New podcast: Kenny & Rob get into it about running backs

This week we start talking about the Saints game and eventually move on to a debate about running backs — with a frank exchange of views. Don’t miss it…


  1. HawkFan907

    Unless we pull off a major deal to grab Fournette, I say go DL/DE first and then grab a patient, bruising back in the middle to late rounds to compliment what we have since Collins doesn’t seem to be working out. Either hit that home run and make a blockbuster trade, or stick to your guns. This is an extremely deep RB class, but there is no one like Fournette.

    I’ve loved Jamaal Williams all year, and think he could be what Seattle is looking for. He may not have outstanding athleticism, but IMO it is league average. I’ve loved what I have seen from him as far as his violent running style and vision goes. At the end of the first I’d love to grab a Demarcus walker or a Taco Charlton if they are there. If our D is stout, then we can go places. I say keep building that D if all of the difference makers on offense are gone.

    • Volume12

      The more I watch of this guy, the more convinced I am that he’s the best D-lineman in the PAC 12 and a phenomenal athlete.

      Stanford DL Solomon Thomas- 6’3, 273 lbs. 2015 stats: 41 tackles, 11 TFL, 7.0 QB sacks, 6 QB hurries, 1 def. TD.

      Destroyed UCLA and USC so much, they had to adjust at halftime to stop this guy. Was the only player on Stanford that did anything against/in that Udub beat down. 1 man wrecking crew.

      He looks like a Seahawk type of D-lineman. Long, lean, explosive, disruptive, and just lives in the gaps. A gap shooter.

      I don’t know if these #’s are from HS or spring testing.

      4.66 40, 34″ vert, 10’2″ broad jump, 30 reps BP, 8% body fat. I’m thinking spring, because in HS it’s power ball over the bench press.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve just written a piece about Solomon Thomas that is going live tomorrow. His SPARQ combine numbers are very intriguing. He had a 4.25 ss and a 36.5 inch vert. That was at 261lbs. There are things to like but also things I don’t think are particularly what SEA is looking for right now. I think they want junkyard dogs. They want to be the bully. Jarran Reed is typical of the attitude they want, Ifedi too. I’m looking for guys like that, big, nasty, athletic, tough as hell. Thomas is athletic and disruptive but I don’t see him as someone Marshawn would say ‘we’ve got some dogs’ about.

        • Volume12

          Fair point.

          What do you think of Auburn’s Montravius Adams?

          • Volume12


            Has some Sheldon Richardson in his game.

          • Rob Staton

            Got some bad memories of that Auburn DL performance (including Adams) vs LSU last year.

            He is a DT though — I think the Reed pick a year ago lessens the need there. Trying to find angry, horrible, nasty DE/DT types, OL’s and RB’s. Still think they’ll like Chesson and some of these TE’s too.

            Wish Ryan Anderson was more of an athlete.

            • Volume12

              Yeah, Anderson is the embodiment of that. For sure. IDK man, he might be the type of guy they’d overlook some things for. Unless he tests horribly which I don’t think he will. More of a KJ type athlete maybe.

              I think this TE class is really good. Much better than the WRs. Chesson is ‘meh’ for me. Bit of a one year wonder. I like the Darboh kid better.

              I also agree that DT isn’t a big need, but I also don’t think receiver is either. More of a priority UDFA.

              • Rob Staton

                I’m trying to find some tape on Utah LT Garrett Bolles.

                • Volume12

                  Saw something on him the other day. Has an interesting back story. I beleive he’ll be a 25 year old rookie so that might impact his stock for some teams.

                  That dude is nasty!

                  • Volume12

                    He’s mature too. Married has a kid on the way.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I’m going through the stuff I’ve got access to trying to see if there is any Utah stashed away (should be). Back story is very interesting — kicked out of his house, went to jail, had to get a job, turned his life around, went to JUCO, went to Utah. Similar journey to Bruce Irvin. Massive guy — was a 4/5 star JUCO recruit.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    So are we saying a 6th or 7th rounder or UDRFA type of player?

        • HawkFan907

          Sign me up for Thomas. Imagine having an interior pass rusher of his caliber alongside Bennett, Avril and Clark. That is scary, with Thomas and Bennett on the inside. I know the Hawks love guys with a chip on their shoulder, does Thomas have anything like that?

          The more and more this season goes on, I feel like we need an interior pass rusher to pair alongside Reed. There should be plenty of talent there at the end of the first.

          • Volume12

            He has a RW like personality off the field. On the field he says he fliups a switch and becomes a beast. There’s a video online where him and his parents are explaining it. They said their son is unrecognizable on the field.

            I agree with Rob, and have thought this since last year, that their looking for the bigger DE/DT types.

              • Volume12

                Chippy man. He wants to hit.


                • Rob Staton

                  This could be our guy.

                  I’ve got USC vs Utah.

                  • Volume12

                    Seattle scouted that game too.

                    He’s very Seahawky. No doubt about it. He might be our guy.

                  • HawkFan907

                    He is a great player, and has all of the measurables, plus that chip on his shoulder. Do you know what he went to jail for by chance? Hopefully it wasn’t anything too serious. I remember him looking great against USC with the exception of some dumb penalties. He has seemed to come into his own as of late.

                    • Rob Staton


                  • C-Dog

                    Nice looking player. Match is up with Ifedi on the right, and that’s a lot of attitude over there.

                • Volume12

                  Seattle could draft like last year. Mix in some athletic freaks, Ifedi Wap and Prosise, with the junkyard dogs, Reed and Vannett for example.

                  Not saying they’ll change their m.o., highly doubtful, but rather adjust it. I mean they built a bully by sticking to their ways, but so many teams have caught on, and the more teams hire HC’s like Mike Zimmer, Dan Quinn, Jack Del Rio, it’ll be harder to do so. The veteran HC’s know how you win in the NFL.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Wonder if they bring in another FA DL and go all out offense. RB, OL, maybe another TE depending on Luke.

                  • Volume12

                    Wouldn’t be mad at that. It’s an interesting point.

                    Go defense in the later rounds. Like a CB for some depth or competition, a SAM for the same. Athletic projects.

                    D-line is the one position in FA they’ve hit on as we know.

                  • Volume12

                    Isn’t Datone Jones a FA? He was a VMAC visitor, from Compton.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I just wonder why Calais Campbell doesn’t have a new contract. Too pricey for SEA? Maybe. Jabaal Sheard also a FA.

                  • Volume12

                    HF907, it was vandalism. Had a drug habit, so he was probably getting high and being a kid. Haven’t we all done something like that? ?

                  • Volume12

                    The more I think about your scenario Rob, going offense often and early, it makes sense. That would be a Seattle Seahawk style draft.

                    2017 class is defensive heavy, outside of TE & RB. While the rest of the league goes one way or zigs, Seattle zags like they always do and we’ve talked about before.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Could see it. Them taking two nasty OL and a RB or TE in the first 1-3 or 1-4 rounds. Go big and nasty.

                  • HawkFan907

                    That isn’t a huge red flag, just a dumb mistake. I’m excited to see how he performs at the combine. Sounds like he has turned his life around and has a lot to prove. A perfect guy for the Hawks.

                    So if they do elect to grab a DT/DE from FA, I can see them taking Engram at the end of the first. I wouldn’t mind targeting the OL again in the 2nd and 3rd like they have done in the past.

                  • Volume12

                    Not a 1st round pick by any means, but Akron WR Jerome Lane is an intriguing athlete.

                    6’3, 225 lbs. Former LB & S. Still plays with that mentality too.

                  • Volume12

                    Charlie, we’re talking first couple rounds, 1-2, here.

                  • Attyla the Hawk

                    “While the rest of the league goes one way or zigs, Seattle zags like they always do and we’ve talked about before.”

                    Well sort of.

                    2016 draft was deep at DL/OL. We double dipped at both (1, 2, 3, 5)

                    2015 draft was OL, WR, DB. We doubled on OL/DB and traded up for WR (3, 4, 4, 5, 7)

                    2014 draft was deep at OL, WR, DB. We doubled down on OL and WR (2, 2, 4 and 6)

                    I think we often tend to think we zig when others zag. But the last three drafts, we’ve doubled up on the position groups of strength. And we’ve also done it heavily with our early picks. Only one time did we not use our first pick in such a manner (Clark), but we also traded 4 picks to move up right after to get in that strong position group (Lockett).

                    Seattle has very firmly dug into the deep pool. And not only once, but almost always twice. So I wouldn’t expect we’ll zig too much — other than the actual names being called.

                    I fully expect us to pick heavy in the DL/DE group and the CB group. We currently have 1,2,3,6 and 7 (Panthers). With 2 comp picks yet to be determined. I’d guess we’ll trade back to pick up picks given positional depth. Also to get picks in the 4th/5th round. Schneider has stated multiple times that he doesn’t like to go more than a round before picking.

  2. Volume12

    Seahawks scouting the UCLA @ Colorado game tommorow night. Colorado is loaded in the secondary.

    UCLA: EDGE Takkarist ‘Takk’ McKinley, DT Eddie Vanderdoes, LB’s Kenny Young, Jayon Brown, & Deon Hollins, CB Fabian Moreau, H-back Nate Iese, OL Scott Quessenberry

    Colorado: CB/S Chidobe Awuzie (reminds me of a Damarious Randall type), S/CB Tedric Thompson, CB Ahkello Witherspoon, EDGE Jimmie Gilbert, DT’s Josh Tupou, QB Sefo Liufau, WR Bryce Bobo, LB Kenneth Olugbode

    • C-Dog

      I’m on board with McKinley, and Awuzie. Josh Tupou could be that big athletic mid round DT JS/PC have shown a pension for selecting.

  3. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of Udub EDGE/LB Joe Mathis as a mid-later round pass rusher?

    • Rob Staton

      Really like him. Just wonder about the length/athleticism. But as a mid/late rounder love his effort.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s got good disengage regardless of length.

  4. Trevor

    Rob thinking about the OL and players who might be there at the end of Rd #1.

    If you had a choice between the following which would you think is a better option.

    Draft Dan Feeney to play RG and mover Ifedi to RT


    Draft Cam Robinson to play RT and keep Ifedi at RG.

    After watching the tape of the top ranked OL for this draft class. Feeney was by far my favorite and I think he can start and have an impact day #1. But if you want to build a bully the idea of Robinson and Ifedi on the right side of the OL sounds pretty amazing.

    • Rob Staton

      I prefer Feeney on tape and from what I’ve read Robinson is an absolute nightmare and I’d rather avoid that. That said, if I’m taking an OL in round one I want a fantastic athlete. I want someone who is going to handle the best DL’s in this modern NFL. I’m not sure Feeney or Robinson tick that box. At the moment I’m focusing on Utah’s Garett Bolles.

  5. Trevor

    You don’t think Feeney will meet the TEF?

    I will have to check into Bolles more both you as Vol12 seem to really like him.

    • Rob Staton

      Article on Bolles coming.

      Not convinced Feeney will beat TEF.

  6. Trevor

    Mixon had another small off field incident. Going to miss the next game. Such a shame he is a bone head because he is such a phenomenal talent physically when I watch his tape he looks like everything the Hawks look for in an RB.

    On another note would love to see Prosise get a shot as a lead back this week against a solid D to see what we have in him.

    • Volume12

      It’s crazy that the 3rd-4th most talented back in this class could and might even go undrafted.

      • Volume12

        I think he’s the perfect fit for KC.

  7. Pran

    Pope cleared waivers. Should Seahawks add him to Practice Squad?

  8. East Side Stevie

    Did we bring back Pope? I think we did!!!!!

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