Friday draft notes: McGlinchey, Chubb, Falk & more

Mike McGlinchey makes his case

I watched Notre Dame’s win against Boston College this week, specifically to check out edge rusher Harold Landry vs left tackle Mike McGlinchey. Consider this one a victory for the O-liner.

Landry spent most of the game facing off against the right tackle and had some success. You can see why he’s highly rated. He has a really nice get off and some suddenness to his rush. He’s light and nimble and he’ll be expected to test well at the combine.

However, whenever he did switch over to the other side — he was manhandled by McGlinchey. Time and time again the left tackle just got his hands on him and it was over. At 6-3 and about 250lbs Landry was giving up a big size difference and he didn’t have the counter to win against McGlinchey. He’d dart for the outside and get run out of the play. When he engaged he was shut down. All in all he looked pretty one-dimensional coming up against a tackle with an NFL future. On this evidence he’s better off playing in space as a 3-4 OLB. He’ll need to improve his strength, hand technique and repertoire to play DE.

McGlinchey on the other hand looked in complete control. His set was very fluid, he knew what he wanted to do and against a player touted by many as a first round prospect he excelled. He looked the part here and with such a need for good tackle prospects in the NFL a performance like this could propel him into the top-20.

Needless to say Quenton Nelson the left guard at Notre Dame also stood out. Check out this double team here on Landry:

McGlinchey makes the initial contact then Nelson comes in to clean out Landry before delivering a ‘stay down’ at the end.

He’s just a terrific player — great pulling in space, combative at the LOS and plays with a great edge. Nelson could/should be a very early pick. If you’re looking for a ‘favourite 2018 prospect’ here’s your guy.

Bradley Chubb continues to impress

Chubb has been a blog favourite since the Hurricane game last year between Notre Dame and NC State. In horrible conditions akin to running through quicksand, Chubb just looked better than everyone else. He finished the year strongly and could’ve been a first round pick had he declared.

He returned to NC State and is putting forth a strong case to go very early in round one in 2018. So far he has 6.5 sacks in six games, collecting another against Louisville last night. Not many people can chase down Lamar Jackson from behind on a scramble drill — Chubb managed it.

He carries 6-4 and 275lbs perfectly, plays with fantastic athleticism and quickness and looks a little bit like Derrick Morgan during his Georgia Tech days. You always knew Morgan was going to find a way to impact a game in college — Chubb has that similar knack for big plays.

He’s the cousin of Georgia running back Nick Chubb — one of the best athletes to test at the Nike SPARQ combines in recent years. Bradley looks like a bigger version of Nick — with the freaky athleticism to match.

What will Lamar Jackson be thinking?

He didn’t have a terrible game in last nights loss to NC State. On an off-night for the whole team he dragged them back into it and his late interception was during a potential game-tying drive with a couple of minutes to go.

Even so, he wasn’t at his best. He was generally inaccurate and didn’t show some of the progress we saw as a passer in the first handful of games to start the season. He was much more effective as a runner.

Louisville are 4-2 currently and while Jackson is putting up the big numbers, it feels like he’s chasing the likes of Saquon Barkley in the Heisman race. NFL teams will also likely analyse his two toughest games in 2017 — Clemson and NC State — and see two middling performances to go with two defeats.

Jackson is a fantastic playmaker and a better passer than some will have you believe. He’s also still developing. And like Sam Darnold you wonder if he’ll benefit from another year in college next season.

Christian Wilkins looks tremendous (again)

He isn’t an Aaron Donald pocket-destroyer who creates relentless pressure and takes over games. Wilkins is, however, so incredibly athletic for a man his size.

In the win against Virginia Tech last Saturday he was doing a bit of everything. He had more success rushing from DE than inside — but Clemson were also asking him to drop into coverage at 6-4 and 300lbs. He did it well. He chased down the sideline. His motor never stopped. He’s just a ball of energy, constantly active and needing to be accounted for.

Clemson are looking increasingly like a National Championship contender again and it’s mainly due to a fantastic defense. Wilkins could be a top-10 pick. Dexter Lawrence will be a high pick in 2019. Dorian O’Daniel finds ways to make a big play pretty much every week (2.5 sacks and two pick sixes from linebacker already this season). Austin Bryant is really intriguing as a 6-4, 265lbs DE with five sacks and an interception. Clelin Ferrell looks like another Shaq Lawson.

This front seven is loaded with NFL talent. It’s fun to watch.

Luke Falk’s character will interest teams

After watching Falk’s performance against USC I did some studying this week. I don’t live in Washington so I’m not privy to some of the exposure the two teams receive in the state. I’m starting to realise why some people think Falk could go a lot earlier than he’s being projected.

It’s also pretty clear why the Seahawks might be showing interest in him.

I watched some interviews with Falk, read a couple of long articles and listened to Mike Leach on 710 ESPN yesterday. Here’s the rub — Falk is a former walk-on who took his opportunity when it was presented to him, studies relentlessly and just seems to have this calm demeanour that screams franchise quarterback. There’s an inner-confidence and grittiness you notice when he speaks.

Is he the most physically gifted player? No and nobody would ever accuse him of having a Patrick Mahomes rocket arm (although his arm strength looks noticeably better this year).

Character matters though and Falk is an A+ in that department. Some teams will give up a little bit in terms of arm strength to get an accurate passer with ideal size and the right approach.

If Falk continues to play at a high level and help extend Washington State’s unbeaten run, don’t be surprised if he’s one of the biggest draft risers this season.

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  1. astraeus

    Hawks scouting Stanford vs Utah tomorrow. CB Quenton Meeks from Stanford is really interesting. 6’2″ 197.
    Watch this and tell me if he reminds you of anyone.

    • Volume12

      Bryce Love

    • Volume12

      I’m just giving ya a hard time BTW. Love is my favorite player to watch this year and IMO he’ll be better than McCaffrey. More fluid, better between the tackles, and the most explosive dude in the country.

      You could be 100% right. Meeks and Alijah Holder are both very ‘Seahawky’ corners.

      • astraeus

        All good. I really like Bryce Love too. He reminds me of Dalvin Cook but with a little better acceleration and top speed. He’s so dangerous in open space.

        • Volume12

          He’s gonna test through the roof too.

          4.30 40, 4.21 20, 37″ vert, 38.5″ PT, 122.43 SPARQ

        • Volume12

          Speaking of Cook. His little bro is on the way too. Right now he’s leaning towards Georgia.

        • Volume12

          I also think they’re looking at Utah DT Lowell Lotulelei. Utah has the #1 run D.

  2. Volume12

    Lamar Jackson is that team. He was 91% of that offense. 427 of their 470 total yards came from him throwing and running.

    Plus, that NC St. D has 3 NFL dudes and another, more athletic Derek Barnett (Bradley Chubb) up front.

  3. Evan

    Just as additional note about Falk “having to walk on”, he had a scholarship offer from Florida State that got pulled because Falk missed a large part of his junior year due to a decision to try to transfer to a different high school that didn’t work out him. Having next to no junior tape really limited his options in recruiting after his offer was pulled. WSU already had their scholarship QB committed in that class so WSU didn’t offer him a scholarship but invited him to walk on. That likely doesn’t change anything about his NFL draft stock but saying he had to walk on due to an implied lack of talent or athleticism isn’t exactly the right characterization in my opinion.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, I referenced he was a former walk-on but never actually said he ‘had to walk on’.

  4. Volume12

    Interesting that Seattle really liked and then traded out of the 1st round in 2014 when DE Marcus Smith came off the board.

    Malik McDowell hasn’t been ruled out to return this year either. PC said he had a ‘bad concussion’ and they’ll check him out in 2 weeks.

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be cool to see McDowell next to Richardson.

      • Volume12

        Yes it would. That would be lit. Seems like Richardson is starting to get a handle on things. Assignment wise.

        I keep wondering. Who’s this years athletic pass rusher that has red flags, character concerns, has been labeled as ‘one year wonder’ or ‘one dimensional,’ overlooked, too small, plays to upright, etc. that Seattle possibly targets?

        Every single pass rusher they’ve ever had or currently have fits that criteria somehow someway.

        • Volume12

          Even most of their DTs too for that matter.

    • Trevor

      If McDowell can get back for the stretch run and even play 10-15 snaps a game as an interior pass rusher on 3rd down it would be huge. I hope for his sake he can get healthy.

    • C-Dog

      It would be awesome to see McDowell contribute this season, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. They gotta see him practice in two weeks because they will be up against the clock as whether to add him to the 53, or IR him. It’s a deadline thing.

      • Hawk Eye

        if he can play, they will add him. You can always lose the 53rd player on the roster, especially since only 46 dress for a game, in order to add someone with potentially game changing talent. But I would hold my breath on him being able to make a big impact this year, he has just missed too much time. But if he can play a bit this year, it will help him a lot next year.

        • Smitty1547

          Seems like the smart play is to not play and save the extra year on his contract, if in fact that is the way it works since it was a non football injury. Plus it is better to rest and assure injury is good to go instead of rush back to soon, 2 fold reason to not bring back.

          • Hawk Eye

            and give up a chance to win a Super Bowl? They need more pass rush, especially with Avril maybe out for a while, if not forever.
            play the man!

            and Dion Jordan may be back in a few weeks also. Not expecting a lot from him, but he was an athletic freak, and playing as the 7th lineman on a team like the hawks might get him to play with his hair on fire

            • Smitty1547

              Id rather see what Dion Jordan can do at the end of the year on a one year contract than McDowell. If we need a concussed rookie with no experience to win than we got deeper issues. Let him sit and recover and come back next year strong and healthy, not to mention hungry.

  5. Volume12

    If Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper went top 10 it’ll be outrageous if Quenton Nelson doesn’t. Maybe Cincinnati or the Giants?

    • nichansen01

      Don’t forget Brandon Scherf

  6. Pran

    QJeff can’t seem to shake off the injury bug .. out 4 weeks

  7. nichansen01

    QJeff broke his hand first 10 minutes of practice… ridiculously fragile

    • Aaron

      Maybe they should bring Tony McDaniel back, he’s a free agent who still has something left in the tank imo. Jefferson can’t stay healthy and is nowhere near the run stuffer McDaniel is.

    • Volume12

      Wait. So this team that is all about the ball and wants to control the tempo of the game has a healthy HB to use, but they signed a guy who has been busted up his whole career?

      • Volume12

        Seems reasonable.

      • Aaron

        Maybe they still believe in Rawls…I’m skeptical he can make it through a game and be healthy for the next week.

        • Volume12

          If they still believed in Rawls they wouldn’t of added 3 RBs this pre-season.

  8. Trevor

    Rob I have been a big fan of Christian Wilkins since he was a freshman. Do you think an appropriate NFL comp would be Sheldon Richardson?

    • Rob Staton

      I think there are some similarities. Can play up and down the line, very athletic. Richardson possibly a more violent rusher.

  9. Trevor

    Any chance that ND would trade the left side of their OL with us for the rest of the season?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Let’s just kidnap them.

  10. Ed

    It’s really too bad Hawks can’t trade JG, JL and a 3rd for JT or DB. Wilson is balling at TE and should be resigned. And Coleman can play the slot. Oh well. Let’s just hope they keep geling together and DB does a better job calling plays knowing his OL is not very good.

    • Aaron

      Joe Thomas will retire and be a first ballot HOFer with the Browns. Duane Brown is an intriguing option but can the Hawks initiate a trade with a player in a holdout? I don’t know. I do think the clock is ticking for Jimmy here as it is for Lane. We need the depth at both positions so I don’t see a move happening any time soon.

  11. Mike B.

    I’m glad that Luke Falk returned for his senior season. Considering the beating he’s taken during his college career, it would’ve made some sense for him to declare for the 2017 draft and avoid further injury risk before going pro. His continued development has been worth it for Falk and of course for WSU’s football program, and Falk has taken relatively few painful hits–perhaps avoiding the gruelling clobberings is part of his maturation. If Falk keeps playing at this level he’s looking like a 2nd round pick.

    I hope that Jake Browning too returns for his senior season. Browning could sure use another year in college for both physical maturation (strength) and experience. And a Husky fan and alum, of course I’d want to watch him play another year for UW, with an offense that includes Chico McClatcher (who might return), Quinten Pounds (should return), Hunter Bryant, and Salvon Ahmed.

    • Volume12

      Falk is tough as nails.

      He’s my favorite 30 year old QB made of spare parts. That’s for sure. πŸ˜‰

    • Volume12

      In all seriousness though his mobility is appealing. Struggles throwing it deep, fitting it into tight windows, and never leads or throws his guys open. A a lot like RW minus that 1st part.

      I’ve seen Kenny say it on here and I agree. He throws a ton of wet farts because he throws off his front foot. Really struggles with pressure, but I like the fact he can hang in there and keep on ticking. Lacks an NFL arm.

      He throws really well on the move. And he’s effective in the red zone. Hits those short throws perhaps better than any QB in the country. He’s an Alex Smith clone.

      Worth taking a shot on, but not a 1st or 2nd rounder.

      • C-Dog

        West Coast quarterback. That’s how I see him. Throw slants, digs, and curls, and hopefully keep you out of third and long.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins is who I see his ceiling as.

          • C-Dog


            • Smitty1547

              Seems like Faulk who I like gets more pro talk than does Browning, I’m not sure i see the justification in that, what am I missing?

              • C-Dog

                I’m not totally sold on Browning at the next level yet. Not sure about him when faced with adversity. Just gotta see more. And I’m a Husky fan.

  12. Volume12

    If anyone hasn’t seen him yet, I highly recommend Iowa St HB David Montgomery- 5’11, 225 lbs. Toughest runner in the country. His effort, balance, and leg drive is second to none. He’s only a true SO., but he’s Kareem Hunt 2.0 possibly better.

  13. Adog

    Luke Falk reminds me of Tom Brady a little bit…when he played for Michigan. They seem to have beer similar body types…look similar when they are stand in the pocket. Falk is excellent at seeing the field and making his progressions. If you give him time he will make a completion. Like Brady, Falk uses his running back as a receiver very well. Where he goes in the draft? I say in the third rd now, but the emergence of Goff this year will move him up the board since they he cane from a similar offensive scheme.

    • teejmo

      It makes sense. From what I’ve read, he practically worships Brady.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Low first round is where I see him landing now.
      Way too few good QB prospects and way too many NFL teams with needs.
      There is also a rumor that Sam Darnold might stay one more year… which means one less quality QB ahead of Falk.

  14. Volume12

    Let’s watch the next Golden Tate. Aka Maryland WR DJ Moore.

  15. nichansen01

    I like Allen Lazard quite a bit.

    • Volume12

      Oklahoma just got beat. Hell yeah!

  16. nichansen01

    Does Iowa state hold on?

  17. Volume12

    Seahawks scouting 2 of their favorite schools a bit later in ‘Bama/Texas A&M

    • Mike B.

      I don’t root for ‘Bama, but I do enjoy watching them play. A lot. And underappreciated Damien Harris looks like a very Seahawky RB. I’ve also really enjoyed watching Georgia this year and last. The Chubb-Michel 1-2 punch is something to behold. Michel seems like a fine Georgia RB consolation prize to Nick Chubb.

      If the Hawks move on from Lacy (likely) and Rawls (maybe) next year, I’m guessing they’ll restock through the draft as opposed to free agency. Man I hope Carson can recover. Such a bummer.

      • Volume12

        Harris and Scarbrough are both ‘Seahawky.’ Scarbrough would be an ideal replacement for Lacy.

        Carson, Scarbrough, and McKissic sounds πŸ”₯ to me.

        A&M has a damn good back in Keith Ford too. A very good DT in Jaycoven Henderson and LB Otara Alaka

  18. Volume12

    Remember when we all thought Seattle would start using big nickel packages the past 2 years? Fun times.

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Stanford’s RB Love… not a prototypical player at RB, but he has some juice. If he keeps rolling up big games, might be hard not to consider him for the Heisman and an early round draft pick down the line.

    • Volume12

      Not true at all. These type of backs are being used more than ever right now. RBs that create for themselves >>>

      2nd time he’s put on a show in front of Seattle scouts and I don’t care what anyone says, I think they’ll be high as hell on him. He’s the perfect change of back that I beleive PC has always been looking for/wanted.

      Most explosive player in the country. 8 straight games of at least 50+ yard runs, 8th straight game of 100 yards rushing or more, and tonight he did it against the #1 run D, #8 nationally, and this was a gritty performance from him. He’s better than McCaffrey and runs a hell of a lot tougher too.

      Bryce Love is that dude.

  20. Volume12

    Michigan SO DE Rashan Gary with some absolute freak like #’s. Don’t know how true these #’s end up being, but it’ll be fun as hell watching.

    6’5, 280 lbs., 4.57 40, 1.55 10 yd, 2.64 20 yd, 31″ vert, 9’06” broad, 6.7 3 cone.

  21. Volume12

    Who’s the best 2 gapping DT in the country? UW’s Vita Vea or ‘Bama’s Da’Ron Payne?

    • C-Dog

      Was at the game last night. Vea was like a video game character out there. He and Gaines destroyed Cal’s offense.

      • Volume12

        Vea is a stud. Much better than Denny Shelton ever was.

        • C-Dog

          Way better

  22. Volume12

    Has anybody wasted more picks in their front 7 these past 3 years than Dallas?

    Gregory was never working out there, they passed on Myles Jack (who’s on πŸ”₯ right now) for a LB with nerve damage in Jaylon Smith, and last year took DE Taco Charlton. I liked Taco, but it’s clear that he’s nowhere ready for the NFL.

    • cha

      The Saints haven’t gotten much out of Rankins, Anthony and Kikaha with all their injuries. They drafted a couple LBs in 2014 that aren’t on their roster any more.

      • Volume12

        Oh god. Anthony was an awful pick. The couple games I’ve watched of NO, Rankins has played well. Fits better omne gapping in a 4-3.

  23. Volume12

    Last one. Here’s a great reminder why you don’t knock bigger RBs for their 40 times. NEVER. How many of these guys are realistically pulling away/out running NFL DBs anyways?

    Current NFL rushing leaders:

    KC’s Kareem Hunt 4.62
    LA’s Todd Gurley 4.52
    Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook 4.49
    Denver’s CJ Anderson 4.60
    Pitt’s Le’Veon Bell 4.52

    Remember when NFL draft media and everyone else got turned off by Dalvin Cook because he had 1 bad workout when the tape and his traits clearly showed he was elite?

  24. millhouse-serbia

    Seahawks G Luke Joeckel (knee) will play today and then the plan as of now is to undergo knee surgery during the bye, sources say.

    • C-Dog

      Hm.. nice bit of news coming out pregame. Well, I think that spells out the Wade Phillips game plan; put Donald on Joekel all day long and force him to block the best interior pass rusher in the league on a gimpy knee.

  25. Ukhawk


    Can’t wait after personally a long week.

    Finally a game with something serious in the balance. Our guys excel under pressure.

    Looking fwd to seeing if the newbies can step up the intensity. Men vs Boys.

    Love being the underdog, the NFC champion being questioned, fuel to the πŸ”₯.

  26. Volume12

    QB Carson Wentz is coming along fantastically. Seems to be getting better with each game. He’s made a believer outta me.

  27. Millhouse-serbia

    My game pass doesnt work. Do you have same problem?

  28. Volume12

    Holy sh**! Seattle gave up 0 passing yards in the 2nd half last week? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  29. Volume12

    That should be a touchback and our ball

    • Volume12

      There we go!

  30. Ishmael

    Far out. The Rams have looked fantastic this first drive. Amazing play by Earl to save a TD and force the touchback, but things looking rough early.

  31. Ishmael

    Couple of deep shots early. Trying to put the Rams back on their heels I’d guess. It’s almost using the pass to set up the run.

    • Volume12

      Changing gears a bit here, but that sucks butt about Avril bruh. Hope its not career ending, but sure sounds like it.

      • Ishmael

        Not For Long hey man?

        It’s really grim news, but I hope he does the right thing for himself. Numbness in the arms is nothing to be messing around with.

        • Volume12


  32. Volume12

    Can Reed get off a block please?

    • Volume12

      Hey! He did.

      • Ishmael

        Ha was just about to post that. Much better defensive series that time. Got punched in the face earlier.

        Oh FFS. Does McEvoy offer anything other than trick plays?

        • Volume12

          Oh yeah. He’s made 1 play on ST’s. Totally worth it.

  33. Volume12

    IDK about McKissic man.

    • Ishmael

      Definitely don’t know about targeting him deep… Bad throw though. People have to be thinking trick play as soon as McEvoy comes in.

      • Volume12

        They clearly want and need a gadget guy. This offense is screaming out for one. Every good offense has one in today’s NFL.

        • Volume12

          See what I mean?

          • Ishmael

            Prosise being constantly injured is so frustrating. I’m still annoyed the Percy move didn’t work out. He was head and shoulders better than any of the hybrid guys we’re seeing at the moment.

            • Volume12

              Not better than Tyreek Hill.

              • Ishmael

                He was man. Legit MVP candidate for the Vikings in 2012 before he broke down.

                • Volume12

                  Disagree. He had a nice rookie year and a good half season. Tyreek Hill has an offense built around him

                  I also think Travis Kelce is the best TE in football.

  34. nichansen01


    • Volume12

      I know. Who throws a pick off a flea flicker?

  35. nichansen01

    Gerald Everett really does have tiny hands

  36. nichansen01

    Jared Goff is pretty decent. He throws with authority.

  37. Ishmael

    For all the commentators drooling over the Rams, it’s still 0-0 at quarter time. Far from perfect, but it could also have been a lot worse.

    • Ishmael

      Andddd they give up the score to a Tavon Austin run on 3rd and 11?

  38. Ehurd1021

    Absolutely horrible offensive play call. Completly gave the Rams back the momentum.

  39. Volume12

    They want to be an outside zone team, but they keep drafting RBs that get theirs between the tackles? Makes sense.

    • Ishmael

      Well, either the CBS commentators are talking shit or John Schneider is a moron.

      Great play by Thorpe. He’s such a stud, can’t believe people were talking about cutting him before the season. Have to get some points here!

      • Volume12

        Little of both honestly. It’s the Al Davis effect all over again.

  40. Rowdy

    Absolutely horrible play for everyone on the hawks.

  41. Forrest


  42. Ishmael

    That’s all on Wilson. Dreadful stuff. That tackle is the best thing he’s done today.

  43. Ishmael

    Totally given up on the run this drive. 6/9 on third downs so far apparently, which is a nice number.

  44. Ishmael

    Graham TD! One-on-one, no way he’s getting beaten there.

    • Sea Mode

      Finally! We’ll take that matchup any day. Should always be that easy.

      • Ishmael

        It really just goes to show IMO. Wilson will always take that matchup. He just doesn’t like throwing to guys in double or triple coverage which is what Graham normally draws. No idea why the Rams thought they could get away with it there.

        • Volume12

          He’s been open a lot today. Shame that RW hardly gets time to find him.

  45. Volume12

    What a throw from Goff. Damn.

    • Sea Mode

      He didn’t miss Watkins by much either.

  46. Sea Mode

    Russbot: upload 2nd half mode…

  47. Ishmael

    10-10 at half time away from home against the bestest most amazingest offense in the NFL ever. I’ll take it. Nice pressure kick from Walsh at the end there as well.

    Plenty to work on, but that’s a pretty reasonable start.

    • Volume12

      Agreed. That TO hurt. We might be up 6 or 7, but besides the O-line, we’re playing well.

      • Ishmael

        I don’t even think the line has been THAT bad. Below average, sure, but it hasn’t quite been the butchery everyone was predicting.

        • Volume12

          LG and RG is a disaster.

  48. Volume12

    Odell Beckham our for the year? Giants gotta cancel their season.

    • Trevor

      They could be in line for#1 pick

      • Volume12

        They really could. I think Shepard and B-Marsh got hurt too. Did the Indy or SF win today?

        • East Side Stevie

          Indy won

  49. Volume12

    So, Seattle draft needs. Just my line of thinking FWIW

    OL (I’m kinda thinking LG honestly. Draft a LT that can slide inside and be a swing tackle)
    DT or DE (depending on Cliff and how M. Smith progresses)
    DE or DT

    • East Side Stevie

      I would absolutely LOVE to see LB or DE after we trade down in R1

      • Volume12

        I mean it could be any order really. Those are just the main 4 IMO

  50. Volume12

    Look at Shaq sticking his nose in there

  51. Ishmael

    There’s a pick coming here… Coleman and Griffin are putting themselves in good spots.

    • Ishmael

      Ha there it is! Sheldon Richardson though.

  52. Ishmael

    Clark beat Whitworth like a drum there.

    Soft zones in the middle though. The linebackers aren’t playing well.

    • Volume12

      Just me or has Whitworth been getting away with some holds on Frankie?

  53. Volume12

    Great play Sheldon! Aka the ‘Hawk Ness Monster’

    • Forrest


  54. Volume12

    Weak a** call

  55. Ishmael

    Just send Earl to Canton already

  56. Forrest

    ET is playing out of this world!! ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    • Volume12

      So has Shaq and Reed has finally stepped up.

      Sheldon starting to gel too.

  57. Ishmael

    We are really not getting the rub of the green with the zebras. Home field advantage I guess, but crikey.

  58. Volume12


    • Volume12

      Next defensive star is being born today. What a stud man.

      • Ishmael

        He’s flashing in a big way.

        Four turnovers today? Five?

        • Volume12

          5 my man

  59. Forrest


  60. Volume12

    Seattle going for it here?

  61. Kenny Sloth

    Wow such high powered offense from the rams. They might be the best team in the NFC.

    The west is definitely theirs to lose

    • Volume12

      They started 3-1 last year and went 4-12. They’re much improved, but I ain’t buying in just yet. In another year? Yeah for sure.

      Their HC’s age and inexperience bit ’em in the a** today. Gotta manage that clock better.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I was thinking the exact same thing.

        Arent they always seemingly ‘a year away’

  62. Volume12

    Man did Kupp drop a gimme

  63. Forrest

    My heart can’t take many more games like this!

  64. Ishmael

    Heart attack stuff. It’s never easy with this team. Still, take the win! Loved all the turnovers, huge takeaway from the game.

  65. Volume12

    I just realized. We play the Giants after the bye. That’s gonna be ugly for them. This D just had 5 TO’s (4, 1 on ST’s) they’re gonna be lit.

    • Trevor


      • East Side Stevie

        Potential trap game.

  66. Trevor

    I thought Frank Clark and Smith stepping up to replace Cliff was going to be a key today and wow Frank Clark was an absolute beast pass rush and against the run. Wow

    He has the potential to be an All Pro

  67. SheHawk

    Defense wins championships! That was vintage LOB with a new twist.
    TOP 1st half 20 min for hawks 10 for Rams — flip of what transpired earlier this season. Weather is cooler and our D playing for reasonable amounts of time. Shows what they can really do as a unit . They’re finding their groove and meshing with the rookies and new additions……Quill #26 was on his game today! He’ll get his pick 6 next week. Sheldon Hawkness Monster fits in so well ….. Wow just wow Frank Clark!
    Bonus: Our Offense was well enough to preserve the W.
    LA media will have to curb their enthusiasm on Rams a bit. That was a good game – looks like w’ve got a fun rivalry moving forward. Losing Fischer the Rams turned into a team. Sean will learn He’s not quite Harbaugh but should make the NFC West more interesting for sure!

  68. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. Terrific win against an tough division opponent on the road. Big time win.

    2. For all those fans who have found themselves complaining about the amount of $ thrown at the defensive side of the ball and not the offense, that defensive effort should maybe silence that a bit. They just took the top scoring offensive team, busted into their home, ate all their food, messed up their kitchen, didn’t flush the toilet bowl, and made them do all the dishes. Defense. Wins. Championships.

    3. How do you win on the road against a tough division opponent when your run game isn’t working? Win the turn over battle 5-2 helps. Having a mobile quarterback make enough plays with his arm and legs he needs to, especially on that $ drive after he tosses a lazy INT into the flat that almost got returned for a pick 6 had he not, in fact, made the tackle. That was a sneaky gritty performance by Wilson, IMO.

    4. I wasn’t tricked into expecting Seattle’s run game to have a great showing today; not against that front seven lead by Donald, not without Chris Carson, but good lord, they run game looked truly awful at times. Eddie Lacy has zero explosion. Maybe the guy to go to more late in games than to start things off. IMO, I think the bye week might be coming at the right time for adjust some things. Maybe look at get Rawls re-established.

    5. Earl Thomas is an instant HOFer, and was without a doubt the player of the game, but how about those defensive tackles of Seattle? Jarran Reed forklifted his man into Goff felt so Mebane-esque in his prime, it just made me giddy inside. Naz Jones continues to impress. Sheldon Richardson, though? He makes them all better. He’s solid against the run, he disrupts against the pass, and he’s crazy athletic for a DT, as the INT and fumble return show. Goff looked like poop in the second half because he wasn’t playing comfortable. I hope they figure a way to keep Richardson around a while. I think we are going to see big things happen out of him down the stretch. Seattle has a really good situation at DT.

    6. Frank Clark. Frank Clark. Frank Clark.

    7. Shaquille Griffin is only going to get better. Think about that.

    8. Jimmy Graham catches a TD in the redzone. Let’s see if this positive becomes a trend.

    9. Those Rams are only going to get better. Game on in the NFC West.

    10. Mock Draft Post Game LA Rams Edition.

    21: R1P21

    Some cryptic vibes around Cliff Avril possibly calling it a career, and Frank Clark entering a contract year. Fans will again be banging the table for a LT, but Pete Carroll can’t pass up on a tremendous pass rush talent.


    Yes, Jarran Reed and Naz Jones are coming into their own, but Richardson is a really, really, really good football player playing DT. Get him resigned. Allow Malik McDowell to become the heir apparent at 5 tech. That D line will be loaded for years.

    85: R3P21

    As Volume 12 well states, Seattle needs help at RB, and someone to pair with Carson. Might they go their R1? I think so.

    123: R4P21

    Seattle continues to scan for mid round prototype outside corners to mold.

    153: R5P15

    Get a nasty O liner.

    163: R5P25

    Get another TE

    240: R7P18

    Grab a Husky defender.

    243: R7P21

    Draft a quarterback to develop.

    248: R7P26
    DL B.J. HILL

    Find another run stuffing big bodied DT.

    • East Side Stevie

      I love the Ike boeteger pick! C-Dog great thinking. Its going to be very sad when these players don’t last as long as you have them lasting I’m afraid..

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