Analysing Daniel Jeremiah’s mock draft 2.0

Daniel Jeremiah’s mock draft 2.0

Our latest projection

Jeremiah’s pick for Seattle at #26
Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)

Jeremiah’s notes
“Humphrey has the ideal size and length to excel in the Seahawks’ scheme.”

Where we had Humphrey
#11 overall to New Orleans

If a prospect has supreme athletic traits, excellent character and has performed well at the college level — usually they go very early.

There is a tendency in the media scouting community to focus on flaws and downgrade players as a consequence. We see it every year. It’s why the likes of Sheldon Rankins and Keanu Neal were rated in the #25-50 range a year ago but both went in the top-20.

Humphrey is knocked for the way he defends the long ball. The thing is, this is a technical/scheme flaw which is fixable. It’s not due to any lack of athleticism or recovery speed. Humphrey has the physical appearance of an Olympic sprinter and teams will know if they can iron out the kinks, they’ll be left with a high character, high quality cornerback. For that reason, it’s hard to imagine Humphrey falling as far as many mock drafts are currently projecting and that’s why we put him at #11.

Check out this report by Tony Pauline:

Just about everyone has Marlon Humphrey as the top rated cornerback on the board while some teams grade Desmond King at safety.

Another PAC 12 corner drawing rave reviews is Fabian Moreau of UCLA. While his grades are scattered some teams have stamped Moreau as a second day pick and feel a good combine workout, including a forty times in the low 4.4โ€™s, will secure his position as a top seventy five selection.

Pauline wrote this in December and everything else has come to fruition. Since the Senior Bowl there’s increasing chatter about King having to move to safety and we’ve seen buzz surrounding Fabian Moreau.

It’s very possible teams are grading Humphrey a lot higher than the media.

That said, he’d be a fine selection for the Seahawks. He has extreme potential and athleticism and appears to have the kind of length they like. We’ll find out for sure at the combine. It just seems highly likely someone will take him long before pick #26.

Who else was available?

Here’s a list of prospects available at #26 that weren’t available for Seattle in our latest mock draft:

#11 Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
#16 Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
#17 Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
#21 Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
#22 Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt)

Also available was Budda Baker, Obi Melifonwu and Jarrad Davis.

This would be an ideal situation for the Seahawks. There are enough viable options to consider trading down. Alternatively, they’d have their pick of a strong group of DB’s and linebackers.

Reddick screams Seahawks and will likely continue to ascend. Media pundits are starting to move him into the late first round after his great Senior Bowl. When he runs a 4.4 at the combine and tests well in every drill, we’ll likely see him move up even higher.

If he does last until #26, it could be a no-brainer for Settle. He’d be a supreme fit as a SAM with the flexibility to fill in at the MIKE and WILL for Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright if required. He’s a complete, modern day linebacker and would be a tremendous asset to the Seahawks. And he can rush the passer.

Zach Cunningham and Jarrad Davis likely would be attractive alternatives. They’re both three-down linebackers like Wagner and Wright, they’d be on the field for week one and would allow the Seahawks to be flexible with their two stud LB’s (as Pete Carroll asserted was a priority in his end of season press conference).

Melifonwu also remains appealing if he tests as well as expected. He’d be a dynamic chess-piece in the defensive backfield, capable of playing in several situations and maybe eventually settling at corner or strong safety long term. He’s the type of dynamic athlete often drafted by the Seahawks in the first round.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on whether Kevin King, Rasul Douglas or Fabian Moreau have exceptional workouts to warrant early round consideration.


  1. Jason


    I just have to say how great it is checking out the blog in the morning and finding a new article to read with my coffee.

    • Rob Staton

      My pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. All I see is 12s

    Rob, I was wondering when youโ€™re going to do a write up on the defensive tackle from Villanova. You have previously referred compared him with Calais Campbell. I can just hear your assessment now as you talk about how the Seahawks canโ€™t afford Campbell but โ€œhey weโ€™re gonna draft our own version of Campbell, and put the number 93 on him.โ€ Very similar to what they did was just DeShean Jackson/ Paul Richardson and Ifedi/osemeli. Interior pass rush is always a priority.
    Iโ€™m very curious to see your thoughts on this guy. He seemed very impressive at the Senior bowl. And a high character guy . Do you think first-round despite other needs?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s like Campbell in terms of size but their play is quite different IMO. He’s more of a Margus Hunt type for me. My concern with Kpassagnon is how committed he is to the game. He had an internship at PriceWaterhouseCooper. I’d want to do some research into how he views his future before giving him a grade. Teams will do their research. Physically he’s impressive but whether he will deliver on that potential is the question to be answered here.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh yeah, been meaning to post this video of his weigh in at Sr. Bowl. Wow…

        • Ukhawk

          Nearly 35″ arms!

          • Volume12

            That dude can’t play.

          • HawkFan907

            Think Shawn Oakman before Calais Campbell

            • Sea Mode

              Gotta coach him up. But that’s good material to work with.

              I’m looking for traits, not the finished product.

  3. MCake

    Great post Rob! If the Hawks were going to take a safety in round 1, which do you think they would prefer between Budda and Peppers?

  4. dg14360

    Hi Rob,

    Just wanted to say that I love this blog. I’ve been reading for almost a year now and honestly, it’s one of the few things keeping me sane through law school ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. AlaskaHawk

    You do realize that if the Seahawks trade down to the second round, and the player they pick is any good, that they just cost the team 6-8 million in cap for that fifth contract year that they don’t have.

    • Kenny Sloth

      We’ve resigned exactly 1 1st rounder.

      Hopefully we’d be resigning them and save that fifth year with a much better team structured deal

    • Rob Staton

      How do you work that one out?

      That would mean they’d need to be paying either $6-8m more than the fifth year option or they’d need to be paying $6-8m on a replacement. And if said player is good enough after three years, the chances are they’ll get an extension anyway. That’s what they’ve done with all of their players so far.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      That 5th year option isn’t as good as you’d think.

      First off, if say you went from #26 (rookie deal worth 10.2m over 4) down to even the first pick in R2 (7.0m), that’s 3 million less right there.

      Also, the 5th year option available to first round picks often times becomes the starting point of negotiations. And it’s a one year guaranteed deal. So most first rounders don’t get extended because why would they? And in fact that frequently bears out now that we have a body of history to examine in the new CBA landscape.

      The only general options end up being pay a very large 5th year option and subsequently franchise a player. Because in a first round pick’s 4th year, no incentive to extend. After the 5th year option, there is still no incentive to extend because you’re now starting extension talks at top 5 for your position money.

      Extensions are where a team can get creative. And structure contracts that are much more cap sane. Stretching the guaranteed money over years, and at the same time retaining the player through his first 7 years in the league (if he’s worth that).

      For teams that don’t get into cap hell — Seattle being one of those — it’s hugely advantageous to have the ability to extend. It’s a much better situation for a team to be in.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Your right about extensions. That would probably happen a year earlier with the second round pick. So I still think that you get a premium player at #26, for a year longer than the later round players. And that #26 player has a greater chance of a successful career than players in the second round (statistically speaking). And even though their contract may be bumped up by the fifth year, the same process is used on all the good players and would occur even earlier for later round players.

        It is kind of hard for Seahawk fans to even imagine a first round pick. There was Ifedi last year = and he certainly seems like more of a second rounder, and that is the only first rounder in four years. Wow. A lot of fans just figure they will trade back. I don’t even follow the first round any more, it’s too disappointing.

        Anyway, there are a lot of good defensive picks this year. And if there are still 6-8 on the board that they like, then they could trade back. I still think there is an advantage to taking the best available at #26.

  6. Ed

    How do you find the time. Impressive.

    I’m with you, would love if the draft fell that way. If they could trade back and still get the CB/LB combo, I would do it. What is more plausible, getting the CB (King) in 1st and LB (Davis) 2nd, or LB (Reddick) 1st and CB 2nd (Obi)?

  7. Del tre

    One running back prospect I haven’t seen much buzz about for the Seahawks is Jamaal Williams, he is a physical runner with great burst speed but not top end speed. He’s the kind of back the Seahawks need, the type of back that can take the punishment of 26 carries for 76 yards with a long of 9. Would love to see the Hawks pick him up in the 4th as added insurance for Prosise and Rawls. I like Alex Collins, late in the season he began to look like a real talent but I’m not sure i want him as our running back #1.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Great pass protector

    • Rob Staton

      Williams looked mediocre at the Senior Bowl to be fair.

      • Del tre

        I was thinking of him as maybe more of a late round pick maybe not the ideal gamechanger but someone who may be able to provide consistency in the run if Rawls is injured or ineffective

  8. Connor Jackson

    Obi Melifonwu can blow up the combine and I still won’t understand the hype as a first rounder. He’s the quintessential ‘looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.’ He may be a freak athlete, but he lacks as a football player. My amateur opinion…

    Too much other talent in the first round to think of him as an option.

    • Rob Staton

      And this, to me, is an example of expectations being too high.

      People want to turn on the tape and see explosive play after explosive play.

      Is Melifonwu’s tape scary good? Does he have eight picks like Earl in 2009? No. Is he playing like Jane on tape? No.

      • DLep

        Hi Rob, just curious. Pre combine and all, you are at 26, reddick, humphrey, bolles are gone, cunningham and melifonwu are on the board. Have a preference between the two right now?

        • Rob Staton

          Cunningham for me as of today but I reserve the right to change that view ๐Ÿ™‚

          • DLep

            Ha, thanks. Perfectly within your rights to do that!

          • Ishmael

            What are you seeing in Cunningham, Rob? I know you and a few others are super high on him, but I’m just not seeing it. Maybe I’m not looking enough at what he *can* do?

            • Rob Staton

              I’m seeing range, the ability to shed blocks with ease, the ability to fly around and constantly make plays on a defense lacking talent at Vanderbilt, I’m seeing length and athleticism and the ability to play any LB spot. There are things to work on too — he takes too many false steps and dances too much, it hurts him in coverage at times. But that’s fixable.

              • Ishmael

                Fair enough, I’ll go back and have another look. I’m not a huge fan, but happy to be proven wrong!

      • Connor Jackson

        Ha I probably went too far in calling him Jane. That wasn’t even what I was implying – so poor use of words. I guess when I put on his tape his lack of instincts and poor angles he takes doesn’t warrant 1st round consideration for me. That is all

    • DLep

      Posted this in a previous thread

      Hes in the 92nd percentile at his position (this is historical at his position, not just this draft class) for solo tackle mkt share, 99th percentile int market share and 89th percentile for pass deflection market share. Combined hes in the 93rd percentile, which is higher than Earl was coming out. Just raw numbers he had 118 tackles, 4 picks and 3 break ups his senior year.

      Does he have bad plays? Sure. But Janes don’t put up that kind of production.

      • Nick

        Excellent analysis. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ukhawk

      I feel the same. Great athlete but I question instincts / technique. Kinda feel the same about Peppers. On the other hand, Budda better in every way apart from size IMO.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I finally got around to watching the tape of Obi and see that he is a high tackler (unlike Budda Baker who is an ankle tackler). If he doesn’t alter his technique then he will have a lot of missed tackles. He won’t be strong enough to hold on to a player at the pro level. So there is one thing for him to work on.

        Other than that, I’ve heard mixed things about his pass catching abilities. I would really like to see him work out like a wide receiver to see if he has good hands.

        • Del tre

          The Hawk tackle should fix that.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I see a lot of seahawks secondary tackling high. It’s fine if you can throw your opponent down. But leads to a lot of missed tackles and extended yardage if they bounce off.

  9. Trevor

    How can Jeremiah watch Reddick first hand at the Senior Bowl and think he is going to last till the end of Rd #1. He is one of my favourite draft guys but sometimes he is slow to move guys up despite acknowledging they have improved in he evaluation.

    Reddick and Bolles are the ideal picks in Rd #1 for the Hawks but that is complete fantasy land now unfortunately IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      And he doesn’t have Zach Cunningham in his top-50…. SMH.

      • BobbyK

        I was thinking about Zach Cunningham some more today and why he actually makes so much sense.

        Initially, some of us were wondering about a SAM who can’t rush the passer. But like you have been saying about Obi – it’s not what we see, it’s what we project him to be in Seattle. I actually think Cunningham would make a perfect WILL for the Seahawks (with ability to play SAM). I know that’s where KJ has been playing, but KJ actually took over for Aaron Curry at SAM his rookie year. KJ is so versatile. Put him at any of the LB positions and he’s going to be good. If Wagner goes down, we know it’s KJ who is moving to the middle. I see Cunningham pushing (competing for snaps) for time at WILL. He’d be a pick where the Seahawks wouldn’t have to sub much because he is so long and athletic. When you look at those arms on Cunningham – they are so long. Like KJ. It would be pretty amazing to have three three-down LBs. That’s a rarity in the NFL. I may be wrong and someone can correct me – but I’m willing to bet no team has three three-down LBs in a 4-3 defense.

        • Ukhawk

          I like ZC too – A Bunch. Think he could be the next Jamie Collins

        • Allen

          Carolina may have that, but yeah that’s it. I also love the idea of 3 fast, smart, instinctive off-the-ball linebackers. As you say, KJ can play anywhere (played SAM some in 2013 too), why not allow the 2 to flip-flop a little? It’d become virtually impossible to run on the Hawks.

          • BobbyK

            I think Cunningham would fit so well because of how much space he can cover with that speed/quickness. And add in those long arms – that alone will be good for an extra couple of swatted passes in space per season, at least.

            I’m not a big SAM guy early in the draft (which we went over a lot with Aaron Curry), but I view Cunningham as a 3-down guy who can fly and make big plays. Not some guy who will come in and play solid. There’s some guys I’d be thrilled to have and Cunningham is one.

  10. Sea Mode

    Yay, Pauline showing my guy Marcus Maye some love the other day:

    “The conversation around the Florida Gators secondary usually centers on corners Quincy Wilson and Jalen Tabor, but safety Marcus Maye is the hidden gem in my mind.

    Likely to be selected somewhere in the middle of the second day, Maye is a complete defender effective stopping the run or covering the pass. I love his explosion, burst and wherewithal and believe Maye will be a starter early into his NFL career.”

    • Volume12

      He’s very good. Does he fit a zone scheme though? Watch how much he gets caught flat-footed.

  11. Ty the Guy

    Would love to land Humphrey. Doubt he falls.

    Speaking of roles…. Hypothetically if Jabrill Peppers is on the pick at #26, where would we play him?

    At the WI(LL? Safety? CB? Deathbacker? All of the above?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably safety, possibly Deathbacker, maybe slot depending on how he tests.

  12. nichansen01

    Seahawks Sign Blair Walsh. This is not a joke.

    • JT

      Yikes. Hopefully it’s just a camp deal with zero guarantees. Maybe for leverage with Hauschka negotiations?

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing wrong with competition. Before ‘that’ miss he was a Pro-Bowler.

    • Aaron

      Hauschka is our biggest UFA this offseason in terms of 2017 cap hit should we resign him. Walsh must be here because they feel he’s still a great kicker that let that FG get into his head. In a way, that’s what Hauschka did last year with PATs. Plus he’s younger and I’m sure he would eat less of the cap than Hauschka would if we were to resign him. I’m hearing a potential $1 mil to $2 mil savings in our 2017 cap, money that could prove very useful to address areas of need like OT and DL.

    • Ukhawk

      Great move. Since he was released, he won’t count re comp picks. He was one of the most accurate in 1st 4 seasons. Younger and probably than H-Money too

      • John

        This just might be the same mistake like the Hawks made with the long snapper situation last year! Penny wise and Pound foolish….

        • Elliott Atkinson

          The guy has already won the Seahawks a playoff game

          • PPast

            Cold. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • LeoSharp

      It may simply be that if they can’t resign Hauschka then there won’t be any other kickers available worth taking in free agency. Don’t want to go into the draft with a need if you don’t need to.

  13. Redhawk87

    I was also surprised that Lamp went early on this mock draft, and Bolles lasted until 25, just ONE before us.
    If the Raiders were on the clock (at 24) and Bolles was still available, we could probably trade our 4th round comp pick with our 1st rounder to move up to 24.
    What would you consider preferable, trading up a couple to get Bolles as starting OT (either LT or RT), or just stay put and grab Riddick?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll take either

    • RealRhino2

      Depends on how much Cable likes Bolles….

      • Rob Staton

        Cable doesn’t pick the players. Carroll & Cable have cited that.

        • RealRhino2

          Well, he clearly has some input. We can argue to what degree. He worked out Ifedi personally, and after the draft he announced that Ifedi and Odhiambo were the two strongest linemen he put his hands on (or worked out, or saw, whatever) this year. So it’s either a VERY unlikely coincidence that the guys we ended up drafting were the two strongest Cable himself put his hands on, or his declaration that they were the two strongest carried a lot of weight with JS and PC.

          Similarly, when JS drafted Hunt in the 6th, he claimed that if he hadn’t, Cable might not have “let them leave the building.” People misconstrued this comment at draft time as if JS was saying that he would have been personally upset at losing Hunt, but what he was saying that was Cable was pushing so hard for him that he might not have let PC and JS leave if they didn’t take him.

          • Rob Staton

            Absolutely he has input and I’d argue it’d be a malpractice on Seattle’s behalf not to have their experienced O-line coach go and work out these prospects, get to know them and then offer feedback to the HC and GM. What kind of a team setup would you have if your positional coaches weren’t heavily involved in the compiling of information?

            But there’s a world of difference between that and Cable being given carte blanche to pick and choose who he wants — a situation both Cable and Carroll have stated does not happen. It’s been stated before — Cable is given a list of prospects chosen by the scouting department and he offers feedback on that selected group. So really, he’s giving his preferences for the guys Seattle’s FO has already decided they like.

    • Trevor

      Don’t think you could make a mistake in that scenario. Either guy would be an absolute steal at 26 and immediately improve the 2017 team.

    • Ukhawk

      Was thinking the same thing when I checked the mock.

      Obviously the answer is trade up. More valued position, great prospect, perfect fit.

      SLB isn’t unimportant but much easier to find else where

      • Volume12

        LB is a bit like the RB position. 3/4ths of teams need both, but they devalue them.

  14. Dale Roberts

    Rob, could you expound on your opinions of DeAndre Elliot, Neiko Thorpe, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, and Mohammed Seisay and the likelihood that any of them could develop into a starting CB in the Seahawks’ system? If you’ve already done this in another article would you provide that link please. Thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t offer much more than what I saw in college from Elliott matched with his profile was encouraging. Ditto SJB. Seisay has shown some flashes and Carroll praised Thorpe. Interestingly though, it never felt like Thorpe or Elliott were ever close to unseating one of the regulars for playing time.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I really liked Elliott as a potential 3rd day pick for us. Was thrilled we got in him UDFA.

      I would agree, that Elliott never looked like he was going to compete legitimately with Lane or Shead. But I also don’t see that as a sin either. Those two are athletic guys who know the system.

      I expect Elliott to make the team again this year. I think he didn’t play disastrously when he was called on due to injuries which I think we should probably feel good about. Pete’s always admitted that this is a system that really requires a strong understanding of how it all fits. Elliott looked like a player who was still thinking out there. Not playing fast.

      The fact that he wasn’t getting destroyed tells me he was getting the scheme. But just wasn’t yet fluent in it to really do anything but play his man instead of the ball. That takes more time.

      It will bear watching as the preseason unfolds. But really I am genuinely excited to see many of these 9 rookies to make the team evolve in year two. Our depth should be significantly better at many positions that seemed thin last year. And I could definitely envision some quality competition at starting positions come training camp.

      • BobbyK

        Although it’s not me making an evaluation… but the thing I like best about Elliott is that he was a RFA who beat out Tye Smith (a 5th round pick the year before) for a roster spot last year. I thought there must be something good about Elliott for that to happen because I was impressed with Smith the previous year in the preseason. I thought he did some good things and yet Elliott beat him out.

    • Ishmael

      I like Neiko Thorpe, but that might just be because he’s so incredible on special teams. I hope he can take the next step and start forcing himself onto the field, seems like a cool kid.

  15. GoHawks5151

    Should have known a new article was coming. Happens every time i post late on the previous article! ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting to see Fabian Moreau get some love. Does he pass the arm length test? Seen him a lot in Pac 12 games and thought he was just OK. The more information that comes out the more i feel like the draft will unfold like: Slight trade back, Selecting King with first 2nd round pick and Selecting Anzalone/Bowser with second 2nd round pick. Wish list candidates (Bolles/Reddick) are gaining so much hype they will be out of range. For the record i would not be mad at King, Anazalone/Bowser and another pick.

    • Rob Staton

      If they miss out on the top LB’s I think this scenario looks quite possible even at this early stage. Slight move down, then potentially look at the likes of King, Melifonwu, Douglas, Moreau etc (we’ll have a clear insight into the options after the combine) and then possibly one of Bowser or Anzalone to follow.

      Equally, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they land a top LB early if they try and make a small move up in R2 as they did last year to secure the DB they truly covet.

  16. HawkFan907

    Rob, if you had a choice of a 3rd rd. OL who would it be? I’m assuming we go D on the first two picks. Would you prefer an athlete like Bisnowaty or a beast like Asiata. TEF comes into play for sure, but who do you have an eye on?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m waiting for the combine to make that judgement. I like Asiata though.

      • icb12

        I like pretty much that whole Utah line.

        • Volume12

          The thing I like about Asiata is he can play C. He was gonna take reps there before he got hurt. Same with Temple’s Dion Dawkins. While its difficult, he could be another tackle to center convert. Definetly can play guard.

          While Justin Britt is certainly deserving of an extension, doesn’t mean they will.

          JS always mentions how much stock they put into the SR bowl and the 2 most impressive guys there were Dawkins and Taylor Moton. In the actual game I should say.

      • D-OZ


        • JimQ

          Rob, what would you think if the Seahawks somehow ended up with OT-Bolles & OG-Asiata? I seem to recall last year you mentioned favorably a similar college tandem that played side by side. Might be a great move, if only ….. Bolles was available.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d be very happy with Bolles and Asiata, but I think Bolles will go top-15.

  17. Ed

    Guess we got the answer about SH. Save some money on the kicker this year, maybe to add that OL or DL in FA.

    • Rob Staton

      This move is nothing more than sound thinking & insurance IMO. Leverage with Hauschka, competition if they retain him or sign someone else. Worst case scenario is you cut Walsh during or after camp. Best case scenario is he wins the job.

      • Ed

        So you think they still pay 3 millions for SH?

        • Rob Staton

          I have no idea what they’re willing to pay SH. But this move enables them to be firm in negotiations and not feel the need to buckle just to get a kicker in the building. If they don’t like the price tag, they can walk away. Signing Walsh is a nice insurance move.

          • Ed

            I like the options part. Another part to your TEF (as far as formulas for guessing success), listening to Tony Softly today, he mentioned as a scout, he has done research to show the vertical jump number is a very direct number to how many players become pro bowlers. More explosion is more statistical success.

            • Rob Staton

              Explosive testing certainly matters in the NFL. It’s a pure and simple fact. And a lot of the physical and measurable ideals around the league exist for a reason too.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This clears up maybe 3-4 M bucks via potential kicker deal, since Walsh might be at Vet min or around there… 1.5M, non-guaranteed…. so you can resign/pay another guy, such as TE Willson on a 4.5M / year deal. It might also signal Seattle could be drafting a kicker in the 6th or 7th round… which would not be a bad thing.

      • Rob Staton

        With the way Hauschka performed in 2016, it calls for a competition in 2017. The question is now, who joins Walsh in the competition? Will Hauschka be part of it? Will they bring in a rookie to compete? But there will be a competition it seems.

        • Ground_Hawk

          After his 2016 performance, does SH have much leverage at the negotiation table? With that being said, I think us discussing the future of Seattle’s kicker speaks volumes about the state of this team. We, as Seahawks fans, have a lot to be happy about. Cheers!

  18. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think we are pretty darn close to what Seattle might do if they stay at #26…. LB or LB/SS hybrid type.
    Many of the other positions either do not have the right value for a pick to be made or have too many risks imo. CB is the only position I could see Seattle maybe taking at this spot, but they have NEVER taken a true CB higher than what the 4th or 5th round in 5-6 years… why would they change that pattern.

    I keep thinking RB might get addressed in the second round, example Hood, but perhaps they do a minor trade down in the 1st with the Browns… Browns then take Watson in the 1st at #26 and Seattle then taken BPA with the top of the 2nd round pick (and gain another 1-2 picks later in the draft). The Browns would then have 3 1st round picks to jump start their team. 3 potential blue chip prospects. #1 would be the DE/pass rusher Garrett, 2nd high 1st round pick would be a RB/WR (L Fournette or WR Williams for example) and #26 would be QB Watson.

    • BobbyK

      I think it’s important to note that rumblings have indicated they wanted a CB with their first-round pick last year, but he went #24 to Cincinnati. I think you’re right (many are) about a LB and CB in either order come time for the draft with their first two picks.

  19. Donald

    Wow, if the draft unfolded like this then would it make the most sense to keep the #26 and take one of the top players in a position (LB Reddick, or Cunningham, or CB Humphrey), then trade up in Rd 2 and still take a 1st rd grade player in the 2nd rd, or assure that a good second tier player is available (S Baker, Melifonwu or LB Bowser).

    You know the other playoff teams will snatch up these guys late in the 1st rd, and the Hawks should not trade down and pass up this opportunity. In fact,they should trade up in the 2nd rd and double dip and get 2 impact players.

  20. Rob Staton

    This is such a loaded secondary draft.

    Spent some time today watching a handful of players. Will write about them tomorrow. So much depth here. If there was ever a draft to reload the LOB and make 3-4 picks for the back end of your defense, this is it.

    • Dlep

      Look forward to it Rob – cb or safety or both?

      • Rob Staton

        Both, Dlep

    • BobbyK

      Even if secondary was Pete’s main area of concern (LB depth, OL the other), it might be time to grab that LB with speed first and get the “leftovers” of the stacked DBs in round two, which could still be a round one talent.

    • Ed

      Wouldn’t mind 2 CB and a S this year.

      Shead – injured
      Lane – terrible
      Thorpe – inexperienced
      Terrell – inexperienced

      If you can replace Shead and bump Lane to dime instead of nickel corner, you will be better off. The LOB has lost it’s edge (they don’t press anymore either, don’t know why), time to get it back

    • JT

      It sure is. If CB & SAM aren’t adequately addressed in free agency, I think it’s way more likely they go CB in round 1.

      Plus some of these talented CB’s will fall to the middle rounds – perfect year to hit the position twice (again, if not addressed in FA)

      • Volume12

        Not sure why Colorado CB Ahkello Witherspoon isn’t getting more love nationally.

        Size, length, fluidity, great technique, the ball skills that translate to a zone scheme.

        • Ed

          I like him a lot too

        • JT

          It’s because this CB class is incredibly stacked. He was almost completely unknown coming into this past season, and didn’t play for a big school.

          The combine will be so key for him. Is he just tall/long? Or does he have other standout athletic traits to hang his hat on? His physicality and tackling against the run is very sub-par right now, which is the only real knock on his game. 19 PDs in one season is awesome.

          I think he’s worth a day 2 pick, but he could be one of the CB’s that falls this year due to the extraordinary talent in this Cb class.

        • Cameron

          I want to like Witherspoon more and would probably want him early if he could tackle.

          Seriously this guy can’t tackle. Actually no worse than not being able to tackle, this guy is unwilling to tackle. Never seen a guy more afraid of contact.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, I agree about that. Don’t know that he’s afraid of contact. But if we’re talking ball skills and technique? He’s one of the best in this draft.

          • Ishmael

            Hmm. The inability to tackle doesn’t bother me too much if the issues are with technique, especially for the Hawks where nearly all of these kids get a redshirt year. Tackling is taught so horribly at all levels of the game that it’s pretty much to be expected. If he’s actually scared of contact though, then that’s an issue – tackling is a solid 95% mental. If you don’t want to be there, you’re never going to be good at it.

            What sort of round are we talking for him?

        • Rob Staton

          Witherspoon was also v.good vs John Ross. Not an easy assignment.

          • Volume12

            That was hands down one of the best tapes of any corner this year. Put on a clinic technique wise.

      • Rob Staton

        I think LB and CB are equally realistic at #26 if they stay at that spot. Will depend on the talent available, which might be stronger at LB.

  21. Ed

    If only this team was in the AFC, especially the AFC East. Look at the top QB in the league.


    Tom B./Ben R./Andrew L. (maybe)


    Aaron R./Eli M./M. Ryan/C. Newton/Carson P./Drew B./Russell W.

    It was always Tom, Ben or Peyton. The rest of the AFC has been garbage. Need better scouts in the AFC.

    • BobbyK

      I think Flacco is better than Eli. At least that’s who I’d rather the Hawks have if something happened to Wilson and we had to pick between the two. Matt Ryan averages one playoff win every three years of his career and Carson Palmer is one of the biggest choke artists I’ve ever seen. He’s the NFC version of Andy Dalton. I know Brady is great, but how lucky have the Patriots been that their entire division has basically consisted of garbage opposing QBs for 15 years? Derek Carr got MVP votes – I don’t think he’s garbage. Look at what happened to a Raiders team poised to make a run in the playoffs until he got hurt.

    • Volume12

      I’d definetly put Andrew Luck in there. They’ve wasted a lot of his career already. No run game, no defense. He’s asked to do way too much and ends up forcing everything.

    • C-Dog

      For AFC quarterbackers, I would put Derek Carr, and I might even put him ahead of Andrew Luck, as blasphemous as that sounds.

      For what it’s worth, I would probably rate QBs

      1. Tom Brady (AFC)
      2. Aaron Rodgers (NFC)
      3. Matt Ryan (NFC)
      4. Ben Roth (AFC)
      5. Drew Brees (NFC)
      6. Russell Wilson (NFC)
      7. Derek Carr (AFC)
      8. Andrew Luck (AFC)
      9. Matt Safford (NFC)
      10. Carlson Palmer (NFC)
      11. Cam Newton (NFC)
      12. Eli Manning (NFC)
      13. Phillip Rivers (AFC)
      14. Joe Flacco (AFC)
      15. Kirk Cousins (NFC)
      16. Andy Dalton (AFC)
      17. Dak Prescott (NFC)
      18. Ryan Tannehill (AFC)
      19. Tony Romo (NFC)
      20. Jameis Winston (NFC)
      21. Marcus Marriota (AFC)
      22. Alex Smith (AFC)
      23. Sam Bradford (NFC)
      24. Carson Went (NFC)
      25. Blake Bortles (AFC)
      26. Tyrod Taylor (AFC)
      27. Jay Cutler (NFC)
      28. Teddy Bridgewater (NFC)
      29. Colin Kaepernick (NFC)
      30. Brock Osweiler (AFC)
      31. Ryan Fitzpatrick (AFC)
      32 Trevor Siemain (AFC)
      33. Jared Goff (NFC)
      34. Cody Kessler (AFC)

      Definitely think the NFC has the edge in the top 15. I rate Romo low because I have serious doubts he can hold in for another full season ever again, and the same for Bridgewater (it sounds like his career could be done). All is subject to change. Last year I would have put Cam Newton in the top 5, I would have had Russell Wilson in there as well, and Matt Ryan would had been fringe top 10 for me. If he can stay healthy, I think Derek Carr is the real deal, and could be top 5 next year, and I think Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota and Carson Wentz could all take the next step. Palmer, Eli, and Rivers are all on borrowed time, IMO. Brady and Brees are the two that just continue to show no signs of slowing down (What the heck is in their DNA?).

      • Volume12

        I can dig that list. Might’ve had Tyrod Taylor a little higher, but that’s just me.

        • C-Dog

          I could see that. I like him too. He balled out against Seattle on MNF. The fact murmurs are coming out of Buffalo that they want to get rid of him is really the only reason he probably isn’t higher than Smith and Bradford for me. I wonder what’s there.

      • Ed

        Not just this year, I am more talking about the last decade. 3 AFC teams have franchise type QB. Luck/Flacco/Rivers are INT machines. You could say they try to do too much, but I don’t think that is a good excuse.

        Going into next year, not a bad list. I would drop Rivers and Dalton more and move Taylor up, but all in all, a pretty good list.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I can understand why some aren’t so into him, but I actually really like Andy Dalton, for whatever that potential can of worms on this board is worth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. The Hawk is Howling

    Someone mentioned Eddie Jackson Safety , Alabama yesterday or the day before. Thanks for that didn’t know about him he broke his leg on a lunt return this year came back as a Senior to win another champion even though he would have been drafted probably fairly early. That shows to me that he’s comited to his team

  23. The Hawk is Howling

    Eddie Jackson video

    • Wall Up

      Has good cover skills that would allow him play corner and slot as well as FS. A definite ball hawk.

  24. Shawn Williams

    what happened to people u guys liked such as Elijah Qualls?

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing — still like Qualls. But Carroll has specified the target areas for this draft and that was DB, LB, OL.

  25. RWIII

    Rob: Hypothetical question.
    Let’s the following 4 players are still on the board. Which nns would be your pick
    1) Marlon Humphrey
    2) Garrett Bolles
    3) Hassan Riddick
    4) Ryan Ramczyk

    Remember : This is just a hypothetical question.

    • C-Dog

      Bolles for me, no doubt about it.

      • Volume12


        Hopefully they leave the draft with at least 1 of Obi Melifonwu, Kevin King, Rasul Douglas, Marlon Humphrey, or Ahkello Witherspoon. Maybe even Chidobe Awuzie depending on his length.

        • Cameron

          We gotta double dip on this DB class. Just have to.

          • C-Dog

            I think this is probably the safest bet in the offseason.

      • Sea Mode


    • Ed

      Reddick. I don’t think a RT helps the O as much as a 3 down defensive wrecker helps the D.

    • nichansen01

      Bolles – Gilliam and Fant are both big liabilities. They could both improve but we shouldn’t bank on it. Bolles is going to be a good player.

      I like Reddick but not a perfect scheme fit like Bolles is.
      Also like Humphrey and tempted with him, but I feel like we can find a legit corner in round 2 also.

    • Rob Staton

      Happy with any.

  26. RWIII

    Sorry about the miss spellings. I need to proof read before I push submit comment.

  27. Volume12

    How long is Kam’s recovery expected to be?

    • John


      • Volume12

        Yeah. Looks like he had something done to his ankles or feet?

          • Ishmael

            Both ankles. I wouldn’t stress though, probably just a clean out. Get rid of any floating cartilage and bone, pretty standard in the off-season tbh – these guys put themselves through hell.

            • Wall Up

              Bone spurs could be the culprit.

  28. Volume12

    I know some people would hate it, and there’s a lot of good DB’s, but if Obi Melifonwu wrecks the combine as mentioned in this piece, he just screams Seahawk. So similar to Germain Ifedi and the kind of cat they’ll spend a 1st on. Athleticism and size you just can’t teach. Both raw as hell, but nowhere near the finished article. And both are high character, articulate kids.

    Not that this has anything to do with it, but both Nigerian? I know Obi is from London and his name is actually William Henry, parents moved from Nigeria, but I can’t remember with Ifedi.

    Speed, size, range, twitched up, sees the field extremely well, HC John Fox said this guy has the best tackling technique they’ve seen out of any safety in a long time. Dynamic versatility. Yes he could finish a little better, but dude is as unique as they come.

    • Volume12

      *Henry William

      • C-Dog

        Volume12, I’m hear to tell you now that with the 26th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks will draft Odi Melifonwu, defensive back, Connecticut. It’s as obvious as Rey being the reincarnated should of Anakin Skywalker, my man.

        26: R1P26

        58: R2P26

        90: R3P26

        105: R3P41

        184: R5P39

        211: R6P26

        229: R7P8

        They get a little something special in each of these rounds, special freak DB athlete, special rush LB, special value at corner, special big long massive OL project, special SPARQy RB, special productive college LB how could back up KJ and Bobby, special long fact WR not afraid to show his meddle on teams. It’s going to be special.

        Seriously, though, we can entertain a lot of these players at 26, IMO, nobody screams Seattle Seahawks more than Melifonwu. Not unless something miraculous happens and Garrett Bolles slides to 26.

        • Schuemansky

          I could be fine with Obi but not at 26. At least trade down to the late 30s to get him.

          • C-Dog

            Could very well happen.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I think Rey might be reincarnated, but she may not be a Skywalker per sai. She has a decent shot of being the “original” Jedd’hi founder…. and throw in a bit of Kenobi for good luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Ed

            If it’s reincarnation, I will be real upset. I grew up and love the idea of Star Wars, but the last 5 have not been well thought out or very good. Love bits and pieces, but as a whole, pretty disappointed.

            Can Chris Nolan remake the entire epic. That would be amazing. Get rid of Lucas and Disney and let a real filmmaker recreate it.

            • The Hawk is Howling

              Rogue One was brilliant Ed as a Star Wars kid myself it was definitely the best film since Return of the Jedi!

              May the Hawks be with you!

              • Volume12

                I like the mock, but have no idea what your talking about. ๐Ÿ˜

                Haven’t seen a Star Wars movie in years. Although I heard good things about Rogue One.

                • Volume12


                  Or Obi the 1 and only?

                  • Ed

                    My favorite character. The GOAT of Star Wars

                  • C-Dog

                    Well, I think we have our nickname for him when Seattle takes him at 26. Obi-1. Sweet!

                • C-Dog

                  Rogue One is the sh*t. Kind of like if Kathryn Bigelow (director of Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty) would have directed a Star Wars movie. Just grittier, more about the troops, less about Jedi.

              • Ed

                Ending scene was awesome, otherwise, ugh.

                Search your feelings, you know this to be true.

                • Volume12

                  Rogue One?

                  • Ed


                • Volume12

                  I heard Vader was pretty bad a** in it. Any truth to that?

                  • Ishmael

                    They gave him some reallyyyy shit lines, but he was back to staunching fools which was fun. It’s a bit of a mess of a film, some huge highs and some pretty ordinary lows. Bit like the Hawks last season

                  • Ed

                    At the very end, yes, awesome few minutes. Like a Hawks comeback

                  • C-Dog

                    Vintage Vader. It was fun.

          • C-Dog

            Like where you are going Charlie. Like the idea of the “Chosen One” being a bit in the Dali Llama philosophy, that it comes back in different incarnations. And with that, wow, we just took this board way off base.

            Anyhoo, love the idea of Obi as a Seahawk. Just my humble take, but I think it makes a ton of sense for getting this defense more ballhawk-ish again.

  29. Cameron

    Been digging deep looking for late round sleeper DB’s who have a Seahawks ‘profile’. One interesting player I dug up was Jeremy Cutrer – Mid Tenn St. He’s listed at 6’2 and 170(!) lbs. Skinny I know, but he doesn’t play like it.

    Check out this video it’s against Alabama. Makes several nice tackles, including one of Derrick Henry in the backfield.

    Makes some nice plays in the passing game, a couple of PBU’s and and INT. He was a 4-star recruit (Rivals) who originally committed to LSU. Not sure how he ended up at MTSU.

    Check him out:

    • Volume12


      His backstory is incredible. He has a malnutrition disorder. He went so long without eating when he was growing up that he has trouble adding weight or keeping it packed on.

    • Wall Up

      This is the reason why I doubt that the Hawks use a 1st Rd pick for a cornerback. The draft is so deep with viable options to fill their needs in later Rds.

    • Sea Mode

      Woo hoo! One more on the Cutrer train with RealRhino2 and I! The cool thing is that we all converged on this guy on our own.

  30. Cameron

    Oh my God I just realized the field day Pete’s going to have in the UDFA market. There will be multiple Safeties and Corners with draftable grades who go undrafted. Pete’s gonna be giddy.

    • Schuemansky

      Take a look at Nathan Gerry also.

      • Ishmael

        I’m big on Gerry. Less big on the headhunting he seems to occasionally get up to, but I think he’s a guy who could turn into a serious player with the right coaching. Can see Green Bay and the Vikings liking him.

  31. Coleslaw

    I really hope we get Mixon at some point. We have the locker room he just needs to mature around good people. That said, he’s got that Adrian Peterson relentless running style and sniffs the end zone from 100 yards away just like AP too, not a bad comp imo. Scary to think of playing this kid on Sunday. Without the off field stuff I bet he’d be getting top 15 Buzz. We need guys like that. We have to take chances and jumpstart this team. Our heart is dying we need a shot of electricity!

    • Volume12

      From the Albert Breer MMQB SI article.

      “It needs to be the right market, a team that can handle the onslaught, the right PR staff, because youโ€™ll have to weather the storm,โ€ said one area scout assigned to the Sooners. โ€œBut the guy the Chiefs drafted (Tyreek Hill), Joe Mixon isnโ€™t half the douchebag that guy was. โ€ฆ Youโ€™d have to search to find people that donโ€™t like him. Maybe the parking-lot attendant. Everyone there loves him. And I believe them.โ€

    • Ed

      If not for the video, easily 3rd. Now, a crapshot. Who wants that media nightmare.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t say a 10-win season is signs of a dying heart that can only be rectified by a person tainted by a horrendous act of violence that will create a whole heap of unnecessary distractions and controversy.

      Don’t get your hopes up on Seattle drafting Mixon.

      • Volume12

        I’m not even sure Seattle drafts a RB before day 3 this year.

        Rawls, Collins, Prosise, draft pick, UDFA, and Pope? That’s some great competition.

        • Sea Mode

          Exactly. Took care of that last year while the rest of the league was busy waiting for this year… ๐Ÿ™‚

          I’ve got my eye on Taquan Mizzell, Devonte Mays, Elijah Hood on day 3.

        • Rob Staton

          I think they will add one in FA or the draft but don’t think it’ll be a high pick.

  32. Ed

    Another big factor for PC backs, no fumbles.


    Yearby (Miami)
    Smith (Michigan)



    • nichansen01

      Fournette is oh so overrated.

      • Rob Staton

        Behave yourself.

        Fournette is underrated if anything.

      • Volume12

        Completely disagree about Fournette.

        They just drafted 2 backs who fumbled. Its coachable man.

        This is what I hate about this time if year. Its dead and too much tape watching, yes there’s absolutely such a thing, means poking holes in every ones game.

        • peter

          I’m trying my hardest to note the positives instead of the negatives. It’s pretty darn hard to do! Is the cut off for Dline 33″ arms length? I’m trucking through the Dline videos over at DBD and I’m mostly guessing at length. I know it’s LB/DB/OL and there’s some DL hanging around that we haven’t seen on the roster, Jefferson and Smith…but I seriously think Seattle needs to get those missing 6 sacks not for the purpose of numbers but what they represent which is a better rotation. Or at least more rest from the Dline.


    You don’t think that King needs to move to safety, do you Rob? Is this because of the concern about his long speed? Personally, I don’t think he looks physical enough to play downhill, his athleticism should shine at CB as long as he can stay on top.

    • Old but Slow

      Sherman does not have that long speed either, but he does OK.

      • Volume12

        King is one of the most versatile corners in this class. Can play the field side, boundary, slot, and safety.

        His length, vert, and ball skills make up for lack of deep speed like Sherm. As Lance Zierlein pointed out, its press & trail.

        Perfectly tailored for a Cover 3 and 1 that Seattle uses.

  34. Sea Mode


    (sorry, couldn’t resist…)

    • Ed

      Wide left. Hilarious

  35. George


    Two things stick out in my head.
    1. As you’ve noted the Seahawks haven’t drafted a corner earlier than round 4 under PCJS (WT3).
    2. This is a loaded secondary draft.

    You really think Seattle is going secondary early?

    • DLep

      There were rumblings they wanted Jackson last yr from Houston but he went to Cincy ahead of them. That rumor may or may not have been true. I think there is more a chance this year than any others due to the number of good players at the position and the fact that CB is an actual immediate need position for the Hawks this year.

      • vrtkolman

        Jackson’s arm length was under 32″ though, granted it was as close as you can get to it (31 3/4″).

        • AlaskaHawk

          Considering the injuries in the secondary I think they have to load up early. They need at least two draft picks for safety/corner. Plus with the strength of defense, they are the best persons available.

        • DLep

          Good point, maybe the rumors were untrue. No idea if a quarter inch would be a dealbreaker for them.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a more pressing need this year. In previous seasons they’ve either had great depth at the position or at least a starter opposite Sherman they feel truly comfortable with. Shead’s injury has increased the need to have solutions there.

      Doesn’t mean they will go DB early — but it’s more likely this year than previous seasons.

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