Further thoughts on the Washington/Russell Wilson talk

Could this… actually happen?

A year ago it was quite an experience to see how desperate Bears fans were to bring Russell Wilson to Chicago.

This was a franchise that had gone decades without a competent quarterback.

12 months on, the furore over Wilson possibly being interested in the Washington Commanders is creating a similar reaction.

While sections of Seattle’s fan base quibble about a quarterback who has won more games than any other player at his position at this stage in his career, it’s perhaps easy for some of those fans to forget what life without a good quarterback looks like.

Commanders fans (still feels weird to write that) are falling over themselves with hope that Wilson lands in Washington. I’ve watched a handful of YouTube videos and perused a couple of forums. They want Wilson. Badly.

They’re making the kind of arguments Seahawks fans should be considering.

For example, Wilson had an injury-plagued 2021 season with his finger clearly impacting him. Many consider it a bad season, or at least a well below par season.

He still had 27 total touchdowns and just six interceptions, in 14 games.

There are teams out there not just desperate for that level of production. They dream about it. The fans in Washington want their team to throw the house at Seattle. First round picks. Chase Young. More more more. To have this player and his production.

They want to believe in a quarterback. They want the hope that comes with having someone of Wilson’s caliber. They haven’t had that in a long time.

Of course, these are all of the reasons why Pete Carroll won’t ultimately make a trade.

To Carroll, the #11 pick this year means what exactly? And future first rounders? How do they help him?

I’m sure he’d love Chase Young, particularly given he’s stated they need to bolster their pass rush as a priority. Pairing Young with Darrell Taylor and Carlos Dunlap would give Seattle the kind of X-factor D-line they’ve been lacking for years.

Yet without a replacement quarterback, it’s all for nothing — isn’t it?

If you’re trotting out Mitchell Trubisky, you aren’t contending. Carroll isn’t able to finish his career how he wants. The Seahawks just become Washington.

And ultimately, this is where the trade talk falls down.

Unless of course I’m making an assumption. After all, Carroll said the following to Fox 13 at the end of the season when asked if another chapter of the Wilson saga could be avoided this off-season:

“Whatever is there, we got to exhaust every opportunity for our club and right from the owner, she wants us to take a look at every single opportunity to better the franchise. That’s what we do. It’s going to take us some time to put it all together and we have a lot of difficult decisions to make this year.”

You can interpret those comments in different ways. There was no definitive ‘no deal’ talk though. ‘Not for sale’ wasn’t mentioned. ‘Not going anywhere’ weren’t words that were used.

Maybe Carroll actually thinks they’re better off moving on? Getting a haul, adding a piece like Young and opening up a quarterback competition. After all, having a mediocre veteran take on a rookie in camp produced Russell Wilson in 2012. Maybe he thinks he can do that again? And with the saved money, load up the roster?

There’s only one slight problem. There’s no Wilson in this draft.

The excitement and fervour will build over the coming weeks. There will be endless talk of Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson being moved. Yet it simply doesn’t make sense for either the Packers or Seahawks to trade their quarterbacks unless the players actively say ‘trade me’.

If Rodgers and Wilson do that, I don’t think you can just ignore it and hope it goes away. You can’t live in that world where the most important player on your team is saying they want out.

You can try. The Packers to some extent pulled it off last year, by ceding a lot of ground to Rodgers and listening to his concerns, then acting upon them and winning a lot of games. This can’t be an annual thing though. The uncertainty can’t be there, or the chatter, every year.

I’d argue, for starters, that unless Wilson’s future is certain by free agency that it will have an impact on the open market. It just will. If the Seahawks are trying to do things ‘their way’ again — how can you recruit players at value in this environment? It doesn’t matter what Carroll says. Players know the deal. Everyone knows Wilson isn’t sold on the direction of this team.

Every free agent should (and probably will) ask — what’s happening with Russ?

I’ll go back to what ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said earlier this week. He says he spoke to two people in the organisation and they would be surprised if Wilson was dealt. He then qualified it by saying, ‘Wilson would have to force the issue and request a trade’. He then mentioned the Seahawks held trade talks in the past, with Cleveland and Chicago, and that a trade was ‘always, sort of, on the table’.

This, to me, is at least someone in the organisation revealing quite a lot. The Seahawks don’t intend to just willingly trade Wilson. But if he actually requested a trade, all bets are off. And I think the person passing on this info perhaps is open-minded to it. Otherwise the only comment would be ‘he’s not going anywhere’ — there wouldn’t be all this stuff about prior talks and him forcing his way out.

Let’s say Wilson did request a trade. By that point you have to consider your options. Clearly they considered them a year ago because they talked to the Bears and Carroll simply rejected the deal.

If Wilson gets to that point — and there’s nothing to indicate currently that he will do — what potentially happens?

From the Washington Commanders’ perspective, it looks as if their ‘Plan A’ is Wilson. We know Denver’s Plan A is Aaron Rodgers. They appointed his offensive coordinator. Mike Klis has reported Rodgers is the target. He also stated Wilson is ‘Plan B’ for the Broncos.

Washington would obviously be interested in Rodgers too but they’re maybe accepting that they’re better off focusing on Wilson and then, perhaps, Derek Carr.

I think Washington’s offer for Wilson — and I think it’ll come — could be obscene. After all, as noted on Tuesday, they asked journalist Mike Silver to write an article for the team website detailing their interest in making a big push for a veteran QB.

Have you ever seen anything like that before?

Imagine the Seahawks asking Peter King to do a piece for Seahawks.com detailing how they want to make a big trade for a great pass rusher. It’d never happen. It has happened in Washington. That’s how up front they’re being about this. They’re paying respected journalists to advertise their ambitions in the trade market.

It appears they’ve equally filled in Albert Breer on their desires, plus Mike Garafolo. All are singing from the same hymn sheet regarding Washington’s intentions.

It wouldn’t surprise me if local Washington DC radio host Kevin Sheehan’s sources, stating Wilson is interested in a trade, are also from within the Commanders’ building. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the root of their confidence in Wilson’s interest ultimately has been provoked by some gentle nudging by a certain Mark Rodgers.

Maybe it’s all from Rodgers? I noticed this tweet yesterday.

‘His team is doing preliminary due diligence on destinations that want him.’

‘Washington could be on new shortlist of teams he’d be willing to waive no-trade clause for this offseason.’

It does feel a little bit like something is driving this. There’s chatter again and I have a hard time believing people like Kevin Sheehan etc are just plucking this out of thin air.

But again — there’s a difference between Wilson being open to a trade, Wilson waiving his no-trade clause, the Commanders being aggressive to make it happen and the Seahawks actually accepting an offer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington threw the house at Seattle for Wilson within the next few weeks. And I won’t be surprised if they make it very clear to the media that they’ve made that offer so their fans know they’re active.

They are losing the PR game in Washington. Countless negative headlines, poor ownership, a toxic culture and a bad on-field product has hammered ticket sales and interest. They need a big move, something to generate excitement. Something to ensure this name change and relaunch isn’t a damp squib.

They need a star quarterback like Wilson who can define the franchise. Be the face of the new era. Turn over a new page.

They’ve tried it before.

In 2012 they spent the following on Robert Griffin III:

2012 — R1
2012 — R2 
2013 — R1
2014 — R1

Would you be surprised if that’s their starting point in talks for Wilson?

An opening gambit could look like this:

2022 — #11 pick 
2022 — #42 pick 
2023 — R1
2024 — R1

It’d be a very good offer, to be fair. It isn’t one that produces Seattle with a pathway to winning in 2022 though. That, ultimately, is the drawback.

So I don’t think it would be accepted.

Washington would have to offer more than picks. Unproven rookies are not the order of the day for a 70-year-old Head Coach who would be forced to scramble around for a quarterback.

He’d need proven players. People he knows can deliver.

So what’s the make-up of a deal? Because this is when the negotiation gets tricky.

Let’s say Washington dangles Chase Young. Do you remove a first rounder from the deal? Has he shown enough in 24 games for that to tempt Seattle, with only nine sacks?

If the Seahawks say the original four picks plus Young, does it become too expensive?

If the Commanders then return with the four picks and Daron Payne — is that attractive to Seattle? Payne is a good not great player. He’s also approaching a contract year. It could be a rental.

Does he elevate your team in the way Young (who has club control for three more years) might?

If you ever wonder why trades of this magnitude rarely happen, this is why.

What is the biting point in negotiations where both teams are satisfied?

How much are Washington prepared to mortgage their future and lose a key player? They would have Wilson and you could argue with Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Montez Sweat and Matt Ioannidis their D-line is still strong. They’d be being Rams-level aggressive though in terms of draft stock and they’d be losing a good player.

I will say this — I’ve seen Commanders fans pitching three firsts and Young as an appropriate deal. So many of the fan base is down with that kind of offer — and that won’t go unnoticed by Washington’s ownership.

At the end of the day, if they trot out another bad quarterback situation next season — they’ve blown it. They’re under severe pressure to land a name. That’s why they’re making their intentions clear. They have to do something.

There are players they can’t include in a deal (Terry McLaurin for example). Can they sacrifice a defensive lineman and cope? Yes, probably.

From the Seahawks perspective I’m sure they’d love to pair Young with Taylor and Dunlap and have a pass rush that can potentially match the Rams and Niners. They’d also probably quite like picks #11 and #42 to go with #41. They could really bolster the roster. They’d have extra funds to retain the players they want to keep, extend D.K. Metcalf and have the wiggle room in free agency to add more.

Yet they’d be losing a franchise quarterback. It feels like a question you simply can’t overcome unless you don’t believe in Russell Wilson any more (and there’s no indication Carroll feels that way, even if John Schneider might be leaning in that direction).

It would make a lot more sense for Seattle if there was an experienced veteran quarterback available at a reasonable price. Think Carson Palmer when he went to Arizona to rebuild his career. Or even Philip Rivers when he spent a year in Indianapolis.

Carroll would probably think they can help him win. Do what he needs to lead the offense.

No such player exists this off-season though.

The likes of Trubisky, Tyrod Taylor, Marcus Mariota and Jacoby Brissett simply don’t inspire that same feeling. It’s not even close.

Minnesota appear to be preparing to rally behind Kirk Cousins. Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t being dealt to a division rival.

Trades for Baker Mayfield or Tyler Huntley don’t cut the mustard either. I’d probably rather take a flier on Kellen Mond.

It’s impossible to project a scenario where the Seahawks move on from Wilson and find a quarterback they can challenge with this year, unless it’s Derek Carr and Las Vegas.

Even if the Seahawks rate some of the quarterbacks in the draft higher than I do (I don’t have anyone higher than R3 currently) — is Carroll honestly fielding a rookie this year? And trying to win? From this class??

I can imagine a collection of fans being excited at the prospect of a Malik Willis-led Seahawks with Chase Young and picks by the boat-load. I’m not Willis’ biggest fan and have discussed why.

Even still, I must admit it would be more intriguing than more of the same in Seattle. At least it’d be something different.

I just don’t trust the way those acquired picks could be spent, given the form of the reset since 2018, or Willis’ ability to function outside of a Greg Roman-style offense.

He could also be over-drafted. There’s a big difference between getting him at #41 or #42 versus needing to take him at #11.

Some would argue it’s futile for Carroll and the Seahawks to reject such a bold Washington offer because they aren’t likely to contend this year anyway — with or without Wilson. It would take a miraculous off-season loaded with key additions, the kind of which the Seahawks haven’t made in nine years.

I sympathise a lot with that argument. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Seahawks should retain Wilson and aggressively build around him. They aren’t good enough to contend in 2022 at the moment — but a good off-season, where they lay it all on the line, can close the gap quickly and eliminate any future drama.

However, if Seattle’s intention, or Carroll’s intention, is to continue doing the same thing they always do — it’ll just mean more squandered seasons and Wilson’s trade value could drop dramatically.

If that happens and Seattle’s post-season futility continues then people will second guess Carroll forever on turning down a massive haul.

This must pray on Wilson’s mind too. Are they going to do the same thing again in free agency? Is he going to waste another year of his career? If he asks for a trade is it kind of now or never?

Meanwhile, you’ve got a full-court press from the Commanders highlighting their O-line, their weapons, their D-line and that they have the cap space to go after players you want. They’ll presumably do whatever it takes to attract their man — a big say in offensive philosophy, input in personnel.

You know, the things Carroll seemingly won’t offer.

The whole situation is an intriguing talking point as we enter the period where talking points are all we have (the gap between the Senior Bowl and combine). I’m sure some people will get sniffy about speculative pieces like this — but why not have the conversation? What else is there to discuss?

And at the end of the day, people are reporting Wilson having some interest in Washington — citing sources. We might as well have the debate.

I still think if a deal is to be done — Las Vegas is the team to monitor. Simply because they were on Wilson’s list of four teams a year ago, they have a quarterback they can trade in Derek Carr and Mark Davis is said to like the idea of Wilson in Vegas.

Washington will make a huge push though. I do believe the tweets suggesting Wilson’s team are doing ‘preliminary due diligence on destinations that want him’. This feels like one great big leaving your options open process.

I just wonder if there’s a deal that turns Carroll’s head. And what it would look like. I remain unconvinced such a deal exists but we’ll see.

As I keep saying — the Seahawks best bet, if they want to contend in 2022, is to aggressively build-up their roster, draft better and build around the quarterback they already own.

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  1. Sean Harker

    Three 1’s, a 2, Chase Young and Heinicke as a place holder. Thats the deal I think they would make. build a running game around Heinicke and maybe draft a guy like Malik Willis if he is available.

    Time to move on from Russ- he has peaked with this team, wants out, and this back and forth is getting old. Might as well get extreme value for him now while you can.

    • One Bad Mata'afa

      Was going to post the same offer and sentiment. Taylor Heinicke is not Russell Wilson, but he was decent this past year. I’d actually kinda like to see what our offense could be with a QB who is willing to make the throws Russ seems to avoid.

      Additionally, and I know this isn’t a concern of many, but I’m worried to see how Russ ages. This is the time to get a haul.

      • Peter

        Tyler heinicke was kind of trash last year.

        If Russ can’t throw over the middle then what’s a guy who throws 2.5x his interceptions for less TD’s?

        • BobbyK

          People don’t care about that logic. They only see getting Chase Young, a mediocre QB (at best), and sexy picks. They don’t realize that Washington has Young and is trash so Seattle would really be trash with him and minus their QB. But, hey, QBs grow on trees. It’s so easy to get one.

          • Peter

            We did it once! How hard can it be? Cue whatever the browns music is on kick off.

    • Ashish

      Correct, if Russ is out we would 4 or 5 games if lucky. Atleast that would force owner to fire Pete.

      • Peter

        The only positive of this trade. Get a bunch of picks so a new regime gets a great headstart.

  2. cha

    Personally I’d rather have Johnathan Allen than Young.

    He’s the closest thing the Seahawks will ever get to having an Aaron Donald.

    He’d make Poona better.

    He’d make Dunlap, Robinson and Taylor better.

    He’d keep the linebackers cleaner.

    He’d instantly become the defensive squad leader. No need to worry about Bobby Wagner and his intangibles.

    Cap hits for Seattle:

    2022 $3.5m
    2023 $15.5m (only $2.5m guaranteed)
    2024 $15.5m (zero guaranteed)
    2025 $16.5m (zero guaranteed)

    If Washington calls and is as all-in as you think, he’s the guy I ask for, even before we get into how many draft picks on top of him.

    • Rob Staton

      As I’ve mentioned before though, he appears to be off-limits

      • cha

        Then Russ is off limits and Allen can chase Russ all over the field twice a year and watch helplessly as he rallies Philly to wins.

        There won’t be a franchise QB at #11 this year, and probably not one at #19 or later the next two years. Russ comes with a very affordable contract for two years, gives the organization an instant boost of credibility with a tidal wave of good PR and Terry McLaurin will happily sign an extension to stay with the team.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t agree with this though.

          In a scenario where the Seahawks are actually discussing a trade, if they get everything they want and the Commanders say Chase Young yes but the literal heartbeat of the team no — that isn’t why you walk away.

          • cha

            I understand your reasoning but if you’re trading for Russ, he becomes the heartbeat of the team the second he steps off the jet, Allen or no Allen.

            • Rob Staton

              Negotiation is about give and take though. If you answer the phone on Russ it means you are prepared to discuss a deal. It doesn’t mean Washington is obliged to then make everyone available themselves. And I don’t really see why Seattle would walk away ‘just’ because Allen is off limits. And he is.

  3. Henry Taylor

    That image is disgusting.

    • Big Mike


  4. EP

    Say such a deal does get pulled off. Can you imagine the terror when Seattle selects Kenny Pickett at number 11 🤢

    • EP

      That is my biggest fear in losing Wilson. One wrong move can set the franchise back years, even a decade. I have no interest in watching the Seahawks desperately searching for another Russell Wilson year after year. Carroll and Schneider might fancy the risk though and that terrifies me. They can walk with their hands clean regardless of the outcome, especially Pete. He has his superbowl and can retire “old aged” and gracefully. We are the ones that have to suffer the consequences.

      • Peter

        This is why holding on to a coach FO too long is a terrible idea. If you’re qb fades so what? You start over. If you trade you’re qb and he is just what he is and the roster construction stays as bad as it is you become a terrible team with nothing to lean on.

  5. Strategicdust

    I’d really like to think this organization had the vision and willingness to make some progressive moves to rebuilding this team. Rob has pretty clearly shown why that’s not going to happen. The unwillingness of Carrol to look at this team objectively is gone and yes, vanity project is the best way to describe it. Carroll and his “gosh dang optimism” about anything to do with this team masks that he really doesn’t know what else to do to fix things. He and John will stick with their tired, worn philosophies about team building and players and Carrol will just keep saying they’re about to turn a corner and he’s just got to coach them up and all will be well. Except they’ve been doing this for 10 years with little to no results that matter. I’d like to be more optimistic but this middling nothingness may just be what this franchise has to deal with until someone shows Pete the door.

  6. Kevin Mullen

    Who’s to say PC retires after this year? Guy looks like he can coach to 73-74 if he’s got a rejuvenated offense ala 2012 IF he can land a QB that can manage like RW did earlier in his career.

    My whole problem with landing a talent like Chase Young would be the fact PC would send him in coverage 15% of his defensive snaps. That, is a problem.

    Lastly, let’s not forget that JS has/should a say in the direction of the franchise. He’s not (and shouldn’t) go along with status quo. If PC is looking to hang it up soon, he’s gonna be more vocal to add his stamp to future transactions: ie, landing more draft picks. The sole purpose of any GM is not only the financial health of the cap for the franchise but attaining resources to be able to make flexible moves in future drafts should JS see another Mahomes, Allen, etc. I don’t think JS future is tied to PC anymore.

    • Rob Staton

      Who’s to say PC retires after this year? Guy looks like he can coach to 73-74 if he’s got a rejuvenated offense ala 2012 IF he can land a QB that can manage like RW did earlier in his career.

      Well, nobody’s said that in here. But look at what you’re saying. If they just build an elite all-time defense and then happen to draft a superstar quarterback, yeah it’ll be fine for the next 3-4 years.

      And maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and discover I no longer need the gym, my arms found a way to train themselves while I sleep.

      • Kevin Mullen


        I was merely pointing out that PC could and would pull a Marv Levy and coach to his mid 70’s if he felt that there’s a pulse for this team post RW trade.

        Also, the fact that PC is “capping” RW (like you’ve argued basically (which I agree with you all along) the entire season), so why need a $40mil QB if he’s gonna hand off 50% of the time? I’m for a trade for the mere fact RW seemingly wants to leave, but only on a good note. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy leaving.

        I do disagree with you that post RW could be hard: I think GM, HC, QB is a fluid situation and you can adjust on the fly. Look at Snead, McVay, and Goff. They thought he could be the guy but one massive trade later they’re back in Super Bowl contention. Les Snead should win Execruive of the Year.

        • Rob Staton

          And look at Denver since Peyton Manning.

          There are more examples like that, compared to the Rams, right?

          • Mr drucker in hooterville

            Is JS/PC > Elway?

  7. Sea Mode

    Russ demands the trade. Which package would you prefer?

    PHI: 16 + 17 + 51 this year and R1 + R3 next year.

    WAS: Young + 11 + 42, and R1 + R3 next year.

    LV: Carr + 22 and R1 next year.

    • Scot04

      I thinks it’s fair to ask for more all 3 scenarios.

      Philadelphia for 2022 picks 15,16, & 83, 2023 1st; plus Hurts & Andre Dillard.
      Washington for 2022 picks 11& 73, 2023 1st, 2024 1st; plus Chase & Payne.
      Vegas for 2022 picks 22 & 86. 2023 1st; plus Carr.

      1st Two Similar to Chicago’s offer last year of 3 1sts a 3rd & 2 starters, which I think Schneider would have accepted.

      Washington you get less value picks but the better 2 players.
      Philadelphia you get A QB and Tackle all be it likely 4th or 5th round Value players.But better Quality draft value in picks.
      Vegas least value in picks but Carroll gets his QB

  8. Happy Hawk

    Awesome read thanks Rob. I think what you said sums it up for me perfectly:
    “I sympathise a lot with that argument. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Seahawks should retain Wilson and aggressively build around him. They aren’t good enough to contend in 2022 at the moment — but a good off-season, where they lay it all on the line, can close the gap quickly and eliminate any future drama.”

    Extend Wilson now and build around him asap! I don’t want to be one of the “have nots” and trot out bad QB after bad QB. Why do you think these teams want Wilson sooo bad?

  9. Kevin Mullen

    Fangio didn’t ask for Drew Lock or Bridgewater. He played the guy the would least give up the ball.

    Elway/Patton and Fangio weren’t in lockstep like McVay/Snead. Denver had every right/opportunity to make an offer for Stafford just as LA Rams did, but they didn’t. That tells me there’s a disconnect between FO and coach staff. Denver instead spent a 2nd on Lock, signed Bridgewater. They deemed at the moment that they’ve already invested “heavily” on that position.

    We are in a particular position of no 1st round choice and monetarily invested in a qb that could be flipped for a franchise-changing direction: get the game manager PC covets and invest heavily on the defense.

    • Rob Staton

      More like Denver, like so many teams, are being completely let down because they can’t find a quarterback.

      And being in that position is the worst thing in football.

      • Marcus

        Somewhat off topic… An overarching theme, to me, is how the NFL’s focus on increasing offensive output (à la passing) via rule changes has widened the divide between the QB haves and have-nots.

    • Peter

      What if I told you Seattle already has invested in defense and maybe they just suck at doing it?

      6 first and second round picks for defense over three years and half years. And two WR’s.

      Adams. Adams (again.) Brooks, blair, collier, and taylor. And out of that Taylor was the only good one. I feel for Brooks but he got over drafted at least for this team.

      If pete wanted a game manager then where’s the run game? Why can’t the defense stop David mills before he goes on a nine minute stroll found the field?

      • Peter

        Down the field not found the field.

      • Big Mike

        Brooks has been played out of position too Peter. Not a recipe for success.

        • Peter

          I don’t see how that can be. That’s Seattle’s “recipe,” for nearly every player. Glowinski. Dline to oline converts, tre flowers, blair, brooks, lewis, run blocking jimmy graham.

          If that’s not working maybe it’s time to throw out the cook book.

          • Big Mike

            It is waaaaaay past time brother. Your examples prove why that is.

        • Peter

          Btw that’s why I said I felt bad for him. He may actually have what it takes but apparently none of us will ever know. So an out of position LB who got drafted a round higher than a HOF’er he should probably be replacing.

      • Big Mike

        Kevin Mullan: please respond to Peter’s post about Carroll and Schneider already having invested heavily in the defense and doing a piss poor job of it except probably Taylor. Why do you think it’ll be different with picks from whatever team?

        • Kevin Mullen

          Big Mike –

          We all know the defense wasn’t “up to standards” last year, let alone the last 4-5yrs. I get the picks alone from PC didn’t pan out – hell, I’d say the franchise would admit they effing whiffed on: Collier, Blair, Barton, etc. Just a bunch of JAG’s really.

          That being said, we’re talking about the offense and what we could recoup for trading RW to WFT and their potential haul. On top of that, we get a top flight DE in return with 3 potential #1’s & 2nd day pick. A DLine that showcases: Poona, Dunlap, DTaylor, & CYoung intrigues me. Let alone the likes of Wags and Brooks behind that line. That could improve our secondary alone without any upgrades there.

          I’m sure with the #11 pick we could get an OLine or CB that could help immediately, or even better: trade down (should we not able to draft our guy) and gain additional picks for either next day and/or next year. I love the flexibility this proposes by Rob. Rob showed there’s only 17 guys worthy of a 1st round pick. If the value isn’t there when we select at #11, trade down and gain more picks.

          But yes, if you need an answer for PC’s defense and what we’ve invested: it sucks. But again, JS was forced to select those guys, but if RW is traded: I would assume JS won the battle for personnel decisions.

  10. DriveByPoster

    //get the game manager PC covets//

    I don’t agree with that statement. Yes, he is keen on ball security but Pete’s game plan for the offense (at least in theory; mileage may vary) is all about establishing the run & then making big plays off of play-action. For that you need (amongst other things) a QB who is a big threat to throw deep. Russell Wilson is the best in the league at that (most of the time). The last thing that PC wants is a dink & dunker with a limited arm.

    • Big Mike

      Good point.

    • Peter

      I really get being frustrated when it seems Russ is ignoring easy throws. However Seattle also drafted two deep WR’s (best two players drafted after LOB years?) If pete didn’t want to go bombs away with Wilson then where’s the slot reciever or the pass catching runningback?

      • Big Mike

        And much more frequent use of the TE

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        The pass catcher from backfield: Max Borghi, R6/7,UDFA.

        • Peter

          I’ll check him out. Pretty good 2021 stat lines.

  11. Nano

    Great deep dive on this, Rob. Thanks. If all your conclusions dawn on the people in power, there could very well be a bidding war for either or both of Russ and Rodgers.

    I still don’t think there’s any way Russ is back in 2022. It’s going to be more of the same, as far as I can tell.

    He’s resisted the urge to demand a trade, I know he’s sensitive to his legacy in Seattle. But I just can’t imagine he isn’t going to play things more aggressively in the coming weeks now that the coaching vacancies have mostly been figured out.

    • Peter

      You’re probably right as the dust settles on coaches and we get near to the start of Free agency. This isn’t a draft day surprise style trade. Everyone from both teas to Russ needs to move on this to make it work heading into the new league year.

  12. Gaux Hawks

    Hey Rob, did my comment get deleted? Maybe because I brought it up a few times?

    I was really interested in what others thought about Washington’s interest possibly driving up the price for Philly too (who ultimately have stronger buying power and a “serviceable” replacement).

    For what it’s worth, I agree that they should keep RW3… but I also LOVE the idea of spending the next two months hearing about what SDB would do with three first round picks!

    • Big Mike

      Only to be let down when they actually draft? History (LJ Collier, Blair et. al) suggests that is all too likely. Maybe they get 4 picks and hit on one like it seems is the case with Taylor. And will they draft needed trench players or another LB and yet another S?
      That’s a lot of trust in a a couple of guys with a very spotty draft record since like 2013.

      • Peter

        Why I don’t think Russ gets traded…

        It’s not just the picks it’s the allocation of picks. I think Pete needs Wilson to try to win and I’ll attempt to prove that Pete relies so heavy on Wilson with this example:

        Since the rebuild/reset in 2017. The total picks spent on either side is almost even. Total picks.

        However seattle has spent four 1st round picks and four 2nd rounders on defense. Leaving the offense with just one first round pick and four 2nd round picks.

        I think pete actually knows his defense is a problem and with russ at the helm they can more or less do very little on that side and still get results.

    • Gaux Hawks

      …to be clear, I am excited about the idea of spending the next few months dreaming of who we can pick with three first round picks… not the next few years regretting that we traded for those picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah, you made the same point in the last two threads.

      Just felt like it was a bit repetitive.

      • Gaux Hawks

        guilty as charged

  13. Gross MaToast

    Ultimately, I think Wilson asks to be traded. What might convince him otherwise? Is Pete going to change the way he operates in any single operation of the franchise? Will the thought of another season spent rerunning the same philosophy be exciting and suddenly seem like it might end in a Super Bowl?

    Whatever package they receive in return will be formidable. Unfortunately, it will be spent by Pete Carroll.

    Just throwing this out there, but options are so bleak post-Wilson, what about making a call to Brees? Brady??? You guys interested in playing a little ball? They each have a little something left and both beat the hell out of the contingent of Trubiskys waiting at the door. And don’t yell at me for thinking out loud. You know how sensitive I am.

    I think the Seahawks are currently in the doldrums – and that’s WITH Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      Ultimately, I think Wilson asks to be traded.

      If he’s really serious about not wanting to waste the second half of his career, and with nothing changing, I don’t know why he wouldn’t at this point.

      He might wait to see what they do in free agency first though.

      • Gross MaToast

        It would require such an adjustment from Pete in the way he approaches free agency that I just can’t envision an end scenario that Wilson finds acceptable. If championships are his measuring stick, I’m not sure that Washington is the obvious answer, but at least it would be something different. Maybe that’s enough.

  14. Ben Ft. Worth

    I don’t think Wilson’s going anywhere. I’ve heard this pony trick before. Read whatever between the lines you want, but I think he’s a Seahawks in 2022.

    • Rob Staton

      Why have you posted that comment?

      Did the article, and numerous other articles, where I said that I don’t think Carroll trades him warrant that response?

      Otherwise, why do you have an issue with a discussion? There’s no ‘reading between the lines’. We’re reflecting on actual reports.

  15. Troy

    Russ wants to win, that much is clear. What exactly is so attractive about Washington? Other than playing in the NFC Least, I am struggling to see how that is a better situation than Seattle. Defensive minded head coach. Run first offense. Less playmakers on offense.

    • Rob Staton

      Well for starters, Washington is willing to do a lot of what Seattle isn’t that is leading to Wilson’s frustration. They’ve invested in the trenches. They are prepared to give the QB say in personnel it seems (actively pitching how much cap space they have and that they can sign players they want). You say they have less playmakers. Well right now Seattle has DK and Tyler contracted and we can hope that Dee Eskridge takes a step forward in year two. Washington has Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, Antonio Gibson and Logan Thomas. They drafted Dyami Brown a year ago. So it’s not like they don’t have weapons but they’ve already said they’ll add.

      We don’t know what they’re prepared to do on offense with Russ. Bit of a difference being ‘run first’ with the QB they had starting over the last few years vs Wilson.

      Easier division.

      Chance to lead that franchise out of the mire.

      Close to home.

      • RipleyRay

        Nice explanation Rob. A good question that I’m sure a lot of readers have wondered and your explanation is succinct and without unnecessary comment.

      • swedenhawk

        Washington’s OC Scott Turner runs a version of the Air Coryell system in which Wilson had some of his best seasons statistically. From what I gather, Turner’s not particularly creative, but he’s also had terrible QBs to work with. There’s potential there, imo, for a top-10 offense with Wilson at the helm.

    • cha

      Isn’t it odd that we’ve heard ‘culture’ in relation to the Seahawks as a major selling point for years?

      And now Russell apparently seems interested in going to the team who probably has the worst reputation in the NFL for their troubles the last few years? Why?

      He said it himself. Winning cures everything. And he’s got a chance to win in Washington.

      • Rob Staton

        The whole culture thing is massively overrated and the people who use it in relation to the Seahawks assume it as fact.

        The reality is this is a team that has had players punching each other before Super Bowls, flagging off the coach on the field during a game, major drama behind the scenes with various cliques emerging, leading to snipey comments in the media and references to the ‘Titanic’, we’ve had half a team believing in a conspiracy about one play on the goal line, we’ve had Michael Bennett supposedly reading books during team meetings, Sherman shouting at coaches on the sideline, a quarterback’s agent sending lists to Schefter for teams he’d be willing to go to. We saw the collapse of a dynasty based around one play and the feeling the franchise QB gets ‘special treatment’.

        And there’s so much more to mention.

        Seattle’s culture appears unspectacular.

        I wouldn’t dispute that Carroll is a good motivator who players like to play for. Culture? There’s been a lot of drama, ego, unrest and cliquey BS.

        • cha

          But Adrian Peterson was impressed with the cafeteria workers, so that’s something.

        • Tomas

          I’ve thought the culture thing was BS since the last Super Bowl, and needed puncturing. You’ve popped that balloon of hot air perfectly — well done.

  16. Mike

    If Pete carroll is truly in win now mode that is fine but they need to stop half assing it and go all in. Go all in in free agency. Move up in the draft and get their guy. Chandler Jones to pair with Dunlap/Taylor.

    Otherwise move on from carroll/wilson and rebuild a dominant core to be good in a couple years. Trying to play both will lead to more of the same.

    • Rob Staton


      I think the fear is though, that Carroll has said he thinks he has everything needed to compete. And he’s already warned the cap space will be spent on retaining not adding. And they don’t have a R1 pick.

      What you said is what they should do. What they might well do is what they’ve done for the last three years. And that would be a waste of everyone’s time.

      • Big Mike

        Including and maybe especially Russell Wilson’s

      • BobbyK

        Come on, Rob. We could go 10-7 and lose in the 1st round of the playoffs next year if we play that hand again!

  17. Cover2

    If we get 2022 1st round, a 2022 2nd round pick, a 2023 1st round, a 2024 1st round, and Chase Young, we could rebuild through the draft this year. Trade down in the 1st this year and get another 2nd round pick for this year. That would give a 1st round and three 2nd round picks in the first two rounds. We would still be in position to draft Trevor Penning or Devonte Wyatt, or Jordan Davis, etc in the 1st round. Then next year we would have the draft capital to trade up to the top-5 if not number 1 overall pick if there is a legit QB prospect.

    • Peter

      I get it. I just don’t see a legit QB prospect yet. I think Rob has his eye on the QB from Kentucky.

      The big names stroud and young. Meh. When are people going to see that Alabama qb’s frankly don’t have to be good just okay to play with world class talent?

      Then “THEE,” ohio state. The best QB that program has had in recent history is the one who never played there and transferred to LSU, burrows.

      I get there will be other names to emerge but right now it looks like this year’s class with bigger names nationally and the same level of talent as this year. Minimal.

      • Cover2

        I’m not high on Bryce Young either, it feels like another Tua overhype. But I am really intrigued with Stroud. Hopefully Wilson won’t demand a trade after Coach Caroll blows almost all of the available cap on our own free agents.

        • Peter

          I think a trade has to be announced soonidh for any of the big names. So many moving pieces that any of the teams on the qb chase can’t go into free agency blank since they will all be eliminating big portions of the draft from their plans.

      • JimQ

        I think PC’s “game manager” can be found in the 2022 draft. -IMO- A game manager exhibits EFFICIENCY & ACCURACY as reflected by an outstanding QBR in a lower volume passing or pass option attack. Look no further than Costal Carolina’s (very much an emerging college program) QB-Grayson McCall, (6-3/210). This is the 2-nd or 3-rd time I’ve mentioned him & I’m not just a stats guy, I’ve studied him & I’m a big believer. Y’all do yourself a favor and spend some time & —Check him out—- He may not currently be a perfect QB, but that’s where coaches earn their pay, the stats and film all show great potential from McCall, again -IMHO-.

        He had a “GREAT” 2021 season while having a low volume passing stat line of 176/241/73.02%/2873-yds. with 27-TD’s & 3-INT in 11 games played. As a fairly mobile QB he also had rushing stats of 93/290 & 4-TD’s.
        McCall = #2 in FBS in 2021 in completion percentage (73.02%) while having a modest passing stat line.
        McCall = #1 in FBS in 2021 in passing yards – per attempt – with 11.92. (PC would love this stat)
        McCall = #2 in NCAA **since 1956** in passing yards per attempt with 10.9. (Uber efficient)
        McCall = #1 in FBS in 2021 in adjusted pass yards per attempt with 13.6 (PC would love this “long ball” stat)
        McCall = #1 in FBS in 2021 in total yards per play ran with 9.5. (PC would really, really love this stat as well)
        McCall’s 207.65 is the highest QBR in the NCAA since at least before 2009 (as far back as I could find).
        NOTE: McCall = #3 in NCAA, since 1956 (***66-years***) with his career total QBR of 196.1. — All stats are from cfbstats.com. I predict that if McCall has similar stats next year, he’ll likely be drafted somewhere in Rd-1 or at the least in the R-2 area. I believe most of the above stats are better than RW’s were in college.

  18. Justaguy

    Go Pussy Cats! Cincy 24 Rams 21

  19. Rj webber

    The only way I see this happening with WFT is five 1st 2nd this year and chase young. That is what its going to take to move wilson. On top of that would russ really want to work for dan Snyder? Is pete carroll so bad that you would rather work for that bag of dicks, I doubt it.

    • Rob Staton

      Well who knows? The report is that he’s open to it so at this stage at least, he’s not ruling it out it seems.

      As for five first rounders, you can only trade picks in the next three drafts.

  20. Canadian Hawk


    Great write up (again).

    Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Matthew Stafford – seems you need one of those guys to make it to the show. They don’t come around often. Russell Wilson is one of those guys.

    Go get Chandler Jones and go get Terron Armstead.
    It’s doable. So do it.
    Make a statement.

    Restructure Bobby.
    Make the hard cuts (Carson)
    Use that cash to extend DK.

    Don’t get cute drafting.
    Pick what’s needed, not what’s wanted.

    And find a defensive coach that can get the best our of Jamal.
    Wasn’t that long ago he was considered one of the best defensive players in the league.
    Work to bring that guy back.

    • Peter

      “Don’t get cute,”

      This stresses me out for this draft. Seattle sits at 41. Just looking around pre combine on myriad draft sites plus our very own Rob’s thoughts there are quite a few names that feel very good, for the value, and what this team needs.

      Multiple DT’s. Possible edge players. A very powerful runningback.

      Moving later into rounds three on out. There are intriguing corners. Yes safeties (good grief), and quite a few LB’s.

      There are good TE’s. And I’m sure there are going to good WR’s at the combine. This team isn’t a good TE away from solving systemic problems. It’s not a procise-like gadget player from being better. With Eskridge it’s not a third WR from being better.

      Feels like it’s time to have a real meat and potatoes draft this year.

  21. CHaquesFan

    Good video on Malik Willis, highlights deep throwing and accuracy with ability to extend plays, but criticizes his decision making, calling him a one-read QB with a propensity to make Carson Wentz or Winston-esque throws (from the video), and doesn’t keep his eyes downfield, ending up making poor decisions. Can succeed but needs to sit with a good organization or be thrust into a Greg Roman system

    • Rob Staton

      As I’ve been saying

  22. Romeo A57

    I am wondering if the Seahawks could really get three 1st round picks and an impact player for Russ if they were forced to trade him? You have people like Ryan Clark saying he isn’t that good and a lot of fans( in Seattle and other cities) believing that he is washed up and past his prime, I think that some of this is from recency bias since Wilson had a down year and the Seahawks were bad overall this past season.

    I am wondering if some of these teams we are discussing like Washington, Las Vegas, Denver etc. would be more interested with an exciting rookie QB like Willis than a QB like Russ that they have perceived to be past his prime. I realize that it just takes one owner to want a future HOF like Russ, and offer a haul of picks, but are we sure that most of these teams still view him as a high-end starting quarterback?

    Are us Seahawks fans, having seen Wilson’s greatness for a decade, overvaluing his worth? In that time he has received as many votes for NFL MVP as I have.

    • Peter

      Ny post put a full page out about getting Wilson.

      Writers in D.C. are calling for Wilson.

      The bears offered three firsts last year.

      Ryan Clark is a goof. He literally calked Wilson the best player in the game when he wasn’t even as good yet back in 2014.

      Meh. Mvp votes. That’s a recency bias vote if there ever was one. Rodgers won this year. He’s more valuable than burrows or stafford? Jackson won it and still hasn’t been extended. Matt ryan? Cam netwon? How about 2013 when peyton manning won only to get blown out by seattle in the superbowl. He was more valuable than Sherman and the “tip?”

      Other than people wishing it out loud there is zero evidence to suggest that while many qbs are now playing late in their 30’s Wilson in his first year with an injury is passed his prime. If he throws let’s say 24 tds- 10 ints next year with no injury (murrays stats) okay maybe he’s slowing down.

    • Rob Staton

      I would suggest reading my lay of the land piece because it explains this in more detail.

      But no. Certain teams are going to go all in on Wilson. We’re not going OTT on his value. And Willis isn’t that exciting.

  23. Gary

    Option 1: Carroll, Wilson, and status quo.

    Option 2: A new head coach, Mitch Trubisky, Chase Young, a boat load of draft picks, and a ton of cap space.

    Sign me up for option 2. With option 1, we know exactly what we can expect. More of the same, and a first-round playoff exit in the very best case scenario. I’m not interested in watching any more Pete ball. With option 2, I would be interested in seeing what kind of team a progressive, innovative, bright young coach and management team could build with those resources. And I understand that Trubisky is not of Wilson’s calibre. But much like the Giants with Daniel Jones, I believe that Trubisky has more potential than what he was able to show in Chicago (I saw flashes of it) and it would be fascinating to see if his potential could be unlocked with the right coach and surrounding cast and a dominant defence.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’ve got no issue with Peteball IF he actually constructs the team properly to make it work. No point banging on about about run game for example if the o line is crap and our tough mono rbs are made of glass.

      • Peter

        Yep. For me since I don’t want to speak for others that are down on PC, I’m not “over,” a strong run game and a turnover creating defense. Who would be against that?

        I’m down on PC since it feels like (and it shows,) that the only part of Pete ball he can make go is the deep shots.

        Fans that are down on Wilson for not taking shots in the middle of the field seem to miss that has never been a tenent of Pete’s system. It’s run til the defense is gassed and guessing then take shots deep when the box is stacked.

        I’m heavy into the defense this draft because it leans that way. However, though it feels unlikely, if Pete wanted to pay up for a stronger oline and draft a RB like Pierce early on I would be super into it.

  24. Timothy Burch

    Sadly that Plan A is still out there to be had. SMH. IF I was forced to trade Wilson, I would still make a team pay dearly. For me to trade Wilson to Washington it would be 1st 2nd and 3rd round picks for 2022. 1st for 2023 and 2024. Also, I would take Montez Sweat. Only because I would make Washington feel a little better by not asking for Young.

    • Timothy Burch

      For QB, go get Gardner Minshew from Philly, as a placeholder. Maybe lure Tom Brady out of retirement for 1 more go?

      • UkAlex6674

        Why would he even consider coming here?

        • Peter

          If tom brady were to come out of retirement and be released from Tampa Bay because he’s under contract I would think it was for San Francisco. His hometown, near his parents, and his favorite team growing up. And he could maybe go for a superbowl with them. Here in Seattle? With our defense and oline? Not a chance.

          • Timothy Burch

            If trade happens that’s 7 picks in first 4 rounds. Plus money to spend on cap to get Tom Brady his guys. Never say Never.

  25. clbradley17

    Rob, fantastic content all Senior Bowl week and about Russ. Hope you feel better. Do you have any plans on doing interviews with some players from the Senior Bowl – Jones, Mafe, Pierce, etc., and Tony Pauline or Lance Zierlein again this year? They are always great and look fwd. to them.

    • Rob Staton

      Definitely with Tony. Hopefully with Lance. I’m torn on the player interviews because while fun, they don’t generate as many views until they’ve been drafted (when people then go searching on YouTube for the names).

  26. Rob Staton

    Three round mock draft today

    • Big Mike


    • Gaux Hawks

      Any trades for RW? ; )

      Looking forward to it, thank you!

      • Rob Staton

        No trades

    • Ben

      Amped! Excited to start learning more about the class, senior week coverage was great!

      • Rob Staton


  27. Lance

    I wonder if Russ was a Washington fan growing up in VA? He may have great personal memories of the organization from way back in the Joe Gibbs era (pre Dan Snyder).

  28. Sea Mode

    Desai in.

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Seahawks are hiring former #Bears DC Sean Desai as their associate head coach — defense, source said. At 38 years old, Desai is one of the youngest associate head coaches in the NFL. Pete Carroll made a hard sell as he retooled his defensive staff and Desai lands in Seattle.

    • cha

      That’s fantastic. Great news.

      • Sea Mode

        Agree it’s much better than ol’ pal Donatell. And at least he’s a guy who knows how to study offenses and game plan. Hopefully Pete had to cede at least some form of control to get him.

        • swedenhawk

          +1 has the Karl Scott hire been made official as well?

    • Scot04

      Was definitely was taking yo long to announce the DC officially.
      It felt like the only way Desai was coming was as DC or promotion like assistant HC.
      Love the new title, but just glad they did what it took to get him.

  29. drrew76

    Desai is in as Associate Head Coach — that’s a home run hire.

    • Sea Mode

      Why do you say that?

      It may we’ll be, but he was also simply let go by the Bears and didn’t get any of the DC gigs he interviewed for.

      • drrew76

        He’s only 38 years old with already one successful DC stint on his resume. That was on a team with an offensive HC.

        The fact that he wasn’t retained means almost nothing, they hired Eberflus who is going to want his own guys.

        All indications out of Chicago are that he was on track to be a future head coach in this league.

        There’s all the usual caveats about what sort of role/power he’ll actually have, but this is unreservedly a very good hire.

        • pdway

          Definitely gives us a ray of hope – Desai, Scott, Waldron last year – all are what we’ve been clamoring for – guys from outside the Carroll family who are hopefully young/hungry/talented (also admittedly pretty unproven). At least it shouldn’t be the same old/same old on that side of the ball, last year’s defense was so depressing and unexciting.

          Sure hope they spend the FA money we have on some impact guys.

  30. Phil

    What would it take to pluck Tyler Huntley from the Ravens?

    I don’t want to trade Russ; but if it happens, he could be an intriguing guy for Waldron to have some fun with. 🤷‍♂️

    • Peter

      The ravens need Huntley. Lamar is an injury risk. Missing time in 3 of 4 seasons. Plus not sure they are totally sold on him.

      Maybe Huntley is worth a 5th?

      • Kelly Smith

        Not to respond in a negative way but if you NEED a guy why would you give him up for a 5th? Detroit didn’t need Diggs so we got him for a 5th. If we need tre brown would you give him up for a 5th? Or a swing tackle?

        • Peter

          I’ll clarify.

          I think the ravens need him

          I think he’s not worth more than a fifth for most of the league. Huntley’s not some hidden gem. He was a nice solid unremarkable qb at Utah.

          4 starts. 220 yards a game. 3 tds. 4 picks. What’s he shown? That he is ambulatory?

          You said it though. What one team needs another seemingly doesn’t? Would detroit have been better keeping Diggs? Was buffalo better for giving us marshawn for a 4th?

      • Ok

        I think the nfl is rapidly approaching a time where if a qb looks at all able, they are worth a no less than a 2nd (depending on contract I guess).
        You either have a QB or you don’t, and until you do, you are not going anywhere.

        Rob: thanks for all that you do. I’m glad you are doing better…scary times.

        I’ll go back to watching my doomsday calendar (Diggs and/or Wagner being retained).

        • Peter

          I don’t disagree. And i think Huntley looks every bit the part of a back up. Let’s look at our team. If russ throws 200 yards he’s “cooked.” But huntley does the same and he’s intriguing?

          If russ throws a pick on game day this site goes into a free fall. But huntley with his negative td to int ratio is a guy to watch?

          • Peter

            See: Minshew.

            He had better stats in his starts and went for a conditional 6th.

  31. Rokas

    Solari is OUT per Pellisieri or whatever his name is.

  32. Seattle Person

    Mike Solari also let go. I don’t know how anyone else feels but I don’t know. It all feels too loosey goosey to me. Like a mad scramble to fill positions. We are going younger with the new coaches so there’s that. That’s something at least some of us wanted the team to do. Have some new and younger blood.

    We have an internal option with the guy we brought over from the Rams that came along with Waldron. I assume he’s going to be promoted to Oline coach.


    • Bill H.

      I am happy to see them move on from Solari. He has not been given the best talent but too often I have been frustrated be his blocking schemes that have a O-Lineman help double team a D-lineman that was not needed and allow the guy in front of him a free run at Wilson.

  33. Kelly Smith

    I don’t want to see this trade, I want to see Russell go down with enough statistics to be#1 in our books for a long time. I want to see a statue of him… but I have to admit I have rosterbated so many times at the thought of chase young and 3 1sts. This is a trade I would make in a heartbeat on madden to see how the next 10 years would go, but I don’t want any part of losing a HoF and what’s more a seattle ambassador in real life.

  34. cha

    Michael Silver
    The Seahawks will promote run-game coordinator Andy Dickerson to OL coach, according to sources


    • Sea Mode

      This one might be at Waldron’s request, one of his guys.

      • Gross MaToast

        Might be at Wilson’s request/demand.

        • cha

          Good thought. Would not shock me one bit.

  35. Forrest

    I think there’s a name that would interest Pete, where the Washington deal for Russ makes perfect sense – Tom Brady! By trading Russ to Washington and getting Young, a DT and #11 and #42, Carrol could select Kyle Hamilton or Derek Stingley if they fall (Davis or Dean if they don’t) and Channing Tindall and a RB in Round 2 to build the team Pete wants and have plenty of cap to go all in for 2022 with some top offensive line additions for one more year for Pete…and Brady.

    Look at the weapons Brady would have (very similar to Tampa!) and he could be a game manager who gets the ball out quickly.

    Remember, this is the team and coach who tried to lure Manning in his last years.

    Could it be???

    • cha

      No, not really, no.

    • Seattle Person


      If he wants Giselle to throw a mad fit…

  36. 206

    Did you all hear the Quandre Diggs interview with Ben Baller? It was highlighted on the salk show this morning. Diggs basically said what we all have assumed has been going on with the defense and whole team. Interesting to hear it from a player though. Among things he said – Pete meddles, there is a lack of accountability, why are the d line men in pass coverage, etc

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting. What hour was it on Salk?

    • Seattle Person

      I’m glad he said it. We all pretty much can infer what went on behind the scenes. It doesn’t mean the bridge is burnt but it does look like he wasn’t thrilled with the team’s direction on defense. He probably wasn’t the only one.

      • Big Mike

        Oh he’s not coming back. He wanted an extension last offseason and was told in so many words to pound rocks. Then he gets hurt in the 4th quarter of a meaningless game 17. Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t go all Earl Thomas and give Pete the finger on his way off the field laying on the stretcher.

        • Seattle Person

          I don’t blame him. There is a legit question whether we should pay both FS and SS big money. Not smart business in my opinion.

          • Peter

            No question from me. The answer is no. Need extra space to pay for practice squad guys who come off the bench to cover Adams and his missing games.

            Love Diggs but even if he didn’t get hurt you can’t have your safeties raking in about 30-35 million per year.

  37. GoHawks5151

    Great hire in Desai! Young guy who does some interesting things on D. I like the Dickerson promotion too. Makes you think that they will dedicate further on offense to the Rams style wide zone scheme rather than the gap scheme Solari was good at. Now, most importantly, let these guys loose to coach and contribute

    • Rob4q

      Then this may also indicate that they are going to look for a different type of OL that will fit the scheme better. As in they may not bring Brown or Shell back and will instead look at more athletic guys like Forsythe and Curhan. More susceptible to power rushers but certainly more agile to deal with the speed off the edge.

      Would be interesting to look at the types of OL in the draft that they may target over the big mauling types…

      • Julian L

        Abraham Lucas?

        • Rob4q

          Good call there!

        • j

          Doubt he is there at 41.

      • GoHawks5151

        Tyler Linderbaum if he drops. Has the lateral quickness the Rams covet.

      • Seattle Person

        McVay also likes his OT tall with a lot of arm length. Curhan and Forsythe are both at least 6’6. It’s interesting and we’ll see what type of Oline they can develop.

  38. Moritz

    Assuming Russ wants out and assuming he has set his eyes on a certain team does ist make sense for his own benefit to wait until after draft day to make his intentions clear?

    Let’s say he indicates Philly as the team he wants to play for.

    Philly just used its R1 picks on positions which Seattle has less need for than other areas (e.g. WR, LB, safety). By doing so these picks (now players) have less value for Seattle than the picks would have had before. At least Philly will not have taken the exact same players Sea would have with those picks, and thus devaluing them as a trade return for Seattle.

    Or pushing that thought even further: If he wants out because he believes to have a clearer path to success somewhere else – why not “support” the new team by devaluing his own trade value thus making the trade compensation cheaper, since every resource the new team has to spend less can be used to make the team better. What if he says “I won’t play again for Coach Carroll, trade me to Philly”. The moment that leaks his price has to drop?!

    Obviously, Seattle could refuse to trade him then, but as we just saw in the NBA player empowerment is on an all time high, and if someone really wants to switch teams it happens (Simmons/Harden). That kind of escalation would probably change the perception of him as Mr. Nice Guy which he might not want but again if that spares the new team some assets which could turn into valuable pieces down the stretch to winning a SB. Isn t that worth some burned bridges in Seattle?

    If someone can follow my line of thinking, when would be the time to hurt the Seahawks most / help the new team most by formulating such a trade request?

  39. Mick

    Desai could turn out to be a great move. Solari, I’m sorry for him, but it’s not like our OLine was working too awesome. This change might weight positively for Wilson.

  40. Henry Taylor

    I’m curious to find out how the responsibilities will shape up with this new defensive staff.

    Hurt has the DC title, but Desai is the one with experience in calling plays, so who is taking that responsibility? Who has hierarchy between them in the game planning? If Hurtt has the true DL focus, does Desai have defacto control of the secondary, or is that Scott with Desai as an overlooker of both?

    Most importantly, does the fact theyve recruited these young coaches looking to grow into a bigger role suggest Pete is taking less responsibility in the game planning moving forward? Likewise, does Waldron promoting his guy to OL coach mean he’s getting more autonomy?

    Some of those things may not get answers till the new season, if at all, but certainly intriguing.

    • Happy Hawk

      Have they officially announced Hurt as the DC?

  41. Joel

    I’d prefer Hawks focus on a deal featuring DE Chase Young and OT Sam Cosmi supplemented by 2022 pick #11, 42 and 2023 R1, R2.

    This deal could elevate the trenches with two young stalwarts and provide decent draft stock. Cosmi was a pedigreed athletic LT at Texas and 2nd rounder last year who acquitted himself well in starting duties as a rookie earning a 75 PFF score. Swap Cosmi in for Brown for $10M + savings to reinvest elsewhere and a possible top 10 type left tackle plugged in for the next decade. That doesn’t solve the quarterback dilemma but worst case look to a stopgap free agent or low level trade like Minshew and await a richer QB draft class when you have elevated draft ammo with extra picks in 2023

    • Peter

      I have a hunch that any trade involving Wilson will not include an offensive starter back.

    • Scot04

      Definitely can’t see them sending a cheap starting Tackle.
      But the fact your taking out a 1st makes it more possible.
      Still think it would be a future 1st over Cosmi.
      Maybe you get Young & Payne with 11, 73, then the 2023 & 2024 1sts.
      Gives us plenty of options in draft knowing PassRush already upgraded.
      I think Seahawks would think hard on that deal, even without the QB.
      Washington then likely uses their pick 42 on D-line.

  42. Don Logan

    One huge negative factor regarding the Commanders – Their oft injurious field. If I’m Russell Wilson I’m avoiding that place.

    • TomLPDX

      Aren’t they planning on doing something with the field this year?

  43. Palatypus

    Every time I read “Washington Commanders” I am reminded of the nickname that Metallica gave to the Led Zeppelin rip-off band Kingdom Come when they toured together on Monsters of Rock: The Condom Kings.

    • Gross MaToast

      I’ve made a short list of team names better than ‘Commanders:’

      All of them.

      End of list.

    • Big Mike

      We always called them Kingdom Clone

  44. Dan D'Onofrio

    WOW! This was quite the article. I am very impressed, particularly at a time when I wanted a ‘longer’ read. This article contained a massive amount of information and bridged it together very well.

    I do want Russy to remain. Because if he does, it’s because he wants to, and will collect and pivot himself into an awesome/latter stage of his career QB and competitor. I think he’s caught between younger Russy and older acclimating Russy and until these trade rumors end and the unknown situations become less relevent…he simply cannot change his QB trajectory. (stay, renegotiate next year)

    If we do end up trading Mr. Wilson, I’d suggest a deal with Baltimore. Although Bradley Bozeman is a free agent (center) he’d be a great get along with Tyler Huntley (quarterback) who is also a free agent. The Ravens also have a #14, #45 and #76 in this year’s draft. GO SEAHAWKS!

  45. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Pete wants to rise and repeat. Not add. My question is if he watches film of his current roster as scrupulously as he watches opponents or college players? Adams, Wagner, Pocic. Is he really thinking Seattle is close?

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