Friday notes: Sheldon Richardson to the Vikings

March 16th, 2018 | Written by Rob Staton

— We discussed the possibility of a relatively cold market for Sheldon Richardson. He didn’t put up big sack numbers in 2016 or 2017. A year ago Dontari Poe had to settle for a one-year $8m deal to bet on himself. He turned it into a reasonable three-year commitment from the Panthers. Charles Robinson claims the Seahawks offered Richardson only $6.5m a year. Seattle is increasingly thin on the defensive line.

— The Seahawks have signed tight end Ed Dickson. It seems he was their target all along. They hastily arranged a meeting with Dickson once free agency officially began. They were unwilling to match a relatively modest contract for Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The Dickson signing could be a nice hedge for the draft. He’s a decent pass blocker. They’ll have some flexibility if they want to consider a player like Dalton Schultz, Durham Smythe or Will Dissly in the draft. Schultz in particular excelled as a run blocker at Stanford, opening numerous holes for Bryce Love.

— There’s no further news on Earl Thomas’ future. Jason La Canfora reported yesterday that the Seahawks are negotiating a trade with multiple teams. At the time it felt like something was forthcoming. It was quite an assertive report — including details of Thomas’ apparent desired contract (five years at $55m). Twenty-four hours on, however, there’s no further movement. The safety market is currently ice cold in free agency and the possibility of a Thomas trade could be the reason why. Tyrann Mathieu could also be waiting to see what happens with Thomas before negotiating a contract.

— Seattle continues to shop around and meet with various players. Receiver Markus Wheaton, defensive tackle Tom Johnson and defensive end Tank Carradine are scheduled for visits. Wheaton has had an underwhelming career so far but he has speed to burn and looked destined for a big pro-career when he was at Oregon State. Ian Rapoport also says, unsurprisingly, the Seahawks are negotiating to re-sign Byron Maxwell.

— It’s frustrating for fans at the moment. They’ve seen big name departures and want something to get excited about. Yet this isn’t a time for reckless spending. Playing the slow game can work. Ndamukong Suh remains unsigned. We need to see what’s happening with Earl Thomas. In a weeks time you might feel very differently about the direction of this team. Pete Carroll is a master recruiter. They have cap room. Let’s see how it plays out.

— The Seahawks appear to be spending a lot of time studying the O-line options in the draft. According to Tony Pauline, they met with Kolton Miller at the UCLA pro-day. They also sent a representative to Nevada to watch Austin Corbett. Miller had an outstanding combine while Corbett is a highly underrated prospect in the same mould as Isaiah Wynn. He’s just a really good blocker. Having only met with D.J. Fluker so far, it looks increasingly likely they’ll tap into the draft class. With a priority to fix the running game, adding an early pick on the O-line and at running back continues to make a lot of sense based on the talent available.

— Running back Mike Davis is visiting the Lions and according to Ian Rapoport has other meetings lined up too. Thomas Rawls also met with the Chiefs.

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208 Responses to “Friday notes: Sheldon Richardson to the Vikings”

  1. Justin Mullikin says:

    I have been wasting away searching the internet every 30 minutes for updates with no avail. What do you think of the Ed Dickson signing? Is he only a good pass blocker? I’ve heard reports that he is not a good run blocker. Obviously I (and most of America for that matter) no little more than the grades PFF have to offer on what he can look forward to. What do you think?

    • Seatown says:

      Ed Dickson is nothing more than a body. Doesn’t move the needle and doesn’t improve the offense.

      • Heliopause says:

        Yeah, I really don’t see the point of it at all. The contract isn’t huge but it’s a few million/year and when you average out his total skill set it’s hard to believe you couldn’t find some random draftee or UDFA who couldn’t give you at least as much.

      • Christian says:

        I disagree most vehemently to this statement I’ve always liked Dickson. Does he have the big name recognition that Jimmy has, no he doesn’t. So maybe he’ll just put his head down and do stuff like this: Cause you know he ain’t “Jimmy”

        • peter says:

          I’m all for it. You gotta get to the red zone before you can even worry about your red zone effectiveness.

          I’m fine with the signing.

        • Lewis says:

          Yeah, and he will have a far better qb throwing to him…

          Don’t get why people are so down on this.

          • House says:

            I don’t either. He’s a proven blocker (#1 pass block TE by PFF in ‘17) and he can catch the ball as well. Just like Zach Miller, he won’t be expected to catch 75 balls/year.

            • Lewis says:

              Lol, no tight end will ever be expected to catch 75 balls in this offense. Honestly, I wish they’d be a bit more creative with the position. Even when they get creative with personnel, they don’t do so scheme-wise (or can’t afford to because they need 12 guys to block). I’ve always thought Miller was a better receiver than he got credit for.

            • Seatown says:

              Sorry but Ed Dickson is no Zach Miller.

              • House says:

                I didn’t say he was Zach Miller. I was saying his role is to block. Thinking we could ever get Jimmy to block was a joke.

        • D-OZ says:

          Dave Wyman likes him a lot. He watched tape on him and came away impressed. He said he is as good of a run blocker as he is in Pass-pro. He also really sells play action while slipping into space to free himself up. Reminds him of a more athletic Miller.

    • Aaron says:

      Very solid pass blocker and capable run blocker. Better than Graham at both, and younger and cheaper. We don’t need the big name guys. The guys we had/have now weren’t big names until they made themselves that way. I keep going back to JS saying at the combine that the younger guys need to compete and stop being in awe of the vets.

      • Lewis says:

        Seriously, even if he maxes out his contract, that’s a relative bargain these days. Same for Mingo.

      • Tyler Jorgensen says:

        “We need younger guys who need to compete.”
        So we are trying to trade a 29 year old all pro, released a 28 year old all pro, and signed a 30 year old backup.

    • Coleslaw says:

      He’s not flashy but he brings something in the blocking and receiving game that no one else on the roster does right now

  2. Volume12 says:

    They need to tap into this O-line class as mentioned. They’ve chosen RW, rightfully so, now start building around him.

    • Trevor says:

      + 1

      Just fix the OL and run game this off season and add lots of youth and completion on defense.

      • Volume12 says:

        The interest or whatever in Kolton Miller and DJ Flukes tells me they want to get bigger on the O-line. I believe its the smallest line in the league which is probably by design due to RW’s size.

        • cha says:

          I severely doubt that. More likely Cable’s scheme design.

          RW had the biggest line in college football at Wisconsin and did fine.

          • peter says:

            I think v12 is right on how they designed the line but I want to see some dudes that make a wall like Wisconsin had

            • drewdawg11 says:

              That’s absolutely not a real thing. They went with explosive athletic traits. Britt is 6’5”, playing center, (right in front of him). Brown is 6’5”, Fant as well, Ifedi around the same. Ok’ing was as well. Carpenter… Sweezy might have been 6’3”. Pocic is 6’6”. Pleasensont spread this false narrative.

              • peter says:

                it’s not a false narrative of two things are at play.

                1. When did these players play together? Ifedi, britt, and pocic briefly…..carpenter? Not with this line. Okung? Not with this line.

                2. Second Miller is not insignificantly taller than the rest of the line. And fluker is significantly heavier than pocic and britt. When Wilson was at wisconsin, zeitler, Frederick, and konz were the smallest line men at our teams size and the other players go up in height and weight with a good deal of them being 6’7″ 330 and even halvestein being 6’8″ .

                Seattle you are right has chosen explosion. Which is probably a solid starting point. But maybe fluker or a hernandez might be a better move.

              • Carpelooseball says:

                I would like to hear why JS is considered a “phenom”. Sure, he had those two incredible drafts and led us to a title. Not insignificant accomplishments. But since then we have invested a ton of draft picks on the OL and the result has been underwhelming. Cable may have been the prime mover but JS is still the boss. Since then we’ve seen bold moves made for Percy, JG and they didn’t work out. Somebody referred to Sheldon and Brown as “grasping at straws”. I didn’t see those as unreasonable moves at the time, but they didn’t work out. And given our current draft situation they were pretty expensive straws. JS Is responsible for that…sure hindsight is 20/20 but you also are judged on results. If the talent evaluation is so good why aren’t people excited for Nick Vannett, Darboh, the young safeties or the new receiver from Philly. The big challenge arising. From success is managing the salary cap, and that wasn’t an overwhelming success. I’m not complaining, we are a long way from the dark days of Behring, and I appreciate the heck out of our run of success, and am hopeful that this year could be ok if we can sign Suh and catch some breaks, but I would like to hear the case for JS made by someone who knows more than I do. And Rob, I really appreciate your site. It’s hdlped me understand football more and it’s entertaining to boot. All your contributors are great and add a lot

    • Rowlandice says:

      Agreed V12. One way to combat all these great NFC defenses is to have a beast OL and a stable of running backs. Rob has consistently pointed out the THIS is the draft to get some value picks at OL and RB in the RD2-3 range.

  3. 80SLargent says:

    I’m just waiting to see the “real” numbers on the Ed Dickson contract. I don’t think he sees nearly $14.1M over 3 years. I think people might be freaking out a little over the $14.1M as an overpay. I want to see the “guaranteed” numbers. He can’t be a worse blocker than Graham, and Jimmy seemed to drop an awful lot of passes last year.
    Just like when “they” announced Mingo at 2 years $10.1M (max), when the “real” numbers were 2 years $6.8M ($3.2 guaranteed), with the remainder being incentives. I like him better than the Wilhoite/Garvin signings last year.

    • TTownHawk says:

      Haven’t seen the full breakdown, but everything I have read so far says no guarantees after the first year. So it’s essentially a 1 year deal unless he plays very well and they want to retain him.

      • Tecmo Bowl says:

        That’s what I’m seeing too. Basically a 1 year deal w 2 option years. Dickson isn’t an exciting signing, but he is better than Willson.

        • TTownHawk says:

          That move is on brand though. It’s definitely not sexy, but he is a good blocking TE who is capable of catching the occasional pass and I think that’s exactly what they need.

  4. Trevor says:

    Richardson going to Vikes was as expected.

    Suh will go to Jets or Saint most likely.

    • Seatown says:

      Glad PC/JS didn’t over pay for Richardson. Just wish they never traded for him in the first place.

      • Volume12 says:

        I’m glad Seattle didn’t feel like they had to sign him because of the draft pick spent on him. He didn’t force their hand and that’s a positive sign for this FO going forward IMO.

      • Volume12 says:

        The trade was short sighted though. No arguments there.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          Well if it wasn’t to begin with, it certainly is now.

          We don’t have Richardson, and we don’t have the R2 pick we traded for him either.

          • Volume12 says:

            I think they knew they f’d up when Naz Jones was flashing just as much.

          • Mexican Hawk says:

            I see your point and easy to judge as short sighted. What hurts the most in a not so funny way is the loss of Jermaine.

            But you have to understand they went all in last year. Probably knowing it was the last of the Legion. Did it work out, definitely not. Was it a mistake, most probably.

            I just see tweets from Gregg Bell (great writer) as short sighted as it being revisionist. I definitely think Jets made out great and Hawks overpaid. Nevertheless, it was a swing for the fences move. Jermaine, I am not sure, but I don’t think he was a throw in. Probably to make cap work.

            I’m not apologizing for the Front Office, just anything short of a Superbowl win after Sheldon and Duane moves would be considered a dissapointment. We ran into a perfect storm, injuries to Kam and Sherm. Carson gone early, Prosise, Avril, Malik ATV 🙁

            FO has made numerous mistakes in recent drafts and in some aquisitions, but luck has been tough as well.

      • lil'stink says:

        All goes back to how PCJS completely blew it on the Malik McDowell pick.

        • Austin D Hall says:


        • Dale says:

          Can I get your logic on that lil’stink? McDowell didn’t get suspended for roids, didn’t show up overweight and out of shape, wasn’t a locker room cancer, and didn’t bust due to lack of talent. He also didn’t have character flags for this kind of event. How do you predict the accident that has kept him from playing?

          • 80SLargent says:

            He did have character flags, which is exactly why he lasted until the 2nd round. Without those, McDowell is a 1st round pick in every draft. It’s not exactly the first time Seattle has gambled like that with draft picks.

        • Hawktalker#1 says:

          Hind-sight is always 2020. Tons of rookies to stupider things and don’t get hurt or hurt their teams. Just bad luck. Has nothing to do with him being a bad pick. Blaming his stupid ATV accident on PCJS is ridiculous.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Sounds like a one year deal worth $11 million. Doesn’t get us a 3rd round comp pick. I think it’s pretty clear he didn’t want to come back here.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        Hawks only offered him $6.5 million/yr. They had him for a year and determined that was his worth.
        Hawks decided they wanted him back at their price.

        • Michigan 12th says:

          Yeah that really shows you how little the Seahawks valued him as well. They did not see Richardson as more than a really good run stuffer.

      • Dale says:

        Since we gave up a second round pick why doesn’t he qualify for a third round comp?

  5. Volume12 says:

    Are some on Seahawks twitter surprised that Keke aka Barkevious Mingo is our SAM? Why wouldn’t he be? Why wouldn’t Seattle take advantage of his coverage skills (77.8) and his ability to rush from 2 & 3 point stances?

    • Christian says:

      I just see Jordan, Mingo, and visiting Carradine, as churn churn churn, maybe with a little com-pete-i-tion the cream will rise to the top and we will have a good LEO

      • Volume12 says:

        No Clark?

        • Christian says:

          I see Clark is more of the Bennett replacement, and these guys as the poss Avril replacement

          • Volume12 says:

            You could be right, although Clark can basically line up anywhere. Thought he was real effective in the handful of snaps he took as a PC SAM last year too.

            • Christian says:

              Well nobody is going to fit right in to Bennett’s or Avril’s shoes, or play the same % of snaps in the same formations. Clark will probably mostly play End, but may be switched from side to side, depending on if we are in a Run stopping formation or a pass rushing situation. For instance one thing I would totally be down w/ is if we sign Suh moving him all over everywhere 5-Tech, 3-Tech. Then that would force Clark to play Leo most likely some of the time, and 5-Tech when Suh moves inside.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      Probably because they list him as a LEO. A lot of overlapping responsibilities between the 2 positions. I think he is going to have a lot of success in this Defense. It must just be cooler to say you are a LEO rather than a SAM!

  6. Jason says:

    What do you think of the dline if they don’t sign Suh, but sign Carradine, Johnson and draft a player or two.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      I think they will sign Dial. I would like that. Got a bit of Atyba Rubin in him. Bargain bin but effective

    • Volume12 says:

      They’ll need to hit on an impact guy come draft time.

      DE/5: Jordan, Carradine, ?McDowell
      DT/1: Reed, ??
      DT/3: Naz, T. Johnson (could play some 5), ?McDowell
      DE/9/LEO: Clark, ??, Mingo

      (Quinton Dial would be a good fit too. 6’5, 315)

      That leaves QJeff and Branden Jackson. Not bad at all.

      • Rob Staton says:

        That’s a frightening list IMO.


        • Volume12 says:

          That’s just me spitballing. You think there’s a possibility it ends up like that?

          • Rob Staton says:

            Hope not. Because 2018 will be a long season if that’s the case.

            • Volume12 says:

              They definetly need someone else.

              I think we’re both in agreement that there’s a very high probablility Seattle’s first 2 picks will be OG & RB or vice versa, but I can’t figure out if the next pick will be a DE or S. Or I should say, what defensive position they’ll target first.

              Would like to think it’d be DE because of ‘Lano and Tedric, but something tells me that’s not likely to be the case.

              • Rob Staton says:

                It depends on Earl. If Earl stays I don’t think they’ll draft a safety until day three, if at all.

                I’m quite relaxed about the situation currently. Still a lot of free agents out there. Still the draft to come. But even I’m starting to wonder how they plan to fill out the roster, how they plan to field even a moderate defensive line rotation and what happens to the comp picks if they end up signing multiple cheap free agents to fill out the roster, thus cancelling out a lot of the expensive departures.

            • 80SLargent says:

              Unless the Seahawks have a 2012-like draft, it’s going to be a long season anyway. Everyone likes to say “as long as they have Russell Wilson…”, well the Saints have had quite a few mediocre seasons despite having Drew Brees. A good draft class or two later, and bam, they’re contenders again. That’s what we’re going to have to hope for.

              • Rob Staton says:

                I think it’s too early to make a judgement on that. We need to see what happens in the next 7-10 days and what happens after the draft. I don’t think Pete is thinking they’ll be OK after a year or two. I think they fully intend to compete and compete well in 2018.

                But I’m starting to wonder how they even fill out the roster at this point.

                • olsonc says:


                  This has to be some of the most grim moments of recent memory. I’m thinking Mora and Holmgren last 2 years. Cupboard=bare.

                  • Rob Staton says:

                    There’s still a long way to go. And it’s not as bad as 2008/09 because they still have Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Bobby Wagner and Earl Thomas. They might make some very interesting moves in the next week.

                    That said, I think it’s also fair to wonder what exactly the plan is. They have minimal draft picks and need to add about 30-40 players between now and camp.

                  • Nick says:

                    Dude. C’mon. We have RW. The best QB in Seahawks history.

                  • peter says:

                    Gotta disagree and made a response to a Post like this just. A few days ago but did mora have a single rising player? Seattle has a few at least. Naz jones griffin, reed, clark, those are just the young ones getting their feet wet or getting ready for a second contract.

                • RWIII says:

                  I think EVERYTHING depends on if the Hawks can unload Earl Thomas. My bet is that they don’t trade him. If Thomas wants 5 years 55mil he will not find any takers. Now if he lowers his price to 4 years 44 mil that is a horse of a different color.

                  • Seatown says:

                    I think they have to trade Earl. Can’t afford an ugly Kam like holdout and can’t afford to let him walk away for nothing like Sherm.

                • Morgan says:

                  I think they will end up with 11-12 picks in the draft after trades. No sure things but I see solid players all through the draft.

          • mishima says:

            Put a T. Settle in there and I’ll feel better.

  7. 0Benjamin Ft. Worth says:

    It’s funny to watch the bandwagon fans on the other sites start to jump ship. I Can’t really think of any on this site, but it was time to go on a diet and trim a little fat. Hahaha

    • Tyler Jorgensen says:

      I’m pretty outspoken that this has been the worst 48 hours for the Seahawks since the pass, and is up there for worst in the entire franchise’s history. And I’ve said it on other sites, and I’ll say it here. And if you call me a bandwagon fan, them’s fightin’ words.

      It’s okay to be pissed at this, and it doesn’t make you any less a real fan. I’m seeing this as the extension of a long drought that has been going on since the SB victory year, with very little added, much taken away, many many mistakes in roster building and trades and draft selections. So when people say we’ll just fix it with a new attitude and a bunch of hungry guys, I’m not buying it. There’s been a hubris involved with who we draft and trying to be a little too cute, and with trades… and now here we are, breaking apart as dominant a potential dynasty as has been seen in current memory, all because of mistakes made along the way that took away from that potential legacy instead of adding to it.

      So yeah, call me funny. Ha ha. Hilarious.

      • Dale says:

        It’s been disheartening so far but to say it’s the worst in franchise history… dude you must not have been around for the years when SCal money tried to steal the Hawks multiple times. We won nothing, zip, nada and the only thing we had to cheer for was Steve Largent. Then Paul Allen bought the team. We’ve got a great owner, a proven coach, and a phenom GM. If Pete Carroll announces he’s leaving or Allen sells the team then I’ll join the ‘depressed’ bandwagon otherwise you need to look at the bigger picture. No franchise has done what the Pats have done and that’s with a coach/QB that have been together for 14 years. That’s a freak that type of dominance has only happened one other time and that was Lombardi’s Packers. Count your blessings dude because I think they’ll be back soon we just need to enjoy the ride.

        • Tyler Jorgensen says:

          I’m 42. I played on the Seahawks field in a youth football game during halftime. I got Steve Largent’s autograph. I have a football signed by the 83 team. I’ve been around, Dale.

          Yes, I’m saying the first two days of free agency is dark. Because I’m comparing it to the light that was the potential dynasty we’ve frittered away. I also said “It’s up there for worst in history” not that it was.

          If you want to say the day the moving trucks were packed up was worse, so be it. I’d say that was a great day, because that was when Tagliabue dictated the team isn’t going anywhere.

          If you want to say when Curt Warner went down to ACL tear, I can understand that. I’m saying this is not a good time, and we’re not making moves that give me any type of assurance that they have the capability to get us back to the SB.

  8. Gohawks5151 says:

    I think through the years we have been a bit spoiled into thinking a big move or trade is right around the corner but i find myself completely resigned to watching a rebuild. A lot of low cost, low risk signings and concentrate on the draft and coaching up the existing roster. Also saving cap for next year. So strap in and prepare yourselves for Wheaton, Johnson and maybe Sturgis and Dial signings! Now prove me wrong JS! Haha

  9. Nick LOB says:

    Start to start up the hype train for Malik?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m not taking anything out of that to be honest. There’s liking a tweet and there’s actually being able to physically play the game of football.

      Until the Seahawks speak with confidence about his ability to play — or I see him out on the practise field in pads — I’m going to need to see it to believe it.

      • Seatown says:

        Interesting. I wondered if not painful up for Richardson is a slight sign that Malik is making progress but then Pete stated that they get almost no info on his status. I’m confused.

  10. Donald says:

    I understand why some fans want to keep Earl Thomas, but what difference in the overall rebuilding process would he make? Knowing it is a rebuilding year(s), the Hawks should trade Thomas for as much as they can get for the draft picks and start the youth movement early. Keeping him would only delay the process, and make his value decline with age and injury. Lets not forget the large contract extension he wants, which the Hawks will never sign, so he could walk next year and the Hawks would not get anything for him.

    Trade Thomas for a 1st and 3rd, trade Wagner for a 1st, trade KJ for a 1st or 2nd, and they can rebuild pretty quickly.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They wouldn’t even get a fourth for KJ. He’s great but his best value is on this team.

      Bobby would get a first but you don’t trade him just like you don’t trade Russell.

    • Donald says:

      Okay, I got a little carried away.

      Maybe not Wagner and KJ, they are still young and they need some leadership on the team to show the rookies how it is done.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      And prepare yourself for getting a second round for Thomas. !st and 3rd is a wishful dream, it would be pleasant if it happened, but it won’t.

    • EBurgz says:

      Why not? It works for the browns to have no good players and lots of draft picks. Oh wait… it doesn’t.

  11. Ishmael says:

    Frustrating is the right word, but I’m also glad they’re not getting sucked into cap hell by thinking they’re just one player away. You really don’t want to run a franchise like the Saints were for the last decade, let alone, god forbid, the Dolphins.

    Sometimes it’s just time to realise the moment’s gone and it’s time to start over. Wilson basically guarantees we won’t see a losing season any time soon, if we played in some scrub conference like the AFCE then odds are we’d be in the playoffs every year as well. Floor is already high, time to find a new crew and see about a new push.

    • Ishmael says:

      Also, just to reply to myself, I will say that I liked that they went and had a real dip last season. Hindsight is 20-20 and all that, but I’d always rather a team who every now and then decides it’s time to really go all in. Supporting a catatonic team- like the Packers who’d rather waste the talents of the best QB of all time than take some team-building risks – would be almost as frustrating as supporting a completely delusional one.

    • Donald says:

      I agree. I think last year the Hawks thought they were just a Sheldon Richardson away, or a Brown away, grasping at straws to get a few key pieces and make it into the playoffs. They probably saw this happening last year, knowing it was the last remaining year of keeping the core players together. So they did what they could to get them into the playoffs.

      • Hawksince77 says:

        They weren’t the only ones. Many of us had high expectations of the team, only to watch stupid injuries (Malik), unfortunate ones (Fant, Carson) and a ton of others derail the season. Add in an offensive offensive line, the worst run offense in the league, and you get 9-7.

        I am looking forward to a season like the old Seahawks where expectations were modest, and we could enjoy every game without the frustration with every loss. I vaguely recall early in franchise history (years 2 and 3?) where the Seahawks, then in the AFC West, went something like 9-7. They beat Oakland twice one year, the first team to do that in awhile. I can’t remember if Zorn was still QB by year three, or if Krieg had taken over by then, but Largent was there, Sherman the running back, Efren Herrera the kicker…and the team was fun to watch.

        • Mike L says:

          The might actually be funner to watch this year than previous years. They know they can’t just rely on the RW is going to have to come out slinging every game..

        • 80SLargent says:

          The season you’re thinking of, Zorn was still the QB.
          Krieg took over in the middle of 1983, their 1st playoff team. They crushed the Orange Crush Broncos and came back to beat the Dolphins in Miami, and went to the AFC Championship (lost to the SB champion Raiders).
          It’s quite the illustration of how different 9-7 seasons can be.

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      The Dolphins are incomparably boring. That’s partially why I sample this blog. Miami is the only team in the league to win between 6 and 10 games every season since 2009. And it’s like every move is designed to perpetuate the trend.

      Seattle was a yard away from two consecutive Super Bowls, and now you’re signing Ed Dickson. Hey, it may be sad but it’s not boring.

      Last year was a reasonable desperate attempt tp hope it hadn’t slipped too far away. Now that needs to be set aside. Your franchise is nothing special when Carroll and Schneider are forced to make one subjective tight window choice after another, like the rest of the league. Again, the operative word is sad. Plugging holes leads nowhere. Every fan does the same thing: Frantically google the name and resume of the newly signed player, and try to pretend he’s much more than he really is. It basically never works and is more of a waste of time than anything else.

      Seattle needs to keep its picks and acquire a few additional, if opportunity presents. Then restrict those subjective requirements to three days in late April every year. At that point a sharper crew can pay big dividends. Otherwise it will be senseless spinning. And don’t fall for the idiotic Happy Adjuster nonsense that each draft can be handicapped separately from the previous one, or from the norm, and therefore pick number 46 is greater value this year than pick 40 last year, and so forth. That is runaway stupidity. Keep a big picture focus. The goal in free agency should be 2-0 every year. Isolate two difference maker player. If you try to plug 5 or 6 holes every season then next thing you know a decade is wasted and all you did was make sure to fall in line with Crowd mediocre irrelevancy, like my Dolphins.

      When I was a kid and the Dolphins had Shula and Joe Thomas, then George Young and Bobby Beathard, I always assumed they would be the smartest franchise in the league. After that example I understood the windows are brief and you have to cherish every minute on top as it happens.

  12. SeahawkeyezSub80 says:

    That second rd for him hurts. Jets bamboozeled us.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Don’t blame the Jets. Nobody forced us to make the trade. And he played well for us.

      In the end, I wasn’t ever fully convinced SEA would resign Sheldon. I thought he might price himself out range. I just didn’t think 1yr @ $11M was out of range. Makes me think his decision was as much about going with a true SB contender who rolled out the red carpet.

      • mishima says:

        And the Vikings have a dominant defense, just signed Cousins, have Dalvin Cook returning and played in NFC Championship. All things equal, decision was prob a no-brainer.

      • SeahawkeyezSub80 says:

        I dont blame the jets. If anything Jets should be congratulated. I blame JS/PC for giving away a 2nd round for a 1 year rental. They panicked when Malik McDowell got hurt. Atleast im thankfull. They didnt break the bank to keep for sake of second round. There is certainly something to fact that he has not gotten the multi year deal he looking for. I trust in JS/PC. They are certainly not infallible though.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          It all goes back to McDowell. So far, drafting Leek cost them their R2 picks in consecutive drafts and a decent utility WR, and all they got in return was a season of decent play from Richardson and maybe a R4 compensatory pick.

        • FresnoHawk says:


        • JC says:

          I hated this trade at the time and was mystified how most on here, on a draft focused blog, were on board with it. They gave up a #2 for someone they offered $6.5m to, it’s just a harsh admission they screwed up. I also didn’t like the Duane Brown trade. This entire retooled roster maneuver would be set up so much better had it been initiated in 2017. No Kam or Bennett extensions, trade Sherman instead of being picky about a big return only to get zip for him in 2018, then the draft capital killing trades. Malik the cherry on top.

          • Gohawks5151 says:

            All hind sight. They went for it in a year that started with us as contenders in an open NFC. They didn’t get it done. So this is the new plan. Total re build around Russ and Bobby.

          • Rob Staton says:

            Just because this is a draft blog doesn’t mean everyone has to obsess about picks all the time.

            I suspect people thought Richardson would help the Seahawks win a Super Bowl. A perfectly understandable stance to take at the time.

          • Dale says:

            The pundits thought it was a bold move, a good deal for a team that had the second best odds to make the Super Bowl. If they had done nothing would you be screaming because the window was closing and they didn’t attempt to take advantage of our expensive talent? If Sherman hadn’t been injured, Walsh made a few more kicks, or Avril gets a few more sacks we might have won two or three more games and had home field until the final round. Is it a good trade then? Ultimately injuries and the run game shot us down but they took the right risks… just like they’re supposed to. Risks are just that, opportunities that don’t always pay off.

  13. Marc Stewart says:

    Sheldon Richardson is a tease. He can be a monster or he can fade into the woodwork. The worst part of this situation is losing the second round pick. I am fine with Ed Dickson as an average NFL tight end because he can block a little and catch a little. I haven’t given up on Nick Vannett or Tyron Swoopes.

    Hawks need to be value shoppers and draft wisely. It’s a rebuild. That takes time. Deep breathing helps free agent anxiety.

  14. AlaskaHawk says:

    I’m actually glad that the Seahawks aren’t signing any big names. They really need to take a year to figure out the new coaching scheme, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and reset player compensation and cap space.

    There are a lot of things to figure out, not the least of which is churning over the roster with limited draft picks. Is that a big deal? I would say no. The fact is that there will be literally a thousand players released between draft day and start of season. There are plenty of players to look at and evaluate. Many of them are good players who just landed in an unfortunate spot of having too many players for that position. There are also all the UDFA to pick through. Let Pete Carroll do what he does best.

  15. Trevor says:

    I am concerned about 3 position groups as things stand.

    #1 DL – lost Bennett, Avril, Richardson and so far no incoming player.
    #2 OL – Pleasr just sign Fluker and Draft Wynn or Hernandez then keep that unit together for 2-3 years.
    #3 RB- I assume this position will be addressed in the draft.
    #4 WR- Lost PRich and Graham who was basically a red zone WR. We have brought no one in and there are limited options in draft. Really hope they sign Pryor at this point he would be a huge addition IMO.

    There is a ton of work to do on this roster with limited draft capital and cap sqace.

    • Ishmael says:

      It’s not going to be a one year job is it? I think we’ll be okay, but definitely have to think about 2020 being the absolute earliest we’ll be able to contend again.

    • peter says:

      Pryor is one of the blog favorites I don’t get. His big year he really wasn’t a difference maker. Maybe for Cleveland but if Seattle ever had a wr targeted 140 times but only caught a bit better than 55% we would be screaming at our tv’s.

      Maybe he just needs a change of scenery and a different role but I also worry about him being healthy. Like Wheaton he’s missed a bunch of time.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I’m completely indifferent to the signing of Pryor. Just had a complete waste of a year in Washington.

        • peter says:

          Sorry rob, I should have stated fans of the blog and not made it seem, yourself.

          I admire the guy for trying to switch but maybe it was just too little too late for him to reach potential at a new position.

        • SoCal12 says:

          Yeah there’s been buzz around here for Pryor but I don’t get it. His ‘one-year prove it’ with the ‘Skins just proved that his Cleveland production was mostly a fluke. He’s not young, and is coming off an injury. Nothing about him suggests he’s a good investment unless we can get him for like the bare minimum. I think it’s telling we’ve heard nothing about any team being interested in him

          I’d rather we just draft and develop some young guys, and if we wanna sign name brand we do it next year we have the cash.

          • Greg Haugsven says:

            I dont really care about Pryor either. If they sign him i wouldnt really care.

        • Dale says:

          Does it matter that Pryor went from Cousins to Kizer? It has to be a consideration.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      #1 – Kinda sorta not true. In a way, Naz Jones coming back is like an incoming player, and we’ll have Dion Jordan for the whole year, so that’s like having an Avril replacement. We need at least one more body, probably two, but I don’t think they have to be impact guys.

      #2 – We should get Fant back and have Odhiambo at competition for LG. Walter Jones thought Fant had worked hard and made good strides before his injury. Odhiambo and Pocic should both be stronger. And a coaching impact can make players look and perform a whole lot better. The Pats brought back a great OL coach and they looked great again. The Rams ditched Jeff Fisher and all those players that looked terrible looked pretty good. It can happen here.

      3. Agree, but also we should have Carson back healthy. He showed promise.

      #4 – I hate Pryor, but it sure looks like we could use somebody here. Really liked Jordy Nelson as a cagey vet. Maybe Lockett one year healthier will make a big difference? We’ve had pretty ho-hum groups before and done okay.

      Try to stay positive.

  16. Rowlandice says:

    They could still add Suh or now Vinny Curry to the DL rotation. They’ve got a bit of cap to use should they choose. They’ll bargain hunt at LB, RB, OL and WR after couple days or even weeks.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Neither player would change comp pick calculations, since they were both cut by their former teams.
      Both are also very good players who would immediately upgrade the Seattle defense.

  17. RWIII says:

    I think EVERYTHING depends on if the Hawks can unload Earl Thomas. My bet is that they don’t trade him. If Thomas wants 5 years 55mil he will not find any takers. Now if he lowers his price to 4 years 44 mil that is a horse of a different color.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Yeah but 5 for 55 is just the same. The years and total numbers really dont mean anything. Ill give him 10 years for $110. Its about the guarantees. I would do 5 for $55 as thats only $11 APY.

  18. Aaron says:

    Sheldon getting 8 with incentives to 11 is too much for me. I was thinking 8 max. Younger, cheaper, and hungrier.

  19. Millhouse-serbia says:

    The $11M figure does not hold up. Sheldon Richardson will be valued as a 4th round 2019 compensatory pick.

    For MIN: instead of the 3rd for Keenum he cancels out the 5th for McKinnon.
    For SEA: they only have a 4th for him instead of a 3rd.

    • Millhouse-serbia says:

      So at the end: 50th pick for 150th pick + one sack. Just great.

      • SeahawkeyezSub80 says:


      • Coleslaw says:

        Funny how at the time the trade was viewed as great for us. Oh how quickly the tides turn in 4 months

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          I guess its one year $8 million with $3 million in incentives. That is in PRich territory.

          • Greg Haugsven says:

            The Sheldon comp pick might only end up being a 5th. That would be horrendous.

          • Coleslaw says:

            IMO I think they’re stupid for not signing him. Would have probably had the opportunity to offer $9M and $10M/year before getting priced out, that’s cheap compared to the contracts we’ve seen dished out. And if you only are a bidder in the end, you’re driving up the value for your comp pick. JS didn’t play that hand well at all IMO. Just the same old “this is what we’ll give you.”
            That doesn’t exactly make people want to stay.

            • Del tre says:

              I just hit you with this down below but again +1, great point, he’s got to dish out a contract or 2 with 100 mil in cap space next season, no reason not to. I’m really confused by what the Hawks are doing right now, hard to project where they go.

  20. SeahawkeyezSub80 says:

    Im having a hard time believing JS/PC would take a rebuild with Bobby, Earl, K.J. only a year or two removed from being in their 30,s (third contracts) Why waste a year in rebuild mode. Im stumped to what there gameplan is.

    • John_s says:

      I think previous discussions where injuries to key players and those certain players have tuned out Pete’s message fast tracked the decision

    • Coleslaw says:

      If we shelled out big contracts willy nilly we’d be in the same boat as we’ve been in just with even more overpriced contracts than we’ve had. We’d be out of cap space next year again. They think we can compete with rookies, we’ll see how that goes. We need to get younger and create competition. Complacency kills and PCJS realized that’s what would have happened to the Seahawks. It’s a crappy situation but it’s the hand we’re dealt.

    • Heliopause says:

      I’m sure we all read various sources, and the various takes as to the direction they’re going don’t quite match up, yet, with the reported and rumored free agent moves. For instance, the reported intense interest in Suh doesn’t match up with the fact that he is a complete mercenary and outbidding the field for his type is not usually how JS/PC operate. Maybe we should read more into what is NOT happening. That reported $6.5 million offer to Richardson, for instance, was laughably lowball, they made no real effort to retain Sherman and Shead even though they were given opportunities to, etc.

      Or maybe JS/PC really did want Richardson & Richardson, Suh, Sherman, Shead, Seferian-Jenkins at discount prices but misread the market. One hopes we’ll get a little more clarity in the coming days and weeks.

  21. Coleslaw says:

    I understand the confusion but c’mon guys lets wait this out. Suh is still out there, and a lot of us were hoping we’d replace Sheldon with Suh. Get a comp pick. How do we know they aren’t gonna make a stronger push for Ndonkeykong Suh? Let’s enjoy the ride as much as we can. Start dreaming for new players instead of getting worked up about a move that will likely be addressed by a week’s time.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      That would be nice but if they are really offering $6.5 to Sheldon I wonder what they would offer to Suh? Im rooting for some Suh though.

      • Mexican Hawk says:

        6.5 but Vikes offer was 8 if i am not mistaken. so only 1.5 more. with incentives it kicks it up to that bigger number that is being thrown out there.

        i like restraint being shown. hard to be excited i agree, but see a bigger picture.

  22. FresnoHawk says:

    They could really use use both players. Corbett & Miller. Corbett is my favorite 2nd round player. Looks like we’re doing the FA DE path vs draft

  23. Greg Haugsven says:

    From the outside it looks like the Seahawks are being a bunch of cheap bastards. I would have done both the Sheldon and ASJ deals.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80 says:

      I second that notion. Its not like these deals Sheldon and ASJ got are big contracts or messing up your cap. It just feels like Seattle is going through the motions with no intent from the get go to sign. But, Coleslaw is right we need to wait and see.

      • 12th chuck says:

        I agree. Starters at that. Prepare for the ufa scraps. How many starters do we need in the draft pool to be contenders next year?

        • 12th chuck says:

          Lets face it, I don’t think giving up a starter for a comp. pick is worth it 9 out of 10 times

          • peter says:

            this might be the one time though. Not for nothing but Richardson had a few really great stops last year but if it’s Richardson or suh? which I hope, btw, such is still very productive I. almost all the ways Seattle isn’t currently.

            • 12th chuck says:

              PC and JS know way more than I do, but what I see our division is way better now than it was, and we haven’t even had the draft yet. We had a chance to fill 2 holes on reasonable deals and passed. I am almost in panic mode, and hard not to be frustrated.

              • peter says:

                I’m not bummed about Richardson just about the wasted draft pick. However as a guarded less optimistic asj fan I don’t know what the ed dickson signing is for. Blocking I guess. Neck even willson has more production and provides more of a spark.

                Maybe they are saving their money for suh? Or even smarter yet save your money for a Clark extension.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        100% agree with wait and see. The new season is only 2 days old.

    • peter says:

      Suh? Or the earl extension.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Its time they tightened up the purse strings and reset their cap space. This is a two year rebuild. And it will only benefit them in the draft if they don’t play that well this year. Let the rookies struggle – it will build character.

  24. Coleslaw says:

    Wow, patriots doing patriot things. Jeremy Hill signed with NE. He’ll replace Dion Lewis’ 5-15 touches. I think that’s gonna be a really good fit with Burkhead and White already on the roster.

    • 80SLargent says:

      Yeah, young Bengals RB falls out of favor and signs with the Patriots. It seems like I’ve seen that one before. Watch Hill go over 1000 yards next season.

    • Lewis says:

      And Adrian Clayborn

    • John_s says:

      Also just signed Tobin to a 1yr deal. This will give back a 4th so as is they have 2 fourths. Hopefully Willson signs with a team and that will gain an additional 4.

    • Del tre says:


    • AlaskaHawk says:

      They were only paying Blount a million a year when they had him. He was part of a three man running back team.

  25. DC says:

    Did Sheldon scream “core” player to anyone?

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Its hard to be a core player when your not drafted there. I would answer that with a probably not.

    • Trevor says:

      Clearly PC/JS did not think so.

    • Patrick Toler says:

      Who are the core players now other than Russell, Doug, and Bobby? KJ maybe? Some of the rookie contract guys are candidates. There was a time when we had maybe 10 (!) core players, which is ridiculous and probably unrealistic to expect.

      • peter says:

        How do you define core? Clark for me is a resign. But that’s it for now plus your list.

        High hopes for griffin and jones maybe even reed as sort of mebane style stalwart.

        • D-OZ says:

          In regards to the newly seined Duck 😉 Dave Wyman likes him a lot. He watched tape on him and came away impressed. He said he is as good of a run blocker as he is in Pass-pro. He also really sells play action while slipping into space to free himself up. Reminds him of a more athletic Miller.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Maybe Britt, Shaq but thats a little early yet.

    • 80SLargent says:

      As it stands now, who ARE the Seahawks “core” players besides Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, and Bobby Wagner?
      Earl Thomas? The last I checked, they’re trying to trade him.
      K.J. Wright? He has one year left on his 2nd contract. Do we think he’ll get a 3rd contract?
      Duane Brown? He’s 33 years old at the start of the season, and one year left on his contract.

      After them, I see a really long list of question marks.

      Justin Britt? Does he scream “core” player to anyone? Please.
      Frank Clark? He’s likely the best under 25 player they have.
      Jarran Reed? Tyler Lockett? Maybe.
      Bradley McDougald? Justin Coleman? They’re good/solid, but not great.
      Players with the most upside: Shaq Griffin, Naz Jones, Chris Carson, Dion Jordan, George Fant, Ethan Pocic, C.J. Prosise, Germain Ifedi.
      The question marks only get bigger after that, mostly with players who haven’t really seen the field.
      It would be great to see they next crop of “core” players emerge, but right now, their “core” is looking a lot smaller than it did just a year ago.
      Pete Carroll, ever the optimist, said he saw a “championship team right here in this locker room” (or to that effect) after the end of the season. Surely he knows more about football than I could ever dream of, but right now, I see a 7-9 football team. Signing guys like Mingo and Dickson isn’t going to move that needle one bit. They’re not a Suh away from being a contender either. They need to acquire more draft picks, and start actually making more of them count again. They’ve got a long ways to go and a lot of work to do, because the other teams in the division and conference certainly aren’t sitting on their hands.

      • peter says:

        I get your glass half emptiness but I like the mingo signing. bennett, avril, a devalued Clemons in a trade, raheem brock, a forgotten jordan….Seattle knows about undervalued pass rushers and d linemen maybe better than anyone out there.

        • 80SLargent says:

          I see your homer goggles, and I raise you the fact that Mingo is a maybe; he’s not any one of the guys you listed. Kind of like Carroll’s ability to coach up DBs doesn’t make Shaq Griffin = Richard Sherman. Surely you can understand that.

          • peter says:

            well let’s see how it goes going forward. Sherman played less games had more interceptions but less sacks than Griffin and only two more passes defended as a rookie……

            however Sherman got to play with and be part of the lob whereas Griffin didn’t get that luxury and Sherman played with a dline that had more pressures and sacks….so I think Griffin is literally going to be nearly as good as him in a different way.

            • 80SLargent says:

              Don’t get me wrong, I like Shaq Griffin a lot. I think he’s going to be a really good player. That being said, Richard Sherman is the best CB of this decade. Actually expecting Griffin to be as good as him is folly, plain and simple.

      • Dale says:

        I’m excited to get back to Seahawk football. Enough of Russell making desperate magic. Run the ball and play hyper defense. The Pats have been built on the back of a coach and a QB that have been together for 14 years. Everybody else has be expendable… everybody. This game is about a coach, a system, and execution. Hopefully we’re headed back to that blueprint.

      • D-OZ says:

        Clark will be trade fodder!!!

  26. Del tre says:

    Tragic 🙁 my dream is dead, but I’m still not convinced we won’t make a run for Suh, and i think Reid’s development has pleased the coaches, hopefully Sheldon’s departure won’t be a big deal. Besides if big Nazty develops and Malik the freak comes back, its tough not to like our depth in that front 4.

  27. peter says:

    One thing with this new league year, last year trades, this earl talk, and frankly the last few years I truly hope pc/js stop believing their own truths so much so that they keep thinking one player now instead of draft picks or a single high draft pick is going to “change,” the whole thing.

    We see it every year where a team feels they are just one player away and rarely is that the case.

    In the case of Seattle going back to harvin or even this draft coming up thinking “heck the second and third round talent this year is so poor let’s burn those picks…..superbowl here we come,” ….except of course for the ultimate teaching tool the second and third round this year may be the most stocked in the last few years of interesting team building talent.

    I truly admire those two for changing Seattle’s fortunes but sherman sounding a bit like a scorned ex with the last word is a bit right. The evaluation process has been going sideways and Seattle’s depth is pretty barren.

    Per example i would like to hear less about two year project wide receivers “that they really like,” but really none of them have gone anywhere, and just draft/udfa another one like baldwin/lockett day one who can contribute something right away even if it’s not groundbreaking. Btw no need for rebuttals about wr’s who got hurt and took time. I’m talking the durhams, lawlers, harpers, moores, mcevoys of the world.

  28. Greg Haugsven says:

    We can also remember that Cliff Avril is still part of this team for now. So until they need the cap space or he retires he is still a part of that D Line

  29. SeahawkeyezSub80 says:

    Malik McDowell changes the equation. I too am in the beleive it when i see it. Which has me hoping JS and PC feeling that he will contribute, hence the lackluster pursuit of DT/DE in free agency first wave and second wave.

    • peter says:

      Seattle has done well in the past with the try hard tackles and maybe there’s one Or two out there for rotation

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Seattle should grab Vinny Curry for ~8M a year…. very solid player for the DL.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80 says:

      Hmm…do you think that’s why JS gave Bennett to Philly for a bag of peanuts and a capri sun. To facilitate a Vinny Curry release?

    • 80SLargent says:

      He’s a solid player but do you think he’ll cost that much?

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80 says:

        He got released over 9 million APY. Might take that much or a little less. Interesting how Eagles stalled him during first wave and second wave of free agency to get him to restructure. Shows you the difference in front office tactics. Wonder if players take notice. That Seattle always play the classy give a player every opportunity at free agency.

        • 80SLargent says:

          I think if Curry’s production matched his contract, they don’t trade for an older player in Mike Bennett. Bennett is a better player, and his current deal with the Eagles is ~ $7M per season. I bet Curry could be signed for ~ $5-6M per season – maybe even less.

          • SeahawkeyezSub80 says:

            I would definetly take a 1 year prove it at 5 to 6 million

            • 80SLargent says:

              For reference, Adrian Clayborn’s new deal with the Patriots is 2 years with a maximum value of $12.5M.

    • Marc Stewart says:

      I agree… if they can get him cheaper than $8 million a year.

  31. peter says:

    Not for nothing but id love for seattle to sign brandon Coleman to a responsible contract. Or Michael floyd. I think both have had there careers get of track or in Coleman s case never really get going. But I think both could be had for fair values and a chance to show what they have.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80 says:

      I like Brandon Coleman a lot. Showed some flash with Snead in a down year. IMO

  32. peter says:

    Plus he had a bad knee that took forever to heal and never caught on in NO. Some players need a change and Seattle is a good spot now that it’s in churn mode for players to bank on themselves.

  33. C-Dog says:

    I think the positive that I’m taking away from low balling Sheldon Richardson is that Seattle likely sees promising young talent in Naz Jones and Jarran Reed set to emerge and they don’t feel the need to sink big money on a multi year deal on a veteran. Even if they reach a deal with Suh, it’s probably not going to be a cap shattering deal.

    By the by, love the Ed Dickson signing.

  34. Heliopause says:

    Let’s forget this football stuff for a moment. The biggest upset in big-sports American history just happened. This is like the Browns beating the Patriots in Foxboro by 4 TDs. No, this is worse than that.

  35. RWIII says:

    I can’t believe it. We are three days into free agency and it seems like everyone is crying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. Please wait until after the draft. Before you start crying about the :sky is falling.”

    • GerryG says:

      It’s different this year. They don’t have squat for draft capital.

      2017 will go down as a serious blunder.

      That said spending tons of $ on FAs isn’t the answer. despite the teams need to shed some expensive veteran baggage, they are not getting better.

      The draft needs to be a home run

  36. HD says:

    Honey Badger signed a short deal with the Texans; Seattle signed former Rams Safety Maurice Alexander and Thomas may still be on the trading block. The signing of Dixon along with some blocking TE’s available in the draft is interesting. Dixon is probably the best blocking TE Seattle has had since Zach Miller and he had a pretty good receiving year. Seattle signed Brown from Arizona who also is a good special teams guys as is Mingo signed at SAM. The draft also has some guard options as well as RB options this year…a good year for both. If Seattle gets a first and 3rd for Thomas I could see them trading one first for a second and a third which would put them into a position to draft a guard, a RB a TE and D-Line guy early. I think Seattle will sign the DT coming to visit on Monday from Minn and probably sign Maxwell at corner next week. Could be an interesting draft his year.

  37. Burner says:

    I see Johnathan Hankins has been released by the Colts, could he be a good back up option if we fail to land Suh? How much money will he likely be looking for?

    • Simo says:

      Hmm…is he any good? Cut loose by the Dolts after only one year? He’s only 26 though, should have something left in the tank.

  38. HawksGal says:

    I say good bye to all these support your team only when winning fans. I’m sad to see our core players cut or forced to retire due to injury; I’m not happy we didn’t receive any draft picks as we acted one year too late.
    I’m extremely ecstatic to watch this team retool and shut all the media, negative fans and doom and gloom types down.
    These are exciting times and Pete Carrol will find a way to refresh this aging squad for less money and still be competitive, New England does it every year and it’s a winning formula.
    I’ve been curious about the lack of Malik news and wondered if Pete new more than he was letting on, after all why tip our hand right before a draft.
    We have some very talented players that will step up, I loved the Chris Carson, Pocic and Shaq and Nazir Jones draft picks I believe we drafted very well last year and I look forward to this years draft.

    As a BC Gal would sure love to see Nathan Shepard picked up even if he doesn’t have Seattle’s typical criteria for arm length this kid’s got serious game and work ethic.

    Other prospects I hope we target,
    Corbett or Wyatt Teller, Kerryon Johnson, John Kelly, Chase Edmunds , Equanimeous St. Brown, Tyler Conklin, Leon Jacobs, Darius Leonard, Natrell Jamerson, Jeremy Reeves, Trayvon Henderson, Turay, Oren Burks.

    Of course Shaq 2

    Relax people these are exciting times, younger, faster, hungrier and cheaper, we will trade back probably multiple times to get the additional picks we need; breath and enjoy!

    TE Dickson and Jaron Brown are both good signings.