Friday notes: O-line first?

Despite all the mock drafts touting defense for Seattle in round one, there are some quite realistic options on offense. We’ve talked a lot about running backs. Today I wanted to talk about interior offensive linemen.

There are three real strengths of the draft in rounds 1-3 — running back, O-line and defensive front seven.

It’s quite possible the Seahawks are done investing high pick after high pick in their O-line. It might be time for a scheme tweak, a fresh voice and some development of the players on the roster rather than just endlessly seeking an upgrade. They’ve already spent so much stock on the offensive line.

That said, if there’s a player worthy of consideration it shouldn’t be ruled out. And in this draft class, there are certainly players worthy of consideration.

I re-visited some Nick Chubb games last night and (again) was constantly drawn to #77. Isaiah Wynn just oozes class. He does everything well — footwork, balance, hand placement, control. He was the most consistent performer at the Senior Bowl. Technically it’s hard to find players at his level in college. He’s not the biggest or most physically impressive but he just looks so competent. If you were able to trade down and still get him in the late first or early second round, how could you not feel very comfortable with that decision?

Here’s a reminder of his week in Mobile:

If Wynn isn’t a first round talent, what are you looking for? Especially with the league so desperate for good offensive linemen these days.

The other prospect who really stands out is Billy Price at Ohio State. Not only is he really aggressive and a tone-setter, he also looks like a terrific athlete. In his bio he’s described as having ‘Freaky strength and explosiveness‘ and an anonymous AFC pro-personnel Director said this about him:

“Man he is a different kind of guy altogether. Has a lot of edge for sure. Love his toughness and his grit and wait until you see him at the combine. He might hit 40 on the bench and he’s going to run well too.”

You’re talking about a player with attitude, intensity, physicality. He’s occasionally a little too eager and aggressive. I’ll take a bit of that for the way he blocks. He was credited with re-focusing the team after Ohio State’s heavy loss to Iowa with a stirring post-game speech.

Urban Meyer raves about him:

The national consensus has him lasting into the late first or early second round. If that’s the case (I suspect he’ll go much earlier) then he represents another great option.

You could add others to the list. Will Hernandez, Connor Williams, Frank Ragnow, Braden Smith. There are some real options there and Tony Pauline has also been connecting Seattle to Nevada’s Austin Corbett.

Many will argue the O-line should be the priority anyway. I don’t necessarily agree there. I think it’s a bit of everything — improvements up front (might be possible with a new coach and approach), better running backs and a more focused running attack. If they go O-line early it won’t or shouldn’t be because they ‘have to’. It’ll be because the options warrant it.

So while it might be a case of going Ronald Jones II first and an O-liner (Corbett?) with their next pick, they could also work out a situation where they trade down, get an O-liner (eg Wynn or Price) and then get the running back with the second pick. And if that proves to be the case, Georgia’s Chubb remains a realistic option given his running style, size and explosive physicality.

We’ve gone through the list of options at RB — but the late first or second round could be a real sweet spot there. Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel, Rashaad Penny, Derrius Guice, Royce Freeman. I think it’s unlikely but Ronald Jones II might last too (although increasingly I think he’s a top-25 lock).

I’ve posted the video below not just for the benefit of watching a lot of Chubb’s best plays from 2017. It’s also a chance to look at some of Wynn’s best plays too…


  1. Nick

    I’m pretty sure Wynn was a starter in 2015, too—so Schotty would have a pretty good idea of his talents/ceiling. I’d be very surprised if Seattle didn’t go with at least one Georgia offensive player—both because of the connection to the OC, but also because that unit was exactly what they aspire to: a brutal running attack.

    • Nick

      Also, holy molyi. Wynn singlehandedly opens up lanes for most of Chubb’s biggest runs in the video above.

      • Cameron

        Exactly one of my concerns with Chubb as a prospect (see comment further below), as most of his production, at least near the line of scrimmage, comes from what is blocked for him, but seldom from his own efforts.

        • Rob Staton

          Come on. This isn’t true.

          • SeahawkeyezSubj80

            I agree. No hesitation in his game its if atleast one cut and goes. I think his game gets stronger only 2 years removed from devastating knee injury.

          • Cameron

            True from my perception, though, granted I do value speed open field evasion much less than power and evasion near the LOS, likely due to necessity of such skills behind the blocking produced by the Seahawks over the past several years.

          • Cameron

            Watching highlight after highlight, though, each of Chubb’s best runs comes when he’s not touched once, which is why I reference his blocking as the primary driver of his success. His speed lends itself to success where, perhaps, other RB’s would not have hit the hole as quickly and would have encountered contact much sooner, but such skills do not translate to NFL speed as well in my opinion.

            • Rob Staton

              I’d recommend watching the video at the end of today’s piece. Plenty of examples there were Chubb breaks tackles, gets extra yardage and makes explosive chunk plays.

              • Cameron

                Just rewatched the video, and I still see gains obtained through good blocking and speed through the hole, occasionally bouncing the run outside and winning that way with speed. The only “tackles” that I ever see him break are desperate attempts at ankle tackles, but almost always succumbing to any quality tackle otherwise. His base just narrows (for whatever reason) every time a defender gets a good angle to make a tackle, and he goes down easily, rather than keeping a wide base and giving himself a shot at maintaining balance through contact.

                • Rob Staton

                  Well I’m sorry, but if that’s your honest takeaway you’re being overly critical.

                  • Cameron

                    Perhaps, and maybe the disconnect here is the perspective of how we’re looking at this. I’m looking for a player that has the potential of being elite (top 5 in his position), not just being successful (top 20 or top 15). I don’t think Chubb, with what I’ve seen, has a shot at being a top 5 NFL RB.

                • Patrick Toler

                  I was somewhat of this opinion until I went back and watched several of his full game cut ups. His highlight videos do have a lot of big holes because Georgia was really good. But watching his full games showed me a back with power, athleticism, balance and vision. I now think that as long as he’s healthy his floor is an above average back, and he has the potential to be very good.

            • Braden

              Doesn’t every running backs best and longest runs come when they aren’t touched? You could make that argument for just about everyone aside from Marshawn when he played here and sadly we aren’t getting another.

              • Patrick Toler

                Yep. You really can’t judge from the highlight videos, because you’re right, most of the plays that get put on those (especially in college) are when there is a big hole to run through.

  2. cha

    “There are three real strengths of the draft in rounds 1-3 — running back, O-line and defensive front seven.”

    As was discussed in the last thread, the Hawks might have an opportunity to tag and trade Sheldon.

    Does DL being a strength of the draft depress his trade value or is he a rare enough commodity to negate that concern?

    • Cameron

      I’d be surprised if his lack of obvious statistical production (e.g. sacks) alone doesn’t drive down his value. Perhaps there’ll be one cap-rich team that will yield and pay a $14m per year price to get him, but it seems more and more likely to me that Sheldon will sign a 1-year prove-it deal (reasonably likely, but not certainly, here in Seattle), betting on himself to put together a much flashier year of stats, and cash in on a multi-year deal in 2019.

  3. cha

    “He’s occasionally a little too eager and aggressive. I’ll take a bit of that for the way he blocks”

    Say hi to Aaron Donald, Buckner/Thomas, Frostee Rucker 2x a year. Yes please.

    • Ralphy

      Not to be negative but those were the same descriptors as Ifedi.

      • SoCal12

        Ifedi can still be great. He’s young, and hopefully Solari is better for him than Cable was (which is not a high bar). I’ll take another Ifedi if we’re able to utilize and coach both properly to their full potential.

        • Ralphy

          I completely agree SoCal. I’m not ready to give up on him by any means. I just wanted to point out how similar the comparison is.

  4. Joseph

    PC and JS would be completely stupid not to get either Will Hernandez or Isaiah Wynn. Pete loves to run the ball. If he doesn’t get either and goes for dead weights like Webb sowell Jockel Gilliam then he’s just pretty much asking to get fired. I’m fine with a running game but not if you can’t execute. And you can’t be a run heavy offense if you keep playing with the same bad batch of linemen groups and have it continue. If he wants to run heavy and play conservative football at the end then one of these guys is a must get. Sure it would be good to get a quality running back but not if you don’t have a O-line that created running lanes and be the bullies by road grading.

    • Rob Staton

      You see, I agree with some parts here Joseph and disagree with others. They can’t go back to paying bad or average linemen to make up the numbers. But I also don’t think the alternative has to be endless first or second round picks. No team has spent more than Seattle on their O-line in terms of picks and it hasn’t been a solution so far. Sometimes you do have to ‘find’ guys — and the most important thing is cohesion, understanding, chemistry and scheme. Five guys working as one.

      I’m optimistic Solari can get the line functioning again and that major further investment might not be required. They’ve got a veteran left tackle now, some younger guys they like and hopefully Britt has a bounce back year.

      And running back absolutely is a vital part of this. I will keep saying it too. This isn’t a chicken or egg situation. It isn’t OL or RB. It’s both. The running backs have to be better too. They need more talent there. And there are really good backs available. It won’t be acceptable to come out of this draft ‘waiting’ on a day three RB. It’d be a major missed opportunity. But I hope I’ve highlighted in the piece it doesn’t have to their first pick. I’d be a bit disappointed though if they didn’t take a RB in the top-75 picks.

      • Joseph

        I thought Mike Davian and JD mckissic played well. The problem is we have some many areas to address and we’re extremely low with the cap. My questions are when are we gonna draft and how many picks will we have. But the reason the o line was a success in the past was because Marshawn carried the load and losing unger hurt. We have good RB but don’t have the o line to create holes. It’s why we only had 1 RB who scored a TD. I’m optimistic about solari cause what he did in San Francisco. And with a RB it’s good this class is deep but I agree we need to address RB early. But I feel either Will Hernandez or Isaiah wynn can help the line become bullies. But this draft is really tough to figure out. Cause I feel they will trade outta the 1st cause there will be no trades to where they have a 1st 2nd 3rd. Well even though JS and PC don’t value 1st rd picks it’s gonna be concerning with who they pick. I was upset with the Malik McDowell pick from last year when there was Kevin King Obi melifonwu and even cam Robinson. It’s all concerning how it will play out not only in the draft but in free agency also.

        • Rob Staton

          We really don’t have good running backs, Joseph.

          Chris Carson, a seventh rounder who played a few games and got hurt and a gadget player like McKissic isn’t a healthy stable. They need more at that position.

          • Joseph

            Rob, Who do you think we should draft? I like Sony mickel But I feel we need a power back so I’m high on Nick Chubb

            • Rob Staton

              I’m open to various options and scenarios.

          • Sean-O

            Do we think SEA will dip into the FA market for a Hyde/Crowell type or even a one-year deal (like Lacy in ’17) for a Jeremy Hill or even Alfred Blue?

            I saw a few HOU games the last couple of seasons & when he played, Blue was the definition of a grinder. A pairing with Carson with some McKissic/Prosise/later round ’18 pick could be serviceable.

            That would allow to address other positions earlier in the draft.

            • Rob Staton

              I think they almost have to sign a veteran RB as a hedge. Not sure who, would like Hyde personally, but can imagine one coming in.

              • Joseph

                Hyde also has some durability issues. I actually like Alfred Morris.

                • Lil'stink

                  I’ve always liked Morris as well. He is older (29) so he could come cheap. He has less than 1300 carries on his career, and less than 200 in the last 2 seasons so I’d think he has something left in the tank.

                  I think our long term RB has to come via the draft or UDFA, though.

                • Coleslaw

                  Good call. Morris would be a great pickup/ pairing with Carson for early down work. The dude ran well behind that injured Dallas line this year and should come relatively cheap

              • cha

                Chris Ivory on a budget deal when the Jags cut him.

                But then I’m the guy who was happy with the Eddie Lacy pickup.

      • Cameron

        That’s not to say that Britt had a “bad” year, rather he was pretty average in 2017, likely driven by the nagging ankle injury he dealt with a majority of the year. I fully expect that with a healthy campaign in 2018, his mean level of play is as a top 10 center.

  5. Cameron

    I just keep watching clip after clip of Chubb, and I just have to say, I’m never impressed by what I see. He’s got great athleticism that leads to breakaway runs when the play is well blocked for him, but all I continue to see is someone who more often than not goes down on first contact and has average vision for a RB. When you look at a game like the National Championship against an NFL level front seven, he was tackled behind the LOS again and again, and I’m doubtful that his game will translate to the NFL level and produce success expected from a second round pick.

    Sony Michel, on the other hand, has produced a large number of plays that make me say “Wow, he made that play work all by his own efforts.” Watching Michel, it’s kind of like watching a player who’s 20% Marshawn Lynch, 40% Lesean McCoy, and 40% Leveon Bell, in that I see plays extended/successful as a direct result of key aspects of each of their games (powering through tackles, evasion, or patience behind blocks).

    • Rob Staton

      Again though, remember what the situation was in the National Championship game. True Freshman QB. Heavy run game. Against a scary Alabama defense. What was Alabama’s tactic going to be? Let them run the ball up the gut? No chance. They wanted to put it on the Freshman QB. And Georgia knew that, which is why they had him throw eight or so times in a row to start the game. They knew they had to open up the run with the pass. They failed to do that, and the consequence was they never got Chubb going.

      Auburn did something very similar. Both Chubb and Michel struggled in that game too and Auburn blew them away as a consequence.

      And those are quite big extremes there. On the one hand you’re unimpressed with Chubb and then you’re comparing Michel to players like Marshawn, LeSean and Le’Veon. For me he’s a Maurice Morris, which is quite a different comp.

      • Cameron

        I’d hardly say Michel struggled in the game, as he regularly churned out positive runs, totalling 98 yards on 14 carries. Compare that to 25 yards on 18 carries for Chubb, and consider that the Auburn line is a decent comparison to what he will face in the NFL, and I’d say the gap in impression I’m seeing between the two is warranted.

        The comparison’s I’m making are purely on tendencies and skill-sets displayed and NFL players best known for those skill-sets, so take that for what it’s worth. I’m always hesitant to say that any college player will “become” a given player or have their level of success.

        • Rob Staton

          Michel had 21 yards on 9 carries against Auburn in the regular season.

          The stats you’re referring to came in the Alabama game.

          • Cameron

            Sorry, I misread Auburn as Alabama (and subsequently made the mistake in my own response, go figure, it’s a Friday and has been a long week).

            You reference Alabama’s goal of smothering the run and forcing the game into the freshman rookie QB’s hands, though Chubb struggled all game long, where Michel did quite well with his opportunities through the game, rarely, if ever, losing yards.

            Going to the actual Auburn game, it’s not as though Chubb succeeded where Michel failed in that instance. Both were stymied in that game. My point is ultimately that I’ve seen examples of Michel thriving against difficult matchups where the play was not well blocked, whereas I have not seen that from Chubb.

            • Rob Staton

              That’s because Michel is more of an outside runner, Chubb is North/South. It happens sometimes. Teams on occasion also very successfully bottled up Marshawn with the same tactic and dared Russell to beat them. It happened in the 2013 opener in Carolina for example. Alabama did a great job taking away the inside run. Michel had a few good plays working to the outside. Playing to his own strengths.

              Chubb has succeeded in difficult running situations. For example, people don’t realise this but Kentucky had a really good run defense in 2017. They had one of the better rushing defenses in the SEC and ranked just below Auburn in YPG allowed (121.9) before they played Georgia. Chubb ran for 151 yards on 15 carries. Michel had 87 yards. In the 2016 game against Auburn, Chubb had twice as many yards as Michel.

              I think you’re trying a little bit too hard to critique Chubb. Both Michel and Chubb are really good but they’re different. There’s a reason, though, that Chubb is the second leading rusher in SEC history and Michel isn’t. It’s not because Chubb relies on great blocking and is otherwise really average and Michel is an outstanding talent put together via a mix of Marshawn, LeSean and Le’Veon. If you want evidence of Chubb’s ability to create, the video at the bottom of the piece is a perfect illustration.

              • Cameron

                I promise I’m not trying hard to critique Chubb. Perhaps it’s coming across that way, but I have no biases here, and really am objectively working to project who will have the better NFL success.

                The closest NFL comp for Chubb I can think of is Jonathan Stewart, which isn’t an argument of non-NFL success, given that Stewart has had success in Carolina over many years. However, I think that is more Chubb’s ceiling, than the “safe” bet of what he will become, and only if he learns to widen his base and maintain balance through contact. That said, would I want Jonathan Stewart as a Seahawk, over someone with a bit more diverse skill-set? No.

                My argument, rather, is that I believe Michel is better equipped for consistent success in the NFL with his skill-set, and a player who could deliver much better production in particular if drafted to Seattle.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think Chubb’s best comp is Jonathan Stewart — and I think that’s a very good thing for him.

                  • Cameron

                    Hey, we agree on one thing at least! Cheers!

                • Jake

                  I think Michel and Barkley will have the most success in the NFL due to their displayed in game balance, explosion, and leadership qualities. Michel has a lot of unique qualities, subtle wiggle in the hole and ability to bend and minimize the effect of contact. His weight distribution and flexibility are truly unique. I believe he is the best RB prospect.

    • Nick

      Cameron, I disagree. Chubb is a really polished running back with years of elite production. Michel’s obvious talent shouldn’t take away from the savvy running he displays. He runs so similarly to Frank Gore—another running back who has been consistently good, but never “wowed” in the same way as other RBs of his generation. I really don’t like comparisons, but this one seems apt.

      If you haven’t already, I’d recommend watching Voch Lombardi’s film session on Chubb:

        • New Guy

          Yeah, Chubb has some secret sauce movements. (See the video in Patrick Toler’s post just above.) In Rob’s last video a handful of times I see him seemingly surrounded by opposing players but somehow does a smooth job of escaping for extra yards.

          He is definitely a higher order athlete.

          On the surface it can seem like the NFL-level competition might swallow him up but he has some magic that seems to confuse the defenders. It’ll be interesting to see what the Seattle brass think of him. I think they prefer inside runners like him so Russel can rule the outside. The defense can’t double everywhere.

          Wynn, on the other hand would make an able sidekick to Brown on the OL.


          • drewdawg11

            Several people are falling victim to the last thing they saw. After the rose bowl they liked Chubb. After the national championship game they think he’s flawed. UGA did him zero favor with the limited assortment of running plays thy allowed him to run. A gap, B gap. Stuffed. Meanwhile, they got Sont out in space and he wasn’t smothered by the extra man in the box. Perhaps we could take an unfair shot at Wynn for failing to open larger holes, (against the 8 man front). Chubb is a really good player. He’s got years of really good tape against top competition.

  6. Sean-O

    I know the national consensus was/is that Seattle never spent money on their o-line. That’s generally true free agent wise but with high picks on the Britt’s, Ifedi’s, Odihambo’s & Pocic’s of the world it’s not like they haven’t tried to fix the line.

    I’m really curious to see how the drafting of the o-line will change w/out Cable. There are definitely some good lookin’ ones in this ’18 class.

    • peter

      Solari has said he likes a slightly different look or balance. And certainly seems like he prefers less nimble and more mauling interior presence….which I’m all about.

  7. LeoSharp

    The 18th pick is roughly equivalent to the first pick in rounds 2,3 and 4. They can really draft whichever combination of Oline and RB they like. This draft really isn’t looking all that talented overall. I see a lot of overhyped prospects at all positions in the draft. I’d love for them to trade to maybe the 10th pick in the 2nd and really look at extracting value in this draft. Corbett and Penny in the second then an Edge player in the mid 3rd could be a great haul

  8. Greg Haugsven

    Those three strong positions of draft also happen to be the three areas where we could upgrade. I guess the biggest question is. What two do you go for? We probably trade back but we will only have the draft resources to attack two of the three. It just seems that you want to get younger on defense. Youth + cheap = Draft. Also the running back position is a young mans (draft) game as well. I wouldnt hate the pick, I guess I would just rather use what we have or use free agency for that position. Although Price, Wynn, and Hernandez to fit the bill.

  9. Austin D Hall

    Rob do you really believe Royce Freeman belongs in the same conversation as Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel, Rashaad Penny, and Derrius Guice? He looks incredibly stiff and I’m not really seeing any elite attributes to offset that.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Freeman’s a R2 — although probably not for Seattle

      • Austin D Hall

        Well I hope you’re right about him not going to Seattle. I like the other RB’s from that group substantially more. I think Freeman doesn’t look any better than a 4th.

  10. Ed

    Even if the Hawks trade ET and KW, to me you trade back at least 10 spots to acquire some 2nd and 3rd round picks. The Hawks need another influx of young, hungry, cheap talent. You hope Solari can coach up the current OL and hope all the DB’s they drafted last year step up. The OL can’t get any worse and the D played without RS and KC most of last year anyways.

    • Sean-O

      It’s hard to see them trading away KJ. I think you could make an argument that after Wagner, KJ might be the most irreplaceable player on D. SEA has ZERO quality depth at LB right now.

      • Patrick Toler

        I agree. Not impossible, but unlikely. They’ve also shown an ability’s to develop at DL and DB. Not so much at LB. KJ still earns his salary.

  11. Matt

    I’m 100% on the Billy Price train. I just don’t think you get a chance to get a stalwart like that very often.

    This is crazy, but he’s a Ring of Honor type of talent/personality. I know we’ve spent a ton of draft capital and that Justin Britt has become a decent center, but the OL doesn’t have “the guy.” Duane Brown is great but he’s at the back end of his career and is a newcomer. Price just screams team captain.

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a player doing interviews as much as I have with this guy. If Urban Meyer is “forever indebted,” I just don’t understand how you pass on that. Now, combine that with elite ability and great athleticism and I just think it’s a no-brainer.

    Bottom line, the Seahawks need Gen 2.0 of ass kickers. Billy Price will be the guy who leads that on the offensive side of the ball. If he’s there, gotta pull the trigger.

    • Rob Staton

      Great points. Price and Wynn both have all-pro potential.

      • Trevor

        Agree 100% I would be shocked if both are not pro bowl level in 1-2 years and All Pro at some point in their careers. I know we need more talent at RB but I just think being able to add a talent like that to the OL would just have such a positive influence on the entire offense.

        Sure we have bigger needs that Guard but unless Barkley, Nelson or Chubb are still on the board I just don’t see any other players in this draft with the potential consistent Pro Bowl players like Price or Wynn.

        Ronald Jones and Derwin James may be the other exceptions but I want to see how they test at the combine first.

        Wynn is the most consistent OL prospect I have ever seen and I mean that ever. His focus and fundamentals are off the charts and consistency has been a huge issue for our OL.

        If Pete want to be a bully again Price would definitely help bring that attitude and style of play back to the OL and I love that he is a leader who will hold guys accountable

        Bottom line if we end up drafting Price or Wynn I would be estactic and I would be 100% confident in the potential for them to dramatically improve the run game and pass pro.

        • DC

          Ecstacy here as well.
          Additionally it will take the OL time to gel and getting a Wynn or Price now gives them time to pull it all together. A RB can usually come in and produce from day one. So if we are talking a multi year rebuild, let’s get that stud lineman asap.

        • Nem Beselek

          “Wynn is the most consistent OL prospect I have ever seen and I mean that ever. His focus and fundamentals are off the charts and consistency has been a huge issue for our OL.”

          Walter Jones.

          Walt was the most consistent OL prospect ever. The funny thing is that Wynn plays awfully similar to the way that Walt did, awfully similar. Both of them just seem to know which way the D-lineman is going to go, and put them selves in the way, and then use strength and leverage to win the battle.

          I am not at all saying that Wynn isn’t a great prospect, I am giving him the highest comparison that I can think of, and that is a very good thing.

          • Trevor

            I can’t disagree because to be honest I never saw Big Walt play in college. I am sure he was amazing because he was such a physical freak as well.

  12. EP

    Feel as if this is going to be a QB-centric draft, at least media wise. 4 or 5 legit first rounders. I think that’ll be the focus of the nfl draft media because it’s the most exciting. Put that together with Cousins/Taylor etc. and you have click bait for the entire offseason. Really glad to have a place where we can see not only Seahawks targets but in depth analysis about most of the guys in the draft. Thanks again for the work Rob and everybody else. Surprised not have seen any mention of Lamar Jackson yet, don’t know why he isn’t in the conversation. If Josh Allen is Lamar Jackson needs to be IMO. 6 ft 3 210 pounds or whatever, the guy is a freak.

    • peter

      There’s a lot of moving parts to make this work but I actually think the QB class is pretty weak this year and that said I think if a team like JAX wanted to be bold and really win next year they would move on down to Seattle’s pick (mostly because it benefits us!) and draft Jackson.

      First the AFC south is a mess. With three of the teams able to take the division each year. Blake Bortles is literally holding them back and after 4 years turns out he’s basically as mediocre as he was when he was drafted. Lamar Jackson with the RPO and that running game could be deadly. The Vick comparisons are lazy. Jackson is a much more accomplished QB, with better stats across the boards and unlike Josh Allen his completion percentage is rising year to year which is always a great sign.

      • Fairlawn

        It’s crazy that they had a top-10 pick last year with Mahomes and Watson on the board, not yet at that time committed to Bortles’s 5th year option (they did that the week after the draft) … and they took a running back instead. Positional value what is it.

        Fully agree they should be all over Jackson if he slides. Fully disagree that the AFC South is a mess. It looks like an emerging monster of a division from where I sit.

  13. Lil'stink

    Right now I just want one of Price, Hernandez, Wynn, Jones, or Settle. If you can get 2 of those guys it would be an absolute coup.

    I think/hope we should extend ET3. But if we can’t I wonder if JAX would consider trading their first for him. They might think they’re one piece away (ET3) from having a generational defense like the 2013 Seahawks. Getting that extra pick could go a long way in getting another young stud for our future, but we’d take a step back next year without Earl.

    • peter

      I think they ultimately extend Earl. However, I think they need to continue searching for a FS. Earl has two seasons in a row of somewhat serious injury and age never loses in sports. I have no problem with Tedric Thompson I just never thought his game could provide for PC what Earl does.

      • VancouverHawk

        Age never loses in sport unless you are Jaromir Jagr or Gordie Howe

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    1) I thought the knock on Wynn was he has short arms? Not to say that is necessarily a problem, if he can move a guy when he gets his hands on him run blocking.

    2) Let’s say Price is available at #18, should Seattle draft him? Does his ceiling justify forgoing extra round 2 and 3 picks? I ask this, because you might end up with 3 viable starters within the 2nd and 3rd rounds… or you could get 1 “ALL-PRO” type of player and then have to patch with later round picks. Is his overall value so much more than any other players you could aquire.

    I’m of the belief they might have what they need this year on the OL… and they need to see what they can do under different tutelage. They have a pretty young OL overall and some nice pieces which might be able to up their game under Solari. I’m also saying that RB might be a better pick early…

    • Sea Mode

      1) 33 1/8 arms at the Senior Bowl. That’s already past the Seahawks’ 33 inch threshold for OL, and will probably end up measuring closer to 34 in. at the combine. Wynn does NOT have short arms. (especially for an interior OL)

      2) That is the million-dollar question. It will depend on how Seattle grades each of the players and who they think will still be available later on. Price would be very tempting, but can you trade down a bit, still get a guy like Wynn around #25, and then have an option at RB in early R3?

      • peter

        Or a guy like Hernandez who seemed to hold his own amongst a mixed level of talent. I just don’t see from a basic economic position how any one player at 18, unless Seattle trades ET (which I don’t think they will do), and leaving the draft w/o a pick in the second and third will be better for the team.

        Price is great. But Price and then who….for running back.

        I love Ronald Jones’ game but even at 18 w/o a trade of current talent….then what…a whole bunch of 5th and 7th rounders with no good plan at LB, a diminished safety tandem, a hot and cold DL rotation, and not for nothing a pretty crummy interior of the Oline?

        • drewdawg11

          The value in keeping the pick is a greater potential to select a truly outstanding player who will be with your team for a decade. More picks doesn’t always equal better. Some guys are just guys. Quality over quantity, (once in a while), is a much safer play. You just can’t make that a habit. Hopefully we don’t trade away our second and thirds in the same year again.

          • peter

            more isn’t better. bit with holes to fill throughout the roster less isn’t better. I’m not convinced that price and nothing else is better than wynn/Hernandez/Corbett plus chubb/kerryon Johnson-or-malik jefferson.

  15. Greg Haugsven

    Of the three positions Rob mentioned I think with a trade back one of those first two picks just has to be a RB. I would be good with either Wynn or Price or a front 7 player.

  16. Coleslaw

    Trade earl to Jacksonville for their first and go for Price and Jones II? Tag and trade Sheldon to a contender for a 2018 3rd and 2019 3rd, grab DaRon Payne in the 3rd. Use the money from Earl and SRich to sign Graham and PRich. Sign McDougald and Eric Reid.
    Identity shift, reallocation of resources.
    Let me say I don’t want to trade Earl or Sheldon

    • Trevor

      Sounds like a plan!

      • Trevor

        I would keep Richardson and not sign Graham / PRich however

    • Trevor

      If we came out of the draft with Price or Wynn + Ronald Jones I bet we have a top 10 run game next year.

    • Ed

      Yes to ET trade, but won’t happen
      Yes to Price and Jones II
      No to SR (too much money)
      Therefore, no DP
      No to JG (will never get utilized as he should)
      No to PR (too much money for a receiver that can have a good game, then go away for a few games)
      Yes to BM (did a nice job filling in)
      No to ER (let the young guns play)

      • Coleslaw

        JG was among the leaders of TD receptions and led all TEs. Led the team.
        PR is much better than Tyler Lockett, it’s not close. Lockett is very limited and we can’t go into next year with Baldwin and Lockett as our 2 best receievers, especially without Graham. Also PR is finally building a consistent rapport with Wilson, there’s no reason to believe he won’t get better from here, especially as he ages and adds some pounds. Worth another contract, he still has pro bowl potential that he’s just starting to chip at.

        • GerryG

          He’s four years out of college, if was adding muscle he would have done it by now. That said, I kinda agree they need to keep him

          • Mac

            Having another healthy offseason would help him. It’s really hard to put on quality weight when dealing with lower body injuries. I would love if we could keep him. I just wonder why his td production declined after a hot start to the season.

          • Coleslaw

            Marshawn Lynch added like 10 more pounds after coming to Seattle IIRC and he was right around that same age, I wanna say it was his 4th year also. I don’t think Paul will get much bigger, maybe 5 pounds but that would still be a lot for him

        • peter

          . Sorry for this but P-rich has one season out of four, injuries or otherwise, where he was just a BIT better than Lockett.

          His catch percentage isn’t better.

          This season he was healthy and when you compare him to Lockett’s first season before injury it’s the same. If we are giving Prich a pass for multiple injuries then Lockett deserves the same level of patience as he still comes back as well from a gruesome injury.

          Prich on the right contract I think will be a good player moving forward and the fact that there are some extremely talented WR’s entering FA I think naturally pushes his price down….which is good for Seattle. maybe both sides can reach an understanding to be fair, perhaps a shorter contract.

          • Coleslaw

            That’s fair I just don’t see Lockett becoming an elite outside receiver like Richrdson could

            • peter

              and you’re probably right. maybe he gets back that early explosiveness he had.

              I do like p-rich quite a bit but wonder about his cost. I guess we’ll find out in a few days.

              • Coleslaw

                Don’t get me wrong man I rock a Lockett jersey every sunday believe it or not lol, hopefully you’re right and he comes back at 4.40 again this year and proves me wrong. This year is gonna be extremely interesting.

    • peter

      No on Graham. His TD’s could and have come from other players. The Redzone production is great but that he doesn’t produce to get to the Redzone is worrying. He averaged something like 37 yards a game last year. Not good for 10 mill a year.

      I’m less high on ASJ than others but I think he could be had for a significantly lower price point.

      • lil'stink

        Graham doesn’t block, go over the middle, his hands have become unreliable, and he hasn’t shaken his soft label at all. He’s just big. That’s it. A mismatch in the red zone because of his size. Is that worth the price he could command? I think getting the run game on track is much more important than keeping Graham.

        • Coleslaw

          Graham has invaluable mismatch potential though, and demands defenses respect him. Like Baldwin, or Wilson’s legs, they make life for the defense harder, even if they’re not actually doing anything.
          Without Graham keeping linebackers and safeties on him the defenses could use that to spy Wilson more/better and/or double team Baldwin with a deep safety. Graham is our middle of the field decoy every snap he’s on the field.
          As it is we have one decoy/primary weapon (whatever you’d like to call it) for each area of the field.
          LOS- Wilson’s legs
          Middle- Graham
          Sideline- Baldwin
          Deep- Richardson.
          These are all integral parts of the air Coryell offense and would not be easily replaced by a Willson or Vannett.

          • Del tre

            They could be easily replace by DJ Chark, Jaleel Scott or any of the other gigantic receivers from this draft class. Most of which will be there when the 5th round roles around.

  17. Trevor

    I think a with some trade manouvering if JS wanted to he could get a quality G and RB in Days 1-2.

    Rob given the choice would you prefer Option #1 Wynn or Price + Rashaad Penney or Option #2 Ronald Jones + Corbett?

    • Greg Haugsven

      That would be the magic question. Which one first. I guess the draft could dictate that.

    • RealRhino2

      I hope we don’t spend any pick before Day 3 on a G. We should be able to put together a decent line with the guys we’ve got. Brown, Fant, Ifedi at the tackles, and Odhiambo, Pocic, and Roos for the two guard spots. Three decent options for two spots in both cases. Billy Price could be special? Well, we’re paying Britt $10 million. How about HE be special? Otherwise we made a big mistake.

      Are any of these guys Steve Hutchinson? Are they Will Shields? Are they even David DeCastro? Or are they just guys that look pretty good? Because if we aren’t talking about any those first three, we shouldn’t be talking about them in the 1st or even high 2nd.

      Grab a very good RB fairly early, look for interior line help later.

  18. Aaron

    Thoughts on Orlando Brown from Oklahoma…

    • drewdawg11

      He’s massive. He blocks out the sun. He’s not outstanding against the speed rush, but he can do a decent job. He most likely plays on the right side, or even moved inside… but I think he can play right tackle. He would be fun to have in short yardarge.

  19. Bill

    I don’t quite understand the detractors on Arizona State RB Kalen Ballage. I have read critics call him hesitant but I see a patient runner who looks for the hole rather than running into his blocker’s backs like Rawls. I have read that he fights thrown balls as a receiving RB but his last 2 years at ASU he grabbed 84 receptions. He has the size, athletic ability and versatility the Seahawks covet in a player. He runs well between the tackles, looking to get North/South as a rule, that was probably why he was also used as a kick returner. He looks like a 3-down back at the next level to me. He started for the North at the Senior bowl and when they gave him the ball, he looked great. But the Senior Bowl is more about seeing the QB’s throw than running the ball.

    • JimQ

      Given the history of PC/JS, they will attack the RB position by picking 2 RB’s in the draft. Hopefully one RB early and one in the mid to later rounds. IMO, Ballage would be one of the most likely for a day three pick for the Seahawks. I see his upside to be somewhat similar to that of Johnson, who I wanted the Seahawks to draft before Arizona swooped him up early that draft.

      • Bill

        I hope he lasts until day 3 for the Hawks, although he has the athleticism to do well at the combine which could push him up the draft boards.

    • Patrick Toler

      I like Ballage as a day 3 pick, and in the right system he could be a pretty valuable player. He’s big, runs with decent toughness, is a smooth mover, and can obviously be a weapon as a pass catcher. I see a player who lacks acceleration and the foot agility to change direction with any kind of quickness. He usually takes multiple steps to cut – I’ve never seen him put his foot in the ground and go. I think his upright style combined with his height is less than ideal. He doesn’t break tackles or avoid contact nearly as well as some of the other backs in this class. He has a place in the NFL, but I think a passing heavy team will value him more money than the Hawks.

    • Sea Mode

      I like everything about him as far as size/speed, athleticism, ability in the passing game (they said he was abusing any LB who tried to cover him out of the backfield at the Senior Bowl).

      My question is: if he is as good as advertised, why did he never break 700 yds rushing in any of his seasons at ASU? If he can be so dominant like when he scored 7 TDs in one game, WHY weren’t the coaches just feeding this guy the ball? Even looking past the total yardage, 4.3 ypc is not overly impressive either.

      Bottom line for me is that there are just some lingering unanswered questions.

      • Bill

        That was maybe one of the reasons the coaching staff was fired. ASU also had one of the worst defenses in the PAC12. Not going to run the ball much when your team is down big early in the game.

      • Volume12

        I actually thought he had better games than 7 TDs one. But that’s just me.

        • Volume12

          Having said that, I don’t think this guy can turn the corner at the next level against superior athletes.

          I’d take a guy like Wadley over him hands down.

          • Bill

            Wadley has a nice jump cut, not sure his spin move will fool many at the next level.
            He is the same size as J.D. McKissic. IMO the Seahawks need a bigger RB with some speed.

    • Hawktalker#1

      There just seems to be something special about that guy. I know he’s overly tall for a running back, but it hasn’t seem to cause him any problems running in college. Big back, can fill-in for return duties, great hands, great speed, Great blocker, did I say great speed? Oh how I would love to have a RB that could run away from defenders. I would sure love to see this guy added to our stable.

  20. JimQ

    I’d like to recommend a website that I recently discovered at: The editor Jonathan Valencia (who BTW, lives in Washington State), seems to be a very good young NFL draft evaluator, and I find myself largely in agreement to the extensive, informative content. I’m still in the process of sorting through all of the content on this website, but from what I’ve seen so far, it seems excellent, so I’m happy to recommend it to all y’all.

    For example, take a look at: Note: (possible slot) CB-Phillips is 5-096/188 with 31.5″ arms and 9-3/8″ hands. Phillips has 12 career INT’s, (5 for TD’s!!!!) & 35-passes def. as well as 5-TD’s on 3193 career KO ret yds (#5 in NCAA since 1976) & career punt return average of 10.2-yds. I think Valencia’s assessment is right on in his evaluation and agree that this kid would be a very viable prospect to consider in the early-mid 4-th Rd., which happens to be right where the Seahawks currently have a pick.

    Why would they pick him? A slot CB with talent can always be a good thing & the Seahawks always seem to hedge bets at draft time, maybe a viable kick returner hedges the possible future loss of Lockett? OR, he replaces Lockett on returns allowing Lockett to just be a WR-2/3, while Phillips develops as a slot CB. That line of thinking leads me to think Rd-4, he’d be a good pick.

    Another example on WR’s is interesting at: Maybe we do need yet another Wilson?
    Never heard of WR-Richie James, but will be checking him out.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Thanks Jim, the WR article was interesting too.

  21. Greg Haugsven

    Has anyone watched any tape of Sean Welsh? He is a guard from Iowa.

    • Volume12

      I’m watching some Warley right now and their QB is so dman bad I’m wondering how he’s an a starter at the collegiate level. Like, he’s train wreck bad. I can’t look away and am now oddly fascinated by this for whatever reason.

      • Volume12


    • Volume12

      I love when you watch RBs and the announcers and even draft analysts are all, ‘look at those holes! Look at what this O-line is doing!’

      Oh, you mean their job? When did we get to the point were everyone is astonished by good, competent O-line play?

  22. Sea Mode

    Gotta find a way to get Price/Wynn + Jones/Chubb!

    • DC

      Price & Wynn this year, Harris next year.

      • Sea Mode

        Pass. Too much capital at one position. Just spent a R2 last year and R1 the year before as well. Gotta let the guys we have develop.

        You add one of the two if a stud falls in your lap who is just that much better than Odhiambo at Guard AND you have a way to get one of the RBs still in late R2- early R3.

        • peter

          Agree. I’m good with one. But without upgrading positions throughout the entire team Seattle is going through a period of entropy as players age.

          Have to start addressing the other positions at some point. Namely LB, Safety…..Unless they feel Hill/Thompson/Mcdougald are going to take over for Kam and ET in the future.

    • H

      It seems possible, but only at the expense of Earl. Tough choice to make.

      • Patrick Toler

        I’ll take the 29 y.o. first ballot hall of famer. Though I under the arguments for trading him, and if we do so and end up adding two of these players, I’ll be excited. Maybe some lesser trades, moving down in the first and somehow up into the second gets you there without trading Earl.

  23. Trevor

    I think when you look at the DL talent in next years draft and the Interior OL / RB talent in this draft class it almost seems like a lock that JS will address the run game (RB, G) early in this draft and DL early next year. He seems to try and plan ahead for these type of things. For example last year was a great DB class and he drafted 4.

    • Volume12

      Can’t wait for Michigan’s Rashaan Gary and Houston’s Ed Oliver to turn pro.

    • Patrick Toler

      I agree. They’ve shown a willingness to draft DL early. But they’ve also had great success with lower investment players on the defensive line, whether mid round picks, or veterans who were previous failures or had been under utilized. Draft offense early this year, unless a stud falls to you.

  24. D-OZ

    Aaliyah Likes cats and dogs and my mom 🙂

    • Volume12

      I like cats too. Dogs? Not so much.

      • drewdawg11

        Much better than a lame duck…

  25. D-OZ

    Aaliyah does not like coffee 🙁

    • Volume12

      But she will end up loving it as she grows older. Growing up sucks butt.

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    • Volume12

      Someone have a seizure just as they were typing this or…???

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think she speaks Russian.

        • Volume12

          We dealing with a child prodigy here or something? Even more reason to get her to post more.

          • Hawk Eye

            This is code for “Patriots will lose the Super Bowl”

  27. D-OZ

    Sorry about that. My gran-daughter who is 6 slipped into my chair and was doing a little composing. 🙂 She said she had to do spell-check on coffee. Kind of blew me away, LOL… She takes computer classes in Kindergarten.

    • Ed

      That’s funny

    • Volume12

      I’m actually having fun with this. Let’s get Aaliyah on here.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Shes been known to “rock the boat”

  28. Volume12

    Since I’m watching Iowa tape, TE Noah Fant is special. Only a SO. though. Better than any TE in this class.

    Although if you need a TE, might want to get one this year because I’m not convinced we’ll see the depth at the position again for awhile.

    • Greg Haugsven

      How about guard Sean Welsh from Iowa?

      • Volume12

        Pretty agile. Gets to the 2nd level smoothly. Reminds me of a Glowinski a little bit. Maybe it was due to the fact that they were both RGs, lazy comp I know, but just saw quite a few similarities.

        Wadley is the real deal. His power is underrated. Will fit best in a zone scheme. His ability to make guys miss at the 2nd level is second to none. Love that he runs with his eyes.

        I watched 12 games of his and only 1 wasn’t good. Against Michigan St and the Purdue one was OK.

  29. Millhouse-serbia

    Seahawks SS Kam Chancellor (neck) isn’t expected to retire this offseason.
    Chancellor could have trouble getting cleared from a career-threatening neck injury, but he’s going to remain in Seattle for at least another season. The Seahawks owe Chancellor $12 million in guarantees and would increase his cap hit to $19.5 million from cutting him. 29-year-old Chancellor looks likely to open 2018 on the reserve/PUP list

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know where you got that from, but we can say with some certainty that Kam will not be with Seattle in 2018.

      • Hawk Eye

        I don’t think he will play, but I don’t see a reason for him to walk away from $12 million and I don’t see how the Hawks get out of paying him that. He had the injury guarantee put into the contract for the very reason of collecting it if he got hurt. All he has to do is show up and fail the physical, which he almost for certain will. Putting him on IR or PUP is easier than taking a $19.5 Mil cap hit.

        • Greg Haugsven

          For sure if he shows up and just goes straight to IR that $9.8 million cap hit is better than $19.5 for cutting him. You might then at least have him as a coach on the sidelines.

          • Hawk Eye

            and if he retires, the hawks could ask for part of his bonus back, I think $7.5 Mil. So he could be walking away from $19.5 mil if he retires. And he held out 2 games the season before to get a new contract. So there is no reason for us to assume he will “do the hawks a solid”.
            and to be clear, they negotiated it, it is fair, he deserves it.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s going to be a solution here. Not sure what it is, but there will be one.

          And I do think Kam will retire.

          • Millhouse-serbia


            They said that ESPN is source.

            • Rob Staton

              I’d take it with a pinch of salt personally

          • Trevor

            I tend to agree Rob there has to be something they can work out with regards to an injury settlement or something. I don’t think Kam would or should walk away from his injury guarantee but I can’t picture a guy like him going through the motions and spending a whole year on the sidelines as a cheerleader acting like he still plans to play.

            There should be something in the collective bargaining agreement so that when players suffer a career ending injury that teams can work out a compensation agreement so the player is well taken care of and the team is not hamstrung cap wise. Only seems fair IMO.

            • Hawk Eye

              Both Cliff and Kam will let the situation play out. They have no reason to retire. If they retire, they walk away from injury guarantees. If they do not rehab, they could lose their injury guarantee.
              Cliff gets an additional $1.15 million if he tries to come back and fails his medical. That is why he says he is going to try and come back. He knows he probably can’t, but his agent has explained to him how it works.

              I cannot for the life of me see why people think Kam or Cliff will walk away from guaranteed money owed to them by a billionaire (also the richest NFL owner). Neither one of them will be concerned about the cap implications for the hawks, nor should they be. They don’t have to be on the sidelines and be a cheerleader, but they did do it this year after being injured. And pretty easy way to collect $12 million if they have to.

              why is it fair for the player to take less money if he is injured than the contract calls for? The CBA is already one sided and fans expect the players to not get their guaranteed money. It is GUARANTEED.

              • Del tre

                I agree 100%, but is there anything in place to keep us from having Lam retire then paying him 1his 19 million as a coach, same with Cliff? Just curious

                • Hawk Eye

                  no, that would be a salary cap violation.
                  I don’t see a way out for the Hawks unless Kam decides he does not want what his contract guaranteed him.
                  Same situation with Cliff, although the cap hit is far less.
                  And if either played walked away from a guarantee, the Players Association would pressure them not to do that.

                  • Greg Haugsven

                    I agree Kam will most likely be on the roster one way or another. Cliff can still be cut but you just don’t get as much as expected but you still get quite a bit.

  30. Del tre

    Kerryon Johnson is the best back in this draft, just watch him against Alabama, pairing him with Russell would be unfair. The way he can just make everyone miss, its like watching Lesean McCoy or Leveon

    • Patrick Toler

      I think Kerryon is a nice, balanced player, who can be a solid contributor at the mext level. I don’t think he’s special in any given area though. For me the top 3 guys I’ve watched extensively are Barkley, Jones, and Chubb, in that order. Kerryon is definitely behind those guys, IMO, who all have special attributes.

      • Del tre

        Kerryon has no special attributes? He rushed for 100 yards against Alabama, if anything hes shown that he can be a tough runner and move the chains against elite defenses. His vision, patience, ability to create space, awareness in space, and ability to keept defenders from getting a good angle on their tackle are all pretty special. He’s better than jones considering he didn’t have an elite QB

        • Del tre

          And played SEC level competition, which as we saw from bowl season this year was far superior to the pac 12. Chubb had one of the best lines in the country and Barkley, well he was pretty impressive, looks to be a great player.
          Johnson did a lot for Clemson that didn’t show up on the statsheet as well.

          • Patrick Toler

            I just rewatched his game against Bama, and will still need to be convinced what his special traits are. He had some good runs in that game, but I see a player who is a good blocker, has okay speed, not overly physical with an upright style, average foot speed and coordination, pretty good as a receiver. He looks to me like an average runner at best in the NFL. He boosts his value with his passing game contributions. He’s the best blocking back I’ve watched in this class, though not perfect. He gave up a couple of qb hits against Bama.
            Maybe I’m underrating him, I’ve only watched a few of his games. I just don’t see any of his running skills as standout. I definitely don’t think production is a good way to project NFL success, regardless of the competition.

            • Del tre

              If you are watching the same tape I did go to 2:46, his lateral movement and ability to make people miss are special, best in the class.
              If you weren’t here is the link
              Pair dedication and toughness like that with Russell and man oh man.

              • Patrick Toler

                Yep same tape, and I’m not seeing it. On that play he makes a nice adjustment to catch the ball after his man blows up the qb. He takes a lot of steps to get where he’s going and almost stumbles on his only real move. I’m not seeing much coordinated agility. Like I said, maybe I’m wrong (and I’ll watch more of his games before the draft) but I’m not seeing it.

                • Coleslaw

                  He gave up a strip sack on that play and it wasn’t his only strip sack he allowed vs Bama either.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Faulting one player for a sack is generally poor tactical analysis in my opinion.

                    I usually give the QB 60% of all blame for sacks. He has the power to never be sacked. Why did he make his OL look bad?

                  • Patrick Toler

                    And on that given play the lineman sort of pushed the defensive player into the qb. Yet I would say the point still stands that Johnson is a good, but not perfect pass blocker. Certainly not criticizing that part of his game compared to his peers.
                    And whether or not you blame a player for a given sack, you can certainly evaluate their effort.

                  • Coleslaw

                    Yeah on that one the OL didn’t do him any favors for sure, but I see it as this guy is my last defense of the QB. It’s his job to keep him clean, period. Now, some plays yeah it’s not the ideal situation and you take those with a grain of salt, but with his size he should be better IMO.
                    The other strip sack he gave up was 100% on him. He did well shadowing the DE but just got pushed back enough that the DE got a hand on the QBs arm. And actually that was an incomplete pass but it very easily could’ve gone the other way

                • Del tre

                  By breaking down that play that way it seems as though you’re nitpicking, which is ok because i do it too, you probably just need to watch more tape on Johnson to change your opinion. He has the best lateral movement in the class and some of the best vision in the class. Not to dismiss your analysis entirely, but I have a tendency to nitpick at Chubb (different player in pads, Sparq is in underwear just like the combine) so I try and stay away from him at the risk of being overly critical. Johnson makes guys miss but he is very much unafraid of contact. He is really smooth in his cuts ,not a hurky jerky guy like Harvin, and uses blockers in space and is patient enough to allow holes to develop. To say a guy who ran for 1400 yards in the SEC and 18 tea, and was the only rusher to have 100 yards on Alabama this season,

                  • Del tre

                    Goodness autocorrect just does as it pleases 18TDs not 18 tea. But to say someone who has done all of that has no special attributes is ridiculous. I can tell you this much, he uses his downfield blockers and blocks in space better than anyone else I’ve watched in the draft. He’d be a really good back for the Hawks, he isn’t scared of 30 carries against a tough defense, you’re really underplaying his physicality, he’s pushing guys back to get extra yards and willing to plow straight through the pile, not bouncing outside shying away from contact. He doesn’t give guys clean looks in space or “look for contact” because never letting guys get a clean hit or good angle is important for getting more yards.

                  • Patrick Toler

                    I actually think that was a good play and I’m not tying to pick it apart as a particular example of why he won’t be great. I’m just saying I think that it is consistent with the other plays (over 3 games or so) I’ve seen from him. I look for skills/traits not results, if that makes sense.

                    I love when people have strong opinions about players. My eyes tell me he’ll be average. Your eyes tell you differently. I know Rob has written highly of him. It will be interesting to see what he is at the next level.

          • D-OZ

            Johnson played for Auburn.

            • Del tre

              Misspoke thank you

      • Coleslaw

        I agree 100% Kerryon has nice burst for his size and seemingly good power, but he’s not flashy and he still can’t block all that great despite his size. In this class I’d say mid round

  31. Ed

    If the Hawks get another 1st or 2nd round pick, I would be all in for Price or Wynn. Especially if the Hawks are thinking about cutting Britt after this season. Price would replace Britt or Wynn would replace Brown or Ifedi. If they don’t get another 1st or 2nd, to me they have to trade back multiple times and hope to still get Jones/Chubb/Michel in the 2nd.

  32. D-OZ

    Hi everyone this is Aaliyah!!!! this is grampa 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Hey Aaliyah — I hope you’re a Seahawks fan!

      • D-OZ

        Here’s Aaliyah Rob; Yes, I am a Seahawk fan. Our school color’s, by the way…

    • Kenny Sloth

      My baby sister tells my family she likes the Cowboys to make us mad

      She actually likes the Panthers because of their ‘pretty’ uniforms

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        That is a quality troll… she should become a Patriots fan and troll everyone else about their “pretty uniforms”

        • Kenny Sloth

          Oh she’s the worst. I coach little girls soccer and they are so mean.

          They make fun of my touch and when I say yall.

          Anyway… Thanks for letting me open up and share a little.


  33. Haystacker509

    Does anyone see a resemblance with Kalen Ballage and NY giants old Rb Brandon Jacobs? Just from going back and watching his old plays I think Kalen will be a much better overall player long term than jacobs

    • Bill

      Didn’t Jacobs weigh like 267lbs? I also don’t remember him catching a lot of passes for NYG.

      • Bill

        Or were you just talking about running styles?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I was thinking he was in the 245 range, then looked him up… was officially listed at 262… yikes.

        That is a load.

  34. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The more I think about it, the more I think LB and RB might be the first 2 targets in the draft.
    I completely expect a trade down from #18. When I say LB, I mean a guy who could be more of a hybrid LB/SS type that a true LB size wise… 245 lb range.

    I have become convinced that to sink another high draft pick into the OL would be a waste for this year… since they already have been sinking a ton of draft capitol into the position in recent years.. and have some other pressing needs (think TE or RB for example).

    • DC

      I sure am glad we stopped looking for a starting quality QB after the Whitehurst, Jackson & Flynn acquisitions. If you get 3 strikes just set the bat down and walk away. You will never get a hit.

      If you hate Russell Wilson or enjoy watching opposing pass rushers look elite week to week then I understand not wanting to add an Isaiah Wynn. He’s not a wrestler, a DL convert project or a raw athlete with “high upside”. He’s an actual technically sound offensive lineman ready to play on day one. But who really wants that?

      • Old but Slow

        Wynn has all that I want, but I have seen varying listings on his size, from 302# to 320#. I like him at either weight, but it does make a difference. I guess it will all wash out in the combine measurements, or something, but I like this dude.

        • Sea Mode

          Wynn weighed in at 308 lbs. at the Senior Bowl. No need to guess any more.

        • D-OZ

          I am all in on Wynn!!!!!

      • RealRhino2

        I think the difference is that if you don’t have a good QB, you don’t have a QB at all. OTOH, you can have just a decent LG and still have a good line and a very good team. So the reward is worth spending a pick on QB if you have any doubts you have a good one. Meanwhile, just think there are more areas on the team where a bigger upgrade is possible than LG. We don’t even know what the new OL coach is thinking. What if he wants Ifedi at RG and what we really need is a RT, not a G at all?

        • Sea Mode

          That might be why they are looking at a guy like Corbett, who can play RG or RT.

          • DC

            Wynn has played both LT & LG in college & he was lined up at RG in some of those Senior Bowl clips. I bet he could play any position on the OL. Versatility counts with Seattle.

        • Del tre

          What if the problem wasn’t the talent? QB talent is a lot more visible than O line talent. Both in practice and on gameday

  35. Robert Las Vegas

    Hi Rob I was wondering what your thoughts on this are I like Carlos Hyde but I was thinking about Chris Ivory are Jacksonville is paying him a lot and he wasn’t even on their playoff roster he was inactive for both games I could see him being a cut or release for cap reason you might be able to get him for a pretty good discount rate.would you prefer Chris Ivory or Carlos Hyde

    • Rob Staton

      I always liked Ivory with the Jets and Saints. In Jax he seemed like a busted flush aside from periods in 2017.

    • cha

      I was on the Ivory bandwagon to replace marshawn before the Jags made him that insane contract offer. He’s basically useless to Jax now so they will likely cut him. Also means the he wouldn’t figure into the comp pick formula if the Hawks wanted him.

      Not a bell cow but one of the toughest runners in the league. Pair Ivory, Carson, Draft Pick with a dash of McKissic for variety and that could be a potent attack.

  36. Sea Mode

    Sounds like Georgia is using its recent success to remain good for a long time:

  37. D-OZ

    How about those Huskies! Quite a haul they have made so far and they aren’t done yet. GO DAWGS!!!!

  38. Hawktalker#1

    If we can’t land RoJo for any of several reasons, I wouldn’t be too upset if we use our first two picks (probably both second round picks assuming we have some trading down and perhaps some other things happen) to grab a couple of Georgia teammates to help the run game this draft should focus on. Anyone else with me? Sound like a Chubby Wynner?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Just don’t ever call it that.

      • mishima


    • Rob Staton

      So much talent on that Georgia team, I’d consider tapping into it 3-4 times…

  39. Sea Mode

    Oh, wow:

    Chris Mortensen

    Scot McCloughan has joined the Cleveland Browns as a personnel consultant for the 2018 NFL draft, as of Saturday, when he participated in full scouting sessions, according to sources. More coming.

    3:44 PM – Feb 4, 2018

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      McCloughan has some personal demons, but is a very good talent evalulator.

      The Browns keep winning in the offseason.
      The moves are not Browns like moves, but more like Championship caliber team moves (2 to 3 years before they hit it big). The ultimate under”dogs” to root for… THE CLEVELAND BROWNS!


      • Sea Mode

        Did you guys catch the burn at the awards ceremony?

        They said the league was worried that if the Vikings had advanced to the SB, they would have had an unfair advantage playing at home. So to avoid this problem, from now on the SB will always be held in Cleveland…!!! Hahahaha!

  40. JimQ

    I’ve been looking lately at the FS draft prospects, hoping to find a player “somewhat similar” to ET. IMO- The Seahawks will, at a minimum, look at trade offers for ET and if they find a motivated trade partner, he could be gone. If there is a trade of ET, who fills his roster spot? Sure, they have a few options on the current roster since they went heavy on DB’s in the last draft, but what about finding a FS in the coming draft? Watching tape on this kid, I see a lot of plays that are similar to ET’s plays & they even look like they have very similar body language and temperament. This guy could be a sleeper Rd-7/UDFA pick and again, he looks like he should have a #29 on his back.

    FS-Jeremy Reaves, So. Alabama, 5-105/204, 4.52/40 +/-, ranked #9999-overall, projected UDFA. Plays Deep safety very well, can also play closer to LOS, + ball skills, has CB experience. He was the Sun Belt conference 1-st team & DPOY -2017. Currently he is vastly under-rated, If he runs in the 4.42 to 4.49 range in the 40, he’ll likely go Rd-6/7.

    2017: 12-games, 104-tkls, 70-solo, 7.0-TFL, 1.5-sacks, 3-INT, 8-PD, 2-FR, 3-FF
    Career: 45-games, 301-tkls, 208-solo, 20.5-TFL, 1.5-sacks, 8-INT, 22-PD, 2-FR, 8-FF.

    “Reaves is probably the most like-for-like player to Thomas in this draft class. It goes without saying that he’s a much poorer-man’s version, however he’s severely underrated by top media evaluators right now”. Per:

    • Bill

      From that website list, I kind of like Jessie Bates, FS from Wake Forest. He would give the Hawks some length at FS. Great hands and ball skills. Did return work so is a real threat to take INT’s to the house.

      I will be looking for him at the Combine.

      • Volume12

        Bates is not impressive.

        • Bill

          IYO. He was a consensus freshman All-American in 2016, and the only freshman in the nation with multiple interception returns for touchdowns.

    • Sea Mode

      I haven’t watched Reaves, but did hear some positive things about him at Sr. Bowl. Also had 8 tackles, 1 INT (Tanner Lee), 1 PBU in the game.

      He is, however a small dude as far as length goes and has the tiniest hands of anybody in the draft so far.

      30.375 arm, 71.5 wing, 7.75 hand

      • JimQ

        Agree about the “Trump” hands, but then again, there is a probable mid-round DB with only one hand, so I have to wonder if that is indeed a big handicap. Length wise looks like a push & I’d expect Reaves to run in the high 4.4’s in the 40, so all considered, the ET comparison, other than a little bit of long speed, are very
        evident, at least to me. Part of what I see is his demeanor, body language and attitude that’s easy to see on tape, just imagine a #29 on his back and you’ll see a lot of similar “young” ET type of plays.
        ET in 2010 draft: 5-10/202, 31-1/4″ arms, 4.43/40, 9-3/8″-hands
        Keeping in mind, we are talking about a probable late round draft pick.

  41. JimQ

    Forgot links to tape (Hope they work) on Reaves:

  42. Millhouse-serbia

    Scot Mccloughan tweeted that he values guice over barkley. :O

    • Millhouse-serbia

      Tweet was 8.9.2017.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, in all seriousness, that tweet has aged rather well.

    • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      lol, probably the usual: “he’s a football player”

      Can’t argue against that in Guice’s case, however, tbf.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      There could be some personality flaw or medical flaw he has got wind of during his evaluation.
      It could also be a way to get some action for the #4 pick….. and perhaps get 2 more 1st round picks mid 1st round… maybe 2 1sts in 2018 and 1 st in 2019 from the Bills…. just saying

      • Volume12

        Sea Mode is onto something. McCloughan likes a certain type. Barkley is great, but he’s no Zeke, Gurley, or Fournette. And Guice isn’t either, but fits his preference more. Barkley is more of a Melvin Gordon type for me.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Barkley has a legit case to have his name listed next to Zeke, Gurley and Fournette. They’re all different but in his own way, Barkley might be the best of the four.

          An incredible talent and as good as advertised, an absolute prototype for the modern NFL.

    • C-Dog

      He’s also stated that he thinks baker Mayfield is the best QB in this draft.

      All in the eyes of the beholder, I guess.

  43. Volume12

    Is anyone else not excited for this SB? I’ve watched zero coverage of it, refuse to watch the 8 hour pre-show. IDK ya’ll. This one just ain’t doing it for me.

    • Volume12

      Not thatb this has anything to do with the SB really, but Randy Moss aka the GOAT being a 1st ballot HOF’er is awesome.

    • cha

      It’s warm enough to go golfing and I seriously considered it.

    • H

      Im not excited about it. But its the game we’ve got and tbf all the pats superbowls have been great games.
      It would be alot of fun if Nick Foles and co can ruin the party

    • Del tre

      I don’t think anyone on my familyis watching the superbowl. Lost interest after divisional rounds, barely had any once the Hawks were out of the playoffs. Just kind of a lame NFL season. For a league that goes on and on about its parity kinda hard to see any with the Pats already being a good team and having the refs on their side.
      Moss is the GOAT pretty great to see him in.

      • H

        I dont like to be seen defending the Pats, but all this “the refs are on their side” is a complete joke. I read a really interesting article on the ringer about how Bill doesnt just gameplan for his opposition but for the group of refs, what he can and cant get away with them. just as an alternative to the ridiculous “the refs all want them to win” argument.
        On top of that, yes, there are bad calls made with regularity, i think its just conformation bias that makes the pats seem to have an advantage.
        Because, honestly, why would the refs help the pats? People are all really turned off this super bowl, the pats dominance doesnt help the league at all.

        • H

          My point is, just be honest with yourselves and admit the Pats are good because theyve got the best coach qb combo ever seen (or will likely ever be seen) and that you hate the Pats because theyre better than your team. Thats ok, thats sports. People started hating the seahawks for the same reason, and making up the same bs about us cheating too

          • white-salmon-hawk

            Cant’ really consider them good without many *’s. Caught cheating what feels like every other year. BB coaching them to have discipline??? Can’t help but laugh after 1 penalty in the AFC champ game. Their division competition level lets them have a playoff spot every year.

          • Del tre

            Word so they only had 1 penalty in the AFC championship ? Lame excuses. I said they were a good team, but the referees clearly favor them, the league does, its lame. Brady shouldn’t have beaten the Jags, both the PI calls that led to their TDs were completely bogus. The NFL obviously felt the Patriots would be better for ratings. They’vebeen caught cheating multiple times. We also never cheated? No one was saying that they were just saying we held on every play because they couldn’tcall it every time. We were still the most penalized team in the league, the patriots have never been that. It isn’t conformation bias either, the only conformation bias here seems to be you thinking the Patriots haven’t cheated because you heard all thw radio hosts trying to save face. Lame uninteresting. Doesnt need to be like WWE or the NBA where we help the same teams every year.
            But whatever lets just turn a blind eye to all the things we know that they did.

          • Del tre

            Oh and lets not forget that Myles Jack should have been allowed to bring that fumble back, but they blew it dead.

            • H

              Nfl tells refs to make sure the pats win… they feel comfortable letting the jags have a huge lead going into the 4th quarter?
              Come on man, some of the calls were questionable but you just come off as jealous and petty with the conspiracy stuff. Cant we just give credit where its due? You dont have to like it.

              • H

                Sorry i should retract that a little, i dont mean to be rude sorry. Thats just how those comments seem to me

    • Jeremy

      I hear ya. I’m going to my dads annual super bowl party just for the food. I’ll be playing on my iPad all day

    • C-Dog

      I went to high school with Doug Pederson. So I will be watching it force watching it for him. Go Eagles.

  44. vrtkolman

    Oh dear, Bengals considering moving john ross to corner. Why?

    • vrtkolman

      Nevermind, it was a PFT article I misread. They contemplated doing this after drafting him.

  45. Jacob M

    I think the Seahawks could trade back and still get a good lineman. Insert Braden Smith. It’s crazy he’s not getting talked about more. He’s a really good player with experience and athletic. And has shown to be very versatile played RT as well was RG. Could be a great pick up if we decide to trade back.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Count me as a fan. Seems like 3rd best OG overall after Nelson/Price.

  46. GoHawksDaniel

    What do you guys think about Alex Cappa? Didn’t hear much about him previously, but to me, he did look fine in the Senior Bowl. Working on double teams, pretty nice run blocking and solid passpro. Obviously not a first rounder, but he might be a good pick at 3rd-4th round

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