Hear me out… the Seahawks should go after Sean Payton

Sean Payton in Seattle? It’s not as daft as it sounds…

Paul Allen never settled for anything less than bold, ambitious and exciting when he looked to shape the direction of the Seahawks.

Bringing Mike Holmgren to Seattle was a splash move. It legitimised the franchise and brought the first Super Bowl appearance in team history.

After trusting Tim Ruskell’s vision to appoint Jim Mora as Holmgren’s heir apparent, Allen wasted no time correcting the mistake after one year. What followed was another big splash. Pete Carroll. And with Carroll came a first Championship victory.

I suspect if he was still with us, Allen would be looking at the current 3-7 season with great concern. He might even be preparing to act, one way or another.

Whatever his plan would’ve been, it likely would’ve caught your attention.

Earlier today I was reading a piece by Mike Florio where he considered the future of Sean Payton and the Saints following last night’s hammering by Buffalo, dropping New Orleans to 5-6 after a 5-2 start.

It’s quite easy to connect the Saints to a big Russell Wilson trade in the off-season. After all, Wilson listed New Orleans among his preferred destinations earlier this year.

However, Florio raised a different, much more interesting point:

“It also won’t be a surprise, frankly, if Payton’s name makes a re-emergence on the Sunday Splash! circuit as a guy who could be moving on after the season. As some who chase a constant content quota may conclude, if Payton can’t bring a franchise quarterback to him, maybe he’ll take himself to a franchise quarterback.”

There’s been a consistent jungle drum beating around Payton potentially leaving New Orleans for a new challenge. Jerry Jones is a big admirer and the Cowboys were often linked. Jason La Canfora reported in 2018 that there were “backchannel communications” between the Colts and Saints regarding a potential deal for Payton. The talks broke down over draft-pick compensation — with the Saints asking for a pick in the top two rounds.

La Canfora also spoke to Colts COO Pete Ward, who confirmed him he took a call from the Saints about Payton.

Before Sean McVay took over the Rams, they too were interested in Payton. Larry Holder of NOLA.com reported LA were expected to ask the Saints for permission to speak with Payton about their vacancy. Mickey Loomis, the Saints GM, was reportedly open to trading Payton.

Rather than sending Wilson to the Saints, could the Seahawks find a way to bring Payton to Seattle?

You might initially chuckle at the prospect and see it as extremely unlikely.

It might not be as crazy as you think.

The sheer fact it’s been so openly reported that he could move on is a big enough reason alone, before you consider the situation in New Orleans.

It could be impossible for the Saints to trade for a top quarterback. They don’t have multiple first round picks like the Giants, Dolphins or Eagles. With Wilson and Aaron Rodgers in the NFC, the Seahawks and Packers will be reluctant to trade within the conference unless the price is astronomical.

It’s plausible that New Orleans would pay a huge price for a quarterback. They have everything else needed to be a contender. How much is too much though? And if it ends up being a choice between muddling on with Taysom Hill or drafting from an unattractive pool of draft prospects — perhaps Payton would fancy a change of pace?

He’s been in New Orleans for 15 years. His legacy in the city won’t change, just as Holmgren’s didn’t in Green Bay.

You’d need something to tempt him to take the gig. For Holmgren it was complete control and the ability to pick the players as well as coach the team. For Payton, you can offer the quarterback he doesn’t have in New Orleans. You could offer the same kind of power Pete Carroll has — or something similar. And you can offer him a lot of money.

You might ask whether he would have interest in working for the ownership structure in Seattle. Well, it isn’t dissimilar in New Orleans. The owner Gayle Benson took over when her husband died.

None of us know what Jody Allen is like as an owner. I suspect if she wanted to emulate her brother, this the type of bold, ambitious move he would make for a proven winner — just as he did with Holmgren and Carroll.

This would surely appease Russell Wilson and rekindle his faith. Payton may covet the opportunity to spend the next decade working with Wilson, rather than scrambling around for a Drew Brees replacement in New Orleans.

Remember Florio’s quote:

“If Payton can’t bring a franchise quarterback to him, maybe he’ll take himself to a franchise quarterback.”

Which other team in the NFL has a franchise quarterback who could be looking for a new coach?

Derek Carr and Las Vegas is probably the only one. And as bad as you might think the Seahawks are right now, look at what’s been happening in Vegas recently. It’s also worth noting that Payton didn’t exactly have a positive experience with Al Davis back in the day and that might linger, somewhat.

I appreciate this might be considered fanciful and a lot of moving pieces would have to fall into place. Carroll would have to walk away (I think he will) or be fired. Payton would have to want to leave New Orleans. Either he mutually leaves or a trade would need to be arranged. And Seattle’s ownership would have to have the chops to deliver.

The thing is, who among us predicted Jim Mora would be one-and-done? Let alone that Pete Carroll, of all people, would take over?

I’ll say it again. If Jody Allen wants to make the kind of move her brother would do to reignite this franchise and land a rockstar Head Coach — it wouldn’t get much bigger than landing Payton.

All questions about the ambition of the new ownership group would be answered. It would be the ultimate statement of intent. You’d avoid having to enter the murky waters of having to replace Russell Wilson when the quarterback situation in college football has never been weaker. And you could launch a new era of Seahawks football, led by a proven winner.

It might not be likely — but it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds.

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  1. Blitzy the Clown

    I won’t say I knew you were going to get here – Seahawks should make a move to bring Payton to Seattle. But I will say I thought you might, especially after some of your most recent articles.

    You are consistently weeks-to-months ahead of the rest of the NFL sportswriters when it comes to Seahawks football (not to mention college scouting). It would not surprise me in the least if you’re out front on this as well.

    And fwiw, I fully believe Wilson wants to remain a Seahawk, and he would do everything he could to lobby Payton to come to Seattle if the team told him that’s what they wanted to do.

    Ball’s in your court Jody.

  2. CHaquesFan

    I’ve been wondering, is Carroll giving too much power to his coordinators over play-calling, snap rotations, etc.? He’s always seemed like he’s not in control when referring to Alton Robinson’s snap counts and run-pass ratios (see his comments post-GB game).

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a shambles

      He’s said about four times they need to give AR more snaps

  3. Big Mike

    Fantastic idea! I’m in.
    Assuming he’s under contract with NO, what do you suppose the compensation would be Rob? Everyone else?

    • BobbyK

      Rob quoted: “…with the Saints asking for a pick in the top two rounds.”

      That’s the answer.

      • 12th chuck

        Payton for J.Adams straight across trade

        • STTBM

          We’d have to pay Adams salary for two years for that to work, Saints cap is a mess. But I like your devious mind!

          • Roy Batty

            The Hawks would incur a $16 million dead cap hit.

            The Saints would get a drastically reduced contact, until the last year in 2025. Not much dead cap for them to absorb, year by year, compared to the Hawks at the start of the contract. Also, he is an LSU man. The biggest college ballgame in that state.

      • Big Mike

        That was the Colts in 2018. Perhaps I should’ve phrased my question “do you (guys) think they’d ask for the same, more or less than what they asked for from the Colts?”/-.

    • cha

      Unless there’s some language in Payton’s contract the Saints want to activate, he should be free to resign and sign with another team, provided the new job is a promotion.

      • Big Mike

        In that case he’d have to have some sort of personnel position in Seattle. I would sincerely hope there’d be some sort of checks and balances with another person (GM) because I don’t believe absolute power works. For example, Belichick reportedly gave up scouting/drafting control and it paid dividends with a significantly better draft.

        • cha

          I think it’s worth the risk, especially if he’s got a John Schneider-type hotshot he can work with.

  4. BobbyK

    Interesting scenario. Payton and Wilson would love it, I would think. But can the Seahawks afford it? They’re already without their 1st round pick thanks to herpes they got from the Jets and there isn’t much they could offer. Then again, is a singular 2nd round pick really worth what a great coach could do? Probably not. But it should would be terrible not to make a pick until the 3rd round when building through the draft should be priority number two (after appeasing said franchise QB).

    • Big Mike

      “herpes”……LOVE it!

  5. BobbyK

    Here’s a wild idea:

    Pete Carroll and a later round pick to the Saints for Payton. I don’t think Carroll is trash like some people do. I think he’d be fine with more talent (much of which is his fault for not getting). Each could get fresh starts.

    Payton would get Wilson. Pete would get a team with a good OL and defense.

    For what it’s worth, I see Pete tired in Seattle – but I don’t see Pete wanting to sit on a front porch on a rocking chair (USC floater story from about a month ago).

  6. Poli

    Jamal Adams for Sean Peyton. Throw in Collier to sweeten the pot 🤪

    • Ashish

      We can throw in a Penny if they are still short.

      • BobbyK

        Aside from he’s a free agent at the end of the year. It’d be like the Seahawks trying to trade Aaron Donald to the Raiders. I don’t think that works.

    • Rob Staton

      I would do it in a heartbeat

      • RugbyLock

        I’d rent AND drive the Uhaul to get em out of town! Road trip anyone??

    • Space Chief

      Reminds me of when the Mariners traded Lou Piniella for outfielder Randy Winn.

  7. MyChestIsBeastMode

    I just had this same conversation over Thanksgiving dinner discussing how perfect of a fit Wilson and Sean Payton would be. The discussion evolved from Wilson maybe going to the Saints in a trade to the thought of “wouldn’t it be cool if Payton coached here.”

    Anyways, I am all in on an offensive minded coach giving it a shot with Wilson in Seattle and Payton would certainly be a the top of the list for proven candidates.

  8. STTBM

    Payton is a very smart coach. But he’s also the only coach scummy enough to get banned for a year in the 35 years I’ve been watching the NFL.

    Bobbyk, I think it’s obvious it’s more than just a lack of player talent, or poor coaching staff that’s wrong with the Seahawks: It’s Carrol, he’s old, fumbling, incompetent…and done. His decision making is slow, doesn’t follow a clear logic, and has gotten less aggressive, more fear-based: he plays not to lose. I can’t see any Team, College or Pro, wanting a 70 year old Carrol. But I hope I’m wrong.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not really bothered about that, to be honest. A huge mistake but I bet they were hardly the minority when it came to stuff like that. And by all accounts, I think we can safely say everyone learnt their lesson.

      • STTBM

        Rob, you may be right. I’ve just never liked Payton, though I’m no fool, and of course recognize his coaching acumen. He coaches rings around us.

        I’d be happier with finding a good young offensive mind like GB did, but that’s easier said than done.

        Plus, it would be amazing to see Kris Richard come back–isnt he coaching NO’s DB’s? Carrol and his handpicked staff of cronies and never-weres replaced by at least one of the staff we let get away would be Poetic Justice of a sort for the botched re-sent.

  9. TomLPDX

    When I read Florio’s article this morning about Sean possibly coming to Seattle it was all I could do to contain myself. It answers all the questions. Hell, I’d give our entire 2022 draft to NO to get Sean as our coach!

    Make it happen Jody!

  10. Call Me AL

    Its interesting to note the trade talk about Russell Wilson is already started…

    It’s time for the Giants to do something drastic if they want to get out of the basement of the NFL. This offseason, the Giants must go all-in trading for Russell Wilson.

    If Wilson wasn’t happy in Seattle after a 12-4 season last year, he’s probably not happy in what’s probably going to be his first losing season of his career in 2021.

    The Giants need a shot in the arm in a big way. Big Blue has the second-worst record in the NFL since the start of the 2017 season (21-53), trailing only their MetLife Stadium partners by one game.

    A trade of this magnitude must work for everyone: Wilson, the Giants and the Seahawks. Here’s why this makes the most sense.

    The Giants have arguably the best trade package available. Following Week 11, the Giants stood to have the fifth overall pick in April’s draft plus the No. 7 pick by virtue of the Chicago trade that netted the Bears Justin Fields. Only the Jets have two top 10 picks this year, and they just got their franchise QB in Zach Wilson a few months ago.

    Two first-rounders alone wouldn’t get it done, but it’s a necessary start. New York would have to throw in a 2023 first-rounder and some other items (players and/or picks) to make this work.

    • cha

      I read that article.

      The writer makes a convincing case that the Giants should trade for RW, saying the 2022 draft is weak for QBs, but then goes on to say that it makes sense for the Seahawks but fails to say how.

      • Peter

        Same. Thought it interesting that a national writer was talking about this. Giants: get a reat qb. Seahawks: who are they? Do they even need a qb?

        • Roy Batty

          The Giants FO and coaching staff are a mess, and will most definitely be worse by seasons’s end. The ownership hasn’t exactly done well, either.

          I don’t see Wilson accepting a trade there. His goal is adding to his legacy, not adding to the drama.

          Some of the scenarios people suggest are only plausible if there is a major, and I’m talking in public, blowup between coach and QB. That isn’t happening with those two. They both have a habitual need to be liked.

      • McZ

        That’s an easy one.
        The Seahawks – even with RW – are clearly the worst team in their division. Forget about the Niners game.

        The OL is due for another rebuild, the DL is crap, Bwagz is possibly in his last hooray, the rest of the LB corps is atrocious. The secondary is lousy. RBs are injury prone, WR corps is Lockett+Metcalf and nothing more. Metcalf lacks discipline and route skills. Everett overrated, the rest of the TEs a healthy scratch.

        Most of the younger players are disgusting, tbh. No chips, only a mouthful of crap. Where is the performance? They are anti-footballers selected by out anti-football HC. The same HC, who is dishonest. He absolutely knows, why things are not going well. Above all, this franchise isn’t very likable anymore. It’s a career cemetery. And this is why FAs aren’t coming.

        RW at worst – and I continue to repeat myself here – is outspotted. Best case is, that only his finger injury keeps him back. Probably, his wheels are falling off and he needs to reinvent his game.

        Add to this a lack of draft picks and a FO prone to bad scouting and gambling, you have the perfect storm.

        Enough is enough. We’re crippled beyond repair. Raze the damn thing down.

        • Rob Staton

          People suddenly judging Wilson in this s**t show after a decade of brilliance… so frustrating

          No. Tearing it all down isn’t a good idea.

          If you want the Lions, watch them and then come back and say what you’re saying.

          • GerryG

            As great as Wilson has been, the last full season of games show to me just how important leadership at the top is; knowing and executing an identity. As we’ve discussed endlessly the identity and philosophy is broken, and I think this has massively affected all areas of the team, including and perhaps especially Wilson.

            Whatever flaws he has, he’s not perfect, he still had them throughout his record breaking years and he was a success then. I’d love to see him play again under a true team with true leadership. I can’t get over just how much of a sh*tshow this has turned into. Pete lamenting snaps of players, the number of runs, trying to figure out how to get guys involved, the weeks of record breaking defensive futility, wasted TEs, no pass rush, panic trades, squandered draft capital etc etc…

          • Peter

            Two scenarios: if wilson is traded or if there is a new head coach and he keeps plsying this sprawling, stalling style of offense i will concede he “may be done.”

            However: let us on the blog debate. What QB in modern times say 2001 to present has been better and worth more to their team in their first TEN seasons than Wilson?

            Maybe peyton manning? Except….though he had the rookie rec for td’s (broken by wilson) that team went 6-10 and oft unsaid is that Manning turned it over that year as much as he got a TD….

            So, maybe manning and brady. And that’s it.

  11. TomLPDX

    Sam Huard is starting QB tonight. Finally get to see what he’s got!

    • Big Mike

      Officials literally take 3 mins. to NOT change an on field call when it was clear there wasn’t near enough evidence to do so. Worst officials in college football by a wide margin. Add an obscene amount of commercials and gee, I wonder why games take 3 1/2 hours or more to complete.

      • TomLPDX

        Sounds like just about every other game we watch every week.

    • Big Mike

      Sure an awful lot of penalties being called on the Cougs, one of the least penalized teams in the conference. The last 2 we didn’t even see a replay. Hmmmm…….

    • Big Mike

      3 ints and not even the end of the 3rd quarter. 2 of them were very poor choices. Rough start for the kid. He has a long way to go.

  12. no frickin clue

    If I’m Russ, and having seen what can happen when (1) the philosophy behind the roster construction seems adrift and aimless, and (2) draft capital is mostly squandered, then I’m looking for the following situation:

    1. Creative, offense-minded head coach
    2. Stable front office with good recent track record of finding talent
    3. Still need an upgrade at QB

    Basically I’d want a team where many of the other pieces are in place and I can take that team over the top.

    Among the other 31 franchises out there, who matches this list best?

  13. Troy

    These are the kinds of creative and unique takes that keep me coming back to SDB. Man, that would ignite so much excitement and passion in the fan base of the ownership did something like that.

  14. swedenhawk

    genius! Wilson stays to play for Payton, the new HC and president of football operations, Schneider too stays on as GM for continuity and Fangio comes aboard as the new DC… the 2022-23 season is suddenly looking bright!

  15. Sea Mode

    Can we also swap our entire OL for theirs while we’re at it…?

    • Simon McInnes

      That is one way of JS showing he has his mojo back – trading a bunch of our old timers and rotation guys for a load of solid starters.

  16. Jordan E

    That would be awesome.. We would actually have an offense

  17. Roy Batty

    It would be nice to have a new HC who doesn’t ignore the failings of his cronies and won’t be hiring his children.

  18. Paul Cook

    It’s rivalry week in college football and the teams participating in the conference championship games next week will be decided. Here’s the CFP playoff poll now..

    1) Georgia 11-0
    2) Ohio State 10-1
    3) Alabama 10-1
    4) Cincinnati 12-0

    5) Michigan 10-1
    6) Notre Dame 10-1
    7) Oklahoma State 10-1
    8) Baylor 9-2
    9) Mississippi 9-2
    10) Oklahoma 10-1
    11) Oregon 9-2
    12) Michigan State

    And there’s a great lineup of games…

    Michigan @ Ohio State
    Alabama @ Auburn
    Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State
    Penn State @ Michigan State
    Oregon State @ Oregon
    Texas A&M @ LSU
    Notre Dame @ Stanford

    Michigan looks like it has the best chance to beat Ohio State this week talent wise since Harbaugh came to Michigan. But I’ll have to see it to believe it. Auburn has a winning record against Alabama at home during the Nick Saban era, something to keep in mind. Auburn could knock Alabama out of the CFP hunt today. If not, Alabama will play Georgia next week in the SEC championship game.

    I thought Oregon has looked increasingly weaker by the week this year. It finally showed up last week when they were routed by Utah. If Oregon State beats them today, then it’s Washington State in the Pac 12 championship game against Utah next week.

    Oklahoma and Oklahoma State may be the best of the big games to watch. Very closely matched teams. Both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will have to win today’s game and the Big 12 championship game next week to make a convincing case for entry into the CFP. If Oklahoma State wins, they will play Baylor in the Big 12 championship, and if Oklahoma wins they will face Oklahoma State in a rematch game in the Big 12 championship game next week.

    Many people think Oklahoma State has the best defense in the country behind Georgia. They will certainly test freshman sensation Caleb Williams who is coming off a weaker performance the past few weeks after exploding on the college football scene earlier this year.

    Lastly, Notre Dame plays at Stanford. Stanford is a weak team this year, though they did upset Oregon earlier this season. PLEASE do it one more time today and knock Notre Dame out from any consideration as being one of the four team in the CFP.

    If I had to guess the teams in the CFP this year I’d probably say Georgia, Ohio State, Cincinnati, and either Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, or Oklahoma. But this could change in a matter of hours today.

    • Big Mike

      Go Beavs! Love to see my Cougs in the championship game. They played Utah way tougher than Downey soft Oregon did and I think they’d have a shot against them in a rematch.

      PLEASE no Notre Dame

      • Paul Cook

        Good luck to your Cougs. The Cougs deserve it the way they played this year after losing their head coach. I was actually glad the Cougs beat my Dawgs last night. I wanted a definitive loss to end this dreadful season to give some real impetus to bringing a top flight coach to Montlake to get our program back on track fast.

  19. Paul Cook

    Just heard that Bo Mix won’t be playing QB for Auburn today. Can’t see them having much of a chance upsetting Alabama today for that reason.

  20. Paul Cook

    Ohio State and Michigan in the cold wind and snow now fighting for the potential Big 10 championship and berth in the CFP. College football at its best.

    • TomLPDX

      That was an outstanding game!

      • Paul Cook

        Yup. Just a great game. Rivalry, lots of emotion, hard hitting, some superb talent, early winter weather, high stakes…just great college football experience.

        Michigan merely swaps out Ohio State and puts itself squarely amongst the final four after this win. They just can’t crap the bed against either Wisconsin or Iowa in the Big 10 championship game.

  21. cha

    Cut + paste for your reply when anyone suggests trading Russell Wilson for a boatload of draft picks…


    • Simon McInnes

      Marking down someone for wobbly balls is just discriminatory. Send that child to bed without any supper

    • STTBM

      That kids scouting report is the best thing on the internet right now. Wobbly balls! Passes behind the receiver! Dadgum, that’s fierce!

  22. Paul Cook

    Well if we do trade for a boatload of picks, I wouldn’t mind picking up this Aidan Hutchinson for our DL and maybe a Jordan Davis to go along with him.

    • Rob Staton

      Hutchinson and Davis would turn the DL into a strength

      • Paul Cook

        It would be nice to have a killer DL.

    • BobbyK

      Could be awesome. They could have a DL that included Cortez Kennedy and Jacob Green if all worked out. Tez is in the HOF and Ronnie Lott personally told me that Jacob Green is one of the best NFL players he’s ever seen NOT in the HOF. What could go wrong if we gave up a franchise QB to make sure out DL was that good?

      • BobbyK


    • Seahawkwalt

      Love Hutch..

  23. Paul Cook

    Wow. Michigan might do it today, actually beat Ohio State. I wonder if that would knock OSU out of all consideration for the CFP? Can any two loss team make it if certain things fall a certain way today and next week (Ohio State, Alabama)?

    • Big Mike

      A 2 loss team that didn’t win their conference? That would be the epitome of favoritism and prove once and for all the whole thing is nothing more than a gigantic money grab and that ESPN controls it all. Both of those things are true, but they need to keep the façade up right?

      And btw, I think Michigan wins this. Sure hope so.

      • Paul Cook

        There are two or three scenarios where teams on the outside looking in will have legitimate grips. College football just has to make sense of itself. They have to get their power conferences better sorted out, and give automatic byes to the CFP for winning your conference. You’ve got to make winning your conference meaningful. Then maybe have the highest rated non power conference team make it. Then maybe a few wild card teams. Then seed the teams based upon whatever criteria makes the most sense.

        This has got to happen fast. And there’s got to be some sort of better planning around these conference formations. It’s too greedy and ad hoc now.

        • Paul Cook

          * That was “legitimate gripes”.

  24. Troy

    Funny that this Michigan team led by harbaugh is the EXACT sort of team Pete wants to have, a bully, strong pass rush, strong running game, capable of converting 3rd downs. Man Michigan is putting on a clinic. I really want Hutch on our team

  25. Big Mike

    Is there anything better in football than watching an offensive line dominate even when the opponent knows you’re going to run to eat clock?
    Michigan o-line just owning Ohio St. d-line

    • Peter

      Up next…tge beavers in slight rain with jumbo packages and a grwat rushing attack.

      • Peter

        Good grief autocorrect!

    • TomLPDX

      That was an awesome game. On to the Civil War!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      That was an absolute clinic in power football by Harbaugh and the Wolverines.

      Tis a bonnie sight indeed.

    • Paul Cook

      It might be the most soul killing away to beat an opponent.

  26. Big Mike

    Go Beavs!

  27. Rob Staton

    Malik Willis aint it

    Sam Howell aint it

    Matt Corrall is 6-0 and 200lbs and plays in a system that will probably lead to a NFL career similar to every QB Oklahoma State has produced over the last decade

    Kenny Pickett has +8 inch hands and has to wear gloves to grip the ball

    Carson Strong’s knee issue could be serious per Tony Pauline

    But, you know, ‘just draft a QB and start again’

    • cha

      “Trade Russell Wilson and let Pete launch another rebuild to play the way he wants to” might be the worst take of 2021.

      Some other favorites:

      “Best defensive line since 2013”

      “Trade Collins to Baltimore, our RB depth is great and we need draft picks”

      “Play Jamal Adams at SAM”

      • Rob Staton

        Nailed them all there

        And not a single humbling concession since

  28. TheOtherJordan

    Absolutely painful to think the Seahawks have given up a possible top ten pick which could have allowed them to draft Hutchinson. After watching that performance today, he’d go a long way toward rebuilding the pass rush. Just Brutal.

  29. Jordan

    Justifiably, we feel like it’s stale with Pete here in Seattle; but man, I would imagine it feels even more so for Payton in New Orleans. They’ve accomplished considerably less than the Seahawks have since 2010.

    A change of scenery could certainly be in the cards, and I’d be all for Payton in Seattle. Andy Reid has shown that just because it is clearly over in one spot doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great option elsewhere.

  30. Paul Cook

    I’m getting prepared for just about any off season scenario with the exception of retaining PC. It’s just time for new vision and new energy.

    If we lose RW, we’re probably going to swoon for at least a few years unless we get a Rodgers or Watson to replace him. You maybe could come up with a decent game managing QB to hold the fort until you can come up with another QB who’s good enough for anything with the right personnel around him. But certainly a big gamble.

  31. Bob Johnston

    The thought of this happening actually has me a little giddy.

  32. Paul Cook

    This Alabama/Auburn game just might be held in doubt longer than I expected.

    • Peter

      Cfb committee: two loss alabama. Two loss ohio. Michigan. And just for laughs notre dame.

  33. cha

    Damien Lewis
    Rashaad Penny
    Jamarco Jones
    Travis Homer

    All out Monday

    PC says it is a possibility Penny and Jones go on IR.

    Fuller may start at LG. Phil Haynes was protected on the PS this week, so likely be a call up for the game.

    Jonathan Allen licking his chops.

    • Paul Cook

      I have little to nothing to base this on, but I can’t help but think that Penny just doesn’t like football all that much. I just can’t believe this guy put in the needed work to get his body ready to play. Might as well nickname him Glass.

      • Big Mike

        Prosise already has that name with the fan base. Paper mache’? Crepe Paper?
        Seriously I wonder if the guy wants to play NFL football.

        No Homer is more concerning as I never count on Penny anyway. Who do we have at Rb? Only Collins and Dallas. Guessing we’ll see Nick Bellore running g the football. All the joy of being a Seahawks fan is so long gone.

        • TomLPDX

          Do we still have a RB on the PS?

          • cha

            Josh Johnson and they just picked up BJ Emmons this week.

            • TomLPDX

              Thanks Curtis. Appreciate you my man!

              • Big Mike

                Ditto cha. I’m sure at least one will be active

      • Rob Staton

        How did they talk themselves into him over Chubb?

        • bmseattle

          durability score, Rob.
          everyone knows Penny was super durable in college.

          • Poli

            Really only one season he was “super durable”

            Penny carries per season:

            2014 2
            2015 61
            2016 135
            2017 289


            2014 219
            2015 92 (knee injury season)
            2016 224
            2017 223

    • cha

      Brady Henderson
      The Seahawks announced four roster moves just now. They put CB Tre Brown and OL Jamarco Jones on IR, signed G Phil Haynes off their practice squad and activated CB Nigel Warrior off Injured Reserve. Still could make more moves tomorrow, e.g. elevating RB Josh Johnson.

  34. Paul Cook

    Damn. Looks like Oregon is going to win the Pac 12 North barring some late game heroics by Oregon State.

    • Big Mike

      Yep, fraid so.
      Oh boy, a rematch with Utah for the conference championship. That ought to mean big ratings. If the Sucks were to actually win that, a rematch with Ohio St. in the Rose Bowl. Zzzzzzz…….

  35. Paul Cook

    Will Anderson is a beast.

  36. TomLPDX

    Alabama! You going down boys…and to Auburn no less!

    • Paul Cook

      Auburn defense has been great, especially the pass rush and CB play.

      • Peter

        If notre dame wins and alabama loses is it really going to be:

        Notre dame

        What happens if alabama beats georgia next week? Georgia, alabama, michigan, and notre dame with Cincinnati looking in from the outside?

        • TomLPDX

          AL will not beat GA next week.

          • Peter

            Hope that’s what happens. But the Sec likes to keep it screwy til the end.

        • Peter

          The cfb championship is brutally boring. I wish they would just pick a conference champ and 1-3 “selection” teams for a 6 or 8 team playoff.

        • Paul Cook

          There’s a chance Oklahoma or Oklahoma could win out and make a case, or Michigan could get upset in the Big 10 championship game, or Cincinnati loses to Houston in its championship game, or Notre Dame gets upset by Stanford….

          But yeah, those four look to be in the driver’s seat at present.

          • Peter

            Pulling for cincinatti. My house is an underdog house. Respect GA and MI this year. Never want to see notre dame.

            • Paul Cook

              Notre Dame should be penalized for not playing in a conference and having to win a conference playoff game. If Oklahoma State or Oklahoma wins out with only one loss and a conference championship, they *should* get the nod over Notre Dame.

              But life’s not fair.

              • Peter

                If it was fair notre dame wouldn’t even be near the mix. One win over a top 25 team. One less game.

                Oklahoma state if they win against baylor it eill be three wins against top ten teams. I get you play the hand you’re dealt but that’s a better record than anyone in the top four.

                • Rob Staton

                  They can’t put Notre Dame

                  It’ll be a disgrace

                  Not again

                  • Peter

                    Rob, you don’t want to see Notre Dame get absolutely handled by Georgia like every other time they met a real team in the playoffs?

                    I can already see the selection committee doing mental gymnastics to put notre dame in over the team that beat them. Plus the argument that Alabama losing to Georgia (fingers crossed) is *actually* basically like a win for any other team.

                • Big Mike

                  It would be a disgrace but ESPN doesn’t care and they’re running this thing. ND means ratings which means more coin and that’s all they care about.

                  • Peter

                    As a young middle aged guy, oxymoron for sure, i don’t get the hold of Notre Dame. 1988 was the last time they were national champions….when it was a vote.

                    I don’t know anyone who went there and i have lived a lot places. Heck most people i know have no clue where it even is.

                    But for some reason people feel they are a major team when they are pretty mediocre.

  37. Paul Cook

    Alabama uncharacteristically making mistakes at key moments, bad holds on FG, dropped passes, dropped snaps, penalties. Auburn needs to score now and get up bigger now. Don’t want Alabama to eke out an undeserving win.

  38. MychestisBeastmode

    What about the Hawks making a play at Harbaugh @UofMich?

    I know he was the old head of the snake in San Fran, but he would bring a lot of qualities not many other candidates have.

    • Seahawkwalt

      I agree…

      • Paul Cook

        If you were going to go the college route, I’d go Lincoln Riley. Offensive mastermind who’s coached two QB’s to the Heisman Trophy, and probably a third one coming.

  39. Paul Cook

    True freshman QB Caleb Williams with an almost perfect half of football for Oklahoma with some real special throws sprinkled throughout. This guy is something special.

    Great game 24-24 at the half.

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