Friday notes: Roster predictions, Devin Bush & more

Firstly, if you missed the UK Seahawkers podcast yesterday don’t forget to check it out below. I was invited on and we get into some big topics — the Dallas game, the 2018 season and the future of the Seahawks. Have a listen…

Predicting the future

The Seahawks have big calls to make on several members of the roster. Here are some early predictions on how some of these situations will play out…

Frank Clark
Pete Carroll has made it very clear Clark will stay with the team. The key is whether there’s any chance of a long-term extension or will he receive the franchise tag? I suspect Clark will ask for top money. The Seahawks won’t want him to reach the market. The franchise tag will be used and that’ll be the starting point for a long term deal that could be completed at some point over the spring or summer.

Jarran Reed
Reed timed it perfectly to have a career-best season, putting up gaudy sack numbers. Has he potentially priced himself out of getting a deal done this off-season? Maybe. After all, he can ask for big money now. The Seahawks would no doubt love to get him tied down as part of a new young core. It’ll require some give and take. Perhaps they’ll wait to make a deal during the 2019 season?

K.J. Wright
Wright is clearly loved by the players and staff. The Seahawks undoubtedly want to keep him. The problem is, Wright is a good enough player for someone to pay reasonably big bucks for. Just look how well he played against Dallas. If you’ve got a lot of cap room, you might take a chance on his knee to get his talent and leadership. The Colts and 49ers, for example, could be teams that show a lot of interest. They can afford to take a chance on his health. He’ll likely reach the market and the Seahawks will have a number in mind. If it gets blown out of the water, what can they do? I suspect this probably happens and, sadly, Wright moves on.

Mychal Kendricks
Carroll has already referenced bringing Kendricks back. It makes sense anyway but it’ll be a priority if K.J. Wright departs. Kendricks likely respects the opportunity Seattle gave him in 2018 and the Seahawks clearly benefited from his play. A deal, probably for one or two seasons, seems inevitable.

Justin Coleman
Coleman is the type of player you ideally keep but probably don’t overpay for. The Seahawks plucked him from New England in the Cassius Marsh trade and might prefer to go hunting for another bargain. It seems likely Coleman reaches the market, just as Jeremy Lane did back in the day, and the Seahawks assess their options. They might make a generous offer (as they did for Lane) if other moves don’t come off and they have some money to spend. They might get him back on a very reasonable contract if his market is lukewarm. Or he could get paid elsewhere. It seems like the most fluid and open-ended situation and could go either way.

Earl Thomas
Earl is moving on to a new team. There’s no doubt here. The Seahawks clearly made a decision not to pay him a third contract. A year ago they were willing to trade him. They were equally prepared to lose him as a free agent in 2019. And that’s what is going to happen. Some fans might want to cling to the hope he will return but we know it isn’t realistic.

J.R. Sweezy & D.J. Fluker
I’ve clubbed these two players together because I think it’s inevitable both will remain. In London I asked Pete Carroll if he wanted to keep both. He didn’t just say ‘yes’, he suggested they were part of the new core. And it’s no surprise. The O-line helped set the tone and did more than anyone to regain the physical style Carroll and John Schneider are looking for. Plus Sweezy and Fluker have both expressed interest bordering on excitement about staying in Seattle.

Still trying to figure out Michigan’s Devin Bush

There are a lot of impressive parts to his game. His quickness to go sideline-to-sideline and run in pursuit is top level. He reads plays very quickly and has outstanding athleticism to react and get to the ball carrier. On one red zone snap against Ohio State he was lined up at weakside backer, detected early that it was going to be a swing pass to the running back and made a break to the ball carrier. He covered a lot of ground in no time at all, dodged a blocking receiver and made the tackle. It’s this type of exceptional quickness and understanding that puts him in the round one conversation. He’s also a terrific blitzer, he hits like a sledgehammer and rarely misses tackles. He’s strong, powerful, tough and fast. When he correctly reads an inside run he’ll be patient and deliver a jarring blow at the LOS.

However, he was also used predominantly as an attacker. He would be encouraged, pretty much on all of his snaps, to attack the LOS and be aggressive. It occasionally meant he would be too aggressive — taking bad angles, running under blocks or failing to contain the edge. There were times where he conceded some decent gains in the running game. Was it the scheme? The role? Quite possibly. He has the athleticism and toughness to be a very effective starter in the NFL. But it’s out there on tape. And at 5-11 and 232lbs he doesn’t have the length to stay clean like a K.J. Wright and keep blockers off his frame.

He’d be an exciting addition to any defense. Whether he can limit some of the flaws vs the run to become a fantastic run-and-hit tone-setter is the key question.

Latest news on declarations

Alabama’s Raekwon Davis is staying in school. It’s another surprise after Derrick Brown and Jabari Zuniga both chose not to declare. It’s still a very deep D-line class but it won’t be quite as deep with this trio opting not to turn pro.

Irv Smith Jr and Josh Jacobs are heading for the NFL (both Alabama). Smith Jr has NFL bloodlines (his father was a former #20 overall pick as a tight end). He had a productive 2018 season essentially in the role of a big slot receiver. He wasn’t asked to do much blocking. There’s a feeling he won’t run a great forty yard dash. He could be the first tight end taken. My prediction at the moment is for a run on the position in round two. Jacobs had a really strong end to the season but seems like a bit of a ‘flavour of the month’ candidate. Rodney Anderson, Damien Harris and Benny Snell Jr all played well enough to warrant higher grades. That doesn’t mean Jacobs is a poor player. He has excellent physical skills and could be a good pro.

Jonah Williams the Alabama left tackle has declared for the draft. He’s one of the more overrated 2019 prospects and struggled badly against Clemson in the National Championship. He lacks top level strength and power to make up for below average length and footwork/agility. A lot of people project him as a top-15 pick but not for me. I wouldn’t take him in round one.

Quinnen Williams is also turning pro. He’s a nailed-on top five pick.

And then there’s Kyler Murray. For me, the top draft eligible player. The prospect who should go #1 overall — taken by either the Cardinals or a team trading up. Murray is the real deal with superstar potential. Reportedly he is leaning towards picking football instead of baseball.

Murray is a special talent with an opportunity to come into the league and have a Patrick Mahomes type of impact. I’ve put him at #1 in my last few mocks and that won’t change any time soon if he declares. What a talent.

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  1. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, if somehow, we don’t re sign KJ nor Kendriks, do you think that LB becomes our biggest priority and probably 1st round pick?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know. They might sign another LB.

  2. Nick

    The Seahawks really have some tough choices and you lay those out well, Rob. For me, you keep KJ or MK, keep Justin Coleman, and keep Sweezy and Fluker.

    With that in mind, D-line becomes the obvious hole to fill. Nothing earth-shattering there. You’ve been talking about this since the beginning of the year.

    After you telling me about Tillery’s past “issues”, I went and watched some interviews of his. He speaks very well, owns his mistakes, and appears to be a mature, thoughtful young man. His SPARQ, his explosiveness…it’s definitely Seahawk-y.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sold on him personally. The interviews I watched he came across like a different cat. Not sure the Seahawks after clearing house a year ago seek out a guy who called for his team to fire the HC on twitter and appoint somebody else.

    • Eburgz

      Really like this guy. Throwing your coach under the bus is an issue that will need to be looked into (don’t hurt the team). Other than that since when do the Seahawks not like different cats? Pete seems to embrace all sorts of characters. I guess he isn’t “all ball” which seemed to be a focus recently so you may have a point, Rob.

      On a side note, why does Bennett get grouped in with sherm as a locker room cancer type? Did I miss something? He came to Russell’s defense and spoke well of him when rumors were flying and he was a fierce competitor on the field. I could do without the race baiting stuff but then again I’m a white dude and maybe I just don’t get it. I think we missed Bennett on the field this year and the move was more about getting his contract off the books. off sides penalties were an issue and injuries were a concern but he could have been a big boost.

      • Rob Staton

        Bennett gets grouped with the others because there was no financial benefit to trading him last off-season and they did it anyway (for a day three pick). They just gave him away to move him on. That doesn’t mean he was like Sherman or was the same kind of headache. But they clearly had come to the end with Mike B and aggressively moved him on as part of the reset.

        • Eburgz

          No cap savings in 2018 but I believe there was cap savings for 2019? Maybe they were anticipating having to pay Frank.

          • Rob Staton

            Yes there were cap savings for 2019. But you don’t sign a player to a new contract then almost immediately give him away on a whim. Mike B was not Richard S but clearly the team wanted to move on from both. Bennett has always been a difficult player to manage. Tampa Bay let him go without a fight. He hit free agency twice and got less than expected with Seattle both times. The Seahawks, through Carroll, were the best fit for him because they were willing to take on a personality like this and harness it. But everything has an expiry date. Same with Sherm and Marshawn.

            There’s a reason guys like Baldwin, Bobby, Russell and Lockett won’t have that same expiry date.

            • Eburgz

              Great points. I think lack of discipline was also a big factor. Resulting in penalties and blown assignments in the run game. He did a lot of freelancing and jumped off sides all the time.

    • Dale Roberts

      I’d love to have both KJ and Coleman back but only at the right price. We’ve got four major contracts coming in Clark, Reed, Wilson, and Wagner. That money has to come from somewhere and usually that place is midrange veterans being sacrificed.

  3. Dale Roberts

    I read all the Seahawk news I can find but it’s only when I see a new edition of Seahawks Draft Blog appear that I get excited. I suspect I’m not alone.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Dale appreciate that 👍🏻

      • clbradley17

        Not so gradually over the last 2 years, this is the first and sometimes the only Seahawks/draft site I check on a daily basis. Far and away the best and most detailed site on the net. Used to check out Hawkblogger,, FieldGulls,, etc., now rarely go anywhere but here.

        Over the next few weeks and months, Tony Pauline and Walter Football have very good info on the practices and games at the East-West Shrine and Senior Bowl plus pro-day results, and has all the combine numbers late Feb.-early March.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you that means a lot man.

          Spread the word 👍🏻

  4. Eli

    Just to get an idea on some contract figures for K.J. I decided to pull some contract comparables

    For K.J. Wright
    – Dont’a Hightower – 4 yr. $33.5 million, $17 million guaranteed at signing ($10 million bonus)
    – Christian Kirksey – 4 yr. $38 million, $20 million guaranteed at signing ($6 million bonus)
    – Nigel Bradham – 5 yr. $40 million, $8 million guaranteed ($5 million bonus)
    – Telvin Smith – 4 yr. $44.4 million, $15.45 million guaranteed ($4.05 million bonus)
    – Lavonte David – 5 yr. $50.5 million, $10.78 million guaranteed ($5 million bonus)

    Most likely we’d have to pony up a contract between $9 million and $11 million annually. K.J. is also a year or two older than some of these players. I think something like 4 yr. $40 million would be a good parameter, with something like $12 to $16 million guaranteed with 25% of that coming in the form of a signing bonus.

    • BobbyK

      I don’t know about all those guys above, but am assuming most of those contracts are their second ones. Not third ones. I know David got his contract after three years in the league, as KJ had originally happen to him too. Based on his health (he didn’t play much this year) and age (he’s not getting better and at an age players of his position decline faster as opposed to slower), I don’t see him signing for anything close to that kind of money. Unless, of course, if the salary cap teams with money to spend go completely crazy.

      • Eli

        Yeah, its certainly an imperfect comparison at best. You’re right that most of these guys are on their second contract, or are somewhat reflective of teams having boatloads of cash in the last couple years. Mostly identified them as most recent and nearly all the players being between 27 and 29. Only other contracts that might be pertinent could be Vontaze Burfict’s @ 3 yr. ~$33 million – although this contract had no guarantees outside of the signing bonus and uses roster bonuses instead. That’s probably more reflective of him being a basket case than anything else though.

        Honestly I think if you could get him around this number but minimize the guarantees to the first year and signing bonus it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Just don’t know if he would swing for that when say a team like the Colts or Jets could easily blow him away.

    • Coleslaw

      At KJs age I’m expecting something like 3/24 or 4/32. He’s still good so the guaranteed money should be there, might lead to him taking less annually. It’s a strategic move, too, since this is likely his last contract. 3 year dealge probably gets around $12M guaranteed and 4 year deal probably 16+. IMO, and this is if he hits the market

      • clbradley17

        I’d love to see us retain KJ and re-sign Kendricks too, but I think this could be KJ’s last big contract and like with Sherman and ET, he’s going to find the best deal for him elsewhere. Whether KJ stays at a hometown discount or not, I’d like to see us draft in rd. 3 to 4 a very good LB like Bush or this guy I’ve mentioned a few times – Germaine Pratt of NC St., 6’3″ 240, 104 tackles, 6 sacks, 10 TFLs, 2 FF, 3 passes defensed. According to PFF, “Of all FBS linebackers, Pratt finished with the ninth-best run-stop percentage of 13.4% and had 43 stops, while missing just four total tackles of his 92 total tackle attempts all season long. Pratt has the fourth-highest pass-rush productivity (16.9) among LBs, with 22 total QB pressures in only 69 pass-rush snaps.” And at Walter Football – “Pratt came to N.C. State as a safety before growing into a linebacker. He is a tough defender at the point of attack with the speed to fly around the field and a physical, attacking style of play. They have him running the 40-yard dash in 4.55 seconds.” He already has that spinning, wrestling style of Seahawks tackling, displayed in a new 2018 highlights video: and an NC St. career highlights video:

        An under-the-radar DT that’s going to be at the Shrine game is Temple’s Michael Dogbe, 6’3″ 280, 72 tackles, 7 sacks, 12.5 TFLs and 3 FFs. Bench pressed 505 lbs., squatted 685 pounds, the most by a Temple defensive lineman. He has also bench-pressed 225 pounds 37 times, another school record for a defensive lineman. On 9-24-18 against Maryland, he had 7 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3.5 TFLs and 2 FFs as they held Maryland without a TD. Draftwire says “Dogbe has a versatile frame that should allow him to play in a variety of different alignments at the next level. He has a quick first step and creates disruption with his upfield penetrations. Dogbe has fast, strong, active hands and he disengages through a wide array of moves. He closes quickly and has adequate lateral mobility to make plays outside his gap. With a strong pre-draft process, Dogbe could be a steal for a team early Day 3.”

  5. C-Dog

    One of the prime reasons that I can see them go DT early, outside of the pure talent at the position that might e available, is Jarrran Reed becoming a really expensive re-sign. If negotiations get difficult, would be nice to have another one on the roster with cheap club control. I’d much prefer to keep him and Clark together, though, and let them be the new leaders.

    Bush is fun to watch, and Carroll seems to appreciate those Harbaugh players. Also, I wonder with Ken Norton being the DC there’s not a little more emphasis going to be placed at LB. What felt like a strength going into the season didn’t really play out that way with age and injury. That KJ situation might have them feeling a bit snake bit and maybe they do consider getting younger talent that can take over even if KJ or Kendricks comes back.

    • Dale Roberts

      Good observations C-Dog. I’ve also been wondering how long Bobby Wagner can continue at this pace. I’d like to see them bring in a rookie that can train by playing the will, slide over to give Bobby some relief (and maybe extend his career), and be the heir apparent for the middle backer spot. A kid who might fit that mold is Tyrel Dodson, an underclassman out of Texas A&M who has recently declared for the draft. He’s a mid to late first round talent that will probably fall to the second/third round due to the amount of front seven talent in the draft and a lack of name recognition.

      • C-Dog

        Interestingly, Bobby is only 28 (2 years older than Jarran Reed to put it into context), and seems to g t better each season. I would think he has at least 4 to 5 more years of top level play in him, but I like the idea of having a WILL that can also back him up.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m figuring at least one draft pick for the defensive end spot, a linebacker, and a corner. Yes it is interesting that Bobby Wagner should be good for another five years. He has been a rock for this defense. Linebacker wise, they have some good talent, just no one ready to step in for KJ except Kendricks who has legal trouble. I see a lot of potential though. They just need to keep drafting and training guys.

  6. Doug

    Michigan is a team I follow closely and Bush was THE GUY on the Michigan D (arguably along with Winovich). Your comments about length, Rob, are the only reasons why I would see the Seahawks hesitate if Bush was available at the right draft position for them. He has potential (I think) as that hybrid LB/rush end/SS guy who can also cover TEs.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen him struggle a bit covering TE’s (he didn’t do it that often though). I think his best role is going to be run and hit. Sideline-to-sideline, take away stretch plays, sweeps. Get up at the LOS and fill a lane. Hit people. That’s his game, it suits his frame and style. He can cover the passes into the flat very well. I’d be a bit worried if he was defending passes at the second level.

  7. Rob Staton

    Spent a bit of time watching Michael Deiter (G, Wisconsin) today. Now there’s a guy. Best guard I’ve watched so far.

    • Volume12

      He’s fantastic. I’m high on all the Wissconsin guys myself, but Dieter’s versatility combined with his size won’t be easy to find.

      In his game against Ohio St from last year, Bosa best him once or twice out’ve 11 if I counted correctly.

      Very, very good draft for guards this year.

    • Eburgz

      Nice! Can’t wait for the write up. Best fit I have seen for our line yet. His teammates on the line are ballers too. Did you watch the Michigan game? I commented the other day about him. Looks like an ideal Sweezy replacement or guard depth if we resign both our injury prone guards. He’s big and nasty and he can pull and move. Really likes to finish guys and put them in the dirt. Trade Pocic and use the capital to go up and get this guy!

      • Eburgz

        Check out Bj Autry. Fluker backup?

    • Aaron

      So far the two Wisconsin guards have been my favorite to watch. Both those guys are ready to compete for a starting job day one. The other guy I like is the RT from Kansas State Dalton Risner. If we keep Sweezy and Fluker I’d love to add another guard to compete and maybe win out over Pocic. We just need another guy for quality depth. We’ve got a solid starting unit plus Fant. Simmons and Jones could be that too but are both coming off injuries. We need another guy in FA or the draft.

  8. Pickering

    Rob mentioned the 49ers as a possible landing spot for KJ. Many on Niners Nation have been hoping for the 49ers to go after Earl. If they land in Santa Clara to play with Sherman, it will be interesting to see what they’ve got left in the tank. And how much they cost. Regardless, it’s an ugly thought.

    • Volume12

      I think it would be fun. I miss the great rivalries in the NFL. I can’t even think of one good one currently.

      • DC

        AZ vs SF for the 1st overall pick was pretty good.

  9. Hawktalker#1

    I’m looking forward to one of us taking a crack at salary cap vs possible contract numbers to see what might make sense for renewals. Thanks in advance.

    • DC

      Clark gets tagged then extended $21.5M/APY
      Wilson gets extended $31M/APY
      Reed gets extended $14M/APY
      Wagner gets extended $14M/APY

      Everyone one else gets leftovers.

      • Jeff M.

        Leaving the others aside, Clark’s not going to get that much. His first tag would be 17.1m and his second 20.5. The Seahawks should only give him additional years/guarantees rather than going year-by-year on the tag if it’s at a discount to that 18.8m AAV.

        I can’t see him getting Mack/Donald money, and something like 18m AAV would already make him the 4th-highest non-QB (behind those two plus Miller, tied with OBJ).

      • C-Dog

        A pretty thorough article just came out on the net as to what to expect with a third contract for RW. Essentially unless Seattle is willing to franchise him for a couple years and potentially risk having him walk away in free agency in 2022, we can expect a contract that is going to pay him well in excess of $35 million.

        That is, of course, he doesn’t take a team friendly deal, but the article also points out that in the first negotiation the team held the leverage and now the quarterback does.

  10. Volume12

    Whoo. Why is no talking about Oregon WR Dillon Mitchell (6’1, 190 lbs.)? Broke all kinds of records there, this game here against Stanford is dominant stuff. 14 catches, 239 yds. Torched a damn good Udub secondary.

    His footwork is amazing. He’s so damn quick and effortless. Can win on the outside and in the slot. Pretty physical as well.

    Chose Oregon over ‘Bama, Ohio St., Florida St., Auburn, Georgia, Ole Miss, Miss. St., Penn St., ND and just about every other school in the SEC.

    Dillon Mitchell vs Stanford (2018):

    • JimQ

      I agree on Mitchell, he or perhaps Jalen Hurd should be potential later round targets.

      Another VERY overlooked player: Not sure about length or speed, but he’s a stat monster & a busy boy & has declared. —OLB-Sutton Smith, (a Jr) No. Illinois, 6-1/237; Note: Played mostly at DE/rover and will surely have to move to LB/rover in the NFL. Currently seen as a small school mid-round pick by many.

      2018: 14-games, 61-tkls, 43-solo, 26.5-TFL, 15.0-Sacks, 1-PBU, 9-QBH, 4-FF, 1-FR (for 83-yd TD), 2-BK’s
      Also had 2 punt returns for 51-yds & 1-TD. (Unusual, speaks to athletic abilities & versatility?)
      ——–> #1 in FBS in TFL’s, & tied for #1 in FBS in Sacks, per:

      2017: 13-games, 63-tkls, 43-solo, 29.5-TFL, 14.0-sacks, 3-PBU, 8-QBH, 3-FF, 2-FR (for 2-TD’s)
      ——–>#1 in FBS in TFL’s, & #3 in FBS in sacks, per:

      Career: 39-games, 139-tkls, 92-solo, 58-TFL’s, 30-sacks, 4-PBU, 20-QBH, 7-FF, 3-FR (for 3 TD’s), 2-BK’s.

      –See: … ton-smith/
      –See full game 9/08/18 VS: Utah: –
      Smith had an impactful game with 8-tkls, 6-solo, 4.5-TFL, 2-sacks against a not too bad Utah team.
      –See also:
      “”It’s so easy to fall in love with Sutton Smith (6’1/230), but we gotta find the guy an NFL position—he may
      be closer to 6’0/225. It won’t be DE, so it’s got to be OLB. Smith, a high school running back, went off for
      14 sacks, 30(!!!!) TFL and 64 hurries last year. He did all that in only 439 rushes. That showing was the best
      Pro Football Focus has charted among all edge defenders over the past four years. He also defended three
      passes, forced and recovered three fumbles, and returned two of those fumbles to the house. The MAC’s
      most dominant defender since Khalil Mack, Smith was actually briefly pursued by Alabama in high school
      before a hand injury knocked him off the P5 radar. NIU turned out to be his only FBS offer. Nick Saban doesn’t kick himself often, but he has to deeply regret letting Smith get away.””

      • Sea Mode

        Wow, he’s gotta be the most intense player I’ve seen so far this year!

        Just so hard to project though at LB how he would do dropping into coverage. Whereas a guy like NC State’s Germaine Pratt converted from Safety, so you know he wont have any problem.

        Minnesota’s Blake Cashman is another good one as well and has high grades all around, including in coverage.

      • Volume12

        Based on the 2 games I’ve seen so far, Mitchell looks like a late day 2 pick.

        I’m just wondering why he’s not getting more buzz? Just destroyed Byron Murphy.

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting find. He’s definitely got quick feet.

  11. Rowdy

    Ive been thinking about the whole sweezy and flluker deals and I’m not really sold on keeping them unless its for cheap. I not sure what there market is but if we have to pay 8 mil for both, I would rather pay 8 mil for 1 great og that you could expect to play the whole season. You cant predict injuries but thats the biggest knock on sweezy and flucker. Both were to beat up in the playoffs to make a difference. With Carroll’s offensive game plan to keep games close with ball control we cant risk a playoff run with ineffective guards running that kind of offense.

    • icb12

      I feel like you contradict yourself here

      Can’t win with ineffective guards, but you don’t want to sign the 2 most effective guards the Seahawks have had in some time??

      There aren’t many (if any) better options out there that fit this team and this style for the money they will get.

      Who would you rather have?

      • Rob Staton

        This is the exact issue with the argument some people present for moving on from Fluker/Sweezy. The alternatives are bad on the open market and might be even more expensive. And if you go down the rookie route — well you currently only have four picks and look at the growing pains some of Seattle’s young O-liners have experienced (including Pocic currently). Not to mention, any pick spent replacing Sweezy and/or Fluker in the draft means another pick you can’t spend on another position.

        Sweezy & Fluker will be very affordable and, in Carroll’s words, are part of the new core. They’ll be back. And they might add a guard at some point to compete with Pocic for backup LG. But they might not too. Major changes to the O-line isn’t a priority.

  12. Dale Roberts

    The playoff game can be summed up by the 73 yards rushing allowed by Dallas. If your game is centered on rushing the ball and you get stoned how do you win? Do you add a bigtime receiver(it made a big difference for Dallas), focus on building a defense that can win without the offense, or find a set of guards who are good AND can stay healthy? I realize the answer to all of those is “yes, let’s do that” but this isn’t the US budget where we just raise the debt limit.

    The bottom line is that Schneider is going to have to be a magician. The bad money on the books is the $13 million cap hit for Kam Chancellor but other than that we don’t have any of big, non-productive contracts. I took a detailed look only to realize that John Gilbert had already done an excellent analysis. Here’s that link:

    We’ve realistically got about $33 million in cap room once the season is funded and our RFAs are signed.
    – Clark, Reed, Wagner, and Wilson will add in the neighborhood of $42 million annually to the payroll if they get new deals.
    – Sweezy and Fluker were on relatively cheap one year deals and Carroll has said they are coming back so they’ll probably get a raise to about $5 million each which would add another $8 million (they made $1 million each in 2018).
    – Shamar Stephen and Brett Hundley will probably be retained for another $3 million.
    That leaves replacements for KJ (Mychal Kendricks?), Coleman, and Janikowski as open issues at probably another $9 million.
    If you had me doing the job I’d be $29 million over the cap with KJ, Coleman, Davis, Coleman, and Jordan kicked to the curb for cheaper alternatives. What to do?

    Sooooo… here are my priorities for the off season.

    – Extensions for Clark, Wilson, Reed, and Wagner.

    – I thought our biggest need was either a DT or DE but that was before I looked at the budget. Now I
    think a starting Will linebacker on a rookie contract would be our biggest get. Shaquille’s inability to
    step in for KJ really hurts.

    – I know Carroll wants Fluker and Sweezy back but can we afford them? Simmons would be a great
    answer but like Sweezy and Fluker he’s injury prone. Quality guard play is far more important for a
    run dependent team and a rookie contract would help.
    Early round draft targets: Michael Dieter, Cody Ford, Michael Jordan, Derwin Gray, B.J. Autry, Connor
    McGovern, Chris Lindstrom, Dalton Risner
    Day three picks: Terronne Prescod, Lamont Gaillard, Lester Cotton, Lukayus McNeil, Sean Krepsz.
    Inexpensive free agents of interest: John Miller, Marcus Martin, Quinton Spain, Rashaad Coward

    – Unless one of the DT/DEs fall that are too good to pass on I think Rasheen Green/QJeff/Mingo will
    continue to be Clarks rush partners.
    UDFA Byron Cowart
    Free agents of interest: Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith

  13. AlaskaHawk

    I just saw a replay of the Kansas City vs LA Rams game, back when they were both 9-1 , that game is a classic. Lots of great plays on both sides of the ball. Final score 51 KC 54 LA RAms. Looking forward to seeing both teams this weekend.

  14. millhouse-serbia

    Some really interesting notes from Charlie Cambell(walterfotball) and his sources.

    Jonah Williams is late first/early second round OG/RT.
    Deionthe Thompson is his 63rd pick.
    These evaluations match up perfectly with Rob’s.

    Greedy Williams is really overhyped by media at the moment.

    And he has Jonathan Abram as seahawks 21st pick (again strange for me just like Bruglers isiah simmons).

    • Rob Staton

      I would certainly share Charlie and his sources views on the first three names.

      I really like Abram. Absolutely a tone setter. But the Seahawks don’t need another safety who runs in the 4.6’s and I suspect that is where Abram will perform.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely about Abram. I really like both he and Rapp at SS Safety but neither has the speed I think it would take to be a high pick for the Hawks and would they really be that much of an upgrade to Thompson or Hill because McDougald is not going anywhere.

  15. Awsi Dooger

    Per your latest mock, I resign as a Dolphins fan if they draft Daniel Jones.

    That would be ultimate torture, with no punishment too severe to anyone in the franchise who played a role in the pick.

    Why would the Dolphins waste 7 seasons with a tape guy sucker special in Ryan Tannehill, and then learn absolutely nothing at all and draft his near-identical replacement? There has never been anyone who resembled Tannehill to every detail and trait like Jones does, right down to the abysmal pocket presence. Granted, he is more competitive than Tannehill but not as accurate.

    I am going to laugh for a solid month at any team that invests a first round pick in this era on a tunnel vision quarterback who averaged 6.6, 5.9 and 6.8 YPA in three consecutive seasons, and with sub 5.0 and even sub 4.0 YPA in so many important games.

    I agree with you about Kyler Murray. He has some weaknesses but that escapability will drive defenses nuts. Bottom line that 11.6 YPA cannot be ignored. That is a surreal number. Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and Tua are the only three quarterbacks I have ever seen on non-option teams who averaged more than 11 YPA over an entire college season. They will be the first pick in three consecutive drafts.

    • Rob Staton

      If I was Miami, I would be plotting a move up to draft Kyler Murray.

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, Awsi, I posted this at the end of the last thread.

      Any info/thoughts on Miami DE Joe Jackson? I like the plus size and length (over the guys in the 240-250 range who need to add weight) and he has decent burst, nice power, and high motor. Haven’t watched enough yet to really evaluate him vs. the run.

      Miami DE Joe Jackson Top Plays 2018

  16. Rowdy

    My argument is neither are likely to stay healthy or like this year to beat up to be effective in the playoffs. I agree with what your saying but they have to stay healthy to be effective and neither have shown the ability to do that at this point

    • Rob Staton

      It’s about playing the percentages. The risk factor of both getting hurt exists. The alternative of having to try and replace them, possibly while spending more money, and going through major changes AGAIN on the O-line after finally settling things down is so unappealing though.

      • McZ

        We had 13 different OL setups this season. I don’t think, this OL is dependent on any one player beyond Brown.

        We have to prepare for Browns ultimate retirement in a year or two, and stabilize at LG. I think, Lucas Niang is a flexible raw talent, that Solari can work into either. And Mitch Hyatt had a good season at Clemsons RT spot, so in R4 or 5, he would be a steal.

        And then there is Cody Ford, but I expect him to go R2 at last.

        • Rob Staton

          The O-line is never dependant on one player. It’s a collective. A unit.

          That’s why they’re not going to break this group up.

          You’ve got to get your priorities in order as a team. Finding ‘long term’ replacements for Fluker and Sweezy aint a priority this year.

          • McZ

            I’m simply not sure about Sweezy. He had almost as many lapses as Pocic in 2017. IMO, we may pursue a late rounder. But happy to disagree here.

            • Rob Staton

              There’s no way Sweezy’s play can be compared to Pocic’s.

              After years of problems on the O-line and having now found a level of consistency and production, swapping out a veteran they think is awesome for a late rounder is just a non starter.

    • icb12

      Everyone is beat up in the playoffs. This is the NFL. It’s a war of attrition. It’s physical, it’s taxing on bodies, injuries happen to everyone. Every single team in the league would LOVE to have their starting OL completely healthy going into the playoffs- it’s just not going to happen for every team.

      And lets get this right- Sweezy Started 15 games this season. Started 14 last season, 15 before that, then 16. So in the last 4 full (regular) seasons of professional football he only missed 4 games. I’ll take that. The argument that he was unavailable a lot is just false.

      Fluker, Yeah, he’s had some injuries in his career for sure. But what he brings to this team is absolutely worth the $$$ amount he is going to command.

  17. EranUngar

    Re J.R. Sweezy & D.J. Fluker:

    Both were available at bargain price last year due to 2 concerns – Injuries (both missed most of the 2017 season) and less than mediocre pass pro skills (Both are physical run graders).

    They showed all of the above in 2018. each missed several games with two separate injuries and while they played a major role in the physical smash mouth run heavy attack game, lets not fog the the Seahawks almost matched the sack numbers of 2017 while passing much less.

    They may be valuable for the Seahawks but not many teams in the modern NFL will offer good money for poor pass protecting guards.
    (At this point of their careers, they do not have any “upside”)

    I really hope we can resign both but it should be on cost effective contracts (2-3M at most) with very low future guaranties.

    Re Jarran Reed:

    A 10 sacks a year 3 down DT is very expensive commodity in the NFL. The Seahawks can not afford to pay top money to both DE and DT (Clark & Reed). If Reed insists on being paid like a 10 sacs DT right now (or close to it) they will have to let him play his forth year without a contract. If he repeats his performance (7+ sacks in 2019) the team will face a very difficult decision regarding who to pick going forwards. I hope they can agree on a 30M/4yrs extension (6,7,8,9 per year).

    Re RW:

    A lot will depend on the talks with RW regarding is extension. He can go on the Rodgers road – demand top QB money and remain almost SB champion or the Brady road – agree to a few millions less that helps your team remain a constant contender and extend your career for another decade. 30M a year for 4 years with 100M guaranteed could help both sides.

    Re K.J.:

    His age, latest injury, lack of speed or pass rush skills takes him of the board for all 3-4 defenses. His advantage is his understanding of how to play a Pete Carroll 4-3 under to perfection. The 49ers are indeed a good fit but not many other teams. With the Reed&Clark payday coming, I hope we can secure him for a one year show me you are healthy season or a low contract. Otherwise, we’ll have to lose a very valuable piece of the puzzle.

    Re draft strategy:

    Targeting the DL for our first pick seemed to be the obvious need meets draft strength approach. However, with the need to trade back and get some more picks they may out of range for the top game changing talents of this group. If they feel that they have the key pieces with Clark&Reed and they see great potential with Martin’s pass rush, Poona’s run blocking and Green’s potential, they may surprise us and go elsewhere. (i.. low cost run stuffer DT FA and pick LB/DB/WR/BPA)

    • Douglas Fletcher

      Great to see your post, Eran! I also think if (when) the Seahawks trade back their first pick is going to be LB. I will be surprised if Reed gets an extension after they extend Clark–that puts a ton of money on the DL. Schneider’s MO has been to scavenge DL pieces from FA and with Clark (and maybe Green who is likely to jump up as a force next year) the pillars will be there to build around.

      • EranUngar

        Great to see you too Doug.

        As for Reed –

        A young run stuffing 3 downs DT with 10 sacks a year is the holly grail of DL players. Compared to those, DEs with 10+ sacks are a dime a dozen.

        How can you let one go?

        • Trevor

          +1 and one of the leaders on that D who brings an edge. Lock that man up!!!!

        • Doug

          Absolutely hang onto Reed if at all possible, I just don’t know how it can be managed without screwing up the cap. When the LOB were all on their 2nd contracts there was an imbalance in terms of the dollars allocated to D/O sides of the ball, and it was ok as long as RW was still on his rookie deal/transitioning to his extension. With a franchise QB who gets paid like one of the best, it means some creativity is required throughout the roster, especially on the D side. If the Seahawks could somehow acquire draft capital before the draft they might get one of the promising DTs to fill behind Reed and let him go as a FA next season? I have no idea how that could happen without weakening the team (who would they trade?).

          • Sea Mode

            I think it’s perfectly possible by staggering your cap hits between big contracts. Plus, before we were paying Russ, Lynch, and Graham on offense + Earl, Sherm, Kam, Bennett, Bobby on defense. Now it will be Russ, Baldwin, and OL on offense and Clark, Reed, Bobby on defense. Not sure where the huge difficulty comes? It takes some juggling, but I don’t feel it’s impossible to retain our core players.

      • Rob Staton

        You don’t scavenge away a 10.5-sack DT though. Especially when he’s clearly one of the big time leaders on the team.

      • Hawknit

        Idk if it’s johns MO to scavenge for DL prospects. I think he had to make do with the FA market when the LOB and others got paid. Things are different now. Clearly John valued the DT enough to make a trade for Sheldon Richardson and spend draft picks on Reed, Jones, McDowell and others. I’d actually bet money we resign Reed rather than let him walk. I’d also bet they take a strong look at dipping into this years talent pool with their first pick (after trading down). Depth is always needed at that position and we could do with some more.

    • C-Dog

      Pretty thorough article here as to what to expect in a third contract negotiation for RW. Strongly suggests to expect a deal that would pay him in excess of $35 million unless they are willing to let him walk after using the franchise tag two years in a row, or he is willing to take a team friendly deal.

  18. clbradley17

    Seahawks Saturday Night Mic’d Up: Russell Wilson at Cowboys

  19. charlietheunicorn

    It makes too much sense. If you are wanting tough running+ a physical offense…. you need to bring in “your” type of players at OG and FB(RB). I just do not see how some of the guys fit in the current version of the offense. Madden is an alright player, but Reese was the bees knees at FB a few years ago. And since we were talking about Badger players earlier on in this article… what about taking , Alec Ingold FB Wisconsin???

    • Doug

      If the Hammering Panda (Khalid Hill) can overcome the injury that took him out before the season started, the Seahawks may have the Tre Madden replacement already on the roster. Despite Carson’s short yardage success, Hill was fantastic for Michigan in that role and can catch the ball well ala Reese. I was very excited to see him picked up by Seattle and I still hope he can make it onto the roster next year.

  20. Ishmael

    Well, at least the Hawks aren’t alone in practising casual nepotism.

    Gary Kubiak just got bounced from the Donkeys OC role for, among other things, wanting his son, Klint, to be the quarterbacks coach. Vic Fangio coaching that defence could be nasty.

    • Hawk Eye

      please don’t tell me Klint’s middle name is Kurt, or Klaus or Kirby…….

  21. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob, what’s your opinion on our TE situation? The injury that Will Dissly got was pretty serious and not sure how quickly he will be back to 100%, sure was fun watching him play before the injury though. Ed Dickson came through on some big, clutch plays and I like him a lot. Not sure what to think about Vannett though. I’m an aggie and watch all the Texas A&M games, Jace Sternberger was a good TE for us this year and he has declared for the draft. What do you think about him?

    • Sea Mode

      Sorry to kind of change the topic on you for a sec, but taking advantage that you are an aggie, what do you think of LB Otaro Alaka as a potential KJ Wright replacement if we don’t retain him? Someone also mentioned Tyrel Dodson yesterday; any insight on him?

      On our TEs, I think Dickson and Vannett are solid, and whatever Dissly can come back and do is just a plus on top of that. We also (still!) have Tyrone Swoopes signed to a futures contract. Who knows, eventually maybe he manages to contribute something. Is Sternberger more of a blocker or a receiving TE? Haven’t watched him yet.

    • Rob Staton

      I like him as a day three type with value and upside as a pass catcher. I think Seattle’s TE situation is fine. After all, they survived Dissly’s injury and I think the position has taken on a unique relevance, weighted towards the running game. With only four picks currently I think there will be other priorities.

      • Elmer

        Right on. For what we do, we are better off at TE than when we had Graham and Willson (IMO).

        Let’s look for pass rush and team speed on defense in the draft. If Wright and Kendricks can’t be re-signed, the current roster at LB looks thin.

        • Rob Staton

          I really think that’s it Elmer. You’re spot on.

          More depth across the board. More speed. Better pass rush.

          They’re not a million miles away. Let’s not overthink this.

  22. Sea Mode

    RE: WRs

    Rob, thanks for the thoughts on Iowa St. WR Hakeem Butler at the end of last thread. Definitely agree a lot of the big WRs don’t pan out in the NFL, and TBH I hardly even look at them any more for Seattle, but I thought I saw Butler with enough speed to get downfield and then use his size box out a safety or even just run past him. Will have to do a bit more digging though and then see how he ends up testing at the Combine, but I thought I saw perhaps something more there than your typical sluggish 6-5 jump ball catcher we’ve seen so much of the past couple years. Like a bigger, more physical/alpha Valdes-Scantling comes to mind. (of course, he’s not gonna run 4.37, but somewhere in the high 4.4s would be really good for 6-6, 220.)

    Of the Ohio St. guys, I was originally more interested in Parris Campbell and brought him up a while back because of that killer speed, but I think Terry McClaurin, while not as fast, we know is even more explosive and is a much better route runner. When I watched Campbell, I saw him pretty much limited to bubble screens, shallow crossing routes, and jet sweeps. That said, he is dang good at those and blazing fast, so I see the upside (saw you even had him sneaking into late R1 in your latest mock). But for Seattle, I would prefer the more complete route runner. And have you seen McClaurin’s blocking?! We might need a full feature article on him. Does this Tweet itself not scream Seattle?:

    And the interviews I listened to were outstanding (11-20-2018, and Very calm, mature, deep, articulate individual came across as he spoke, and he has become one of the references for leadership at Ohio St. Urban Meyer after Tulane game:

    “The player of the game–which is incredible–didn’t have one catch, but Terry McClaurin was offensive player of the game. What’s the culture, what’s the expectation-level of the play here? He’s the epitome right now. Once again I use the word Evan Spencer around here, I’ve been told I get carried away at times, I do, I get carried away with guys like Terry McLaurin, guys who just go so hard.”

    I’m getting carried away with McClaurin now too… 😉 Where do you think his draft range might be?

    Lastly, and I don’t want this to overshadow the talk about McClaurin, but I’m struggling to get behind Marquise Brown right now. I know it’s stereotype to say a guy is too small, but where do we finally draw the line? I mean, Lockett is the smallest guy on our team, and he’s got 14 lbs. on Brown! I hold my breath just about every time I see Lockett get tackled. I guess Desean Jackson was 5-10, 169 coming into the League, so there is successful precedent. Travis Benjamin @5-10, 172 and Tavon Austin @5-8, 174 are close as well. Even Paul Richardson I guess was 6-0, 175. So maybe it really doesn’t matter. Playmaking is obviously there, stats are there to back it up, so I guess I will just have to get over it.

    Though I imagine he will likely be out of Seattle’s reach anyway…? Assuming none of the blue chip DL fall to us in R1, would you consider making M. Brown the pick after a trade down, and trust in the development of Jacob Martin and Rasheem Green, plus maybe another R3 prospect on the DL?

  23. Sea Mode

    V12 and all y’all Zach Allen fans out there: do you think he comps at all to Michael Bennett? Looks so much thicker even though they are about the same size. Could he possibly develop Bennett’s savvy on the interior as well on 3rd downs?

    Bennett didn’t test very well, but fed off the speed of Avril on the other side. Could Clark/Allen work in a similar way, while giving us extra beef up front vs. the run?

    • Trevor

      I think Allen could definitely be that guy! This 10yd split and short shuttle will be numbers to watch at combine with him I think.

    • C-Dog

      Definitely more of a Bennett type.

    • H

      I 100% agree with that, I’ve mentioned him as one of my favourites in this draft a few times and I think Allen would be a perfect fit in the Bennett role. I hope the seahawks think the same and don’t rule him out if he doesn’t test as well as their typical early round targets.

    • Eburgz

      Definitely some similarities in their games. Neither is a great athlete but they win by getting off the rock, using their hands well along with good effort. Allen looks more stout, Bennett quicker. Not sure what Bennett looked like in college though. Bennett has way better moves, but that’s to be expected as he’s a savvy vet and Allen a prospect that needs to develop.

    • Volume12

      I think he could be used like Bennett, but no I don’t think they’re similar. Allen is much more of brute.

      • Hawk Eye

        Boone, the ex 49’rs G said people don’t understand how strong Bennett is
        called him the hardest guy to play against

        • Sea Mode

          And this reminds me, I don’t want to start a false narrative either by my post above that Bennett is not a good athlete. He tested poorly at the Combine, but then came back at his pro day and had a 1.62 10yd split at 274 lbs and a 36.5″ vert. Those are pretty solid numbers.

  24. Josh

    I was fishing around the big boards looking at Safeties last night. Dalvon Randall from Temple caught my eye. Watched him a bit and saw some pretty rad stuff. Swag for days and has ball skills. Possible mid round target?

    • Sea Mode

      Hmmm, I took a look at some highlights and didn’t really see much tbh. Any specific tape/highlights you recommend? But he does have one of the single digit jerseys, so that’s also a good thing.

  25. GerryG

    So what happens when (if) Murray measures 5-8 or 5-9? No way he’s 5-10! I still love the kid, but does that affect the top 5-10?

    I’ve been on the LB draft train for a bit now. I can’t see paying vet prices at LB with how much our Clark Reed Wagz trio will cost. We need rookie deals. That said I still want DL #1. Can we find a gem in the 3rd round at LB?

    Very intriguing off season!

    Go Hawks

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t think it effects his draft position. A handful of teams need quarterbacks, and some of them will take a smaller guy. Is it worth it. Pretty high risk for the first round, but the bottom dwelling teams often have multiple years to sort through their issues. Personally I would wait for some more conventional quarterbacks, but the Clemson and Alabama QBs will be in school for 2 or 3 more years = so that’s a long wait.

      I guess I would just look on Murray as a shiny toy to fire up the fan base with dazzling passes. If he survives and thrives – great. If not they can always pick another QB. If I were Arizona, I wouldn’t pick him. I would trade down and gather up a couple first round picks and multiple rounds below. Use the draft to improve every position but QB. They have to look long term at the team needs. And who knows, maybe their QB will improve next year.

    • Volume12

      Glad you brought that up. It’s something that’s absolutely going to be discussed and should. It’s an issue. Can’t brush it off. He’s not Brees. He’s not Wilson. Size wise.

      Having said that, I think in today’s NFL he can absolutely play and excel. Has a special quality about him and he’ll be a 1st rounder. Question for him is can be stay in the pocket consistently and see over the pass rush?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think the height matters. It will to some but not the teams needing a solution at QB. Oklahoma has massive offensive linemen and he produced. The game has changed a lot in the last 5-6 years and it’s not as much of an issue now with everything spread out.

      • Whit21

        also if you remember when Russell Wilson came out of Wisconsin.. They had the tallest average height of any o line in college football..

        However you don’t see Russell attack the middle of the field as aggressive.. only with Jimmy Graham did he force a lot of passes in the middle..

  26. Trevor

    I was looking at Robs projection for the Hawks off season and was thinking about how the Hawks really are set up to take the next step in 2020.

    Defense- All teams are looking for an elite edge rusher, a DT who can collapse the pocket, an LB who can go sideline to sideline and two CB who can lock down the outside. I think we have all those key pieces with Clark, Reed, Wags, Flowers and Griffin.

    Add a run stuffing DT and Edge rusher ( one in draft and the other in free agency) then sign either KJ or Kendrick’s and this defense should take a big step forward next year as the young secondary (Thompson, Griffin and Flowers) should only get better.

    Offense- We have a top 5 QB, an entire returning OL if they extend Fluker and Sweezy that will only get better with a full off season with Solari, a deep talented RB group, a solid if unspectacular TE groups and finally two elite WR (Baldwin, Locket) and another guy who could take the next step in Moore.

    This team is really primed to make s run next year if JS can lock up our own guys, make 1-2 shrewd FA signings and then nail a couple of draft picks.

    I feel so much better about this team than any time since the SB loss.

  27. Trevor

    Rob did you ever have a chance to checkout UMass WR Andy Isabella?

  28. Trevor

    Last year my 5 dream picks for the Hawks were
    #1 Derwin James
    #2 Isaiah Wynn
    #3 Josh Sweat
    #4 L Vander Esch
    #5 Ronald Jones
    Canadian Kid- Nathan Sheppard

    Realistically the Hawks could have had any of the five with Sweat going in Rd#5 and the rest going between pick #17-38

    Wynn got hurt, Sweat basically had a red shirt year on a stacked Eagles DL and Jones struggled with injury and seemingly fitting in with the Bucs.

    James went at 17 right before the Hawks slot at 18 and Vander Esch went at 19 directly after. These two guys exploded on the scene and are potential superstars.

    My early 2019 Dream List
    #1 Dexter Lawerence (DT/ Clemson)- Slide him next to Reed and you might have the best DT combo in the NFL. Run defense fixed!
    #2 Christian Wilkins (DT/ Clemson) A more athletic Sheldon Richardson with a great attitude. Would look amazing on our DL
    #3 Devin White (LB/ LSU) with him and Wags at LB the Hawks would be scary on D.
    #4 Nassir Adderley (S/ Delaware) want to see how he performs at Combine but this guys looks like a difference maker in the back end.
    #5 Andy Isabella (Wr/UMass)- 4.3 speed and ultra productive. Think of a faster Tyler Locket. He and Riley Ridley are the two WR who get amazing seperation in this draft IMO.
    Canadian Kid- Mathieu Betts (Edge-Laval) he absolutely dominated CDN college football. Anxious to see how he performs at Shrine game.

    Hope the Hawks can get one of these guys. Wilkins, White and Lawerence likely go top 15 but you never know how things will go on draft day.

    • Aaron R Garrett

      Lawrence could slip because he’s a run stuffer and that failed drug test. If he’s available after our inevitable trade down from 21 (I suspect we trade down twice to somewhere between 30-35) then I’d love him. What a force alongside Reed and Poona. Can’t have enough big guys in the middle. However, I still see DE/EDGE/LEO and LB as a more pressing need than DT.

      • Rob Staton

        Lawrence is not just a run stuffer. People keep making that connection because of his size. He is 350lbs and runs a 5.00 forty and a 4.60 short shuttle. He is an insane athlete. Nobody should expect him to fall.

        • Aaron Garrett

          The failed drug test could slip his stock. Otherwise he’s probably top 20, right?

          • Rob Staton

            I think he’ll be ok with that. It’s a bit of an innocuous situation, not like he’s been hitting steroids for four years and walks around looking Arnie in Predator. I think teams will salivate over the opportunity to draft a big man with his level of agility/mobility.

            • Hawk Eye

              “not like he’s been hitting steroids for four years”
              That is a very naive statement.
              He probably has, along with half his team.
              The reason teams won’t care is because at least half the NFL uses PEDs.
              They will just question how he got caught, the system is set up NOT to catch them.
              he failed an IQ test more than he failed a drug test

              • Rob Staton

                It’s not naive at all.

                You’re making a very serious allegation that he’s been using PED’s for years when none of the info coming out of this story suggests that in the slightest.

                So stop.

                • Rob Staton

                  The next person who accuses a player or team of using PED’s long term with no evidence will have their posts deleted. You can’t make allegations like that. Well you can, but not on the website I’m responsible for.

                  I have warned Hawk Eye privately.

        • clbradley17

          Agree with Rob. Your top 3, Lawrence, Wilkins and White all will go in the first 10-12 picks and we won’t have a chance at them. Adderley has great speed & skills and have heard Tony Pauline and others praise him, they’d just like to see him be able to compete with top talent at the Senior Bowl in a couple weeks, especially in the one-on-ones with the WRs in the practices. Isabella has great speed, but if he shows up like a faster Cooper Kupp at the Senior Bowl, he may go too high for us, and since our primary needs are on the defense, we may not draft a WR until day 3.

          Found a couple pages on Betts of Canada, 6’3″ 250, and heard on a podcast on Shrine game participants that he had very good LVE like short shuttle and 3 cone speed in their testing in Canada, but read here that he has a great motor but doesn’t have good athleticism otherwise.

          A few good plays on this page, hard to tell until like with Adderley, facing better competition at a post-season all-star game, in this case the Shrine game, and getting 40 and other times/testing at either the combine or a pro day.

    • JimQ

      I recently did a little study using the “new” trade chart for the anticipated multiple trade downs that many feel will be the focus of this draft — getting more picks. The outcome gives me hope for the coming draft.
      JS/PC will surely trade down & likely out of the 1-st round, just need to come up with willing trade partners that have the picks to trade.

      TRADE #1: A 10 position trade down in round 1
      The Seahawks trade #21(260.82) —FOR— # 31(190.21), #70(69.82) & 236(1.75)
      –Per “New trade chart” 260.82 vs: 261.78 points. — Seahawks NET picks #31, #70 & #236

      TRADE #2: A 3 position trade down in late round 1
      The Seahawks trade #31(190.21) —FOR— picks #34(174.89) & #137(16.18)
      –Per “New trade chart” 190.21, vs: 191.07 points. — Seahawks NET picks #34 & #137

      TRADE #3: A 3 position trade down in early round 3
      The Seahawks trade #70(69.82)- –FOR— picks #73(66.81 & #204(3.56)
      –Per “New trade chart” 69.82 vs: 70.37 points. — Seahawks NET picks #73 & 204

      Seahawks “Native picks” (after trade down of their Native pick #21) = Approx. 86*, 127* & 169*
      Approx. -post trades- Seahawks NET PICKS = #34, #73, #86*, #127*, #137, #169*, #204, & 236.
      Seahawks turn four picks into eight picks. All fairly realistic trades, assuming trade partners are found with picks (or close to these picks) to trade. JS works his trading magic, but these results are probably more possible than probable, still it gives me some hope for the coming draft.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for doing this. Will be useful once I get around to putting together Seahawks mock drafts!

        • Hawktalker#1

          Good stuff!!! This thread is getting me fired up about our 2019 picks!!

  29. William Herold

    I have been wanting a high pick LB for a while now, probably the best of both worlds would be a fast LEO/WILL combo type with coverage skill like Bruce Irvin. Have not researched yet if there is a player like that in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      What was Bruce’s true impact though?

      I’d rather have a truly dynamic WILL type who can be an instant impact starter or a proper pass rusher.

      • Zxvo3

        Can D’Andre Walker fill that role?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure. I prefer him working the EDGE.

          • Eburgz

            I have the same question about walker, EDGE is vague considering we know the scheme the hawks run. I’m no expert on the scheme, would love to hear from someone who understands the scheme well if anyone does or has a good article. As an every down defensive end? 5T (lined up just outside the OT). Or out wide as a LEO (weak side edge defender)? As a situational pass rusher? As a SAM?

            William, Bruce played the SAM and was used as a situational pass rusher off the edge. Same way I think walker could be used. SAM Usually down by the line of scrimmage in a 2 point stance. WILL plays off the ball in space like KJ. A LEO/WILL would be a rare player that plays well on the line of scrimmage rushing the passer from out wide with their hand usually in the dirt AND is good in space off the ball, usually guys can’t do both well.

            • HawksBill

              Irvin actually became pretty good at dropping back in pass coverage.

              • Eburgz

                Agreed. Playing from the SAM (not the WILL) and dropping into a short zone from the LOS or running with a tight end. I remember him getting a pick 6 or two.

  30. Sea Mode

    Anyone watched NC St. OG Terronne Prescod?

    6-4, 334

    PFF loves him, so I thought I would at least take a look since he has that plus size:

    Prescod finished the 2018 regular season with the highest overall grade (85.7) among all offensive linemen as he allowed just six hurries on 342 pass-blocking snaps. His 86.2 run-blocking grade was 4.1 points higher than the next closest offensive lineman.

    The second-highest graded guard this year, Prescod is just one of two to earn at least 86.0 grades in both pass protection and run-blocking. Impressively enough, he allowed no sacks nor hits on the quarterback across his 364 pass-blocking snaps.

    I watched two games (vs. Boston College, Virginia) and am not sure. What he does well is absorb bull rush with no problem and in run blocking he is actually quite adept at turning the defender. On a few occasions he did make it to the 2nd level though and effectively took out the LB. I do think he looks like he’s got some bad weight though and is not very mobile. Arms maybe a little on the short side as well, and it seems from the tape he has to take a drive off at least once each half, which I would think would be a game-breaker in the pros, right?

    NC State Offensive Line Vs. Virginia 2018

    • Volume12

      Was told him and the Wisconsin guys were ‘overrated.’

      • Sea Mode

        Well, I don’t know about the Wisconsin guys, but whoever told you Prescod is overrated… is probably right IMO.

        Enjoyed watching the WRs Kelvin Harmon and Jakobi Meyers though. Both pretty good at contested catches. Meyers a converted QB, Sr. Bowl invite. And even QB Ryan Finley (also Sr. Bowl) has some nice aspects to his game.

        • Volume12

          Overrated in what sense though? That’s what I didn’t get.

    • Eburgz

      He was next on the list. Checking out all the 320+, good run blocking guards.

      Have you checked out BJ autry? He’s a big raw mammoth.

      • Sea Mode

        No, honestly, OL scouting is not my forte. I only saw Prescod because this time of year I like to look through the PFF prospects and other guys based off stats to see who is interesting. Then things get confirmed later on with the Combine and Pro Day testing and a few new prospects pop up as well.

        For OL, I think the Hawks will keep looking for value in the late rounds/UDFA and roster bubbles because it takes a while to get a return on the OL prospects anyway as they build up their strength and learn pro technique. Also, if there are any talented OL you find that could fall because of injury, that might be interesting too for the Hawks to find value there down the line. I kind of see our OL like our CBs: they don’t have to be high picks, but we do have to be constantly pumping guys into the pipeline until we can find a hit.

  31. FresnoHawk

    After being “talked off” Penny last year (over 2,000 yards in a single season) I’m sticking with my own observations. They are: QB’s will shine in the draft, Seahawks pass on 1st round and early 2nd round because they don’t see much upside in the top 50 picks vs the top 150 and they need depth/future stars everywhere.

  32. Volume12

    Georgia WR Mecole Hardman declared? Hell yeah! I’m probably higher on him than most, but dude can flat out fly! Electric ST’s guy and gonna be a very effective deep threat weapon for someone on day 3.

    Another guy I really like and IMO will be one of the bigger risers this draft season is Texas DL Charles Omenihu. Long, athletic, versatile.

    • Sea Mode

      I do have a feeling that the DL the Hawks pick will be one of the raw guys with freakish length and athleticism. This guy Omenihu, Montez Sweat, maybe Christian Miller kind of falls in this category as well.

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks practially always go for freaky DL early (R1-4):

        R1 2012 Bruce Irvin — elite, elite speed and 10-yard split
        R3 2013 Jordan Hill — fantastic short shuttle (4.51)
        R4 2014 Cassius Marsh — fantastic short shuttle (4.25)
        R2 2015 Frank Clark — one of the most explosive, twitchy and agile DE’s to enter the league in a decade
        R2 2017 Malik McDowell — fantastic short shuttle (4.53), forty (4.85) and rare size/length/power
        R3 2018 Rasheem Green — incredible short shuttle (4.39)

        The only exceptions are Jarran Reed (who is one of the best, if not the best, run defenders entering the league since I started doing this blog) and Naz Jones (who was taken in a cluster of R3 picks and had rare grit given his disease).

        The Seahawks will take at least one DL in the early rounds. And it’ll be a guy who has an outstanding trait or excels in a key test at the combine.

        Is it combine time yet haha!

        • Sea Mode

          Can’t tell you how much I enjoy hitting the spreadsheets and wish we had the testing results already!

          I find it helpful to go through the prospects first just based on tape, but I’ll admit it’s sometimes a grind because we know how much we will be able to narrow it down for the Seahawks after the Combine/Pro Days.

          • Rob Staton

            The combine does two great things — narrows the field but also brings new prospects to our attention. A great example is Tre Flowers. The minute he walked out there to work out with that safety class — he just looked like a Seahawks corner. It stood out a mile. The RB testing helped us identify the realistic options. And this year we can use short shuttle, split and explosive testing to get a proper read on a great DL class.

    • Trevor

      Really like both those guys Vol!

      If Omenihu plays well at Senior Bowl and has a decent combine he could be a big riser. Big enough to be a 3 down DE or maybe even move inside on 3rd down. A little like Green size wise it seems.

  33. Ishmael

    The Chiefs offense is unbelievable. Nobody scripts a better drive than Andy Reid.

    Watching Tyreek Hill, that’s what the Hawks need. That’s rare, rare, speed, but even if you can get 80% of that… Would love to see some of their concepts borrowed as well. I don’t see why the Hawks can’t build on their intermediate passing game. It is possible to have plays that don’t go for either two or 40 yards.

    • Rob Staton

      Everyone needs Tyreek Hill’s speed to be fairness. Probably the most dynamic pass catcher in the league. Very difficult to find though. He’s a very unique player.

      • Sea Mode

        He and Saquon Barkley are best described as NFL “cheat codes”: just put the ball in their hands and sit back and watch.

    • Hawk Eye

      yeah, he beats CB’s like a pregnant girlfriend.

      too soon????

      • Gohawks5151

        Glad someone remembers this about him. That’s why I thought their handling of Hunt was all PR. If they really didn’t stand for that, he would be gone too.

        • Hawk Eye

          what Hill did was worse than what Ray Rice did, and that was bad
          Hill should have done jail time, instead he is now praised on TV.
          I am ok with paying your price and having a chance after that, but he got away with it scot free

      • Ishmael

        Never too soon. Always going to be part of his story.

  34. Del tre

    I’m not usually one for the Hawks taking players from UW but I think Been Burr Kirven is exactly the guy the defense needs. Bobby is fast, but he can’t be everywhere, KJ is an older savvy vet but he’s too slow at times, you could see how great the defense was with another great tackler in Kendricks, that being said a pass rusher is needed, and I haven’t researched enough into the depth of this class to see if there’s some potential in the 3rd. I like Rasheem Green, he’s younger than almost anyone else we’ll draft and if he had stayed in college would have made the first round this year, maybe they’re not quite as concerned with the pass rush as we are.

    Just a few thoughts, go Hawks I think this is a Superbowl team next season, best offensive coaching staff we’ve had under Carroll, an upgraded DC (we can talk all we want about Richard helping Dallas but he isn’t making the calls, their linebackers carry them). This team is only a few pieces away, lock up Reed and Clark, try to add more pass rush depth, even with Shaq’s disappointing last game I still think he’s solid, I just think flowers takes over at cb 1 next season.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Ben Burr-Kirven’s playing style, attitude and he deserves an immense amount of respect for a stellar college career.

      But I’m really not sure a 6-0, 220lbs linebacker with athletic limitations is what Seattle’s defense needs.

  35. Rob Staton

    Wow, I did not know this.

    Landon Collins (New York Giants safety) is Gerald Willis III’s half brother.

    Same mother.

    Willis III being the Miami DT.

    • Gohawks5151

      Weird. Big Willis fan. See if he lasts to some of our later picks. Possible if his background stuff comes back fishy

  36. Dale Roberts

    Question for you all. Dissly’s injury is notoriously difficult to return from. How will it affect his blocking versus his receiving? I like George Fant but I’d rather have Will Dissly or similar player in that position. Even if Dissly comes back and performs well, which is no guarantee, we’d still be short on TEs in this offense since Vannett’s production has been lukewarm and would only cost us $328K to cut. Should we draft a TE, pursue an affordable free agent, or stick with Vannett?

    Free agents of interest: Demetrius Harris, Jesse James, Maxx Williams, Tyler Kroft
    Draft: Tommy Sweeney, Zach Gentry, Kendall Blanton, Foster Moreau
    UFDA: Tyrone Wheatley Jr.

  37. Volume12

    When did the Rams get Eddie Lacey?

    Oh, that’s CJ Anderson.

    • HawksBill

      Wow, no kidding. That’s not not a flak vest around his middle.

    • icb12


      I was thinking the same thing.
      He’s having a great game though.

  38. Volume12

    Wait. So Deionte Thompson is declaring now? I like him even if his play did regress from earlier this season, just kinda weird. Must’ve been a tough decision.

  39. Ely

    Wow. Watching this Rams Dallas game and it’s amazing what happens when Dallas’s D has to guess if the run or Pass is coming. Rams are a great example of an offense being run heavy but still mixing it up and using misdirection. Sure they are more talented across the board right now but it’s not just Gurley. They are having success with multiple RBs. I know it’s beating a dead horse at this point but Im standing by the opinion that last weeks game was atrociously playcalled nub schotty.

    • HawksBill

      run-run then pass, rinse and repeat, will have a low chance of success against good teams.

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah the approach really hurt Seattle against the Chiefs and the two games against the Rams.

        Oh, wait…

        • HawksBill

          I did say low chance not no chance. Looking back at the schedule, that formula only worked 2 times against good teams.

          • HawksBill

            I do think there will be more offensive diversity going forward as the OL plays together more under the new coaching staff. Health over the season equally important.

    • Hawk Eye

      I think 2 guards not being healthy and the execution of the plays were more at fault than Schotty.

      which reminds me……

      Coach of a losing football team meets the reporters after the game and once asks him how he felt about his teams execution tonight – ” well, that seems harsh, but it was a bad loss, so right now I am not against it”….

    • Aaron

      There’s more than one way to have an identity, build a culture, and win games. The Hawks have an identity for the first time since 2014, they have a culture of grit again, and they went 10-6 in a year that they could’ve easily gone 7-9 or worse. It comes down to execution in the running and passing game. They didn’t execute nearly consistent enough against Dallas, especially in the running game. They lost, simple as that. Moving on.

    • Rob Staton

      A tiresome continuation of a bad narrative.

      Seattle were the third highest scorers in the NFL in the second half of the season behind only the Chiefs and Rams. Seattle just scored more points than any other season in franchise history apart from 2005. The QB had a career year, Tyler Lockett had a career year, Chris Carson had a career year. Nobody moaned about the OL all season. They won 10 games against the odds.

      I’m losing interest in the Seahawks to be honest because sections of the fan base, who think they have all the answers and this must know more about running a football team than Pete Carroll, are unwilling to talk about anything other than this topic.

      • Trevor

        I agree Rob but sadly I think almost all teams fan bases now have similar social media diva fan bases now that have to find a hot take to feel important and get clicks. That’s why I refuse to even look at anything Twitter related anymore.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d delete my Twitter account if I wasn’t required to have it for my day job.

          I know ‘Seahawks Twitter’ represents a tiny portion of the fan base. Probably less than 1%. But even when you don’t follow certain members, their tiresome OTT views or never ending obsession with discussing the running game infiltrates your timeline. You can block, mute, unfollow. Unless you’re willing to do that to everyone — including some people you might consider friends — you can’t get away from it. A small group have created a badgering, irritating echo chamber. We’re no longer fans, observers or writers on a journey — following a team in an interesting period for the franchise. Seahawks Twitter has become a group that thinks it’s smarter than everyone else. That thinks it has all the answers. And if you don’t tow the line — be very prepared to be subjected to long, unrelenting debates.

          I suspect they don’t care but I think a lot of people have just had enough. I reached that point earlier than many but I sense others are reaching it too. Some aren’t — some are new to the ‘movement’. Twitter can be so divisive. It creates conflict and separates people into ‘for’ or ‘against’ on so many issues. People congregate to their ‘team’ and then it just ends up being one endless battle. I’m enjoying it less, personally. Following the Seahawks in this environment.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I think some Seahawks fans got spoiled since 2004. If you followed the team back in the early 1990s, it was a dumpster fire of epic proportions. Drafting a QB because he was the tallest one you could find, instead of skill. (Dan McGwire) Oh yeah, they were supposed to draft Brett Favre (Rd 2 1991) in that draft according to Chuck Knox, but the owner instead thought he was too short for their liking. I can’t make this stuff up…. ownership was a complete joke.

        Everyone should appreciate what we have, it may not come around again for a long time once this current HC/GM leave the building.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s really something that a small element of the fan base has decided winning isn’t enough. Winning ‘the right way’ or in the ‘most optimal way based on math’ is the only thing that will garner their full backing.

          And yet it’ll still be true that a.) only one team wins the Super Bowl every year b.) there are many different ways to win c.) you have to play to the limitations and strengths of your roster.

          • Matt G

            Sadly, baseball has fallen into this same rut: we can’t enjoy a FA signing or the performance of a player because someone did math and decided his contract is a bad allocation of money.

            The new wave of analytics has created a fun-vacuum: “don’t enjoy X cause my spreadsheet formulas say that X isn’t optimal.

            The Rams rolled up almost 300 yards of rushing vs. Dallas. Tell the Rams that the running game doesn’t matter.

            The Chiefs put 180 up in Indy and ground them into a pulp. Yep, running game didn’t matter. Can’t win unless you’re 1980s era Run and Shoot.

            The narrative is absurd at this point. You win with talent.

            • Rob Staton

              This is a great portrayal of the situation.

      • Martin

        I agree with your take on this Rob. I’m sure I speak for a great many in hoping that nothing can ever cause you to lose interest in the Seahawks! While I am a fan, not an expert, so haven’t felt the inclination to post until quite recently, reading this blog has for years, given me a great deal of insight and entertainment.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you Martin. I hope others feel the same. I like to think we criticise when it’s warranted, praise when it’s warranted but at all times offer perspective.

        • CestrianHawk

          Can I just re-iterate what Martin has said. This blog is a haven of sanity in sports fandom, and pray that it continues so. I hope that the downsides of social media never stilts your enthusiasm for your blog. It is something you should be very proud of, and I’m sure many others share this opinion.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks, CestrianHawk. It means a lot to read those words.

          • Hawktalker#1


            Here here. Great and timely posts. Thank you.

            Let’s please keep this oasis clean and uncontaminated by the many toxic sources out there.

            Bring your toxic rederic in here and Hasmat Rob will appropriately give you the boot!!

            Go Hawks!!

  40. Ishmael

    Suh deciding he feels like playing tonight is making a big difference for the Rams

  41. Ishmael

    Marcus Peters might be incredibly talented, but he’s seriously out there doing whatever he feels like. Total freelancer.

    • AlaskaHawk

      He’s good at grabbing facemasks too!!

  42. Hawk Eye

    hmm, Rams seemed to do okay running today, but let me check twitter to see if that was a good idea or not….

    a lot of very unlikable players on the rams, Peters, Suh. Can never forget the cheap shop by Hekker on Avril and then his “turtle defense”. Donald does not mind giving a cheap shot either.
    Hope they choke like the Cowboys next week

    Rams O Line completely healthy all year. Not going to be repeated next year, so some good news for the NFC West

    • Volume12

      Andrew Whitworth dominated. Was the clear MVP of that game. Neutralized his man and the rest of the O-line slid over to Lawrence.

  43. Pickering

    Today’s winners both had the best running games. Among other things.

    • Volume12

      Andy Reid calling a brilliant game for one. Confused Indy all game with ‘RPOs or PA?’ They never figured it out.

  44. EranUngar

    Saints and Rams scored 30+ point – not a huge surprise.

    Both teams had ZERO passing TDs.

  45. Volume12

    Sleep tight Dallas. Y’all still ain’t won sh** in over 20 years.

  46. H
    Just watched this game of Ed Oliver v Memphis, they had him at end pretty much the whole way, which is very different to what I’d seen before. He didnt have a great game but absorbed double teams and set the edge nicely against run. Given the concerns about his size, could this signify his future in the NFL as more of an inside out guy?

    • Rob Staton

      That will be very difficult with his lack of length.

      That’s the issue he is. Quite a dynamic, tough, quick DT. But could easily get blown off the LOS at his size on early downs and you worry about him playing DE (even as a five technique). Combine is big for him. Either because he’ll have an unreal workout and teams will look beyond some of these issues or because he’ll be up to 290lbs and it’ll be reassuring.

  47. WALL UP

    4. (121) TJ Vasher WR (rSo.) Texas Tech. #9 6 – 6 190lbs
    This my favorite receiver in the draft. Not saying he’s the best, but by the end of his career he may be the best in this draft class. Not saying his is the next R. Moss, but his moments are similar to that of H.O.F. Randy Moss, but with more athletic ability and catching radius. He would be a perfect fit in the WR group.

  48. GoHawksDani

    I can see 2 types of needs -> depth and playmakers:


    WR: depth. A guy who can battle for 3rd string WR spot. He might already be with the team, depending on how PCJS see younger guys

    OT depth: We have Jones and Fant and maybe Pocic as backups, so it’s not an immediate need, and hard to add, so I think they’ll roll with current guys most likely

    OG depth: Huge need. Fluker and Sweezy both injury-prone guys. Simmons seems good/OK, but Pocic seems awful. Hunt is tiny. We need an OG. Not a starter, but a guy who can step in if 2 OGs get hurt (starters or starter + Simmons). I’d try to get a cheaper FA and draft one in the 4th/5th round

    TE depth: Not sure. Dickson won’t get any younger. Dissly is recovering from an injury. Vannett is in the last year of his contract. If they not in love with Vannett, have some concerns about Dissly, and not sold on Swoopes, they might get a young guy late in the draft (5th/6th). And I’m pretty sure they’ll get at least a UDFA for this position.


    LB depth or playmaker: If they re-sign KJ or Kendricks they might only need depth. If they like Calitro and other young guys they might be content with the depth. I think they should get a playmaker even if they sign KJ or Kendricks. They need quality depth and they could use the rookie at SAM (Mingo is mehh) or WILL and switch the vet to SAM. And the rookie could be the hedge for KJ/Kendricks in a couple of years. If they don’t/won’t/can’t re-sign any of these guys a playmaker is a must. (1st/2nd/3rd round)

    Safety depth or playmaker: I would love a playmaker next to McDougald. Not sure either T2 or Hill can be that guy. But I doubt they can get a really good safety in either FA or the draft. So for the next year, I’m ok with Hill/T2 starting. But I think depth could be good here. This year all 3 of our starting safeties were injured for at least a game or a couple of plays (not sure McDougald missed a complete game or not). After these guys we have…Luani? We could get a cheap FA or later draft pick (4th-7th) round guy who might be just a bit worse than Hill/T2 if we’re lucky at least a little. And if T2 or Hill is not stepping up big time, I’d make getting a baller safety next year’s priority.

    CB both: Not sold on Griffin, not sure about Flowers (played OK, but just a year, who knows what’ll happen next). Coleman is OK but will be FA. After these only a couple ST guys and PS guys. I think those guys are OKish backup, but we should do better. Let’s see what happens with Flowers and Griffin next year, but I’d definitely get a guy in the later rounds to either challenge these two or generate better depth. And if Griff or Flowers won’t be good, I’d also try to get a starting CB next year.

    DE playmaker: We have good depth at DE, but only Clark is a definitive starter. If he’s injured we’re doomed. A quality starter DE is a must. We won’t have the money to pay one, so it must be a rookie. 1st/2nd/3rd round.

    DT playmaker: Also pretty solid depth and we can add some with some cheap vet(s). Apart from Reed our second best DT might be Poona. But he’s raw and has limitations. An awesome rotational, situational guy with upside, but I think we might need another guy who can be a legit starter. Also, we won’t have the money to pay one, so draft one. Also early pick.

    OT is OK for now.
    OG, I’d try to get 1-2 cheap, big guys from FA

    Let’s say Hawks trade back three times for early-mid second round (around #40) and acquire two mid-late 3rd round picks and a 6th
    And they trade one of their mid-late 3rd for a 4th, 5th and 7th
    This would give him the following picks: 2nd (by trading back), 3rd (original), 3rd (by trading back), 4th (original), 4th (traded), 5th (original), 5th (traded), 7th (traded)

    Get a DE, DT and LB with 2nd, 3rd, 3rd
    CB and safety with 4th and 5th
    A kicker in 4th or 5th
    WR and either TE or OG for the remaining picks (7th round and 4th or 5th)

    This would hopefully give them potential playmaker, baller guys at starting DE, starter OLB, starter DT
    Would provide depth at OG (FA and pick), a potential starter kicker.
    They could have depth at TE. And guys competing for 3rd WR and starting CB and S. If they won’t be starters hopefully quality backups.

    If they could nail this draft with awesome guys, this would make them really really strong. A young, competitive team with good depth and talent.

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