Hey look! Actual information on Percy Harvin’s hip

Kudos to Tom, master of getting a non-pointless answer

This piece by Tom Pelissero is worth reading. So read it and embrace journalism.

For starters, it contains noteworthy quotes from Pete Carroll and not just the regurgitated-by-everyone nothingness of the press conference yesterday.

Secondly, it gives us a breakdown into what is actually happening with Percy Harvin’s injury situation.

Yesterday we saw the same pointless quotes Tweeted out en masse and a load of guess work from the national press pack. One guy saying don’t worry, the other saying Harvin’s arms and legs had fallen off. Or something like that.

(Note: With the exception of Ian Rapoport, who appeared to be doing an admirable job cutting through the bluster)

Back to Pelissero’s info:

“The concern is Harvin might have a partially torn labrum, but two people familiar with the injury told USA TODAY Sports the Seahawks are hopeful surgery — and the lengthy recovery that follows — won’t be necessary, pending another MRI. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because injury details were to remain private.”

This is the best news possible given the circumstances. We want the team to be confident he won’t need surgery, rather than fearing it’s inevitable. Of course, the next MRI could say something very different. At least Pelissero’s words above give us an actual indication into the teams position and offer a far-from-bleak scenario.

However, the quotes from Carroll are eye catching:

“If you have hip surgery, it’s a lot longer than the season,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told USA TODAY Sports on Friday. “Hip surgery, he’s not going to play for the season.”

So there we go. A few people were debating on the blog yesterday that surgery would mean 10-12 weeks out and he could be back for the playoffs. Carroll doesn’t see it that way.

Hip surgery = end of season. Simple as that.

I needed an article like this after yet another vague press conference yesterday. It’s staggering how quickly the questions moved onto other completely useless subjects despite the lack of information being gleamed from Carroll on a potentially huge subject.

The first question was about the great crowd present at camp for pity’s sake. Then three questions on Harvin’s injury. One asking what was happening. One asking whether it was possibly a labrum injury. One asking how concerning it was.

Carroll ploughed on in his usual style, saying barely anything. Which is his prerogative. And after 1 minute 38 seconds it was on to how “exciting” it was to see James Carpenter back and how good Tarvaris Jackson looked on day one.

Kill me now.

(not literally)

So yeah, thank goodness somebody at USA Today managed to get more.

Probably using the age-old technique of asking questions until, you know, you get the information you require.


  1. Austin

    I was debating it yesterday lol. It’s still confusing because multiple medical experts today said its not as long as Pete indicated. I’m confused but I do think we got a little hope today.

    • Rob Staton

      A very confusing situation – and one we’ll all be grateful to see the back of on Tuesday with (hopefully) some good news to boot.

  2. SunPathPaul

    Did you listen to the whole interview Rob on Brock & Danny?

    This leads me to see that Percy is just a weird enigma that requires special attention.

    He is a BALLER on game day, but either consciously or not, finds strange occurrences following him around that cause him to miss practices. I feel PC/JS have known this a bit, and it is no surprise that he is out “of practice” due to this matter.

    Either he is really, actually hurt, or his mojo has him playing another trump card to avoid practicing. Do I like it? No. But can he kick ass on sundays, yes!

    I think we will see it is either real, or the drama/baggage/Style of this guy… ALL that matters is does he perform on Sundays and help the Seahawks win, and win a Super Bowl!?!!?!?!!

    That’s it…

    • Kip Earlywine

      Really a bummer about the potential layoff. That might explain why the team doctor recommended against surgery. If it’s borderline and the surgery option is season ending, then it makes sense to give the non-surgery option a go.

      My guess is that Seattle handles this like they did with Carpenter in 2012. They run him out there, see how he holds up, and if he starts to deteriorate past a certain point, they IR him at that time.

    • Kip Earlywine

      As far as the special attention / hating practices stuff- I’m not saying that’s 100% false, but let’s not forget that Harvin’s labrum has an actual tear in it. You can’t fake that.

      • The Ancient Mariner

        Is that actually 100% confirmed?

        • Ben

          There’s something there, what it is is up for debate.

  3. James

    Rob, I share your disdain for the pathetic state of “journalism” today, even worse in the political realm, but also in sports, where reportng basically consists of tweeting out a scoop passed along by a sports agent as part of a quid pro quo. If Percy was told, “You have a small tear in your hip labrum, but we think you can still play on it,” then no wonder he wants a second opinion. He faces surgery either now or right after the season, but if he tries to play now, how subpar will his play be, and how much risk is he taking to make the condition worse? Bummer of a turn of events, but this is football, and every team has a key player or two go down every season.

    • MJ

      Amen…Journalism has been terrible since Twitter came along. It’s now about how radical/fast you can tweet something. It’s best just to wait until something actually happens before getting worked up about potential issues.

  4. williambryan

    I like most the guys that cover the team, Eric Williams in particular, but lately its been very disappointing. It’s like they literally copy and paste the same information from a handout from the team or something. Maybe they all get together and share info… Because every paper/sites report was just about identical both days so far (and in the OTA’s, minicamp too) Golden Tate had a great catch… Williams had the catch of the day… ET cut his dreads off… I used to go to every site that covered the team to get any little extra piece of info I could, but that doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore.

    • Rob Staton

      All the press conferences are so completely timid. Just an injury update, the same one guy trying to be clever asking a scheme question and then ask about an individual or two. I get the Seahawks.com guys asking easy, overly positives pointless questions. But the others don’t work for the Seahawks. It’s their job to get to the bottom of things. For me it started with the easy ride Jim Mora got in a disastrous one-and-done season and it’s just continued.

      On Thursday they needed to be asking questions about Harvin until they got some news, not one minute of fluff. Tom Pelissero managed to get the quotes a few hours later. All it took was a bit of probing.

      • Robert

        I found all the questions about Percy’s hip boring. Once they announced that he is seeking a 2nd opinion from the renowned hip expert on Tuesday, I was ready to hear about all the players and prospects who ARE in camp practicing. Obviously we will know more about PW’s hip and treatment plan on Tuesday or shortly thereafter. Then we can revisit our questions and have them answered. For more about hips, here is a great article http://www.fieldgulls.com/2013-nfl-offseason/2013/7/26/4557954/percy-harvin-injuryhip-tear-labrum-seahawks-nfl. And for even more, there are +10,000,000 articles on the Internet. But don’t expect a full dissertation from Pete Carroll…

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t expect a dissertation. I do expect questions to be asked (and answered properly) on the issue.

  5. The Ancient Mariner

    Also of interest–real information on labrum tears in the hip, if not specific to Harvin: http://www.fieldgulls.com/2013-nfl-offseason/2013/7/26/4557954/percy-harvin-injuryhip-tear-labrum-seahawks-nfl

  6. Nolan

    Jeeze a whole year would be rough … Hopefully it won’t be that bad.

  7. JC

    But since that article, Pete said today that there’s an array of options for Percy’s hip and that surgery isn’t necessarily season ending…

    • Rob Staton

      Of course… it was a normal press conference. Where he knows he can get away with vague, non-specific answers that give away zero info in terms of what the team might be planning without being challenged.

      • A. Simmons

        How can he give specific information about a player’s injury situation if that player is getting a second opinion? Even Pellisero’s answers don’t jibe with what is known about labrum injuries. They aren’t necessarily season ending. Harvin is one of the few players you most definitely want back for the playoffs. Even if he is out until December or late December, you put him back on the field. He isn’t like McCoy where he is a depth player you can allow to sit a whole season.

        Now you know what I would like to hear some honest answers on is how Irvin is doing. He’s playing at SLB now. I would like Pete to give his honest assessment on Bruce Irvin. So far we’re hearing no hype with Irvin. Just we’re moving him here and he should be able to do it. That’s one area I’d like to see one of these journalists push.

        • A. Simmons

          Especially given all the moves they’re making to find pass rushers. How well could Irvin be developing if they are willing to bring in Avril and now Schoefield.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m willing to wager he knows a lot more than he’s letting on. Pelissero’s answers at least gave an insight into what he’s thinking. I believe he does believe surgery probably means season over. Why else would he say it? He kind of backtracked in the press conference yesterday but then he’s just diffusing the situation again like he does in most of these meets. He was pushed a little more yesterday which was good to see, by only one willing journalist though. He was asked – quite rightly – about his quotes saying Harvin was “flying around” during a practise and this is supposed to be when he got the injury. It was a question that needed asking and Carroll floundered a bit IMO.

          I think we need to be prepared to accept if it’s surgery for a good tear he’ll be gone. What Carroll said is essentially correct. If you think he has surgery, rocks up in December and is same old Percy you’re being very very optimistic. Players don’t come back from that kind of surgery and just roll onto the field. Percy would possibly (probably?) be playing at way below 100% meaning the opportunity for fresh injury is increased. When players miss time in bulk like that, they’re usually IR’d.

          And trust me – you can allow him to sit a season if it’s the best thing for him. As disappointing as a missed year would be, prolonged and repetitive injury would be a catastrophe.

      • Robert

        Rob, you are freak’n out. They are in the information gathering stage. A treatment plan will be announced on or shortly after Tuesday. There are way too many variables for Pete to ramble on and speculate about each possible scenario. Your unreasonable expectation that PC should consume his press conference enumerating and speculating on all theses possible scenarios before the facts arrive on Tuesday has a comical element. That IS what you do here on the seahawksdraftblog with regard to the Draft!
        And you are GREAT at it…Thank you!

        • Rob Staton

          I am not asking for PC to enumerate and speculate. I don’t know what I’ve said to make you think that? I’m asking the press conference group to come up with more questions about what is a huge story rather than just a couple of throwaway’s and then onto stuff that is virtually irrelevant fluff.

          And for what it’s worth – even though none of my article was critiquing Carroll… the team doctor looked at Percy, so has another. They know quite a lot about what the issue is. I’d bet anything Harvin or his agent is the one asking for a second opinion. But the team knows what the problem is. I don’t know how anyone can deny that really. They aren’t gathering info. They’re waiting and hoping that this other guy doesn’t offer a different diagnosis. Because then it could get ugly.

    • Kip Earlywine

      Good to know that there are a lot of options out there. The Seahawks have plenty of time to weigh them all.

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