Garett Bolles could be a first rounder, future Seahawk

Utah Garett Bolles could be destined for round one

It’s well advertised that this is a bad year for offensive tackles. At a time when NFL teams (not just the Seahawks) are desperate for quality linemen, supply has never been weaker.

Alabama’s Cam Robinson frequently is placed in round one but his technique in pass pro is sloppy, he’s not the greatest athlete and he has character flags that need to be investigated. Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey insists he won’t turn pro at the end of the season. Temple’s Dion Dawkins is a solid all-rounder but arguably lacks the freaky athleticism to warrant a first round mark.

Yet the idea of no first round offensive tackles is so foreign, it’s worth continuing to look for an emerging star.

It could be this guy.

Utah’s Garett Bolles looks the part physically and on tape. He has an interesting backstory and he plays with a nasty edge. He could be destined for the first round and could be a player the Seahawks show interest in.

Seattle will go into the off-season needing further improvements to the O-line. Bradley Sowell is unlikely to be a long term solution. George Fant has the high ceiling to possibly emerge as a starter but Garry Gilliam hasn’t taken a step forward and Rees Odhiambo isn’t pushing anyone as a rookie.

At the very least a new tackle would be challenging to start on the right side, if not the left.

GM John Schneider talked openly about ‘being the bully’ again this year. Selecting an enormous, edgy offensive lineman (Germain Ifedi) and a nasty, brutish defensive tackle (Jarran Reed) were a signal of intent. Even so, after seven games they are not the bully. It’s not really close so far.

Unless that changes, this is likely to be the focus again for 2017.

As I’ve been going through draft eligible prospects I’ve tried to find players that possess a mean streak. The Seahawks are always going to look for unique traits and twitchy athleticism — but I sense they also want ‘edge’ more than ever. Junkyard dogs. We saw that with Ifedi and Reed.

Garett Bolles matches this profile perfectly.

So who is he?

Bolles has a backstory similar to Bruce Irvin’s. According to this piece in the Salt Lake Tribune he had a troubled upbringing, got involved in drugs and was arrested for vandalism.

His dad kicked him out and he ended up living with another family. They laid out some strict ground rules and he took a job in garage repair. He turned his life around (now married and expecting his first child) and then turned his life to football.

Like Irvin, Bolles joined a JUCO college. He played for Snow College and received four and five star ratings for his performances.

According to Rivals he received interest from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Oregon and USC. He originally committed to BYU before switching to Utah.

He’s starting at left tackle in year one in the PAC-12.

Bolles might not declare for the 2017 draft but he turns 25 in May. If he wants to max out his draft stock he might need to consider going pro immediately. Tony Pauline suggested over the weekend he will consider the NFL if he has a chance at cracking the first round.

So what about the fit in Seattle?

The Seahawks don’t appear to be overly concerned about age having drafted Irvin in his mid-20’s. They love players that have battled adversity and ‘lived’ — showing grit to accomplish success. As we’ve discussed, they’re likely to be looking for nasty, mean, physical types with great size (6-5, 300lbs) and athleticism.

Bolles ticks every box. The grit, the backstory, the physical profile, the mean streak.

Here’s the Utah vs USC game. Bolles is wearing #72.

Here’s what I see from him:

— Superb balance and ability to set in pass protection, lock on and finish

— Nasty edge as a blocker, will dump players onto the deck and play through the whistle

— Fantastic leg drive in the run game, capable of locking on and blowing defenders off the LOS to create running lanes

— Smooth kick step that could still use a little refinement but he’s plenty agile and looks like a plus athlete

— Defenders unable to shake him once contact initiated

— Has shown the ability to get to the second level, locate and connect with a linebacker

His age and physical maturity could be playing a part here. A 24-year-old will often dominate a 19-year-old so that has to be taken into account. Yet you see the full package here — strength, length, minimal body fat despite his size, aggressiveness, wants to finish blocks and play to the whistle, productivity in the run/pass game, a good kick step and mobility/balance.

He could genuinely work himself into the top-20 picks given the dearth of talent at LT. If the age factor and his previous run-ins with the law work against him — he could be the kind of physical tone-setter the Seahawks are looking for and a valuable option at left or right tackle.

When I do my next mock draft, Bolles will likely be paired with the Seahawks (although he could easily warrant a place in the top-20).


  1. Volume12

    Great piece Rob.

    Really enjoyed our discussion and identification, as I always do, about him yesterday.

    Sign me up for this dude. Love everything about him, even if he does have some ‘flaws’ if you will (age, some refinement as you mention).

    One thing I’ve noticed about Sowell and Bolles has it even more so, is the explosion into his pass sets.

    This guy is extremely ‘Seahawky.’

    • Volume12

      I think Ohio St and Michigan St had interest in him too.

      The SEC and BIG 10 offers say to me that he was and is ready to play big boy football. And the Oregon offer leads me to beleive he’s got the athleticism. Although that ‘s evident on the tape.

  2. Trevor

    Thanks Rob! Great write up love when you do these kind of individual break downs on players. Really helps a lot as a fan in the identification process and to see what your thinking is.

    How would you compare him to an SDB favourite from last year Shon Coleman? Both older prospects with background stories and lots of grit.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they share a similar edge. Coleman was a little more sparky in terms of talking to LB’s after he’d smashed them into the turf. Bolles appears more technically refined — and very natural with his technique. Both good in run/pass. But Bolles obviously doesn’t have the health concerns.

      • Trevor


        Really hope those health issues are behind Coleman. Too bad he got taken by the Browns but I hope he has a solid career.

      • C-Dog

        Rob, have you had a chance to observe Wisconsin’s Ryam Ramczyk? If so, what’s your thoughts on him?

        Haven’t seen a lot of Badger football myself this year, but I’ve read solid comments about his pass pro, run blocking, and athleticism for his size. Can’t seen to find much tape on him on the inter webs.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Ramczyk is getting pumped up a bit because of the PFF headlines. I think he’s a solid player. Don’t see him make many mistakes. Does a job. I also think he has all the hallmarks of being just a guy athletically and might end up inside at guard. Could be wrong on that and we’ll see at his combine — but I wasn’t excited watching him.

          • C-Dog

            Cool. I was thinking with Schneider’s love of Badger football, perhaps he’s also an early target, but with Bolles coming on, and the Seahawks scouting Utah hard, seems like you and Volume 12 are onto something pretty legit with this kid. Age and background doesn’t scare me at all, if he has things turned around, he probably has a maturity that would fit in nicely with this team.

          • JT

            For what it’s worth, PFF has Bolles as the highest run-blocking tackle in the country so far this season…

  3. Matt

    Great stuff Rob. I’m always very wary of overaged OL who perform well in college. It’s such a physical position that I think there’s such a huge advantage having the physical maturity being 2-3 years older than your peers.

    That said, it’s not a disqualifier by any means, but it is something I’m always slight concerned about.

    • JT

      That’s a good point., though a good athlete is a good athlete. Maybe the upside isn’t as high for older prospects, but athletic, productive, older prospects should be able to step in and contribute immediately. Which is something the Hawks desperately need from an early round OL.

  4. cha

    “Garry Gilliam hasn’t taken a step forward and Rees Odhiambo isn’t pushing anyone as a rookie.”

    Any of the Hawks beat writers doing any deep background on these two stories?

    Gilliam’s stock dropping so precipitously is a story I’d like to know more about. Yes he got hurt and wasn’t able to fully take place in the offseason activities but there’s got to be more to it than that.

    Gregg Bell of the TNT tweeted yesterday he gets the feeling the Hawks are disappointed in Odhiambo, but I haven’t heard much besides that.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve heard it mentioned by the likes of Danny O’Neil, John Clayton that the Hawks like the potential of Odhiambo as a LT down the road, but I find it very interesting that they trust George Fant more to do that now in a pinch. They might be a little disappointed in him at this stage.

      I think the coaching staff has challenged Gilliam’s toughness a bit in this last week, an issue that I’ve personally been skeptical about in the past. It will be interesting to see how he responds.

      • Kenny Sloth

        They are probably interested in trying everyone at LT at some point. They just have been getting everyone comfortable at their spots for the season

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I’m under the impression they are trying to work Obhiambo at the OG positions (2016-2017, then long term OT (2018-2020). I have no problem with Fant starting or playing… if he can handle it…. put the kid in!

  5. Kenny Sloth

    *Mel Kiper runs to his laptop*

  6. Ed

    Stick with the motto. Special players early and late.

    1st DE or RB
    2nd S
    3rd OL
    4th DT

    Bennett and Avril deserve more money, but not necessarily an extension (wrong side of 30). Give them more guarantee in 2017, but don’t extend. Maybe even the same to Kam, but he is broken and Mc is filling in nicely.

    Let JG go. Save $10 million. Quit trying to fit a square thru a circular hole.

    Let Bevell go. Bring in Norv Turner. His philosophy is what PC loves and what Wilson (outside of 2 minute drill) is great at. Run the ball with playaction deep balls. Bevell has no ingenuity, doesn’t gameplan and doesn’t make good in-game adjustments.

    2017 FA/Casualties

    Sowell/Morgan/Haushka/McDaniel/Silga/Graham/Richardson/Webb (let them all go, saves $21 million)

    Maybe JG plus our 1st and 3rd to a team like Ravens/Colts/Giants to get into top 15 for a RB

    • Rob Staton

      Jimmy Graham was on pace for a 1000 yard season before the Saints game. That includes barely featuring in the first two weeks.

      There is zero reason to move him on. There’s even less reason to covet Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator.

      • Ed

        Statistically, fine. Logic would say he was brought in to fix the red zone problems. Has he done that? He is not used as much as he should be used, where he should be used, or in crunch time. He should be 80 catches with 10+ TD. Wasn’t last year and won’t be this year. Why pay for a sports car if you use it like a hybrid.

        2015 (11 games)

        2 TD
        9 redzone targets

        2016 (7 games)

        1 TD
        6 redzone targets

        Get rid of Bevell or get rid of Graham, or even both. But one has got to go.
        1 TD
        6 redzone targets

        • Rob Staton

          No offense Ed — but your stance on this issue is typical of the Seattle sports fan circa 2012. They’ve lost a game and Graham has done well coming off a career threatening injury but hasn’t scored five red zone touchdowns so we better cut him and fire the offensive coach.

          You do realise that nobody has scored a passing TD for three games? Is it time to dump Russell Wilson too?

          • Ed

            None taken, but you’re not reading what I’m writing. This has nothing to do with circa 2012, it has to do with seeing a problem and fixing it. You always blame the offensive line or injuries etc… And yes, those are valid points, but you can’t keep making the same excuses for the same problems. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over expecting a different result.

            I’m not saying dump him because he stinks, I’m saying if you’re not going to use him properly, dump him or Bevell.

            • Rob Staton

              Again, with respect Ed and no offense meant here, I did read what you said. I haven’t actually used the O-line as blame. The injuries yes — but how could you not? Russell Wilson is nursing severe ankle and knee injuries and now has a peck strain. It’s not a minor issue and has prevented him from being any kind of running threat. This is hugely significant and they’ve had to totally adjust the offense with disappointing results. The team whose head coach says publicly they want to be ‘the best scrambling offense in the league’ has a QB who can’t scramble. Taking away RW’s ability to move around and create, be a point guard, is virtually like taking Von Miller’s speed rush away from Denver or Gronk’s ability to catch with two hands in New England.

              Instead you’re pinning the blame on Jimmy Graham and Bevell. Graham because he doesn’t have red zone touchdowns specifically. So tell me this. On the last play vs New Orleans when the Seahawks set up a zone busting play to JG or Doug Baldwin and the Saints check out of zone to take it away and double cover the TE — is that JG being a problem? Or is there two seconds left, no timeouts and the game on the line so as a QB you go to the best matchup in THAT scenario based on what the defense is showing you which is Kearse 1v1? Brock Huard broke of all this down in chalk talk. That’s not Bevell. That’s not Graham.

              I would recommend reading this for some perspective:

              What’s more, Graham is coming off an injury that has ended the career of many players. And despite that, and despite virtually missing the first two games of the year, he is on pace for a 1000 yard receiving season. And you want to cut him? Why? What for? Because he hasn’t scored redzone touchdowns so far?

              Do you realise only four TE’s squeezed beyond 1000 yards in the entire NFL last season? None coming off a career threatening injury. Graham is having a receiving yards season similar to Greg Olsen in 2015. He only needs six TD’s in the last nine games of the season to match his TD total too. Olsen was a vaunted force last year.

              Should the Giants also cut Odell Beckham because he only has two more touchdowns than Graham so far?

              It’s classic scapegoating. Graham is an acceptable target because he’s an outsider they traded for. Cut him because he hasn’t lived up to expectation. Bring in who exactly to replace this massive talent?

              And Bevell/Cable, the other easy target. Someone must go because the Seahawks aren’t winning every game. Fire somebody. Somebody must be burnt at the stake. They’re 4-2-1, #1 in the NFC West and in the running for the #1 or #2 seed with a winnable home game next and a chance to go to 5-2-1.

              And you want people cut or fired?

              That’s what I mean by the typical overreaction since 2012. Fans have become so accustomed to success that any minor setback is now magnified beyond reality.

              • Ed

                I don’t disagree with you, and with anything, as results get better, you expect more and I agree with that. My problem isn’t with JG or RW. My problem has been and continues to be the inadequacy of the offensive philosophy, especially in the red zone. You want to keep Bevell and Graham, great. But use the guy. Who cares if you use him from 20 to 20. He needs to be used inside the 20.

                No offense (we keep saying that to each other), but I don’t understand how you can’t see my point. I’m a pretty simple guy. I see a problem, I try to fix it. I’m not looking for a scapegoat. I look at this team and what has plagued them for long time now and they still do the same thing. I would say baseball is the easiest analogy. If a guy is hitting home runs, you pitch around him (or plunk him). The Hawks and Bevell aren’t doing that. They keep pitching to him. If he hits a home run, oh well, eventually they will get him out.

                I want cohesion. I want the O to compliment the D.

                Sorry for the long-winded response. Enjoy all the banter and the blog. Thanks

                • Rob Staton

                  How are they not using him though Ed if he’s on pace for a 1000-yard season, especially when in the first two games he was barely involved due to the injury? When Baldwin hit 1000 yards last season it was the first time it had happened since 2007. Graham is on pace for a 1000 yard season, with similar numbers to Greg Olsen a year ago.

                  I’d argue it’s wrong to assert that he isn’t being used.

                  Are there improvements to be made? Yes, absolutely. But let’s not underplay how serious the Wilson injuries have impacted the offense. He hasn’t thrown a TD for three games. When does that ever happen to a healthy RW? They’ve had to adjust their entire O.

                  You’re talking about what has ‘plagued’ the Seahawks. They’re 46-18 since 2012. Nothing is plaguing the Seahawks. They were the #1 offense in the league last year per DVOA. They have an exceptional defense. They’re banged up this year and still 4-2-1. And let’s not forget this is an offense that year-on-year has improved in the second half of the season.

                  You say you want cohesion and an O to compliment the defense. That’s what they’ve had every year since 2012. Now Wilson is hurt they’ve had a rough run and they’re still 4-2-1.

                  Perspective people. There’s really no need to be calling for people to be fired, cut and traded.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Norv has experience with an elite TE and immobile QB.

        Plus.. Norvember is coming up ☝

        • Rob Staton

          I think I’m happy to wait for Norvuary.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Haha same. He builds soft teams

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I could see a fit for Norv Turner… more of a “offensive quality assurance” type of position. Just a new voice in the meeting room with some different ideas on how to get more out of the passing attack or how to blend some of the parts together better.

        Currently, the offense is still being run with the idea that RW is mobile or able to get out of harms way.. obviously he is injured and the offense needs to change to reflect this reality. Norv has had success with “immobile” QBs in several places, so he could be valuable in the right spot / situation. John Clayton believes he might not want to be a coach again…. time to hang it up feel to his abrupt exit from the Vikings.

        • Volume12

          Norv Turner does not fit this team. At all.

          And everything Befell calls is ran through PC. He OKs it all.

          Sometimes when you have coaches as talented as Pete that have been around as long as him and has forgotten more about the game than any of us will know or learn, you can have a tendency to ‘out-think the room.’

          • Volume12


        • Rob Staton

          I don’t see any chance of Norv in Seattle.

  7. HawkFan907

    Rob, who do you think is a better pro prospect at this point John Ross III or Dede Westbrook out of Oklahoma? Both of them are similar players with similar builds. I’m obviously partial to Ross because I’m from the PNW, but both players are explosive. Any thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      I prefer Ross personally.

    • TannerM

      I’m not sure if I’d label Westbrook as “explosive,” to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely athletic, but watching him today, I felt he was more smooth than explosive. I’d say he has better vision than Ross, too – Westbrook’s long kick-off return tonight is a good example. But watching Ross, it’s like one second the defensive back is matching him step for step, and the next he’s suddenly five yards ahead of them That’s probably thanks to some offseason training he has with Desean Jackson, who Ross claims helped him understand that he needs to slow down or hell outrun the play.

  8. 12thManderson

    Off Topic Non-Sense…

    In light of all of the recent work horse Fournette articles/podcasts. I, like all of you have tried finding that true Work Horse Back. Because let’s face it, I doubt we resign Michael and Collins just doesn’t seem to flash “IT” IMHO. Though the talent seems to be obvious, Until Prosise can prove he can sustain the beatings an NFL RB faces, and Rawls can recapture what he showed last year, while also staying healthy for an extended period of time and into the offseason. Our Running Back situation is still lacking.

    This year we don’t have as many picks as years past, and there seems to be other positions outside of RB that, IF addressed could seriously help the current/future of this team(OL, OLB, CB, & S). This may sound crazy or may have been suggested already and I just missed the comment. But in this SCATBACK heavy draft, Seattle may look into the overlooked, as they usually do.

    The overlooked in this case would be Eddie Lacy, YEA I said it Cheeseburger Eddie. Weight, Injuries, and Mike Mcarthy have plagued his career. A career I have seen ALOT of. Living in North Dakota with ALOT of Packer friends and alot of weekly broadcasted Packer games. Essentially he’s only had like 1 full year of healthy success in Green Bay, and because of that and the thorough team/fan base disappointment, he Could come cheap as an UFA.

    Listed at 5’11 235, he’ll turn 27 next June. With how committed and successful Seattle’s Weight Management with the team seems and how obsessed with the science in everything they are. I find it hard to believe that Pete and Crew can’t Maximize Lacy’s remaining potential.


    • C-Dog

      Let us not forget that the Seahawks just added Troymaine Pope to the PS today. Could be just a matter of time before we see him on the active roster, to the absolute glee of many of the Nation of 12.

      • Rik

        That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. Let’s get Troymaine returning kicks and give Lockett a rest so he can get back to 100% health. Pope has burst! Collins has … dunno what Collins has.

        • Rik

          I don’t see him listed on the PS yet.

          • C-Dog

            Just signed today

        • Sea Mode

          Collins has elite vision (in words of JS himself after the draft) and quick feet.

          He also has a good track record of health and productivity in college if I remember correctly.

          I understand he hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire or anything or got Hawks fans excited about him, but he could possibly contribute as the hammer up the middle in the future.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I haven’t seen Collins used for more then one or two plays. I don’t know how anyone can properly evaluate his potential when they don’t use him. Let him carry the load for half a game. If he still sucks, at least they evaluated him.

            It is puzzling to me how the Seahawks can draft 3 running backs and try out numerous others and come away with one potential player in the backfield. Maybe Prosise is the answer, but he is still second in looks. Collins is lucky to get two chances a game to show off his skills. Meanwhile we whine about not having a powerful running back like Lynch. I had some hopes for Pope until they cut him, now he has been cut twice, that hardly inspires confidence.

            • Volume12

              Pope isn’t gonna be a bell cow or a guy that can restore this run game.

              Prosise IMO would be much further along in terms of his role if he wasn’t set back by his injuries this summer and early in the season. Perfect back for a RBBC.

              Sometimes you just miss on guys. No matter how many guys you select at one position. Rookies are so far from a sure thing. And most take a couple years to get going. If a guy hasn’t flashed or shown any incremental improvement his first 2 years in the league, majority of the time he is what your eyes say he is.

              • AlaskaHawk

                I thought that most of the problem with Micheals in the past was that the Seahawks hardly played him. What did he have to look forward to? Getting a few plays a season? No player wants to sit on the bench for two years and then get cut for the new flavor of running back. It is simply demoralizing.

                I agree that Pope is not a bell cow. I had hoped he would be a change of pace back like Sproles, but I’m not sure that Pope is fast enough. Need a running back with 4.3 speed to fill that role.

  9. Trevor

    Keanu Neal is the new Kam Chancellor. Wow does he ever explode into guys! Rob another great call on him last year. We were all exited about him and looks like it is for good reason. Glad the Falcons for him not the Cards.

    That Falcons team is going to be dangerous in the playoffs.

    • Nathan

      That Defense isn’t totally hopeless.

      Grady Jarrett looking like a great 5th round pick too.

    • KingRajesh

      Kam Chancellor 2.0. Neal is better in coverage than Kam ever was.

  10. C-Dog

    The Flag Bowl that is Colorado v UCLA is must see tv. Tak McKinley is one to watch but Colorado has some players on that defense.

    • Volume12

      Takk McKinley is relentless. That dude never stops coming. His 3rd and 4th effort is just as impressive as his 1st. 1st step is unreal. I’d bet anything his yd split will be ?

      • Volume12

        *10 yd split

        • C-Dog

          He’s a fun player to watch. You think SAM for this guy?

          • Volume12

            Yeah, probably.

            With his ability to play the run and experience inside (was a 3-tech a lot last year) could even play some strong side too. Versatile defender.

            • C-Dog

              They definitely like versatility on that defense. IDK, lots folks think they might jump onto the death backer rage, but I just see how much Carroll loves to add to the pass rush, and a guy like this who can be versatile in the front 7 continues to make him really interesting to monitor.

              • Volume12

                I get that. Understand your point 100%.

                Rob mentioned Seattle possibly going offense early and often in this years draft, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. For a couple reasons.

                – The offense is obviously in need of upgrades. And Seattle loves to build that side of the ball through the draft, excluding Jimmy, since there’s so much money tied up on the defensive side of the ball.

                – Not many spots other than backup roles that are up for grabs defensively. So adding a D-lineman in FA, the one position they hit on every year, makes even more sense.

                Having said that, if that’s the route they go, I think they’ll try and add at least 1 impact defender for PC. And I’m not saying neglect that side of the ball, but rather use the picks on day 3 to take the high upside, athletic projects.

                • C-Dog

                  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. They definitely appear to need help at tackle, running back, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re attracted to one of these stud tight ends.

                  Defensively, I only see SAM as a bit of a hole. Shead has been a revelation at corner, Reed settles DT, and I think they are probably optimistic about the future of Q Jeff, but I can see the desire to grab a DE/DT type. I think they are going to ask Clark to rush inside more with Bennett out, so it will be interesting to see what comes out of that. They are loaded at DE.

                  Here’s the one other spot I feel perhaps a bit of a need on the D; the heir apparent of Chancellor. I’m starting to get more concerned about whether the toll of his play is catching up to him. Xavier Woods in the middle rounds might be a really solid selection if he’s there.

                  They could fill SAM middle round, but if there is someone sitting there early that they weren’t envisioning being available and can also do some stuff, a la Bruce, might be too enticing to pass up.

                  But again, we got a whole second half of the season to see how things shake out. I’m particularly interested in seeing what come out of Prosise and Fant.

                  • Volume12

                    Agree on all points.

                    With Fant, even if he develops and so far pretty good, they need physicality on the right side. Use Gilliam as a swing tackle.

                    Feel the same way about SAM. I think that might be the position they target in earliest on the defensive side, but like you said more than just a LB.

                    CB could use some depth and competition, but Shead has been a stud.

                    SS? I get the concerns. McCray looks great, but he’s maybe put enough good tape out there that a team could offer him starter $. Draft trends/history shows us they like to target safeties later and that s year is loaded there. Some really good smaller school guys there too.

                  • Volume12

                    SAM, LEO, OTTO, whatever. Grab a couple Mike Morgan types in UDFA.

                    Plus they got Palacio, Tripp, and is Montese Overton still on the team?

                  • Volume12

                    Or add a Jabaal Shears type in FA, and grab that DE/DT instead.

                  • Sea Mode

                    Great stuff, guys. I agree on these points of interest.

                    I think the great thing about having most positions locked down is that it allows us to be opportunistic if a great prospect falls a bit or in FA.

                    Sheard, for example, would be an awesome get. But I saw on Spotrac the other day that they are set to have $58m in cap space this offseason. Plus now they wont be paying Collins. I imagine they have quite a few players due to pay with an amount like that, but just saying it might be hard to bid against them. I also secretly wonder if they might try to go after Le’veon Bell after all the praise Belichick heaped on him a couple weeks ago…

                  • peter

                    I hear ya about Kam. I’m literally going through all the safeties at draft breakdown to see if anyone looks interesting.

                    • Rob Staton

                      It’s a really good draft for safety’s… but Kam’s a one in a lifetime. Hopefully, despite the holdout, he’ll be remembered as a true Seattle great.

                  • Volume12

                    I hear ya Rob. Can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, he’s still my current favorite Hawk and I’ll always recognize him as not only a Seahawk great and deserving of the ROH, but the true and original ‘death backer.’

                  • C-Dog

                    Rob, I love Kam so much, I named my cat after him. He’s immediate ring of honor in my book. If his career should, god forbid, be cut short, I hope they entice him onto the coaching staff, I think he’s destined to be a great one.

                    Volume 12, presently I have more concerns with Gilliam at RT than Fant at LT. My dream is that Fant ascends to take over LT and is this year’s UDFA gem, and that come next spring, they add a player like Bolles to squat next to Ifedi and make that right side powerful and dynamic. IMO, Gilliam has really fallen short.

                  • Volume12

                    C-Dog, that’s dope you got a cat. I’m a cat guy myself. Much prefer them to dogs.

                    Anyways back to the subject at hand. I’m not disagreeing with you in the slightest. Gilliam has been bad. Swing tackle would just be the backup to the left and right side. Even better, keep Sowell as that guy.

                    Huge fan of Fant. I had Seattle selecting him in my mock draft, rather than risking him going somewehere else. That’s how much I thought of his athletic scores and background.

                    To be fair, he’d be ‘another’ UDFA gem. McEvoy has proved, in my book, that he’s worthy of that 4th-5th receiver spot on the 53.

                  • Volume12

                    It’s funny you named kitty after Kam. Growing up as a kid, I had an English Labrador, same thing as a Black Lab, but bigger and more of s square/box shaped head, and named him after Shawn Kemp.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Long live the Reign Man! The 95-96 Sonics squad was one of my all time favorites. Talk about a three headed monster – Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf. Then throw in Sam “Big Smooth” Perkins, Nate McMillan and Ervin Johnson.

                    Too bad they ran into the buzzsaw that was the Chicago Bulls in the Finals.

                  • C-Dog

                    You know what, Volume 12? I have two cats, my other one is named Earl. 🙂

  11. Volume12

    Really like these DB’s from Colorado.

    Chidobe Awuzie probably goes too high. Looks like Damarious Randall out there. Top 100 kind of cat and he might not have the length for Seattle.

    Ahkello Witherspoon is very intriguing. Built like Tharold Simon, 2nd in the country with 12 PBU, arms look plenty long, but does he play the run enough? Only 9 tackles coming into tonight. Nevertheless, someone to keep your ? on late on day 3.

    Tedric Thompson might be the most Seahawky of the bunch. Long, versatile, plays safety now, but looks more like a CB.6’1-6’2, 205 lbs, fantastic ball skills, great range, click and close ability is outstanding. Smart, heady player. Really good production too.

    • C-Dog

      I was thinking all game that they got players in the back end that could fit Seattle’s D.

      • Volume12

        Good eye.

        That was a good game. Both those teams are super physical.

        • C-Dog

          Very chippy. It’s going to be interesting see how things shake up for Mora. I’ve been hearing rumblings that he might be loosing that team a bit.

          • Nathan W.

            Phillip Lindsay runs hard for tough yardage. Doesn’t seem super outstanding athletically though. Like the toughness. The secondary corp and a couple of those linebackers were flying around tonight.. but dang, almost as many penalties as points.

            • Volume12

              When isn’t there penalties between defensive minded, physical teams? It’s almost like CFB and the NFL don’t want that style. Good forbid if their precious fantasy football #’s be effected. I’m half j/k.

              Yeah, LB Addison Gilliam has some Jordan Tripp and Brock Coyle to his game, while the other ‘backer Kenneth Olugbode is very similar to Udub’s LB Keishawn Bierria.

              C-Dog, to your point. I could see that. Mora seems more suited to be a defensive coordinator. And how much of them struggling is due to next years #1 pick QB Josh Rosen being out for the year?

              • Nathan W.

                I only bemoan penalties for how they can turn a game real ugly and boring, I quite enjoy the chippiness of physical defenses, and physical offenses that answer the challenge.

                • Volume12

                  I got ya.

                  Me and you both man. It’s almost like the NFL has realized all of a sudden. ‘Oh, we can’t drop back and throw it 50 times? We have to run the ball and play defense? Huh. When did this happen?’

                  • Nathan W.

                    Games can be so finesse that you’ll start to wonder when running backs are going to get flagged for unnecessary roughness.

                  • Volume12

                    Exactly Nathan. It’s getting too soft.

              • Volume12

                I think defensive minded guys that have say in their war rooms, Rod Marinelli, Jim Schwartz, Dan Quinn, the dude down at Tennessee (Washburn?), PC, will absolute!y love McKinley’s effort, grit, and production.

                Plays a little high, still raw, and learning the game, but at his size? What an athlete!

                Can line this guy up anywhere. Strong side, LEO, inside, 2 point stance. But, give him a certain role in a defense like Seattle’s and let him go hunt? Nightmare for opposing offense’s.

              • C-Dog

                I think it’s a big factor, but I also think it could be how Mora is running with the pressure of dealing with a down year. IMO, when the SH hits the fan, I think he tends to go a bit to histrionic on his players and coaches, and he starts to loose them. Can’t be all chummy buddy buddy when you are winning and then turn into a major @ss hat when you’re not. I heard Petros Papadakis talking to Softy Mahler on the radio the other day, and he was bringing up these rumblings. Brought up too many horrors in my mind of that gawd awful 2009 season in Seattle.

                • Volume12


                  Never was a huge fan of him. Hated him here. Was never a Holmgren fan aka The Walrus either. When they hired PC, I went ape sh**.

                  Back to Mora though. That’s why I say he’s more of a DC. Just does not seem like he should running a team, let alone a program. As you say, when worse comes to worse or his players declare against his advice, he starts throwing people under the bus and tries to railroad them.

                  • C-Dog


                    Man, I am right there with you in terms of being excited about PC, and never so into the Walrus. I remember telling buddies circa 2005-ish that he should be the next Seahawks head coach and they would laugh at me, saying that “rah rah stuff” wouldn’t work in the pros, but I would retort, “yeah, but that defense and power run game would.”

                    IMO, I’m not sure how good a coordinator Mora Jr would even be. I could be wrong with this, but I don’t think he’s ever had a top 10 defense as a coordinator or HC in the NFL. I just think he was the son of a popular coach in the league, and that he benefited him. I think he could easily get a DC gig, but if I were a GM/HC, I’d punt on the guy. Maybe this is just me, but I think his personality might be a bit toxic in the long run.

                  • Volume12

                    He was DC in SF under Steve Mariucci. Why has he never got another job?

                    Remember back when they had QB Jeff Garcia, WR T.O., RB Garrison Hearst. On defense it was the leftovers from PC’s and Bo Pellini’s staff when they ran that defense.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I remember it well. I think he left that job to head coach the Falcons. I don’t think he had another DC job. I think he coached secondaries for the Chargers and Seattle. I think you’re right, too ; he inherited a good defense in San Fran.

  12. Darik

    My wife and I were on our honeymoon last December on a cruise and ironically enough, Garett and his new wife were at our table and we had dinner with them each night that we were there. It was cool hearing him talk about the reasons that he liked different schools (it was right before he committed to Utah) and hearing first hand about his backstory. I assure you that he is going to pass interviews with flying colors and his past is not going to hold down his draft stock- if anything the way he overcame early adversity will be seen as a positive. He’d be a great personality to have in the locker room, and physically is super impressive as well (truly is a big frame with hardly any fast on his body). I don’t have much to share about his performance on the field that hasn’t already been said, but I’ve been hoping he’d be a Seahawk for about 11 months now and would be thrilled to have him on our team.

    • Volume12

      That’s great stuff man. Cool to hear. ?

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Rob Staton

      Awesome story Darik — thanks for sharing!

  13. rowdy

    Watching the huskies I meant to ask you about Utah oline. Only line that I seen that could hang with uw d line. I think Mathis being out was part of the reason but still impressive. I hear a lot about Williams but his oline looks to be the better story to me. Williams reminds me of Collins and what coach’s say about Seattle’s rb, gets what’s given but not much more. Obviously lesser competition in college means more stats but his oline gives him a lot to work with. What’s your opinion of the rest of Utah’s oline?

  14. Sea Mode

    Hey, Rob, an idea for an article if you have time and interest.

    Was just thinking the halfway point of the season could be a neat occasion to take a look back at where some of the blog favorite “seahawky” prospects from the 2016 draft are at now.

    Could be a selection from this list you made.

    A lot have probably not even played much so should be quick. Of particular interest would be the prospects higlighted by TEF and the lesser known mid to late round players.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Like is McGovern starting?

      Elliott is gonna run away with OROTY, but who is DROTY? Fackrell?

      • Rob Staton

        Probably Joey Bosa so far or Keanu Neal.

        • Rik

          That would be interesting to have both OROTY (Elliott) and DROTY (Bosa) out of Ohio State. Bosa got some some bad press for holding out, but he’s been a dynamic force on the line since he’s been on the field.

          • Volume12

            If Zeke Elliott is a generational talent, which I don’t beleive he is, why is a 5th rounder doing the same things behind a far less talented O-line?

            Let’s not forgot Chicago RB Jordan Howard.

        • Trevor

          Agree Bosa or Neal are definitely the two standouts IMO.

  15. D-OZ

    I was listening to an interview with Walter Jones on 930 am yesterday and he was talking about how much he liked George Fant. Thinks he can be an elite LT.
    Another player I like on the Utes team is #12 WR Patrick. Nice length and good hands. Tough player who has a knack for getting open. Gave the Huskies CB,s fits all game long.

    • Trevor

      Gotta love big Walt! If anyone would know what a great LT would look like it should be him. I have to say Fant’s story is pretty amazing. If he continues with his current development trajectory the sky is the limit that is for sure. He certainly has the athleticism! When you think about what he did last week jumping into the fire like that it was pretty remarkable.

      If he starts this will be a huge test for Fant this week. Buff has a much better DL than NO and Rex likes to bring some exotic pressure. If he can get through this week then Sowell may never get that LT spot back and battle Gilliam for RT spot instead.

  16. D-OZ

    Exactly what I was thinking….

  17. KingRajesh

    Rob, have you looked into OT Taylor Moton from WMU?

    • Rob Staton

      I have, watched a game the other day. Wasn’t that excited to be honest. He was playing RT. Didn’t look bad, but nothing special.

      • Volume12

        Watched probably the game the other night. Looks like a pure guard at the next level to my eye.

        • C-Dog

          Brock Huard said this morning that with all the CFB he has watched this year, there isn’t one prospect he likes for LT, and there is only one he sees making a solid RT. Good. Lordy.

          • Volume12

            He also thought Baylor DT Andrew Billings was one of the best players in last years draft.

            Year before he said RB Ameer Abdullah was the best fit other than Todd Hurley for Seattle.

            So while he’s incredibly smart, a great guy to listen to, and someone to learn from, like all of us, he can miss and not always identify the right fits and talent.

            • Volume12


              • C-Dog

                Great points!

  18. Volume12

    Rob, do you think Pitt RB James Conner can be anything more than a short yardage, 3rd down/goal line back in the NFL?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly but I’m not optimistic. Not many guys with his size (listed at 6-2 and +230lbs) that make it. Like his story, like his running style. Not really a SEA fit I don’t think. OL has been great at Pitt vs the run and that helps.

      • Volume12

        No, I don’t think he’s a fit for Seattle either. Shoulda clarified that.

        I was just curious, because he’s one of CFB’s feel good stories and an easy guy to root for with his backstory.

        • Trevor

          I agree Vol I really hope Conner can make a career of it if that is what he wants because the guy is obviously a real battler.

  19. John T

    Was watching some tape on LT Storm Norton on draft breakdown, Toledo vs Temple and Toledo vs BYU.

    He’s got the size at 6’8 with long arms. Good technique to my eyes. Finishes blocks and can get to the next level. Anyone checked him out yet? Much better evaluators of talent on this site the I and I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    Cant tell if his feet are too slow, hard to figure with his size on the tape. Maybe an option for a mid to later round RT prospect with the way Gilliam looks lately.

    • D-OZ

      Love his name … Reminds me of a guy I used to fish with, who lived in Dutch Harbor (Stormin Norton)

  20. STTBM

    You were right last year about Seattle targeting Ifedi, and I believe you also listed Odhiambo as someone who fit TEF and could be a Seahawks pick as well. So Im paying attention here.

    Wouldnt bother me one bit to see Seattle spend a first or second round pick on a T–as long as said tackle plays well and doesnt play like James Carpenter or Garry Gilliam. Whatever works…

    Still need another EDGE guy especially if Bennett’s durability begins to fade.

  21. vrtkolman

    Justin Britt made PFF’s offensive linemen of the week list for the 2nd time this year. I think he’s a core guy going forward. He has what, one more season on his rookie contract? If just two out of three between Ifedi/Glo/Fant become at least average players, we could see some major improvements on the O line even as soon as later this year.

  22. Volume12

    Seahawks scouting Florida vs Arkansas tommorow.

    We all know how loaded that Gator D is.

    2nd time this season they’ve scouted Arkansas. Would not surprise me at all of they like TE Jeremy Sprinkle.

    WR Drew Morgan, leader of that team and gritty as hell, seems like a Seattle target at WR in UDFA.

    C Frank Ragnow is mean and nasty. Played guard up until this year. Not sure of he has the length or athleticism, but he’s a mauler.

    DL Deatrich Wise, Jr and Jeremiah Ledbetter.

    • D-OZ

      I like Wise and Ledbetter. Ledbetter is a very solid tackler.

  23. Rad man

    I do wonder if the focus on ‘edge’, and attitude and junkyarddoggedness distracts the Seahawks FO from the more subdued personality who may actually be a better O lineman. Sure, they’re looking for a fit, and a personality, and a profile. But they should be looking for effective players above all else.

    Yes, Tackle is a scarce commodity in the NFL right now. And yes, I’m using hindsight. But let’s use hindsight to evaluate. Looking back at the last few drafts…we see a handful of very effective (dare I say ‘good’) O lineman taken in the later rounds, that probably wouldn’t label as trench warrior junkyard dogs.

    It seems to me that looking for someone who is both “good” and “mean” makes the job doubly tough. And I wonder if they find a lot of tough and mean players who aren’t really all that good.

    Obviously, to their view, tough and mean is a component of ‘good’. I’m not as convinced.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they’ve missed out on anyone to be honest, passive or aggressive. College football is insanely inadequate on the OL.

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