Friday draft notes: Tedric Thompson & Howard Wilson

There’s a reason why people are talking about the DB’s in this draft. Depth, talent at the top end and throughout the first three rounds. Some diamonds to find in day three. It’s an ideal opportunity for a team (see: Seahawks) to reload and try to rekindle some of that magic on defense.

Two players I watched yesterday were Colorado safety Tedric Thompson and Houston cornerback Howard Wilson.

Thompson jumped off the screen. He’s a really instinctive safety with the closing speed to make big plays in the passing game. That shows up with his seven interceptions in 2016 and 16 PBU’s. That’s as many PBU’s as cornerbacks Tre’Davious White and Adoree’ Jackson, and one more than Kevin King and Coredrea Tankersley.

He looks like he’ll have a great vertical at the combine (more on that in a moment). He frequently just goes up and gets the ball. Combine that with his ability to shift through the gears and close, read and react and play the ball. He’s ideally suited to be a rangy single-high safety.

Give him a lane to the ball carrier and he’ll get there. Throw it deep? You’re taking a chance against this type of speed. On the mid-range throws he’ll break on the ball and make a play with instinct and athleticism. It’s very difficult to fit throws into small windows at the second level with Thompson lurking. His field awareness is also good, putting him in a position to make plays and deceive quarterbacks.

This is kind of what we saw from Earl Thomas at Texas. He had eight picks in his final season in college. While Thompson will find it difficult to match Thomas’ level in the NFL — as a backup worthy of being developed over time, there are worse projects the Seahawks can take on.

It’ll be very interesting to see just how athletic he is. Tedric’s brother Cedric was a recent 5th round pick by the Dolphins and managed a 4.48 forty, a 40.5 inch vertical and a 10-2 in the broad jump.

A similar performance could put Tedric on Seattle’s radar. Getting a supremely athletic, productive developmental free safety could be a consideration, especially with Thomas missing games for the first time in his career in 2016.

It’s this type of prospect that ultimately makes this draft so intriguing for safety’s. You’ve got the big names (Adams, Hooker, Peppers, Baker) and then a second and third tier including Obi Melifonwu, Justin Evans, Tedric Thompson, Marcus Maye, John Johnson, Shalom Luani and Eddie Jackson. It doesn’t stop there, with other names to monitor before the combine.

Houston’s Howard Wilson is intriguing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he looks like he has long arms. We know the Seahawks have a cut-off point of 32 inches. Secondly, he takes the ball away.

The Seahawks, for whatever reason, have struggled for turnovers in the last couple of seasons. Adding players with production in this area (forcing turnovers or completing them) could be a priority. So how about this stat — Wilson averaged an interception every 15 targets at Houston. He had five in total in 2016.

He’s not the biggest player at 6-1 and 185lbs but he has the potential to add weight and could end up like Byron Maxwell (6-1, 203lbs). At the moment he’s not too far off Jeremy Lane for size (6-1, 190lbs) and it stands to reason that the Seahawks will look to push Lane this off-season after a relatively middling 2016.

Wilson’s a good looking athlete so a strong combine shouldn’t be an issue. If he can add weight he might be a legit outside corner option. And while he won’t necessarily be an immediate starter outside, he could be a project for two years down the line where you’re looking at a productive core player.

It’s hard to determine what his range will be. There are so many cornerbacks and potentially as many as 20 could go in the first 3-4 rounds. Wilson could be a mid-round target especially if the Seahawks don’t add a CB in rounds 1-2.

I’ve posted highlight videos for both players below. Check them out. This is a good year to think about adding players to the secondary:

Other quick notes

Here’s an interesting quote on Obi Melifonwu courtesy of an anonymous NFL personnel executive: “Overall, this is the best group of DBs we’ve had in several years. Specifically, I love the safety depth. I keep watching one good player after another. The UConn kid (Obi Melifonwu) was a revelation at the Senior Bowl.”

— Why isn’t Zach Cunningham in Daniel Jeremiah’s top-50 board? colleague Bucky Brooks looked into it: “While scouts frequently view players in different lights, I found it interesting that Cunningham didn’t make the cut despite the buzz that’s been surrounding his name throughout the fall. I recently had an AFC scout tell me that Cunningham “might be the best inside linebacker in the 2017 class” when it’s all said and done. When I challenged him on that assessment, he told me that he wasn’t alone based on his conversations with other scouts in the Southeast. Wow.

Tony Pauline is reporting that John Ross (WR, Washington) and Jeremy McNichols (RB, Boise State) will have labrum surgery after the combine.


  1. JT

    Good stuff, this class is loaded in the secondary. I haven’t checked out Wilson yet, but he’s on the list now.

    I love when a different player stands out on tape while watching a specific prospect, and that’s exactly what Thompson did when scouting Witherspoon & Awuzie on Colorado.

  2. Jason

    How does the depth at cb/s change your thought process on the 1st pick? If you were GM would you wait on these two positions until later and go LB or go OT/G? Assume players like Bolles and Reddick are gone.

    I know we have been looking at these other positions, but I keep coming back to wanting someone like Brantley, Walker or Wormley with the 1st.

    • Rob Staton

      I would target DB’s early and often. Fill your boots.

      • DLep

        Agree Rob, one thing to consider and I have no idea if the Hawks are thinking this way, but the original LOB all kinda of grew up and gelled together. Sherman, Kam, Earl and the others who have come through like Browner, Thurmond and Maxwell were all great talents individually, but they also became a cohesive unit by coming up together at roughly the same time. Earl has talked about the need for the back end to move in unison in order for the whole process to work.

        Anyways, I wonder if the approach might be to try and get 2-3 guys in this draft, not only because there is a ton of back end talent in this class, but also you get multiple guys who will come into the system and learn the trade, the techniques and system specific to the Hawks together. So that they eventually take over and become the next version of the LOB. Who knows if it works out that way but kind of a cool prospect.

        • Rob Staton

          Makes sense to me.

          They might be looking for 2-3 future core players.

          • JimQ

            The thought that CB’s coming up at the same time is probably spot on. This got me to thinking that there could be a scenario where the Seahawks draft both UW CB’s (Jones & King) with their round 1 & 2/3 picks. Having played together at UW, wouldn’t that also be a positive? Probably very, very unlikely to happen, but you never know.

            • Rob Staton

              I think Jones will go top-15 unfortunately. King could easily be on Seattle’s radar though, possibly as early as R1 depending on how he performs at the combine.

            • Bigten

              With Humphrey being mocked to us, what about Humphrey and Eddie Jackson duo. Outside the top tier safeties likely to go before 26, eddie Jackson looks phenomenal on tape. Him in the third would be great in my opinion

  3. Trevor

    Rob so glad you had a chance to take a look at Tedric Thompson. Myself and Vol12 have been discussing him for quite a while and I have been surprised he does not get more love in draft circles. Seemed like the Alpha on that Buffs defense and is just a play maker.

    What did you think of Ahkello Witherspoon when you watched the Buffs? Seems like a great cover guy to me but not a willing or great tackler. I don’t know if that is a coachable thing but if so he seems like he could be a mid- late round steal as well.

    I agree with what you said yesterday. If the Hawks want to rebuild the LOB this is the year to do it for sure.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Witherspoon, have talked about him a fair bit. Anyone who can cover John Ross the way he did should be on every teams radar.

    • DLep

      As cool as a Husky db double dip would be in Baker and King, a more realistic but still effective double might be Thompson and Witherspoon. In addition, would allow them to get the speed lb (Reddick, Cunningham, maybe Obi as deathbacker?) w their first pick. I wonder if Thompson gives you enough scheme flexibility where you can play three safeties w Kam further down in the box and Thompson giving you coverage ability. That way Thompson can get on the field as opposed to be strictly a single high back up for Earl.

      • DLep

        Thinking about it – a draft of Cunningham, Thompson, Witherspoon would be absolutely ridiculous in my view.

  4. Adog

    From pete’s recent comments…he wants completion on a defense that has grown a bit older and perhaps a bit lackadaisical? Is the apparent dulling of the edge on that defense behind Sherman’s emotional outbursts? Does less competition have anything to do with less efficient performance? Of course it does. Carrol wrote a book on it. There’s not a problem with Wagner or wright…there is a problem with the depth behind them. That is why we saw them make trades to improve their special teams…that is why this defense performs less efficiently in the second half. We can cry and complain about the offensive line all we want, but if this defense needs improvement…that will be number one priority. Sorry Bobby, sorry kj, sorry Richard, sorry earl, sorry Bennett, and sorry to everyone else on that defense…you’re fighting for your jobs this year. That Super Bowl is now a almost distant memory.

    • BobbyK

      I’m pretty sure guys like Bobby and ET aren’t fighting for their jobs this year. You don’t give a guy like Bennett a huge extension one day and then tell him he’s fighting for his job the next. But they are most definitely looking to add talented youth to the core. I haven’t noticed much of a lack of fight from our defensive guys… what I have seen is less quality depth on defense than there used to be. We aren’t good at CB2, nickel, SAM, or fourth pass rusher, but the others on defense are certainly still great. Problem is that Kam and ET didn’t play many games together either. Nobody has a top 9 defensive players like the Seahawks do in the NFL… but other teams greatly are better at the #10, 11, 12, 13… guys. At least of many of the top 10 defenses. Lane and Shead aren’t too bad, but they are not what anyone would call “assets” either. Those type of guys (Marsh, Coyle, Morgan, Shead, Lane, etc.) are the ones who need to be replaced by better players for this defense to get back to being the best again. Don’t get me wrong, this team had a legit chance to lead the league in scoring defense again this year with just a few weeks left in the season… but there is most definitely room for improvement, too.

      • Volume12

        While it can be argued that an upgrade over Marsh might be needed at some point, he’s a guy that would start for about a third of teams in the league. He’s made improvements in his game each year, even if they are small, so I’m personally curious to see how he performs this year.

        His STs play, hustle, effort, and competitiveness are all something that are appealing and, again, needed for a lot of teams. He’s very ‘Seahawky’ and someone I could see them resigning.

        • BobbyK

          I don’t think he’d start for most teams in the NFL. But you’re right that he’s a great guy on STs and a hard worker. However, the only way he should be on the field on money downs is because someone else got hurt. Right now, without injuries to key guys, I see him on the field too often when it’s an important play in the game. It’s almost like playing 10-on-11 when he’s rushing on a third and long.

        • LeoSharp

          I feel not having Qtip Rushing inside meant they had to have Marsh outside instead of Clark in a lot more situations than ideally they might have wanted. Plus if it weren’t for a few flags/holds his numbers would look quite a lot better. It also doesn’t help that for a 3rd of the games this year he was the first guy off the bench because of injuries to Bennett and Clark.

      • RWIII

        Bobby. I think we ALL agree. The Hawks need to upgrade the defense. But in my opinion let’s don’t forget about adding a pass rusher. The Hawks have Clark,Bennett and Avril. However, Bennett/Avril are not getting any younger. In addition the Hawks could use an upgrade over Marsh.

  5. DLep

    Also curious where Rob and other stand on John Johnson and Marcus Williams in comparison to Thompson.

    • Rob Staton

      Johnson really flashed during the Senior Bowl. Not had a proper chance to watch Marcus Williams yet.

    • JT

      From the little I’ve seen of Williams, he looks like a very complete safety. Seeing a lot of day 2 grade on him.

    • Volume12

      I like John Johnson. He can also line up at corner. Very, very similar to Justin Simmons from last year.

      Marcus Williams is a great single high safety. However, his run defense is poor.

      • DLep

        Interesting Vol, I like Simmons last year and was disappointed Denver got him. Made a couple splash plays for them in a limited role this year but looks like he has a bright future.

  6. JT

    Interesting notes on Budda Baker by Bucky Brooks:

    “The 5-foot-10, 192-pound defender is an ideal slot corner. He’s capable of shadowing receivers, thumping running backs and blitzing off the edge. Baker’s versatility, toughness and physicality could make him a star in a multifaceted defense that features the nickel corner as a playmaker…”

    …With more reps and experience in coverage, Baker could quickly emerge as an elite nickel defender as a pro. In fact, I would compare the Washington standout to Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry as a versatile playmaker. While Berry has done most of his damage as a pure safety, Baker’s positional flexibility should allow him to make plenty of splash plays as a dynamic defender.”

    I love Baker, but he’s unfortunately not an obvious Seahawks’ target. He would be a classic small slot CB, and the Hawks have prioritized length above all else at all CB positions. If he somehow has 32″ arms though…

  7. EP

    What’s your opinion on Eddie Jackson and what round do you expect him to be taken in? Seemed very promising early in the season and earlier in career at Alabama. Not heard much about him recently though. Has the injury significantly hurt his draft stock?

    • Rob Staton

      Depends on his health

  8. Ukhawk

    Great post Rob

    Would be great to get some later editions in the secondary freeing up earlier picks for elsewhere. These guys look almost every bit as good as the top tier guys if a little less size wise.

    I’ve been watching more tape too, really just catching up with y’all. Very impressed so far with Justin Evans who also looks ultra athletic & aggressive – very Seahawky.

    • Rob Staton

      Apparently Evans is another player set to tear up the combine.

      Early and often at DB in this draft for me. That’s where the value is (along with LB & EDGE). No reason to avoid it early… double down!

      • D-OZ


  9. JT

    I understand the narrative behind the Linebacker-focus of the blog recently, and appreciate the effort to explore all possibilities with Seattle’s most important draft pick. I’ve thought a lot about this, and still find it unlikely that LB is the choice in round 1 (unless an Irvin-like, dual-role, athletic SAM/DE is available, aka Reddick). There’s many reasons for this, which we can partially cover by interpreting Pete Carroll’s end-of-season press conference.

    A phrase like “battle KJ & Bobby for their starting jobs” is CLASSIC Carroll coach-speak about competition. A minor reduction in their workload would be preferable, but KJ & Wagz are both consistently pro-bowl quality, 3-down LBs in the prime of their careers. Wagner is 26 and Wright is 27. There’s no player they could draft that’s going to take those guys off the field, other than for a breather on occasion.

    – “We didn’t really get anybody that really made a difference in the last couple years.” – Carroll

    It’s definitely time to go back to the LB well, as Seattle hasn’t drafted LB for 2 years. However, they’ve attempted to add talent in the years before that – KPL in the 4th, Pinkins in the 7th, Toomer in the 5th. Those picks haven’t paid any dividends whatsoever. That said, we know the Hawks consistently stick to their draft strategies. The need for a 3rd LB is stronger with Irvin gone, but will they suddenly look for the #3 LB in the first round? With 2 pro-bowlers already on the roster? It’s unlikely. Seattle has more clear needs on the roster now than a year ago, and they didn’t address LB at all in the 2016 draft. Remember they had the same hole at SAM LB a year ago as they do today.

    – “We need youth at the LB position. Bobby & KJ played thousands of (snaps) this year, extremely successfully. We need to address that.” – Carroll

    I simply interpret this as “we need depth at LB and we’ll get it with a young draft pick.”


    There’s no doubt the Hawks could use 1 more talent at the LB position. A day 2 or 3 pick to address depth is far more likely than a 1st round LB selection, based on the following factors:

    – Need at LB: Depth is the main need, not a star 1st rounder who doesn’t have a foreseeable path to significant snaps in the short or long-term.

    – Draft history at LB: Middle & late round picks have previously been used to address LB depth behind Bobby & KJ.

    – Team needs: The Hawks are desperate for talent on the O-Line, fairly desperate at CB, and have mediocre talent & depth at DT. I’d argue RB depth is as much as a need as LB depth as well. OL is tricky in this draft, but the CB class is loaded with top end talent, including first round candidates who likely meet the Hawks size ideals (Humphrey/Tankersley/King & possibly others). A CB selection in the first round would be in position to play 100% of snaps for Seattle throughout his rookie contract. On the other hand, an LB who doesn’t play DE in nickel is looking at roughly 50% of snaps at best for at least 2 seasons (full time 4-3 base snaps = ~35% + a handful of nickel snaps to reduce Wagner & KJ’s workload).

    – Draft tendency in the first round: If there isn’t an ideal CB or OT available at 26, the Hawks probably won’t reach for a lesser talent at those positions. However, they also won’t likely select a player at a tertiary position of need. Seattle has constantly used first round draft capital to address primary needs on the roster. When the candidates at the back end of the first round don’t address a primary need, we all know what John Schneider likes to do. He’s traded back in two drafts, and traded for proven talent at a primary-need position in two others. This draft has incredible depth, perhaps better than any other in the 6 years I’ve scouted. Schneider must love the idea of trading back and accumulating more picks in this draft.

    Zach Cunningham and Jarrad Davis are great prospects, and could both go early in this draft. For all the reasons above however, it’s unlikely that Seattle will be the team to take them in the first round. Haason Reddick at SAM/DE is an exception, as he could be a full time player from day 1. A nickel nascar rush of Avril, Bennett, Clark & Reddick could be ridiculous. He is equally adept rushing the passer off the edge as he is flying to the ball-carrier or hawking RB’s and TE’s in coverage. Reddick may also be the premier athlete at LB in this draft class, the position where Seattle values top end athleticism the most:

    • Volume12

      I can’t figure out why anyone would want to take those 2 off the field.

      • JT

        Bobby & KJ, or Cunningham & Davis?

        The opposing offense essentially dictates defensive personnel in the NFL, and the Hawks have increased their nickel usage as NFL offenses have used more spread concepts (3+ WR) over the years. On those nickel snaps, only 2 off-LOS LB’s are on the field in Seattle’s system.

        • Volume12

          Bobby & KJ.

          • JT

            Agree completely. They’re only coming off the field for maintenance/health reasons. It’s a big part of why I thought LB would be an afterthought in last year’s draft. The Hawks are in the same situation now at LB as they were a year ago, and they did’t draft one last year. And this year they have more pressing needs than a year ago.

            I can’t ignore Pete’s comments, and it makes sense to reduce the workload a bit for the two studs, so an injection of youth is almost guaranteed. For the reasons discussed, I believe only a guy like Reddick would be a target in R1.

        • Rob Staton

          One of the main reasons Seattle used nickel more could be because they lost Bruce Irvin and had the option of putting Mike Morgan on the field or one of Frank Clark, Cassius Marsh or Jeremy Lane. Not a hard decision is it?

          If they had a true three-down linebacker that was worthy of remaining on the field, there’s a good chance we would’ve seen Seattle remain a lot more in base. The Seahawks’ mantra on defense in 2013-14 was ‘let them worry about us’. Dan Quinn rammed home that message. Not ‘let us react to the opposing offense’.

          • C-Dog

            I think this is spot on, Rob.

            • Misfit74


    • Rob Staton

      I think this is far too dismissive of the possibility of a LB being taken early and uses statistics that are inaccurate in some cases. For example, you suggest that a non-LEO SAM would only play 50% of the snaps. If they prefer to play in base more going forward (not unrealistic), there’s no reason why a non-EDGE SAM would match Bruce Irvin’s number. In 2014 and 2015 Irvin played 70% and 71% of the defensive snaps. Malcolm Smith (a LB who doesn’t play DE) ended the 2013 season playing +90% of the snaps and we saw the impact he had. Cliff Avril only played 77% of the snaps in 2016. Jarran Reed, a player they traded up for in round two, only played 44% of the snaps. So some perspective is needed here on snap counts. It’s entirely possible they’d be willing to draft a LB, let them play 70% of the snaps and see value in that. If they’ll trade up for a 44% snap defender in round two, why wouldn’t they spend a late first round pick on a 70% snap linebacker?

      Mike Morgan isn’t a long term solution and they don’t have a SAM on the roster now. So one way or another, it’s probably getting addressed. In terms of positional value and trends, we can just as easily argue they drafted a SAM with the #15 pick in 2012 and that’s evidence enough that if there is a super athletic LB talent they’ll take them. I’m convinced had they been in range for Ryan Shazier two years ago, he too would’ve been someone they would’ve coveted.

      And if we’re focusing on trends, they’ve never taken a CB earlier than the fourth round. Does that mean we can rule out CB on days 1-2 this year? I doubt anyone is going to make that case.

      The best thing to do is not assert anything is ‘unlikely’ or ‘probably won’t happen’, it’s to discuss possibilities and retain an open mind. LB is a stated need. Carroll says he wants another Bobby and KJ to compete with them and reduce their workload. Who knows why he made that surprising statement? For all we know, one of them is thinking of hanging them up in the next year or two. It’s not uncommon among LB’s at the moment. Having another stud in there, who can play some SAM and provide support to the stud MIKE and WILL isn’t a silly idea.

      • Volume12

        Something else we have to remember.

        PC will draft guys for a specified role. The rest of the league wants 3 down DTs? PC is fine with 2 down and 1 down run stuffers.

        Everyone else knocks DEs that are labeled as ‘tweeners?’ PC sees that as a guy who can slide inside, play him to his strength by crossing a guards face and using quickness.

        The list goes on.

        • Volume12

          Oops. This was meant to be in response to JT.

          • Rob Staton

            They love twitchy, athletic difference makers who fly to the ball.

            If they can get another one in this draft, especially considering Pete’s reference towards that at LB, then it has to be considered and not ruled out at #26.

            I suspect they’ve had their eye on Reddick for a long time. Probably all year. And probably thought he’d be there. But after the Senior Bowl his stock is rising and will continue to rise. He might be ‘their guy’ at #26 and he might be drifting away. And that might be why we’re suddenly hearing more about admiration for Melifonwu.

            • Volume12

              Yup. They’ve been missing Malcolm Smith or that type for 2 years now.

              It shouldn’t surprise Seahawk fans if this years draft is 2-3 DBs, and a couple LBs. Or 1 off ball and 1 EDGE.

              • Rob Staton

                Shouldn’t be a surprise at all. And that works with the strength of the draft, something the Seahawks have generally done well over the years.

                There’s absolutely no reason to rule out an early pick at LB. Doesn’t mean it definitely will happen, but ruling it out would be a mistake.

              • C-Dog

                I’m practically expecting this.

      • JT

        That’s fair, although I’m not dismissing the possibility of a pure LB in Round 1 or calling it a “silly idea” – instead offering an informed opinion that OL or CB is more likely based on several factors. With that said, I have a solid rebuttal to each of these points.

        Defensive personnel is dictated by offensive personnel in the NFL. The Hawks have consistently put 3 CB’s on the field to play better coverage against 3 WR sets, and on all obvious passing downs. This mirrors what most NFL teams do, as the third CB is (almost) always going to be better than the 3rd LB in coverage. Seattle’s nickel usage has trended up with the rest of the league, to where the Hawks use it on 2/3’s of defensive snaps.

        This is a drastic change from prior years, when as recently as 2013, base packages were still used on the majority of defensive snaps. This helps to explain why snap rates were high for guys like Malcolm Smith in 2013, as does the 5 combined games KJ and Bobby missed due to injury that season. Even so, Smith only played 46% of snaps over the entire season. We need to put the projected snap counts moving forward in perspective. A third LB is not going to get very close to 70% of snaps for this defense for the forseeable future, unless he also rushes the passer.

        DT was a primary need for the Hawks going into the 2016 draft, as they literally only had Tub Rubin to rely on going into the season in base sets, and Jarran Reed was seen as one of the premier run-stuffing DT’s in the draft. It was a perfect match that I overlooked as a possibility last offseason. Even so, that was a 2nd round pick, not a 1st rounder.

        Of course no one can make a convincing case that CB would be ruled out on day 1 & 2 as of now, because the Hawks have an overwhelming need at a 100% snap rate position (RCB). Even Jeremy Lane can’t be relied upon, as he’s never been healthy & good in the same season. CB is arguably as much of a need as OT, considering how much the defense relies on good CB play. At LB, the nickel spots are filled with pro-bowlers, but depth is needed. Typically, the Hawks address urgent needs on the roster when they actually make a Round 1 selection.

        SAM is definitely a need, so it will be addressed in the draft. There’s nothing wrong with trying to determine the most pressing needs or most likely scenarios with the Hawks’ 1st round pick, and there’s a lot of strong information suggesting a pure LB is less probable than a few other scenarios for the 1st round selection.

        • Rob Staton

          With respect, it feels like you’re moving information around to suit your argument. You can’t really suggest in one instance that a guy playing 50% of the snaps isn’t worth the #26 pick (and that’s your assertion that he’d only play 50% snaps) and then suggest it’s understandable why they traded up in round two for a guy playing 44% of the snaps because Jarran Reed was a really good player. The same argument can be made for Reddick, Cunningham and Davis in terms of talent. And I think we’re stretching things a bit to suggest an aggressive move in round two is considerably less valuable than a first round pick near the end of day one.

          I think you’re also shifting the goalposts on the trend situation. Your argument was they hadn’t taken a LB earlier than round X in recent years — but when it was highlighted that a cornerback has never been drafted earlier than the fourth round, again we’re now saying it’s more possible because of need. It’s fine to make that argument — but you have to be consistent with it. You can’t point to historical trends to diminish the likelihood of one position and then overlook historical trends at another. The soundest way to review historical needs is to remain open minded. They haven’t taken a CB earlier than R4, that might change this year. They haven’t taken a LB early since Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner in 2012 (not exactly a long time ago) and there’s a chance it could happen again. There’s no real need to either pump up or diminish either possibility.

          And in terms of playing in nickel more often, I had a look at the snap counts. In 2016 Lane was used specifically dependant on situation. He actually only played 32% of the snaps against the Falcons in Seattle and 40% on the road in New England. Two of the games you’d expect him to be playing most of the snaps. If we’re going to argue Seattle is totally dictated to by the opponents offense, then I would expect those numbers to be higher. Unless we’re going to suggest the 49ers did a better job forcing us into nickel when Lane played 85% of the snaps, or the Eagles with a rookie QB when he played 95% of the snaps.

          The Seahawks will match up to formations like any other team. But there’s a big difference between allowing yourselves to be dictated to and making a decision based on your personnel. In the games when Malcolm Smith was playing +90% of the snaps at the end of 2013 the nickel corner was playing 30.2%, 33.3%, 67.3% and 23.5% of the snaps. So there is clear evidence of Seattle’s defense, at its highest performance point, utilising a regular three-LB look instead of playing a lot of nickel.

          It’s worth stating again. The Seahawks aren’t definitely taking a LB in round one. Nobody would argue that. I personally think Reddick and Cunningham (and possibly Davis) will be gone, making the decision for them. However, I also foresee a situation where a lot of the good CB’s fly off the board (ditto Bolles and Ramcyzk) and one or more of those LB’s reaches #26. And in that situation, it’s entirely possible they go LB early. I see very little need to suggest it’s improbable, especially when Pete Carroll stated LB as an “obvious” priority need with CB and OL.

          • JT

            I remain open-minded to the possibility, but I shared because I disagree with the prevailing sentiment on the blog and comment section of late about the likelihood of an LB selection in round 1. Which was my specific argument – a first round pick. That’s one of the differences with the Jarran Reed situation.

            The other difference is need. DT was such an urgent, huge need. They needed a player who could play immediately, even if it wasn’t a high rate of snaps. The Hawks reportedly had high grades on both him and Ifedi. They took Germain in part because OG/OT was as much of a need as DT, and Ifedi would make more of an impact as a full-time player right away. If someone like Cunningham or Davis surprisingly falls into the mid-2nd round, and the Hawks have a 1st round grade on them, Seattle could easily trade-up again in round 2. My only argument was that a Round 1 pick was unlikely, if not used on Reddick.

            With CB – the trends support the Seahawks addressing primary, urgent needs in round 1. They’ve never needed to hit CB early because the position has been stacked. This year there’s a scary lack of talent beyond Richard Sherman. On the other hand, the LB situation is just like last season – where they didn’t draft an LB at all. The guys are a 1 year older, so it makes sense to get some youth this time around – and when they’v been in a position to draft LB depth, they’ve done so in the mid-late rounds. I expect that to continue, with the possibility of using a day 2 pick.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              After the formality of confirming their athleticism via the Draft/pro days, any of Cunningham, Reddick or Davis have to be considered serious candidates for SEA @26. They double-dipped at LB in 2012, 5 years ago next season, and lost one of those two prospects without a suitable replacement. It’s no stretch at all to predict they’d go that way early in 2017, especially with the shape of the talent curve at that position.

              After those 3, the LB talent pool shallows up considerably. Maybe Bowser has the stuff to be a target after a modest trade down from R1 to R2. But then it’s dry.

              DB talent pool runs much deeper. One (or more) of the following should be available on Day 2 (if SEA retain that pick): Baker(?), Melifonwu, Thompson, King, Witherspoon, Tankersley, White, Evans, Wilson.

              • Sea Mode

                Exactly one of the points I wanted to make as well, JT, after reading your thoughtful and well-researched posts: tiers and drop offs.

                1. JS has mentioned several times that they see tiers at the different positions in the draft. We want an impact LB, it looks to me to be a drop off after R1 (Foster, Reddick, Cunningham, Davis) down to R3 or so (Anzalone-health, Bowser-raw project, Phillips- issues, and others). Whereas with DB, there are guys all the way through, no huge drop offs. And the sheer depth may even force guys who in other years would be borderline 1st rounders down into R2-3. You can get an impact DB in both R2 and R3.

                2. Next, I would take away a bit of importance from the snap percentages. Sure, they count for something, but I think it’s even more important to get impact players regardless of how often they will be on the field. For example, the ever-elusive 3rd-down DT interior pass rusher we have been wanting. One might argue that he is only going to play some 30% of the snaps or something like that, but dang what an impact he will have in those critical 3rd down situations when he is on the field. Go for the better players, then look for more ways to get them on the field.

                3. Also, while I’m not saying at all that we are set for next season, I personally consider our depth at CB to be better than LB currently. Lane had a down year coming off two serious injuries, he could bounce back with a healthy off-season. Shead eventually might make it back too later into the season. One of Seisay, Elliot, or Jean-Baptiste could reasonably make the leap, plus a bunch of other project guys we haven’t really even seen yet, as we know it takes CBs longer to acclimate to our system (even Sherm took a year or so).

                Whereas with 3rd LB, we pretty much know what we’ve got in Morgan, Coyle, KPL etc. and it doesn’t look like much hope for upside or breakout in the future.

                (once again, please don’t read this as saying that we don’t need to draft CBs, which I think we obviously should. Just trying to put into perspective what is already on the roster)

                4. So basically, without trying to categorically rule out any possiblity, it would seem to me that if we want an impact LB, fast enough to play SAM and versatile enough to backup the other 2 spots, it very well may have to be in R1 before the drop off. There will still be plenty of impact players at DB in R2-R3, and even beyond that. That’s why I’m behind the likelihood of possibly selecting a LB in R1 if one of the top 4 are there for us.

                • Dale Roberts

                  Well written, well reasoned.

            • Rob Staton

              It makes no sense though to diminish the possibility of a LB in round one and then suggest if one of them drops into round two they might trade up.

              And there is no prevailing sentiment on this blog. We discuss the options and keep an open mind. Pete Carroll has stated Seattle’s needs as CB, LB and OL. We’ve talked about all three areas regularly.

          • bankhawk

            Bingo! That last paragraph tells me exactly what I wanted to hear. For discussion purposes-under what circumstances do they

            scenario a. go for their most desired DB
            scenario b. take an OL
            scenario c. pop for the top LB left on the board
            scenario d. trade down

            at #26?
            So, what configuration of events would trigger each of the four? What level of probability would you allocate to
            each? What names would you see in play for each-realistically? And finally, any wild-card scenario e.?

            Apologies ì thêse comments have have bên rendered moot by comments below.

  10. Ishmael

    Tedric, brother of Cedric? That’s amazing.

    Fun player to watch, could do a lot worse than him – especially as a backup to Earl. Could probably run a few fun big nickel looks with him as well.

    • Volume12

      Tedric and Cedric? lol. That’s about as stupid as Bobby Wagner’s brother being named Robert.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Doesn’t Thomas Rawls share a name with his brother, father, and grandfather?

        When Trawls (family calls him ‘Ty’, supposedly) asked his dad why he named him that he said “Cuz you my son!”

  11. Volume12

    I like Wyoming RB Brian Hill as a 5th-6th round option. Has the personality that would fit. Self described as one of the biggest trash talkers in CFB.

    He’s got that ‘herky jerky’ running style, big, aggressive back. Let’s see what he does at the combine.

    • DLep

      Thoughts on Aaron Jones UTEP Vol? Seems to be flying under the radar right now.

      • Volume12

        Haven’t watched much of him this year.

        Last year though I wasn’t impressed.

        IMO, Seattle will probably add a bigger back this year whether it be in the draft or FA. Doesn’t have to be a burner, just someone who can get tough, short yards and handle a decent sized (14-17 carries) workload.

        • Volume12

          * decent sized workload if needed.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            5″10 220 lbs sized guy… is prob what they are looking for in the draft

    • John_s

      I like him too bro. Not afraid of contact.

      Grew up in E St Louis by a single mother who paid him $5 per TD to keep him from quitting football so he would stay off the streets.

      Interest as well how his #’s shake out and how they compare to Alex Collins

    • D-OZ

      His running style reminds me of a certain RB who play’s for the Steelers.

      • D-OZ

        Referring to Brian Hill.

        • John_s

          I can see that. Not sure if he has that explosive first step like Bell but his running style is definitely comparable

          • Volume12

            He’s a one cut and go through the middles type runner. He’ll try to get every yard.

  12. Rowlandice

    It would be awesome to get a 90% snapcount from your RD 1 pick, but I don’t think the Hawks think that way. It’s seems likely they want a player that meets the both the physical (arm length, TEF, etc.) and the mental (gritty bullies who WANT to play and compete) at any position of need. They’ve identified DB, LB and OL. They’ll take the most Seahawky player with their highest draft grade at any position where they want to get better and create more competition. I could even see them take a RB or WR if they had the highest draft grade on their list.

    • JT

      The Hawks don’t necessarily think “we need a 90% snap guy in Round 1.” But they have shown that the’ll always address a primary need on the roster with their first round draft capital. Okung, Carpenter and Ifedi were picked when there were glaring holes on the offensive line. The Hawks didn’t have any pass-catching playmakers, so they traded first rounders for Harvin and Graham. Before they selected Irvin, Chris Clemons was the only quality DE pass rusher on the team.

      • Rob Staton

        In 2014 right tackle was the big need, but they knew what ‘type’ they wanted so waited until R2 and selected Britt because he was their physical ideal. They could’ve had Bitonio at #32 but didn’t because he wasn’t their ideal. They chose Richardson instead. WR was a need, but not the same level as right tackle.

  13. Peanut

    Personally, I think the Seahawks need to look into the defense this draft. 2-3 players for the Secondary is needed, and a LB or two actually. Since our Superbowl win we have lost Bruce Irvin, Malcom Smith, Browner, THurmond and Maxwell, to name a few players on defence (even more if you count players at the line) We haven´t replaced them yet. Mike Morgan and Shead are the only players that have taken a real step, but if those two, only Shead is close to the caliber of that of the “old” LOB. So let´s hope we get some solid “boom” guys in this draft.

    While the O-line is still in shambles, lets remember that this is the first off-season in a while where we return with our starters. An Off-season together and full training camps can really make them take a step. Would still like addition on tackle, but hey, the guys are fighters, I won´t scream at any screen if I see most of them start next season.

  14. Connor Jackson

    Pretty crazy that kids that you went school & played ball w/ are now being drafted. Valencia High is producing some talent. Shane and Brock Vereen and now Ted. Love it. Ted’s a good kid too.

  15. Peanut

    Also while I remember it, will you post a “draft board” so I can have some names to keep in mind when the draft is going on? Who you think are “worthy” of Seahawks current pick ( example, who is a “worthy pick” when Seahawks are on the clock round 2)

    Only second year I´m paying attention to the draft, and would be nice to have a clue when a name is mentioned by the experts, and when a name is announced. A clue so I know if I should be happy when SEA draft a guy, or when another team picks up a guy that could have fit well in Seattle.

    Thanks anyway, awesome blog!

    • Rob Staton

      I will make some kind of checklist or board at some point. Won’t be until just before the draft though.

      • Peanut

        That´s alright, thanks! You have any personal list of players going to the Combine you´ll be looking at?

        • Rob Staton

          I will certainly put a list together the week before the combine

  16. AlaskaHawk

    Looks like Yahoo is bringing up Mixon again, he makes excellent click bait:

    • Ishmael

      This is going to happen over and over and over again in the lead up to the draft, and in the fallout after he’s taken. Teams don’t really care about the violence (see Dalvin Cook, Tyreek Hill et al) but they do care about the optics. It’s going to be either a strong or desperate front office that takes the chance.

  17. Kelly Smith

    I have been flirting with this idea for a while but I am just now getting on my desktop, I’ve been busy and having to use my phone I did not want to type this…plus I wanted to do some full research to make a guest article but never did. Anywho, I know that PCJS don’t like to lose draft picks, they like to gain them, but at this point our team is pretty well done, we don’t need 15 picks anymore. We don’t even need 10. Maybe we don’t mortgage our whole future but our core is not getting any younger. What if we traded this years first for Joe Thomas and get our LT for a few years, or Joe staley. Then trade next years 1st and this years second to bump up to early 2nd to get K. King? We shore up our OL and we get a sparky, freakish athlete with good coverage opposite Sherman. Our DL is already decent and if we shore up the OL our TOP will be greater allowing more rest for our players. I know it’s a farfetched idea that won’t happen, but to me those seem like reasonable trades that help us immediately while only trading away 2 1st rounders (which we wont get a LT like Thomas or Staley the way we finish the season records) and getting a CB to lock up the next 6 years of our cores prime

    • Ishmael

      The Browns aren’t interested in trading Thomas, and how many years does he really have left? Similarly with Staley, are the Niners really going to want to hand him over?

      I absolutely don’t think Kevin King is worth next years second. That sort of deal is how bad front offices get themselves into holes. First round picks are so valuable, and it’s such a volatile league. What happens if Wilson breaks himself in a Bridgewater type way, or Earl gets injured again and this time does retire, or Kam decides he’s put himself through enough? Maybe Wagner gets worried about turning himself into a complete potato like Kuechly has and decides to go the Patrick Willis route? It’s just not worth selling the future for now.

      Instead, how about we do a deal with Washington to get Ty Nsekhe and then trade down from our first to grab Kevin King somewhere in the mid-30s? Then if you want, you could package up a couple of picks to trade up and grab someone like Bowser. More picks is always a good thing. Picks give you options.

    • BobbyK

      They trade away as many picks as they get back. I’ve never understood the notion why people say they trade back more than they trade picks. Look at Percy Harvin. They traded a 1/3/7 for him. Tyler Lockett. They traded a four picks for one pick (net loss of three picks). They traded a 5 last year and a 4 this year for Q. Jeff, who was a 5th rounder last year (that’s why we don’t have our 4th round pick this year). They essentially traded 7 draft picks for those three players (technically they traded 9 picks for the rights to those 3 players, of which 2 players were taken with the said draft pick). We know the verdict of the Harvin trade, Lockett was a good deal, and the verdict is still out on Q. Jeff.

      They moved up to get J. Reed last year, too. Two picks for one pick. Traded a couple of picks for Charlie Whitehurst and a later pick as well. The Marshawn Lynch trade is one of the all-time steals, but they traded a couple picks for him. Trade picks for Seisay, Burley, McCray…

      If anything, this team has a great core and the depth is not good, imo. Compared to a 2-3-4 years ago, the depth is severely depleted. This is when we need more picks.

      Sure, they are going to say that they are always willing to move back. Every team says that. But they are equally willing to move forward, too (or outright trade picks for players). They treat things on a case by case basis like a good front office would. Sometimes it makes sense to move down and sometimes it makes sense to move up. They will do whatever is in the best interest of the team at the time, in their opinion. It’s not the “trade down all the time” scenario some think of with all their draft day trades.

  18. WALL UP

    Taking another look @ Jeremiah’s take on C-Ham’s rating, that’s really a good thing. i hope it continues up until draft day, although many scouts differ with his assessment. That could make it tough on draft day.

    As much as it pains me, I’m going quiet on the C-Ham front henceforth, and focus on the latter Rds & possible FAs.

    There are 3 players having unique skills that could have roles on this team:

    1) RB Leon Allen 5-11 235 has soft hands catching the all out of the backfield, and he doesn’t like to run out of bounds. He’s an ideal fit between Rawls & Prosise. He had a devastating injury that has kept him out for a while. He’ll be 24yrs next mo.

    2) WR Jalen Robinette 6-3 220 is raw, but his size is ideal. He also spins a pretty spiral that will make ADB envious. He’s also a willing and capable which is mandatory for a Hawk WR.

    3) S/DB Orion Stewart 6-2 195 is unique player that can play safety & corner. If they do not draft a CB in earlier rds, I can see Orion competing for that right corner spot next year. He’s strong against the run and he has an eye for the ball.

    It’d like to have any ones’ take on these three. Thanks

    • WALL UP

      Jalen is “willing and capable blocker”

  19. HawkTalker #1

    Just finished a fun Fanspeak mock using the cbs board, yeah yeah took some trades and is a pipe dream no doubt, but still . . .

    R2p1 Reddick edge. I just want to hit someone
    R3p8 Jackson CB Stop me from taking a starting CB spot if you can
    R3p18 Douglas CB I’d like a starting spot too please, and I’d also like to hit someone while I’m at it *Forget the rest, after this pick the LOB is back
    R3p35 Marcus Maye S
    R3p4 Taywan Taylor WR. Catch me if you can, 4.3 speed, but even if you can, 137″ broad, 40″ vert
    R4p23 Kareen Hunt RB. To ensure we have a quality healthy back in the rotation
    R5p24 John Johnson S
    R6p1 Brandon Wilson CB

    Ok NFL, how do you like the Seahawks now? Hahaha

    • HawkTalker #1

      Using another board:

      1: R2P8
      2: R2P26
      3: R3P26
      4: R3P41
      5: R4P11

      • Rik

        like the first draft better because I prefer Reddick to Davis and prefer Hunt to Perine.

        • HawkTalker #1

          I feel the same about Reddick, and although I think Perine will be gone by this time, I prefer him as the quick, yet punishing mini-Earl running back. He would bring back more of the beef the Hawks have been missing in their running game. Never get tired of watching his tape. Also on many “freak” athlete lists and for good reason.

    • Rik

      That would be a great draft! Add some developmental OL/DT/DE as UDFA and call it good.

  20. C-Dog

    Bold Predictions and Hot Takes for Friday’s Notes

    1. In terms of in house, the team doesn’t feel like any of their players are must resigns, and pretty much let all their FA’s test the market. They make a “friend” offer to Luke Willson, but another team see his potential as a starter and over pays.

    Hauschka isn’t even pursued by the team and signs elsewhere. Also, not pursued is OT Bradley Sowell, DT Tony McDaniel, SS Jeron Johnson, DE Damontre Moore, DB Neko Thorpe, DT John Jenkins, TE Brandon Williams and FB Will Tukuafu.

    After testing the market, SS Kelcie McCray, LB Mike Morgan, and FB Marcell Reece come back on one year deals.

    They tender RFA contracts to Shead, Gilliam, Steven Terrell, Brock Coyle, and Dewey McDonald. They do not tender SAM LB Ronald Powell

    2. Seattle FA shops for DL inside rush help, no shocker. They host a few big names that get fans excited in Calais Campbell, Dominque Easley, and Nick Fairley pay courtesy visits put all take bigger offers elsewhere. It’s okay, Seattle doesn’t want to over commit funds to a so so OTs who find more $ elsewhere, they don’t want to pay Campbell more than they are paying Bennett or Avril, they don’t want to over commit to a pass rushing DT that has injury and off field concerns, and Jerry Jones throws a ridiculous some of $ at Fairley that Seattle can no way match. What’s scary is the the New England Patriots sign Calais Campbell and fans from 31 other markets freak out.

    But again, it’s okay. Newly hired DL coach has them bring in Stephen Paea for a visit who he got solid pass rush production out of when he coached him in Chicago, he vouches for him, and they sign him a reasonable two year deal to be the new pass rushing nose, a la Jordan Hill, Clinton McDonald. But they are not done there. Newly hired DL Clint Hurtt coach has another former Bears player on the market, DL Cornelius Washington who they bounced around between DL and OLB, and put back at the 5 tech and started ahead of and out played former Seahawks Draft Blog favorite Jonathan Ballard in 2016. 6-4, 290 LBs, Washington is the hedge if Quinton Jefferson (who they still maintain high hopes for in 2017) can’t stay healthy, and signs a modest one year prove it deal.

    BUT THEY AIN’T DONE YET AT DL! – Somewhat similar to the 2013 year they landed them Avril, Bennett and Tony McDaniel as major FA additions to the DL, former Ravens DL Lawrence Guy found his market colder than expected. Productive in terms of an analytical sense as an interior pass rusher in 2016, but not the household name of other players on the market, the 27 year old guy signs and “Alan Branch” two year deal that is an after thought to many casual fans. The more learned Seahawks fans see this as a signal that the team might not feel that Rubin is going to offer much more than he has, and this actually could become a real competition for the starting 3 tech job, with the coaches feeling that at age 27, the 6-4 305lb Guy still has some ceiling to his production.

    Seattle’s DL depth prior to the 2017 draft is
    Rush End: Avril, Clark, Marsh
    5 TECH: Bennett, Washington, Jefferson
    3 TECH, Rubin, Guy, Jefferson, Washington
    NOSE: Reed, Paea, Garrison Smith

    3. Pete Carroll stays true to what he said in his post season presser. They see what FA brings. They look at big name players Matt Kalil, Ricky Wagner, and Riley Reiff, but don’t reach deals with any of them. They offer a low cost 2 year contract deal on former Raiders RT Menelik Watson, who accepts, and comes in to compete with Garry Gilliam.

    BUT THEY AREN’T DONE YET AT OT! Russell Okung finds himself on the market after the Broncos don’t pick up his option. He makes one phone call to John Schnieder, they bring him in, work him out, and he signs a one year contract so that he can test the market again in 2018. They are going to groom George Fant, and even allow him to compete at RT if they aren’t seeing what they want out of Watson and Gilliam at RT

    OL depth prior to the 2017 NFL draft is

    LT Okung, Fant
    LG Glow, Odhiambo
    C Britt, Hunt
    RG, Ifedi Meyers
    RT Watson, Gilliam

    3. They sign QB EJ Manuel to compete for the backup to Wilson.

    4. During the 2017 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks, target DB, LB, OL, RB, and WR.

    – The Seattle Seahawks trade the 26th pick to the Cleveland Browns for picks 33 and 146 (top of R2 and R5). With the 33rd pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select S OBI MELIFONWU CONNECTICUT.

    -They miss out on premier LBs Cunningham, Reddick, Davis, Bowser. AT 58, they drop back a few spots into R3, trading for the QB needy Jets, who go after Maimi’s brad Kaaya, and with the 70th pick of the 2017 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select to LB ALEX ANZALONE, FLORIDA.

    Pete will say in the press conference that he reminds him a lot of a certain long haired blonde player he coached at USC, and felt good that they could drop back a bit to grab him, but that he was nervous, would have preferred taking him at 58, but John talked him into trading. Injury concerns had Anzalone slide.

    -With the 90th pick they go, CB HOWARD WILSON, HOUSTON – to push Jeremy Lane for a job

    -With the 105 pick, they take WR CHAD HANSEN, CALIFORNIA – To compete with Jermaine Kearse and add depth to the WR group that has seen significant injuries to Tyler Lockett and Paul Richardson

    -With the 146th pick, they select S TEDRIC THOMPSON COLORADO – to play single high safety, and groom as a potential starter should Earl want to retire early.

    -With the 151 pick, they select 151: R5P6 G ISAAC ASIATA UTAH – To add competition at guard, possibly push Glow and or Ifedi.

    -With the 184th pick, they select RB ELIJAH HOOD NORTH CAROLINA, to add competition at RB

    -With the 211th pick, they select OT LEVON MYERS NORTHERN ILLINOIS to add competition at OT

    – With the 229th, they take LB JIMMIE GILBERT, COLORADO as a Rush LB project.

    5. OTA’s happen. Mini camps happen. With the information gathered, a few players switch positions.

    -Having not addressed TE in FA or the Draft, Tanner McEvoy switches to TE and competes with Nick Vannett for Luke Willson’s job.

    -Carroll said Melifonwu would be their special weapon to match up against TE’s and big WRs, also provide depth at both safety spots, and they might have a look at him at linebacker some. After rookie mini camp, they decide to switch him to cornerback, they think he can be the next Brandon Browner for them, even more athletic. Hugh Millen has a sh*t fit over it on KJR Radio.

    – Rees Odhiambo took to the offseason program with his hair on fire. He did not like the way the team went with a undrafted former basketball player over him at LT, the position he played in college, when the team was desperate. In his spot play there, the coaches recognized he did well enough there and encouraged him to go for it after the season ended. Well, he did, and then some. In really minicamp, he looks more stronger and active than he ever did at any point last year. The team considers moving George Fant to RT to compete with Menelik Watson. They do. Odhiambo move to LT, and George Fant moves to RT.

    -They release Gary Gilliam, and sign JONATHAN STEWART, who was let go by the Carolina Panthers after they drafted LEONARD FOURNETTE.

    – They decide to use Levon Myers they way they did in Rees Odhiambo, learning to play tackle and guard.

    -Asiata bring legit competition with Glowinski at LG

    – Kache Palacio as strong enough OTAs that they move Dewey McDonald back to SS

    6. Training Camp.

    The Depth chart is:

    QB: Wilson, Manuel, Boykin

    RB: Rawls, Stewart, Prosise, Collins, Hood, Pope

    FB: Reece, Cottom

    WR: Baldwin, Kearse, P-Rich, Hansen, Williams, Lawyler, Smith, Slavin and Johnson (Tyler Lockett is PUP)

    TE: Graham, Vannett, McEvoy

    OT: Okung, Odhiambo,

    LG: Glowinski, Asiata

    C: Britt, Hunt

    OG: Ifedi, Myers. Meyers

    RT: Watson, Fant, Myers

    RE: Avril, Clark, Marsh

    DT: Rubin, Reed, Guy, Paea, Smith

    LE: Bennett, Jefferson, Washington

    WILL; Wright, KPL, Palacio

    MLB: Wagner, Coyle

    SAM: Anzalone, Morgan, Gilbert

    CB: Sherman, Melifonwu, Lane, Howard, Elliot, Cox. (Shead is PUP)

    FS; Thomas, Terrell, Thompson

    SS: Chancellor, McCray, McDonald

    K: Walsh

    P Ryan

    7. The 2017 Regular Season

    The Preseason, as it always does, offers surprises.

    – Lawrence Guy beats out Ahtyba Rubin, not only for a starting spot, but a roster spot. Carroll explains it was a difficult decision, but they like the upside of Guy, and felt Quinton Jefferson showed good enough signs subbing in at 3 tech to make Rubin expendable (Quinton Jefferson becomes responsible for ending the Seahawk careers of Jordan Hill and Ahtyba Rubin, and has yet to play meaningful snaps in any regular season game, the jockeys at KJR Sports Radio are happy to point this out).

    – Isaac Asiata beat out Mark Glowinski at LG.

    -Menelik Watson fends of George Fant at RT

    -Russell Okung has an inspired training camp, looks great in his old spot. Pete jokes about how he hadn’t looked great since his third year in the league, and that he’s really fired up to have the “big guy” back to provide leadership. By the 6th game, they loose him for the next 5 games, and Rees Odhiambo does a very serviceable job filling in, all but soldifying himself as the new starting LT going into 2018.

    – Tanner McEvoy not only beats out Nick Vannett for the backup TE spot, he makings a big impact as the move TE, and just has a knack for the big play. (More on this later)

    – Chad Hansen beats out Jermaine Kearse as the starting split end, and in another difficult decision by PC/JS, the team cuts Kearse. The NE Patriots pick up Kearse and he becomes the “new Chris Hogan,” making spectacular play after play catching pass from Tom Brady at the end of the season.

    – The team cuts Jeremy Lane in a cost saving move.

    – The team cuts Jonathan Stewart at the end of the preseason because it likes what it has with the younger backs.

    -Boykin takes the next step at QB and beats out EJ Manuel

    -Palacio beats out KPL

    7. The 2017 Roster is

    QB: Wilson, Boykin

    RB: Rawls, Prosise, Collins, Hood

    FB: Reece

    WR: Baldwin, Hansen, Lockett, P-Rich, Lawler,

    TE: Graham, McEvoy, Vannett

    OT: Okung, Odhiambo,

    LG: Asiata, Glowinski

    C: Britt, Hunt

    RG: Ifedi

    RT: Watson, Fant

    RE: Avril, Clark, Marsh

    DT: Guy, Reed, Paea, Jefferson

    LE: Bennett, Washington

    WILL; Wright, Palacio

    MLB: Wagner, Coyle

    SAM: Anzalone, Morgan, Gilbert

    CB: Sherman, Melifonwu, Shead, Howard, Elliot.

    FS; Thomas, Thompson

    SS: Chancellor, McCray

    K: Walsh

    P Ryan

    8. The 2017 Seattle Seahawks Season.

    Seattle has the fortune of staying relatively healthy at RB, and CJ Prosise takes the Wow Factor to a whole new level in 2017, mixing in with Rawls, and starting a few games when Rawls is injured. Collins also takes a big step forward. Seattle is so rich at RB with those three, Elijah Hood barely sees the field.

    Russell Wilson is back with a major vengeance. Never before has he been more decisive, and he’s much more judicious looking to extend. In fact, at times, he looks a little down right p*ssed off, and determined. 2017 is all about redemption for him. Backed by a more dynamic, healthier run game, he torches the league with a combo of quick passes and play action chunk yard, even Pete Prisco has to consider him for MVP.

    The Defense is not only back on top as the top scoring defense, back is their bad@ss swag.

    -Jarran Reed is a monster in the middle, making the life of centers and guards miserable, and he brings a bad attitude that ballcarriers, QBs, and OLiners will quickly grow to hate, and he eats it up. Lawrence is solid and a little more upfield at 3 tech, and Paea has a resurgence the mimics the 2014 season of his when he had 6 sacks for the Bears, but it is Quinton Jefferson who becomes the bright new star of the interior rush. He’s in legit competition for a starting spot in 2018.

    Odi Melifonwu, a like Germain Ifedi last year, takes his lumps as a starter, at times he’s pulled for Shead, but as the season wears on, he settles in nicely, and makes a hand full of big time plays, but it’s really Alex Anzalone being everything PC wanted, and more. He’s the MVP of the rookie class, covering, tackling and rushing. When he gets dinged up a bit and is out of the game, the drop off is noticeable.

    Seattle extends the contracts of Kam Chancellor and Justin Britt.

    Seattle wins the division.

    9. the Playoffs

    They get a first round bye, beat the Carolina Panthers in a close game at Century Link, but have to go on the road to Dallas for the NFC Championship, due to a late season loss that drops them to a second seed. They beat the Cowboys in Dallas.

    Seattle plays the Oakland Raiders (who upset set the Pats in the AFC Championship game in Foxboro, revenge from “Tuck Rule Game,” and Tom Brady’s career come’s full circle) in Super Bowl. Seattle blows out Oakland 45 to 17, Russell Wilson earns his first Super Bowl MVP title, but the argument could have been made than Tanner McCoy should have gotten it, as he went ape sh*t in receiving yards as the starting TE for the injured Jimmy Graham who was placed on IR towards the end of the 2017 Season.

    10. Yes, so in conclusion, the Seahawks win Super Bowl 52. In the offseason of 2018, the Seattle Seahawks do not extend Jimmy Graham as they have determined that the have his replacement in Tanner McEvoy.

    And with the 32 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select..

    • Ed

      Holy moly, that’s deep. Like the time, effort and imagination.

      • Volume12

        That might be the longest hot take in the history of the internet my man.

        As Ed said, love the dedication and effort though.

        • C-Dog

          Thanks, Volume 12! Always means a lot coming for you.

          Whatcha all’s take on Tanner maybe making that move to the move TE position, if Luke Willson takes off? They converted him to a big wide out. Can they ask the 6-6 230 lb former Badger QB to be that move TE, and rely on Vannett helping more inline?

          • Volume12

            I think in regards to Vannett their going to need him to at least fill the Brandon Williams role.

            McEvoy moving to TE is intriguing. Never really thought of it. Maybe he could as a hybrid type?

            • Sea Mode

              Seems to have the smarts to do it.

            • C-Dog

              That’s what I’m thinking. Smart kid, athletic as H E Double Hockey Sticks, raw as heck, but showed some major flash. Very intrigued to see what they offseason holds for him. Also, I get the vibe Pete really likes this guy.

              • Volume12

                He’s a gamer. Big fan of him.

                Pete seemed to have high hopes for Lawler too. Hopefully he can come through.

      • C-Dog

        Thanks, Ed!

        Didn’t initially intend to take it that far, but when you’re on a roll and got nothing else better to do, why not.

        • PPast

          Excellent! Much appreciated. Are you going to track to compare what the team does and what you’ve projected?

          • C-Dog

            Thanks, PPast!

            With this much effort put into it, I would almost have to. It will be interesting to see how much this mirrors what they do starting with free agency, into the draft, preseason, etc.

            I do think they make a few additions to the OL to boost competition. My guess is that they really want to find a better RT situation than what they’ve had, and I wouldn’t be too quick to say Fant’s job is completely safe going into this year. I think they use FA to bring in at least one veteran, but very possibly two, and likely still use the draft. Outside of Justin Britt, nobody on that OL should feel too safe about their job right now, not even Germain Ifedi. They need to continue stoking the fire of competition and let the cream rise. They will have the cap space to make some moves

            I really think they probably look to FA for more DL help, probably most likely more interior rush. I think they want to use their high picks elsewhere, and they don’t want to get caught again relying on young talent like Q Jeff that may not stay healthy. recently did a piece where it mentioned Lawrence Guy quietly had a nice year disrupting the pocket. So that was a name I just threw out, but he’s a player I’ve kinda been interested in for a while. Baltimore seems to know how to bring these guys along, and he’s only 27, so I’m intrigued. There’s going to be number others, and like OL, they’ll have money to spend.

            I think feels like they could go early and often on DBs and LBs in this draft. I think they see the talent there in this draft and want to tap into it.

            With Lockett being severely injured, and Kearse having a down year, I think they could go with a WR, maybe even as early as late day two, if they right player lands to them. Do they feel 100% confident that P-Rich can hold up if pressed into a bigger role? How much do they really like in Kenny Lawler? He bounced on and off their practice squad.

            I think because Rawls and Prosise haven’t shown the ability to stay healthy through any full season in their short careers, as talented as they are, they need to add there. At one point in the season, I had RB as the highest need.

            Also, it was some Carroll said when asked about Boykin at the end of the season, that made me think they might try adding a veteran QB to the roster to back up Wilson.

      • 75franks

        very enjoyable, ty c-dog.

    • Steele

      What an epic post. Thanks for that novel, C-Dog!

      • Volume12

        C-Dog, unless I miss counted, there’s room for someone like Rubin. I had 51. Obviously a LS will role one of those 2 spots.

        Jesus, who would’ve thunk it. A long snapper on the radar? Do they go rookie or vet? Maybe ‘Bama’s Cole Mazzata in UDFA?

        • C-Dog

          Bring in Cole Mazza! 4 year start, never missed a single snap.

          As for, Rubin, obviously, my math sucks. Thanks for double checking that. My hot take, is that he becomes a camp casualty, a la Tony McDaniel from a couple years ago. Just one of those occasional hard bitter pills fans sometimes get dealt with the players they like. Since, I committed to that, and it feels weird backing out now, I’m going to stay with that. However, I’m going to say that Coach Carroll always values a healthy rotation of the DL, and 9 isn’t enough, they want to get that to ten. They feel good about Reed and Paea handling the nose, the new guy Guy being the 3 tech, and Q Jeff subbing in, Washington sometimes filling that bill. I’m going to say that want one more squat big pile of goo player there inside, and off the waver wire, they pick up Stevie Tu’ikolovatu that the Patriots let go of, who they had a very draft able grade on.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow. That was intense! Thanks for taking the time.

      I know it’s just an exercise and meant to be bold/imaginative, so I’m not going to start picking holes. The only thing I see as completely irrealistic might be Okung looking for a 1 year prove it deal. He just had that in DEN and will be 30 as the season starts this October. I think he is going to take the highest long-term offer he gets this time around.

      Other than that, I just say: anything can happen!

      • C-Dog

        That’s a very fair point, Sea Mode!

        You might be very spot on with that. A big part of this was intended to entertain, but it will be interesting to see what Seattle does should Okung hit the market again, and what Okung would do. Obviously, there’s a lot of shared history there, I think one could say both sides got the best out of things when they were together. Could each side kinda bend a little more towards each other to reunite?

        • Sea Mode

          Never say never!

    • dg14360

      dude… legend-wait for it -dar. Legendary

    • Peanut

      That was a crazy read, and I´ll save it on a document and see if you get any predictions right!

    • lil'stink

      Epic post. Only nitpicks are that Rubin, Lane, and Kearse aren’t going anywhere next year. And if Menelik Watson is the best we can do for the OL that’s an incredibly bad sign. And where’s the Brandon Cottom love? 🙂

  21. Schuemansky

    Thank you so much, C-Dog. I really enjoy your Bold Predictions. Do them even more often. I have the feeling you won’t run out of material.
    One thing though: I know the Browns need all the help they can get, but trading 26 for 33 to get only a fifth-rounder just isn’t fair.
    Anyway. Great reed as always.

    • C-Dog

      Very fair point. Thanks!

  22. Sea Mode

    Bankhawk posted an interesting question above lost in the discussion (although it kind of is the whole discussion anyway…), which kind of forces one to recap where one stands at this point:

    Anyway, I’ll take a stab. Nothing definitive, of course, just probability as I see it right now:

    Scenario B (10%) – Take an OL. Basically, this would mean that a great OT prospect fell to us. (Bolles or Ramczyk). Equally valid for other positions: a blue chip would have to fall through the cracks (Peppers, Cook, maaaaybe Njoku). Never rule out a total surprise pick from the Hawks.

    Scenario A (20%) – Go for their most desired DB. Once again, given the depth at DB in this year’s draft, I would say it would have to be a top-tier player falling (like Sidney Jones, Marlon Humphrey) to make this happen. The only exception might be Obi Melifonwu if they see him as a must-have and don’t think he will last into R2. (I think he will)

    Scenario D (30%) – Trade down. Historically, has always been a strong possibility. And getting an extra pick could be appealing since we are without R4-R5 picks this year. This happens if the top 4 LB’s are off the board. Let’s go ahaed and say top 3 (Reddick, Cunningham, Davis) because Foster will certainly be gone. It could also happen if Obi Melifonwu is their must-have AND they think they can still get him after a trade down into early R2.

    Scenario C (40%) – Pop for the top LB on the board. I don’t think they will risk trading down if one of the top 3 (Reddick, Cunningham, Davis) is still there, because the Patriots let Jamie Collins go and very well might be looking to replace that talent level, and the Chiefs and Steelers could also use another LB. There will still be very good CBs in R2-R3, but if you want an immediate impact LB in this draft with ability to play all 3 spots, it might have to be R1 this year, in my opinion.

    Interested to know where everyone else is at. Once again, nothing absolute, just to spark discussion.

    • bankhawk

      Thanks a million, my man! Not only did you summarize my rather cumbersome enquiry better than I did when I initially laid it out-you gave me exactly what I had hoped for-clear and concise prognostications on each scenario, with well-reasoned and supported rationales for each!

      I will say, Im thinking along the same lines as well. The bonus is that in each case, ít an outcome I think Id be pretty happy with, so ít all kind of win-win for our Hawks!

      Jeez, I love this community! Any other takers?

      • C-Dog

        I think Sea Mode kinda nailed it. So I won’t adjust much, but for the sake of it though, I am willing to flip Scenario’s D and C, and say it’s 40% trade down and 30% Best LB, especially if there is an early run on LB because of the depth at DB. Seattle drops back a bit, like they always do, JS get’s that important extra mid round pick.

    • Ed

      Looks pretty good and accurate to me. At this point, I think it’s 33.33333333333333333333333 between LB, DB and trade down. Regardless, don’t see them making OL the pick.

  23. CLB

    When I was looking for prospects in the East-West Shrine game, found this at PFF:

    “The PFF College Best Coverage Defender for 2016, Thompson made plays at safety and in the slot for Colorado, earning a 92.3 coverage grade that led the nation’s safeties. Thompson saw 64 targets on the season, tied for fifth among safeties, allowing only 40.6 percent of his targets to be completed. He recorded seven interceptions to go with seven pass breakups, all adding up to a passer rating of 22.3 when targeted. Thompson can show his versatility if he holds up both in the slot and on the back end at safety, and he is a strong prospect in one of the better safety classes in recent years.”

    The above page also mentions Treston DeCoud of Oregon State and Channing Stribling of Michigan, 2 CBs you’ve talked about in past podcasts with Kenny, as others with very good coverage grades, and might be looked at by the Seahawks on day 3 of the draft if they fall that far.

    Also saw this on about Tedric:

    I agree with you – draft early and often with these strengths of the draft at DB and LB, especially since it seems the best OTs are definitely not going to be there, and I really hope we are able to get Ricky Wagner or Reilly Reiff, possibly Andre Whitworth at OT, re-sign and rework Kam and Jimmy’s contracts to 3-year cap-friendly deals.

    Since compensatory picks are trade-able starting this year, would love to see us use our lower ones + future lower picks from next year like we did with our 4th this year to get Jefferson last year, and get additional picks higher up, possibly even using both 3s to move up for an additional 2nd round potential starter. Our 7th rounders the last couple years at least have been wasted; so why keep them if we can use them and lower 2017 and 2018 picks (4th-7th) to move from lower to higher third day or even to third round picks that have a good chance of starting or being heavy rotational players? Seems like we only have a 3 year window to combine this and next years picks (also do the same and trade up next year with 2018 and 2019 lower round picks) with our core players, most of which are only signed through and will be almost to well over 30 by 2019.

    Not much happening after the Super Bowl and before the combine – but do you have any idea when you and Kenny might have the next podcast available? Has been the highlight of my listening week for many months or over a year now, even go to it before classic rock and that’s saying something I thought I’d never say! Thanks for all the great work you do, Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      We were set to do one on Thursday but a screaming baby put paid to it! We’ll be doing one asap, probably early in the week.

      • CLB

        A future 12 already raising the decibel level! Hope you guys are getting some sleep here and there. Congratulations again on your new baby! Thought the podcasts usually came out on Thursday or Friday. Looking forward to it next week.

  24. Sea Mode

    “I’m speaking to you, Jerry,” Garrett said in a video clip posted Friday by ESPN. “Mr. (coach Jason) Garrett, make it happen. Dak Prescott leads our team right now. I need you to take Tony Romo, take a couple picks, and give them to Cleveland so you can pick me up. Please, I’d love to play in Dallas, just make it happen.”

    Not sure it’s smart to be saying all this stuff, if you ask me, even if it is just “joking”. Oh well, probably doesn’t matter anyway. Away to the factory of sadness to play in the cold…

    • Rik

      Pretty dumb on his part. Chances are he ends up a Brown, unless they trade that first pick. If I were the Cleveland GM I’d try to trade back into the 4-10 range (they’ve also got the 12th pick from Phil) and pick up an extra 2nd and 3rd. They need defensive help and this is the draft for that. I’m guessing they’ll try to grab Taylor at QB if the Bills cut him.

    • C-Dog

      John Clayton said yesterday that he might be intentionally doing whatever he can to not end up playing for the Cleveland Browns. Personally, if that’s this guy’s make up upstairs between the ears, I’m going to say, I don’t want him. Major red flag.

      • Dawgma

        Good judgement is a major red flag? He’s only saying what every top pick is mentally praying while Cleveland is on the clock at #1 anyway.

  25. Dale Roberts

    Regardless of positional need, who’s the most intimidating, Lynch-like, tone-setting player that could reasonably be available at #26?

    • Sea Mode

      That could reasonably drop, Jarrad Davis for me.

      • Nick


  26. bankhawk

    Wowza! I was reading up from the bottom-a habit of mine when its not a new thread, and so came upon C-Dogs magnum opus late. C-Dog, serious Kudos are due you, dude. I mean mock drafts are one thing-but a mock season? What a concept! Love it!

    • C-Dog

      Thanks, bankhawk!

      Yeah, I kinda unexpectedly went big with that one. I just felt the roll. Sorta drove my wife nuts with how much time I spent on the computer on our Friday night together. Probably shouldn’t do that again, unless I know she’s not going to be around.

  27. Schuemansky

    Regional combine under way in Seattle. Any coverage you guys know off?

  28. Hawk1128

    Matt Milano out of Boston College has fantastic speed and an aggressive nature to his game. When he hits the offensive player feels it. He is also capable and willing both rushing the passer and in man or zone coverage. Little undersized but if he adds weight seems like a prototypical Seahawks linebacker.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice find! Definitely like the aggressivity. Bobby Wagner is also 6-0, so yeah… Nice special teams value as well, which will certainly help his cause.


  29. Coleslaw

    To the people saying Mixon is a media nightmare and who wants him? Vol offered a quote saying everyone at his school loved him. He’s a kid who screwed up big time, I don’t think Pete will cross him off unless he’s an ads in interviews. If he has good character like everyone said, he probably just needs to mature.
    And who wants a young, extremely talented teammate who needs guidance? I bet Baldwin, Lockett, Wilson, the O

    • Coleslaw

      * the O line, and most importantly, the defense wants that. The D is tired of carrying the load and we had a non existent running attack for a lot of last year.
      I saw someone say we didnt need to draft a back early but are you really comfortable not getting someone as good as Rawls, Prosise, or Collins? None of them have proven themselves for 16 games. Mixon on the field offers someone as good, potentially better than Rawls. Pete will eat the bad press and focus on turning this kid around. And that’s the right thing to do. He would be such a major addition to our team, what a spark he could be.
      Also, Rob, I saw what you said about our heart not dying and still winning 10 games but I Wa more talking about how the team (especially the defense) is getting mentally worn.

      • Volume12

        “I saw someone say we didnt need to draft a back early but are you really comfortable not getting someone as good as Rawls, Prosise, or Collins? None of them have proven themselves for 16 games.”

        Neither has any rookie.

    • All I see is 12s

      Seems to me that he is VERY repentant and has owned up to it unlike Greg hardy. It also wasn’t a chronic problem like with tyreeq hill. I think he should be given a shot. That said, playing football for a living is a privilege which can and should be easily lost.
      Those who commit DV live among us and are husbands, fathers, and family members.we can’t just throw them away after making a mistake. Even a really bad one. If they are repeat offenders, thats a different story.perhaps mixon still has something to offer the world and can redeem himself. Look at Bruce 51. Former thug and drug dealers . Look at all the good he is doing with his life now. Someone gave him a shot. Just my thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody is going to draft him because no owner is going to sanction it. Tony Pauline stated this yesterday.

      John Schneider made it very clear what his approach is to DV. Mixon won’t be drafted by Seattle.

      • All I see is 12s

        Of course your correct. I remember vividly Schneider stating that he wouldn’t bring on anyone else :O had hit a woman. I was speaking in the broader sense.

      • All I see is 12s

        Schneider stated on AM 710 that after the 2015 draft( re: Clark) that he drew the line at actually striking a woman. So anything to the contrary would be quite a reversal of policy.

      • Sea Mode

        Hi, JT. Before I forget, earlier today I posted a reply at the end of your long conversation above. Hope we can agree on some points.

        Please allow me to invite you to calm down in the tone of your comment here. We all appreciate a good discussion and I think we can disagree without taking stabs at one another.

        If there were conflicting reports at some point on the Seahawks’ policy, I think the best thing would be to go back and listen to Schneider himself and let them end once and for all:

  30. All I see is 12s

    Btw, I am not a professional athlete, but if I ever was convicted of a DV crime, I would lose my job immediately. Actions have consequences.

  31. Sea Mode

    Hey, this guy is actually pretty good. More and more depth turning up at CB this year!

    Horace Richardson
    Dear Seahawks….. I’m Horace Richardson and I play DB that is all 🤝
    4:26 PM – 14 Jan 2017

  32. peter

    Dudes. It’s not, nor ever was “Domestic Violence.” We can have the what JS said/Frank Clark/debate forever. I’m pretty sure they are not drafting Mixon. I think that’s a stupid idea. But I’m pretty certain they aren’t going to.

    But please stop referring to it as DV or with DV. It’s not and it seems to diminish DV or even our understanding of it (DV,) when we confuse the two. He was charged with misdemeanor assault. He and Ms. Molitor were never in any kind of relationship. What Tyreke Hill did

    I just don’t get why as a big supporter of Mixon, as a player and as someone moving forward, we don’t focus on other players with similar skills. I think his headache is best left to the Patriots where he can a great fifth round pick. (which I think he will be…sorry video or no video what Tyreke Hill did was waaayyyy more disgusting, he plead guilty to it, was initially going to be felony assault, and she was his girlfriend. That’s DV. and he got picked in the Fifth round.)

    • Volume12

      He’s a great player and the best RB in this class behind Fournette and Cook. IMO at least. But, we don’t need that right now. Not his talent. No denying that. Just everything that comes with his selection.

      • peter

        Agreed. Not after last year’s tumult

    • All I see is 12s

      There is no debate. JS said it.your right though. The mixon incident was not dv, but assault. DV, even
      among cops, is sometimes used as an umbrella term to describe violence against women but your right, there is a difference. To your other point, the reason everyone talks mixon, is because he is in the same class as fournette and cook and could be a true difference maker.
      … It is also early February before the combine. Not A lot going on and it is an interesting topic.

      • peter

        No i don’t disparage the talk. I flat out want Mixon on the team. Flat out. I think he’s got a silky smooth skill set with the ability to be a true 3 down back. So the conversation is one worth having for sure, I just want everyone to be sure to make the distinction between assault (brutal/terrible) and the heinous nature of Hill, etc.

    • Ishmael

      You’re correct, and it’s an important distinction to make.

  33. Volume12

    You guys seen this dude?

    K-St LB Elijah Lee- 6’3, 228 lbs. 110 tackles, 6.5 TFL, 3 PBU, 1.5 QB sacks

    Nice coverage skills, sideline to sideline, comfortable in space, good range, dude can flat out run. Will only be 21 years old as rookie. Was giving a mid round grade by the advisory board.

    Turned pro because he doesn’t want his mom to work anymore. She instilled a work ethic in him. She works from 7 AM to 6 PM, and then again from 7 PM to Midnight.

    • Volume12

      BTW, Pat Kirwan said K-St EDGE Jordan Willis is this years Joey Bosa.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow! Nice find. Hadn’t looked at him. Seems very assignment sound and looked adept at getting off blocks to make the tackle.

      What do you think about Duke Reilly? There is a vid on him by that same guy on twitter.

      • Volume12

        There’s some things I like about him and some that I don’t. His performance against ‘Bama is what put him on my radar.

        Will he have the athleticism for a team like Seattle? Or is he more of a fit in the middle of a 3-4?

  34. Sea Mode

    Rob, really like Tedric Thompson. Has the long DB arms they like as well:
    5116, 211, 32 arm, 9.38 hand, 75.63 wing

    And Howard Wilson’s vert is definitely impressive. Agree as well those arms look plenty long!

    • Rob Staton

      Two really intriguing prospects for sure

  35. Totem_Hawk

    It’s unreal how deep this class is with Safties and CB’s…great for the Seahawks to reload the LOB!

  36. Misfit74

    We’ve talked a lot about DBs and LBs. Are there any 3-tech DTs that could start or develop to start we should be considering?

    Obviously, quality 3-techs that can be trusted to consistently pass-rush are rare. I’m curious if one could drop to us this year due to depth at various positions, prospect-wise, and varied team needs accross the league. If we are looking at positional value and a match of BPA and Seahawks ‘needs’, I wonder which guys could reasonably be on our short-list?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a good year for interior pass rush in the draft, IMO.

      • Misfit74

        No doubt

  37. Ukhawk

    Maybe it’s been posted previously

    Walter Football lists Javancy Jones, LB, Jackson State as meeting the the Hawks.

    Kind of an intriguing dude, good production, long arms. Check him out:

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