Instant reaction: Seahawks defense shines in huge win

This was a crucial win. Think about the sliding doors effect.

If the Seahawks lose this game you’re looking at two weeks of teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing. The game in New York against the Giants would be labelled a ‘win or bust’. They’d be 2.5 games behind the Rams, ceding all momentum in the NFC West in the process.

People would be questioning Seattle’s ability to make the playoffs — and you’d hear a lot about the Championship window closing.

The Rams? They’d be crowned in the media.

Instead, the Seahawks are in first place in the NFC West and showed they’re still the team to beat in this division.

The game in New York has a totally different feel now. After a week of rest, it’s a big opportunity to continue building momentum.

People will ask questions about how good the Rams truly are.

The Seahawks have a crucial tie-breaker against their strongest opponent in the division. Arizona look a shell of their former selves.

The Giants are hurting. Eli Manning reportedly has a neck injury. Odell Beckham Jr broke his leg. Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard both picked up ankle injuries. Dwayne Harris fractured his foot early in the second half. Big opportunity in a fortnight.

This was such an important victory.

The season feels like it’s starting to come to life.

Seattle’s offense clearly still has a ways to go. The Rams gave the Seahawks numerous opportunities to close the game out. The defense forced five turnovers and the offense didn’t really capitalise.

The running game in particular continues to toil and struggle. The Rams had the 30th ranked run defense coming into the game and yet Seattle mustered only 62 yards on 25 attempts. 16 of those yards came from Russell Wilson as did five of the runs. To only run 20 times in a game like this was a little peculiar against such a poorly performing opponent.

Even so, this is the Rams — the opponent that regularly devours Seattle’s offense. And while it’d be tempting to over-analyse and pontificate about the struggles running the ball — this should be a day to celebrate the Seahawks defense instead.

Five turnovers, limiting Todd Gurley to just 43 yards on 14 carries and some huge game-changing plays is the story of the game.

Earl Thomas’ incredible forced fumble in the first quarter took seven points off the board. It’s the second time he’s done it against the Rams — and confirms again why he is one of the true defensive greats of his generation.

Frank Clark dominated his side of the line versus the run throughout. The Rams, time and time again, ran to his side on first down only to be met with a negative consequence. On one play he rode Andrew Whitworth into the backfield before dumping Todd Gurley. Clark also had the vital sack/fumble and ended with two TFL’s (it felt like more). He is truly developing into a big time playmaker.

Sheldon Richardson joins Naz Jones in collecting a big-man interception. He might not be having the kind of impact everyone hoped for as a pass rusher — but his work against the run and his two big plays today (the pick and the fumble recovery) meant he had a significant impact on a game for the first time in Seattle.

He wasn’t the only defensive tackle having a big day. Jarran Reed is really emerging into a terrific player. Did you see him bench press an interior lineman into Jared Goff on the Thomas interception?

After a couple years where the turnover numbers for this defense regressed, this has been a really promising start to the 2017 season.

There were a few sloppy moments along the way — Tavon Austin’s sauntering touchdown, the third and long problems continue and Los Angeles nearly stole a win with a relatively easy last gasp drive.

Overall though the defense dealt a reality check to the Rams and asserted their authority on the division. The team with the hyper-productive offense, the magical young Head Coach, the dynamic running back and the developing young quarterback had a 10-point day.

That’s not to dismiss Los Angeles completely as an overrated upstart. They have talent and will surely only get better with time.

Yet Goff looked a lot like the player we saw last year as a rookie. Despite facing very little pressure he was often jumpy and inaccurate. The Earl Thomas interception followed several other throws that could’ve been picked.

He wasn’t facing the 49ers, Colts or Cowboys defense today.

This was a big stage for Goff and LA’s offense. A chance to make a statement that the hype was justified.

Seattle’s defense ended up making the statement. They’re still here, they’re still the team to beat in the NFC West and they’re starting to look dangerous again.

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  1. Trevor

    Frank Clark and Earl were on another level today wow. Still a nail bitter because of the offense but great win.

    • Ishmael

      Earl’s playing his best football for years. That time off has actually done him some good. Clark showed up in a big way against a seriously good LT.

  2. Hawk Eye

    Wow, gutsy win, just lucky I have a strong heart.

  3. Ishmael

    I hated all the soft zone stuff from the linebackers, but then they helped hold the Rams to 10 points? Turns out the Seahawks coaching staff might know a bit more than me.

    Loved the turnovers. Five is massive. Offence is still struggling, but they’ve always played the Rams tough.

    • Kenny Sloth


  4. Trevor

    On another note Aaron Rodgers is ridiculously good and that Dallas D is horrific.

    • Ishmael

      He’s the best QB ever. Maybe not the greatest, but no one has ever played the position to this level.

      • Trevor

        I agree his combination of intelligence, atletiscm and arm talent is second to none in the history of the game. So fun to watch when he is not playing the Hawks.

        • Michael M.

          I respect the talent but I don’t really enjoy watching Aaron Rodgers play. I hate how he’s always looking to catch 12 men on the field, or generate free plays by getting guys to jump. If I were in his shoes I would be doing the exact same thing, trying to get every advantage available, but I still hate watching it.

          More often than not I’m rooting for a sack when I see Rodgers drop back, but I guess it’s kinda like how I always rooted against Michael Jordan… He is the best

  5. Deryck

    First time watching Goff this year. Unimpressed today, really bad under pressure.

    Frank Clark will be great, don’t resign Cliff after next year (if he still is playing next year which I hope he is) and use that cap to pay Frank.

    Griffin looked good again today aside from the one missed tackle on the sideline.

    Walsh made all his kicks, two from a good distance.

    Really happy about this win.

    • Volume12

      Griffin plays really well around the LOS in the run game for a rookie. Thought Coleman struggled.

      • Deryck

        I was impressed with his tackling today, aside from that miss he looked like a solid tackler.

    • hawkdawg

      Disagree about Goff. Much better than last year. Inaccurate at times, but threw some dimes, two of which were on the last drive under heavy pressure. If the WR had done his job on the second one, Rams win.

      The offense in the second half was horrible–not sure we made a first down the entire half. We still cannot run to save our asses. With the way our D was playing, this game should not have been as close as it was.

      OL had some excellent protections…interspersed with some very bad ones. Personally, as long as Wilson doesn’t get hammered into oblivion, I’d take a few ole’ blocks in exchange for some decent run blocking.

      • Michael M.

        “I’d take a few ole’ blocks in exchange for some decent run blocking”


        Wasn’t that always the plan? Build the line with dominant run blockers and make up for their limitations in pass protection by being, “the best scrambling team in the league”? Carp and Sweezey could at least run block! Why can’t this crop do either one well?

  6. Trevor

    Thought Reed had his best game as a Seahawks today.

    • Volume12

      Absolutely did.

    • Forty20

      Reed has been quietly building in the last two games after a poor start to the season. Starting to create a bit of interior pressure on pass plays while our run defence on the whole is starting to look stouter, which I dare say has something to do with him.

      If we can get a bit more polish on Naz Jones over the coming weeks our d-line rotation will be looking sharp, even with the potential loss of Cliff.

      • Michael L Kelly

        I thin with Reed and Nazir Jones along with Richardson we have maybe the best interior in the league. If/when McDowell comes back I could see him as a massive DE. Maybe we could draft another massive run stopping DT but I am pretty happy now. If we can extend Richardson we will be in fantastic shape

        • C-Dog

          I really hope they extend Richardson.

          • lil'stink

            I think it might be a real possibility, at least more than I thought it was when we traded for him. I think if this is Avril’s last year (and it really pains me to say that, I absolutely love him) and we cut Lane we could figure out a way to keep him, but it will cost $$$. I’m still skeptical we can afford SR and Frank Clark, but would be thrilled if we could.

      • STTBM

        That’s a good point; Reed was just bad the first few games but has improved the past couple. Our Run D is not what it was, but neither is our pass rush; our D is in transition. Is K Richard finally finding his way? S Richardson has not been as advertised, but the talent is there. Hoping he gets his feet under him soon and starts putting consistent pressure on qb’s…

        • hawkdawg

          Some of Richard’s deep zone drops for the linebackers–on 3rd and 5, for example–drive me nuts. But it’s hard to argue overall with 10 points, especially when 3 of them were set up by a poor interception putting the Rams in scoring position from the first snap…

          • Tien

            I don’t understand the deep zone drops on third & longs either. I know we don’t want to give up the big plays but we also want to get off the field on third down. Not sure why we don’t drop the LBs to about a yard or two from where the first down marker would be so that we could accomplish both goals.

    • C-Dog

      Reed is coming into his own, and I think just getting started. I think many fans fail to realize just how long it takes for DLs coming out of college to adapt to the NFL, and folks have been impatient with him. Having Richardson next to him helps. I think Naz Jones is going to be really good as well.

      • DavidM2

        Good point about the time it takes to adapt, it’s that way for OL and DL. Some people fail to realize it’s the same and worse for O-Line. It takes a while to get these guys coached up. Seemed like the O-Line took a step forward today hoping to see more improvement as the year goes on.

  7. Trevor

    Shaquille Griffin is so impressive for a rookie IMO. Had to know if Pete was going to take a DB on day 2 of the draft he would be a stud and so far Griffin has not disappointed. Gives up some short stuff but does not get beat deep which is awesome for a rookie.

    • Volume12

      I absolutely love him. He really wasn’t ready based off his tape, but he just flashed so much raw talent and it allowed him to compete. And now he’s sticking his nose in there against the run?

      Good point about PC taking him.

      • Volume12

        And we get Shead back? Coleman can act as a dime. That’s a very good, potentially great group of CB’s.

        • Trevor

          Agree completely I hope Shead is healthy by year end and they can extend him. Really like his game. Then Lane is gone in off season. It would be a really solid group.

        • Tien

          I can’t remember but wasn’t Shead primarily an outside corner or did he play slot also? If just outside, then wouldn’t we still have Coleman playing in the slot and then Shead or Griffin playing opposite of Sherman? Like you guys, I’ve loved what I’ve seen of Griffin so far. Not really spectacular but he plays within the defense, tackles well, and so far, doesn’t get beat deep…perfect CB for the Seahawks’ defense!

          • Robert

            I don’t think anyone is going to surpass Griffin.

  8. lil'stink

    What can you say about Earl? He’s simply amazing.

    A win is a win, especially a road win against the Rams. That said, I thought the Rams outplayed us for the most part today, they killed themselves with all the turnovers. The run game fell flat yet again and Wilson had another fairly mediocre outing. We can’t expect to get 5 turnovers every game to save our faltering offense.

    Yes, the pass protection was about as decent as we could expect it today. But the run game? We aren’t going to go as far as we want to if that doesn’t change, and that’s on Tom Cable.

    • Rob Staton

      Outplayed? Never.

    • STTBM

      I agree with Rob; Seattle was not outplayed. Outcoached? Yeah, in my opinion Seattle has been outcoached nearly every game this year, and today was no different. But Goff made more mistakes than Wilson, and our D made more turnovers.

      • Coug1990

        Wait a minute? The Rams scored the first 10 points and the Seahawks scored the last 16. The Rams had one timeout when they needed them most. I think you are trying to find negatives.

      • Rob Staton

        They weren’t outplayed or out-coached.

        • D-OZ

          Can’t win for lose????? 🙂

    • ddd

      Why do you say Wilson was mediocre? I thought he missed some easy throws but that he more than made up for them on some ridiculous plays. I thought are recievers really struggled to get seperation and that that hurt him. That said, no all 22 so im not sure.

  9. Frontrower

    Great win, missed having the D not give up late scoring drives. Enjoy and get healthy on the bye week.

  10. Volume12

    This team still needs a RB so damn bad. You can’t have 5 TO’s, your D holds the highest scoring offense in the league to 10 points, shuts down one of the best backs in the game, and still almost lose.

    They got 27 yards rushing against the 30th ranked run D.

    • Volume12

      Love Carson, that’s my guy, but he’s a back you want to pair with another. Just like he was used at OK St.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely and this year is the draft to get one,

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I don’t know if he’s the guy, but McKissic is earning his playing time. Would like to see them scheme for him a bit more.

    • Trevor

      Rawls has no burst and Lacy just does not fit. Plus our run blocking is not good. Carson was as big a loss as Fant or bigger.

      • STTBM

        Rawls may not be the same after his injuries, but the line is playing poorly enough there’s no way to tell. He looke fine to me, but didn’t have anywhere to go. Even Walter Payton couldn’t carry this line to the SB…they must improve dramatically or a run game is simply impossible.

    • Nick

      I’d honestly prefer us not to take an RB in the first round. Seems like we’d be better suited at taking either an O or D lineman.

      • Michael L Kelly

        Honestly I would prefer we sign a veteran O-lineman at this point. We do not seem to be very good at drafting them. I could go for a DE or a TE since I know Graham is going to leave and I suspect Avril will not be back either. If McDowell comes back healthy he may be a fantastic DE to start his career.

        • Trevor

          +1 on the vet OL not draft pick

        • Nick

          Good call on TE or DE. Who are the big TE prospects this year worth keeping an eye on?

        • Mike B.

          The Hawks going DE in the first round makes a lot of sense, though one wonders which top-shelf DEs might be available in the late 1st (assuming the Hawks pick then). I really like Porter Gustin from USC in the 3rd round or so, while Bradley Chubb (whom Rob has covered in detail) could be had by trading up several spots in the 1st round.

          As for TEs, I don’t know if there are any first-round talents. Assuming JG isn’t back, that leaves Luke (if re-signed after this one-year deal) and Vannett (who hasn’t done much of anything). We could really use an athletic playmaker at TE. The two names that come to mind are Mark Andrews (Oklahoma) and Troy Fumagalli (Wisconsin). I believe that both are being projected in the mid 2nd-mid 3rd round range.

          And yes, please bring in a couple of solid OL vets. Stop messing around with this toxic experiment.

          • Michael M.

            This would have been the draft to grab a TE early.

    • C-Dog

      They absolutely do.

    • Dawgma

      Yeah, this is pretty unforgivable. Their entire OL draft philosophy is ‘don’ t care if they can pass block better than a scarecrow as long as we get bullies in the run game! ‘…. and then the OL is shit at run blocking. Like, I think it’s a dumbass philosophy anyway, but I could deal with it if it actually produced the stated intended results.

      But it doesn’t.

  11. Isaac

    Legit defenses played today. Seriously! Can’t believe we pulled it out but man I’m happy we did

  12. Nick

    This was a huge victory for this team. I was impressed with so many different players. Reed was exactly what we needed up the gut. Some plays he dominated his blocker. The screen recognition Sheldon showed on his interception was top notch. Kam was sticky in coverage. Sherman erased half the field. Griffin is so cool under pressure.

    The O obviously wasn’t as marvelous as we’d like. Russ played ok, the tackle to stop a pick six was all hustle and grit.

  13. Volume12

    A bye, then the Giants, 2 straight home games, and a primetime game at Arizona? That’s a nice very winnable stretch right there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      7-2 good enough yet?

      Feels like we lost to two playoff teams tbh.

      12-4 sounds abouy right

      • C-Dog

        Could very well happen

    • Mike B.

      @ New York Giants – should be a win
      Houston Texans – JJ Watt will be out; challenge but winnable
      Washington Redskins – improved defense but weaker offense; winnable at home
      @ Arizona Cardinals – Cards look like toast; winnable
      Atlanta Falcons – tough contest, though Falcons don’t look quite as strong as last year
      @ San Francisco 49ers – revenge for not blowing out last time
      Philadelphia Eagles – looking like one of the top NFC teams
      @ Jacksonville Jaguars – could be very tough against NFL’s best pass D
      Los Angeles Rams – do Rams get revenge? I say no!
      @ Dallas Cowboys – still worry about this one
      Arizona Cardinals – 48-10 victory

      My initial prediction for this season was 12-4 *if* the offensive line could make significant strides. So far they haven’t, and the offense looks even less functional than last year, but the defense is trending in the right direction. Looking at the remaining schedule, 11-5 seems like a realistic scenario. Could the Hawks go 6-0 against the NFC West for the first time since 2005?

      • AndrewP

        Granted, I don’t watch as much NFL as some…

        Granted, I don’t crunch the #s like PFF does…

        Granted, I don’t have a third point…

        The O-Line has been an NFL average unit the last four weeks.

  14. Trevor

    The Rams big wide receiver addition Watkins had zero catches today!

  15. Michael L Kelly

    Great to get a win against the Rams finally. Maybe the curse left with Fisher. Still want the offense to act like they are grown men. It just seems like our line is getting bullied by every team we face. We have some large and strong men on our line but we look small and weak too often. I hope it improves as the season goes on

  16. Kenny Sloth

    Held the league leaders in offense to just 10 at home. Jared Goof had a couple turnovers and looked like himself

    How bout them Jags!

    • Trevor

      Would love to see the Jags beat the snot out of the Rams next week.

      • Tien

        The Jags are a weird team. Against Houston, Baltimore, & Pittsburgh, they look like a playoff team but in the other games, they look like the same ‘ol Jags. Let’s hope the playoff Jags show up against the Rams next week!

        • trevor

          Formula to beat the Jags seems pretty simple to me. Stop the run and make Blake Bortles beat you.

          • Tien

            Good point!

  17. GerryG

    We mentioned this before, but it’s huge; time of possession. Highly doubt D makes those plays at end if they are on field entire first half. Ugly as it was, making first downs probably won the game.

    Love Quill Griffin, his tape didn’t look great because he was poorly coached.

    We have no RB now, it’s going to have to be throw to set up the pass imo; maybe Rawls or Lacy regains old form. Do we cut one of them to activate M Davis????

    Secondary continues to be amazing. DL didn’t do much most of game in ter,s of sacks, but shut down Gurley and mad turnovers; game ball imo.

    • STTBM

      Rawls looked good and Lacy did fine. The offensive lines run blocking mad majestically terrible. You can’t expect a RB to get yards when first contact is behind the LOS…

      • GerryG

        Pretty sure when we watch the all 22 we will see yds left on he field by RBs on a decent amount of plays

        • Ishmael

          This. I thought there were quite a few times where there were actually some okay holes and the RBs just didn’t make things happen.

          • Hawk Eye

            RB’s have to learn how to run with the ZBS. Marshawn did not do well in his first year until he finally listened to Cable and ran according to what the blocking was set up for. But the line has a ways to go to be average, but I think there are at least 4 or 5 lines worse than the hawks right now. Baby steps. Need to be able to run by the playoffs, or it will be a short ride.

  18. Smitty1547

    This reminds me of the saying teams need to learn how to win, the rams should have but there young and still need to learn how to do it.

    Seems like the last time we really ran the ball good was in playoff game against Detroit where we went more man Vs zone scheme, but of course we have not seen it since.

    Avril loss is big such a talent and professional, but i got to think he may not have been resigned in the long run to try to keep Clark and or Richardson. (probably need to let Graham go to fit in both and I think they should and will) I think he moves on and finishes a HOF career and when it’s over this is the blah in the middle with hopefully a SB ring)

  19. SoCal12

    They should just put the number 29 banner up right now.

    Earl Thomas is a goddamn legend.

    • Michael M.

      Walter Jones – Best to ever play Left Tackle
      Earl Thomas – Best to ever play Safety?

      Only 9 players away from having the all-everything team hanging from the rafters.

  20. STTBM

    Once again Seattles highly paid defense had problems with leaving guys wide open (busted coverages), gave up third and longs like clockwork, had little or no pass rush despite blitzing, and nearly gave the game away in the final minute; But, they forced Turnover after turnover, and held on for the win. Haven’t we seen this movie before?!

    The offense is just gross! Taking nearly four seconds to finally throw to a WR or TE at the line of scrimmage, flailing to block four guys with six, missing blocks and not knowing your assignment, and Wilson missing barn doors time and again…

    At some point, enough is enough; no matter who lines up as Olinemen, the result is the same; failure. Tom Cable deserves criticism, and must improve.

    There is no consistent pass rush, and the Rams Oline is hardly elite. Third and long still is Seattles Achilles heal, and too often it’s poor play calling, not just mistakes by individuals. Richard is not doing a great job despite inheriting the most talented Defensive roster in football.

    However, Seattle forced turnovers, ran the ball ok late, and gutted this one out. They don’t look like SB Contenders, more like a formerly bad team just trying to finish with a winning season and sneak into the playoffs. But there is time to improve. I liked the adjustments Bevell made (though I hated their conservative play calling on their final Red Zone possession). I loved the Defensive turnovers, and I liked Seattles apparent simplifying the Defensive calls–not as much pre-snap movement, especially by the Dline. When Richard gets too smart, it usually backfires; Keep It Simple.

    • Rob Staton

      The Rams O-line is actually very good. Has been performing superbly this year.

      Don’t look like SB Contenders? Who does??

      Enjoy the win.

      • C-Dog


      • STTBM

        I am relieved but hardly pleased. The highly paid D nearly gave the game away, and the offense couldn’t put points on the board despite all those turnovers. Cable and ask Richard are hamstringing this team.

        As I said, there is time to right the ship and improve, but it’s Ugly Football in Seattle right now. Eagles, Chiefs, Broncos, Texans, GB, Dallas, Washington, even the Jags…several other teams all appear closer to being Postseason Threats than Seattle. And the Titans creamed us, though they apparently are paying dearly for that, as they clearly were spent the following week and are being decimated by injuries.

        Eeking out a narrow victory vs the Rams is fine, but that margin was as slim as it gets. Seattle has much to work on.

        • Rob Staton

          You should be pleased STTBM.

          This was a huge win. Sometimes I think people want to see a near perfect, complete game. You just reeled off a list of teams like they haven’t had rough moments. Did you see Green Bay at home against Cincy?

          Enjoy the win. This stops being fun if people want to over-analyse every game and dissect everything that needs to be better.

        • GerryG

          Did you just defend the play of the RBs a few posts above? You lash out in a tirade against everything yet defend the play of two of the most underachieving players on the roster? (Rawls/Lacy).

          The OL is not very good but Russ had time today; he continues to miss opportunities.

          Bevel called a great game imo (against a DL that outmatched us). He didn’t make Russ or Tanner throw bad INTs.

          The DL had a tough time getting sacks against a QB that I thought did a great job stepping up and running where needed, and against one of the better lines this season. Yes I would liked to see more sacks but they did account for 2 huge turnovers and shut down Gurley(who they had to honor all game).

          • STTBM

            This offensive line is far worse than that; they are simply atrocious. Cable and his guys aren’t getting it done. Our RB’s are not the worst in the league, but our line pretty much is. I’m not voting RAwls or Lacy for the Pro Bowl, but blaming them but not the line is like blaming Fitzgerald for not getting 1,000 yards before Palmer showed up.

            Some great individual efforts and some creative adjustments by Bevell in the passing game, but Cable and K Richard are struggling and deserve criticism, not a free ride.

            • Rob Staton

              Can you not just enjoy a win and knock it off?

              The line played very well yesterday. They weren’t torn to shreds by Aaron Donald. Pass pro was good generally, despite the backup-turned-starting LT being hurt and Joeckel heading for another surgery. There is very clear and obvious gradual improvement from the OL. They only ran 20 times on the day so they never truly committed to the run.

              As for Kris Richard — it’s funny isn’t it? Team gives up a 3rd and long and Richard sucks. Team forces five turnovers, holds LA to 10 points overall and shuts them out in the second half and he gets no credit. And nobody even mentions the defensive minded Head Coach, positive or negative.

              Seahawks fans have been ruined forever by the 2013-14 bunch. Only near perfection is satisfactory now.

              Stop complaining and enjoy the great win.

              • C-Dog

                Thank you!

      • Michael M.

        “Don’t look like SB Contenders? Who does??”


        • Rob Staton

          Yes, at the age of 33 suddenly Alex Smith has morphed into a quarterback capable of actually winning in the playoffs.

          The Chiefs have had a good start. They also look exactly like the type of team that wins 12-14 games and loses at home in the divisional round.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Lol you hear Watson’s center telling him he’s making the wrong call?

    • Trevor

      Are you starting to come around and like Watson a little Kenny? I know you were not a fan of his coming out.

      • Kenny Sloth

        No way! He’s got a low ceiling.

  22. Trevor

    The offense and particular our running blocking was awful again today but I thought that was an incredibly enjoyable game to watch and nerve wracking right till the end.

    This was about as big a week 5 win as you could have. A road win on grass no less against the leader in the division.

    This really puts us in the drivers seat as the Rams face a tough Jags team next week. Then we come off the bye against a Giants team who is a mess. Amazing what a diffemrce a week makes in the NFL.

    I don’t think we can compete for a Super Bowl until we fix the OL and run game. They have 12 weeks to figure it out. Either way we should be able to win the NFC west.

  23. Trevor

    Hate to say this but I think the injury to Lane is a blessing.

    Also I pray Cliff bounces back but I don’t think Frank Clark looks back from here. I predict another 10’+’sack season. By the of the season will be the most domaint player on that DL and teams will be scheming for him instead of Mike B.

  24. STTBM

    I liked that kid Coleman. He got beaten a few times, and slipped a bunch (someone get him some different cleats lol!), but he was usually right to his guy and wasn’t involved in busted coverages–at least not from what I can tell. He’s feisty and fast, just needs to tighten his tackling technique. But he’s a willing tackler, and that’s a start!

  25. Nathan W.

    Was able to watch my first NFL game on any sort of platform today. Blessed to see the Hawks win. Anyone else sort of feeling a bit more McKissic >> Procise? The dude looked lightning quick and ran with purpose.

    • C-Dog

      A healthy Prosise? Not so sure about that. The problem is that a healthy CJ Prosise is almost as elusive as a Siberian Yeti.

      • Nathan W.

        I agree :/ If anything, keep both. I loved watching Procise last season for the 10 minutes he played last season, but his constant unavailability is becoming too common. If anything, I’m happy that we’ve picked up a legit contributor to take snaps in his stead.

        • GerryG

          Imo one of Rawls/Lacy/Procise needs to be cut and bring up Mike Davis. These RBs are not doing it

          • Nathan W.

            Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a fresh face with something to prove.

      • D-OZ

        Pay the Yeti!!!!

  26. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. Terrific win against an tough division opponent on the road. Big time win.

    2. For all those fans who have found themselves complaining about the amount of $ thrown at the defensive side of the ball and not the offense, that defensive effort should maybe silence that a bit. They just took the top scoring offensive team, busted into their home, ate all their food, messed up their kitchen, didn’t flush the toilet bowl, and made them do all the dishes. Defense. Wins. Championships.

    3. How do you win on the road against a tough division opponent when your run game isn’t working? Win the turn over battle 5-2 helps. Having a mobile quarterback make enough plays with his arm and legs he needs to, especially on that $ drive after he tosses a lazy INT into the flat that almost got returned for a pick 6 had he not, in fact, made the tackle. That was a sneaky gritty performance by Wilson, IMO.

    4. I wasn’t tricked into expecting Seattle’s run game to have a great showing today; not against that front seven lead by Donald, not without Chris Carson, but good lord, they run game looked truly awful at times. Eddie Lacy has zero explosion. Maybe the guy to go to more late in games than to start things off. IMO, I think the bye week might be coming at the right time for adjust some things. Maybe look at get Rawls re-established.

    5. Earl Thomas is an instant HOFer, and was without a doubt the player of the game, but how about those defensive tackles of Seattle? Jarran Reed forklifted his man into Goff felt so Mebane-esque in his prime, it just made me giddy inside. Naz Jones continues to impress. Sheldon Richardson, though? He makes them all better. He’s solid against the run, he disrupts against the pass, and he’s crazy athletic for a DT, as the INT and fumble return show. Goff looked like poop in the second half because he wasn’t playing comfortable. I hope they figure a way to keep Richardson around a while. I think we are going to see big things happen out of him down the stretch. Seattle has a really good situation at DT.

    6. Frank Clark. Frank Clark. Frank Clark.

    7. Shaquille Griffin is only going to get better. Think about that.

    8. Jimmy Graham catches a TD in the redzone. Let’s see if this positive becomes a trend.

    9. Those Rams are only going to get better. Game on in the NFC West.

    10. Mock Draft Post Game LA Rams Edition.

    21: R1P21

    Some cryptic vibes around Cliff Avril possibly calling it a career, and Frank Clark entering a contract year. Fans will again be banging the table for a LT, but Pete Carroll can’t pass up on a tremendous pass rush talent.


    Yes, Jarran Reed and Naz Jones are coming into their own, but Richardson is a really, really, really good football player playing DT. Get him resigned. Allow Malik McDowell to become the heir apparent at 5 tech. That D line will be loaded for years.

    85: R3P21

    As Volume 12 well states, Seattle needs help at RB, and someone to pair with Carson. Might they go their R1? I think so.

    123: R4P21

    Seattle continues to scan for mid round prototype outside corners to mold.

    153: R5P15

    Get a nasty O liner.

    163: R5P25

    Get another TE

    240: R7P18

    Grab a Husky defender.

    243: R7P21

    Draft a quarterback to develop.

    248: R7P26
    DL B.J. HILL

    Find another run stuffing big bodied DT.

    • trevor

      if they can get Penny in that spot it would be incredible!

      • C-Dog

        Honestly, I think if they got Bradley Chubb at that spot in the first, it would be incredible. I kinda think this might be the year they take a RB with the first pick, if they don’t go OL or DL.

  27. Hawks fan in PA

    This game was a huge gut check for both offense and defense. First half was great for d to keep them out of end zone until Austin ran it in. Offense infirst half moved the ball just enough to control time of possession to rest the d. I thought there were cutback holes that both backs failed to exploit. They dont seem quick enough to hit those holes. Second half after getting lead play calling got alittle too conservative in my opinion. But In The end team gutted out a road win going into bye week. I am looking into getting tickets for the giants game cause gmen wont have a win when the Hawks come to town.

  28. Brseahawks

    1. This win is key for the Seahawks season. Great win.
    2. The secondary was outstanding for most of the game. Earl Thomas is king. Griffin and Coleman look good.
    3. DL is not generating pressure consistently. I don”t know what’s wrong but I expected more push up the middle with Sheldon Richardson.
    4. OL did a nice job at protecting Wilson but no run game so far in 2017
    5. Offense had multiple chances of closing the game out but never did.

  29. Ishmael

    Surprised by the amount of whinging after this game. It wasn’t a perfect win, but so what? There are real blue tinted glasses about the 2013 season, there were plenty of rough moments all through that year.

    • Volume12

      I actually like games this. Its my kind of football.

      • Ishmael

        Like, it’s not my favourite but this is just what football is like sometimes. It’s an insanely even competition. There really isn’t as much separating the teams in the basement and the playoffs as fans like to think – just look at the Giants.

        Take the win, learn from it, get better, win some more.

        • Tien

          The Rams are legit good this season so I didn’t have high hopes for a win, especially with our history of playing at their place. It wasn’t pretty and we still need to figure out a running game but the D played awesome and it was an exciting critical win!

      • Smitty1547

        Indy second half is my kind of football!

  30. JC

    Grateful for the result, but being honest, 2 of the 3 wins were the skin of their teeth variety and doesn’t breed a lot of confidence. I don’t think there was a 4th quarter first down on offense. Just give us one and that game ends in V formation instead of the football version of the Fernando Rodney experience. You can have confidence in NYC because of their record and injuries, but it’s hard to have confidence about this team in any game when they’re so inept so frequently on offense. A +3 turnover game should end a lot more comfortably.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘Grateful for the result, but being honest, 2 of the 3 wins were the skin of their teeth variety and doesn’t breed a lot of confidence.’

      And in 2013, the Seahawks were 21-0 down at home against an 0-7 team. They also scraped past a terrible Rams team twice and had other close wins too.

      This was a great win.

      • C-Dog


      • Josh

        Not to mention Shermans pick 6 to help get to OT @ Houston

        • Josh

          and the week 1 escape in Carolina.

          • Rob Staton

            Also in 2013:

            — Only won 20-13 at home to a Tennessee team that went 7-9
            — Were thoroughly miserable in a 17-10 loss at home to the Cardinals in week 16
            — Threw away a road game in Indianapolis

            So we’ve picked out a good 5-6 examples in 2013 where things were less than stellar — but the end result was that glorious Super Bowl win so this is often forgotten.

  31. Sean-O

    Wins in the NFL are tough. Wins on the road are really tough. RW didn’t play real well but did just enough. Plus the D made plays when they had to. Enjoy it! Bye week to rest & re-charge then off to NY to play a reeling Giants team.

  32. Volume12

    KC’s Tyreek Hill is one hell of a playmaker. He’s special.

    • Volume12

      15 TDs in 29 games!?

      8 receiving, 4 returns, and 3 rushing.

      • Ishmael

        That’s pretty wild, pace kills. Can’t teach it. I think the Seahawks need more of it.

        • Nathan W.

          Historic numbers

          • Volume12

            Best gadget player ever in the NFL. Scary parr? He still hasn’t figured all the little things that’ll take him even further.

            Ish don’t agree with me but he’s better than Percy. 😉

            • Ishmael

              Ha it’s going to take a while to talk me down from that stance. His pace is absolutely obscene, and he’s being coached by some of the best in the business, guys who know how to use him. Harvin was ahead of his time tbh, one of God’s own. Built out of different material than the rest of us.

            • trevor

              He is better than Percy for one reason only. He is avaiablemevery week.

              Hill also has the perfect system and play caller for his skill set in Andy Reid. Can you imagine what he would have done with Harvin.

              Andy Reid and Mike McCoy are the two best offensive play callers in the league IMO.

              • Hawk Eye

                let’s not forget WHY he was available late in the draft. Beating his pregnant girlfriend. Excellent football player, but not a great person, who might not be available in the future if he has not cured what ails him. Sometimes these gambles work, sometimes you get Lawrence Phillips. And I don’t pretend Frank Clark was innocent either. Tricky thing to balance and judge a bad mistake by a young person and a possible future pattern.

                that said, would like to see Lockett get loose again on PR or KR.

                • Volume12

                  He is an awful person, but u know what? So is Aaron Rodgers and he’s dons alright yeah? Who doesn’t sign an autograph for as little girl with cancer screaming ur name as u come off a plane? Trash is who.

  33. dumbquestions

    Good gutty win. Thank goodness for the D. Thank goodness for two TD-saving plays by Earl and RW (!).

    The formula for this team is so plain: Stay in the game until Q4, and preserve your chance to win. It is not pretty by any means, but it works.

    While the offense didn’t sparkle, I saw improvement. They got a few first downs instead of wilting. The run game was poor, but a few decent runs kept the clock ticking. They stayed on the field longer. The Rams’ D is good, regardless of its stats against the run. That will change as the season goes on.

    RW barely missed on a couple of potentially explosive plays that would have widened the margin. The trick play with McEvoy would have worked with a better throw. The little TD flip to Graham was a huge deal, as far as I’m concerned – a red-zone TD to Graham, finally.

    The Rams’ OL is good, better than we think. There’s a reason that team has been scoring so well. And the Seattle D held. Couldn’t ask for more. Now a week of rest and a pleasant schedule.

  34. Seahawcrates

    For all those who expected a more dominant win as evidence that Seattle is a legitimate contender, in the first nine games is the 2013 season the Hawks went 8-1 but five of those wins were close, one score close, and against relatively weak opponents.At Panthers 12-7. At Houston 23-20 (OT). Titans 20-13. At Rams 14-9. Tampa Bay 27-24. Most of us would likely agree that Seattle team was great. Their early season wins did not come easy.
    I don’t know how this team will turn out, but ugly wins especially on the road are not indicators of a failing team.

  35. SeventiesHawksFan

    Seems the seeds are now planted for a dominant Super Bowl winning run. I don’t write that hopefully or wishfully or basking in the glow of a win. The Hawks were the physically far superior team on both sides of the ball against a division nemesis whom they’ve been repeatedly physically dominated and inferior.

    That’s an appropriate place to start. Will see where this goes. But a second half 2015 explosive offensive run cannot be ruled out now. Both Russell Wilson and the O line’s season totality support possibility.

    And Kris Richard showed signs of taking the next step the past two games in particular. With all world talent to put in motion and deploy haha! I’ve been most worried about him since the first game of the season against Green Bay. And still am.

    • AlaskaHawk

      For a physically superior team on both sides of the ball, it was lucky that LA Rams receiver KRUPP dropped the ball that hit his hands in the end zone. Otherwise LA would be cheering right now. I’m happy with the win but would be happier with more points on the board. I like the defensive line, they are looking great!!!

    • JC

      Check the box score, Seahawks were not “far the superior” physical team on both sides of the ball. They were opportunistic and had their moments making up for statistical deficits Sunday, but they did nothing in the run game and the passing game was chaotic even on scoring drives. They didn’t get a 1st down in the 4th quarter. They were +3 on turnovers but still hung on for dear life in the final seconds. Celebrate the W, but we don’t have to be Baghdad Bob in describing how it came about.

      • Rob Staton

        Stop being so curmudgeonly JC.

        This was a great win. Yes — the Seahawks were the more physical team. It was a great performance and on another day, if the offense wasn’t quite so conservative near the end, they win strolling away.

        I can’t believe people are rushing to pour water on this victory. Seahawks fans can be a bunch of spoilt children sometimes.

        • AlaskaHawk

          No one is pouring water on a victory. I’m happy the Seahawks are top of the division. I’m happy for a win. The defense looks great and will continue to improve. Maybe the offense will catch up some time this season.

          It’s a good win , but really Kupp should have caught the ball and the Seahawks should have lost. So what conclusion can we draw from all this??? I’ll take the win any time, and I think the Seahawks will win the division. But offense is seriously lacking still.

          • Rob Staton

            The conclusion we can draw is the Seahawks got a really terrific and much needed road win, making it clear they’re still the team to beat in the NFC West in the process.

            Was it flawless? No. But there’s this worrying trend among Seahawks fans that unless every aspect of the team is cooking on gas there has to be some kind of tempered excitement. There doesn’t. It was a classic Pete Carroll Seahawks win.

            • SeventiesHawksFan

              Classic Pete Carroll win! Exactly! I’ve got no major complaints.

              And the minor ones center around the same issues that are well known and have been analyzed thoroughly all season. The running game. Third down defense. Miscues on the O line, though I also thought the sort of hurry up and quick passing game and moving pocket rollouts of Russell Wilson that forced the Rams D line cover space and run sideline to sideline on a number of downs did a nice job of wearing the Rams defense down after the half.

      • SeventiesHawksFan


        They passed the eye test with me. And I trust what my eyes were telling me. The Rams D line was looking tired by the third quarter. And I think we could have played more aggressively in the fourth.

        And there is no question that our D line got the better of their O line. Especially to close out the game.

        The Rams made a few impressive long pass plays and a near miss at the end of a game that probably should have been put away. I’ll give you that.

        This was a quite impressive road victory regardless of the box score or actual score. Which is my opinion of course. But it’s still firmly my opinion.

        • C-Dog

          I thought those play calls in the 4th were pretty conservative. They wanted to chew clock. Personally I would have preferred them not running the pass play on 3rd and 2, maybe done something a little more creative on the ground to further chew up time, but that’s just me.

  36. Old but Slow

    Statistically, we lost this game. But, it is not a game of stats, its is a game of management. Like chess.

    Coaches that can find the approach that will work against this opponent. That is so valuable.

    Avril out, it had to become a target, but Clark stepped up big time. Bennett was Bennett, although limping late.

    The defense was unreal. Superman, playing free safety, made life difficult for the Ewes, and our offense did just enough.

    It is easy to target coaches for the performance of the team, but you still need the manpower to step up and do the job.

    Richardson, the defensive one, was amazing. Two turnovers in the late game. Big plus on adding this man.

    McEvoy’s passing percentage can only go up.

    Mainly, though, the teams focus on slowing Gurley, made the Ram’s change their offense.

    Watson is a talent, and will be a player to be dealt with, but he is a rookie and the Seahawk defense is wise.

    Game ball? The Duke of Earl? The big Rich?

    • dumbquestions


    • AlaskaHawk

      Two game balls for them. They both had excellent games. And who couldn’t love a Kupp sandwich with Chancellor and Coleman supplying the hard hitting bread?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Plus I enjoyed watching Reed, can’t forget him. He caused one of the interceptions by pushing his blocker back into Geoff.

  37. Volume12

    Logan, I know this is a football blog, but since I can only talk to u here (I’ll get my Twitter account back up soon), u gotta check out HIAC from tonight my man! Holy sh** what a PPV aka Network special. 🔥🔥🔥

    3 great matches (1 MOTY contender), 2 title changes, 2 very good other matches, fun a** pre-show match, a new Fashion Files and a new case for ’em (spoiler alert: Pulp Fiction on Tuesday), and one of the hottest angles to ever close a show. And a new episode of Talking Smack. (Ain’t the same without D Bry though)

    • Logan Lynch

      Scanned through and found this Vol…I’ll definitely have to check it out! I just skimmed a few recaps and saw that the KO match was getting good buzz. HIAC always seems to be a good show every year.

      When you get that Twitter account back up, find me.

  38. Trevor

    I have the one of the biggest critics of this OL and still think it is going to be difficult to contend with this unit but I do have some hope. I think we have two legit pieces now in Britt at C and Ifedi at RT.

    Britt continues to be solid and will only keep getting better as he learns the nuances of the position. Ifedi should have been our RT since day #1 that whole RG fiasco last year was typical Cable. Ifedi is the pro type RT in this league and I think by year end will be better than average with next year being his breakout year.

    That leaves 3 spots to fix.

    LT- I know I am in a minority but I still think Fant is our legit LT if he can fully recover. I think he would have been a breakout player this year. If Rees can survive this year let him and Fant battle it out and the other guy would be a quality backup.

    LG- option # 1 would be Quentin Nelson falling to us somehow in the draft. If not would love to see them go out in free agency and sign the best vet LG on the market to play next to a young LT in Fant or Rees.

    RG- Obushi seems like a slight upgrade but is still not the answer IMO. Would love to see Pocic get the start there against a bad Giants team after the break. We spent a 2nd rounder on him. Lets see what we have and hopefully he is our RG of the present and future.

    Ideal 2018 OL

    LT Fant / backup Rees
    LG Nelson or vet free agent / backup Roos
    C Britt / backup Hunt
    RG Pocic / Backup Glowinski
    RT Ifedi / backup rookie or vet free agent

    • vrtkolman

      As crazy as this sounds, I’m on the Joeckel train. That’s three games in a row where he played really well. He even stood up Aaron Donald a few times one on one. I agree that a more permanent position at RG would be good. LT is the really big hole right now. The sack Rees gave up where he didn’t even touch Quinn was awful, and could have been a disaster as Russell had no idea that was coming. Can they afford to shop in the LT market though?

      Running back is a huge need as well.

      • C-Dog


      • AlaskaHawk

        Agreed on the need at left tackle. Maybe Fant will be recovered by next season, but I think the Seahawks have to pick another LT as insurance. They could draft again for a LT somewhere in top three rounds. I’m not sure there will ever be a free agent LT that can be had at a reasonable price. Wouldn’t starting salary be around 12 million for a good tackle?

    • Rob Staton

      If Joeckel stays healthy, I suspect they will make a big push to sign him and secure LG too.

      • Logan Lynch

        I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that Joeckel will keep improving either, barring a setback in his recovery. He’s only a year removed from ACL surgery and may not fully trust his anchor yet.

      • AndrewP

        I don’t doubt they’ll try, but… Not sure if I see the $$$ for both Luke and Sheldon. Might have to choose one or the other (and this is after letting Jimmy walk)

        • Rob Staton

          Perhaps not — but they’re currently scheduled to have around $20m in free space and will increase that by $5m if they cut Jeremy Lane. Plus there’s a chance the cap increases significantly again. So if they let Graham walk, I think they might be able to keep Joeckel and Richardson.

          • Forty20

            The situation with Cliff Avril could have cap implications as well.

    • C-Dog

      Germaine Ifedi had a really nice game. I would pencil in Ethan Pocic a starter somewhere down the line, if not this season, next. He was active ahead of Glowinski, Roos, and Battle. He might be the next man up at LG, center and RG.

  39. Trevor

    I love Deshawn Watsons game. My new favourite non-Seahawk player. Reminds me a lot of Russ without the Cory off field stuff.

    The Browns front office and Hue Jackson should be fired for passing on Deshawn Watson twice. He was the perfect draft pick to be the face of the franchise and turn that organization once and for all.

    You cannot win in the NFL without a QB and for some reason the Browns have not figured that out. Mind boggling really. I get passing on wentz, goff, Dak as all had serious concerns wether it be experience or production etc. But Watson was the full package coming out. Winning everywhere he had been. Great production and leadership. I said going into the draft it should have been an easy pick and instead they are still a mess.

    The Jets and Browns passing on Watson show why those organizations are perennial losers and those fan bases have to be digusted.

    • C-Dog

      He was my favorite QB coming out and I thought the knocks on him were ridiculous. Don’t tell me what he do. Look at what he does do. The guy is a playmaker and a winner.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I love Deshawn Watson coming out of college, and am happy the Browns passed because their problem is coaching and management – not players. They would have ruined Deshawn. Let him play for a contender!

      • AlaskaHawk

        Just like RG III had issues with trying too hard at Washington = messed up his career.

  40. Sea Mode

    We didn’t insist on running the ball up the gut right into Aaron Donald’s waiting arms every play. I count that as a win in itself!

    Does it really matter if we run to set up the pass or pass to set up the run? Isn’t the end effect pretty much the same? I guess maybe fewer explosive shots down the field, but it certainly opens things up for McKissic (and Prosise when he returns) to burn those LBs in coverage.

    Would like to see an early RW designed keeper inserted into the game plan each week. Show them from the get-go that they have to commit to contain. Should help slow down the pass rush.

    Gosh, I hope Rawls can find his form again.

    All hail King Earl III. We are blessed to watch that man set foot on the field.

  41. Cysco

    I don’t get the negativity either. If the Defense didn’t give up so many 3rd and long conversions or if Russell doesn’t over throw his receiver a handful of times, that game wouldn’t have been close. I thought the o-line continued to show signs of improvement and the defense was lights out despite the 3rd down conversions.

    History has shown us that the Hawks need the first quarter of the season as an extended pre-season. I fully expect the team to take the momentum of this win and go on a roll after the bye.

  42. Nathan W.

    We have a talented roster. The NFL isn’t the SEC. We are not Alabama, manhandling our peers at will… nor are other NFL rosters as depleted of talent in comparison. We should expect each win to be hard fought and hard won. I’m old enough to remember when we were in the L column for these kinds of battles instead of taking home the W.

    • Volume12

      Your right. The NFL isn’t the SEC. There ain’t a team in that conference that would even compete in an NFL game.

  43. vrtkolman

    What a mess the Raiders have become. Donald Penn, after holding out for $10 million, has played like crap all year and just got into a verbal altercation with a fan after the game was over. Their big money offensive line has regressed and left Carr with another serious injury. Lynch seems to have hit the wall. The defense is still terrible and made Joe Flacco look like Aaron Rodgers.

    • C-Dog

      It sure feels like an imploding team down there. Definitely one of the big surprises.

      • Smitty1547

        Lynch is cancer, a lot like Harvin glad he’s their problem and not ours.

  44. vrtkolman

    Leonard Fournette had his coming out party on Sunday. He displayed everything – his raw power on a couple of nasty stiff arms, and his breakaway speed on a 90 yard run. He is really setting the tone for a young, brash, incredibly physical team. Bortles doesn’t even need to do anything at this point, just manage the game and let the defense and running game take over. They are Russell Wilson away from being the Seahawks 2.0 IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      Fournette starting to look like the star we knew he could be.

      • Volume12

        Fournette in round 1 and Cam Robinson in round 2 was a stroke of genius from that Jags FO

        • Trevor

          Robinson was a steal there.

  45. neil

    I am glad they won, it was a great effort by the defense. That being said, to often we see teams driving the length of the field with 2 minutes to go. That prevent defense almost cost the Hawks the win. They were lucky the pass into the end zone bounced off the receivers hand. With so little success getting to Goff, I didn’t notice some adjustments to blitzing.

    • Rob Staton

      It wasn’t a flawless win for sure — but they rarely are.

      • Volume12

        When has the game of football ever been pretty or flawless? Its not a sexy sport.

        I don’t get the current fans. Are they spoiled from the rule changes? Are games only good if ur team scores a certain amount? Does a defense only play well if they get off the field on every single 3rd down?

        I can’t think of a better scenario for a HC. Seattle always, always has the outcomes or games in their hands. On offense our defense. That’s what you want. To control the outcome.

      • Hawk Eye

        we have been spoiled by a great D for so long.
        Hawks are currently in top 5 scoring D, but middle of the pack for yards against.
        They probably finish the year in top 5 scoring D, and top 10 in yards against
        but Pete wants the D to not allow points and to create turnovers, is willing to sacrifice yards.
        They are also victims of their past success. Teams play them differently. Lots of short passes that make it harder to sack the qb and harder to get int’s.

        just win baby!

        • Volume12

          That was the problem with this Defense against Tennessee for example. They were chasing TO’s and getting out of their run fits, not setting a hard edge, miscommunication, etc.

          The TO’s will come if they stay on the same page as we saw yesterday.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Kris Richards defensive alignments on third down and in ‘prevent’ mode continue to frustrate and simply baffle me as well. Especially with all world talent to deploy. Why play so predictable and vanilla on 3rd and six-plus yards?

      I think he has improved the past couple games though with more creative stunts and blitzes. As well as playing man rather than the soft zone with predictable open spots on the field.

      I’m quite a bit more encouraged now. I was REALLY worried after the Green Bay game that Richard’s tendencies are so known and predictable around the league that no matter what talent we have, a good OC with enough offensive weapons will beat him on just too often in critical down and distance situations.

      • neil

        I believe they were playing the soft zone in the last two minutes , that is what almost cost them the game. I didn’t see any blitzing in the last two minutes. It’s just my opinion that they should be a little more aggressive in those situations, especially when the front four are not getting to the qb. I do not care for the strategy of holding on for dear life at the end of the game.

  46. pran

    Pete is genius. the way he got defense to close the game and offense to protect the ball in 2nd half is just the way he liked to happen. If we can address RB situation we are on track!

    • Volume12

      He is a genius. He’s wining ball games with Jimmy Johnson’s 4-3 D from the late 80s. Of course he has added his own wrinkles to it.

      Those 2 guys are leaders of men. I’ve never seen 2 coaches take to inner city kids and give guys not one or two, but 3 chances and succeed so much.

      • Volume12

        Pete’s dad always told him. ‘Guys don’t deserve 2nd chances. They deserve 3.’

  47. nichansen01

    This has to be the most welcome bye week of all time

  48. nichansen01

    Rest, regroup and then beat the giants.

  49. nichansen01

    Kind of crazy how the jets are 3-2…

  50. red

    Thoughts on Branden Jackson 4 pressures in limited snaps could be a nice find on the cheap.

    • Volume12

      I’m not a big sack guy. Disruption= production IMO.

  51. Volume12

    Was there a better FA signing this off-season than CB AJ Bouye to the Jags?

    • Trevor


    • cha

      Shockingly, LA signing Whitworth is right up there too. Even with Frank Clark playing lights out yesterday.

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