Podcast: Dallas aftermath, the 2018 season and looking ahead

This week I was invited onto the Seahawkers UK podcast. We get into some big topics including what went wrong in Dallas, the 2018 season on the whole and how the Seahawks take the next step this off-season. I’m biased but I think it’s a really good listen and it’d be great if you check it out…


  1. millhouse-serbia

    K.J. Wright says in interview on @SportsRadioKJR with Cliff Avril and Jason Puckett that Seahawks have never made him a contract offer. Says he doesn’t have a specific salary number in mind but that he wants to be “respected.”
    Wright continues on @SportsRadioKJR to say “I’m going to be a free agent.” Says he wants to see what’s out there.

    It looks like we wont watch KJ as a seahawk anymore.

  2. Volume12

    Man, that post I just read on the last thread from ‘Sean’ broke my f***king heart. That’s scary stuff. As someone whose a former/recovering addict himself and dealt with how crippling depression can be, I’m sorry Sean. I understand where your coming from.

    I saw others say this as and I’ll mention it as well, we’re here to talk or help if ya need it. Your not alone. I promise ya.

    So I’ll get down from my soapbox now. Remember though, life ain’t about seeing through each other, it’s to see another through it.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ve gone through sime dark dark times with this blog as a positive constant in my life.

      Sean you’re not alone. 12 needs you baby!!

    • Nick

      Well said, Volume12. As someone who has also suffered from depression, I know all too well the loneliness that accompanies it. Sean–hopefully you find community, humor, and hope via Rob and us.

    • mishima


      10 years clean.

      Reminder to those suffering: You are not alone.

      Thoughts + prayers.

      • Volume12

        That’s awesome to hear. 8 years myself. Will be 9 in June.

        • mishima



    • Trevor

      Well said Vol and I hope Sean knows he is not alone. That is why we call this blog Rob has created and cared for a community.

      • C-Dog

        Eight years sober. Happy to watch my football sober than working out a hangover. I know that darkness.

        Said it in the last post, and I will say it again, hang in there, Sean.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Rob, I haven’t seen anything from Sean since that last post saying he would be gone for good. I know it may not help much but is there anyway you can use your moderator powers and shoot him an email to check in?

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve sent him an email.

        • Georgia Hawk

          Lets hope for the best then. Thank you sir.

  3. Volume12

    Back on my bullsh**, has anyone been keeping up with the QB circus at Ohio St.?

    Found out today that Tate Martell’s name is ‘Tathan.’ lmaooo. Is that short for ‘Tathaniel?’

    • icb12

      I have a nephew named Tathan.
      It’s just Tathan, not short for anything.

      Not really sure why it’s funny? Or why anyone would be shocked that his given name isn’t “Tate”.

      Pretty disgusting some of the reactions out there to a young mans name.

      • Ishmael

        Because Tate is already a given name? It’s an old, old, Anglo one. Tathan sound like the parents thought Nathan was good, but needed something a bit ~*unique*~ Reminds me a bit of that Archer line, “M as in Mancy!”

        Sucks for Martell that people are giving him shit about it, but I’m sure he’ll console himself in the arms of Ohio State students only too willing to call him anything he likes.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That’s funny. I love finding humor in the incredible names of sports.

      Soccer has some doozies (Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zinedine Zidane)

  4. Volume12

    Been thinking about this. Hats off to Trev or whoever it was that mentioned it, but Naz Jones is a hedge for what Seattle wants in this draft isn’t he? That’s how you kill 2 birds with one stone. Meaning a guy who impacts the run and gives us some juice with the pass rush.

    Clark and Reed joined KC’s Chris Jones/Dee Ford and Denver’s Von Miller/Bradley Chubb as the only duos to have 10 or more sacks. But Seattle’s tandem was the only 2 that included 2 down D-lineman or a primary DT.

    There’s gonna be 2 cliffs this year IMO in terms of EDGE’s. One that drops off after the top 50 or so and the other will start late in the 3rd through the early- mid 5th.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Naz is a hedge at all. I think, for whatever reason, they didn’t like what they saw from him in pre-season and at the start of the season. And now they’re trying to find a place where he fits in.

      • FresnoHawk

        Strength & condition coach fired hope that solves the problem. Naz & Ethan came to camp sub 300lbs Pocic said he did it on purpose? Rob said Ethan needs more “sand in his pants” hopefully that’s the issue with Pocic. Naz looked slow & out of shape in camp wondering why? It’s interesting they drafted Naz after McDowell would love to know why and how Pete envisioned the DT rotation.

        • cha

          Word just came down they cleaned out most of the training staff as well.

          Curtis Crabtree

          In addition to firing head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle, the Seahawks have also fired assistant strength and conditioning coaches Mondray Gee and Jamie Yanchar. Additionally, head trainer Donald Rich is also out, per sources.

        • Elmer

          Fascinating news. I hope this bodes well for guys like Pocic who need to get stronger.

          • mishima

            IMO, the problem with Pocic isn’t his functional or athletic strength, but his mass or base strength. Just not sure he has the pants to fill with sand. He’s essentially Fant without the athleticism to play LT/TE.

        • C-Dog

          Didn’t Pocic supposedly add twenty pounds last off season?

          • Ishmael

            20 pounds is just PEDs. Could easily be gym muscle and not necessarily massively functional – or he’s not being taught how to control it properly.

            That’s a huge turnover though, they must be pretty unhappy about things for whatever reason.

            • Logan Lynch

              It bums me out for a selfish reason. One of my friends knew Mondray Gee and he had offered to give him a behind the scenes tour of the VMAC. My buddy knows I’m a huge Seahawks fan, so he said he’d take me along. Never got to make the trip out there.

      • C-Dog

        I think that is a little bit like Red, though. Red had long legs and was oddly top heavy. It made it difficult for him to get leverage inside but worked to his benefit at 5T. Naz is kinda long legged like that and has had issues with leverage. Wasn’t his NFL draft profile suggesting his best fit was as a 3-4 end?

    • Nick

      I agree with you Vol12. I wouldn’t be surprised if they base their first selection off of whether or not the LEO/DE group or DT group has more quality players left. You could imagine, for example, teams loving the DTs, thus leaving folks like Sweat, Walker, and Miller available into the mid-second round. Or where Tillery, Zach Allen, and Dre’Mont Jones are still available in the second.

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Can’t wait to listen, I really like what these guys do

    • Rob Staton

      They’re great guys.

      Was good to join them for this.

    • Adam Nathan

      Thanks very much for listening, pleased you enjoy the show

  6. Tecmo Bowl

    Really liked the part about ‘hot takes’ and how they are taking over media, Twitter etc. For one reason or another the ‘talking head’ format has taken over ESPN and other sports channels, to go along with all the news networks. Seems like most of the time the whole setup is to rile up the crowd or fan base. Sometimes the hot take is based in facts, others are so far over the top and its clearly just to get a reaction. Leads to mountains of rubbish. Guess I’d just like to see more of whats out here on the internet to be more like Rob’s site. Where respectful debate and ideas flow with well researched(for the most part) thoughts and ideas.

    Looking forward to the off-season on here to prepare us for FA and of course the draft! Cheers. Keep up the great work Rob! Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — and thanks for listening to the podcast.

  7. Josh

    Anybody thought about a Chris Carson Trade? They deep at RB. Drafted Penny in the first round to give him a red shirt year. Still have Davis and Mckissic. Procise for what it’s worth. Lots of teams looking for a cheap top 5 RB on a 7th round rookie contract. Steelers? Green Bay? Oakland? Kansas City? I’d take a kicker and second round pick. Thoughts? First rounder maybe with no kicker?

    • Rob Staton

      No. They’re a team who wants to run, Carson has been excellent and nobody would give up anything close to a R1 or R2 anyway.

      • jb9

        What about signing Kareem Hunt and trading Penny for a 2nd or early 3rd?

        I read someone suggesting that a while ago somewhere.

        • Rob Staton

          No they won’t be trading Penny after one season.

    • Coleslaw

      I agree with Rob, let’s enjoy Penny and Carson on cheap deals. I think his 2 round mock a few days ago is the perfect benchmark for how we can get more picks. I’m not convinced we need to trade anybody for anything.

    • DC

      Assuming we re-sign Davis, RB is the most solid position group on the team. In the immortal words of Chuck Knox, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    • EranUngar

      “Lots of teams looking for a cheap top 5 RB on a 7th round rookie contract” – So true.

      Leading that list is the run first Seahawks.

      • Josh

        They are also a team who needs defensive help in a defensively stacked draft.

  8. JimQ

    I’m looking for day 2 & 3 of the draft DE/EDGE prospects. I have just now noticed that DE-Anthony Nelson (Iowa) is now entering the draft and he’s one that I haven’t heard much talk about, perhaps because he was a junior. He seems to be regarded as a mid-round type pick. I haven’t seen much film yet but he has a couple of factors going for him, SIZE & length? & some “fairly” good stats. As I recall, he had a pretty decent bowl game this year also, making several impact plays.

    —DE-Anthony Nelson, Iowa, 6-7/271
    2018: 13-games, 45-tkls, 23-solo, 13.5-TFL, 9.5-Sacks, 1-PBU, 6-QBH,
    2017: 13-games, 41-tkls, 21-solo, 9.5-TFL, 7.5-sacks, 4-PBU, 7-QBH, 2-FF, 1-BK
    2015: 13-games, 33-tkls, 15-solo, 8.0-TFL, 6.0-sacks, 1-PBU, 3-QBH, 2-FF
    Career: 39-games, 119-tkls, 69-solo, 31-TFL’s, 23-sacks, 6-PBU, 16-QBH, 4-FF, 1-BK

    Another EDGE type I’ve just started digging into, he would seem to have LEO size, but his speed and
    agility #’s will be better known after the combine, has some impressive stats & needs further study.
    If he’s not quite a LEO, perhaps they’d look at him as a LB in say round 4 if he’s there?

    —DE-Ben Banogu, TCU, 6-4/249 (I like his size & the consistency in his stats + love FF’s.)
    2018: 13-games, 57-tkls, 43-solo, 18.0-TFL, 8.5-Sacks, 8-QBH, 2-FF, 1-FR (for TD)
    2017: 14-games, 49-tkls, 29-solo, 16.5-TFL, 8.5-sacks, 1-PBU, 7-QBH, 3-FF
    2016: 13-games, 45-tkls, 25-solo, 14.5-TFL, 5.0-sacks, 2-PBU, 5-QBH, 2-FF
    Career: 40-games, 151-tkls, 97-solo, 49-TFL, 22-sacks, 3-PBU, 20-QBH, 7-FF, 1-FR (for TD)

    Anybody know anything about these guys?

  9. neil

    I still don’t get it. Everybody is so up set with the play calling in Dallas. When they kept sending running plays in and Wilson saw 8 in the box why didn’t he change the play to a slant or screen? That is what elite qb s do, thy take what the defense is giving them. If Carroll does not want him doing that, why?

    • hawkfanintMT

      I had commented on this in another thread… I propose two reasons, one of which is encoouraging, the other not so much.

      On one hand, this was Rws first year in Schotty’s offense. Perhaps he was given the freedom to audible quite so much, or he still doesn’t have a full grasp of the offense. I don’t believe that RW is to the that Manning/Brady level that when a new OC comes on they tailor their offense to him. in this scenario, RW will be even more (!) efficient and successful next year while he becomes more comfortable in the offense and has a better grasp of the schemes.

      On the other, RW has reached his ceiling a bit, and to be fair that is a pro bowl level super bowl winning QB, and we need to accept that he won’t ever be at that Manning level. That there are times when he will make the wrong read, or not audible when it should probably be the most prudent course to take. In this case, it is fortuitous that he plays in Pete’s offense that requires a point guard type QB rather than a “Michael Jordan” type QB.

      I am an eternal optimist, so I am going with scenario 1!

  10. BobbyK

    So much is going to happen via trade, free agency, etc. but as of now, I’m really hoping they can tap into this DT class. If they have Clark and an improved Martin on the edge on third downs, I think that allows for a pass rushing DT to be added to pair with Reed on the inside. I love the talented youth like Ford, Green, and Martin, but would love to add another DT. I really think Green is going to make the biggest second year jump of any of the soon-to-be sophomores. I remember being impressed with his potential before that ankle injury happened and his season moreso turned into a redshirt year.

    As much as I’d like to add a young FS early, I actually think TT is good enough for now and the early pick could be used on something more for now – such as a DT, G (if they aren’t able to resign their FAs), or perhaps another WR. Of course, if they don’t get one of KJ and Kendricks. If they’re going to replace TT, I think drafting a FS would be best for next year (as they’d have one year to develop while TT plays out the final year of his rookie contract).

  11. Gohawks5151

    Josh Jacobs and Irv Smith leaving Bama early. National championship left a bad taste for all things Bama for some but I really like both of these guys. Jacobs seems like he is gonna be a way better pro with the chance to be the man. Power and versatility. Smith seems a like OJ Howard and has made some wow plays this year. Played as well as anyone on that team in the playoff. Can block and fine with being in line or split out. Sadly I’m not sure these are positions of need and won’t be there when we pick later. Though with Carson’s history and Davis possibly leaving you can never have too many backs

    • Rob Staton

      Disagree on Irv Smith Jr. He was basically a big slot receiver. They had OJ Howard in-line practically the whole way and he was often (frustratingly at times) not a factor as a receiver. Smith had a nice season but he’s a receiver more than a TE and I wouldn’t expect a great combine.

      • Gohawks5151

        OJ played on a different Bama team geared towards power runs and without the RPO heavy scheme they used this year though i bet he wishes they did. In the regular season games i thought i saw a more even split of him in line. Don’t know about the combine though. I’m a big Jacobs guy though. At least a more versatile Chris Ivory.

        • Rob Staton

          The scheme hasn’t changed that much, Gohawks5151. They’d already made a switch from the Mark Ingram era by the time OJ Howard was ending his college career.

          When I watched Irv Smith Jr he was constantly lined up in the slot, or running routes from the end of the line. Very little, absolutely minimal blocking responsibility. His biggest role as a blocker was often to come across the line and crack-back against the DE and he wasn’t even any good at that.

          Further to this point, here’s what it says in Bob McGinn’s article on the 2019 draft class:

          Smith’s father, Irv, was the 20th pick by the Saints in 1993 as a tight end from Notre Dame.

          “In those days the dad played in-line and blocked,” one scout said. “This kid is strictly a receiver. He’d be more like Jimmy Graham when he came out.”

          Added another scout: “I don’t think he can run. His dad wasn’t fast, either. Some genes are carrying over a little bit.”

          • Gohawks5151

            Fair enough. Not gonna die on the Irv Smith hill ill tell you that haha. I like Jacobs better for Seattle’s purposes.

    • Volume12

      Josh Jacobs= RB1

      • Rob Staton

        He’s flavour of the month.

        Not saying he’s a bad player. He isn’t. But Rodney Anderson is the clear RB1. And I’d have Damien Harris if not Benny Snell in front of him too.

  12. EranUngar

    An interesting point regarding the Dallas game and the “Schotty did not adapt” crowd:

    There is a big group of Seahawks fans that are opposed to the run heavy vision that Pete leads. They can’t let it go and keep hammering the point every time something goes wrong (Like losing an away playoff game by 2 point to a very hot team that won 7 of their last 8 games)

    Here are the facts of the game –

    The Seahawks started the game trying to establish the run. They had 3 drives in the 1st quarter, two of them with run-run failed pass attempt on 3rd down. You could blame the running plays for those or blame the poor performance on all 3 third down passing attempts. In total – 6 running plays and 3 passing plays in the 1st quarter.

    They made the first change right there and came out passing in the 2nd quarter. They passed on 9 out of 13 plays in the 2nd quarter that netted them a total of 6 points.

    They came back running in the 3rd quarter with 13 running plays out of 18 snaps. It included 8 out of 9 plays in the only TD drive of the game so far that had them leading 14-10 2 minutes before the end of the 3rd quarter.

    At that point they must have felt that the game plan is going great and they have RW to win the game in the 4th quarter.

    Then, the defense failed to hold e cowboys. They held the cowboys to just 10 points in 3 quarters and allowed two long TDs drives in the 4th.

    From that TD drive in the end of the 3rd – The Seahawks passed the ball on all but one play.

    Looking at what must have been the game plan and how it was executed over the 1st 3 qtrs I think the offense adapted correctly and put the team on a winning trek. What happened afterwards was Dallas executing on offense and the Seahawks failing to match them. Can’t blame all of that on Shotty’s adaption skills unless you decided it before the game and just picked the points that support your view.

    • Bankhawk

      That’s what I’d call a bit of clarity. Thank you, E.U., for laying out what I’d been thinking in such a no-nonsense manner.

    • neil

      Once again Wilson’s responsibility is ignored . Wilson is a good qb but he will never be ELITE until he can develop the ability to change plays at the los according to what he sees from the defense.

      • Logan Lynch

        Did you listen to Pete’s end of season presser? Russ changed the play at the line on his rushing TD.

        As for this ELITE talk…come on man. If Russ starts changing all the plays at the line, then the offense functions like the one in GB where Rodgers was doing whatever he felt like and bringing the rest of the offense down. There’s a system in place. There are times Russ can change the play at the line. There are other times where plays will set up some in the future so you run it as is.

        When you really come down to it, the defense eventually ended up holding this team back. We knew that going in, however, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

        • neil

          I didn’t say he had to change all the plays, only the ones the defense is clearly taking away.

          • neil

            The way the running game was going, he had to know continuing to hand the ball to Carson with 7-8 defenders in the box was not a formula for success.

            • Rob Staton

              They started the second half by breaking of a 45-yard run.

              You don’t abandon the thing you do better than any other team in the league in a 3-point game.

    • AlaskaHawk

      How can you expect the defense to perform when they are worn out?? How about the offense make some third down plays and make some long drives to give the defense a rest?

      Conservative offensive play in the first half leads to a tired worn out defense in the second half. I don’t really care if they run or pass, but the offense simply looks subpar during many stretches of the season. They look disorganized at the beginning of the season – pretty much every year. They show some signs of life in mid season – and hopefully finish strong. But these three and outs are killing the defense.

      • Rob Staton

        ‘Worn out’ would be a convenient excuse for the horrible way they defended the long run before half time and the 3rd and 14 QB scramble.

        They had to do better.

        People can put it all on the offense. It’s wrong.

        • FresnoHawk

          Work so hard to get to 3rd and long, work so hark to score TD’s and then they give up TD’s. Mental Lapse by players & coaches.

      • EranUngar

        I agree with you regarding 3rd down. 2 out of 13 will not cut it.

        I am no saying this was a great game of the offense – it wasn’t. There are many aspects leading to it. Game plan is part of it and poor performance by the injured OLine is part of it and…..Great performance by Dallas front 7 is part of it.

        It wasn’t a great game by the defense either.

        It was a tough playoffs match against a tough playoffs team AND WE LOST IT. Looking for heads to roll for it after the season we had is just WRONG.

        • Mark Souza

          I look at this way. We are a better team than Dallas and should not have lost that game. Dallas planned for that game like Belichick would have planned for it – “Let’s take what they do best away from them.” And Dallas did.

          At first I didn’t understand what was going on and thought they must be out-executing our O-line. Maybe their D-line was just better. But then we ran back to back first down play-action passes. Each time the receiver was wide open and only touchdown saving tackles by safeties kept us out of the end zone. Both went for about thirty yards each. Then it became clear how they were stopping our run. The were crashing 9 on the line on 1st and 2nd down. It was numbers game. Five blocking nine. Then when they had us 3rd and long, Dallas played a more straight up defense anticipating pass.

          On the two big pass plays, the corners crashed toward the line to stop Carson on play action, and by the time they realized it was a fake, our receivers were ten yards behind them. I was hoping at that point we’d dial up more 1st and 2nd down play-action passes, not to change our identity or try to become a pass first team, but to force Dallas out of their 9 man front. Burn them with big plays until they did. And once they did, then return to our game plan until Dallas returned to a 9 man front again.

          But we didn’t adapt. Two back to back plays showed how Dallas was scheming to successfully throttle our run game and instead of adapting, instead of forcing their hand, we just played right into it. We could afford to at the time I guess. We had a small lead. We didn’t try to burn them until it was too late. By then Dallas was playing traditional defense at the end of the game knowing we had to pass.

          On the bright side. It was a good season, and we weren’t going to advance any further if we’d beaten Dallas. NO and LA are just too good at the moment. And we did wind up in better draft position. I’ll take that.

          • EranUngar

            2 remarks:

            “We are a better team than Dallas and should not have lost that game” – Dallas is 10-6, won 7 of their last 8 and is 7-1 playing at home. They even beat NO 13-10 at home. Making that statement like it is a clear undisputed fact is not supported by facts.

            “But we didn’t adapt” – Again, not exactly supported by the facts. After 3 failed drives with just 6 rushing attempts in the first quarter we did adapt and came play passing in the 2nd qtr. We changed again in the 3rd back to rushing and that TD drive was all rushing plays. We adapted. Not all calls were right, they never are. We did not win it so we could have done more. But stating that we did not adapt is not supported by the game film.

  13. H

    Breaking news! The Miami Dolphins reported to be requesting an interview with anyone who’s ever made a passing glance at Sean McVay.

    • mishima

      LOL. I suspect the Cardinals hired Kingsbury based on him looking like a hybrid Shanahan-McVay.

      Forget the scheme, hire the haircut!

      • Hawktalker#1

        This thread made my day. LOL

        Thanks guys!!! 🙂

  14. Eburgz

    I really hope we give Dwight Galt a look for the open S&C position. He’s the strength and conditioning coach at Penn State. Give him an offer he can’t refuse if you ask me. He’s been there 4 years and the proof is in the pudding.


    • Sea Mode

      Great find. Whoever it ends up being, let’s hope they get it right.

  15. millhouse-serbia

    It seems that Deionte Thompson won’t declare.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s for the best. For some reason ‘draft twitter’ and some of the websites out there decided he was a R1 pick. There was zero evidence for this. Just look at the way he got burned in the Championship game on that TD. He looks like the type of guy Seattle takes in R5-6 to convert to corner.

      Jonah Williams shouldn’t declare either. Had an absolute nightmare against Clelin Ferrell. I don’t know what some of these other draft writers are seeing.

  16. GerryG

    Very enjoyable podcast!

    Love Brit accents talking Seahawks

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Gerry, glad you enjoyed it (and can tolerate our accents 😉 ).

      • Logan Lynch

        We know Dave Wyman was a fan of it! That had to be such a cool experience for you and I’m sure one of the highlights of your Seahawks fandom. You deserved it man!

        If I remember correctly, we’re coming up on the 10 year anniversary of SDB. Here’s to many more!

        • Rob Staton

          That was one of my favourite moments following the Seahawks no doubt. Loved every minute of that week in London. Was better than I ever expected. Meeting Dave that week was awesome. Great guy. He and Jessamyn seemed really cool people.

          • cha

            I met him at the Seahawks draft party in Tacoma. He’s down to earth and real nice.

            On the other hand, I WISH I had taken a picture of the look on his face when the Hawks announced they had drafted Michael Dickson. So I could show it to him this offseason.

            • Rob Staton

              Really down to earth. Great guy.

  17. Coleslaw

    Wow, Bryce Love tore his ACL and will miss the combine.. Could we get him in the 3rd or later? Him or Rodney Anderson would be outstanding additions for years and would be cheap.

    • Rob Staton

      Even before this news I thought day three for Bryce Love. Just a limited next level role I think.

  18. EP

    Is it possible that KJ Wright was not offfered a contract (as it has been said, unsure how accurate it is though) because essentially we won 10 games without him? Love KJ as a player and he seems like a decent guy but as with the last year, do we really want to extend an aging and injured players for a chunk of money if they aren’t totally necessary? I’d love him back but I wouldn’t want to take too much of a risk.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he hasn’t been offered a deal because the Seahawks can’t say with any certainty what market value is for him. He almost has to go and find out what it is.

    • millhouse-serbia

      He said that he will hit the market. If that’s true, we need Kendricks back. 24th januar is big for him and for seahawks.

    • Volume12

      I’m sure they’d love to have has many of these guys back as possible, but I’m beginning to think it’ll be KJ or Kendricks. Not both. Same with Sweezy and Fluker. Hope I’m dead a** wrong.

    • Sea Mode

      If we end up deciding to move on from KJ (assuming we keep Kendricks), here’s a guy I was just looking at today that could provide value in the late rounds:

      Minnesota LB Blake Cashman

      Was a walk-on and earned a scholarship. Tackling machine. Listed at 6-2, 235. Solid all around per PFF:

      Taking into account all facets of play for a linebacker, Cashman was one of only two linebackers in the country who finished with 80.0-plus grades in run defense, pass-rushing, coverage and tackling this season.

      Sideline to sideline, great closing speed and great blitzer. 15 TFL on the season. Seems like a great guy as well and is very well-spoken.

      Highlights: Blake Cashman | MN Gophers Football | 2018 Regular Season

      The other tackling machine I took a look at was NC State’s Germaine Pratt. Liked what I saw. At 6-3, 240, he also looks to my eye to have better length. Nice that he has a Safety background as well. But I think he will probably go in R3-R4 range, so there might be more value with a guy like Cashman later on.

  19. Volume12

    The nation’s best EDGE run defender the past 2 years, BC’s Zach Allen, showing off his complete game here. Probably one of the more well rounded D-lineman in this draft.

    Might not be an elite athlete, but more than makes up for it with his strength, get-off which for a 280+ pounder is sensational, technique, motor/effort, football savvy and assignment ‘soundness.’

    BC defense vs Clemson offense (2018):

    • Sea Mode

      Watched a bit of Z. Allen today. A lot to like for sure. As “sound” as they come, like you say. Is he what we need right now on the DL? I’m still not sure. Somehow I still find myself dreaming that Jachai Polite somehow falls to us at #21 and we say “forget the trading back”…

      Another guy I was looking at today is Miami DE Joe Jackson. I like the plus size and length (over the guys in the 240-250 range who need to add weight) and he has decent burst, nice power, and high motor. Haven’t watched enough yet to evaluate him vs. the run. Any thoughts? Awsi Dooger, are you still reading…?

      Miami DE Joe Jackson Top Plays 2018

    • Eburgz

      I’m on this guy. One of my favorite D line prospects that we might actually have a chance at. Wouldn’t need to wait for him to put on weight. Heavy hands, good motor and he bats down a bunch of passes. Watched Temple and Virginia tech games too and he really shines. He gives up on a couple plays and can get beat around the edge (atleast he can set the edge) but overall looks like a super solid player that would fit right in. Possible day 1 starter opposite black Elvis. And he can slide inside on money downs.

  20. Sea Mode

    I’m interested in another WR: Iowa St. Hakeem Butler. And I’m not really in the “we need a big WR” camp either because we have seen RW thrive with his little guys. But he’s intriguing.

    BEST RECEIVER IN NFL DRAFT 2019 || Hakeem Butler Iowa State Highlights

    6-6, 220, and is above all a deep ball threat. Good speed once he gets going, knows how to sell his fakes, and I really like his toughness not to go down after the catch. Got a dominant attitude in that sense, plays to his size.

    Yes, there were a few drops in the games I saw, but also some very nice catches. Great catch radius. 60rec/1318yds/22ypc/9TD this year. Did a decent job getting after it on blocks, and with his long arms should be able to be coached up even more in this regard.

    So, for my Seahawks WR interest so far this year:
    WR1- Riley Ridley, Georgia
    WR2- Andy Isabella, UMass
    WR3- Hakeem Butler, Iowa St.
    WR4- Jaylen Smith, Louisville

    Would love to get Riley Ridley with our R3 pick. I think Isabella will be gone by R2, but hopefully Ridley can fly under the radar a bit due to limited use at Georgia. Probably unlikely though with his family name.

    Jaylen Smith has better hands, but I give Butler the edge in my preferences for now because speed kills.

    • Rob Staton

      I have major reservations about Butler. Is he going to separate at the next level? I think receiver is one of the easier positions to judge in terms of college-to-pro’s translation. That doesn’t mean you get EVERY projection right but you can generally see who is separating due to speed, quickness off the route and has that special ability to get open. Butler to me at the next level is going to struggle to get open. A lot of players come into the league, bigger receivers, with the same problem.

      Personally I’m focusing on the Ohio State trio (K.J. Smith isn’t declaring) and Hollywood Brown at the moment. Genuine dynamism, explosion, speed.

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