Free agency live thread (and how it impacts the draft)

Percy Harvin is officially a Seahawk

Free agency as it happens, with reaction to how each (major) signing impacts the draft.

Andy Levitre (G, Buffalo) to Tennessee
This signing, and the aggressive nature of the Titans’ approach, suggests they won’t draft for the interior offensive line with the #10 pick. Having been linked with Jonathan Cooper (good fit for their zone blocking scheme), the addition of Levitre should allow Tennessee to look elsewhere. And I suspect one of their biggest priorities will be to add one of the best interior pass rushers, such as Missouri’s Sheldon Richardson. UPDATE — The deal is worth an incredible $46.8M over six years with $13M due in 2013 alone.

Mike Wallace (WR, Pittsburgh) to Miami
The Dolphins know they need to surround Ryan Tannehill with talent. They re-signed Brian Hartline and will now add downfield speedster Mike Wallace. The contract is speculated to be hefty, so they’ll need an instant return. They could still add another target with the #12 pick (such as Cordarrelle Patterson) but what seems more likely is they’ll bolster their ranks with a second or third round prospect. Ryan Swope would be perfect, due to his familiarity with the playbook and quarterback. Miami has two second round picks due to the Vontae Davis trade with Indianapolis.

Paul Kruger (DE, Baltimore) to Cleveland
Wonder how this one will go down in Baltimore? Kruger switches teams within the AFC North for a reported $41m contract. The Browns have added a pass-rush partner for Jabaal Sheard and should be able to get their 3-4 defense rolling with Ray Horton on board. They have two quality outside linebackers now. I think they could still target a 3-4 end with pass rush ability, just as Horton used Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett. Ziggy Ansah remains an option, but Richardson could be the second coming of Dockett.

Louis Vasquez (G, San Diego) to Denver
Another player moving within the same division, Vasquez jumps ship after only a middling attempt by the Chargers to keep him. This will ensure Peyton Manning stays well protected and the Broncos have a blossoming, young offensive line that should also set the stall for a productive run game. This shouldn’t impact the Broncos draft plans too much. They need to upgrade that secondary.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB) is cut by Buffalo
They really wanted rid, huh? This saves only $450k but it goes to show that teams will take on any kind of saving to just move on from a non-starter. The Bills need a quarterback. And this adds weight to the suggestion they’ll trade up for ‘their guy’ in the draft (as noted in last week’s mock). Despite all the negative press around Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and co, teams will identify guys they like. And in some cases they’ll be aggressive to get them.

Martellus Bennett (TE, New York) to Chicago
The Bears were an option to go tight end at #20, but this gives them some security. Their main priority is to rebuild a rancid offensive line. Gabe Carimi was a bust waiting to happen in round one and the Bears tried to add Phil Loadholt before he re-signed in Minnesota. Jake Long is headed to St. Louis for his first visit, not Chicago. Does he get out of the Rams complex without a deal? If they go into the draft without a left tackle then moving up to get at the trio of Joeckel, Fisher and Johnson seems a strong possibility. UPDATE — apparently they’re speaking to Jermon Bushrod (T, New Orleans).

Delanie Walker (TE, San Francisco) to Tennessee
Replacement for Jared Cook? I for one will be pleased to see Walker out of the NFC West. He always seemed to perform well against the Seahawks. Whether that same success translates to the AFC South, I’m not sure. The Niners found a niche role for him. They are a very creative offense. Tennessee’s is not.

Seattle’s deal for Percy Harvin is now complete!!!

In terms of other news so far, Kansas City defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey is visiting with the 49ers. The Buccaneers are being strongly linked with a trade for Darrelle Revis. Nnamdi Asomugha and Antoine Winfield were cut today. The Packers are considered the clubhouse leaders to sign Steven Jackson. If you missed it earlier, Leon Washington was released by the Seahawks.

Pete Carroll speaks
He just did a spot on Sirius FM with Pat Kirwan, pulling out of a free agency meeting to conduct the interview. He described the deal for Percy Harvin as trading up in the draft to get the best receiver. He denied speculation that Sidney Rice could be cut, insisting that wasn’t an option. Carroll left the door open for Leon Washington to return to Seattle on reduced terms. He also insisted they will continue to compete during free agency and will be open to further deals.

And for those wondering…

Dannell Ellerbe (LB, Baltimore) to Miami
Wow — maybe the first big shock of the day? Baltimore is really feeling the effect of signing Joe Flacco to a mega-deal. First they lose Paul Kruger to a division rival, now Dannel Ellerbe heads to Miami for $35m. While the media wax lyrical about Anquan Boldin’s playoff performance, Ellerbe was just as much of a factor on defense. This loss will be felt. Whether he can continue to perform at a high level remains to be seen. The consolation for Baltimore is they’ll be stocked with compensatory picks in 2014. In terms of this years draft — after losing Kruger, Ellerbe and watching Ray Lewis retire, it surely makes linebacker a huge need at #32?

Jared Cook (TE, Tennessee) to St. Louis
The Rams make a big splash. It’ll be interesting to see the terms of the deal. Jeff Fisher knows the player from his time with the Titans. Cook is more potential than production so far, but it’s another weapon for Sam Bradford. They almost had to do something after Seattle’s move for Harvin and San Francisco’s move for Boldin. You need to keep up in this division. Considering the likely size of Cook’s contract, they better hope he delivers on all that promise. This allows the Rams to concentrate on receivers, offensive linemen and defensive backs in the draft. They could also target an outside linebacker. Some names to consider: Tavon Austin, Alec Ogletree, Lane Johnson, Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper.

Jermon Bushrod (T, New Orleans) to Chicago
Chicago had to act. They had to improve that line. At least now they have someone who can play tackle. Bushrod joins on a five-year deal. They won’t have to contemplate trading into the top ten. They have a bit more flexibility in the draft. It’s tough needing a franchise left tackle when you’re not drafting in the top ten. The Bears have signed a tight end and a tackle today. In the draft, that could help them improve at guard (Cooper?) or linebacker (Te’o? Minter?). UPDATE — Bushrod’s deal is worth $35.965M with nearly $18m guaranteed. I’m not a fan at that price tag.

Percy Harvin contract news starting to filter through

So that’s $14.5m fully guaranteed in 2013 alone, with $25m guaranteed in total. In comparison, Miami is paying Mike Wallace $30m in guarantees with $13-14m per year. The Seahawks are taking a significant cash hit in year one, but it’ll be interesting to see how much of that is bonus and how much is cap. Front loading with a signing bonus will probably make it easier to re-sign others in the future. If it takes up a lot of cap room, it hampers the teams ability to roll cap into 2014 without serious cuts. And it would also hurt their chances of any moderate free agency moves.

Sammie Lee Hill (DT, Detroit) to Tennessee
The Titans are reportedly close to adding another free agent in the form of a defensive tackle. Some had asked whether the Seahawks would show interest here, but it’s hard to know how good Lee Hill actually is. He didn’t feature all that much behind Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. Tennessee addressed two big needs with a guard and a tackle. I still think Sheldon Richardson is a good fit at #10.

Philip Wheeler (LB, Oakland) to Miami
The Dolphins keep on rolling. First Mike Wallace, then Dannell Ellerbe and now Philip Wheeler. Jeff Ireland is going to town. I’m not sure if it’s such a great plan — how many teams fall flat on their faces after going crazy in free agency? Wheeler spent one year in Oakland after starting his pro-career in Indianapolis. The Dolphins still need a pass rusher and improvements to the secondary on defense. You can’t help but wonder what they’ll do next?

Isaac Sopoaga (DT, San Francisco) to Philadelphia
The Eagles, who are switching to a 3-4, needed a nose tackle. This fills a big need on a contract worth $12m with $5m guaranteed. What’s more, Philly is also bringing in fellow Niner Ricky Jean-Francois for a visit. San Francisco will have something like 14 draft picks next month, but they have a lot of needs on defense. They’ll need to hit on a few players at this rate. They already lost Delanie Walker today to Tennesse. They could lose Dashon Goldson. Defensive line, cornerback and safety are big needs for the Niners. Shame.

Darrius Heyward-Bey & Michael Huff are cut by Oakland
This isn’t a big surprise. The Raiders are basically looking at a multi-year rebuild. They didn’t have a pick in the first two days of the draft last year, despite introducing a new front office and coaching staff. This year, they don’t have a second rounder as part of the Carson Palmer trade. They have nothing — and I mean nothing — to build around. I sincerely hope the guys in charge get the time they need, but somehow I doubt it. The Raiders are a mess.

Desmond Bryant (DT, Oakland) to Cleveland
A lot of Seahawks fans wanted Desmond Bryant. I was less enthused. He seemed like one of those ‘nearer 30 than 20’ types who gets pumped up a lot but is probably already in his peak. He was a good enough run stopper but not a great pass rusher. And he (probably) just got paid by Cleveland within hours of free agency opening. The Seahawks, in my view, are better off re-signing Alan Branch to a modest deal. Keep the band together, man. Then use the #56 on a pass rusher. Whether that’s a three technique, a Jason Jones replacement or a LEO. In terms of impact on the draft, this increases the chances Oakland takes a Sharrif Floyd, Sheldon Richardson or Star Lotulelei at #3. They currently have no starting defensive tackles. It also possible weakens the chances of Cleveland adding to their front seven at #6. However, Ray Horton enjoyed the benefits of Darnell Dockett in Arizona. I wonder if he sees Richardson as a similar type of player? UPDATE — It’s a 5-year, $34m deal for Bryant in Cleveland, including $15m in guarantees. No way the Seahawks were paying that.


  1. Ben

    Good signing by the Dolphins. now they can solidify lots of other needs and wants through the draft.

  2. Thomas

    Good luck, Leon! Thanks for everything!

  3. Ely

    Leon Washington rleased. This wasn’t too hard to see coming. Its unfourtunate they couldn’t get at least a late round pick for him. I suspect Flynn will be next. Though they may hang on to him for one year in case of injury I don’ t see a trade partner with the recent aquistions. Last year I really liked Chandler Harnish for Seattle. I still think they should persue him if Flynn gets released. He is a mobile QB who the Hawks showed some interest in. He could be a great fit for the current offense on the cheap. I believe he is still on the Colts practice squad and have no idea what the requirments are for getting a guy on another teams practice squad but he would be my pick for backup duties.

  4. Nolan

    I really like Wallace to for the dolphins, don’t hartlime and swopes do the same thing? Who do they have at rb cuz they aren’t try to redo bush ?

    • SunPathPaul

      …but if they do bring in Swope, then he Instantly Connects with Tannehill and the OC, and would make their WR pool one deep and potent machine!

      Imagine if they DID take C.Patterson in R1? Patterson, Wallace, Hartline…not bad. (remember Hartline and Tannehill had like some off the chart numbers. One game with like 400 yards?? sick)

      Even if it is Swope, Wallace, Hartline…pretty dam solid.

      • Jake

        You forgot about one of the best slot WR in the NFL – Davone Bess!

        I’m a Hawaii Homer – but he’s as good as Wes Welker in my opinion. He may be the quickest out of his breaks in the game. Quick as you can imagine, but no real long speed. He is an absolute slot machine. With Wallace keeping safeties deep, Hartline on the other side – Bess is going to explode.

        I like the Swope to Miami idea – he’d be a good #4 for a couple of years and could potentially back up all 3 spots… Could any one of their jobs in 3 or so years or earlier if the price tag gets too high on any of them.

      • Cole

        I think Miami has to go offensive lineman in the 1st now with Jake Long out on the town. If he gets resigned than I beleive they draft a cb.

    • Michael

      I imagine the Dolphins will use a tandem of big back Daniel Thomas, who they spent a 2nd rounder on in 2011, and last years 4th rounder Lamar Miller, who helps maintain good speed at the position despite the loss of Bush.

      • JW

        I’m very curious to see where Bush winds up and what he gets. I often thought he’d be part of plans for Seattle- not the lazy USC connection, just that he does a lot of what Percy does (obviously not all).

        • Jake

          Ya, Bush is no real loss for Miami – they have a good 1-2 punch with those two.

  5. Nolan

    @AdamSchefter: Chiefs DT Glenn Dorsey will be visiting the 49ers.

  6. Nolan

    @AdamSchefter: Titans and 49ers TE Delanie Walker reached agreement in a principle on a four-year deal.

    • Nolan

      Cook will be on another team

  7. Turp

    I would love to get Winfield for slot cb if he is cheap. He was fantastic last year. Crossing fingers for ugly mug Desmond Bryant!

    • Troy

      I would love it if we were to sign Desmond Bryant! & a short term deal wtih either DE Abes or Osi

      • xo 1

        Absolutely, although I’d prefer Abraham to Osi. Abraham is a perfect LEO. If Clemons can come back in the second half of the season, Abraham, Clemons and Bruce could be a strong outside force. If we add Bryant and an inside pass rusher through the draft, we could have good pressure – particularly when we are protecting a lead and those guys can pin their ears back.

    • Chris

      I’m hoping for that as well. I’m wondering how much cap space we have left after the Harvin deal. Mike Florio is speculating that Sydney Rice may become a cap casualty which is total BS. Anyway, having another DT would make me a lot more comfortable going into the draft.

  8. Troy

    Could the Bills show interest in Matt Flynn now that theyve cut ties with Fitzpatrick? We all know T-Jax isnt a starter, & drafting a QB in this years draft to be a day one starter this season probably isnt a sound decesion for their FO to make & would be best serve to sit & develop for @ least a yr.

    What are your thoughts on this being a real possibility?

    • xo 1

      As Rob notes, cutting Fitzpatrick doesn’t save them enough money this year for them to add a bandage. I don’t understand the plan in Buffalo. Cutting Fitzpatrick at this point seems to be a classy move (let him look for a gig while there are a ton of openings) but strategically doesn’t seem to offer a benefit.

      • xo 1

        Here’s more on Buffalo puzzle: resigned T-Jack at $4.5 million, backup corner at 4 years / $20 million (but he can return punts!). Add to that the hiring of Doug Marrone. Good not to be a Bills fan. Pity because they are great fans up there but I don’t see them breaking the playoff drought anytime soon.

        • Rock

          ‘Tarvaris Jackson’s one-year deal with the Bills has a base value of $1.75 million with only $500,000 guaranteed.
          It’s a far cry from the originally-reported $4.5 million. T-Jack can make $4.5 million if he hits all playing-time incentives, but he could also be cut before the season and Buffalo would only be on the hook for $500K. Jackson’s base salary is $1.25 million. It’s the contract of a second- or third-string quarterback.”
          – Rotoworld

    • shamus mcgee

      It’s the bills so i suppose its possible but maybe they will be smarter than that and just draft a young kid to be the face of the franchise that actually has some talent…

      • Troy

        Draft a QB to start? Would you start Geno Smith or Matt Barkley this year? & thats a BIG “if” they draft a QB in the 1st RD. I cant speak for any FO in the NFL but saying I wouldnt feel comfortable starting any QB in this yrs draft is a huge understatement.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the two quarterbacks are too similar. Why cut Fitzpatrick to then trade for Flynn? I think they’ve had enough of trying to make do at quarterback and will be aggressive in the draft.

      • Troy

        Touché on the similarities between the 2 QBs, however I would say we still havent seen enough of Flynn to label as a non starter in this league, however Fitzpatrick being cut by the Bills speaks volumes as to how they view him. I just dont think any of the top QBs in this yrs draft are going to take a starting job, hold it & preform@ a high level. I could be wrong though…

        • Rob Staton

          I think the league has already judged him to be honest. And I’d argue not unfairly. But the last thing I want to keep talking about is Matt Flynn… we’ve had another two days of it. His market is ice cold (again) and the Seahawks would probably take anything for his services to shift some of that cap space. It’s telling that nobody is stepping forward.

          And I disagree about this draft class. The media have done a great hatchet job on it. It’s no better or worse than most classes and there are guys you can win with.

          • Troy

            Only time will tell…

            • Barry

              This QB class is solid.

              People soured on Barkley due to the blood in the water losing season that happened at USC. Barkley is a bigger version of Drew Brees, his foot-work is almost identical. A legit first round QB.

              The guy I’m most down on as opposed to a lot of people is Geno Smith. Watching film is just cant see a first round guy. I think he’s a stud in the second or later.He is kind of a lesser version of RG3 if you will. His movement and pocket presence is not great. As the pocket closes around him almost 99 percent of the time he faded back, rarely stepping up and throwing with a hard strike. Which brings me to his throwing motion. Geno loses a ton of velocity and power on his throws as they are about a half wind up. He keeps the ball tight to his chest only using his arm to generate power instead of his whole body, chest, back shoulders, ect. His presence and understanding on where to go with the ball seem to be very solid. And his short accuracy is great, but his deep ball suffers due to his throwing motion.

              The draft is always more exciting when you have those QB studs at the top. And I have been watching tape of Geno to see if I can fall back in love with him after that disastrous second half of his season. I just dont see it. I’d love to see him have a season to work with a pro coaching staff, but I doubt that will happen.

              • JW

                It’s interesting how these classifications get drawn…a stud QB in the second round or later? To me that makes him a first round pick. It’s just too important of a position to think that you can pass on someone for an extra round value. In my opinion if the word ‘stud’ is attached to a QB, he’s a first round pick.

                • Barry

                  I guess its perspective. Kaepernick was a stud with twice the athletic abilities as Geno. He went in the second and sat a year….

                  • JW

                    totally. but if they could do it again, how many teams who need a QB now would pass on him like they did the first time? I guess my perspective is, if you see ‘studly’ in a QB,and you need one, you pick him first chance you get. It’s hard to miss on a QB, but it’s even harder to pass on one who turns out to be good. If I need a QB, I’m taking one like they vote in Chicago- early and often.

              • Troy

                WoW, well unlike you Im not ready to anoint Barkley as a “bigger version of Drew Brees”

                I like Barkley but Im not over the moon about the guy. The only point I was trying to illustrate was that of the QBs in this class I dont feel like theres a guy thats going to come in & start day one, hold that starting job the entire season & preform @ a high level. I just dont see it. Given some time to develop & learn, I have no problem buying into this QBs ability to become solid starting QBs just not right out the gate. I dont see it, these guys are going to need some time & shouldnt be rushed or throw into the fire. Like I previously mentioned, only time wll tell but when these guys are drafted and in the unlikely event they start as a rookie & after you witness the struggles I challenge you to convince not only me but yourself that you feel the same way about this draft class in its 1st yr as you do here today. & in closing I seriously doubt Barkley will ever have the career Brees has had, not even a fair anology.

                • Alex

                  I happen to think Barkely can step in Day 1. Maybe not Pro Bowl level, but I think he can step in day 1 and be serviceable ala Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. His footwork and reading ability are extremely advanced at this stage. He is definitely far more advanced than Brees was at the same time. Brees played in a spread system at Purdue and it took him around 4 years to develop into a good starter and then 6 years to develop into a top tier QB.

                  • Troy

                    Im talking about here & now. Today. not 4-6 yrs. Im not comparing Brees’s ealry years & development, my whole point was if this class has the guys a FO would feel great about drafting & starting day one. Perhaps Im wrong & maybe Geno & Barkely will set the world on fire. But I have serious reservation & highly doubt it. Im glad you like Barkely, I think hes decent thus far but as a class as a whole, Im not convienced its anything special. I have no problem eatting crow but if this class produces QBs that come in on day one, hold the starting job the entire season & do it @ a high level whether thats Matt Ryan #s, Joe Flacco #s which I cant possibly see any QB in this class even coming close to either of those two guys # next season. Guess we’ll have to wait & see how it all pans out though.

                • Barry

                  I compare skill set. What you can see and know about a player. Barkley reminds me of a younger bigger Brees. Brees who did not come into his own until they put more players around him and LT. Give anyone a solid to stud receiver/cast and they will improve. But the ability is always there. I’m not sure anyone would compare a pro rookie day one to a future HOF player, making reference is usually that, point of reference.

                  I know we all love to think the stud qbs do it all by themselves in the league but thats just not the case. Never has been never will be, and some years like his last you see rookie qbs win some and the media run wild as thats the new norm. Its not, Luck had a solid winning year thanks to solid D and a O with some good playmakers and smart play-calling.

                  I dont want to sound like he’s not a stud he is, but now one does it on their own. Just like how we got to watch Wilson was brought along slowly (almost frustratingly so) to ease him in and allow him to get acclimated to team and game. But the way our coaches brought him along was brilliant. A lot of rookies dont have a lot of the benefits Wilson had/ has. But once again he is a exceptionally astute individual.

                  I’m not over the moon about any rookie qb unless he has Cam Newtons’s body and skills and Luck/Wilsons mind. I just think its funny how the media sways.

  9. Doug

    Nnamdi is going to the 49ers…. I can just feel it. 🙁

    • Turp

      Good…he’s lost his closing speed, and was extremely burnable last year.

      • Barry

        Yeah Turps right, Nnamdi isnt the same one who was on the Raiders.

        • Misfit74

          Nnamdi to SF would be subtraction by addition. 😀

    • Lou Thompson

      And you’re sad, Doug? You don’t have directv or watched any Eagles football because if you did/had, you’d realize Nnamdi is a dog with fleas that couldn’t tackle or catch my 10 year old.

    • A. Simmons

      Screw fearing the competition. Make your army as strong as you can make it regardless of the competition, then let them settle who is best on the field. Let Frisco add guys. They started with a bunch of high draft picks playing key positions. We still took them and rag dolled them in Seattle. They barely beat us in Frisco. We won’t give an inch when we play them again no matter who they sign.

  10. Chris

    Isn’t number eleven Jermaine Kearse’s number?

    • Rob Staton

      If it is I’m sure he’ll be willing to give it up.

      • Chris

        LOL. Or compelled to.

  11. Barry

    They guys over on ESPN 710 made a good point when they stated Seattle has already had that appeal for players who want to win. Well if you are a veteran who want to possibly start on a team that you have that possibility to get a ring, getting Harvin makes Seattle a very very attractive destination. –

    Lets hope that does happen as older vets players sometimes value that ring possibility more then the big money

    • Chris

      From the press conference, it sounded like the fact that the Seahawks were a contender was a big factor in getting Harvin to come here in the first place. I was struck by his mentioning that Wilson had been texting him and making plans with him from the moment that the trade became imminent. Apparently, they already have plans to meet in California to work out together.

      • Barry

        Yeah I heard that. Man thats music to my ears! Right there, thats what we need to hear then see it.

      • Ben

        doesn’t that just sound like Wilson?
        So good to be a Seahawks fan right now.

  12. Lou Thompson

    We gave up a lot for Harvin. The 1st and 7th is o.k. but a 2014th 3rd rdr, too. A bit of a desperation sign to go for it this year. I’m not so sure I’d rather have taken Swope at #25 and had next year’s 3rd rd. It’s water under the bridge now but with the draft picks and money, I’m not overly thrilled.

    Harvin better stay healthy, have a good attitude and take the rock to the house between 6 and 8 times as game changing plays to even think of making this deal a good one. Td’s when we’re up 30 – 10 are just stat builders.

    • Troy

      That 3rd RD pick wont sting as much amigo once we win the Super Bowl. Try & think of it as a 4th RD pick 🙂

    • Ben

      but this could be counted as our first round pick, Harvin is a dynamic young player that is better than most anyone that we could have gotten at the 25th pick.

    • Hoser hawkfan.

      Well why not go for it this year?? You really couldn’t create a better player then Harvin for the type of offence the hawks run. This team is loaded with play makers now!!

  13. Ely

    Carlos Dansby is released to make room for Ellersby. Would he be in play for the Hawks?

    • Rob Staton


    • Barry

      Dansby has lost a few steps and plays MB. Unless its a looksee for cheap I cant see it much of a move.

      • Troy

        Hes played OL as well, in fact was a converted safety. Not that Im suggesting he’ll land here in Seattle but never hurts to kick the tires on any & everyone. Remember it wasnt the long ago it was considered “unlikely” for the Hawks make a trade for Percy Harvin. Just food for thought…

        • Barry

          Az moved him in a 3-4 to the middle due to his lack of rush, it worked as it made him a PBer but it was a move as he wasn’t working out on the outside.

  14. Barry

    I have to say listing to JS, PC and Harvin on 710, well Harvin has won me over and it wasn’t hard. 😛 I’m still waiting until we see it on the field but its sounding and Harvin is saying everything that you want to hear and more.

    he live right now

  15. Colin

    They should just change ProFootballTalk to “ProFootballRumor”. Godawful reporting, a day late and a dollar short to the other media outlets…

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve gone back a couple of years in the last 48 hours. They’d moved on from rampant speculation. But it’s back.

    • Morgan

      And PFT publishes all that Mike Florio drivel. What a hack.

  16. Barry

    Thats a smart signing by Chicago (dammit) but yeah.

    The flippin Rams! They are going to be a pain as long as Fisher is there. Smart smart move. They may end up being the talk of the draft when it all said and done.

    • JW

      Jared Cook to Rams…yeesh.

  17. JW

    what was Bennett’s contract for (dollars?). Really wanted him on Hawks, but understand the Percy deal rules that out effectively

    • Rob Staton

      No terms announced yet.

      • JW

        watching these signings makes one see the opportunity cost of Harvin…feeling will be doubled when the draft comes around

        • Belgaron

          If you want to console yourself, spend some time on the Viking websites.

  18. RJ

    Was checking out our cap sit at: Noticed we could save 3m by cutting Paul McQuistan and 1.3 for Heath Farwell. Do you think that would be prudent?

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t cut McQuistan.

      • Belgaron

        It does represent some value that could be used elsewhere as soon as they draft young, up-and-coming replacements but they have cap room to hold onto them and let them lose their spots in camp competition. They want to maintain the ability to give the new superstar nucleus (Wilson, Lynch, Harvin) the protection to do their thing.

        It made sense to move on from Leon right now because there is no need for KR depth after the rule changes for kickoffs, plus they won’t need the money for a first round pick (Irvin’s 1st year was around $2M), plus Harvin’s 2013 cap number is only $4.5M before climbing to $13M for 2014. They have room to do more in free agency when they get the deals they want.

      • williambryan

        I wouldn’t cut Farwell.

    • Madmark

      We have Paul McQuistan sgned to 2014 thank god He’s the life saver for this line has played all the spots at one time or another.

  19. JW

    Heyward-Bey released…hmmm…on the right deal he’d be pretty fun for Seattle. Occasional play action bomb and maybe bring him on for KR duties..

    • Chris A

      Harvin can do whatever HWB can do, but better.

      • JW

        Of course. Except he can’t be in two places at the same time.

        • Ryan

          and covering a 5 wide set with him to the mix wouldn’t exactly make defending us easier

          • Belgaron

            Not great at running routes and poor hands, cheaper better options in the draft.

    • Zach

      I’ve been thinking about this ever since it became likely that the Raiders would cut him. His size and speed alone make him an intriguing guy, and he’s become a very good run blocker, which isn’t something you’d expect for a guy with his skill set.

      There’s something to be said about guys who have played in terrible organizations, and the Raiders are certainly that. I doubt he’d cost much, and he could give us a player type that we don’t currently have.

      • JW

        yep. Clearly he’s flawed, but that’s why he’d be a rotational guy, why he’s been cut, and why he’d probably be cheap. Roll out. Run DHB on a go route, Tate or Rice on a 15 yard slant, and Harvin underneath. Yikes.

  20. Clayton

    Since the upper tier DTs in the draft are now out of reach in terms of draft position for the Hawks, could they be more inclined to spend more than they normally would to get Desmond Bryant?

    • Troy

      His value took a hit with that recent DUI already, dont think we’ll have to over spend.

    • Madmark

      He’s been signed and it was for more money than we have now.

  21. Joe the Jarhead

    Honestly, I’m going to wait for Harvin to produce before I get excited about his presence. Everyone who didn’t have half a clue thought that Flynn was going to be the man without watching him play a down. So far Harvin has flashed MOMENTS of brilliance on the field, but more consistently has demonstrated an immature attitude and sense of entitlement that makes me nervous where his biggest impact will be. Watching football last season, would ANYONE here say they were more frustrated by WR play and lack of productivity than by the absence of any semblance of pass rush and inconsistent d line play? All I’m saying is let’s see how he impact the game before throwing a parade. We’re a smashmouth team in a smashmouth division. We can’t change identities when we are a handful of plays away from the Big Game.

    • JW

      I think a large part of what Carroll likes in Harvin is his smashmouth style. He referred to him as a ‘ferocious runner’ a number of times today in the press conference. Harvin is a tough player who likes football, but he’s definitely got an attitude adjustment coming.

    • Rob Staton

      It is correct to be guarded, but I think this is a move that should be enjoyed by fans too. Percy Harvin is Seattle’s first round pick this year. There won’t be another. For me, the Flynn deal was a modest ‘why not?’ type move. But they quickly moved on when a better option became available. Harvin is an explosive playmaker, potentially one of the best in the NFL. Like, top ten playmaker. Potential first round fantasy draft type player. And in every year of his career but the rookie year, he’s had a lousy QB situation. Let’s allow ourselves to be a little bit excited about Harvin working with Russell Wilson.

    • Jim Kelly

      Ef. That was my first thought, I saw Percy Harvin’s contract numbers. $2million less per year would’ve made me happy. An $8million per year range would’ve been a lot better. I do like that it’s front loaded,

      I was extremely frustrated by the defensive tackle play, and ecstatic with the wide receiver play. It’s been too long since the Hawks had receivers that dove for a ball. Or jumped for it, Or took a huge hit, but held onto the ball. Russell Wilson was incredible, but the receivers did a great job getting to any errant throws. The one thing that I loved was how he might make what looked like a bad throw, or one that was slightly off target, but allowed the receivers to go up and get it, while not allowing the defender a chance at it. The Seahawks have had too many Darrell Jacksons and Koren Robinsons. It was good to see guys playing like Steve Largent, Paul Johns, Paul Skansi, and Brian Blades again. These guys don’t have alligator arms, are willing to absorb hits, and lay out a block. It’s great to see.

      On the other hand, I don’t know how many times I would lament Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin, or even Red Bryant ont getting a sack because the qb stepped up in the pocket. Because of that inability to generate any interior push, the Hawks lost out on wins in Miami and Atlanta. The Seahawks defense was great, but it couldn’t get off the field. Think about how much better the Hawks could’ve been if they could’ve stopped just one additional possession per game.

      The main point is that the Seahawks receivers extended drives, but, unfortuantly, so did the defensive tackles.

    • Rock

      Harvin will make things easier for Marshawn in the running game. When Harvin is on the field with Tate and Rice the opponent will need to remove their SS for a third CB. Harvin is too fast and elusive to be covered by an OLB or SS. He will keep teams from putting an extra defender in the box and enable Marshawn to pound the middle of the defense. He also creates a third option on the read/option attack. The outside defender has to chose between RW or Percy when RW decides to run up the alley. Both are fast and Harvin is elusive.

      • JW

        Like Pete said about 5 times today, he’s a running back who plays wide receiver. Those high percentage bubble screens and dump offs from Russell. Then you have a jitter bug who likes to run hard and is awesome YAC. Very nice fit for this offense. Absolutely fits the low turnover, high percentage, pound the defense identity.

    • A. Simmons

      I wasn’t happy with the WR play. I feel like we had too many opportunities left on the field because receivers didn’t get open, missed key catches, and we had to rely on guys like Braylon Edwards, Jermaine Kearse, Tuinei, and the other guy I don’t even remember due to injury or just general lack of ability. Percy Harvin provides us with another high-end competitive threat that we needed it. Should help us overload secondaries and get more people open.

      • Hawkfin

        I agree… I wasn’t happy with WR play either until maybe about the last 3 weeks of the season.
        I think Wilson had to do the things he did, BECAUSE of the issues at WR and their unability to always get open. He had to run way to much and extend plays. Sure, that was to his strength and opening up the play book, but having a Harvin will really help. He can stay in the pocket more and hit him quick. He can work every route and run the gimicks. Bottom line – It’s a huge move for RW growth too.
        Tate played big last year. Maybe he grows more, but I’m not sure he’ll get better then that. S. Rice is a injury away from being a cut casualty. We had little to no depth. Baldwin regressed.
        Regardless of WR play – This makes us even more dangerous and our WR’s a real asset instead of average.

        I personally would have spent our 1st round pick on WR anyway. I was rooting for a Patterson or Austin pick, and for the very things Harvin brings. But, Harvin is proven and still young. So bascially, I got what I wanted in the first and couldn’t be more pleased. He helps us now and the pick is not a bust.

        I say DT now! And I like 5 in that pick range. In fact, I liked them better then Star and Floyd who will go in the first.

    • Belgaron

      From my perspective reading the boards, there were tons of reservations about Flynn. I would say excitement was pretty minimal.

      Harvin was the rookie of the year playing with Favre in 2009. In 2010, he made the Pro Bowl as a KR. He suffered through issues with migraines in 2010 but he says he hasn’t had one now in 2 years. And you have to remember Minnesota has not had stellar quarterbacks the last few years.

      Harvin very much qualifies as a smash mouth player who will turn small advantages into 7 points. There is no greater smash in the mouth than a touchdown. When you realize, he is part of a Wilson, Lynch core with a supporting cast of Miller, Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Robinson, the offense can go in so many different directions and Wilson will improve even more in his 2nd run through the league.

  22. bruiser

    I think the addition of Harvin and lack of signing of a FA or trading away a 1st rounder ( possibly the best way to get a passrusher) shows they either:

    1.Like Jaye Howard, i know it gets over done on here from posters but hes reunited with Quinn so maybe he can light a fire under his butt. Plus it wouldnt be the first time the Hawks basically RS a player his first year (Howard, and i could almost say Sherman cuz I believe they were down to him after Thurmond AND Tru went down)
    2. they believe Scruggs can be that Pass rusher, he shows flashes last year aand im excited for his development.

    this team needed pass rush and after signing Quinn (d-Coordinator) and Travis Jones (d-line coach) I believe they will bring a fix to our Pass rush, i believe these picks in this draft, are just sprinkles to this sundae.


    • kevin mullen

      I like the thinking, though I would say the ‘Hawks would unanimously win this FA period if they come to terms with Charles Woodson, be our Nickel DB. The rest of the draft should focus on DLine and depth throughout the roster.

      Great day to be a ‘Hawk fan…

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure it says either of those things, bruiser. I think they still have the chance to address the pass rush in FA and the draft.

      • Ryan

        agreed. Today is the first day people, day 1. Our team historically waits till week 2 and signs second tier high value contracts.

        • Snoop Dogg

          I do think they like both Jaye Howard and Grugg Scruggs as our 3-tech Defensive tackles though!

          • Rob Staton

            Howard might struggle to make the roster this year — inactive all season, even when Jones got injured.

  23. peter

    It may not say those things, but the Red Shirt theory is somewhat valid…you can include Chancellor sitting behind Lawyer Malloy in that thinking.

    • Nolan

      Problem is jay Howard was always in active never saw the field even when jones went down to injury and there was an obvious need… If maillot would have been hurt chancellor would have started not been inactive similar to how Sherman stepped into the role when TRU went down. Howard was in active because Scruggs out played him, perhaps he makes a difference next year but I doubt it is expected by anyone and won’t effect any future planning this offseason

      • williambryan

        He was inactive but at least they didn’t cut him. When EJ Wilson (another 4th rounder) and Mark Legree were cut it showed they don’t hold roster spots because of draft position. I think just by keeping Howard on the 53 says quite a bit.

  24. Rob Staton

    Desmond Bryant to Cleveland.

    • Morgan

      I can’t believe that, when given the choice, anyone would voluntarily go to Cleveland.

      • JW

        I don’t think he’s volunteering 😉

      • Jim Kelly

        Only if they want a staff infection.

        Seriously? What was going on there, from 2006-’09?

        • Chris

          5 year 34 million dollar deal. Trust me, he volunteered.

          • Rob Staton

            Plus $15m guaranteed.

            • JW

              man, volunteer work aint what it used to be!

              • SunPathPaul

                Looks more and more like Branch will be resigned.

                Funny story, I started a new job monday, and found today that a coworker not only likes football, but played with Branch in High School FB. Awesome…

  25. Colin

    Pete and John will strike Osi, Freeney or Abraham on day 3 of free agency.

  26. Eric

    Look for SF to sign Charles Woodson tomorrow.

  27. Troy

    Who are the best options left @ this point as possibly FA targets for the Hawks?

    • Rob Staton

      Any of the three experienced pass rushers — Umenyiora, Freeney or Abraham. Alan Branch. And if they feel so inclined, Winfield or Woodson depending on cost. Then you’re looking at possible under the radar types.

      • Turp

        I’m expecting an Abraham and Branch signing. Winfield would be nice but probably costs too much.

        • SunPathPaul

          I feel like Winfield might be more vital than DT/DE major moves… I want both, but that nickel CB just cost us a lot last year…

          Honet Badger??? …or Winfield? Hey- he is our new WR’s friend… We will see….

          • Ryan

            Jeremy Lane will take that spot. or Maxwell, or anyone we draft will play nickel.

      • Troy

        So out side of DE theres no real impact interior D-Line guys left?

        • Rob Staton

          There were none to begin with. That market ended the day Melton and Starks were tagged.

          • christian

            Richard Seymour I suppose but only as a stop gap train the rook were gonna eventually replace you with on a 2 year deal which is really a 1 year prove it kinda thing

      • Misfit74

        Agreed. I’ve been thinking of the same group of guys. Michael Huff could be an option. Maybe even DHB if cheap enough.

  28. Dell

    There’s a lot of talk about the Seahawks and 49’ers rivalry. Personally, it’s not the Seahawks the 49’ers should worry about, it’s the Rams. The Rams have a solid defense that is built to stop the 49’ers read option b/c they have a very fast front 4. Look at how much trouble it caused the Seahawks. With the additions that the Rams are making I believe it’s gonna be a Seahawks-Rams race in the NFC West

    • Dell

      definitely! the seahawks are the team to beat, no doubt! Let me restate this, the Rams swept the 49’ers b/c they had the D to keep them contained. I’m expecting the same to be true again this coming year. Hence, I believe with the pieces the Rams are putting in place, it will be a Seahawks (win the NFC West) and Rams (Wildcard) show.

  29. Rob Staton

    I’m done for today guys. 2am here. No more updates from me until tomorrow but feel free to keep the discussion going in the comments section. Mock draft day tomorrow. There will be a second round!

  30. Madmark

    Pete Carrol said we take care of our own. To me that says there going to resign Alan Branch and I’m fine with that. I think they’ll continue to look in FA for opportunies before the combine and after it. I’m not going to concentrate to hard on DL either and lock myself into missing an opportunity if i feel a very good player is a good pick to make this team better. The draft is deep in WR, OL, and CB if Ryan Swope was at 56 i’d have to take him. He,s just one of those players ya see and ya know he’s going to have a great career in the NFL. I think our FA has been stalled for a couple of days as guys will be running all over the play and doing meeting. Does any one have Richaed Seymour phone number? Mr Tom Cable maybe.

  31. Hawkfin

    I think I want Abraham. That would be amazing and give us that pass rush…..
    I’m good with resigning Branch too though.

    But, I think we go DT in the 2nd now. And I like 5 of them that could or should be there in that pick range. In fact, I personally liked them more then Floyd and Star!
    (Richardson was a class by himself and I think a top 10 pick)

    Here’s the DT’s I like in order:
    1. Sylvester Williams – 6’3, 313, 27 bench – 6 sacks one year/Decent to good pass rusher
    2. Kawann Short – 6’3, 310, 5yr Sr. – One of the best at “tackels for yards lost”. Decent sack guy
    3. Josh Jenkins (Wilcard) 6’4, 359, 30 bench – MASSIVE guy, but he can move and overpower.
    4. Jesse Williams – 6’3, 320, 30 bench, 5yr Sr Alabama – Best at run stopping, but looks strong
    5. Brandon Williams (SLeeper) 6’2, 341, 38 Bench – He seems like a pick we would make. HUGE potential. Looked great at Sr. Bowl and practices. Small school risk? Big production though. Looks like a sack guy and looks really fast for that weight. I think I would rate him higher if I new more about him. Limited videos that I could find? Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Because he’s a small school guy the tape is very limited. There’s one piece of coaches tape out there and it’s not great quality. Neither is the performance all that great either. But the footage of the Senior Bowl work outs is out there too where he looked good, and he shone at the combine.

      • Hawkfin

        Thanks – Maybe I had his production confused with somebody else. I’ll have to go back and look at my notes. Thought he was high on the sack count, etc. Maybe that was why I gave him the lower grade originally, but “with potential” slot.

        Anyway, I guess ur seeing the same as me then. I might try games from his school and see if there is any tape out there on those, instead of just by his name tapes. Haven’t tried that yet, although maybe you have. Probably not much still.

  32. Jake

    Guys I would like to explore (see: sign fairly cheaply):

    Darius Heyward-Bey

    John Abraham – LEO

    Glenn Dorsey – 3-tech

    Matt Shaugnessy (J.J. Role) +
    Alan Branch (Branch Role + 5 tech depth)

    Keenan Allen or Cary Williams (Nickel/Depth outside) – if not then,
    Antoine Winfield to compete with/mentor rookie Mathieu…

    • Misfit74

      Nice list. I fear Dorsey will cost too much. I’m really hoping for one of Abraham, Osi, or Freeney. I think Dorsey might fit Alan Branch’s role better, as he’s a big-body – not so much a 3-tech. Winfield makes some sense as a slot-corner, but that’d be a very short-term move. I think you mean Keenan Lewis, though I’m all for drafting WR Keenan Allen. DHB if cheap might make a nice ‘take the top of a defense’ option off the bench, but he has very questionable hands. Unquestionable speed.

      • Jake

        thanks for the assist – definetely meant Keenan Lewis.

        I forgot to include Mike Patterson. The Dorsey’s, Shaughnessy’s, Pattersons are basically to light fires under Howard, Scruggs, and even the starters…

        I would like to ensure competition at DT/5-tech. Red/Mebane/Branch (if re-signed) need to stay motivated…

      • Eric

        Actually Dorsey was more of an interior DL (3T) at LSU where he was nearly unstoppable. KC moved him outside when they drafted him.

        • Turp

          Dorsey signed by the Niners.

          • Eric

            I know Rob disagrees (and I sure hope he’s right), but I think this is a good signing for SF. I also think it means Smith will line up at DE a lot more, with Dorsey inside (where he belongs). Could SF be moving to a true 4-3?

  33. Eric

    Jason Jones signs with Detroit.

    • woofu

      I guess his 1 yr audition went downhill to the Lions. Those guys have an entire factory yet continue to produce edsel’s.

      • Eric

        And yet they beat SEA this past season.

        • woofu

          You know Ford did sell some Edsels, right?

  34. Michael

    If Spotrac is to be believed, Harvin’s cap hit this season is only $4.9MM (2.5 base, 2.4 bonus)

    I was expecting the contract to be front loaded so that there is plenty of cap space available in the future for the guys in the secondary. I suppose if they don’t spend much more this off-season they can still roll our surplus cap space into next year… What do you make of this Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’re right… they’ll look to keep rolling cap over. It’s the way to go these days.

      • xo 1

        While it works out to equivalent dollars if you are rolling it forward, the enhanced flexibility of the rollover makes it a smart move. That is, there is no benefit to the Hawks to front load the contract.

        The absurdity of the first two days of the free agent market makes all the more striking how smart teams build through the draft. Smart teams may add some bit parts in free agency, but the dumb teams are the ones throwing the money around. I can’t believe how far behind some organizations are – throwing $3 million plus per year contracts at marginal players. Sure, you can release them net year but you’re burning cap space this year for no benefit.

        Glad to be a Seahawk fan.

    • Trudy Beekman

      I too found this interesting, as well as the FG article that we currently have the most expensive offense in the league. I can’t believe we go into the season without at least restructuring Zach Miller, who is the highest paid TE in the league this year.

      Other obvious potential restructures/casualties are:
      Obomanu – 2.4M cap, 166K guaranteed
      McQuistan – 3.4M cap, 400k guaranteed
      Farwell – 1.6M cap, 333k guaranteed


      It’s funny how many players in say the Top 15 cap hits for us this year are replaceable within the next year or two. Of them I would say only Okung, Thomas, Harvin are guaranteed to be around going into 2015. That said, I’m also of the opinion that Thomas is the linchpin of that secondary, and even Sherman could be replaced at the rate PC/JS are finding late round corners. A combination of having Earl back there and defensive scheme mask a lot of deficiencies in the big corner that would be exposed if you put them on an island. I don’t think Sherman would be near as good playing on a lot of other teams … would probably be reminiscent of how our coverage looks playing off. His continued success on this team could very well price him out of Seattle.

  35. bruiser

    so i know it says it on here

    but has Sammie Hill actually been signed by the Titans?

    i still am interested in him as well as resigning Branch.

    • Rob Staton

      Done deal. Schefter just reported $11.4m contract with $4m guaranteed.

  36. Eric

    Looks like NE will try to replace Welker in the draft

    • Hawkfin

      NE – First round pick – Ryan Swope – Book it

      • Turp

        Amendola could fill that spot easily.

        • Hawkfin

          If he stays healthy! and the Rams don’t resign him. I think NE made a big mistake and Denver getting him makes it worse

          • Turp

            Letting Welker go for 6mil seems like a big mistake. However, I forgot that they have Edelman, and he looks pretty good in the slot already.

            • Hawkfin

              I doubt he’ll hold up. Same with Amondolla. Welker took a beating over the middle and plays tough and injury free. Those cats are always hurt. But, we’ll see. Him going to Denver is bad enough for it to be a mistake IMO. Welker is the steady cog and actually IS special even thought people don’t want to admit it. He helps Brady as much as it’s vise versa.
              We’ll see. Good job Elway!

              • Turp

                Welker taking a beating = demolished by Browner. Man, that was one of my favorite hits of the year.

                • Hawkfin

                  😉 – loved it

      • Hawkfin

        Hope J. Elway doesn’t screw us again with his dream team he’s building – Hawks vs Denver SB 😀

  37. John

    Avril heading to Seattle for visit

    • Misfit74

      I sure didn’t expect this. Would we sign him and cut Clemons?

  38. Stuart

    With Avril now a member of our Hawks, what does this mean for Clemens this season?

  39. Scott Allen

    It’s likely no one will ever read this late post but I just had to comment on some of the free agent “news” that came across the Rotoworld ticker.

    Apparently Mike Florio from NBC’s Profootballtalk said;

    “A source with knowledge of the NFL market tells that “multiple teams” plan to wait for the weekend to push for top-shelf free-agent cornerback Sean Smith.
    The teams want to go “bargain shopping” after a slow initial 30 hours on the cornerback market. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a top-five free-agent corner, settled for a one-year deal. Chris Houston got an affordable $5 million annually and was a top-seven or eight cornerback. It’s fair to wonder if NFL teams are engaging in collusion, avoiding Smith, Aqib Talib, Brent Grimes, and to a lesser extent Keenan Lewis in order to keep their price tags down. ”

    The only collusion that is apparent to me is that Florio is acting as a mouth piece for Smith’s agent. This sounds like the kind of garbage an agent writes to finesse his player’s market position.

    If their is any truth to the idea that many teams aren’t pulling the trigger on DB’s, its because one, the draft has many good choices in the defensive backfield and two, a lot of teams just spent a ton of money and the player pool might be expanding. Teams want to know all their options before shopping. If Mike Florio truly wrote the bit above, then he is shameless.

    • Rob Staton

      The national reporting on free agency and the HC job has been poor for the most part. It seems that Schefter, Florio, La Canfora, Breer, Mort and others are relying on the same agents for info. They all tweet the same stuff at the same time. Jay Glazer breaks news. He has contacts. He’s not just a mouthpiece for agents. “If you help create this guys market, I’ll give you a scoop on this guy.”

      What’s refreshing is to see local guys like John McClain in Houston still breaking news. The local journalists should have the inside story and provide an insight. The reporters in New England are perennially brilliant.

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