little in terms of long term potential. Chris Matthews remains a one-game wonder for now but also has some special teams value and provides the bid-bodied receiver Seattle has lacked.

Thinking about the future is important here. Baldwin is only contracted until the end of 2016. Kearse is a free agent after this season. Richardson has to prove he can come back from a second serious knee injury and stay healthy. The Seahawks need to start developing players as possible replacements — particularly for Kearse who might be difficult to keep.

Kevin Smith and Kalen Williams have both looked good enough to consider as possible Kearse replacements. However, neither is likely to feature in a run-heavy offense with Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, Jimmy Graham and Luke Willson receiving most of the attention. That’s the attractive thing about Lockette and Matthews. They will find a way to contribute — even if it’s just on special teams. Smith and Williams are mainly developmental projects for now. Ideally they’d both land on the practise squad, as Kearse did originally. They might be able to stash one for now and retain the other until Richardson returns.

B.J. Daniels also comes into the equation. He can act as the #3 quarterback and feature on a trick play or two. He hasn’t really shown enough, however, to warrant consideration as a full-time receiver. If this is about getting as many active and contributing players on the roster (it is if you keep Lockette over Smith/Williams) — Daniels probably misses out unless his special teams value is incredibly high.

Defensive tackle
This is an interesting one because both T.Y. McGill and Jesse Williams impressed against Oakland. When asked about McGill, Pete Carroll was surprisingly lukewarm after the game. Carroll doesn’t play too many games when he talks — if there’s something he doesn’t want to say he just doesn’t say it. When he talks you can pretty much take it to the bank. With McGill they see potential that needs refining.

Williams took a knee at the end of the game in what looked like a really emotional moment. It was an opportunity to reflect on his battle with cancer, return to the game and how much he’s achieved to get this far. It was also perhaps a reflection on the possibility that it could be his last time on a NFL field. In many ways he offers something different — size, strength and run-stuffing quality. McGill’s skill set is very similar to the superior Jordan Hill. That could be a factor that works in Williams’ favour. They might be able to keep both anyway.

Having shown so much grit and determination to return to football — and with the tape proving he’s still a capable player — you have to wonder if one way or another they find a way to keep Jesse Williams on this team. Plus if you’re cutting Will Tukuafu let’s not forget Williams played some short-yardage full back for Alabama.

There’s some clarity at the cornerback position today. Richard Sherman (duh), Cary Williams, Will Blackmon and Tharold Simon look like the top four. Tye Smith has been neat and tidy and offers long term potential. Marcus Burley is more experienced and is perhaps a better fit working the slot. It makes sense to keep both and at least have some corner depth, even if DeShawn Shead can fit in too. They could still go out and add another CB currently on another roster.

Roster projection

QB — Wilson, Jackson
RB — Lynch, Michael, Rawls (Turbin IR)
FB — Coleman
WR — Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, Lockette, Matthews, Smith (Williams PS)
TE — Graham, Willson, McCoy
OL — Okung, Britt, Nowak, Sweezy, Gilliam, Bailey, Lewis, Glowinski, Sokoli, Poole

DE — Bennett, Avril, Clarke, Marsh
DT — Mebane, Rubin, Hill, Williams, McGill
LB — Wright, Wagner, Irvin, Pierre-Louis, Coyle, Pinkins (Morgan injured)
CB — Sherman, Williams, Blackmon, Simon, Smith, Burley
S — Thomas, Chancellor (eventually), Bailey, Shead

ST — Ryan, Hauschka, Gresham


  1. Nichansen01

    I would keep Kasen over Ricardo

    • bigDhawk

      Me too. Lockette has been invisible on ST at gunner all preseason. Smith could take over there.

      • redzone086

        My issue is that Lockette every year gets himself 3 to 5 personal foul penalties and they nullify any special teams value he added. I like Williams over Smith but Smith adds return abuility so either way there.

  2. Volume12

    Yeah those couple last receiver spots are really the only true ‘battles’ right now. Should be interesting.

    I’d have to agree with all of this roster projection except for leaving BJ off. I know it’s hard to fit him in, and he he very well could get cut, but with his versatility and ability to run the zone read offense for a couple/few games, I’d like to think they’d keep him.

    Love DT Jesse Williams man. It’s one reason I’m so high on Auburn’s Shon Coleman. Football is a game of adversity and guys like Coleman and ‘monstar’ scream battle-tested, warriors, guys you want next to you, and just inspire the whole team.

  3. Volume12

    By the way. Thought this might help some of us choose what games to watch this weekend. Take it for what it’s worth, if anything

    Seattle scouts were in attendance for the TCU vs Minnesota game last night.

    And on Saturday they’ll be at the L’ville vs Auburn game (hmmm) and the Texas vs ND.

    • Trevor

      How do you find out this stuff like where the Seahawks scouts are?

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        Some of the telecasts will talk about the various scouts in the crowd

      • Volume12

        You mean like the fact they’ve been to Southeast Missouri St to check out WR Paul McRoberts? Kid’s length is unreal. Good size, battled some true adversity. He’s a late rounder-UDFA, but interesting.

  4. bigDhawk

    My sentiments almost to a tee, Rob. I’d like to keep Truckafool over Coleman at FB, though. Coleman is a solid special teamer but Marshawn clearly prefers running behind the blocking of Truckafool over Coleman. Plus we have other young special teamers on the rise. Also I’d like to find a way to keep Rod Smith, maybe even at the expense of Rawls. I just like Smith’s athletic upside over Rawls, whom I’ve never been too impressed with from the start. Apart from those minor details, I love this roster. Agree about McCoy as the third TE too. I like his run blocking.

    • arias

      Why do you call him Truckafool?

  5. James

    Rob, as unwise as it is to disagree with you, I do so in a few places:

    – Lockette has two strikes against him and he gets cut. He is a FA after this year and no help toward a future without Kearse and/or Baldwin. He is kept solely for his work on Teams, which means he must be active at the expense of a better player… you are almost forced to use him as the 4th WR, though he is only the 8th best one on the roster.
    – therefore they keep 7 WRs: Baldwin, Kearse, No-E, Matthews, Daniels, Smith and Williams. Smith can fill Lockette’s role, and Williams is too good to risk, as he projects as a starting-quality SE. Daniels is too valuable and can even be groomed to replace T-Jack next year.
    – keeping 7 WRs means only keeping 2 TEs, the backup there can be someone stashed on the practice squad, Helfet is injured so he could be stashed for a few weeks until needed and roster attrition provides a spot on the 53.
    – you are correct that Tom will insist on retaining Poole, Glow and Sokoli… Bailey and Lewis are likely the only other active OLs anyway, maybe Glow also.
    – something has to give at RB. Jackson has fallen into their lap and is too good to pass up. He is the only RB who could effectively replace Beast for 2 or 3 games if he gets nicked up. Turbin needs to go IR or be released, Rawls needs to be kept for he will never clear to the practice squad, and C-Mike should be traded. Beast is likely to play two more seasons, meaning C-Mike will be FA before he ever does anything. Go with a Beast/Jackson tandem for the next 2 years and develop Rawls and see how it goes.
    – I believe PCJS would like to keep both Pinkins and Martin, so whoever is most likely to clear waivers and make the practice squad will get released.
    – big Jesse can be released and placed on the practice squad as they await the results of his tests. No way another team plucks him with his health so uncertain, and him undergoing treatment at UW, he cannot transfer to another set of doctors. So, keep McGill.

    • James

      Big Jesse indeed released. No way another team picks him up until his health is resolved, nor could/should he switch medical doctors to another city at this point in his treatment.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Pinkins really showed up in the 4th game.

      Lynch, Jackson are locks. Now it get’s muddy…… I’m in favor of trading Micheal if possible. Keeping Rawls on the 53 man roster… and go the IR with des to return Turbin.

      I’m at least 80% sure that C Mathews is toast. Keep both UW WRs and BJ as a hybrid QB/WR…. I’m not entirely sure where they would all fit on the roster. Perhaps they cut or trade T-Jax.

      What I love about the Seahawks. They are decisive and un predictable.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        I forgot, I think Bailey is getting cut. He has looked horrible every time he played this preseason.. getting worked at LT and at guard the few times he played the position. Not sure what happened, but he doesn’t belong on the roster imo.

      • arias

        Still think you’re nuts thinking Matthews will be cut. There would be a feeding frenzy to snap him up if that ever happened, which it won’t. He’s been taking first team snaps in their 3 WR sets when not injured.

  6. JC

    Depending on the severity of Turbin’s injury, I don’t see a big issue with keeping him on the roster for several weeks as current lack of injuries on the roster mean mostly healthy inactives to begin the season, though as weeks go on that could be an issue.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    It’s harder to find a returner than a gunner.

    For that reason alone I think Smith beats Lockette.

    But I think BJ beats Lockette as well. He’s no worse a WR than Lockette, brings a gadget-type skill set to the offense that Lockette doesn’t, and could actually serve in an emergency QB situation.

    Some tough decisions in the next 24 hours.

    • CC

      Good point on the returner vs gunner – I’d like to see Smith make it.

  8. CC

    I like Ricardo, but for me, it is time to let him go and find someone with an upside. I’d like to see Kasen and or KSmith get that lost spot. The good thing for them, is that they will get picked up even if we put them on the practice squad.

    Also, how long are we going to wait for Cmike to really play well enough to take Turbo’s spot? He has a few moments, but overall, I’m ready to move on from him.

  9. Barry

    I dont see the point in keeping a player that cant stay healthy and hasnt contributed when healthy in McCoy? Pete has cut ties with many of his old USC players, why keep a player who cant play or stay healthy over a younger prospect?

    • arias


  10. Trevor


    I agree with almost everything except I replaced Rawls with Jackson who I think is the perfect 3rd down back for us.

    I dropped on OL in Poole as I think he will be on the PS and added an extra WR. At WR I dropped Ricardo and added Williams and Daniels who can backup at QB if T Jack goes down.

    On DL I replaced Williams with Dobbs. Love Williams and hope he stays on PS and gets healthy.

    At TE I left Mcoy but hope they can find someone on the Waiver Wire.

    This is an amazing roster on paper.

    Roster Projection
    QB — Wilson, Jackson
    RB — Lynch, Michael, Fred Jackson (Turbin IR)
    FB — Coleman
    WR — Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, Matthews, Smith, Williams, Daniels
    TE — Graham, Willson, McCoy
    OL — Okung, Britt, Nowak, Sweezy, Gilliam, Bailey, Lewis, Glowinski, Sokoli

    DE — Bennett, Avril, Clarke, Marsh
    DT — Mebane, Rubin, Hill, Dobbs, McGill
    LB — Wright, Wagner, Irvin, Pierre-Louis, Coyle, Pinkins (Morgan injured)
    CB — Sherman, Williams, Blackmon, Simon, Smith, Burley
    S — Thomas, Chancellor (eventually), Bailey, Shead

    ST — Ryan, Hauschka, Gresham

    • redzone086

      I think this is your 2016 roster except i think Pete lets Burley go and trade/picks up another slot corner. I dont believe we have a starting slot CB on our roster…

      • Trevor

        I agree it is our one glaring weakness. The long Seahawks corner mold does not translate well to the slot.

        • redzone086

          Seems so but they should find a way to deal with this position plus the linebackers stay on the field and go to a zone most of the time. I just think Pete thinks with the new Dline the pressure can mask some of the issues.

    • Jeff C

      You must be reading my mind Trevor. This is about how I’m seeing it too. Perhaps Michael gets cut. Danny, Dave, and Moore sound certain the Jackson signing means the end of Michael. Perhaps so. Part of me thinks that the Jackson signing actually is good for Michael and makes the hawks less dependent on him as a #2, so they can roll the dice one more season with him.

      I like Rawls in a poor man’s Justin Forsett kind of way, but I see nothing remarkable.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I agree about Poole. He’s the odd man out if they go with 9 OL.

      And if they go with 9 OL, they’ll probably carry an extra WR – Kasen or KSmith. FWIW I think Kasen is the better WR prospect, but Smith adds good KR/PR return skills.

      I also agree about JWilliams, which pains me. I’ve liked him all through camp, perhaps as much for his amazing comeback story as anything. He’s played good football this preseason, but so has Dobbs, and as another blogger pointed out, Jesse isn’t as likely to get picked up off waivers and could make it to the PS. I dunno. That’s a difficult choice.

      • Volume12

        Alright. I didn’t want to drop this name just yet, but by god this kid is an athltic freak! Check out Arizona CB/S Will Parks. 6’0-6’1, 194 lbs., crazy good production last year. His burst, quickness, blitzing, tackling, and coverage are all excellent.

        • Volume12

          81 tackles, 13 TFL, 8 passes def., 2 picks.

  11. redzone086

    Fred Jackson signed one year deal with Seahawks….info soon.

  12. Trevor

    PC/JS dont sign many vetrans but when they do they seem to pick the right ones for sure.

    • sdcoug

      This is a really good get, especially with Marshawn’s balky back and physical running style. All the things we already know, but…good running, good blocking, good hands, friends with Lynch, a professional, etc etc

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        ….and he supposedly sign ed a vet min deal…. so, not too bad for a productive player.

  13. Demitrov

    Id rather they cut Lockette and keep BJ Daniels. I liked his QB play and thought his scrambling looked a lot like Wilsons which could come in handy down the road. That, combined with his versatility as a Special Teams player and a WR makes him, to me, more valuable then Lockette.

  14. HOUSE

    DAL is in talks with DEN for possible Montee Ball trade.

    The FO is “VERY HIGH” on Rawls and La Canfora has reported we are seeking a trade partner for Michael. Considering he’s a TX native, I expect Michael to be a Cowboy tomorrow. No idea what compensation will be, but with 2 yrs left on his deal ($711,766 in 2015/$865,149 in 2016) DAL might bite

    • Trevor

      I actually dont want them to trade him to Dal. The thought of him behind that OL if he figures things out is scary. Why help one of of our primary competitors in NFC.

      • Coug1990

        Because Pete and John are playing the long game. They trade him to Dallas. In the playoff game against Dallas, Michael fumbles the ball, Wagner picks it up and returns it for the game winning TD.

    • redzone086

      Micheals has a 6th rd value to me but im not a gm…

  15. matt

    Dez Lewis was cut by the Bills. Just wanted to point that out to the people who thought he was worth a mid round pick and/or more valuable than Lockett before the draft. Lockett is dynamite-Lewis is practice squad.

    • red

      WR Antawn Goodley cut by Dallas he got some love here. TE Koyack from ND also got cut 4.8 forty 30 inch vert 6’5 260.

      • Beanhawk

        Koyack is also a pretty good blocker, I hear. We could definitely use that should he make it to us through waivers.

        • red

          Joseph Fauria cut as well he could make a nice TE3 6’7 260. Doubt he make it past 30 teams on waivers.

          • redzone086

            He has an ankle injury so couldnt practice or play right away

  16. CHawk Talker Eric

    So Turbo has been released. And buzz keeps building about CMike being shopped for trade.

    • HOUSE

      Turbin was waived with injury designation… Could be out a MINIMUM 5 weeks. If a team doesn’t claim him, he can be put on our IR.

      CMike could still be gone…

  17. Volume12

    How about Baylor’s LaQuan McGowan late in the draft? Kid is literally a monster! Could you imagine trying to tackle this dude?

    Damn man, there’s a lot of good under-classmen at receiver. Titus Davis’s little brother Corey is very intriguing.

  18. AlaskaHawk

    Am I the only one here who likes Rawls? He had a great game with almost 8 yards per carry. He runs downhill, has just a bit of elusiveness. He is getting comfortable hitting the holes. I like him. Just a solid running back putting another day of work in.

    • Volume12

      Not at all. I like him too. Nothing exciting or special, just a really solid back as you said. He’s got potential. Love his low center of gravity and attitude he runs with.

    • sdcoug

      Nope, I really like Rawls and hope he gets to stick around. People have been quick to dismiss him, but let’s be realistic…he’s had only a few pre-season games as a pro. Guess SD should cut their rookie RB too since he has yet failed to impress. Think he’s got the skill and running style to become a solid addition as he continues to get his feet under him. Hope he gets that chance here.

  19. Volume12

    Rob, couple questions for ya.

    – Could ND OT Ronnie Stanley be a realisic option for Seattle if they keep their 1st this year?

    – What do you thik of former Ohio St Buckeye DE/OLB Noah Spence? Worth a mid-rounder?

    • Madmark

      Laremy Tunsil Ole Miss and Ronnie Stanley of ND are both project to go in the top 20 probably before we pick.
      Taylor Decker Ohio St. and Jack Conklin of Michigan St.(my favorite for LT spot) would go 20 to 35 range.

      • Volume12

        Sorry buddy, but Stanley is overrated. Conklin is better and will go higher.

        Let’s see Decker and how he handles some true speed rushers tonight in OLBs Dadi Lhomme Nicolas and Ken Ekanem

        Still like Auburn OL Shon Coleman. Keep an eye on him today and Auburn’s HB Jovon Robinson.

        As for L’ville, Seattle really seems high on someone from that squad. HB Brandon Radcliff, DT Sheldon Rankins, or LEO/OLB De’Vonte Fields. Coulf be anyone, but those 3 are very talented.

  20. DrDonaldDuck

    If the Seahawks were to trade Kam Chancellor? Who do you think would make the best offer?

  21. redzone086

    Seattle is out looking for Safety help not slot CB help. I guess I was way off in how much they liked Martin and Bailey.

    • redzone086

      Bernard Pallard anyone?

    • Volume12

      Bailey’s hurt. In the SD game he played with a cast on his left hand.

      • Volume12

        While Martin shows upside, there’s no way Seattle is or was going to rely on him now that teams will draw up gameplans. IMO there still missing another CB with size and that S/nickel CB hybrid. Think along the lines of Damarious Randall.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          Tye Smith is the guy to watch on the outside at CB. He has shown up in the preseason. He has an incredible ability to close on WRs on deep patterns.

          The slot CB is indeed a weakness currently.

          • Volume12

            I like Tye Smith as well, but he needs some refinement. With Lane, Burley, Blackmon, and Shead all FAs that leaves Sherm, Williams, Simon, and Smith. They take a CB every year anyways. So, I think they’ll draft a corner, and a hybrid S/nickel type of guy.

            • arias

              Blackmon got cut. I think Tye will be pressed into service this year given the lack of depth behind Simon. Of course that’s assuming the worst that Cary is just dead weight like a dreadfully but fully expect.

  22. Curt

    With that report – Kam is showing how much of a “TEAM” guy he is. Used to be my favorite Hawk but I think there is more to the story other than money. Just my opinion from 40 thousand feet but I think he has lost his edge from being hurt last year. Damm I hope I’m wrong but there is something so odd about this that makes me think Kam has lost his edge. I sure hope BAM BAM comes back and proves me wrong but just have a feeling he doesn’t want to be BAM BAM anymore.

  23. Volume12

    This Traveon Henry from Northwestern is a ball-hawk man! Very interesting. Good size too for a safety.

  24. Volume12

    I’ve been watching some DTs lately, 3rd round range since Seattle has never drafted one higher thant that, and run-stuffers should not go higher thn that unless their athletic or physical freaks. Looking at you A’Shawn Robinson, DeForest Buckner, and Andrew Billings.

    Anyways, I really like Alabama DT Jarran Reed. He is immovable. Good hand usr, violent tackler, and impressive power. His balance is very good, pursues plays away from the LOS, and looks like a classic late day 2 guy. Plays with a chip on his shoulder coming from the JUCO ranks, and has lost 15 lbs. this off-season to improve his conditioning/stamina. He’s a bit raw, but loaded with upside and personality.

    Robinson, Sheldon Rankins (another favorite of mine), and Reed graded out in this order as the highest ranked DTs lat year according to PFF.

  25. Trevor

    I guess Pinkins got released. I am really surprised I thought he looked good at LB. I hope he slides to the PS.

    • Volume12

      Wow. That’s very surprising. It’s too bad DE-LEO Ryan Robinson from OK St. tore his ACL. He was the star of OTAs from what IT heard.

  26. redzone086

    Seahawks known released/waived: J. Williams, Blackmon, Turbin, Lambert.
    11:20 AM – 5 Sep 2015

    2015I hadnt heard of Pinkins. I liked his effort as a weak LB.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      He was picked up last season as a S/CB prospect, they were trying to convert him to LB + add some weight onto his frame. He looked pretty good in the last 2 preseason games.

  27. Volume12

    Coleman is a stud man!

    L’ville DB Josh Harvey-Clemons has been impressive. Great size, good ball skills, looks like a great athlete, long arms. He’d be a nice project pick.

    • Volume12

      6’4, 230 lbs. And we know Seahawk scouts are in attendance. Looks like he could play a little bit of corner, an edge rusher role, and an in the box safety for sure. This kid has my antennae way up. Time to ring the SPARQ bell.

  28. AlaskaHawk

    Pinkins, Kasen Williams, and Murphy are all rumored to be waived.

  29. redzone086

    Shaun Morash @MrazCBS
    Sources telling me the Giants and Seahawks have discussed a potential Kam Chancellor trade. Tho the sides do remain far apart on a deal.
    9:11 AM – 5 Sep 2015

  30. Volume12

    ‘Hardball’ and BJ look like they’ve made the team and Kasen Williams was waived.

    • redzone086

      C. Matthews in as well.

      • Volume12

        That’s ‘Hardball.’ Teammates and Darrell Bevell call him that, because of political talk show host Chris Matthews. Name of his tv show is called Hardball.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Who is he ?

  31. Volume12

    Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo is killing it today!

    Illinois HB Josh Ferghuson is exciting. Has a little Abdullah and C-mike to his game.

    Rob, what do you think of UCLA DT Kenny Clark?

    • Volume12

      Auburn DT Montravius Adams is a beast! There is a ton of good DTs this year. Penn St. has a couple really good ones too.

  32. Volume12

    LOL. Sorry for all the posts, but so excited.

    2 VMAC visitors were cut today. Dallas cut OL Laurence Gibson and Atlanta cut S Akeem King. Our PS could end up being crazy deep.

    • UKHawkDavid

      No problem at all man – it’s always great hearing from you! Gibson was a favourite of mine so interesting to see that. I also heard Durrell Eskridge got cut; wasn’t he brought up by Rob a few times pre draft?

      • Volume12

        Yeah he was. Another guy Rob brought up and discussed was S Kurtis Drummond out of Michigan St. who was cut today by Houston.

  33. redzone086

    Hawks staff spend so much time on other teams rosters it makes this time of year like a second draft day!

  34. Layne

    Just read this : 53 man roster set. Some surprises.

    • Layne

      Fred Jackson did not sign. maybe after week one?

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