Friday draft notes: Walker, Jurgens & updated board

Penn State’s Rasheed Walker is an enigma

— Penn State left tackle Rasheed Walker has the potential to be one of the better left tackles in the NFL. We need to see how he tests at the combine (his SPARQ testing wasn’t good) but on tape there are reps that are highly impressive — particularly against Michigan where he faced off against Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo.

He didn’t win every 1v1 but I’d say he won most of those battles. He’s light on his feet, can control blocks when engaged and he anchors and holds position well. He combatted the edge speed of Ojabo and handled the power and physicality of Hutchinson. It was an ideal tape to watch to get an angle on his potential.

However, if some of that performance screamed top-10 pick — there are other reps where you’re simply left scratching your head. His effort and body language is highly inconsistent. There are occasions where he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Like he doesn’t understand the call, or he just gives up. It’s weird that a player who is willing to ‘celebrate’ a block by doing this also doesn’t play with a frothing at the mouth aggressiveness.

Squaring that off vs what he does well is going to make for a tricky evaluation. It wouldn’t be a surprise if in 3-4 years time Walker has established himself as a legit starting left tackle, claimed at a bargain price on day two. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if you had to get on him every training camp to play with a level of consistency and fire.

The combine will be huge for him. If he tests well in the bench, vertical and broad and can show teams a degree of effort and work-rate to prepare for Indianapolis — it might calm any fears. He’ll also have the physical profile of a first round pick if he pulls that off. If he underwhelms at the combine, then he could sink down boards. In that scenario I’d still wonder if he’s worth a flier. There is definitely something there.

— I know I talk about Boye Mafe a lot but it still baffles me to see him graded in the middle rounds while other players (particularly the quarterbacks) are being discussed as potential top-40 players.

He’s going to show at the combine that he’s the complete package. Size, length, natural athleticism, quickness, power, repertoire of moves. He’s a top-20 pick and the Senior Bowl was all the evidence people needed to propel him into that range.

I’ll say this though — if he somehow lasted to pick #41 — Mafe and Darrell Taylor could be the best, young pass-rushing duo in the NFL. They would have the potential to be a special pairing. If the Seahawks still had pick #10, I’d be writing an article about the prospect of taking Mafe there or after a small trade down.

— In previous years players I’ve really liked have risen through the process. That hasn’t happened yet. Whether it’s Abraham Lucas, Dameon Pierce, Channing Tindall, Montaric Brown, Kerby Joseph or a whole bunch of others. Things might change at the combine but I’m starting to wonder if an opportunity is emerging here to get untapped talent, just as Seattle managed in 2010, 2011 and 2012. There are quite a few overrated players being pumped up in the media and a lot of better prospects continue to fly under the radar.

— I have updated my horizontal board having studied new players over the last week:

I will continue to review and assess but there won’t be any dramatic changes like you see in the national draft coverage where suddenly a player rises to #15 from no ranking in a top-50.

— One new name I’ve added to the board, with a gold highlight, is Cameron Jurgens the Nebraska center. He’s slightly undersized at about 6-3 and 290lbs but to me he might be a cheaper alternative than going after someone like Brian Allen. I really like the way he pulls and gets on the move, locating blocks and creating running lanes. I think he does a good job with his anchor and stays square. He’s a physical blocker who really competes and there were some good reps on tape against players like Perrion Winfrey.

At SPARQ he ran a 4.98 forty and jumped a 32 inch vertical which suggests he’s athletic and explosive. I really liked watching him and he doesn’t get talked about much. I’ve put him in round three but wouldn’t be surprised if he goes a bit earlier if he tests as expected and has 33 inch arms. If the Seahawks want to draft a center — Jurgens has the experience there, the potential athletic profile for this blocking scheme, he’s explosive and you’re going to get a really good player. Keep Jurgens on your radar.

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  1. Peter

    Really fascinated to see what changes nationally/groupthink wise post combine. As much as the seniot boel has grown in importance testing is still huge. However I’ve read some reports that players look like they are going to be asked to do measurements, bench, and some drills on one day. Leaving some agents to speculate that many players may skip parts of the physical testing. The bench is such a curious test. I get they don’t have time to spot and set weights but 225lb is an odd amount. Regardless of arm length if you’re a big old linemen on either side of the ball you should put that up with ease.

    On to the drafting. The two reasons I am most stoked this year is, 1. I’m not sure I can remember a draft with as many players that fit what Seattle needs -and- if they aren’t the best player at their position they still fit BPA when Seattle can draft them. 2. As much as I enjoy your work the way some of the national writers are placing the names it seems (unlikely,) that Seattle could could out of the draft with an amazing haul.

    Just a rough agregate of drafts I peruse:

    2. Mafa, Wyatt (!!)
    3. Winfrey, or Lucas, or Travis Jones
    4. Pierce ( i am finally reading some draft sites getting on board with him not being some no name slouch) Tindall, montaric Brown, Sam Williams
    5. Beavers (fine i have a hunch he’s going to really good numbers at the combine but okay) cam brit-taylor

    I don’t understand it and there’s more names that are going lower then this site expects that I’d be more than happy with. I guess I’m too thick to get why I still read Raiman, Fallale in the second and Mafa in the third by bigger sites.

    • Palatypus

      Seeing Beavers up close at the NFL Flag Clinic before the Senior Bowl, I thought he was a wide receiver – tall and lean. Definitely will put on some weight before the combine. He will probably still run fast.

    • Seattle Person

      It’s a unique draft. The amount of 5-year and 6-year seniors that stayed an extra year because of the pandemic. There are a lot of older players that fly under the radar. Plus this year, it’s sort light on the skill positions. Some are trying to push these skill guys more than others. Some are really trying to sell the QBs.

      I don’t know but it feels very weird. I completely agreed. So many players that are so highly rated while others are just buried in these rankings.

  2. Ashish

    I’m still stuck at Cred Humphrey from previous draft as center especially how we used Dee Eskridge.

    • BobbyK

      I can’t get over passing on TJ Watt for ATV and trading for Herpes.

      • lil’stink

        People need to get over the TJ Watt thing… yes, it was a huge missed opportunity. But he would have been our 4th DE behind Avril, Bennett, and Clark. Hindsight is always 20/20, and we had far greater needs. I was completely against drafting MM in part for the reasons Rob pointed out at the time, but enough with the revisionist history.

        PCJS completely screwed the pooch with their choice which made it easy for the naysayers. But I find it hard to believe that most people here would have been thrilled with a 4th DE over Kevin King, Buddha Baker, or Cam Robinson.

        • Rob Staton

          We spent a long time talking about TJ Watt

          I compared him physically to Khalil Mack

          I mocked him to Seattle

          Many of us wanted him

          So yes, lots of us would’ve been ecstatic with that pick

    • TatupuTime

      It is absolute insanity that this team would have been better off just taking Staton’s draft recommendations than what they have gone with over a long period now. I’ve followed this blog for many years and almost without fail the draft crushes have been better than Seattle’s actual drafts. There have been misses here for sure (really thought Paxton Lynch would be a thing), but by and large a dude out of England doing this as his hobby, without access to medicals, team interviews or anything else has crushed it. There are only so many years I go can through getting excited about a TJ Watt, Bitonio or whoever else this blog promotes and then have Seattle draft someone not as good. This blog has almost ruined the draft for me.

      So I’m back for another offseason of hoping they go all in on Chandler, Calais and OL. While expecting them to wait until week 2 of Free Agency to get volume mediocrity and taking someone that is a 4th round talent TE/S in the 2nd round instead of the DLine or OL option staring them in the face. When a blogger has absolutely whooped your ass on personnel over 5+ years as an organization there are massive issues (no offence to this great resource).

      • Peter

        It’s absolutely maddening and bordering on dark comedy. Rob’s got a great mind for talent and my dream is for Nagy to convince him to move to Alabama to work on the Senior Bowl with him.

        It’s not just Rob. This place has killer info everywhere. Cha had a great breakdown of Russ vs. The rams. Lo and behold, i start hearing about teams that succeed against the rams are getting the ball out in under 2.5 seconds vs. Seattle’s 4 plus second play design.

        You do have to wonder what info the paid pro’s for seattle’s scouting department are looking at when they are taking Collier, Blair, etc., when Rob is talking about Markus Golden out of missouri if I recall who is quietly better than nearly every edge rusher Seattle has had post LOB days.

      • Donovan


      • MychestisBeastmode

        Not to pick on Rob, but the one player I recall being a miss was that tall WR who ended up with the Saints – Brandon Coleman back in 2016,2017? I think.

        Regardless, Rob’s definitely had a lot, lot more hits than misses. Plus his ability to have such a good handle on how other teams and the league in general value these players as evidenced by his consistent earning top or near top place with the annual (huddle website?) mock draft competition. For most, I imagine it to be a fun guess kind of like march madness, but Rob is not guessing as much as making informed, educated predictions that are pretty damn accurate — at least moreso than anyone else who participates year over year. It’s definitely not luck that he does so well and certainly is skill that he’s built over the years of diving in deep to his passion for this game. Maybe he didn’t grow up learning the intricacies of football, but he’s no longer an amateur evaluator imo even if he won’t say it himself because he’s a humble man writing a blog. This blog and Robs work (the community too!) is special.

  3. cha

    Brady and Larry are spot on.

    As a viewer is drives me crazy when a reporter says ‘talk about…’ like it’s a command. Not only is it impolite, it rarely produces a good answer.

    Aaron Levine is really bad that way.

    Brady Henderson
    Got several reminders during Super Bowl week of a reporting pet peeve: telling an interview subject to “talk about” this or that. Don’t do that. We are asking questions of fellow professions in interviews, not giving orders to our children. This is better: “Can you talk about …”


    Larry Stone
    Replying to

    Agree 100 percent. What’s wrong with asking an actual question?

    Bad: “Talk about the running game.”

    (Slightly) Better: “Can you talk about the running game?”

    Best: “What made the running game so effective today?”

    • Sea Mode


      “talk about Bobby Wagner”

      “could you please talk about Bobby Wagner?”

      “how good is Bobby Wagner?”


    • Palatypus

      I was an award winning journalist in college and I never used the word “talk” in a question.

      Worst: “Talk about the running game.”

      Bad: “Can you talk about the running game?

      Better: “What made the running game work for you today?”

      Best: “Was going to the outside zone when Aaron Donald was lined up an imbalanced front something you schemed for today, or was that an adjustment?”

      • Rob Staton

        I think the ‘better’ question is the best personally.

        I hate it when journalists get all technical. Especially because at least half the time they get it wrong and then just get awkwardly corrected by the person they’re talking to.

        • Palatypus

          Good point. And I didn’t win the award for sports.

        • Palatypus

          So, Rob did you hate this highly technical question?

          Hugh Millen: “Hey that long touchdown pass in the third quarter by the 49ers, It appeared that you were in a three deep zone. You got a curl flat player over the slot. When that slot runs a wheel route, does the curl flat player have to carry the wheel?”

          • Rob Staton

            No, because Hugh Millen isn’t a journalist. He’s a former NFL quarterback.

            • Palatypus

              Thought you were going to refuse to answer the question for a moment.

  4. Denver Hawker

    PFN Simulator feels a bit useless at the moment. Combine should help bring most of the mocks and boards closer together. The “draft experts” will be there and have conversations with scouts/execs that will change their boards- most likely to look closer to Rob’s.

    There will be a very good player available at #41 and decent player at #72. Wish we had a couple more picks inside Top 100 though.

    • Bmseattle


    • DougM

      I’ve been using the pff simulator and preferring it.

  5. JimQ

    7 players that I’ve researched that have “fairly exceptional” season stats that do NOT match at all with their current rankings. They seem to be either just overlooked or completely disregarded for whatever reasons. Most of these guys may deserve some consideration for the Seahawks on day-3 or as UDFA’s. –IMO–

    (1) DL-Scott Patchan, Colorado St., 6-6/270 –2021= #6 in FBS in TFL’s with 19.5-TFL’s, +/- 1-yr wonder?
    2021: 12-games, 68-tkls, 19.5-TFL, 11.5-sacks, 2-PD, 2-FR, 3-FF, would seem to have the size/length/stats of a decent pass rusher. I think his slightly older age may be of some concern to a few evaluators.
    **Currently ranked #340-overall at

    (2) WR-Jerreth Sterns, W. Kentucky, 5-8/195, *#1* in FBS in 2021 in these categories, *150-catches*, *1902-yds, *17-TD’s*, *10.7-rec/game* & *135.9-yds/game* – Career stats: (FCS & FBS) 371/3907-yds/10.53-ypc/35-TD’s. Apparently, he suffers badly from small-school -itis. Some lucky team will get him in the draft.
    **Currently ranked #232-overall at

    (3) WR-Velus Jones Jr, Tennessee, 6-0/180, #2 in FBS in Punt returns with a 15.11-yd. avg.
    2021: 62/807/13.0-ypc/7-TD’s receiving + 18/272/15.11-ypr/0-TD on Punt returns. Jones is #2 in FBS punt returns with 15.11-yd avg. & is #18 in FBS on KO returns with 23/628/27.3-ypr/1-TD. Maybe Undervalued?
    **Currently ranked #190-overall at

    (4) CB-(slot)-Ja’Quan McMillian, E. Carolina. 5-10/183, *#1 in FBS* in 2021 in total Passes defended.
    2021: 56-tkls, 4.0-TFL, 5-INT(1-TD), 16-PD, 1-FF, 2-FR. I suspect his 40-time speed may be in question?
    Career: 33-games, 127-Tkls, 5-TFL, *12-INT, (1-TD), 28-PD*, 2-FF, 2-FR. NOTE: “Per PFF,” McMillian earned an 88.5 overall defensive grade, He has played outside some as well as the slot. + He’s sticky in coverage.
    **Currently ranked #363-overall at

    (5) LB-D’Marco Jackson, Appl. St. 6-1/230, 2021: 119-tkls, 20-TFL, 6.0-sacks, 1-INT, 5-PD, 1-FF. *#5 in FBS with 20,0-TFL’s*, Small school guy, He played fairly well in post season and has been moving up slowly.
    **Currently ranked #174-overall at

    (6) LB/EDGE-Ali Fayad, W. Michigan, 6-2/250, 2021: 39-tkls, 16.0-TFL, 13.0-sacks, 2-PBU, 9-QBH, 2-FF. *#4 in FBS* with 13-SACKS, Has the look of a pretty “disruptive” LB/EDGE type. Maybe has Questions about his agility or speed or injury history or something? #’s indicate he should be 2-3 rounds higher in rank.
    **Currently ranked #270-overall at

    (7) LB-Nick Heninger, Utah St. 6-2/235, Pretty similar stats to Devin Lloyd. An older LB, maybe that’s why?
    2021: 75-tkls, 21.5-TFL, 9-sacks, 5-PD, 5-FF, 2-QBH, 1-FR. His 21.5-TFL’s is #3 in FBS. (#2 is Devin Lloyd from Utah with 22.) D-MVP of Jimmy Kimmel Bowl with 5-TFL & 3-sacks. Now he’s just completely missing from all rankings I’ve seen. I don’t think he opted out of the draft, as I haven’t seen that anywhere.
    **Currently totally *unranked* at

  6. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Posted this at the very end of Rob’s old post. Re-posting here because its interesting to me and may be to you as well!

    Studying up on Fangio’s defensive scheme along with his disciples to get a better understanding of what our D might look like and what personnel we may target in this new 3-4 look (as referenced by DC Hurtt), but really a 4-3 under with a different splits for the D-linemen and more 2 high safeties who have increased run responsibility.

    5 minute concise overview of Fangio’s style:

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      This video focuses on Brandon Staley, a successful Fangio disciple, current HC of Chargers and former DC of #1 ranked defense in 2020.


      My takeaway is the Hawks NEED an interior rusher who can be a disruptor at a minimum to effectively implement this change in scheme (assuming our D will emulate something as seen in this video). Having a lockdown corner wouldn’t hurt either.

      12 minute video on Brandon Staley’s D with some direct comparison to Pete Carroll’s D as well.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      The most enlightening information yet. Again contrasts weaknesses from LOB single high safety, one-gap system and how it is obsolete. Does a great job explaining Staley’s 1& 1/2 gap system (as opposed to 2 gap which slows defensive bursting out the gate leading to no pass rush) allowing to stop the run with light boxes and frees up extra safety to have a smothering pass defense.

      19 minutes

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      It’s not all roses though. This video exposes how personnel issues, especially in not having interior lineman who can consistently eat up double teams can cause this “house of cards” to crumble forcing more single high looks which in turn expose weaker cornerbacks in the pass. Also shows how someone as explosive as Joey Bosa can be a complete non fit in this system. Also, also, to me, it seems like Jamal Adams fits well in terms of run responsibility (when not making business decisions for his bum shoulder) but is overall another misuse of resources that would be better allocated on a hybrid DE/DT type.

      12 minute video. If you watched the videos above, you only need to watch this one from the 6 minute mark on as there’s redundancy and an embedded ad in the first half of video.

      • downtownjewelrybryan

        these are good watches, especially the 3rd one. thanks!

      • The Tez

        I haven’t dug into the DL/off ball LB front 7 aspects as of yet BC I hadn’t heard that we’d be adopting more of the Fangio style scheme 34 D front yet. What to me seems very interesting (besides the hallmark very late at snap or during snap rolling/declaring of coverages, etc of Fangio Pass Coverages) but also concerning from a personnel/skill set standpoint is Fangio D coverage scheme is a supposedly a Split Field Match Zone based scheme (essentially starts out as zone, but depending on routes run, etc, design of D play call coverage, it some players may transition into man coverage, transition into different responsibility zone coverage, or remain in original zone coverage. It’s also designed to spread the burden of pass coverage so it’s not mainly always on same couple of players, as well as a kind of flexible counter measure to modern passing schemes in whats supposed to be best of man & zone concepts while limiting the negatives of each type)… it apparently requires immense trust & good chemistry between all in back 7, great communication, DBs that are extremely well coached, are very assignment sound, are smart & instinctive, have consistently very good fundamentals, as well aa having good enough physical attributes & athleticism to effectively execute zone coverage, man coverage and rapidly transition while maintaining correct & tight enough coverages where any DB could end up having coverage assignment end up being in very different part of the field.

        Unfortunately IMO, these are things that do not match very well with majority of our 2021 DBs. JR Reed struggled a bit playing L Outside CB & thankfully regained form when moved back to only ROCB role. To me seems like an even worse fit for Jamal Adams as he’s going to have to frequently cover a much more varied amount of the field that will constantly be changing during each play and further reduces his opportunities to play up near the LOS where his skill sets are most effective (he might be better used as the 34 front #2 ILB/Weak side LB, similarly to how many NFL D have moved NCAA SS to that position & role, paired with a more traditional, solid sized more down hill 34 #1 ILB/MLB like Brooks. Which in theory offers a complementary abilities pair, with a more athletic, nimble, quick, rangey, better in coverage in the short to intermediate depth areas, undersized LB/SS hybrid who becomes the Will OLB in Nickel, with a more stout, solid sized, down hill, essentially balanced but better in run D more traditional LB who’s the MLB in Nickel. IMO this would be making best use of JA in Match Zone coverage scheme, and then try to retain S Q Diggs and also try to add another S who will better fit the scheme, ideally would be someone like FA Cin S Jesse Bates, which would give us 2 Safeties who can cover & tackle well with good athletic traits and have the interchangeability & versatility that’s ideal for the coverage scheme). S Q Diggs should be an ideal fit in coverage scheme with his experience & ability to play FS, SS & NCB well coupled with his physical traits, physicality, coverage & ball skills. CB Tre Brown (if recovers well from knee problems & can remain healthy) seems like should also be a pretty solid fit in the coverage scheme. SS R Neal in theory should be decent fit as a backup with his experience as an OCB & SS, although him getting repeatedly beat like a drum by RB Kamara when covering short, intermediate & crossing routes is a bit concerning as there’ll likely be a pretty solid amount of that type of coverage duties against WR, TE & RB. CB Sydney Jones looked decently solid in 2021 D which more frequently used Cover 2 Shell in later portion of year, so there’s some argument to be made he could potentially have similar success in Fangio scheme, but TBH I can’t really project him as good nor poor fit for Fangio scheme at the moment. In theory with experience at FS & NCB positions, Blair & Amadi should have decent potential fits in scheme, but actual performance in NFL so far would suggest still won’t be all that decent of performers. Main overall concerns with previous DB group is the fairly consistent issues they’ve had with communication, blowing coverage assignments, overall assignment discipline, inconsistent fundamentals & such in a pretty basic/simple coverage scheme when new scheme requires them to be consistently good at all of those things & will be running a much more complex, constantly changing coverage scheme. While I do really like Desai addition, this is where losing out on Ed Donatell may have a significant impact.

        Also, I wouldn’t necessarily expect a B Staley type D scheme, he adopted a handful of more NCAA D aspects to his D scheme with LAR that aren’t part of  Fangio’s D scheme, such as playing Nickel CB a bit further outside in some situations and changing the run D fits & other assignments the NCB & S on the NCB side have. Maybe Hurtt & Desai adopt some of B Staley’s variations, but they’re not inherent to Fangio coaching  & scheme.

        From Int DL & Edge standpoint, something definitely needs to change schematically, position/player profile & talent wise, and frankly have very strongly thought we’ve needed a new DL coach & to add a Pass Rush Specialist/Analyst position coach since end of 2018 season. I get that players love & respect Hurtt a ton as a coach, but the end results simply have not been remotely good enough (just like with Ken Norton as DC)… but the consistency, quality/level of play, development, technique, ability to inspire, get & maintain motivation, leadership (players seemingly every year having to call players only meetings to change direction of group & play is concerning), the consistently poorly performing pass rush production by DL, seemingly taking ½ the season or more to start turning pass rush around into kinda decent performers, the long stretches of games where pass rush is impotent to basically nonexistent, etc are still very concerning problems IMO with zero changes nor additions to DL coaching, especially when seems our new, 1st time ever being a DC at any level DC Clint Hurtt will be handling DC duties on top of DL duties, and probably D Run Game duties. Think we really missed out on opportunities to improve the coaching of our DL group this offseason, for both primary DL position coach and in not adding a Pass Rush Specialist/Analyst and or 34 OLB/Edge position coach like Desai’s Pass Rush Specialist/Analyst in Chi, Bill Shuey for same position with us. It’s pretty slim pickings now, but still hope they decide to & manage to find a solid+ quality DL or Pass Rush Specialist/Analyst or 34 OLB/Edge pos coach to add to the staff.

        It will also be interesting to see how much, if any, changes they make in player/position profiles & skill sets for the Interior DL & Edge position groups, whether they’ll mainly maintain status quo of PC previous 43 Under hybrid front, or move more towards true base D 34 D front, or even primary focus more on the usually most frequently used across NFL Nickel package D front, as well as if will continue with use of pseudo Bear D front for run D against wide zone run games, or maybe incorporate some outside approaches like how NO DC Dennis Allen used 5-0 & 6-0 DL-LB fronts in some pass rushing situations to help disguise & confuse the OL & QB on who was/wasn’t coming on pass rush Vs dropping into coverage. Currently, a good portion of our potential DL players aren’t all that well suited in theory to a true 34 D front, guys like Dunlap, Hyder, R Green, etc aren’t really the typical size & strength of 34 5T DE but also aren’t really athletic & mobile enough along with being quite large for the 34 Rush OLB position, D Taylor especially, Mayowa & A Robinson could be suitable 34 Rush OLB, Collier & R Nkemdiche might have enough size to be rotational 34 5T DE, while Poona, Woods & Mone could make OK early & running downs Int DL trio its questionable at best IMO if they can offer similar abilities & performances of LAR Int DL under Staley nor 2018 Chi Int DL under Fangio.

        Too much about D & the direction they appear to be trying to take it in that just doesn’t seem to project fitting very well together in individual, group nor whole D fits & roles, and would seem pretty likely to have same personnel issues as Staley has with LAC leftover players who are essentially from PC style D scheme. I want to like & believe D will get it together & run D well, but with PC/JS fatal propensities for sticking with “their guys”, prioritizing retaining own players, poor use of offseason opportunities, etc I have an extremely hard time seeing them even being willing to try let alone successfully dramatically reshaping D roster enough to adopt & execute D scheme well and improve D talent level enough. If they don’t dramatically reshape & improve D roster (along with OL & probably RB group) it seems like they’re just treading water & delaying the inevitable new regime change by 1-2 years, wasting precious, finite resources & time in the meantime.

        • Rob Staton

          This is a lot of words

  7. MyChestIsBeastMode

    This video focuses on Brandon Staley, a successful Fangio disciple, current HC of Chargers and former DC of #1 ranked defense in 2020.


    My takeaway is the Hawks NEED an interior rusher who can be a disruptor at a minimum to effectively implement this change in scheme (assuming our D will emulate something as seen in this video). Having a lockdown corner wouldn’t hurt either.

    12 minute video on Brandon Staley’s D with some direct comparison to Pete Carroll’s D as well.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Sorry, double post. Please delete this one when you see it Rob. Thanks!

  8. Gaux Hawks

    February 18, 2022 (202 days until NFL 2022 kickoff): I need someone to hold me tight and tell me everything will be okay.

    • Justaguy

      It will most definitely not be alright

  9. Hawk Finn

    I get so pumped reading these analyses, despite knowing full well how this shakes out in April. Can’t wait til draft comes around with a blog favorite still on the board at #41, trade down for an extra 7th, miss out on said prospect, only to take Leo Chenal.

    • Paul

      Great screen name, Hawk!

  10. Seattle Person

    One Olineman to keep an eye out for is Dare Rosenthal from Kentucky. He was their LT this past season. He started his career at LSU and even started LT for them. Big athletic upside but there are some question marks about his character and desire.

    Right now he’s projected in the later rounds or even UDFA. Top 50 talent based on athleticism. He’s got everything Abe Lucas has in terms of size, length, movement. He’s been invited to the Combine so we’ll see how he test.

  11. cha

    Is David Carr a real insider? He said this on Get Up today:

    “Conversations I’ve had with people that are in that building, and there’s a feeling that he holds them back somehow. That he somehow holds the Seattle Seahawks from becoming their true selves.”

    Sounds like JS to me.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      we saw it when he was out with the hammer finger

      • Peter


    • Peter

      Why does this read so strange? “Their true selves.” Like there’s a beautiful butterfly just waiting to be free from it’s cocoon.

      Let me guess. Wilson is preventing them from having years worth of top ten picks where they can *fully* form finally into an unstoppable force.

      • Big Mike

        No, to trade those top tens for a guy ranked in the 60s by PFF 2 years in a row, You just don’t get the concept of roster construction Peter.

        • Peter

          Hopefully the light goes on for me soon like it did for noted hawks insider David Carr.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Timing routes, utilizing TEs, proper back shoulder passes, utilizing pocket by stepping up into it, releasing the ball in 2.5 seconds or less, less reliance on over the top big gains (though RW does have a gorgeous deep ball when on his game).

        That’s my guess of what this may mean if some insider did infact say these things to Carr. These deficiencies are the reason why, while I do not want to trade RW, I could envision success from a lesser but also more prototypical QB should RW be traded. It’s gotta be hell for an offensive coordinator to gameplay for RW since (maybe?) a majority of his pass plays break down into a scramble drill leading to far too much unpredictability.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          These deficiencies play a significant role in the utterly terrible 3rd down conversion rates too!

    • Tomas

      If it’s JS holding that view he has an enormous, fatal, blind spot, and should be immediately replaced by Rob Staton, and then run out of town on a rail. Or at least replaced.

  12. Poli

    Listening to KJ on a recent podcast, he says he was willing to stay with the Seahawks and take a lesser role, but Carroll still didn’t want him.

    How the hell do you not take the #67 player in the NFL top 100 back for less of a cap hit than Benson Mayowa?

    • Poli

      “the leadership that I bring in that locker room, the presence that I bring, they would’ve got millions (of dollars) out of me (for that alone)”

    • Hughz

      I think it had more to do with the development of Brooks than anything.

      • Poli

        And I’m sure KJ would’ve helped with that

        • TomLPDX

          Don’t even get me started. Pete totally screwed up with KJ and why? What did you prove, Pete?

          • Peter

            This is why I’m less enamored with JS than others on this site. There’s no money for KJ since he’s I guess, disposable on the other hand Wagner you have the pockets deep enough to pay him nearly 6x Wright? Everyone loves Wagner. But running backs and LB’s even on big contracts shouldn’t be on contracts that get bigger as they get older.

    • Mick

      I love KJ and I hoped he’ll stay, and looking back it was a mistake not keeping him. It tells a lot that Brooks wanted him in the squad. That being said, we get his side of the story though. I recall when he said he wouldn’t make us a home team discount, and from Pete’s “Let me talk with John and see what we can do” to “eventually I had to sign with Las Vegas” there’s a blank.

  13. Mexican Hawk

    I like the idea of continuing to draft Olinemen. Grooming a possible replacement for Duane Brown. But as you mentioned in a previous article (and podcast) I would love the free agent focus to be on the trenches primarily the pass rush.

    There is lots of positives to adding a combo of Chandler Jones, Von Miller, Akiem Hicks, Jadaveon Clownery or Calais Campbell.

    First of it’s not a pie in the sky proposal. For many reasons, starting with their age. The fact that they are up in age, makes it very realistic that something can be done cap and contract wise.

    What intrigues me about this whole thing is that it can be the key to TURNING THE TIDE on the Russell Wilson CONVERSATION. Especially if they can convince Von Miller and Chandler. With Von I feel that it can ignite the Trevor Moawad flame between him and Russ, not to mention OBJ as a possible later addition. I’m not throwing darts out of the blue. I don’t think the Rams with Robert Woods coming back, will be that good of an option for OBJ.

    Going back to the more important matter, a combo of Miller and Chandler can be the long sought after Avril/Bennett of yesteryear. Add some interior pass rush via a mean veteran free agent and that is all it takes to re-kindle the energy.

    In house they would be a perfect complement to the young guys who are coming into their own. They can learn so much from these fellows. At the same time a true rotation will emerge, keeping the newly signed veterans fresh.

    Here’s to hoping! PCJS go get it….

  14. Rob Staton

    Jeremy Fowler latest, worth listening to because he clearly has the ear of both sides.

    — Wilson is laying low to see what they do in free agency

    — Seahawks no plans to trade him at this point

    So that is the situation now, over to PCJS for free agency

    • Rob Staton

      Here’s Jordan Schultz’s latest. Before anyone says anything — he had Wilson’s ‘updated list’ during the season, which Rapoport then backed up.

      He reckons Wilson is open to a trade and wouldn’t be a surprise if he moved on

      Also says the Eagles are interested

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Sooo, Jaylen Hurts + Gardner Minshew + 3 1sts for Russel Wilson

        If Russel demands a trade, I think that scenario or something close to it comes close to making me about the least unhappy as could be possible, all things considered. We wouldn’t have a good (proven good anyhow) QB, but damned if we couldn’t address just about every other need.

        • MychestisBeastmode


        • Peter

          With talk of zero to five qb’s doing a switcheroo: rodgers, Watson, Wilson, Carr, Cousins, others ?…. i’m starting to think the price goes down not up for the QB sweepstakes.

          I firmly think Wilson is worth three firsts and a player like Chase young. I just think those firsts are soread over seasons rather than all at once.

          Carr back in a trade with the raiders is the only one I consider remotely close to a ayer package. Hurts, minshew, good grief Daniel Jones are just fodder in a package. Perhaps Minshew can find some of his former magic. Hurts us a good runner but he’s not a QB.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            As things stand right now, Watson is the only one who will make a move imo and then maybe a ripple effect of lateral QB moves with hopes that new scenery will make a difference should he end up with any one of the teams with B-list QBs who are looking to shop/trade. Maybe someone moves to accommodate or trade for Wentz, but most moves would only be downgrades from Seattle’s perspective, and mostly only lateral from other teams’ perspectives (besides Rodgers, Wilson, Watson).

            FWIW, I think Wentz and Carr are B list, Wentz has a good TD:Int ratio while Carr wins out in completion % and yards/attempt. Pick your poison, but I’d bet both would have similar levels of success (or possibly lack thereof when compared to RW)if they ended up with the Hawks.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Sorry Rob, can’t help myself… but if I’m PHILLY, I’m at least playing the RW3 trade game… inflate the price for WAS if nothing else.

        1 x J. Hurts
        3 x 22R1
        1 x 23R2
        1 x 22R3

        …then trade DK to SD for 22R1 and 22R2

        Would be hard for JS to walk away from this: 4 x 22R1, 1 x 22R2, 1 x 22R3, 1 x 23R2 and J. Hurts

        • Ashish

          And then pass on talent like TJ watts and dream to find a QB.

        • Happy Hawk

          who is “SD”?

          • MychestisBeastmode

            I assume the now LA Chargers, formerly of San Diego?

            They may be losing Mike Williams to FA and while Keenan Allen is playing well, he’s getting long in the tooth with a few serious injuries under his belt. DK would be a huge get for their young QB. But I don’t think Pete searched for an impact big WR for the past decade to up and trade the first legit one he’s got his hands throughout this decade long search. Either way, anything less than 2 1sts for DK, unless he’s a clubhouse cancer (which does not sound like it), would be a poor return on his value based on his intangibles alone. He’s Megatron-lite and has not come close to hitting his peak potential yet.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Does anyone know the cap savings for trading RW?

        Don’t hate me, but then what would the cap hit be for J. Hurts?

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve warned you already

          No more

          You keep saying the same thing over and over again about trading for Hurts and we get it

    • bmseattle

      A sticky situation if Russ is waiting to see about free agents, but free agents want assurances that Russ will be in Seattle.
      Other than extending Russ, which neither party seems to want to do, I don’t see any free agents trusting that Russ will be here long term.

      • cha

        This is the hole they’ve dug for themselves.

        Instead of having Russ in full-on recruit mode, they’re hoping to recruit good free agents to keep Russ.

        Not a good formula. They’ll likely have to overpay to make good things happen.

        • Gross MaToast

          So, Pete and JS may have ‘prove it’ deals with Jody for this coming season, but just until draft day with Wilson? I’m assuming that the “in it ‘til the end” bs won’t fly with either this time around.

          No pressure.

          • cha

            League year starts March 16, draft is April 28.

            They have less than a month window to make enough progress to convince Russ that Seattle is his best shot.

            Getting through the draft and THEN trading Russ would be a disaster.

            • Gross MaToast

              Trying to imagine a FA scenario that Pete/JS can follow to appease Wilson and make him gruntled enough for another run and can’t find anything that seems realistic, particularly based on the past decade. It seems like the whole thing is going to almost revolve around Week 1/Day 1 free agents and we know how that goes with Seattle.

              I WANT to believe that the coaching staff changes mean a new leaf, but ‘too little, too late’ rears its ugly head.

              I think they’re currently in pretend mode – “not trading him, don’t even ask” – before transitioning to the “we’d have to be blown away” bit and then finally settling for the best deal they can get. We’ll probably get to the “have to be blown away” part around March 20.

              • Big Mike

                100% agree Gross. Pete’s already said not to expect any big FA acquisitions. I mean seriously, how’s he gonna pay Wagner 20 and get a Chandler Jones too.
                Compound that with the dichotomy of the situation with Russ as discussed here already……..FAs will want to know if he’s staying before committing to Seattle and he will want to know what FAs Pete/John are signing before committing to stay.
                I see the situation playing out much as you’ve suggested and I’m guessing they settle for a deal that’s at least somewhat below what we feel they should get.

                • pdway

                  maybe the reason Russ is quieter so far this off-season, is that the options that seem marginally doable, aren’t really better situations for him. There had been speculation on here re N.O. last year, and that had some logic to it – but w that one seemingly off the board given Payton’s exit – is there one out there (including Philly) that actually seems like a significant step up for him?

                  Personally, I’ve never bought any of ‘russ wants a bigger market’ sentiment – the biggest stars in the league these days (Mahomes, Rodgers, even Burrow) are all in markets smaller than Seattle. I think the league itself is so big and popular, that it doesn’t matter anymore.

                  Maybe I’ll end up being wrong, but the vibe so far feels like he’s sticking around this season.

                  • Rob Staton

                    It’s not really that. Because some of these other teams will let him have a huge say in personnel and be very aggressive. Two things so far Seattle hasn’t offered.

                    Teams going after Russ are going to try and mimic the Rams. The Seahawks have to show to their QB that they are willing to be suitably competitive to get better.

              • Gross MaToast

                Teams That Could Theoretically Make Themselves A Playoff Team By Adding Russell Wilson

                Seattle *

                * Teams unlikely to be interested in adding Russell Wilson

                Teams That Could Return A QB of Some Competency Although Not As Good As Russell Wilson in A Theoretical Deal for Russell Wilson:


                • Big Mike

                  Which is why my money is still on Vegas if it sies happen. Well that and the fact that Mark Davis is seemingly enamored.

                  • Gross MaToast

                    If Pete makes the call, I agree it seems most the most likely outcome.

                    If Pete wants to see another Super Bowl, though, he’s going to have to come up with a better solution at QB than Derek Carr.

            • Peter

              Correction. Getting through Free Agency and then trading Wilson will be a disaster. Teams making their team one way or the other both us and suitors who will have to make aquisitions in accordance to team needs and then any defecits they may have in trying to replacing potential players who may be part of a trade could be tough.

              See Washington. Trading us Chase young but after free agency when your options to replace him are low value players….not great. I’m with cowherd here about getting out early and setting the market.

              • swedenhawk

                And whoever acquires Wilson will also be gaining a tremendous recruitment tool. Without Wilson on board convincing ‘superstars’ to come win a championship in Seattle, PC/JS have lost their #1 recruiting asset. That’s the price you pay when you marginalize your HOF QB.

  15. swedenhawk

    Rob’s off-the-cuff trade scenario seeming more likely by the day… For kicks, I ran a couple options through the PFN simulator. I don’t know who’s playing QB for Seattle in 2022, but drafts like these would go a long way to retooling the roster before taking a shot at Will Levis in 2023.

    Russell Wilson to WAS
    Chase Young 2022 WAS 1st; 2022 WAS 2nd; 2023 WAS 1st; 2023 WAS 2nd to SEA

    Jordan Davis
    DT Georgia

    Channing Tindall
    LB Georgia

    Dameon Pierce
    RB Florida

    Rasheed Walker
    OT Penn State

    Cade Otton
    TE Washington

    Kerby Joseph
    S Illinois

    Montaric Brown
    CB Arkansas

    Zach Tom
    OT Wake Forest

    Charleston Rambo
    WR Miami-Fl

    Connor Heyward
    RB Michigan State

    • swedenhawk

      Russell Wilson to PHI
      2022 PHI 1st; 2022 PHI 1st; 2023 PHI 1st; 2023 PHI 2nd to SEA

      Jordan Davis
      DT Georgia

      Boye Mafe
      EDGE Minnesota

      Abraham Lucas
      OT Washington State

      Dameon Pierce
      RB Florida

      Channing Tindall
      LB Georgia

      Kerby Joseph
      S Illinois

      Montaric Brown
      CB Arkansas

      Cade Otton
      TE Washington

      Cole Strange
      OG Chattanooga

      Charleston Rambo
      WR Miami-Fl

      Connor Heyward
      RB Michigan State

      • swedenhawk

        Russell Wilson to LV
        Derek Carr, Clelin Ferrell, 2022 LV 1st; 2022 LV 2nd; 2023 LV 1st; 2023 LV 2nd to SEA

        Devonte Wyatt
        DT Georgia

        Greg Dulcich
        TE UCLA

        Tariq Woolen
        CB UTSA

        Tyrion Davis-Price
        RB LSU

        Zach Tom
        OT Wake Forest

        Obinna Eze
        OT TCU

        Nate Landman
        LB Colorado

        Nick Cross
        S Maryland

        Connor Heyward
        RB Michigan State

        • Peter

          I get that PFN is a bit slow on updating but Woolen might go first round if he tests out at the combine. He’s starting to get tons of love.

    • Peter

      I’d like to see another pass rusher, Winfrey?, at 41. I like Tindall but a cody barton comp…as Rob said “eek.” If not a pass rusher bring another interior Dlinemen like Travis Jones and make the LB’s lives easier.

  16. Sea Mode

    Mafe RAS:

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t like RAS at all personally

      Certain positions rely on specific testing. RAS just provided a general athletic profile. But if you’re amazing in some tests and average in the ones that matter at your position, what good is an overall score?

      • Sea Mode

        Agree. I just refer to it for the reported testing numbers.

  17. cha

    22. Seahawks- Avg. Rank 20.3

    The Jamal Adams trade killed the Seahawks who rank just 29th in draft capital despite finishing the year 7-10. Seattle is 7th in cap space but also has the 8th most snaps to replace this year. They cant really sit on the cap room and will need to be more aggressive than usual in free agency if they want to take one more run at this with Russell Wilson as QB. A team that might have massive turnover in 2023 if things don’t go right this offseason.

    • Big Mike

      Peacock is just the gift that keeps on giving isn’t he? Oh, and he’s not done giving it to the franchise either.

      • Ashish

        Wish it was just 1 year experiment and last year trade or let him walk. Was surprised when Rob came up with that option last year but now that sounds good option. I understand would have been looked bad but it would have been over. Let’s see if Desai and Hurtt able to get something out of Adams.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        While I hope Jamal proves us all wrong, I’ll say it again until I’m blue in the face — 2 more season, then cutting Jamal (or modest trade just to get his money off the books) is palatable from a cap perspective.

        He may end up being a solid to great safety in his remaining years. Regardless, anything less than ”the best of all time,” will inevitably go down as the worst trade then extension in Seahawks history and up there with the worst transactions of all time in the NFL, at least when looking at opportunity cost with all the other players + cap flexibility we missed out on by doing what we did on that fateful day 2 years ago.


        • Scot04

          Sadly he can’t prove us wrong & it’s not even his fault.
          How our front office felt it was ok to give up 2 1sts & a 3rd of a safety is impossible to understand.
          Adams can never, no matter how well he performs live up to that as a safety.
          That draft capital could have & should have been able to land us two D-line starters.
          It’s embarrassing.
          However, all we can do his hope whatever Desai & Hurtt come up with brings him back to the level of player he was in NY.
          Still won’t matter though unless they finally address needs with Quality in Free-agency.

  18. clbradley17

    Great updates on several players Rob. That Cameron Jurgens looks like a hell of a player, would love for us to get him on day 3. Watch this play of his – pushes the db 40 yards down the field, then throws him down while blocking for his guy. That’s more effort than we’ve seen from Pocic in the last 4 years, and Fuller was just a joke with his 0 or single digit PFF scores.

  19. cha


    Pittsburgh Steelers
    We have named Brian Flores as our senior defensive assistant/linebackers.

    • Big Mike

      Not at all surprising to me. If he doesn’t get hired it adds fuel to the fire of the lawsuit. I don’t believe this mitigates any of his assertions which is why he’s choosing to take the position, but I think it keeps from making it worse for the league from their point of view. The stealers in many ways run the NFL through Goodell imo.

  20. Donovan

    Bill Simmons’ latest podcast predicts Tom Brady will play for 49ers next season

    • Peter

      1. Could see it. His favorite team growing up. Parents in the bay area.

      2. What a waste of picks for their qb.

      3. He’s under contract, would the niners have draft stock to trade?

      • UkAlex6674

        Wouldn’t say it’s a waste – the chance to secure the GOAT for 1 season with the roster built as it is around him, giving Lance the chance to learn under Brady? Priceless.

    • Sean-O

      Bucs still have his rights so I’m sure they wouldn’t just essentially give him away to SF. If I’m John Lynch, I trade Jimmy G for the best pick I can (3rd?) then offer my 3rd round compensatory pick to the Bucs.

      • Sea Mode

        I think he’ll fetch at least as much as Wentz, right…?

    • Hawks4life

      Don’t see it happening I think he’s done

  21. Henry Taylor

    I’ve jus realised that, per overthecap, Gabe Jackson’s 2022 salary is now guaranteed (as of Feb 10). So it appears they aren’t moving on there.

    • Rob Staton

      Oh great

    • Paul

      Jackson’s 2022 dead cap is $12M, so the 2/18 guarantee (that date according to spotrac) won’t affect any plans to move on from him. SEA pretty much committed to Jackson for two years when they signed him.

    • Cover2

      Not a good start to the Free Agent signing season. I thought for sure Gabe would be cut.

  22. Paul

    Rob, given the focus on LT here, what is your current projection for Stone Forsyth?

    • Rob Staton

      Too hard to say. We saw nothing of him really.

  23. Eduardo Ballori

    Good stuff Staton.

    I feel that with the switch to a more Cover-7 heavy approach, coupled with the arrival of Scott, we could see a couple of DBs from Alabama come off the board to Seattle if they look to build up their CBs and safeties via the draft. The more seasoned the rookies come in knowing the new defensive tendencies, the less of a lag in transitioning.

    Also, I wonder with the aforementioned defensive transition, if Wagner, now becomes more expendable and its easier to justify transitioning out of him because of schematic reasons, as well as the payroll reasons you’ offered up in your post.

    👊🏼 from 🇵🇷,


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