For a large portion of the fan base, Jamal Adams’ departure was a cause for celebration. Weeks earlier he’d completely embarrassed himself and the franchise when he attacked a reporters wife, then doubled down on the behaviour when quizzed by reporters.

It was a relief that he only managed one more game for the Seahawks before we were all given the respite of not having to root for the guy any more. Adams was an expensive flop — his acquisition an epic mistake by Seattle’s decision makers. By the end though, it was more than just a crap trade. Adams was toxic.

Cutting him was a line being drawn under the whole episode. A fresh start. So why, suddenly, is a potential return even a ‘thing’? John Schneider and Mike Macdonald keep entertaining the idea. Brock Huard, who correctly called the signings of Jerome Baker and Tyrel Dodson right before they happened, brought up the suggestion of Adams returning. Turns out it wasn’t a random thought from Huard.

What does he have to offer the Seahawks at this stage? He missed 33 regular season games in four seasons in Seattle. His body has been gradually breaking down. There’s no sign as he approaches his 29th birthday later this year that a clean bill of health and a return to his best is on the cards.

His performance in Seattle when he was healthy was massively underwhelming and often irritating. Nobody could sarcastically applaud an opponent after a seven-yard gain on first down quite like Jamal. He was the anti-Richard Sherman. The brash Seahawks of yesteryear backed up their chatter. Sherman yawning after another incompletion aimed his way was an enjoyable slice of banter from a top performer.

Adams had a knack of consistently chirping away, even when he was doing nothing of significance on the field. That’s how the whole issue came about with the reporter. Adams gave up a huge play in a game where he’d been at the Dallas players throughout. As a touchdown was thrown to Jake Ferguson, the Cowboys’ tight end gazed at Seattle’s safety and Ceedee Lamb came running over to gloat.

Cue the ‘yikes’ tweet.

People love to talk about his sack record for defensive backs in year one — but as Hugh Millen has frequently pointed out, it was virtually all manufactured pressure. One of his sacks came about because Sam Darnold ran out of bounds for a short loss and Adams happened to be nearest to him. He didn’t record a single sack in the next three years. He was PFF’s 88th ranked safety last year and in his three years as a starter in Seattle, his average grade was a poor 59.7.

His time was spent either being injured or ineffective. By the time he started insulting reporter’s wives he’d become an embarrassment. A liability.

What’s the point of bringing him back to play linebacker, as they’ve suggested would be the situation? He’s 213lbs. His body’s already breaking down. How is this going to work?

I get that coaches sometimes feel like they can fix anyone. Mike Macdonald’s schemes have benefited from creative and versatile safety play. He might think he can turn Adams into something he’s shown he no longer is — and John Schneider might be open to a different coach changing the narrative on his worst trade as a GM.

They should resist this idea. Move on. Get younger, faster and healthier. Start a new era where the Seahawks do their talking with their tackling, hitting and pass rush — not with a twerp chuntering away at opponents only to be left with egg on his face, then deciding another man’s wife is a fair retaliation.

I’m bored of Jamal Adams. I want to see that massive mistake consigned to history. Nobody else seems to be interested in him, so why are the Seahawks?

Schneider is starting to resemble Indiana Jones at the end of ‘the Last Crusade’ where he’s reaching out for the Holy Grail. Someone needs to be Indy’s dad, telling him to let it go.

John, for Pete’s sake (pun intended) — let it go.

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