New Stream: Seahawks off-season talking points

Today I was joined by Jeff Simmons to discuss various Seahawks off-season talking points. You can see our conversation below. Everything was discussed.

If you missed my last two articles on free agents and underrated players or my big mock off-season don’t forget to check them out too.


  1. Big Mike


  2. cha

    Not sure if there’s anything juicy about Watson behind the paywall, but I don’t think Minnesota was a name I remotely expected to be connected to him.

    Jeremy Fowler@JFowlerESPN·2hDeshaun Watson has begun evaluating potential fits for his services in 2022, with #Bucs and #Vikings among teams on his radar.

    From our post-Super-Bowl buzz file.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s an interesting suggestion.

      And would make Cousins available

      • cha

        Would be a very exciting move to pair Watson with Jefferson, Thielen and Cook. Vikings could step up in the NFCN if Rodgers retires or is traded.

        It would also be intriguing to watch the leverage game in a Cousins trade. They have to get his $35m guaranteed off the books but he’d definitely have suitors.

  3. cha

    I’m sure you’ll get around to asking Jeff but I’d like to know if the last two games changed his perception of what the Seahawks need to do this offseason.

    • jeff

      They did not.

      • cha

        Good man. Thanks Jeff.

    • Rob Staton

      Apologies — didn’t get this in.

      But having spoken to Jeff off-air a fair bit — I can answer with confidence that those two games didn’t change anything for him

  4. GoHawks5151

    Can’t wait to listen! I’m more optimistic after the last week or so. Last year they went half way in with Waldron and hanging on to KNJ. This year they seemed to double down on Waldron by promoting Dickerson. Some new ideas on defense and maybe even some guarantees give Desai some control. You can see a path trending towards them spending on some big FA’s. Of course it’s all up to PC

  5. Rob Staton

    “New Seahawks DC Clint Hurtt meeting media today says he wants to see his defensive linemen going forward.”

    • Henry Taylor

    • Sea Mode


      • Big Mike


        To me a difference maker doesn’t make business decisions, ever.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        It’s typical boring coach-speak. I don’t think you’d hear a coach say anything else about a high profile player in public. Like the trade or not (and I didn’t and still don’t), but he is a player that will be played when he is healthy. You don’t invest that kind of capital to sit him on the bench. That said, finding a way to use him effectively is literally Hurtt’s job, so hearing him say that is no surprise.

      • Jordan

        Shouldn’t be complicated. Just get back to playing him in the same role that he was playing when he came in to the league as a pro bowl, all-pro calibre player. Dude isn’t old.

        • jed

          I wonder if his shoulder injuries will make it impossible for him to be the same player he was on the Jets even if he’s used the same way.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            One more season then his dead cap hit when released is palatable.

            Of course, I hope he comes back with a vengeance. But I too have much concern about the stability of his shoulder.

    • Scot04

      Here’s the whole write up. He obviously was not a fan of D-lineman dropping into coverage.

      That alone makes me feel better & gives me a little hope. Hope is something I didn’t have before the coaching changes.

  6. Rob Staton

    Falcons just cut Dante Fowler

    Turns 28 in March. Only 7.5 sacks in 28 games for the Falcons. Still, if he was cheap I’d have him in the rotation. No comp pick issues too as a cut player, in case people leave.

    • cha

      Intriguing buy-low candidate. Seems best when he’s not the feature player. He has a good motor and doesn’t give up on plays when he’s blocked out of them. If the QB hesitates too long or they get cute with the running game, he’s there lurking.

      Can’t shake the thought he’s what Darrell Taylor will be in 4 years if Taylor were to stop developing today.

      I could see Desai stacking him on pass rush downs next to Taylor and Dunlap and making the tackle having to choose.

    • HawkFanGA

      Maybe for depth/rotational purposes only. Fowler simply hasn’t been an impact player since playing alongside of Aaron Donald.

      • GoHawks5151

        Yeah. He and Leonard Floyd traded lives.

  7. BobbyK

    Hurtt can say the right things, but unless they upgrade the talent on defense significantly – it’s all talk and this defense is going to be crap. I know the scoring defense was decent in ’21 and that’s what counts – but it’s abnormal to expect horrendous defense stats to continue except one (scoring defense). There’s a reason Wagz and Brooks had the total tackles they did the past year – the defense sucked and was on the field way too long to provide too many opportunities.

    The reason they traded for Herpes is because they failed at addressing the pass rush in ’20. The reason they used so many DL in coverage is because they mostly suck and they knew it in ’21. Hell, we all would have dropped DL into coverage if we’re honest with ourselves. Why rush some of these guys who have no prayer of ever getting a sack? A guy like Collier in coverage and rushing is equally worthless. No “scheme” can make him look good. When you’re that terrible, only tricking your opponent might work.

    As far as I’m concerned, this OL needs to be solidified in FA and this team needs to go into the draft with no holes on offense. Then whatever FA money is left can go to defense. But all draft picks besides a singular RB need to be used on defense in the first 5 rounds. If they can trade down from 41 if the opportunity presents itself to get another pick or two in the top 4-5 rounds… do it and go D, D, D, D, D, with only a RB somewhere in there as a change of pace.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I’ve got nothing against zone blitzes with a D-linemen dropping into a short zone, but in no way would I ask any of them to cover a seam, wheel, or corner route 15+ yards downfield. That style of D should have never made it out of mini camp let alone after the first failed attempt early in the regular season.

      • Hawkdawg

        Exactly, as a surprise drop in shallow zones, especially in the middle where the QB doesn’t expect them and when he’s got good pressure on him and might rush his read to a safety valve he thinks should be open in the short middle.

        It was bad enough watching KJ and now Brooks trailing behind receivers 20-30 yards downfield, or on crossing routes, ad nauseam. Watching our DEs do any version of that was worse.

    • GoHawks5151

      Talent needs a bump for sure. Clint knows it. So does Desai and it’s probably why you heard talk that he wanted assurances on personnel. I’m optimistic they will add a big FA

  8. Timothy Burch

    Always enjoy your you tube content with Robbie and Jeff
    Only bad thing I can say about it…you dont do more. Hopefully we have an exciting offseason and for once in 7 plus years we go out and make a couple of splashes in day 1 free agency. Fingers crossed.

  9. Tomas

    Minshew beat the Colts twice. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a chance on him. If we lose Wilson, and Pete goes with Tyrod or Trubinsky … the terrible T’s … it won’t be pretty.

    • Peter

      I think in the world of the super team Irsay might be willing to mortgage the future for a bigger name. Don’t know if a team will bite on future picks since they have low stock this year.

  10. MychestisBeastmode

    Not that it would open up many more options than we’ve already discussed, but how would people feel about a scenario where we:

    1. Trade RW for three 1st round picks and whatever else we can get
    2. Use up to two of those 1st rd picks to acquire the best QB we can get (Carr, Cousins, Garrapolo, Watson, …Rodgers?, other)
    3. Maximize the remaining one or two 1sts by trading back and acquiring as much as ammo in the 2nd and early 3rd rounds.

    This would only be if RW demands trade.

    • Ashish

      I don’t believe Wilson is the problem so trading him is not a option. Infact if you trade Russ this team is garbage with outdated coach.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I agree 👍. Thus, the stipulation there at the end of this hypothetical – only if RW were to demand a trade.

        It’s a brain exercise and I’d enjoy hearing people’s thoughts to the point put forward.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      My initial reaction is “no way,” and to be frugal with the draft stock via a RW trade. However, when I think about it more, if two of these hypothetical 1sts were used to acquire the best QB we can get our hands on (which will almost certainly be worse, but also different in some potentially positive ways when compared to RW), plus our general consensus that at least solid QB play is necessary for a true run deep into the playoffs, then I begin feeling more comfortable with simply swapping out some of the acquired stock to nab a QB we can feel at least a bit comfortable in their abilities to get the job done.

      And to clarify potential positives of other QBs when compared to RW mostly boils down to 2 things for me: better execution of timing routes and likely less sacks related to RW holding the ball for more than 3.5 seconds on vast majority of dropbacks (let alone his rarely stepping up into a clean pocket and instead running outside the pocket into an opposing defender’s loving embrace with too much regularity for my liking). Everything else will likely be a downgrade unless Watson or Rodgers could be had.

      • Ashish

        You bring Rodgers to this system and he will struggle. Don’t fix if it is not broken. Now if you suggest to trade Pete for box of gum i will do it.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Can we win with a QB who can put up 27:7 TD:Int ratio and a 90+ QBR who will be much cheaper than RW? If yes, then we should seriously consider Wentz because he’s done that or better in 3 of 5 years, including last year with the Colts.

        Again, I don’t want to trade RW and my gut tells me it is unlikely. But, RW answers to the questions about it and constantly dangling this list of teams begs this topic to continue to be discussed. And I also want a QB who wants to be here and not dangling one foot out the door. I want clarity – and if it were Wentz, Winston, Watson, Carr, or RW, so be it. Clarity = zen 🧘‍♂️

        • Peter

          Therein is the problem. They didn’t win with those numbers. They needed much more in terms of TD’s to win.

          I don’t dislike Wentz. But i think he needs a very stout team to win and even so….see: indy last year. He couldn’t be the final piece. I think he’s very servicable but now we’re on two teams that have seen enough to move on from him.

          • TomLPDX

            I think Wentz panics under pressure and that is deadly in the NFL.

    • Cover2

      I wouldn’t want the Seahawks to give up a 1st round pick for Rodgers, or Carr, or Cousins, or Garrapolo. I would be okay giving up two 1st round picks for Watson once his legal troubles are behind him.

      • Peter

        Watson just doesn’t move the needle. He had a monster year two seasons backs. Absolutely great year. And when David Mills played in his place the team finished exactly the same.

        Plus I’m almost certain this FO isn’t taking him in ay trade. Not with all his baggage.

  11. Gross MaToast

    Really good discussion. I think, above all, this re-emphasizes how important it is to build around a great quarterback when you have one. That Wilson spent the past five seasons watching Chris Carson get injured (generally early in the season) and a bevy of replacement level guys running behind a poor-to-mediocre line is malpractice. The Seahawks’ draft history and free agency lethargy is stunning in its repeated failures to surround a generational talent with offensive weapons. I’m disgusted with it.


    Maybe, just maybe, THIS is the off-season when, as you guys mentioned, Pete and JS realize that they’re up against it, and that, yeah, everyone noticed the squandering of resources. I don’t want to believe this, but, dammit, I’m almost back onboard that it could potentially possibly happen – Charlie Brown racing to kick the football for real this time. I think the Hurtt/Desai thing, whatever it is, could work in selling Seattle to free agents. These are fiery young guys who can say that the ways of Pete are over and mean it – and if Pete has truly ceded control of the defense, that’s a great start. If he no longer meddles in the offensive game plan, win/win. I hope that Desai is in a room with JS daily working on rebuilding the D roster. Hurtt has been complimentary of the Coffee Cup, but he’s stuck with the guy, what else can he do? These guys might be really good.

    Offense – who the hell knows. I’ve had the assumption that Wilson will ask out, but the price has to be so astronomical that it would wreck the acquiring team. It wouldn’t make sense. They have to treat each season as if they’ve just traded for him and surround him the way Tampa did with Brady or LA with Stafford. They need a prime time running back and to weaponize the TE position…plus the center they’ve lacked for almost a decade. Waldron was not an inspired choice, but he’s what they have, so let’s see what he can do. Give him some guys and let him go.

    I already hate myself for wanting to believe again. Free agency will surely crush that budding bit of hope…but you never know.

    • Big Mike

      Be careful my friend, Charlie Brown always ends up flat on his back.
      As I said during the chat and on this blog, if they’re really serious, they’ll say good-bye to Bobby Wagner for the cap space and to get this defense younger and hungrier.

      • Gross MaToast

        I think that might be the first true sign of operational change. Pete can’t imagine a way that a defense could be better without Bobby Wagner, so it’s a non-starter for him. The new guys likely realize that 2022 Bobby Wagner isn’t the same as 2015 Bobby Wagner and that his $20m can be spent in better ways.

        Charlie Brown knows his charge is hopeless even as he approaches the ball. It is evident in his eyes – the acknowledgement that trying is the first step toward failure, yet he tries. It cannot end well for him, but what if it does? What if this is the one? It is not. Flat on his back, he will realize that the gods have again abandoned him. Life is meaningless. He will try again tomorrow. (To be read in a Werner Herzog voice.)

        Now that Mafe has propelled himself into the top-20, I’m on Rob’s Tindall train. Create fear.

        • cha

          Interesting thing to me is Wagner is acting as his own agent. That layer of harshness is not there. It’s looking Wagner in the eye and saying ‘we don’t want you on our team for $20m next year.’

          Will take some tact and diplomacy for JS to pull that off and not slash a team legend.

          • Gross MaToast

            That’s going to be very uncomfortable for everyone in the room. If that’s the plan, they should let him know asap and then hope he doesn’t end up with an NFC West team and have 2 great games a year against the team that cut him.

            • Ben

              I would be shocked if Bobby is with the Seahawks for anything less than $20m unless he gets an extension. He’s watched stars leave, defensive lineman get let goX KJ get lowballed, KNJ get fired, the team lose. His stats have stayed up, I can’t see him thinking he’s not worth 20 million. Now is he? No. But he’ll probably have to find that out in free agency.

              I still think he has trade value to the right team. But the leverage of him likely needing to be cut is probably too high. Plus, if it’s a low pick, they’ll just release him as courtesy. I can’t imagine them taking a 6th or 7th.

              • MychestisBeastmode

                Jordyn Brooks is better than Bobby Wagner in all aspects right now except for experience and quickly diagnosing offensive play calls, which will hopefully come with time. I have nothing but love for Bobby and always will, but his value to this team in terms of dollars is less than $5million imho. As was said in the podcast, and I agree, the best out is to cut him now and let him shop free agency for the best deal he can get, and MAYBE that best deal will be with the Hawks, but unlikely. He certainly could land a $10-12mil AAV from someone else and I hope he does.

                Still, that $16mil on our books would be better spent on any number of positions for real game changers rather than excellent game managers, which is more what BWagz is at this point in his career. It’s time.

              • Scot04

                Evidently KJ didn’t get low balled. His only real offer came from Vegas. He called Seahawks after getting it. All they would have needed to beat was around 3.5M

                • Ben

                  Yes, I agree with that. Lowball is probably the wrong word since it appear the Seahawks wanted to fully move on. But Bobby and KJ were clearly miffed regarding how it went, and KJ even said as of a report two hours ago, that he was offended at a minimum offer from SF last year.

                  So perhaps a better way to say it is that Bobby has the business side of the NFL plenty. How that shrewdness plays out is anyone’s guess, but it makes me think he’d rather just test FA than take any sort of pay cut.

        • pdway

          I think you’re right that Bobby could be an interesting litmus test – will show how much actual influence/control all these new guys on the defensive coaching squad actually have.

          Like you – i’m cautiously optimistic too, at least re the defensive side of the ball. I felt that it was not just personnel the last couple years, but also that we always felt a little helpless and baffled, and that the bend-don’t-break scheme was sort of a big rationalization for not being able to stop teams from putting together long drives.

  12. Ben

    Great chat! If SF ends up getting a first for Garrapolo…

    Fascinating to hear about Desai’s demands. I wonder how much brinkmanship is going on between Hurtt and Carroll. Maybe Desai is just savvy, but i imagine he had plenty of candid conversations with Hurtt.

    Conversation got me thinking:

    Rank the scenarios:
    1. The One More Year (No major cuts/restructures, add 1-2 very good players and/or depth.)
    2. The Shuffle (major cuts, ie Bobby and vets, add 1 star, 1-3 very good players)
    3. The Commitment (Russell Extension and cuts, add 1-2 stars, 2-4 very good players)
    4. The New Guy (Major cuts, trade Russell, get back a good vet or young upside, plus 2 first rounders and a change, 1 star, 1-3 good players)
    5. Hopes and prayers (major cuts, trade Russell, get back a defensive stud or two, 2-3 first round picks, 1-2 2nds, sign 1-2 stars, 2-4 good players)

    Am I missing any? They all have drawbacks. I wish we could somehow know why we’ve been so bad at drafting. That’s the main issue I see. Bad drafting has lead to few in house stars or cheap depth, free agency focused on filling depth rather than chasing stars, and hilariously desperate trades. Since we’ve been bad at all of the facets of team building for around 6 years it’s hard to be excited about an option…

  13. cha

    Art Thiel with some claptrap:

    Deducing forward motion within the bumper-cars off-season for the Seahawks coaching staff is nearly impossible. What can be said is that Pete Carroll is willing to risk some reinvention.

    From afar, the knee-jerk assessments of the 70-year-old head coach is that’s he’s too old and stubborn to change. They obviously didn’t see, or failed to remember, the 2015 NFC Championship.

    The Seahawks were down 16-0 to Green Bay until he approved a third-quarter pass from punter/holder Jon Ryan to tackle-eligible Garry Gilliam that went for a touchdown, leading to a preposterous 28-22 triumph and a berth in the Super Bowl.

    For me, that play, alone, retired permanently the canard about fustiness. Even seven years later.

    Yes, Art. One play-call seven years ago makes PC bulletproof from criticisms of not being innovative. And anyone who says otherwise is making ‘knee-jerk assessments.’

    Good grief.

    • Denver Hawker

      Defending a lack of stubbornness with a demonstration of stubbornness.

      What a total clown show.

    • Gross MaToast

      How did that Super Bowl turn out?

      Any play-calls of note?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Nope. I don’t remember any particular plays that stand out other than Jermaine’ Kearse’ miracle catch that led to the Seahawks winning two straight super bowls.

        All these years later and that still kind of stings.

        • Mick

          Kearse will remain one of my favorite players, had huge plays for us and he played with his heart.

      • Big Mike

        “Any play-calls of note?”


        Shut up Art.

    • Sea Mode


      • MychestisBeastmode


    • DC

      And what got them in the position to have to do a fake field goal in the first place?

    • Dingbatman

      If I’m a Seahawks fan I’d like to avoid the concept of focusing on a single play call as defining evidence of anything…ahem…cough…super bowl…cough cough…2 yard line…cough…Marshawn

  14. MychestisBeastmode

    I loved the whole podcast, great work! It can be tough when two people generally agree on most points, but you both did a great job bringing up unique and interesting perspectives even when in agreement.

    I especially enjoyed diving into the nuance and missed opportunities in acquiring Calais Campbell over the years from: drafting McDowell as a look-alike then subsequent injury, overly investing in Reed – making another big DT contract impractical (only to cut Reed shortly after), and the day-ruining realization that Calais was had for a 5th rounder. The guy is timeless. Even at 36, I want his thick thighs anchoring our line next year.

    I also have given a lot of thought to what we do about Penny’s FA contract. Up to a $6mil prove-it contract sounds reasonable. However, I think there’s going to be some market competition for him and got me thinking about how much guaranteed money are we comfortable offering him and over how many years? My guess is he may be able to demand upwards of $6-10mil guaranteed mixed into a two or three year contract from some team. Would a three year contract with $8-10mil guaranteed make sense given possible upside?
    Y1:$6,(4-6 guaranteed)
    Y2:$8(2-4 guaranteed)
    Y3:$14 (0-2 guaranteed)
    This yearly spread with low-to-no guarantees on the final two years. Can it be be palatable and provide value for both team and player should he hit big and stay healthy as he showed late last season while providing flexibility should he bust and/or remain injury prone? I only bring this up because I feel like a 1 year contract may not be enough to keep him around. Hope I’m wrong!

    • cha

      Don’t forget paying a 2nd round pick for one year of Sheldon Richardson

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Oh ya!

        Geez, the ripple effect on transactions since McDowell’s injury has had major negative ramifications on this team’s roster/cap/draft management ever since.

  15. Rob4q

    Just made this trade on the PFN SIM, super aggressive but really trying to go after it!

    SEA Received: Pick 28, Pick 171

    GB Received: Pick 41, 2023 SEA 2nd, 2023 SEA 4th

    So now it’s who to take – still available are both DT’s, Wyatt & Winfrey, along with both stud OT’s, Penning & Lucas. Which player offers the most immediate ability to get on the field and help the Seahawks win now?

    • Rob4q

      Boye Mafe and Kyler Gordon are also there, so could try and go a different route…

      • Rob4q

        Went with Lucas and then made a few other deals…worked out pretty well!

        28. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
        97. Damone Clark, LB LSU
        103. Zachary Carter, DT Florida
        116. David Anenih, EDGE Houston
        153. Hassan Haskins, RB Michigan
        163. James Mitchell, TE Virginia Tech
        171. Marcus Jones, CB Houston
        204. Jeremiah Gemmel, LB North Carolina
        227. Allie Green IV, CB Missouri

  16. cha

    Wet blanket alert:

    Jamal Adams’ option bonus is due tomorrow. Seahawks will be writing him a check for $12.44m.

    • Gross MaToast

      Gah! – My line of high-end designer coffee cups! I knew I forgot to design, manufacture and market something!

      • Big Mike

        You could produce and market a “highlight” DVD video of his exploits.
        Problem is no one us likely to want to purchase a disc with one minute of good plays and 20 minutes of clapping or coming in to make a “tackle” after a teammate has the ball carrier on the ground.

        • Big Mike

          Or how about a DVD of his business decisions?

      • no frickin clue

        If you want to design a really appropriate high-end coffee cup to celebrate the self-declared “best in the nation”, then it should be an expensive coffee cup featuring its own built-in strainer.

    • WallaSean

      I wonder what Alan’s cut is?

    • BobbyK

      Herpes is such a perfect description of the relationship between the Seahawks and Adams.

    • Ashish

      thanks Cha for the reminder 🙁

    • Big Mike

      That’s a governmental level of money wasted.

  17. Big Mike

    A reminder, that money will be paid for a Safety ranked in the 60s by PFF two fucking years in a row. That puts him in the bottom quarter of all NFL safeties.
    Pathetic desperation thy name is Pete Carroll

    • Denver Hawker

      2 years of nothing. Now highly paid. Hurtt even admitted this week they still need to figure out how to use him.

      Don’t suspect we could flip him for more than an R2 at this point.


      • bmseattle

        If we could get a 2nd for him, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • Ashish

      Trade is going to hurt atleast till the draft, after years we are in top 10 pick but we got peacock from it. We can’t change this but it going to hurt one more time. Let’s hope Desai make Adams serviceable.

  18. Rob Staton

    Rasheed Walker has the talent to be one of the better left tackles in the league.

    He did a very good job vs Hutchinson/Ojabo.

    But my god his body language is s**t and his effort at times poor.

    There’s something there, though.

  19. Rob Staton

    Lance Zierlein’s grades so far that I’ve been able to find:

    Kyle Hamilton — 6.88
    Aidan Hutchinson — 6.83
    Evan Neal — 6.76
    Kayvon Thibodeaux — 6.72
    Sauce Gardner — 6.72
    Treylon Burks — 6.71
    Tyler Linderbaum — 6.70
    Trent McDuffie — 6.70
    Ikem Ekonwu — 6.52
    Derek Stingley — 6.50
    David Ojabo — 6.50
    Garrett Wilson — 6.50
    Jermaine Johnson — 6.49
    Jameson Williams — 6.48
    Chris Olave — 6.46
    Kenyon Green — 6.45
    Jordan Davis — 6.43
    Charles Cross — 6.42
    Kyler Gordon — 6.41
    Nakobe Dean — 6.40
    Matt Corral — 6.40
    Trevor Penning — 6.40
    Bernhard Raimann — 6.40
    Kenny Pickett — 6.39
    Andrew Booth — 6.38
    Devin Lloyd — 6.38
    Jaquon Brisker — 6.38
    George Karlaftis — 6.37
    Bryan Cook — 6.37
    Desmond Ridder — 6.36
    Boye Mafe — 6.35
    Devante Wyatt — 6.35
    Kaiir Elam — 6.35
    Kenneth Walker — 6.35
    Drake London — 6.34
    Arnold Ebiketie — 6.34
    Malik Willis — 6.34
    Breece Hall — 6.34
    Jalen Tolbert — 6.34
    Zion Johnson — 6.34
    Daxton Hill — 6.33
    Cade Otton — 6.33
    Jahan Dotson — 6.33
    Travon Walker — 6.33
    Nik Bonitto — 6.33
    Damone Clark — 6.32

    Sam Williams — 6.31
    Trey McBride — 6.31
    Isaiah Spiller — 6.29
    Daniel Faalele — 6.28
    Phidarian Mathis — 6.27
    Quay Walker — 6.27
    Marcus Jones — 6.27
    David Bell — 6.26
    Travis Jones — 6.25
    Tyler Smith — 6.25
    Zamir White — 6.25

    Coby Bryant — 6.25
    Channing Tindall — 6.24
    Kingsley Enagbare — 6.24
    Jeremy Ruckert — 6.24
    Roger McCleary — 6.24
    Darian Kinnard — 6.24
    DeMarvin Leal — 6.23
    Nicholas Petit-Frère — 6.23
    Lewis Cine — 6.23
    Wan’dale Robinson — 6.22
    DeAngelo Malone — 6.22
    John Metchie — 6.22
    Christian Harris — 6.21
    Logan Hall — 6.21
    Brian Robinson — 6.21
    George Pickens — 6.20
    Isaiah Likely — 6.20
    Max Mitchell — 6.20
    Greg Dulcich — 6.19
    Cam Thomas — 6.19
    Perrion Winfrey — 6.19
    Carson Strong — 6.19
    Sean Rhyan — 6.18
    Sam Howell — 6.16
    Dylan Parham — 6.16
    Charlie Kolar — 6.15
    Christian Watson — 6.15
    Christopher Allen — 6.14
    Myjai Sanders — 6.13
    Joshua Ezeudu — 6.13
    Verone McKinley — 6.13
    Jalen Pitre — 6.12
    Jalen Wydermyer — 6.10
    Drake Jackson — 6.00
    Tariq Woolen — 6.00
    Justyn Ross — 5.99
    Jerome Ford — 5.97
    Derion Kendrick — 5.96
    Chad Muma — 5.96
    Haskell Garrett — 5.95
    Tariq Castro-Fields — 5.94
    Troy Andersen — 5.90
    Dohnovan West — 5.89
    Otitio Ogbonnia — 5.89
    Calvin Austin — 5.85
    Rachaad White — 5.64
    Jermaine Waller — 5.60
    Brandon Smith — 5.60

    Interesting note on Channing Tindall. His pro-comp is Cody Barton (eek) but the anonymous quote says:

    “Underrated player. He deserves more accolades as a player but with so many guys in that front, he gets forgotten a little bit.” — Scouting director for NFC team

    • DougM

      I see that Cade Otton is his highest graded tight end. I saw him playing basketball in high school and remember being impressed with his agility.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m kind of hoping he’ll be a steal because of injuries. There’s definitely something there

        • Mike

          I would love Cade Otton in the middle rounds. Thoughts on justyn Ross?
          lots of talent and was thought of as a first round pick a couple years ago prior to a serious back surgery.

          • Rob Staton

            Never been a big fan of Ross. Just lacks the profile. Not enough suddenness or burst.

            FWIW he ran a 4.87 at SPARQ and jumped a 27 inch vertical at 197lbs. Awful.

            • Mike

              👍 thanks

    • GoHawks5151

      McDuffie over Stingley wow. Some people forgetting how good that kid was. Big McDuffie fan though

      • Rob Staton

        A lot of overthinking and recency bias going on with Stingley.

        I’d take him happily in the top-five.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Rob, do you know if these are subject to change with combine or are his grades based on tape mostly and more set in stone?

      • Rob Staton

        His grades change all the time. Several have changed dramatically (and some with a few tweaks) in the last fortnight alone.

    • Justaguy

      J Davis is underrated on that board

      • Justaguy

        And where is Abraham Lucas?

        • DougM

          These numbers were taken from a 3 round mock draft by Chad Reuter, so it’s incomplete.

    • swedenhawk

      a bit surprising to see that Corral is the highest-rated QB. says a lot about this year’s class.

  20. DougM

    Any opinions on Kentucky’s center, Luke Fortner. Two best pff grades were 88 against Tennessee and 81 against Georgia. He was at the Senior Bowl but it looked like he was only in during the last few minutes.

  21. Gaux Hawks

    Anyone in Chicago’s secondary that we think Desai should/can bring with him?

    • swedenhawk

      Artie Burns is intriguing. A former first-round pick with 33-inch arms, he played well against DK in week 16.

  22. Palatypus

    Hey Rob,

    Just wanted to make a shout-out to the UK Olympic Bobsledding team that after crashing into the wall, sliding on their side, not only managed to finish, BUT MANAGED TO ADVANCE!!!

    Also, I would like to add that every one of these women’s figure skaters is tougher than Jamal Adams.

  23. Justaguy

    Darwin Thompson is worth taking a look at

  24. swedenhawk

    Rob, thanks for the great conversation. It’s always a treat when Jeff comes on to discuss the state of the team. I’m intrigued by your off-the-cuff scenario for trading Wilson. If the Seahawks lose free agency (which they might, given their recent track record), then something’s got to give. Using this year’s draft to fortify the trenches and then taking a shot at Will Levis in 2023 sounds reasonable and may even benefit the team long-term. Like most of us here, my preference would be to surround Wilson with BAMFs in the trenches; he has the weapons, now give him a punishing run game and pass rush and watch the team vault back into contention. Anyway, very much looking forward to next week’s stream!

  25. UkAlex6674

    Looking forward to the D making strides in 2022. I’m calling it now, the Legion of Hurt will make us contenders again 🙂

  26. Sea Mode

    Yay! (maybe…) Anyone catch this?

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    · 10h

    #Seahawks DC Clint Hurtt in appearance on @WymanAndBob was asked “how much autonomy do you have” when coaching a Pete Carroll defense.

    Hurtt replied, in part, “He’s given me full autonomy.” Says of Pete: “He’s going to let you coach.”

    Brandon Gustafson
    · 11h

    Hurtt also makes it clear that having Carroll involved on defense is a good thing.

    “Pete being involved and knowing everything that’s going on, that’s a resource, that’s not an issue like some people are trying to make that come across.”

    • cha

      Fair amount of good stuff there.

      Scheme, personnel input, working with the new staff.

      • cha

        A couple thoughts

        -Hurtt seems pretty diplomatic about the Bear Front and how awful it was. Says it didn’t let rushers get in a rhythm at all, and the thinking behind it was to disorient the QB’s reads. I don’t think it worked.

        -On that, it baffles me how Pete allowed himself to be talked into making a conscious decision to not bring back KJ and run Bear Front, thinking Darrell Taylor, Benson Mayowa and Carlos Dunlap would be effective in coverage roles. Hurtt mentioned that Pete wants change an innovation, and that’s worth applauding but if the guy at the helm cannot foresee how awful the changes were, is it worth trumpeting that change is a good thing? Here’s hoping Hurtt and Desai can steer PC in the right direction.

        -It sounds like Hurtt will be the play-calling guy on the field, not Desai. Which seemed obvious but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

        -He praised both Desai and Scott for their intelligence. I think you expect to hear positive things about new hires, but this defense has suffered such a serious lack of well-thought-out strategies and game plans for years, I can take this with more than a grain of salt.

        -Hurtt LOVES Diggs. Calls him ‘the best in the world when the ball is in the air.’ Sounds like he will pound the table for his return.

        -I think we can all take this as a positive start to the offseason. But it means nothing if they repeat their awful personnel decisions. The rubber meets the road here in a month or so. Words are great but let’s see some of that intelligence at work in team-building.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Don’t want to read too much into it, but it seems like Desai was hired to design the defensive scheme (and perhaps manage personnel) while Hurtt will implement it.

          And if that’s true, does that suggest anything about Desai’s long term prospects with the organization?

        • SeaTown

          Cha–Ok, I didn’t listen to the interview– just scanned the article and read your takeaways. So when you say Pete allowed himself to be talked into the bear front, was it Hurtt who came up with that or Norton? Because if it was Hurtt’s idea, I am even less enthused about his hiring.

          • cha

            He didn’t say who was behind the Bear Front specifically. He did push hard back against a question asking if the DC was just a figurehead and PC runs everything. He was saying the DC has had a lot of say to make decisions in the process.

            On that, there’s plenty of people on Twitter who are ‘I told you so’-ing hard about this issue. ‘I’ve been saying all this time that it’s not Pete who is controlling the defense! See? See??’

            For me that completely misses the issue, and that’s why I typed what I did. The HC is ultimately responsible, whether he micromanages a coordinator or not.

            How Clint Hurtt saying Pete gives his DC latitude makes the absolute dreadful mess we’ve witnessed on defense the last 4 seasons (and especially the last 2) any better is mystifying to me.

          • cha

            And Hurtt is a class act, he wouldn’t throw Norton under the bus.

            But his last two press events, he’s really emphasized that the DL is going to rush the passer and not drop.

            I’d take that as either it wasn’t his idea, or if any of it was, he knows how badly it fared and is committed to being better.

  27. MychestisBeastmode

    Studying up on Fangios defensive scheme along with his disciples to get a better understanding of what our D might look like and what personnel we may target in this new look 3-4 look (but really a 4-3 under) with more 2 high safeties who have increased run responsibility.

    5 minute concise overview of Fangio’s style:

    • MychestisBeastmode

      This video focuses on Brandon Staley, a Fangio disciple, current HC of Chargers and former DC of #1 ranked defense in 2020.

      My takeaway is the Hawks NEED an interior rusher who can be a disruptor at a minimum to effectively implement this change in scheme (assuming ours will emulate something similar to this video). Having a lockdown corner wouldn’t hurt either.

      12 minute video on Brandon Staley’s D with some direct comparison to Pete Carroll’s D as well.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      The most enlightening information yet. Again contrasts weaknesses from LOB single high safety, one gap system and how it is obsolete. Does a great job explaining Staley’s 1& 1/2 gap system (as opposed to 2 gap which slows defensive bursting out the gate leading to no pass rush) allowing to stop the run with light boxes and frees up extra safety to have a smothering pass defense.

      19 minutes

    • MychestisBeastmode

      It’s not all roses though. This video exposes how personell issues, especially in not having interior lineman who can consistently eat up double teams can cause this “house of cards” to crumble forcing more single high looks which in turn expose weaker cornerbacks in the pass. Also shows how someone as explosive as Joey Bosa can be a complete non fit in this system. Also, also, to me, it seems like Jamal Adams fits well in terms of run responsibility (when not making business decisions for his bum shoulder) but is overall another misuse of resources that would be better allocated on a hybrid DE/DT type.

      12 minute video. If you watched the videos above, you only need to watch this one from the 6 minute mark on as there’s redundancy and an embedded in the first half of video.

      • swedenhawk

        this last video is concerning, as it seems to telegraph the worst-case scenario for Seattle’s defense next year. i like the idea of transitioning to a Fangio-style 1.5 gap system under Desai and Hurtt, but as this video demonstrates it can go terribly wrong without the right personnel. Perhaps that’s why Desai sought assurances in this regard? Jordan Davis would’ve been a great fit… too bad they traded the #10 pick to the Jets.

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