Why Seattle is primed to fill their key need in the draft

Ole Miss’ Sam Williams — very much one to watch

I wrote my off-season plan a few days ago and it included the kind of splashy moves the Seahawks typically don’t make.

Truth be told, I don’t expect a big eye-catching addition that generates excitement. I hope it happens. I think if you’re serious about ‘running it back’ and trying to take a step forward, you have to be aggressive.

If you’re prepared to make the Jamal Adams trade — you should equally be willing to ‘go for it’ in free agency for the right player.

There are always risks. Yet spreading their cap on journeymen hasn’t worked. It’s time to add some genuine talent.

I appreciate, though, that we’ve seen how they operate. They’re much more inclined to simply retain their own players, wait for the market to cool and then add second or third tier free agents.

I hope that after years of being a mile away from contention they might do things differently.

Perhaps even a compromise?

If it’s not a big splash for Chandler Jones, maybe they can go and land Akiem Hicks to provide some interior pressure? After all — defensive coordinator candidates Clint Hurtt, Ed Donatell and Sean Desai (more on them later) have all worked with Hicks during his time in Chicago.

Having identified pass rush as a key need, it’d be nice to see them truly address this rather than the lip-service they’ve paid to it over the last three seasons. We’ve been talking about this issue for too long.

It might be the draft, rather than free agency, where they make their biggest move.

I think there’s a very real chance they’ll look at the 2022 class and feel like they’re well placed to add a pass rusher with their top pick, which is currently #41 overall.

This draft remains very difficult to project and we need the Senior Bowl and combine to provide a bit more clarity. However, I do think we’re starting to see which positions might be strong in the first two frames.

Aidan Hutchinson and Kayvon Thibodeaux will both go very early. After that, there’s a handful of players who will also go in round one.

David Ojabo has done enough to secure that projection. George Karlaftis’ production and frame are a bit of a concern but he’s expected to test very well.

Jermaine Johnson has everything you look for in a pass rusher and had a great year for Florida State. Houston’s Logan Hall is an absolute terror with true flexibility to play across the line.

I think those four are very likely to go in round one. If they test well, we could be talking top-20 for each.

Nose tackle Jordan Davis should also go in that range.

Then you have a whole bunch of players who could come off the board in the late first or early second round. That is where the Seahawks are based.

Some of these prospects are raw but the Seahawks like super-charged athletic, explosive players. They might feel pretty comfortable about their options.

It really just depends what they’re after.

I’ve found it curious that they almost over-pursued an interior pass rusher in 2017 by drafting Malik McDowell and then trading for Sheldon Richardson — but have otherwise generally shown little interest in adding a dynamic inside threat.

Could they now settle on Carlos Dunlap and Darrell Taylor as starters off the edge and go for a defensive tackle?

Or will they look for another player to add to the EDGE rotation? Perhaps even more of an inside/out rusher?

I wanted to note the long list of players who could come off the board in Seattle’s range — to emphasise why they might lean on their top pick to fix their self-confessed biggest need and look at potential targets.

Arnold Ebiketie (DE, Penn State)
Ebiketie has an opportunity to launch his stock into round one if he tests well. He could also be an ideal addition for the Seahawks at #41 if available. He had 18 TFL’s and 9.5 sacks in 2021 and flies off the edge with frightening speed. He can engage, absorb contact and fight to the QB. He uses subtle hand-use to swipe away blockers and then accelerate and finish. There’s evidence of a swim/rip. He is afforded a wide, long-run up by Penn State and it’ll be interesting to see how he fares 1v1 in a more narrow alignment at the Senior Bowl. Opponents are visibly wary of his speed and are hesitant to engage. Has he got the size to play early downs and defend the run? Either way he has a terrific motor. He’s a big combine and Senior Bowl away from elevating himself into a high range (after I wrote this review, I noticed Mel Kiper had him at #16 in his first mock draft — that is a very real possibility).

Sam Williams (DE, Ole Miss)
Right off the bat he looks the part. He had 16 TFL’s and 12.5 sacks in 2021. His body is sturdier than some of the leaner edge rushers in this class and he appears more filled out. He has taken a few reps inside. He perhaps doesn’t attack the edge with the same refinement as others and he’s a bit stiff in his motion. Yet his change of direction is good (expect a good three cone) and there’s evidence of winning with bend. Williams has a great motor and plays to the whistle — chasing around the field to get to the ball-carrier. He’s tough to stop when he attacks the edge and has a ‘bull in a china shop’ style of play. He has something about him where you feel like his best football might still be ahead. Reportedly he has run a 4.4 forty at Ole Miss’ facility and jumped a 40-inch vertical.

Travon Walker (DE, Georgia)
He’s extremely powerful and can manhandle opponents at the LOS — delivering a jolting punch or driving at contact to force blockers backwards. His production was lower than others in 2021 with 7.5 TFL’s and six sacks. He’s capable of absorbing double teams and still working across the line in the running game. Walker keeps his eyes on the ball-carrier and combines his power with a slippery elusiveness. He’s difficult to control and looks very explosive. He flashes great quickness when he slips gaps lining up inside. He seems to do his best work when he’s in the trenches, battling it out with a lot of bodies and traffic. Thus, you kind of wonder what his best position is. He’s 6-4 and 275lbs. He’s not a natural twitchy edge rusher and he’s not a big guy who plays inside. Yet it still, for the most part, works — and he’s a very explosive street-fighter who plays across the line and he’s shown an ability to work in space.

Myjai Sanders (DE, Cincinnati)
He’s long limbed and leaner than a lot of other players. He’s all arms and legs. His production was disappointing in 2021 but he did draw a lot of attention — he finished with 7.5 TFL’s and just 2.5 sacks. He uses his length well to keep his frame clean. The rip/swim move is there. He can absorb contact and finish. Sanders has a nice fake inside move before countering to the outside. He’s got smooth, quick feet and good athleticism/quickness. He can round the edge but doesn’t have the lean/balance of the elite rushers. He might find it tough-sledding vs the run in a 4-3 system if he works the edge on early downs. He’s reportedly capable of running a 4.56 forty and a 4.10 short shuttle. He’s also broad jumped 10-2 and has a vertical jump of 35 inches. That kind of testing, along with a strong Senior Bowl, will get him noticed.

Boye Mafe (DE, Minnesota)
Great initial hand placement and can jolt offensive tackles off balance using one arm, freeing his other arm to rip and disengage. Has a tremendous amount of power in his one-arm bull rush. Mafe had 10 TFL’s and seven sacks in 2021. He’s very good at initiating contact, disengaging and then exploding to the QB. Loves contact and likes a battle — he doesn’t lose many 1v1’s and his power and agility show up on tape. Has shown an ability to stack vs the run and keep himself free to make the tackle. Is more ideally suited to handle the run game compared to other edge defenders in this class. Can bend and straighten against flat-footed right tackles. He can chop down hands to round the arc, drive into your chest or attack the edge with speed. Not sure he has the sudden get-off some others have but he is easily the best with his hands and his combination of length, size and hand-use make him a very intriguing prospect. He can reportedly run a 4.57 plus jump a 40.5 inch vertical and a 10-6 broad.

DeMarvin Leal (DT, Texas A&M)
He is a somewhat overrated versatile rusher who still generated reasonable production in 2021 with 12.5 TFL’s and 8.5 sacks. He’s regularly mocked in the first but is much more likely to be a second day pick. He has a lot of the tools and it’ll be interesting to see how he tests at the combine. Yet he lingers on blocks too long and needs to learn how to disengage. If he wants to make a permanent shift to defensive tackle he could do with getting closer to 300lbs. There’s often not much of a plan with the way he pressures and he seems like a player who relies a lot on physical qualities rather than technique. That said, Chris Jones was a similar type of player in 2016. He had a lot of qualities but teams didn’t know whether he could put it together. Thus, he lasted to pick #37 and ended up being a steal for the Chiefs. Leal could end up being a similar type of value prospect who needs a fair bit of work but there’s risk/reward on offer. For the Seahawks he’d offer something they just don’t have at the moment.

Phidarian Mathis (DT, Alabama)
People are really underestimating Mathis. It’s possibly due to his climb from little-known day-three project to star for the Crimson Tide and the fact that he doesn’t look like the best athlete in terms of body shape. Yet his tape in 2021 was exceptional. He had 12 TFL’s and nine sacks. He has ideal size — 34 inch arms, 6-4, 312lbs. It’s hard to pick floors in his game and he deserves a lot more attention. Firstly, he’s incredibly powerful. He drives back interior linemen with one hand, keeps his head up and reads the backfield. He overwhelmed several blockers this season and he makes your life a misery. He’s an absolute war-horse in the trenches — his feet don’t stop and even when you engage and maybe even gain initial leverage, there’s a counter-punch to the chest, a swipe with his free arm and suddenly you’re on your backside and he’s pressuring the QB. Yet you also see clips where he flashes incredible agility and quickness. There was one snap against LSU where the guard doesn’t engage and Mathis just danced round him, straight into the backfield, with choppy, quick feet before hammering the quarterback. He’s disciplined versus the run. He has a swim/rip to slip into the backfield. This is a player you want to go to war with.

Drake Jackson (DE, USC)
He is raw compared to some of the other prospects listed and will need technical refinement in order to show better hands and the ability to make the most of his potential. Yet in terms of physical tools — he’s a very appealing prospect. His production in 2021 was so-so (eight TFL’s, five sacks) but he attacks the edge with a real bursts and rounds the tackle with ease. He threatens offensive tackles the way teams love — he has that natural bend and suddenness that you can’t teach. There’s one rep he had against Arizona State last season where he dips under the tackle’s attempted block which has to be seen to believe. I’m not sure I’ve seen a player get so low, round with such balance and basically not lose a step of momentum — it’s all in one motion, direct to the QB. Getting him to put it together consistently is the key but the potential is there.

Cameron Thomas (DE, San Diego State)
He had big-time production in 2021 with 20.5 TFL’s and 11.5 sacks. When I watched him for the first time a few weeks ago — he blew up the first two plays in the game. On another snap he started at left end, looped around to the right side of the line on an elongated stunt, then when the QB scrambled to the opposite side of the field — he continued his pursuit right to the sideline, hammering the passer as he tried to throw. It’s one of the best ‘effort’ plays I’ve ever seen. He lines up off the edge and inside. He can win inside with his agility and feet and he has the length to engage and compete. Sometimes he just bullies his way through blocks. There are some cheap inside stunts (they dominate college these days) so I want to see how he tests. If he performs well at the combine he could have legit inside/out potential.

Dante Stills (DT, West Virginia)
He’s extremely athletic with NFL bloodlines and a lot of potential. He had 15 TFL’s in 2021 and seven sacks. He shoots gaps with quickness and directness. There’s evidence of a swim move and he plays with a great motor to chase down ball-carriers. Stills has good, strong hands and combines it well with agility — he ran a 4.24 short shuttle at SPARQ. The problem is he’s a bit of a tweener. He’s 6-4 and 280lbs and might have an issue with arm length. That said, there’s talent on offer here and while the second day might prove a bit early — he’s shown to be a dynamic, pressure-creating force for WVU.

All of these players could be considered in Seattle’s range, with perhaps the exception of Stills (who could provide value later on).

It’s a nice thought that they could add a Jordan Davis (a monster who will stun people with his athleticism at the combine), Jermaine Johnson (the ultimate edge rusher — he does everything well), Logan Hall (a dominating force when he lines up inside, capable of winning with brute strength and quickness) or Devonte Wyatt (who’s expected to run a 4.8 forty at +300lbs and could elevate himself into the top-25).

They would all be great options but are less likely to last.

As we can see, though, #41 might be a sweet-spot for a defensive lineman/pass rusher. For that reason, the safe money could be on that being Seattle’s pick.

If they do address this area with gusto in free agency — they could turn their attention to linebacker (if they move on from Bobby Wagner) with Channing Tindall, Brian Asamoah, JoJo Domann and Quay Walker all worthy of attention.

I only watched Domann for the first time yesterday and he’s got ‘Patriots’ written all over him. He plays with his hair on fire, can jump a 36.5 inch vertical and he’s run a (probably assisted) 3.97 short shuttle.

They could also take a long look at Florida running back Dameon Pierce — who will likely go earlier than a lot of people realise. It’s also possible — maybe not likely, but possible — that tackles Bernhard Raimann and Abraham Lucas last into range.

Yet having clearly stated what their off-season aim is — pass rush — it aligns with their draft position nicely. It’s worth keeping an eye on the D-liners in Mobile during the Senior Bowl.

Other notes

The good and bad of the D-coordinator search

I can’t decide whether I’m encouraged or sceptical about Seattle’s desire to interview some highly regarded outside candidates for the defensive coordinator job.

On the one hand, it’s been quite interesting to see fans of the Bears and Cowboys react with fear that they might lose Sean Desai or Joe Whitt Jr.

Both have enjoyed success in their respective roles and Desai in particular has led a defense, rather than working for a defensive minded Head Coach.

On the other hand, I wonder why either would take this job? Why would they want to come and run Pete Carroll’s defense, rather than their own? And is this window-dressing before the inevitable appointment of Ed Donatell and Clint Hurtt as co-coordinators? Are these interviews really only to enable the Seahawks to say, ‘see — this was a thorough search’.

They did appoint Shane Waldron, an outsider, a year ago. I hope that is a trend, not a one-off. This defense needs new ideas and a fresh set of eyes.

For too long Carroll has appointed yes-men and family members. It’s time for the Seahawks to try and build the best staff money can buy — not the staff most willing to follow along like loyal disciples.

Be creative with the center position

It’s not a good draft at center and they need an answer here.

The Seahawks have tended, in recent years, to invest in veteran O-liners. That market isn’t flush with options either.

I mentioned this in my off-season plan and increasingly I think they should call New Orleans about Cesar Ruiz.

We know they like length and size. We know they like explosive traits. Ruiz is the complete package for them physically.

He has struggled after moving to guard. The Saints drafted Erik McCoy and he’s retained the center spot. Fans have started to get on Ruiz’s back and increasingly it feels like he needs a fresh start.

I don’t know what kind of price it would take but I’d pick up the phone and ask the question. Saints fans certainly seem ready to move on so it might be a cheap deal.

DK Metcalf trade rumours?

Who knows whether this is legit — but this tweet emerged a week ago:

I’ve never heard of ‘uSTADIUM’ before. They have 36,700 Twitter followers (a fair amount) but they also follow 15,400 accounts (which makes the 36,700 more manufactured).

Nevertheless, this could end up being a story that pops up this off-season.

It will cost a minimum of $20m a year to sign Metcalf to a new contract. That’s where the market is. The franchise tag this year was just over $19m. He could realistically ask for $23-25m and it wouldn’t be unfair.

Seattle has to decide whether it wants to do that.

Trading him now would probably be peak value. A buyer would get one last year on his rookie deal and a franchise tag. That’s a decent position to negotiate a new contract.

For a team like the Jets — with no weapons and a young quarterback needing an outlet — it would make sense. They have loads of cap space and they have, as we know, two first round picks this year.

Metcalf should command a deal similar to the Jamal Adams trade. If the Seahawks don’t want to pay him and feel it’d be worthwhile to get their #10 pick back — plus another first in 2023 — that could be tempting. Especially if they think the Jets are unlikely to take a big step forward next year. It could be another high pick.

It was a strange year for Metcalf in 2021. The Seahawks struggled to feature him in some games. He actively looked frustrated and angry at times. Against Washington, he was visibly gesturing to Geno Smith after one failed drive — as if to say ‘this guy should be starting’.

He might find life even more irritating in New York but money talks — and the Jets can buy his favour by offering a record-breaking contract, given their favourable cap situation.

Certainly the Jets need an injection of proven quality from somewhere.

Seattle found themselves in a very similar situation with Frank Clark where they felt priced out. That deal didn’t secure a top-10 pick, rather a late first.

The only thing is — if they are very much in ‘win now’ mode, can you justify a trade that could easily make you worse?

It’s an interesting topic. Especially because you could easily argue they spent a second round pick on Dee Eskridge a year ago, they’ve chosen to pay Tyler Lockett big money already, there are some good veteran receivers reaching free agency and there are players like Kentucky’s Wan’Dale Robinson available in the draft. So they wouldn’t be short at receiver.

A top-10 pick could give you a chance to secure a pass rusher or offensive tackle.

One final note though — Carroll loves big, athletic receivers. He finally found one in 2019. I’m not sure he’ll give that up easily. The Clark trade does provide some precedent though.

Still, it might be more one for next year rather than this year. And the Seahawks have never been particularly pro-active on trading their own until the last minute.

If you missed my interview with Jim Nagy yesterday, please check it out here:

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  1. Peter

    Can’t wait to dive into these names.

    Rewatching Mafa’s stuff. Man he looks like he would be a nightmare to deal with with his hands.

    Not an excuse. But Minnesota isn’t helping him. Even on highlight reels he seems to be diagnosing plays on the fly while the Minn line generally gets handled by most teams.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      If he can put up 40.5 in the vertical and 10-6 in the broad at the Combine, at 6-3 and 265lbs…boy howdy!

      I’m taking a much deeper look at him.

  2. Seattle Person

    Thanks Rob.

    It is time! The team needs to build up the d-line again. It seems like the good offensive tackles will most likely be gone by our pick and there are no centers worth to draft with our 2nd. Beef it up. Add FAs and draft either a DT or edge.

    Likewise, I don’t know how to feel about the DC search. All of the candidates so far seems to follow along the Fangio defensive tree. This scheme places a lot of importance on the versatility of the safeties. It makes sense because it is similar to the 4-3 under that Carroll likes to run. So will the idea is to fix how we use our safeties? Recently, it was reported that Carroll wants to be more aggressive and attack on defense. What does that mean? We know Carroll and Fangio don’t really blitz that much. Many questions….

  3. Bigsteviej

    Wonderfully informative, as always, Rob. Thanks for all the time you put into this.

    I can’t imagine a team giving up two first rounders for Metcalf. As good as he is, he really isn’t a unique talent. He’s benefitted greatly from having a QB who throws such a beautiful deep ball. And importantly, he’s a bit of a head case.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Not that you mentioned it, Bigsteviej, but in reference to RW’s sweet deep ball and Robs comment on Geno from his piece, I got the feeling his pointing to Geno in place of Russ is because Geno could throw a proper back shoulder pass in addition to hitting timing routes in stride, things RW has never been able to do with any consistency. Plus, Geno really displayed the leadership qualities in how he carried himself at QB during his short stint. Unfortunately, Geno just does not have the “it” factor to be an NFL QB.

      For me, Geno’s glimpses of what our offense could like with better short and mid length passing routes is the main reason part of me feels like a league average pocket passer like Carr could equal a net gain in offensive efficiency, even at the expense of losing Russ’s beautiful deep ball.

      • Peter

        I’m not sure.

        Geno averaged less than 200 yards and 1.3 tds in 3 starts. Amoritize that for 17 games and that’s less tds than Wilson and only 300 more yards than Wilson missing games.

        Derreck carr might be a so-so qb if they move on. But more efficient? I don’t know. In two more seasons than Carr, Wilson has 99 more tds and only 2 more int’s.

        With tyler balling I guess it’s hard for me to see the offense being better with a more average attack that turns it over nearly once every two scores. Wilson’s got problems but this team probably would have been 3-14 if the qb had played that way.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Point well taken.

          I’m definitely not sure, nor would I bang the table to ship RW out for anyone not named Watson (as he’s the best youngest available QB imho). Just wanted to point out that I could (emphasize COULD from a decidedly biased optimistic outlook) envision this offense humming along in a different way but still be equally or possibly better by efficiently and consistently utilizing timing routes. With RW, for better or worse, it seems a large chunk of the playbook is thrown out because of his deficiencies with short over the middle passing routes or any timing route in general. But, obviously, deficiencies aside, RW is up there with anyone in terms of being able to elevate his play to the most elite levels.

          Don’t want to argue on quicksand. So, my apologies for only having half-hearted commitment to these alternate scenarios. Still, uncertain as I may be, I don’t believe the bottom would HAVE to fall out if RW were traded, but cannot deny that it very well could.

          Also, giving Carr or any QB weapons like the elite tandem of Lockett and DK would likely elevate their QB stats and mitigate to some degree their relative poor showings on teams without such an elite group of pass catchers.

          I’m playing some devil’s advocate here. Please know I totally see where you’re coming from and would be happy to keep RW. I’m just not too sure RW feels the same about keeping us. Thus, my desire to continue discussion with these other scenarios.

          • Peter

            That’s the rub right? Is tyler is this ultimate safety blanket who helped Geno and who knows what is going on in Raiders land.

            Carr is not the worse choice and unless they get Watson which I sort of dread since it would begate a Wilson trade in every way except age, I think Carr playing ball control could work.

            The trouble for ne is IF tge team functionally is the same I’m not sure he can cover warts like a healthy Wilson could. If Penny played half as well as many of us had hoped, plus lockett, and DK, in that I think Carr would probably thrive.

            I think I just worry that we’ve maybe been witnessing a lot more smoke and mirrors fromthis team than the FO, seattle media. Etc, cares to acknowledge and generally i worry that if Wilson goes some new guy is going to get raked over coals without acknowledgement that the schemes and personell are sub par.

  4. MychestisBeastmode

    Rob, you’re a one man army. Great write-up! The production and raw intangibles you’ve noted give me some hope for the future.

    DK has been criminally underused far too often this past season. The Hawks being sticklers for cap savings, I am inclined to believe they would prefer to maximize the value of his rookie contract before a tag-&-trade scenario if they feel they’re priced out by the WR market. However, I hope we can come to an agreement for an extension either this off-season or up to mid-way into next regular season. I hope $21 aav is enough but agree 23-25 million is probably more realistic in this WR market. A tough pill to swallow, but this kid could be a world beater or at least has as much potential as anyone in the NFL to be the best at WR. On the other hand, a trade for 2 1sts that get invested into the trenches would not be a bad move. I still hope we can keep him.

  5. ShowMeYourHawk

    Great stuff, per usual, Rob! Thanks for the time you put in.

    One question about the prospect of “co-coordinators,” where Donatell and Hurtt are involved. Why would Hurtt logically agree to this arrangement? Wasn’t he recently linked as a heavy favorite to land the DC job at the University of Miami? Other than salary (of course), how would it behoove him to potentially play second fiddle to someone that Carroll has history with in Donatell? I’d presume that if he did agree to such an arrangement, it’d lessen other opportunities down the line. Essentially, it’s saying that he’s prepared to lead and scheme a defense…. except where the secondary is concerned.

    If I were he, I’d settle only for sole DC with the Seahawks, full stop. Otherwise, it’s off to Miami I go…

    • Rob Staton

      Could be more money. He might get to call plays. He might like having a mentor early in his DC stint.

      • Roy Batty

        And not flying around the country, visiting 18 year olds, trying to sell them and their parents on Miami.

        Recruiting has got to be one of the worst things a coach has to do in the college ranks.

      • Mexican Hawk

        The mentorship angle is why I think someone like Desai might be interested in the Seattle DC position. Having learned from one of the best in Fangio, then soaking up what Pete has to offer will turn him into a very well rounded coach. IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’d probably rather run his own defense though, not Pete’s

          And is it really that great an opportunity to run Pete’s defense? Do you want to be associated with Pete these days?

          • cha

            Salk: So Pete can you name one specific thing your new DC Sean Desai brings to the team?

            Pete: He thinks we’ve been doing a marvelous job on defense and doesn’t think we need to change a thing we’ve been doing.

            Salk: So you gave up 148 rushing yards, couldn’t get off the field and didn’t sack the quarterback. My question is…tell us about your unwavering belief that this team will turn it around just in time to save your job for 2023…

  6. Simo

    Another great piece, one that gives us all lots to consider in the coming weeks!

    I’m also hopeful they are genuine in their DC search and not just making this effort for show. We desperately need new blood in that role, and the person selected needs to have the ability to run it their way.

    Since the priority fix for this team (according to Pete) is to fix the pass rush (again), I hope they do finally attack this need full on with a quality free agent. If not Chandler Jones, then let’s get Randy Gregory, Emmanuel Ogbah, or Harold Landry. I’m good with doubling up and taking a young stud in the draft as well, but we need a proven performer!

    Man, I don’t know what to think of a possible DK trade. He has star potential no doubt, but he’s also temperamental and difficult when things don’t go his way, not to mention he’s going to cost a fortune. I would love to get that pick back from the Jets though, they could definitely (with proper drafting of course) turn that into a couple very good players. If you can get a high pick next year as well, that’s just gravy.

    Great work as always Rob!

  7. Alex Higgins

    Very intriguing about DK. What would the Jets be willing to trade? 1st rounder this year and a 2nd rounder next year? I’d take that. You?

    • Rob Staton

      It would have to be two firsts at least. They literally got that for Adams, who isn’t as good.

      • Bigsteviej

        It’s true that Adams isn’t as good, but it may also be true that the Jets aren’t as dumb.

        • Rob Staton


        • Blitzy the Clown

          Dumb or desperate. They need weapons for their Wilson badly.

      • BobbyK

        Not even f-ing close!

  8. Hughz

    It would be hard to let DK go. It took a long time to find a true #1 receiver. He affects how defenses play the other WRs. Everyone has their price though. If Seattle can get draft picks that will make them better I’m sure they’ll entertain it.

  9. BoiseSeahawk

    I love the idea of a Metcalf trade to the Jets with his stock being where it is. I’d rather have our one superhuman player on defense again rather than offense. Maybe we could pick up Devin LLoyd to help ease the pain of letting Bobby go.

  10. Jordan

    PFN Simulator:

    Trade: 41+ 152 for 43 & 2023 3rd from ATL)

    43: Phidarian Mathis DT
    72: Bernhard Raimann OT
    106: Boye Mafe ED
    113: Dameon Pierce RB
    188: JT Woods S
    228: Jack Sanborn LB
    2023 ATL 3rd

  11. BobbyK

    Pete is going to die of old age soon. We all do. We all will. He doesn’t care about what is best for the Seattle Seahawks long-term. He only cares about “now”. ComPete!

    That being said, I don’t see where the Seahawks draft a DT at 41. I only say this is because DT is a position that is harder to have an impact in rookie seasons. Pete doesn’t care.

    I’m guessing Pete only cares now (unlike 10 years ago) about immediate impact with that #41 pick. Sucks for us, but Pete has a free slate to run the organization into the ground so he’ll do his “best”. And if we win the Super Bowl next year – none of us will care, but if we don’t it will all continue to the decline…

    • Big Mike


  12. pepoandart

    Nice take Rob on what we can expect Seattle to do in the draft. I like the idea of a DT at 41 who can get after the QB. Hopefully they can get a good rusher like Jones, Hicks (or if KC decides to part with Frank Clark and his legal issues are resolved) and shore up the rotation. I would like to see them make an effort to get a RB in the late 2nd early 3rd round as insurance for Penny. They may have 3 4ths to work with to move up (I think they were at one point projected to get a 4th comp for Griffin, but who knows). I think the center position needs to be addressed before anything else. Ruiz was a favorite around here and if the Saints are looking to shed some salary this is a good opportunity. I would also take a look at the FA market and see who is available. The best thing to do here is to ask Russ, who do you want at center and try and make it happen. Give Russ some input which he wants and hopefully fix the need.

  13. Marcus

    If they aren’t going to move D Lewis back to RG where he flourished, maybe they could move him to C considering he racked up a 65.8 PFF on his first-ever go at it with three days to learn.

    • Seattle Person

      Do we really want him to play 3 different spots in 3 different seasons?

      • Marcus

        I’d rather he stayed at RG. He hasn’t been that good at LG so why not see how he fits at C if they won’t put him back in is natural position.

  14. Palatypus

    Senior Bowl plyers just arrived at Pen Air Field. Cole Strange is huge. He measures up well to zion Johnson.

  15. GoHawksDani

    Metcalf for #10 and next R1? Sign me up pronto!
    With #10 we could get an OT or trade back into late R1 pick up an R2 and R3. Trade that R3 (or late R2 if needed) for Ruiz.
    You have a potentially good OC. You might be able to draft an OT late R1. You can draft a DE/DT with your original R2 and draft a WR with the R2/3 left after the Ruiz trade. You have Lockett, Eskridge, Swain and Hart and a rookie. They could get a vet in FA.
    If a trade means good OC, rookie OT and WR/TE and an R1 next year while losing Metcalf, I’m in.
    I think they’re decent at WR, even without Metcalf. But I’d love a good TE. Everett is super hot-and-cold. Dissly seems injured most of the time and disappointing overall. I don’t think Parkinson will be good like ever. And Russ+Waldron would throw to a good TE (they featured Everett more than previous years’ TEs).

    A better OL, added passrush in FA and draft, a new weapon in the run and pass game and this team could take a step forward with a better DC and maybe second year Waldron

    • Peter

      I’m not opposed to trading DK though ny preference is not to. I’d love better trenches. I do not agree with them being decent at WR. Outside of Lockett no one has shown anything.

      Maybe Eskridge really is a number three or even a number two but licket has always been very consistent however DK’s sloppy rookie year basically blows Lockett’s out of tge water.

  16. Matt

    Great stuff Rob.

    I know I’m in the minority on this – but I hope we trade DK. Hate the attitude. Hate the inconsistency. Get our 10th overall pick back and something more. Yes – always hard moving on from home grown talent but this is a unique opportunity to undo some horrible moves and reallocate resources appropriately. If we can flip DK into a long term OL or DL, I think you have to do it.

    I think my biggest issue with DK is that it feels like you are getting a $30M WR or a $500K one. He is so boom or bust. What makes Lockett so great is his consistency. I think I’d prefer lesser talent but more consistency when it comes to the offense.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      While I tend to want to keep DK, you’re not wrong in the boom or bust analysis. He has sketchy hands on quick passes and has made some bonehead plays (early TD celebration smh). Damnit though, if he can’t do some things no other WR can. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

    • Peter

      Some of this I don’t disagree with. But the part about more consistency but less talent? I don’t know about that.

      Cooper Kupp is the much better technician. He has needed over 200 receptions to have 11 more tds. Dk has tons of faults in his game but i kind of think pete loves him and it’s pretty hard to replace a guy at his age who is giving you better than a td per every ten catches.

      Dk is doing all this while being under developed. Maybe he never develops. But 24 year olds have lots of room to grow. He improves his catch rate even a tiny bit and he would be a monster.

  17. cha

    Rob, this is fantastic.

    I have a question. Please tell me that Travon Walker isn’t LJ Collier. Just something, reading your writeup made me think of him.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Walker is a much more explosive athlete and quicker

  18. JJ


    What were your thoughts on McDowell when drafted? Why haven’t they tried to find someone similar since Richardson?

    • Rob Staton

      I could appreciate what he did — his one-arm bull rush was ridiculous and he handled NT duties at 290lbs. So he was a freakish athlete.

      But his entire personality put me off to the point that when they met with him pre-draft I wrote a whole article saying I hoped they wouldn’t go there. Scouts and coaches hammered him. One said he gave the worst interview ever.

      Not sure why they’ve gone away from it since.

    • Jordan

      The current situation with McDowell makes me wonder if the NFL has/needs a uniformed standard amongst their Doctors in regards to what cognitive health a player needs to show after incurring a TBI in order to be cleared to play.

      As right now, the Seahawks Docs look very justified in not clearing him to play and risk further impact on his skull/brain; whereas you have to wonder what the Browns Doctors were thinking in clearing him for taking on the risk of further head trauma.

  19. Gross MaToast

    This is why I love this site. 10 minutes ago, I knew little-to-nothing of Boye Mafe and now, if the Seahawks don’t take him and/or Sam Williams, I’ll be forced to write a disparaging reply about another of Pete’s failed drafts, and, honestly, I’ll probably do that, regardless.

    I would not be at all upset if DK is traded, so long as they get an Adams-esque return for him, but if the Hawks decide to keep and try and use him like the 49ers use Deebo, they have my approval to give it a go. There are worse things than a 6’4”, 235 lb guy who runs a 4.3 with the ball in his hands, but not many.

    Good stuff, Rob, thank you.

    • Peter

      Boye is fun to watch. He’s got that frank clark like arm tat when it gets up to the passer you sense it’s curtains for the qb.

      Plus I think his testing numbers are going to be legit. He moves actross the field in pursuit like a man much lighter than his listed weight.

  20. Sea Mode

    I think if Russ goes is the only way they consider trading DK.

    • Poli

      I think they can add a WR like OBJ, and a center like Ryan Jensen for the price it takes to sign DK.

      So if they get a 1st and 2nd for DK, their haul looks like this:

      OBJ+Jensen+1st+2nd for Metcalf

      • Peter

        I wush they would go for Jensen but I sense he is staying put.

        • Big Mike

          I don’t think they’ll attract/sign any top tier free agents like Jensen.

          • Peter

            Kris “sunshine,” dielman agrees.

            As do I by the way. Sucks to think the bad FA’s are not just a function of sitting on their hands waiting for a cool market and rather the players just aren’t interested in being here.

        • Poli

          Probably, but Jensen and OBJ are just examples of the kind of players they can add to go with the high draft picks if they trade Metcalf.

          • Peter


            Keep metcalf. Drop a chunk of cash on Jensen. Offer OBJ a mid road dollar contract. I like OBJ and/ or a third reciever. But OBJ is pretty diminished recently.

            I know cha can break this down better but if the team cuts Wagner they can keep DK and pay for two top olinemen almost (hopefully) fixing that unit.

            Or one top dlinemen and one middle upper end d linemen.

  21. Matthew

    If they don’t go in 110% on this next season I just don’t know. It’s really next year or bust. Wilson isn’t resigning with the Hawks, he wants to move on, and they won’t pay him what he’ll command. Rob, as alway, thank you for writing and insight. I’ve stayed away the past week or so because I’m hopelessly optimistic PC guy, and I’m aware my posting my come off as trolling. That said, what are your thoughts, and everybody else’s on what Heaps is thinking here?


  22. cha

    Quick profile on Sean Desai

    Areas to Like

    1. He can scare up a pass rush

    The Bears had 49 sacks in 2021, good for fourth in the NFL. This despite missing Mack for 10 games and Hicks for 7 games. Robert Quinn had a fantastic year, and eight different players tallied two sacks or more. The Seahawks had three players with two or more sacks.

    He is creative with stunts and schemes to rush the passer. Quinn’s production actually increased after Mack got hurt. He’ll bring linebackers and defensive backs and use them as picks to get the tackle off the DE and get the DE isolated on the RB. He stacked Mack and Quinn on one side and made the LT and LG choose to either single cover or double Mack and let Quinn run free. There is no doubt he’ll be able to immediately improve the pass rush and find some new ways to utilize Jamal Adams. Taylor and Dunlap will love playing for him.

    2.He is great at passing defense.

    Pass defense might be an even bigger feather in his cap. The Bears were 3rd in the NFL in passing yards conceded. This with a ragtag group of defensive backs – and – they faced top-15 passing offenses in 12 of their 17 games. Several very good WRs had underwhelming games against the Bears:

    Waller 4catches-45 yards-0TD
    D Adams 4-89-0
    Dionte Johnson 5-56-0
    Hopkins 2-32-1
    Jefferson 4-47-1
    DK 2-41-1
    Lockett 3-30-0

    3.He has an impressive resume and demeanor

    Desai has a masters degree in higher education from Columbia and earned a doctorate in educational administration from Temple. Communicating to his players and organizing what he wants them to do appears to be a strength.

    He’s great with the press, and had no problem calling out Jaylon Johnson for a Jamal Adams-like attempt at tackling Kyler Murray at the goal line this year.

    He has coached on defense in Chicago through three regimes – Trestman, Fox, and Nagy. Surviving through three completely different coaches with different styles and strengths is impressive.

    Areas of Concern

    1.The Bears were 23rd in rushing defense in 2021.

    The Cleveland duo of Chubb & Hunt busted them for 165 yards in 32 runs in Week 3. They later had a five game losing streak right in the heart of the season where they surrendered an average of 142 yards per game. He’ll probably need an experienced DL/LB coach to pair with him to shore this area up.

    2.The Bears have been poor in takeaways recently. They were 27th in takeaways in 2021 with only 16, and the past 2-3 years haven’t been much better.

    The Seahawks were also awful in takeaways in 2021 with 19. They must get better and this should be a focus for Pete Carroll and the new DC.

    3.The defense was 22nd in scoring in 2021.

    The Seahawks were 12th in 2021. Could Desai at least split the difference?


    The Bears’ offense did very little to help the defense in 2021.

    They were dead last in third down conversion percentage, tied for 31st with 29 giveaways, surrendered a horrific 58 sacks and were 30th in passing offense. A passable running game with David Montgomery kept the offense afloat.

    The Bears defense played a league-low 1009 snaps in 2021 (the Seahawks were a league-high 1201). That combined with those 29 giveaways & 22nd-ranked scoring D lead me to believe the defense was too frequently called on to bail out the offense after a turnover, and couldn’t always live up to the task.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the breakdown 👏🏻

      • Sea Mode


        • Big Mike

          Good stuff cha. Kudos

      • cha

        I think he’s a very intriguing candidate. If Chicago had even a middle of the road offense he would be considered in much greater light.

        The Bears had 1 net passing yard against Cleveland Week 3. One. That’s not being hyperbolic. They had 68 yards passing and gave up 9 sacks for 67 yards lost. Why wouldn’t you give the ball to Chubb and Hunt all game if you were Cleveland?

        The offense turned the ball over 5 times against Tampa. Tom Brady threw like 7 times in the second half and they brought Blaine Gabbert in to hand the ball off in the fourth quarter.

        He seems to be one of those coaches that can work with lesser-talented pieces on the roster to do the ‘more than the sum of its parts’ thing and also bring out maximize the top-tier players.

        • CWagner

          Your breakdown on Desai was great! Your final comment about him working with lesser-talented pieces is intriguing too. Seattle certainly has it’s share of ‘lesser-talented pieces.’

    • Troy

      Desai – Defensive Coordinator
      Hurtt – DL / run game coordinator
      Donatell – DB / pass game coordinator

    • Peter

      Great stuff Cha. Lucky for Seattle they were pretty crummy against the run so might not be a big shift for us currently.

  23. Andy J

    Rob, why are you not sold on the free agent Centers???

    Brian Allen, Bradley Bozeman, Ben Jones, Ted Karras would be my targets (Allen and Jones in particular). That’s ignoring the two big names. They seem just as likely to succeed as Ruiz and won’t cost a pick (but, yea, he is surely worth a flyer).

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’ve answered your own question.

      That’s not a great list.

      And some don’t fit what the Seahawks have gone for.

      • Andy J

        Each one of these names graded quite well via PFF. I’m no scout though. Jones, at least, has scored well perennially. Allen and Jones come from Zone-schemes. Allen, admittedly with only one year showing he belongs, is quite young.

        So far, the Seahawks have gone for low ceiling, high floor tackles re-positioned into centers. Maybe they don’t value the position. I’d say they were just felt forced to rely on draft stock. Plus, I’d love to seem them do the opposite of what they have gone for recently.

        Anyways, thanks!

  24. CaptainJack

    I just had this crazy feeling in my gut this morning after waking up from a dream. LA is going to beat Tampa and then lose to Green Bay in the NFC championship and miss the Super Bowl. Aaron Donald is going to be pissed at McVay for going all in on trades and still missing the super bowl. And then they’ll trade AD to a team with a ton of picks to recoup the resources they gave up for Stafford, Beckham JR, and Von Miller. Part of the trade will be about regaining draft stock and part will be about AD creating locker room dynamics and a rift between players and head coach. I feel this will happen in my gut. Aaron Donald won’t be a Ram next season, he just won’t. And LA has seen Greg Gaines emerge this season and they draft Bobby Brown III last year.

    Posting it here so I can check back and see if I was right. Rob, sorry it’s not a seahawk related comment.

    • CaptainJack

      The haul they’ll get will be MASSIVE also .

      • BobbyK

        How are they going to get anything for OBJ? They signed him as a FA. For only the rest of this year. How can they trade a “free agent”?

        • CaptainJack

          My bad, thought they traded a third or fourth to get him. Looking back, you’re right, they signed him as a free agent. I barely followed nfl this year lol . So take him out of the equation but the point about Miller and Stafford stands.

    • Big Mike

      How much of Gaines’ emergence is due to playin g next to Donald.
      I’ve heard people say he’s truly one of the best players EVER to play in the NFL. Ever. I have no argument against that opinion.

      • CaptainJack

        You’re right, he’s one of the best players of all time. Which is why this trade I’m predicting is going to be the biggest nfl story of the off-season and put McVay under massive scrutiny. It’s going to cause major drama.

        At least that’s what I saw in my dream. Lol

        I also had a dream years ago that foretold Jameis Winston was going to bring Tampa to a superbowl after scoring 50 points in the nfc champanionship game in century link against Russell. So I’m no Nostradamus. But to be fair Tampa did play in the Super Bowl around the time I thought it would happen (predicted this around 2015) just different QB at the helm and different nfc title opponent and score 😀

    • MychestisBeastmode

      All I know is Donald was likely the best call by Rob with a close 2nd being TJ Watt. Rob, you were banging the drum hard for Donald. I remember when Jeff Fisher picked him at 12(?) and thinking, “God Damnit, now we have to play the guy twice every year!?”.

      Rob, maybe you’ve been asked this before, but who do you see as your biggest draft hits relative to other draft analysts?

      • Peter

        I second this sir. Would love to hear it.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

        I don’t have a list but I remember being all in on DeAndre Hopkins (who had no buzz). I think we’ve been ahead of the curve on a lot of players over the years

        • Peter

          You’re being to humble sir.

          I can remember a ton of them:

          Dorial Green-beckham. Essentially your only “miss” but he was an injury plagued player.

          Courtney Upshaw: multi year vet
          John Simon: multi year vet

          Then it really starts to pick up.

          Joel Bitonio: multi time first and second team all pro
          Garret Bolles: second team all pro

          ………hey seattle…..maybe give Rob a call about olinemen…..

          Out of nowhere write ups about Mike Evans, turns out he’s super good.

          Plus your maddeningly freaky prognostications a few weeks from draft day. Paul Richardson. James Carpenter. These two make me wonder if you and Nagy have been trading secrets longer than you let on….? Or maybe you are so high on Dodds for GM because you two are real world friends….

          • Rob Staton

            To be fair, I think I’ve got some more impressive ones than that list

            We’ve been well ahead of the curve on a lot of players who eventually flew up boards

            Few mistakes too but c’est la vie

            • Rob Staton

              Off the top of my head…

              Talked a fair bit about Fred Warner’s fit here

              I had Cam Jordan mocked at #3 overall I liked him so much

              Aaron Donald and TJ Watt already mentioned, thought Donald was the best in the draft and Watt had Khalil Mack ability

              Loved Markus Golden and Hassan Reddick

              Terry McLaurin was a blog favourite

              Back in the day, OBJ was considered a fringe R1-2. We had him top-10 weeks before he was talked about

              We talked a fair bit about George Kittle

              At running back — obviously Chubb, Taylor, Henry, Kamara, Damien Harris, Javonte Williams all blog favourites

              Was really high on Bitonio

              I mentioned Nuk Hopkins — had him rated far higher than anyone else I know and wrote several pieces about his brilliance and technical knowledge and quality

              Was on Kyler Murray as #1 pick when people thought he was baseball or fringe first at best. Ditto Cam Newton.

              Biggest whiff was Von Miller. I didn’t rate him and I had a stupid reason for not rating him. Huge mistake. Lesson learned.

              • Peter

                Markus Golden is a great pick. Every single time he has been avaliable I wonder how on earth Seattle is fine letting him pass on by.

              • GerryG

                Those are all great calls, one that stands out a ton to me, that Rob was ahead of the curve on the other way: Tua. Rob was repeatedly on record as overrated, robotic was the descriptor I believe.

                • Rob Staton

                  Thanks for pointing it out

                  Because the national media thought he was next big thing

                  “Tank for Tua”

            • Peter

              Apologies. I was trying to express there are very few mistakes.

              It almost to me reads like prognostication is a skill. Like you sort of started as a fan and as you did it more you got stronger at it.

              Take Simon per example. So he wasn’t a world beater? How many picks did scouting departments make that year on guys who never played let alone made decade long careers in the game. I don’t see that as a bad choice at all.

        • Robert M

          Donald is always the guy I reference when I tell friends about your site and why I’m here every day. You had him pegged as a top prospect way ahead of everyone. I guess I can add Mac Jones and Joe Burrow to that discussion.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Rams beat TB

      And lose to GB

      But I don’t see Donald being pissed because LA aggressively attacked the moment

    • McZ

      As long as McVay hits on several players per draft, nothing of that will happen. Plus I mocked a draft as the Rams, and applying McVays principles, they will be okay.

  25. KennyBadger

    After having to watch Alabama more than I wanted to this season, I am completely with you on Phidarian. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t getting more more love from announcers/press, especially during the SEC championship and CFBP. Great motor and strength.

    While I love dk, they haven’t learned how to use him consistently and his frustration will only worsen. Getting 2 first rounders for him would be fantastic if Pete wasn’t in charge of picking.

  26. Big Mike

    Good stuff as always Rob. Thank you.
    I’ll pass on Jackson from USC because of him being “raw”. We have one of those in Rasheem Green and if this team is going to get turned around fairly quickly, developmental guys like Green are not the path to be taken imo.

    • CaptainJack

      Drake Jackson… a one time rumored Husky commit. Stung when he announced he was off to USC. Great high school player. Never watched his college tape.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Raw doesn’t always mean project though. Jason Pierre Paul was talked about as being super raw coming into the draft. He hit his stride pretty early and has had a fine career rushing the passer. More recent, Joe Tryon didn’t have a ton of tape, but his raw skills and potential got him into the late first round. It seems the Bucs are happy with that pick so far.

      • Peter

        You’re right. But I think Big Mike is thinking more “seattle raw,” where a guy takes a full contract to contribute before letting them walk in free agency.

        • Big Mike


  27. CaptainJack

    The Eagles make too much sense as a trade partner for Wilson. Tell me who wouldn’t take three 2022 first round picks + Jalen Hurts for Wilson?

    Hurts is a great work ethic guy. Was benched for Tua at Alabama, but at this point he looks like the better pro quarterback. He’s been punched in the face many times in his career but I love how he responds. Philly HATED him when he was drafted and he just brought the eagles to the playoffs. Impressive young player.

    Reasons it won’t happen:

    I don’t think Wilson will see Philly as a place he can win another ring and highly doubtful the eagles want to cough up that much stock. Not to mention the eagles have a fairly paltry selection of offensive weapons for Wilson to work with. If the eagles are smart… they’ll draft oline and wr early and build around Jalen.

    • Rob Staton

      Eagles have one of the most aggressive GM’s in football.

      And I think Russ would love to play in the NFC Least

      • Peter

        If media market really does matter ESPN, etc, would love Wilson in philly. 80% of the reason I don’t watch conventional sports coverage during the football season is the near infinite coverage of the NFC east no matter how average to bad that division is.

  28. Cortez Kennedy

    I’ll be mighty upset if they bail on DK while spending almost $40 million a year on Peacock and the ghost of Bobby Wagner.

    • Peter

      100% nailed it.

      Trade dk but pay 17.5 for a guy that almost literally does nothing….pass.

    • MychestisBeastmode


    • CaptainJack

      Trading DK, for all his flaws… would be a massive blunder. Which is why I believe with this FO it’s a real possibility.

  29. Rob4q

    Great write up Rob, thanks again for all the content!

    A few OC later in the draft that may be worth a look:

    Gerard Wheeler, Tulsa – Big dude, mauler in the run game, but not sure he can pass block! Sounds like a PC type!

    Dawson Deaton, Texas Tech – Good size at 6’6 & 310 lbs, played 4 positions on the OL, moves well and performed in a wide open passing offense. Has length too.

    Luke Wattenberg, UW – Not much info on him – anyone watch him play this year? His good size and athleticism, high football IQ and lot’s of experience.

    Cade Mays, Tennessee – Versatile and played 4 out of 5 OL positions, saw lots of reps at OC and may be his best position. Big dude at 6’6″ and 325. Physical player, good athlete and former 5 start recruit at Georgia.

  30. Hawkdawg

    Husky OL was a big disappointment this year, and Wattenberg was one reason. Gets beat at the point far too often, can’t anchor well, etc.

    • CaptainJack

      I scrolled through the above article again and didn’t see Wattenberg’s name pop up. Did Nagy shout out his name in the interview? Wattenberg looks promising as a redshirt freshman… then appeared to regress the longer he was in the program. Disappointing career of a once promising looking guard prospect. I don’t think he’s a natural fit at center at all.

  31. Palatypus

    Here’s a picture of the dozen or so Senior Bowl players that were at the NFL Flag clinic today. Darrian Beavers was being interviewed when I arrived. Tall, lean, and chiseled he looks the part of an NFL wide out.


    • Palatypus

      OOOPS!!! Got confused there. Beavers is a linebacker. He’s number 0 standing behind the girl in the blue jacket.

      • Peter

        For me I can not wait to see how he does.

  32. ElroyNumbers

    Great post Rob. Thanks for all your effort you put into this site. Not sure how I feel about trading Metcalf. There are pros and cons. All depends on if the picks we get are used well.

  33. CaptainJack

    Trading DK would be stupid.

    Let’s put it this way. Players like DK Metcalf gives teams like Ole Miss the shot at beating Alabama now and again.

  34. Robertlasvegas

    You what makes some sense is DK Metcalf gets traded Los Angeles Chargers would be interesting. keenen Allen isn’t getting any younger Mike Williams is a free agent.

  35. Rokas

    If we are keeping Russ, then trading DK does not make sense. He is perfect for Russ game, and let’s not blow out of proportion his body language. Dude just wants to win. Doug was often not happy as well. And no, he wasn’t petty, just frustrated. Per hes words “I am a team player, and I don’t want to be an ‘***hole, but i need a ****ing ball”.

    That midget from Arizona has a far worse body language, yet no one is proposing the idea to trade him (yes, he is a QB, but WR is a pretty valuable position I’d say).

    • Rob Staton

      Metcalf’s actions during the Washington game warrant a debate alone, not dismissing

      As does the contract situation

      The comparison to Murray is a reach

      • CaptainJack

        He and Lockett are both rare talents and the offense sucked last season. Imagine how bad it would look without those two…

  36. Rokas

    Missed that episode, my bad, and I am a bit too lazy to watch a shity full game for that purpose alone. Accidentally I found his mic’d up against WFT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9LwFjVGSmo, to me personally he does not seem like a person, who is not happy in SEA. Not that, it is the make or break thing ofc.

    I personally don’t think it’s a reach, if we agree in principle that QB should be held to a higher standards (since they have more privileges as well, primus inter pares, if you will) . If anyone is willing to give me a list of worst body language among QBs, and Murray is not top 3, I’d say such list is a fraud.

    One could argue that DK is not even top 10 diva among WRs.

    Contract is complicated sure, I suppose Russ would have the veto right on DK trade, no?

    • Rob Staton

      Never said he isn’t happy in Seattle

      Simply said we are right to discuss what happened with him in 2021 including some curious actions at times. The word ‘diva’ hasn’t been brought up until you used it.

      Murray is totally irrelevant to this discussion

      Wilson wouldn’t have any rights to veto anything

  37. DC

    Averages for first 3 years of career, I would say if we keep RW, you absolutely keep DK. If not get a massive haul. He’s in really good company with a potential HoF trajectory.

    Randy Moss – 1,387 yards, 14 tds
    Jerry Rice – 1,191 yars, 13 tds
    DK Metcalf – 1,056 yards, 10 tds
    Terrel Owens – 851 yards, 9 tds
    Larry Fitzgerald – 1,045 yards, 8 tds
    Megatron – 1,023 yards, 7 tds
    Julio Jones – 912 yards, 7 tds
    Steve Largent – 839 yards, 7 tds

    • Rob Staton

      I would rather keep Metcalf, as noted in my plan.

      However, I also think a list like that helps you if you want to trade him.

      And if you decide that spending, say, 23m on Metcalf and 18m on Lockett is too much —- you are duty bound to exploit his value while you can.

      Although knowing Seattle they’ll probably wait until next year to have this conversation, as they did with Clark, when they should be having it now

      They cost themselves a good player by not getting ahead of the curve with Clark

      • Peter

        I’m generally done with the coaching change talk. My preference in many ways was not for Pete to come back but that ship has sailed. Unless JS can trade Wilson and a 7-10 season becomes the new high water mark.

        That said. If you you think spending 41 million on good/great players on the side of the ball that is doing the heavy lifting…but….continue to employ full pay Wagner and are stuck with “old man shoulders,” Adams for 37.5 million…..you should be run right the *bleep* out of town.

      • DarrellDownUnder

        Too soon is better than too late. Seems like they always wait to resign good players instead of getting ahead of the deal and also seem to hang onto players too long rather than dealing them for something.
        We’ll see what they do regarding DK.

    • Peter

      DC, keeping DK has additional benefits. God forbid Lockett had any time missed DK hives the team great value for allowing the other recievers to be productive using him a bit as a decoy. Whereas if DK is gone even if Lockett was 100% the other guys, at leadt so far, are just “guys.”

      I like OBJ more than some. But in his last three seasons he has less yards and less TD’s than Metcalf had just this year. I don’t think he is washed per se but I thinknit’s a pretty steep drop off to trade DK and just get whatever guy is willing to come here.

      • DC

        At this point, if you trade Wilson, no reason to keep Metcalf since you won’t have anyone to throw him the ball. If Wilson stays you extend Metcalf.

  38. Swisshawk

    I’m assuming RW is gone (sadly). Yes I know starting Geno or anyone else gonna suck. But if RW doesn’t want to be here, cut your losses. The drama isn’t worth it.

    If that is the case and I would be JS, I would try to do the following. What are you guys thinking?

    (I would like to go hunting for real DE or DT, but I personally don’t think the top prospects want to come here voluntarily)

    – Trade RW to Giants (#5, #8, 2rounder this year and 1rounder next year)
    – Resign LT Brown for 2 more years (expensive)
    – Resign LG Haynes for 4 more years (cheap)
    – Resign Penny (cheap, prove it deal)
    – ResSign CB Jones (cheap)
    – Resign CH Reed (expensive)
    – Sign DT Hicks (expensive)
    – Restructure: DT Ford
    – Cut: DE Mayowa, DE Hyder, LB Wagner, RB Carson, FB Bellore, RG Jackson

    #1: DE Htuchinson (trade up from #5 by using Giants 1rounder next year)
    #8: OT Penning
    2 (NYG): DT Wyatt
    2 (SEA): HB Pierce
    3 Trade for OC Ruiz to NO
    4: LB
    4: S
    5/6/7: TE

    Post June:
    – Trade SS Adams for late 1rounder in 2023

    • Peter

      I wouldn’t move up for Hutchinson.

      I’d move down for Jordan Davis. Recoup an additional second rounder and draft Wyatt or Logan Hall. Make your middling ends look great and keep the LB’s clean. Then allow you corners more chanches for passes defended and picks.

      Also. The amount of first overall picks that have transformed their team is astonishly low. Obviously Hutchinson Looks to be great. But draft history shows a player picked first overall isn’t more likely to be a world beater than someone picked later in the first round.

      If you trade down with your setup you can get:

      1. Penning
      1. Jordan Davis
      2. Wyatt/hall
      2. Boye Mafa
      2. Dameon Pierce
      3. Oc Ruiz
      4. LB Darrian Beavers -or- CB tariq woolen

      Keep your first rounder from the following year because now you’re going to need some capital since you’re building the team up but have no QB.

      Maybe spend that first the following year on David Mills since it’s an almost near lock that Houston is still going to be a mess.

  39. sonicreducer

    Thank you, Rob for another great article. I will now spend the next 2 hours studying these fellas.

    Honestly, I was a little worried you may lose some of your inspiration to write such informative pieces after the way this season played out. So glad you have not!

    Regarding DK, I don’t think Pete trades him. I think Pete sees him as his guy, took a chance on him when no one else would. Also, Pete has long searched for that big bodied WR (remember BMW and Chris Matthews! lol) and now he has it.

    Personally, I would be open to it. 2 first rounders plus some change at a minimum.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you, and thank you to everyone else for the nice messages.

      I feel caught between two lines of thinking. I fear for the long term health of this franchise because of the way it’s being managed, but that wouldn’t stop me writing. I think the never ending ‘war’ between fans is the thing that has made me lose some passion for this.

      I think the entire fan base is in a really unhealthy situation that I saw play out with Arsenal over here. There was the wenger IN camp and the wenger OUT camp and it tore the club apart. I think we are there now. And frankly, I just find the whole thing disheartening.

      Plus the Seahawks seem to be followed by an incredible number of online smart arses which doesn’t help.

      On the other hand, I get such a kick out of writing about the team, the draft coverage, the podcasts, the community. And the feedback is much appreciated.

      • Palatypus

        “Plus the Seahawks seem to be followed by an incredible number of online smart arses which doesn’t help.”

        Guilty as charged.

        • Peter

          Same. Feel slightly seen by Rob’s comment.

      • jed

        I’m not much of a not American football fan, meaning I really only watch the US Women’s National team during the World Cup and Olympics. You’ve mentioned the similarities with Arsenal a couple of times and Adam and Stuart have said the same thing on the Pedestrian Podcast.

        Did the fanbase ever come back together after Wegner was no longer coach? Was the team ever able to move on and be successful after that? I’m curious what we can learn from that situation. I understand the answer may be much longer and complicated than a simple comment.

        From an NFL perspective, I’m hopeful it goes more like a Tom Landry to Jimmy Johnson transition than what happened to the Dolphins and Bills after Don Shula and Marv Levy left.

        • Rob Staton

          Arsenal are owned by the same people as the Rams. They’ve been hopeless. I think everyone has come back together because they realise how useless the owners are

          • jed

            Thanks, makes sense. I hope we don’t end up in that situation where we’re commiserating together. Seems dicey though.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Sigh. I never thought about that, but as an Arsenal fan, I have to agree that it is a perfect comparison. With the new influx of talent and coach, the fans seem to be really united behind the team now, so hopefully it ends up that way for Seattle too. What is your opinion on how Mikel Arteta is doing?

  40. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero
    ·Jan 20

    The #Seahawks put in a request to interview #Cowboys defensive passing game coordinator/secondary Joe Whitt Jr. for their defensive coordinator job, per source. Whitt is a 14-year NFL assistant and widely respected.

  41. cha

    Move the Sticks has former Vikings GM Rick Spielman on. Pretty cool to step into the light so quickly after being fired.


    There’s lots of interesting stuff in there, particularly about how the evaluation of draftable QBs has been shaped and refined.

    Also, they asked him what has struck him about the first round of the playoffs. Spileman said to go deep in the playoffs, you need a QB who can play under pressure and when they’re behind on the scoreboard, and you need to win the Time of Possession game.


    • Rob Staton

      ‘Have to win time of possession’

      It’s like he’s speaking to us LOL

  42. RIP Sonics

    One player I was watching closely to see if they declared was Bryon Vaughns DE/OLB for Utah State. He always pops when watching the Aggies. He is a little undersized for a traditional DE role at 6’4 230 lbs but holds up well setting the edge. Excited to see if he develops because he just looks like a Seahawk player the way he gets involved and effects nearly every play he is on the field for.

  43. Mexican Hawk

    I’m with you on the NFC Least and Russ’s attraction to it, but I see the Giants as the destination. As Breer pointed out in his video chat and as you menioned in previous articles Rob, if he were to leave (and I see this as increasingly likely) I think he ends up with Giants. I was rooting for the Texans and Jets in Week 18 just in case it came to this.

    None of us (for the most part) want to move away from Russ, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s historically the wrong route to take, but this is not up to us or and ultimately not even the Seahawks brass (franchise tags and all). We can argue that the FO could have taken steps to not get to this point, but the reality is we are where we are. As per Russ, I think he has pushed the envelope to the brink.

    I have a feeling that JS will turn the tide for you and this blog in a major way over the next 60 days. You don’t casually mention (as Russ did): I hope this is not my last game for the Seahawks, but for sure not in the NFL (unprompted if I remember correctly) in a press conference with 2 years left on your contract. You don’t have your agent run to Jordan Schultz in December saying Russ is open to going to the Broncos, Saints and Giants. You don’t have Adam Schefter publish that article. You don’t have Ian Rapoport put it out there that you want to explore your options. Unless a decision has been made that if it where up to you and the status quo remains you have packed your bags. As you more than anyone Rob, have let the world know and others refuse to see.

    I took a dive into the PatrickMahomes/JoshAllen draft situations pertaining to the Hawks. From two angles, Russ and JS. Maybe this irked Russ more than we know. With the Josh Allen scencario, there was no doubt. It was well published that Russ’s reps flat out went to the front office to say: what’s going on here is there anything we need to know? And this was a year after the well publicized infatuation of JS with Mahomes. Maybe Russ sees his exploring options in the same vein as they could have possibly done to him.

    From the JS side I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the guy is a quarterback whisperer. The guy stuck his neck out for RW like no other. The closest guru who came close was Andy Reid. Again well published that Andy had his eyes on RW, but not as early in the draft as JS. Andy would still be in Philly if that were not the case, the Mahomes/Reid duo would have never been. Come to think of it, maybe the “what could have been with Wilson” was what convinced Andy to move up so aggressively for Mahomes.

    With Allen and JS, it’s a similar same scenario, props deserved for JS. Remember he had high bust potential. Not everyone was on board, but it became well known that JS was a fan. It may have been due to the upcoming extension for Wilson, but I do get the feeling as you have mentioned Rob that JS would be willing to pull the trigger on Russ more so than PC.

    So we don’t know what came about the Jody Allen/BertKolde meeting with JS/PC. Won’t know if Norton change came because of that or if Pete came to that conclusion on his own. We also don’t know if the 51/49 in favor of Pete over John in personnel matter has been reversed. I get a feeling that it may have. Especially with John’s contract exceeding (in duration) that of Pete.

    I was going to mention what leans me in the Giants direction as per a Russ trade was the Schoen/Daboll connection as per a possible hire, but I just saw it posted that it’s a done deal as per Schoen being the new Giants GM. If he hires Daboll, that makes it very attractive for Russ. If that were the case, JS will have to orchestrate one of the most difficult and risky trades in NFL History.

    God Bless us all if that were to be the case.

    • Mexican Hawk

      Not saying that I prefer the trade be done (I definitely do not), I just see it as increasingly likely. Also don’t imply that JS will fix the QB situation in one fell swoop, it might take a while. If at all, it’s a major leap. All I was saying is that JS has a history there.

      Though we all know players and humans like Russ are few and far between, which is why the angst is so high among the fanbase. Reality is he does not want to be here/there. You can’t win that way either. If you hatch your wagon to JS/PC you have to go full throttle in that direction. I love PC and JS just as much as I love Russ. Grateful to all, sad it came to this. Just think a clear path forward is necessary as in any endeavour, household or business. As you have mentioned Rob, though I know your ideal scenario was the opposite.

      If not this route, the only other option I see that Ms. Allen might have kept up her sleeve is to give JS/PC one more year and then go all in on Russ. But if a decision has been made as per JS and PC for the long haul, then I think Russ has made his decision and a trade is highly likely.

    • Peter

      Pretty great write up.

      Agree with a bunch of the foundation you laid here.

      The only slight point of contention is whether JS is that great. Obvious links to greats however if I am not mistaken hasn’t the team only drafted Mcough? It’s great to ponder and have an eye for first round talent or in Wilson’s case the player who should have been taken second overall, since Luck still looked better w/o predicting injuries, but where is the evaluation for a back-up? It’s still important regardless of a near ironman level of starts to continue to look for someone who can play better than Seattle has at the back up spot.

    • Brett in AZ

      That’s a good commentary.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out later that RW’s camp has been given a green light to “look around” and try to assemble a deal that blows SEA socks down. Would help explain the (so far) quiet response from Russ’ camp. Doubt the Seahawks want to move him, but would put the pressure on RW instead of them.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Wilson is just waiting to see how the coaching hires play out. No point going after a trade until you know the full picture for prospective trade partners.

        And I don’t think Seattle will trade him because Pete would rather have a year of drama and carry on as normal, and avoid a ‘rebuild’, rather than make a deal or do what is needed to fix the issues.

        • Ashish

          Interesting to see if Russ decide not to work Pete as head coach
          1) Will Ownership step up to keep Russ in Seattle take necessary steps to mitigate the issue.
          2) Will Pete not opt to rebuild without Russ and retire

          It make sense for Russ to demand trade when he knows which destination has good roster and coach. I’m sure Pete and JS will know what Russ thinks about them last year they had same issue. So furious with owner ship who choose Pete over Russ.

    • Simo

      I also agree that this is a good commentary/summary of possibilities. Curious if, like Rob, you think there’s no scenario where Pete, John, and Russ are together this next season?

      It sure does seem like Russ is taking time to line up his ducks for a potential trade. Of course, he wants to, and will have, significant input on his next destination, and it takes some time to explore all those options.

      Also agree that the Giants would be a potentially great location for Russ, especially if they hire a creative, offensive minded coach like Daboll. The non-football opportunities would be endless for Russ (and Ciara) in the NY market, I suspect that would appeal to him as well.

      The Hawks better get a nearly unprecedented haul for him in a trade though. It has to be a huge number of picks, and Daniel Jones as a throw-in to keep the QB seat warm until the eventual replacement is found.

      Fun/agonizing times ahead it seems!

  44. Happy Hawk

    Rob great article ( again and again). One of the keys to the Hawks draft aside from pick #41 ( covered in this article) is what we can do with the next couple picks. Rob what do you feel is the floor and the ceiling for:

    Bernhard Raimann OT
    Dameon Pierce RB

    Adding these 2 to a stud DL at #41 would be a great start to improving this roster.

  45. Happy Hawk

    1st domino falls: Joe Schoen hired by the NY Giants as GM – rumor is that he will bring Buffalo OC B Daboll with him to NY as Head Coach.

    • Gross MaToast

      Potentially intriguing option for a quarterback who’s looking for a fresh start in a new city.

  46. cha

    · 3h
    As @peter_king noted on @PFT_Live, 53 of the last 63 coaching vacancies were filled within two weeks after the end of the regular season. This year, none of the eight teams looking for coaches have hired one.

  47. T_L

    I for one have no confidence in John or Pete to draft wisely. The only draft choices that have worked out lately seem more like accidental anomalies rather than the product of insight and wisdom.

    They’re addicted to the talk of how brilliant they are at drafting (if I hear the works “2012” and “draft” again, I’m going to scream), and always want to get cute and reach on boutique choices who play positions of non-need.

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