Super Bowl open thread

Eagles. Patriots. Whatever.

Rain City Redemption (Episode XLVIII) from William Cornell on Vimeo.


  1. DC


    To think that the NFL ratings were way down for the year and then you cap it off with the Nick Foles Eagles vs the team that no one wants to see.

    • white-salmon-hawk


      • Kenny Sloth

        My prediction; I’ll be asleep by halftime

        Sorry JT

        • Del tre

          You’re actually watching this bleh? The only way this game could be interesting is if Brady fails.

        • Tim


          I sure hope you had a nice, lovely nap. And one that doesn’t cost you a good night’s sleep, at that.

          it sure was that kind of game, huh?

          • Kenny Sloth

            Oh wow told me so, huh?

  2. Greg Haugsven

    Go Agles, got to get that run game going.

  3. mishima

    Will be rooting for the commercials.

  4. Trevor

    Both teams have great screen games.

    Really hope the new OC can work with Russ and Prosise etc to design an effective screen game. It is a part of the offense completely missing since Russ has been QB.

  5. Volume12

    LOL. What were those graphics?

  6. Volume12

    That Rock movie looks dope even if it appears to be a rip off of Die Hard. Will be howling with laughter when his name is Joe McLean. I’m here for any Rock movie though.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Love all the rock movies too. My real life friends give me crap about it all the time!

      • Volume12


        Can’t wait for to scene in that movie when he uses his prosthetic leg as a weapon.

  7. Volume12

    Love the commentators obsession with the RPO. Yeah, the college game has been doing it for years. Catch up.

    How long do we give it before it becomes the new wildcat?

  8. Volume12

    If, no when, NE wins this game I so want Vince McMahon to run onto the field and hit Goodell with a chairshot to the head. ‘Welcome. To. The. XFLLLLLL!’ *in Vince’s your fired voice*

    • Trevor

      I think Vince sees the NFL is vulnerable for the first time in a long time. It will be interesting to see what they do.

      • Volume12


        He has a real chance to recreate a USFL type thing. I would not doubt Vince when he’s serious about something.

  9. Volume12

    How did Nick Foles aka Napoleon Dynamite pull that chick!? 😍

    • Volume12

      Is Nick Foles THE guy?

      • Trevor

        Foles is on fire this off season. Eagles will have lots of offers this off season. The Eagles offense is really well designed and that OL works like a complete 5 man unit.

  10. Trevor

    Still have no idea why the Hawks didn’t get Blount this off season. Cheaper contract than Lacy and would have provided that toughness Pete wants.

    • Volume12

      That LeGarrette Blount TD was the 1st non red zone TD in a SB since Steelers RB Willie Parker in that game.

      • Volume12

        * not including STs

    • Bill

      Not sure he has the quickness to dodge the defenders that were always in our backfield.

      • Trevor

        Good point that Eagles OL is awesome.

  11. Trevor

    Love that Mike Trout is in the stands with Eagles jersey on cheering like a true fan.

  12. Volume12

    Brady is washed. Jimmy G would never.

  13. Volume12

    This is an awesome commercial.

  14. Trevor

    Foles wins Super Bowl MVP and is back on the bench next year. Has that happened before? Hostetler and Simms maybe. Anyone else.

    • Volume12

      That’s the NFL for ya. Just getting worse and worse.

  15. Isaac

    Just not into this game at all! Come on HAWKS!

    • Volume12

      Me either. That’s why I’m just ribbing on everything. Hope no one minds.

  16. Trevor

    Malcom Jenkins is really good.

    • Icb12

      He’s good.

      But that hit on cooks was totally unnecesary.

      All you gotta do is turn your head. Instead you go in full helmet to helmet on a kid 50 pounds lighter that doesn’t even know you are there…


  17. Volume12

    What is going on in Boston? PFT is out here reporting on coaching news in the SB about a team playing in the SB.

    • Volume12

      Brady makes his 1st good throw of the game….And here they come.

  18. Trevor

    If you want to make the arguement for Price or Wynn over an RB with the first pick look no further than the Eagles in this game. Great 5 man OL both run and pass blocking making journeyman RBs Blount, Ajayi, Clement look like stars.

    When you have an OL that is dominant run blocking all the RB look like stars.

    When you have a terrible run blocking OL like the Hawks had it does not matter if you have the best RB in the league they will struggle.

    Look no further than Todd Gurley last year compared to this year. Same player different OL completely different results.

    • Mark Souza


  19. Volume12

    Hahahaha!!l 2 XP’s and a FG missed in a dome?!?

    • Volume12

      Blair Walsh says hold my beer.

    • Trevor

      Nerves are a poweful thing. Were is Viniteri?

  20. Aaron

    Blair Walsh must be feeling pretty good with both teams kickers struggling hahaha…sigh!

  21. Ishmael

    Some seriously ordinary defence in this game. You just know the Pats will find a way to win.

  22. Volume12

    Did Philly just run the same play NE did?

    • Volume12

      Never forget. Seattle would’ve thrown a slant.

      • H

        Haha, sad but true

  23. H

    Just to offer an alternative opinion…
    The Eagles are playing tough, they really want this. I mean what a play call right there!!! Im digging this

    • Volume12

      That was a ballsy play call. And it ruled.

  24. Ishmael

    Happy to see the Eagles playing aggressive. What you have to do, too many teams go into their shell.

    Pretty wild half, not the highest standard, but more fun than I thought it would be.

  25. Aaron

    Alright Philly…10 points ahead…can you do it?

  26. Volume12

    If Nick Foles ends up beating Tom Brady in a SB, that’s worse than any Peyton Manning playoff loss.

    • Volume12

      Some team will massively overpay for Foles and find out he’s slightly above average w/o Doug Pederson.

      • Trevor

        Yep. But I think Foles will stay right there in Philly regardless of the outcome.

        • Volume12

          Probably right, but that means he’s essentially Jeff Hostetler?

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            who cares, if you win a SB

    • LeoSharp

      The Eagles are the better team even with Foles at QB

  27. Coleslaw

    Del Tre, replying to your comment on the last thread:
    I do need to watch more tape on Kerryon, admittedly I’ve only seen him vs Bama. I’m skeptical on his lateral movement being better than Jones, but what games should I check out?

  28. Volume12

    ‘Out for the 2nd half with a head injury’ is the new ‘back in a few minutes with highlights and analysis’.

  29. Volume12

    Have you guys ever seen EDP’s videos?

    • Volume12

      I’m in tears. The 1:54 mark is something else.

      • Elliott Atkinson

        EDP is an absolute legend, watch his reaction to the Eagles trading LeSean McCoy

  30. Volume12

    Was just about to say, every halftime show should be Bruno Mars and then Timberlake goes and does a Prince tribute. Lit!

    • Volume12

      And then goes right back to whatever this is.

  31. Ishmael

    Far out, why would you ever bother covering Prince?

    This is not a good halftime show. He’s just… Soft.

    • Hawk Eye

      he’s the Jimmy Graham of singers….

  32. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Nick Foles making himself some money tonight.

    On a side-note, I’ve enjoyed watching the OL play of the Eagles.
    They are messing up fools on all three levels of the patriots defense.

    • drewdawg11

      Kelce is the best center in football. Wow.

  33. Bill

    You have to push pocket in Brady’s face, I think that is what the Giants did in their Superbowls. Worked out pretty well for them.

  34. Ishmael

    Teaching players how to tackle in the open field is such an easy fix, would make an enormous difference to so many teams.

    • Hawk Eye

      very bad tackling, not great coverage, not enough pressure.
      Other than that, the defenses are playing ok

  35. Aaron

    Philly playing their game and they won’t back down from it. Whatever happens you gotta give them props for that. That was a TD by the way, glad they confirmed it.

  36. vrtkolman

    Belicheck benched Malcolm Butler for this :):):)

  37. vrtkolman

    Eagles secondary is not good. Mills and Darby are getting torched.

  38. Aaron

    Alright Philly…3 points ahead…can you do it?

  39. Mishima

    Oh, snap.

    OBJ + Eli doing Dirty Dancing. Too funny.

  40. Trevor

    Has either QB been even hit? Offense is so easy for an NFL QB when there is no pressure. The short passing and screen game helps too.

  41. Trevor

    If Eagles win they could probably trade Foles for a 1st. I only trade for Foles if Peterson comes with him to run the offense.

    • Hawk Eye


  42. Aaron

    Guess if you’re a fan of points and offense then this is the game for you. Me…I love defense.

  43. vrtkolman

    Patriots have two penalties in the entire post season. Lol.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      No discrepancies there, BB just knows how to coach discipline!… what a joke

    • Trevor

      That is a crazy stat!

      Bennett had more off sides calls in Pro Bowl than Pat have had entire playoffs. Too funny.

      • Hawk Eye

        that is because they don’t get calls they should get against them
        that was PI on the extra point

    • white-salmon-hawk

      No PI on van noy on the 2pt conversion? guess he has eyes on the back of his head

    • Ishmael

      Big lol

      It’s narrative though, you have to control it. Pete doesn’t help the Seahawks cause by pushing boundaries at training camps etc. Refs are going into games expecting the Pats to be this tight, disciplined, team so they aren’t blowing unless they absolutely have to.

  44. Trevor

    Simple run game fix.
    #1 make run game a focus (done Pete has stated it is priority #1 this off season)
    #2 New OL coach ( Done) 3 years late but finally done
    #3 Fix Guard Spot – Draft Wynn or Price or Wil Hernandez and Sign DJ Fluker in free agency
    #4 TE’s who can block- Let Graham walk, sign Trey Burton Eagles and Draft ND TE Smythe.
    #5 Add talent at RB- Sign Carlos Hyde, Draft Sony Michel or Ronald Jones early if possible. Draft Kamyrn Pettaway in 5th to play FB or as a power RB

    • D-OZ

      I’m hoping they come out of this draft with Pettaway.That guy can pound the rock.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Add Successful play calling by being able to run all plays. Screens, sweeps, short passes, long passes, runs up the gut and around the edge, QB as receiver. You have to be able to run plays that will keep the defense guessing.

  45. Trevor

    Love that Eagles are going for it and holding nothing back. Win or lose at least they were aggressive.

  46. Ishmael

    That’s clearly a TD. The rule is an absolute disgrace. If the Eagles lose and this gets overturned…

    • Trevor

      That is a stupid rule but he was clearly running after catch and diving for End Zone IMO.

  47. Trevor

    How was that no PI on the 2 point conversion?

  48. Aaron

    Brady has too much time

  49. Nathan W.

    I hate collinsworth

    • 12th chuck

      better than buck and aikman though

    • D-OZ


  50. Ishmael

    First time they touch Brady all day and they force the fumble. Scenes.

    • Trevor

      Wow that is crazy! Love it

  51. Aaron


  52. Trevor

    Come on Eagles just run for one 1st down!

  53. Aaron

    Alright Philly…one minute left…can you do it?

  54. Ishmael

    Kraft looks more like a troll doll every year.

    Great kick by the rookie.

    Pats swinging for the fences there, love the aggression. Didn’t work though.

  55. Aaron

    This Super Bowl didn’t go like I expected. It was a tall task for Philly but they beat the Pats! Congrats to Philly and their fans for winning their first Lombardi. You earned it!!! Oh, and I’m sure a good portion of NFL fans thank you too. #NotAPatsFan

  56. Nathan W.


  57. Trevor

    Nick Foles beats Tom Brady in an absolute offensive shoot out. Who would have thought that. Wow

    • Trevor

      Foles and Pederson will go down as Philly legends for this one. Great coaching job but give Foles credit he made some great throws, stayed aggressive and did not make the big mistake. Played a great game in conference finals and again in SB.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Foles will never have to buy a drink in the town again.

  58. Forrest

    YES!!!! The evil empire collapses!!!! And now watch as Philly riots in joyous fashion!!! Congratulations Eagles!!! That was a game for the ages!!!!

  59. Ishmael

    Anyone but the Pats.

    Happy for Philadelphia. Happy for Nick Foles, Nelson Agholar, and everyone else who’d been written off. Philly is going to be loooose tonight.

    • Hawk Eye

      and in good news for the rest of the NFC, the Eagles are $8 mill over the cap already for next year and they will have guys asking for raises

  60. H

    What a game! For all those calling this a dud game not worth the watch. And that Philly had no hope. Or that the refs wanted the Patriots to win for some reason. Football rarely follows the script.
    Way to go Foles and co.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The catch / no catch / process of the catch rule reared it’s ugly head on 2 plays… both resulted in PHI TDs.

  61. Hawk Eye


  62. Trevor

    What is a Super Bowl MVP worth on the trade market?

    • DC

      A bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos…

    • Aaron

      Some QB desperate teams kitchen sink…he’s gonna get so overpaid.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He’s under contract for next year. I’d be willing to bet he will be an Eagle

        • Trevor

          Sounds like he wants to stay with them but if a team offers a first hard for the Eagles not to make that trade.

  63. EP

    Amazing for the Eagles. All week it’s Patriots Patriots Brady Bellichick Brady Patriots Gronk Brady Patriots wentz GOAT Patriots. NICK FOLES, amazing. What a game. Got to get the Hawks back there next year. Here’s hoping

  64. EP

    Any of yous watching in UK as well. Josh Norman is a great guy. Really funny watching him throughout the night. Mad and full of energy. He’s a lot like Sherman a think. In your face on the pitch but off it basically just a really passionate and insanely competitive guy.

  65. AlaskaHawks

    What a great performance by both teams. A couple key plays and a take away and Philly is the champion.

  66. Greg Haugsven

    Let the off season begin gentlemen. Should be fun.

  67. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Why PHI won the game….

    BOLD playcalling and game plans. The trick play on a the 4th and 1… legendary.
    Foles played pretty much flawless. One of his best games he has had in 3 years (Minn last week as just as good)
    OL play for the Eagles dominated the Patriots on multiple occasions, enabling big rushing chunk plays. The center and guard play was outstanding most of the game. Their center might have played one of the better games I’ve seen in awhile…. there was a 2 man pass rush up the A gaps.. and he blocked one guy and knocked the other guy off his path, enabling Foles to throw down the seam deep…. that was beautiful.
    Physical play from the offense… WR, TE, and RBs not going down on first contact. Taking it to the Patriots defense.
    The amount of time the TEs were involved in both the passing and rushing game…. top2 TEs played very well.. as anticipated.
    Did I mention playcalling? The Patriots D usually catch up to the playcalling in the second halves of games, but this game … they seemed to be on their heels most of the game.

    Congrats Eagles.

    • Ukhawk

      My bottom line: No matter how good your QB is, you need a good defense. Brady didn’t have it. And, per the video, we did in the a Super Bowl and it’s what made the team champions.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The bottom line is also that your offense needs to be able to call a wide variety of plays, including screens and slants. Seahawks have crippled their own offense.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        They found a wide variety of ways to get Agholor into the game and productive.

        They mentioned on TV that he had not been doing WR end-arounds or the like during the regular season, only the last few games. It caught 3 defenses off balance with the play. He had something like 5 / 7 first downs using that play.

        Imagination and Execution of the Offensive game plan. Outstanding.

  68. CharlieTheUnicorn


    “Shortly after the start of Super Bowl LII, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark revealed four family members, including his father, were killed in a fatal fire in eastern Cleveland.” ~ King5 News

    The fire was an arson that occurred on Jan 30.

    • 12th chuck


    • Ed

      That is terrible to hear.

    • C-Dog

      Terrible news. My heart goes out to him and his family.

    • Del tre

      Thats so sad, prayers to his family

  69. Old but Slow

    Perfect. Now, Ferndale, WA is a candidate for the QB root center. Remember Jake Locker? Top 10 QB? Well Doug Pederson, former QB and head coach for the Eagles, was from the same high school. And that is not a large town.

    And, Locker’s uncle is the all time rushing leader at nearby WWU, which no longer has a football program

    Just say’n.

    • Old but Slow

      Just to add, I did not mean that Doug played for the eagles.

    • C-Dog

      I was a couple years behind Doug at Ferndale High. He was a genuine good dude. Not surprised he ended up in this position. Really happy for him.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The GM should get kudos for assembling the team.
      The HC did a fine job. The game plan for the offense, top notch.
      Foles played outstanding.

      Note: The Dolphins should get an assist for giving away Ajayi for nothing.

    • D-OZ

      I have 3 nieces who graduated from Ferndale High, one of which went out with Brady Locker.

  70. John

    BB made a big MISTAKE by not playing Butler. He is their lucky charm!

    • Hawk Eye

      that was strange, not even in for a single defensive play and they got torched all game.

    • Aaron

      Wonder what happened that made Belicheck decide that. Also, I’m sure they missed Justin Coleman too. Looks like we got the better end of that deal. When does that ever happen with the Pats?

      • Mark Souza

        I was going to ask the same thing. What did Butler do to get in Belichick’s doghouse?

  71. JC

    On the game ending Hail Mary, Chris Hogan was wiped out on an egregious illegal contact. However much I despise the Patriots, it was one of those even on a Hail Mary play situations that has to be flagged.

    • Del tre

      No it really wasn’t. You shouldn’t win the game on a penalty, if they want to win they need to catch the ball.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Gronk got his famous pushoff in the endzone…. it all evened out. I was more disappointed in the catch / no catch stuff in the game. The officials let them play a bit more than during the regular season. There were more than a few PI type deals that they totally kept the yellow hanky in the pocket.

      The OL for both team were able to be a bit more grabby than I’ve seen as of late…. keeping both QBs pretty clean for the most part.

      The Cooks injury changed the game. He is BIG TIME… and was their only real vertical threat.
      Jenkins absolutely destroyed that guy. One of the hardest hits I’ve seen all year. Cooks got put into a new zip code with that one….

      • Mancunian Dave

        Hmm as much as the Cooks injury wasn’t good for the Patriots, it didn’t alter their game. Brady threw for over 500 yards, they didn’t punt once in the game. This was all on the Patriots defence. Strange decision to bench Butler. Fabulous and aggressive playcalling by the eagles.

        • neil

          Not such a strange decision. You do it Belichicks way or you don’t play. He must have gotten on Belichicks bad side and it may have cost them this time. But his disciplinary approach is what have made them so good for so long. The Hawks need more of that.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I agree that the Cook injury did affect the game, but in ways we can’t really see or know. Brady only had 4 receivers to begin with, and lost one of his best. Yes he still had a great game, but that extra receiver could have made a difference.

        Just as much difference may have been caused by benching Butler. At least rotate him in so your defensive backs get a breather in the second half.

    • Aaron

      Final plays of a game or last ditch 4th downs are pretty much anything goes. I seldom see flags thrown. I’d rather that they don’t throw a flag in those moments. If that was the case then we wouldn’t have beat the Packers in 2012 because Tate had a clear offensive pi on that final play.

    • Mark Souza

      Yeah, the PI on Hogan for the game ending Hail Mary was egregious, but then so was the PI on the Philli 2 point conversion. If NE hadn’t gotten away with that one, the Hail Mary would have been pointless as the Eagles would have been 10 points ahead and the game out of reach.

      A good no call considering.

      • Matt B.

        I think generally I’d rather have fewer calls than more calls, this felt like a fun game partially because of the lack of many calls on either side.

  72. Hawk Eye

    I think we should all congratulate Rob for correctly predicting the draft order a little while ago with the Pats at pick 31 and Eagles at 32, when almost every other mock out there had the Pats at 32. That is probably why he was not too excited about the game, he already knew the ending.

    Now lets hope he predicts the Hawks at pick 32 next year, without a trade down to get there.

  73. Hawk Eye

    It was a great game, but I don’t think we saw 2 great teams playing. I also don’t think there were any great teams this year, parity ruled. Both offences played great and had excellent play calling, but neither team got pressure or had great coverage, and the eagles had some terrible tackling.
    I think all the talk of the Pats dynasty has to be tempered with the fact that they are 5-3 in the SB, with a total margin of 2 points, and should have lost in 49 and 51. Their road to get there is much easier than a lot of other teams, their competition in their division has been horrible for a long time. They do deserve the credit for taking advantage of the situation and finding different ways to play and play well. That is the genius of Belichick, but the idea that he cannot be beat is nonsense. Let’s hope that next year some other teams in the AFC step up and stop fearing them and play to beat them. The Jags lost their game with 55 seconds left in the first half and they ran out the clock. They were afraid to lose.

    and the Eagles were a mess 2 years ago and in cap hell. Probably headed to cap hell next year, they are already $8 mil over. But it should give the Hawks (and others) hope that they can do it in 2019

    • Rob Staton

      I think there was a lesson here, because you’re right about it being a great game but not necessarily two great teams.

      ‘Teams’ is the key word, especially for the Eagles. Balanced, organised, focused. Not a cluster of big name stars. A collection of guys working to create one functioning machine.

      Seattle has gone after big names, paid big names. They’ve been a team of highly paid stars since 2013/14. Maybe they need to get back to being a ‘team’?

      • Hawk Eye

        excellent point. Forget about the big name and go for the “fit” and add the hunger. Keep a few wile vets, add some low cost vets who are hungry for a ring and accept their role, but bring on the “yutes” and attack. Don’t keep anyone that is comfortable.

      • C-Dog


        I think a very interesting off season is right around the corner, likely starting within the next few days.

      • D-OZ

        +1!!! By the way Rob Thank you for all of your hard work. Much appreciated young man…. 🙂

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man — especially for the use of the word young!

          (When you get to 33 you start to appreciate that! 🙂 )

    • Volume12

      It’s not just teams. Head coaches too. They call games scared or afraid of NE and Pederson didn’t.

      • C-Dog


        His adjustment to play call to the strengths of Foles’s game was brilliant, as was keeping with the aggressive calls.

    • vrtkolman

      Agree about the Pats dynasty talk. They needed two epic collapses by Seattle and Atlanta to win those games, otherwise they are looking at an incredible 5 straight Superbowl losses. Not as impressive as Buffalo losing 4 in 4 years though.

      • pran

        Seattle did not collapse as much…they were right there just could not punch in.

  74. Kenny Sloth

    Huge snub to not give that kicker MVP.

    You had Foles outgun Brady

    But Jake Elliot outkicked Gostkowski!!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Man was that a hard game to watch.

      1100 of the softest yards I’ve ever seen.

      Bellichecks hurry up… Pedersons option offense.

      The playcalling was incredibly industrious, but the trick plays and gimmicks really turned me off.

      Such a gadgety super bowl. And there was so little fight.

      Yeah they were chippy, but this was a professional college football game

      • Volume12

        College football. The best sport on earth.

        Thought Pederson called a fantastic game. Can’t leave any bullets in the chamber and Pederson didn’t.

        • Kenny Sloth

          +100000 both coaching staffs were phenomenal.

          I said Doug Pederson should have won SBMVP

          It just felt so so soft at so many junctures

      • H

        Hard to watch? Not sure I agree. Defences weren’t the stars, but give credit to the Offences. They were both on fire.
        I loved the “gimmicks”, the 4th and 1 pass to Foles will go down in history
        And even after all that, in the end, it was the D made the dagger play.
        I’ve seen better super bowls, but I really enjoyed that one

        • Kenny Sloth

          Trick plays aren’t gimmicks. Furthest thing from it.

          A gimmick is something you run over and over hoping it works

          Like the pats stupid hurry up making the game tale forever and giving the ball right back to Philly.

          I had a good time but not because of the brand of football.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I loved it. This is the future of football. No one wants to watch a superbowl that ends 8 to 6, but they both had great defenses.

        • Hawk Eye

          great defenses? They just set a yardage record and the Pats never punted once and the Eagles punted once!
          maybe we differ on the meaning of the word great.
          Good? yeah, even though neither was even good on this day. How many missed tackles? Sacks? Batted or deflected passes? Did you see any smothering coverage? Mediocre at best in this game.

          But Great?? That is a Trumpian stretch.

          • Kenny Sloth

            *and another wide open pass to Hogan/Edelman*

            • mishima

              *Edelman didn’t play*


        • AlaskaHawk

          I meant if both teams had great defenses and it was a defensive struggle that ended 8 to 6 . That would be a boring game. A yawner. Another misfit Giants win the superbowl type game.

          And just for the record, the Eagles do have a great defense and the Patriots and average one. Its just that Brady and company will pick apart any defense thrown at them. The only proven way to stop them is to sack Brady, and that is ultimately what won it for the Eagles.

          • Kenny Sloth

            This game really seemed out of control like cfb overtimes without the pressure.

          • Hawk Eye

            I have to disagree, the word great and superstar are thrown around way too often.
            the Eagles have a good defense that sometimes plays great. But not yesterday.
            There were too many WIDE open receivers, too many missed tackles and not enough pressure on the QB. And they never forced a single punt.

      • vrtkolman

        The announcing seemed to be really turned off by this as well. I’ve never heard Al Michaels so … indifferent. I don’t think he wanted to be there. Collinsworth was a Brady shill all night.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I appreciated the dig by Colingsworth on Micheals being at SB1 and spending 25 bucks for a seat.
          I kept thinking… DAMN HE OLD!

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would prefer if they wouldn’t replay the catch/no catch ten thousand times while they say the same thing over and over. Once or twice, sure. Then cut to commercial and sell some more ads.

          As a money making capitalist event they really missed out by not cutting them short. And what was that black out time we had in Alaska?? Was that supposed to be used for local ads?

          • Kenny Sloth

            “I really hope this comes back” Collinsworth basically

  75. Leosharp

    In the moment the Superbowl was a great spectacle, but looking back at it now it was kinda underwhelming. The defensive play was abysmal throughout. Expected the Eagles to play more solidly as a unit but they got it done in the end. Also when will Cris Collinsworth retire? His play by play is honestly the worst in the business

  76. Volume12

    Philly fans eat horsesh**. Literally. Imagine ever rooting for that city. Couldn’t be me.

    Safe to say that beats out throwing batteries at Santa.

  77. Hawk Eye

    are the Pats done as an elite team?
    Brady will be 41 when the next season starts, father time is undefeated
    Gronk apparently contemplating retirement. Unless of course, he is asked to spell contemplating. Or C-A-T.
    Amendola, Solder, Butler, Lewis, Burkhead all free agents, and they only have $14 mil in cap space.
    Brady is at $22 Mil cap hit. Underpaid, but not by the huge margin of the myth.

    all that may be enough for them to take a step back closer to the pack. And maybe the Bills, Jets and Fins start playing them like the Rams used to play us. I think if Gronk retires, that will be a major hit. He really is one of the weapons that makes them hard to defend, and when you look at his salary vs a WR, it is a joke. Why is a TE paid less than a WR if they catch as much and block like a lineman? Should a good Te not make MORE than a WR? Another sign that the owners outplay the players in the game of negotiating.

    • Rob Staton

      The AFC East will keep NE competitive for a few years yet…

      • Hawk Eye

        I wish I had an argument that would say you are wrong, but I don’t. Bills are showing signs of being better, but they have no QB and ownership is questionable and need a few good drafts to be a contender. Jets hope to get to 500 soon, may take a while. Fins ownership and management are worse than their players and their players are average at best.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Funny Rob, a friend of mine asked me the other day who I thought was the main reason for the Pats dynasty, Belichek or Brady? I said neither, its the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets.

        • Rob Staton

          Beautifully answered Greg 🙂

    • vrtkolman

      I wonder if there will be locker room problems post Malcolm Butler. He seemed incredibly upset and almost broken over getting benched. That essentially cost them the game as well. Butler has gone full circle. He won them Superbowl 49, and now him getting benched lost them this one. Foles targeting his replacements went 14/17 for 150+ yards and 2 touchdowns.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think they will be a post season team, but the SB aspirations are melting away now.

      Specifically, the OC and DC are leaving…. and are both under rated to the Patriot success in the last 3-4 years.

      I would not be shocked to see BB and Brady retire.. hand in hand (soon)

      • vrtkolman

        Their defensive roster is seriously bad. Bill has not drafted well as of late. I’m really excited to follow the AFC South next season. Depending on Luck’s recovery, there are 4 potential contenders in there.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Jacksonville needs to find by hook or by crook a legit QB. A guy that can put them over the top.
          I think we got to see how good Bortles was this year… he can get you to the AFCC but not win it.
          That is while he had a dominant, “perhaps” once in a generation defense backing him up and a very solid rushing attack. I keep thinking they should draft Jackson at QB…… almost a perfect fit from my untrained eye.

          • Mark Souza

            Maybe Foles or Cousins?

          • cha

            Can’t believe I’m saying this but the AFCCG collapse didn’t feel like Bortles’ fault, so much as the offensive playcalling getting extremely conservative with a lead and handcuffing the team.

            • Hawk Eye

              was that because the coach did not believe in the QB?
              Hard to think of another good reason, other than bad coaching

  78. Millhouse-serbia

    Tony Pauline has Vita Vea at 18 and Edmunds at 27. 😮

    • vrtkolman

      Keep going! Love this projection.

      • Hawk Eye

        i saw that also.

        do you take one at 18 and not drop back?
        which one?
        I would say Edmunds. But Vea at DT could be a major impact as well. Would depend on FA and who you lose and add. I doubt Edmunds is there. Vea could be, teams could see him a great run stuffer in a passing league.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Let Richardson walk, save money…. draft Vea… #winning

    • AlaskaHawk

      It would be hard to pass up Vea if he falls that far. He could be a cornerstone for the defensive line for 5 years.

    • cha

      My Husky homerism says forget trading back, forget the plan to improve the running game early and get to the podium for Vea.

    • Mark Souza

      He’ll sober up before draft day.

      • RealRhino2

        I feel like there is a better chance that Vea is there than Edmunds.

  79. pran

    Collinsworth tried his best to create a controversy about two Eagle’s TDs, even after the result is decided.Crap..

    • Sea Mode

      Can’t stand that guy.

      • D-OZ

        Yea he had me talking to my TV. SHUT THE HELL UP Collinswort!!!!

  80. AlaskaHawk

    Walter Football has Vita Vea falling to #17, Los Angelos Rams – boooo.

    Then they have Seahawks picking Mike McGlinchey, OT at Notre Dame at #18. Can you believe their reasoning?

    “this mock has Mike McGlinchey available, and I’d have to believe he’d be the pick if he’s still on the board. Right tackle is a major problem, so the Seahawks could move Germain Ifedi inside and start McGlinchey at his spot. Then, once Duane Brown moves on, McGlinchey could shift to the blind side.”

    Just say NO to more shuffling of offensive linemen. They need to excel at one position, not be mediocre at three positions.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Tony Pauline has Vea going #18 to the Seahawks today. Are we biased Seattle fans or is his stock falling?

      • Rob Staton

        Vea’s just being underrated in some places. He will go early.

        • Del tre

          Maybe teams have been underwhelmed by Danny Shelton and are making a false equivalency

  81. Neil

    Football is becoming as hard to figure out as a horse race. The Eagles wind up as the best team this year, and the Hawks defeated them quite handily and didn’t make the playoffs, go figure. I wonder if Belichick will call it quits when Brady does. My guess is yes, and wouldn’t it be great fun to see him as an analyst !!

    • pran

      Hawks defeated Pats last season and Eagles this season..Both ended up winning SB. Who’s next.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Well they definitely beat themselves this year. Hopefully that counts

    • Kenny Sloth

      Because the seahawks are really really good.

      We totally could have made a run in the playoffs. No doubt in my mind

      • Hawk Eye

        and sometimes really bad. Not consistent the last 3 years, that is why they had all the coaching changes.
        I believe if they would have made it to the Super Bowl the last 2 years, they could have beaten NE. Partly because they just match up well against them and partly because for 1 big game, Pete can develop a great game plan.
        but the minor details of “making the playoffs” and “winning all your playoff games” held them back.
        sigh 🙁

        • Kenny Sloth


          • drewdawg11

            Well, what do you expect with a serious rash of injuries to top players, as well as a kicker who cost them at least a game or two. They actually could have been sitting at 12-13 wins had it not been for those issues. They weren’t perfect, but they should have been an easy playoff team.

            • AlaskaHawk

              +1 on that. I hate to see Los Angelos or Santa Clara taking our division crown.

        • Logan Lynch

          I disagree only in the fact that the Seahawks have been very consistent. They’ve been consistently inconsistent. Maddeningly so, in fact!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seahawks measured against the superbowl teams. The defense is as good or better. The offense needs help. Their special teams need even more help. Did they ever fire Walsch and who ever hired him???

  82. Ed

    Daniel Jeremiah update to 50.

    #3 Edmunds
    #9 Vea
    #10 Davenport

    Rob was high on these guys before they were on any top 50. Kudos again Rob

  83. NickW

    Man, rewatching this sure makes me miss Zach Miller and his slow rumbling bumbling ways. He may not have been the fastest te out there, nor the most graceful, but man he was sure a hard worker, a real true blue blue collar worker. I kinda feel like where he is the blue collar worker, Jimmy Graham is the white collar worker. We definitely need to get back to the blue collar workers, the people who are hungry and willing to do whatever it takes to win.

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